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Valium Detox

Removing Valium From The System… For Good

Valium is the brand name for diazepam, a strong psychoactive drug used as a sedative to treat many medical conditions. While short-term use of Valium can be quite helpful, Valium has an addictive potential and can be habit forming. In fact, dependence on Valium can occur after a few weeks, or so, of regular dosing.

 Once your body becomes dependent on diazepam, how do you quit?

The process of Valium detox is similar to other sedative detoxifications. Here, we’ll review the stages of Valium detox. We’ll explore the types of medications that are used to ease withdrawal and look at side effects and risks. We’ll also look into general tapering guidelines.

Finally, we invite your personal questions or comments about Valium detox at the end.  We welcome your comments in the section at the end of the page. In fact, we try to respond to all of our readers with a personal and prompt reply!

Cleansing your system of Valium can give you a fresh start.
But detox it’s not an easy process.
Call us to get started.

Valium Detox Methods

Valium detox methods are similar to the detoxification protocols used for most benzodiazepine drugs and other sedative-hypnotic drugs. During detox, a combination of both pharmacological and psychological treatments are used to aid the process. An excellent inpatient Valium detox program should include full-time medical supervision and the use of medication to address symptoms of withdrawal as they happen. Moreover, reputable detox clinics will staff addiction specialist(s) to help encourage you.

The most common Valium detox methods are:

  • Tapered Valium method
  • Medically Valium detox
  • Detoxification from Valium at home under supervision

The most highly recommended Valium detox is one that includes a tapered procedure. Tapering gradually lowers the doses of diazepam in your system over a period of 3-6 weeks. When tapering off Valium, the Ashton Manual suggests 20%-25% weekly reductions in dose, but never 50% at a time. Also, this detox method helps in decreasing the length of time, severity, or intensity of Valium withdrawal.

NOTE HERE: While it is possible to detox from Valium at home, you must first seek medical clearance. Instead, medical surveillance in a medical detox is strongly recommended when you get off Valium.

Valium Detox Protocol

The aim of detox is twofold: to clear the system of Valium and to ease associated withdrawal symptoms. It, fact, a medical detox is a set of specially designed interventions that help manage severe withdrawal. But, keep in mind that the process of detox happens in special clinics where patients are under medical surveillance 24/7.

The main three stages of professional Valium detox include:

STAGE 1. Evaluation

This stage entails many tests to establish the level of Valium dependence and to identify possible dependence/addiction. You can expect drug testing, interview questions, and a fully medical history. Moreover, the stage of evaluation delivers entire observation of patient’s physical as well as psychological state.

STAGE 2. Stabilization

During the second stage of detox, medical staff can provide psychological and pharmacological treatments to address withdrawal symptoms. For instance, Phenobarbital blocks the effects of Valium. Also, antidepressants may recommended at this time. Usually, the stabilization process lasts for around three days and results in medically stable, Valium-free state.

STAGE 3. Preparation

This last stage of Valium detoxification prepares patients for entry into addiction treatment, when necessary. The focus of this stage is on psychological aspects of addiction and helping people transition into a treatment program.

What’s The Cost Of Valium Detox?

On average, a Valium detox can cost you between $250-500 per day. The cost of detox depends on the length of your stay and the services you receive. The logic goes like this: “The longer you’re in detox, the higher the pricetag.”

A residential drug detox that is attached to a rehab may cost up to $1,000 per day. On the other hand, outpatient drug detox only requires you to visit a detox facility a few times each week, and therefore doesn’t have the same costs that inpatient detox. They cost only $50 per visit.

Valium Detox Privacy Policy

When it comes to Valium, many people struggle with the issue of keeping things quiet and private. Sadly, people still judge and label those who face these issues. Regardless, you should know that there are laws that protect your identity and personal information as you undergo detox. In fact, detox clinics and treatment centers are obligated by law to respect their clients’ confidentiality.

If/When you enter treatment, you may be asked to share some personal information about your experiences with Valium or other drugs. However, staff members cannot share this information with others except when absolutely necessary for medical purposes. People who work at detox clinic and rehab centers sign confidentiality agreements which obligate them to respect privacy and anonymity of the information they receive from their patients. You’ll usually receive a copy of the facility’s confidentiality and privacy guidelines, which explain your rights in details, after an intake interview.

State Law That Regulates Confidentiality

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996, protects the privacy of people who seeking treatment at drug rehab centers. This federal law protects the following information:

  • Conversations that doctors have with nurses or other health officials about those in recovery.
  • Information about people’s financial records and billings.
  • People’s medical records.

HIPAA was designed to make sure people feel secure about their privacy when entering treatment of any kind, including drug detox. Under HIPAA, hospitals, rehab centers, and other similar organizations are obligated to:

  • Post guidelines about their privacy practices and provide copies for those staying at the clinic.
  • Train employees about the best ways to maintain drug rehab confidentiality.
  • Use procedures that keep the number of people who know confidential information to a minimum.
  • Use safeguards that protect their people’s information.

Valium Detox Considerations

Everyone reacts differently to Valium. Below is a list of some basic tips that usually doctors recommend during Valium detox:

1. Always seek help from detox clinic. During detoxification, Valium leaves the system triggering severe withdrawal symptoms. Specialized detox clinics provide medical supervision to address these symptoms as they occur.

2. Detox from Valium at home only with medical permission. This type of detox may be successful if:

  • You are highly motivated person.
  • The drug dependence is on a low level.
  • You do not have medical health issues.
  • You are in good health.
  • You have medical clearance.
  • You have strong emotional support at home.

Valium detox at home often consists of slowly tapering the drug by decreasing Valium doses.

3. Cold turkey detox is not recommended for Valium. Abruptly ending of any kind of psychoactive drug after a period of physical dependence can be a very intense experience. If you choose to go with Valium cold turkey detox, you risk harsh and painful withdrawal symptoms. Some can even cause serious damage to your health. Moreover, if you have been using Valium therapeutically, then you may be able to detox at home, but only after you get medical clearance and receive tapering guidelines from your doctor.

Valium Detoxification Questions

Does this article still leave you with questions? If you have any questions about detoxing off Valium, please leave them in the comments section below. All your comments are welcomed and appreciated. KNOW THIS: We will try our best to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt reply.

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