Smoking Wellbutrin

Smoking Wellbutrin is relatively ineffective, and is pretty risky with little payoff. More on how smoking Wellbutrin affects your body and just how safe smoking Wellbutrin really is here.

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Are you thinking about smoking Wellbutrin?

There are a number of risks which come along with smoking Wellbutrin (and when you snort Wellbutrin, too). Before you try it, you need to know what happens in your body and how long Wellbutrin stays in the body when you smoke Wellbutrin. In this article, we’ll explain why smoking Wellbutrin is unlikely to give you euphoric effects, and review the dangers of smoking Wellbutrin. We welcome any questions about smoking Wellbutrin at the end.

Does smoking Wellbutrin work or get you high?

Because antidepressant medications can cause a “high” when abused, it’s understandable that some people would be interested in trying to smoke Wellbutrin. However, while Wellbutrin is a mild stimulant, Wellbutrin only causes a mild buzz about on par with drinking a cup of coffee. Because of the dangers of abusing Wellbutrin and the fact that most of the smoke produced by burning the pills will come from fillers and binders, smoking Wellbutrin is a very risky practice with little actual payoff.

What does smoking Wellbutrin do to you?

Smoking Wellbutrin will cause a more rapid absorption of the medicine than taking it orally, due to the quick movement of chemicals between the nasal membrane and blood stream. But when you smoke Wellbutrin, the drug isn’t the only thing you’re inhaling. Fillers, binders, and other chemicals which allow the drug to be easily ingested are always going to be present in any prescription drug. Rather than being absorbed into the body, these substances will merely irritate your lungs, throat, nose and eyes, and possibly make you sick.  Can you overdose on Wellbutrin when you smoke it?

Smoking Wellbutrin side effects

Whenever you smoke Wellbutrin, you run the risk of developing a physical dependence on the drug. While Wellbutrin isn’t especially psychologically addictive, you don’t want to be in a situation where you have to take Wellbutrin every day to avoid withdrawal symptoms – these can be very unpleasant and sometimes severe. Smoking Wellbutrin also raises your risk of serious adverse side effects to the medication. And Wellbutrin does have some dangerous side effects, including:

  • greatly increased risk of seizures
  • hallucinations and psychosis
  • paranoia and delusions
  • suicidal thoughts or behavior

Smoking Wellbutrin on tin foil

When you smoke a drug, you need to heat it so that the active ingredients become liberated in vapor form. Very little of the drug will actually make it out of the pills and into the smoke you inhale, so it’s far less effective than taking Wellbutrin normally. Again, Wellbutrin doesn’t really deliver a “high” the way some other antidepressants do, and if you have a prescription for Wellbutrin, you won’t be getting the normal effects of the drug this way and it will be an ineffective treatment for your problem.

Smoking Wellbutrin with weed

Smoking Wellbutrin with weed is unlikely to cause any additional effects on top of the high caused by the marijuana smoke. And because Wellbutrin contains so many other substances and chemicals to make the pill easy to take orally, it can be dangerous to smoke weed laced with Wellbutrin pills or powder.

Is smoking Wellbutrin bad for you?

Yes, smoking Wellbutrin is bad for you. While it’s true that smoking drugs is one of the fastest ways to absorb the active ingredients of any medication, there are dangers in taking Wellbutrin in any way other than normally directed. You might become physically dependent on the drug, as well as raising your risk of seizures or other serious side effects. So before you smoke Wellbutrin, keep in mind that it’s very dangerous to take Wellbutrin in any way other than prescribed.

Can you smoke Wellbutrin?

Yes, you can smoke Wellbutrin – but you shouldn’t. Smoking Wellbutrin is neither safe nor effective. Wellbutrin is simply not a good drug for recreational use – in addition to causing only very mild effects, the side effects are incredibly dangerous.

Smoking Wellbutrin questions

Still have questions about smoking Wellbutrin? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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