Xanax overdose: How much amount of Xanax to OD?

It’s difficult to overdose onXanax, but possible at high doses. More on how much Xanax is safe for you and Xanax overdose here.

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Can you prevent an unintentional Xanax overdose?  Although Xanax narcotic class of drugs is not illegal, this does not mean that the drug is always safe for you.  In this article, we’ll explore that question in more depth, along with the risk factors for Xanax overdose. At the end, we invite your questions about Xanax and overdose.

How does Xanax overdose happen?

What is a Xanax overdose? Simply put, it’s when you take too much Xanax and the main ingredient, alprazolam, becomes toxic to the body. How much you need to take to overdose varies from drug to drug. Some drugs can be taken in higher doses as directed without injuring a person, while others are not safe to take in higher doses.

You might accidentally take too much Xanax for a variety of reasons. If you suffer from anxiety, you make feel the need to take it more often or in higher doses than recommended by your doctor in order to control your symptoms.You may develop a tolerance after long-term use and increase your dosage in order to get the same therapeutic effects. Getting “high” on Xanax by snorting, injecting, or mixing Xanax and alcohol (or other drugs) is another way that accidental overdose occurs, particularly since this takes larger amounts of the drug than are normally prescribed.  Plus, snorting Xanax vs oral administration increases your risk of OD’ing.  Finally, some people even intentionally attempt to overdose either to injure themselves or attempt to commit suicide.

Xanax overdose – How much is too much?

The amount of Xanax you need to take to overdose depends on your body weight, previous exposure to alprazolam (the main ingredient in Xanax), and individual factors. But there are some basic guidelines you can follow.

1. How much Xanax to take at a time?

Doctors never recommend more that 2 mg of Xanax be taken at one time – and that’s only in cases where someone has developed a tolerance for the medication. Starting doses are as low at 0.75 mg per day.

2. Do not mix Xanax with other drugs or alcohol.

It is much easier to overdose on Xanax when it’s combined with other central nervous system depressants, such as opiates or alcohol.

3. Do not try to take a lot of Xanax.

Xanax abuse does increase the risk of death and overdose. Some people have reported taking up to 2000 mg of Xanax and have experienced only minor toxicity. At more than 1000 times the normal daily dose, this medication is incredibly safe and very difficult to overdose on when taken alone.

4. Do not take Xanax other than prescribed.

Alprazolam should only be taken swallowed as a whole pill, and only in the doses recommended by your doctor.You’re much more likely to overdose or experience adverse effects when you chew, crush, snort or inject Xanax pills.

Xanax overdose complications

The main complication related to Xanax overdose is central nervous system depression and associated risks. At high doses, or when mixed with other medications, Xanax can cause a slowed heartbeat or breathing problems. And taking more Xanax than recommended can cause drowsiness and impairment of judgment that can put you in danger. Excessive tiredness and dizziness may put you at risk of accidents.

Xanax overdose prognosis

The prognosis for Xanax overdose is usually good. It takes a very high amount of Xanax to overdose, and even more doses of Xanax to experience long-term health effects or death. While taking more Xanax than directed can be unpleasant and dangerous, medically it’s unlikely to seriously harm you if taken alone. Taking high doses of Xanax habitually can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be serious, including seizures.

Xanax overdose amount questions

Addicted to alprazolam (Xanax)? Find out more about how you can get help in our comprehensive outline of alprazolam addiction treatment programs and get prepared to leave your addiction problem behind.

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Xanax in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Xanax, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Have a family member that takes xanax 1mg but ive done a pill count and noticed 17 were taken in 7 hrs can he over dose

  2. I have had anxiety for a few years & have gone to ER …
    I have 0.5mg of Xanax from my Dr. & it is 2xs a day as needed… sometimes I just take a half… I’m feeling better with my anxiety….. I’ve had a lot of family problems but have learned to live with it… I
    never take more than prescribed…I guess I’m just asking for reassurance that I’m doing the right thing… even if I’m having a bad day I NEVER take more … if I take one in the am like 6 I might go out that afternoon with my husband for appetizers & a couple Coors lite…
    thank you for your time ♥️

  3. My husband died in a car wreck Nov. 2017 just got his toxicology repot back and it states that he had a toxic amount of xanex in his system 210 nanograms and his alcohol level was .11. about how many xanexs could he have taken. Would you consider this an accidental overdose?

