Snorting Percocet

Is snorting Percocet effective vs taking Percocet orally? Can snorting Percocet get you high? What dangers are present and can they be avoided? More on snorting Percocet effects here.

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If you’re thinking about snorting Percocet, know what you are getting into.

Can you get high on Percocet?  Yes.  And does Percocet show up on drug tests?  Yes.  Percocet can also be very addictive, especially when you snort it.   Here we review what happens in the body while snorting Percocet, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting Percs.  We invite your questions about using Percocet at the end, and try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal reply ASAP.

Percocet: What are you really snorting?

Each Percocet tablet contains the active ingredients oxycodone hydrochloride and acetaminophen. Oxycodone is a powerful opioid pain reliever, and Percocet is medically used for the relief of moderate to moderately severe pain. However, other non-active ingredients are also present in Percocet. These include colloidal silicon dioxide, croscarmellose sodium, crospovidone, microcrystalline cellulose, povidone, pregelatinized cornstarch, stearic acid, and possible coloring additives.

How does snorting Percocet affect the body?

Percocet onset depends upon how you take it.  Crushing and snorting Percocet results in a rapid release of oxycodone, increased absorption of the drug in the body, and high peak serum concentrations of oxycodone in the blood.  So what really happens when you snort Percocet?

When you crush Percocet tablets and snort the resulting powder into your nose, oxycodone is rapidly released into the bloodstream. When oxycodone passes the blood-brain barrier, it acts on the brain and body by attaching to specific cell surface proteins called opioid receptors. Once oxycodone is attached to opioid receptors, it can block the perception of pain. This same chemical reaction can also get you high. But there is a problem: When snorting Percocet, you expose yourself to high and near-instant doses of oxycodone, increasing risk of overdose and serious adverse side effects.

Snorting Percocet to get high

How does Percocet get you high? The oxycodone found in Percocet can induce euphoria (feeling high or an extreme sense of well-being) by indirectly boosting dopamine levels in the brain regions that influence your perception of pleasure. This feeling is often intensified when snorting Percocet. When you snort Percocet, you can intensify and amplify the feeling of getting high but you also increase the risk for serious medical consequences, such as respiratory arrest, coma, and addiction.

Snorting Percocet side effects

Taking Percocet as prescribed can trigger side effects such as dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, sedation and/or vomiting. But when you start snorting Percocet, possible serious side effects can occur. Some of the serious side effects of insufflating Percocet include:

  • abnormally slow heart rate
  • cardiac arrest
  • cold and clammy skin
  • constriction or dilation of the eye pupils
  • death
  • extreme somnolence progressing to stupor or coma
  • muscular flaccidity
  • respiratory depression

Snorting Percocet vs oral

Opioids like Percocet can be absorbed in the body via many routes. Doctors recommend oral Percocet for safety and effectiveness. Oxycodone has a relatively high bioavailability (about 60% to 87% of an oral dose of oxycodone reaches the systemic circulation) and duration of action persists in Percocet for 3-6 hours. But what is the difference between taking Percocet orally versus inhaling it into the nasal passage?

The main difference between taking Percocet orally versus snorting Percocet is onset of action. After oral administration of conventional preparations of oxycodone, analgesic effect occurs within 10-15 minutes, reaches its maximum in 30-60 minutes. On the other hand, when you snort Percocet, you rapidly achieve high serum levels of Percocet in the blood. Pain relief (and euphoric effect) is almost immediate. But a quick Percocet high also places you at risk for severe toxicity.

Snorting Percocet dangers

Percocet contains the narcotic oxycodone. Before you decide to snort Percocet, consider the following risks and dangers that come along with snorting oxycodone. And feel free to add more dangers at the end of this article.

Risk of accident – Percocet can impair your ability to drive a car or operate machinery. Snorting Percocet can quickly dull your alertness, and activities that require quick action should be avoided.

Risk of addiction – One of the real dangers of snorting Percocet is risk of addiction. Even if taken as prescribed, Percocet can cause physical and psychological dependence when taken for a long time. But when you are snorting Percocet for effect, you increase risk of addiction.

Risk of damage to nasal passages – Chronically snorting Percocet can lead to nasal damage and difficulty swallowing.

Risk of damage to unborn babies – Taking Percocet during pregnancy can cause physical addiction for a newborn baby. If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant, know that taking Percocet shortly before delivery (especially at higher dosages) may cause some degree of impaired breathing in either the mother or the newborn, or both, as well as withdrawal syndrome after birth.

Risk of disease – Sharing straws or other objects to inhale Percocet into your nose can lead to serious diseases such as hepatitis or bacterial infections.

Risk of overdose – When you snort Percocet, you put yourself at risk of depressing the central nervous system to the point where respiration or heart failure can occur.

Snorting Percocet safely

Snorting Percocet is not safe or recommended. However, you may minimize risk of Percocet dangers by taking a few precautions. Know first that the maximum daily dose recommended for prescribed Percocet is 60 mg. The usual prescribed dose of Percocet is 1 to 2 tablets of the lowest strength (2.5 milligrams oxycodone/325 milligrams acetaminophen) every 6 hours. Doctors sometimes prescribe a higher dose if necessary. However, the total daily dose of acetaminophen should not exceed 4 grams. Secondly, be sure that you are using clean instruments when snorting Percocet. Do not share straws or other objects to snort Percocet. And lastly, have a sober companion monitor your symptoms. These harm reduction strategies may just save your life.

Questions about snorting Percocet

Do you still have questions about snorting Percocet? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Percocet questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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    1. Hi Dominic. It is usual when some medications came into contact with water to change color. Also, some of 7.5 Percocet pills are light orange.

  1. Lily!

    The numbers or stamping on the pill doesn’t me a *******thing, people have pill presses. If your not getting it from the pharmency essentially your gambling

  2. @Tommy, im wondering the same thing about white percocets turning hunter orange after being snorted. If you get an answer could you please contact me somehow n fill me in?

  3. I have been taking 7.5 mg Percocet 2x daily for the past 3 years, they have recently stopped working the way they used to and a friend of mine suggested that I try snorting them so I’ve been doing that for a few weeks now. They work pretty much instantly but the relief is very short lived. My pills are WHITE but there is a very thick neon ORANGE build-up in my nose every time I snort one. Why And how does it change color so drastically?

  4. Does snorting a Percocet now leaving blue residue in your nostril cavity cuz I’ve seen three or four people that I know and I want to know before I confront them

  5. I’ve snorted Percocet for a few years and doing 7to 10 a day (325 ) but now want to take orally and start taking prescription how it’s intended which is every 4 hrs but I want to know will the withdrawal still happen if I start taking orally?

  6. I have been snorting perc 5/325 off and on for about 3 years. My addiction has become overpowering. I do up to 8 a day if available. My kidneys feel pained if im not drinking tons of water in the times of not having them. My back is in extreme pain from my kidneys… well i think anyways. What could this pain be? Is it something that could heal itself if i stop the nonsense? I do have 5 kids and a really good job. I just find myself not able to keep up with it all. As I wake up everynight of not having them in full sweat, none stop diarea, and kidney pains i ask myself if it is worth it? Any information on this would be great.

  7. How long after stopping the snorting of Percocet will you notice a difference in your son stops blowing his nose constantly?

  8. I have been taking the Perocet 5/325 for about 2 years because I have a very bad back ,neck and knees! This HIGH people talk about I’ve never felt it, I know after having 12 Specialist looking for the source of the Pain, they couldn’t findo it and send me to Pain Management Dr! He was very upfront what he expected from me and I do exactly what he says to do! The first thing I did was go to the YMCA and lose the 50 extra lbs I was carry around with me so to take pressure off my legs and back, I work with aquatic Drs, and Wow, what a difference in not carrying that weigh, after 6 mos, it was gone but I still had the pain! It’s the type of pain, like someone heats up a red hot rod and sticks ito in ur back and neck and twist it around! So, my Pain management Dr came up with a plan, because I refused to have surgery! Once you start, I’ve seen people have the same surgery on the same thing 3 or 4 times! So, I take 6- 5 mg/325 Perocets a day plus 2- 60mg Oxys a day! And to help relax my muscles around the spine and knees, I also take 2- 10mg / Valium! But Please, ppl that are in addiction to the meds get helo, because your going to make it harder for people that really need these meds! U must remember, your addiction is a disease and these drugs r your choice of a high, if they were taken away, I suspect that you wld find another drug to abuse or anything that would get the buzz u are chasing and you will never find that FIRST ONE EVER AGAIN! AND IF YOU SEEK HELP, PLEASE REMEMBER THIS ALSO, IT HAS TO BE FOR YOU ONLY! YOU HAVE TO WANT TO GET SOBER FOR YOU, NOT UR MOTHER, NOT UR KIDS NOT ANYONE BUT YOURSELF! PLEASE BECAUSE YOU ARE CAUSING REAL PROBLEMS FOR PEOPLE THAT ARE REALLY SUFFERING FROM CHRONIC PAIN, AND WE DONT HAVE CLUE WHAT A HIGH IS, JUST A LITTLE RELIEF FROM THIS PAIN WE LIVE WITH AND AT TIMES THAT’S NOT ENOUGH, BUT PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE TOO SCARED TO TAKE MORE THAN WHAT OUR DRS TELLS TO TAKE! SO, PLEASE GET HELP, IF ONLY FOR YOURSELVES! CAUSE YOUR DESERVE TO LIVE DRUG FREE, BUT WE NEVER WILL! WE GET A SHORT RELIEF THAT LAST A SHORT TIME BUT IT’S WORTH IT FOR US BECAUSE IT’S A 100 TIMES BETTER THAN WHAT I PERSONALLY FELT A FEW YEARS BACK! THANK YOU!

