Valium half life: How long does Valium stay in your system

Valium is a long acting benzodiazepine and Valium can stay in your system for days. But how long should you wait before drug testing for Valium? We define Valium half life here and discuss the addictive nature of this central nervous system depressant. Plus, get info about how to evaluate Valium addiction.

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Valium can stay in your system and be detected in urine for up to 5-7 days after therapeutic use. Chronic use (over one year) of Valium, however, can be detected much longer.  The detection window for Valium in urine screens is up to 4-6 weeks.  More here on the detection window and drug testing for Valium.  We invite your questions about Valium drug screens at the end.

How do you take Valium?

Valium is generally taken as an oral table or injected under the skin. When taken orally, Valium rapidly is absorbed from the intestinal tract. On the other hand, the body tends to slowly and unpredictably absorb Valium when it is injected. Doctors usually prescribe Valium in dosages of 2-60 mg per day.

Valium half life: how long does Valium stay in your system

The half life of any drug, medication or substance is the period of time necessary for 1/2 the drug to be eliminated or disintegrated by natural processes in the body. The half life of Valium is particularly long, 20-80 hours. However, Valium’s typical half life in a young, healthy person is about 24 hours.This is due to the nature of the medication. Valium (diazepam) is a long acting benzodiazepine that starts inactive and becomes active as the normal metabolic process of the body occur and introduce the drug throughout the body (including the liver and the blood brain barrier).

Should I mix Valium with other drugs?

No. Valium SHOULD NOT be taken with other medications, drugs or alcohol. This is because Valium can interact with other substances to extend and increase the effects of Valium, causing it to stay in the bloodstream for even longer amounts of time. Likewise, the effects of Valium are decreased with the use of caffeine or cigarettes.

Drug Testing for Valium

If you are avoiding a drug test and think that you may have a problem with Valium…you probably do.   If you’re worried about Valium detection during drug testing, it is best to wait 1-5 days before taking a drug test for Valium. Waiting for 5 days is a total precaution to make sure that the drug is totally out of your system.  This is because Valium (diazepam) is a benzodiazepine and can be detected in the urine for days after you take it.  For daily, chronic Valium use, diazapam can be detected in urine for 4-6 weeks even after you stop taking it.

Or, if you have a prescription for Valium, present this with a doctor’s note to the supervising Medical Officer.  Even if Valium is in your system, you will test negative if you are taking Valium as prescribed.

Valium addiction

Can you get addicted to Valium?  Yes.   But what are the signs and indicators of Valium addiction?

Valium can be addictive, especially if taken for more than 4 months or for non medical reasons. But as a Class IV drug, there is a relatively low risk for addiction when compared to other drugs (like Vicodin, Codeine or Oxycodone). But if you take a larger dose of Valium than prescribed or more often that prescribed, you may develop tolerance to the drug. Long-term or excessive use can also result in withdrawal (a sign of physical dependence) when you stop taking the drug. But does this mean that you are addicted?

If you feel that you need help coping with your increasing need for lorazepam and would like quit, you should consider talking with a doctor or entering a lorazepam addiction treatment program to get help, quit lorazepam for good and build an addiction-free life.

About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have a urine test on Thursday the 18th of this month. I took 10 mg today on Monday the 8th and maybe 10 mg Friday the 5th. Will it show up in my urine or should I choose a saliva test??

  2. I have been prescribed valium for a short period due to vertigo. It is only 5mg and I want to have a glass of red wine. I have taken 3 today although it says I can have 4. Will one glass of wine hurt?

  3. Took 20-10 mg in 2 days (yesterday and day before)for my migraines n hadn’t had my pain meds for 9 weeks for severe back injury.I have docr today for bloowook can it tell how much is in your system???

  4. I took 12 Valium 6 one day 6 the next day it’s been 25 days since I’ve taking them I have to take a hair follicle test will they be in my system

  5. I have been taking diazepam for 25 years. My Dr percribed it for several reasons. Severe muscle spasms. Insomnia .a bulged disc in my neck. I started out at 10 milligrams daily then gradually through out the last 25 years are now taking 50 milligrams . It does still help with my original issues in addition to two surgeries one a ruptured Achilles tendon surgery & a severed ACL surgery. I am now seeing a new Dr who is trying to take me off of them when I have had no problems with taking them. I am 61 years old and am now having issues sleeping and with extreme muscle spasms. What should I do?

  6. Hey guys haven’t taken valium in years but 2 days ago I took 30mg over the period of a night. If I never use it other wise, would 18-19 days be enough to test clean? I sweat a lot at work and drink tons of water.
    Advice would help.

  7. My pain management doctor has been telling me now for 3 months that I’m testing positive for Valium, and I have literally not taken one since my last prescription- December 8th! My last UA was on 3/1/18 – so how the heck is it STILL in my system? She said it’s ok as long as the levels continue to go down, but geez! This makes no sense!

  8. Hi i need some help. Have been using benzos on and off for a few years. I had stopped completly for six weeks or so. Then my pet had to have an operation so i was taking about 25mg per day for two days. Then about one 10 mg for two days. I am now nearly 2 weeks clean. I have a routine dugs test booked at work in 8 weeks time. Urine test. Im pretty sure they test for this. Im female, 37, weigh 57 kilos. Will i be ok? From last taking valium to test is 9.5 weeks.

  9. I have taken this drug and it’s been at least eleven weeks since I’ve taken any and it comes back that is still in urine.

  10. I took a 10mg Valium 5 days ago and before that it’s been probably 5 months since I’ve taken one but it’s still showing on my the home test. Does it make sense

  11. hi. i am desparately requirinh help and i know i need medical help coming off valium. I cannot find rehab clinic or a dr that seems to k ow how to help me. im suffering so much mentaly and physicaly its hard to go on. What can i do. im tapering slowly but its not stopping acute withdrawal symptoms. my drs are questioning that it may be the intolerence of the druh itsekf rather than symptoms coming off it. please help

  12. I took valium on10/9/17 to 10/13.
    i took 3 .5mg for 2 days backing down .5mg for next 2 days then i took 1 the final day. Total days (5). I have a piss test on 11/14/17. I take 160mg of Lacex a day but am really over weight. i urinate alot. Any advice would be nice

  13. I took a few Valium just over a month ago (never used before)
    But I take co codamol for back pain will this cause benzodiazepines to stay in my system as home urine tests are showing positive

  14. I take 6mg only when high levels of gad calms me down for 3 to 4 hours givesl me.a break I have being on lyrifeca for 4 weeks first week 150 second 300 third 450 made me feel worse so doctor put it back to 350 going to try and tapperceive it of done nothing to improve my.gad what is the best way to lessen the dose of pregablin safely

  15. I can tell you for sure I am 100 % certain that Valium will show up in ur urine for 30 days. Other benzos like Xanax or kolonopin only lasts about 3 days

  16. Wayne u clearly know nothing at all Valium’s don’t come in 1mg doses 2 5 10 that’s it also I’m currently testing positive for benzos 2 weeks nearly 3 after taking them guess u got ur holy attitude from rehab you’ll soon learn to get on and live a hdppy sober life its best to just watch what your doing do ur own inventory not other peoples

  17. My husband has a drug screen today. Day before yesterday he took 2, 2mg baby valumes total
    Img 4 mg all together that I was given while pregnant because he has a bad hemmoroids and we had no Tylenol or nothing at the house. So evening before last he took theme and it’s 10:28 am today. Will they still be in his system. He does not take them on a daily basis and only had that 4 mg one time.

  18. I just tested positive for benzo i last took a valium 17 days ago allowing myself time to have it clear and now i have failed a test it was a 5mg pill i do not understand how this could have happened…

  19. help help cannot cope with my son any more am too old what can I do surely someone can help know geis addicted but surely daily must get help or advice

  20. I as precided valuim in 2005 for PTSD, angxity and panic attacks I found out a few years ago that all the symptoms I was suffering from is from R.A I want off, but I’ve been on it for years and at 30mg a day. Surely there is a safe but faster way to get this posion out of my body, I’m having more depression on it than I did before taking it. This is what happens when doctors can’t find out what is wrong with you and blame it on being all in your head. Really unhappy that I got turned into an addict by people who were supposed to help

  21. I dont do valium regulary but took 10mg today. I have a drug test in 4 days will be out of my system by then if i drink lots of water

  22. Can anyone advise me on how long after taking 30mls of diazepam will I have to wait before I can take subutex please?

  23. you can take any drug, benzos, even marijuana if you do it in very low doses and the day of your drug test drink literally a gallon of water piss 3 times before your test and be ready to explode when you take your piss test you will pass every time don’t tell me you wont cause ive been doing the shit for 2 years ive smoked 3 days in a row before drug tests, passed, taken 10 mg of Xanax 3 days before, 30mg of valium 3 days before, never once failed. also drink LOTS of energy drinks, 2 a day with tons of niacin and other shit to help you flush. Oh yeah you also have to run about 30-45 mins a day for 3 days before your test. yeah its a lot of work but I guarantee this omg valium is in my system for a month is total BULLSH*T

  24. I got proscribe Valium for my anxiety but my treatment center does not like me taking it well to make a long story short the last dose I took was march 19 and had ua today and it’s the 30th and it came back that it was not in my system but they said they were sending it to a lab to see what was in my system and that’s what didn’t make sence to me so can anyone help with that answer?

  25. 5-7days is not accurate with this drug. Depending on how much u took and me, age if you drink caffeine and or smoke. It’s been 14 days since I took two 10mg for two days still showing in ua. More research and u will see can be 9days to 3weeks under certain circumstances

  26. I was captured 27 days after taking 14 10ml over 7 days. I’m not a medical expert but I believe each person is different and will metabolise Diazepam at different rates.

  27. I am having sever anxiety and i am at my sisters out of town, i go to pain management and forgot my medication at home in its lock box I am stuck here with no car, I am dog sitting and can not get my medication, I took 5 of her 10 mg valiums over a 3 day period, I am on oxycottin and oxycoden also on ambien for sleep, plus muscle relaxers, not having my medication the next day my anxiety was so bad, I felt terrible also, I go to my pain management in a week, will the valium show up in a urine test.

  28. How can an old woman get prescribed Valium. I need the them. I don’t want to abuse them I just would like to not have to worry so much . And I need them for sleep . It is a shame that the young people have to ruin things for the people who need them .

  29. I took a valium this past Friday and I have a drug test Wednesday.that was the only time I took it. will it still be in my system? I’m swallowing alot of cranberry pills drive king h20 and also vinegar?

  30. Help I took a 10mg val yesterday…and will b tested this coming tues or wed….I havent took any in years….I have took klonopins in the recent past…not worried bout those…PLEASE HELP
    By the way im 30 yrs old…active…is there a specific cleanser that could help…..PLEASE ANYBODY

  31. Iv lost my diazapam 5ml 5×a day . Iv been on them for over 20 yr. They keep me calm and help me get out side. My next is due on Wednesday This is first time this has happened. I’m due my med again on Wednesday. I need to go out side but can’t get my front door. Iv not had any since Saturday
    Can anyone help me with this issue.

  32. I took 2.5 mg one time but will have a work drug screen in about 10 days. I was told right after I took it. My metabolism I’m sure is slower now cause of age and weight. Now I’m more stressed. My luck it will show up.

