What are tramadol withdrawal symptoms?

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms include restlessness, insomnia, sweating and abdominal pain. Risk of seizure is also possible during tramadol withdrawal. More here on what tramamdol withdrawal symptoms to expect during detox here.

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Thinking about detox from tramadol?

Dependence on tramadol symptoms can vary from restlessness to abdominal discomfort to seizure. Learn what are tramadol withdrawal symptoms, how long they last and how they can be treated here. Plus, a section at the end for your questions about tramadol.

Why do Tramadol withdrawal symptoms occur?

How long does tramadol stay in the body?  About a day, or two.  So, when your body detoxes from tramadol after your last dose, you go through withdrawal.  Why?

The biggest reason withdrawal symptoms occur when you stop taking tramadol is because tramadol is part of the opiate family. Although tramadol is technically an opioid (a man made opiate), it acts like an opiate on the brain and central nervous system. Opiates have a naturally high dependency rate and people taking forms of this drug become physically dependent on tramadol relatively quickly.  These reasons affect how tramadol is prescribed and for how long.

Because of this high dependency rate, withdrawal is likely to occur in anyone who gradually comes off tramadol as well as those who suddenly decide to stop taking tramadol. Withdrawal symptoms are more likely for people who choose to go off of tramadol suddenly or who stop taking tramadol cold turkey. However, it is interesting to note that tramadol is one of the safest opioids that doctors prescribe and comes with a lower risk of developing tramadol drug addiction.

What are symptoms of Tramadol withdrawal?

There are two types of Tramadol withdrawal symptoms: typical opioid withdrawal symptoms and atypical opioid withdrawal symptoms. The first set of withdrawal symptoms for tramadol are typical of opioid drugs which result in flu-like symptoms such as restlessness and tramadol cravings. It has been reported that this first type of withdrawal shows up in about 90 percent of the population who are taking Tramadol. The second set of tramadol withdrawal symptoms is considered rather atypical but nevertheless occurs in about 10 percent of the population. Such symptoms include; hallucinations, paranoia, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, confusion and numbness and tingling in the limbs.

Other symptoms of tramadol withdrawal may include the following:

  • abdominal distress
  • dysphoria (unease or dissatisfaction with life)
  • insomnia
  • muscle cramps
  • restlessness
  • seizures
  • Serotonin syndrome
  • sweating
  • trouble sleeping

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms: How long?

How long the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal last varies by person. Those who stop using tramadol can expect to feel the effects of the withdrawal up to at least 24 hours after the last time they took tramadol. This is the most likely timeline. In other cases, however, it has been said that tramadol withdrawal can take several days before acute symptoms dissipate. Those who have developed a dependency with tramadol have a harder time, as withdrawal symptoms can linger and be more intense.

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms treatment

One of the key ways to treat withdrawal symptoms of tramadol is to first slowly reduce medication intake and taper off tramadol while also supporting symptomatic reactions to the withdrawal. It is important to be careful with over the counter and prescription medications used to help with the symptoms and that they do not interact negatively with the tramadol. Avoiding the use of alcohol and other drug are important for not only inhibiting dependency but also to alleviate potential withdrawal symptoms. Slow tapering helps with anxiety and restlessness. However, all cases of tramadol withdrawal should be supervised by a medical professional.

Tramadol withdrawal symptoms questions

Do you still have questions about withdrawing from tramadol? Please leave us your tramadol questions below. We are happy to respond to you personally, and will try to answer your questions ASAP. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who does.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been on Tramadol for over 9 months because of five surgeries as the result of two infections following a total knee replacement. I am trying to taper my dosing from two pills every eight hours to 1 1/2 pills every 12 hours. I have been having trouble sleeping, stomach upset, headache and lots of anxiety at night.

    Is there another nonaddictive drug to help with the withdrawals.

    Is it ok to take zanax for the anxiety?

    Sleep is my biggest concern at this point. I expressed my concern to my doctor and he said not to worry about it. Well I’m worried. It has turned my life upside-down! I’m still in a little pain but the symptoms of withdrawals are worse.

  2. I took approx 200mg a day of tramadol (in 50mg doses) for about 4 to 6 months. This was for severe hip pain. I had total hip replacement 6 weeks ago. I no longer have the pain and have tapered off to now taking one 50 mg per day. What would happen if I just stopped it completely now?

  3. I stopped taking Tramadol by weaning myself off slowly. I developed a chronic cough that was getting so bad I would throw up. I saw my Dr numerous times and was diagnosed with a chronic cough. One day I was having a particularly bad day and broke down and took a tramadol. The coughing slowed to almost nothing. Since then I have used it just as an experiment when I have a bad day and it has helped every time. I am very confused and wonder if you have any answers. Thanks.

  4. hi , i was prescribed amitryptaline 50mg , cocodamol 30/500 , maxitram 100mg , for a list of pain and health problems . have been taking for about 3-4 years now.i went off them for a month about a year ago and felt great at start then got flu symptoms and severe pains like i slept in a draught but after 2 days on them again i was back to myself . i have cut down to 1 of each tablet over the past few months and wanted to try again as dont want these to rule my life. should i work on one at a time or will this make me more dependant on the others?if so which should i kick first? 2 days off maxitram and im already feeling it . im so tired and sore but i need to do this

  5. I have been taking Contramal Damla 100mg /1ml 10-12 drops twice a day for 18 months now, want to come off it as I know this is tamadol, stopped it and after only a few hours I just felt very tired and no energy, is this withdrawl? haven’t got any of the symptoms I have been reading about, took 12 drops today as I was worried it might be.

  6. Having Tramadol for 18 years,I stopped slowly and graduadually little brother little 18 months ago, but it has affected my stomach so badly that Either I have got constipation for a couple of weeks followed by a spade of diarrhoea. On using Lepromide 2 mg, it gives relief for 2/3 days and then it starts again.Stool test does not provide anything wrong with me he stomach.
    Your prompt attention and guidance will be much appreciated. With regards.

  7. I started an inpatient tramadol detox at a treatment center from 4/30/18 until 5/6/18. I also had an opioid blocker Implanted. From 5/7 to 5/16 I have started getting symptoms gradually. It has been 2 weeks and I believe I am getting late withdrawal systems; irritability, bad mood, legs uneasy; cravings for sweet. I am require to return to work soon. How long will the late withdrawal symptoms remain? I’m concerned I may have serotonin syndrome.

    Hope you can provide me with assistance. Mostly, how many months before all symptoms go away.

  8. so sorry to hear such withdrawal effects from tramadol. i mention earlier that i have been taking them for only 4 months yet gong cold turkey to stop taking them i di not know they were so strong i have several problems with my health, mental and physical and concerned the effects of tramadol withdrawal will lead to ill health i have a cold, sweating and pain in my stomach the nausea to me is one of the worse are these withdrawal? can you tel me how long withdrawal takes? i am determined to stop but had these symptons for a week now with no slip ups had to take it easy as i am exhausted thank you for for your help jayne

  9. Hello ,I’ve been taking 50 mg tabs, three in the morning, 150 mg, everyday 7 yrs, and sometimes three at mid evening for pain, from fibromyalgia and nueropathy. I’m dependent on it . And my doctor can’t prescribe it to me no more , I’ve been lowering my dose to two- three pills for a week and have had electric shock feelings thru my legs and back, and last night it was so bad I couldn’t sleep so I had to take two pills to sleep then got up feeling it again and took three at 8:00 a.m. now it’s 11:40 and those electro feelings are coming back and I’m on my last two pills then its full detox for me , I’m afraid to stop cold turkey as seizures could happen and mood swings and extreme pain , the electro feelings and tingeling is the worst, I did some research and it says for someone whos been on this for so many years I need to have medical attention while detoxing due to seizures , what I want to know should I put myself in a hospital after taking my last dose? Or should I just stay home and deal with it unless it gets unbareable enough to go to the hospital?

  10. i am starting to come off tramodal cold turkey started taking it a few months ago for pain relief following a fall and falling and broken knee and 2 cartlidges
    i feel very nausea stomach problems and low are these withdrawal? i am on a lot of pills but my doctor said these would be okay. and not clash with pills i take for mental health problems please advise??

    any supplements any success ?

