Snorting Ritalin

Is snorting Ritalin safe. Can you snort Ritalin effectively or should you only take Ritalin orally? Does snorting Ritalin get you high? More on the dangers of snorting Ritaline and its effects here.

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If want to snort Ritalin, you should know what happens.

In this article, we review what happens in the body when you snort Ritalin, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of getting high on Ritalin by snorting. Your questions about snorting Ritalin are welcomed at the end of this article. We try to answer all legitimate questions about Ritalin use with a personal reply.

Ritalin: What are you really snorting?

Ritalin is used to treat ADHD. Ritalin comes as both a regular tablet and extended-release formula. Ritalin’s active ingredient is methylphenidate. However, Ritalin also includes the inactive ingredients lactose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, starch, sucrose, talc,  tragacanth, and various dyes. Ritalin SR contains the inactive ingredients of cellulose compounds, cetostearyl alcohol, lactose, magnesium stearate, mineral oil, povidone, titanium dioxide, and zein. Ritalin stays in your system and can be detected in urine 1-2 days after use.

How does snorting Ritalin affect the body?

The active ingredient in Ritalin,methylphenidate,is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Because of these stimulant effects, Ritalin can cause serious health problems, even with normal use. Additionally, Ritalin is also a very addictive medication when it’s not used for the treatment of ADHD. The stimulant effects of Ritalin are heightened or intensified when snorting Ritalin and can cause:

  • dizziness
  • muscle tightness
  • nervousness
  • restlessness
  • uncontrollable movements

Snorting Ritalin to get high

This drug only causes a high in people who are not taking it for a legitimate medical reasons. Snorting Ritalin results in large doses of methylphenidate entering the bloodstream almost immediately. This is especially dangerous with the extended-release formula. There is no medical reason to snort this medication – in fact, snorting Ritalin can be dangerous. An overdose on Ritalin can cause heart problems, psychotic symptoms, and even death.

Snorting Ritalin vs oral

Ritalin should never be snorted nasally. Ritalin is much more effective when it’s taken orally, according to doctor’s instructions. It should never be used without medical supervision because of the seriousness of potential side effects. Oral preparations are safer and cause fewer instances of adverse effects than snorting Ritalin.  Can Ritalin show up on a drug test if you snort or take Ritalin orally?  Yes, mode of administration does not alter drug detection, but most standard drug panels do not screen for amphetamines.  Ritalin detection requires a special amphetamine panel.

Snorting Ritalin side effects

Even at normal doses, Ritalin can be dangerous. Severe side effects occur more often when the medication is not taken as prescribed, such as when snorted. These serious adverse side effects include:

  • agitation
  • chest pain
  • fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat
  • hallucinations
  • mood changes, both depression and abnormal excitement
  • paranoia and delusions
  • seizures
  • shortness of breath

Be cautious! Abusing methylphenidate (Ritalin) by snorting it or recreationally in doses other than prescribed can lead to addiction. Learn more about Methylphenidate Addiction Treatment Programs and Help to get ready to find the best addiction treatment program for you.

Snorting Ritalin dangers

The side effects of snorting Ritalin can be serious. When you snort Ritalin, it can cause fainting, seizures, and blurred vision increasing your chance of being in an accident. Snorting Ritalin can also harm your nasal passages, and spread disease if you share snorting instruments with other abusers. If you’re considering snorting Ritalin, you need to be aware of the risk for serious, potentially life-threatening complications like difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeat. There are also the dangers of addiction and overdose.

Snorting Ritalin safely

Snorting Ritalin is always dangerous, but snorting the extended-release tablet runs a greater risk of overdose. The normal daily dose of prescribed Ritalin ranges from 5-60 mg a day (with the upper ranges only being safe for those who have already developed a tolerance to the medication). The normal lethal dose is 20-25 mg/kg.

Snorting Ritalin questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Ritalin? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Ritalin questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I wanted to know what cocaine did my bf snort because I have done coke before but it never got my mouth jack up or made him talk weird he moved a lot he got a cotton mouth and he snorted it last night And the cocaine I have done never put me like that.

  2. My granddaugher never had a problem with her tonsils. She has been put on ritalin. She took it now for 3 days and now the tonsils are saw and swollen. Can ritalin do this?

  3. Snorted six ritalin tablets over a period of 2 hours, 2 at once each 30 mins or so and felt no high at all, first time snorting and i have never taken it in any other way. I felt a bit sick in my stomach and got quite tired and a mild headache. Just wondering why tf it didn’t make me high, i was at a doof and literally just wanted to sit in my car, i had no other drugs including alcohol in my system. thanks

  4. My boyfriend of 3 yrs. Is having all kinds of mental the degree of being borderline dementia .or even althzihmers. I just found out his ex-wife had him on Ritalin..without his knowledge..told him vitamins. For years this went on ..till her sons no longer got ..or needed it .not sure which .but the effects it has taken on my boyfriend are extremely bad. He can’t hold a job .any job .he is 6’2 225 lbs. Cowboy..I mean was a real bullriding calf roping ranch working cowboy. Now…he sits on the couch and watches movies…ALL DAY ..ALL NIGHT!. HELP!

    1. Hi Dana. I suggest that you consult a doctor about your concerns. Also, have you tried rehab? You can call the free helpline number to reach our trusted treatment providers and see what options are there to help your boyfriend.

    2. Are you sure that you are getting the whole story?
      Can’t believe that I could ever be on Ritalin unknowingly? Especially if I didn’t even need it?
      Just a thought,don’t take it personally,just a person that has experienced a little.

  5. I know that snorting Ritalin causes cardiovascular problems, but I want to know HOW it causes these problems. Could you please tell me HOW it does cause these problems?

  6. I’m prescribed adderal, a low dose, two 10’s a day, but I have three connects I pick up 30’s and 20’s from throughout the rest of the month, then I have a connect with ritalin when those run out. I’ll go through my script in 2-4 days, and even with the extra’s I pick up, the addy’s and the rits, I’m completely out for at least half the month. I always snort them, and in high doses, with addy’s I always start off snorting 60-90 mgs, then about every 2-4 hrs I alternate between snorting 30 or 60 more mgs. I’ll stay up for days straight, my record is 6 days straight, though I only stayed up that long once, and by the last few days I was seeing what I call shadow people (shadows that aren’t really there moving in my peripheral vision) 3-4 days is more my norm, then I crash for a day, and repeat process. I know this isn’t healthy, but kind of dismiss it because I used to be addicted to heroin and fentanyl, so I feel like this is actually an improvement from that addiction, and not as big a deal. I do plan on stopping eventually, but have only been clean from fetty for about 4 months now, and this works excellent as a crutch, plus in those doses it does give me a euphoric feeling, and I really enjoy that. One thing I did want to say after reading all these comments, not that it’s a good idea to be snorting rits or addy’s, but if you are, you should be drinking plenty of water. I don’t actually know the reason behind this, just had a friend who had been snorting addy’s for like 10 years tell me that when I was feeling shitty, after binging for about 3 days, that and take 800mg of ibuprofen for the headache which eventually comes on after being up for days. I took her advice, and always feel fine now, even after being up for 4 days, so I figure there must be truth to what she said, given the positive results. Also I’ve seen a lot of comments here where people mention their dose, and their weight, I’ve probably spent at least 10 hrs googling information on adderall, and ritalin, apparently, and even some doctors are mistaken about this, the dose has nothing to do with your weight. Add/adhd is a condition of the brain, and that’s where the drug works, the dose depends on the severity of your condition, this is something I copied from a site I was on- Methylphenidate belongs to a class of drugs called central nervous system (CNS) stimulants. It works by increasing the amount of the chemicals norepinephrine and dopamine in your brain. These chemicals send signals to other parts of your body, which will help to improve your symptoms. Also in regards to the comments I saw about the recommendation of going to the hospital, or calling poison control over what some of us consider small doses of ritalin (misleading people into believing they may have taken a lethal dose). Everybody reacts to medications differently, and if you don’t even have the condition requiring you to take the meds, you may have a negative response to a lesser dose. I don’t believe it’s common at those doses, actually I imagine it’s rare, but it would be irresponsible to advise someone to do anything but check with a medical professional in that situation, especially if they are feeling off, like something’s wrong. God forbid someone took a small dose then didn’t feel right, and ended up with permanent damage, or dead after posting on here, and receiving a response stating that they took a perfectly safe dose, and have no need to worry. That could result in not only a lawsuit, but leaving the responder feeling guilty and responsible over the persons condition/death.

  7. I’m a drug addict which I am not proud of. To snort ritalin do you suck the coating off to avoid it geling up in your nose?

  8. Hi, I am a recovering drug addict and have been clean for 9 years. I am also a recovery coach and I run a sober living house. To anyone who is considering using ritalin or any other drug recreationally, please reconsider. Believe me, you DO NOT want to suffer withdrawal symptoms. It is quite possibly the worst thing anyone can experience. It is hell on Earth. Not only that, but every time you use you are taking the risk of dying. I’ve seen it happen many times. I know exactly what you’re thinking, that you can handle it. I thought the same thing. You will end up either hopelessly addicted, dead, or in an institution or jail. If you haven’t started yet, I urge you not to, and if you have started but are not yet addicted, STOP! PLEASE!! Also, don’t use internet forums to get medical advise, especially when it comes to dangerous drugs. Talk to your doctor and/or your pharmacist in person.