  9. Iv been snorting perks tec and I swear they have ruined my life I feel in the past 6 years I have only had 5 days a month with out them I wish I never started but well no buts it kept me from other harder druges meth and shit never touch that shit but I wanted to know what is long time using wjats going to happen to my body like long time use I’d my liver going to give out of some thing or my kidneys ? And my advice don’t use it I started by my ex girl friend would give my head on the week ends and I had a broke n hand I didn’t want them and she kept bugging so ya did them like 3 at a time and 4 months later same thing but doing now 7 at a time idk I’m saying now I get a script still and it’s 60 and I’m done them in one night I’ll wake up with 2 in my pocket they have the pills they took 2 wife’s from me lost my 3 kids who are with there mother’s not cas and I am alone only time I feel alive is when I have like 30 on me sucks sucks sucks I just don’t wanna die there’s so much I haven’t done and these pills are holding me back I won’t go any where unless I have ten pills it’s pathetic I hope one day it gose away

  10. Hi. For those who blame the ‘abusers’ for the lack of access to your ‘need for prescription meds’ guess what, people have been living and thriving without these for THOUSANDS of years. Blame blame blame…how about the doctors? Or the pill mills? Or the pharmacies? Or the hospitals? How ab stop using these drugs as a crutch. Five years!! They weren’t meant as a ‘maintenance drug’, such as blood pressure meds. Just BC you have a piece of paper, or its covered by your insurance, doenst mean you don’t need help with addiction. People in glass houses…..

  11. I am not currently taking any pain medication, but I’ve been there and done that. At one point I was taking three 80 mg Oxycontin’s a day with up to six Percocet 10/325’s for “breakthrough pain” daily. I had tried several times to get off them and couldn’t – hell, I couldn’t even get my dosage down, even a little. Only one thing finally got me off them, and I didn’t have any withdrawals or suffer any at all. I know this isn’t for everybody, but it was crystal meth that had me off all the pain pills within a month. Not sure how that works, but I’ve heard other people that have had this same success in getting off pain meds. You might think that you are only trading one addiction for another, and I think you’re probably right, but meth is not physically addicting as the pain pills are. Once you are off the pills, it is much easier to get off the meth than it is the pills. I know it sounds strange, but it worked very well, and I wanted to put it out there as it is the thing that did it for me.

  12. Hi , How do I stop snorting Percocet and start taking it orally without withdrawals happening ? I need the best method to taper off snorting and taking it for pain the right way which is orally! Please help , currently snorting 5 a day 325 s , which may not seem like a lot but it’s ruining my life and health and I don’t have any one to reach out to

  13. When u have been snorting percucets or roxys then u dont snort them and take them by mouth the same amount will your body still have withdraw symptoms

  14. I am addicted to opiates but when I try to quit taking them I realize how much I do need pain relief as I suffer from a very rare form of chronic pancreatitis. It’s hereditary and Duke hospital which I stay in every other month, says it will develop into pancreatic cancer, I am only 36! My body does not produce digestive enzymes and I cannot digest fat nor protein. I suffer from malabsortion, and severe constant pain if I eat or drink anything! I have lost 116 pounds from this progressive incurable illness. The docs tell me this will eventually be my demise and I go to the cancer clinic at Duke for my first appt. To start testing and screening next month and I am scared to death! I’ve lost my brother, uncle, and grandmother to pancreatic cancer already!! They R taking my case to the board of surgeons at the Duke medical conference they say I may make it into the medical journals and medical “history” books because of my rarity!! So maybe a miracle will come of this to where they can take me off these meds. I take 30mg of morphine twice a day and 15mg of oxycodone (roxies) 4 times a day! I also have to take pancreatic enzymes to aid in digestion since my body doesn’t do it properly and if U don’t suffer from this terminal illness than I can’t even begin to describe the pain eating and trying to digest causes! Its almost unbearable! I have abused my meds before because of hurting so bad but I try to control myself. Its such a burden to live with and my city was #18 on the most opiate death and abuse in the USA list so it’s like an act of Congress to even get Ur meds here sometimes!! Wish there was a cure for me so I can begin healing!!!! I hate myself for becoming dependent on these pain relievers 🙁

  15. Hi, Prince’s recent death has caused me to reflect on a very difficult struggle I had with vicodin, percocet, and dilaudid. I FINALLY got off of everything 7 years ago using Suboxone. It was getting to the point that my entire day (and I work full time and do lots of animal rescue) was beset with thoughts about one of the following: 1) how many pills did I have left? 2) which pharmacy could I go to? 3) when could I get my next prescription. A nightmare, and exceptionally isolating. I stole drugs from anyone I could too – from their medicine cabinet, from their purses. I can’t even BEGIN to think of the long list of people who trusted me who I took advantage of. One day, after one of my best friends died of cancer, I decided to take her bottle of Dilaudid and a bottle of liquid morphine. I had never shot up before, but decided to try shooting Dilaudid. I still remember standing in my kitchen with the needle ready – I pulled back and got blood, and was ready to shoot, and for some reason I said “Don’t do this – you’ll never get off of this if you do.” Thankfully I didn’t shoot up, but I continued to use for another couple of years. It took me 2 years to wean myself from Suboxone – I tapered very gradually – but thankfully I was able to free myself from this vicious cycle. It was just terrible, and my self-hatred was over the top. No one knew about this – I was a functioning addict – but I knew, and I hated myself for it. You CAN get off of these drugs, but it’s very difficult, and a long road. Thank you for letting me share my experience.

  16. Hey Barbara those are known as tylox Lol didn’t know they still manufactured those…Google the shelf life of them, pills tend to lose their potency after a year that’s y most Med bottles say discard around a year after they were filled. They won’t become weaker after a few days or even a few months I don’t think, unless they were damaged or tampered with.

  17. I have a chronic disease of complex regional pain syndrome stage 2 of my entire right arm. In 4 years of treatment i also go through different anesthetic procedures to reduce pain and take less meds. The meds have changed over the years and now on 30 mg of morphine 2 xs a day and up to 6 10/325 of percocet. I have a very high metabolism so it seems like after 2 hours my pain level is back to a 10. I am never under a level 5 pain level and being my dominent arm its even more challenging. Someone told me to get immediate relief to crush and snort. This seems wrong to me. I do every few months do a total detox of my body because im concerned with my internal organs. I will have to be on pain meds for the rest of my life because of this nerve disease that cant be cured. At this time im on a diet and working out taking garncia cambogia along with a 30 day cleanse and have found my pain meds do not last but an hour. I dont want to take more than prescribed but to do my daily activities i have been. Can you give advice on dieting and cleansing and detoxing on my own as i dont want an addiction. Is this hurting or helping me?

  18. A 33 year old female went to hospital to give birth. She suddenly needed a c-section. After the birth, she was released the following day at her request….given Percocet for pain. A few nights later she went into a coma and was rushed by ambulance to nearest hospital. Paramedics found the script of 30 pills that were given with 20 left. She remained in a coma while in ICU and a few days later suffered a massive stroke and soon died.
    My question is…could the percocet have caused this?

    1. Hi Carole. That’s a very tragic story…. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest you consult with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

  19. My boyfriend snorted percolate for the second time that I caught him. I’m really we worried about him. This has been a battle for a long time and he doesn’t understand how serious this is. Please help.

  20. People can not understand me when I talk sounds like my nose sinus is full! If stop snorting pills will that get better

  21. Hello,

    I have been on opioid pain relievers for 3 years due to a severe injury to my low back, I have torn S1 L5, L5-L4 and L4-L3. Two of tese levels are herniated and will not get better. The tests alone that I have had to go through were eexcruciating, the worst test performed was a multi level discogram that was perfomed a second time to determine if L3 was bad or if it was the lower levels just radiating up. The meds I have been on are Norco, percocet and Fentanyl. Most frequently is percocet 10-325, I quit Fentanyl due to it being e extremely bad for someone to be under strong opiod around the clock, this was very hard due to te withdrawal that is experienced when significantly reducing opioid intake, I am an addict, but I did not have much say in this because of high level of chronic pain. Currently I am out of medication for 48hrs due to my pharmacy being out, I am on a pain contract and can’t use a different pharmacy, this is due to the level of drug abusers. Please use something more recreational, like marijuana. I do get where a lot of you are coming from, I myself am guilty of misusing my meds, only by taking more than prescribed when in a lot of pain but, I am still guilty. I also have a strong addiction to these drugs and many times have discontinued use due to not being able to accept my life being controlled by a substance. I eventually break due to a lot of pain and resume use of opioids. if you are looking for advice, all I can say over the many times I have successfully went through withdrawal is, calm your mind, this to shall pass, go to war with your negative side and win! To those who have experienced abuse both physical and mental, I have been there too, witnessing and experiencing a lot of really bad stuff, the best medicine for dealing with constant torment is , Nature, Hobbies and the goals you set to notco continue the curse. I hope that all dealing with this horrible addiction all the best, you can do it!

