Snorting Suboxone

Suboxone should never be snorted. But can snorting Suboxone be effective vs taking Suboxone orally? We review the dangers of snorting Suboxone and whether or not they can be avoided here.

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The effects of snorting and getting high on Suboxone range from sweating to overdose. You may even trigger opiate withdrawal. So, if you’re thinking about snorting Suboxone, you should know what happens!

In the interest of opioid harm reduction, we review what happens in the body while snorting Suboxone, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of snorting this narcotic medication. We welcome your questions at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate inquiries with a personal reply ASAP.

Suboxone: What are you really snorting?

Suboxone is a prescription drug used to treat pain as well as addiction to opiates. Suboxone works by reducing opiate cravings and withdrawal symptoms. The active ingredients in Suboxone are buprenorphine hydrochloride and naloxone. Inactive ingredients may include lactose mannitol, cornstarch, povidine, citric acid, sodium citrate, magnesium stearate, acesulfame potassium, and flavoring agents.

If you snort Suboxone, you won’t be only insufflating buprenorphine, but also these additional additives and chemicals. And regardless of how you take it,  Suboxone shows up on a drug test when specifically targeted.

How does snorting Suboxone affect the body?

Suboxone affects the central nervous system (CNS).

By binding to opioid receptors in the brain, Suboxone has similar effects to stronger opiate painkillers, which is why it’s used to help those struggling with opiate addiction. But Suboxone reaches a “ceiling” at doses higher than 16-32 mg. In other words, in doses higher than 16 mg, Suboxone ceases to have further effects even if you take more.

However, taking too much Suboxone is also likely to precipitate an opiate withdrawal. It’s also possible to abuse Suboxone and become addicted to it. This risk of Suboxone addiction increases when you snort it in order to get high.

Snorting Suboxone side effects

Taking Suboxone can lead to the same withdrawal effects experienced with opiates. Withdrawal is more likely to occur when the medication is taken in high doses. The possible withdrawal side effects of snorting Suboxone include:

  • drug cravings
  • fever
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • stomach pain
  • sweating

Snorting Suboxone to get high

Snorting Suboxone provides a fairly lackluster “high.” Just as with any drug, when you snort Suboxone, the action causes large amounts of buprenorphine to instantly hit the bloodstream and cross the blood-brain barrier. This instant effect is dangerous, because it can put you at risk of overdose or toxicity. If you are tolerant of opioids, you may be less likely to overdose on Suboxone because it’s comparatively weaker than similar drugs. But it’s still a risk.

Snorting Suboxone vs oral

Suboxone is only intended to be taken orally – the tablet is placed beneath the tongue and is absorbed into the bloodstream through the mouth’s mucosa. Oral preparations are safer than snorted Suboxone, because the dose can be controlled.

While crushing and snorting Suboxone may cause a quicker onset of effects, causing almost immediate relief of opiate withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand it’s much more dangerous, especially because higher doses don’t correlate to more intense effects.

Snorting Suboxone dangers

Snorting Suboxone has some serious side effects.

  1. First, it can cause opiate withdrawal.
  2. Second, (and you may not have thought about this) snorting any drug can harm your nasal passages over time and even spread disease if you share snorting instruments with others.
  3. Third, snorting Suboxone definitely increases the risk of becoming addicted to the medication.
  4. Finally, when you snort Suboxone it is possible to overdose.

Snorting Suboxone safely

Suboxone should never be snorted! Taking large doses of the medication all at once won’t give you better effects compared to the effects following oral administration. In fact, at higher doses when the medication reaches the “ceiling effect” it ceases to have further effects.

Also, don’t forget that we mentioned too much Suboxone can precipitate an opiate withdrawal, which is an incredibly unpleasant price to pay for a fairly lackluster “high.”

Snorting Suboxone questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Suboxone? If so, please let us know. We appreciate your feedback and try to respond to all Suboxone questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi I’m just wondering,if you want to come of the medication is it easyer to come of when snorting or is it easyer if you take it orally?iv been on it quite a while but now iv turned my life around and want to come of it quickly.

  2. I take suboxone maintenance 2 mg a day..thing is, i don’t have time to wait for it to dissolve and was wondering if there were any serious side effects if i did snort, because im already steadily on it

  3. One week ago my 35 yr old son-in-law, who has 5 children ranging from 5 to 17 yrs of age, died of a drug overdose. He snorted suboxone. He did not use a lot. He had been a heroin addict, but had come off the heroin by going to a methadone clinic. He eventually switched to a suboxone clinic, but then he quit the suboxone clinic and began buying them on the street. He had been snorting suboxone for 6 yrs. Apparently, it finally caught up with him. The funeral was 2 days ago. He was cremated, and the cremation urn sat on a table in the corner of the room. When his 5 yr old daughter walked in, she began asking, “Where’s daddy? I thought daddy was going to be here?” She must have misunderstood, and thought she would be reunited with her daddy again. Pretty soon, her questions turned into gut-wrenching sobs, as she repeated over and over, “I want to see my daddy. Please let me see my daddy. I love him. Pleeeease”! She fell asleep softly crying for her daddy that she will never see again. All of our hearts are ripped out. Please anyone who is listening, I want you to realize that it can happen to you. Everyone thinks that these things only happen to someone else. But one day….it could be you. Please pray for my daughter’s children. They are devastated without their father. They loved him dearly, and there is not a thing they can do to change what has happened.

    1. Hi Jeanie. I’m really sorry for your loss… I offer you my thoughts, prayers and well-wishes during this dark time in your life.

