What happens when you snort OxyContin?

When snort OxyContin, you increase the intensity, quickness, and duration of action of oxycodone on the system. What do you risk? And what are the side effects? More here.

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While snorting OxyContin (oxycodone) can be effective on symptoms of pain and create a pleasure and euphoria, the risks you run when you snort Oxycontin are high. In fact, snorting OxyContin is  considered abuse of OxyContin and a sign of oxycodone addiction.  More here on what happens when you snort OxyContin. Then, we invite your questions about the effects of snorting OxyContin and where to find OxyContin addiction help at the end.

What does snorting OxyContin do?

When you crush and snort OxyContin, you are increasing the intensity, quickness, and duration of action of oxycodone on the system. Onset of action when snorting OxyContin can be immediate or can take 5 to 10 minutes to take effect compared to 30 minutes when swallowed. This route of administration delivers oxycodone to the bloodstream differently than other ways of taking the drug. How exactly?

When snorted, oxycodone travels through the nasal cavity through the mucus membrane and then reaches the blood-brain barrier with an unscheduled intensity. There aren’t as many barriers this way compared to if you take OxyContin orally and oxycodone is absorbed through the GI tract.

While snorting OxyContin usually brings on faster effect, it also can induce a altered sates of consciousness. So when you use OxyContin this way, you increase your chances of developing a severe dependency to the medication. Plus, when you snort OxyContin, you affect its controlled release mechanism that regulates the way it works on the body.

Is snorting OxyContin bad for you?

There is a reason that labels advise against snorting OxyContin. Snorting OxyContin is bad for you. You are doing damage to your body when you snort OxyContin. You can damage your nasal passages, damage your ability to smell, and risk overdose. Adverse effects of snorting OxyContin can include:

  • coma
  • death
  • loss of consciousness
  • seizures

Plus, the more you snort OxyContin the more you’re affecting your tolerance and dependency to OxyContin. This will affect your ability to withdrawal later making it harder on your body to withstand the intensity of withdrawal. Because you are altering the way you are taking OxyContin you also increase the risks of negative side effects and these can be more likely than if you are taking them orally.

  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • impaired motor functions
  • fatigue

Is snorting OxyContin effective?

Yes, snorting OxyContin can be effective in terms of therapeutic effect. However, when you snort OxyContin, oxycodone may be delivered to the brain faster but it also wears off sooner. You are likely to feel the pain return sooner than you would like, forcing you to go through more OxyContin in a day then is clinically recommended.

Doctors prescribe OxyContin orally for purposes of safety and to limit the concentration and poisoning that any drug has the potential to do on the body. Labels warn against snorting OxyContin because of the risks involved. Because of the dangers and risk involved, please consider not snorting OxyContin to treat your pain or to use it recreationally.

Is snorting OxyContin dangerous?

Yes, snorting Oxycontin is dangerous. There is no way you can predict the effects of snorting OxyContin on the body. When you snort OxyContin, you have an unregulated amout of OxyContin in the body. It’s unfiltered and concentrated. Because your body is trying to compensate for such high doses of oxycodone, you run a big risk of overdose and potential death.

But not only is it dangerous because of its effects on your body and your health, it is dangerous because it can increase the risk of dependency and addiction.

Can you snort OxyContin ?

While you can snort OxyContin that doesn’t mean that you should. While snorting OxyContin can be effective on symptoms of pain and create a pleasure and euphoria… the risks you run when you snort Oxycontin aren’t worth it.

When you snort OxyContin questions

Still have questions about snorting Oxy? Or do you know someone who is snorting OxyContin? Please ask us any questions you have and we will try to get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. What are the dangers of snorting oxycodone and does it male it more addicted? After snorting for a long period of times
    Does it take more as time goes on?

  2. Just sniffed one of those damn thing for the first time
    So nasty.. what’s the point better to just take it the old fashioned way anyways.. wanna get high right now and be pain free go buy a good bag of weed or for those who are more tolerant try some shatter out and see how that does for you. Oxycodone is a dangerous drug have been using for about 3yrs now and it is just plain annoying to those of us who are in pain and want relief. I have found myself taking more and more.. tolerance is a bitch. Don’t really enjoy that feeling anymore

    1. Hi Latanya. Call the helpline displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  3. He went from snorting oxy to inhaling the fumes of heroin. I don’t know how much more his body can take. I left the situation out of fear and because he’s lost everything owned.
    Any comments?

