What Is Demerol used for?

Demerol is used for pain relief and as an analgesic and pre-operative medication. But are there other medical uses for Demerol? Learn how, when and why doctors prescribe Demerol, and why people are starting to use Demerol for fun or relaxation. Plus, discuss possible Demerol addiction symptoms in our comment section.

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What is Demerol?

Demerol is an opioid analgesic medication which is also called meperidine hydrochloride. Demerol works by binding to opioid receptors in the central nervous system. When prescribed and administered by doctors in the U.S. for medical reasons, Demerol is most effectively taken via intramuscular or intravenous injection rather than orally. The usual dosage is 50 – 100 mg by hypodermic needle and is repeated every 1-4 hours as required. However, Demerol is also available in tablet form, or as a liquid syrup.

What is Demerol Used For?

Demerol is used to treat moderate to severe pain and is used for pain relief or as a sedative. When used medically, Demerol can be prescribed as:

* anesthetic support (especially for obstetrics)
* moderate to severe pain reliever
* preoperative medication
* smooth muscle relaxer

Non medical uses of Demerol

Demerol is a central nervous system depressant and can be used for non medical reasons, mainly by drug abusers and addicts. Possible non medical uses of Demerol include taking Demerol for:

* drowsiness
* feelings of euphoria
* relaxing the perianal muscles for anal sex
* sedation

If your recognize the signs and symptoms of Demerol abuse and/or addiction in yourself or someone close to you…don’t wait to get help from professionals. See what it’s like to seek help from Demerol addiction treatment programs and how you can choose the best treatment type, duration, and therapies for you. OR dial 1-877-265-7020 NOW for immediate guidance towards appropriate treatment options.

Can I get addicted to Demerol?

Yes, Demerol can be addictive and habit forming. Like other opioid drugs, Demerol has the potential to cause physical dependence or addiction. Demerol may be more addictive than other prescription opioids, perhaps because of its rapid onset of action. However, dependence and addiction are two different types of medical conditions. Dependence upon a drug is a physical reliance that is characterized by withdrawal symptoms when a person stops taking the drug. And addiction indicates an emotional or mental aspect of use, and is defined by the compulsive use of a drug/substance/behvior, despite negative or dangerous effects.

To evaluate the potential for addiction to Demerol, download this prescription drug use questionnaire (self-report version) and see page 13.  Then, schedule an appointment with your doctor to analyze the results.  Plus, do you know how long Demerol stays in your system?  Click here for more.

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