  9. hi i snorted ritalin and now my left nostril is plugged up its bin a day now and idk whats wrong with my noes please some one get back to me asap please

  10. I Am wondering if Ritalin comes up Positive for illicit drugs on a urine analysis which checks for 8 types of substances :
    Those are what they test for at the pathology lab. Please help cheers

  11. I (was).. as of today, prescribed methylphenidate, 10mg’s, 3×day. I get UA’s 2 × a month..(12 panel) .. apparently, all my UA’s have shown negative for the drug! That I KNOW I’m taking!! Now, Dr. Cut me off .. why would it not show up?

  12. When Your tolerance has built up it becomes very easy to lose sight of the amount you take. I remember when I would have LEFT OVER Ritalin at the end of the month and I have huge amounts saved up over time. It been a few years and now i can easily run out of my Rx within two weeks. Here’s the really messed up part: the Rx is for 180 10mg. Snorting it is almost compulsive. When it’s gone I don’t freak out about it but the second I get my next Rx it’s gone again. There have been times when I have snorted 20mg every few hrs for 24hrs straight! Here are the scariest side effects: tingling/numbness in face and fingers, racing heartbeat, flushing, blurry vision, and seeing the objects around me start moving in ways that resemble something alive. I have had to literally talk to myself and explain to my own brain (out loud which is even worse) that what it thinks it’s seeing is in fact a hallucination. The worst reaction I had was on my last bday…I ended up taking my son to my moms and having my fiancée drive me to the ER because I was CONVINCED I was having a heart attack. I was freaking out and I thought I was being smart by going to the hospital…but I refused to mention the fact that I had snorted 300mg of rapid release that day because I was scared. I’m now worried because I have found that my intake of large amount of Ritalin induces my period. I often binge for a couple weeks then go a few without but I am finding that as my binges get closer together So do my periods, the further apart my binges are the further part my cycle is. One thing that has helped is filling my Rx at Meijer! It turns out that the meijer in my town despenses Ritalin that has a neon blue dye imbedded in it! I snorted a few and had to hide for a whole day becuse my whole nose was BLUE! To avoid advertising my snorting problem with a smurf nose I have drastically cut down….but there are times when it flares up again and I’m even worse than the month before, it’s a vicious cycle

  13. well I must be an alien or something; I can snort 2 20’s instant release every few hrs for like 3 days, no sleep, dozens of pills… teeth grind and tongue hurts and swells eyesight blurs after 2 days awake but I can think plan act without panic, with purpose, and yes it’s HIGH. how am I not dead?!! srsly the “lethal” doses up on here are LIES. I know ppl who do downers w/ ritz, all sorts of combos, still going strong. why lie to ppl, tell them fearmongering falsehoods about dosages? how does THAT help addicts, or ppl just doing bits? really. shame. at least I am honest w/ myself and my gf about it all.

  14. Hi, ive taken methylphenidate since i was in 4th grade and im now a freshman in college. Ive taken 40-60mg er for about 4-5 yrs and i habe it in 20mg tablets. Since its extended release if i dont take it in the morning i just decide not to take it but i have to study at night and wanted to know how safe it would be to try snorting the 20mg tablet. I know i have a tolerance i just want to do it safely.

  15. I snorted Ritalin 6 days ago it was my first time I sniffed almost everything that came out of the pill but I got really sick after doing it not like flue but my head hurts really bad and I’m tired and I just don’t feel good at all and now that it has been 6 days already and I’m only getting worse do I need to see doctor? what can I do about this do you think it is because I snorted to much

  16. I have a friend who takes methadone but she just tested positive for ritalin. She swears up and down she did not use any. And I believe her I mean she 65 years old! What could cause a false positive for ritalin? She is worried about losing her pain meds and she has been on those for decades. What could she of taken that caused this false positive. Please respond ASAP. PLEASE

    1. Hi Jerome. Maybe your friend has taken some food or pills cause false positive. For instance, over the counter cold medications such as pseudoephedrine can give a positive read on amphetamines. I suggest that your friend speaks with a laboratory technicians or another professional about her issues. Also, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’ to learn more about false positive or negative:

  17. Im going to talke all of fhe ritalin I have, all the Percocet, tramadol, and clonazepam I have. Nobody will know because Im going away. I took 96 BENADYL and alcohol and it didnt work. 48 klonopin 12 percocet and 90 ritalin. That’s gonna do it.

  18. my friend recently confided in me that she has been taking 80 mg a day of biphentin for about a month and a half now…we had her at the hospital today and they basically told her she had to come home and tough it out…shes terrified and has dark circles under her eyes…keeps asking us if she is gonna die and has vomited….health links hung up on me…like why isnt there any kind of help for this?

  19. I had a bad cocaine addiction and now I take my sons xenidate 27mg ER and can do all tablets in 2 days. As it’s prescription only and I am addicted. Can an addict be presecribed Ritalin and at such high doses?

  20. I need to know how long it takes for Ritalin when u snorted it and are taking a urine drug test to not show up on test. It isn’t time released. I know that i shouldn’t of tried that way.

  21. Hey, my friend just gave my crushed Ritalin aabout 20mg. I’ve never snorted anything. I have some exams next week and I’m under total stress. How can I do it safe or can I put the ritalin power into water and drink it? Has it the same effect?
    Thanks, Valentina

  22. I have a best friend that takes ritalin and I have noticed that she has been misdiagnosed because sheis super hyper, foams at the mouth, and qill not be quiet for even a second of a day. What can I do? She has 2 children and I am scared foe them because she even four gets to feed them and even herself.

  23. I having gallbladder trouble they went to remove but couldn’t cause my liver is enlarge. They put drain tube in. I snort ritalin once a month for about a week. 30 pills 40 mg extended release. Could this may of cause my enlarge liver

  24. Are the white ritalin 20 mg capsules supposed to be full or half full of the white beads inside the capsules. I’m scared my friend is messin with them. The only reason I noticed is because I started noticing a difference in the way I feel after taking them. Iv been perscribed them for over 3 years. Anybody have a clue? Thanks!

  25. I do a lot of Ritalin slow release and I just take the coating off and when I get to high I take Ativan to calm me down about three

  26. Reading this post feels very weird to me and makes me feel like it exaggurates some aspects of snorting ritalin/taking ritalin in general. You are telling people to go to the hospital after snorting doses that to me, seem low. I snort my ritalin every once in a while when I need more energy or focus than taking it orally gives me, usually a higher dosage than I take orally as the effects wear off a lot faster when snorting. I have one 40mg SR capsule I take when I wake up, 1 30mr SR capsule later on and one 10mg IR tablet if I want. I have snorted both SR capsules at once several times, some times with another 30mg pill extra. I obviously get a good recreational effect from this that I cant get from taking them orally in even higher doses. Its weird to me that you are recommending people go to the ER after snorting only 60mg SR ritalin, as 100mg leaves me feeling completely fine, without any kind of unpleasant comedown afterwards either. I’ve only been on ritalin since January this year (2017), I even had a 1 month break while I was testing out vyvanse instead, and I’ve never bought any pills outside my prescription letting me take higher total dosages in one month. Also, high dosages of vyvanse had no effect on me at all except it didnt let me sleep.

    Is it possible to somehow have a naturally high tolerance for stimulants, as snorting as low as 20mg SR ritalin has never made me feel much even when I had only taken it orally 3 times in my entire life, and taking them orally never given me any recreational effect no matter the dosage? I have never done any stimulants other than caffeine and nicotine before I got a prescription for Ritalin and vyvanse, and I have never been a huge caffeine consumer.