  11. I have been taking Tramadol Hcl XR 100 mg 1-2 daily at bedtime to help with chronic arthritic pain for approx. 8 years. For the past year I am trying to take 100mg od hs only…unless pain becomes too much. I also take Trazadone 50 mg HS and Advil throughout the day.
    I have tried to wean myself off by reducing to every other day or taking Tramadol 37.5 mg as a substitution recommended by a pharmacist. ( I had been given this for post op break through pain after a Total knee replacement). I really want to try to get off this medication but I do feel strange when I have tried in the past. I have been feeling good lately and have had no severe flare ups in quite awhile. I think the time is right. I am a 70 year old female in otherwise relatively good health otherwise. Any suggestions?

  12. I stopped taking tramedol four days ago, but I am still feeling enxiety at night, how long will it last? The doctor has been prescribing me tramedol for quite a while but he stopped all of the sudden with no warning, and I didn’t know the effect causing. I have not slept for the last three nights. Please answer the question.


  13. Hi I’ve been taking tramadol for the last 5 years and now my Dr as taken them of me all together, I am going hot and cold and I ache all over, why am I feeling like this and how long will it last for

  14. For six weeks have been taking 25 mg four times daily slowly tapering off to 15 mg daily. Will quit tonight. Used for pain control to allow sleep which is now ok. Do take some psychotropic drugs. Any thoughts?

    Thanks for you interest !

  15. I have been prescribed ultram since 1988. With norco at times. We were in a bad accident and I am a honest one who is in need of something. Dr says he got letter from medical board calling him in. Says I won’t be able to get ultam anymore. I have approx. 65 pills left. I am the sole care taker of my terminal husband. Everytime I try to quit my heart starts misbeating. Any suggestions. Thank you.

  16. I have been taking tramadol for 5 years for fibromyalgia. It did help me tremendously when I began taking it. After it became a controlled drug my doctor no longer wanted to prescribe it. He told me to just taper off it. Much easier said than done. I never took more than 50 mg 3x daily. I tapered down to two daily for a week then half tablet 3 x daily. It has been 3 days now since I took my last dose. I have had severe flu symptoms, constantly coughing, feels as if my throats is in spasms,insomnia. This my second time trying to come off. I am more determined than ever this time. I just pray the symptoms will go away soon. Unfortunately in the process I know longer have any confidence in my doctor. Will do another update in a couple of days.

  17. unknowingly, I stopped using Tramadol cold turkey when I ran out. (one to 2 50mg tablets as needed not to exceed (8) tablets in 24 hrs) I have only used it for 10 days for back pain. After 24hours, I had many of the symptoms of withdrawal. Biggest issue was that I have not slept more than an accumulative 2 hours and day/night since then. All sleep cycles were lasting less than 50 minutes, This is the 6th day since stopping cold turkey and key issues remaining is some minor cold/hot clamminess but almost NO sleep every night. On day 4, my Dr put me on a generic sonata (10mg) to get me to fall to sleep but did not assist “staying” asleep. First attempt, I woke up within 50 minutes, called on-call Dr to get approval to try another and was told I could. 2nd attempt gave me about 3 hours. Partial victory. However, last night I was given permission to take one and if/when I woke up early to take a second right away. The first got me about 90 minutes and the 2nd another 2.5 hours. I now have been awake since then.

    Is there a good recommendation to help me get a comfortable nights sleep, this is going to cost me my job let alone negative effects on my quality of life.

  18. I have been on tramadol slow release for over over 2 years but was on tramadol regular for 3 years before starting on slow release tablets was woundering how long you think it would take me to get over the withdraws, i am on tgem because i have chronic back problems .

  19. This is a severely BAD drug!!!!! I am rit rating from 1/3 of 50 mg tablet. Take for fibomyalgia. My doc has me taking the 1/3 first week. Next week every other day. Next week every 3rd day. And 4th wk off. It’s been a 10 yr period of use. And sometimes dosage mite be higher. But never ever. More than 50 mg per day. And usually half of 50 mg. What can I expect when I am finally off this dastardly drug. I had blurred vision first week. Second week some disorientation and confusion. Concerned re 3rd week when I will only take every 3rd day. Pls send feedback. I AM 78. And determined to leave this drug in the dust !!!!!

  20. Hi I’ve been taking tramodol for about 10 months for a shoulder injury. I was taking 2 50mg pills 3x daily for many months and 5 weeks ago started a taper down. I went with 1 50mg pill in the morn and 1 at night for a week. Then went to 75mg daily for a week. Next was 50mg daily for a week. Finally, 25 mg daily for a week. Today is my first day not taking it at all. It’s been about 28 hours since I took it. Do you think I’ll experience withdrawal? I’m most worried about the throwing up! Any advice is great thank you

  21. I’ve been taking 2 (50mg) Tablets at night and sometimes 1 in the day now for around four months for arthritis and a cartalige problem i stopped taking them over two days ago due to taking decongestants and i don’t want to go back on them as i feel more alert but am having sweats and feeling anxious ,how long before it goes away or do i need to see my GP ,thankyou x

  22. I was prescribed Tramadol 9 years ago after back and knee surgery. I am 88. My problem is that on it I have started to feel dizzy most of the day. I have talked to my doctor and he suggested tapering of. I took 1 50mg 3 times a day. I tapered for 3 days and this morning quit. As I tapered I felt flue like symptoms now I have pain in my knees and legs feel like they are encased in lead.
    How long do you suppose whit condition will last. I am taking ibruprofin 2 200mg three times a day,
    Not sure it it works but afraid to stop and find out . Jim

  23. I’ve been taking tramadol for 7 years & decided I’d had enough of this evil drug so decided to stop ( cold turkey) that was 23 days ago I’ve been through hell with the w/d. After 23 days I’m still feeling so bad, pls tell me how much longer before body pains stop?

  24. I have been taking Tramadol 1×3 times a day for approx. 7 weeks. I had a fall and broke a rib. I am also on other medication for Poly Myaglia Rheumatica. I am now taking Methotrexate 50mg. I am also weening of Prenesilone 1mg per month. I am down to 12mg. Can I just stop the Tramadol, cold turkey? I feel I don’t need it anymore as the rib has healed. Please send me a reply. My doctor said because I have been taking such a small dose I shouldn’t be addicted to it.

  25. I have been taking Tramadol 50mg’s four to five times a day in the last 6 months. I had surgery on my fractured spine a week ago. I noticed I no longer was taking them when I started my constant crying spells and deep depression, for whatever reason, also nightmares that seemed too real and woke up in a panic attack, not knowing if the dream(s) were real or not. I have some left so today I started taking them again to see if I could stop the insanity in my head. I have Medicare and Kaiser, so there is not much recourse. Is this normal?

  26. How long do sexual side effects last? I only took it for 2-3 weeks? I’ve been off of it for four days and seem to not have the sex drive I had before?

    Thank you for any help!

  27. I have been on Tramadl(37.5mg+Paracetomal 325mg). Twice a day since June 2002 and I reduced it to one tablet in last year and NOW I have replaced the lot with 2 times Paracetomal500mg.it has affected me badly with Flu & cold,Muscle contraction,stiff body,2to3 motions everyday,pain and aches all over the body,anxiety without any cause, restlessness,heavy weaknesses,unable to walk properly need 24 hours sleep, BP problem,unable to contro the sugar as being Insulin Diabetic.
    Your most valuable and kind suggestions will be most welcome and your prompt reply will be appreciated.
    With kind regards

  28. I have stopped taking tramadol and I have experienced extreme burning in my stomach. I weaned off of it over 3 weeks, then stopped. It’s been about ten days and every morning I have a fire in my stomach. It calms down by early afternoon. But it is very intense while I have it.

  29. Hi there,

    I had been taking tramadol at the maximum dosage of 400mg per day for 2 years and 6 months, following injury to my facet joints. I recently developed problems with my lower discs and the tramadol didn’t seem to be addressing this new pain. I took the decision that I didn’t want to go onto other stronger opiate pain medications and decided to go cold turkey last Thursday . I seemed to have suffered all the physical withdrawal symptoms typical of opiate based pain meds it’s been sheer hell!! I am on day 8 and I still seem to be experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms, body aches and pains not just in my back but arms and limbs and my body still seems to be having trouble regulating its temperature . I just wanted to know when I can expect these awful symptoms to end , even though I’m over the most acute part, it still seems to be hanging on.