  4. Hi can u please tell me is subbies in prison that are given as medication from medical room! Shld they b allowed to crush them down before gvn to prisoners

  5. Please HELP! What is wrong with me?? I hate this feelin so much and completly understand WHY ppl get addicted to anything, the feelin ur body has without it SUCKS! I’m just curious tho ok so I have been on suboxone 2 years now :'( WOW I was started out at 16mg which in reality I would only take one maybe even half of one never took two.. ok well I managed over time obviously very slowly to get all the way down to 1mg. OMG I can’t do this I can’t get passed it for about 2 weeks now I’ve been taking a tiny sliver of a 2mg tablet since 2ng is lowest dose of subs made.. but as this article is about… Lol I have ALWAYS snorted my subs.. well I guess I’m wondering what is wrong with me why do I feel like I got hit by a bus no energy no motivation feel empty rls just achy all over is it cuz my dose is so tiny is it cuz I snort them? PLEASE HELP ME! I feel so shitty and I am a single mother of a 14 month old 3 fur babies and the house n chores to take care of.. every single day this is tearing me completly DOWN! And not to mention I know one drug is NO dif than another but I thought (Stupid) maybe I can try meth and that would help me getting off the subs well I think I got cought up in that way to early and now it’s been a few months of smoking and snorting meth daily and a few times but I don’t even feel the side affects to that no More!?? Why? What’s going on with me please I want it to all just stop n go away!

    1. Hi Christina. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment options for you.

  6. If you can get ahold of it, the number one best thing to use is GABA a.k.a. Gabapentin/Neurontin. If you can’t get this you can order Passionflower online which contains GABA. Also Cortisol levels. These drop dramatically while going thru withdrawal. Google how to raise your levels. If you have to, go to the store and buy hydrocortisone cream and slap some on. Things like Valerian Root, Ginko Biloba and Melatonin. Those work great for calming nerves and also helps with sleep. If you have a Dr. get him to write you a script for Clonodine and Vistaril. The Clonodine is for sleep. I have a very high tolerance to meds and it knocks me on my ass. Use with the Vistaril…it’s mainly used for anxiety. They’re both non-narcotic so it shouldn’t be a problem to get it.
    Also: Crystal Star Withdrawal Support. The Thomas Recipe, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium.(All the “um’s” help with RLS), Kava Kava (have to order online), B-Complex (has all the B vitamins in it) and Vitamin D.
    You don’t have to take all these, just google them and inform yourself of their properties. Good Luck.

  7. When I was first being treated for my diction I was on Suboxone and then I was moved down to subutex and then I was due to insurance I had to take Suboxone and I took my Suboxone this morning and I had a subutex and I sniffed that and now I feel weird

  8. I have been snorting subby now for a good six months plus I won’t to stop but it’s hard I’m scared of my health getting worse but wot is the best way to take it cos it keeps me off the devil so sniffing subby is me at the min I won’t to know is it really bad for me or not so bad I only sniff good two mill a day

  9. SUBOXONE WITHDRAWAL IS PRETTY BAD BUT WE ALL GOTTA GET OFF IT SOMEDAY THE BEST WAY IS INPATIENTS DRUG REHAB SO U CAN BE MONITORED AND GIVEN THE APPROPRIATE MED TO SOFTEN THE D’s..if u can’t do inpatient it’d best to find a methadone / suboxone & subutex outpatients clinic to give you the methadone /suboxone or subutex every day and slowly detox you ..if that’s not an option see your pcp and tell them straight up what’s going on and ask for help…last and not recommended route is detoxing at home Don’t do it alone ask family or friends to help and you will want the support make sure you are well hydrated from clear water NO SUGAR, caffeine or any STIMULANTS AT ALL WHILE IN D’S IT WILL ACT AS ANTAGONISTIC. TAKE DAILY VITAMINS AND IRON IS A MUST IT HELPS WITH RLS (restless limb syndrome and restlessness) B4 you are almost where it gets bad to where you want to cut off limbs take iron may not get rid of RLS but it will make it tolerable. .if you have a Prescription for Zanex, lorazapam, clonazapam adavan vistril or any BENZO they will be your life saver but NEVER MIX BENZOS WITH AN OPIATE , NEVER TAKE MORE THAN PRESCRIBED people are dying from this Mix YOU MAY FEEL FINE BUT BENZOS when mixed with a Opiate will trick you and make u think u need more.. if u take more than 2 at anytime with OPIATES or Suboxone your CHANCES FOR DEATH ARE RAISED TO ABOUT 85% you will have NO WARNING

  10. What does snorting subutex do to your nasal passages?? Do you have diagrams or pictures??? And I’m prescribed 3/day so will taking all 3 every day, not work?? They are 8mg tablets. 16mg is maximum so does the extra do nothing??

  11. Ok so I started out on suboxin when it first came out i was prescribed (4) >8mg tabs a day i rarely took more than 3 a day but hey 4 a day was cool . And the reason soboxin works is because it gets you higher than oxycodone or hydrocodone at least that’s what I was experiencing, id get SO high i would be nodding off driving and have to pull off the side of the road so i didnt wreck my car , now thats some powerful stuff man .I never nodded out on perks took a while but i got to where i could drive and not nod out butbi wae getting higher then ever… loved the stuff. SO Eventually my insurance stopped paying for the high cost meds so my doctor write me the subtext without the blocker so instead of $8 a pill i was now only paying like $3.86 a pill and I was definatly getting even higher now because there was no blocker.. now my doctor comes to me andbsais he has to cut me down from 4 to 2 pills a day new regulations , well I been taking 4 a day already for likw 8 years so he slowly drops me down to 3 a day and then 2 a day within 6 months so next thing I know I’m asking guys at work for a bump or snort of some speed and bam I’m doing 8 balls of meth and falling off the wagon . I was 9 years on suboxin , an they drop my dose to half and I’m back on street drugs.
    Yes you get high on suboxin higher than most any pharmasudacal narcotic, it’s harder than kicking heroine and the cost is crazy expensive , insurance companies will fight you , and the doctors visits will kill you after your insurance company stops paying . .
    Yeah it’s a real miracle drug but its expensive without insurance. The drug is hard core and I loved it but tired of fighting the insurance companies and paying high doctor visits for pain management specialist
    So listen to somone who knows the truth about this drug
    9 years id say i know a thing or two about this drug .

  12. If your allergic to naloxone oral will it affect you the same if snorted? Please no smart butt answer because sometimes things taken orally affects you different when snorted?