  4. Re:Elliot snorting1/4 of a pill should be safe, u probably won’t feel much actually I’ve snorted 3 pills in a 4 hr period

  5. I’ve been taking oxycodone for about 6 months now,and starting to build a tolerance I’ve been snorting most of it ,got a great buzz for the first few weeks when first started but the buzz is slowly dying and not lasting as long as it used to I’m starting to require more and more…don’t get me wrong I’ve popped a fair bit as well which in my opinion is the better way to go…not as fun but lasts longer…….anyone recommend a better way to take em without wasting my pills …for basically nomore than a 30-45 min buzz
    Thanks 🙂

  6. I’ve been snorting roxi 30’s and 10’s for 5 years

    I am severely addicted

    my advice


  7. I have sciatica nerve damage,with other ailments.i have to stay on oxycodone.ive took it orally for a long time.recently ive had a bad flare up of my pain.i wished i could be a normal healthy humun being again. But i dont know if that will ever happen. My pain clinic doctor took me off the fentanyl patch 50mcg because it was,making me drowsy. But not all the time.He reduced it to 25 mcg 4×10.325 a day.i dont feel this is working for me and hes tring to wean me completely off the patch.Someone told me if i snort the oxycodone it would make me feel better.And it seems to help some.I dont want to do this all the time.I know i have a dependence already bc of the pain.could you pls give me some advice that might help me.i thought about having my pain doctor to put me back on the 50 mcg a day of fentanyl with the 2 oxy break throughs .What do you think.?Thank you for any reply

    1. Hi Teresa. Is your doctor planing to start you on another medication that would provide you with the needed pain relief? Snorting oxycodone is not the answer and you should not keep doing it in order to lessen your pain. Tell your doctor openly that this way you are left with chronic pain that is not helped in any way. He has the responsibility to do something.

  8. Carolyn just don’t do what you are thinking of doing, it’s not a good solution. She is as likely to get hooked on heroin as get help in prison plus the fact she may never forgive you. Drug abuse and addiction is a symptom not just a cause, most addicts have mental health problems such as depression or anxiety and I think talking to her and getting her help for these things will be much more effective than going to prison. Obviously I don’t know your specific circumstances but criminalising her can’t be the answer. Sorry for prying into your life, I’ve never even commented here before but felt the need to after reading your comment. I would urge you to consider other options before this one. I hope she finds some peace and happiness, and you also. Good luck.

  9. Yes snorting makes its much worse to come off like 100 times i know been clean 16 days today and i still have major issues the w o rse is behind me but i wish i woulf of never and i will tell you fact it does mess with your sense of smell mine is coming back some now but it has been the worse 16 days of my life i chose cold turkey pretty much because i knew i had to let it go if i can do it anyone can . and if you can make it past q4 days you will make it so dont tease it will only put you back .make sure to keep fluids and other things it does help some although its not easy no matter how you go about it i dont crave them i hate them cravings also go away the first 7 days are the worse i still have chills and some sweats but everything else is much better i know if i ever t ake one im done so i wont ive made it thru the worse thanks to all the things ive learned c rom others thanks for all of that .

  10. I know that my 36 year old daughter is snorting oxy. She told me that she does it every once in a while,but I suspect that it is more frequent. She has been on oxy. for 4 years .It started with a butchered up hip surgeory and has 2 fractures in this hip now and no insurance,no job and only child support. My question to you is, if she goes to prison due to a parole violation, will she get the help then?

  11. I snorted 30mg oxy 3 a day for 6months. Its been 7 months since I snorted anything. I was on suboxin for last 6 months for rehab. I am now off everything but I am having constant sneezing and occasionally blowing a big sticky green clump approx. 1/8 inch out of my nose. How do I fix this and how do I get my energy back???

  12. I know a person that snorted oxy for approx 6 years and now is smoking it on foil. Isnt this bad for his liver? I don’t know how his body doesn’t just shut down after all the years of abuse. Isn’t illegal to use a drug that way if it’s perscribed orally? He also mixes it with alcohol…I’m probably going to find him dead. He doesn’t know I know everything.

  13. I feel the same way as my friend both of us deal with a great amount of pain but don’t like being high we have tried all kinds of meds by practicing an alternative way we bypass the lethargic feeling and it takes care of the pain about 70 percent

  14. I have a friend who states when she takes oxy by mouth she gets high by the time her pain is controlled when she snort it she doesn’t get high but controls her pain as long as she monitors the amount. I have told her it is harder to get off of oxy which she want to do just tryi8ng to advise her

  15. I am in great deal of pain, bone and organ, I have a prescription for quick release 30 mg when I take the med orally I 2 to 6 up to 8 daily I get high. I do not like the felling I once was in so much pain i snorted an amount I notice it took care of my pain but did not get me lethargic which I prefer I don’t abuse it matter of fact I use less,don’t know why this happen I drive so you can

I am ready to call
i Who Answers?