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What happens when you snort Ambien?

People snort Ambien (zolpidem) to get high or to feel the effects of Ambien quicker. If you are thinking of snorting Ambien, we ask you to reconsider.

Snorting Ambien can have adverse effects on your health and can lead to complications. More here on what happens when you snort Ambien and the side effects you can expect to encounter. Also, how snorting Ambien can lead to becoming dependent on Ambien. Then, we invite your questions about Ambien and getting help for Ambien addiction at the end.

What does snorting Ambien do?

Because Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic, zolpidem works by slowing down activity in the brain. It puts you in a hypnotic state which allows you to get the sleep you need. That’s why its used to treat insomnia. But, because Ambien works as a sedative-hypnotic is also has the potential to have psychoactive effects on the body.

Ambien is designed to be taken orally. Oral us of Ambien is safer because Ambien gets digested, which helps get the medication to the brain in a way that isn’t toxic. When you snort Ambien, you bypass the safety measures intended for the drug. You are increasing the speed of onset as well as the intensity of the medication. Snorting also has a higher chance of inducing hallucination or risk of overdosing on Ambien.

The reason that drug onset is so quick after snorintg is because Ambien passes through the mucus membrane in the nose and then directly into the blood stream, taking the drug straight to the brain. While onset is quicke,r the effects of Ambien may wear off as fast too. However, Ambien is a dangerous drug to snort because of the adverse side effects if can cause. In sum, it is never recommended that you snort Ambien.

Is snorting Ambien bad for you?

Yes. Snorting Ambien is very bad for you. When you snort Ambien, you run the risk of encountering side effects. You also increase the severity of the side effects and your reactions to the drug by the route of administration. You are allowing concentrated levels of zolpidem to enter the central nervou system quickly. At these levels, Ambien is toxic and is doing more damage to your body then it is helping. When you snort Ambien you run the following risks:

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  • accident due to impairment
  • chest pain
  • drowsiness and confusion
  • erratic change in mood
  • increased heart rate
  • hallucination
  • overdose
  • severe memory loss
  • vomiting

Is snorting Ambien dangerous?

What makes snorting Ambien dangerous is it quick onset of action. Because zolpidem has less barriers to bypass, it gets into the blood stream faster. Instead of taking 30 minutes to an hour to activate, snorted Ambien takes effect in minutes. You can also experience a euphoric high when you snort Ambien.

Because of these effects, you increase your risk of developing an addiction to Ambien because of the added effects of snorting Ambien. You can learn more about sleeping pills addiction treatment programs and help options if you or a loved one are in need of professional medical assistance, so you are better prepared for what to expect.

Snorting Ambien is also dangerous because of the risk of overdose. If you or someone close to you unintentionally OD, Call 911 and seek medical help immediately. Signs of Ambien overdose include:

  • coma
  • confusion
  • extreme fatigue
  • difficulty breathing
  • heart fatigue
  • impaired motor functioning
  • liver poisoning

Is snorting Ambien effective?

Technically, yes. Snorting Ambien is effective. You can have an quick onset of the medication and the other added pleasure it creates. But, labels and directions warn against snorting Ambien. The toxic effects it has on the body is too great and just not worth it to even snorting Ambien. Snorting Ambien can put you in risky situations you can’t control.

Can you snort Ambien?

While it may be alluring to snort Ambien, it’s best not to. Snorting Ambien is dangerous and can have consequences you could never see coming. Because Ambien create hallucinations and memory loss there is no telling what you may do in an alternate state of consciousness. While you may get away snorting a few times with little consequences to your health it will eventually catch up to you in some fashion.

When you snort Ambien questions

Do you know someone who snorting Ambien? Do you still have questions concerning snorting Ambien? We invite your questions in the comments section below. We will get back to you personally and promptly.