  33. I took 7….10mg valum in 1 day …..That was the fist time I’ve taken them in 2 years ..How long will it take them to get out of my system ?

  34. I took 1 5 mg valium almost two weeks ago and took a urine test today, 7-7-16, and still tested positive on a urine test, will it be out by next Monday?

  35. i took 20 mg. of valium on saturday for a back spasm once, and find out i have a job intervew on tues.they will drug screen but do not know when. is there anything i can do to speed up the rate of removal from my system? i take 250 mg. niacin and1 asprin a day plus a mens ,1 a day vitamen for months.drink lots of water? i weigh 200 lb. and im some what phisicly active

    im almost certain i got the job and i dont want to try and mask it with store bought detox unless nessesary! please help, thanx

  36. I never take valium I’m a health 24 yr old female about 125lbs. I took one 10mg valium 2 days ago I have a drug screen in 5 days do u think ill pass I’m totally freaking out..

  37. I have been using diazapan off and on with no regularity for a year, one month I may use another a couple times or three 10mg. My last dose was 2 5mg ? That was about a week ago and it showed on my urine test. I have to take another in a week, if I drink 4 lts of water a day, will this help to flush out the remaining diazapan

  38. I took 40 mg of valium last night first and only time I’ve taken it I have a drug test in about a month maybe a little less what are my chances of passing?

  39. I went off Valium (cold turkey) November 7th because I realized that the drug the doctor gave me was wrong. It Is now April 6th. Is the drug still in my system????

  40. So I have taken four Valiums (the blue ones) two days in a row. Once in the morning and once at night.. How long do you think this will stay in my system? I haven’t taken any benzos for almost 10-11 months. I’m 100 lbs. I have a drug test coming up and I can NOT fail it. Any ideas or comments would be awesome! And appreciated! Ty?

  41. My cousin took one 5 mg valium on Friday night and has a urine drug screen for pain management Monday at 1:15 pm…will this still show in her system? Amd can drinking water help dilute it or speed the half life?

  42. I have been on valium at 15 mg. For 20 years 3 times daily. I am now 63 and am being told to ween off and quit in one month; what will be my withdrawal symptoms.

  43. I took 180mg of valium on Monday and have a blood test this mon. I have a slightly overactive thyroid. Is it possible I will pass this test

  44. Please. Help. I took 10mg Valium. Last Thursday (6days ago). I haven’t. taken any Benz for a year. I used to take twice a day but again that was about a year ago and yes I did have a prescription and took them as prescribed. After weaning. Myself off of taking everyday I still kept. the few that were left over just. In case I ever had a panic attack. I did have a scary panic attack last. Thursday so I broke. down. And. Took them. I have to do drug test today for a job and wondered if it will show up and if so is the fact that I. Was prescribed them make it ok even if the prescription was from a year ago?
    Thank you!!!

  45. How does a low dose in milligrams and a higher dose in milligrams of valium have the same half life? Ex: I read that 10mg and 15mg both have a half life of 80-100 hours.

  46. I gave my son 5 mg of my prescription diazepam one week ago and he will be drug tested on March 1. He was in crisis mode over a relationship loss. He has never taken this before or after. Will it be gone after 10 days? He’s a healthy 220 pound 23 yr old. Help!!

  47. i took 80ml valium over 2 days ans i was getting drug tested weekly at that point, no joke or lies here people but it stayed in my system for 7 weeks!!!!!!! i dont really drink water just lots of tea, drugs take ages to get out of my system. ive tested positive for heroin after 7 days of not using it as well. I just want people out there to know everyone is diffrent and some things stay in the body longer than other people, it can happen so be careful

  48. I took 2-3 10mg Valium for 4 days straight and 8 weeks later I’m STILL testing positive for them!! I don’t understand why tho and it’s about to get me kicked out of my rehab so I’m freaking out!! And yes I know I shouldn’t have taken them to begin with.

  49. Hi…I’m wondering…..I have a drug test today an 4 days ago I took half of a blue 10 mg Valium for my anxiety….is it possible for it to be out of my system today if that’s the only one I took and I’ve drank a gallon and a half of water ? Its a urine test

  50. I took 10mg daily from last 20yrs
    Now stopped from last 20days
    I feel
    Stomach upset
    Watering eyes
    But i have dedied not to take.
    Any suggestion

  51. I stop my months prescripton off diazepam on tuesday and i plan on having a night out with friends tuesday coming will it be save enough to have a drink as ive heard diazepam has a long life in your body

  52. Hi everyone o recently finished my prescription off diaezepam on tuesday & i was planning a night out on tuesday coming I’ve heard it stays in your system for a long time will it be safe enough to have a drink?

  53. Hi guys I was just wondering how long does it take clonazepam to leave the system? I had one this morning and one yesterday morning and this is first time I’ve used them and before I haven’t used these types of drugs in a while, bout 3 mths ago. So basically I’ve had two 2mg clonazepam’s in the last 24hrs. Will they show up in a urine test? And if so how long till I should b clear ?

  54. I have been taking diazepan for 30 years how long will they stay in my system before passing drug test its been 7 weeks now but I’m still showing positive?

  55. I took 70 Valium over a week I’m 6 feet 225 lbs 35 years old need to take a drug test how long will it take to get out of my system

  56. I have a question: I have been a longtime user of Valium (diazepam 5 mg),and somewhere I read that longtime use of benzodiazepines leads to sexual dysfunction. I stopped taking diazepam and went “cold turkey”, and I along with many of your commentators who have left messages, I found that there is some type of “sleep deprivation”, during this withdrawal phase. Does anyone have the answer how long sleep deprivation stays in your system before you are able to get a restful night’s sleep without taking Ambien, or diazepam….. Is there any alternative or allopathic solutions on the market, like melatonin, that one might use to facilitate a good night’s sleep? Just seeing if anyone out there has any suggestions or recommendations, thank you

  57. I took 50mg of diazepam tonight all at once. But I’ve never used it before how long will it stay in my system? I have a drug test in 2 weeks

  58. I forgot to mention its now been 2months ive been taking valium. With the lsdt week being 15mg daily. My question is. Is this normal to hav a physical adfiction after such a short time? As when I stsrted it was 5mg only for 4 days. Then anxiety became worse a few days later so I was taking 5mg on just the days I needed to. Then 4weeks ago ive increased to 10mg and now 15mg. I did try to tapper off the 5mg daily 4weeks ago and withdrawals were terrible. Shaky hands, felt like I had the flu and irritability and very sensitive to things I normally wouldnt be.couldn’t function well. And now I sleep too much and feeling depressed some days. I didnt realise how quick this drug can cause adfiction.

  59. I wish I never started valium. I tried to tapper off 5mg after only 3weeks use and withdrawals were terrible. Shaky hands, shivering like I was getting the flu and very irritable.i felt highly sensitive to things that wouldn’t normally bother me. Maybe there has been a physical reaction as I take 60mg of cymbalta daily. I need to get off this drug as I am now taking 15mg. I hav responsibilities and study to go back to in Feb. ‘m looking into support to detox off. I see my Dr tomorrow and then drug and alcohol clinic next Monday. I guess this drug is not suited for everybody. I will be glad to never take it again once I go through the terrible withdraeals.

  60. I have a question, I take diazepam for muscle relaxant and my anxiety problems. I’m now up to 20mg each dose. And I barely notice it. I’ve been without it for 2 weeks and I’m wondering how long I should wait until I can just take a 5mg and feel it work again? A month? 2 months? I’m struggling with anxiety still (and if you have any reccomendation I could take to help with the anxiety until my tolerance is lowered again, I mean can I take something in the same family and it not effect my tolerance to valium) and I’m just taking pain killers for the muscle relaxant. Don’t want judgement, I have a rare illness that means my intake of things is halved when it goes through my system, and I live in pain everyday. My pain medication is mersyndol forte and endone.

  61. Hi I recently too two 10mg. valiums. I never use drugs and haven’t for like 8 or 9 years before this. I had a drug screen 2 days later. i’m worried it will show up, and ruin my chances at this or any other job. Have I screwed myself over? Please help.

  62. I took half of a 10mg valium saturday night have never used them i have a urine test on the 17th will i be ok with lots of water?

  63. If I took 40 valium 5s over a 4 day period, how long do you think it would take to not be traceable in a standard 12 point drug test. I’m 42 in good shape and work physically 5 days a week? Thanks

  64. I took 50 mg 2 weeks ago them another 50mg 5 days ago will i pass a urine test 2maro iv been drinkin green tea an water plz help

  65. I took two valium 10 milligram it was the only time I had taken them in several years how long will it take that to get out of my system

  66. i believe a person no what they take is there own business we come here to find hekp and answers do we not? i was a heroin addict for more than half my life and im only 30! and im currently prescribed 6 5mg diazapam tabs a day along with 100mgs of methadone, and 150mgs of amitrip. and i can still function what the long term effects are has only come to notice in recent years studies and it shows longterm use effects our cognitive ability to memorize ect. and i can say omg yes to that i want to start study and i will, just twice as hard as modt pple, its a long road for me before im valium free. blessed be

  67. I have a question, I was put on Percocet (I believe 5/325) When I was 14, I had ALOOOOOT of “woman problems during my menstrual cycle, then ovarian cysts whenever I didn’t have my period, It was pretty bad ) that’s how this all started. When I was about the age of 17) I was seeing a pain clinic in Boston Massachusetts and they had me up to 15 oxycodone 5mg capsules, the ones without Tylenol and by the time I was a senior in high school I was on 15 if the 5mg oxycodone, AND 180 of OXYCOTTIN , and because I have Hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) and had (at that time)42 surgeries, alot of them on my brain, so my dr decided to put me on XANAEX (1MG 4X A DAY) now mind everyone I was 17 at the time. So I have NEMOURS Problems, including 4 ft of my bowel removed, TOOOOO many ovarian cysts to count that needed to be surgically removed, a complete hysterectomy, 9 bowel blockages (not to mention ALLLL the issuses with the Hydrocephalus) well after being on all of this over a year I came off of the oxycottin COLD TURKEY, I WAS SOOOOOOO PROUD OF MYSELF!! I was still on the at this time Percocet 5/325, and BAM!!! I NEEDED TO GO TO BOSTON FOR EMERGENCY (what was suppose to be a “cyst removal ” BECAME A FULL BLOWN HYSTERECTOMY! I was soooooooo DEVASTATED!
    !! But again I DID IT!! (I was 26 when the ripped every chance of me becoming a mom right out from under me) after I again TOOK MYSELF off of the dilaudid, and backed myself down to FOUR 10mg PERCOCET, and Four 1mg xanex. Now I am 31 and recently my primary care Dr, drug tested me, and said I tested positive for COCAINE, AND BARBITURATES! !!!!! I was blown away!!! I couldn’t believe it, my WHOLE LIFE I NEVER HAD A RELATIONSHIP WITH MY “FATHER” BECAUSE HE DID COCAINE, AND I WAS ACCUSED OF THAT AND BARBITURATES, THIS WAS IN Feb 2015, AND THE ONLY THING I COULD DO WAS SIT AT MY HOUSE (HE HAD SENT ME A CERTIFIED LETTER IN THE MAIL TELLING ME I HAD TESTED POSITIVE FOR SOME REALLY LONG NAME, THAT MENT THE MAIN INGREDIENT IN COCAINE, AND BARBITURATES) SO I CALLED HIS OFFICE UP IMMEDIATELY STILL CRYING, AND ASKED THE NURSE HOW CAN I TEST POSITIVE FOR “COCAINE” I NEVERRR TOUCHED THAT GROWING UP, LET ALONE NOW THAT I’M 31, AND I ALSO ASKED WHAT ARE BARBITURATES? They told me BARBITURATES are: Foricet, Seconol, and I don’t remember the rest. Yes Im NOT going to lie, I HAVE BEEN ON NUMEROUS BENZODIAZEPINES, BUT WHAT IN THIS WORLD WOULD MAKE ME TEST POSITIVE FOR BARBITURATES???? And even more importantly WHAT ON THIS EARTH WOULD MAKE ME TEST POSITIVE FOR COCAINE???????????? Now 82 surgeries later, They “accidentally cut into my small intestine and had to remove 4 FEET OF IT” I have had 9 Bowel blockages, so PLEASE just try to put yourself in my shoes, life has been ANYTHING but easy, but I have always at least TRY to see the positive. SO I REALLY AM CURIOUS AS TO WHYYYY I WOULD TEST POSITIVE TO COCAINE, AND BARBITURATES? ??????? PLEEEEEEEASE ANNNNNNNY INFO, FEED BACK, AND OR ADVICE WOULD BE SOOOOOOO GREATLY APPRECIATED ?