    With Love,


    ps. Dont snort anything other than clean air, even over tge counter nasal spray is bad for you

  22. Hi Mike…from last year’s post…after reading your experience I have been wondering how you were able to get off the percs, what help did you seek and did your wife stick by you? I appreciate your complete honesty, I’m sure talking aloud of your addiction is not always an easy thing. My husband as well has called me his angel for sticking by him, he had gone to rehabilitation, last year, but I feel strongly he has relapsed which I was well aware that this could happen…it’s just that I have no idea how to help him now. I asked him if he was snorting again and he got very offended and defensive with me. As selfish as this may sound, I feel like I can’t mentally go down this road again…it’s been a few years of drug/alcohol abuse, affairs and just him living this different life. I guess what I’m asking is how did you and your wife get through and were you able to stay sober and how. He’s a great man, this disease has just ruined us. Thanks for your help.

  23. To all the judgementals: Everyone deals with life in a different way. Do you not take percocets or other drugs, but drink alcohol? Ah, so you do partake in a vice, just not the one that we unintentionally fell into the grasp of. I find it interesting but more so ludicrous, that all these “junkies” that a lot of you think willingly took on an addiction would do so. I have been on 10/325 tabs for about 3 years for legitimate lower back pain (3 cracked discs and a pinched nerve from a car accident). Even the people that take their medications as prescribed way up high on their pedestal, would still suffer the same withdraws as any opiate pain pill user. Think I’m wrong? Then stop taking your opiates cold turkey; give yourself 24 hours to realize you are just as deep as the rest of us, if not more.

    Sure, there are levels to this kind of stuff, but face it; you’re a neo-maxi zoom dweebie… Sorry, wrong movie…

  24. For holly, you need to tell the doctor before it gets worse. She will be pissed at you for a minute but rather be pissed off at you now than dead. She wll quit when she’s ready nobody but her will make this decision. I know I’ve been thru addiction all of my life 31 years to be exact. Just be there for her but for the time being tell the doctor. If he knows the facts they can help a great deal more. Right now they’re probably stumped

  25. My 23 year old daughter has been sniffing percocet for about 2 years now i’ve tried to get her help but she refuses to admit she has a problem she is now in the hospital with low heart rate and fluid around her heart she is not being honest with the Dr about this issue i don’t know if i should tell her Dr I’m afraid she will leave the hospital without the proper treatment. …….please help!!!!!

  26. I’ve done it for 3 years. Great high but even better now since it gave me copd now I have pneumonia no breath, can’t sleep because I’m coughing to much. Its been 5 days since I snorted and its going to a lot longer. Don’t be stupid I thought I was invincible too…….boy was I wrong. Well back to the hospital for breathing treatments.

  27. hi – i have been snorting percoset 10 mg / 325’s for about 4 years now. i used to do 1-2 a day but recently went to 3-4. im back down to 3 a day…and aiming to get back to 2 a day…but im now realizing that its probably time to quit. im so scared at what will happen top my brain / body. i work in a creative industry and they have helped me with my work. does anyone have any ideas of what drugs i can take that will help ease the process? im sensing that i should take subs or something like that…? im going to try and do a slow taper off… what else is good for what im planning on doing? what vitamins? what about hash or pot? im not a huge fan of pot but if it helps them im game. i really wish i could just maintain 2 10mg perc a day for the rest of my life…and i might be able too…but im now concerned that ive done long term damage to the creative portion of my brain…. i would LOVE to talk to anyone out there. this is something that i hide from everyone. thank you.

  28. Hey Blaire I would go for the suboxone therapy, it is a film u stick under ur tongue and it kills all withdrawals and anxiety u get from craving the percs! It is what they are intending to replace methadone with in most clinics. Kat, from my experience I think that the person ur describing my be either having a allergic reaction to the pills, (some people just can’t take them) OR possibly taking too too much of the percs and slightly starting to overdose so to speak. One main symptom of ur body telling u ur gonna o.d. if u do anymore today is the “nodding off” that some people do whem they take too much! I have done it before, the percs lower ur respiratory system function or something like that. I know a bad combination is muscle relaxers and opiates. That’s a def no no!

  29. If someone you know is snorting oxycodone 30 mg. On a daily basis,, can it make you not sleep for days and make your arms, legs, head and your body jerk uncontrollably? Can it also make you unaware of some of the things you do?

  30. I have been on and off perks for about 2 years now and I’m wondering how to stop.. I have been doing them daily anywhere from 5-25 and snorting them for about 3 months .. Not sure exactly how to go about getting off them… I don’t want to get into the methadone program because I tried it before and it didn’t work for me.. Mood swings were still intense .. What would be my best course of action?!

  31. Hi. I was wondering if I can get some insight into addiction caused by percocet. This summer I had surgery. I was given perks for the pain. It was really hard to get off them. But iI did. I didn’t want to become addicted so I flushed the perks.

    I went into some withdraws. My whole body started hurting, the urge and craving was there big time, I got headaches, nausea. A friend of mine told me to use weed to help with the withdrawal, so I did that.

    And now months done the line. If I don’t have weed to help I will use my dad’s perks to snort for a lil high. I never been a big drug user before my surgery. Last night I snorted half a perk and today I have headaches and nausea. Is it from the perk?

    How do I get off them completely. I have tried weed, but that just lead to a worser addiction problem. I’m not doing perks everyday, maybe 1 percocet 2-3 tines a week.

    I don’t wanna do this anymore. I’m not this type of person. I’m not an addict. I need advice to stop

  32. I snorted pills for the longest time. im only 15 and I need halp. I already have 2 kids and my balls got chopped off.

  33. Hi Tina. What her mode of administering the percocet does is-it creates an immediate release. So the drug enters from there, directly into her bloodstream. If she’s using up the prescription in 3 days, that’s too much. Binging isn’t safe at all, it’s a lot of stress for the organism, plus she faces a risk of organ damage. Can you get her some professional help? She needs help!

  34. what happens to you if you crush up your percocet and put them in your butt my sister in law has been doing this for months and I’m so worried she’s going to die…she gets her prescription and runs out in 3 days and then after that she’s throwing up really severe bloody noses I’m afraid her lover is in danger but she thinks it’s not because of the way she puts it in her bottom she thinks the bypass is the liver in blood stream

  35. What would happen if i chewd a percoset 5 mg its white and on one side it has the fine line to break in two. Will it kill me ive never done anything like pills and stuff would it releave pain better

  36. Most percs don’t have a coating really…the 10mg ip 204 sort of do and a lot of oxycontin pills do. I use a sterilized hose clamp from a car lol it works like a cheese grater on the ones that don’t have a coating. Best ones to use are the ones that’s have the imprint of 512, 10/325, and the round yellow tens that have a cursive looking c on top (endoset). Snorting can give u sum hellacious sinus problems and/or infections, I have one as we speak! Its the acetemeniphen or however u spell it. Basically its Tylenol and Tylenol is actually very bad for ur body. If ur gonna snort the actual safest ones to snort are roxicets a.k.a. oxycodone I.R. they are percs but they r really tiny and the fives r white and the tens r pink. They r safer for ur liver and kidneys.

  37. Ive been snorting perks (10mg) for about 2 months i absolutely love them. But my nose has been burning and my throat gets soar when i snort them. Is it true that it helps if you scrape the cover off before snorting?

  38. Hy Michele, for lack of a better word, ir brother is a re-re. If you snort it you just won’t feel sick for as long as you would swallowing it. You should ask your dr. For a script of promethazine or phenergrin not sure if that spelling is correct but it is something most docs will prescribe you when they prescribe percocet. It helps with the sick feeling some people get from percocet. If u snort it its gonna burn like hell the first time and its gonna gag you and its most definitely NOT something you wanna get in the habit of doing, trust half of us on this blog, try the nausea pill with it by mouth and see if that helps first before taking ur. Bro’s advice.

  39. I am prescribed percocet daily. A low dose. It makes me sick. My brother said if I crush it and take it that way it won’t make me sick anymore. Is that true. I would prefer not to do it that way but I can’t stand being sick and dizzy all the time

  40. I feel I should let everyone know a bit more about the situation I was in. As I said I’ve been snorting perks for 6 years now but I have been taking them for 14 years in total but the last six its been snorting. I started with snorting 1 a day and eating 10 a day than it went to 2 in the nose and eating 10 and before I know it I was only snorting them. At the end before I said enough was enough I was snorting 30 to 40 perks a day and beleive me that is no lie. I’ve been reading some other posts on here were people are saying they dont want anyone to mnow they are doing it. I understand that 100% as I said the same thing. Well here it is I am married with 3 beautiful boys and I went through everyday thinking they didn’t know a thing until I started to pay attention to what they were saying. My wife would say going to the bathroom again are you. Well let me tell you unless you are suffering from the worst ibs symptoms known to man nobody in there right mind goes to the bathroom as much as I did. I would go to the bathroom every 15 to 20 min not realizing I was going that often but trust me other people do. My kids in the morning would say to me as Iwent to the pill bottle to get my 5 morning perks you getting your vvitamins daddy. So trust me if you live with somebody or hang around the same people all the time and you think you are hiding it all I have to say is they probably know something is up. Which is not a bad thing. In my case my wife is a angel and all she said to me is baby I love you more than life itself and if you have a problem or need help I will be here for you and she was and is and that all on its own helps so so much. If the people that are in your life are true friends or family that loves you trust me they are not there to look down on you or judge you they really do want to help you. But anyways I just thought I would add to what I previously wrote. So please if you want help just ask someone you trustand love im sure they will help and understand. But the best thing I ever did was get off of those damn pills it is hell I will tell you that you will feel like shit your teeth will hurt like hell and your nose will bleed but just remember one thing it doesnt last very long and if you mess up and take a few along the healing process just remember your goal and you will do the right thing!!!! Good luck to everyone!!!! You can do it!!!!