  13. I am recovering from a hip replacement from a week ago. I was on 24 mg of Suboxone leading up to my operation. I was up from 16 mg to 24 mg for pain and maintenance. I have been off my bupe for a week and a half. I came home from hip replacement surgery with 102 pills, 48 dilluid and `52 oxy.. I am out as of tonight and have put away 4 Subutex 8 mg and one 8 mg/2 mg Suboxone. I plan on waiting to be in full withdrawal before giving myself 2 mg of the subutex a few times a day, then the suboxone later. I see my Dr. next week and I will get back to my regular schedule, but what do you think of my plan to make withdrawal from a 2 week binge?
    any help?

  14. My 63 year old boyfriend does this . I am wondering does this high make him feel better about himself ? He sometimes comes on to way younger women

  15. Hi Everybody,

    Everyone has great information and I’ve read every post. I have been using opiates for quiet some time now and have been mainly using heroin for maybe the last 2 years. I want to switch over to suboxone/subutex (I have both). I feel, and from experience, starting off with the subutex to transition onto it would seem to be the safest bet and most comfortable to avoid the blocker Suboxone has. But if I waited the 12-24 hours they recommend, would sniffing 1-2mg’s of the subutex help get me started and build it up in my system, then start taking the suboxone once I run out of subutex and the bupe is stabilized in my system? I really NEED to quit opiates and I hope I am determined as I think I am. Any suggestions, opinions, or any input is completely welcome and appreciated.

    Thanks everyone.

  16. Hi

    I have experience with snorting Subutex. I did it shortly after a rehab unit had got me clean of opiates. The high was great to be honest so I certainly wouldn’t use the term “lackluster”. It started a bit like a stimulant but then phased into a really nice typical opiate “nod”.

    The other thing mentioned about precipitated withdrawal – I thought that this would only occur if you still had enough of another opioid still in your system. I don’t see how just taking a high does of something would cause you to withdraw. I may be lacking some important info on that so if anyone could give me a clue then that would be great.



  17. For the women saying it doesn’t harm the baby… ANYTHING you put in your body goes to your baby. You haven’t noticed any problems YET… But if you think that isn’t going to hamper brain development and cause chemical imbalances, you’re either ignorant, delusional, or in denial.

    Source? MY PHD

  18. I came of a 19 year meth & heroin habit 2 years ago & got put on 2mg of suboxon! I started snorting them not long after i was prescribed! I’m currently on 6mg after a massive relapse, recently I have a strange smell coming from my nose?? Can you give me some advice

  19. I am 24 weeks pregnant and on subutex I am very afraid that my baby will have w/ds and I’m scared cps will get involved. I am also on probation but my probation officer does not know I take subutex Im scared to tell him cause I don’t want to go to jail. So I was wondering if cps does get involved will they know im on probation and talk to my po? Some one please help!

  20. Iput suboxone. Fiom alo around my penis then let some guy or chic suck it after they get high and watch em go into severe withdrawal thats whats up.

  21. Hello i havr a question. Is snorting and taking subutex orally if snorting them do they go to the fetus? Or if orally taken does it go to the fetus? Or doesnt matter how you do it??

    1. Hi Mya. The suboxone is dissolved in the blood, and it’s transferred across each part of the body including the fetus.


  23. I was a herion addict for 4 years, I started off doing roxy 30s then those disappeared so went to snorting dope then shooting for last 3 years. Everything everyone says is basically wrong. Herion withdrawl is no joke. It’s way longer than 4-7 days. 3-5 r pretty bad days and then 7,8,9,10 was my worst days. But u will have herion withdrawl for up to 2 months yes every day u get a tint bit better but u do get better with time, u will start sleeping pretty decent 3 weeks in and then u will have a rough night maybe once a week after a month in. I still don’t have a appetite I’m still getting hot flashes and very irratated with friends family gf And I was so afraid to take a sub after detox. My 5th day of detox was my last sub dose and then I got out on day 7 I just did the detox.. I’ve been clean for 2 months now but about a month in of being clean I had good days and then bad days and by bad days I mean withdrawls. I took a sub strip 4 days in a row afyer not having a sub for 3 weeks and would only do in the morning one time a day and I would snort a qtr of a sub, not even for those 4 days and stopped didn’t wanna withdrawl from subs. Just from taking for those couple days and stopping I was sicker than herion withdrawl and I shot a gram a day. These subs suck they are worse not better, only goid for detox that’s it and they still suck for that. Don’t snort just don’t do subs why switch one addiction for another when subs make u way more sick and herion already like getting treated for cancer the dope sickness I don’t wish on my worst enemy. This sit no joke. However iam still clean I’m still beasting. Never got clean one never wanted to once I got my head clear out of that dope fog I got my motivation my confidence my cockiness and my Swag all back…

  24. D anyone can get off suboxone I did it about 9 months ago an I won’t lie it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. No sleep, bad stomach to say the least, depressed to fuck, sweating plus many other withdrawal symptoms. But you just have to get on with it an know each day gets better not by a lot but it does get better. Unfortunately I’m back on the evil stuff again an need to be on it otherwise I wouldn’t go back on this evil shit . Your husband can get off it but he needs to know how hard it will be. My drug worker told me 2-3 weeks an I’d be much better that was bull 2-3 weeks in an I was at my worst so he needs to know it takes a while an it’s hard just to prepare him. Better been prepared for the worst them be told like I was that 2-3 weeks an I’d be fine an when I wasn’t I started worrying more adding to my anxiety which was off the the scale. I too snorting the drug an this makes your withdrawal even worse so if possible tell your husband to try an take properly for as long as he can before an while reducing then he won’t hopefully go through the shit I did.

  25. Hi I’ve been snorting subutex for over 2 years at doses of 16-18mg . I recently told my doctor who has now put me on suboxone the same thing but with narloxone because he told me I couldn’t get high from snorting it because of the narloxone . But I still find it better snorting it then taking orally even though I don’t get any high. I’m clearly addicted to it an have no idea how to stop . I’ve tried daily supervised consumption but this drives me insane an I just end up palming as much as I can . Has anyone else had this problem or know of any solution without been forced to take orally.

