What is Xanax withdrawal?

Xanax withdrawal is a set of symptoms you experience when you cut back on Xanax dosage or quit taking Xanax totally. More here on what Xanax withdrawal is like and what helps relieve Xanax withdrawal symptoms here.

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Are you planning to go through Xanax Withdrawal?

Here, we review what happens in the body when you withdraw from Xanax and why. Plus, how Xanax withdrawal feels and what can help ease symptoms. Your questions about withdrawing from Xanax are welcomed at the end.

What is Xanax withdrawal?

Once you have abruptly stopped using Xanax, the body will experience a period of withdrawal. Withdrawal happens because the brain is trying to reach homeostasis and compensate for the depressant effect Xanax has on the brain. Because Xanax slows brain activity, once you stop taking Xanax, the brain rebounds sometimes resulting in seizures. This feeling of the body speeding up is uncomfortable and people who try to avoid it by taking more Xanax can develop an additional psychological dependence on Xanax.

What is Xanax withdrawal syndrome?

The grouping of symptoms that occur when you stop taking Xanax is called “Xanax withdrawal syndrome.” But why does Xanax withdrawal syndrome happen?  Xanax (alprazolam) is a drug in the benzodiazepine class of medicines. It is prescribed to treat anxiety, panic disorders, and sometimes depression. Some people experience withdrawal symptoms if they stop taking benzodiazepines abruptly instead of tapering off, and anxiety can return once you stop taking Xanax.

Xanax withdrawal syndrome occurs because Xanax has a depressant effect on the nervous system and calms physical symptoms of anxiety. After a while on Xanax (more than 3-4 weeks of regular dosing), your body will develop as dependence on alprazolam. Because of this, the body starts to crave Xanax in order to regulate levels of alprazolam in the system. When a body developing tolerance to Xanax or starts to show physical dependence on Xanax symptoms and does not get regular doses of Xanax, symptoms of withdrawal from the body system occur.

What is withdrawal from Xanax like?

Withdrawing from Xanax can be really uncomfortable as the body is no longer relaxed and craves movement. Basically, the body goes from a state of sedation into over activity. There can be several symptoms that might occur after ceasing to use Xanax. The more common symptoms of Xanax withdrawal can include:

  • feelings of apprehension and fearfulness
  • a harder time going to sleep or staying asleep (insomnia)
  • increased feelings of excitement and restlessness
  • increased levels of anxiety

A withdrawal reaction may occur if Xanax is stopped abruptly. A withdrawal reaction may be mistaken for a return of the anxiety because many of the symptoms are similar. Sometimes the body will react violently with tremors and sometimes seizures. This is why it is not advised that you stop taking Xanax cold turkey as the symptoms can be severe and life threatening, especially if you’re abusing Xanax. More severe symptoms that occur while withdrawing from Xanax have included:

  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • increased blood pressure
  • loss of appetite
  • panic attacks
  • seizures
  • severe skin rash
  • shakiness

What does Xanax withdrawal feel like?

Xanax withdrawal can feel like life has sped up. Increased anxiety and insomnia will probably occur, as well as tremors and increased confusion and mood swings. There are also increased feelings of depression as a result of Xanax withdrawal which makes weaning off the drug harder. Onset of these symptoms starts about four to five days after you stop taking Xanax. The withdrawal symptoms which result from stopping Xanax can last up from days to weeks after you stop taking Xanax.

What helps Xanax withdrawal?

It is essential that you talk with the doctor before discontinuing a benzodiazepine like Xanax. After a person has taken benzodiazepines for an extended period, the dosage is gradually reduced before it is stopped completely. This is why it is important that you are monitored by a physician during Xanax withdrawal – so that a medical professional can slowly decrease Xanax doses and taper alprazolam medication to minimize the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

Three possible treatments for Xanax withdrawal include: tapering, medications, and home remedies.

1. Home remedies for Xanax withdrawal – Home remedies to help deal with symptoms of withdrawal during Xanax detox aim to treat specific symptoms. For symptoms of restlessness, some people recommend supplements of Potassium and Zinc. For symptoms of insomnia, some people use valerian or melatonin supplements to help them sleep after they have tapered Xanax dosage.

2. Medications – Sometimes doctors will prescribe antidepressants to help with depressive episodes that occur during Xanax withdrawal but there should be care in how these methods are used. Otherwise, alternative medications for the treatment of anxiety can be offered, including non-benzodiazepine medicines such as Buspiron or beta blockers to help ease symptoms. Psychotherapy is also an alternative non-pharmaceutical treatment for underlying anxiety and depression issues.

3. Tapering – The best way to detox from Xanax is to use a tapering method. It can take several weeks to wean a person off of Xanax. During this process, a psychological need for the drug might emerge. For this reason, it is important to talk to someone and make sure you have supports available to you. It is helpful while in the detox phase you have a place that is quiet and darker as to help with sensitivity to light and sound.

In general, the recommended procedure for tapering off Xanax is to first reduce Xanax intake in three day increments. The rate of reduction should decease slowly about 0.5mg every three days to allocate for withdrawal symptoms. Some people may need to be on a slower reduction in order to compensate for withdrawal symptoms.

Questions about Xanax withdrawal

Do you still have questions about Xanax Withdrawal? Please share your questions and experiences with Xanax in the comments section below. And we’ll try to respond to your Xanax questions personally ASAP.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I was put on Xanax 4 years ago. Total 3mg a day. My doctor got me down to 0.5mg 3 times a day then she stopped on me and said i was on my own. I go threw withdraw everyday. Scared of seizures. What do i do?

    1. Hi Sally. Consult with your doctor to recommend some over-the-counter medications, remedies, vitamins, etc that can help you ease withdrawal symptoms. Also, take a look into the Ashton Manual: http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  2. I have been on Xanax for 20 years,.1 mg was taken 3 a day.
    When I made a visit to the doctor she told me they were going to cut me down.
    Was 100 month to 90 to 60 than 30/0
    take celexa n also take 500 mg of Gabapenti .
    Now I am taken one Xanax a day half in the morning and a half at night in the wood drawers are unbelievable sweats chills just want to crawl up like a fetus.

  3. I stopped 5 weeks of prescription xanax. The dose was .5 2x a day for two weeks then 1x a day for 3 weeks. I stopped taking any 7 days ago. Now my chest hurts. Is this withdrawl? It did not hurt til today.