  41. I have been snorting oxy 10/325 4-7 pills a day I wrk in the med industry worst idea I had is to snort hurt my back and heard if I snort it would take pain right away and nvr stopped snorting since till 2 weeks ago but my nose burns like hell and can’t help but to snort again for relief I’m ashamed to go to rehab what should I do

  42. Thank you for the website and responding! Kris-I have noticed the constant snorting and blowing in the nose and he actually does sit outside, smoke his cig and nod off…all the time. He’s dropped his cigarettes too and almost burnt himself. That is the going rate for pills where I am too…and I just got a notice yesterday saying our mortgage bounced, but of course there was a good reason. I’ve called a helpline that wasn’t entirely helpful, unfortunately. But, he did recommend going to Al-Anon which I have been attending for a month now…hoping to find some hope through that. It’s devastating to watch when you know the truth but calling him out on it does not get me anywhere. I visit this website often to find more answers and reason. I thank you for sharing your experiences and advice.

  43. Hi, maggie I tell ya the one thing to most definitely look for is (if he’s illegally purchasing them) the amount of money he can’t account for. It’s a rather expensive habit to maintain, here where I live u pay $1.00 per mg the pill contains. So, usually just one will cost u $5 to $10! Another thing (if he’s snorting them) is the constant sniffling. My boyfriend tells me I’m a b***h when I don’t have any so I’d look for mood swings as well and don’t forget one of the most common signs (I’ve seen and experienced) of overdosing is the “nodding” for example I was in my garage playing a game on my phone and smoking a cig, my boyfriend says he called me name a few times and I didn’t even move, so he yelled my name, no reaction, he says he thought I was dead so he shook me and I woke up and my phone was on the floor and so was my cigarette and left a rather nasty burn mark on my carpet but I don’t remember even being sleepy! One more thing I’ve noticed with percocet users is a very very common allergic reaction and that is itching and mostly on the nose! Hope this helps, good luck to you.

  44. 5 months have passed and I am in the throes of suspecting my husband is using again. I’m really trying to understand the physical addiction of it…is it the snorting part or the actual substance?? I think he’s been snorting things like Tylenol and Ibuprofen from my house. I’m so at a loss on what I can do…I’ve confronted him about it but he becomes totally enraged and defensive. He never went to rehab or any type of therapy after his overdose on Christmas. Anyone who uses, can you give me some sound advice on what approach I can take before he almost kills himself again. I love him and I can’t let my son or myself watch him hurt himself. What signs should I be looking for? What’s going to push him further away? He said before he was reaching out to us and his family which makes me feel guilty….was I in denial? I don’t know any other users other than his ex gf that could help me understand from an addicts perspective. I just want to keep an absolute open mind and not let him play on how naive I may seem to him. Thankyou for any advice.

  45. I strongly believe only the medical grade marijuana helps with withdrawal from opiates bec. It doesn’t have the toxins in it that mid grade has. Its illegal here too (NC) but safer than the pills. Pills kill your liver and kidneys, pot does not lol. I hate that I carry this addiction and I’m not ready to admit it to people. My friends won’t help me bec. They think I will hate them for it in the long run but I believe the total opposite. I have even snorted heroin a few times bec. I didn’t have pills and I can’t stand the withdrawals! I’m so ashamed of myself but at the same time feel as if I will never stop! I do not steal peoples meds or anything of that sort, but I feel as if I can’t control it anymore…..

  46. My dad does this. He says snorting actually increases the high.
    I AM worried for him, because he steals my step mothers’ prescription klonopin and zophran and my percocets. (I am on 10/325 mg because I have severe nerve damage in my abdomen from six surgeries and am looking at a seventh, 3 bulged discs in my neck, tendonitis and bone spurs in my right shoulder, and arthritis in my shoulder and neck from a car accident where my neck was broken 2 years ago.)
    He gets them prescribed also. We all get 120 a month. He usually steals about half to 2/3s of my step mother’s and my scripts. That leaves him taking almost 360 percocets a month, and about 70x1mg klonopin. He has been on suboxone, but it stored in his liver and almost killed him. He immediately started the same abuse upon returning from the hospital.
    I cannot help him. I recently bought a safe to keep my meds safe but that is about it. You have to help yourself.
    His wife enables him because she can’t stand to see him withdraw.
    But that is not what I’m writing about, you said something about marijuana. It is illegal, in my state. I have heard that it does have pain reducing capabilities and can help appetites. But, that being said, how can you say that it is safer that it?

  47. I feel ur pain theresa and u can talk to us…I snort them and I have had 4 sinus infections in the last 2 months and pharyngitis that won’t go away and a bit of tonsilitis! !!! I’m afraid I am going to lose control. I get high anxiety when I have no pills. It sux and idl what to do bec. I don’t want to go public with my problem. Ive lost 60 lbs. In less than a year, Which is partly pills and partly the fact that I suffer from genetic chronic severe pancreatitis! And everyone says wow u look great whatever ur doing keep doing it…and so I do!! And now I feel as if I will never stop!!!

  48. I have been taking percocet for give years now! And prescribed by a doctor and began chewing them to get in my system faster, my teeth are breaking off and makes my tonuge raw this addiction is the worse thing I have ever experienced and I have no one to talk to and share my thoughts and fears

  49. Just a helpful hint;
    Large (double, triple, every few hrs) doses of benadryl help with the withdrawal

    Benadryl or the generic name Diphenhydramine is actually prescribed for withdrawal. It’s a sedative and it does help. I’ve experienced it.

    Good luck everyone

  50. I think it depends on the person Debi…everyone reacts differently but ya sometimes u may get that feeling and I think its because of the drain you receive from snorting it.

  51. Thank you for ur concern joseph, its always easier to talk and listen to someone that has no grounds or reason to judge u. I would like to cut back as well and I feel like if I could afford to go on a vacation anf take time off of my meaningless little part time jobs I could do something with myself but as it stands I can’t afford to miss any work as I don’t even make enough to pay all my bills at the moment and I’ve been looking for something better I have two college degrees and keep applying various places its hard and I don’t know if u keep up with current events but I live in nc and our govenor and employment rate sucks, I don’t even have insurance anymore so I haven’t been going to the doctor I am on a pain contract so I still get my oxycodone every month with a simple phone call and a discount pharmacy card and “friends” thank u for ur post I subscribed so I won’t miss anything that may be of importance for me

  52. Hey Kris
    I feel for you. Pain,,,,, well what can be said about it????? I’m was suppose to have back surgery 10 years ago. I heard so many scary things about what could go wrong with it that I never did it. So the pain got worse and now I’m addicted to and take Oxycontin, oxycodone, the new Vicoden without tylenol.

    But I can’t stand myself, in a captive state, so 5 days ago and cut my use in half,,,,,but I;m as sick as sick can be. I don’t want to increase and I’m not going to ,,,but I,m not sure if my body can last. The pain is nothing to this feeling of sickness I’m in. Someone is coming to do what they called ” tapping” and the “”10 words “” to help with my healing. If it works at all I’ll Blog it.”
    I will ask our true source of life to send you everything you need….. to beat your sufffering


  53. I have been snorting percocet and oxycodone ir for about 6 months and I hate myself for it I have all these symptoms my pupils no longer dialate and I have a slow heart rate I currently have an upper respiratory infection and sinusitis I took a ten day 500mg a day antibiotic but my infections still persists I am a single mother of two teens and work multiple jobs I have a genetic pancreatic disorder that causes me chronic severe pancreatitis which is how I got on the pills to begin with I am scared and I want help but I have no insurance or money and do not want to go public with my addiction I cry every night and pray to god to stop while I am snorting the pills I do not know what to do with myself I need the pills because I am in constant pain especially after I eat anything I have also lost 65 lbs in the last year and people tell me to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing because I look great but I don’t feel great I just snorted two roxys 10 mg before I wrote this email bec. The withdrawals are unbearable it starts with restless leg and causes me not to be able to sleep I want to stop on my own I kicked a 15 year cocaine addiction on my own about 6 years ago so I thought I could kick this but I can’t stand the pain I’m in I’m not even sure why I am sending this email or what I am even asking for but maybe who ever u are u can help me no one but Just a handful of people know what I have been doing I don’t know what to do

  54. To Shari… I know exactly what ur going thru!!! The pain in ur nose is from the pill. Unfortunately u have to stop for a few days. Find some suboxone. I will give u the easiest way to detox if u go to bed at10 let that be ur last. Then take the suboxone at 10 in the morning so u know u need 12 hours from the last time u used in order to use the suboxone. But if u have to work at 7 am then ur last pill should be between 6-7 pm because u want to do the suboxone before work so u don’t withdrawal at work. So ur able to take the suboxone between that 6-7 am. Keep taking suboxone til u feel normal start with maybe a half a film strip and half hour later if u need it another quarter. I think only 1 atrstrip should be enough but everyone is different. Good luck and I hope the spelling is ok on this bc as I type I cannot see my words.

