Smoking oxycodone

Smoking extracts less than 12% of oxycodone, with a foul taste and slight euphoric high. So smoking oxycodone is one of the least effective methods of administration for this opioid. But what does smoking oxycodone do to your body? Potential side effects include vomiting, itchy skin or headache. More here on risks and warnings of smoking oxycodone to get high.

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Are you thinking about smoking oxycodone?

Ever wonder how does smoking or how does snorting oxycodone work? Read on to know what happens in your body when you smoke oxycodone and what you risk. Here, we review the relative ineffective delivery of oxycodone when you inhale its vapors, as well as the side effects and dangers of smoking oxycodone. Your questions about smoking oxycodone are welcomed at the end.

Does smoking oxycodone work or get you high?

Smoking is a well-known form of drug administration, and an intentional way to self-administer drugs for a non-medical purpose, such as altering your state of consciousness. But inhalation of vapors is infrequently practiced with oxycodone. Why? Because few people who have actually tried to smoke oxycodone recommend smoking oxycodone as a means of getting “high”. Frequently, abusers report highly unpleasant tastes that just don’t pay off in terms of euphoric effect.

What does smoking oxycodone do to you?

Inhalation from smoking oxycodone vapors results in a fast onset of action due to rapid absorption from the nasal mucosa and capillaries within the lungs. But as you inhale oxycodone vapors, you also inhale the noxious vapors of whatever ingredients are in the formula. So smoking oxycodone both delivers oxycodone to the brain and body, but it can also irritate or harm your respiratory tract and/or eyes.  Can you overdose on oxycodone when you smoke it?  Yes, especially if you’re combining oxycodone with other drugs or alcohol and you depress the central nervous system so much that you stop breathing.

Smoking oxycodone side effects

Smoking oxycodone is an intentional way of taking oxycodone to try to get high. But the most risky side effect that you may experience with oxycodone is dependency. In addition to physical dependency to prevent withdrawal, you may also develop psychological dependency on oxycodone, which is the main characteristic of addiction.

Plus, the risks of smoking the vapors or gases of oxycodone include toxicity to the respiratory tractor the eyes. But smoking oxycodone also increases your risk of adverse reactions to the drug. How does oxycodone affect the body? These adverse side effects of taking oxycodone include:

  • abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy (asthenia)
  • constipation
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • nausea
  • severe itchy skin (pruritus)
  • sleepiness (somnolence)
  • vomiting

Smoking oxycodone on tin foil

Rapid liberation of oxycodone vapor upon heating is the main way that people inhale or “smoke” oxycodone. People who have tried to smoke oxycodone tend to inhale vapors produced by heating the crushed drug on foil. But inhalation of oxycodone requires thermodynamic conditions that promote volatilization of the drug into an inhalable vapor state and require persistence and timing. In fact, some forms of oxycodone require 3-5-or 10 minutes of constant heating. But there isn’t really any pay off.  Volatilization of oxycodone (heating it to a vapor for smoking) only extracts 12% or even less of the total dose . So, “chasing the dragon” is not only dangerous, it is also relatively ineffective.

Is smoking oxycodone bad for you?

Yes, smoking oxycodone is bad for you. Smoking any drug is a way to get high drug concentrations quickly to the brain. This is a particularly dangerous way to take oxycodone, as quick action increases risk of addiction, overdose or death.

Can you smoke oxycodone?

Yes, you can smoke oxycodone. While it is possible to smoke oxycodone, it is neither safe nor effective. In fact, smoking oxycodone puts you at a very high risk of becoming both physically and mentally dependent on the opioid drug. Plus, risk of overdose and death increase when you smoke oxycodone.

Smoking oxycodone questions

Still have questions about smoking oxycodone? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Jess – the a51’s can be smoked yes. the only ones that you cannot smoke (that i know of) are the ALG 265. You can smoke the M, V 4812, A 215, K9, 224, T 189’s (yellow in color).

  2. Could you please tell me or give me an idea of what this would smell like if you were to smoke this medication.

  3. my friend smoked Xanax and weed together in a blunt last week and his throat has been itchy and he has a runny noes and his eyes are always dry and he is always sleepy why is that?