  26. I do not do suboxnes but my fiance does he shaves a little bit off three times a day and snorts it. Will he ever get off of the suboxones.?

  27. Hi there i have been on suboxone for about 7 montha in which i have been snorting subs 5 out of those 7 months i have reached a rather high dose of snorting at a whopping 8mgs which is half of my original starting oral dose the doctor has me down to 2 mgs a day and it just isnt working and i told him this that he dropped to low to fast as he did a half drop ever three weeks so o started on 16 or 2 8mgs a day then 3 weeks later down to 8 mgs and reduced hy half the dose every 3 weeks after about a 2 1/2 months in im down to 2 mgs a day and its not working anymore im craving heroin oxys anything to relief pain and make me feel 100% again however i promised my wife n son that i woulf never go back to that life style now here iam snorting subs everyday to try and stay off the junk yet i have gained a new addiction i wanted to know rhat if i switch back to oral will i need a dose higher then 8mgs through out the day to compensate for what ive been taking intranasally or will 8mg due to start on and follow the 3 week taper withoit any significant wothdrawls any info would be greatly appreciat3d at the earliest convenience thanks,

  28. Billy unfortunately there is no stopping the corrosion and continuing snorting any kind of drugs, I say this with experience I no longer have the center divider of my nostrils due to sniffing drugs. Thankfully I stopped sniffing before it ate through the roof of my mouth (which does happen more often than you think) it’s painful and the worst experience of my addiction medically speaking, I had to go into a ear nose and throat specialist and tell him why I was there which was embarrassing but thankfully he knew what he was doing and I sat there while he cleaned my sinus cavities out, without medication this sucks terribly, talk about disgusting he pulled cartilage and old pills for over an hour out of my nose. If you do not stop sniffing the subs I’m warning you this is gonna cause more issues than it’s worth, I’ve got a friend that it eventually ate the roof of his mouth out and now when he eats or drinks or sneezes it goes everywhere, drinks flow through the top of his mouth out of his nose and you can’t understand a word he is saying it’s truly sad. Don’t think it’s gonna go that far better think again if your concerned about it now than it’s already happening and you need to address this asap with your Dr. There’s more to it than what your seeing and feeling, please go get it checked out and stop sniffing any drugs good luck to you!!!

  29. To addict416 SHAME ON YOU. For being a judge mental POS if u truly were an addict u would know how hard it is to quit heroin & the withdrawal alone can kill the baby. Suboxone is safe, I didn’t get lucky, I took it through THREE PREGNANCIES, not one not two THREE! I have four children all together my first son never even tried drugs had him at 17 & he came out with special needs,a rare chromosome abnormality, when I ate right took vitamins did NOTHING & he came out with problems & the other 3 took Suboxone & they came out healthy as can be & still are very healthy. So for u to put your two sense in when u truly never went through wat some of us have makes me believe u shouldn’t be in this blog. This is a Suboxone support group to give advice & the way u pertain yourself makes u wrong in so many ways. SHAME ON U

  30. I’ve been snorting subutex for 5 years , my wife is saying it looks like my nose is corroding
    My question is can subutex corrod my nose and how long will my nose last.
    How will it happen and what can I do to stop it corroding my nose .
    Please don’t say stop sniffing it because I’ve tried, I can’t stop and I can’t see any end to it unless I start smoking heroin again .
    Ps I snort about 16mil a day

  31. Hey.. I have been snorting subutext or using heroin for about ten years now…I have even shot the subutext before.. I am so afraid to get off the subs..I feel like I will use heroin more and overdose.. I am normally using the subs and use heroin maybe every other month for about 3/4 days and then go back to snorting subs.. How bad is my withdrawal going to be???..I am so dick of this routine!!_..I’m loosing my mind. I don’t want to depend on a drug to get me through the day.. I Aldo have 2 daughters I have to take care of..I need help… How long will I be sick??..and can I have a seizure??.. Please help!!!!!!

  32. Are you girls crazy?! Do you know what substance abuse can possibly do to a baby?! Yeah maybe you got lucky that your child didn’t develop seizures or serious problems because you’re nieve and think that nothing will happen. Smh. I was a heroin addict as and soon as I found out I was pregnant I quit. Plain and simple. That’s disgusting. Shame on you.

  33. I have done Suboxone through 3 pregnancies now & all of my babies came out super healthy with no trace of Suboxone in my urine. I know for a fact now that it most definitely does not harm the baby!!!!

  34. There is no way to get around the side affects other then a good taper check the thomas recipe for a good taper plan. No matter what your gonna feel WD symptoms.I would recommend going to a doctor and actually following his dosage for suboxone to a T then if done correctly you won’t feel any side effects. I would never recomand cold turkey ever. The worst thing is the whole mental aspect it’s so incredibly hard mentally that you have to be extremely strong and know that’s not the life for you anymore. Anyone needs help I’ve been threw it all find me on Facebook Ray Ray. Good luck and much love to y’all I feel ya for sure.

  35. I know this is an old forum but I hope this message gets to some of the readers, I’ve been on subs for years and I’m slowly coming off, if you sniff them change over to oral say every other day then sniff one day oral the next 2 and so on, if you are wanting to get off this drug stop reading forums like this our addict brains always find reasons not to get clean and forums with horror stories of withdraw put fear into our addict sides. Of course withdraw will be there but allot of it is mental read positive forums success stories and remain positive we can do this!!!

  36. hello i have been snorting suboxone for almost a year and how i do it is i take a strip and desolve it into a teaspoon of water and now i have a serious case of phnumonia could the way i take suboxone had any conection to my illness .

    1. Hi, David. I believe you have aspiration pneumonia, an inflammation of the lungs and bronchial tubes that occurs after you inhale foreign matter. This condition is caused by inhaling materials such as vomitus, food, or liquid. I thing that the water you inhaled together with all Suboxone’s ingredients are reason for your pneumonia.