  4. Janet id say let the withdraws kick in a little then go to the hospital. You cant go threw benzo withdraws yourself trust me iv tried. Iv been off 37 days and feel normal but when i came off i had proffesionals give me ativan and phenobarbital when i finally came off i was so delirious i didnt know which way was up and couldnt tell a real person from a delusion. Besides the point i dont want to scare you it was managable pretty freaky but managable. I was taking 14mg a day for 3 years while withdrawling from heroin meth and coke ar rhe sametime. If you go to the hospital tell them you want to quit they will be more than happy to help you. They will also try and hook you up with a treatment center that can help you stay off for good. I was convinced i needed xanax for anxiety but in reality this was my distorted thinking telling me this and you could tell me otherwise. Now sober i can see how much those pills controled me. I have a horrible drug problem od 3x and lost more friends than i can count and have been clean for over a month if i can do it and smile today i know you can to. Coming off xanax is not the end of the world it just sucks

  5. I had an industrial accident in 98 it truined my life my career and face. I have tried everything and got all the side effects then i got zanax. my dr said dont rock the boat just keeeep taking them and smoke pot. then i said at lst visit what is lorazapram? he immeadiately witdrew the zanax script and gave me one for lexapro and ins doesnt cover so i couldnt buy them. he said come to office for a coupon. then he didnt give me the coupon, said i refused treatment to withdraw cold turkey from zanax after over 10 yrs. he then fired me. what? i said u just told me to come in here. no explaination ..then he said goodbye heres yr last script get another dr. when i went to pharm they said thee are no coupons for generics. so now i have NO dr. and soon will have no zanax therrifying dr said there are no withdrawals from anyting but alcohol?? thats so not true i was in shock! made me anxious just thinking about it cold turkey? who does this? even m mom stopped bp meds cold turkey almost killed her. feeling suicidal knowing the withdrawals will be hell and dangerous since im alone. How can he do this then the note i was left with said i will see u again when u are off zanax? this makes no sense. what would i go to dr for if he wont give me medicine? Im off pain pills thanks to gov. that was hell enough zanax is the only ting i have NO side effects from. now I just want to keep them i already went from 3 a day to two on my own which has been ok but i tried going a day without one and there i went head in clouds shaking and crying and not able to drive confused by everything said. How can he leave me alone without a plan? i said i prefer not to have lorazapram i only asked a ?. but i went to office to get coupon then pharm said no coupon for generics..i never got that sript and i dont know where to go anymore in reno nv where they dont treat u like a criminal for being in pain or having anxiety I thought this was a good doc but he takes no ins and i wasted my time trying to get reimbursed!? now i start all over again and they will try to give me more drugs that dont agree with me. zanax works has been working and im not sure why at 64 I should stop taking two lil blue pills all scrips are not to be pulled suddenly and whtat i have now wont help taper whats the answer? if u r in painthere is pain meds but they wont give them if u have panic attacks and need anxiety drugs they wont give them so why the heck should i even go to a doctor? meds are for problems most have the longest list of side effects and i get them. they said that zanax is ruing my brain? I dont think it is. lorazapram is also something else id have to withdraw from then ill have nothing for condition at all. what a strange thing to say there are no withdrawals from zanax. i cant fined anyone in this town because of a doc that went to jail for subscribing pain meds and some kid died because he drank hard liuor and took too many even the dea said how was that this drs fault should he have folllowed him home? dr never called bk never answered ? got mad when i said i dont understand and i didnt understand coding either. thats not my job. but why he fired ME i have no clue hes the one that upped my dosage a few months ago now he wants me to just go away said go to yr family. thats a major stress i have and he knows it it was snide I HAVE NO FAMILY. he knows im stressed aobut that so why would he be so cruel. its as if he never took notes at all. i can live alone and go through this b y myself who will just let me have what works for ME

  6. I was prescribed Xanax 3 years ago .5 3 x a day. I have never taken more than 1 pill a day, rarely more than 3 x a week. Some weeks none at all. I took them primarily when I was dealing with a stressful family or social situation. I am 72 years old and in good general health.

    My new doctor said to stop taking it and did not renew my script. I have about 70 pills left.

    I had no idea Xanax was so addictive as I took it when I felt I needed it and never more than the .5 mg. I immediately stopped taking it for about five days and felt anxious and had ringing ears but could still function. I started reading various sites and learned that CT was not the best way to go. Last night I took .37 mg and plan to that for two weeks, then taper to .25 mg for two weeks, then .125 for two weeks. Can I then stop taking them or do I need to further taper. Does this seem like a good plan? Thank you for your assistance.

  7. I have been on Xanax for seven years I have been leaning and off Xanax completely for six weeks. A side effect that I have is a phobia of getting on the highway or highway traffic driving I become very sick feeling I get hot rushes to my body become very anxious and have to pull over to the side of the road I am only 60 years old I have enjoyed driving most of my life I need to go out of town once in awhile will this side effect go away and when. Thank you for your response I’ll be waiting for an answer

  8. i knocked my bottle of 1mg Xanax over and about
    Four days worth of my 1mg three times a day were lost down the drain. I can’t get it refilled until the 27th of this month. I only have 5 1mgs left. I am scared
    What should I do ? I took 1 mg this morning and had to take a Ativan tonight so I don’t use all the remaining Xanax can someone help

  9. I’ve taken Xanax since I was about 13 I’m 52 now- I’ve never ran out early until the. Last year it seems like every month or so I’m missing about a week supple- I know I’m not taking more or at least not of purpose- I wonder if someone’s. Not taking mine too- anyway I’m out 7 days early- I refuse to ask my doctor for an early refill yet again he has been so understanding and he trust me-and I’m trustable but very confused about it all- to get to my question I can get a refill in 3 days- How bad will my withdrawal be in 3 days time after stopping ? Please get back with me soon I am afraid!!!

  10. My husband has been in ICU for 3 weeks after heart attack, CHF, Pulmonary Failure and Renal Failure. The doctors and nurses kept giving him large doeses of Xanax and Seroquel. These medications had a reverse reaction on him and would cause agitation and aggressive behavior. For this they would restrain him. When this would happen, they’d shoot him up with Haldol. Finally, I told them to stop the Haldol. then I realized to stop the seroquel as well. Which they did upon my request and I saw improvement. Then I asked them to stop the xanax, which they did, but then they’d come in when I wasn’t there and give him xananx anyway. Now after almost 4 weeks, we are home and my poor husband has been through so much physically and now is having to endure this nightmare as well. Please help me with more ways I can help him.