    Kind Regards

  30. It I take one or two 50mg pills every now and then. Will tramadol make the pain worse in my knee if I stop. Also will such a small amount lead to addiction or withdrawals?

  31. Pls I had a colles fracture and after the operation I was told to use tramadol 100mg twice in a day with cod liver capsules for a month. I just stop using using tramadol after completing one month. I have been noticing this withdrawal symptoms of shortness breathing and drowsiness. Pls what can I do to stop this withdrawal symptoms? Do reply to this message as a soon as possible. Thanks for your response

  32. Tramadol ruined my life. Months and months of insomnia during withdrawal damaged my mind. I even had a stroke from the high blood pressure.

    I’m now mentally disabled. I wish I had never touched it.

  33. I took Tramadol for 20 years. Never abused the dosage. Now off for 3 weeks. But, still NO SLEEP. I average 2-3 hours of interrupted sleep a night, IF I sleep at all. An hour after falling a sleep I wake and toss and turn with most uncomfortable feeling. Like my insides are crawling. I’m going a bit nuts without deep sleep and am worried I may have permanently damaged my nervous system making sleep impossible. Any suggestions?

  34. While I’ve been on Tramadol for the last 4 years, sometimes twice a day. I’ve recently stopped taking it and couldn’t handle the withdrawal. Suddenly, I was prescribed a short dose of Prednisone and I have to say, after the 2nd day of taking it. I actually felt amazing. Some of the tremors, anxiety and nausea went away. I still have some discomfort but nothing compared to what I felt the first time I tried to come off of it. Amazing. Please keep in mind, prednisone is not for long term use, it should only be prescribed for a short period of time. About 5-7 days at the most.

  35. Tramadol is the most dangerous drug out there. My wife is in a rest home the rest of her life. Get off very very slowly. Getting off quickly can make you crazy.

  36. Sopped taking tramadol extended release about a month ago. I was taking 300 mg a day for about 6 to 8 months. On 11/16/2016 I had a full hip replacement and discontinued tramadol and began Norco for post operative pain control. Stopped the Norco 3 days ago. I seems the day after stopping I developed restless legs and arms, insomnia with two days no sleep, muscle cramping, sweating, sneezing, strange feelings where feels like I’m crawling out of my skin, rapid heart 100bpm along with elevated BP.

    Given the particulars of this post how long until I can sleep again and begin to feel normal. I have read some other articles about withdrawal symptoms but wondering if my circumstances warrant a different answer?

  37. I was prescribed Tramadol for knee replacement surgery and at peak was taking 6 per day but tapered to 4 per day. I was only taking Tramadol for about 3-4 weeks. I sopped taking it when the pain was bearable 5 days ago and am so sick. Can’t sleep, dry heaving, muscle aches and freezing cold all the time and terrible nausea. How long can I expect this to go on? Thank you for your help

  38. Hi ive gone cold turkey with tramadol i have been taking 100mg in the morning once a day for about 2 months and im getting muscle pain,ive got shingles my stomach is killing and i have shivers when i poo, is the shingles and all of these other symptoms caused from tramadol i am worried i have 2 young children would appreciate any advice jason.

  39. I took one pill of Tramadol Sunday and it’s been 3 days and my body hurts and I feel very weak haven’t take it no more 50 milligram

  40. Taken tramadol for 3 months but not the full dose . One tablet at night st first and then two at night but none during day . How do I reduce dose for coming off .

  41. I also took it for a tbi. It may still be from your TBI. Have they done an MRI to check your neck out? I am still suffering from mine over a year later.

  42. It was a medical professional who got me in this shape, the evil bastard. He makes addicts out of his patients so they will keep coming to him, damn doctors, rather have a good vet if he, she were allowed to treat me!!!!!!!!

  43. I have abused opiates for 2 years from codeine, to kratom 45g a day which i quit last april, i subbed it with low doses of ofer counter medicine. I thought I was was going going absolutely insane. The doctor i saw for 3c weeks admitted me to hospital but they sent me home…After that i started on tianeptine sulphate then online tramadol, my tolerence increased to 900mg so I’ve decided to taper myself, I’ve helped the with snarl with online baclofen, and lyrica, whicjh helps but leaves you extremely intoxicated and they alone can cause severe withdraals. Ive noticed a lot of doctors dismiss withdrawals, and dismiss people who abused drugs not reside. Even trying to get drug specialist help has taken over two months. I got nothing to help that whyi started tapering., and using dangerous drugs like lyrics and baclofen. Doctors and specialists believe that baclofen diosnt cause Withdraws but believe me it does, worse than phenibut or bentos.

    The reason is my doctor is good and I’ve only been taperingand using lyrics and baclofen for two two days. Im frightened to go to my doctor because its been online drugs. He did help me with codiene phosphate to get off nuofen plus. I,m just frightened to go back to my doctor, what should i do.

    I feel i will go out of control again, i want into hospital but hospitals only treat people, who’s are in accidents, or nearly dying, they don’t help with prevention. Ive been in rehab and was basically cold trucked it was hell, Some of the nurses treated you like shit and didn’t understand the severity of withdrawals.

    Should I go to my Doctor?

  44. I need help. I don’t even know if this is the right post to be on. I have been on Lexapro and Xanax for many years. I recently started taking Tramadol in conjunction. It was only for about 2 or 3 weeks. I ran out of the Tramadol and just stopped taking it. For the last 2 days, my anxiety is out of control. I also have such nausea with diarrhea. I haven’t been able to eat for 3 days. Could this possibly be a withdrawal thing? How long will it last? Please please help me.

  45. Have been taking tram for 15 years. Trying to wean off a dose of 100 mg 3X day. In one week down to 50mg 3x time with percocet 5/325 added 3 x day. Feel horrible. Am I trying to wean too quickly?

  46. My daughter has been taking 8 to 10 tramadol 50 mg. daily for approximately 3 months and has had several seizures. She has stopped taking the tramadol cold turkey. It has been 5 days since taking any and she has had one seizures. How long should we expect the seizures to continue.

  47. I have came off tramadol(cold turkey) as I didn’t know that there would be any problem the doctor prescribed tramadol due to Panasonic rymitizum. Three years ago I have been taken around 200 mg a day. I stopped taken them 4 days now and I am going through the sweats no sleep feeling so far down tears but if I thought I only will go another week or two just to get off completely what do you think.please help,

  48. I’ve been taking Tramadol for over 2 years I try to stop and 18 hours later if I don’t take it as soon before the 18 hours I start feeling Tire my body start hurting and I feel free down with a lot of headaches I would like to know it’s that is the symptoms off withdrawal

  49. I’ve been prescribed tramadol for post operative lumbar surgery.
    I’ve never taken a full 50 mg dose at once,I split them and even quarter them,only taken occasionally like for a 3 day period! I do get terrible rebound headaches and leg cramps from them!
    Do I need to step down even more than I am or can I just stop them?
    Not thrilled with the results!

  50. Am a Nigerian Nd I take tramadol just to be happy nd I take 400mg daily and now am sick of been addicted to it plsssssssss help me and give me guidelines of stopping AV been off tramadol for a day now and I feel weak nd I yawn always

  51. 83 year old female friend has been taken off Tramadol 150mg SR (2/day) and Panadeine Forte and put on 5mg Targin twice a day (an opiate but not addictive and less constipation).
    Will she be likely to experience Tramadol withdrawals?