  68. I took 1 10 mg valium Friday & have failed 3 tests… 2morrows final test. 7 days w/o anything. Can someone please help me. I’m chugging water and peeing as much as I can is there any other help

  69. The only time in my life I took valuim apwas to help me get through detoxing from percocets, I did take the whole script so in 5 days I finished 15 pills, but that was literally the only time in my life ever that I had taken Valium, now I’m on methadone and my urine sample is still showing Valium, how can this be???? I forgot to mention the last time I took a Valium was almost 6 weeks ago.

  70. I have been taking anywhere from 40-80mg per day for about two weeks. I have an addiction problem with benzos, and I am working to wean myself off. I started out legitimately needed Xanax for symptoms related to PTSD, but I kept developing a tolerance and soon my Drs would not prescribe it to me anymore. So, I have been taking Valium that I have gotten from other sources. I want to go back to my psychiatrist, but I want to do it with a clean urine test so I can start over and not automatically be turned away. I am working hard to help overcome the addiction with the help of a counselor, but to actually be prescribed medications for my Bipolar/PTSD I need to see an actual Pyschiatrist.

    How long should I wait before trying to make an appointment? It is their policy to drug test all clients, and I am so ready to make this change.

    I don’t understand the half life formula, could someone help me figure out how long this will take? I am weaning the dosage down and will be running out of the drug within 2 weeks.

    Thank you so much for any help you can give.

  71. I took one 5mg of a valium at the beginning of the month, an i took a drug test Thursday , 2weeks later an it showed up. I never take them but i took that one to sleep.

  72. I wanna reproach you for sounding judgmental, but… I guess I should actually be thanking you for not sounding as judgmental as most addiction resources.

    So… thanks!(/?)

  73. Thank you Carrie. I was prescribed 120 10mg a day and ran my own company. I’m now very rarely on them but people like Steve acting like they are an expert because they are now in recovery from 2mg tablets, which I’ve never found on the street. Hog wash. Just because it an addict don’t make u an expert!!!
    I’m glad I’ve learned to deal with my panic disorder but being presc benzos does NIT make u unemployable!!!!
    Don’t be so full of yourself please!!!
    Thanks again Carrie!!!

  74. I took three Valium over aa 2 week period. I was trying to work thru a melt down at home with no hospital. Then out of the blue I had to provide a drug screen. A urine and a hair folical one.
    It has been 5 weeks since I did the last one, but wondering if will come out in hair folical rest. It obviously did not show in ueine. So hair strand they can go back 90 days. Can u answe my question about hair folical test?
    Thank you!!

  75. My wife just started taken vailuim and she can’t even stay awake it’s like all she wants to do is sleep N go out on the streets she just started taken this med I’m scared because it’s not her what should I do

  76. f**k the drug dealers with prescription pads and the rich pharmaceutical company’s getting rich if someone’s misery ,,, I’ll keep ya posted !! I’m stoping down 4 more migs in the sub ozone in the next month and gonna give a crack at getting rid of the valluim ,,, wish me luck and good luck to all you out there with the same struggle !!

  77. Listen to the dude that spent half his life addicted ? Like him I spent 17 years dependant on opistes , usually herion oxys and dia-morphine a simple way to convert ms contin or morphine sulphate with accidice acid to dia – morphine ,, some what simular to krockidile, ( I live in Australia ) one of the worst things to come off ever ,, I had two years clean time up but still taking about 4-6 mg of alprazolam daily , zanex daily after most of the withdrawals were gone not till bout nine months later ,, it fucken sucks , I came off the benzos and was still showing positive results up to 6 weeks later for benzos but my levels had dropped ? Then the proxy Australian health department decided to make zanex a controlled drug. I decided to go onto a small amount of suboxone , 16 migs daily to sort my sh*t and get a job and that I succeded and bought a nice hsv and did well , I lapsed back to benzo use and now the aussie government have made it hard to get zanex now they prescribe me valluim that have longer half life in the benzo family , I’m down to one a day and been like that for months ,, I will be free from the liquid cuffs over time work , counselling goal setting and building better relationships and support systems with others that have the same struggle ,, I don’t build any relationships that are drug based anymore , i say no and tell people that if you don’t wanna no me for whom I am then they arnt worth noing ?? The best part is accepting and not Beeing in denial about my issues , it’s a slow road , but if you thing your rough tough and full of stuff then try withdrawing from that kind of sh*t ,, it makes grown men cry and suck their thumb , so yeah I agree with the other dude ? pills are no solution and a temporary solution that gives you a long term problem .. If your smart then you should have good self control and set good boundrys and tell your so called friends that offer you spill for your anxiety to f**k off ,, good luck kiddys ,, don’t be silly cause it will eat your hole life away ,,,

  78. Hi, I went through a 3 day detox for alcohol. They gave me to aid with alcohol withdraw. They last gave a pill on Fri in the morning of the 09/07 10mg. From the 09/02 to 09/06 they gave me a 20mg. I have a pre-employment drug test scheduled for 09/12.Will it still be in my system? I drink lots of water.

  79. After being prescribed a benzodiazepine, lorazepam, having no effect, my doctor prescribed 10mg/ day of diazepam, with drastic, debilitating effects, including loss of motor control and sleeping during the day. No fun to say the least. I discontinued it immediately and put up with my so called panic attacks the old fashion way: deep breathing exercises. If you are told you “need” valium, ask the provider what the biological necessity is. They will probably give you no real answer, but talk around this issue. They are seriously corrupted by the pharmaceutical sales people, who directly or indirectly incent doctors and nps to prescribe this deadly medication.

  80. I got out of the hospital and was given 5 valuim for one a day.It has been 38 days andI went to a rehab for alcohol and test positive after 38 days

  81. Hi im an alcohic. Yesterdayi took 250 mgs of valium and my only simptom was i was lethargic all day, i also need to take codein for a migraine. Is thisvok today

  82. I had to take 5mg Valium early this morning. Just recieved job offer after afterward. Meda were not my prescription. Just have a couple for sleep. First one in a month. What should I expect from drug test? Don’t know when it will be scheduled. Maybe next week sometime. I’m an avid runner. Nervous about failing. Did not occur to me that I might be tested since I have no experience with this.

  83. I have anxiety problems, so a doctor writes me a prescription every three months for the same valium amount of 3 ten mg tablets daily as needed. Some days I take over a100 mg so I can get through the. I at one time had some control over my anxiety before I would use any kind of prescription medication. At this point I wish that I would not have started. If you take things like valium long enough it starts to mess with your mind.

  84. Hi, I was using 30 mg of valium per day for many years for heart palpitations and anxiety. I finally found out what the “real” problem is and I weaned myself off pretty quickly approx a month and a half ago.
    I’m waiting for more tests to confirm what the nature of these heart pounding out of my chest is. in the meantime, I’m still obviously experiencing horrible heart palpitations and anxiety. I don’t want to take any more until I know for sure what the root cause is.
    Is it possible there is still some in my system?? If so, how long would it take to completely get out.
    I also use a vaginal diazepam as I have had many bladder surgeries. Does this react physiologically the same as oral ??
    Thanks in advance for your help
    P.S.I’m NOT concerned about a drug screen because it’s all clear with my physician.

  85. I took one and A half Valium Saturday and have a drug test Wednesday. Before this I haven’t ever taken anything like that… I’m 5’4 140 pounds and I’m only 24. Am I going to be fine or not? Freaking out completely.

  86. I have beem taking 100mg every. 4 days, i had a coil in and juat founs oit in pregnant im really upaet and was wondering if anyone kniwa how i can clean my system so I can get my baby healthy please help

    1. Hi Stephanie. Congratulations of being pregnant. My advise is to not attempt anything on your own. Any withdrawal stress you go through will have an impact on your baby too. Seek help from your doctor and gynaecologist on how to safely and successfully stop taking the medication and minimize the health risks for your baby.

  87. I took one 10 mg valium to help me sleep not really knowing what it was or how long it stayed in my system. 10 days later I was tested from a very very reparable job and tested clean. 28 year old male in great shape.

  88. I had a panic attack and at the time I was out of my Wellbutrin. I took one half of my husbands 5 mg valium. So i took a 2-2.5 mg valium. It was the first one and last one i has ever had. I have a ten panel drug screen that will be 22 days from when I took it. Will it show up?

  89. Important health scare was on been on it for 3 yrs cause I was shot by my kids father. n had another seizure. Now I was hospitalized for 2 days got stuck with needle 25 times cause I was so dehydrated n I was throwing up not eating . So now I’m. On 500 mg of depakote delayed release n to prevent any seizure activity 1 morn depakote n 1 at night. Then got switched over to vailum 5 mg 3 times a day. I also have thyroid disease, sorjgen syndrome ,real bad I only been taken for 2 days at 5 mg while taken. Don’t know how long will be on anti seizure med never had seizures before he wants to go up on the 2 at night which be 1000 at night. I’ve been fine on 500 every since I got the hospital a day before Than I took lithium for 5 days stopped it cold turkey n had my seizure that admitted me in to the hospital..All my test they said came back fine. I take a cancer pill for every Fri 7 pills it last in my system for a week. God bless n thank u for answering Oh yea I’m have a thyroid disorder,I went from taking 2 pills 3 times a day no more than 8. To. Being cut down to 1 pill 3 times please.

  90. I had a seizure first one in 37 yrs my pay said he wanted to take me off cause it can cause seizure. I ran out n after 2 days I had my i am on valium taken of xanax how long will take for me to agest. Thank you

  91. My brother had 2 2mg of Valium 3weeks ago coming of Alchol is it possible that this could still show up in a urine sample

  92. I have to take about 20 – 25mg of Valium to even feel the physical muscle relaxant property of Valium. Oh course at these doses I would think I would feel euphoric & high but about the only thing I feel is off balance & run into things. Believe me I know that is too much dose wise, but should I just stop taking them, find another muscle relaxer, is it possible it doesn’t work for me?