  4. I took 30 xanax tablets one’s the Xanax XR 1mg woke up the next day feeling kinda refreshed honestly,for the rest, kill big pharma! May you roth in hell.

  5. I take 2mg of xanax but never get any effect ill take as many as 10 2mg of xanax why does it never help or work or give me any kind of effect and how many 2mg does it take to OD

  6. I am on 2mg of xanax and it seems to never help ill take 10 2mg a day and feel no different why is that and how many 2mg does it take to actually OD

  7. My 17 year old son is snorting Xanax regularly can you tell me what I can do to get him help.
    He is on abilify, depatko, adderall, also and I am scared
    Is there anyone who can give me any advice

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  9. I had a buddy OD on 37 Xanax last year and my cousin died taking it too I think it needs to be outlawed the same way the did with quelude

  10. I have been on one mg of Xanax three times a day for 10
    Years. Today I was working and extremely stressed out I took 3 by 2 pm today and didn’t realize I took two more at 5
    Because of a panic attack. Right now my heart is beating and pounding at 145 bpm. Do I need to go to ER? Can’t breathe to well.

  11. I am on 20 milligrams of OxyContin every 12hours and .5 milligrams of Xanax twice a day if needed. Is this enough to stop my breathing?

  12. just had two tabs of 0.5 mg xanax. previously i used to have sedation and anxiety controlled by only 0.5 one tab.. wanted to ask if its an overdose state or will be fine in momments?

  13. I have very bad post part em depression after having my first son.
    I was so depressed, and it was getting worse, I tried to give my baby to a family member I just couldn’t deal anymore, I had a husband, and he was useless. My family member, took me to the doctor and explained what was happening. he put me on an anti-depressant, he would comes o my house once a week to see how I was going. He was my savior, I then went through a really weird period where I couldn’t be with peoplea and I would freak out if they touched me I would scream, it happened after my beautiful father died. I couldn’t sleep, I could never nap, I really just could not slepp ever. My doctor ended up giving me xanax to help me sleep, at first he gave me sleeping tablets, I only took one of them, and when I woke up on my front lawn, that freaked out, I obviously walked out there at night but when I took the xanax I sleep like a baby, and felt good all day, I am now on 6 mg and have been for 13 years, I am still sleeping wonderfully, and I still feel great during the day.
    It works for me, for that I’m thankful, and I still have my lovely doctor.I just want people not everyone suffers, I have a good life.

  14. I just took 5 mg alprazolam? Is that okay?I m not proscribe of this medicine.. One of my friend give it to me because of my depression

  15. One of my cousin took 15 pills of alprdom which is 0.25mg …is that dangerous? And I have on more questions…. Alprdom 0.25 and alprazolam 0.25 are the same?

  16. Hey.my finance just took 20pills of alprazolam.. Each pills is 0.25mg..nd he is setting there nd waiting to fall asleep… There is risk of his life? Help me

  17. I have been using xanax for a fee years now, building up to taking 1mg daily. I also take bupropin (sp?), both of which have changed my life so much for the better.

    The problem is that I’ve been having a rare episode of anxiety layely and have taken 2 mg last night about an hour a part, which seemed to help, but I’ve taken 2 more today about 4 hours apart and I’m thinking of trying more since it’s not helping. Far from an overdose, but is this a bad sign that I am building up a large tolerance for when I need it? I see you usually refer people to doctors but I am getting 2 different messages from the pcp and my psychiatrist. The latter is the only doctor who takes my insurance and I don’t trust him (it’s not paranoia, others who went to him had similar experiences with misdiagnosis). What do I do?