Reference Sources: NHTSA: Zolpidem

Photo credit: NIH

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29 Responses to “What happens when you snort Ambien?
7:01 am September 24th, 2014

Snort Ambien on the regular. I don’t do it just for the hell of it.. but I never have time to wait for it to kick in if it’s really late… and it’s impossible to find a time where I have an empty stomach.. always eating and ambien doesn’t work on a full tummy!.. researched it before i did it.. not well enough i guess because i never saw the horrible side effects of what’s to come that you guys have on here… I just did some right now. Deepest thoughts come out.. really analyze every little thing… VERY hungry.. Sleep after a little fun…

7:16 am April 1st, 2015

Never thought about snorting ambien until reading this article. It actually sounded fun so I just snorted 20 mg about 5 mins ago, I’ll keep y’all posted.

4:49 pm April 14th, 2015

Hi Will. Well, our intention with this text was to make you NOT want to snort anything. I hope you didn’t do it after all.

12:03 pm April 28th, 2015

I snorted ambien once at my grandmas house. i fell in the bathtub and cut my nose. I dont remember anything. It was a lot of fun minus the fall. I also drunk text every girl in my phonebook.

6:54 am May 5th, 2015

What can you tell me about the mental health changes? I also need support as someone I love has an addiction to ambien. He snorted it and became very aggressive, not physically abusive. Just an ambhole. I didn’t know he snorted it until the next day when I told him what he did. I wanted to throw him out but then realized he would be sleepwalking. I’m very aggravated by this drugs side effects. He stopped taking it but of course there are withdrawal symptoms too.

2:34 pm May 8th, 2015

Hi Halie. Lack of self-contorl and loss of emotions, as well as mood swings have been reported as side effects from Ambien. I’m glad he won’t ever snort again.

1:57 am May 29th, 2015

Snorting Zolpidem is one of my favorite things to do! Quick onset yet very safe. Ben doing it for years. And the doctor’s say im really really healthy. It is sooo much fun to. You get a nice euphoric high. Very safe. Evwn my dr saw no problems with me(:

Dougie boy
10:16 am August 17th, 2015

Where did Will go? LOL Hey, Will how was it??

7:37 pm October 10th, 2015

ambien is a true gift from the gods

8:53 am November 1st, 2015

man it is 2 AM And i cannot sleeep. i ate 2 crunchwrap supremes and a crunchy taco from taco bell 45 minutes ago. would it be advised to snort ambiem instead of popping it because of a full stomach ??? i need help i am closing my eyes but cannot sleeeping

5:05 am November 5th, 2015

I have a very close friend that I found out is addicted to snorting ambien she says it gives her a euphoric high if she can make it past the first 15 minutes of hallucinations but now she’s to the point to where her body depends on it and she’s always acting crazy and seems skitzophrenic from it how can I get her help I’m not her legal family so I can’t legally help her but there’s got to be something I can do

5:32 pm November 5th, 2015

Hi Laurin. Maybe you can contact her family? I know it seems like the most unfriendly thing to do, but she cannot continue snorting Ambien. This medication is very addictive and quitting it can also put a person through adverse withdrawal symptoms, which need professional medical assistance.

Mr pleasure
8:45 am January 8th, 2016

I think will is still sleeping dougie boi….. I took 2 10mg one night and waited and waited… nothing happened… So I took 2 more, waited alittle bit more nothing… so I took 2 more…. guess what, that shit hit me so hard… I didn’t remember anything for almost a day… At first I was tripping balls, then didn’t remember anything….. my girl and her mom threw me in bath tub butt booty azz naked with cold water…..didn’t remember that either…. but I was also on like 5 somas, and 2-4 blue berrys…. please don’t do what I’m writing…. when I woke up I literally felt like death… my body hurt so bad that my girl had to help me bang 2 blues….just to get up and jump into bed…. she left me on floor for being a strait dick all night til the next afternoon…. they thought I was dead… my breathing was so slow….. so again please don’t be mixing this shit, or taking much…. Jesus love you…. behave…. stay alive…. phone a friend when you can’t drive…. Mr Pleasure over & out

1:14 pm February 28th, 2016

Just wanted to thank everyone for thier honesty. I was prescribed Ambien like 10 years ago and used EXACTLY as prescribed… was great for sleep. THEN I discovered (it took YEARS to catch on to this!) if you take it and don’t go immediately to bed, if you stay up about 30 minutes, you’ll feel like you’ve had a few beers!! Well, AIN’T GOOD FOR AN ALCOHOLIC. When I started using Ambien the “wrong way,” not getting in bed immediately, I had a drink in my hand 30 minutes later…. I lost 7 years of sobriety.