  52. I have been on tramadol for 2 years started off with 8 a day then 6 then 4 then 2 now trying to come off completely and I have tried one a day bit at night I can’t sleep is there any other way I can do this doctor has said to come off this way but it is making me so exhausted please help me

  53. hi, ive been taking tramadol for about a year now for acute cocxyc and sacrum curviation pain.
    whilst taking these i have noticed i have alot of energy as to when i dont take them i feel my body has no energy and i dont like evan getting up.
    i am in the process now of weaning my self off these and wondered if there was any thing else i can use to help my energy levels, im already taking multivitamins and minerals. will be greatfull for some advice

  54. Hi I have been taken Tramidol for 1 month , I ran out of pills last Wednesday morning I ordered a repeat prescription and picked up Thursday morning i didnt have time to cash the prescription. …To late the withdrawal symptoms had kicked in Thursday night , I suffered flu like symptoms RLS and insomnia screaming at the wall in the bedroom begging for sleep through to Sunday morning as I decided to go cold turkey .It’s now Sunday evening and I’ve kept myself busy all day and yes I’m tired but not sure if I’m going to sleep tonight or not .But 1 thing I do know is I’m not going near that drug again , I will get through this as I have a great daughter behind me . Tomorrow is day 6 it can only get better .Tomorrow morning I will be ringing my GP to tell them exactly what I think about them and the drug .

  55. I have been on Tramadol for only a week but knew it just was not right for me so stopped taking it two days ago – Last night I was unable to sleep at all and in and out of bed all night with nausea and yesterday diarrhoea. I have contacted my GP today who just say ride it out — however the pain in my hip is quite something can i start taking my co-codamol 30/500 tablets to relieve the pain and is there anything I can do to support sleeping

  56. 2nd post – thank you for encouragement to continue withdrawal and away from Tramadol.
    I was given it in the early years 2005? and have used it regularly for over 11 years – like aspirin!
    Withdrawal was easy for me because I used the “gradual withdrawal” system. I still have “tingling and numbing” and leg cramps.

  57. Hi was taking tramdol for slip disk pain for 1 year ,
    10 tablet per day , manage to cut it down to 4 before I go cold turkey .
    Today is my 6th day of withdrawal
    Why am I still feeling lousy ???
    Will it go away soon ???
    Is there any fruits or drinks which will help me ?

  58. I’ve abused tramadol for over two weeks. Sometimes, taking up to 600 mg in the space of 24 hours. For the past couple of days I have taken 300 Mg at night. I don’t want to take it anymore. Do I just stop?

    1. Hi Kay. I suggest you speak with a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Moreover, you may consult him/her on which over-the-counter aid, teas and home remedies to use in order to ease withdrawal.

  59. I’ve been taking Tramadol for about a week. It was just a short dose to ween down from Norco. I have been taking about 300 mg Tramadol a day for the past week. What sort of withdrawal symptoms should I expect.

    Thank You,


  60. After 2 strokes I was prescribed Tramadol – have taken it for 13 years! With the new fears about opiates, etc., I have taken myself off of the drug by halving my doses (1 -50 mg. tablet every 6 hours to 1 tablet every 12 hours; then 24 hours; then I cut the tablets in two). Currently, I am experiencing a bloody nose from the right nostril, tingling in extremities which goes away then returns.

    After 13 years on this stuff, who can tell me what to do about any of this?

  61. My boyfriend was taking tramadol for a year….5-6 tablets a day. He stopped taking them 5 days ago and is feeling better every day. How can I help him and be sure he doesn’t relapse?? Thanks

  62. I am a nurse I just had a pt tell me he had to go into detox to get off tramadol . It is often used in the ER as an anti inflammatory . This is scary stuff!!!!!

  63. I took Tramadol 50mg for only several days to help me over very acute Sciatica. I was also given Diazepam 5mg to take as well. Both were therefore only taken for a short period due to side effects. It is now more than 3 days since I took Tramadol, and I find it difficult to get about or do anything. The main problem is that I am obliged to sleep every afternoon for hours, waking in the early evening. There is nothing I can do to stop this. The only other drug I take on a routine basis is Pregabalin… could you kindly comment for me? I would like to know how long these side effects can last. I am male, aged 68. Many thanks.

  64. Hi. I stopped tramadol saturdsy morning since then sweats shivering no appetite restless legs insomnia sneezing some small cough hesd axched lethargic skjn all prickly is this all symptoms of withdrawal and how long do uou think it will ladt? I took 200mg BD of tramadol and forgot to mention the hot swirly feeling in my head is this also a withdrawal.

  65. I was forced to go cold turkey because I could never get refills. Am I in any kind of danger. My last dose was Thursday night. Please advise

  66. I was prescribed Tramadol 2 x 50mg twice daily over a year a go for severe knee pain resulting from a loosened implant. Decided recently to reduce dose as coping adequately. It is horrendous. I haven’t slept for approx. 3 days due to continual boiling sweats followed by shaking chills and shivers, followed by boiling sweats etc. My body temperature regulation seems to be completely deranged, I feel anxious but lethargic, have little appetite and occasionally have a tingling sensation in my legs. I am now into the 4th day and have decided to withdraw from this drug completely as it appears to possess powerful addictive qualities, none of which were outlined to me at the point of prescription. Perhaps GPs are not fully aware of the properties and implications of prescribing this drug and a nationwide reassessment of its use is long overdue.

  67. Very addicted family member from this med. Has been on them years!! One prescription that should last a month is lasting maybe 2 weeks. Has flu symptoms and cold symptoms. So worried and scared. Addition is real!!

  68. Hiiiiiii guys, I’m 26 years old and a solider in the British Army. I slipped a disk over a week ago. The doctor gave me Tramadol, amitriptyline and diazepam. I am now resting at home with my family so stopped taking all of them. I have never felt so low, depressed, cold shivers but sweating, HORRIBLE nightmares and many more. I havnt had tramadol since Monday and then I only took 2. I am a happy person and always bouncing off the walls. When is this horrible feeling going to end??? Came anyone also give me any advice on my nightmares too. They are really really bad? And if I take anymore pain killers is this going to prolong this horrible feeling?
    Thank You

    1. Hi, Antonietta. I suggest you speak with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  69. I took my last single tramadol yesterday morning, I am already feeling some withdrawal symptoms, vomiting, restlessness and anxiety…I am prescribed ativan for anxiety but it doesn’t seem to be working…

  70. I started taking tramadol last December for some lower back pain. I started out on just 50mg a day and over the course of two months would sometimes go all the way up to 400mg a day for really bad days. About how long should I expect withdraw to last for me? I took only 1 50mg dose about 24 hours ago and I’m feeling like compelete crap.

  71. I was on tramadol for about 2 yrs for back pain..I took it for this long cuz it helped with my back pain, but just recently It seemed like it was giving me anxiety and I felt like I couldn’t breathe.. So I stopped taking them 14 days ago cold turkey.. Now I experience pins and needle sensation all over my body.. Is this from the withdrawal of tramadol? Or is it stress/ anxiety related or something more I should be concerned about?

  72. I’ve been off tramadol now for three weeks. Detox and cold turkey was hell.
    Can the with drawel symptoms after the detox ever return
    Any one doing cold turkey. Never give up. Its hell but worth it

  73. I have been taking 50mg of tramodal twice a day for a year with 300 mg of gaberpentin twice a day for trapped nerves in my head. Recently had radiofrequency procedure and have had good results so my doc said to ween of so I stoped the one tramadol over a week ago went through hot flushes and nausea I have stopped the second one last night I got through the night ok but I feel so bad this morning,burning stomach, chest pains, it has eased of how long before the symptoms go considering it’s a low dose but over a year. I’m tackling gaba, later.

  74. I’ve been taking tramadol every day for a year going upto 600mg a day.. I’m cold turkeying now, tomorrow morning at 6am it’ll be 72 hours since my last dose of 100mg I’ve been taking co-codamol(which I bought over the counter) every few hours to help with the miserable flu symptoms but having just discovered co-codamol has codeine in it I’m beginning to panic that I’ve been ruining my own progress! My question is basically this: Is taking co-codamol topping up the opiates it my body?.. Does it add or subtract from my efforts?

  75. I have taken tramadol for pain reliever on my stomach every 6 hours. I took 2 tablets the other day and then 1 yesterday but then an hour after i feel i have panick attack like palpitation, vomiting , cold hand and feet, and feel dizzy and sleepy. I was so afraid that it makes me feel like so depressed. I stop the medicine now (almost 18 hours already).. I know that tramadol is still inside my body this time. But i wanna know how long will I experience this withdrawal? It really hard for me to handle.

