Smoking Percocet

What does smoking Percocet really do to you? Smoking Percocet can irritate the nasal passages, eyes, and lungs. In this article, we’ll explore how smoking Percocet affects your body and just how safe smoking Percocet really is.

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Are you considering smoking Percocet?

If you are, you need to know the risks associated with inhaling Percocet fumes. While smoking Percocet is likely to be less effective than taking Percocet normally, it’s also dangerous to your health. We welcome any questions about smoking Percocet at the end.

Does smoking Percocet work or get you high?

It depends. Percocet is normally prescribed to help manage moderate to severe pain. And Percocet is often used in cases of illness, or for people recovering from a medical procedure. But Percocet can definitely cause a “high” when misused or abused, which leads many people to illegally or unsafely take Percocet. While doctors prescribe Percocet prescription dosages to be taken orally, people will attempt to abuse it by crushing the pills to snort, or by trying to smoke the tablets. However, smoking Percocet is not what makes Percocet work better and probably will neither get you high nor relieve pain.

What does smoking Percocet do to you?

When you smoke Percocet, the drug oxycodone enters the bloodstream through the tissues of the nose, which gets this narcotic pain killer to the brain much more quickly than oral administration. But the oxycodone in Percocet isn’t the only thing you’re inhaling when you try to smoke the drug. You’re also breathing in the inert fillers and binders in the medication, which can cause irritation and even illness when they become lodged in the nasal passages, eyes, and lungs.

Smoking Percocet side effects

You can experience several side effects from smoking Percocet:

  • burning of eyes or throat
  • coughing
  • dizziness or drowsiness
  • feelings of weakness
  • nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting

Smoking Percocet on tin foil

Some people will heat Percocet on tin foil to vaporize the oxycodone, allowing it to be easily inhaled. The problem with this process is that the medication itself is very fragile and doesn’t withstand high temperatures – meaning very little oxycodone will actually make it to your nose. This may lead to smoking more Percocet than you’d normally take to try to achieve better effects – creating more dangerous exposure to the fillers and binders in Percocet which can cause so many problems.

Smoking Percocet with weed

It’s not advisable to combine Percocet and weed. Both drugs depress the central nervous system, so combining the two can be dangerous. They can multiply the effects of one another, causing you to become impaired in your coordination and more likely to experience an accident. The combination could also affect your breathing or heart rate, which could be dangerous.

Is smoking Percocet bad for you?

Yes, smoking Percocet is bad for your health. The fillers and binders in Percocet make smoking it detrimental to your long-term well being. Because of the lack of effects smoking Percocet is likely to have, it’s a risk without much potential gain.

Can you smoke Percocet?

You can smoke Percocet if you really want to, but it won’t have the effects you’re probably hoping for. It won’t really create a high and it won’t even relieve pain if you take it in this manner. Smoking is a poor method of delivery which can cause potential health complications further down the line, so it’s not recommended.

Smoking Percocet questions

Still have questions about smoking Percocet? Are you trying to stop taking Percocet and having problems?  Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. All I can say is smoking a Percocet what a joke I bet you if you smoked some of your soul inside your tennis shoe you probably get higher I just hit yourself in the head with the tack hammer moron

  2. My brother is addicted, I’m trying to help him get help he says when he doesn’t have them he can’t sleep, his whole body cramps and he vomits he also doesn’t get an appetite or even go use the restroom (number 2) he’s been using them for 3-4 months and he says he really wants to stop but he can’t .. do you think he can just stop smoking them ? Or does he have to stop little by little?

  3. I have been on forty milligrams of Percocet for six months then I ran out on Friday and have a drug test Monday will the Percocet still b in my system it’s a urine screen

  4. Heard my nieces and nephews r doing this and I confronted but they lie if apparently has less affect so in reality it’s better to let them be young and dumb cause with less affects I would imagine less chance if dependency….wrong or right?

  5. I been snorting percocet for about a year . But my problem is my heart feels crazy I can’t leave my house I feel like I’m going to pass out and can’t talk to people because I feel the same way .Could all this have to do with snorting my meds.