9:32 pm April 15th, 2016

Yes I know someone who is snorting Ambien is my husband the mood swings have already started he I don’t know how frequently he is doing it but he says he snorts it once in a while but I think he’s doing it more frequently he has the sniffles already like doing cocaine he said he did not want to stop so what am I to do he’s got two brothers who do not care if he lives or dies I cannot communicate with them because they do not care I had thought about calling them but he told me if I did he would be very angry at me so what am I to do he needs professional help he was on the methadone at one point for being addicted to painkillers oxycodone I think he may be doing that again as well what am I to do as a wife I don’t understand I am very confused why a 57-year-old man would want to do this he has told me that he’s not happy ‼️ With me no more so what am I to do the Lord has told me not to divorce so give me some feedback I do not want him to know that I have contacted you about this problem ‼️ Will it kill him ‼️

3:25 am May 3rd, 2016

No one said how bad it would burn… JESUS lol
But Angie, I’m very sorry to hear you lost your sobriety. I hope you’re back off and stronger than ever. Good luck.

6:12 pm May 20th, 2016

I am here looking for advice and dangers of Ambein. I am in need of Ambein about three days a week, oral with only 5mg does. It is my friend and makes some nights that would be terriable nice and restful. However my spouse has an addictive personality and it concerned me to be bringing in a drug into the home that could hold potential danger to someone I love so much (not everyone cares whose name is on the bottle) I agree with some of the people on here this blog does not make it seem as a not to, it arouses just enough suspension to allow someone to think about trying it, I even found myself thinking “hmm that sounds kinda fun” Then had to tell myself “WTF, keep reading” Now Hollie from below that is what you need to show, what exactly ARE the negative side effects. The last thing I need is another black out without him having any idea what I am talking about in the morning, me hurt and him sorry. Tell exactly what is going to happen, the injuries involved. In Oklahoma I know the social worker for the inmates at a facility and she told me a story about a guy who robbed a bank while on Ambein woke up to a living room full of money in bags and a cop knocking on his door in the am and is now in prison. That is the kind of stuff ya gotta tell people.

8:26 pm May 20th, 2016

I came here because of concern for a friend, after seeing the reasons to not snort ambien I can’t believe she is willing to do it. Then I see people in the comments that are still doing it or going to try! Thanks to you people, chances are you’re gonna end up in the hospital, and situations like this just make it more difficult for honest people that need this drug to get it. At least I know the doctor my friend has so I can just make a phone call.

8:34 am June 2nd, 2016

Ambien is a great sleep med. Unlike my friend who snorted his for faster relief and for stronger hallosanations.I ate mine,it comes on slow and calm and you can feel it slowing your thoughts.and it makes you feel really light .like a fluff in your arms .it makes you relax then with heavy eyes.and you have your complete ataintion on the man talking on the TV.everything you hear is so appealing to you.not fully ready to close my eyes .enjoying the fluffy dizzy feelin’..I am thirsty then off to sleep.

6:28 am September 29th, 2016

Gonna sniff my dose 2night.

I’ll post tomorrow and let u know how it went

10:53 pm April 13th, 2017

Thought I would share my most recent experience with ambien. Sept, 2014, was pulled over by 3 troopers driving down the interstate…..did not realize why I was even driving. They received several calls about me driving about 30mph and weaving across both lanes. Spent my first night in jail at age 54…..dui….lawyer….fines….court costs….assessment and classes…..probation…..suspended license….about $2000 impact to my pocket.