  4. This crap is highly addictive. Fun at first but eventually regular use leads to addiction. The cost can be measured in health,family,legal,emotional,physical and monetary ways. If you have a problem get help. I was on this stuff for many years. With help i have been sober for years eventually steals your soul. No one likes having their life completely controlled by a drug. I am for the 1st time in years Happy.

  5. Man we call it endone here in Australia but believe me if u have a few cones of week before the Oxy it will make it a wonderfull experience,just sit back & enjoy man made chemicals + natures own wonder plant.I like to smoke as it;s different strokes for different folks.A friend {Parachutes} powered oxy into a empty cigarete paper,seals it & swallows it with 3 glasses of wine,it lasts him most of the day & he will somtimes smoke a cone to feel mellow.Lust a few thoughts to ponder,take care…

  6. So I’m quiting pills altogether in less than a month I’m going to Mexico to go to an ibogaine clinic. I switched back over to oxycodone from methadone for this reason. Anyways my question is why does it seem that when I smoke my roxie 30’s they last longer? For a while now I’ve just been taking them orally 1 every 4 hours and I usually start going into withdrawal after only 1.5-2.5 hours so I usually have to WD every other 2-3 hours to keep my schedule. Smoked 2 pills last night and slept from 2:30-11 which means I went almost 8.5 hours before begining to WD with smoking only 2 pills! Now I try not to smoke them very much because it makes the withdrawals and cravings more intense but it seems to make them last longer and give a stronger feeling? Btw I’ve smoked a lot of pills before in the past was prescribed 8 a day and would usually smoke 10+ even up to 25 30mg pills some days. The days are far behind me though and now I try to strictly stick to my prescribed dose sometimes I’ll go 1 or 2 extra but try to go through WD’s to make up for it. So yeah still my question about lasting longer smoked has me curious because I noticed it today.

  7. I have a friend that I feel is using this drug I find the foils all of the time along with straws, pipes, pens etc. Is there any way to help a person to kick this habit without going into a treatment facility?

  8. I have battled Roxy addiction since 2008. I have been sick and tired of the tens of thousands of dollars I blow every year. I recently was successful at quitting for 2 months and had no desire to do them a month in. I recently relapsed and had to drug test when an old lady sideswiped my work vehicle. I smoked 4, 30 mg roxies and tested 34 hours later. I drank water until it was clear a few hours before. I hope I pass since most of the pills were wasted to the point it was hard to get any vapor at times.. I know in general a lot is wasted as you can see most of the vapor going up in smoke. Regardless I am sick of this lifestyle and enjoy my money that I work hard for. I am done regardless and maybe this is divine intervention because I would lose my voice often and cough up stuff. I hope all of you can get away from this monster..

  9. What is the effect of being in the same room as someone who is smoking oxycodone. I do not smoke it i take as perscribed but I’ve been n he same room where people are smoking it

  10. Can smoking oxycodone show up as something different on a drug test? I just took a drug test and they said that opioids tested positive and it showed it was different than just the oxycodone.. Does anyone know how or why???

  11. I’ve been smoking 10 30s a day and I just can’t seem to stop I’ve tried Suboxone my girlfriend wants me to go to some type of clinic I’m thinking maybe a methadone clinic but I don’t think that’s the right answer I really want to stop

  12. My daughter has been in jail, twice, in rehab three times, and was clean for a few months. Lately I started seeing the telltale signs of her addiction. I noticed small occurrences at first. I walk into a room and get a nose full of burning medicine, see her hand or finger with a dark black charcoal substance, foil in places it should not be. I also noticed that she would not be able to sleep, yet she’s has no energy! She started losing weight, one day I walk in the house and one of her using buddies is in my home with the I’m clean story, yet he looks like he’s been using! When I confront her I get the yelling and over the top anger, and then she makes me feel like I maybe wrong! Some days she is her regular old self! She rants that now she “feels like using” because “double jeopardy, I might as well!” She makes me feel terrible and I start questioning myself! Then she’s fine for a few days, and the cycle begins again! I told her that I can tell because even the sound of her vice changes when she’s using! I try and get help from her father but he gets angry and annoyed with me! He says I am helping her! I have asked her to leave! But nothing changes!! I feel scared! Totally alone! WHAT SHOULD I DO??!