  93. Try reading the comments. You have 6 weeks till its out NO ESCAPE!

    100% this cannot be flushed out your system quickly. In in there for up to 6 weeks no matter what you do.

  94. one single dose of 15mg diazepam on 1st march 2015 and one single dose of 15 mg diazepam on 11th march 2015, only this and never before, how long will take to be clean? How can i improve my chances to be clean and pass the test? what could i do so as to clean my system fatsre? Thank you in advance.

  95. My last drug test was on Monday 2/9/15 if I eat 6 5mg valiums and take 1 2mg lorazepam in the same day will it show up on a drug test scheduled 2/21/15?

  96. What about if I drink 1/2-1 gallon of h20 a/day will it help I have to get this out of my system. At least 2 wks. maybe sooner, I”M screwed aren’t I. I KNOWALL AB FLUSHING NEEDED ELECTROLYTES AS WELL BUT I’LL TAKE CARE OF THAT/VITIMINS?

  97. If I only took valium for about 2 weeks ,I know they stay in your fat cell, not good, what can I do to flush it out, also I am 5’8″ and about 160lbs

  98. I have a prescription for valium and am getting ready to take a pre employment driug test. If I disclose that I have a prescription, can I still fail the drug test?

  99. I took 4 0.5 mg values last Saturday I have been told if it shows up in my system Monday the 3rd my doc won’t see me anymore I’ve been drinking bottle water all week about 4 or 5 bottles a day will that help me pee clean Monday it will be 9 days since I took them

  100. Hi I am worried i have 2 years clean but took 4mg of Valium friday night because of an abscess in my tooth. now its wednesday and i took a drug test today and im wondering if it will show up!!!! I was desperate, my dentist was off and i was in ALOT of pain so I needed something to sleep as the pain was un bearable. I am 35 years old 125 pounds and i run 6 miles every day, do you think my urine is clean?

  101. I took 2, 5mgs Valiums,1 on the 14th & 1 on the 17th oh this month, July. Will be screened on the 31st. Will it still. Be in my urine? I have not taken any more!

  102. I took 21 10mg valiums over a 4 week period. how long do you estimate it would take to be clean my system naturally. thanks…

  103. There is no one-size-fits-all response. It all depends on the metabolism of the individual, dosage, weight, age…According to some studies Valium stays in your body and urine for a period of 1-6 weeks.

  104. I have been prescribed gallium for the last 3 years. I will take 10-20 mg per day. Skip a week then take them again. I have not taken any for six weeks now and it still showed on drug screen. My rx was valid when iI was taking the but now that I have been tested it is no longer valid.

  105. I am a spinal cord injury patient and have horrible spasticity… My doctor says it acts directly with a site specific gaba receptor and you don’t get the sleep induction qualities…. at least they are repressed… counter act that with caffein. Valin does wonders relaxing the pain from by legs… turns the muscles off… I went within a year to 40mg a day and have pretty much stayed there currently for 6 years….unless there is a special function like a date or something. Ther is some tolerance, but it’s all up to you. The drug is godsend if used correctly.

  106. I took two 5mg valiums lastnight and I am getting drug tested this week will they be out of my system or not I am on probation n they are urine tests but I dint want to serve a year in jail please help me!! is there and certain pills I can buy to detox them system and make me clean or are there any other methods I can do like drinking lots of whatever ive already drank 3 160z bottle of water today

  107. My daughter took one 10 mg Valium tab late on Wednesday night and had an Oral Swab taken on Friday afternoon at 3.30 pm Will this show up ?

  108. i took 5 ten mg valium and have a mouth swab on Tuesday it is Thursday night , if i take niacin with cranberry pills to flush my system would it be out by Tuesday or Thursday at the latest

  109. Hi Zayde. I’d suggest that you ask a Medical Review Officer, whose job it is to review drug screens, about the half life of benzos and how they affect metabolites during cessation of use.

  110. Hey this is really urgent so im hoping you can help, im struggling to find a source or an article explaining why discontinuation of benzos can show fluctuating results in drug screens weeks after use..

  111. Hi Andrea. You seem to have a honest appraisal of the situation. When you’re ready to stop using, check in with a psychologist, your family doctor or an addiction treatment center for help. Sooner or later, the drugs stop working.

  112. I don’t seem to have any other coping skills than these two drugs: alcohol and valium I love that i don’t have hangover, but I don’t have any verve . more just anger. nothing solved though denial mode seems to help me cope..

  113. I took 10mg of valium and was wondering will it show up in a blood test? If so how long will it show in a blood test for?

  114. I ate one single 5mg tablet 9 days ago, and it is *still* showing up on pee tests.

    I have a bunch of the pee cups here at work, and have been testing every day. i have consumed so much water that it’s not even funny, and yes, that one little 5mg tab is showing up NINE DAYS LATER. It is the only one that I have eaten in 6 months too.

  115. hello im shawn, i have a serious question i took a 5 mg valium friday night and i have a urine test teusday if i drink lots of fluods and take some vitamins will this be out of my system in time, i need any remedy for removal, i also take perscription drugs such as, clonidine hcl .1mg, abilifu 10 mg, topamax 75mg a day, seriquil, and trileptol, am i in any reason to get cought, will the valium be deluted enough to not be seen i have 3 days left till i go pee for probation!??????

  116. Hello cat. That’s an interesting question and really one for the testing center’s Medical Review Officer. It’s possible that the bump in the dosage be reflected in increased diazepam metabolites. But I’m not a professional and am not sure. I’d suggest that you call a specialist in toxology or lab reports for drug screening for a better chance of an accurate and medical response.

  117. been taking 20mg of valium a day for years, but yesterday i took 30mg at one time because i was going to take an mri and i always feel like im in a coffin. i have had none today but tomorrow i go to my cronic pain doc and they sometimes test you, this doc does not supply the valium my syc does but will it show an abusive level if i am tested?


  118. Please help as I am freaking out. I am on probation for possession of marijuana and am drug tested. I took a 5 mg valium, just one, on a Saturday afternoon and nine days later took a drug test that I don’t have the results for yet. I am scared to death I’ll go to jail. Only took the valium b/c I had an abortion and was at a low point (depressed, etc.) as I have been drug free for 8 months.
    I now can’t sleep or even think about anything else. I go to jail if I fail. I am a 22-year-old female, about 150 pounds. Please help me put my fears to rest and tell me I’ll be OK!

  119. I have been off valium for nine months now, but still having high anxiety and have a horrid feeling alot of dissasotiation, can you tell me how long this could persist? heard 6mths to 3years ??

  120. wow, to the person also that is suffering sleep deprivation I am with you e mail me anytime and maybe when can help each other out if we find ceartian tec to help. As I said I would go 3 nights and that was fine I didn’t worry about it much. But after I had the neck surgery and went 8 nights without 1 min of sleep I knew I had a big problem on my hands. I just didn’t know what to do. I don’t know if my dr completly believe’s me or not. During those 8 nights if I had gotten just 30 min’s of sleep I would have been happy. But I didn’t. on the 9th of Oct was the day of my Dr appointment also. Well I had been up for a few nights and I started to see things. Pictures everywere I looked I saw pictures of people that I seen on facebook or other picture websites also i saw number’s every were i looked infact it was raining letter’s and numbers. I know I thought I was going crazy but the fact is when you go so long without sleep you hallucinate (please overlook my spelling) I would love to hear anyone elses story when it come’s to sleep mabye we can help each other out in some way.. Well after the 9th that night I didn’t sleep etheir even though I had just got my medication’s Opana Er and Ambien , XanaX. I was scared that it was the medication’s that was making me see things. But enough was enough and on the 10th I took me a couple xanax and about 3 ambien and knocked myself out.. When I woke up i was not seeing things anymore. Then for 10 nights I slept great like a baby. Then out of no were the insomnia hit me I stayed awake for 3 hrs and I realized then I was going to be up for a few nights 4 to be exact. Then a friend gave me 2 ativan and I slept that night. The last 5 nights or so I have slept really well, the opana makes me itch real bad and really make’s my energetic but then I get really tired… I have a dr appoinment next tuesday and I am just praying that the valium I took yesterday don’t show up actually I am going to take one right now as well it’s 2mg My nerves are shot from this sleep problem has me all worried I have so much going on….

  121. Hello, I have a question and even though I study medication’s to become a pharmacist (thats what I want to be if my Gymanstics dream fail to come true) I have a chronic condition with my back and neck from the sport and Have a drug test every month and if everything works out this time I might get to bring home 3 months worth of opana er 30mg.. I have always had a sleep problem but after my neck surgery I honestly ( if no one else believes me I know the good lord my GOD know’s that im telling the truth) I went 8 nights without even getting 1 min of sleep. I knew then something was very wrong with me.. I have been on this roller coster now for 2 months or longer.. I will go and sleep pretty good for 10 nights and then without warning I will not sleep and I will go 2-6 nights it depends.. My question though is I have heard everthing on here about drug test. I will have one this coming tuesday I took 2 2mg valium to help me get to sleep. Does anyone no since it was a single one time dose if I will pass my drug screen? I am on xanax but I don’t get enough for the whole month and if the valium will show up on the drug screen as just benzo then I have nothing to worry about. I just am worried they will be able to detect the difference Alprzolam and Diazepam. Well any information would be appreciated I can’t afford to get my Opana taken from me for my chronic pain that I substained from Gymnastics…

  122. Hi Too scared. Well, you may actually be in the clear. One or two time use of Valium is very different than chronic, daily use. Because it will be more than 1-5 days before taking a drug test for Valium, the detection window will have passed and diazepam should be totally out of your system.

  123. Hi, I took 1 10 mg valium on the 7th or 8th to sleep. It was given to me by a friend so it was not prescribed to me. I have a urine screen due on the 16th and it is being given by a dr. I was not aware of the half life and am now petrified to fail. I will lose a very I
    Important prescription for pain meds if it shows positive. I have been drinking nothing but cranberry juice and water since I found out about the half life. Is it more likely that I will still fail? I AM PETRIFIED. I would have preferred to not get the sleep than to lose my meds.

  124. Hi cnj. It’s difficult to predict anyone’s drug metabolism. So keeping to the general rule, the detection window for Valium in urine screens is up to 4-6 weeks. Wait for the full six (6) weeks to pass before trying to test again at home. Or seek consult with a pharmacist or Medical Review Officer at a drug test screening lab for a more precise estimate.

  125. if u take 60 mgs 1 time how long is it to get out for a urine screen im aat 14 days now still postive and using the half life formula above ie every 4th day dividing by 2 at what point is it gonna be undetectable <1mg?

  126. Hello Vince. In theory, benzodiazepines like Valium can take 4-6 weeks to eliminate from the system, so your use may be detected on the drug screen. One way that you can get a better idea of the testing results would be to order a homes drug testing kit for diazepam and test yourself once weekly until the test is no longer positive.

  127. Hi David. That’s a great question. If you start noticing symptoms of withdrawal sometime around your next expected dose…it is possible that you’ve developed physical dependence on Valium.

    Firstly, I’d suggest that you fully disclose your use to a medical doctor. Your doctor can suggest a tapering regimen and can also offer you medical alternatives as you withdraw.