10:57 am August 2nd, 2017

Ok, I was on Ambien due to my chronic pain, I never took more than my prescribed recommended dose. I was started on 10mg & dropped down to 5mgs once the FDA changed the guidelines. Finally, I had enough of being dependent on a pill to sleep, so I stopped cold turkey (bad idea!) I didn’t even call my physician to explain what I was going to be doing, ANOTHER MISTAKE! I didn’t know you could suffer from seizures among other terrible side effects if you stopped cold turkey. Here’s where my REAL issues started, I was up…..as in WIDE AWAKE for 21+ days (with an occasional hour to hour and a half nod off here or there) straight!!! I contemplated suicide, I heard noises, I was aggressive, moody & I seen things that weren’t there. It was a living a nightmare. When I called the doctor while this was ongoing they told me to take 20 tablets of melatonin and basically said goodbye and good luck call us when you’re able to drive because by that point I couldn’t drive to the doctor to be seen. I couldn’t do anything because I could barely function. I had someone pick up the Melatonin took it for 4 days still no sleep called the doctor again and begged for some assistance which again they denied. They actually told me to go back and take the Ambien which I did have but refused to take although I was SO desperate for sleep. I mean really why would I take a THAT medication again after being off of it for weeks? That was my goal, to be off of Ambien once and for all.
Now, this is where the 2nd part to a story I know comes in to play and where I NEED someones help. I know someone who is being prescribed 20 mg of Ambien, I’m pretty sure this person snorts it along with breaking them in half and taking them throughout the day and throughout the night to “Escape”. In addition, this person is also prescribed Xanax along with a few other addictive substances. If you were to take this persons xanax and/or ambien away, you would see SATAN himself. How can these two medications be prescribed together at these dosages!? I’ve NEVER heard of ANYONE being prescribed 20mgs of Ambien ever. My question is how does one go about reporting this & to whom???! This is unsafe, I feel unsafe when I’m around this person as their behavior is either aggressive or slobbering everywhere. So unacceptable, this person has fallen multiple times knocked their head, been hospitalized ohhhhhh and overdosed twice in 2 years yet the primary physician who prescibed this BS keeps on keeping on! Advice, anyone?

7:30 am September 11th, 2017

Tell me in detail what happens in the brain when an individual shorts Ambien. I study psychology surrounding addiction and would like to know more.


Lydia @ Addiction Blog
3:53 pm September 11th, 2017

Hi Alyssa. That’s a very huge topic. However, I did a research on Google using these words: site:.gov Ambien effects on the brain, and found these studies:

You may do the same. Hope that this helps!

10:27 pm February 3rd, 2018

I inject lots of anabolic steroids and some like Trenbolone give me insomnia. We usually call it Trensomnia. I can get Ambien and Zopiclone from where I get steroids (steroids are legal in my country).

I’ve occasionally used zopiclone so I don’t get a tolerance, at most twice a week, usually about 5 days apart. At least once a week I have a couple of Diazepam and other nights I smoke canabis resin in a hookah pipe to get to sleep.

Trenbolone gives intense vivid dreams which are remembered on waking, that’s if I can get to sleep. One of the most important things for muscle growth is rest and sleep, it’s when we grow, so taking stuff to get to sleep is not an option.

Thanks for the info on Ambien, it’s #15 more than Zopiclone but I’ll definitely give it a go. I’ve snorted a ton of coke over the years so snorting Ambien sounds like a hoot. I’ll lock my front door and hide the keys first though. I have been outside banging on my front door naked before expecting myself to appear at some point and let me in. Live and learn.

What are these like with alcohol? Sometimes on rare occasions I take a couple of Diazipam before going out. It’s a nice high with alcohol and because I am tall, heavy, muscular, strong and bursting with pinned steroids I’m doing people a favour. Since steroids are harsh on my liver anyway it’s rare I drink alcohol anyway.

Will one Ambien be better for me than two diazepam on a night out or will it be knocking me out. I weigh 280Ibs and 6’4.


Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:48 pm February 8th, 2018

Hi Boris. Please use your medications only as prescribe by a doctor. Mixing Ambien or diazepam with alcohol may cause serious damage to your health.

6:55 am February 23rd, 2018

So sense i was little my mother has snorted ambien and idc if im the only one but i think this shit should not be given to anyone at all my mother has blacked out on Ambien so many times and with kids ita very dangerous she would drive and do weird things i have heard some crazy storiesonthis pill and i really think ppl shouldnt take it

9:44 pm March 6th, 2018

Hi is adco zolpimed the same as Ambient?

4:42 am July 18th, 2018

I also just tried it after reading this article never occurred to me before.

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