  13. Ive been smoking oxy off and on for about 3 years, I try to quit but the withdrawals suck and effects how I work being weak or sore. I want to FINALLY quit them for good but I’m to afraid to ask anyone for help. I don’t want to use other pills to get off pills I didn’t need them to start so why do I need him to quit and why can’t I quit so easily

  14. I have a question, what do you have to do to stop smoking oxycodone, I have a friend that when he doesn’t smoke it all day, he will start going crazy he says that because he’s body needs it?

    1. Hi Mark. I suggest you stage an intervention, and everything depends on if your friend wants to stop and go to rehab. You may look into the CRAFT model for families and interventions. One NGO called Allies in Recovery has some online reading that can help:

  15. My friend crushes oxycodone and smokes it in a cigarette and i know she must be doing damage i would like some specific damages long term that she is doing……thanks so much

  16. Hi ,I have been taking 60 mg extended release morphine pills. Nobody really talks about smoking or snorting them. Is that even an option? Asking out of curiosity , they are pretty strong & take my back pain away. Thank you

    1. Hi Jessica. Oxycodone usually stays in the system and can be detected in drug tests up to 4 days after use.

  17. I’ve heard of people selling heroine as oxy , because its cheaper per gram , similar in effect , more broadly accessible . Be careful , everyone’s trying to make money out there , and your life matters not to most, so make sure it matters indefinitely to you

  18. For people who are googling to see if smoking coding (oxy) (endone) ect: fucks you up. That’s all they wants to know. In that factor yes it does. If you want to sit back to a nice movie and wind down a little after work I suggest crushing it up into your cigarette rather then the foil option as it contains more harsh fumes. Enjoy it but take caution. If you have an addictive personality like myself it’s fine to try it once in a bad day but keep it at that don’t get carried away because you are only going to fuck yourself up. Fuck the haters there is aloft worst in life. And that’s coming from me. I was a (junkie) once upon a time but when you want more in life you smarten up. Enjoy your life 🙂

    Codine… Not coding sorry miss spelling. You all have great advice and I respect all that has been said but we know our selves better the. The average Jo. Hope you all take it easy and enjoy the life we have. Don’t take it for granted we are lucky. :))

  19. Hi, my boy friend and I use frequently. We do 60 to 140mgs a day, if not more. The other day we got four Oxycodone 30s I snorted mine, and he took one hit and overdosed. However, I did not get a Oxycodone drop, and it turned out the pills were actually heroin. Have you heard of people making or selling heroin as Oxycodone? Anyway, this was a true scare, but I have been craving and have been fighting and struggling with OxyContin and Oxycodone addiction for 8 years now.. I know I need help

  20. My friend just died from smoking Roxie’s last night. Lungs flared up or something he went into a coma and died last night. If that helps anybody.

  21. So sad to me that people need a different way to do pain meds than just taking them grateful not to have that addiction sad for ones that do

  22. My girlfriend has been smoking roxys for about 1 year now and finally she is ready to stop. What can we do to help her stop her addiction?

    1. Hi, JJJJ. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help her access an adequate treatment program.

  23. Hello, can smoking oxycodone put other people in danger such as hurting someone physically or making you think crazy thoughts? My brother somkes it and my father lives with him and he has dementia and alztimers and he is stilling money out of our daddys account and taking advantage of him and we just recently took him out of the inviroment but being my daddy has these illnesses he will want to go back because he will forget about all of this. amy sisters and I are very concerned do you have any sugestions for us? Thank You Julie very concerned daughter!!!!!