    In the case that you’re taking Valium without a prescription, you might also want to consult a mental health professional with experience in addictions. A psychologist or a psychiatrist who can help you uncover some of the reasons you use, and who can teach you how to reframe your thinking to avoid using Valium as a psycho-emotional release.

    Does any of this resonate with you?

  128. Hello, Ive been an occasional user of diazapam for about 4 months. maybe 30mg – 40mg a week and about 3 times a week. Ive not had anything for 4 days and feeling a bit like maybe im physically dependent. What should I do?

  129. Hi Lola. No need to worry about getting Valium out of your system is you have a prescription. Just take the prescription with you to the drug screen and even if diazepam is still in your system, the drug screen will report NEGATIVE for abuse as long as the diazepam metabolites are within an expected normal range.

  130. It depends on Everything guys,,, same as any other illicit or prescription drug, what have ya,,,,, age, activity,metabolism, diet ,duration, amount, etc. etc………….If your active,good diet ,lots of water and theraputic amounts,,,good after 3-5 days,,,if you have a script, no worries…………………….

  131. Hi,
    I got prescribed 2mg of valium for my anxiety (pretty much nothing) a few days ago but didn’t need one until today. So I took one 2mg tablet today – Friday (which didn’t really feel like it did anything), and then got a phone call for an interview next Wednesday, though I doubt the medical will be ON the day of the interview.

    Does anyone know how long it will take for ONE 2mg dose to get out of your system?
    I have never ever taken them before, this was the first one ever, as I said I was only just prescribed them.
    So the interview is just over 4 days away and like I said I assume the medical will be within the few days AFTER that so it could be even longer.
    Will it be gone?

  132. Hi Emma. If your last dose of diazepam was in early May and you really use Valium ONLY on occasions that are so infrequent…yes, the 2.5 mg of Valium you took yesterday can be considered a “one time dose”.

  133. Hello,
    Some google-ing has brought me here. I occasionally use small doses of valium to overcome anxiety attacks, however unfortunately it is not prescribed to me.

    I used 2.5mg yesterday, having last used about 10 mgs on a stressful day in early May- so I am wondering does my use yesterday count as a one time use? I received an unexpected telephone interview today, and I may have a drug test sometime next week with this company so I am worried now. 🙁 I would really appreciate some advice, thank you.

  134. Hi Guzman. Valium has a notoriously long half life, and a pretty long detection window. I guess that you’ll have to take the pre-employment drug screen when you are asked to…and submit your aspirations to the results. Can you request a hair sample analysis should your drug screen come back positive?

  135. I do not use drugs but I was given a 1 10mg Val on July 7 for a headache. I took an at Home Drug Test by pharmatech on July 27 and the line for the negative was very faint. According to the instructions it says that REMEMBER – EVEN A VERY FAINT LINE IS A NEGATIVE RESULT. But I will be having a pre employment D test sometime in the next two weeks and I am worried. Any thoughts or comments?

  136. Hi Got that wrong. Sorry to hear about your mishap. Yes, single dose, single occasion use of diazepam SHOULD be out of your system one week after ingestion. Please let us know how it goes.

  137. I accidentally took 2 Diazepam 5mg tablets, I thought they were my Codeine tablets for my shoulder.

    Got a nasty surprise when I did a drug test for a new job!!

    Fail… That was a week later, they want me to do another test. Will it be out of my system in time, I guess I’ll find out the hard way.

    But reading through all the questions and replies, has helped a lot.
    Thanks to everyone on this BLOG


  138. I think that the one thing that you can do to ease your mind is to get a home test and screen yourself…we don’t advise on how to test negative for drug screens. But you can take this action and get rid of the anxiety you feel!

  139. Do you think it will help if i drink water.. i used to take them had a perscription but i got on methadone so they are real strict cause they are scared your going to o.d… thats why i don’t take them.. like i said i shouldn’t have done it and i regret it.. i just was so over whelmed.. i definatly learned my lesson.. from now on i will do other things that won’t cause me problems to relieve my stress!! thanks.. just please tell me anything else i can do to help?

  140. Hi Danielle. Single, one time use of Valium SHOULD BE metabolized within 5 days of dosing. However, not everyone is the same. Do you still have a prescription for the Valium? Although it may have been years ago, it might still be helpful to take the script with you to the drug screen, in the case that you test positive. Medical Review Officers know that drug addicts don’t “hold on” to old prescriptions to get high…it’s the people that are using medicines as prescribed who don’t constantly need to renew a prescription…so that might help.

    Good luck!

  141. I recently took 50 mg of valium this last sunday.. because i was all stressed out i took 30 on saturday and 20 on sunday.. do you think they will be out before tomorrow (friday) 4 days later ~ if i drink alot of water.. i haven’t took them in years before this.. i might have a drug screen and i am very concerned!! please help! i keep hearign it may take months and it is scaring me!! thanks

  142. hey i took 2 valiums that where 5mg i was just wondering how long will they be in my system so i can take a drug test??? i have never done them before and i just only took 2 5mgs

  143. Hello Rapsody. Thanks for your question. We do not make suggestions on how to pass a drug screen. But one time only doses of diazepam general clear the system are not detected in urine tests if you wait at least five (5) days after you take Valium. But keep in mind that every person’s metabolism is different AND that we recommend a policy of complete honesty when it comes to drug testing.

  144. I have taken 10 blue valium on Saturday May 8.I want to put in for new job but In afraid I cant pass drug screen. How long should I wait to put in for this job?

  145. if your stop taking vallium i would go see doctor u may take a fit and your no wantin that if no one else is there u could swollow your touge

  146. Good to know, that’s very helpful. I really appreciate the input here from people that have experience. It’s helping me to keep things under control BEFORE it gets to be a problem and to know what to look for, and for that I am immensely grateful.

  147. Hi dizzy.Thanks for your question. Diazepam is a tricky one, as withdrawal can be protracted and depends on amounts and frequency of use. From what I’ve read, Valium withdrawal onset can begin anywhere from 1 day to 10 days after discontinued use.

  148. Quick question. If you were going to have withdrawal symptoms, about how soon after you stop taking Valium would you feel the withdrawal?

  149. aye gaz back on my script at last i dont know how there alould just to strike you off i was on 80ml a was withdrawn for weeks its the craveing that are the hard part dont you think

  150. Going Mad….just stick with it, you’ll start feeling much better after 4 weeks max. well done so far, just keep at it :0) Gary

  151. Makco,

    I know mate – it can actually stay in yr system for up to 6 weekswi pee tests. the courts are using swabs now cos it will be out of that part of yr system in 5 days max. thats what i meant, sorry if u picked me up wrong. hope yi get back on yr script soon pal, all the best, Gary

  152. gaz from wot i know and ive been a big vallie user for years and been struk off my methadone no that long ago is that dizapam can be in your pee for any thing between 2weeks and 28 days dont listen to that piss about 3-5 days there on drugs mate

  153. Hello GoingMad. Thanks for your question. And good for you for stopping the Valium habit. Have you consulted with your family doctor? Medical supervision is ALWAYS suggested during periods of withdrawal and detox from medications. But you should know that there is a phenomenon called PAWS, or post acute withdrawal syndrome during which certain symptoms persist over the course of a few weeks to a few months, or even 6 months after last exposure to RX drugs. Learn more about this, and seek medical help for your symptoms because there are pharmaceutical or lifestyle interventions which can help treat this.

  154. Im so scared. I stopped taking Valium 10 days ago, I was taking 20-30 mg about 3 times a week for about 7 months. Now I feel so crappy I don’t know what to do. I want off of them, but my question is, do you think it’s outta my system yet? When can I expect to feel better? How long can this feeling last? Thank y’all.

  155. Hi pep. Good for you! Your actions are a great example for others who may want to do the same. Let us know how it goes after a couple of days!

  156. Thank you for your support… It really means a lot to me, my psychiatrist was trying to put me on other medications for sleeping but my body was reacting really strange way, so with my doc’s ok I’ve stopped them; i’ve had another sleepless nite & I’m pm day 11 with no diazepam, trying to do breathing at nite to relax my nervous system, do exercise & trying to go day by day since i’m deadly exhausted… Thank you for saying that this will not go forever…. I’ve returned all remaining pills to my doc bc I was getting tempted just to take some a couple of nites back…. I know that I havd to be strong & positive thanks to all of you…..

  157. pep, a friend of mine came off her Xanax (with the doctor’s ok) and the same thing happened to her with the not sleeping. her doctor put her on 2 months of Ambien (sleeping pill) and now she’s off that and able to sleep on her own. i hope you can find something that works for you.

  158. Pep, it’s different for different people. I know that’s not what you wanna hear but I’m not gonna lie and say it’s gonna last a few days, or even a week (which it might). One thing I can say, however, is that it wont last forever. I was ‘awake’ for 30 odd days once and it was an absolute waking nightmare! You get all this advice about it…’take a nice hot bath with relaxants’….’don’t drink caffeine after 6pm’….’read a boring book’. It’s all BS! I know it’s hard to find the motivation but the best thing to do is get up and do shit. Work/exercise/eat healthy – things we, as humans, should be doing anyway. Drain yourself! I found through my own experience that doing stuff is the way to go…Just don’t take tablets, even other things like Z drugs! Stay away from it all and walk through the sleep barrier alone. You will get there. Persistence and determination are everything in your position…

  159. Hi pep. I’m sorry to hear that you aren’t sleeping. Sleep deprivation is really awful. What does your prescribing doctor say about the insomnia?

  160. I’ve stopped taking diazepam last week, taking recently 1.5 mg to 1 mg, than I’ve stopped taking it completelly; 4 years ago for my sleeping problems I”ve got lorazepam and then I was switched to clonazepam by my family doctor as a drugs to help me with my sleeping problems; then my psychiatrist has prescribed me diazepam 7.5 mg in the first place to take me off from clonazepam, I was going slowly with tapping off clonazepam and them fianlly since last august, I’ve stopped taking it staying only on diazepam until last week; Ive stopped taking diazepam last week and since then my sleep disappeard, not sleeping at all….. how long would this take to get back to my “normal” stage…….

  161. michelle, well done/congrats with the pregnancy! great news! so your doing this for the two of you and cant afford to slip up even if you wanted to. being pregnant is the one thing that has had me witness miracles when it comes to women givin up addictive substances. my sister, who is a total bag of nerves, stopped smoking for her three pregnancies (she started right back up straight after right enough but never in front of the kids!
    anyway, what i have learned, along my own agonizing road, is that no matter how awful, unmotivated and tired you feel – keep going and keep doing things. it’s only really tough if you allow it to be!
    Well done again x

  162. Congratulations on the pregnancy! And it sounds like you have a competent psychiatrist who is working with you together for a healthy mental state. Keep on going, and let us know how you are in a couple of weeks and when the tests come clean.

  163. thanks guys for your support. i have just recently got a new psychiatrist and it is him that wanted me to stop using the diazepam as i am pregnant. he said it will be better for the baby. i do weekly drugs tests at the moment. got tested today and it was of course positive for benzos! I have been managing the withdrawals by resting a lot when needed and trying to stay as mentally strong as possible. i use a lot of the coping techniques that i have learnt in my therapy too. as uncomfortable as it is i can cope with the nasty physical withdrawals all day long. its the mental stuff that knocks me more. from charting my withdrawals i have come to learn what days i will feel ill and how long it lasts for. i find this helpful as i know its not going to last forever no matter how bad it gets. i am a little scared that once the diazepam is out of my system completely it will trigger a whole lot of different and worst withdrawal but i guess only time will tell.