  18. I am on 1 mg of Xanax but can take it 3 times a day and an additional tablet as needed. My mother had a severe stroke 8 months ago in January and I have been having a very bad emotional time with it. I recently took 105 Xanax and and took a few shots of alcohol. Yesterday I passed out and fell on my kitchen floor. Can these effects last a long time or affect your nervous system or any other organs?

  19. I need to no how many xanax do you have to take to over dose and its not for me someone else did this and what will help to throw them up?

  20. I was given several medications including 6 mg of ALPRAZOLAM at one time daily on top of all my other meds well Humana my insurance company sent me a letter that they would only pay for 4 mg a day because they thought that it was dangerous and did not want the liaibility since they were aware of the other drugs that I was also on though I have worked on getting myself down to 3 mg a day with six at one time as my doctor had ordered which has not seen me in three years I have tremors when I woke up my doctor told me don’t call me I will call you when he wants to see me my 2 of my pharmacists told me that 100 a day and that I probably would not wake up who is right in this situation my doctor said that 100 was totally safe to take but my pharmacists and my body said that 6mg was to much your opinion please

  21. Okay; so my friend snorted around about .25mg of xanax and possibly like 2-4mg of dilaudid and maybe like 4mg of a 10-325 Percocet… is this safe? Other things I read on google are pretty much telling me they might die… I’m so exhausted and just want to go to sleep but now I’m super paranoid and worried!! and they are real tired and want to go sleep(not because of the meds, they were exhausted before doing them because they were in the ER with their wife for 2 days and got no sleep which is why they did the xanax)… I just wanted to see if anyone could tell me if they will be okay?

  22. Hey my Bf decided to take 6 pills of xanax that are 0.5 mg. And he took them last night and he took one and smashed it to be able to snort it last night and idk what to do. He hasn’t answered any of my calls or text.

  23. Sharon, you can die from going cold turkey. I would see another psych asap or get to a hospital that can treat your mental issue. xanax withdrawal is no joke. Grand Mal seizures are no fun.

  24. ana. .75mg isnt going to make you an addict. Dont let xanax become your crutch like it is for me now. Get the SSRI into your system and get away from the xanax.

  25. If you’re passed out from cancan, would you be able to feel a needle prick, such as a skinny pop is what I’ve heard. Because I’ve never had bad pain in my wrist and then it now is in both and can barely hold a gallon of milk. And I’m on mental illness meditation as well. But I’m finding little marks on my wrists and I don’t think that it’s a flea bite.

  26. Can taking 14 mgs. Orally then snort 10 mg. followed by rxsesive drinking in an hour kill me, please. I also can mix prozak will that help

  27. If I take 18 mg. ORALLY, THEN SNORT TEN MORE MILLIGRAMS AND DRINK A LOT OF HARD ALCOHOL IN AN HOURS period are the chances of overdose and death likely, please say ues

  28. i started takink xanax 1 week a go the .25 and that does not help the ER gave it to me until my celexa starts kicking in the only way xanax helps is if i take .75 is that going to make me dependent on it? the celexa i started taking it over a week ago 20 mg

  29. I was on xanax for 28 years. In September of 2016, my doctor to me off of them cold turkey. I have been going thru pure hrll ever since. I’m sick all thr time and cannot function at all. My brain feels clinched all the time. I’m very sick. I need help

  30. My Father shot is self 1-11-17 .The toxicology report said he had femoral blood of xanax 82.7 ng/mL and Norco level was 40.5 could you please tell me what the amount of pills these would equal. He took the blue xanax

  31. hello sir
    My name is sadat and I have been taking xanax 0.5 from the last 10 years and I am now 28 years old,Now I have Decrees amount of xanax by half of each 0.5 each night.is this safe for me to go on with it,and now I noticed that I My cognitive skills have decreeas and some time havin blurred vision .If I miss On night then I feel not a normal man feeling quite strange like tremors,fast hearthbeeting sezures and weakness,so if you please give me an instruction that how to withdraw this medicine,because i noticed that it is harming my central nerve system..so please what to do……..