  27. As someone struggling with the notion sniffing Ritalin is something I may, may not, probably do not have control over without a “wtf, I have to cut this crap out!” Response from my body yelling at my brain to pay attention to its distresses. Medical differential diagnostics suspected from abuse manifestation; gallstones, or kidney stones, or enlarged spleen, liver dysfunction, pancreas or metabolic disease like celiac gluten intolerance, hardening arteries, bacterial deposits inside the heart, blood clots and rerouted fecal matter, fungus in lungus, hernia or gastrointestinal parasite, appendicitis, and the more unlikely candidates my symptoms (pain and stiffness radiating from all four abdominal quadrants, pain around waist area and upper right shoulder area, difficult to exert physically, jaw pain, blurred vision, ear pressure, metallic taste in back of mouth, abnormal heart pulsation a, lack of normal appetite, smelling anything besides the grape flavor additive in thIs dangerous little pill) might clinically suggest after two back to back imaging studies to explain this with a CT scan and Ultrasound both showing nothing significant or abnormal except for a lot of trapped gas. Being cracked on this garbage and confidently researching my recent blood test results with historical data from regular tests, I isolated some trends that weren’t above flagging range yet clearly were headed over it and probably between the gap of a year I typically get a test. Increased platelets suggesting bleeding with high white blood cells indicating a fight against an unwelcome something, yet elevated red blood cells too which suggests peak health capacity. All three, the two fighting the seepage from the lungs and randomly assaulting whatever it bumps into, but not large enough in one area to be measured as “clinically significant” on one hand and a stray flood of hormones (perhaps parathyroid) telling my body to produce more red blood cells, and sending the killed off ones to my spleen, which is prob already full from before, means traffic inside. Check out ” Talcosis ” as a guide to map out the damage implications you’re facing down, aware of the dangers in your mind, yet detached from the reality of your bodies needs bc it’s all mental now, right? There are tons of inactive ingredients in methylphenidate hydrochloride (hcl). Look up what those are, what they’re used for aside from this monster and then try and find a way to decipate the injury they all had to what is most likely walking pneumonia. Other possible conditions I regarded were pleurocythemia Vera leading to leukemia secondary to granulosis of bronchioles and systemic fibrotic cysts. Or maybe I’m wrong, sorry to sound hopeless, maybe it’s just lupus, something genetic perhaps that just woke up, rheumatoid arthritis, an easy to fix heart disorder (lmao), kidney failure (pee stays in blood and makes you blind and deaf and rigid like dead peeps), everyone’s favorite life long committed finger pricking.diabetics with odd fingers or toes removed for lack of vascular access. Hmm, been so busy thinking about my body, missed my brain and nervous system. The stuff that tells me to breath etc is probably vulnerable too. A massive flood of dopamine is great if I was treating Parkinson’s maybe for a small bit. Exhaustion sets in. It’s 1035am day four 500mg in total of 7 hours sporadic sleep I think, memory loss a very real thing. binge studied chemistry, stats, network mapping protocols, electric vehicle charging standards, health benefits of spices, herbs and yeast. And all while in discomfort, hopefully that tells you what add-iction forces us to sacrifice as it’s labeled identity cement dries around our enslaved coffins of delusional denials and undignified compromises. Ah heck, it’s just one more… Nah

  28. My fiancee just got prescribed Ritalin less than a week ago. He doesn’t take it at all, I do. Both orally and snorting. I do four 10 mg tablets every couple of hours. My biggest concern besides the health issue and addiction is that in two weeks I have a standard blood test with my doctor. I stopped taking the pills today…because I ran out. My question is, will the Ritalin show up in my blood test? If I come out dirty, my psychiatrist may stop working with me or take me off the mental health medicine I’m currently on. Also, I’m on disability and I’m scared a positive test could jeopardize my income.

  29. To Lydia I didn’t really do any drug I’m not trying to die or anything I was bet 200 hundred dollars to get on here and explain how to do them I got that info off of Google bc I didn’t even kno what they were until I was bet money the person I bet didn’t think I would do it. me personally hate all drugs but one and that is weed I don’t do anything to severely harm my body even if it is prescribed. I was just trying to make extra money I’m sorry for making a joke like that and I’m ignorant for it. I am very sorry that I made you i really did that I will delete those comments asap I’m so sorry Lydia I should not make jokes like that I’m so sorry to concern u… From now on I will think about the coincidences before I do something like this I’m a goody two shoes I just thought about the money. The money is not worth jail time over a stupid bet I tried to delete the comments but it won’t allow me to

    1. Micheal this is so immature. I could have answered to and helped someone with a real problem while I was humoring you. Congrats on winning your $200 bet. Just don’t EVER do this again. Bye!

  30. I have only snorted at max 60mg of methylphenidate over the last 14 hrs today and have 40mg left for school the next few days and want to know if I could die as a result I have never taken any type of rit Before. I am not ADHD but have problems focusing in school. Today is the first day I have snorted rit. The last few days I have snorted 400mg of caffeine pills. I don’t use any other drug except for pot here and there with friends never alone. I am curious to know. I feel fine now. I am high from snorting rit as I typed this. I have tried painkillers but haven’t used them in years. I have not aloud myself to become addicted to any drugs. I weigh around 165 pounds. I have not had any hallucinations. If I could die from it I will stop after the 40mg for school. The 40mg will be taken over the course of 1-2 days. The date I typed this (02/13/17). Please reply asap thank you

  31. I’m supposed to be in recovery (from OXY) and am currently insuffulating up to 80mgs of Ritalin daily, am prescribed 60. I can do with or without the Ritalin effects, but do enjoy the ‘up’ feeling and know that takings them as prescribed actually works much better… Problem is that I think, more than anything, I’m addicted to the action of snorting the pill (any pill). I am pretty sure it’s akin to how a heroin user feels when they prepare the needle and/or a simple Pavlovian response to crushing and putting it up my nose. Knowing that addiction isn’t necessarily about the drug, but, about the action…. how do I go about beating the obsession? Talk to my sponsor? Therapist? Rehab, again?

  32. I have a question? I used to receive different kind Ritalin in different packaging witch is different from what i have been given lately!!! they said they have changed the formula for dealers to not be able to extract the amphetamine … i DON’T KNOW IF THAT’S THE CASE!! anyways, i have had cocaine addiction and i am clean for over 2 years but i could not focus and i did not have any motivation even after i stopped!! my doctor has realized that i had an ADHD when i was a kid. its true. i could not focus at all!!! believe me!!! So it says people who have ADHD and do not get cured will be more likely to get addicted to substances as it did in my case. i have been taking it for about 14 months now and its great !!! i am so motivated and so focused!! i have found what i actually love to do in my life!!! this is serious i do not know how would you think of what i am telling you but thank God i am a different person with motivation and my depression cause of the cocaine abuse has gone. I am also taking Effexor on the side and when i stop Effexor i can not sleep and wake up fresh. i have tried it and it does not work !!! no matter even if i take Ritalin. i have to take both and my self esteem has gone up !! i do not drink excessively as i did before its better to say i do not like to drink at all any more. i am recently trying to open up an start-up with my friend and i am working on it 24/7 . i do not get tired and it brought joy to my life. I had a dark life before taking Ritalin after my cocaine use stop. it did not get better even i waited for 2 years to bounce back!!!! So do you think it is still a dangerous drug when it come to me??/ Please Do Answer soon, Than You,

  33. Hi, I use Ritalin for my ADHD with the dosage of 20-25 mg a day which isn’t doing much for me. I’ve read that if you take it through other ways, like letting it dissolve in water and then drink it, it would be more effective. So I’ve done a little research and came across the idea of snorting it which is said to be more effective use if it (turns out it was for getting high, not focusing :c). So I snorted 40mg of Ritalin just for the experience and was curious aaand impulsive :p. After 20-30 minutes I felt great but it wasn’t euphoric, just not as confused and had a clear mind. It improved my attention span/focusing as well significantly, maybe I was not laser-focused but it was waaaay better than what I’m used to. I didn’t feel strange or funny, didn’t get high but it felt like my ADHD had gone away for 5-6 hours. After 5 hours I felt really tired and weak; but I think it was because I didn’t eat anything for almost 8-9 hours and was really hungry :p (also had a slight headache). I went ahead and ate some food, and I felt better. So I have 2 questions about this; did that burst of effectiveness had to with the dosage or snorting OR both? And the tiredness I felt, could it be connected to me snorting it? I’m not going to snort it again though. At least for a long time :>. I knew it’s not an ideal or sustainable way of taking it without serious side effects. I considered it as a one time thing for the sake of experience. Thanks for your future answers c:

  34. I have been snorting Ritalin for years about 15. The most I ever snorted at any given time was a little over 165 mg and I weighed about 87 pounds. I just had oral surgery and my parents now dispense my dosage which is 40mg a day. I have been taking norco for the pain and it doesn’t help at all but as soon as I snort a Ritalin or even a half I get some relief, why is this? I am not recommending this to anyone as my jaw is extremely swollen and relief is brief .

  35. How bad is it if a friend of a friend snorted 15 of the 20mg tablets in a 20 hr time period. He days he feels fine as he does this alot. I just wanted to know how bad it is for him so I can explain it to him so he understands the danger.

  36. I took 2 20mg ER capsules orally. I just started taking them yesterday. Should i be worried about an overdose? Btw, i weigh 130lbs.

  37. I caught my son snorting an orange like powder substance that he said was his methylphenidate 36 mg that he takes. Is that the color of it when crushed?

  38. Hi ….I knew there was a risk but I did it anyway….I snorted about 120 mg of Ritalin ER ….drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes all night…. Then I went to sleep….I woke up for work the next day..wen to get in my car and that’s the last thing I remember ….I passed out cold …hit my head and ended up black And blue with a smashed pelvis from the fall and my tooth through my lip and worse I lost my tongue …..I lost the tip ….I bit it off from the seizure….not fun learning to talk correctly again..if I ever can…. I didn’t think it would happen to me. Don’t mess with this drug, friends….you’ll end up as sorry as I am.