  24. SMURFS YOU ARE THE FUCKING QUERRE. You haven’t even scratch the surface of a erforic high. I smoked roxy 30s everyday for the first six months of the 3years i was a true junkie and (5-6 in one sitting every 6 to 12 hours just to feel normal not high just functioning) yes it was amazing. Better than snorting them by far but be careful because one day it won’t be good enough and then you will start shooting them (I was spending 1200-1500 a day. I had to fill two 1cc rigs of 90 mgs and do them back to back just to feel better. If I wanted to get high I had to do 3 rigs back to back and that was every 6-8 hrs. Its a 24hr work on call, searching, selling TAKING what ever from who ever just to not get sick) and the needle is a dowel addiction and a high that can’t be beat except by doing more or really really good dope. I’m sorry for calling you a query you need help. I truly hope you get better I really do before you lose every thing. I’m not a nice person but I wouldn’t wish the pain and things I did and the people I love and the strangers ( hurt physically) that I hurt in the living hell I created for myself. Its not a joke i know what your capable of and it not somthing to take lightly you lose your humanity and will do things that you never thought that you were capable of. You lose your humanity (I’m not bragging or trying to sound hard it’s a fact. Please hear me. I truly truly hope you get help before it’s too late PLEASE. I was GONE but you can get better I promise you. I’ve been through hell and back and made it if I can I know you can. Do the right thing and stop befor you end up DEAD or IN PRISON. I’m ashamed of what I did but I forgave my self I pray you don’t get that bad. GOOD LUCK YOU CAN DO IT.

  25. I feel for all you out there trying to stop. I’ve been there I was addict to roxy 30 for 3 years straight. I started taking them on the weekends then smoking them then graduated to shooting 6 30mg about every 6 to 12hrs just to feel normal I would have to fill two 1cc rigs and do them back to back. (By the way you need a 1 to 1 ratio to get the mix right hints two rigs so if you wanted to shoot 90mg or 3 30s you need 90 parts water in the rig other wise you are wasting it hints two rigs at 120mg) I was spending and unbelievable 1200 to 1500 a day on pills so I know what you will do to not feel sick. Then I made up my mind (on the verge of losing every thing. My house my family. When I say everything I mean everything) to get help so I went to the methadone clinic where I stayed on a dose of 120mg for 18 months. I then started to taper off 5mg every 7 days. I just finished my last 5mg dose 10/15/15 and let me tell you people who are serious it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I’m not telling you all this to brag about how much I was doing or condoning your actions because im completly sick and ashamed of the things and people i hurt due to my own selfishness. I’m telling you this because if I did it (at how far I was gone) you can do it too I promise you. The first step is absolutely making up your minde to get better and seek help. I’ve been through a lot in my life and hands down it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and it hurts. (BAD) but you can make it once you make up your mind I PROMISE YOU. The next step is letting go and forgive your self for the horrible things you did to get by because it was the drug not you. Its no excuse but it’s part of the healing process. You won’t be right for a while once you get off everything but it takes time to become your self again but I you will I PROMISE. I’m not 100% but I feel better and better every day. GOOD LUCK AND NEVER GIVE UP. you will get better. (90% of the addicts I’ve met and it’s a lot are good people that have just gotten traped and don’t know where to turn)

  26. Your all a bunch of cry babies and quitters. I smoke 4-5 pills a day and have been for the last ten years. I love it and I wont stop. Never had any problems no withdrawal kuz its all in ur head. Ur all weak minded people. Ive been in the military survived two IED attacks and been in two more car accidents that totalled bith vehicles. I am n pain and the pills help. Ti bad we cant just get whatever meds we want kuz our government is corrupt and a joke. They limit the meds people need and make it impossible for drs to prescribe and death threatens and takes away drs liscences. The military gladly gave me morphine 100mg pills on top of the Real Oxy 80s. Ops suck dont work so the closest thing are the roxies. Moderation and strength of mind prevent addiction n people that are “addicted” jus want an excuse to be a p.o.s. I work every day and coach children and not one person knows or suspects ne of being on pain pills. This country is a joke and I served it.

