Tuesday January 22nd 2019

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Top 10 search queries for prescription drugs online

As of today, August 13, 2010 daily internet searches for buying prescription drugs (with or without a prescription) total more than 54,000 daily searches. And that’s based on an analysis of the top 100 word searches that include the word “prescription”; imagine the numbers of searches you could add if you isolate the brand name or class of drug. Here’s a sample of the top 10 keyword searches related to this growing trend.
1. 3479 searches – viagra without prescription
2. 2271 searches – vicodin without prescription from mexico
3. 1971 searches – oxycontin mail order without prescription mexican
4. 1744 searches – vicodin without prescription
5. 1687 searches – online pharmacy no prescription
6. 1629 searches – hydrocodone online prescription
7. 1617 searches – buy oxycontin without a prescription
8. 1566 searches – phentermine without a prescription
9. 1522 searches – pain medications without a prescription
10. 1511 searches – drugs online without a prescription

Whew!  That’s a mouthful.   Makes me wonder what people are actually finding?  And if the websites who are competing for these keyword terms are legit, or not.  Anyone take a look at the search engine results pages for these keywords? Anyone with experience selling or buying prescription drugs online? Your comments and experiences are welcome.

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6 Responses to “Top 10 search queries for prescription drugs online
1:52 am August 18th, 2010

Thanks for the top ten list of searched for prescription medications online. I think it is a very good indication of what drugs are becoming more commonly used. Addiction to prescription painkillers is out of control. They are extremely popular among teens and young adults. The fact that they are so often searched for on the Internet gives insight into the scope of the problem. What a creative way to shed light on the problem. Thanks again.

All Canadian
3:53 pm October 14th, 2010

You know what? This is amazing and finally read it. Is this a WordPress blog? Is it quite easy to customize?

1:08 pm October 15th, 2010

In SMART recovery we have drug users of all types. The meth users are always asking about this.

indian sex
8:34 am October 29th, 2010

Keep the posting up. I never thought I would find an individual that had close to the same grasp of worldly knowldege , however, you are that beacon of hope in humanity!I hope you continue to bring your knowldge and enlightenment to the world and never let your expression be squelched! Live strong!

3:02 am January 29th, 2011

Thank you very much for this article. Looking forward to next one.

Alex K
8:07 am September 9th, 2014

Yeah, I ‘ve been selling for more than 5 years now. That is what exactly people want. Plus benzo’s.

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