  76. I heard about Kratom and have ordered some so will know after taking for awhile, from what I have read it does work, thanks for the mention of it.

  77. My wife was addicted to trammadol for 12 years and after we married last June decided to get off them she was a extreme user 15 plus pills a day. We stepped her down slowly she did very well it has been 3 mths now that she has been off them. How long before she starts to feel like herself again.

  78. One more thing about Tramadol, it can and has caused me to have very weird dreams when I first started taking it and it still does once in awhile, and yes it can make one feel somewhat hot like a hot flash but after taking for awhile it goes away for me, but I will say it does Not make me sleepy which I can not take anything that makes me sleep. it does give me energy in a Good way, not in a drugged out way. I am not a person who wants to stay on any drug, but Tramadol has made it possible to live life each day with no pain, but like I said the alternative treatment I am not on works wonders with getting off 90% of the pills.

  79. I have been on Tramadol since 2009, it does do the job and I would not be able to function without it but, I ran out 5 days before my refill, it was a nightmare, can’t sit or stand still at all. can’t lay down to sleep, my legs feel like they tighten up. ache is so bad I can not keep food down and my muscles feel really really weak, I am trying something else until I can get a refill which helped as I can sleep and eat but still have the weak feeling in my legs. I know it is Not good to be on but I can not take the constant pain and ache. I am now and have found a doctor that is getting me off them slowly from 150 pills a month down to 60 with the use of alternative medicine and it works, but I still take some tramadol and will until I am off forever. I can not say that it is that bad a drug considered how it has worked for me, but getting healthy is getting better and off so many pills.

  80. i have been taking one 50ml of tramadol a day for about 6 months and just stopped 2 days ago
    I have aches and pains and anxiety
    Is this normal withdrawls

  81. I have been on Tramadol 50mg three times a day if I miss a dose I get extremely nauseous, sweats, dizzy I have been on this dose for at least a year and a half with taking twice a day for the past 2 to 3 years, how should I ween and over what period of time to alleviate withdrawal symptoms?

  82. Hi I’ve been taking tramadol for couple of year started on 8 a day then I’ve come all the way down to 21 a week n I want to come off them all together but when I don’t take them I get very bad restless legs n arms n now I’m starting to feel really rough and when I do take them it makes me feel a lot better but I have to move and stretch my neck so feel comfortable I want to know if I carry on taking 2 a day then 1 a day will my symptoms of withdrawal get better as it stops me from sleeping at night as I always have to move my arms and legs to feel better

  83. The description given above of this nasty drug makes it seem safe to take and now I see why my doctor thought it was OK to prescribe. But I had a horrendous time coming off it with symptoms lasting months after taking my last dose. I tapered off very carefully and yet continued having several of the listed symptoms… the last of many including numb feet and restless legs which lasted for several months. I am now free from the agony. My doctor had prescribed this drug for my shoulder and back pain telling me it was safe and NOT a narcotic and he brushed off my complaints of neuropathy after running several tests to see what was causing it… I now am certain it was this drug and I am sadly changing doctors. I am now completely off all drugs and take only occasional Ibuprofen for pain and am managing it well.


  85. I’ve been off tram adobo for 10 days now the physical withdrawals are just about gone but I keep getting mini brain zaps, panic attacks, dizziness , light headed. How long will all of the brain withdrawals take? I feel like I’m going crazy at times.. But it comes in spurts…please help thanks

  86. I’ve been on Tramadol for the last 2 years following a fractured back. I’m currently taking just 50mg per day from about 200mg and for the last 3 weeks I’ve had a terrible sore throat…is this a withdrawal side effect? Has anyone else experienced a prolonged sore throat ?

  87. I took tramadol for about three weeks and then stopped when side effects became unbearable. I now have chills, sweat on my head, have loss of appetite and sleep poorly after not taking them for about 10 days. How long will I have to encounter these reactions before I get back to normal?

  88. Please help me I’m so down I have been trying to come off tramadol fir 2 years because of my back . Started on 8 then 6 then 4 and then 3 now on 2 for the last 2 days . I have not slept in 2 days how can I cope with this the side effects are teŕible but don’t want to carry on taking then what should I do .

  89. I was prescribed tramacet prior hystorectomy so was on three months, now the surgeon has stopped prescribing and I am so sick!the night was the worst I couldn’t lay still and sneezing like crazy?what causes the sneezing?? Along with diarhaa, weakness.. I thought it was not addictive an a wish I never took any!this is hell

  90. I had knee replacement surgery on July 23, 2015. Pain medicine was tramadol. The last time I took it was Sunday August 9. I also had scopolamine the lay one I removed was on Wednesday august 9 th. I have been feeling very sick since Friday August 11th. I have the chills, naseous,lightheaded, sweating, no energy. No fever. Could l be have withdrawal from these drugs? If so, what should I do to feel better? Plese tell me how long this could last. Also, my incision is not swollen, painful, red,. It’s healing fine. Thank you.

  91. I have been trying to come off Tramadol for several weeks by reducing the dose from 50 mg 4 times a day to 3 1/2 for a week then 3 a day for a week and I am now at 1/2 twice a day and am having a devil of a time sleeping and dealing with ringing ears and mostly affected by RLS and numb/tingling shooting pains in my feet. I’ve been tested negative for Diabetes and thyroid issues so I’ve wondered if it is caused by coming off this drug. Sweating and nightmares still occur. Is there anything I can do to help get me through this better? I do not take any other drugs. I’m 70 and female. Perhaps something healthy to enhance serotonin? Thank you.

  92. I was taking 1 tramadol at night because of back pain and after 1week I was so spaced out and couldn’t keep awake they were 50 mg I stopped them and I feel worse now after taking them . I can’t concentrate I’m tired bad stomach . While I was taking them I had terrific nightmares . How long will I feel like this

  93. I’ve been taking tramadol for around 2 to 3 months but only taking one or two a day 50 mg I can’t sleep how long can this last of going through these withdrawals anexity tired but can sleep I’m stressed out what else can I take to help thanx hope to hear back asap.

  94. Iv been takeing 15 tramadoll tablets 50mg daily the withdrawals are unbareable the worst of it is the insomnia and restlessness n I get a feeling in my stomach that’s like I’m being tickled and can’t seem to relax !!! Is there any tips to battle this

  95. I’m wondering if I may be experiencing protracted withdrawals from short term use. I took 250 mg a day at one dose for about ten days. Today is the 11th day since last dose. I woke up this morning w chills and a headache. I started celexa back yesterday as I just can’t seem to handle anxiety and depression too well. Came off it for 7 months but just feel I need to be back on it. Should I wait on the celexa?

    1. Hi Sc. I believe it’s best to take this question to your prescribing doctor. You may need another type of treatment to help you cope with the anxiety and depression.

  96. Hi! I have taken tradol for over 7 years. I do not get a full months supply (2 weeks every 4) so I go through withdrawal for the two weeks. However, I have been having mini fits when I try and sleep. Agonising stomach pains too. Is this normal? Should I talk to the doctor about this? Many thanks!

    1. Hi Rosen. Without seeing a doctor the issues is left undiagnosed and untreated. Only when a doctor runs tests and examines you, you can know what is causing your unusual symptoms.

  97. hi, I’ve came off tramadol as I’ve been on them for a number of yrs now and they did help my lower back pain but my neck was seizing up due to spondylitis and they never touched that pain, doctor gave me gabapentin for neck which helped ..ie didn’t want to be taking all they mess together reason for coming off Tramadol. I’ve never felt so unwell in my 63 yrs of life this is now my this course of antibiotics as well as steroids as my breathing has become very shallow and very breathe less I’m on two minds to go back on them , can someone advise please. Thank you in advance

  98. I have been on tramadol 300 mg a day for 5 weeks, I reduced this to 150 mg for the last week and have not taken any for 2 days but I am nauseated, have been sick and had diarrhoea since stopping taking the drug. I have had 2 major spinal operations in the 5 weeks, but I am not in any pain. Is this a normal cold turkey and how long will it last?