  27. Hello I am not or never been a user of any drug. My husband has been addicted to these oxys for over 6 years. Started out taking them orally to snorting and now smoking them. I have been trying to understand and support him but he has no desire to quit. I dont know anything about them really. Cant fond any answers to the questions i have. Why do people snort or smoke them? Is the high different? Does it last longer? Can they no longer get high from taking them orally or snorting them?
    I dont know how long he has been smoking them. I thought he was off of them because he had more energy and his pupils were not tiny Instead they have been bigger.
    We have a six year old son and i am at my witts end with this addiction.
    To all the addicts….
    Please think about more than just yourself. Think about the people around you. I love my hisband dearly. there was a time where i would have given up my life so he could live without pills. We had a wonderful relationship until this drug took over his life and then our son and mine. Now due to the never ending lies hidding cover ups money problems and so much more i am no longer in love with him. I live in fear that my husband will die at night because he quits breathing i am scared to leave our son alone with him b/c i dont know what could happen i dont want my son to know his father has a horrible problem or witness him dying in front of him. When my son was 2 and a half he was rolling up $bills and putting them to his nose. Can u imagin your baby doing that?
    Living with this addict who i have loved so much and tried to u derstand and be there for and support and bring him off this drug countless times not knowing if he would servive the withdraw from this drug is down right nerve wrecking. He did not want rehab so twice i stood by his side with during the withdraw process it was so scarry. This addictive substance has ruind our family. We had a wonderful relationship and our son is an amazing beautiful and smart child. He lives in fear of his father. I fear him because i dont know how he is going to react or what he may be paranoid about to accuse me of a thing that i have not done.
    You may ask why have i stayed with my husband after all that he has put us through? Well it has not been easy. But i am a Christian lady and a firm believer in for better or for worse. I also know who he was before a good man who made me laugh and feel so loved a man with alot of compassion a man who is hardworking. I have held onto who he used to be for so long thinking he will oneday again be that person. Plus i do t want our son to be without his father.
    But love wears out after you have been hurt so much. And I am planning to leave him soon because i can no longer deal with my depression anxiety and ptsd. I never had any of these issues until he was almost two years into his addiction. I have suffered so much and our son was diagnosed with anxiety and depression a few weeks ago.
    So my message to the drug addicts is….you may have the aweful addiction and i know its hard to stop. But you take your drug and feel better for awhile it takes your feeling away for a bit. But think of the people who are around you and care for you moms dads brothers sisters good friend wives children husbands….they live with your problem every minute of everyday. They are scarred of you and for you. Do you know what its like to live everyday not knowing if your loved one could overdose or not?

  28. I have prescribed 20mg of extended release oxycontin. 1pill every 12 hours. I guess they take my back pain away as they tend to put me to sleep. I have also been prescribed 10mg of fast acting oxycodone. 4 pills which the pain management dr said each pill should last 6 hours each. I have been taking the above dose for over four years and the drs will not increase my fast acting oxycodone from 10 mg to 15 mg 4 times a day despite my argument that the 10 mg only seem to last 2-3 hours at best. Is it possible I have built up a tolerance to the 10mg tablets?

  29. I have been a heavy addict for the last 12 years.I just recently quit during I am on,probation I smoked a Oxycodone 30 mg pill on Saturday morning and I have to check in to probation on Wednesday . I have not used anything prior to smoking the one pill on Saturday for about 3 long should that one pill take to get out of ny system?

  30. I have been smoking roxys for a while now.. does it stay in your system and how long. I did 4 today and I have a drug test Tuesday will I.pass

  31. i just caught my boyfriend smoking what he claims is oxycodone on Friday. He has a history with heroin, and I’m not sure it’s not that again since he was smoking it the same way he used to. The pen smelt like bbq, and there was black powder/ash on the foil. I didn’t really notice any side affects, not sure if that’s because I caught him and interrupted it, or because it’s not effective. I just found some paraphernalia today, he says it’s the left over trash from
    Friday. Not sure what to believe or what to do? Any advice?

  32. I found the used foil in my child’s room. They are trying to explain it off as hash. I know better. How can I help them?

    1. HI Frank. My advise is to take the foil to a laboratory for testing before you do anything, just so you’d know what kind of substance it is for sure. Some therapy sessions and family counseling would be beneficial as soon as you can find a licensed professional therapist in your area.

  33. Does roxy get in your system by smoking them? If so how long will it take to get out of your system for a urine test?

  34. I’m not really sure I should be airing this out on the internet but I’m trying to quit smoking oxycodone not only because I am almost 5 months pregnant but because I need to grow up honestly.. I told my doctor about this they prescribed me subutex and that was going great for 2 months and now my doctor tried switching me to methadone I did nottttt want methadone so now I’m in between doctors and my new doctor said limit my use of oxycodone until I get into see him. I’m curious as to the effects of this not only to me but my baby as well. The pregnancy was not planned and I’m a complete idiot for the addiction I live with everyday now and would just like a little advice. I don’t need negative comments I’m simply reaching out for answers and advice. My doctor told me if I quit all together I could loss my baby…please any advice is good..

