What are hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms?

Withdrawing from hydrocodone? Expect to experience hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms such as: sweating, mood changes, and diarrhea. More on why hydrocodone withdrawal happens and how to treat symptoms here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Hydrocodone withdrawal is like a bad flu. Symptoms include nausea, vomiting, and fever. More on what to expect during withdrawal here.


Psychoactive Effects

Hydrocodone is a part of the opioid family of analgesic (painkiller) drugs, derived from codeine. Its use was approved by the FDA in 1943. [1] But how does hydrocodone work?

When you take hydrocodone, it suppresses the pain receptors in the brain and the spinal cord, and slows overall body responses. It also acts on opioid receptors in the central nervous system to trigger euphoria, a feeling of extreme well-being. This is why when you are on hydrocodone you can no longer feel pain and/or can feel a hydrocodone high.

But you also run the risk of developing a hydrocodone physical and psychological dependency and high tolerance levels anytime you take hydrocodone regularly for more than a couple of weeks. This is why the DEA monitors the sales and distribution of hydrocodone, as it falls under a Schedule II drug, classified in the Controlled Substances Act. [2]

Physical Dependence

Dependence is a condition caused by chronic use of a psychoactive drug, in which abrupt or gradual drug withdrawal causes unpleasant physical and psychological symptoms. Drug tolerance is a pharmacological concept describing a person’s reduced reaction to a drug following its repeated use. In other words, people who are hydrocodone-tolerant need to take more of the drug ore often to achieve initial therapeutic effect.

When you develop dependence on hydrocodone AND you decide to stop taking hydrocodone, you will quickly feel the withdrawal symptoms of the medication. Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms occur as your brain and body seek homeostasis after you stop taking the pain killer. Usually, these symptoms begin right when you’re expecting your next dose. Why?

Withdrawal symptoms occur because the body adapts to any drug by adjusting chemically triggered processes. Drugs like hydrocodone deposit chemicals into the brain, “slowing down” the body due to its depressant effects. When this happens over time, your body adapts by “speeding up” processes in order to balance out. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to function.

In other words, hydrocodone withdrawal happens when your brain signals the lack of hydrocodone in the system, but the “quickened” processes take time to slow down again.


Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms can develop within a few hours of your next, expected dose. In fact, you can expect to feel hydrocodone withdrawal begin shortly after a missed dose. It peaks within 12–48 hours, and subsides over 10–20 days. The degree and time that withdrawal takes, however, can fluctuate given your daily dose frequency and amount.

After about 2 to 3 days, people report intense hydrocodone cravings. However, a level of normalcy returns in about a week. Once you have gone through the physical effects hydrocodone withdrawal, you will have to deal with the psychological craving for the drug. This can persist for weeks or months after you quit. So, you’ll need to learn new habits to kick the need to take it again when stressors arrive.

Common Symptoms

In general, withdrawal symptoms are more intense when your hydrocodone prescription dosage has been high.

There are varieties of symptoms you may experience withdrawing from hydrocodone. Early signs of hydrocodone withdrawal can include runny nose, excessive sweating, shedding tears, yawning, dilated pupils, and increased temperature.

Later signs of hydrocodone withdrawal include: loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, a continual or recurrent inclination to evacuate the bowels, goose flesh, weakness, increased blood pressure and pulse, agitation, restlessness, and severe muscle and bone pain.

The most commonly reported symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal include:

  • Cold flashes with goose bumps.
  • Excessive yawning or sneezing.
  • Extreme drowsiness.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Insomnia.
  • Involuntary leg movements.
  • Mood changes.
  • Muscle and bone pain.
  • Sweats.
  • Strong drug craving.

Protracted Symptoms

Acute opioid withdrawal is followed by a protracted withdrawal phase that lasts for up to six months. In fact, some symptoms can continue in the weeks and months after acute hydrocodone withdrawal. These symptoms are called protracted, or post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). Often, PAWS may require additional medical help, as they can be treated with a combination of medications and talk therapy.

Hydrocodone PAWS are characterized by a general feeling of reduced well-being and strong cravings for opioids. This craving often leads to relapse to opioid use. To reduce the risk of relapse, patients should be engaged in psychosocial interventions.

The most commons hydrocodone PAWS include:

  • Anxiety.
  • Cravings.
  • Depression.
  • Mood swings.
  • Trouble sleeping.


In many cases, symptoms can be made less severe or intense when you gradually reduce doses over time. “Tapering” is the medical term for slow dose reduction over time. Consider tapering to a reduced dosage anytime you:

  • Are taking dosages ≥ 50 morphine milligram equivalents /day without benefit.
  • Are taking hydrocodone at the same time you’re benzodiazepines.
  • Do not have clinically meaningful improvement in pain.
  • Experience overdose.
  • Experience serious side effects.
  • Shows signs of addiction.
  • Show signs such as confusion, sedation, or slurred speech.
  • Want to quit for good.

What guidelines can you follow? The CDC Pocket Guide for Tapering Opoids for Chronic Pain suggests that a decrease of 10% of the original dose per week is a reasonable starting point. Some people who have taken painkiller narcotics for a long time might find even slower tapers 10% dosage decrease per month easier. [3]

Do not reverse the taper! This can cause overdose. However, the rate may be slowed or paused while monitoring and managing withdrawal symptoms. Once the smallest available dose is reached, the interval between doses can be extended and hydrocodone may be stopped when taken less than once a day.


Withdrawal is the necessary next step to getting hydrocodone out of your body. Nevertheless, there is no reason that you should suffer during detox. In fact, painful withdrawal decreases likelihood that you stop taking hydrocodone in the long term. The educational, emotional, and psychological support of medical professionals who know about withdrawal is critical!

Doctors typically treat the first stage of withdrawal with medicines that address acute detox symptoms.

What medicines are used in cases of extreme drug dependence? Doctors commonly use methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone to make withdrawal more manageable. Many times, clonidine can be prescribed for symptoms. Anti-diarrheal agents are given when appropriate. Doctors also offer other medications to help treat depression or anxiety, when needed. Long-term opioid substitution therapy may be recommended on some cases.

For specific symptoms the following table resumes their treatment:


Medications that Help

Buprenorphine: This is the best opioid medication for management of moderate to severe opioid withdrawal. It alleviates withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings. Because of its pharmacological action (partial opiate agonist), buprenorphine should only be given after the patient begins to experience withdrawal symptoms. Buprenorphine should be used with caution in patients with:

  • Respiratory deficiency.
  • Urethral obstruction.
  • Diabetes.

Clonidine: The first line of treatment to reduce symptoms is Clonidine. Clonidine is an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist. It can provide relief to many of the physical symptoms of opioid withdrawal including sweating, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, chills, anxiety, insomnia, and tremor. It can also cause drowsiness, dizziness and low blood pressure. Clonidine can also be used in conjunction with symptomatic treatment as required. It should not be given at the same time as opioid substitution. Blood pressure and heartrate monitoring should be taken into account.

Methadone: This medicine alleviates opioid withdrawal symptoms and reduces cravings. Methadone is useful for detoxification. Methadone should be used with caution if the patient has:

  • Respiratory deficiency.
  • Acute alcohol dependence.
  • Head injury.
  • Treatment with monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs).
  • Ulcerating colitis or Crohn’s disease.
  • Severe hepatic impairment.

Anyone who goes through withdrawal should be advised that they are at increased risk of overdose due to reduced tolerance.


People should be monitored regularly (3-4 times daily) for symptoms and complications during hydrocodone detox. The following Short Opioid Withdrawal Scale is a useful tool for monitoring withdrawal. In fact, a few main symptoms can and should be assessed 1-2 times daily. These include:

Add scores for total score:
Compare total score to table below to guide withdrawal management.

It is important to drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day during withdrawal to replace fluids lost through perspiration and diarrhea. Also, vitamin B and vitamin C supplements can help.

Detox At Home?

So, can you detox from hydrocodone safely at home?

The safest way to detox from hydrocodone is under medical supervision.

Still, it is possible to detox at home if you have just started taking it, are in good general health, and have a support system. Be sure that you know what to expect during detox and for how long. You can use this timeline for hydrocodone symptoms for a week-by-week snapshot of most cases of detox.
However, some people do not qualify for detox at home. If have taken hydrocodone for more than a few weeks, medical supervision is strongly recommended to manage tapering, because drug cravings make it harder to deal with withdrawal symptoms. Further, if you are taking other medications or are in poor health, medical detox will be a necessary.


Most experts recommend that you treat withdrawal from hydrocodone under medical supervision. Why? To make sure that you have the support you need to help you to combat the withdrawal symptoms.

Serious problems can appear during the withdrawal process such as recidivism and overdosing with very dramatic complications such as respiratory deficiency and death.
It is also recommended that you be monitored by a physician especially if they are already in charge of your doses. By slowing tapering off hydrocodone, you can minimize the intensity and variety of withdrawal symptoms that you feel.

More Questions?

If you still have any question about coming off prescription meds safety, you are not alone! Feel free to call us or leave us a question in the comments section at the end. We´ll try to answer all hydrocodone withdrawal questions as promptly as we can! Privacy guaranteed.

REFERENCE SOURCES: [1] FDA: Benefit / Risk Assessment Of Prescription Opioid Antitussive Products For Treatment Of Cough In Pediatric Patients
[2] DEA: The Controlled Substances Act
[3] CDC: Clinical Pocket Guide: Tapering Opioids
NCBI: Clinical Guidelines For Withdrawal Management And Treatment Of Drug Dependence In Closed Settings
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  1. I’ve stopped cold turkey
    Used to pop 9-15 10 mg hydro a day .
    I have diarrhea and all the other withdrawl symtoms.
    But I haven’t urinated for almost 3 days now ..
    I’m getting antsy here and I’m scared. Please help

  2. I am trying to get off Norco. I was on a low dose 2 10-325 a day for 5 -6 years for pain. Then I had a knee replacement. Pain killers didn’t work. Was on Percocet in a care center and then 4 -4 Norco a day. Tried to go off and got horrible withdrawal. Now I’m trying to taper. I’m doing 2 a day but feel sick..very hot, sweaty and dizzy. Sometimes slight nausea. Appetite dropped and I found that some carbs helped some if sypmtomd
    I have a prescription of choldine and hydroxine. The first didn’t seem to do much the latter helped me sleep but I was so dizzy I stopped taking it. Am I doing this the best way? Am I tapering too fast? Is there a,way to not feel so sick? If i go off completely I get horrible neck and neck pain.

  3. I had 13 surgeries from a car accident. I was 57 at the time. I was never able to return to work. I was in and still am taking 3 hydrodones per day. Some days only one. Aleve helped more than hydrocodone but I developed a duodenal stomach ulcer. With all the questions about hydrocodone I asked my doctor if I could be addicted and phantom pain occurs. My back operations now have arthritis in it and I cannot seem to stop the pain. I cannot sit. I have to lay over with a pillow but if I take the addictive drug it helps me but only for a couple hours. I am only to take one every 6 hours. I am going to be 73 in only a few weeks but I am always so tired. I take a 3 hour nap everyday. I also suffer from hyperhidrosis and had a sympathetic performed in 2011. I sweat all the time and drink copious bottles of water. Doctors tried notice injections but nothing helps except oxybutrin. I can’t wait till God calls me home because nothing is helping me. I am a prisoner of sweating from chest, back and groin area. As you can imagine I suffer from depression and anxiety and take Zoloft and Wellbutrin. Could the hydrocodone be causing the hyperhydrosis? Could you help me?

  4. I have been taking hydrocodone for years due to a bad surgery and my back,legs and hip pain.Iv told my doctor straight up the truth.I have sever cronic ptsd and I use Marijuana to keep calm.And it helps me eat and be able to relax but does not help the pain.Everything else it does.My question is iv been taken theses for years and I have told the doctor that I keep runing out a week early im on 7.5s i am use to getting a 120 of the 10s.Thats what iv taken for 12 years but he wont up my dose or quanity,i go through this every month.I am a recovering addict but with out my meds i cant get off the bed.When i have them and a little smoke i feel like I can even work again.So what should I do? ????

  5. You can have the withdrawal symptoms for years after stopping and the one thing I have learned is that if you take a tylenol it will bring them all back with hallucinations. So beware and get away from that stuff.

  6. Question I stopped taking oxy after being on the 30 mg for over 11 years swiching back and forrh on suboxone. I had hone into a detox and id beem clean 2 , but I’m still getting those hot flashers at times and my stomach is still burning Me a lot along with lo5s of gas and diarrhea none stop and I’d like to know is this normal?

  7. I was taking 4 10/325 Oxycodone and 3 day fentanal patch 100 mcg. 4 years of taking the pain meds. Have been slowly reducing the patch and am down to 25 mcg patch but have so much pain that the meds barely feel like they are working. I have lower pain near mid back on the scapula. Am dealing with pain mostly all day long and am afraid I just can’t do it. Don’t know if the pain is from nerve or muscle. I’ve tried excercise of the back muscles – swimming, yoga and don’t feel it is muscle related at this point. Possible pinch nerve in neck. Want to get off drugs to see how much of pain is from the drug. Suppose to gradually get of pills by year end per my pain Dr. Pain the last day has been all day. Is the feeling that I can’t go any further with cutting back part of the withdrawal or is this actually pain I will have to endure. I feel desperate because just this last day of feeling the pain all day is unbearable. Especially if the pain never gets any better. Help Jon

  8. I was addicted to hydrocodone after being on it for months on end. I was actually surprised by my body’s reaction when I no longer needed it. I didn’t even know what was happening. When a doctor friend explained it to me, I came up with my own plan to detox. I went cold turkey, but used ibuprofen for the pain, and a natural product called “Tranquil PM” to calm the jitters. I still felt some of the symptoms, but no where near as bad. After three or four days I was better. Because of on going surgeries, etc, I have had to be on it again. Now, I only take it at night so I can sleep, and I just put up with the pain in the daytime. That has worked well. I haven’t needed it for many months now, but I still have more procedures to come.

  9. I am 65 years old and have been taking 6-8 tablets of hydrocodone every day for most of my life ever since I had a football injury. I am now on 7.5 tablets. every now and then the doctors give me oxycodone or morphine tablets instead. I have not taken any hydrocodone for several days now but have severe withdrawal symptoms such as restless arms but most importantly the feeling of impending doom, be alone and death. I do not seem to be interested in much and that feeling of doom and being alone gets stronger. this has been very hard on my wife. I don’t know what to do and could use some advise. Is this permanent does it get worse?

  10. I was on Hydrocodone for 8 years after surviving level 4 cancer. Thanks to congress I stopped taking them Three months ago, and I had pain yes, but no withdrawals. My doctor moved and the clinic offered pain management with steroids and nsaids. I could not take them. I am on the lowest does of Tramadol but you may as well be on high does Tylenol. Are these people really paying out all that money to beat an addiction they think they have. If you are in pain Opioid in 5/500 all is does is mask pain, but when you come off you have the pain and you really should not be addicted, but maybe I am wrong?

  11. My mother is 94 years old and she’s been on hydrocodone for about a year or more so the doctor wanted remover off of it but I’m just saying I don’t think that’s safe could you tell me if it’s safe or not you think she should be admitted in the hospital because of her age

  12. i have no insurance anymore so i ran out of hydrocodone after 4 years!
    i can’t sleep and can’t sit still.
    it’s like i have a small shakey feeling and don’t know what to do.
    Nobody want’s to help someone without insurance.

  13. I am so glad I made it off all that stuff it was the most offal 8 days of nothing but throwing up and shiting,I couldn’t do any thing but lay in my sweat soaked sheets kicking and twitching itching,day and nite then on the ninth day I woke up and it was like all the pain I felt the bad pain was gone I was sore but in a none pain full way.I took a shower cleaned my sheets ,& I will never do that again no thank you.I used every day I think 10 years but I’ve been clean now about 6.if I go to any dentist or doc I am sure to say no pain pills first. I did have to have a apinducks out.So was major,so I told them no more than 1 bottle .tell them first.inportent. but just remembering those 8 days helped me really .I didn’t take them other than nite time and then I ran out. I didn’t really want them any ways.

  14. i took hydrocodone for two weeks aftr my tonsilectomy.i am 34 yrs old..how long will my withdrawal last?..it is jus t aweful how im feeling now

  15. I too am going thru withdrawal from hydrocodone due to knee replacement on July 17, 2017. I took the pills as prescribed from date of surgery and last day finished 8/1/17. Next day started feeling awful (flu like). Have had diarrhea ever since (like water). Most of the other systems have gotten better, but still get the jittery insides, and unable to sleep, just toss and turn. My biggest complaint is the diarrhea. What can I do to get it stop? Finally feel like eating and nothing stays in. I have been drinking water and Body Armour sports drink so I don’t dehydrate issues. Please Help!!

  16. I have been taking half or a Fourth a pill of hydrocodone acetaminophen 10.325 every 6 hour for about two months. I have now stopped as of Thursday Will I have withdrawal symptoms? I only seem to have some headaches which I had before stopping.

  17. I have used vicodin(10 mil/325) 3 or 4 times a day for years. I have lower back pain issues and is prescribed by a doctor. This could probably continue for the foreseeable future, however i dont like being a slave. There wasnt a day that passed that my ol friend vicodin visited me. I quit cold turkey last monday, the 3rd of july. Several days of feeling really crummy, lost, and out of sorts. With seven day behind me..i am sleeping alittle better, wake up easier and am starting to get alittle more energy. I am no longer constipated, seem more calm and focused.
    Do i miss my little friend, oh yeah, but can definitely live without. I am using naproxen for my back pain. After considering the negative and positives…naproxen gonna work just fine.

  18. I broke my ribs while trail riding. The doctor gave me hydrocordone as needed. At first I was taking three a day then two than a day or just one. When the bottle was empty the discomfort started. I was up tight, irritable, and felt quite lousy for at least four days. I am not sure if I will accept this stuff with the next break. I break a bone or two every year as I trail ride as much as possible.

  19. Will the symptoms.of norco withdraws ever go away the anxiety and panic attacks ever ease up ?I cant hardly stand it.Please help !!

  20. I’m having nervousness …I didn’t have one of my pills today it’s like restless leg …But all over my body could this be because I missed a pill

  21. I am writing for my husband. His doctor has completely cut him off his medication of 6 10/325 hydrocodone a day with no taper. I am very worried about him and very furious at the doctors lack of medical care. What can I do to help my husband?

  22. I have been on hydrocodone for 15 years was taking 5/500 4 times a day and 5 years ago changed dose to 5/325 4 times a day. Talked with my pcp and he is helping me detox. Our plans r to cut back to 3 a day. What severity if withdrawal should I expect.

  23. I’m off oxycontin now for about 2 weeks. My doc helped me gradually stop. I still have many symptoms buy the most disturbing one is cough. I have these coughing fits several times a day and at night. My doc have me some cough “pearls” but they don’t work. Will this cough go away? I was on oxy for about 2 years for cancer. My :’doc doesn’t seem to realize how awful this is. .. In public and especially at nite. He ordered muscle relaxers but I don’t want to further more injury to my respiratory system and worsen the cough. Can you advise ?