    1. Hi Greta. The symptoms you describe do sound like withdrawal. If you do get any pain sensations, you can use ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol to help along with other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). Get lots of fluids into your body to replenish (diarrhea and sweating can get you dehydrated) your system. Eat foods that are easy to digest and aren’t spicy or going to upset your stomach. Foods that can help give you the energy and help support your body health are best. Stay at home and get the rest and sleep that you need since withdrawal feels like the flu. I hope this can help you, and Good luck!

  99. I have used tramadol for one month and never more than 2 days in a row. Can I just stop? Never took more than the 400 mg limit and have not had any problems on my days without. I prefer Alleve. Thanks!

  100. My biggest problem with withdrawal is a constant dry cough a tickle in my throat. my ribs hurt from coughing so constantly. Does anyone have this symptom?

  101. I’ve went cold turkey off ultram a few times. I decide I don’t want to be dependent on meds but the pain gets me back in the pain management system. I had a car accident and 3 subsequent spinal surgeries. One doc also put me on percosets. The withdrawals from the percs were HELLISH and I was on them for a short time. I remember thinking oxycodone is the essence of satan himself. The ultram withdrawals are nothing, a day or two maybe. The last time i bought some kratom and took them after i went off the ultram and it was easy breezy. After being on and off these meds for years i can tell you a secret that will help. Some of these were told to me by a nurse who deals with detox and some is just experience. When you take pain killers never take them at the same time, only when you have pain and try to skip days if possible. So you are staggering them and the body doesn’t freak out when it doesn’t get its 8 o clock or 12 o clock dose etc. A lot of times the doc tells you to take them at regular times but don’t and don’t go cold turkey if possible. Save a dozen or so in a different location for going down to one a day, then half, then a quarter. Also you will hear that if you go cold turkey last a while and take just one again then your symptoms start all over. This is just stupid and not true. You can bite one in half if you feel sick or experience symptoms and it helps. When withdrawals come back it will be less severe and shortened. This actually how you want to do it. Drink tons of water. Keep in mind the pain you experience when you go off opiates is not what it will be from that day on; right after you stop taking them you experience rebound pain It subsides after a 3-7 days. Most importantly, don’t expect the worst. Stay positive because Ultram withdrawals aren’t that bad and among the easiest to go off of. Oxy’s are a different story.

  102. ive decided to days ago to stop taking tram I’ve been on them about two years but I only took one a day and one at night but I feel I’ve got addicted to them since I’ve stop taking them I can’t sleep and wen I wake up about 5 in the mornings I feel afrade and fel mentaly confused and just av to get up as I can’t go back to sleep as I just think about silly things in my sleep that dnt make since. I also keep having rush feelings as if I’ve come down from speed.

    1. Hi Tony. Go to the nearest pharmacy or have someone else pick up some over-the-counter medications that can help you sleep and relax. If symptoms get more uncomfortable, you should go to your doctor. Otherwise, it will all be over soon.

  103. I have recently stopped taking tramadol after about 8 years – I was taking approximately 15-18 50 mg per day. (3 days ago now). I did have a few vicodin so I did take those over the past days but now I don’t even have that. So far withdrawals mostly have been insomnia, shakiness, sweating, feeling anxious. I did get some over the counter sleep medication that seemed to help a little- I have slept a total of about 7 or 8 hours over the last three nights- restless legs is a problem too. I really need some advice as to what to do now

    1. Ho Pat. You should have asked for doctor’s help in the process of quitting Tramadol. Giving this medicine up is not an easy job. The best way to treat tramadol withdrawal is to taper tramadol use over time. It’s generally done by reducing 10% of your current dose every week and then a 20% reduction every 3 to 5 days. To treat the withdrawal symptoms that you are currently experiencing, it’s best to seek help and advise for your medical physician, who can prescribe antidepressants (SSRI’s).

      Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol can help with pain along with other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). You can also use temporary sleep aids and muscle relaxers that can help take care of the cramping caused by tramadol withdrawal. Flu and cold medication can also help treat general tramadol withdrawal symptoms.

      Best of luck Pat! I hope these tips help you. Stay strong and it will be all over soon.

  104. Hi,Ive been compleatly off Tramadol for 12 days after today, I weened down very slow from 300 mg daily down to 1/4 th a 50 mg tab daily, then just stopped, Sadness and depression started in right away when i decreased and also the withdraws but were tolerable..but for the last 12 days i have felt just awfulle, week, tired, achy, and the sadness is overwhelming most of the time, i still get RLS at night but have found things that help with that,…how long till i feel normal again…im normally happy and full of life…im being sucked away. Im worried to get on depression meds bc of potential dependency, i fear medication now and don’t trust Dr.s any more, How much longer can i expect this to go one ..its been 12 days compleatly off..shouldn’t i start feeling normal by now ???

  105. I am sweating so bad and no sleep…. tapered off tramadol quit taking remeron and tapering off kingpin and in a misery with night sweats…help!!!

  106. Hi Buffy. I know it doesn’t seem like much time, but two and a half months are far more than enough for a person to become dependent on Tramadol. The symptoms you are experiencing are withdrawals. You can go to the pharmacy and ask for some over-the-counter medications to treat the symptoms.

  107. I’ve been taking tremadol for a back pain..I’ve taken this medication as prescribed for a month then my second refill I doubled my dosage…which was 2 50mg pills 4 times a day…I’ve just ran out yesterday and now I’m feeling like my weak plus a lot of sneezing…and minor aches all over my body..maybe nauseated through out the day…when will all this stop? I’ve been only on it for 2 1/2 months…I need help?

  108. I’ve been takin tramidol for about 2months now, they are not prescribed to me and no one no’s I have been takin them, I take them mainly at night time to sleep. Now if I don’t take them I’m restless, I’m even cryin because I can’t sleep I just figit and find myself gettin frustrated. I’m itchy aswell. I can’t go to my doctor because my axioty won’t let me, I find it hard to talk about thingz and I find it even harder to go out and I’m struggerling so bad please can anyone help

  109. Now in withdrawal stage , insomnia , restless leg syndrome :
    I will try the following for leg restlessness : ropinirole 0.25 mg , with diazepam 5mg or any antihistamine that may ease this horrible feeling that make me walk in the room , previously I had many seizure while using large doses 400 mg at once , even i used inject able one , one of my many seizure due to this drug , i falled of the stair hit my head on floor , got injured bled and my scalp stitched

  110. Hello D. If you are going cold turkey off tramadol, doctors recommend doing so through detox. If you add quitting alcohol in the same picture it’s scary. I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, but I know that you need medical help to relieve the symptoms. I don’t know exactly how long it will last, but it takes time for the body and brain to repair and get back to normal.

  111. I have never had such a horrifying time the last 22 days coming off achohol and 400+ mg tremadol. I still sweat, no sleep, can’t work. I am 57 and age and how long I’ve been taking this is extremely hard to get better. I stopped cold turkey. When will I feel better? This is soo hard.

  112. I am 70 years old and strong but have tapered down from morphine medical use to another opiate givin here in Thailand called pedidine (an opiate) to methidone prescribed by a psychiatrist to now codine and tramadol. I have heard of some new drugs that help immensely. Can you help ?

  113. I have spinal degeneration from L1-L5 and take tramadol 200 extended release twice a day. To be honest it only takes the edge off. I am in pain whenever I move but I would like to know what I could ask my doctor to transfer me to, which will take the pain away. I dislike tramadol as I have been on them before and when I came off them I experienced terrifying withdrawal symptoms.

  114. I’m starting to taper off tramadol after taking it for at least a year. Before and during that time I was taking hydrocon. I had this very involved surgery and I fear that my situation has not improved. I’m either filling really excited and ecstatic or incredibly depressed. I don’t know if this attributed to the tramadol or if I’m just discouraged because I’ve been in pain for the past five years.

  115. I’ve been taking 3 tramadol a day for the last 3 months for back and neck pain. I felt like I was becoming reliant it on because when I was due or overdue one I felt so sore and tired, until I took one again. I discussed with my GP and she said to just go cold turkey. I took my last one friday lunchtime. I have felt terrible all weekend. Physical symptoms such as aching, cold sweats, fatigue, cold/flu symptoms, sleepless nights etc. Its now Monday and I have had to come home from work. I haven’t stopped crying all day, I feel very emotional and anxious. I’m not normally like this and know it must be withdrawal but I cant carry on feeling like this, it’s literally put my life on stand still. I’m not sure what to do or how long I will be in pain?

