Smoking OxyContin

Smoking OxyContin may get you mildly high, but it also can burn your eyes and throat or damage your lungs. We review how smoking OxyContin affects your body and just how safe smoking OxyContin really is here.

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Are you considering smoking OxyContin, the controlled release version of oxycodone?

Before trying to smoke oxycodone or OxyContin, it’s important to have an idea of the risks involved. Not only is smoking Oxy less effective than taking OxyContin orally, but smoking OxyContin can be bad for your health. We welcome any questions about OxyContin at the end.

Does smoking OxyContin work or get you high?

Slightly. Medically, OxyContin uses center around pain management for pain that is moderate or severe in nature.  How does OxyContin work in the body?  By targeting the brain to change the way we perceive pain.  OxyContin can create feelings of euphoria, or a “high,” when taken. Though it’s normally taken orally, sometimes people will attempt to smoke OxyContin to get high – this is not the most effective method of delivery, however, and will probably have only mild effects.

What does smoking OxyContin do to you?

When you smoke OxyContin, the drug oxycodone is inhaled into the nose, lungs and sinus cavities and penetrates the mucous membranes, allowing oxycodone to quickly enter the bloodstream. But you’re not just inhaling the drug oxycodone when you smoke OxyContin – you’re also inhaling smoke containing fillers and binders from the medication. These chemicals don’t absorb into your body, so they can cause irritation of the eyes, nose, and lungs. Not only that, but smoking OxyContin in the long-term can lead to serious respiratory illness.

Smoking OxyContin side effects

You can experience several side effects from smoking OxyContin:

  • burning of eyes or throat
  • coughing
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • feelings of weakness
  • nausea
  • stomach upset
  • vomiting

Smoking OxyContin on tin foil

If you smoke OxyContin on tin foil, you’ll vaporize some of the oxycodone, which frees the drug to be inhaled. However, much of the drug will also be destroyed by the process, so you’ll get very mild effects, if any at all. You may be tempted to take more OxyContin than you would normally take because of this, but that’s a bad idea because of the fillers and binders in the medication.

Smoking OxyContin with weed

Combining OxyContin with weed is not a good idea. Both OxyContin and marijuana affect the central nervous system, so combining the two can result insignificantly impairing your coordination. That, combined with the effect of CNS depressants on judgment and perception, makes you more susceptible to accident or injury.

Is smoking OxyContin bad for you?

Yes. Smoking OxyContin is bad for you and has some major health ramifications. Because of the fillers and binders in the medication, smoking OxyContin causes physical damage to your lungs, throat, and eyes. Since it’s not a very effective method of delivering OxyContin, it’s a big risk to take when you might not even get any of the desired effects of OxyContin.  Additionally, smoking OxyContin is one of the prescription painkiller addiction symptoms which can lead to psychological dependency on oxycodone.

Can you smoke OxyContin?

Yes. It’s possible to smoke OxyContin. But is smoking OxyContin a good idea? Not really. Between the lack of effects it’s likely to have and the negative health effects of smoking OxyContin, this method of administration should be avoided.

Smoking OxyContin questions

Still have questions about OxyContin? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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