  32. my son recently died from an auto accident.
    his toxicology report says he had 18 ng/ml of alprazolam in his system…
    0.74 ug/ml of methamphetamine
    0.08 of amphetamine
    and he tested positive for cocaine., but it didn’t say how much cocaine.
    I just want to know what exactly do all these numbers mean, and is it enough for my son to have fallen asleep at the wheel? Some have suggested it was no accident, as he was involved in drug dealing.But i don”t think so…at least, not yet..

    1. Hi Bob. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a coroner about your concerns.

  33. My Dr. Won’t prescribe me a 10 mg oxicodone he gives me 10.375 hydrocodone and 1 mg xnanx. I take it the way he tells me,but he refuses to right a 10mg oxy because he says you can die from the 2 drugs and you don’t have to overdose to do it. I said I have been on theses hydrocodone for over 30 years there getting where the just take the edge off.

  34. I have been taking Xanax and other benzos off and on for 20+years and there have been occasions when I have taken 5,6 even 10 mg at once for a week or so I even took 30 mg of Xanax and had to go to the hospital but I was aware of everything and awake with iv in my arm. I have a super high tolerance for benzos. In the last year I have been doing some research on benzos and some testing said you can get Alzheimer’s and dementia from benzos then there are tests that say you can’t get no such effects from benzos these rest said that there is no evidence inconclusive .now I’m so scared that I’m going to get one of these diseases. I haven’t really forgotten anything I have had some minor memory issues in the past. But sometimes I will look at something or someone that’s familiar and it’s like its/they are unfamiliar. I have been told it is dissociative disorder but I’m super super scary nervous and anxious all the time. Even words look weird sometimes. I was diagnosed 20 years ago with a severe panic disorder agoraphobia OCD tendencies. What is wrong with me???????

  35. Hi my boyfriend took 3 2mg of xanax and is now now in and out but isn’t talking or functioning, does he need to just sleep it off or should I take him in? He’s been sleep for like 6 hours.

  36. I’ve taken a green stick witch is 3mg and a half of a yellow stick which is 2mg. Spitting the yellow in half which made 1mg. So totaling 4 mg in all. Concerned is that an overdose???? I have extreme anxiety and couldn’t sleep well. I only took more because the first half of the 2mg didn’t seem to work. I was still tremeling. Scard to sleep if I go. Please inform me truthfully!

  37. Last night I took 12mg of Xanax plus two hits off of a joint. It was my first time doing illegal drugs. Today I feel shaky and like I’m walking around in a fog. I unstand this could be a potential overdose. Should I be concerned or know that I’m going to eventually sleep this off?

  38. Hey , I have this friend of mine and he took 33 xanax yesterday nonstop .. I’m really worried and wanted to ask what are the possible effects or what can happen from that ?

  39. wow this post is really helpful. so we all should see a doctor. thanx. I bet many people here wrote here because they so could see a doctor or didn’t need support. great job! ahs.

  40. Hello. I have used 6 mg Xanax since 2007 and used 12 mg of clonazepam for 10 years. I am 33 years old. The doctor went on pension and the new doctor stopped prescribed any more Benzodiazepine, whitout no step down. Iam on cold TURKEE for 8 months. The new doctor has a no Benzodiazepine policy. Wow I feel like iam in a bubble with panic attacks and shaking aswell as my temperature in me is changing all the time. I wonder when will I be NORMAL. My nerves is in the roof. I have thought reporting the new doctor to the government. I have to travel to the Netherlands to get a prescription. I only use 1 2mg rivotril when iam in a panic attacks and shaking. The Xanax have completely changed my way to think. The doctor has no empathy that I consult a doctor in Netherlands. I wonder if the new doctor knows what a living he’ll iam going trough. I think doctors use face policy too much and I would have liked to send how they will manage if they had my problem. It was doctors how started this medicine. 4 times I have gone into a delirium and have lost my concensus. Last week I went to hospital with grand mal attack. The hospital sad I had to go to my doctor to step down on medication. Is it wrong that I use maybe 2mg clonazepam when I literally feel that iam dying.?? How long will this iam gonna die feeling go away? Best regards Norwegian VIKING

  41. As someone who does not normally take the medication, I took roughly ten or so 1mg tabs of Xanax early Saturday night. It is now late Ruesday morning and I am still incredibly sleep all the time. No other noticeable effects, just wondering how long I can expect to feel this way. No lectures on the abuse, please. It will absolutely not happen again.