  6. I am a frequent smoker of blues and I must say there is no high like it.. however I’ve suffered greatly bewteen spending more and more money to get through my days to losing a good job. Almost got kicked out of where I live. If anyone is thinking of trying it, DO NOT. I DO NOT FEEL HAPPY. EVER. I have ruined my life and I can’t undo the feelings I have subjected my body to with this drug. (Oxycodone) 30 mg. weed doesn’t appeal to me as much anymore, I want to smoke when I wake up and I never have enough. Currently seeking help but I just wanted to get the message out there as I have hands on experience smoking blues with foil. It’s not cool. It’s brutal but I love it and will for the rest of my life because I know what it can do to me. Please reconsider if you are younglike me and your friends do it. Many friends are already dead. I could be next if I don’t stop. God bless everyone. Lead a happy and healthy life. Do it for you.

  7. I’ve been on percocet for over 5 years for pain. Im tired of taking it and would like to stop. I know if I were to lose weight that would help with my back pain and leg pain. I need help.

    1. Hi Georgene. Consult your doctor about your wish to stop using Percocet. S/he may decide it’s best for you to stay on the medication until you do loose the weight and the level of pain is reduced. Either way, you should never quit Percocet cold turkey. Your doctor can help you create a tapering schedule that corresponds with your needs, level of tolerance, pain sensation, dependence and withdrawal symptoms.

  8. I been taking perocet for a month everyday i havnt took them in 4 days is it still in my system like to know

    1. Hi, Melissa. Narcotic pain medications like Percocet don’t stay in the body very long. Usually, it can be detected in urine for 1-2 days, and in cases of heavy or chronic use, Percocet might stay in the body a bit longer.

  9. Ivana, Thanks for your response. He’s almost 27, so I can’t make him do a test, but I do ask him openly about what he’s been doing. I know he’s snorted coke before, but with finding the foil and water bottle lid, that’s what leads me to believe he’s smoking something. I’ve been told he was using the pain pills frequently in his drinks. So that’s how I came to this page because I did a search on how to smoke pills. I just know I’ve never smelled anything like that, the one time I came into the bathroom after him. I know what weed smells like, and that wasn’t it. I’m wondering if it’s a burnt foil smell. I’ve found several pieces of foil here and there. All had been under fire of some sort, because of the discoloration. What also worries me is his girlfriend has had issues with heroin before she met him. Then they both started using the pills in their drinks, and I believe she’s revisited the heroin part here and there recently. I’m just scared for him (both really) because I know pills are the same high as heroin, and it’s an addiction I don’t want to go through as a parent. I’ve watched too many “Intervention” episodes 🙂

    1. Hi again Chilly. Maybe you can drug test the tin foils you found with a surface test. Here is one I found online that tests to over 22 different narcotics. How did the conversation go? If he confesses to smoking and wants to quit, he will have to get some professional addiction and counseling, but he will also need to get out of the environment that compels him to use. If his girlfriend doesn’t seek help together with him, going back to living with her will most probably end in a relapse very soon.

  10. I’ve found foil, hollow tube, and water bottle lid in my sons pocket. I also walked into the bathroom after he came out and it smelled really bad. I can’t even describe the smell. Anyway, I know he was drinking “lean”, which from my understanding is a drink with pain pills in it. My guess is he is now smoking pills? Also, it seems he’s using floss a lot. I’m just trying to figure out what is really going on.

    1. Hi Chilly. The paraphernalia you found suggest that he is smoking something. You can either have an open talk with him or do a drug test that will help you identify whether he is abusing a substance and what substance is it.

  11. No diss towards any of yal but I would stop you guys lil middle school addictions if u have to ask does it get u high I was hurt wen was a teen started doing dope then luckily got in with good dr wrote me 140 mgs of methadone a day 3 oxy 30 mg immature immediate release so 90 mgs a day of str8 blue when I would to get high skip my mdone an fent patches an would usually shoot five 30 mgs blues I’m disabled I deserve be pain free I would love see that blue water an no was gonna get a major shot or I had a 7 gram a day dope habit when first got my family’s money but after buying a new car an getting all the pain meds u kiddies could ever dream off I stupidly started around don’t matter iv n molly an being super geeked missed appts to dr an went back to heroin an blew more money than most people c n a life time from a real hard core drug addict shooting crystal shooting dope an coke it will be the worst mistake once u start getting wd’s over something as dumb as sniffing smh oxycodone /Tylenol small oxy dose big amount of Tylenol say bye to your liver

  12. Carol, don’t give up yet. Yes being angry and pissed off at the world is part of withdrawing, and yes he does need help no matter what he says. It is going to be a long battle and I wish you and him the best. Although you can’t make him stop you can always be there for him. Unfortunately one usually has to realize how bad their life is before they stop

  13. I just found out about two weeks ago that my son has been smoking percocets. As far as I know he just got hooked in the last month or so. He was all for getting help at first but when we finally got the appointment he said that he could wean himself off. At first I think he was trying but lately not so much. He keeps saying he is stopping . he is very stressed out and angry and keeps on saying that I am making it harder for him to stop. Is anger one of the side effects and what should I do?