  37. I am snorting suboxone almost 4 years and there is no crisis at all when I pass a day or two !!! It makes me much more focused,smarter and stronger ! I am taking 8mg(1/4 a day sometimes quarter more).I stoped taking speed and marijuana because of great Suboxone !!! I got from 75kg to 85kg in half a year !!! Only trouble I have is awfull taste in my throut when I wake up !!!

  38. What are the effects of snorting suboxone while still taking a pain reliever that I think is oxycodone? I am afraid of the dangers that could happen. Your response is very appreciated!

  39. I’ve been snorting subutex on prescription for over 2 years now I only ever snort it thru one nostril,but the opposite nostril has a slit like cut I it that wo t heal and its getting more and more painful,I am doing a detox in around 3 weeks through my drug doctor as have been clean from street drugs 2year but I am addicted to snorting subutex now,I know j will stop but am just worrying if the cut is caused by what I’ve been doing and is it reversible

  40. How long does it take to get a quarter of a quarter of an 8mg suboxone film out of your system? I have snorted the Same amount for a year.. I have a bup urine drug test in 12 days.. I have to pass.. Any suggestions please help!!! Is there any way to flush it out of your system?

  41. Had an opiate addiction for 2 years, been taking suboxone now for almost a year, started out taking one 8mg. Strip every 7 days, it kept my day to day work and life alot easier, I’ve recently starting taking more fore the same effects, absolutely hate relying on this junk to keep my day to day life as normal as I can. I just want to stop completely, without making my wife leave me, or losing the job of a lifetime I just recently came into… but one little thing last time I tried, I was bed ridden for almost two whole weeks, no eating, no sleeping, the worst experience in my life! So here I am again, wife threatening to leave, absolutely no support, can’t afford to go through rehabilitation, even if so couldnt afford to miss work. Any suggestions on how to kick this shit to the curb with minimal side effects/withdrawels etc.?

  42. Can I go back to taking suboxon orally.. After snorting 1/4 of a 2mg for 6 months every day.. Very little amount but I notice some withdrawal symptoms Afyer like a day or 2.. Can I start just taking them orally with some Tylenol and get through it easier than just stopping snorting them?! Pls give me the advice! I want to ween off ASAP!! Thank u 🙂

  43. Hi I’ve been on Suboxone for about a year now nd I only had one left nd it got wet so I put it in a spoon and liquefied it then put the liquid under my tongue so will it still hit me.??

  44. I have a question and its becoming a problem. I’ve been snorting subutex for awhile now just due to the fact that I’d feel it faster and can use less of it. I’m on 2 8mg tabs daily. my question and concern is that since I’ve been snorting them and if I go back to doing it the proper way by placing it under tongue. my question is that if I switch back to the proper way, will it still do the job it was originated to do? I’ve over read that if I switch back to proper way I’d have to double my dose! Is that true?

  45. I think my partner is taking valumes but he says he has snortted subutex he is falling over himself bumping into things words are slurry could this be because he snortted and not put under tounge thanks for any help

  46. I’ve been snorting suboxone strips for a year now. I need to stop badly. Doc cut me off and I’m running out. All I want is to stop but now after reading these comments im very afraid of the withdrawls. I don’t want to be sick for weeks. I wanted to point out to the people with chest pains. It might be related to snorting the pills. They contain very fine powders such as talc which can find their way into your lungs, causing problems. Better off snorting the strips. If you can’t get them dissolve the pill in water or saline and slowly drip it down your nose. Now I know it’s wrong to snort but I’d rather give this harm reduction method to,save your lungs from further damage. Get some saline and a dropper or something similar from rit aid to help drip it down your nose. Hold your head back and don’t use too much liquid. We really,need to stop this. Wish I had never started. Now I’m afraid of what will happen.

  47. I’ve been taking suboxene for few months now and I have noticed my legs are bruising very easily. Is this normal side effect? I can barely bump into something and bruise will come up later that day. I’ve always bruised easily but was wondering if this had anyrhing to do with it since I started suboxene.

  48. Iv ben snortn a haf sub a day for a year or so and it really burns but my mom seams to think it will eat my nose cartolig idk jw

  49. Hello, I am currently on the butrans patch which contains bupe. I have my prescription for suboxone do I need to wait 24/36 hours before taking my suboxone? Or can I just take the suboxone right away? I just removed my butrans patch.

    Thank you

  50. I have been snorting suboxone for 6 years I have a lot of mental health issues bipolar PTSD to put it nicely I have had an extremely hard life I take 7 different psychiatric meds a day the suboxone is my husband prescription I have to stop taking it cuz it’s not working well with the other meds I take I am scared and I know I will be really sick and tired and achy but I have to do it I quit heroin cold turkey so I know I can do this I can’t have kids medical issues so for the women posting complaining about being pregnant make me sick in some states if the baby has any traces of any kind of drug they charge the mother for criminally and the mother does prison time we should start doing that here

  51. im using 3 pionts of (real) H a day smoking i start feeling bad 12/13 hrs ltr & need to start soboxon is it smart two start with 2mlg or less then take another 2mlg every 2 hrs my doctor started me on 8mlg lasts time i took a whole 8mlg &got super sick

  52. The article repeats at least 2 times “Taking too much Suboxone is also likely to precipitate an opiate withdrawal.” What exactly is this based on? Taking ANY AMOUNT of suboxone can precipitate withdrawal, if it’s taken too soon after traditional opiates. And after your system is clear of those traditional opiates, no amount of suboxone can precipitate withdrawal. This is misleading at best and an outright lie at worst.

  53. If iv been taking 4-8mg of subutex orally for about a week now against opioid withdrawals would I get hi if I snort it instead of taking it orally ?

  54. I am on subutex and have been snorting it for 8 months. I really want to get off of it in the next year. I want to start taking it correctly. So I have a couple questions. Say for instance tomorrow I start taking it orally ..Will I feel detox symptoms? I snort 12mgs a day … I really need your help thanks

  55. I have read that if you take suboxone orally…the correct way that hardly any naloxone is absorbed. Does this mean more is absorbed if you snort it or less? Because I get headaches sometimes off this stuff occasionally and I think I am one of the few that is sensitive to the naloxone.