  42. I took 5 green xanxex i tried to od but now i feel a stabbing pain n my right upper ribs when i breathe ichty skin and i notice i havent been eating this pain wont gor away i cant sleep? Answers

  43. Yes hello, I’m 250 pound female. I have taken up to 5 mg of xanax before without issues. I have also taken 2-3 mg with alcohol, no issue either. Today I took 7mg and drank a bottle of wine (large 1.5liter)… considering my history weight etc do you suggest medical attention? I am very drowsy and am hesitant to fall asleep.

  44. My daughter who is 115lbs was given by a friend a xanax, hydrocodeine, editable and a power drink with 3 codeine crushed in it. My daughter passed out and I monitored her because she told me( her friend by the way left her upstairs of my house) it’s been 3 days now will she be ok. I’ve taken her to Dr and they said she’s fine. My daughter said her friend does this all the time probably why she didn’t pass out. My daughter was dumb for listening to her but glad she came and told me. I forgot to ask what’s the long term effect of this happening once my daughter is terrified about the way she felt. Thank you

  45. A person weighing 150 lbs would need to take how many mgs. of the drug if trying suicide? Do I need to supply my family member with the prescribed dose without causing other personal issues?

  46. hello!
    my cousin took 3 tablets of xanax(0.5mg) at the same time.. and it was the first time that she has taken it.. Is it dangerous?

  47. I’ve taken 10 bars (2mg Xanax) at a time, with coke, alcohol, smoked weed and even did Molly altogether…why haven’t I overdosed. Is there a reason why my body reject this

  48. My friend with a very low tolerance took 6 2mg xanax bars (12mg). He was unresponsive, disoriented, couldn’t speak or move properly, didn’t remember anything. Tried giving him water but it fell down his shirt. Couldn’t walk and then swerved in and out of consciousness. Would he have died had we not called an ambulance? Did he OD? He had all the symptoms.

