Smoking Vicodin

What does smoking Vicodin do to you? An ineffective high, smoked Vicodin can result in irritation of the eyes, respiratory system, and lungs. Just how safe is smoking Vicodin? We review here.

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Have you been thinking about smoking Vicodin?

Basically, we would advise you that it isn’t worth the risk. Not only is smoked Vicodin often less effective than oral ingestion (how Vicodin works best is when taken orally), but it can also be dangerous. More here, plus a section for your questions about Vicodin at the end.

Does smoking Vicodin work or get you high?

Sure. You can possibly get high when smoking Vicodin. Vicodin is known for its ability to cause a euphoric “high”, which can result in Vicodin abuse or addiction even by those with a legitimate prescription. However, Vicodin is intended to be taken orally, and attempting to smoke Vicodin pills is straight drug abuse. In the end, though, smoking Vicodin is unlikely to get you high, as it’s not a particularly effective method of delivery for this medication compared with oral ingestion to snorting Vicodin to get high.

What does smoking Vicodin do to you?

Smoking Vicodin allows small amounts of the drug to enter the bloodstream through the nasal passages and lungs. This leads to a very fast effect on the brain. However, you’re also inhaling the fillers and binders found in Vicodin pills at the same time. These additional chemicals won’t be absorbed by the body; instead, they cause irritation of the eyes, respiratory system, and lungs, and can eventually lead to illness.

Smoking Vicodin side effects

Can you overdose on Vicodin when you smoke it?  Possibly, especially when you try to increase dosage to get effect.  In fact, smoking Vicodin can result in a number of different side effects, including:

  • dizziness or drowsiness
  • general weakness
  • nervousness and agitation
  • nausea, stomach upset, and vomiting

Smoking Vicodin on tin foil

Heating Vicodin on tin foil will work to vaporize the hydrocodone within the medication so it can be inhaled. The high temperatures can just as easily destroy the medication, however, and only very small amounts of hydrocodone are released when Vicodin is burned. And if you try to compensate by smoking more Vicodin: BEWARE.  Taking extra Vicodin to try to get a better high raises the risk of adverse effects, and increases your very dangerous exposure to the fillers and binders within the drug.

Smoking Vicodin with weed

It can be dangerous to combine Vicodin with weed due to the effect both drugs have, depressing the central nervous system. Vicodin, like weed, can impact your coordination and judgment, opening you up to the possibility of dangerous accidents. The A combination of smoking Vicodin with weed could also impact your ability to breathe normally.

Is smoking Vicodin bad for you?

Yes. Smoking Vicodin is bad for you. The inactive ingredients found in Vicodin make this method of taking Vicodin dangerous to your health, especially in the long-term. The medication may not even have any effects if you smoke Vicodin, so it’s probably not worth the risks to try.

Can you smoke Vicodin?

You can smoke Vicodin, but it’s unlikely to have much effect. Smoked Vicodin tends NOT to create a satisfying high and it won’t even have its normal pain-relieving effects. In the end, smoking Vicodin isn’t advisable as a method of delivery due to the poor rate of absorption combined with the high risk of adverse effects.

Smoking Vicodin questions

Still have questions about Vicodin? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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