  11. I’ve never been on such a wild ride. it’s tuesday9-9-16 I haven’t slept in a week. I have horrible insomnia and I am wondering when the physical symptoms will stop so that I can get some sleep. I was wondering if anyone else felt like their feet and legs felt like they were getting splashed on by hot water. I’ve never heard anyone say this and I’m getting really scared and nervous. Can someone please help me.

  12. I only take one.025 of zanax a day one in the morning and the other half at bedtime. I am having extreme withdrawal symptoms. head pressure and very nervous.

  13. 73 Years old and want to come off xanax. I’ve tried by trying to cut tablets in half, and they usually crumble with me. I’m taking 0.5mg at the present time. I take this 3 times per day, but with my age my memory is getting worse and I feel more of a dependence on them. I would like to stop them completly. Anyone got any good suggestions? Thanks and good luck to anyone else trying to come off this medication.

  14. Alright. So I’ve been on xanax 1 mg 3x a day for about 10 yrs now. Had some idea about the horrible withdrawals, but was always told that as long as you don’t go to 6mg a day you should have np getting off. I’ve been doing my own taper on and off for the past 2 yrs but somehow I end up taking the 3 1 mg for one month, then the next month I’ll only take 1 mg in a.m. so basically now I’ve been taking .5 in the am and .75 at night to sleep. The worst was going from 1 mg 2× a day to .5 twice a day. Experienced weird abnormal thoughts. Got ove that. To make a long story short how long will it take me to b free and clear of this med. I just got nationally certified as a EMT. How long will the withdrawals last and I’d be free and clear from this life of bondage? Please help. Window of opportunity Is slow closing.

  15. If something helps why stop I’m 60 been on this drug for 30 years doesn’t it make more sense to take it than go through all the pain of withdraw, I would have been dead years ago if it hadn’t been for this drug

  16. My 82 yr old mom has been on .25 mg once or twice a day for 7 yrs. recently her husband died qand at that time she lost her cancer dr who prescribed this to her.her primary disapproves of xanax and refused to renew her script.she then decided to taper for a week on her own doing a half of that for a week and then a quarter of .25 for a week and then cold turkey after.she is now in her 2 nd week and still in major withdrawal not eating severe arthritic pain almost like a phycotic breakdown …..took to er with severe anxiety and backpain. They gave her Ativan which she is now cutting in half but still no releif.she refuses to see a dr and is almost immobilized in her recliner.She is not functioning I don’t knowwhat to do. Giving her mag along with l-thenoline

  17. I have been using Xanax on and off for about to months now. Starting in the month of April and ending at the very end of June I was taking 0.25 – 0.5 mg’s of Xanax almost everyday. In this period, there would be times where I would take a couple days off here and there. An entire week in June I took completely off. However the last 2.5 weeks of June I was using everyday. I stopped on June 31st and those days following were pretty rough. I felt like I was going to throw up & felt unbelievable anxious and depressed. It is now June 10th so it has been 10 days since I went cold turkey.

    I’m wondering how much longer I have to go until I start feeling better. I have noticed a marked improvement each day. I’m just wondering when the racing thoughts will subside.

  18. I have suffered from major anxiety and panic attacks for years xanax was the only thing that helped 1 mg twice daily but when doctors cut me off my withdraws were hell wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy it actually increased my anxiety when i didn’t take any.please weigh the pros and cons before taking this medication. It is much better to deal with the panic attacks then have to potentially go thru the withdrawal. Please I hate knowing that doctors don’t inform patients of the dangers of this medication

    1. Hi G-dub. I suggest you call the number on our site to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you make the right decision.

  19. Hi, I am being weaned off Xanax very very slowly. After the loss of my 18 year old son I was put on many meds from Ativan , clonazipam and lastly Xanax . For the last 2 years I was taking up to 8-9 mg a day… I am under phyciatric care as I am being weaned off… A lot off emotions are surfacing as they were surppresed. It’s horrible . My blood pressure is up and I have never had high blood pressure. I was always lower than normal…

  20. I have a question about withdrawl from a 2mg dose, that I have been able to lower to 1 mg over the past month. My question is, I have been taking this drug for 15 years, does this length of time vs say 3-5 years make a difference in successfully weaning off? Is the 15 year duration more difficult from a physiological standpoint than 2,3 or 5 years?

    1. Hi, John. Every drug affects each person differently, some may experience harsh withdrawal symptoms only after consuming the drug for several weeks. It all depends of metabolism, the dosage and frequency of use, diet, etc.

  21. I’m trying to stop taking Xanax I have been taking it for a couple of months now and I felt that I was getting addicted. Of coarse it helped with the isomnia and anxity but I decided to stop taking them, three days without the drug I felt horrible I couldn’t eat I felt week my anxiety worst then ever, I need help to stop I’m thinking of going to the doctor but I never was prescribed it by a doc so I don’t know what to tell them or go about the situation

    1. Hi, Jordan. I suggest you speak with your doctor openly and tell him/her the truth. S/he can help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  22. My mother has been taking this medication for over 4 years and has not start falling asleep and not waking up and the doctor says it is the medications call Xanax that has her falling asleep and not waking up and said stop giving it to her take her to see her doctor on monday which is 2 day from now. Is this safe to do.

  23. My grand mother was taken to the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing she didn’t have pneumonia but the second day at the hospital she was found unresponsive and was put on vent. She was transferred from one hospital to another and her heart rate was 140 and the least was 119 or so for 3 days.. I asked when was her next xanax suppose to be given to her and they hadn’t been giving it to her period at all.. The doctor started her on them and her heart rate after a couple days went yo normal but they are still not sure what is wring with her she can feel but can’t really move her body from her chest down. Wiggling ties n fingers and getting stringer every day and for the most part breathing on her own.. She’s 76 been on xanax for 30 years and takes 4 a day could the withdrawal of the benzo done something to her that the doctors are unaware of they say it’s a medical mystery and everything g they do say is neurological..

  24. Fiance tried to get off of Xanax. He stayed in bedroom for days then committed suicide. What was he feeling mentally and physically? Need to know I never saw this coming. He had my love always helping him in anything and everything he needed or wanted.Please help me to understand.

    1. Hi, Cherie. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consult with a psychologist to give the answers you’re looking for.