  39. and I’ve been taking the beads out of the capsules and crushing them up and snorting then and putting the capsule back together and putting it back in the bottle and have been doing that for the past week but I snorted 60 mg at like 4:00 pm then that wore off so then I snorted 80 mg at midnight and smoked some weed too then after being awake all night I snorted 40 mg at like 6 am before my shower then I told my mom that 20 mg isn’t enough and I’ll take 2 pills in the morning before I go to school theninstead of 1 then I got home today from school and snorted another 80 mg in under 20 minutes and I didn’t get a reaction at all and still 3 hours after nothing why is this I read on another forum earlier today that you can’t feel anything if you already have 100+ mg in 12 hours is this true ? why is this and I’m a big guy that has had about 300 mg in a 26 hour period and haven’t got any sleep at all but I don’t feel tired at all and sorry again for the really long and detailed background information.

  40. LARGE and perhaps BORING REPORT of an active Brazilian Ritalin user.(this is MY description of how Ritalin acts on MY BODY AND BRAIN when INHALED), (19 years old now and 3 years using Ritalin 10mg and LA version everyday, for studying and “recreational purposes”, with legit medical prescription).
    Inhaling Ritalin is a WASTE of money , it destroys the nasal tissue really fast , causes serious lung problems because of the ” inactive substances ” and of course because of methylphenidate, causes ” false sense” of concentration, and strong arterial dilation. ( These effects above are the worst in my opinion as an active user of 3 years). The lighter effects are extreme ADDICTION chances, impulsive toughts, irritability, anxiety, shakiness , and the absurd amount of useless thoughts in English I think are called “racing thoughts ” and the extremely SHORT DURATION of the effects when you inhales it (i had a long own stupid time experience
    inhaling ritalin). Our stomach and the acids are very strong and that’s why this type of amphetamine was made ​​for oral use.
    For long-time users, try to check your brain images( plasticity) every year and your heart too.
    If some of you have Ritalin just for an “extra energy” , just take it with wather, because the alcohol combination SUCKS, lazy feeling, retarded.
    Sorry for my bad english.

  41. So I’ve been snorting a lot lately and now I have chest pains and shortness of breathe and I feel really weird. I have been doing only like 1 a day now of the 10mg and the affects are still happening does this go away as I start to not do as much and eventually cut it all off?

  42. I am a university/college student and I have never used Ritalin before although some of my friends have in the past and are currently taking Ritalin for studious benefits. I study a very demanding degree which sometimes requires studying until 4am or even later in some instances. I do not have ADHD but nevertheless fell like it could benefit my academic endeavors. What are your thoughts on this? Is it worth taking Ritalin orally/nasally? Will I receive the same benefits as someone who does not suffer from ADHD? Will I become addicted? Recommended dosage or the possibility of using Concerta instead and the difference between the two? Post-Ritalin mental fatigue? Any other points of interest I should be aware of?

  43. I’ve snorted a lot of Ritalin in my day, over the last three days alone I’ve snorted about 20 20mg pills (little Yellow ones). I hate doing it but always do it once a month. Well I’m this case 3 times this month. I know the really bad effects but this mourning I had my Girlfriend Rush me to the hospital with the worst pain I have even been in. In my right side and back. They took me in right away and told me it was a Kidney stone but only did a small test. We all know the ER Doctors are in and out. Now 7 hours later both sides where my kidneys are in my lower back are tight almost like someone is pushing on my kidneys. I’m just wondering what the major long term effects of snorting Ritalin can be on the kidneys.

  44. Hi i am curious what would happen when a woman is pregnant and snorting one of her medication Ritalin a day? Also how long does it stay in the system?

  45. I am ADD.. I have really bad impulsive behaviour and I get perscribed 1800mg of ritalin a month. I stupidly let my best friend have a line when I first started snorting and now he’s addicted to… which causes conflict between us because his only source is through me. I wanted him to stop because I wanted more for myself so I made him start paying for it. He goes as far as wanting to buy one 10mg pill for a R100 which is roughly $6.33..probably doesnt sound like a lot of money but it is in South Africa. I probably give him about 40 pills a month. Once I run out I start panicking and fortunately (for me) my dad is ADD and I usually end up stealing his ritalin. His ADD his so bad though he cant ever keep track of his ritalin so he never notices me stealing them. (Im not quite sure if im using the comment box correctly but I dont have anyone to talk to about it so this is kind of making me feel good.) I want to stop…but at the same time I dont.. I feel like I am invincible. I went from failing to top of the class ever since I was perscribed. My girlfriend found out I have been snorting and she almost broke up with me. I told her ive stopped but it kind of feels impossible to stop. Ive been perscribed for over a year and I have been snorting for roughly 8 months. Ive read the comments and some peoples experiences have sounded pretty freaky, im kind of just crossing fingers and hoping it doesn’t happen to me. I’ve also had the strange sensation to snort cocaine..not something that is particularly on my to do list but the urge is very very strong….anyways, thanks for letting me share.

  46. Ok…so ive read all these comments and I understand how bad it is to snort ritalin…but honestly? I CANT STOP. I have been awake for two days and im not even tired. Ive snorted about 350mg of 10mg generic ritalin and still going. I regret the day I decided to try snort my ritalin, because ever since that day I have this mentality in my head that if I dont snort it….its not going to work…. my heart is beating out of my chest, my eyes are twitching and my vision is blury..I havent eaten for 2 days…but I cant stop snorting it. I am kind of high on ritalin right now and going through all these comments I really fet like sharing my experience. … the feeling is horrible, but amazing at the same time.

  47. I’ve been prescribed methylphenidate for a couple years. A friend of mine suggested we crush up a couple before a night out. Well, being sober off everything I’d used in the past, as idiotic as it should have seemed, I did it anyway.It was prescribed, I certainly didn’t think it’d be comparable to the substances Is struggled with before and that would be the end of it. Or maybe I was just BS’n myself. Today, the latter seems more likely. Anyway, I found I preferred taking my meds this way. Eventually, I got a terrible asthma related bronchitis infection. I stopped taking the methylphenidate in any form, it seemed to weaken my bodies ability to fight the infection despite the steroids and antibiotics I was on. Its been 5 weeks, and slowly I seemed to have been getting better, but every time I take my methylphenidate, I feel my body weakening again.I’m very discouraged, and am beating myself up everyday because it seems its taken until now at 40 yrs old to find a med that’s helped several problems I’ve been struggling with that no other meds seemed to help. I’m going back to taking the med orally, is there anything else I can do that could possibly help return the positive effect this med had on me prior to my idiotic behavior?

  48. Hi there. I’m Brad an alcoholic and Mary J toker and now maybe a Ritalin addict? I’ve been off the booze for a month now, still toke, and yesterday when seeing the quack I explained to the doctor briefly about my youth history and was on Ritalin for a while and how I really felt that it helped me a lot literally from the time the active drug kicked in. So I suggested that he prescribe it for me, and so he did. Now having my addictive nature, I afterwards immediately took two tabs instead of the prescribed one tab daily dose. After twenty min of taking the two it started reacting in a soothing and calmly subtle way I felt alive again. It did not however fully satisfy my expectations of it, what I expected was more of the beautiful feeling one experiences when taking Ecstasy and got only a quarter of that feeling, but it was still a lovely walk down memory lane. Now what I forgot to say was that I also crushed and snorted one tab which was a very short lived intense high but like where everything goes calm, quiet and a head numbness is experienced for like 10 min if lucky. So will taking say 3 maybe 4 at once be the answer to a bit more of a high that I initially expected to get. I know you’re probably just gonna tell me how bad it is to do that etc. Anyway Ball’s in your court mate. I wish to hear from you. Godbless! Brad.

  49. Okay, so i’ve taken concerta and different ritalin’s for upwards of ten years. I take around 54mg of concerta almost everyday. I have the 10mg and 5mg methylphenidate and sometimes to stay awake while studying i will break one inhalf, then maybe another half and i will snort probably a fourth to half of a pill for it to last about 2 hours. I am asking if this scientifically puts me at a greater risk healthwise? I am aware of the nose canal, lung tissue, and addictive damages this could transform into but I am just trying to be informed as possible

  50. Hi, I recently walked in on my boyfriend snorting Ritalin and I was a little shocked. He has an prescription for it, he is diagnosed with depression ,anxiety and his manic too. His response is that taking orally doesn’t effect him at because he’s built a tolerance to it for being on for 8 yrs now. He say snorting Ritalin makes it work more effective for him . But I know this isn’t right and I just don’t know what to tell him please help with advice!!!

  51. Hi.are these symptoms are due to ammidiate stop snorting?
    -High penis sensitivity
    -extremly muscle fatigue specialy face
    -Snarling,mouth bleeding while teeth locked
    -Severe paralysis due to the muscle cramps spine,
    2days ago i forced my girlfriend to stop snorting ammediatly,first day she was aslept all day the secound ,symptoms began she is very bad”she delusional and pretends to puncture car tire while laying on bed”please tell me what should i do now,should i call her family and tell them her daughter confitions!
    I afraid a lot,do you believe,if i take her ritalin again these terrible symptoms disapear?!please give me advise.please

  52. Great question, Kathy.

    We are of the opinion that any drug taken OTHER THAN PRESCRIBED is considered drug abuse. Dosing more than prescribed and snorting are both modes of administration which can propel even a prescription user into addiction, because they change the way/speed at which the drug affects the brain, and can trigger euphoria.