  24. I was on a 7.5 ~ 325 dosage, one a day, for several years but decided to leave it off. I stopped taking it about 10 days ago and have gone thru the part of wanting to use it. The only problem I’m having is when I go to bed my legs start to bother me. Tingling, feeling cold, restlessness. This usually last for several hours and nothing I take or do seems to help, but once I go to sleep usually around three a.m. when I wake up around 7 a.m. they don’t bother me anymore til I go to bed that night. Hope you can help.

  25. Been taking hydrcodone for 4 years. Started with a scrript but after a while found myself buying them . A lot of them ! I definitely abused them in my mind if I had them I had to take them. So now I’m 12 days clean still have a touch of depression still not 100 percent on my energy! But the hardest part now is learning to live in my body comfortably without them. As much as I hate that they were a huge part of life for me! How can I make that better

  26. Haven’t had any hydrocodone for almost a week after taking 10-325 for about a year. Taking for back pain but also have copd. Oxygen level has gotten as low as 76 and heart has ranged from 123 to 28. If I could get my non and oxygen regulated I think I would get through this on my own . Other main issue for me has been extreme tiredness, have very little energy.

  27. I was prescribed hydrocodone for the past 20 years for medical reasons. I got sick of the hassle to get it refilled. I worked with my dr and we decreased the dosage gradually until I was taking 1/4 a tablet a day. I’ve been off hydrocodone a month. I do have insomnia and have been depressed. I know these are withdrawal symptoms but I’m so glad to be free of the drug. For anyone trying to get off it, work with your doctor. You can do this!

  28. I have a friend that has been taking lorcet 10/350, she has been taking 10 to 12 a day. I need to know how long the withdraws takes after she has been taking that many a day and for that long

  29. I had a knee replacement and Dr. gave me 70 HYDROCODONE/ACETAMIN 5-325MG.
    I have very bad anxiety and depression, I discontinue the medication after 2 weeks and take Advil for my pain, still I have very bad anxiety and depression. My knee is much better and I like to go back to work, but I can not because of my high anxiety and upset stomach. Please let me know how
    what I can do to get ride of my anxiety and upset stomach. I appreciate your help.

    I TAKE 4-5 10 MG PILLS DAily

  31. Having taken two to three 10/325-mg hydrocodone tablets daily for about ten years, I finally decided, Enough is Enough! I am detoxing now on day four after a slow taper. A handy hint for a runny nose (and mine was running like a faucet) is take Nyquil according to the dosing instructions. It helped IMMENSELY in stopping my running nose and sneezing! The main thing that has helped much more is my faith in Jesus Christ, who has been there right with me and given me strength and courage to do this. Good luck everyone and God bless each of you.

  32. I am currently being prescribed 120 Norcos 10mg a day and have occasionally started taking oxycotin 30mg.
    Well I’ve been doing yhis daily a couple years now and I’m so tired of being dependent this way and want myife back!!!
    Im afraid to explain to my pain management doctor because I’m afraid he’ll stop prescribing me anything and I’ll withdrawal and get extremely sick!!
    My question is if I was to tell my doctor would he continue to give me pain medication and withdraw medication at the same time? Or stop me cold turkey.
    Please help me!

  33. I have been taking hydrocodone for a few years to manage knee pain.After having a stomach bug,and episode of dizziness,I have been attempting to wean myself off of it.It is approximately five days.My blood pressure seems to be high(taking it at home,and Drs office).A normal range for me is in the 130/80 range,but it has been spiking to 170/90,and anywhere in between.Coukd this possibly be as a result of taking much less medication,and for the last two days,none?

  34. I don’t see how you get all this withdraws from Hydrocodone. I took Hydrocodone for 2 years due to a back problem and then stopped cold Turkey. I had 2 days of Diarrhea and that was the end.. didn’t even crave it. but I guess everyone body is deferent. So its been 6 months with no Hydrocodone.
    But I also had a cocaine habit 25 years ago and been clean since and I did go to treatment. Or maybe its called willpower and just lucky what I have learned from treatment.

  35. Mimi you do not need to be a pill taker in order for your body to become physically addicted to the chemicals in the pain pill. In fact many addictions start from what doctors prescribe over an extended period of time. After a two-week. Anybody even if taking as prescribed can be physically addicted to their pill without any intention of doing so even without abusing them. You should feel better within 2 to 3 weeks but I suggest staying off of pain pills if possible. God bless

  36. I was on various strengths of Hydrocodone for 2 1/2 months. My doctor set up a weaning schedule.’
    I finished one last 1./2 pill Sat. morning. It is Monday night and I am still experiencing high anxiety, depression, loss of appetite (that I had while on pills) and a feeling of being nauseas. He explained I was experiencing withdrawal. Never having been a pill take and did not get a high from these, I do not crave them. I just have these withdrawal symptoms which I assumed weaning slowly (3 wks of it) would have elimated this., Can you help with any suggests ASAP??
    Thank you

  37. I had 2 stages of back surgery, the last being January 4. I have taken 2 hydrocodone tablets every day since then (the prescription called for up to 6 as needed). I have been taking one at about noon and one at 8 pm to help with pain in the night. Yesterday I took half a tablet at noon and then one at 8. Today I haven’t taken any but will probably take the one at 8. I have pain but am trying to suck it up as I want to get off the hydrocodone. I am feeling a little nauseous today. Do you think I’ll experience withdrawal symptoms for very long with the small amount I have been taking? I’ve had anxiety in the past and have gone through hell with withdrawal from meds that doctors have put me on and then just told me to stop taking them because of side effects. I’m afraid of experiencing withdrawal again now. What is your advice on tapering so I can get off this medicine the easiest way? Thank you.

  38. My bf had ACL surgery Nov.17th 2016.he was put on vicadin for the pain ..he’s being weaned off the vicadin but now is having severe lasting headaches and heartburn .is this normal ?please help

  39. Been on painkillers for three yrs stop taking having bad withdraws really sick what can I do for the sickness without seeing doctor there ones put me on them as I fond out needlessly

  40. I have been off Vicodin for 8 months. Until 7 days ago
    when I went back on it due to a toothache. I took my last
    dose about 12 hours ago. I am out of pain. Had a good day
    today and came home to have an anxiety attack. Am I going
    through withdrawal after just being on Vicodin for 1 week?
    I mean I have been off it for 12 hours. I am trying to get
    over this anxiety attack. Please help me with an answer.

  41. My lower intestine hurts when my body is running low on Hydrocodine. Is this normal. Or am I covering up another problem by taking another pill

  42. I have been on 5/325 Hydrocodon fir 5 weeks. Supposed to be 1 tablet every 6 hours. Didn’t touch the Sciaticc nerve pain so I started taking 2 every 5 hours. Along with a muscle rrelaxants am 71, weigh 200. Also went to Physical Therapy. After one month.NADA. I have had an MRI, early. Started going to. Chiropractor, who is helping me. The drug is making me feel so sluggish. I want to stop. So. Go slow like 1 pill 3 times a day? I was doing 2 four times a day…pretty pain free now.Thank you so much for your service. I want my life back..praying I am not addicted

  43. How long will I feel the anxiety because I don’t want to take zanex or nothing addictive and my restless leg plus anxiety is crazy at night

  44. Oct 30 I took about 14 10.325 tabs Oct 31 I took only 3 and that night I could barely sleep on Nov 01 I have not taken any and today is the 3rd. My question is sleep last night I did NOT Get and sleep at all NONE!!!! Who long will this last I still got to work I can’t get go check in to rehab because of my job but I got to get some sleep WHAT CAN I DO PLEASE . Been on them for almost 2 years and here recently I noticed the increase

  45. Been on hydrocodone for 10 days from hernia surgery. I stopped taking them and was only taking 2 a day the last couple of days. I woke up yesterday feeling terribly nauseated and my head was just totally out off it. I was cold, I had chills, no appetite, very irritable and tired, very miserable! My body is very sensitive to any kind of meds. Could it be the hydrocodone doing this? I feel like I’m in a tunnel.

  46. My son has an addiction to norcos! He stopped last week friday! Went to ER for withdrawals as they got bad he was buying them off people for 3 years..they gave him a withdrawal patch and nausea meds..he got over the hump with that and now has the cravings still but sees his doctor soon to help with addiction counseling..meds to help with cravings etc! But he has been having blood in his urine and stool is this part of the bodys process coming off the norcos?

  47. I have taken 10/300mg Hydrocodone for about 6 years starting at about 3X a day and was up to 5X a day. My doctor talked me into coming off of it and he put me on 60mg of Cymbalta. I decreased my daily dose by 1 for 1 week at a time. By the time I got down to none I was in a lot of pain. Probably a pain level of 9 with a scale of 1-10. This overall pain (fibromyalgia) is why I went on the opiod to begin with. Am I experiencing an increase in pain level due to coming off of the Hydrocodone and how should I expect to deal with this increased pain?

  48. I have very severe chronic myofascial neck and headaches along with migraines. I have used hydrocodone for several years on a daily basis under the care of a pain management specialist. I can take four a day. So, now they think I have a rebound headache and I would need to go off the hydrocone to see if that causes it. I am sure I am at least dependent if not addicted and wonder how that is going to happen without it sending me into withdrawals on top of the constant headaches. Will they give another opiod to replace it while you see if that is it? At this point it does not seem to be working so am ready to just give it up, but do it the least painful way. If it is going to cause headaches and I still suffer than what’s the use?

  49. My son had his wisdom teeth pulled on Friday, today is Thursday. It’s been 6 days, up until Tuesday he was on hydrocodone for pain. I could tell he liked it, so I slowed it down to one a day by Tuesday. Since then he is moody, nauseous, feels depressed. I have many family members battling addiction, but I’m not sure if he could have these withdrawal symptoms after only 5 days of taking them?

  50. I took my last hydrocordone dose about 36 hours ago. This morning I have noticed that when I get up from laying down or sitting I get a bit dizzy and light headed. I was wondering if this could be a sign of withdrawal? My doctor feels it is not and I’m just looking for answers. Thank you.

  51. I have been taking hydrocodone/acetaminophen 5-325 for a month for knee pain misdiagnosed as RA. The only way for me to get pain relief was to double the dose. I tried to only do this at night so I could sleep. My pcp also gave me prescriptions for inflammation. I saw a rheumatologist 2 days ago. He said not RA. Suspect a ligament tear. He told me to stop everything except extra strength Tylenol. I am miserable. Chills, achy, stomach issues, no desire to eat much, sore throat, stuffy head. I took an allergy med this am, went to sleep until noon. later took a lorazepam. I took a shower and tried to help my husband in the garden. Lasted 10 minutes and made lunch and went back to bed. I have figured out if I wear my knee brace in bed, I have no pain. How long am I going to feel like this and is there anything else I should be doing. As long as I can manage the knee pain I feel I won’t take the hydrocodone.
    Thank you

  52. I have been on hydrocodone for about 5 years. I started with two 7.5 per day. However, over the years my dosage has increased to four 10/325 per day. I see a pain management physician and I have many conditions that require medication. Four days ago I began to decrease my dosage to three hydrocodone per day instead of four. So far so good. On the 11th day I p!an to decrease to two pills per day and so on and so forth. I’m am just hoping that I will be free of these drugs and be able to take otc medications.

  53. Dr prescribed I am sixty two and have a lot of pain from many accidents over the years gettin hit by a car at eight.I didn’t realize this addiction happens to everyone.325 mg ten to 12 pills in a month and still I keep stoping when pain is gone! And then I get this headaches and then it just contentious pain from my body starts.neck knee back no end I had the flue like and didn’t known what was going on and now this I a scarcity mess .This has helped my Dr. Visit is in Oct. But I will move it up.

  54. I am extremely impressed re the above information. It wAS VERY helpful to me; At first earlier today I thought I might have Cancer due to a response that black and shiny stools meant bleeding fr the rectum.Until I read the above about hydrocodone – I had sweats real bad,no energy,involuntaryleg movements, and stomach pain. After reading this, I remembered how many times that I “gulped” the pink liquid. It was only then that I realized it was that med that gave me the black,shiny stools. Thank you for a great article.Now I have to wait 2mths for a serious lumbar surgery with NO PAIN MEDS. but I’m not bleeding internally!

  55. I see a lot of people blaming the DEA for the pain pills being taken away from the people who need it. The DEA only made it a schedule 2 drugs the rest of the problems come from pharmacies chains are being fined for millions of dollars because of their workers ordering a chit load of pain meds then they are selling and Doctors just selling scripts. So now the pharmacies want more info on you and your problems making it harder to get or not get the meds you need basically they call your doctor to see if you are really are in need of the meds they alot of the time are saying that you don’t need the meds they have a whole speel they go through to judge us and the Doctors are afraid of getting their license pulled and fined for giving someone way too much meds witch the DEA does check from time to time but if the meds your taking are for things they can proven your good but if you’re getting several different meds like hundreds of them a month for a arthritis and belly pain or something similar the pharmacies will cut you off as they will black ball you for getting meds then going back into the pharmacy because they gave you the wrong amount like shorted you.It’s not the DEA’S falt it’s big money to a person who is asking people in the pharmacies and doctors office for prescription drugs and when you get thousands of dollars a week that is tempting. Most meds that alter your mood and feeling take a month or more to start working when time comes to get off the meds you are going to tapper down slowly. I keep hearing people saying that when you get addicted to something it’s a disease in my opinion they should make all drugs legal or not available for the drug addicts at least they will get the gangs out of the trade plus maybe it can pay down the great debt our nation is in they will get what they want one way or another. I myself am dealing with four ruptured discs ,bad feet,both wrists, both elbows, I take 3-30mg morphine, 4-5/325 percocets, which is 1/4 of what I was taken to work now it’s just enough so I don’t turn to street drugs which is way cheaper and more powerful so next time the Doctor or pharmacist say it’s the law keeping the meds from you its not they just made it harder to get they didn’t put a limit on how much you can get the pharmacies started it first then the Doctors started to think for you it’s wrong but it’s the truth. And if you’ve been on pain medication for 3 or more months 7 days of tossing your cookies and blowing up the turlet is the most I hear it takes good luck to yall in pain

  56. Want to stop taking hydro 535 have taken them for 7 months can I do this alone I do take Xanax will that help me with withdrawls

  57. Hello,
    I have a neuro – muscular disease ( a CIPD disease), more specifically “Lewis Sumners Disease”, diagnosed 2 years ago. I have been prescribed Hydrocodone 10mg, bid and Zohydro 30mg bid for 18 months by a pain specialist. I have never felt “high” nor do I want to. I also take Lisinopril 20/12.5 mg, bid. The hydrocodone is given to me for extreme muscle weakness and body pain similar to having the flu. I do not consume any alcohol. I do not take any other medication except OTC Asprin/Alkaseltzer. I receive Ivg infusion 2 days every three weeks. Four weeks ago I started experiencing severe cramps in my hands and popliteal ares of my knees extending to my calf and groin muscles. The Neuro-Muscular specialist says the cramps are not from my disease and offers no help. I have decreased from 4 pills a day of the hydrocodone to 2 a day, 1 week ago just because I wanted to. I am terrified of an addiction and I would rather hurt than be addicted. I have no other symptoms. Do you think I could be having a withdrawal since I have stopped taking 4 pills a day? The c ramps have gotten worse in the last 5 days. My weight, all lab work, and every measure of health is above average for a 64 yo / WM. I regularly garden and walk and ride motorcycles. I have never smoked or used any type of a recreational legal or illegal drug. As I type this I feel very “silly”. I know while I may be at risk, I do not how ever participate in any risky behavior. Do you think I am over reacting. Should I start back on the 4 pills a day or continue with 2 a day. One other thing. It has gotten hot in Alabama and I have been sweating a lot. Could I be loosing too much K with the Lisinopril being changed to 1 bid starting 1 month aqo? Bottom line, am I addicted and having withdrawals? Thank, you, CL

  58. I have been taking 5mg hydrocodone/325mg acetaminophen 1 tablet a day for 3 months and I want to quit taking them, in fact I started not taking them today. Since it is a small dose is just quitting OK for me? – Bill

  59. I have been on hydrocodone for pain for almost 4 months. Back surgery and the pain seems unending. At the present time am taking
    2 to 3 in 24 hours. Want to get off of this. What can I expect as far as symptoms? In cutting down, can I substitute tylenol a time or two a day and get by?. I take 1 whole one at bedtime and 1/2 every 4 hours starting at 9:00 a.m. during the day. Some pain but manageable except when I overdo.
    Thanks for any help in this

  60. I have been on hydrocortisone 10mg /325 about 17 years now. Over the years I have increased the amount of mg I take a day. My doctor prescribed 4-10mg a day. 40 mg daily. I’m actually taking 120-140 mg a day. This has caused me many problems. It has control of my life. Any decision I make is determined if I have enough medicine or if I can get it. I can’t even go visit family or friends. In fear of running out of medicine. I want this nightmare to end. My question is…. Going from hydrocodne to methodone I have to have a EKG so I’m assuming it will be atleast 100 mg. is this good decision to change medications
    I appreciate any advice you can give me. Thank you in advance
    I also forgot to mention. I have changed doctors. My new doctor is wanting to change the medication I was prescribed from the doctor I went to before I changed to him. I read several things about methodone and it has me very afraid to switch to it. I just want off of these medications. I want and need my life back

  61. I take half of 5 mg (2.5) of Loritab before going to bed for pain from a mascetomy nerve that was cut. I have taken this for 5 months. I worry that I am addicted to this dosage. My husband insists that I am not addicted taking such a low dosage. If I stop taking them will I have withdrawal symptoms?

  62. Hi I have been on tramdol for about a 2 year I stop taking it cause I had a lot of systems such as confusion, blurry eyes, I have been off it for three weeks now and I can hardly sleep and I can’t get comfortable, is there anything I can do to help me get comfortable and get some sleep, I get restless legs and arms also.. Thanks

  63. Hi my mom has been taking pain meds 30 years now and the dr has cut her off and hospitals wont help what can we do to help shes old but its been a week already and she thinks if she dont have them she will have a stroke or die for not having so how long until shes better shes been taking them 30 years

  64. I have been on hydrocodone 10-325 for 14 years . I have been tappering off since April 1st I was getting 90 of them every month . So, 3 -4 ,10-325 a day . I am now taking 3, 5 -325 a day . I have had a headache and left eye pain and twitching since the day I started cutting back . Is this normal . Did I go to fast or not fast enough . If tappering makes you feel this bad I can’t imagine stopping cold turkey . I am 59 and honestly have never abused my meds . I only took them for pain . I am sick of taking them and just want to get off and see if I can handle my pain without them . Thank you

  65. I have been off Vicodin for 8 days so far. Woke up
    at 3:30 am in neck pain. That is what got me on a
    10 week nightmare being on the Vicodin after my
    car accident. I suffered a neck sprain, thank God thst
    was all. Point being I went through the Vicodin withdrawal.
    I made the decision 8 days ago to get off and stay off
    the Vicodin. Now because I am in pain I psychologically
    crave the Vicodin. Are there any support groups out there
    to help one stay off the pain pills and deal with the
    chronic pain?