  25. My husband is on Xanax 1 mg three times aday. Doctor went out of town. So for the past 5 days he has no medication. Now he is going through withdrawals What can he do to feel better until doctor gets back in town

  26. I have been taking Xanax since 10/1/2015. I have tapered off to .25 per day. I am having more feelings of anxiety, but not as severe as I was having, but more frequently. What is the best way to taper down the usage? My Dr. says I could be rebounding? Not sure what that means. Would it help to take a longer acting medication from the same family? But then how would I get off that?
    I am going to start CBT soon. should I wait until I get a handle on my exsisting anxiety before I try to go any lower with the dosage?
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Ella. I’d suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Good luck!

  27. I am 18 years old and been using the drug on and off for about 2 years now. Now I’m trying to get clean and I don’t wanna go to a rehab that was recommended from my therapist so I’ve been doing it on my own. It’s been about 3 weeks since I taken the last large dosage of xxanex which was 8 white bars on a Saturday night. since then I’ve not taken any because i keep telling myself I’m strong I can do this but I’ve been having a lot of suisidal thoughts and a lot of anger and rage. It’s comes and goes. And everybody notices. I don’t really know how to control it because I’ve been depressed for about 2 and a half years now and never seemed medical attention for it. I don’t really know what to do or who to talk to because nobody gets it unless there me..

    1. Hello Jordan. Hang in there! Remember that you are not alone, and there is help available to support you on the path of sobriety. Also, seek advice from your therapist, and try rehab if your state is not significantly improving. Call our free hotline to speak with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program.

  28. I had taken xanax for 18 years 2013 my Dr took me off cold turkey. The hospital did not even list my hospital records I was taking xanax. So I went two years cold turkey back now taking them. I got my memory back but using a walker which I was not using them before walked, talked normal. I am in a nursing home only 55.

  29. My physical refused Xanax refill yesterday after taking 0.5 mg x 2 daily for 13 years, I have high b/p as it is and he did not tell me or offer a weaning process. I would love to be off of these but cold turkey is not the way to go I just saw him sept 21 and he made no mention of anything what do I do I am petrified I am 65 years old just lost my job and am interviewing for another position on Friday.

    I am also prescribed metoprolol 25 mg x 2 daily I am afrid of the withdrawl from Xanax cold turkey I have an ischemic heart and also spondyolesthesis level 3 of lumbar spine but I refuse pain medication. I am in the health care field and know what these drugs can do. I took the Xanax due to severe anxiety to begin with I have been a single parent to three for years without support and have enough stredd to begin with I am currently caring for my 2 year old granddaughter and am afraid of any symptoms occurring while she is with me I live alone.

    I just saw my physician sept 21 2015 qnd he made no mention of stopping Xanax abruptly he know better than that . Is there a holistic approach to alleviating withdrawal symptoms. A friend of my recently stopped Xanax and would up having several tia’s.

  30. I have been weening myself off 1mg. Xanax one time a day for 3 to 4 wks now and instead of my symptoms getting better they are getting worse. I am down to 1/8 of a tablet and feel horrible. Last night I thought I was having a heart attack. I have severe panic attacks, cannot sleep, my mind is racing and am anxious. I have missed 3 days of work because I can`t think straight or function normally. I can hardly stand it I feel like I am losing my mind.

  31. Helpppp i have a cousin who is now in the hospital and is being consider mental ill from the withdrawl of these pills he sometimes dosent recognize his own mom he getts really agresive and hes always saying that we are trying to kill him hes been talking about death please give me some answers hes only 23

  32. I have been on xanax for ten years and at a dosage of ten mg. daily for four. I have successfully withdrawn from every street drug you can think of. But NOTHING, NOTHING, not even methadone is even in the same class when it comes to withdrawal. Now even the ten is ineffective because my tolerance has continued to build but you can go no higher. So I’m back where I started and take it to prevent back to back tonic clonic seizures or a stroke. At my level full blown psychosis begins with horrorshow hallucinations. When I hear of people struggling for years at two mg.’s, I know this drug will be the end of me. Owned by my perscriber. You are better off abusing them, gobbling them up before your natural levels recede. But I took them around the clock like a good boy but you build a tolerance faster than opiates. This drug takes away THE most essential ability you have to fight back…your inner courage, it mimics exactly the neuro chemistry of an animal fleeing a predator. God bless.

  33. I’ve been Taking over 200 1mg for years I’ve cut down to 3mg a day for 1 week now is it safe for me to stop now ? I’m just asking someone to help me that’s all tell me if I can stop now

  34. ive been taking 1mg Xanax for about 3 weeks now, as prescribed for my anxiety. I decided that I wanted to stop taking it because I can tell my tolerance is getting up and I can’t stand being dependent on a med. Anyway, is it too late to quit cold turkey. I’ve been tapering and I’ve gone form 2-3mgs a day to 1.5mg for the past 3 days. I haven’t taken one today and I can definitely already feel the withdrawal symptoms. They’re not pleasant, but seem manageable for now. I know it’s only day 1 of not taking one, but can I just stop taking the med now, or should I keep tapering and take .5 or 1mg today?

  35. I take 2 0.25mg of zanax in am and 1 0.25 in afternoon. How can I get off of this. I have been\
    taking this for about 2 years. I also take 25mg. of sertraline at night.

  36. My boyfriend that i love very much is EXTREMELY addicted to xanex. I am no stranger to addiction, I am a recovering meth addict that just completed 90 days of inpatient treatment. Xanex and meth are 2 very different drugs. Can anyone please help me, or relate to me? My boyfriend was a very successful electrical engineer, and I have just watched him downward spiral. He has abused xanex for years now. He purchases 2mg bars offline and will eat 14 at a time with alcohol.

    I thought he ODed the other day, I couldnt wake him up, it was a nightmare. I had to call his friend over to help me, and when he finally woke up, he was just annoyed with me. (i cried all night). About a year ago he took to much xanex and wrecked his car into a tree, and almost killed himself.

    When he doesn’t take the bars he goes into horrible with drawals. He can take 15 of the 1mg xanex prescribed by his doctor, and still withdrawals. He becomes very agitated, he paces the house for hours. He drinks heavily, and seeks relief from muscle relaxers,THC, pain pills, pretty much anything he can get his hands on. Then he will sleep for days, only waking up to eat. He is always lethargic, and depressed.

    He stopped going to work, and was fired from his job 4 days ago. He hasn’t gotten out of bed since. He wont talk to me. It feels like there is a million miles between us, and I cant reach him.

