Smoking Percocet

What does smoking Percocet really do to you? Smoking Percocet can irritate the nasal passages, eyes, and lungs. In this article, we’ll explore how smoking Percocet affects your body and just how safe smoking Percocet really is.

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Are you considering smoking Percocet?

If you are, you need to know the risks associated with inhaling Percocet fumes. While smoking Percocet is likely to be less effective than taking Percocet normally, it’s also dangerous to your health. We welcome any questions about smoking Percocet at the end.

Does smoking Percocet work or get you high?

It depends. Percocet is normally prescribed to help manage moderate to severe pain. And Percocet is often used in cases of illness, or for people recovering from a medical procedure. But Percocet can definitely cause a “high” when misused or abused, which leads many people to illegally or unsafely take Percocet. While doctors prescribe Percocet prescription dosages to be taken orally, people will attempt to abuse it by crushing the pills to snort, or by trying to smoke the tablets. However, smoking Percocet is not what makes Percocet work better and probably will neither get you high nor relieve pain.

What does smoking Percocet do to you?

When you smoke Percocet, the drug oxycodone enters the bloodstream through the tissues of the nose, which gets this narcotic pain killer to the brain much more quickly than oral administration. But the oxycodone in Percocet isn’t the only thing you’re inhaling when you try to smoke the drug. You’re also breathing in the inert fillers and binders in the medication, which can cause irritation and even illness when they become lodged in the nasal passages, eyes, and lungs.

Smoking Percocet side effects

You can experience several side effects from smoking Percocet:

  • burning of eyes or throat
  • coughing
  • dizziness or drowsiness
  • feelings of weakness
  • nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting

Smoking Percocet on tin foil

Some people will heat Percocet on tin foil to vaporize the oxycodone, allowing it to be easily inhaled. The problem with this process is that the medication itself is very fragile and doesn’t withstand high temperatures – meaning very little oxycodone will actually make it to your nose. This may lead to smoking more Percocet than you’d normally take to try to achieve better effects – creating more dangerous exposure to the fillers and binders in Percocet which can cause so many problems.

Smoking Percocet with weed

It’s not advisable to combine Percocet and weed. Both drugs depress the central nervous system, so combining the two can be dangerous. They can multiply the effects of one another, causing you to become impaired in your coordination and more likely to experience an accident. The combination could also affect your breathing or heart rate, which could be dangerous.

Is smoking Percocet bad for you?

Yes, smoking Percocet is bad for your health. The fillers and binders in Percocet make smoking it detrimental to your long-term well being. Because of the lack of effects smoking Percocet is likely to have, it’s a risk without much potential gain.

Can you smoke Percocet?

You can smoke Percocet if you really want to, but it won’t have the effects you’re probably hoping for. It won’t really create a high and it won’t even relieve pain if you take it in this manner. Smoking is a poor method of delivery which can cause potential health complications further down the line, so it’s not recommended.

Smoking Percocet questions

Still have questions about smoking Percocet? Are you trying to stop taking Percocet and having problems?  Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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