  35. Dont smoke the 224 or u24. Those are so much bigger than As,Ks,Vs, and Ms. they are packed with a bunch of shit and they dont work very well smoking them.

  36. hey guys… i am a professional oxy user when it comes to snorting the pills.. never really smoked them like that.. but i I’m smoking one now and i wanna know that if theres some of them that u shouldn’t smoke? because this one seems a little harsh on my lungs u know? i know the guy that kind of taught me how to smoke them told me never to smoke a percocet because ur lungs will collapse immediately.. well anyhow, I’m smoking a U24 30 MG OXYCODONE/ROXICODONE tablet… any insights? the only ones i ever seen him smoke were A 215’s, M 30’s, V’s, A51’s… never really seen him smoke a U24 or a 224… anyone??

    1. Hi Sarah. Did you find out from your son? If yes, then he is ready to talk with you. If not, maybe you can attempt talking to him in a calm and friendly way. It’s very important not to put blame on him and not to pressure him, this way he will only shut you out. Be kind and loving and don’t hesitate to seek professional’s help. This is not a situation anyone can handle on their own and a little help from outside can be truly beneficial. Try talking to his school counselor, a psychologist, or a doctor, they can provide some real insights in how to handle the case. Good luck!

  37. Found my son acts very strange lately and found a cap with word oxycodone and we smelled burst stuff. Is it like he is smoke oxycodone? Help ! How to stop and how to help him?

    1. Hi Sarah. The only way you can be absolutely positive that he abuses Oxycodone is to have an open conversation with your son and for him to confess. The other way is to drug test him, so if it shows up on a drug test, he’s been using it. If it turns out that he’s been using the medication, you can seek professional help in order to deal with the situation. Seek advise from a counselor or a licensed psychologist.

  38. I’m actually going to start going to NA meetings hoping it helps. Yesterday I was depressed and smoked 18 10mg Oxys. It made me feel great and feel like all my problems went away. The guy I’m talking to is so amazing and he thinks I’ve stopped but I haven’t. He means so much to me but I don’t know how to break it to him how hard trying to stay sober is. I don’t want to lose him but at the same time I don’t want to lose this high.

  39. Hi Jelly. That’s ok! Many have relapsed and still continued to live their sober lives afterwards. Do you still go to therapy sessions? If not, you might think of joining again, it can help a lot! I wish our other viewers would share some encouraging words for you! You are not alone, Jelly, and neither are you a bad person for relapsing.

  40. I was clean for Almost a year but I relapsed a few days ago. I’ve been going through a hard time an I’ve also been really depressed. I’ve been addicted to Oxys for about 3 or 4 years and I’ve been to rehab once and got back into them. This year I got clean by myself and was doing really good up until a few days ago. I need advice or people to turn to who understand me or don’t judge me for the mistakes I do.

  41. Hi. I was smoking Oxy 30mg for 2-3 years. I stopped for a while and now if I try to smoke them, on the first pill I will get a sore throat. Then increasingly for a week or two I will lose my voice completely and get a cold. Is this something more serious? Like a respitory issue? Does anyone else have this issue from periodic usage and then sobriety?

  42. Hello Carol. There is a way to test the powder without testing your son. It’s called substance test, and it’s easy to use. These tests won’t be able to tell you which substance it is, but you it can show you if it’s heroin.

  43. I might smoke alot of pot yeaH but i learned from that addiction not to do things too often otherwise its inevitable. Coming down off a high of anything cAn be difficult but you gotta accept it and let it happen.

  44. Im bout to roll a blunt with a percocet in it. Done it before and no addiction. Moderation is the key to everything yall be smart and have a strong mind and there will be no addiction. Ive done lots of drugs and dont do them often( except smoke pot) and i havent picked up any of thes other drugs as a habit. BE SMART AND DONT GET ADDICTED

  45. My son is a recovering heroin addict, I found a straw in his room with brown residue, he said he smoked a blue oxycodone 30mg. blue in volor , can I get it tested, or what color would it be?