    He refuses treatment of any kind. I know that xanex is extremely dangerous to stop without a detox center, or doctor. He tries to taper down by himself, and as soon as he gets sick he is at it again. I dont know what to do. I dont know how to help him, He is destroying his life, and breaking my heart. Please some do you have any advise?

  37. over the past six days, I have been alternating between 3 to 4 1 mg Xanax tabs. Will I experience any serious withdrawal symptoms now that I have stopped?
    Thank you

  38. I first started taking Xanax about 1994. I was prescribed .25 mg/3 times a day. Over the years I reduced the dose to twice a day, and finally once a day. I am 67 and earlier in the month I visited a geriatrician for the first time. While talking with me, he said, “I’m not going to let you take Xanax.” I’m game, but what can I expect after 20+ years of usage? He indicated I would need to be weaned off the drug.

  39. I am not a Xanax user, however I have a family member who I care for dearly who seems to be addicted. He has experienced some very traumatic situations in recent years and I guess didn’t know how to cope. After being on the clubbing/partying scene for a few months, he was introduced to the drug and has not been the same since. There are times where he takes 7 or 8 pills at a time. The drug makes him aggressive and mean or completely incoherent. There are times where he can’t remember things from one moment to the next. He stopped taking them for about a month and seemed to go back to being his normal intelligent self. And then one day all of a sudden, he took 1 pill. I can always tell when he has taken them because he speech is slurred and he has this dead look in his eyes. This drug is tearing our family apart but now he’s at a point where he feels he is “in control” of the drug because he can suffice with just taking one or two. He stays up for days at a time. We are all so afraid for him. I say that to ask if anybody else has experienced any of the above symptoms or if they know of anyone who has? Does anyone who was addicted have any advice as to how they came to the realization and acceptance that they had a problem? We’ve never dealt with addiction and we are desperate to have our family member back to the amazing person he has always been. Any advice or insight would help. Please and Thank you in advance.

  40. I have used .25 Xanax, prescribed , for almost 20 years, averaging about one per week for frequent bouts of insomnia. I will sometimes go several weeks without using it. 5weeks ago, I had Total Knee replacement and have used the same dose every night for three weeks to get any sleep at all. I am likely to be in danger? I am 76 years of age.

  41. I am suffering from alprajolam addiction I am taking alprajolam from last seven years I stop for taking alprajolam for seven days I feel depressed from last nine months I take antidepress medicine but no relief what can I do.

    1. Hi Rakesh. You will start feeling better after a few weeks pass. Ask your doctor to suggest medications that can treat the adverse effects you are experiencing since you stopped. Also, I believe that maybe the dose of the antidepressant meds you are taking is not right for you and that’s why you are not feeling any changes. You should report this issue to your doctor and work together on finding a treatment option that will help you most.

  42. Greetings! Been on doctor prescribed Xanax off and on (mostly on) for 15 years not knowing they were addictive. (Doctor NEVER TOLD ME!) For about the last 10 years I have apparently experienced tolerance, all kinds of withdrawal (you name it I have or had it). Started out on .5 mg daily, then, toward the last year, I was on 3 to 4 mg daily. Finally I found out the symptoms I was experiencing was due to medication, so I quit q/t. Not a good idea! This thrust me in to more severe withdraw, but so far I have stuck it out. I have been 3 months and 3 days benzo free, symptoms are better but are still ongoing. Crying, fear and gastrointestinal issues are three of the worst I currently have. Dose anyone know how long withdraw lasts? I have read the time frame to be between 6 months to 2 years? Thank you! and good days ahead for all former or titrating benzodiazepine users.

  43. How do I know if I can’t sleep because of not taking Xanax everyday or if it’s my anxiety. Also, how do I in if it’s the Xanax making me feel like crap or its my sleep being off fur the last 2 months.

  44. I was taking Xanax time release .5 twice daily for sixteen days and I switch to lorazepam 1.0 twice daily. Will I have withdrawl problems with Xanax. Please Reply

    1. Hi Arthur. You may experience some lack of energy, GI tract disturbance and headaches. If any, they will be extremely mild and won’t last longer than a few days.

  45. I started weaning off Xanax about 6 weeks ago. I was talking 0.25mg 3 times per day for the last 13 years. My Dr put me on a schedule with eliminating a half dosage at a time for 2 weeks each session. This seems to be working out quite well for me although I do have 1 or 2 days where I don’t feel that great when I start each reduction.. She gave me lexapro (5mgs) once per day and this really seems to help through this process.

    1. Hi Robyn. Yes, those 1-2 days are always like that because that is the period in which your body is getting accustomed to the new dose. But, I’m glad it’s working well for you. Soon you will get off Xanax completely. Good luck!

  46. I’ve been taking Zanax 1mg a day for years due to pannic attacks.My DR recently told me I have to stop taking the meds it has the pottential to lead to memory loss in the future. He told me to tapper down, I took 1/2 mg every other day for 2weeks now for about 4 weeks Ive been taking .25mg every 4 days I went threw bad withdraws first couple of weeks, not so bad now just headaches sometimes and sore. When is it safe to stop taking scared of possible seizure.

  47. I have been on 2-3 mg of Xanax a day for four years. I was recently introduced to Suboxone treatment which I would like to partake in. However, the doctor that I am seeing says that I need to be off of alprazolam in one weeks time and that no taper will be necessary. I don’t understand how this could be possible with all the prior information I have just read. I tried to express this to him, but he insists that there will be “no negative side affects”. Actually, indicating it wouldn’t be difficult at all. What do you suggest I do next?

  48. Hi Karli. Yes, if you’ve been taking xanax regularly for four months now, your body has formed dependence and you will go through withdrawal if you quit all of a sudden. But, you should not stop Xanax abruptly because the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. This is why it’s best to talk to a doctor so s/he can slowly taper your dose of Xanax over the course of weeks or months. Generally, benzodiazepines are reduced at a rate of 10% weekly, but this can be changed according to your reactions. Read here for more info, but don’t forget to seek medical advise before you attempt anything: http://prescription-drug.addictionblog.org/how-to-withdraw-from-xanax/ Best of luck to you!

  49. I have been taking xanax since october 2014 for panic attacks ,taking 0.5 mg daily then I cut back to 0.25 and nowI’m taking half of the 0.25 daily . Can I stop taking it all together now or will I go through withdrawl symptoms??
    I still feel affraid to stop taking it everyday ..my heart races and I feel scared to death .
    I want my life back and to feel normal again !!
    Please Help .