  66. I’m taking tramadol 50mg and occasionally a acetaminophen 500mg will this help with any first tage withdrawal of hydrocodone

  67. It has been 7 days since I have been off of Vicodin.
    I am finally feeling better. I decided to make a life
    time commitment to stay off pain pills. My fear is the
    next time I am in pain I am afraid I am going to cave
    In and be tempted to go back on the pain pills. How do
    you get through the psychological part of staying off
    the pain pills? Are there support groups out there?

    1. Hi Felicia. We don’t post email and Surnames from people who are commenting on the web site.

  68. I have been on lortab 10/325 for about 13 years and at first I took them as prescribed like 1 every 4-6 hours only as needed but over the years I began to abuse them. I was taking about 8-10 a day. When I run out I go crazy. I would ask friends if they had any I could borrow or I would ask my husband for some of his. I originally started them for neck pain but over the years I ended up with degenerative disc disease in my low back along with a slight disc bulge and tear. Also sciatica. So naturally like I said I got up to about 10-12 a day. I know now I have a problem! Because when I run out… I’m not happy!! I get angry, tearful, anxious!! My husband is now helping me try to get off the lortab because I’m sick and tired of relying on them plus most primary doctors don’t want to prescribe them anymore. I can’t live like this anymore. My husband has only been on them for about 6 months and after seeing how I’ve become with them he has decided to stop himself. This is day 2 for me. I feel ok. A little restless at night mostly. Some agitation and anxiety. Some nausea. Pain level ok but that’s because I’m not up on my feet working cause it’s s Saturday. Im gonna try my hardest to get off and stay off these pills. I still have a few but like I said… Just can’t do it anymore. Not sure what I’ll do about my pain. I may try pain management… Like injections in my back. NO MEDS!!! Please please…. Don’t let a doctor talk you into taking these pills. You will become addicted!!! It’s not worth it!!! I’ve cried over this many many times. Don’t do it!!!! I pray to God I will overcome this because I am an addict and have an addictive personality!! I will overcome this!!!

  69. My doctor is tapering over one month with no other Meds and I don’t know if I can take the withdrawals anymore

  70. I have been off Vicodin for 6 days. All I can say I have
    my mind back. I woke up this morning thinking clearly.
    I will never let a pain pill rule me again. This society has
    to be educated on the pros and cons of pain pills.
    Thank God for this blog. Which has been helpful to me.
    The key to recovery is to help someone else, get your
    mind off yourself. I feel whole again. Got to keep moving
    got to keep busy. I know the next time in life when I am
    in pain I have to deal with it, and not resort to pain pills.
    I never want to go through withdrawal again. To all
    people who are coming off the pain pills stay strong.
    It is mind over matter. I have to go live life now!

  71. I have been 5 days off the Vicodin. I still don’t feel perfect
    but I do feel better. The withdrawal symptoms are gone.
    Now I face a new set of problems, the next time I am in
    pain I can’t go back on pain pills. I have made a life time
    commitment to stay off the pain pills. I can’t go through
    withdrawal ever again. I rather deal with any future
    pain with over the counter stuff. I pumped my body
    4 times a day with Vicodin for 10 weeks due to neck pain.
    So the 5 days that I have been going through withdrawal
    Is my body detoxing from the Vicodin. It will leave my
    body completely between 5 to 10 days. I am commited
    to stay off it. I encourage anyone to tell there story.
    Reaching out is the answer. I spent hours reading all
    the testomonies. Thank you to every single person who
    wrote on this blog and inspired me to quit the vicodin.
    I am so proud of my 5 days of being off the vicodin. Now
    I have to say goodbye to this web sight. I have to start
    living my life Vicodin free one day at a time. Thank you
    God for all help I have received from this blog.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Felicia. Hope others will find your comments inspiring and helpful. Stay strong!

  72. I have been 4 days off of viicodan. The withdrawal was the
    worst on the 3rd day. My point is I kept reading your blog,
    reading your testimonys for hours. The most helpful thing
    that I read was to divert your attention away from the
    withdrawal symptoms. Keep busy even though you feel
    like crap. I am taking 2 baths a day, I soak in a hot tub
    with lavender scented Epsom salt. Watching the bath
    water run, smelling the aroma of the lavender, and soaking
    In the tub relaxing your body and relaxing your mind, and
    listening to your favoriite music . Walking helps, I walk up
    3 flights of stairs in 6 rotations. I pray as walk the halls
    Of my apartment building. I reached out to my therapist
    the talk therapy helped. I learnt to stop talking about how
    bad I feel. Tomorrow is day 5 off the Vicodin. I was on
    Vicodin for 10 weeks for neck pain due to a car accident.
    Your web sight had helped me get my sanity back.
    So day 4 has been a turning point for me. Now I can’t
    wait to see what day 5 had in store. I have hope now
    I am going to make a full recovery. My advice to anyone
    out there that wants to get off the pain pills to have a
    better life you can do it. By the grace of God it is
    possible. Thank you to this web sight for helping me!

  73. I am going through Vicodin withdrawal. It had been 48 hours
    since I took my last pain pill. Your article has been quite
    helpful. How can I divert my attention away from the
    extreme nauseousness, what can I do to ease the nausea?
    How long does the withdrawal last? I will never take another
    pain pill ever. I have never been so sick in my life!

  74. Im going through cold turkey detox after being HC for a year and a year and 8 months, 4 a day 10/325. Im on day 5 this morning and still having a hard time sleeping (4hrs of sleep), diarreha, but most noticeble is my heart rate. I cant seem to relax which affect my attempts to sleep. I want to do it without any other drugs.. any suggestion on what i can do to stick to my goal? How natural altrrnative to help me relax? Im also having trouble concentrating, lack energy , n some shortness if breath and feel light headed.

  75. I was taking hydrocodone for a week because of carpal tuunel surgery. Don’t know the milligrams because I threw it away. must have been low because I was to take it every 4 hrs and all it did was dull the pain. So I stopped taking it. My sister has knee surgery a year ago and reminded me, she also took it and quit, and then had side effects for quite awhile. My question is it’s been 3 days, could hardly drag myself out of bed, chills. nausea, can’t go to the gym,etc. My question is when can I expect to start feeling better. Thanks

  76. I was prescribed hydrocodone 120 10/325 about 3 years ago for nerve pain in my right hip leg and foot. It has gotten to where I was taking more than my prescribed amount of 1 four times a day. This month was the worst. I ran out 10 days before my next refill.
    This is my fifth day of detox. About half way through. I still feel terrible. I still can’t eat well. Living in boost and water. Nothing stays down. Not much problem with diarrhea as I’ve been taking Imodium ad.
    I want to quit altogether but the pain in my leg and foot is terrible.
    My energy level is rock bottom.
    How much longer can I expect to be this way.
    I have been forcing myself to get out and walk the last couple of days but has been hard. First three days could not even get out of bed.
    Any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  77. I’m having back surgery in 3 months..I hope. I v been on hydro 10…4 a day for 5 years. I called my script in two days ago only to be told my doc is no longer able to prescribe long term pain meds any more. They said they would refer me to a pain clinic..but will take up to 2 to 3 months to get in..I only have enough medicine for 2 more days. What should I do so I’m not sick on top of the pain and not lose my job..I’m so worried!!!

  78. I had a tooth pulled last Thursday. I was given hydrocodone to manage the pain. I was prescribed the med a few days before the ex traction, so I was not on it long, and stopped taking it as soon as the pain subsided. I am having classic withdrawal symptoms. Is this possible after such a short time using it?

  79. Hello I just recently had the flu 2 days ago and it seems the Vicodins are not as important to me…. I was taking about six 10mg a day now about half could the vomiting and cold sweats cleaned my system? Should i just stop now…Thank u…

  80. Hi there my name is Erin and I just posted about 2 seconds ago but for some reason something came up and I want to write a little bit more. So I was talking to my best friend who’s been just as addicted as I was and she says that she doesn’t feel anything after she stopped taking them. She said she feels a little bit sad but that’s it so am I missing something here am I just imagining all this pain because my mother doesn’t believe me either. I don’t understand the logic that they are telling me because I am pretty darn sure if you have been taking hydrocodone for a year that’s 20 to 40 milligrams I am pretty darn certain that you are going to feel withdrawals but they are telling me that it’s all in my head and both of them of taking opiates and my mother has gone through horrible withdrawals so why in the world are they telling me that it’s all in my head and if I just said I’m not going to hurt anymore I’m just not going to hurt. Look I don’t really have any support and I’ve lived around addiction my entire life. I have depression and anxiety and on top of that I’ve been in the military. And I’m tired of believing it’s all in my head because I know for a fact it’s not and I think that my best friend is crazy is she is not experiencing any symptoms it’s almost like she hasn’t even gone off them at all. Look from a professional point of view and as doctors who have been in this field for years I would rather have an answer from you guys because I think that my friend and mother’s logic makes no sense so please just shed some light on the scientific facts on opiate addiction because I don’t think a person could be immune to withdrawals can they? I’m not saying that I’m in the worst kind of pain in the world but my spinal pain isn’t a laughing matter either and I am sneezing a lot and I don’t sleep very well and I do get hot and cold flashes but worst of all I have chronic diarrhea so can somebody please tell me it’s all in my head because I am really having a hard time believing it.

  81. Hi there my name is Erin and I am on day 2 of my opiate withdrawal, I’ve been taking about 20 to 40 milligrams of hydrocodon a day for a year and came to the epiphany that I needed to stop.I’ve also taken oxycontin and percocet just because I was addicted to painkillers but I never took those higher painkillers very often. I never had any chronic pain but I’ve had a family member who has and is prescribed by a doctor snow my withdrawal is bearable and it’s kind of more annoying than anything but my mind is perfectly intact and I feel happy that I’m quitting and I don’t know if that’s a weird that my psychological state is in harmony but my body just doesn’t feel good. I do however have nerve damage in both my wrists and ankles that no opiate fixes they still hurt so I’m not so sure if it’s arthritis or carpal tunnel. As for the withdrawals I started having the shivers and goosebumps and muscle pain right away and the worst of it is my spine and I can’t stay in bed I have to keep walking around the house aimlessly. I do not have any doctors to go to rehab and I’ve been doing this on my own and I really do commend all those people who were taking way more and are suffering right now but I kind of wanted to talk about this because it is uncomfortable and I just hope that I stay happy and my psychological State doesn’t diminish later on in my abstinence from opiates. My question is is it normal to feel spinal pain from your neck to your tailbone during withdrawals? Because that’s the only thing that actually hurts aside from the occasional headache.

  82. Does withdrawal cause hives? I have no drug addition history. I’ve had total knee replacement is the reason for the drug.

  83. My boyfriend took hydrocodon after a surgery, and it’s been two months now and he had some reactions towards the pills, unfortunately now he won’t eat at all and I’m desperate to know what I can possibly do for him to get an appetite back, he has lost so much weight. I have no idea what to do since doctors say it needs time but it’s been a month and he won’t eat, what can I possibly give or do for him ?

  84. As of tomorrow I will be off this pain killer stopping cold turkey but I do not have a doctor to go to how can I get help support

  85. I’ve been taking 6 hydrocodone for 10 plus years, I’m finally tapering off them. Down to 1 a day, can I actually have withdrawls. Don’t know what to expect. Thank you

  86. I am going to have a hip replacement and they want me to stop hydrocodone for 2 months. how can I do this.I been on hydrocodone for more then 4 months.

  87. I took hydrocodone for 7 years and having to quit cold turkey because I can’t find a dr to perscribe them anymore to me. I have back pain and pain where they took my breast and lymph nodes and thats why I toik it. Been off it 5 days and now my legs are charlie horsing and feels like the blood flow is not right and very sorr…seems if I sleep on my sides they hurt so bad I can’t stand it. And my left leg is worse and feels like it could start shaking.

    Neverrrrr had this before. What do you think? I have a app to see a pain management dr in 2 weeks but this feeling in my legs are driving me crazy. Help please. I can’t sleep and need help. Thanks and God bless you

  88. I take 10 mgs. once a night to help with restless leg and sleep..can this cause depression?..Ive been crying a lot..I did lose my husband 4 years ago so this doesn’t help..sometimes I take more then the normal dose(15mg.) before bed.Ive cut it down to 5 now but sometimes the littlest thing can make me cry.. Im going to try and stop it now and see what happens..opinion?? thank you

  89. I have been taking 10/325 hydrocodone for over 10 years. My Dr. has stopped the prescription cold turkey. I was in an Elevator crash that left me with several compression fractures at T5,T6 & T7 also tears at L2 & L3 slight compression fractures from L5-L3 as well as .Pseudoarticulation of the S1 with S2. I could go on but I wont. I am in total withdrawal and the pain is back 10 fold This is over a error at the pharmacy on my last refill. I made an app to see my Dr to get this straightened out she called in sick then decided to go on a vacation for 9 days. I have been to the ER twice they treat you like you are a drug addict and shame people in this situation. This is hell and my Dr doesn’t seam to care. Her PA cant prescribe meds. I am not dealing with this as well as I was thinking I could. I cant live with this pain and no one will help me. I feel like I am in pure hell. All I can do is self medicate. It helps a bit but wont stop the pain. I cant go on like this much longer.

  90. This year made 13yrs of being on hc. Its been prescribed to me monthly by my dr, for several chronic pain issues. Ive not abused it, only had taken it for pain. This month I quit cold turkey bc myy dr didnt write the rx, didnt give me meds to help with withdrawals, nothing & its not just me…he stopped all his patients rxs of it saying he chooses not to write it so I suffered tertibly & am in pain as I type this only my next reoly….Ill be alot richer bc Im starting to file a lawsuit against him & Ill have a dr who gives a damn! Ill take hydrocodone again but not the way my dr had me taking it. My withdrawals arent/werent horriblr but maybe thats bc of the amount of regular pain im in?

  91. Hello Everyone!! I WANT TO HELP ALL HERE! In 02 I was in an accident, herniated disks in neck, back & on & on….. I DREADED taking Percocet prescribed by my ortho, then my PCP, but THE PAIN! So way back then I DID take as prescribed– we ALL know the story– after a few months, my doc wasn’t comfortable continuing to prescribe & sent me to “pain management”. I had never heard of it, but went. At the time, in the state I love in, there was NO database for “Dr shopping” but I did not. Yet. First time at pain management, they put me on “Roxycodone” 30 Mg’s. They gave me almost 200 for one month ! When next month came, I still had half a bottle but said nothing. They RAISED my dose! Very long story short as I can tell you All, is that within 3 months, I was COMPLETELY ADDICTED! This is way back when they ACTUALLY DISPENSED out of the “Clinic!” BTW, ONE roxy = 3 10 mg percocets! Then, they raised me up to 300 every 3 WEEKS! This went on for longer than I wish to admit, but will for ALL here’s sake! After 1 year of this, and taking as much as they’d prescribe, it wasn’t enough. A Dr there was “wanting” me & would ALSO write scripts to be filled at other pharmacies than theirs. It STILL GOT WORSE! Never enough! This went on for an incredible 6 more YEARS with me DESTROYING myself, kids, whole family. I stayed VERY THIN for most of those yrs. But then, they turned on me even more! I had to take a daily enema, couldn’t eat without feeling horribly sick! AND GAINED A LOT of weight! Then there was a “shortage, laws changed & I WAS SCARED! Truth be told, in the End, I was taking EIGHTY SIX Roxys a day! A DAY! I was offered Morphine due to the shortage, was on my way to fill it & thought “F THIS!” I went back to the clinic, demanded Percocet instead & have the Morphine script BACK! (This was Terrifying!) I FINALLY made up my mind to QUIT, VIA TAPER FOR GOOD! I found on the internet something called “the Thomas Recipe” — I WAS HELL BENT on doing the taper! AT HOME! It was hard, VERY hard, but I followed ALL instructions in that method & IT WORKED! Listen Everyone, IF I WAS ABLE TO DO IT, YOU CAN TOO! 2 months ago, I reached FOUR YRS off! COMPLETELY! I will NOT LIE TO YOU, it took me 3 months to be able to Drive, most anything ! Thank God one of the kids was able to run the errands, etc! I did NOT take Suboxone. NO WAY! My legs drove me crazy, belly too! No vomiting, as I had tapered down to 2 Percocet a day but EVERYONE MUST BE PREPARED for PAWS! I JUST recently am able to put outfits together, think without “fog” — I told my Dr the other day just how many I had been taking a day of Roxycodone & he clearly had a difficult time believing me. I Spoke & Speak THE TRUTH! It’s a Miracle I am ALIVE! I still get depressed, have pain, but NEVER EVER will go back there! 2 of my kids STILL won’t speak to me as I put them all through HELL! I did NOT start off, as I said, at that outrageous dosage! It took a long time & money to get to where I WAS! STILL paying off the 120 THOUSAND $$’s I spent! Without that Thomas recipe, Thomas Method (I forget which!!) I seriously could not have gotten through it! Please! Google that method & JUST AS IMPORTANTLY, google PAWS! Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome so your mind is PREPARED! I Honestly DOUBT it’ll take most the length of time it took me! But remember, I was on A CRAZY high dose for many Years! The HARDEST PART now is KNOWING how long I put myself. My children through that! I CANNOT “change” that now. All I can do & I definitely DO, is to just do my best & NEVER EVER go back! I PRAY this HELPS, NOT SCARES ANYONE from JUST DOING IT! Please Believe me! IT IS WORTH IT & SO ARE YOU, YOUR KIDS/FAMILIES! Once your mind is made up, you CAN & WILL do it! HUGS & PRAYERS TO YOU ALL! Btw, this happens to be the 1st time I have ever posted about this! But after reading everyone’s posts-comments, I HAD TO! And also, i do Not go to AA or anything like that because ALL I NEED TO DO is look at what that CRAP did to me & my Kids! ALL THE BEST!

  92. I have been taking Hydrocodone for about 12 years starting with very small amounts building to 6 per day the last couple of years. A month ago my Physician cut me back to 4 per day. A week ago I started tapering more and am down to 6 1/4 doses per day. I feel much better with no symptoms yet. I don’t feel the need to take any more. Should I go cold turkey now or keep tapering with pills I neither want or need. I feel much better without them.

  93. I’ve been on percocet and morphine for twelve years due to cronic facial pain and tmj. I wanna get off these meds soon what should i do. Every time i try to lower my dose i get really bad leg pain. Also my migraines start to get worse again. Plus im already taking imitrex for my migraines and propanonal.