    If you suspect your husband is at risk of developing psychological dependence on the Ritalin, and is getting a “reward” in the brain from use…I’d suggest that you first consult with your family doctor. S/He may be able to recommend local resources such as a family counselor or addictions specialist who can help you first deal with the issue yourself (lots of emotions) and then plan for how to address the issue with your husband.

    Does this help?

  53. My husband is severly ADD and has taken various meds over the years and recenty found him snorting Ritalin. I’ve seen him taking over the prescribed amount. Would you consider snorting it a “next step” in the addiction cycle?

    1. Hi, Conrad. If you don’t feel well, I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  54. Lol at all the people worried about 25-30 mg being the LD50. It says 25-30 mg/kg, meaning unless you only weigh 1kg (2.2lbs), its more like 1500-3000 mg in a normal adult.

  55. I asked someone for some advill today and they gave me some but they had methamphetamine capsules in there bottle.i have a drug test 20 panel tomorrow will that throw my drug test off ..what I am saying is did anything get on the advill do you think that I took and if so do you think it’s enough to throw the drug test..

  56. I sniffed a half of a 30mg er ritalin and felt it some. So I did a full 30mg when it wore off. I think it was too much. It’s hard swallowing and feels like it’s behind my eyes. Is 25mg really the lethal dose

  57. Hi, iv actually been snorting methlyphenidate for a while now. Not proud of the fact, but iv quit smoking weed and doing illegal substances. Iv actually been awake for around 48 hours now. I was on this website looking for the dangers that come with this drug. I know that this is highly dangerous but I’d like to know if I stay awake any longer if ill start to hallucinate?

  58. I just wanted to add that Ritalin is also used for narcolepsy. I have been using it for a year or so now. I recently stopped taking it because I was starting to abuse it. When a person has narcolepsy it changes the feeling because it is strictly a stimulant. I believe there are better choices for narcolepsy.

  59. I’m prescribed Ritalin. 10mg 3x a day. I’m thinking of snorting it. What would happen if I snorted 5mg instead of taking 10mg tablet orally? I’ve been prescribed Ritalin for two years now. What happens if someone who isn’t on Ritalin snorts it. I would think snorting it like coccaine gives you the same high? I have done coke without being on Ritalin and I get that same high sometimes as being on Ritalin. I did coke years before I was prescribed Ritalin. I don’t do both. So does snorting it give me a better high?

  60. I snorted 120 mg of methylphenidate in a span of 3 hours, I had the 40 mg capsules so I guess it was extended release. I also just drank about 4 oz of cough syrup with dextromethorphan and guaifenesin. How dangerous is this? I wasn’t high from the methylphenidate when I drank the cough syrup so I should be okay, right? The methylphenidate is prescribed to me but snorting it gives me a high for about 30 minutes then it allows me to relax. The cough syrup should relax me even more. Anyway, what side effects should I expect? Also I haven’t eaten in over 12 hours..

  61. Hi, I was diagnosed with ADD. I have been prescribed Ritalin-APO at a young age, taken orally from grade 2 to to about 9, I also tried Concerta. I didn’t like the loss of appetite or the social anxiety Concerta gave me.

    In the last couple of years I’ve been back on it, and began snorting because the effect/lack of side effect was better. After a little over a year now I’m having asthma, and am taking Symbicort (for about 2 weeks) and Ventolin to help. I’m wondering, without admitting to my doctor (I fear losing the prescription, I am ADD and it helps me), what specific kinds of cardio dangers, and if this is the right treatment.

    Thanks so much.

  62. Lol i just snorted 300 mg’s last night, extended release but i crushed up that layer. Its actually nearly impossible to OD on methylphenidate. Here’s why, some scientists had an experiment with 50 rats wich they each gave 200 mg methylphenidate, about half of them died, the other half lived. Those rats weighed 2 pounds each. So as you can see its pretty much impossible to OD on this given how much humans weigh. But nevertheless even though its impossible to OD on this, people die from it all the time from heart attacks, strokes, or even forgetting to breathe if too much is consumed

  63. I get 60 Ritalin pills 20 mg and I clean my house constantly on the go then my girlfriend gets mad about me because I am up.4 days straight cleaning and doing yard work takin about 1 hour useless naps and for 4 days hes up until he snorts 60 20 mg Ritalin pills and he does it once a month for the past 29 years and hes still doing it hea right here with me now up 4 th day 2 hours sleep and I worry is he so adapted from the cycle he be ok he said hes adapted and he is safe is he

  64. And also a reply to sean: No, don’t worry. Methylphenidate isn’t significantly neurotoxic, even in excessive doses. Your brain just needs a week to find its chemical equilibrium again. Any damage you may have done is negligible. The real harm is the addiction itself and how it affects your life, so the important thing is that you didn’t get addicted.

  65. Hi Ive been snorting rit for a long time and i do like 10-20mgs every hour to 2 hours through out the day sometimes. But ive started to twitch and horrible headaches and hich i never get. but i take alot of meds that i need. so idk what it is.

  66. Hi , I admit that I have sniffed Ritalin, not very proud of it but I didn’t do it to get high , I did it to concentrate a bit better.
    I do have ADHD and I am prescribed for Ritalin..I have been taking 20mg in the morning to concentrate in class but I have talked to friends who have done it and it doesn’t look like they have any serious side effects so I decided to try it to help for Exams that I am currently busy with. The first time I didn’t sniff much but It did seem to help concentrate quit a bit better ,so I did it a second time to and it helped again so I have been doing it for a week now and I have only done it twice but I have realised that it is addictive so I stopped immediately and haven’t done it again …but my actual question is: “if I have now done it in the past , will it affect me ??”

  67. My brother was found dead in his bedroom on 15/04/2015. A drug bag containing traces of ritalin and text messages with uni mates confirmed he was seeking this. A rolled tube for snorting was found on the floor. He was studying maths/physics and was trying to push himself to study long hours. My father found him face down on his bed, still wearing his glasses. Toxicology won’t be back til July and we are desperate to understand his death.
    How would this have killed him? Would he have felt odd and had time to call for help? Preliminary autopsy results don’t suggest a heart attack or aneurysm. Will it be a microscopic finding?
    Any light here would help me.
    Regards, Melanie

  68. ritalin is poison.. just get the kind you can’t snort. it’s attached to an enzyme. i’ve almost fixed any need for it. i hate-tyrosine & apha-GPC at breakfast and tryptophan at night! helps the brain. snorting ritalin has messed up my ability to walk straight after a binge. my body can’t communicate correctly never short circuit. don’t do it. i can’t wait to run out. especially teens etc.. although snorting only 1 would not really hurt you… 10-20 is a nightmare of abuse. so don’t even waste your time! exercise in the sun every day and sleep and eat well is the whole game.. and then if you have some extra viagra just take it with no worries of a dangerous interaction…. if you’re gonna get banged.

  69. How would a twelve year old girl feel aftet snorting Ritlian for the first time? What would be the general experience ofwhat she would go through?

  70. Hi, I have snorted alot of ritalin and usually I do this to escape my true ADHD character. I am hoping that I will stop doing this soon.

  71. Good article, thanks for sharing this information and helping to prevent people snorting it. I admit, I’ve done that and it’s dangerous. You can’t know for sure how your body (especially your heart) will react. 🙂

  72. I know this question was posted 10/4/2012, by Eddie and is probably not going to help him now but in case another member who read it was interested in an answer, my suggestion for getting a form of Ritalin that can not be snorted would be to ask the pharmacist to order liquid for for you or whoever. Just a thought. Best to everyone. =)

    I also have a question. I have been taking 20 MG of generic Ritalin twice daily (orally) for 8 months. Prescribed by my doctor to treat my adult ADD. Right now it’s after the holidays and my doctor has come down with the flu. His nurse called in my refills since he is out (I also take Zoloft) but forgot this needs a paper script so I haven’t had my med for two days now. I don’t know if I am having any withdrawls. I feel okay but my mind keeps trying to analyze the situation rather than just forget about not having my script. After 8 months would there even be physical signs of abruptly ceasing Ritalin? Or am I worried about it for nothing? If it was going to make me feel ill, it would have happened already? Thanks for any help and thoughts. =)

  73. I’ve been snorting ritalin for about 3 months now daily (Long acting – Although not an entire pill each time), I recently took a vacation where I was fine without rit (just in case y’all thought I was a junkie). Considering stopping my usage, work is going to be boring without it though. I wanted to know how long it takes to wear out the nasal passage with rit. I think I am going to take it orally from now on, although I love the increased speed and strength from snorting.