  49. Just want to share this recent experience of mine with anyone interested in the effects of mixing alprazolam & alcohol. 4 nights ago I got 4 natty daddy tall boys, which r 8% abv and had an extra fluid ounce per can so a total of 100 fluid ounces of 8% beer in total. I proceeded to follow my typical routine, cracked a beer at 7pm, and continued to drink until about 11pm, at which point I had consumed all but 1 of the natty daddy’s and so I began to contemplate sleep. I grabbed my pack of Marlboro edges and went downstairs out front of my apartment to have a cigg and then I was going to call it a night. However, fate intervened. I’m not gonna lie, I feel shitty admitting this to a bunch of strangers but it’s the truth. As I was having a cigg outside I guess I was just doing sum dumb drunk 25 year old bullshit but I decided to go in the parking lot of my apartment complex and see if any cars were unlocked and if there was anything to be “had” in such a circumstance. As I said, fate intervened, and I happened to come across a bottle of 1mg alprazolam green footballs; LUCKILY there were only 12 left in the bottle because I took 4 immediately in my sudden excitement. Now I drink a 6 pack of labatt ice 16floz cans a day and also take 30 mg temazepam and 100mg trazodone nightly, along with probly a gram or 2 of marijuana a day. Now after I took the 4 green footballs by the time I reached my apartment 5 minutes later I was already feeling slightly dizzy, I let one of the 4 pills sublingually dissolve. At this point I packed a bowl, smoked, and I remember feeling incredibly awake and I could talk about general relativity and time dilation and the twin paradox and gravitational red shift endlessly all the while feeling better and better by the second. The last thing I remember is snorting 1 of the xanax, popping the rest, and taking my 30mg temazepam and 100mg trazodone. I don’t recall drinking the last tall boy, but I did, because I also called my good friend over too and although I still don’t remember a damn thing that happened between taking the rest of the xanax and stuff, my pal related to me the details of which I was horrified to realize. Apparently I finished the last tall boy when my dude arrived and then i proceeded to destroy my entire apartment, everything bad u could imagine not wanting to do, that’s what I did. Apparently I jumped out my window 3 times just seemingly having the time of my life; I live on the 3rd floor. I pissed in my refrigerator. I tried to cook pizza rolls and spilled them all in my oven but didn’t clean it up and didn’t turn it off. I broke all my jars of pickles i guess i kept saying fuck the pickles. I broke my couch i guess i purposefully spent a good half hour trying to rearrange my apartment and when i got frustrated that i couldnt decide how i wanted things organized i totally disassembled my couch beyond reassembly. Just stupid bullshit. If it wernt for my dude I honestly dunno what may have happened. He stayed there until I passed out at about 5am. I woke up 11hours later at 4pm and didn’t know what happened . I went over to my dudes house later that night and he told me about everything that happened. The scariest part is, as I read all the other experiences above from the passed 3 years or more, I begin to fully understand how lucky I am to be alive. I just want anyone who happens to read this to know, life isn’t life if all we worry about is trying to live. There’s something that each of us wants, some days it’s just sufficient enough to get us thru that day and then the next day we consider “that” battle won. But the “war” rages on. I’m no expert in biology and I’m damn sure no medical professional, but I do know one thing for certain. I’m trying to be an “expert” human being and I think that’s something that I have in common with, hopefully, a large audience. Addiction is an illness often overlooked or mischaracterized as a disease that is totally beyond our control. Maybe anxiety is the physical manifestation of what it feels like to face our fears, and maybe that feeling should be welcomed because without emotional discomfort then how would we know when we truly have reached happiness?

  50. At the moment I have been suffering from severe anxiety how much xanore should I take
    I was taking 1mg a day but not helping
    Please advise


  52. When I get my Xanax out of the bottle for the day I put it in a empty medicine bottle stating what it does it still has a label on it unfortunately this morning I went to take one and I cannot find the other three and I’m just concerned of what may happen do accidentally if I took to

  53. Hi, so I took 2 grams if cocaine, one diazepam (spelling??), and 20-30 xanax (lost count at the end). With the intention of killing myself, yet here I am, alive, yay…..I thought this for sure would kill me, but obvoiusly not. I want to die so bad I can’t take this life anymore its like i dont do anything just sit around watching netflix all day and not doing anything. I need help. I want to die. I feel like I’m just a waste of space.

  54. I take like 10 bars just to come down off of rolling face, tripping on acid, and doing big lines of ketamine, drinking all night and just being in another dimension. U all make me laugh ……..if I take 1 and a half mg and a vicodin will I die? Lol

  55. Hi I took 56 bars on the European tour and it was all crazy I can still see the scar on my nigga shit crazy

  56. My son is 17 and was taken to the hospital by police for being under the influence. He had slurred speech, couldn’t stand up straight. He looked like he was drunk, however, blood tests did not show any alcohol. It did show marijuana use and an ingredient in Xanax . It’s been about 9 hours and he still isn’t back to normal yet. I am watching to make sure he’s breathing. Should I bring him back to the hospital or is this what happens if too many pills are taken? I won’t be able to sleep tonight because I will have to watch his breathing

  57. My friend has been snorting xanax about three times a week with his friends. I am getting very worried about him. He has not been thinking right. He broke up with his girlfriend for no reason and has just been acting very differently. I dont know what to do anymore to help and convince him to stop.