  116. I’ve reduced my tramadol intake from 400mg SR per day for over 18 months for a neuro condition (IIH) to 50mg SR per day, I have my wedding in 3 weeks, is it safe to come off completely at 50mg SR a day or is the next step every other day?

  117. I have been reducing Tramadol for approx 7 weeks now. I was taking 100mg twice a day for 10 years.
    Yesterday I stopped the morning 50mg altogether so only taking 50mg at night now.
    Today I feel really unwell bad head aches and as I have COPD coughing more? Hoping things pick up soon.

  118. What is the best way to taper off of Tramadol. I have only been taking taking it for about a week and a half, and my blood pressure is going up and I am having trouble with headaches and migraines. I am migraine prone anyway. The Tramadol was prescribed for my arthritis (Osteo) and it is widespread and we have tried everthing. This really helps the pain, but the blood pressure going up is not good and may signal serotonin syndrome.

  119. I stopped taking my tramadol Saturday night at 730. Its now Monday at noon and I have only experienced restless legs can’t sleep and depression bad. I have to go back to work Thursday and am scared that none of the real nasty stuff has kicked in yet and don’t know why vomit ting diareahah etc
    Is it gonna happen Wednesday night when I’ve been off these since sunday. 50 mg eight times a day.

  120. Hello Eileen. I’d suggest you talk to your prescribing doctor and have him create a tapering schedule or prescribe some other meds that can help you with the withdrawal symptoms. If your doctor suggests you need to quit Tramadol cold turkey because of medicine interactions, maybe he can give you some other advise on how to alternatively manage withdrawals.

  121. I have been on slow release Tramodol for 5yrs and have just started Butrans patches. My Tramadol has just stopped suddenly and the withdrawal symptoms are horrendous. I was awake most of the night with restless arms and the same sensation in my chest. I had severe cramping in my legs and my usual pain was much much worse than normal. In the end I took a Tramadol and topped up on my other pain meds. What I want to know is how to wean myself of the Tramodol as going cold turkey is unbearable

  122. I have been taking this drug for a relatively short period of time, 6-8 weeks. I have been cold turkey off it now for 5 days and feel yuck! I am irritable, tired as can be, lathargic and unmotivated. I have the worst restlessness at night, cannot sleep and I sweat terribly through out the day. I was taking 150-200 mgs per day. Had I known it would be so hard to stop, I would have never used this stuff! How much longer can I expect to be so uncomfortable?

  123. I weaned off tramadol for 6 wks. I took it for back/knee pain for 10 yrs and the highest dose I ever took was 3 1/2 once a day at night. I am now completely off tramadol and have been for 7 days now. The MAIN problem I have is the terrible tingling, restless sensation in my arms at night when trying to sleep which is unbearable. I manage maybe 2-3 hrs sleep at night. How long will this sensation last?

  124. Hi… I am 26 years old. I’ve been taking Tromadols for almost 3 years now. Before I never had take. A pill other than Tylenol. I feel like I am depending on this drug everyday. I don’t feel normal without it. I would take two in the morning, to help me with my day with the children, cooking, cleaning, shopping. If I don’t… I feel like I can’t get out of bed. I can’t cook, stand very long. My EVERYTHING hurts! And I take two at night. If I don’t… I won’t be able to sleep. I honestly hate it. I never knew other people felt the same as I do because my sister has taken them longer than I have and she could stop and go without them without a problem. I can not without body pains. And I am a different peson without. I am mean to my fiancé, to my children and I just want to feel normal without having to take a Tromadol. And it has to be some other way other than just hot baths and showers and dealing with this pain. I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. I don’t want to feel like I have no control over my life. It’s not as easy as people make it seem. I want help with this withdraws! It has to be some other way… Please someone help!

  125. After being on Tramadol for about 6-8months for back pain I decided to get off of it because I wanted to try and get pregnant and I knew you couldn’t take it while pregnant. Little did I know it was going to be SO horrible. I had cold sweats, would go from being extremely hot then freezing, horrible restless leg and body, sneezing, nausea, anxious feeling, shaking, i was soooo sleepy but couldn’t sleep for the life of me. I was up for about 40hours with about 2 hours of sleep. I’m now on my 3rd day of this horrible detox and can finally lay down without feeling completely antsy. I will NEVER take this horrible drug again. To anyone else that is looking to get off plan it when you can have time off, warm bath soaks help and it also helped me to get out of the house and go spend the day with a friend to get my mind off this horrible withdrawal. I’m hoping within the next couple days my symptoms will be over.

  126. Hi, I’ve been taking tramodol for 3 yrs now. When I had my breast off I asked the doc if I could come off them, he said “no”. But, I got no pain now; I ran out of tramadol on tues and since then I have been feeling dizzy and just yuki. My husband says is it cause I haven’t been taking them. Is it a side effect? Can you help please! I got them now but don’t want to take them…

  127. My brother took several Tramadol over the course of a week or so, before he knew what they were. Originally, he had been told they were cannabis pills, but due to my nosiness I found out otherwise. I googled the markings on the pills only to find out that one was Tramadol and the other Vicodin. He immediately asked me to flush them. It has been 2 days since that happened and he’s still somewhat confused, has a loss of appetite and sweats a lot. Are these withdrawal symptoms? And how long should they last? Is there any way to help flush this out of his system?

  128. I am having bouts of sneezing and abdominal and severe back pain my last dose was half of a 50 MG yesterday how bad will it get

  129. I have been on tramadol for 6 years without consulting a doctor. I would usually take no more than 5 50 mg tablets a day. I usually have to take at least 2 tablets a day without experiencing withdrawal. What is the best way to gradually come off this? Should I take 2/ 50 mg for two days and then every two days reduce it by 25 or 50 mg? Or should I reduce the tramadol over a longer period? For instance, is it recommended that I reduce the medication every 5 days? I don’t want to feel severe withdrawal symptoms because this will just prompt me to continuing taking them.

    This is a horrible drug. I have massive hair loss. Every time I try to get off it I just cry and cry and cry.. In fact, I was originally subscribed this after a major car accident that killed my husband. I noticed right away that not only did it relieve physical pain, but it elevated my moods. I continued to take it after I found I could get it from other sources because it made everything feel better in my life. It has always been difficult for me to stop because I have a job and children and no help with them. It’s mainly the cranky and irritable feelings that my kids don’t understand. I get horrible cranky, sleepless, restless leg syndrome, extremely depressed, sweaty, irritable, diarrhea, flu like symptoms, lethargy. This is the worst drug!

    I just need to know the best way to stop this drug without having severe withdrawal symptoms. And I refuse to go to a doctor.

  130. April 24th I had a meniscus repair and was prescribed oxycodone. Then had hip resurfacing on May 14th and was prescribed oxycodone and tramidol. I got off of the oxy 4weeks after the May 14th surgery….and continued on the tramidol for 2 more weeks- 2 (50mg) 3x day. And was fine off the oxy. Then tried to stop the tramidol cold turkey (huge mistake). From then on I started tapering. For the first week I took 1 (50mg) 3x day then the following week took 1 (50mg) 2x day. The took 1 every 24hrs for 2 day then I stopped. I was ok for about 24-30 hours after then I was miserable. It will be 2 weeks this Tuesday July 8th. My symptoms have included hot/cold sweats, headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, restless leg and severe anxiety. At this point, I am most affected by the anxiety as well as insomnia which may or may not be from the RLS (as I have that symptom too).
    I’ve taken several things to help. One evening I tried Xanax. Then I tried melatonin. Then Benadryl. Cannot remember if I’ve tried the Soma that I have…. Also saw my doctor and was prescribed ambien, which helped me sleep a little but I am sleep deprived! And don’t want to become dependent on that. How long will this last? What can help? I’m willing to try anything.