  74. Hello Jared. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of risks and danger.

  75. Hi Hannah. The only way to know if there is any damage done, is to get examined by a doctor and have some tests done. Do you have any tolerance to Ritalin?

  76. I storted somewhere in between 15-20 20mg Ritalin. Ive been getting extreme nausea for the last 24 hours. I’m worried I may have damaged my body.

  77. Hi! I’ve been taking Ritalin ( 10mg in the morning, 10mg in the afternoon) since my second year in the first grade.. And recently after 11 years I was changed over to Concerta.. I have not had severe side effects from my long term usage except the occasional mood swing and anxiety.. I’ve been taking 53mg Concerta for approximately 3 months now and I never thought myself to be addicted to Ritalin.. I would go without it during holidays and some weekends… I don’t always feel the full effect of the Concerta and I’ve just started to snort 10mg of Ritalin in the mornings to give me a kick start.. I know I can go without it and I know I’m taking a risk but it really helps. Do you think it’s absolutely necessary to discontinue the 10mg in the morning?

  78. Hi, I take ritalin to help with my exams although I do not have ADHD. I have always found it helps me think and concentrate incredibly well. However recently it has caused me to feel more nervous and anxious (side affects i know). What would be the probable cause of this change? I have not changed my behaviour at all nor begun to take any other medication. Also, i have sometimes taken ritalin recreationally with alcohol, is this especially dangerous?

  79. Hi Brandon. With snorting Ritalin it’s usually the lungs that get damaged and inflamed. You might get some nose bleeds, sore throat maybe. But, there are many bacteria living in our oral cavity, and if there was any damage to the tissues, the bacteria could have easily inflammated the area. So, see a doctor for the best tretment of your condition.

  80. Hi Ryan. To answer your questions:
    1. Yes, you can get high even from prescribed Ritalin. The high is anticipated in the beginning when your organism isn’t yet acustomed to the effects of the med. As time passes, if ou continue increasing doses or using more frequently, you can still get high.
    2. Snorting Ritalin can lead to addiction. Other side-effects are aggitation, confusion, hallucinations, paranoia, chronic anxiety, disruptive sleep patterns, malnutrition, cardiovascular problems etc. Yes, snorting Ritalin allows the drug to reach the brain immediately. But, it also increases potency of the drug.
    3. Your organism can get as easily dependent on Ritalin, regardless of being diagnosed with ADD or not. If after a while, you start getting withdrawal symptoms whenever Ritalin doses are lowered or abruptly stopped-then it’s dependence.

  81. How long does it take for the effect of snorting Ritalin are visible in the nasal passages? Say 20-40mg for a few months? How much damage would there be?

  82. Hi Aracely. Ritalin is a amphetamine-like substance and causes the same types of effects on the body as other forms of speed. The abuse of this drug in larger doses, especially through snorting, can damage the brain. But, from the amount of stress it causes to the heart, it usually ends fatally before the brain gets significantly damaged.

    To be more specific, it can cause permanent damage to blood vessels of the brain, stroke, psychosis, possibly epilepsy, and hallucinations.

  83. A few questions. 1. Can you still get high from snorting Ritalin if you have a legitimate prescription for it? 2. How much more dangerously essentially is it to snort the extended-release Ritalin powder taken out of the capsule? Is it easier to get high from extended-release Ritalin? 3. Are you less likely to become Ritalin-dependant if you’re prescribed for ADD? Thank you

  84. Here’s another surprise ‘kiddies’, there are (two) types of amphetamines, # 200 m.g. Modfianle, usually given in 400 m.g. doses, ((((PLUS)))) a double dose of (20) m.g.of Ritalin, which equals, (40) extra total Milligrams, or 400 and 40 total milligrams of both respectably. Now here’s a big one (((((STEROIDS))))) (and) (((((HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE))))), are 100% (IMPOSABLE), to detect on any State (or) federal drug screening. This is because Roids and Human Growth hormone are considered 100% natural body excretions! Lol, lol, lol, lol This is (all) true, trust me, I’ve been there before. :):) Besides, Growth Hormone primarily hides in the snovyial- spinal fluid, you could sue them for wanting to draw intramural fluid.

  85. Hi Jordan. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a free, on the phone assessment of overdose risk or for help on what to do next.

  86. Hi, I’m hoping you can ease my consciousness. Today, i took four pills, thinking that they were 5mg not realizing i picked pick up a 27mg bottle, here come the twist and turns) It’s been about 6+ now and i feel fine; I’m sweating and dehydrated so, i know for a fact i probably overdosed. I don’t feel sick, i don’t feel like anything’s wrong. I weight 140 pounds and I’m about 5″1 tall. At this point i think I’m gonna be fine…while i was zoned out i wrote the equivalent of 11 pages in font size 12. It was about a review on game a I loved and I swear i couldn’t remember anything more clearly in life. Another curve ball to throw in the mix, I used to take prescription ritalin and the other one um….concerta daily. I think 20-30 mg in the morning and half a pill later if i feel my self coming down. But, i stopped taking it for a loooong time, this is my first time in years. Again i don’t feel as though I’m in danger and i actually feel like I’m coming down but i just want to know if i should still be concerned.

  87. Hi i have a question I’m a 33 years old, single mom of 5; I’m 5’3 and only 100 lbs. I work full time 50 hrs per week, attend school full time and participate in all 5 of my children’s activities. I’m prescribed perks 10 mg and Ritalin 20 mg. I’ve taken them like directed for years, then i started to feel like i was slacking in life, not enough energy to make it thru the day. Someone told me if i snort my rids and perks ill get a super upper high. I started snorting them both and felt like super mom. I’m now snorting anywhere from 15-20 rids a day! Nope, not a typo that’s correct 15-20 a day and about 10 perks a day! I mixed them together and my-oh-my bring it on! I can concur all the activities and responsibilities I have! I’ve never had any side effects form either of these drugs! But what are my real true dangers of snorting this many a day physically and mentally? And please don’t judge, my kids have no clue and I’m a great mom! Thank you….

  88. My brother snorted Ritalin last night. Early this morning he started coughing up lots of blood. He is currently in ICU and wr don’t know where the blood is coming from. Bleeding from the lung can be life threatening as it is extremely difficult to stop. To all of you out there sorting Ritalin…STOP!!!! It is too dangerous! It is still drug abuse even if it is prescribed medication. Drugs kill!

  89. I have been using Ritalin 10 mg tablets twice a day for about 15 days…now its starting to loose its effect so I have started to snort about 30 mg per day is this dose okay for snorting or I should use more pills but should always swallow..

  90. I snort Ritalin all day every day .. i have been prescribed 60 mg a day but if i snort it i use less … the feeling i get from it is just as if i chugged a monster energy.. i only ever snort 10 mg or less at a time and repeat to find my comfort zone once i reach my high/awake/comfort zone i maintain it with 5 mg lines every half hour or hour and it works out grate .. because of the way i do this i end up with a surplus of Ritalin on hand for those nights i feel like a binge is due .. i don’t feel that it is addictive i can stop for as long as i want and feel no cravings but i can see how it can be called addictive for the same reason as people like coffee it just wakes you up and and gives you that kick in the ass to get things done

  91. I have a prescription for 60 mg per day. My doctor has told me that I can take it all at once or space it out during the day. I normally take two pills in the morning orally and a third pill in the afternoon. My question is, if I snorted the third pill instead of taking orally, is this safe?

  92. I am prescribed 20mg of ritalin twice a day. How can 25 – 30mg of ritalin be a lethal dose? I have started sorting allot, usually about 40mg 2 or 3 times a day.what I want to know is, are there any permanent effects?

  93. Hi , i have snorted medikinet for about a month more/less
    can blurred vision be permanent or will i go away after a while and i noticed my eye vision i realy bad is this just temporary ?

  94. Hi there, I went through about a 3-year period of Ritalin snorting. 10 mg immediate release pills, occasionally 3 or so in one day, but for the most part like 1/4 of a pill in the morning and then another 1/4 in the afternoon. But still, that adds up over 3 years. Quitting wasn’t a huge problem, though I haven’t been clean for long, so who knows. My question is, does this have any long-term health effects I should be worried about? Are any of the non-active ingredients you listed particularly dangerous? If so, does snorting increase the chance of their having a nasty effect. I’m so glad that I finally committed to quitting, but now I’m worried that it might come back and bite me. I’m in basically good health, normal blood pressure, healthy diet, and I get a lot of exercise. As long as I stay clean, do you think I’ll be okay?

  95. Hi Gabi. First, you can get a tapering schedule from your prescribing doctor. Then, you’ll need to get prepared for the physical withdrawal and psychological cravings. You can try support groups like SMART Recovery, SOS Sobriety, or 12 step group. Have you seen a psychologist yet for an opinion about how to go about a self detox and recovery? This can also help.

  96. Hi i have come to terms with the fact that i am addicted to ritalin. I want to stop but I want to try do it by myself. Do you think it is possible and how would i go about it

  97. Hello. Can somebody tell me for how long will numbing side effects will last on Ritalin please? My whole body went numb for a whole day and a half. It happened when I exceeded the dose. I hope it doesn’t happen again. My question is, will it always happen, or does it stop when or if your body gets used to it? Thank you.