  164. michelle, do yourself a favour and look in the mirror and tell yourself, “I have climbed the mountain, it’s all downhill from here!” Be proud, you are over the worst stick with it, the valium will not be working in your system by now; however, it will still give positive samples for a few weeks – that’s just the rubbish coming out of you! Well done xxx

    Admin….can you please state at the top that, if being p tested, valium can show for up to 5 weeks please, thanks :0)

  165. Hi Michelle. I see. You are most likely right thinking that diazepam will be in your system for a while. Long acting benzodiazepines are notorious for staying in the body for long periods of time. But you should not really be feeling the drug’s effects because drug levels are no longer consistently high enough to cause action.

    So you are taking occasional drug tests at the psychiatrist’s office? Does your psychiatrist know that you want to stop using diazepam? How are you managing withdrawal symptoms?

  166. I was prescription addicted and taking it as prescribed by the psychiatrist. it was a regular and chronic dose but i thought as it was such a low dose it wouldnt take long to come out of my system. i am now on day 7 of no diazepam. have never got this far before in the 11 years i have been taking it. getting tested tomorrow which i know will be positive. i am now thinking it might still be testing positive for the next 4 weeks at least.

  167. Hi Michelle. Thanks for your question. Were you taking diazepam as prescribed? If so, just present your prescription to the Medical Review Officer at the drug testing facility, and your screen should come up NEGATIVE. If not, it is most likely that regular or chronic diazepam doses will not be totally out of your system 2 weeks after withdrawal.

    Does this help?

  168. I have been on diazepam for 11 years. not a high dose. i have been stable on 4mg for the last 8 months. i have been reducing since february and stopped taking it on wednesday. the withdrawals have been hell and i was just wondering how long do you think it will take to come out of my system. i was hoping to test negative in 2 weeks but from reading the posts on here i think im fooling myself.

  169. Hi Patricia. Therapeutic use of Valium usually clears the body within a week of dosing. But each body is different. If you wait for a few more weeks, the diazepam shuld be totally cleared and you will test negative again. Also, just to let you know…if you present your hospital records or order for Valium, a drug screen should should NEGATIVE if you have been using Valium as prescribed.

  170. I was in a detox around the
    5th of this month. I was given valium 10mgs for a few days. After that I was given a f,ew shots of Ativan in the hospital. I am still coming up positive in urine screens and was wondering why its still in my system. What is the longest it can stay present in the system?

  171. Hi Kiko. Snorting Valium affects the onset of action, and not the metabolism of Valium. So it will take about the same amount of time to leave your system and go undetected for a drug screen – about 5 days.

  172. I took 3 10 mg valliums 40 days ago how long does it take for it to get out of your system because i am still failing for benzos?

  173. if you take any amount of valium – you will 99% of the time fail a pee test 4 weeks later. if you take valium recreationally, say maybe 15/20 blues every so often – you will 99% of the time fail a swab up to 3 weeks later. if you have just had the odd one, with a swab – it will be gone in 5 days max 99% of the time. if you are prescribed valium, i would think, surely, that you would be ok anyway – with regards to tests for new jobs etc. anxiety is an illness after all. as long as you aren’t on a massive dose, i can’t see why it would be a prob! one blue a day isn’t gonna make you forget to switch off a machine and, as a result, be responsible for a co-worker being turned into hamburger meat! if they ask, tell them… drinking water and stuff like that makes no difference with valium. you cant “flush it out”, the way some one would if they had an opiate (heroin/codeine/morphine) prob and wanted to pass a test. ‘z drugs’ do not show up as benzos on tests. valium withdrawals are dangerous. yeh, some people can just stop heroin, be tough, soldier on, alone. however, benzos (valium, xanax, mogodons, ativan etc) should not be treated so lightly – there is a serious risk of fitting and the risks that go with fitting, even if you are reducing gradually. dont do that shit alone! have someone , tell someone, go somewhere – anything just to make sure you dont end up a stat!

  174. Steven Weiss – Regarding your comment as to how …”Anyone taking 10 milligrams of Valium/day for anxiety,ect should be in no position to work …”

    As a person who suffers from anxiety,and the(panic-attacks) come on QUICK,and this is one of the reasons its been prescribed to me .

    There are allot of people in stress related positions that need medications like this,if not daily,then once in a while.My uncle is an officer,and is also prescribed klonopin.

    Please know the facts before making comments about drugs,ect 🙂

  175. correct me if i am wrong but Xanax is a more powerful drug than aunt salls. tthey all cos slight with d’s but it s what you wanna experience. a lot can be said for positive will power and the need to do it, good luck!

  176. Hi Dave. You might want to go in to a detox/treatment facility for the short term medical detoxification of Xanax. At the least, experts recommend that you always consult your doctor before discontinuing the use of Xanax (alprazolam). Detox centers will monitor your symptoms and may make recommendations for medications during withdrawal Abruptly stopping Xanax can cause withdrawal symptoms and is not recommended.

    Does this help?

  177. I am 60 and have been taking Xanax at rate of .05 mg for past 2 years for sleep. Stupid me. I do not smoke or drink. I have never gotten high or buzzed on xanax.
    Is Valium prescribed by a doctor as a way to get off this stuff or should I consider going to a treatment facitliy for a 4-5 day medical recovery? I want off this crap.

  178. 2cool, you will pass a swab test but very unlikely you will pass a pee test. good news is, i am quite sure the majority of courts are using swabs now! good luck dood!

  179. Thanks for the reply Gaz. I ended up not using any for the past 5 weeks and was fine and then used 1 dose a few days ago and it worked like a charm. Idk if it’s going to be a case where sometimes it just hits me wrong or something. Meds are confusing things.

  180. Gaz, I have a question… I was popped a while back and i have a drug test on the 11th due to my arrest… I am young, healthy and I weigh 180 (a little chubby but healthy). I took 15mg of Valium about 2-3 weeks ago and I’m wondering if I will pass my drug test… I am not a frequent user… actually the last time I used it before 2-3 weeks ago was in november (25mg) so I’m even less than occasional… I’m definitely not addicted but it is safe to say I made a mistake by taking this drug 3 weeks ago… In your honest opinion, with the low amount that I took and the rare use of this drug, plus I’m 18 so I’m still young, do you think it will be out by the 11th?

  181. Hi Carl. Thanks for your question. We will answer this question in a new topic and separate article as soon as we can.

  182. dizzy, dunno if you got an answer or not – dont have the time to read every sentence of every post unfortunately! would seem to me that you have gotten yourself a tolerance. if thats the case, you have 2 options – stop them completely, well, withdraw slowley or tell your doc and ask him to up yr dose (from my own experience, i wouldnt go down that route but its your life and your decision! talk it over with the doc, whatever you guys decide, all the best friend x

  183. also, michael sullivan -i agree with you totally on the subject of horror stories. its best not to hear any of that shit if you have a problem with prescribed drugs, cos with the correct planning, reduction and after-care, it can be a whole lot easier than a lot of the ‘war stories’ would have people believe. these stories infiltrate people’s minds. we all know the power of the mind. maybe we should have a small rule on this page, and i admit to talking of my own ‘war stories’ probably; why dont we agree not to say anything that could add to someone’s suffering. it’s a hard one but i’m sure that we can get round it with a little bit of extra effort. we are all here, after all, cos we care…are we not? thanks for opening my eyes to this mate. its a very, very dangerous thing when you really think of it! good luck to you mate!

  184. Smiles, I really feel for you – that must have been a horrible, terrible and dreadful experience; personally, I would asses all rapists, child molesters and anything else that comes close, psychologically. If they did not pass…well, now is not the time nor place . However, “druggie” is an awful term to use – everyone is a “druggie” for some reason. I started talking hard drugs when I was 14, hanging out with older people who shoulda known better. I was just a child and had been abused as a 4/5/6/7/8/9 year old. So, my question to you is – do I fall into the “druggie” category or am i an ok one like you??? You are addicted to a heavy duty sedative Smiles, doesn’t matter what your reasons are for getting addicted – you now are. so you, my dear, are as much of a “druggie” as anyone else on this page. If you are being prescribed by the doctor – it is no concern of your employer – unless its a heavy machinery/driving etc job. If you want the job desperately, just say you had “issues in your childhood” its like saying it but without going into detail. I’m sure you know the statistics for rape/molestation/child abuse – you are the survivor here – that shows a helluva lot of will, want and character. You have come this far, just a few more steps pal. good luck to you pal x

  185. we know that dmx, the suppresant in over the counter cough syrup can show up as pcp on a urine drug test but how about gualfenesin. the other ingredient in alot of cough syrups. does it show up as anything illegal or what. thanks.

  186. Yeah, for those of you that seem to think that everyone on here is a druggie, (even those that are only reading) we’re not all. Some of us have different reasons for asking these questions- searching for the answers. Myself, personally, I was raped… And I ended up taking valium just to be able to leave the house. However, I have a pre-employment drug screen. If I fail, then I lose a wonderful opportunity… However being the subject matter for the cause of the “abuse”- I would rather not disclose to the employer (even if it would save me a job, I’m shaking while typing this). Thanks.

  187. Hi sevenstars77,
    I just read your post with interest but I wasn’t sure what you meant by,’Goldenseal’.. I understand what,’Goldseal’ is but I don’t think thats what you are refering to. What is it?

  188. first of all, thank you all for your honest posts, especially you Gaz. I sympathize with you, although I don’t have an addition (or certainly one to valium) I sympathize with you becuase I work in an inpatient pharmacy and am a narcotics technician, so I am responsible for tracking the flow of anything level 1-5 in and out of our vault.

    My point-I see addicition start with one pill now and then-and not just in patients, but in actual hospital staff. We track who calls and how much and how often and well, let me tell you-everything is tracked. But I see how the addiction builds and almost compels people, smart educated, “should know better people” into a spiral over a period of time.

    I just wanted to say that any of you who want certified licensed info, just call a hospital and say to the operator ” transfer me to the IN-PATIENT pharmacy ” and we (our pharmacists) are required to answer whatever question you ask. out of hospital calls do not reveal the number in the pharmacy and no name is required to be given, no insurance questions are asked. The hospital pharmacists are required to tell you whatever drug info you ask, and it is considered confidential, there is no documentation, unless you are actually a patient or just having left the hospital and it is a follow-up.

    For the lady who said she was worried about taking a test and failing becuase she was going to apply for a new job- you shouldn’t need to worry. You can’t be denied for a job, with drugs (legal) in your system, IF YOU HAVE A VALID PRESCRIPTION. Unless of course it would effect your ability to drive or work macchinery- ie to actually execute the tasks on the job applying for.

    lastly, yes i had a friend who was taking some stuff (they had a wild after-work life”, and well they swore on taking goldenseal three times a day and juice for 5 days (thats it no food) and EVERYTIME made it through a pee test.