  94. I stopped hydrocodone a last Wednesday and I was taking it because I got my wisdom teeth out. I have an addiction to morphine and I can’t take that anymore. I have also been on morphine a couple other times and had no problems. I am feeling light headed and don’t know why. I am drinking water and eating and still can’t pinpoint the answer. May this be because of the hydrocodone?

  95. I had been taking hydro for 10+ years and became extremely addicted. I think the most addictive part for me was they made me feel happy. I have been off of them for almost 2 weeks and feel dreadful. Will I EVER feel happy again!!!!

  96. So I go to a pain clinic for severe OA in both knees as well as severe back pain due to discs, narrowing, and arthritis. I am prescribed hyrdocodone 10/325 120 every 30 days and 30mg morphine 60 every 30 days as well as a muscle relaxer. The problem is you are not allowed to be honest with your doctor (which is a different one every 2 months, In 2 years I have never seen the same doctor) because if you are then you will be kicked out. They know that everyone has to be taking more than the dose prescribed because you build up such a tolerance. But they are basically drug dealers and they are making a killing off all of the patients so they don’t want to hear anything negative so they can cover their ass. I can take 7 hydros at a time and my pain is barely reduced. Because of the tylenol I only take it once a day and compensate with ibuprofen 4x a day and morphine. The weird thing is there is always a 5-7 day period where I run out of hydro completely and I don’t have withdrawal symptoms except of course the excruciating pain. I refuse to take oxycontin as I don’t need another, more addictive drug. They won’t replace my knees because I’m too young. Is there any alternative besides stronger drugs?

  97. I was forced into a cold turkey stop of my hydrocodone by a doctor who would not prescribe anymore. She knows I have never abused the drug but due to more strict regulation decided not to provide the pain medication. It started last Friday and has been the worst three days of my life. I have wanted to wean off of it but stopping cold turkey with two young children is not a good way to treat a patient.
    I have slowly tapered from 2 10/325’s every 4 hours to 1 10/325 every 6-8. This has been going on for 6 years. Just being on the medication, along with Gabopentin, Meloxicam and Fentanyl has wrecked havoc on my health and the hydro is the last to go. I am off of everything else. I just moved and do not see my new doctor until February. How can I get through this next phase? My sleep is slowly coming back but I have chills, night sweats with chills, severe anxiety and panic attacks (Atarax works a little to help), fatigued beyond belief, insomnia, the diarrhea is done. I have been taking Iburofen and Tylenol to help with pain and inflammation until I get into a chiropractor and yoga again.
    What else can I do to help?

  98. I have been taking hydrocodone for about 10 years.i stopped taking it cold turkey for about 5 days.i had a incident where I lost my memory for part of the day.can that be a side effect

  99. My fiancé is addicted to hydrocodone. At the them we met, he informed me of his tendency, but was sober. This was three years ago.

    I’ve recently observed several indicators of a relapse the last two months. After a couple attempts at conversation with him, I sought outter confirmation that a relapse had indeed occurred. My question: what are some of the specific medications available for detox, specific detox options, and any recommendations as to how I can best behave?

  100. I had back surgery 2 weeks ago and taking hydrocordone 2 tables Q 4 hours. I didn’t take any today, trying not to take anymore. I have felt so depressed crying. Is this a withdrawal side effect and if so what can I do?

  101. Hi. I have been on Norco10-325 for about a year now. Peaked around 10 pills a day after double knee replacement surgery. I am down to two Norco7.5-325 a day. Am having some symptoms such as total lack of energy, nausea, restless leg, I have to go back to work in 12 days. Should I continue to taper or am I better off just stopping altogether at this point and having the 12 days to deal with any more severe withdrawal symptoms while still at home. I am worried about having withdrawal symptoms while at work and having to miss work after just getting back after 4 months.

  102. I’ve been on withdrawal from vicodin going on day 4 I have very bad diarrhea and today it turned black should I be concerned

  103. Hi. I’ve been through 8 surgeries in the past year, and the pain was chronic and acute. Hydrocodone is the most effective drug for me. I have maybe 4 surgeries to go, which means more pain, and more pain medication. But for right now, I’m not in pain and I don’t need to be taking this stuff. It’s just that I’m going through withdrawals and the anxiety from elevated blood pressure, pounding pulse, etc, is awful. I read here that reducing dosage over time helps. So at what rate do you do it? How much do reduce each dose? And how long should I expect this to take? Is it OK to use this drug again after my next surgeries, or will getting off of it be worse the next time? If I just keep going cold turkey, how long will this take?

  104. I.just got off hydrocodone 5 days ago, after taking.for over a yr. I shouldn’t have never been prescribed it. I am weak, out of breath, night sweats, eyes hurt badly and I look and feel dead. Plz. Help. My Dr. left me hanging.

  105. When you are trying to taper off hydrocodon (30mg) a day habit!!! Is it best to stop chewing them and swallow a dose whole or is body to use to chewing and stay tapering off with the chewing habit or dissolve in mouth?? How can i go back to swallowing instead of chewing? Whats best for tapering

  106. Have been on hydro 10s for many years. Have been going thru the withdrawals for a week. The biggest problem now is severe weakness. Can hardly function at all. What would be the next step to regaining strength back.

  107. Is there a place near Alexander City, Alabama 35010 to help a patient with lortab addiction. If not what other medication can be aid with help the withdrawal sysptoms for a home bound elderly patient.

  108. Hello! I have been taking hydrocodone 10mg/350 for many years as prescribed by my doctor but anytime i went without it I had no withdrawal symptoms. However, my body became immune to the hydrocodone and it stop controlling the pain so 3 months ago my doctor switched me to oxycodone. Last month someone stole my medication and for six days i went through pure hell. I was hot then i was cold, i was nausea, i hsd loss of appetite, i was restless, i was agitated. I have been without the medicine for three weeks now but my left leg has swollen and i am in severe pain. I have degenerative disc disease, a bulging disc, fibromyalgia, neuropathy and rheumatoid and osteoarthritis. I have never abused my medication and only took it as prescribed. I have an appointment tomorrow to refill my pain medication. What do you think i should do? And do you think i should start back taking it since i an in do much pain? I was considering asking my doctor for a pain patch but after reading about thw Duragesic pain patch. It has a lot more side effects than the pills. What should i do?

  109. I take hydrocodon bitartrate and acetaminophen oral solution 7.5 mg/325mg per 15 mL in the evening before going to bed 1 tea spoon and I have been on it for 4 months for severe knee replacement gone bad. This product stops the pain but every fifteen days I have to go to the doctor for refills by law. I feel like a drug addic going twice a month to the knee doctor.
    I love what it does to relive my pain but I’m afraid of withdrawing. Used to use NyQuil to get to sleep and it sorta worked

  110. I have been takeing Hydrocodon 7.5-325 for anout 5 years and my doctor wants me to come off of it. I am 70 yrs old and live alone plus an x drug addict many years ago. I still think about that. After reading about the withdraw of Hydrocodon I am not sure I can do this.I have so much body pain befor and after taking this.3 herniated disk knee pain arm, shoulder leg pain.

  111. I was on day 6 of detox , went to the doctor cause I was badly dehydrated. Anyway over the last 2 days I’ve taken a total of 60mg of Norco. Will this set me back to day one.

  112. I have taken hydrocodone for 12 + years do to work and car related injuries to my back neck knees and shoulders. I dont see that I have abused them and always took as prescribed. Usually 4 a day but as many as 6 always in a 24 hour period . I have not had any in over a month. I stopped taking them slowly beggining in sept. Besides the the pain issues I mentioned above I am having stomache abdominal chest and head pain despite the one month +. I have artery Disease so when chest pain got bad I was in the hospital . I was given a stress test and abdominal ct which turned out to be good. Should also mention that prior to hospital stay di d see doctors who put me on inhibbitors (protonix) I think to help with heartburn. Leaving the hospital they started me on two antipiotics which were soon stopped by a G.I. doctor . He scheduled me for a colonostopy and a test I cant think the name of right now were they also put a camera in thru my mouth and down to my stomach. The test results showed no problems. I am now refered back to a cartiologist at this point and waiting. I am misserable with the stomach chest throat and head pain and feel the doctors are missing something. Does anyone have any insite. Again not feeling well so appologize for my spelling and grammer mistakes hope you can make sense of them

  113. I have been on hydrocone for 3 years for degenerative disk disease. I was taking 6 10-325 as prescribed. Had surgery on neck and completed the hydrocone and thought nothing else. Started going thru withdrawal and went to Doctor she is weaning me off. I had no idea by taking medication as prescribed you could become addicted to it.

  114. I have been dealing with depression and anxiety for Many years and have been put on Zoloft and although my anxiety subsided it seems that pain medicine like vicodin and or Percocet help me with no longer having anxiety or depresion I am no longer taking zoloft…. I am totally fine throughout the day I am now a active jogger and runner and because of these pills I no longer am depressed or have anxiety… Is this possible.

    1. Hi, Marie. I’m really glad that you’ve found your cure. And, yes, it’s possible. There are other uses of Percoset and Vicodin besides pain management. Fell free to ask your doctor about this.

  115. Sure do wish M.D.s would better inform their patients ! My Sweetheart had an unfortunate incident with a table saw severing one of his fingers had surgery & was perscribed Lortabs . Several times he felt the need to double a dose due to severe pain cuz of reinjuring his hand.Thankfully its only been 3 weels & he is now cutting way back on the dose. He is already experiencing withdrawing symptoms of high blood pressure….extreme fatigue ……stomach pains etc. I KNOW from.my own experience ARNICA which is a homeopathic remedy & Willow which is an herb that ones takes as a liquid REALLY DO relieve pain .Because M.D. s are so adamant about not mixing anything with RX drugs my Sweetheart is afraid to even try it ! ! I am totally frustrated with this situation ! ! Please get this info out there. Go to a well known person in your are who is knowledgeable & get the help you need with no adverse affects on your body. It is possible . I am a walking talking example ! !

  116. I recently had surgery and had to take the medication for about three weeks. The first week I was having to take 1 every 4 hours. After that I was good with 1 every 6 or so. This week I am only down to 1 or two a day and that’s usually at nights and in the morning so the pain doesn’t get too bad.. I have noticed being super annoyed with everything, my aniaxty is through the roof and I feel like I’m about to have a panic attack any minute. I don’t have cravings to take more of the drug, in fact I can’t wait until I can stop it completly. Is it possible that I am still experiencing the effects of cutting back even though I don’t feel like I’m addicted? Sense I was only taking them for a few weeks does that make the withdrawal time less? What is considerd being addicted anyway?
    I will also add that I am experiencing stomach problems and don’t want to eat at all ( I have been sick too so there is that.) I can admit when I take the medication at night my body does seem to calm down and that scares me however as I stated I don’t feel the need to take them just to feel calm. Only to ease the pain. That has to be a good sign, right? Would sucking it up and being in pain and only taking one a day help?


    1. Hi Linda. I have replied to your other two comments so far. Did my messages not get through to you? We are here to talk with you!

  117. I’ve been taking norco 5/325 4-6 a day for 3 months. I haven’t had any in 2 days and I’m miserable…is withdrawal possible after such short term use? I have burning pains in my stomach, nausea, fatigue and a burning sensation throughout my upper body…help!

  118. I have taken 3 pills of hydrocodone yesterday and twice before this some months back. These are the only time I have abused this medication, should I expect withdrawals? Am I addicted?

  119. I have been on hydro on 5-325 for 2weeks and then 2 tablets of same 2-3times a day in addition one 300mggabapenntin for the first 2weeks and then gradually increasing to 600these were three times a day. All of this was for post neuralgic nerve pain from shingles on my face three day’s ago I stopped both except the 600gab at night experiencing quite a bit of withdrawal don’t want to go back to the narcotic what’s your suggestion

  120. I have been taking Hydroco/Apap 5.2mg for over 5 years now. Started with back pain and now I fear I am addicted but when I try to stop I get several aching and pain and can’t sleep and I get really weird feeling of having to move my legs uncontrolably and it is the most craziest scariest feeling and I can’t sleep because of that and of pain. So I take another half in the morning and one half at lunch. I want to taper off with meds to help RLS and weird feelings coming off this drug. And I get WD’s 12 hours of not taking at usual time each day. I am frightened to stop and feel worse than the crazy scary feelings and the pain I am already feeling just missing 12 hours PLUS ALL the other many symptoms. I have no help with this and right now I give it all to GOD and pray I can receive my healing now and no more pills and I can taper off and get thru this with God’s help In Jesus name I pray Amen. Praise God Thank you Dear God.

  121. I’ve been on oxycodone & hydrocodone for over 2 years at a dosage rate of 10 mg 4 times per day and i just started cold turkey today. Is this wise to do and am I risking any health problems by doing this.

  122. Was taking my prescription hydrocodone 10/325 almost 8 per day for months however it wasnt helping my chronic pain much and when the nerve block I had was unsuccessful, my doctor made me detox insinuating that it’s in my head. Im toughing it out on my own from home without suboxone. Will be off it in 2 days. I was struggling immensely both mentally and physically with or without meds. I think I know the answers however I mainly want to know if if the area where the chronic pain resides is going to be worsened during the withdrawal? I’ve suffered from depression and anxiety most of my life however since I started to detox I am extremely depressed and numb and am practically bed bound for the past 10 days and very hard to do almost anything. Is this just me or is the detox contributing? And if so how many days/weeks could it last? Thanks so much.

  123. I have rheumatoid arthritis with occassional bad flare ups of severe pain. I have been on hydrocodone for years. During flare ups I might take up to four pills a day for couple of weeks. When the flare ups subside, I don’t take any pills. Sometimes it is a week or two or more between flare ups. I have never had any of the withdrawal symptoms people are talking about. Am I just lucky that the med works as it should, when it should without withdrawal symptoms betwee bouts?

  124. I have been off my painkillers for approximately 10/12 days. I have had the worst headache for two days. Enough to keep me home from work. Could this be related to not having pills?

    1. Hey Dana. Your headache might be a cause of cutting down your painkillers. So, maybe you can consult your doctor for recommendations.

  125. I broke my heel on September 14, 2015. I went to the emergency room and was given hydrocodone which I took until my surgery on September 28. At that time I was given a 24 hr pain block and then began taking oxycodone. I took 2 tablets every 4 hrs., for one week, then one tablet. After that I went to hydorcodone, 1 tablet every 4 hrs, then 1 every 6 hrs. and for the last few days only one a day. Yesterday I did not feel heel pain that required the hydorocone so I did not take one. Now I feel extremely agitated, my blood pressure is up and I could not sleep last night. So far those are my symptoms. I have resolved bowel issues with ‘senna’ tea throughtout, so that is not a problem.

  126. It has been 12 days since I have been off Vicadin, Has runny stools, flu like systems and the doctor said that my blood pressure up up 147|80 usually 117/68 could this be because I have stopped Vicadin? He said I just had a infection, he does not know that I have been addicted to Vicadin for 4 years now. He had put me on an antibiotic. I just feel out of sorts, no energy.

  127. I have been on oxycodone for over 2 yrs now because of a car accident and have been out for 5 days now and can’t get into see my dr for 3 more days..feeling like shit, any advise would be helpful, I have 3 days to go

  128. I have taken only 2 Vicodin a day cut into quarters for about 3 years. I stopped taking it 14 days ago. I had some withdrawal but it wasn’t too bad. I just checked my blood pressure and it is way up. Could this come from the withdrawal even though I have only taken small amounts? I am going to check with my doctor tomorrow but was wondering if this could be the cause. My blood pressure is usually normal.
    Thank you.

  129. Am I likely to experience withdraawal if I stop taking one 10/325 hydrocodone at bed time which I have been taking for approximately 3 years? If so how long will it last?

  130. Hi there. My doctors put me in morphine 6 month ago. I painstakingly have taken myself off of that 2 weeks ago. I also have on hydrocodone for years. I have only been taking 1/2 to 1 daily and I am barely down to taking any. I am feeling so nauseated and crappy. My last,dose of,a a,1/2 pill was two days ago. Could,this,be the reason I feel so ill?
    Thank you

  131. Ok, while I empathize with all on here, the vast majority make me wish to say this: QUIT YOUR WHINING, SUCK IT UP AND DEAL WITH IT FOR A WEEK OR TWO. You’re addicted to what is literally the child’s play of opiates; I and everyone at the treatment center I attend WISH we were addicted to hydrocodone; none of us would touch your vicodin, lortab, hycodan, lorcet, anexsia etc if you gave us free bottles by the thousands. Stop now, stop whining and deal with it or you’ll be dealing with big boy drugs such as snorting dilaudid and morphine at a rate of 300-1,500mg every day if not banging it and or heroin. You people, ESPECIALLY those whining about anything under ten pills a day, do not know how easy you have it. Not being mean, rather saying what you need to hear as I’ve been there, far, far longer and much, much worse than ANYONE whining about hydrocodone or oxycodone. Suck it up, shut up and feel kinda bad for ten days before you learn about full-blown opiate withdrawals.

  132. I am on my 6th month withdrawl of 350/10 five times a day for about 4 years . I experience needles and pin feelings all over. Is this common?

  133. I have been taking hydrocodone off and on for years. However, the most I have taken in one day are 3 tablets of 10/325. Would I still experience withdrawal symptoms from this small amount?

  134. Ibroke my hip, fell from my horse. Had surgury. Its 4 months now and I only take one vicodin at 750-325 a day at night. I take some times 2 extrastrength tylenol during the day to help with pain so I wont get too heavy into vicodin. I started taking the withdrawal ease because I noticed if I dont take my one vicodin I get chills, or goosebumps, restlessness, and anxiety. also hot flashes. How long will it take to not even depend on one pill if I stop totally. I never take medication and I am in perfect health at the age of 63.

  135. I’ve been taken hydrocodon-acetaminophn for 3 months and stop cold turkey . I’ve had some side effects can’t sleep feel like I have the flu. Do you think i am in danger? When will I be back to normal?

  136. Hi my boyfriend has been a addicted to hydros for more than 15 years. Tho we’ve been together only a year. I’m not even sure how many he takes a day but he constantly lying about where the money goes and how much he gets. I’ve asked him to stop plenty of times and he says he tries and is doing so slowly but it’s the same routine over and over lies! On Sunday he went to jail and last night he called telling me how bad he is detoxing, this is the first time he openly said he’s “addicted” I’m not sure how to come about in helping him stay off them and if and when he gets out will he be able to stray away from them. The people I know he gets it from I’ve tried “scaring” them away but he always seems to fund someone who don’t care or respect that I’m trying to help him get off them. Guess I’m saying is I’m about ready to give up and walk away because he’s been to jail before (6months) & he started up again (before me) I know when he’s on them and especially when he’s not, he gets violent with me and starts accusing me of cheating or does whatever to point focus on me.. I don’t know how much more I can take and I don’t want to walk away knowing I’m literally the only one who is there for him. A little advice would help or any would be greatly appreciated

  137. 28 days home from hospital abdominal surgery and have taken HYDROCODONE 7.5/325 APAP 64 tablets. I was without pills for 3 days over holiday and frightened because pain escalated and my reaction just felt so out of chatacter for me now I worry about drug dependence. A 4-pound tumor was removed, low-grade cancer and lots of dilaudid given in hospital.