  131. Hi Nancy. Quitting tramadol cold turkey is not recommended. Your doctor probably thought you wouldn’t go through withdrawal because you were on the meds for a short time. Still, it’s enough time for the body to become accustomed to the presence of tramadol, develop dependence, and experiencing withdrawal symptoms is an expected outcome. So, what you’re doing by tapering is the right thing to do. What you’re feeling is normal, and some symptoms you can’t avoid even with tapering. If you are able to move and if doing exercises is recommended by your doctor, try and stay as busy as you can.

  132. I seem to be having withdrawal symptoms from Tramadol even though I only took 100mg 4x a day for 3 weeks after ankle surgery. My doctor said I could stop cold turkey and there would be no withdrawal symptoms since I took it such a short amount of time. I didn’t believe him and I slowly decreased the dose from 400 mg per day to 100 in 5 days. Then I had diarrhea, headache, loss of appetite, restless legs. I’ve taken 100 mg for 2 days and tomorrow will take 50 mg. for a couple days and then 0. Is there anything I can do to help with these symptoms?

  133. Tramadol withdrawal is awful! I have been on and off this drug for chronic pain for the past 4 years. You cannot go off this drug cold turkey if you have taken it for a long time and/or at a high dose. It can actually be harmful to your health and safety causing seizures etc. Protocol to tapper off is to reduce 25ml a day. This will give mild withdrawal symptoms but totally tolerable. 25ml every two days should go without any discomfort. Good luck!

  134. I have been taking tramadol for 3 years for arthritis in neck / back / both knees ( too young for replacement ) / both shoulders and both hands ! sever pain has been treated with injections 2 to each hand , both shoulders and thumbs , I was told this would be my last prescribed tramadol , as the ‘guidelines’ have changed and 28 days is the new max !
    Q 1 . what’s is the exit strategy ?
    Q 2 . is there an alternative ?
    Q 3. I will not be able to work , where does that leave me ? both during the withdrawal and living in such pain day to day ?

  135. Hello Mary Ann. Short term use of tramadol and dependence usually resolves in under 72 hours; best of luck to you, but make a record of continuing symptoms if they persist and schedule an appointment with you prescribing doctor.

  136. I have been taking Tramadol since my knee replacement surgery 3 weeks ago. I took 100 mg. twice a day for two weeks then only 50 mg twice a day for one week for pain during rehab exercises. I stopped it entirely on Friday night. By Saturday I felt tired, lightheaded and could not sleep for most of the night due to strange restlessness that kept me sitting up and moving around. That stopped during the night, and I finally did sleep but it was awf’ul while it lasted. Today is Sunday. I feel better, but can I expect that to return tonight or is the worst over?

  137. Hi,i stopped the devil pills 20 days ago,after being down to 3 a day,after 5yrs of use, you will feel awful,i took myself off to bed having strong epsom salts baths every day body brushing, nibbled on bananas,made smoothies after a few days with fruit, veg,nuts,oats , coconut oil,etc.doctor gave me diazepam for the leg twitching,sleeping tablets for 10days, 3days ago started with hourly palpatations so am now on betablockers, has anyone else experienced this,its rubbish,!

  138. I am so sick from these little white devil pills !! I can’t move … my body aches all over !! I feel like I have a horrible flu 🙁 How long am I going to feel like this ?? If I’m sick like this anyway wouldn’t it just be better to quit cold turkey and get it over with ? If I’m going to suffer anyway. I thought tapering would help me not have major withdrawal symptoms ?? This is BRUTAL :(((

  139. I am now taking 4 50mg tramadol daily. How much less should I take and when, if I want to taper slowly and how long should I wait before I go down more. Also, will my body adjust to the decrease or will I be in pain with flu-like smptoms the entire time? What can I take to help ease the smptoms?,

  140. I do not take Tramadol everyday and when I take it is 2-3 50 per day. My eyes water heavily every morning and by noon I am back to normal. We also have a cat that shades badly. Could Tramadol be my problem? Thanks

  141. Hello Bettie. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing physician on getting the dosage right. Or speak with your pharmacist for more information.

  142. I went through cold turkey withdrawal from 150mg daily of Tramadol. Bad, but no serotonin syndrome. Now I need more pain med for arthritis. Started with 50mg daily PRN. But I find now, after several weeks, that when I don’t take a pill, I have diarrhea and chills in less than 24 hours. What do I do? If I take it regularly twice a day, will that stop the withdrawal or require more the two pills eventually to keep the withdrawal under control? Tylenol is not sufficient. I can’t take any more NSAIDS due to my stomach.

  143. Hello Vickie. The symptoms that you report seem consistent with tramadol withdrawal symptoms: generally like a really bad flu. The symptoms should resolve in 7-10 days, but if you continue to feel poorly, I’d suggest a visit to your doctor.

  144. I have generalized degenerative joint disease. My knees are very painful and my left shoulder is bone on bone. I have been taking tramadol (375mg. till 6-2011, then 50mg.4-5 times per day. Suddenly it’s a narcotic and my income dropped, along with being dropped from health insurance. I took the last Tramadol 5 days ago, early in the am. The next day I woke up with a sore throat and feeling generally yucky. Day after that I am running a low grade fever, & when I went down to sleep I experienced restless leg syndrome in my whole body. Slept about 7 hours in 72. No appetite, anxious, head and eyes hurt. I generally felt like I had the flu. I haven’t left my house in a couple of months so no exposure to flu. I might add I have been taking Celexa for anxiety since June 2007, when my son was killed. I ran out of it at the same time. I have no money to go back to the Dr. and get refills. Would appreciate your opinion on whether or not this illness has been do to withdrawal from one or both these med.s

  145. Hello Tina. It’s possible that you are experiencing PAWS, or protracted withdrawal symptoms…which can last for weeks or months after acute withdrawal. I’d suggest that you record your symptoms on a daily calendar, rate their discomfort level, and report back to your original prescribing doctor in 1-2 weeks. Anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication may be applicable and may be prescribed in your case.

  146. Hi I am needing help was on tramadol and pregablin for 7 months due to back problems, I was on 400mg tramadol and max dose pregablin, I had an op in may this year, my doctor said i could come streight off both with no issues, so at the end of may i came off both and 2 months later I am still suffering depression, anxiety, no motivation, nervousness, seperation anxiety. I am 36 years old. Is this normal please as I feel like I’m going mad.

  147. Hello c.harrelson. You’ll need to set up a customized tapering schedule with your prescribing doctor when coming off tramadol. Medical supervision helps prevent extreme withdrawal effects such as seizures and hallucinations and it’s very important that you taper slowly over time. Seek medical counsel with your prescribing physician for help.

  148. Hi Diana. Tramadol withdrawal usually peaks in terms of intensity and severity in the first 72 hours after last dose, but can persist for 7-10 days.

  149. i have been on this med for over 12 years doctor just started me on cymbalta and told me to stop the tramadol i do feel awfull but i strated the nes med the same day i stoped the tramadol so how long will i feel bad ?

  150. Hi Mario. How long have you been taking tramadol? And how frequently? IF you’ve been dosing on tramadol daily or multiple times per day for more than a few weeks, it’s possible that you have been experiencing withdrawal. But short term or sporadic use of tramadol should not cause withdrawal symptoms. What does your prescribing doctor say?

  151. trying this again in short

    i did not take my prescribed tramadol for roughly five days, for a week not i have felt not right, kind of anxious, muscle aches, etc

    tonight i took another dose for the muscle aches and i feel better than i have all week. was i experiencing tramadol withdrawl?

  152. Had to get back on the Tramadol and taper over 3 weeks. It was rough each time I tapered down, but not as bad. Would never take this again. It needs to be more controlled.

  153. Hello Jane. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor for treatment options and to report the symptoms.

  154. Have taken 14 to 16 50 mg tablets of Tramadol for about 5 1/2 months for post concussion headache. Headaches are better and so I tapered down to 9 last week. Today I decided I just wanted to stop to see how bad my headaches really are so I haven’t taken any since yesterday morning. I feel horrible. Shooting pains in my head and legs, lower back and shoulder pain, irritable, restless, and my teeth even hurt. How long will this last? Debated on tapering more slowly but I just want to be off the meds to see if I really need it for pain and if my continued lack of diminished cognitive function is the Tramadol or from the TBI. Suggestions?

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