  55. I have been addicted to snorting percs for over a year now . 5/325. I started with doing 1 or 2 a day but I am now up to 4-7 . I want to stop but the pain when I don’t do it is unbearable . The burning in my nose , the skin on my face just aches , my teeth and gums throb and ache . I snort a third of a pill about every hour . I try to go longer but the pain gets too bad . Is there anything I can do to make the burning pain in my nose to stop and my teeth and gums to stop aching ? I have run out a few times and the withdrawal is horrible . To anyone reading this , DONT EVER SNORT ANYTHING ! The first few times you do it for “fun” and you may have control but then you lose control and it controls you , your life , your soul and everything you do is wrapped around making sure you are able to snort a line when you need it .

  56. I’ve been taking heavy narcotics now for a year, beginning with a broken back and now 4 failed surgeries and looking towards a 5th to HOPEFULLY fix what the other surgeon mess up on. the problem now is that the hardware in there now is failing and the spacers are slipping and the screws doing a windshield washer effect. There are not enough percocet to handle my pain, and I’m basically bed bound again at this point with no relief in sight. I found this site because I wanted to see if snorting it would give me any better pain control than taking it orally. Now, I dont think I want to try that route, after reading about it and other people’s stories. I dont want to take this medication, and I am really hoping the next surgery fixes the problem so I can get back to my life. Its not fair… those of us who HAVE TO take them to even move, get labeled as drug addicts, thanks to so much abuse out there. I’m quite familiar with that since I am a nurse by profession. heck, I even tried THC for pain relief with no go, so guess its back to being in bed and praying that something goes my way.

  57. Iv taken percs and oxys for about a year . I snort them . Pop them . I’ve even smoked them. And I can tell you, telling us we have to stop . Is the worst thing to do when you’re so addicted. But sometimes its a must, its hard to quit. You dont want to quit. And you cant get someone to quit unles they want to. sometimes we have to hit rock bottom before we do anything . dont turn your back on the one you love , but if you dont like it, stop supporting them . saying you dont like it but doing nothing to stop it but stayin by our side is not helping us.. I’ve hurt a lot of loved ones with my addictions. And the only one to walk away from me because of those addictions is the only one im now willing to give it all up for. Because a little pill means nothing when it comes down to loosing the one I love. Withdrawals SUCK . So if they are willing to quit, be ready for the withdrawals and help them through them. Percocet is heroin . It is not easy to quit so dont expect them to over night . But when they choose to. Then stay by their side. And you know what, some might not choose to.. dont let them bring your life down at that point .

  58. Reading the recent comments has been so comforting to me in knowing that I’m not alone. Each time I confront the issue with my significant other, he denies it completely. I love this person, but I’m not sure how much longer I’ll allow him to lie to me../:

  59. Dear tired of watching him…
    I am by no means an expert or professional of any sort but having lived with an addicted perc snorter and cocaine user for a couple of years, I am no longer in denial nor ignoring my instincts or feelings. Christmas night he overdosed and was on life support….after a few days in ICU he came to and is with us today. He has a new outlook on the second chance of life he has been given and is taking the appropriate steps to healing. It’s a harsh lesson for all of us, especially the ones who love these addicts and alter their own ways of life to make their addict comfortable and less irritated and most of all keeping them close in our lives. Don’t turn your eyes away and everything that doesn’t ‘feel right’ is probably not right and will only fall down that slippery slope and could result in death. The best support you can give to him i believe is to close your doors of comfort that he’s used to and take care of your life and well being. His addiction will consume you in so many ways and even though you’re not the addicted party, you will slowly die inside along with him….it can be a long and dangerous road. Also, percocets can also cause a ‘phantom pain’ making the person feel like they are in constant pain….it affects the neurons in the body…it was explained to me by a pharmacist but you might want to do your own research on that. Hang in there, use the anonymous phone helplines and all aids possible to help you….to guide him.

  60. I have been dating this guy for 9 months now.. We moved in together 3 months ago.. Before we got a place together I never really seen the problem with him using the perks but after living together it sickens me. He has major mood swings and yells a lot about very stupid things, he’s also obsessed about cleaning and can’t sit down still for a while.. I mean during a movie he always has to get up and do something he even pauses the movie to go upstairs to snort a perk. I can’t handle being around him anymore but I want to continue being with him.. He keeps saying he needs to stop because he always has bad kidney pain.. And we both are drinkers so that doesn’t help.. He stopped for one day once and it was only because his guy had none for him.. He said he would take it as a sign and continue to work through the withdrawals yet as soon as his guy called him he was up out of bed and went to get some. Currently today his guy said hell be out for a few days so again my bf says he’s gonna quit and go through the withdrawals… I need to know how I can help him get through this and keep him motivated through his pain .. And what kind of mood swings should I watch out for and what symptoms to I need to keep an eye to ensure his safety

  61. I can’t do this denial game anymore….my ex husband has been addicted to snorting perks and cocaine for a couple of years now. Although he speaks of being ‘clean’ and beating the addiction on his own, I don’t believe him. I am very uneducated in this drug world and am trying to understand the addiction, signs and symptoms…this is ruining any chance we have of reconciliation. He is very secretive and manipulative….I need help. I feel bad for accusing him of doing it in our bathroom when he’s been in there forever….this was the cause for our fight tonight. I just need advice…am I being over paranoid, can he really get clean on his own?

  62. Hi Cara. You need some practical experience and advice about how to proceed. You can start by seeking help from an addictions counselor (a local licensed psychologist who specializes in treating issues of family addiction). Otherwise, you can turn to a licensed clinical social worker, your family doctor, or a trusted spiritual leader. Look into Al-Anon or Narc-Anon for yourself. And call 1-800-662-HELP to get connected to all of these resources or to learn more about treatment centers in your area. You are not alone!

  63. My boyfriend has been prescribed to Vicodin for a little over a year, taking them for two to three years. He currently has a monthly Rx of 325/10, at 240 every 28 days. Not only is he taking all of his Rx, he’s buying roxi’s off the street and snorting them. He’s so secretive about that aspect of his addiction and denies it because I assume he’s ashamed to be doing it. I’m extremely worried about his health.
    He gets mean, and violent sometimes. We also have three children together. I don’t know where to turn for the right advice. I feel like I’m watching him kill himself. Help me?!

  64. Hi Jennifer. If you suspect long term use, suggest that the court system order a hair analysis. Or pay for the diagnostic test out of pocket; just be sure to specify “extended opioids” as the suspected drug of choice, as oxycodone doesn’t usually show up as an opiate in standardized tests.

  65. Just found out my son is snorting it, he has battled addiction for years, even though he says he hasn’t. We are going on 7-8 years of this and just don’t know what to do now. Caught him and called his PO but he spent the day detoxing with some stuff from GNC and a ton of water so he will probably pass so now what???

  66. Can you send me an email telling what some of the high feelings one may experience when snorting 30 mg of oxycodone powder and taking a 30 mg pill at the same time. On the downside what may some of the negative side effects be?

  67. Hello. Yes, there is government help for your friend. Call 1-800-662-HELP to be connected with your state’s Department of Health and Social Services network of federally funded grant centers. It’s a tedious process, but ask for information about free or low cost addiction treatment and you can follow the trail and jump the hoops.

  68. I have a friend that snorts perkacets he always has migraines.He has blacked out and does not remember he sleeps all day and candy is his main diet he is deeply depressed be is in need of help and his family needs
    Care while he gets treatment is there any goverment aid to help them.

  69. I have just one question. A friend of mine is pregnant and taking prescription pain killers. She snorts them rather than take them orally. I am worried that snorting the medication is more harmful to her baby than taking it orally. Does that affect just her, or does it affect the baby as well? I know that it isn’t good to snort medication because it basically rots out your nose, but does the action of snorting affect the baby differently than if it was taken orally? Please help.

  70. Hi Sheri. It could be very beneficial to listen to your sister. Let her know your always there if she needs to talk to someone. If you can ask questions and talk to her in a way where she feels like she’s in control and she has support. Effective therapy is usually not the patient sitting and listening to a lecture from a therapist. I’m sure she knows she has a sister who cares. She very well may know full well what she is doing is bad for her and unhealthy for her family. She may already feel a great amount of guilt and feel she’s protecting people around her by keeping the extent of her use a secret. The possibilities are endless in these situations due to everyone being unique in personality and circumstance. I do know sobriety is always a possibility. Addicts who have recovered such as myself am forever grateful to my main supports (Sisters,Brothers, Parents) .. I really wish you the best of luck. Don’t give up.. when addicts give up the only thing that sometimes brings them back is the family not giving up. god speed. P.S. You’re already on the right track and the advice given to you previously is very sound.

  71. Hi Sheri. That must be pretty scary to find out that your sister has been lying to you. Snorting causes more intense effect, but not necessarily longer, unless she is constantly dosing. I think that you may need to communicate with her and speak with an addictions counselor to start to piece together the entire story of what’s going on.

  72. Hello I have recently found that my sister is snorting percosets and when I confronted her she tells me it’s not a Problem, as she only snorts it occasionally however I’m not sure i believe that as she is lying to her spouse and everyone else about it. She said she only does it because if she divides each Percocet into 2 and snorts it the pain relief is longer than just asking it orally is this true ? She has also had a few sizuires ( non epileptic ) and I now wonder if tis is due to snorting I am trying to get as much info I can to understand what is going on with her please advise.

  73. Hello depressed. Yes, addiction to narcotics – especially central nervous system depressants like oxycodone – can cause depression. I’d suggest that you get help to start to uncover the layers that lie beneath…because Percocet will continue to depress both your body and your psychological state.