    I have 24 pills left and wonder if I should just taper down over the next few weeks….currently taking 1-1/2 pills in three doses in 24 hours.

  138. I had hip replacement. Been taking hydrocodone 5 before and after surgery. I’m well now so cutting back and I’m sick, sick with diarrhea. What do I do?

  139. If you are struggling with withdrawl…I used immodium to help with a prescribed hydro problem. I took it as prescribed and was not abusing the script however due to 3 herniated disks I was on the script for over a year at 4 10/325 pills a day. My tolerance began to increase, mood swings set in and do did the pain, in an effort to relearn my body I decided to toss my script, withdrawl set in within 8 hours and for me it was intolerable, shakes, vomiting, runs, I almost went to the ER, I had my husband do a google search, we found lots of info on immodium for withdrawl symptoms. It saved my life! It doesn’t work for everyone but it is worth a try, it does take about 6 hrs to set in so if you can time the immodium to coincide with your last pill, maybe an hour after your last pill, it should curb the worst of the symptoms if you got it bad like I did. Hope that helps. Ps. I used generic immodium and it works just as well, we call it lopes for it’s generic name.

  140. i have been taking Norco 10/325 for several years. I usually take no more than two tablets each day about twelve hours apart. I take each one with an extra strength Tylenol. Is the amount I take considered to be a high daily dosage and should I expect the withdrawal to be long and difficult?

  141. I am having hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms for 10 days I.e. diarrhea, and restless legs which keeps me awake. It is difficult to go through as you know. How can I go thru detox gradually. Why is it important to stop using hydro one? I am 83 years old. I have had a right and left knee and hip replacements. Thank you for your response.

    1. Hello John. Did you reduce the doses slowly or stop taking hydrocodone abruptly? Please inform your doctor about the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing so you can both find the best way for you to manage these symptoms and detox safely.

  142. I have been taking hydrocodone for 10 years for neck and back pain and decided it was time to stop. I never took a whole pill at a time it was always half and would take no more than 2 a day. I took my last half on tuesday. The symptoms I have had are cold chills and sweats. Do you think the symptoms will get any worse and how long do you think they will last?

  143. I have a close family member who is desperate to kick his hydrocodone habit. He has Medicaid through the state but no private insurance. There’s a methadone clinic close by would this be a good option for him? He’s also been taking oxycodone in high doses. So I’m very worried for him. Any advice?

  144. I know I’ve been through withdrawal but that’s the least of my worries. I deal with chronic pain 24/7. When I am out of my meds I dread the intense pain and I feel like I’m going crazy. How can I overcome this never-ending battle? The medication helps but it’s just awful when I’m out cause I’m literally worthless. I can’t work. I can hardly get out of bed and it’s a battle to just shower. Help! I’m tired of being dependant on a pill! This is not a life anyone wants to live. If I can’t work and do for my kids then what am I good for? I’m tired. Sick and tired of this vicious cycle. And the withdrawal doesn’t help. HELP!!!!

  145. I just stopped taking Hydrocodone 10 mg 2 at a time 5-6 times a day after shoulder surgery. I only took them for 5 days but I’m on day four without and have all the symptoms of detox. The RLS is the worst! Is it common to go through withdrawal after five days and how long does it last? Thanks for any help!

  146. i recently took Hydrocodone 7.5/200 ibuprofen for five days at about 100 mg a day. How long are the effects or detox after being on it for five days?

  147. Migraines aren’t listed as a withdrawal symptom… could that be a possible symptom? I was prescribed Norco until my gallbladder removal in 2 weeks and I’m struggling severely if i miss a dose. I’ve tried to take as little as possible, but I ache all over, my right eye tears up like I’m crying and I get terrible migraines and feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve been taking 5mg when I wake up and 10mg at night. I get symptoms all day and every morning when I wake up. I’ve been thinking about 5mg in am, 5mg at noon, 5mg at night to try to even it out so I won’t be as sick.

    1. Hi Jessica. Not all symptoms could be listed here, but yes, migraines are a possible side effect of withdrawal. Tell your doctor about all the symptoms you are experiencing, or ask a pharmacist to suggest a short-term over-the-counter medication that will help you with the migraines.

  148. Hydrocodone withdrawal questions. I took 150+ mg/day for years. Cold turkey for 16 days. Urologist gave me tramadol for prostate pain last week, knowing my story. Prostate pain started 3 weeks ago while I was still using though. Maybe cold turkey was dumb, I don’t know. I know now that tramadol is bad too, but I’m using it for real pain, for once :). Main wd symptoms are sore/ heavy lower legs and fatigue.

  149. Been taking 10-325 hydrocodon 2-3 times a day for 2 years.Due to acupuncture I have stopped the med.5 daYs ago. Feel no craving, sneezing, leg twitches, weakness, not sleeping as well as usual. What more can I expect. Is it dangerous to stop taking the drug. I’m 70 yrs. Old, have high blood pressure 155/ 90.

  150. ive been on pain medication for 14 years, I was on 3 10mgs hydrocodone a day & 3 5mgs methadone a day. Non of them stopped my pain so I come off the methadone boy that was hell. I reduced the 10mg hydrocodone to 7.5mgs twice a day 1 in morning and 1 at supper time. They don’t stop my pain just eases it. If the pain gets so bad I can’t stand it anymore I don’t take more hydrocodone i just lay down and that eases the pain some. My pain is weight bearing, The more I set upright the worse the pain gets, I broke my back 40 years ago and have been in pain every senice, I have 4 old fracture 6 bulging discs, 30% deterioration of the vertebrae and spinal stenosis and arthritis and fibromyalgia, bone spurs, scoliosis. I’ve never abused my medication. I’ve only took as directed and I have never craved them or been high off them nor want to be. I’ve never bought any off the streets. Because I take them as prescribed does that still mean I’m addicted to them? I don’t want to be on them but If I come off them I’m afraid my Disability will stop because I’m not following doctors orders. I don’t work and can’t because of the pain And mental disorder. I’m very limited to what I can do and don’t leave my house unless I have to. I also have PTSD, bipolar II, depression, General anxiety disorder, and trimmers and I take medication for them also. Do you have any advice you can help me with?

  151. I am 84 y.o. female having osteoarthritis,osteoporosis,sciatica pain. I’ve been taking HC for about 2 years. 5mg 3x daily. I do not take this amount.. Sometimes only one or two, but at night I sometimes take two tabs for sciatica pain. If I’m feeling good, I might not take it at all. Is at these times that I start having multiple bowel movements which progress into very soft stools. I noticed that this was connected with HC, and would get better after a dose. What is the best way to withdraw. My doctor does not believe I take enough HC to be addicted. so he is no help.

  152. Would like to know if only taking ONE 5/325 tab a day along with my Motrin over a1-2 yr time and now going without could cause the withdrawal symptoms others have described on here, loss of appetite, nausea, fatigue, headache etc.?? Am a mom with a 21 yr old quad CP special needs son and have broken my own body down from the lifting and carrying of him. The pain is chronic and intense but I don’t want to take these pills for rest of my life. Thank you.

  153. I’ve been on two hydrocodone 10/325’s every 6 hours for years due to pain from ankylosing spondylitis. I forgot to refill it and couldn’t reach my doctor before he closed for the weekend (that was 2 days ago) so I’ve been detoxing this weekend. I’ve always taken my medication as prescribed and I had no idea I was physically addicted so badly. I also have Addison’s Disease–can the withdrawal symptoms cause me to have an addisonian crisis? I seem to be past the worst of the withdrawals, the first night was the worst. I was sleepwalking all night and my husband said I tried to climb out the window (we live on the ground floor). Now I just have nausea, headaches, fatigue and a lot of pain. I see my doctor in a few days, but now that I’m off of this stuff I’m not sure I really want to start taking it again. But then what do I do about the pain? Help please.

  154. I was wondering if anyone could answer this question I have not seen it on any of the blogs it seems that after 10 years of hydrocodone 7.5 4-5 a day prescribed by Dr. that after the taper program was completed that I continue to have severe cramps or what some call shinsplints or ache and pains in my lower legs I’m wondering if this is part of the withdrawl or part of some other symptom I may have I am 71 years old and have been on hydrocodone 7.5 for 10 years I believe I have beat the hydrocodone addiction but I don’t know about that withdrawal does anyone have any ideas. Thank you in advance.

  155. I was wondering if anyone could answer this question I have not seen it on any of the blogs it seems that after 10 years of hydrocodone use prescribed by Dr. I was wondering if anyone could answer this question I have not seen it on any of the blogs it seems that after 10 years of hydrocodone use prescribed by Dr. that after the taper program was complaining that I continue to have severe cramps or shinsplints or making and pains in my lower legs I’m wondering if this is part of it with drawl or part of some other symptom I may have I am 71 years old and have been on hydrocodone 7.5 for 10 years I believe I have beat the hydrocodone addiction but I don’t know about that withdrawaldoes anyone have any ideas.
    Thank you in advance.

  156. I know of an retired military person receiving hydrocodone pain meds for over 6 month. He had a several back injury and surgery 6 months ago, Is that unusual, and how can he ween off this meds, he has missed 2 days an experiencing irritability, increased back pain and chills? Is there help for veterans who are addicted to pain meds?

  157. I am trying again to get off hydrocodone the drug I thing the devil made have been on it maybe yr and half friendly DR did not tell me how hard it would be to quit.I started out taking 40mgs got down to 30mg a day then 20mg was not to bad but now the last month to go im climbing walls scared to tell DR so I guess I will like everyone else on here suffer I have been praying a lot and taking sleeping pill so get though the night im down to 15mg a day 2,5 in the morning and 2.5 at dinner and 5mg at bed time so I will keep doing this for few more weeks. Then I will do 10 mgs a day problem is cutting the pill now to get right mg they are 10mg all I can afford to buy but lord willing I will figure this out my birthday is early September this would be my own greatest present thanks for being here and listening take care

  158. wow thanks for the blog , I have been on hydro for about 3 years along with gabapentin for my nerve damage and back pain . thanks to the new federal guidelines on hydro it has been a job filling prescriptions with the va primary care providers and now this holiday weekend they screwed up and didn’t get mine filled on the hydro I ran out yesterday and am already feeling the down side of it . I didn’t really know what I was fixing to go thru so started searching . I’m 60 and a pretty tough old man . at least I know now that I’m not going to flop around on the floor like a fish lol thanks again for the informative site. and I may take this ride right on off the drugs . I haven’t felt like myself in a long time .

  159. I am a 71 y/o woman and have been taking prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen 325 for chronic back pain and pain from severe arthritis in my knee for the past year or more. I strictly take it only at night, 1.5 tablets, so that I can sleep pain-free. I am starting to become concerned about dependency even from this relatively small dose, because when I run out (within several days at the end of the 30-day script) I’ve been experiencing sleeplessness (even with 3 mg Lunesta), body aches, stomach issues and agitation. Also adding to the sleeplessness is the inability to stop my legs from demanding to be moved from one position to another on a constant basis. In addition, the efficacy of the dose seems to be less and less over time. Is this dependency? Is this withdrawal? Even from such a limited dosage? From what I read here, it certainly does seem like it. Without it, my life is unlivable because of the pain. My state recently approved medical Marijuana usage, and I find that cannabis does, in fact, help more than the hydrocodone. What to do, what to do. Life is tough for old ladies falling apart by degrees.

  160. I usually take 5-6 lortabs a day I haven’t had any in about a week am really tired my breast hurt I do have diarrhea can I be pregnant are is dis withdrawal

  161. I’m a nurse that has been taking Norco 10 on and off for some reason for a neck injury. I know I could lose my job and it is probably illegal but I started taking IV dilaudud from the hospital… I was able to get away with it bc my pts were prescribed it and if I “didn’t” use it I would ” waste ” it with another nurse. It started as 2mg I would inject once or twice a day. I’ve been doing it for about 3 monthes… Knowing it is wrong and trying to stop. But now I’m up to about 15-20 mg/day…with maybe a day or two off when I’m not at work and don’t have access. Those days I’m miserable. Last night I went thru a traumatic experience,.. Despite injecting the dilaudud that day….I started having severe flu like symptoms… Chill and whole body shivering followed by a very high fever. My boyfriend wanted to take me to the ER but I refused…he doesn’t know. I called in sick to work today and tomorrow and have a doc appt tomorrow. I know I’m going thru withdrawal but afraid to tell anyone. What can I do? I know I need to stop or it is going to kill me.

    1. Hi Angie. You probably don’t want to read this, but you need to go to the hospital. Stopping cold turkey on your own will leave you in bed and in terrible shape. Go to that doctor’s appointment and follow your doctor’s guidelines on how to treat and ease withdrawal symptoms.

  162. having been taking 2 to 4 pills/day of 10mg/325mg hyd/acetaminophen for 7 yrs, I stopped gradually but had no withdrawal symptoms. Could this mean the generic “Norco” of the Rx’d Vicodin is not as effective? A poor substitute?

  163. HI, I’ve been taking norco 10 for about a year. I’ve only taken 1 to 3 a day I’m down to 1 a day now. I don’t know what to expect for my withdraws. Do i need to go to the doctor? How long is the withdraw symptoms? I have a special needs daughter that I have to tend to in just want to be ok for her.. I started taking them because I’ve had a lot off tooth problems but now I’ve taken care of all that I just need to get off this crap. Amy advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks k you..danielle

    1. Hi Danielle. Yes, seeking doctor’s help can help you get prepared for the detox period, so you’ll know what to expect and what to do. Acute withdrawal from hydrocodone symptoms can peak at 72 hours after last dose and continue to affect you for a couple of weeks. The best was to withdraw from hydrocodone is to have doses of hydrocodone tapered under the observation of a doctor over the course of several weeks. This method allows your body to compensate and slowly regain normalcy. It also minimizes the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Tapering may not eliminate symptoms completely, but will keep you functioning to be able to take care of your daughter.

  164. i stopped taking hydrocone about 2 months ago, had been on it for about 15 yrs.. Have lost 50 lbs., is this common, or is something else going on?

  165. I was in a car accident 10 days ago. My hand was crushed in the accident, and I bad reconstructive surgery done to repair the 8 broken bones in it. The dr. Prescribed hydrocodone to take pre and post surgery. I was told to take 1-2 tablets as needed. I was taking 1.5 because it seemed to manage the pain well. For the last two days, I’ve inly taken one. Today, I’ve had a low level of pain, so I haven’t taken one. Right now, I can’t sleep and feel so restless. I feel like I just want to crawl out of my skin. Can you develop and dependency and experience withdrawal if you’ve only been taking them for 10 days? Thanks.

    1. Hi Sleepless. What you describe sounds like hydrocodone withdrawal, but even if it is, after such a low-dose and short-term use symptoms should subside in a very short period of time. In the mean time, you can use some general over-the-counter sleep aids to help you.

  166. This was the last straw for me. I just took the bottle out of my other MED’s , my stomach was first to go , then the seasonal allergies & an the cold was there but , they couldn’t find it until I inadvertently couched some of it up … 21 day’s w/t out an I’m throwing away the prescription I just had sent to me. This was a little bruttal , an I’m not going bk!

    1. Congratulations Cold turkey! I’m so glad it’s all over and in the past for you! I hope your motivation and commitment can inspire others to put an end to their hydrocodone dependence and/or addiction.

  167. Ivana,
    Please help me. I am an alcoholic (12-20 light beers a day morning to night) 56 yrs. old. Never actually get drunk. Very stressful period of my life. I also take 35-40MG Hydro for diabetic nerve pain (and I am sure some attributed to the alcohol). I was totally clean about 6 months ago from all, but the stress of poverty has brought me back into this addictive pattern. I have never had too much trouble with the alcohol withdrawal in the past. A few valium, a few days I am good to go. 7 years ago I cold turkeyed off of 80mg Hydro and 90 mg. morphine XR a day. HELL! But I did it. I have kept myself below 40mg Hydro for 6 mos. I am a pro realtor and have 2 commercial deals in escrow that would totally turn my life around, but the stress is unbearable. Even using this much, I can only sleep 3-4 hours at a time. That is why I use just to feel normal. Should I quit the alcohol or Hydro first? Both at once? I want to be clean again as I was last November. Felt great and I seriously regret using again. I live alone and have NO support except my faith. A few valium left. I am an anxiety ridden nervous wreck at this time and fear that withdrawals will amplify during the most important time in my life. Should I wait for the deals to go through, thus relieving some financial stress, or bite the bullet? You are blessed in helping so many out of thyese predicaments and your reply would sincerely be appreciated.

    1. Hi Raymond. Yes, some people withdrawing from hydrocodone do report experiencing suicidal thoughts and ideation. Report this one and any other side effects you may be feeling to your doctor, so they can be managed appropriately on time.

  168. Hi. I was taking about 20-25 Mil gram a day. I stopped taking hydrocodone cold turkey. I’m in my seventh day. The first few days felt very fatigue. I really didn’t have a lot of the systems mentioned. At this time I have no energy to do anything, and I’m somewhat depressed. Im I still going through withdrawal? If so, how long will this last. By the way, I’ve been taking this dosage for over a year.

    1. Hi Patrick. It will take a while before your energy levels even out and you start feeling like your old self. The first few days are usually the worst, then things tend to get better. I believe you are lucky, since hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms are much worse for most patients who’ve been taking the medication long-term and quit cold turkey. If you are having trouble sleeping, short-acting sleep aids, acupuncture or other alternatives that aim to promote sleep can help. Engaging in physical and mental exercises which promote positive emotional states can reduce fatigue, stress and nervousness. Also, keep yourself well hydrated, eat whole and healthy foods, and try multivitamin supplements to boost your energy.

  169. I have been taking 3 to 5 10/325 norco for back injuries for 12 years. I am pregnant and decided to quit. I have drunk a gallon of water a day for the past week. It’s now Thursday on Monday cut dosage to 1 and 1/2 Tuesday 1 Wednesday 1/2. Am now 15 hours in and symptoms are unbelievably mild only slight chills when craving gets bad I just tell myself no. Good luck everyone.

  170. My 77 year old mother has to use hydrocodone for her osteoarthritis. She also has gastroparesis and has terrible nausea symptoms with this. She usually runs out of her pain meds before time to renew them. Then of course, she starts symptoms of withdrawal. Severe nausea, vomiting, leg pain and dizziness. I think some of this is from the gastroparesis too. She has had to go to the emergency room several times. But after a recent stay in the hospital and nursing home for physical therapy, she does not want to go. Just need some suggestions on how I may be able to help her. I am her only living child. She has been told by a doctor that she will always have to take pain medication. Thank you for any info you could provide.