  58. My psychiatrist has me taking 2mg, 3 times daily for anxiety. That was his starting dose. I am more anxious due to things out of my control. I had to have an ovary removed, and intestines put back in place, and I am in a legal battle over the welfare of my daughter. She was physically assaulted at school and nothing was done. Long story short I called DHS to help me or point me in the direction to help my daughter. her father and I feared for her life. She’s been in therapy over four years and is doing great, but is highly anxious like me. I took an extra 2mg today with my afternoon dose. Am I building a resistance to the drug? I’ve never felt the need to take more until today. Please help me understand if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s ok to take an extra on extreme days. I suffer from severe Manic depression and severe BIPOLAR disorder, and anxiety. Going to walmart makes me freak out. Any help would be great. Thank you.

  59. My daughter somehow got into my friends prescription unsure of how many exactly but we are guessing 8mg she’s 2 weighting 24 lbs.. is she gonna be ok

  60. Hi my fried has not been feeling him self and decided to take 10 2mg xanax in one go. he has never done xanax before and i know he wouldt have taken such a risk for lesuiser. I found him in his room passed out by a box of beer. He has not responed to me online in 3 days and the beer receipt says it was bought 3 days ago. I have checked his phone he has missed work. He wont wake up. I dont know what to do

  61. I want to leave xanax alone but I can’t do it alone. My insurance will not pay for it. Besides the anxiety I’m becoming very depressed, the deptesion that I’m going through make feel that I’m not worth staying in this world anymore. My children don’t believe when I say something NAD about injured myself or do something to myself I’m so tired of taking this dn pill. Why there is no free mental health clinics anymore. I’m not eligible for anything because I work but I only make 30,000 a year half of it is for paying my rent. I need to use candles every time they cut my lights. Living in New York is the most horrible thing a person like me could go through. New York is not for poor people to live in.

    1. Hi Annette. Vomiting may not help eliminate toxic effects, so I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222.

  62. Am on 2 mg Xanax and am finding that to drive long distances this isn’t always enough. Will it be harmful to take another 1 mg in just those occasions. Not a daily situation.

  63. So snorting anywhere from 6-10 2mg Xanax bars a day will pose a threat of overdosing or causing any long-perm affects, if what I’m reading is correct?

  64. My girlfriend takes 1mg of xanax as needed for anxiety.. Some times when she feels depression strong she takes more. She always does this when im not around because she knows I hate pills. I see her side affects strong tonight and after asking her, she tells me she took 5 1mg pills at once. Do I need to be worried? As in, call for help?!

    1. Hi Brandon. If your girlfriend doesn’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of OD risk.

  65. A very special person to me {ex girlfriend}with a history of trying to commit suicide has been very depressed and is no longer talking about her future and has even started to give things she cherish away,which I here is a sign of her maybe being serious.At first I thought it was just attention she seeked but now I think she is serious.I found a slip of paper of methods to die and one she has already started to put into motion.She wants to sleep and not wake up ,she knows of a person or maybe 2 that oded from heroin,as far as I know she hass not inected anything but inhales it {snorts it}.She wrote she plans on beingalone whether it be a hotel or as she states under the heavens,moon and stars.She states getting $100 worth of Heoin and taking 10 zannies {xanax} and just slleeping the ultimate sleep.Sh’s also worried it may not be enoughand if she wakes she thinks she should have more in case she wakes sick and will have to gosteal to getmore to finish the job.if I can’t find her and have not hrard fom her what should I o.Is $100 of Heroine {less thana Gram} snorted and 10 footballs the 1 mg i think are blue enough to actually kill herI need a response now because I have not heard from her recently but know I will before she actually attempts this

  66. Took a 2 mg bar waited about two hours took the other felt tired finally slept woke up in an hour but now it seems to be wearing off when can i take the next one without overdosing and feel my anxiety go back down. Im taking klonopin as well but habent taken since yesterdaysr at 9pm
    Should i just take that instead of a full bar or break the nar in half. Dont want to cross benzos anf have bad reaction. But dont want to withdrawal as well

  67. I took 15mg of Xanax and lost consciousness, I have no memory of what happened or control over what I was doing. I ended up getting arrested for something I didn’t even know I did. Does having no memory a sign of an OD? The police officer said I didn’t know my name, address or phone number. But I’m still getting charged for a dwi when I had no idea I was driving.