  74. I
    do admit that I am addicted to Percocet I take 2-3 pills a day orally. I have become really depressed lately can my depression be a result of my addiction?

  75. Hi Bree. This is a great question. Really, addiction boils down to intention. If you intend to use a drug to feel better, more relaxed, etc. you may start out (as you are now) without too much craving. But this can develop from a weekly habit into a daily or continual habit.

    It sounds like you already know (your conscience knows) that this kind of use is risky. And the truth is that experts call use of Percocet in this way “abuse”. I’d suggest that you talk with someone about the issues that stress you out. While Percocet is a very effective way to relax, it will not serve you in the end. Opioids like oxycodone are highly addictive, and can cause not only physical dependence, but psychological dependence as well. You are at the beginning of your use, and can easily adapt other behaviors to cope with life. It gets a lot harder the deeper you go.

    Where can you turn? A religious/spiritual advisor, a psychologist, a certified addiction specialist, or even your family doctor can help. The more you talk about it, the more options you’ll find.

    I hope that this helps.

  76. Hello. My name is Bree. I am a 24 year old female. I hold a job, rent a duplex, pay all of my bills, and have great family and friends. My boyfriend and I split a Percocet 30mg about twice a week. We used to do them almost every night. I do not think I am physically addicted to them, but I might be mentally addicted. When I think about going get one, my hands sweat, I feel mild anxiety, I feel rushed and excited. I could never do one again and not feel one withdrawal, but Percocet helps me feel relaxed, and comfortable when i’m stressed out. is this just a vice? or is it a serious addiction?

  77. Hi mad. Powerlessness is a GOOD thing. Because you cannot control anyone else’s behavior. Look into joining Al-Anon or Narc-Anon on more for coping as a mother of an addict. And also check into counseling by an addictions specialist for yourself. You need support during this time!

    One thing to do is to stop enabling the behavior. You have to set firm boundaries that send a clear message: STOP snorting Percocet. Do not allow your son to live at home or give him money while he is using. Drug test him for clearance. Send him to a treatment center. Call 1-800-662-HELP to locate a treatment center near you. Also, consider a halfway house so that he can live without other people who are living drug free lives.

  78. my son and his friend are snorting percocet. I need help!!! They need help!
    I feel powerless… i cant help…..
    I believe they want to stop and they have all the support needed but i do not know what to do to help them.
    They will talk to me and admit that they have the problem. but i feel stupid i dont have the addictive personality and cant understand why anyone would do this. So i can not effectivally help them find what they need to stop. i feel like i say all the wrong things. please tell me what i can do! My son has reciently started taking celexa prescribed by his Dr. i believe the mixing of both could kill him.

  79. Hi SadTuesday. If you want to stop, you can call the National Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-HELP for an objective referral to a treatment center near you.

    Best of luck and good wishes.

    1. Thanks I will try giving them a call. My biggest problem with treatment facilities is that insurance is needed in which I have None! I am so miserable with this addiction. Tomorrow evening I have been mentally preparing myself to quit. I have been thru withdrawals before so I know what I am in for I have 2 suboxone strips (2mgs) but I am scared half to death. I thank anyone that can give me some support thru these threads.

  80. I believe there is not enough information out there for parents or concerned people. I am worried about a few of my friends that I know have this problem. I am trying to find out ways to help them, signs of abuse and future side effects that could hurt them. I dont want my daughter to end up with this problem. I have searched the internet, with hardly any answers out there. Hardly any threads with any information, other than people wanting to know what kind they should or how to find or get them from their doctors. Nothing concerning helping them, except for the adds on the side of the screen for drug abuse hotline… I know people can help themselves, but there is nothing out there that could give them a chance to help them selves, and I could not even find a good list of bad side effects, other than film around your heart, and nasal problems… Which is nothing to scare a person away from using them. I believe that with this being such a huge problem, there would be sooooo much more out there…. You can look up coke, herion, or any other drug even down to marijuana, but nothing on this pill epidemic… Please help by putting more information on this problem! Every possible thing! except how to get the D#MN THINGS…. We can never help anyone without knowing where to start….

  81. I have wrote before and told you about my addiction to snorting perks, I have weened myself down to about half of what I was doing, thanks to my amazing Dad (:
    I am slowing weening myself off to prevent extreme pain from my Fibromyalgia and crazy withdrawls.
    I am having a huge issue with feeling a lot of pressure and pain in my ears lately. I think it is probably because of blowing my nose so hard and snorting so hard… I’m wondering if you guys have heard of this happening before as a direct result of snorting? or if you know ANYTHING that may release a bit of pressure that I can try at home? going to an ENT or other doctor is not an option for me.
    Thanks once again,

  82. one of the causes of my husband’s death, at age 49, was a direct result on snorting percocets. i caught him crushing them one night. when i confronted him about it, he denied doing it. after his death i found more proof of what my eyes seen that night, a cut drinking straw hidden in his dresser drawer and a prescription bottle that was once filled with 120 pills 17 days earlier, that was completely empty. he died about 6 weeks after i learned what he was doing with his medicine. he died of a massive heart attack. so PLEASE people, take your medicine as prescribed by your doctor. don’t think for one minute that this cannot and will not happen to you. because it will eventually. i am 42 years old and a widow, and my son is 16 and now fatherless. don’t hurt your loved ones like he hurt us. and leaving us to wonder why he did the things he did, with so much to live for. if you are already snorting, PLEASE seek help to stop NOW!!!

  83. I thank you for your compassionate and non-judgemental reply. Have seen quite a few counselors, always left w/ a prescription for ssri’s, which cause sever myoclonus, (sleep mini-seizure disorder), that remain present w/out the anti-depressants, but to a much lesser degree. Not as scary to have 2 03 per night as twenty or more, making it frightening to even try to sleep. I was on zoloft for 15 yrs. and pushed it to very high levels to deal w/ severe OCD symptoms, which it did not help @ all. Recently tried to go on Prozac, and the resulting return of the night seizures was quite clearly ‘not good’, so I stopped. Again, the psychological problems definitely blend in w/ the physical pain medicating. I have found very little access to effective psychological care, as I am on a low-level medical insurance. Again, I appreciate this forum and your apparent concern for those posting, w/out shame or judgement. Grazi.

  84. Hi Shannon. Will swallowing a Percocet affect the nasal polyp? If needed, Percocet can be used to treat chronic pain. And indeed, it can be the most humane treatment for pain. It just seems pretty clear that taking Percocet as prescribed might help you.

    For the polyp, consult with an ENT specialist for available treatments and procedures. Marijuana affects the cannabinoid receptors in the central nervous system, and not the opioid receptors which are affected by Percocet. See a doctor for all your questions and also consider counseling for the trauma of your youth. You can get better!!!

  85. I have been snorting percocets for years now, and drinking wine @ the same time to self medicate from the psychological/physical abuse I grew up with, but also because of two deteriorated/herniated discs inlower back that, when they go ‘out’ render me in physical agony and complete inability to move.At all. That’s how I started on the pills. Just found out I have very little nasal tissue in upper passageways, as well as a large polyp way up inside the back of my nasal cavity. Terrified and want to stop. What will be the withdrawal symptoms to expect, can the polyp be reduced, removed by medication, and can medical marijuana,(not available in the state I live in,) help with the opioid receptors not craving so fiercely?

  86. Hi Darrell. Snorting a Percocet every once is a while is really not necessary. It can lead to addiction because you end up liking the euphoric effect. And it can unnecessarily damage the lining of your nose and sinuses.

    In terms of snorting Percocet vs. cocaine…there are so many variables. The purity of the cocaine, the fillers in the Percocets. It’s really not considered safe to snort either of them.

  87. Hi Jeff. I’d suggest that you see and ENT for a full check up and to identify the cause and possible solutions for loss of smell.

  88. i also lost my wife of 15 years to pills she committed suicide in march of 2012… i quit taking pills a year and a half before that and she was addicted already .. i tried everything in the word to help her but she didnt want any help at all … and as i said before i was addicted and i stopped because i couldnt stand my self anymore being controlled by a pill … i now have been clean for about 3 years and doing much better and raising 2 girls as a single father … life gives you all kinds of curve balls but you have to try to be strong as possible and fight thru it and not give in .. i couldnt see myself without my daughters in my life and if i wouild have kept going i would have been dead now too….

  89. i was addicted to percocets and oxycodone for about 4 years and snorted them in all milligrams and strenghts as 5/325,7.5/325,10/325,15mg,30mg,oxycotin 40mg,ect…. and i have now been clean and sober for about 2 years and i have lost my sense of smell will it ever come back ???? please help i just want to smell the things i miss alot and cant even smell if there is a fire or anything burning and it scares me pretty bad since im a father of 3 girls and a boy …

  90. What amazes me about the comments on this site are the amount of people dogging others who have a problem and not even using the correct grammar while criticizing others.
    None of you people have any reason to judge. Do you know this person in real life? Do you know if they have problems?
    No you do not. And it irritates me to no ends that you could sit there and act so justified behind a computer screen. This is a site for addiction, take a hint before you jump on the bandwagon with bitching at people who seriously would like help.
    I, myself, struggled with addition for YEARS and no, it was not because of the high. The only time I could feel anything was when I did percs. I felt emotions I thought I didn’t have anymore. And you know what? That’s what lead me to seek psychological help and learn that I actually needed that help.
    So if you kindly.