  56. I have been snorting “subutex” for around a year now and my nose gets sore and sometimes scabs up inside because i always use the same nostril. I sweat constantly indoors and have horrible feelings when not under the influence… thankyou

  57. I snort 4 8mg of suboxone daily. My question is are my withdrawals gonna be worse than if I took it by mouth and what kind of withdrawals am I gonna have?

  58. Hello, I am prescribed to take 2 of the 8-2mg Suboxone per day. I can’t tolerate the potent taste therefore I chose to sniff 1 half of a sublingual tablet. I don’t feel nauseas or sick at all.. I heard in high doses it can be harmful and can cause opiate withdrawal. I’m not planning on snorting them anymore but I just thought it would be in my best interest to ask this question regarding my medication. Thank you. -Kayla

  59. My son has been snorting and have found him passed out several times hard to wake up. He doesn’t have prescription just buying on the street. Can anyone help me understand the high and addiction he is getting. We are on waiting list for treatment facility but I am concerned he may overdose before he gets in.

  60. I have been snorting subs for almost two years and I am now on day 3 without any. I am already going through wd and am just wondering if it lasts as long as if I had been taking it orally. I don’t want to do a little to help if I’m almost through at least the worst.

  61. My fiance has been snorting suboxons for a while now. Hes at the point where he can not go a day without it. I can not be sure how much he snorts a day. He crushes and snorts too many for me to keep track. He started to sweat a lot in his sleep. I’m not sure if this is an effect from snorting, but hes been having a lot of involuntarily movements in his sleep as well. Breathing changes from being very shallow to a violent breathing pattern. It concerns me because it always seems like he’s close to overdosing. He is now addicted to the suboxon. He doesn’t see this as a problem, and thinks what he is doing is ok. Of course, he doesn’t think he’s addicted.

    1. Hello Tylyn. Denial is often met in people who are addicted to a substance. If he doesn’t realize there is a problem, you may need to point it out. Since side effects are already showing, something needs to be done before the drug abuse inflicts more serious damage to some of his organs. Get informed about staging an intervention and seek addiction treatment help that is suitable for your husband. You can start by asking your doctor for referral or call the helpline number on our site.

  62. I know a close friend using prescribed Soboxone by his psychiatrist. He is addicted to heroin and he claims that his Dr. told him to snort it. He has a friend who has been getting prescriptions from the same Dr. for several years. I am concerned about his claim for it being the Dr’s order.

    1. Hi Mary. I’m finding it hard to believe that any doctor would recommend their patient to snort Suboxone or any medication. Suboxone is not intended for snorting and should not be taken in by any other mode of administration or in doses higher or lower than prescribed. Doing so is considered prescription medication abuse and is illegal.

  63. i have been snorting subutex every single day for the past 3 years i want to quit doing that everyday but its so hard to stop and function even if i take it orally please tell me exactly what will happen by continuing to snort this medicine.

  64. Will snorting suboxines still have the same blocking effect? I snorted a half of an 8 mg and am still feeling withdrawal.

  65. Hanna first of all I hope u will get better sooner than sooner! Im really sorry for what happened to u.
    Well,the ONLY reason I snort the pill is because I buy it,I might get in jail anytime and I want to strech them out for as long as,for all these reasons. Im really afraid to take 2mĝ in the morning and then still feel terrible and I will have to waste 1 more mĝ. I DONT snort them high neither to…”get a buzz!”.. I know I wont…! Something must happen quickly..I have to many problems with my family and my job. I have to quit everything. Btw there are not any kind of doctors here who perscribe suboxone.You have to be written on a list and then in about one or 2 months they will call u and then u take it for free from hospitals. I can’t do that because my job is complicated.
    So..dead end. Any suggestion or even …anything ,is welcome..
    God bless you all

  66. My doc took me off anti depressants and sleeping tabs, plus my anti anxiety drugs… Now on snorting subutex I felt I could do any thing so I have started college at the age of 35. The subutex helps me sleep and I am able to get up when ever I want. Also I am having trouble letting go of my x who 20+ years with me. The subutex makes it easy like a walk in the park. I have decreased alcohol by 99% and smoke less weed as on subs, I get way higher (like the first time I ever smoked) Also by using e liquid pens, my lungs started healing so quickly, other wise I too spat out blood while on cigarettes …

  67. Firstly I just want to tell Nikos that they are not alone. By that I mean there are many who relate and empathize with you and your situation. Its one hell of a lonely path we walk on entering the gateway to addiction. Drug addicts will know that without undermining the sufferings of other types of addiction, drug use is a particularly heavy cross to bear. Largely due to most addictive drugs generally being illegal. I’m 49, after a highly traumatic incident at the age of 39, then by pure chance, being in the wrong place during such a wrong time. I smoked a joint containing heroin, the fear left by mentioned trauma dissipated. No idea what life I was blindly stumbling into, by the age of 41 I was a fully blown addict. Four years ago I decided enough was enough, someone gave me some subutex, I started on 8mg, day two 6mg. It took a week to get myself down to 1mg. And for the following eight months I stuck to that, all the while buying them off the street. The inevitable came, I couldn’t get hold of any. Can’t believe how ill I was, naturally my instinct was to get better, my only option, heroin. No I never became a full on user again. The trick with subutex is to get off them as quick as you can. Now as to snorting subutex, thats how I mostly took them. This is how I’ve ended up on this page. I snort because I have difficulty producing saliv, got sprays etc., which don’t really help in any way. Sometimes I can put them under my tongue and they dissolve, but I’ve never known at what point its OK to swallow, do you have to hold the dissolved subi or can you swallow it as soon as it has dissolved. Yes I still take subi, not continuously but as a painkiller/pick me up. Do subis work so quickly and appear more effective snorted because the membrane in the nostril is closer to the brain? Sub is don’t work if you just swallow them, which is why I asked at what point do you swallow, even dissolved under the tongue the subi still goes to the gut once it mixes with saliva. For the most I have to snort due to my dry mouth, so I ask the blog what alternative way does someone like me have of taking them, other than snorting? For Nikos and anyone else feeling lonely and perhaps frustrated, the world is a sad place and escapism is a great temptation, in reality tho we are only leaving one hell to walk straight into another one, with a whole new set of rules. I had a heart attack about a month or so after my decision to not be a full time addict, it was coming either way, I don’t believe it was related to starting subutex. But OMG the morphine they were pumping into me did nothing, and its very painful having a heart attack. My guess is that I had been taking subis to long even then and they blocked it out. Anyway my point is this, try to remember the better things life has to offer, the real things, seasons changing, sun rises and sets all the amazing things we forget to enjoy, addict or not. Hope is powerful, I hope you find the pinpoint of light that helps guide you from the gloom society bestows on us. You arnt alone ☺