  50. take it from me, iwas on xanaxs and lortabs in2003. at first i liked the affect i got later abused to cope with stress. as a result it messed up my intestines.plus with the help of doctors putting me on laxatives even though at the time i was going on own. but not totally emptying. cause pain pills and vanaxs slow down ur body abusing or not. now today i cant go on my own at all.i have to use laxatives which now isnt working well, so no benzos or pain pills isnt gd for you i use to run out and didnt withdraw i craved though

  51. I have noticed in lots of sites that dizziness is not mentioned a lot if ever but it seems to be my biggest symptom,,,can it also raise you blood pressure ??? cause skipped heartbeats ??

  52. I have been on xanax for years ,,, on an as needed basis for skipped heartbeats,,,it worked but now I am trying to get off of it ….usually I would take about .25 to .50 a day sometimes less very seldom more….in the last few weeks I have went days without any but the dizziness is terrible… I thought it would be easier since the small amount I have taken,,, thanking you in advance

  53. Hi…please advise me on what to do stat…I have been on .5 mg am and .5 mg pm of xanax for 1 1/2 yrs…all of a sudden I began to feel very dizzy confused lightheaded…feeling that I was going to die…my mom took me to er…after running multiple tests…the md said my blood levels for xanax family were 6000…my psychiatrist took me off cold turkey…now im having the same symptoms in addition to tremors anxiety twitches and mind racing insomnia jitteriness headache…symptoms come in waves…but something bad is always occuring…I feel sooooo bad…I do not want to get worse or end up in inpatient care…bc everything was working fine w my other meds until this level came out of nowhere…my psychiatrist will not even help me at all…my mom even took me straight to his office in a wheelchair…he immediately presumed I was popping pills and mom and 8 even counted ones in bottle and showed him that my new rx hadnt even been filled. Please help me bc im very ill and I have a young daughter and am a single mom…thanks!

  54. I have been going through benzo withdrawal for 4 days now..and I have 4 more days to go till I get my script refilled. I was on heroin for almost 17 yrs and gone through withdrawal from heroin many times and lived through it… Withdrawling from benzos is by far 10 times worse!!! I’m on suboxone and that doesn’t help at all…..its really bad.. Just some advice to all yous pill addicts out there… DONT LET YOURSELF RUN OUT!!!!! Especially if u have kids and no sitter.. .

  55. I am detoxing from xanax and I am shaking so badly that I can’t take a shower. I am on buspar and Prozac so I’m not depressed, but I do have confusion and dizziness. I am off xanax now. Is there a medication that I can take to stop the shaking? I am so miserable. Thank you!

  56. I was on xanax for maybe 4 months taking about .50 a day and on my really bad days (probably a total of 5 days) maybe 1 mg. The first week of withdrawals was horrible. I felt sick and My whole body and muscles ached like I had the flU. Then started the weird sensations of my body vibrating (inner wise). As as a precaution (but my dr said it would ease my mind more than anything) my dr had me get an EEG which came back fine. Now I did taper off of this within an appropriate time period. It’s been about two or three months since I took my last dose and I still experience the muscle aching and inner vibration sensations on and off. Is this normal after so long of not being on it? It makes my anxiety 10x worse because I start researching the symptoms and think I have the worst case scenario disease. But the only comfort I can take in this, is knowing these symptoms didn’t start until after I had stopped xanax….is this normal!?

  57. I just had a question about the duration of xanax after you taper off or reduce the amount. I had abused it in the streets for a Lil while on and off mixing with alcohol like an idiot and didn’t know the drug was that serious then I over dosed on a different street drug. “Meth” and after that the docs starters prescribing me xanax. I been on it not so tough but on it for about 5 months and I feel like straight crap now in the first few days of sobriety. I’m clean off everything. I use to drink a lot but reduced and stopped meth I used rarely and I’m 21 just wondering when this hell will end?

  58. I was prescribed 0.25mg of Xanax about one and a half year ago because I was getting stress-induced migraines on a daily basis. The problem is I told my psychiatrist I had also started using it when feeling too anxious, only if I thought it was completely necessary; so she kept me on it. I have to say I’ve intentionally taken more than prescribed. I stopped taking it regularly since I left my job and had no more stress. But I started getting panic attacks and extreme anxiety again. At first, I didn’t relate it to quitting Xanax and went to see my doctor who gave me 50mg Zoloft .

  59. Hi I’m taking medication for major depression, now my doctor is giving me alprazolam 0.25mg in morning but from the start the doctor prescribed that I take it three times a day, then he tapered me off two times and now I only take it once in the morning. But sometimes I take alprazolam on my own decision. Sometimes at night and sometimes in afternoon when I feel anxious, so is it safe to take this medicine sometimes…

  60. I’ve been taking.5 mg xanax at night for sleep for 2 months now. Is that too long. Should I try tapering off? Trying yo adjust to a prescription of Lexapro.

  61. I suddenly stopped Xanax because I ran out. I have been off of it for a week now, and it’s been pretty uncomfortable. I started reading about getting off Xanax and I did not realize I shouldn’t Abruptly stop.
    But now that I’m in to a week off, are all the worst symptoms over? when my prescription comes in the mail, should I start taking it again, Then taper down? I really don’t want to start taking it again.
    So, my question is, now that I’ve been off of it abruptly for a week, should I start taking it again and taper off? I was taking it for anxiety and have been on it for about six years.
    Thank you,

  62. I reckon xanax is the hardest drug, I’ve ever known of as far as getting off of them. I thought i had beat the (what I thought was going to be about a one week’s withdrawal which was bad enough) but, the actual withdrawal state from these benzo’s is very long and extremely uncomfortable. Day 4, started getting chills and felt horrible Day 5, awoke with headache and nausea to which i vomited later toward evening clear into Day 6. Being totally exhausted and unprepared for Day 7.. I awoke with a horrible migraine that led me to the hospital for E.R. treatment. And hopefully last, but, maybe not least – Day 8 – I was too dizzy to stand up, like i had gotten off of a merry go round, sweat started pouring off my body in buckets (it felt like)…told husband i was extremely sick and felt like i was going to die. I fainted about 3 or 4 times, whacking my head and face area several times. Back to ER this time by ambulance. Luckily I had no broken bones in face, neck or skull….just nasty bruises. Went to doc today, they put me on a lighter dose of Xanax – will see my GP in a few days. Still feel like I’ve been beaten, guess i’ll live

  63. I’m tapping off my xanxa.been on xanxa for 20 yrs at low dose betweem.50mg to1mgs.never abusing it 1 times aday.I’m tappering .5o for 46 daydys now on .25 for twweeks. Not sure when to cut that dose in half.I’m o zoloft for 5 months now.should I stay on zolof till off xanxa compleetly?