  91. Yes I can take it orally but I was wondering becuz livn with cronic back pain for so long juz makes u wanna try anything once. Thanks

  92. Hi HOTT. Rubbing or scratching off the coating of a Percocet may minimize the amount of filler/binding chemicals that do up your nose, but it does not eliminate it. Can you take the Percocet orally? It has the same effect, just more slowly over time.

  93. I heard if u rub off alittle of the coding on a Vicodin or Percocet it would help wit the burning when snorting is that true? An I am livn wit cronic back pain an my doc. Got me on methadone pills 4times a day. I read that is hardcore but if I chose to snort that what r some advise? I’m sorry to be up here Pissn some of u off but I’m lookn for the best relief for what I’m workn wit. Answer back quickly an thanks 4 listening.

  94. Snorting anything is an addictive behavior. Percocet is oxycodone formulated with typically acetaminophen (Tylenol). These drugs (and the generic equivalents) are made in different strengths up to 10mg. Snorting this can cause physiological harm and psychological harm. The physiological harm is to the nose and nasal cavities. The psychological harm is to the central nervous system. The opioid receptors become accustomed to getting satisfied and you will build a tolerance to the drug. Then, it takes moo achieve the same results.

    Oxycodone is also formulated without Tylenol, generally in 15mg and 30mg strengths (5mg and 10mg is also available). These also can cause similar harm, except the psychological addiction is likely more serious. There are also fillers in these drugs like cellulose (wood pulp), stearic acid (wax) and corn starch.

    Here is the catch: after using and abusing these drugs your system may get addicted, and you will suffer withdraw without the drug. BUT HERE IS THE IMPORTANT CATCH: even if you stop, your brain may not be chemically balanced, so you may still crave the drug. But what you are craving is the result of the drug, which is higher levels of dopamine, serotonin and other endorphins.

    People that start off with under-active reward centers in the brain are more likely to need activities, diets, supplements and possibly drugs to balance the needs of their brain. These individuals may have been using opiates to feel more “normal”.

    More later, thank you.

  95. My husband and I both suffer with so many things medically. I have never snorted or abused my medicine, in fact I take it less than it’s prescribed and so does my husband. He has a very bad back with DDD and herniated disc’s unsuccessful surgery for two emergency rupture and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He also has untreated Diabetes. I have so many things wrong with me, it’s just overwhelming. I have a very bad spine cervical and lumbar, with node’s throughout the spine and DDD (deterioration of the disc) collapse disc in L3-L4 disc a broad band severe disc bulges in L4 thru L8, bone spurs and several pinched nerves and also a root nerve pinched and also I have another disease in my spine that I just learned about and don’t recall the name and need major surgery maybe surgeries just for the lumbar spine also in the tailbone there is something that starts with S I’m so forgetful, ugh, anyway, I have a bad bladder that has dropped down onto my pelvic bone and endometriosis bad and that has grown onto my bladder, that is also a surgery. I have TMJ and Tendinitis and DDD in the disc’s in my jaw and the pain and ringing is so severe that I have lost my hearing to over 65% in both ears and the ringing and creaking is so intense I have to make myself control my emotions or else I’d go freakin’ crazy! I can’t talk on the phone anymore and the TV has to have closed captions to watch, even conversions are hard. I feel so alone and deaf and dumb, ya know. Also just had 2 cervical disc burst and ended up in emergency surgery and had ACDF fusion with titanium plates and screws..6 weeks post-op and I’m really in more pain than before in my shoulder and between the shoulder blades and right arm. I have very bad feet both of them have bunion’s– a hallux valgus deformity, that are big and very painful also I have carpal tunnel in both hands and fibromyalgia..these are just to name a few, for I could go on!! So anyone who takes pain pills to get high makes me mad because I nor my husband can get any pain medicine because the DEA has scared most all the Doctors and We can’t find a Doctor here in Enid OK or Okla City, Tulsa to be brave or care enough to care about us because of the junkies!! I have had spinal surgery on my neck so I have been blessed with Percocets for 6 weeks but am in the weening stages now and so worried about what I’m gonna do! Our insurance is from my husbands work and has a 500 deductible on each member and I don’t work so with his and my surgeries we are strapped financially. We can’t go Doctor shopping to find a Doctor that will take care of us and not worry about anything other than our well being! So what to do..I am so worried and scared that I will be left with over the counter Ibuprofen, and I also would like to say that people that abuse drugs and prescription medicine don’t care about making it hard for the ones that truly do the right thing and need their medicine and don’t sell them or give them away or whatever, they would steal you blind on your death bed. So we the people that are in true pain constantly are pretty much beat..the DEA even made Tramadol where you need paper script…the junkies even took that away from us too…how can you abuse’s not even a narcotic!! So maybe I’ll get lucky and someone will read this short Minni series and live in or know someone in Oklahoma and knows of a Doctor that will help us out and tell me just out of the goodness in their hearts or at least oh and on another note…I just turned 43 and my husband is just turning 45, so we are middle age and have 13 and 9 yr old boys also a 23 yr old boy who need us and it’s hard for me to even do the dishes let alone clean the whole house like I used to and that’s hard on a perfectionist like myself but more importantly to plat and interact with the’s so very hard and sad and I also get mad at myself, all I want is to be a good wife and mother and everything that’s wrong is stealing me away from my life!! So I don’t know what to do…that’s my question if even anybody takes the time to read this..just suffer my life away because I can’t beat it it’s to overwhelming…you have advice for the one who sniff my miracle medicine up their snouts to get high, what about us the one’s who are suffering because of them!! Thank to all who care for the ones who suffer! Please comment if you think you have some advice that can help oh and I’m not playing the blame game…it’s a proven fact that it’s the junkies that ruined it for the people like me…I worked in the nursing field for the long term care nursing homes and I have seen how bad it is when you’re dieing you’d think they would be put out of pain…think again…they suffer and beg. So Sad.

  96. Ive been taking Roxis percs and opanas now for several years and even though I admit the high is great ive watched those around me fall. Addiction is a mess but I fill stuck I suffer from end stage osteoarthritis in both feet and It hurts just to stand. with the meds I can walk and I am semi active but in the mean time I feel like a drug addict always watching the clock for my next pill, counting my bottle over and over to make sure I am gonna make it to my next dr appointment..I can tell you in my bottle I have 15 pills I know that because ive counted them twice today. I hate this but I fill stuck ..

  97. becarefull of the acetominophen in the percocets. You really shouldnt take more than 3000mg a day and it will hurt your liver.
    Years ago I was doing alot of perks and my liver hurt and sweating and my doctor did liver enzmes tests and mine were sky high.

    My liver is fine today and I still get it checked but thats alot of tylenol. i Have found in the past for pain to take the percocets by mouth in the am and pm and if you can try to take a day or two off a week. I know its hard because of the pain but snorting really can wreak havoc not only on your septum buy your upper respiratory system.
    Are you talking about snorting percocets 5mg/325mg.
    I took about 20 of them one time and got sooooo sick but I know it was my liver. I am luck I didn’t die from liver failure…. Just be carefull.

  98. Hello Wednesday. I have read that opioids can cause excessive sweating, but I have not seen studies that relate acne to opioid use. In my (unprofessional) opinion, you may be correct in thinking that the nasal irritation you experience when you are not on Percocet is caused by snorting. Nasal irrigation works best when performed regularly (using a neti pot) several times a day, but may take some time to resolve. I understand your concern about seeing your prescribing doctor for the nasal irritation, though. I’d suggest that you call an ENT specialist and ask for a consult.

  99. I have been snorting Percocet (5mg/325mg) for about 6 months now, I do about 8-10 a day sometimes. I use them and have a constant supply because I have Fibromyalgia. I find it kicks in a lot faster and keeps most of my pain away as long as I am doing them, I also have Chronic Fatigue and I find the pills tend to boost my energy and motivation.
    I really want to try and cut down by when I don’t do them I have a really bad burning feeling in my nose that makes my eyes water and my head ache really bad. I guess the pills numb it when I snort them.
    I was wondering if there were any suggestions for relieving the pain other then going to a doctor? Percocet is the only thing that has ever helped my pain and I just want to go back to swallowing them but if I tell my doctors I was snorting them then they will take them away completely and I will be left to suffer in pain.
    I have tried using those nasal washes but they don’t help with the burning for more then a couple of mins.
    Also, I have been sweating a lot in my sleep, is that from the pills? and I have also had a lot of acne breakouts lately too, could that be pill related?

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    1. All that u wrote describes what I am going thru the only thing I have to do now is quit not by choice but because I have no money even if I were to get money that would only be 3 day high. Because my addiction is 500.00 every 3 days! I am miserable bc anytime I go too long (1 hour) my nose burns and it will only stop if I snort 1. I am so sad about this addiction I have what I think is an acute sinus infection and that’s bc of using. My life is so far down the toliet. I lost my job a few days ago and the first thing i do is buy pills. Someone help

  100. Hi RH. Thanks for your question. However, I don’t know the particular threshold of frequency of use to nasal damage, but snorting drugs can damage the septum. Regularly snorting can also lead to loss of sense of smell, nosebleeds, problems with swallowing, hoarseness, and a chronically inflamed, runny nose. People who snort large amounts of drugs over long periods of time may need septoplasty.