  68. Hi Nikos. Snorting does increase the level of difficulty in stopping, because of the direct and almost immediate effect on the brain. It’s a combination of the mode of administration, physical dependence, and psycho-emotional dependence that makes it difficult to stop. Can you speak with a doctor openly about your experiences and what’s going on?

  69. Hello everyone. First of all I wish this is an active forum and not too old… Because I need some answers… Desperately! Insufflated suboxone wont throw you into per/withdrawals.I have been doing it for over 2 years now. Even when you IV it works (even in very low ammounts) but IMHO its the worst thing u can do to yourself… I snort maximum 2 mgs a day. 1 in the morning and 1 in the late afternoon sometimes. I also have a benzodiazepine addiction which i try to tapper everyday. 2 months ago I went for “vacation” so I would stop everything.. Horrible.. Ten days of insomnia ,felt dizzy and uncomfortable all the time and not to mention the pain on my legs.. Plz people,tell me,is the insufflation that makes it so difficult or even if I used the “right” ROA would be the same? I’m old enough too,31 y.o. and I cant deal with it any longer. My body and my mind are so tired of this. I am not 20 y.o. and I can surely feel the difference from back then.. I need some help here. Im alone ,my gf walked away after 4 years of relationship and that really caused me many pshychological problems. I cant sleep,eat,or be in the mood to go anywhere.. Btw,I buy them from the streets and I know that if I get caught i will go to prison this time..
    Thank u for reading it..
    God bless u all.
    P.S. Anyone,but I really mean anyone who wants to talk with me or have any usefull advices ,is more than welcome. I dont know if I can send a private msg here,but if so,you can tell me and find me on my fb account. I really need someone.

  70. i have heard that u cannot take suboxone with a needle or it will put u into instant withdrawls and i am wondering if that happens when u snort it as well? my sister has been on suboxone for years and snorts 2 and a half pills every and snorts all of it! when she goes to her suboxone appt they always tell her that her levels are low too and i am wondering if thats the reason. she claims her body metabolizes the medicine fast and if she is even a couple of minutes late taking her dose she goes into withdrawls. i know that it is a long acting drug but i dont know if ur body can actually metabolize it that quick.

  71. Also I’ve been getting been having migraines almost every day is this caused from snorting suboxone I snort about 1-2 mg almost every day at least every other day.

  72. @Bran.. I have been snorting 8mg subutex a day for almost 3 years now and I also have been having unexplained chest pains . You said docs don’t know what is wrong but did you tell them that you snort suboxines? My doc knows I’m on suboxine but doesn’t know I snort them and I’m concerned tbat the chest pains are related to my subs. Let me know if your docs know about it or not and if they still couldn’t find an answer

    For me the strips under the tongue did the same thing as snorting the pills. It gave me an energy boost. Only difference between the two for me is the sub pills were way stronger and lasted longer. But the side effects were worse. The with drawl off snorting the subitex vs the strip under the tongue are easy worse. Wish I would’ve stuck to the strips. Much cheaper to.

  74. Justin
    I know what you mean. I snort them to help speed me up and get my daily activities accomplished. I was addicted to percent 30’s for a year, and started subs about a year ago. One 8mg pill used to last me about 5-6 days.Now one will last me about 2 days :/ I honestly have to say it was easier to kick the percs than the subs. Withdrawals from the subs suck way way worse then coming off the percs. But I’ve noticed the past month I’ve had unexplained chest pains. Docs don’t know why. And days that I snort half a pill or more, I’m starting to get really short of breath
    Does that ever happen to you? Also, when I snort it , its speeds me up for couple hours, but then I start to get really sleepy, so I snort lil bit more and it’ll speed me back up a few more hours. I was wondering if that happens to every one else to?

  75. How do u all know how much ur snortin I started over a year ago snorting the films but now I get the pills I have tried a thousand times to get off it but its impossible it speeds me up so fast that I can work great with no pain I just wonder how u know how much u take I snort half of one I worry bout overdose but ive dpne it so long I just cant put it down like today I took 1.5 orally and Iwas so sick I cant work

  76. I know my son is abusing his meds…I don’t know how.. he gets meds from mother and goes in bath room for a long time. He takes volume with soboxin and both are prescribed.He becomes very high talks in slow motion and repeats himself . I abused cocaine when younger but out of drug scene. He runs out of volume and suffers last couple days. I just dont think he is taking drugs right . Never sleeps either. WhAt the heck am I missing? He has been doing this two yes.

  77. & also I snort it for the fact that it is such a low dose (1mg) it feels like it dont releive anything if I put such a small amount like that under my tongue. I know from experience. It def doesnt work. & im not take more to put it under my tongue cuz thats “the right way” ill do my own thing.