    I haven’t been through that, becuase where I work, becuase of my access to medicines of all levels, we have a hair sample taken- and all drugs that I know, are stored in the hair. so, nothing could be eliiminated from my system-becuase of that I wouldn’t ever try!!

    hope something in here helps…

  189. Hi, I’ve posted before but I have a different question and need help ASAP. I take Valium for vertigo only occasionally (5 to 10 mg. a month usually or less) and the last 3 doses, a half hour in, I was incredibly anxious, nauseated, vomiting, panicking, diarrhea, and instead of helping my vertigo, it made it worse. Can this all of a sudden happen after months of having it work? Usually I get very calm and sleepy and it dumbs down my dizziness and motion intolerance (vestibular supressant effect). I used it 5 mg. 3 times a day for a week about 8 months ago, and then over the past 7 months have only used maybe 10 doses of the 5 mg. so I don’t use it a lot. I’m just really confused and now I’m anxious that I don’t have that crutch for the bad spin attacks… Thank you so much for taking your time to help people struggling.

  190. Hi Tim. Thanks for your question. Valium and other drugs are metabolized in internal organs, especially the liver. So drinking water has little effect on how long Valium stays in the body.

  191. I read posts by people saying how desperately they want to come off downers. I hear all the reasons why they can’t come off and live a normal life. I think a lot of this is because they read all the horror stories from other users and are shit scared of what will happen if they suddenly stop. At the end of the day it all comes down to one thing, how seriously do you want to quit, how important is it and are you really looking at the alternative.
    Of course it’s a bloody horrible experience withdrawing from benzo’s as it is with any drug. But that’s the price you pay for dabbling on cloud nine. The thing you really need to tell yourself is that withdrawal doesn’t last forever. Once you are commited you need to look at how you are doing not on a daily basis because you will not notice any difference. You should check how you feel once a week. You will notice an improvement over a seven day period and each week the improvement will be greater each week until one day you realise you are back to your normal self. But with all adictive drugs, it’s one thing comming off, but it’s another story staying off. You say to yourself, ‘Just one wont hurt, I can handle that’. I have fallen into that trap, because I didn’t take into account the golden rule, ‘ONES TOO MANY, AND TWO’S NOT ENOUGH’.
    Some people can take drugs and never get addicted, where as others actually have an adictive nature.If you have ever been hooked on anything the chances are you will get hooked on anything that alters the way you feel. You can’t take it once and leave it alone, because it made you feel so good, you cant wait to try it again. Because the second time is never as good, you end up doing more and more to try and reach that same high you got first time round. Of course you never will, its like climaxing, the first time is totally mind blowing.
    Different drugs will cause different withdrawall symptons. Heroin is very physical, you get very sick and every nerve in your body feels as if it is being attacked,every inch of your body is going through hell and sleep is impossible so it’s a 24 hour thing with no respite. But, most people can come off in two weeks, then another couple of weeks to build up your strength and get back to normal. The biggest problem a recovering smackhead faces is totally staying away from old friends and places where you used to score.If your partner is still using, you got no chance.You gotta make some real life changing decisions.
    I think that vallium and other downer type drugs have a load of different problems to overcome. I could be wrong but in my experience, a lot of people who take downers are in a minority and tend to get wasted by themselves and has for many years been an older persons drug of choice. That is just my opinion and not necessarily true.
    Those drugs will play havoc with your nervous system and withdrawing from them is totally different from opiate withdrawall. It’s no better, just different. In many ways it is a lot harder coming off downers than it is coming off ‘H’.
    I have suffered opiate withdrawall many times but I have never had fits and thought that I was dying, but on pills like valium, rohypnol, seconal, tuinol, in fact their are loads of them, many i have never heard of, but they will all cause you to have what a doctor once told me was a ‘Barb fit’. Obviously thats not the medical term but he put it in a language that I would understand.
    If you really wanted to come off any of the benzo drugs, and your scared of having fits, your doctor will help you and should give you some capsules to stop the fits and if you want to come off bad enough, you will put up with the rest of it and tough it out. If your not prepared to do that, then it just means that you are not ready to comit yourself and take the plunge. Despite what you hear and read, if you go about it sensibly, you wont come to any harm. It wont be nice but it wont kill you either. But taking them pills will kill you. I have lost more friends over the years than I care to remember because they accidentlly overdosed on downers.
    But the important thing is that it can only come from you, only you can decide, no one can make you give it up. Only you.

  192. im not addicted i took some go to sleep now i might have a job oppertunity and im wondering if i drink a lot of water will it get out of my system

  193. I took 20 tablets of D-10 valium in the past 2 weeks how long will that stay in my system im worrried about what my mother would say to me ?

  194. hey guys. i commented on the blue val awhile back. since then i found a site where you can buy your own home drug test. yes drug stores have them too but i trust this’s the same pee test a lot of places use., just pee in a cup and dip this thing in and it tells you all you need to know. now they have a five panel test which doesn’t cover everything. but i got the 10 panel test and it shows everything an employer might want to know. or probation officer or whoever. it shows benzodiazapene, opiates, barbituates, methamphetamines, pcp, pot, plus a few others. the name of the place is uritox . it’s called a dip test. it is a little expensive, 5 to 8 bucks per dip test, but if you get one from the drug store it might cost up to 50 bucks and you can only use it one time, and may have to send it off to be read. i bought one and opened it and didn’t see the little dip things and found out they wanted me to mail the test to them so i took it back and got on here and found the exact thing i was seeking. same thing the employer was using. so if i had known i could get these things and took the test at home before going there to take one i would have been better off. i failed 3 test in a 4 week period. the benzodiazapene was the only thing showing up. so i have not taken any in about 7 weeks and some days i feel like i really need one too,but i manage. hell been taking the stuff since 1973 on and off. so i hope it is out of my system just in case. good luck to you all. c

  195. From our research, we concur. Chronic use (1+ years) of benzodiazepines can be detected 4–6 weeks after last dose in urine. Do you have a medical reason for taking Valium, Melissa?

  196. melissa,
    i have done a LOT of reading and it says you should never cold turkey off it when you have been using for so long, it could give you seizures and be really dangerous. i have a friend that’s a pharmacist and she said even in 25 days, it’ll still show up.

  197. I have a drug test asap but can put it off for 25 days.. I have been using for 3 years 20mgs dailty, whats it gonna take for me to pass? Its real important cause I could lose my methadone if i do not pass this time

  198. agreed michael, worse than smack, crack, meth – the lot. the worst drug out there is valium. stay away. and if your doc asks about different pills, just say, “is it a benzo” – cos its the same family and they are all as bad as each other.

  199. Back in the 80s I was well addicted to valium. I was taking on average 30x10mg a day. I conned just about every doctor in east London till they sussed me out. Plus I was buying them. When I didn’t have any I was having fits which was really scarey, like I was dying, my mind was being ripped out of my head. I was so shakey I couldn’t hold a cup of drink without splashing it everywhere.
    I decided to go to my nans, by the coast where I didn’t know anyone I could get any from. But I was really bad and having 3-4 fits a day and it was really frightening my nan so I went to a doctor and laid my cards on the table. e put me on ‘ epinutin’. Not sure if the spelling is correct. He said it would block the fits and allow me to get well. In the end the main reason I took the valium was cause I was terrified of the fits. Just knowing that I wasn’t going to ‘fit out’ made it possible to come off the pills. It took me a good three months and it was horrible, my nerves were shot to hell, I shook all the time and the slightest noise made the hairs on my neck stand on end. I was a total wreck.
    The good news is that it doesn’t last forever, even though at the time you think it will. Slowly but surely you do get better until one day you realise that it’s all over.
    That period of my life was without a doubt, the lowest I’ve ever been and I have never had a inclination to take any type of benzo’s again.
    I am 64 years old now and their aint many drugs I aint tried but they have gotta be the worse. Trust me, they are worse than smack once they take a hold.

  200. I have a question. I use between one 5 mg. and four 5 mg. pills a month (so between 5 and 20 mg. per month). Sometimes during a rough patch, I’ll use three 5’s a day (15 mg.) for a few days at a time, then nothing for a month or so. It’s very sparodic and random. They are doctor prescribed to use as needed and I don’t use them unless I really have to.

    My question is, if I can go 1 month or 6 weeks even sometimes with nothing, but then other times I’m using 10 mg. a week, if I do that over years and years, will I have physical dependence which would lead to withdrawals? I’m not worried about tolerance. I don’t take them often enough for that to be an issue (usually anyway). I’m trying to figure out how much use per month would lead to an issue. I know it’s probably a bit variable from person to person, just just wanted some thoughts.

  201. ” If you are still taking valium twice a week, whatever the dosage, it should still be in your system ”

    Hi gaz , thanks for taking the time to reply . I did not ask the right question that i wanted to ask . I will try again.

    What i meant to ask is that between taking doses of Valium , given that is only 1 mg a night , & of course i do realize that there has been accumulation over time , but even that is gradually getting smaller , do you think that taking 1 mg Wednesday night that there is very little or no Valium by the time i take the next 1mg reduction dose Sunday night .

    I do plan to take the Valium reduction down slowly – pace will be dictated by withdrawal symptoms . I withdraw usually at 1mg a month . If a window opens for me to withdraw quicker , i will take it . The question i ask is very important to me , as it would be the first time in a decade that there would be no Valium in my system , if the dosage is so low that in-between reduction doses i am at last Valium free for part of that interval . I realize that this not an exact science , but i would welcome your thoughts .

    Thanks David

    ( PS . I cannot wait to get off these pills . To feel healthy again , will be like starting life all over again)

  202. David, what i would say would be to half your amount again. you obviously have no concerns over drug test issues and your main concern appears to be when to stop. What i would recommend is that you take half of one of these tablets on the wed and sun nights for another while (you’ll know better than me how long its been taking you). Then, take it down to just once a week. I would even go as far as ‘halfing the half’. Your main prob now will actually be psychological but thats as real as anything else when you are experiencing it. Do answer your original question, If you are still taking valium twice a week, whatever the dosage, it should still be in your system. However, if you are getting them prescribed then you are safe. Anything else, just ask man :0)

  203. @ Gaz , you’re a good guy to spend your time on here helping people . I have been withdrawing from Valium slowly now for about nearly 2 yrs. I was taking approximately 70mgs a month , only at night for insomnia . I am now down to 2mgs a week. It has been hell withdrawing . Unfortunately for me although my total usage was not that high , i had been taking them for over a decade , & that made withdrawal so much more difficult. I now take 1mg on Wednesday night , and 1 mg Sunday night , & have been doing so for 1 month until the next step down . Do you think Gaz that there is still Valium in my system ? Appreciate your thoughts , or anyone elses . Thank you .

  204. I took 10mg of valium almost 3 months ago and it still is showing up in my urine test can anyone give me any answer of how long it will take to leave my system i took about five to six 10mg.valium i bought a drug test to take at home and it still shows benzo’s are in my system i am really getting worried any advice will help me out



  206. Hey AB. If the test method is a swab, you’ll be fine, if it’s a pee test then im afraid to say that it usually takes the full 4 weeks. The blue tablets are 10 mgs. Good luck!!!

  207. Hi AB. I guess you’re just going to have to trust that it is the case that Valium will be out of your system by Friday. Do you know what drug tests the company requests? Also, do you know what doses you took and when? And how’s your health?