  98. Hi Jacque. We’re not qualified to respond with a clinical or medical answer, but it seems to me that the symptoms could be related to use; I’d suggest a period of oral ingestion for 2-3 weeks to observe marked results. In terms of nerve damage, you’ll need to consult with a physician or neurologist.

  99. I was just curious if the snorting could be related to the burning mouth symptoms, I don’t know if there has been, or will ever be self disclosure of the snorting to her treatment team. I just wanted to assist her with any information that could be related to her symptoms. This burning sensation has been going on for over 2 months and it’s really affecting her life in all realms. She just came out to me she’s snorting and scared it’s related to her mouth pain and if it’s permanent. I really want to help her and the best way I can think to do that is gather as much info as I can and relate that to her. So, have you ever heard of the snorting and burning mouth sensation being related? Or, have you ever heard of the snorting resulting in some sort of nerve damage?

  100. Hello Jacque. Do the doctors know that the snorting is going on? Self-report to the clinicians who are treating you to get an expert opinion.

  101. Can snorting Ritalin cause continuous burning in the mouth, similar to “Burning Mouth Syndrome”? If so, will this heal on it’s own once the snorting stops? The burning sensation includes the inner cheeks, tongue, roof of the mouth and the gums and is constantly present. There are no visible sores or swelling present and has been checked by a Dr., dentist and oral surgeon. Could there be cranial nerve damage causing this pain?

  102. Hi all, I had and still have problem snorting ritalin..This has been my only real addiction till recently.. now to offset the jitters from overuse of it..anywhere from 30mgs to 120mgs ina day. now,many times over the last 1 1/2 yrs. ive been able to slowly ween down2snorting 5-10mgs upon waking and the rest of a 20 by MOUTH. it takes time and when worn down from stress or work or all of the above I relapse. but,I wrote down with honesty..ugh,what I felt like when I’d been using it2much .. depression,lazy,ashamed,negative outlook,I couldnt always pull away long enough2walk my dog on time.. what a selfish&stupid ass I”d become. Versus..more positve outlook,more sociable,happier,more confidence..You get the idea.. Yes,u will be tired@1st,but your body&brain need it..Go slow,it will help2ween dwn slow&if U relapse don’t just throw your efforts so far away!! I’m a grown woman with this problem! embarrassing.. Writing a journel of my real feelings and progress&struggles helps me in many ways,I get memory loss from ritalin even,then I have2recount my pills over& over..Doh and bargaining with myself about doing less the next day gets old. There’s a world and a life waiting for all of us out there.. Hugs and progress to us all.

  103. Hi Brook. I’d suggest that you call a national hotline the next time you’re feeling really down: 1-800-273-8255. They can help you move through the feelings and identify the next best steps to take. You can also benefit from talking with a mentor, psychologist, or counselor about how you feel and the causes of your feelings. Going through adolescence is the path to adulthood, and the skills that you develop now you can use later in life. Coping by taking drugs is a long, hard road. If you can possibly avoid it, and have the strength to look at the real issues, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and pain.

  104. Hi, I’m 16 turning 17 in a month I be snorted roughly 300 ritelin 10mg blues and really want to quit before I do further damage do u have any advice like ASAP my life depended on it some times I get so deppressed I just do it to make my self feel better I’d love advice on how to stop like right away. Also I’ve been snorting them off and on for about 8 months

  105. Hello Sphinxx. Great question. I would bring this forward to a pharmacist. Perhaps Concerta or Adderall would work better for you. But if you get good results from methylphenidate, you may not want to change medications completely. I think that you need an expert consult on this to make a decision that is best for you. But snorting Ritalin, while effective, can also be habit forming.

  106. Hi there,

    I am a law student and I do not enjoy using Ritalin, but unfortunately I cannot function academically without it due to my ADHD. I have recently found that I need to take much less medication and that it is generally more effective when snorted (never more than 10mg of short acting). I do not enjoy it the drug at all generally, but often I have to take 2 or 3 times orally more to get the same effect. 10mg snorted, vs 20 to 30 mg with the standard short acting dose. I am 6’1″ and 210lbs. I would rather not have to use it at all, but I do not have a choice at the moment.

    Are there any safer and better delivery methods? I do not intend to make this a regular habit, but have found it particularly useful during my exam period.
    Thank you.

  107. Hi Jenny. Hmmm. It really depends on the clinical perspective of all doctors concerned. Full disclosure about misuse can help you, medically and psychologically. I’d suggest that you consider telling your ENT about snorting Ritalin, and deal with the consequences honestly and fearlessly. With a positive attitude and willingness to change, I find that the best outcome presents itself. Please let us know how it goes!

  108. I have been snorting Ritalin 20mg, up to 8 X day for years and I currently have a swollen tongue, ecspecially in the very back by my throat. I get food stuck in the back of my mouth it’s so swollen. I went to an ENT because at first I didn’t realize the swelling was from the snorting. But now I really think that this is the cause. The ENT scheduled me for a scope of my throat, etc. I’m scared to get the scope because I think the ENT will know that I’ve been snorting something, and he knows I’m on Ritalin for narcolepsy. I really want to tell him the truth but I’m scared he’ll notify my other doctors and they’ll take the Ritalin away. I can’t live without it, I just sleep all day and won’t be able to function. Can the ENT inform my other doctors if I tell him the truth? I’m really concerned that I might have cancer or something else that’s serious but I’m scared to tell the truth because they might take it away. I’ve stopped snorting it, and I’ll never do it again. What should I do?

  109. Hello Mary. Hmmm. Well, the chronic use of this medium can irritate and eventually damage the nasal passages. If you want a more clear picture of what’s going on for you, I’d suggest that you consult with an ear, nose, and throat specialist. An ENT doctor can help you paint an accurate picture of your current health, and what can happen further down the road.

  110. Hello, I was wondering about snorting Ritalin, I have been snorting both Ritalin and Ritalin SR for years, of course I have gradually increased my doses, I am prescribed this because I have Narcolepsy. My question is this, what exactly can it do to your sinsuses? Right now they are in terrible shape, I have to use the over the counter nose spray “Afrin” I go through a bottle of this in a week. I do want to quit but it seems almost impossible, I admit I am an addict to the core. Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  111. Hi Meaghan. Different people experience different reactions to methylphenidate. Some people experience euphoria, others don’t. But it’s not safe to snort Ritalin, no matter the dose or amount of previous exposure you’ve to it.

  112. Hi destrumer. I have not read of bleeding gums as a common side effect to snorting a drug…but perhaps they are related. I’d suggest that you disclose fully how you take Ritalin for a straight forward answer from a medical professional. Privacy laws prohibit your doctor from sharing mode of administration of medications unnecessarily with others.

  113. Been using Ritalin and Concerta for many years, ingesting in various ways, But lately I have had terrible problems with my gums. There is nothing wrong with my teeth yet my gums bleed. Dentists can’t figure it out. Is it possible snorting could affect one’s mouth?

  114. Hi girl america. Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist? If there are underlying mental health issues, you should have them diagnosed and cared for. And depression, anxiety, and OCD definitely qualify as mental health issues. You might also consider seeking help from a meditation teacher, who can teach you to accept and live in the moment. Cognitive behavioral changes like these can drastically improve your outlook on life.

  115. Thanks for the ritalin info. Im enjoying your suggestions on writing about feelings, starting a journal, and your overall kindness. addiction is so complicated, and as someone who has struggled on and off w/ drug abuse for years, I have contemplated it at length. i no longer abuse illegal drugs but snorting ritalin is clearly an issue My problem is that I feel that I cant concentrate, think,am really really lethargic, almost feel aphasic at times w/o it. I dont want to abuse it, but esp if i am drinking, I lose that inhibition. It does improve my job performace, and being in a high stress healthcare job, I need all the help I can get. As I write this, I have slept for about 12 hrs, and I am still completely exhausted since I took no ritalin today. Im not quite sure what the answer is. You will probably write ‘consult a physician,’ which i totally understand, but as someone who works w/ them all day and esp as related to brain drugs, psychotropics and the like, no one really knows. i mean, they know how it has affected people, and brain chemisty, brain imaging (above), but no one knows how my specific brain chemistry combined w/ depression, anxiety, ocd (which i wholeheartedly believe can cause addition but it can also be confused w/ addiction), lamictol, lexapro, and lifestyle factors. it’s so multifaceted. id love your input. thanks.