    1. Hello Diana. If she over-uses her prescriptions it is illegal because she’s using more than prescribed. Then, she runs out and stops cold turkey. I believe the side-effects she’s feeling are mainly withdrawal due to the abrupt cessation. If she won’t stay in a nursing home, you will need to manage her medications and keep track, so that she’s not taking more than advised by a doctor.

  171. my fiancé is detoxing off of 6 months of taking hydrocodone. We are gradually decreasing the dose & length between doses. He is still suffering the pain in the leg symptoms extremely bad as we lessen the dose. Is there anything I can do
    To help this? Please if you have any ideas, let’s know.

    1. Hi Debbi. Everyone reacts differently during withdrawal. However, gradually reducing doses significantly lowers the intensity of symptoms you experience. Things that help are staying away from caffeine, alcohol and nicotine; stretching, taking hot or cold baths, applying hot or cold packs to the affected area, massages of the legs; exercise and relaxation techniques; putting folded heavy blankets on top of legs; putting on tight pressure socks. Also, ask a doctor or a pharmacist about medications that may be useful for stopping restless legs effects.

  172. I know that this is a low dose that I have tapered to. But I’m still so sick with constant headaches. I’ve been tapering 1/2 of 5/325 to get off hydrocodone for 3 wks. For 6 days I’m down 2 1/2 a.m. and 1/2pm. My doctor ordered after this week (tomorrow) drop it to one 1/2 once a day. But I’m still sick and intolerable @ this weeks taper. I have read to possible reduce .25 a week. Any help is appreciated. It seems impossible & not worth it. Thank u!

  173. I can handle everything except I am exhausted! I have to work and I don’t have any energy at all. I feel like I could sleep for a month. That is the hardest thing about withdrawal symptoms. I am drinking so much water that I get sick to my stomach. I’m so tired right now and I want to go home and lay down but I can’t. I’m laying off of soda, sugar and breads thinking that will help. I am trying and I can make it if the energy comes back. That’s why I wanted off them. I realized I wasn’t taking them for pain anymore (fibro) and I was taking them for the energy they gave me. I had to admit to myself I am addicted. Can you tell me anything else to do for energy? Will it ever get better? Thank you so much.

    1. That’s a tuff period, Nicki. You can treat the set of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms using over the counter flu and cold medications as well as prescription medications. Medications like clonidine or Immodium are used treat specific symptoms such as high blood pressure and diarrhea. For insomnia and sleep problems try short acting sleep aids, acupuncture or other alternatives that aim to promote sleep. To deal with psychological effects, talk to your doctor. S/he may put you on opiate substitution therapy and suggest psychotherapy or counseling. Stay strong, Nicki. And keep yourself well hydrated and nourished.

  174. I did so good for a long time…. eating norco or vicodins whenever I got them, and never seeming to have withdrawals… but now, I am dying of the withdrawal symptoms. I think I will leave work early, and go lay on a bed. My back hurts so bad, intestine issues, chills, sweats, aches, pains and I am so run down. I’m thinkin’ I may pass the next time someone offers me some 🙁

  175. I have been on Hydrocodone 7.5/325, 4 times a day for several years. I want off of them! Please tell me what to expect and how long I will have to put up with this withdrawal. I have already cut back the last two weeks to two a day.

  176. Hello, I found out I was pregnant at 19 weeks and I was taking 2-3 norco 10s a day. I then tapered off of them at 24 weeks. I am wondering will my baby still have withdrawals if I stopped using at 24 weeks

    1. Hi Michelle. As the medication is cleared from your system, it is cleared from your baby’s system too. So, s/he should be safe from withdrawal symptoms at birth. You can talk over the details with your gynaecologist to get ready for possible risks when you get into labor.

  177. i have had several back surgeries and been on narco for 6 years they have now put me on morphin and I do not want to do this any more. I’m sick all time and they say my leg and back pain is from authoridis but all I do is keep taking more drugs I’m tired of them and want off.

  178. I need to know if I have become addicted to these drugs…
    I only took this med at night if my leg started to hurt. But I have started to shake and can not think right. Doctors say I have stress and just give me more meds, but I hate taking all this stuff. I have never felt this way before. I just got this new job and I can not loose it, because I have not other source of income. Do I have stress? Or am I addicted to the meds I have been taking. I have stop taking all of them since Tuesday night. I had to have a colonastopy on Wed so I was not suppose to take anything. But This feeling has been going on for about a month now. I also have started to itch in different places…

  179. I broke my back and both my knees on November 16 of 2009 I have had back surgery from c7 to t9 vertebrae I compressed my body 60 percent I now have 6 bulging discs in lower back I have been on Lortab and got switched to Norco 10 they prescribe me 180 a month and in 2 and a half weeks I am out insane but true I am back working and hurt even more but when I’m out I can’t get mativated my legs are so tired no energy nothing so of course I go buy them on the streets I want to stop is there a home type remidy I can do to feel motivated and have the energy I use to have naturally before the pills I don’t want to substitute one depending for another from the doctors please any advice will be thankful

  180. Hi I’ve been taking hrdrocodone for pain for close to a year now. But the last 6 month consistently taking 5 to 6 Norco 5/325 daily. I am down to 2 at a time every 24 hours. I did go 29 hours without a dose yesterday and only experience mild back soreness and a little restless. Can you tell me if I make the transition. To cold turkey from here will my withdrawls be very bad? Keep in mind I’m at 2 at a time once a day for the 3rd day now. Please help I’m scared of the withdrawl symptoms and I want to get off this crap because it is highly addictive and that’s not a road I want to go down. Thanks!

  181. I fell 5 weeks ago and broke my knee cap. My doctor prescribed percocet 7.5/325 and I took about 3 every 24 hours. At three weeks I ask him to give me some hydrocondone so I could cutting back. He gave me 7.5/325. I continued to take 3-4 in 24 hours. I began waking up at night feeling like my skin was crawling, nauseated and severe abdominal pain. I took Zofran and my hydrocodone and after about 30-45 minutes, I was feeling normal again. That scared me so the next morning I started taking one half of the pill. I now am taking 1/2 tablet about 3-4 times a day. I still wake up feeling a little nausea so I take the pill and it takes longer but I finally feel better. Now I am worried because I don’t know where to go from here. I planned to reduce the 1/2 tablet but it is difficult to cut it that small. Not sure what to do next. I go back to my doctor in two weeks and he is going to take off my knee brace and let me go back to work on light duty. I can not be taking any pain medication while working. I am trying to stretch out my time in taking my pain med.but after about 5-6 hours, I began to feel the need to take the hydrocodone. Where do I go from here. My knee still hurts at times and all I can take is tylenol and it does not help that much. I have taken both percocet and hydrocodone many times in my life short times when I have needed it and never remember having a time like this trying to stop it. I plan to tell my doctor in 2 weeks if I am still struggling with this but just wondered if you could help me because I would love to be off this by the time I go back to the doctor.

  182. If you are reading this to get encouraged and to take the first step let me tell you it’s so much better when you get past the first few days. I’m on day 8 and I went to work full of life today. I got tired around 3 but I kept busy and the feeling went away. It’s ok and it’s the right choice. You have to clean your body not only for you, but for your kids if you have kids. Just know each day you keep telling yourself you will be here each day to see a smile and give thanks to God each morning you wake up.

  183. It’s Saturday (6 days clean) and I owe all my healing to God! I didn’t have half of the hell mentioned in others stories . I was on my knees asking God to heal me, remove the desire, anoint me with the blood of Jesus from my head to the soles of my feet… Prayer works if you believe! I’m out of bed, I’m laughing and having fun with the people in my life. I hold a conversation and actually listen now. I’m more focused to my surroundings. I don’t find the need to have to keep writing every thought down on a piece of paper so I don’t forget it. I remember things more clearly. It’s not easy but I’m telling you once you do set your mind to be clean you will make it happen, because you control the thoughts, not the pills. I’m sitting on my porch having a cup of coffee and enjoying the fresh air. Do I crave? Yes but only for a moment because I change my thoughts and think positive and the crave is gone. Yesterday I didn’t have one thought of it except in the morning. I’m assuming because that’s when I would pop 5 in one hour. But I’m learning and you too can do this. It’s not a way to live being messed up and destroying our organs with this stuff. It’s not worth it especially since I want to be here for my kids…

  184. It’s day 4… Yesterday I was able to get out of bed. I washed all my bedding and went outside and sat in the sun. It helped a lot!! True I have restless nights of sleep still but I got up this morning and gave all the glory to God. Yes I orayed and asked God to please heal me through this and help me. Prayers work. I’m testimony to that. I had people praying for me. I begged God to forgive me for damaging my body, his body… Please keep praying to get through the detox. Don’t give up. It’s day 4 for me and I’m up!! I’m anxious to go to work. I’m excited to be the person I was before using. It’s not easy but you must push yourself. Every time your mind says lay down in bed you say no I’m going to do something today. Watch some comedy TV shows, read a good book wash cloths do something. Don’t give in…. The devil will keep attacking you to say call your dr get a new RX but don’t do it… I didn’t need the pills it was my own stupidity to just take the pills for no reason. I had no pain. I had no surgery I had no need for them. But if I can do this u too can do this. Get up and give thanks!!

  185. Hi my name is Sherry. I don’t have a need to be prescribed Hydrogodone but yet I’ve been on it for 5 years. The Dr kept writing it and I kept taking it. I own and operate my own store and on Sunday I took my last pill. Since I own and operate my own store, the dr visit and the cost of the pills were not fitting in with what direction I want to take my store. So I took the last pill. I was doing 10 pills a day 10/325 and I need to be more alert then what I feel when I take the pills. It’s now Wednesday morning. I started to read some blogs. There is one story on here that helped me get out of bed. His or her name is Aaron. I read all your stories and all contributed a “get up and move” in my mind. The withdrawals haven’t been to bad. The worst I feel is RLS. Day 3 now and my lower back hurts. I’m exhausted but if I keep telling myself I’m going to be healthy not only for me but for my two kids who are 18 and 21. No one knows. All I can say is thank you. If you keep telling yourself you will get through this, you will improve health wise and you will feel better then the detox won’t be so bad. IT’s true that detox symptoms will vary. I took the pills as pleasure, no surgery or need for them. Day 3 I’m tired but I actually feel alert. I’m thinking more positive and well the dr well that’s ajoke. I called his office to find out what to expect and he had a staff member call me and advised me to go to a urgent care center if I had problems. That right there showed me he didn’t care about me, he’s upset that he won’t get the $140 a month dr visit from me since I had no insurance. All I want to say is if you really want to change the addictive life and live happier then try to quit. I pray this 3rd day for me gets better and I can stay out of bed.

    1. Hi Tara. One month is enough time to form physical dependence on a medication. Of course, it depends on the frequency and amount of hydrocodone you were taking. So, the severity and duration of withdrawals can vary from person to person. The withdrawal symptoms will be significantly milder if you do a slow and gradual taper of your current doses.

  186. smoked meth for the first time this pass Monday I have a mouth and urine test do onfriday will it still show after 4 days

  187. stomach pain diaherria weakness no energy depressed etc. how long does this last its been 9 days today. thank you

  188. what kind of medicines can I get for the withdrawals I have been on norco10/325 for 9years all of a sudden you cant get them now please help I am in severe pain from withdrawls last time that I had any has been 7 days.

    1. Hi Jeff. What are the symptoms you are experiencing? You can go to the local pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for some general over-the-counter medicines that treat the specific effects you are feeling.

  189. I have been taking 60mg of 10/325 Hydrocodone for 2 1/2 years. what is the safest way to get off of it? Why and How?
    Thanks for the help. Scared!

  190. I have taken hydrocodone off and on for years, as I have a bad back. However, I never take more than 2 per day to help me sleep. Would I still suffer withdrawal symptons?

    1. Hi Kathy. It’s a very individual matter. But I think that you most probably will experience some withdrawal effects and discomfort.

    1. Hi John. Acute withdrawal from hydrocodone symptoms can peak at 72 hours after last dose and continue to affect you for a couple of weeks. These period is followed by flu-like symptoms.
      1. You can treat these symptoms using over the counter flu and cold medications as well as prescription medications. Tramadol, methadone, buprenorphine, and naloxone are popular medications which occupy opioid receptors in the brain to either provoke or lessen the severity of withdrawal symptoms.
      2. Medications like clonidine or Immodium are used treat specific hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms such as high blood pressure and diarrhea.
      3. Short acting sleep aids, acupuncture or other alternatives that aim to promote sleep can help.
      4. Methadone or buprenorphine replacement treatments are also possible (if prescribed by a doctor).
      4. Lifestyle changes for sleep problems are often beneficial. Engaging in physical and mental exercises which promote positive emotional states can reduce stress and nervousness.
      5. Learning new behaviors and habits through congitive-behavioral therapy can help you cope with life without hydrocodone.

      I hope this can help you get through. Good luck, John!

  191. I have developed a dependancy after after sustaining a shoulder injury and have undergone surgery a little less than a week ago. I know I need pain relief while recoverimg from surgery but also know after recovering I will have withdrawals. I’ve been taking the hydrocodone for over a month awaiting surgery and have a minimum of 3 weeks of pain left according to the orthopedic surgeon who is caring for my injury. Who should I speak to about tapering off? The orthopedist or my regular primary care physician? I went a day without the medication and began experiencing symptoms of withrawal about 8 or 10 hours after my last dose.

  192. I need help but don’t know where to turn… I’ve gotten myself into this cycle of abuse and it’s ruining my life… every week I tell myself I’m done but keep going back and it has put me thousands of dollars in debt… I can’t let this ruin my life and it will take years to undo the damage I’ve done… any advice or help is appreciated

  193. I am detoxing myself from HC 10 by stopping to use it for the past 5 days. I have been on doctor prescribed pain meds for 6 years after having prostate cancer radiation totally botched. I am now in pain hell, and I do mean hell with terrible pain all throughout my body. Please respond if you have had this symptom and tell me if is ever stops??
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hello Alison. Yes, tremors are one of the symptoms of any opiate withdrawal, including hydrocodone. They are felt mostly in the hands, although they can be evident in other parts of your body. Try using hot baths or showers and a heating pad or hot water bottle, and also ibuprofen or naproxen for pain.

  194. Hey, I’ve taken 40-50 mg a day for five years. I took 50 mg. Saturday and 10 mg. yesterday.. My eyes are blurry and watering, nose running, severe insomnia and my legs are sore. I have a prescrption for valium also I just got (have not filled it yet) but I want to get off all of this crap. My girlfriend got off drugs using suboxone. There are still some strips cut in thin little pieces left. I took my last pill almost exactly 24 hours ago. i’ve been sleeping from 5AM to about 1:30PM for about two weeks, If I can get back on schedule soon, I’ll still have a job but I have not been able to work for two weeks

  195. I have been on 40 – 60 mg daily of hydrocodone for 1.5 years. Today is day 5 off the medication cold turkey. I did not taper my meds. I am not (and have not) experienced depression, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, goose bumps, chills, or any leg cramps. I do have more pain than usual in my neck and back (but it is manageable with OTC pain relievers), but I do have the diarrhea.
    From everything I have read, I thought I would be in real bad shape at this point.
    Am I one of the lucky ones? Or am I just waiting to experience the worst?

  196. Hi Harva. Yes, if you only took it for two weeks and as prescribed your withdrawal symptoms should be mild. Maybe some fatigue, shifts in energy, changes in sleep patterns, but you’ll be back to normal very quickly.

  197. Dec. 31 I had complete him replacement surgery and quit taking hydrocodone the morning of the 14th day. Will the length of my withdrawal be less than someone who has used it for say, a month? Thanks,

  198. Hello Paul. I wouldn’t suggest an abrupt cessation of hydrocodone after taking the medication for such a long time and in such doses. It won’t be pleasant or safe. My advise is to consult a doctor, get a tapering schedule and slowly reduce doses. You may feel some withdrawal symptoms, but they won’t be as severe as the symptoms from quitting cold turkey, plus they can be medically managed.

  199. Started w/ one a day in 93. Now I take two in the morning and two at night. I stay sleepy all the time and I think I can just stop taking them. What do you think? (10-375 hydrocodone)

  200. I have been taking hydrocodone for 5 years. I was up to 5 a day when my insurance changed and I could no longer afford a pain management doctor. I managed to go down to 1 1/2 a day after my first month but I wasn’t able to go at all this month. I’ve been without it completely for 9 days and have developed severe headaches and nausea. I take muscle relaxors for muscle spasms but it doesn’t help with the tension headaches. I work in a job that is physically demanding sometimes and managing the pain so I can work is really hard. I know I’ll never be fully pain free. Even 5 a day didn’t stop the pain, just dulled it to where I could function. Are the headaches the last leg to withdraws? What can I do now to relieve the pain since ibuprofen and aspirin don’t help to take the edge off? How do I handle the mental cravings? Over a week into my body releasing the toxins and im still in hell. Any advice would be great.

  201. I started my withdrawals off hydro on Wednesday and after one day I feel a lot better. I was taking 60 mg of hydro a day for 2 years straight. This isn’t my first rodeo either and each time I’ve withdrawn I’ve had different intensity levels of the withdrawals. What I’ve learned is you cannot feel sorry for yourself. 70% of ur symptoms will be intensified by your mind. I have 2 young boys that help me keep my mind off of it and I would HIGHLY recommend that u NOT do this alone. U will need someone to talk to through it all. Set up support systems for yourself (i.e. at work). Write down everything u want to do when ur clean. Look forward to being clean. One thing that has helped me a lot iis taking HOT baths with Epsom salt. Do it twice a day, once before you go to sleep so ur muscles will be relaxed. The salt will also speed up the detox process for ur body. Drink lots of water and THINK POSITIVE! it will all be worth it. After day 3 you will look back and smile. Good luck!

  202. This is the worst experience ever…PCP won’t give me anymore…cut from 120 month to 60 s month overnight..of course ran out and she will not re-fill! The shakiness/rapid heart rate/ High blood pressure…diareha/vomiting..how can this be safe?? Never mind the extreme agitation…I think the DEA has really screwed up on this one…I can see future lawsuits due to this…my issue..live in rural area…no pain management centers or addiction centers closer than 2 hours. Went to a mental health center yesterday/they did a intake and then proceed to tell me their MD who is only one who can prescribe a optional med cannot get me in for two 1/2 weeks…….by then I won’t need it! This site is helping some to know others are going though this also..but seriously it scares me what I feel and am going though..What happens next???

  203. Hello Grace. Have you told this to your prescribing doctor? You might need to be taken off the first medication at a slower pace, or a dose adjustment on the new med. The symptoms you describe need doctor’s attention. Hope you feel better soon.