  46. Hello blog.
    I got into some trouble about a year ago for prescription drugs & shortly after put on probation. Some friends and I have found out that when you smoke oxy’s it does not show up on a urine test. How is this? They even send some of my tests to the lab and they still come up clean.

  47. Geeze, why would you wanna do that. I used todo crap like this and 14 years ago i had to go to rehab found out wha these things did to ya. But not only you bbut it affects your job, friends and family and your whole life. Im glad i got out. Im now having physical probs. Im scared to death that ill start up again. I have to set timers for what i take because i have no cartilage in my left knee. Im walking bone on bone. The other one is going out. Sometimes i will purposely miss a dose if im not in excruciating pain just to not get addictd again. I came here to find out if i will start up again. But reading this somewhat reassures me i can keep clean. Specially if it is mostly smoking it to get high, now I know that isnt the only way, but from reading this, its the most used by users.

  48. Hi Porsha. Oxycodone can produce unwanted side effects in various parts of the body, including the kidneys and liver. It’s damaging effects are even stronger if a person already has a liver or kidney disease.

  49. To all of you with scripts that think you are better then US users without them you are no difrent then US I have ms and am unable th get the riight help so I buy MY script off the street Im do sick of hearing how we make it do hard for u to get your meds when you are the ones selling them to us

  50. Hi Jessica. Smoking OxyContin isn’t good for the lungs or heart either because it contains many impurities. A number of the substances present in the smoke are toxic. Plus, OxyContin gets into the body and brain within seconds after smoking.

  51. I’ve been smoking OxyContin and roxicodone for 7 years now. And I know one thing for sure and that’s don’t ever smoke percocets. That is most ignorant thing to do. Yeah smoking pills in general is dumb but when you smoke percs you are smoking Tylenol. Are you that fucked up in the head to where you want to smoke Tylenol? That’s the dumbest shit I have ever heard. If you are gonna smoke something smoking roxis and opanas. Do not smoke hydros, lortab, percs, or anything with Tylenol in it!

  52. there is basically no high or relief associated with smoking oxy u waste 80% of the drug and the 20% u inhale only absorbs 10-15% of the drug , take drugs for the right purposes or dont take drugs at all

  53. Hi James. Smoking oxycodone is considered non-prescription use of the opioid. From what I understand, non-therapeutic oral use of oxyocodone tablets is illegal.

  54. Please, please, please stop trying to smoke, snort, or inject oxycodone…..
    You do not realize how dangerous this really is. Depending on your size, age, and if it’s prescribed for you-you have to take all these things into consideration. I am a recovering drug addict that has to take oxycodone for medical reasons. It is very difficult with my history to take the meds the prescribed way. But I have learned to control my cravings and stick to necessity. People that sell or buy it without prescriptions also make it more difficult for people like me that need it to get it legally. I have to show my drivers license and other things to even get what is prescribed to me. I have to jump through hoops. If you want to take these drugs without a script just to get a high, get help instead. Something is going on in your life that is causing you to do these illegal acts. Take care of yourself first, no one else will. Good luck.

  55. Hi Travis. I can only encourage you that while there is life, there is hope. We each find our purpose in time. May you find peace and comfort, even in the limitations of your physical body.

  56. Hi Tyler. Percocet stays in the system for about 2-4 days after ingestion, regardless of mode of administration. If you’ve been taking high doses of Percocet for longer periods of time, the detection length can be greater than 4 days.

  57. Hello Johnny. It’s possible that these are signs of a near overdose. I’d suggest that you seek help for oxycodone abuse and possible addiction from a family doctor. You can start by asking for a drug addiction assessment and go from there.

  58. I’ve been smoking Roxi’s for about a week they are the 30mg with an A on them, after I smoke 2 I feel really light headed n my hands go numb, I sometimes vomit and I’m starting to not eat, because I never feel hungry, my heart rate also slows down and I get really hot and start to swet even if its 60 degrees at night, I’m scared I don’t know what to do, and why I feel these things.
    Thanks Johnny

  59. Hello Katie. No, smoking oxycodone will not change the chemical composition to heroin. What is does do is deliver oxycodone to the brain very quickly, which can feel similar to the effects of heroin.