  116. Thanks Miranda I’ll try find you, after that night I was off it for like 3 days, I started again but I have not had that bad a experience since then, the worst I have been since then is really hyped up and shaky but I make sure I don’t do too much, but from what you have said it seems like that was mixed with something else, was it? I didn’t think anyone would believe me because I looked it up and only found people who said they saw snakes and stuff, but I would love to talk to you, thank you so much 🙂

  117. Hello my name is Miranda. I just would like to talk to you JOSH because I know exactly what your going through. I was prescribed Ritalin as a child and also currently. When I was a child (of course) I took it by mouth but stopped bc it made me zombiefied. But about 8-9 mnths ago I met my current best and closest friend. I lived with her for couple mnths. She had a pretty shitty history = addictions to hard core things like the fairly new street drugs (Opana) this drug is supposivly like a oxy/morphine mix and people pay like 60-80 $ for just 1 of the things. But she had gotten off of them and was doing really good, given she took Ritalin (SNORTED) for energy and concentration. She DID NOT take alot just about 5 a day and she would only do them for half of the month and toward the end before she ran out she would slowly ween herself off of them taking a smaller amount each time till they were gone. One NIGHT she asked me hey do you want to try a lil line bc we have so much to do and it might give you the energy to do it. I figured I would try a lil bc I thought what could it do to me besides make me zombiefied as it did when I was younger, So I did a small line. It DID NOT make me zombiefied, IN FACT it DID help. So it became a regular thing for me to join her in her activities. Then I moved out and I didn’t do it anymore bc I didn’t have it. In Aug. of this year (2012) I was prescribed it again. I’ve been taking it since (SNORTING) and everything WAS fine. UNTIL I started EXCEEDING the amount directed by my doctor PER DAY. I started taking a little more a day sometime (OCCASIONALLY) on days that I had more to get done. STILL I thought I was doing OK and I was kindof just on those days I had a little more trouble sleeping. WELL NOW THE POINT IS THE EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU HAPPENED TO ME ON TUES. NIGHT THE 20TH OF NOV. WHEN I TOOK A LITTLE MORE THAN I WAS USED TO WHEN I EXCEED THE DIRECTED AMOUNT. I SEEN BLACK CRAWLING AND FLYING CREATURES HEARD HISSINGS AND CAT GROANING FELT LIKE SPIDERS WERE CRAWLING ALL OVER ME (THE SPIDERS HAS BEEN HAPPENING ON THE DAYS THAT I WAS DOING JUST A LIL MORE) THEN WHEN I TRIED TO SLEEP I KEPT HEAR THINGS THAT SOUNDED LIKE PEOPLE TRYING TO BREAK IN MY APT AND WHEN I GOT UP AND WALKED TO MY DOOR IT SOUNDED LIKE PEOPLE TALKING OUTSIDE MY DOOR WHEN I GOT TO IT THO IT SEEMED LIKE IT FADED THEN BEFORE I LAYED BACK DOWN I HAD BEEN WEEZING FROM BEING A TOBACCO SMOKER AND SO I TRIED TO IN-HAIL DEEPLY TO MAKE IT GO AWAY AND I JUST BARELY BREATHED IN AND A SOUND CAME OUT OF ME THAT SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUTTA ME IT WAS A LOUD IN-HAILING SCREECH KINDOF LIKE YOU HEAR IN MOVIES WHEN A GIRL IS HAVING AN EXORCISM OR SOMETHING LATER WHEN I WAS ALMOST ASLEEP AROUND 330am OR 4am MY WHOLE BODY JUST WENT COMPLETELY NUMB AND I STOPPED BREATHING COULDNT CATCH MY BREATH FOR A FEW SECONDS IT SCARED ME SO BAD I DIDNT EVEN TRY TO GO TO SLEEP THAT NIGHT BC I WAS AFRAID I WAS GOING TO DIE… SO I GOT UP AND STOPPED TAKING IT EXCEPT WHEN I STARTED TO GET SUPER SLEEPY FROM NO SLEEP JUST SO I COULD STAY AWAKE I WAS AWAKE FOR LIKE MAYBE 6 HOURS FROM BEING A WHOLE 2 DAYS UP ON LIKE 2 HRS OF SLEEP. The point is I am stopping this and please consider not letting this become who you are. I sure cant live the rest of my life like that and I know noone else can so PLEASE STOP WITH ME THANKS GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I HE LOVES US BOTH SO LETS NOT TAKE AWAY FROM HIS PLANS FOR OUR LIVES BECAUSE HIS PLAN IS SET AND HE ALREADY HAS A TIME THAT HE HAS PUT IN OUR LIVES FOR US TO PASS AWAY, LETS NOT MAKE IT SOONER. HEY FIND ME ON FACEBOOK MY NAME IS MIRANDA HOLDER. THANKS MAN

  118. Hi Josh. Well, it seems like your thinking is characteristic of both obsession and compulsion for using drugs. Keep track of your thoughts, and maybe start a journal? And see where you are in another couple of weeks.

    Yes, it is possible that the hallucination of the megaphone can be attributed to acute intoxication from stimulants, as high dose stimulants are known to provoke psychotic episodes. I’d suggest that you keep a record of all such occurrences so that you can use the data later.

    But, most of all, be real and honest about your use. What thoughts or emotions are you trying to avoid in your life?

  119. Thank you for your answer, but I think I’m okay for now, throughout the day my lungs were in terrible pain but I seem a lot better now, although I’m naturally a skittish and paranoid guy, but today it seems a bit worse, a fly (a big fly to be fair) flew in my face and I ran to my room and hid for like 5 mins before I went back out to take a dump, I’m also having a great feeling to do it again, I really want to pick up my pen and snort a line, I have only been snorting for like 3-4 days though, do you reckon its an addiction? Or is it just me wanting to get high? I’m quite sceptical that its an addiction I didn’t think people could get addicted that fast, but even as I’m typing this I’m looking at my little away bottle still filled with my little mixture like “ohh how bad could it be just once more bomb that shit then be done”
    And I saw just a tiny bit left in the bowl and I picked up my pen to do it but my bloody mum called me out for dinner, but its a very odd feeling, I’m sitting here and I know its evil and its bad but the back of my mind is like “Come on man I promise you will be fine it cant do that again and you can stay up listen to music go to school, all the good stuff, just take that one more hit and then never pick it up again”
    Also while I was thinking today on the way to school early in the morning on Monday (the day of my hallucinations) I was heading towards school and I heard something talk to me like through a mega phone from the middle of the highway, reckon that’s another little “high/trip” moment?

  120. Hi Josh. The only way to know the extent of possible cardiovascular events while snorting methylphenidate is to consult a doctor. You might also consider asking for help from a psychiatrist, because they can specialize in the physical aspects of drug use and know more about causes of hallucinations than family doctors.

  121. Hey, I snorted about 100 mgs of Ritalin through out the day, when I got home I poured the rest of my little (away bottle) out onto a dvd case, I crushed up some Ritalin and decided to mix some Clonidine in with it too (So it was 100 mcgs of Clonidine and 30 mgs of Ritalin) and stored it into my little away bottle, then I saw there was some of my little mixture left in the bowl I crushed it up in, so I thought I’d mix that with my lines now, so I did, I snorted all of it, had a nice calm conversation with my girlfriend, almost fell asleep while I was talking, and when she hung up, I opened my eyes and was going to take another hit and a smoke, and i saw a transparent tentacle thing coming through my door towards me…..
    I have never been more scared in my entire life, and for about 2 hours I was sitting there in terror because the tentacles had been accompanied by things crawling under my bed, growlings and hissings in the corners of my room, and feeling little flies on my legs.

    Today I have woken up, there are no more hallucinations and I’m feeling a lot better, but I cant breathe properly it takes more effort to fully breathe in, and I don’t think I’m even filling my lungs up completely before it hurts…..
    Will this go away? Because I am not going to doctors or the hospital?

    I have never had that kind of experience on Ritalin, but things I think that contributed are:
    No sleep.
    I didn’t eat anything that day.
    Its the most I have snorted I only took like 20 mgs orally.
    And I was smoking on top of it.
    I have also never taken Clonidine with it.

    Thank you…

  122. Hello Eddie. IT sounds like you are hoping to prevent your friend’s use. It is true that the euphoric effects of stimulants usually occur when they are crushed and then inhaled or injected. I’m not sure whether or not Ritalin has a new formulation which prevents crushing (like the new reformulation of the opioid Oxycontin…maybe you’re thinking of this?). The idea is that the tablet turns gelatinous when broken, making snorting or injection very difficult.

    I do know that, in particular, Ritalin-SR (slow release) tablets must be swallowed whole and never crushed or chewed…because crushing them breaks the time release of the pill.

    I’d suggest that you speak with a pharmacist and seek an answer in a pharmacy. And let us know your results! Good luck!

  123. Hello I have a friend that snorts ritalin and I wanted to know is there a Ritalin out there that you can not snort i have been told there is but no one can tell me the name of it I have been told that it jells up so you can’t snort it can anyone please get back to me thanks

  124. Hi Mike. Ritalin can stay in the body and be detected in urinalysis 24-48 hours after use. So you’re really cutting it short. However, amphetamines are generally not included in a standard 5 panel drug screen. Best to you.

  125. Hi, i admit, ive snorted methamphetamine. not proud of it but If i snorted about four on friday and one at 11 o clock at night on saturday would it show up on a drug test monday 9am?

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