  204. I’m being taken off of vicoprofen. I’ve been on it for four years of 7.5 mg and I believe it was 200 mg ibuprofen. I just started taking 3 instead of four a day and for two weeks I was okay doing that and didn’t get sick but did notice alot more pain.
    Now my new prescription is 3 a day of 5 mg and its acetaminophen and not ibuprofen. I’m depressed and have very low energy and I mean so low I think I might faint. I’ve had two days now that I have been on my new prescription and both days I have had diarrhea and have gone number two atleast four times on both days. I have been drinking fluids but still feel very dizzy. I have been feeling both days like I might throw up. I’m wondering is this normal? Am I suppose to be getting diarrhea each day? And is it normal to feel like I am going to faint? Is it really 25% each week that its suppose to be cut down by? I’m worried I’m going to be a disappointment. I’m also really afraid of the idea of fainting. I need some answers, thanks!

  205. Hi Deb. I’m very sorry for what you are going through. Unfortunately, you are not the only one facing this problem and people nation-wide are suffering the same. You can treat this set of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms using over the counter flu and cold medications as well as prescription medications.

    Propofol is used for sedation during rapid hydrocodone detoxification.Tramadol, methadone, buprenorphine, and naloxone are popular medications which occupy opioid receptors in the brain to either provoke orlessen severity of withdrawal symptoms. Medications like clonidine or Immodium are used treat specific hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms such as high blood pressure and diarrhea. If your doctor won’t help, see a pharmacist at the local pharmacy.

  206. Due to the declassification of hydro, my idiot dr dropped me from 60mg to 30mg a day. For 3 wks now I have been going thru hell. I wound up taking an ambulance ride to the er, to be told it was anxiety. My dr said I should not be having withdrawal since I still had the drug in my system. It was thru the web that I learned I should be reduced at a slower rate. I have real pain with xrays to prove it. The dea is screwing with people’s lives. This dr needs to have her license pulled. I need serious help, she has given me none and will not return my calls,my cries for help. I don’t know where to go.

  207. Hello Rose. And YES, tapering doses down is the right way to go with hydrocodone. It may seem as a low dose, but you’ve been taking it long enough for physical dependence to develop. You might consider consulting a medical professional for treatment of the underlying withdrawal effects.

  208. I have been taking 2-3 7.5/325 hydrocodone on a daily basis for approximately 2.5 years. I’ve told myself since I never take more than three a day that im not addicted. I know better now and have decided to quit. My question is since i don’t take many daily should i still taper off ? Its been several hours since my missed dose and im already experiencing moderate side effects. If it gets worse than this, Im nervous! Also I’ve just started Zoloft

  209. I was taking 24 10/350 a day! At least 6 at a time. I told a friend this was becoming a big problem and she is in charge of meds while tapering. I’m given 4 7.5s a day and this is not working. Doesn’t even take the edge off! Help!

  210. I was on Hydro for 7 years10/500 for 5 years and then 10/350, I am now off of them, more or less forced since you cannot get them anymore. I am in day 12 of being clean but still have running nose, nervous leg syndrome and diarrhea. I just wanted to say its a tough way to go but I lost my job and insurance with about 25 left. I was taking 5 a day. I believe it was gods intervention. every day I cut back by one half tab and on the last day I took a half. I spent the next 7 days up all night no sleep like a walking zombie, sleep an hour and up for 4. but I avoided calling the doctor and maybe should have to ease the withdrawal however I didn’t want to get addicted to something else. I am now in severe pain due to many joint operations and have faced the fact the this is part of getting old. I would rather be old and in pain than die from complications from this nasty stuff, at this point I may get a Medical Marijuana card.

  211. I had been taking hydrocodone for several weeks following cervical spine fusion surgery. I quit taking it four days ago and am now deep in the throes of withdrawal. Cold with sweats, food tastes horrible but I try to force myself to eat something anyway,muscle pain – can’t walk across the house without my legs aching and burning and severe mood swings. Should I still contact my physician?

  212. I am 49 diabetic and have been taking hydrocodone 7.5/325 for approx a year I take approx 2-4 pills a day and been having respiratory issues could this be from the pained I been on them for approx 4 years with the last year bein on the 7.5’s any help would be appreciated

  213. Hi! I have been on Norco for 6 yrs. ran out on Sunday. Dosage 10/325 4/day. Experiencincing all symptoms of withdrawal. Want to get off all meds im taking ( all of my docs are aware of what I take). Was tring to get off klonopin first, now sounds like it might be wiser to stop hydros. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for tis web page! What a lifesaver!

  214. I have a severe case if osteo arthritis with some signs of RA. Recently sent to a RA Doctor because the inflamation blood levels were so high and the bonescan showed inflamed joints through out the body. In 2010 after hip replacements started on Vicodone. Started with 5/500 after a year or so another joint replacement increased to 10/325 and have been on that dosage since. I was taking 4-6 a day until I got a knee replacement two yrs. ago March. I started cutting down from 6 to 4 some days 3 a day depending on the pain and what I wanted to do. I keep active …..babysit…go to hockey games….baseball games….fish etc., The last 3 months been on two a day. I had to cut all the scrubs back and cut grass which caused a lot of back pain so for two day took 3 or 4. Then back to two. I also was put on a medicine by the RA doctor called leflunomide and have experieced some hair loss and extreme fatigue. So for 6 months have been going from 10 mg. to 20 mg. and back and forth. Then I thought it might be the vicodone so I talked with the doc and we cut it to 1 1/2 a day. Had diahrria, stomach upset and extreme fatigue. The leflunomide has helped with the pain so much that I don’t want to stop it completely but because of the hair loss and fatigue have stopped it now for the 4th day. I have been weak, depressed ad so tired. I started a part time job 4 1/2 hrs. 5 days a week about one month ago. It is a office job no physical labor computer work etc., I am tired when I get home. After a week of 1 1/2 V and no Leflunomide today I feel better. Seem to have more energy and a mood lifted a bit. I am going to try and clean. Since Friday after work I have done nothing but rest…..buy groceries which exhaused me….then slept well both nights Sat. rested all day and read …..watched TV etc., Today I am trying to figure out which med is causing the fatigue. I feel better taking two or three Vicodone a day. The doc said I may never be able to stop V as it controls the pain so I can lead a really normal life. I also get cortizone inj. for the back when needed instead of increasing the Vicodone. Actually the Vicodone doesn’t help the back pain ….and I don’t crave Vicodone. I actually forget to take it when I am having a good day. I was put out on a disability 12 yrs. ago but since being on this new RA medicine I have felt the best in 12 yrs. So ……anyone reading this if you have been on this RA medicine with small doses of Vicodone and can relate to what I am saying please give me your opinion. I also am wondering if the working is to much for my body. I live alone and have a home to take care of also. Thanks

  215. Vicki: Re the Doc that will not prescribe anything for sleep. The day my Doc tells me that, is the day I thank him/her for past service and tell them I’ll find one that will.

    My problem — if one can call it a problem — is that when I need the H/C it works to relieve the pain. However, the insomnia, dehydration and constipation are after effects I deal with.

    On a recent occurrence, I had to take an extra tablet to ease the pain. I passed one half gallon of urine in an 8 hour period. The next day, for my “hangover,” I took a quarter teaspoon of salt, two teaspoons of sugar and one tbsp of apple cider vinegar in about 16 oz of water. I started feeling a bit better, but it took all day to get over the double dose of H/C. But easing the pain the night before, made the “hang-over” seem trivial.

    Good luck and hopefully you can get the sleep you need to help you through the tough spots.

  216. Hello carcrash0618. I had experienced the same problems with my legs after going off the hydrocodone that I was taking for seven years for chronic pain. My doctor prescribed me a med called gabapentin 100 mg and man it helped me. No more symptoms. This type of meds is usually prescribed to people who had restless leg symptoms and other symptoms, I checked it out on the internet. See if you primary care doctor will also give them to you. I take 2 every 8 hours and now I am pain med free and all my withdrawals symptoms are gone. I hope this comment will help you.

  217. I have been on hydroco/Aceta 5-325MG Tab for 10 months know. I had back surgery in Dec. 20013. My Surgeon just told me that he can’t me any more refills . He didn’t say anything about havening withdraw. I have been taken 1/2 tab. at night for pain. well I be having withdraw?.

  218. I have been on hydrocodone and percocet for about 4 months straight – first for a rotator cuff surgery that I wasn’t fully healed from and then an emergency abdominal surgery. I want off the HC and two days ago decided to quit taking them and use ibuprofen. Yesterday was a great day. I had more energy than I’ve had in weeks. I had none of the “blues” and feeling like I was in a fog. Today is horrible. I can’t concentrate. I am cold, then hot, then cold. My feelings are very close to the surface. Let me say also that I never took more than was prescribed and in fact took it less often and took it only when “needed”. I have trouble sleeping and always counted on having it at bedtime but I can’t get my doctor to prescribe something to help me sleep. I have read the symptoms of withdrawal and I have about 8 out of 10 of them. I want my life back – my life as I knew it before the surgeries. My family wants me to have my life back. My granddaughter told me that my body is just mad at me for all I’ve had done to it in the last few weeks. This blog has helped me to understand that there is no shame in feeling like I’m having withdrawal to hydrocodone. I have a doctor’s appointment today. Maybe some relief will be in sight and he will give me a tapering down schedule that will lessen the symptoms I’m having. Thanks to all who have posted here. Makes me feel better that I’m not a drug addict.

  219. Hi Mary Ann. Going off hydrocodone is best done by tapering doses down, so you are doing the right thing. However, it’s done to lower the severity of the withdrawal symptoms and there is no way you can completely avoid them. I’d suggest you pay your doctor a visit and have him help you create a tapering schedule that will make this process more comfortable. You can also discuss other medications you can take to treat withdrawals as they occur.

  220. I have been taking Hydrocodone non stop for four months because of a ruptured dice in my low back. I had surgery three weeks ago. I began with a doseage of 5 mg every four hours in June and went to 7.5 mg every four hours the first of September. The surgery was a successful. My doctor didn’t give me a schedule on reduceing the drugs. On 10/14/14 I reduced the amout I was taking back to 5 mg. I did that for two days because that was all of the 5 mg dosage I had. Then on 10/16/14 I cut the 7.5 mg in half making my dose 3.75 mg taking it every five hours. However I am having difficulty dealing with the withdrawal side effects. How long can I expect them to last? Should I do something different? I have enough pills to continue this dose for a week. Thanks Mary Ann

  221. I have been on hydrocodone for 29 years. After a car crash and going through the windshield. So, I have to get off of it. I’m scared because whenever I try to stop the feeling in my legs is crazy. I never take more than prescribed but I have taken them regularly for a long long time. I’m down to one to one and a half a day if even but my legs and the creepy feeling freaks me out. That is my biggest thing I notice when I try to not take any, the leg thing.

  222. I was see a doctor at a family clinic because my family doctor sometimes takes months to get in for an appointment. It is usually more convenient to see them because I would usually be in and out. They say that I would have to see a PA to get my prescription refilled. I’m not sure about the ranks of doctors but I guess because of the new law they’re not qualified to administer that schedule of drug, I guess? I am now a month away for my appointment with my family doctor.

  223. Don: Just speaking for myself here. Maybe you’ve read my comments above. But when my PCP stops giving me what works, that is when I change Doctors. If a med has severe withdrawal symptoms and they will not treat them, then is that keeping with their oath to do no HARM?

    Mason: Why has the Doc cut you off just because of a schedule change? The med is still the same, isn’t it?

  224. Hello, I’ve been taking hydrocodone 7.5/act everyday for a year and 2 months for an injury. Since October 6 2014, anything with hydrocodone has been upgraded to a schedule 2 drug. My doctor has cut me off without acknowledging anything about withdraws. How long will I have to deal with these withdrawals and what should I take to help with my symptoms?

  225. My wife has been on hydrocodone for a herniated disc for years. It was prescribed by her primary physician. She never had a pain management doctor. I managed her medication daily.
    Now we have moved to another state and her PCP will not continue to prescribe it for her. He wants her to see a pain management doctor. We finally have an appointment to see one tomorrow. He is in a group recommended by her insurance company along with other pain management doctors and nurse practitioners. She really wants to go on a treatment plan for her condition, however she does not want to have surgery since two people we know have had surgery for this condition and are now on permanent disability. My biggest concern is how to help her in the meantime since she just went off her meds and what if the doctor doesn’t want her to have meds as part of her treatment. I hate to see her suffering. She is a good person and is open to other treatments but I can’t believe a patient who has been on meds for 10 years that are managed properly would have to go cold turkey on this. I think she needs a treatment where she can get other forms of treatment and gradually come off the meds. Please help and advise.

  226. Cheryl: I hope I’m not out of order here. But if I was in your position, I’d speak with the Doc and ask him prescribe a double dose, cut the pills in half and go back after 60 days. Unethical for him to do it? Perhaps. Unlawful, then disregard my suggestion!

    I’ve notice that with regards to this drug there’s at least two schools of thought. 1. This includes me – If the pain is severe and you need the drug, do not hinder access as long as you are in communication with your Doc.

    The second school of thought — is you might get addicted, so don’t prescribe it. I’m not in this school and here’s why. Back in ’77 I was in a car wreck and ended up with crushed sternum, and most painful bruised ribs. (My pancreas hurts worse when it acts up) With the bruised ribs, my Doc gave me Tylenol 3. After 30 days of one every 4 – 6 hours as needed. I told the Doc I needed more. He gave me another 2 week supply and let me know he was worried about addiction. But when the pain was endurable, I still had a couple of days supply left, but no addiction.

    I am reminded of a documentary on Heroin. I think it was 60 minutes and done in England some years ago. When cancer patients were given heroin, they did not get addicted, The conclusion was you don’t get addicted to medicine, but you will gat addicted to something that might not be the right med for your condition.

    As for treating the pain: I can recall walking through Hospitals a few years back and hear terminal patients scream in pain. I asked the nurse why they could — or wouldn’t
    do something. Their reply was they were afraid of addicting a patient — that was not going to walk out of there….

    All my family and friends that “died before their time” was because of legal substances — alcohol and cigarettes.

    I do know that when my pancreas was injured, and I was in the hospital for 8 days, watching the clock for the next pain med, I would’ve gladly shared a needle with a heroin addict that I knew to have Aids. It was either that or leap out of a window — head first.

    As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m for keeping pain under control. I can get weaned off whatever it takes when the cause of the pain is treated.

    I fully understand, too, where the ones worried about addiction are coming from. I saw my late sister about go mad with a broken heart when her son died from too much alcohol.

  227. I have a ‘script for HC: .5/325 to take as needed for pancreatic pain. When I really hurt, I take it. A few times I’ve had to take 2.

    I guess I’m one of the “Lucky” ones; while this works as a pretty good pain reliever I know the side effects are immediate; insomnia, dehydration and constipation.

    When I’m going through the after effects I wonder how anyone can get addicted to this. I’ve yet to experience the “pleasant feelings I hear about this drug. But to repeat: Knowing how ONE tablet effects me, I don’t hesitate to take it when I feel the pain coming on. There’s been times I’d chew the tablet to speed up the effects. I know it’s starting to work when my head starts to hurt, but that quickly subsides.

    My FNP told me that these things sell for $15 on the street for recreational purposed. I’ve discovered nothing recreational about it, A thirty day prescription (30 tablets) lasts a lot longer than 30 days. ( Long may that last!). I’ve lost many refills because the time to refill has expired.

    To those wanting to stop, maybe you don’t really need them in the first place. But once you decide to stop, I suggest you do it with the assistance with your MD. And as I quit smoking over 30 years ago, I’ve an idea how you will feel. I quit smoking one hour at a time. Hopefully you can get through it for one more hour….

  228. I’ve been on hydrocodone/acetaminaphine 5-325 1 to 2 tabs every 6 hrs as needed for chronic pain and possible fibromyalgia. I generally end up taking no more than 4 a day. I also take tramadol only at bedtime at least 6 hrs. after the hydrocodone. Recently hydrocodone has become a scheduled drug where you must have a handwritten prescription every month. My doctor lives 25 minutes away and I rarely drive anymore. He’s been my dr since I was 29 and I’m 64. He knows me well so I don’t want to change to someone closer. I will run out of hydrocodone early next week. What can I expect as far as withdrawal? I hope he will prescribe tramadol day and night since Medicare does make the price ok. Thank you in advance.

  229. I realize this is an addiction message board bu HC is not all bad as a regular pain control med. I started out with 10mg of HC three times a day as a treatment for a botched shoulder surgery. I found taking HC limited the amount of IB I had to take for my spinal stenosis. I’m 80 and have the joy of helping to care for a ten acre horse farm. My doctor really wanted me to cut down of the IB and worked with me to discover a HC dose that kept the pain edge off yet eased my need for 6 IB TABS A DAY.
    For the past two years I take 3 half tabs of 7.5 HC spread throughout the day. That has made my discomfort from stenosis manageable and cut my IB tabs to 2 in the morning before I go out to work. The HC also gives me that slight lift that keeps my 80 year old ambition going. Reading this board I know that lift is what can make HC so dangerous but in my case I’m not tempted to take more than the moderate dose I take now.
    The good HC is a life saver for me, helps manage my pain issues, and acts as a mild stimulate. As long as the HC is managed by my physician and doesn’t need to be increased to get the palliative effect I need that’s the good side of hydrocodone.

  230. My name is Mike and I am 51 years old. My story begins many years ago when I was prescribed Hydrocodone for chronic back pain. As the years went by my the 5mg tablets weren’t helping much so my doctor prescribed 10mg. My prescription was for 120 tablets a month, taking 4 tablets a day. After years my body wanted more….4 a day just wasn’t enough. That’s when I started buying pills off the streets, spending money I really didn’t have….lying to my wife about where I was spending the money. Everyday I was thinking about getting more money to buy more pills. I even pawned some of my prized possessions just to get more pills. I was at the point that if I didn’t take enough pills a day I would start having withdrawals. I’m ashamed to admit, but I was taking 15 to 20 Hydrocodone 10mg a day. A few weeks ago I hit rock bottom. I went to the doctor and confessed all to him and asked for help. He referred me to a substance abuse place that could help me. I made an appointment for that afternoon….and then called my wife….and confessed all to her. We cried together and thankfully she stood by my side to help me get through this mess I put myself in. We went to the appointment. A $70 co-payment and we spoke to a counselor, who recommended a doctor that could prescribe Suboxone. That would help me with the withdrawal symptoms. The only catch…..it was Wednesday and the doctor was on vacation until the following Tuesday. And, of course, I had no more pills. There was no other doctor that I could see that could help me. When we called to schedule the appointment for Tuesday we were told not to even bother because I would have gone through the withdrawals already so they wouldn’t give me the medicine. We felt scared and alone. I had to do this without the help that I’ve begged for. My wife and I took 4 days off from work and the withdrawals began. The first two days were the worst. The muscle fatigue and sleeplessness were so bad. I could barely eat . The diarrhea was horrible. I kept thinking I wouldn’t get through this, but each day I felt a little better. Today is day 11 and I’m doing so much better. I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my chest and I can be happy again. Each day I feel stronger and stronger. Yesterday we picked up my last refill from the pharmacy and we flushed them down the toilet. Gone in one flush! I am writing my story to encourage people to fight hard to get your life back. When I was feeling horrible my wife would read me stories from people that had been through this. Listening to those stories encouraged me to fight. It will get better. You can do this. Best of luck to you.