    If concerned with the effects, it seems logical to at least minimize the harm by changing mode of administration. But I do wonder if you can maintain the discipline of regular, methodical use or you’ll ever tip the balance of abuse into addiction…it seems like you’re managing well, so far.

    We wish you the best!

  101. I’ve been snorting Percocet (5mg/325mg) to get high for a few years. Sometimes I’ll do it once a month, other times twice a week. I limit my use to avoid physical addiction and withdrawl. I try to use the one day on three days off rule if I use more often. I only snort MAXIMUM 2 pills at a time which is only 10mg oxyxodone/650 acetaminophen and then sometimes I will orally take half or one pill. I’ve managed to sustain this use over the years. I am concerned however with long-term nasal damage. Can I get long-term damage from, say, a decade of snorting 2 pills (it’s a good amount of powder as you know) a week for ten years? Thanks for your feedback.

  102. Hi Evelyn. When you’re ready, you can call 1-800-662-HELP, the national hotline for drug abuse. They can refer you to detox, rehab and psych services. And they are there 24 hours a day!

  103. As I sit here snorting Percocet, I read about all the advice I can get to quit. I did have a problem with my shoulder which has given me the ability to have constant access to Percocet. My addiction started after my csection with my son and my doctor gave me 40 percocets to take home. Someone introduced me to the world of crushing those little pills and snorting them up my nose and told me that it would be great. I was so apprehensive because I grew up with a brother who still to this day struggles with addiction and I was always so scared and refused to fall into that hole. But eventually I caved and gave it a try only to realize that now two years later I’m here still doing them and have now tried numerous times to quit. It is SO hard. I am a strong person and a happy and successful person. One would never imagine that I am struggling with addiction. I am living a lie which makes it harder because I can’t talk to anyone about my problem so it’s all that much easier to just go back to them because nobody knows. This time when I quit, I want it to be for good. I don’t want to have my life run by these pills anymore. Hopefully I can find some nonjudgmental help when that time comes very shortly ahead of me. I have always been so scared to be shunned or sent away and that is out of the question. I just need support and maybe a little help somehow. Thanks for reading and I truly hope that if anyone stumbles across this considering experimenting with their pain meds, that these stories will change ur mind because once u get locked in, it is very hard to get back out no matter how strong u are. And the high is not worth it especially not anymore. It did feel cool in the beginning, something new and fun, but that feeling wears off and ur left just trying to take some to feel normal because your normal is not the same anymore. And it is no longer fun. I’m disappointed in myself and let myself down. It is time to get back to myself and who I’m supposed to be because sometimes I think that person doesn’t exist anymore but I think over time that I will find her again.

  104. i snort pills every other month maybe…no real dependence or withdrawl ever, but one time i did do them for about a week and a half straight everyday…it was a nightmare..

  105. I agree with you %100 (mmike mike) My husband is the same way as hes 43 and cannot walk or lift his arms high do to Avascular Necrosis, He has had both his hips replaced in the last year and his shoulders are next, then his knees! He is still in his power wheelchair but is alot more mobile now with his meds again. He also has severe arthritis in those joints. I cannot stress enough to people, especially since we moved back to his hometown in Maine how difficult it was to find a doctor to help, because there are SOOO many people using them just to get high! It took sooooo long to finally find a doctor we have been here almost 3 years and hes had them off and on but untill this month we waited 8 months to get to a DR that finally gave him the medication(percocet 10-325 that he has been on for almost 5 years. I mean without it he is completly not able to do anything and is in serious pain, thankfully hes on his meds steady now and just in time. As we are expexting a baby boy in 4 weeks!!!. I stress about EXACTLY what you have said to so many people I know, Thanks for the post as People should realize exactly what you are saying. God bless and Hope you can be as pain free as possible!

  106. Hi Sabrina. Thanks for sharing about your struggle. Good for you. You can always call the Drug Abuse Information & Referral hotline for help. 800-662-HELP (662-4356) They can point you in the right direction if you are truly ready to stop.

  107. Ok well first of all I wanna say that Nobody is to Judge, but God himself. There are tons of people suffering from pain pill & heroin abuse. And its awful. I’ve been addicted to pain pills for about 3 years now an I hate that I got no control over my life. These pain pills took over. I’ve tried so hard to quit an couldnt do it on my own. I feel like im screaming out for help, but nobody could hear me. I havent done any for 5 days now an I feel real sick an I hate it! I finally think im over it, I gotta quit for my family, friends, myself, but especially for God. Hes gave me many chances. I could be dead right now. And im still young. I just wa

  108. Beed taking opiode pain meds for about 5 years and use them properly. I have torn multiple tendons in my knee 4 different times and percocet 5 and up r the only thing that manages the pain. I personnaly think that opiode pain meds are the best thing ever discovered by a doctor but it really pissed me off to hear about the as# holes that abuse them. They are a great medicine and u di#ck heads abusing them make it near impossible for people like me that truly need them and use them right to get them. Every time u go to the doctor now they look at u like ur an addict and scum just because u are on them. It really pissed me off when I run into someone high on them for fun. Everyone who uses them to get high should go visit a real chronic pain patient that despises the fact that they have to take a damn pill 3-4 times a day just to be able to pick up there daughter or roll on the ground playing football with there son.
    one of the earlier posts said he would do anything for a perc thirty. Well here u go. Go jump off a damn cliff tell me which one it is and I will set a whole bottle at the bottom for ur dumb as# because me and probably everyone at the pain treatment facility and chemo clinic would definatly do ANYTHING asked to not be in severe pain anymore and not have to take the damn things.

  109. sup, snortin perc 30’s is great, i think its the best drug in the world! I’ve been on them for 4 or 5 years now, when i first tried a percocet i felt like i HEAT i felt great like i million bucks, now im withdrawin n cant poop for weeks cuz all i do is snort pills, dont plan on being here much longer tho, so yeah im stayin perked out, STREET

    and when i finally do have a bowel movement, its feels like i just smuggled five mexicans into the toilet bowl, and trust me people, i ant ate no tacos.

    in all seriousness tho, drugs ant cool, ive bought and sold my soul so many times over this, i mean im sttin here right now withdrawin like crazy and all i can think about is how i can get that fix, id do literally just about anything right now for 3 perk 30s.. robbery, theft, almost anything excluding murder. i wouldnt kill for my own problems. but if anyone out there is thinkin bout gettin in the “bum with nothing to show for themselves but shame” business look me up. and ill prolly rip ur ass off. dope feen d, o

  110. Hi Lori. Thank you SO MUCH for opening up and sharing about your real life experiences snorting Percocet. I know that it is very difficult to stop. Do you have support for the time you’ll be in withdrawal? And do you know what to do or have a plan for AFTER the oxycodone is out of your system?

  111. ive been addicted to snorting perks for over 6yrs now,,,after having a near death experience,,im done,,,my nasals became completely clogged,,i couldnt breath,,the sweat and my heart racing was the scariest night of my life,,i was so afraid to fall asleep thinking i may never awake,,my husband sat up with me the entire night,,worried sick,,i hid it well from him all these yrs,,percocets have a filler in them ,when u snort them ,the filler not only goes to your brain ,but also produces a film aroung your heart,,not good,,i made a promise to god tonight that im done abusing my pain meds,he has given me a second chance,im not a religious person,but i do believe that i would have died,,,i have a family and want to see them have children of their own one day,,this perk and oxy addictions are just crazy ,so many people have died due to abuse ,,,if u r one of these addicts like myself,plz try to quit,,it will be hard but so worth it ,,u will have saved your life,,,,,,,,,

  112. you don’t have to take a sample of anything into anywhere! just type the
    numbers on the pill with the shape in google. it will give a number of sites telling what the pill is. or call the pharmacy. “what pill is this”? is a good one. type in search bar. I kinda am curious why a dr. would snort a pill at all & have common sense & you would have said”.oh the effects in the long run. are grater than the. 1 time. I kno if u snort a 5,10, or 7.5. its not worth it and dr is right. if u snort a 15 or 30 your getting in deep, scary murky waters. don do it. bad idea a. and the high sucks its not good. if ur an addict. reading this I prayu get help n seek treatment. I really do. I don’t kno who u are but I hope everyone on here who struggling gets help.

  113. Hi Casey. The only way to confirm the chemical make up of a substance is to take a sample to a third party laboratory and have the technicians identify the sample.

  114. I think I found remenents of Percocet in my car and was wandering how I could find out if it is indeed percocet

  115. DRC, Thanks for sharing more about your experience snorting Percocet and my hope is that your comment may deter others from trying it.

  116. Tried it once to try to increase the pain relieving effect and there absolutely IS NOT any reason to do so again. The effect (on me at least) was minimal compared to recommended use/dosage re pain relief and the only very slightly quicker pain relief effect. The shorter time frame effect was and is not significant, especially compared to the VERY significant risks/dangers that have been so consistently, completely and accurately state/related.

    There was NO feeling of euphoria or any other physical, physiological or any other feeling. This is a medication to be used responsibly simply as a tool to cope with significant, chronic pain. You cant drive a nail with a saw, only a hammer and misusing/busing Percocet or any other prescribed pain med
    illegally or other than prescribed is pointless, ineffective and very STUPID. JUST DON’T DO IT as once you start, you’ve made a Deal with a Devil you CANNOT and WILL NOT WIN!!!

    Stay legal, work with your Dr. and STAY ALIVE with a Life worth Living a long time with the Joy and self-confidence you DID THE RIGHT THING!!!

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