  64. I take Zanax 0.25 only at night I am doing great now
    I would like to quit taking it now . How to do I get off the medicine .and because I take a small dose only 1time all day will it be hard

  65. Hello S. While your body may be dependent on alprazolam, it seems that you’ve tolerated the dose well for a long period of time with no need for increased dosing. What makes you want to stop taking alprazolam now?

  66. I am aged 73 years and is on Alprazolam 1 mg. in night to fight insomnia for the past 30 years. Is it safe to withdraw from use of Alprazolam at this age ; or is it safe to continue ? my family Doctor advises me not to take risk of withdrawal symptoms at this age. Please comment.

  67. Hi. I have only been taking 0.5 mg of xanax just at night to help sleep. I want to quit taking it because I have new medications to take to treat my adrenal issues. If I quit cold turkey, will I experience withdrawal symptoms such as some of you have experienced?

    Thank you!

  68. Hi,
    I used to develop rashes on my face only-cause of cold,different water,some foods-no medicine hlped-someone suggested .25 mg alprazolam…surprisingly the face cleared completely …it has been 4 yrs now…I got off it for almost a year and a half..n the rash was unbearable….so I started taking it again.I try to limit it to 4 times a week to keep my skin clear.
    I would be really thankful if you can suggest an alternative for this as ONLY THIS MEDICATION HAS WORKED ON MY SKIN…
    I am 28 female.

  69. hello to everyone, I have been using xanax for anxiety after quitting smoking because my depression and anxiety where really bad. I have been on Xanax for just about 1 year taking 0.5 to 1.5 mg a day and I have decided to quit using the drug I called my doctor to taper me off of it and wow I feel worse now than what I did. I am on week 3 I called the doctor to let him no how I feel and wanted to no how long the withdraw last and he wanted to put me back on them not really answered my question so this is why I am here. I quit using the drug and my body is doing odd things like shaking,sweating,waking up in the morning with a faster then normal heart rate,little aches and pains in my legs and chest,hands just about every where they come and go,noisy stomach, cramping with heartburn, I hope this will go away soon I don’t want to go back on the drug..

  70. Hi Greg. I am 15 months benzo free. I have mild symptoms now and I am 90% well. I was lucky that I found a forum with people who quit benzos and they gave me a the courage to continue. I couldnt do it by my self. God bless them.

  71. Hi I have been of alprozolam for about a mount now I have been weening myself of with diazapam it is very very hard to do I get stomach cramps my back is sore I hurt all over what can I use to ease the pain a little and how long is it stil going to last

  72. I started reducing xanax. By doctor supervision. I used to take I mg. then. .05. For one year then I reduced to 0.25 for 4 monthes. Then I was told to stopped it. Now I’m having withdrawl sumptoms. My life is he’ll. they gave me another medicine. Sirotex. Just to make my body tolerate the side effects. But it’s getting worse. He’ll to thr pill. Xanax. I don’t know wht to do my life is in he’ll

  73. Hello LByrd. I hear you. Thanks for sharing more about your experience. I agree that alcohol gets off scot-free in terms of social acceptance. Because you started drinking so early, I wonder if there was any major trauma that occurred in your childhood? It can really help to resolve painful events when dealing with chemical dependence or use issues.

  74. I didn’t mean to sound like other people don’t care. Doctors don’t treat patients as individuals. I don’t want to need it but I do. I drank from the time I was 11 years old to do anything. Then a specialist gave me the name of a Psychiatrist that put me on Xanax in 1981. I was finally able to function without alcohol. It was great. Now things are worse than ever.
    I don’t understand why people need a prescription for Xanax but not alcohol.
    Sorry if that sounds bad.

  75. I was taking Xanax or Alprazolam for over 2 decades. They cut me off way too fast. After taking 4 Mgs a day for so long, One Dr reduced the amount to 3 Mgs for a couple of months and then I was put on 1 Mg E R for 2 or 3 months and then was cut off with no explanation.
    Anybody with negative remarks about this medication should experience the reason people were put on it in the first place. I’m still going thru serious withdrawals 8 months after being completely cut off. Now I won’t go to a Dr and can’t get prescriptions for High Blood Pressure and Cholesterol or Diabetic medicines

  76. I have been prescribed alprazolam for a few years. I take up to 3 mg a day. Last week I went to sleep one night and thought I woke up the
    next morning. I think I slept through a day but I’ve never taken more than prescribed intentionally. When I woke up I discovered a gash in my shoulder a bump on my head and a scrape on my face.
    would it be possible to wake up, get up fall and go back to bed? I know this sounds crazy, but it is really scary. I have’nt taken any in a week and I’m having a really hard time. I just need to figure this out and find a better way to deal w/my anxiety. Sorry this is so long. Thank you.

  77. I still have headaches, loss of balance, pins and needles, twitching , fasciculations , tinnitus, over all don’t feel well. This has been going on for 7 months. Does anybody know if I can can take .25 every couple of weeks (Xanax) to help some of my symptoms without hurting me anymore.it was a lot worse , but I still feel bad. I just don’t know if this small dose that does help a little bit when I take it will keep hurting me. I know I won’t ever take any more than that for what I have been through. I can’t find anything that says after you have been on it and got off that its ok every once in a while. I just hope I’m not prolonging it . Greg

  78. Doctors should think twice before prescribing this benzo kind drugs.
    But what to do when patients are not happy with insomnia and anxiety ? Once started taking this drugs you cannot come out so easily , especially the aged ones. Let them have peace of mind atleast than suffering with withdrawal symptoms

  79. Chris, you really sound like you have been through this. I’m going through it also or at least I think I am. Sometimes I think it’s a disease or some kind if medical problem. I never felt like this before. I’m going through hell . It seems like I’m getting better sometimes and I get more symptoms. Would like to connect. Thx greg

  80. Xanax has ruined my neice’s life. She was only on a low dose for 8 months. She is 40 years old!! Her depression and hormonal problems after stopping taking this drug is causing her all sorts of problems especially Foggyness , depression and crying bouts!
    She came off it gradually, but this still is causing her problems.
    This drug should NOT be prescribed . I cannot understand why there are so many unscrupulous so called professionals who keep prescribing this cursed drug!!!!!!