  231. I have discovered, after 12 years of taking pain medication only in the form of Hydrocodone as I am highly allergic to everything else, that most of the pain is in the mind. Taking them becomes a habit more then need though my body hurts very badly from a semi nearly crushing me to death. The pain is more intense when taking these meds. I tapered down from regular dosage because I had lost some of them and the pain subsided to a minimum of near tolerance until a cold front came through. Then the true pain returned several days before the front went through our state. If you truly want to get off them, don’t be afraid to but do it gradually and preferably under your doctor’s care. You will be more healthy if you can stop taking them all the time and only when pain is very bad. Hopefully I can follow my own advice as I have gained weight I never had before I started taking these things.

  232. Hello Judi. Many hydrocodone users have reported migraines and very uncomfortable headaches as a withdrawal side effect. I’d suggest talking to your doctor about this. Your doctor can examine you and determine what’s causing the headaches. Then, he can suggest alternative ways of treating or dealing with the condition.

  233. Ive been getting bad migraines when I started slowing down the hydrocodone. Unfortunately I may have slowed down too fast, I took my time when I went from 4 to 3 then 3 to 2 but 2 to 1 to nothing I may have done on only a day or 2. I wasnt thinking, I just wanted to get these meds out of my body. Now ive had a migraine for 3 days, feeling hot/cold every 10 min & then last night I slept almost 22 hrs but I still feel exhausted. This is horrible, when will it stop ? Also I didnt see anything about headaches, could this be something else, should I call my dr? I had a tumor removed from where my spine/brain stem meet, thats why the hydro.

  234. I had been on prescribed hydrocodone for several years. About 3weeks ago I decided to just stop and tapered off during one week. Most of the muscle tremors and sleeplessness is over. The diarrhea is still a problem. How much longer will I be needing Immodium. This is a concern. Thank you for listening.

  235. I have been taking hydrocodone for seven years now for chronic back pain and decided to stop taking them and try other options to manage my chronic pain. My doctor has put me on tramadol 50 mg. 2 tabs every 8 hours and taper off after one week. I have been of the hydrocodone now for five days and on the new meds. I also suffer from depression and I take venlafaxine 150 mg one capsule daily. I am going through withdrawals but I can handle it. My problem is I am so depressed. I can cry at any time. I feel like I am going into a dark place. Is this normal or should I have my dr. change my meds?

  236. I had a total knee replacement 6 weeks ago and was instructed by my physician to take -1-2 hydrocodone 7.5 325 mg every 4 hours. I had extreme swelling and was up every 4 hours until until last Friday I was taking 10-14 pills a day. I was just not myself and depressed so I quit them cold turkey. This is the fifth day and I feel better but I can not get rid of a severe case of diarehha (sp). I have tried pepto bismol ,kaopectate, camomile tea rice yogart plain blueberries. I can go 12 hours over night but then it starts. It got to the point when I could not eat any food in the first couple of days that it was just water but now it is blackish green and I have absolutely no control. Is there a prescription medication I should call my doctor about or something else I can do naturally. I am getting my appetite back and can keep down solid foods. I am not having any cravings for the hydro.

  237. Hi Angela. You can talk to a doctor or a pharmacist at the local pharmacy and seek advise on how to taper off of hydrocodone. They can give you guidelines, help you with the tapering schedule and give you some over-the counter medications to help your withdrawal, as well as some alternative pain relief.

  238. I have been taking hydro for close to 2 years and I want off of them… I take 10-325 3×a day as needed for pain.. I am not addicted to them and there are day’s that I can go without taking them….and day’s that I can just take one a day and I’m fine.
    The thing is I’m moving out of state and I will loose my health ins. So there gonna cut me off and I don’t want to go through hard withdrawals…what can I do to help myself in this matter ???

  239. Hello, regrettably, ive been taking about 6 of 10/325 lortabs each day for the past 2 weeks for recreational use. Im trying to quit and need help with withdrawals. I have constant stomach pain for 3 days now. What can i do some one help

  240. For the past 8 months have taken 3 1/2 pill size 7.5 hydrocodone/IB to ease the discomfort of spinal stenosis. Although the dose is low it takes the edge off and I have need for a higher dose. I take a half pill around 10am, 5pm (altho I skip that dose about half the time, and at 2 or 3 am when the discomfort wakes me up. My doctor monitors my prescription to 40 pills a month preferring that to 6 pills of IB.
    When I stop hydro to check if I still need it I don’t have any withdrawal but need to drastically increase OTC IB.

  241. I used to take hydrocodone 7.5/200ib three times a day for back pain related to spinal stenosis. That dosage lasted for 6 months when my doc started to lower the does to1/2 a 7.5 pill twice a day ad 1/2 pill if back pain wakes me up late night.
    I’ve been on that regime for three years and tho low that dose manages my pain quite well although sometimes I take a couple of ib especially when stormy. A higher dose (10mg) makes me uncomfortable and nauseous.
    Since this does helps me, allowing outside gardening which I love with minimal discomfort, and I am eighty should I worry about my dependance since lo dose hydrocodone does give a degree of phsical independance ?

  242. Had knee replacement three months ago. I was on Lortab 5-325 for over three months. My Dr. just gave me a suspension (tastes like syrup) with hydrocodone in it. I can take the liquid (4 ml) every 6-7 hours for a week, then reduce the intake to (3 ml) the next week, then reduce to (1 ml) the third week. Everyone is different, so timing can vary as can the quantity. This worked for me two years ago when I had a back surgery.

  243. Hi I have been taking 1 and 1/2 hydrocodone 5-325 pills everyday for about a year. The longest I have went without the pill was about 2 weeks but someone came around with the pill and I went back on it. Now I don’t have no more pills and this is day 3. I am experiencing some of the withdrawal symptoms but the most severe is the abdominal crapping. I don’t know what to do I need some advice.

  244. I take one half of a 10-325 hydrocodone (used to be called vicadin) every 6 hours for joint pain. I have been on this dose for a year. I find that if I go 6-8 hours without my “half” I get irritable and my blood pressure goes up. I’m 74 years old and really do well on this half dose.

  245. I had breast reduction surgery in 2005 because I thought that was what was causing my back problems. Come to find out I’m full arthritis in my back and in both si joints. I’m in constant pain but the pain meds. just don’t help anymore. So, my Dr. is sending me to an arthritis Dr. I’m not myself anymore and it’s effecting my family that I love so much. But I don’t want to be in this much pain at the age of 39. Please help me….

  246. Hi Paula. There are many prescription drugs that are used in the treatment of opioid withdrawal, or are related to the treatment of the withdrawal symptoms. Some of them include meds such as: Robaxin, Thorazine, Catapres, Robaxin-750, Catapres-TTS, Methadose, Dolophine, Methadone Diskets… However, NONE of these are advised to, or should be taken WITHOUT the assessment and approval of healthcare practitioners.

  247. I have ran out of my meds. I am currently taking hydros for my back. Had surgery April 1st, then had surgery again in may. They sent me home with hydro, but my insurance will only pay for 120 monthly. Is there any thing I can take to help me with withdrawal?

  248. Thanks and yes I want off completely and forever. I don’t want to talk to my physician because he knows I’m addicted to it and couldn’t care less other than to deny my prescription which I’ve learned is dangerous. The only thing he’s done for me for about three years…prescribe that and 2mg Xanax.

  249. Hello Sharon. There is no shame in developing dependence on hydrocodone! This is a medical condition that doctor expect of anyone taking hydrocodone for longer than a couple of weeks.

    You’ll really need to consult your prescribing MD to talk about your growing tolerance (totally expected) and your personal goals to address physical dependence. Do you want off hydrocodone completely? Do you want the medication to work more effectively? etc. The tapering plan will then be based on your personal medical history and symptoms that you track as you go.

  250. Since 2003 when I was first prescribed liquid hydrocodone after surgery I have taken it in some form in varying degrees. Not all the time until about the last three years I have taken 10/325 at least 3 a day, some days 6. I have gotten more on the side six times to get me through to my next appointment but basically I take four pills a day. I want to stop. I need to stop. How long to detox (the worst part)? How should I cut down? If I were to start today should I only take three and then how many days to cut to two then to one then to none? Please help. I am too ashamed to ask for help other than anonymously.

  251. I have alot of back pain and I have been on Hydrocodone for several years. i am trying to get off of this but Iam experiencing what seems to be withdrawals like sweating and my arms and hands jerk real bad. Is that a withdrawal symptoms?

  252. I was in a car accident about 7 months ago…had surgery for a broken leg three months ago and now looking at Thursday for a bone graft…a plate and acrews replaced as the one in now has broken….exploratory nerve surgery and whatever else they may do…anyhowi am pretty sure I am addicted to this hydro crap. If I Dont take it..I’m sick…headache stomach chills…sweats…pain and just feel like crap…but I have to take more it seems..I am not sure what to do as I’m sire they will pres ribe me more…to deal with the pain after surgery…

  253. My wife has been on hydrocodone for 8+ yrs. She stop 2wks ago this Thrus. she is not doing very well. When can I hope to see improvement?

  254. Hello Jessica. I’m not sure; I’d suggest that you record the severity, duration, and occasions of these symptoms (lightheadedness, vertigo, get real descriptive) on a calendar and present it to your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist who can take the time to explain to you possible causes and whether or not it’s related to hydrocodone withdrawal. Best to you!

  255. I’ve been on and off of this drug for a few years due to injures acquired while deployed. I have stopped so many times just like that and never noticed anything. I order my meds over the phone through the VA and Im waiting to get them. I ran out four days ago. i don’t experience any side effects that are listed but I feel extremely dizzy. I’m not sure if that is just a side effect of stopping the drug or something else completely. Is it normal to be dizzy?

  256. I’ve recently had a hysterectomy, 12 days post op, and was in a great deal of pain just following so I was taking the maximum dosage allowed by my dr. While I am still hurting, I am wanting to return to work. I tried to stop the meds but was having terrible pain in my legs, was overly anxious, couldn’t sleep, and was nauseated to the point of vomiting. I went ahead and took one pill just earlier but I am kind of worried that I may be having withdrawals when I don’t take it. I have been on the norco for some time for headaches as well as the pain associated with my female issues but I’ve always been on a take it when needed plan. I’ve never actually experienced this before. I texted my dr and am waiting to see what he says but I’m curious to I know what you think. Thank you.

  257. I been taking lower tabs for about 2 years and I found out I was pregnant. I want to stop taking them, I take about 10 to 15 a days. as iam trying to cut down on them so wont feel the side effect. I really want to stop. being pregnant really hard its taking all of my strength and energy. the side effects feels really awful. what should I do or what can I take plese help me.

  258. Hello Leah. I’d suggest that you seek medical help ASAP. Swelling is not usually associated with cases of opioid withdrawal, and you will need a medical opinion to diagnose the condition.

  259. My son is 27 and staying with me going cold turkey detoxing off Loratab and Oxycotin. he is on day 6 and feeling much better but his left arm is swelled up 3 times the size of his right arm. It has been swollen for 12 hrs now and seems to keep swelling. Should we be concerned? Thank You

  260. Hi James. I’m sorry to hear of the pain that you’re experiencing. If you need to bridge the gap for the prescription, you might be able to get it filled from an urgent care doctor, but bring your documentation with you. Drug abusers frequently “doctor shop” and urgent care doctors may/may not be willing to fill your prescription. Is there a pain management clinic nearby?

  261. i moved to a different state and have been taking narcotics as prescribed by my family dr since 1999. i only have 7 pills left. i was prescribed hydrocodone 10mg/tylenol 500mg tid prn for lumbar disc degenerative degenerative didease, a really bad right knee for which i have taken synvisc which does not last much anymore. the dr says i will need a replacement before too long. i also have have missed 2 or three doses and i can feel pain in my joints and bones. i forgot to say i have a bad back from an injury while trying to change a diaper on stroke pt by myself. should i go to an urgent care to get a few pills to hold me over. i have never abused my medication but am hurting worse by the hour. i have not have not had a pill for 12 hours. what should i do.?

  262. Oh, and by the way…just because I’ve made it to day 7 and am starting to get beyond withdrawal, by no means am I out of the woods. Up until now I’ve not talked to my doc about the cycle because….well….I was afraid he’d cut me off. Now that I’ve made the committment and gotten through withdrawal, it’s now time to be honest with my doc. That of course is the next step…once you get to the other side and feel better, the challege is not going back. You’ll still have the pain that originally led you to the pills. You’ve gotta find another way to deal. You also have to stay strong and keep the pills out of your life for GOOD…..meaning forever. A month, 6 months….a year…..10 years? Don’t think that just cuz you’ve been clean for a long time that it can’t happen again. People who have been clean for 10+ years have fallen back in. Gotta stay careful. It sucks…but it is what it is. That’s why it’s better never to start if you can help it.

  263. Hi people. I will tell you right here and now that if your doctor is recommending Hydrocodone or any other opiate-based pain killers, try and steer clear….especially if you have a history of substance abuse. These things will make you feel great….but of course the downside is you will get hooked unless you are of strong mind against doing so. The deeper in you get, the longer and more painful the withdrawal will be.

    I had been on Norco 10/325’s for about 3 years. At first I got them due to a diagnosis of transient osteoperosis of my hip. There were days I could barely walk. My primary doc referred me to both an orthopedist and a pain mgmt. doc. The pain mgmt. doc gave me the pills….and kept refilling them over and over. At first, no biggie. Stick to the prescribed dosage, pain gone, keep working, all is good. Then it stopped working as well…and stupid me…instead of talking to the doc about it….I just started taking more. Bad move. Led to a deep cycle that I didn’t think I was going to get out of. Found myself going to the ER or sending my wife to the ER to get more pills. I was up to about 12 pills a day. Ugly. But….now the good part.

    When I found myself doing that, I knew it was time to stop. The cycle had reached a zenith and that wasn’t a road I was willing to continue on. That’s key….you’ve gotta make the decision 110%…no if’s, and’s, or but’s. Once I did that…I took advantage of the Thanksgiving holiday to get some time off work. Ok…here we go. This is gonna blow….but let’s do it. Had the wife flush what pills I had left down the toilet and held on for dear life….lol. I did NOT have a happy Thanksgiving, but I’m happy to report that I’ve made it to day 7 and while I’m still feeling a bit run down from all the diarreha, I’m feeling much better. I’m back to work now, still taking a shot of 5-Hour Energy in the morning, but it helps. I hope I can stop that by tomorrow or the next day. We’ll see….but it does get better. I don’t know that many get as deep in as I did. If I can do it, you can too.

    So, if you can avoid the pills, do so. If you want to stop, you’ll need to be strong of mind and get at least 3-4 days off of work. Those first 3-4 days will be hell, but stay the course. It doesn’t last forever. You will feel normal again….but stay committed. Also, don’t do it alone. Without my wife by my side supporting me, I would not have made it this far. You need support.

    If your’re now in day 1, 2, 3….stay strong. Drink water. Eat when you can….sleep when you can. Get up and walk around even though you don’t want to. It helps. Keep your blood flowing. Keep your mind occupied. Don’t just lay around and think about how you feel. Watch some light-hearted, funny movies, or read a funny book. Don’t watch or read anything to heavy or depressing, or anything that will make you think of the pills.

    If I can do it, anyone can. Stay strong. It does get better. Make the committment and do it. You’ll feel much, much better on the other side….I promise. Opiates are fool’s gold. Short term gain….long-term hell. They will take over your life – even if you’ve never been addicted and are mentally strong. I didn’t think it would happen to me. It did. It is not worth it. Take it from me.

  264. I have been taking Hydrocodone for about 4 years now. I had two disks replaced in my neck and then a couple years later rotator cuff repair followed by both knees being replaced. I do deal with a lot of pain on an everyday basis. I always took the medication as directed however I drink a nightly glass of wine just before taking my meds. My prescription recently ran out and I have not been able to see my dr. Last night I experienced extreme fatigue, a little nausea, coughing, some respiratory problems ( I also have Asthma). Does this sound like withdrawal ?

  265. Hi Marcia. It’s likely that these symptoms are attributed to withdrawal. Usually, it’s best to cut down by 25% each week to minimize the severity of symptoms. But if you’ve just stopped the 10 mg dosing totally, the symptoms are likely caused by hydrocodone withdrawal. To be sure, schedule an appointment with your prescribing doctor.

  266. I was taking Hydrocodone 10mg/325 for about 7 weeks. I was down to 1 every 4-5 hours but did take it religiously.

    I stopped taking it and with hours started to feel run down, tired and nasaous. That turned into stomach pains, sweating, headache, and exhaustion. I’m now on day 4 and am hoping it will subside. I’m wondering if it is withdrawal (I wasn’t really on them that long) or if I have the flu that just so happened to follow me stopping the Hydrocodone.

    Any help is appreciated.

  267. Hello dbr. If you’re in recovery, the next right thing to do would be to call the prompt care clinic and give them the background information for your medical records. They can then advise you on the next best step to take.

  268. Hello, I have a concern with taking my hydro as intended. I am taking the required amount, but after reading about the drug, I am afraid of what might happen, during and after, I have dealt with drug additions in the past about 5yrs ago, but I have been sober only 3. What do you think I should do. I went to a prompt care, but I didn’t disclose that fact that I am an addict, and an alcoholic

  269. Hello D. You might want to go and see a doctor and talk about these symptoms. You may benefit from prescription anti-depressants for a while (short term, under 6 months) and seek counsel about how to treat the protracted symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Check with a general doctor who has experience working with prescription pain pill withdrawal and you’ll be feeling better in a little while!

  270. ive been takin hydro for about 4yrs now and have decided to get off them. my prescription ran out 4days ago and am dealing with all the side affect and it suxs! im trying it on my own without other meds. I am a mother and I work what can I take or do for the energy that im lacking right now that they gave me everyday?

  271. Hi Jake. Yes, Immodium AD can help control symptoms of diarrhea during opioid withdrawal, as can over the counter pain analgesics like ibuprofen, aspirin, acetaminophen, etc. I’d suggest that you consult with a family doctor about a tapering regimen, although the standard is to reduce doses over the course of 2-3 weeks and avoid reducing the daily dose of hydrocodone by > 50% at any given interval. You can also follow these guidelines:

    Reduce each daily hydrocodone dose by 10%
    Reduce the dose by 20% every 3-5 days
    Reduce the dose by 25% per week

    You can also call 1-800-662 HELP to ask for other treatment ideas, including possible treatment centers or outpatient clinics that work on a sliding scale fee and can help you with a lower out of pocket payment. Does this help?

  272. I work at a dept. store and stand on my feet many hours. As I mentioned before on a previous post I am having a hard time stopping. What can I do to get through the days I stopped using. Amodioum AD? Would advil cut the edge? I do not have insurance until Jan. Should I go to the emergency room to see if they can help me cut the dosage? What does a person with no insurance do?

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