    1. Hi Carol. I believe it would be best to get him the professional help he needs. It is obvious he cannot handle the compulsion to use Percocet on his own.

  14. Ohio guy, that’s a Roxy as Florida boy said. It just depends on where you’re from. Up north they call em percs and everywhere else they’re roxies

  15. worste decision of my life was taking a percocet. Dont ever try this drug….I am a percocet smoker and i wouldnt want to wish this addiction on my worste enemy.

  16. It’s simply a dadgummed shame that some folks seem either unable or disinclined to enjoy a good high like exercise and turn to drugs. A healthy body and mind delivers a lasting and more extreme high than drugs ( and I’ve done way more than my share ) ever can. Please consider this vehicle You’re temporarily living in and wait until it has done it’s job and has worn out. THEN you will experience the Ultimate high. I promise…

  17. There’s no such thing as a damn “pehk thuttie” like all you morons from up north say. I am prescribed 180 ROXIES a month. Rapid release oxycodone. No such thing as 30mg of oxycodone with Tylenol, aka percocet.

  18. I have a question , unfortunately now I’m very addicted to opiods. My boyfriend and his friends all “smoke” it, I never thought about the long term reprocusions it would cause in end ,
    But now I am gripped with reality and it’s not pretty not only do they hack up greenish mucous but me and my bf lost a lot of hair on the crown in a short period, I went from having beautiful hair to having the drs not know or
    Explain it, my bf doesn’t care about losing hair as he can always wear a hat, as a girl this has I be the worst thing that could happen, I feel like my eyes are opened with learning about aluminum toxicity.
    It’s really not worth it people.

  19. How can I get my friend to stop smoking/snorting percent/contin? He thinks he’s doing no harm. Even after reading this.

  20. Congratulations on trying to beat the percocet addiction. I just lost a very old, dear friend, and most of the problems were due to too many pills. try to get in a good program with a good back up system and someone who has knowledge to council with you. you can beat it. i have seen to many people that i care about get into this trap. Best wishes and God bless you. You will be in our families prayers.

  21. Hello,
    I can securely admit that they are addicting. No buts about it. Smoking blues was a hobby of mine some would say, for about the past year now. It started off as buying one maybe two once a month to gradually becoming 4-5 a day. A minimum of 90$/ per day I was spending to fuel my addiction not to mention gas money traveling to aquire it as well there and back. I’ve been in the landscape/snow removal business so they do a great job hiding weakness and giving false strength. Really strong false strength. Today is day ten. Sober. I’ve gone through my withdrawals and let me tell you I do not wish that on my worst enemy. You cannot fathom the dark thoughts that rush your brain when you can’t get more. Work performance started to lag. I’ve currently started smoking budd again to keep my mind off the blues but let me tell you all again it is hard. Half of me will glorify the drug till I die and the other half of me wants to break free like Angela said previously. I’ve asked my dealers for subs for help and they deny me with the suspicion I will result back into my habits and keep funding they’re lavish lifestyle. This drug is real. This drug is not for kids. When I close my eyes I see the pill and yearn for the taste of it being burned. I apologize for my lack of a filter; I am indeed an addict. But I do pray every day for help and keep a strong network of people to help me when the anxiety kicks in. I’m just glad I’m strong enough to admit my faults. Hoping someone else out there is on the same page.

  22. My boyfriend smokes percocets and i was wondering when they sweat it out can it get into the other persons body in anyway? and or any other side affects it can cause anyone else

  23. Hi Dizz. Research brought us to the conclusion that smoking Percocet doesn’t help users in achieving a high. It’s also not effective for pain management when smoked. Some users say they experience some kind of pleasure from it, but the rest of the population out there probably won’t get any wanted effects from smoking it.