  208. Okay.So I have been going through a very rough time in my life & my close friend gave me a few valium to take to calm my nerves.Im not sure what MG they are,theyre round & blue.The last time I took one was on Sunday,its now Tuesday & I just got called in for an interview & I know for a fact that they drug test you & I am worried that it wont be out of my system if they do decide to give me a job! They will probably ask me to take one by friday if they decide to hire me & the last I took one was sunday,should it be out of my system? I dont take these all the time.Just this past 2 weeks,I have took maybe 4,sooo any help would be appreciated….I am so worried,cause I really need this job!! & I AM NOT a druggie in anyway shape or form!

  209. yeh nancy, thats basically it – 4/5 weeks in urine and i’dgive it 5 days if its just a swab and you arent taking alot (by “a lot” i mean like maybe 20 blues at a time, if you are jst taking the odd two or three, defo 5 days with a swab – urine and u are screwed tho!)

  210. Valium can be detecting at least up to 1 month in urine. I have been off of Valiums for more then 4 weeks now and it still shows up in my system. I know because I just failed my drug test!

  211. well i am 60 yrs old and have been taking valium on and off since 1973 or so. it is a good drug for alcoholics who would like to quit because it fires on the same brain receptors as alcohol tricking the brain into thinking you are still drinking. it is helpful weaning yourself off of alcohol is what i mean. as long as you don’t start liking the val too much and taking more and more of it as i have seen so many people do in the past. i have used it many times for a nervous hangover and it helped me thru the day. but now that i am older and no longer drink i do not need it. maybe once in awhile when i get hyped up. i am naturally a little hyper anyway. hell they had me on thorazine in the 6th grade because i couldn’t sit still that long. and i went for a drug test a couple of weeks ago and still had signs of val in my system after 2 weeks since i took it. i usually break a 10 mg in half or 3 or 4 parts. just a little something to calm me down at times when i get hyper. but in this state the d.o.t. doesn’t want anything like that in your system when you drive a truck on the highways. even when you have a letter from your doctor saying you take medicine that may cause a positive reading. i also was taking over the counter tussin d m cough sryup that gives a false – positive reading of pcp showing up. also poppy seeds on baked goods will show up as morphine or an opiate. so i hope none of you get like me , stuck between a rock and a hard place because i can’t take anything for my cough. my codein cough sryup will show up as an opiate, the val will show up as a benzine type thing and the robotussin d m will show up as pcp. so my boss has seen the letter from the doctor and he is tolerant knowing that i sometimes have to take this stuff. i am now just waiting to get the val out of me so i can go back to work. so good luck to you all on your valium ventures.

  212. if you are taking it as you say “every 2 to 4 weeks just one 5 mg pill”, and dont start taking it more frequently, you will be fine mate – no kidding! Horror stories – I was taking that much that when I took more my tolerance was so high that it wasn’t working. I was in constant withdrawals – thats when I decided enough was enough. Just calm down buddy, you will be fine. One yellow every now and then wouldn’t harm a fly (probably literally!)

  213. The doctor doesn’t seem to have too much information. I think I’m going to ask my pharmacist. I definitely don’t have withdrawals or tolerance. I just don’t want to ever get that way in the future. I have read so many horror stories and I’m trying to prevent it from happening to me. Thank you for the answer.

  214. Hi dizz,

    Physical dependence on any drug is characterized by two main characteristics: tolerance and withdrawal. In other words, you need to take more Valium to achieve the same medical effects. And if you stop taking Valium, you go through withdrawal symptoms.

    It seems like your concern about the half life of Valium (it does stay in the system for a long time!) may be confused with physical dependence. But to be sure, simply ask your prescribing doctor for more information. You can even call the office and request a call-back so that you don’t need to go in!

  215. If someone takes 1 Valium every now and then (medically prescribed) as needed, and say it takes a month to come out of your system, and then a month later you take another and you always have some sort of little bit in your system, can you get physically dependent? I take them only as needed for vertigo and usually every 2 to 4 weeks just one 5 mg. pill but I’m terrified of getting addicted physically but nothing else works for me.

    I read that if you have it in your system all the time, your brain stops making the chemical GABA and then when you stop taking the meds and you don’t have any naturally occurring GABA, that’s when you run into trouble with withdrawals.

  216. however, JC. I was getting withdrawal symptoms on 500mg per day. They were giving me withdrawls symptoms when i took them cos my body was so used to getting more, and more, and even some more, every day the 500 wasn’t enough. it woulda taken me an ice age to withdraw.
    Now, there is a difference between “feel so bad” and “Could even kill you”. The difference being – You USUALLY have to have some other condition. I have gone cold turkey from Diamorphine (medical grade heroin), Valium, methadone etc – all the usual “junkie shit” Dont get me wrong, it was not a nice experience but im still here to tell you this story.
    For those lacking in the hope factor….I started using drugs (cannabis, acid, speed) at 11/12. Used valium at first for a “come down” device after raves. Then used Heroin for the same purpose – straight to needles, no smoking (my counsellor thinks it was a form of self harming back then). I partied very hard in my teens, ended up in young offenders institutes for gang shit, became an addict at 19/20 and got into some very heavy shit to pay for the copious amounts I needed. At 21 was sentenced to 4 years for selling illegal firearms. in jail, i still wouldn’t chill; so i spent 1/3 of my time alone in segregation. Psych gave me seroquel, an awful lot and that zombified me. The jail had a good education dept and it was thanks to my art tutor in particular that i began toying with the idea of going back into education when i was released…
    so I did, i moved from the place I grew up, went to Aberdeen, enrolled in a 6 week creative writing course as I didnt have qualifications from school; i flew man. So I got into college, then university and, a busy mind is such a good nemesis to drugs.
    I still have bad days, then again – who doesnt??? Fell in love with the first girl i ever liked at high school – she is amazing.
    So, whatever way you choose to come off, remember – it does get better. sometimes you just gotta push the issue!!!!
    My best wishes to those out there who have had enough of any substances and are willing to try it….and dont let it get to you if you fail a couple of times – you WILL get there if you want it!

    Kindest regards,


  217. i took ten mg.of valium a few times and after a month i still can’t get it out of my system . i think it really depends on the person and how it stays in your system so long you just have to wait and see for your self

  218. Stopping Benzos cold turkey can be dangerous.It could even kill you if you have used it long term.If you have been on benzos long term get with a benzo wise dr.Cold turkey can throw you nervous system in to shock.I went cold turkey off of xanax at a low dose and had to get back on because it made me feel so bad.My dr has crossed me over to 10 mgs of valium a day and i will be doing a slow taper.It takes longer to get off of benzos this way but it is supposed to be safer and more comfortable.

  219. i took diazapam 10mg a few times and it is a month later and it is still showing up in my pee test can someone tell me how long it will take for it to leave my system

  220. I have been a drug addict more than half my life. I know all of this stuff, so here it is, plain and simple…

    Benzos (valium, ativan, xanax etc) will stay in your system for about 4 weeks with a pee test.
    There is no exact science to it because, as human beings, we are all very different.
    With a swab, its different, if you used a few yellows (5mg) on, say, saturday and had a swab on thursday – you’d pass. the prob with the swabs is if you are taking the drugs a lot. so, say before the saturday, you had been swallowing V’s willy nilly for a good week; they’d build up in your system and you’d probably fail.
    As I said, theres no exact science to it but if you dont use valium hardly at all – give yourself 4/5 days before the swab test. If you have a pee test and have used any valium in the past month – you, my friend, are in soapy bubble. I had a mate who took one blue (10mg) and had a pee test almost exactly a month later and he failed with flying colours!

    Dont ever get yourselves addicted either – I got to the stage i was taking at least 50 blues (500mg) per day. I hear you all scoff but it can be done very easily, you build up such a tolerance at such a high speed. Remember its almost impossible to overdose on these damn pills. Went cold turkey – the only way if you wanna get yr act cleaned up. 4/5/6 (such a blur i have trouble remembering) months of hell – pure unadulterated hell. And I know you get folks saying “that was hell” this is hell” everyday but, please believe this voice that is of experience – The real deal….Pure Hell. Wont go into the specifics as people can actually take them onboard their own cold turkey and experience things they otherwise wouldnt have. adios dudes. good luck x

  221. I reworked the figures using excel formulas. If your taking 12mg a day like I am then I have 134mg in my body at any one time. If I come down to 10mg a day then after 30 days I have 112mg in my system. That’s why it takes a long time to come off Valium and why it is dangerous to suddenly stop taking it, especially at higher doses.

    I was taking 50mg a day at one time, I hate to imagine how much was in my system!

  222. Valium ad a half-life of upto 200 hours (8 days) That means if you take 10mg every day you have the following amounts in your system at any one moment in time.

    Day 1 10mg
    Day 2 20mg
    Day 3 30mg
    Day 4 40mg
    Day 5 5mg left from day 1 + 20mg from day 2 + 30mg from day 3 + 40mg from day 4. So after taking diazepam for 5 days and continued use of 10 mg a day thereafter you will always have 70mg in your system.

  223. Steven Weiss,

    I am a nurse that has written many phone orders from doctors for valium and we have never prescribed 2 mg doses. For you to say “should not be applying for any jobs” You have no idea what the issue was for me to take it to start with and I really don’t think I should explain myself to you, but I will for the others that may read your Holier-than-thou post. Someone very close to me passed and I was out of my mind so my mother gave me one to calm me down. You should really think before you post something you don’t know anything about. If you even read my post, it says ONLY TOOK ONE! Wayne is right it can stay in your system for up to a month. The half-life is anywhere from 1 to 21 days (thats how long it can take for just half of dose of valium to leave your system depending on dosage and how long the med is taken it ). Not everyone that may ask a question is a druggie.

  224. wendi…

    I just had a urine test and diazepam showed up……i took it august 3rd…..its 16 days after……

    i took it for 3-4 days though…..40 mg’s a day for those days…..

  225. due too recent weather,causing major problems after an already broken city after an eatrhquake stricken year my spirits and body felt the need of a great sleep and felt in need of a major chill pill so i sorted myself out with vallium & halcion which i took at 6pm,had a very relaxed evening and slept right thru too 9-10am,which definanatley gave me what i desired but now im being asked for a drug urine test it was only 15days ago,should i be looking for a new job???stressed again,but better not do that again.

  226. First of all, someone taking 10 mg of valium has a serious problem with anxiety or migraine’s and probably should not be applying for any jobs, let alone worrying about “testing dirty”. I would hope they would be taking care of the issues necessitating such a high dose of valium. One – two mg’s is a typical dosage. Being a recovering Opiate addict, I am very aware of benzodiazipine’s utilized for taking the edge off. For a person like myself, who was consuming over 9000 mgs of Opiates a month, interspersing the Opiates with handfuls of Benzo’s, detoxed prior to coming into rehab for two weeks at home. It was not easy, but when I came into rehab, I tested clean on the first day. Wayne, I don’t know who you got your “poor” advice from, but I would surely stay away from them in the future.

  227. Wayne,
    How much and how long did you take valium? I took only 1 dose 10mg this Monday 8/8 and had not taken it before and I was wondering how long it would still be in my system also. Need to take drug test for a new job and now I’m scared to death.

  228. I had valuim still in my system 2 weeks after taking it…. the company that screened me said it can stay in your system anything up to a month….

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