    In terms of long term health effects, smoking oxycodone can have effects on all internal organs. Check with a doctor for specifics about the lungs.

  60. I have been smoking oxycodone for 2 and a half years. I’ve been told that smoking it is pretty much turning it to heroin, is that true? Ive done plenty of hard drugs & even injected the oxy. But I’ve never found anything to be as addictive as smoking oxy. Almost everyone I know smokes them & everyone I know that has tried it has become addicted physically & mentally. I would not recommend it to anyone. I was wondering how bad the long term effects on your lungs are from oxy?

  61. Hello blog.
    I smoke maybe 3 a day. && i go to rehab.
    does smoking them get out of your system faster than snorting them or injecting them?:
    i was told that only 10% gets into the bloodstream when smoking them and 40% when snorting and 100% when eating or injecting them.
    so smoking a 30 mg pill is like only doing 3 mg is all i got was 10% of it is this true?
    I highly recommend NA the meeting there are better than any rehab. people give you expierence strength and hope. stafff members in rehab dont understand like people in na do. quitting is hard.

  62. Hello Jane. Oxycodone takes about 2-4 days to leave the system. Paranoia usually comes from long term use of stimulants, not depressants like oxycodone. Most effects of oxycodone are temporary, although brain damage can occur as the result of an oxycodone overdose.

  63. Although I am prescribed I am also addicted and need to get off asap. However I have excruciating pain. Will I be able to treat my pain without narcotics? I also smoked 120mg of roxicodone finishing my last 15mg at 12pm today. Will I show up pos. On a ua on this Thursday the 9th a 10pm….and is there anyway to flush it out?

  64. Can smoking oxycodone cause you to be paranoid and can it cause brain damage? If it does how long does it take to get out of your system?

  65. Hi Angel. The acute effects of smoked oxycodone should wear off in under 4-6 hours. Oxycodone can be detected in urine for about 2 days after use, using an immunoassay for extended opioids.

  66. I started doing oxi the right way then started to snort it. When i ran into some wrong people they said to try to snort it. It has some mixed results when doing it that way. think that it barly works when you snort have got a ringing in my ear.I suggest never to snort it. went back the proper way to ingest. I now know that it was a waste of time and money.nd well it took allot of hard work to stop doing it by snorting it. In summary don’t be a FOOL and waste it. And don’t be a FOOL and get it for reason’s of geting high. It will be making yourself MORE addicted,and YOU may be that way for the rest of your life people. I have severe arthrietis,and osteo arthrietis of my entire neck. would be a dead man if i did not have it for the last 2 years. Mdoctor has helped me with the addiction. have went off it 4 times in 2 years. Each time i do that, it works better when i go back. be a real good person with it. will work allot better and you will not have the feeling like you are abusing it,getting caught ,and making a fool of your self . ty

  67. Hi Josh. You can get help by calling the National Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-HELP. They can refer you to local services and drug treatment. If you’re ready, life is waiting for you!

  68. Hello, i have been addicted to oxy foe 2 years now, i take about 20-30 percs a day or i will eat 100-180mg of oxycotin a day. I need to know how to get off of it and still work. I have a very physical job… I need a life change as i just found out my g/f is pregnant. I DONT WANT TO BE A MESSED UP DAD….

  69. HI Lacey. Wow. It sounds like you’re really hooked. Are you ready to stop smoking OxyContin now? Do you want to find help?

  70. i only started smoking oxys 3 months ago and boy is it addicting i used to be able to sleep a good nights rest now days sense smokig oxys i go to bed super early and i wake up dieing sick super uncomfortable i wake up like 6am or 8 am and i have to go on a hunt to buy the drug i live in nfld in canada so they took cdn oxy cotin off the market 2 months ago

  71. Hi Andrew. Good for you for reaching out for help. To quote Yoda: “No! Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try.” So, you need to make the decision that you WILL STOP smoking oxycodone before any effort will help you. If you have reached this decision, the next step will be to find medical help. You can either:

    1. Consult your family doctor
    2. Seek addiction treatment directly (Call 1-800-662-HELP)

  72. I have been smoking 5-10 pills a day for the past year and I’m trying to quit and could use some advise

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