  24. I stopped reading after the word “probably” was used. You and research should meet up and hangout for a few years.

  25. Hello KQ. Yes! First, check into the short term use of antidepressants as you detox. It’s possible that serotonin levels are extremely low after years of Percocet abuse. You can get help with a psychiatrist or MD who specializes in addiction treatment. The professionals can really help you. Don’t be afraid to be honest b/c if you’re serious about getting off Percs, they can recommend treatments and support in your community.

  26. I’ve been smoking percocets off tin foil for 3 yrs now. I felt painless. I kept up with my full time job and taking care of home needs and boyfriend. I got addicted. i started to need more. I thought it wasn’t a big deal since I quit multiple times. Each time I got myself worse and worse. i’m not a bad person.. but I’m also not confident in myself. now that it has gotten unbearable, can’t even get up and get dressed and look good when I wake up. i can’t sleep without tossing and turning, and sweating. I’d shower 2 times and sweat as hell when detoxing. And it does get hard to get clean when depression hits you. I’ve gotten to the point it is going to take me a loongggg time to fully quit, and quit feaning.. But I’m so fed up. 3 yrs gone by and it felt like 8 months. I long to be clean again. I’m on a few days. then I get back. But I don’t do much. down to splitting one 30 to two 30 throughout the day. That isn’t much. And handeling real life stress sobering from percocet isn’t your usual life stress. Any advices to keep me motivated?

  27. Smoking precocity aka oxycodone is just another way to get a fix just a lot faster. When you are and addict you will do things you would never imagine doing sober. Hence the stealing pawning etc. the problem is and addict is never sober because when they start coming off the drugs they have very intense withdrawl symptoms and trust me I have been in withdrawl contemplating suicide because it is so horrible. Those of you who are not addicts don’t think that person is bad because you don’t know how they became that way. my addiction started with legal prescription drugs from my doctor and has been hell ever since

  28. Hello Elle. I’m sorry to hear that you are witness to the devastation that addiction can cause. Are you and your family getting help to cope? Have you considered seeing a psychologist to process your thoughts and emotions surrounding the behavior?

  29. My sister & her boyfriend are addicted to smoking percocets. They do, in fact, get high- immediately. They’re so high that they off in mid sentence. They stay up all night smoking pills & weed . They’ve stolen from all of their family members (including my 12yo son) & they pawn everything they steal to buy more pills. They lost their home, children, jobs, cars- you name it. They look skeletal, not like the couple they were 7 years ago- hell, not even 1 year ago. In about 8 months- they’ve lost everything I’ve mentioned above. The addiction is real, the high is real. It’s tragic.

  30. I quit smoking oxycodone about a year ago after a disturbing incident. I am not sure if this incident is from smoking oxys or from something unrelated, but I am leaning towards the oxys. I had finished smoking and all of a sudden my heart started racing. It was almost beating out of my chest. I took my resting heart rate and it was at about 150 beats per minute. You may or may not know this but that is extremely high. So I called for an ambulance and was taken to the ER. They chalked it up to a panic attack probably b/c I didn’t tell them I was smoking oxys. Anyways, I just wanted to warm anyone who is thinking of doing this, there are dangers. It has been a year since and I got a good/healthy EKG, but I tell you it was not worth it.

  31. Hello Payam. Thanks for sharing more about your experience. While Percocet may have a faster onset time when smoked, the risks over addiction and/or overdose are too high to consider this a safe mode of administration. We wish you the best and hope you’re able to live life Percocet-free!

  32. Yea , az a person who tried the Percocet I agree with your simple questions and answers .
    But I have to note 3 things over all the related texts “questions answers and comments”

    1- smoking PERC is making you high instant and bring you down so quickly . And the feeling of high time is so Mutch higher and different than swallow the pils.
    2- swallowing the pils takes from 10-30 minute to kickin. And Chewing it is not making it quicker … It just westing it before it get down.

  33. “I believe that the only marijuana in the area is all laced with weed when sold.” Sorry I ment laced with Percocet when sold.

  34. Thanks for the awesome facts listed above, I am a 15 year old male and I believe that the only marijuana in the area is all laced with weed when sold. I have smoked the percocet laced weed about 3 times total, and have gotten very dizzy each time. Can you please tell me the serious and non-serious health risks of doing this? Is there any way to check if the marijuana is laced before smoking?

    Thanks so much!!! Any reply would be amazing!

  35. Hi Billy. Some people come from a “smoking” background or like the intensity of the rush when smoking Percocet. But yes, this mode of drug administration can sound rather extreme to people who aren’t used to smoking pills.

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