  81. P.S- not to confuse anyone,, in reading myost I realized
    when I prescribed my dosage might sound confusing,
    what I’m saying is I take .5 to 1 mg during day and 2 mg at
    night, for sleep, total of up to 3 mg.

  82. Was prescribed Xanax 3 years ago by my cardiologist ,the
    minimum dose of .25 mg, after a month she would not refill,
    said to see a psychiatrist – why prescribe in 1st place ?
    Anyways, always had problems sleeping from time to time,
    and here I am 3 years later on 3 mg a day. I know this is a lot.
    At most I will take .5 mg up to 2x a day – usually 1x.
    I have built such a tolerance it now takes 2nd for sleep.
    The bottom line is I am under a lot of stress – underemployed
    in a new job, so I need to sleep. But the other part is I have been
    taking it so long, that I feel as though I’m not the same person.
    Lately have been taking .5 as said twice a day, and notice I’m
    even more anxious than usual. Also, I have been a avid exerciser
    and partly due to being drained from stress and not having the
    energy and boredom ( after many years) , have basically stopped
    – except for a few exercises on weekends. Noticed that I was
    unusually weak – even allowing for not doing.

    I believe I am going through withdrawal between doses, and taking Xanax so long has had a negative effect on me mentally
    and physically. I was anxious to begin with , now I feel even worse. The exercising,which used to make me feel good about
    myself, for over 35 years, I have no inclination to do.
    My situation financially, career wise is much more stressful now
    than it ever was, so of course it’s related. I find that I am self conscious about things,have anxiety of things I wouldnt used to
    give a second thought. Probably should be on a sleeping pill.
    As I said, my situation lends itself to feeling this way, previously
    did not really worry about money, wasn’t rich , but had some extra if needed. Now, watching all the time. Have great partner,
    kids, otherwise let things go career wise. I’m mentioning all this
    cause in better times did not take anything, and usually slept

    So, now is not a good time to stop, but if I’m going to be viable
    physically, mentally, to make myself as good a candidate for
    a job I need to get off – before it gets worse.

    Any advice? Thanks

  83. Hello S Balasubrahmanyan. Check in with your prescribing doctor for an individual tapering plan. And learn more about sleeping methods and how you can manage sleep without sleep aids. I took a great course by the Institute for Applied Meditation on this topic; it was online and very helpful.

  84. Hi Elizabeth. I’d suggest that you learn as much as possible about Xanax withdrawal to help your partner. Speak with a pharmacist in person about it, and see what over the counter support aids might help. Also, because Xanax helps mitigate feelings of anxiety, ask your partner to see a psychologist to talk about fear and anxiety. Meditation can also help, as can lifestyle changes such as exercise, diet changes, and sleeping courses. Learning about the deeper nature of our fears can be a daunting task, but it leads to inner development and growth.

  85. My partner is tapering off Xanax. At first, he went cold turkey, but obviously that did not work, not to mention that it’s dangerous. Based on your own experiences with tapering and withdrawal, how can I best support him? I am utterly clueless where drugs are concerned, and I want to be there for him through this. Please share. Thank you.

  86. I am 72 years old. I am on alprazolam 1 mg. once a day at bed time for the past 10 years. I have started tampering down and I am no on 0.75 mg once a day at bed time. I find it difficult as all symptoms of withdrawal tortures me. Please guide me as to how I can withdraw safely and totally.

  87. Hi Anne. Dependence on a drug is a very personal experience, and is determined by a number of factors. I’d suggest that you consult with your mother’s prescribing physician and follow the medical advice. If your doctor thinks cold turkey would be OK after a week, it’s based on her/his medical experience.

  88. My mom has been taking .25 mg Xanax 3 times daily for 1 week for anxiety after a surgery. She feels like she no longer needs it (doc concurs) so she wants to quit. After just one week does she have to wean off?

  89. Hi Jake. I wonder if you can address this problem with the administrative department of the doctor’s office? Have you tried to call and see what can be done?

  90. I am due for my monthly Xanax prescription. 23rd of each month. I contact the Dr. every month and get a prescription written. For the past few years no problems. In the last couple months they are not giving it to me on a timely basis. Because of the holiday season there is a couple days overlap. It is NYS very strict. Please advise.

  91. Due to the holidays I will go 2 days without the xanax because the doctors office is closed Friday. I tried to get the receptionist to ask an available doctor to give me a couple days dose or get advise on what I should do. The receptionist told me to cut the dose in half. I have trouble sleeping. Should the doctor leave me without for a couple days? Please advise.

  92. Guy’s benzos are the worst drug ever created. I don’t thing that can help anyone. It only covers your problem for a short period of time until tolerance comes and higher dosages needed. If you try to quit from it, it will cause inhuman withdrawal symptoms that you have to deal with them for a long long long period of time. Almost all (psy) doctors will take advantage of these symptoms in order to concise you that you have a mental problem and make you their regular customer.

  93. Hello suad. Bradycardia (abnormally slow heart action) has been reported as an adverse side effect to taking Xanax (alprazolam). Prescription sedatives like Xanax can cause bradycardia and dilated pupils because they slow normal brain function. It sounds like Xanax is not the right medication for your son. I’d suggest that you follow up with a consult and look into alternatives for managing anxiety.

  94. my son take 0.5 mg xanax for amonth not regulary on need during amonth he took only12 tab now he quit he had dilated pupil bradycardia he is on meprazol and antiacid syrup malox why he had bradycardia and dialated pupil

  95. Chris, ifdoctors don’t tell EVERY potential side effect and people abuse or misuse this class of drugs this is what it happens… but I’d prefer a heroin cold turkey than xanax withdrawal

  96. You are killing people with this devil pill. If you take this pill for more than two weeks it may take you up to two years of being in hell in order to recover. Benzodiazepine are the worst drugs ever created to make people addicted and doctors rich.

  97. Thanks for sharing your experience, Zmonk. It seems like you’ve been there! Do you have any tips to share with others about how to get through the worst of Xanax withdrawal symptoms?

  98. It is hard to tell the exact duration of the withdrawal period. The worst symptoms will usually subside within one to two weeks. However, the mental distress and depression will not be so fast or easy to overcome and is one of the main reasons people fail. If one is a long time user, the time of withdrawal can last months, even with a taper.

    Albeit, it is worth it. When you take potent drugs such as xanax, you are not yourself and go through life cheating everyone by drowning your true character in benzos.

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