  78. Thanks for yr response kate. Im now 38 wks pregnant & continuing to snort a very small amount of subs a day. One pill lasts me a week. I have not told any of my doctors about me doing so not because of withdrawal but for the fact they could get cys involved. Im just going to continue to do so til birth & hopefully she is healthy like my son was, from wat they r telling me now, she is very healthy & was 7 & a half pounds a week ago. I have faith that everything is gonna be just fine, I dont need anyone to tell me other wise. 🙂 & from wat I saw the new research that has been done suboxone is way safer than methadone in pregnancy because methadone is more likely to cause withdrawal symptons in baby. I took methadone is the past, off the streets & that is some powerful stuff, its the longest acting opiate & the withdrawal was 2x worse than heroin. Id rather take my chances with the very small amount of subs. Thank you for responding & take care ♥

  79. Lily, I was also on subs while I was pregnant with my only child and I unfortunately relapsed in my 32 week and was kicked out of the clinic. I told my obgyn and she freaked out bc she said that bc I was a heroin addict for so long and was on subs for about 7 1/2 months that it will throw me into withdrawal and could cause me to go into early labor or could even have a miscarriage, so she immediately called around to find someone to help me. She got me into a hospital that would give me methadone. I had to g that day and I was there for about a week so that could get me on the correct dose and monitor me. I honestly wouldn’t recommend ever trying to quit any kind of opiate or opiate blocker like subs or methadone while pregnant bc of the risk of miscarriage or having your baby premature. I see my response is really late but at least you can know this for future reference. ~I am in no way a doctor or licensed to give medical advice, I am just explaining my own situation and what I learned from it. Btw, I have been sober now for 15 months and feel great! I also don’t recommend anyone snort suboxone or subutex, just take it the way it is intended. It works better and doesn’t cause you harm like snorting it does.

  80. I am prescribed suboxone (8-2 mg),I generally take 4-8 mgs per day.i am having surgery within the next couple of months,what is the recommended time I should stop taking suboxone prior to my surgery and when should I continue to start taking them after my surgery?i ask this question because I will be prescribed opiate pain killers after my surgery and do not want to feel any pain after my surgery but also do not want to become dependent on opiate pain killers once again,can you please advise me on the best plan on starting and stopping my suboxone treatment please,thank you in advance.

  81. Hello Lily. Please seek the advice of a qualified doctor and obstetrician. You’ll need a specific answer and information on how to taper or cope with withdrawal while pregnant. And medical supervision.

  82. I am snorting one mg of suboxone a day. I have been a heroin user for 4 years but have stopped 6 months ago & am 6 months pregnant now. Will I have with drawl symptoms if I stop or is it all in my head? I know for a fact the subs don’t hurt the baby because with my 2nd son I did the same if not more & he came out 9lbs & healthy as can be. I snorted about 2-3 mg up until birth & was able to completely stop after I had him but then relapsed on heroin & now I’m pregnant with my 3rd child, my first girl. So I’m worried if I stop taking the 1 mg now & go through some type of withdrawal that it will hurt my baby? Or will I even have any withdrawal symptoms at all?

  83. I’ve been taking suboxone mis 8-2mg film. My insurance is now covering buprenorphine sub 8mg, I don’t feel the relief and am having a little anxiety. What is the difference

  84. Hi John. Great question. Hes. Mode of adminsitration can affect severity of withdrawal symptoms. The best process would be to return to oral doses and then slowly taper off buprenorphne before eliminating it for your system totally. Also, seek medical supervision during withdrawal to avoid needless discomfort.

  85. I was wondering if snorting subutex can cause more withdrawals when quitting than orally taking the medications? Not while your taking it, but when you quit. Is there a difference in withdrawals between a person who eventually quits snorting subutex compared to someone who takes it orally?

  86. Hi Gina. Getting off buprenorphine can be quite a battle. Yes; first start by making the snorted dose a nasal dose. Then, I’d suggest that you seek help with a doctor to address symptoms such as anxiety and panic. Short term use of benzodiazepines may be able to regulate mood. But seek clinical help for an evaluation and possible medications or behavioral interventions that can help.

  87. I’ve been snorting it for a few months, I’m down to under 0.4 milligrams a day, but when I tried to quit the withdrawal symptoms where terrible. I’m sure me snorting caused the situation. I figured such a low dose won’t create bad withdrawal. I wanted to cut my legs off.I need options for the best route here. I know the first is stop ( snorting), but do you have any information that may help me with the withdrawal war I’m soon to face again. ?

  88. 4 days is barely enough time for the withdrawal from Suboxone to actually kick in. I would maybe try 5-7 days off instead of 4 and see how you feel.

  89. Hello Timothy. Has the Suboxone been prescribed for treating pain? You can minimize the possibility of chemical dependence by stopping and starting pain medication, it’s generally not prescribed this way. Have you consulted a pharmacist on the efficacy of this practice?

  90. Hello
    I have been taking 8mg of suboxone a day for pain management of my right foot. I I use it for a two-week interval / stop four days and resume It. I do this so that I do not get an addictionDo you think that this approach to what I am doing is effective To avoid addiction?. If this is not ! please advise me of a better format. Thank you.

  91. I know someone who says they only snort 1/4 of a suboxone. Is that possible? Because when I see that person they really look like they’re out of it. Thank you

    1. Yes it is possible. I’ve been snorting suboxin for 4-5 years and only do about a 1/4 a day. Its spread out throughout the day of course. Detox is horrible when u do them this way though. I have a friend who takes 3 a day orally and he can detox faster and less painful than i can. I dont ever feel high just not sick or in pain. I do not recommend doing suboxin this way. I started cause i couldn’t afford to buy one or two a day anymore. Snorting at first did give me a high for a short period of time but now im just very dependent on them. Worse than i think i would have been if I’d kept taking them the reccommended way. Please dont try this! I’ve become addicted to the snorting process as well. If im out and snort Tylenol it works temporarily only because my brain is telling my body i just got a fix. I have never been addicted to strong pain killers only Vicodin but it can spiral out of control faster than some think. I wish strong pain killers could only be given to patients in an office setting or to severely injured or elderly patients. Most cases they r not ever required. Over the counter meds can work just as well if u havent been introduced to anything stronger. Learn to manage some of the pain in other ways cause long term taking anything else only masks the underlining problem and causes more issues for some in the long run.

  92. Hello kyle drew. We do not suggest nor condone snorting drugs and cannot post information about how to snort suboxone here.

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