  68. I take xans a lot but when I take them i just feel chill for 2 hours and smoke weed but then idk y i just wake up in the morning like wtf and people tell me all the stupid shit i did like just like last night I popped 2 bars and snorted half and I was fine for a while but then I woke up my dad told I was butt naked knocked out and unresponsive like wtf is going on

  69. To Kelly, who also wants it all to just end. Please contact me. We should talk as we both want the same thing….

  70. Years ago…I’ve taken up to 13 Xanax only to get a solid nights sleep, with the intention of death. Trust me, taking that amount will not kill you, only make you sleep too long and wake up disoriented. Mixed with muscle relaxers only made me more comfortable, no other effects. Damnit.

  71. Xanax or alprazolam is not water soluble. There for you can’t inject it!, well you could but it would be pointless. Also snorting xanax does not increase OD risk, in fact the opposite is true. The drug doesn’t soak threw the nose membrane and only the dripping down the nose and into the stomach is the only amount of the drug that will affect you.. I am sorry but it drives me absolutely nuts when someone who has no clue at all about a subject writes an article or whatever.. please stop and write something you know about or at the very least be accurate! For the love of god. You should be ashamed of yourself…. SMH

  72. Hi, so my boyfriend and his friends all took 2 1mg Xanax pills. It’s been about 10hrs and the initial effects went away but then my boyfriend became very, very tired and even more out of it than before. He’s been asleep for about 2 or 3 hours and it’s a very deep sleep… I’m just concerned. Any advise?

  73. I’ve been taking high doses of xannax to try to end things and the way I feel twenty four/ seven. I’m completely alone and don’t know how to deal. Not watching for help just want it to all end. Would honestly like to know how much is too much!!!

  74. I’ve been taking high doses of xannax to try to end things and the way I feel twenty four/ seven. I’m completely alone and don’t know how to deal. Not watching for help just want it to all end. Would honestly like to know how much is too much!!!

  75. Hi I am an advocate and have a client who is 8 months pregnant and is taking 8 xanax bars (at least) a day. She used to take 12 bars a day. She is nervous to tell the Dr. how much she is taking and I am trying to do some research for her and have yet to find anything on that high dosage and pregnancy. She doesn’t have a regular OB and goes to different Dr.s. Can you tell me if this is harming the baby and her? Any other information you have on high dose xanax and pregnancy would be helpful. Thank you.

  76. I need help in detox my body of xanax. After the death of my son i started taking more. I really want to think clear and not depend but i cant do it by myself. I threw them all and i almost die of a seizure now am consider epileptic . Please help! I live in Miami. I have Medicaid and Molina Insurance.i never taking drugs in my life. But am beggining to hate xanax cze when i try to quit withdrawls are horrible. Help!! Diana Capo Salim. Grieving death of.my son.

  77. I am prescribed to take 1 mg of alprazolam (Xanax) every 8 hours by my dr. I have been on this regimen for about 3 years. Well, this morning I got distracted by my kids, phone calls, etc, etc and I remember thinking I needed to take my 7:30am dose, but I don’t know if I actually took it. So I waited a 1/2 hour and after carefully thinking about it, I really don’t think I took my first dose, so I took a 1 mg tablet at 8am. Well, now it’s 9 am and I am feeling really sleepy and “slower” than usual. And oddly enough, my hr feels a little faster than normal. So it’s possible that I took 2 mg this morn instead of my normal 1 mg. Does this put me at risk for an overdose?? Should I be contacting my dr??

  78. How many Xanax and how much I’ll call would be lethal? Ask this question not to be safe but to intentionally overdose and die. I don’t want to help I don’t want advice if you know what I was facing you would do the same. So without anyone feeling guilty by helping someone else please tell me how many Xanax and how much alcohol are lethal when combined.

  79. My daughters mother takes upwards of 20 2mg xanax at once then adds on top of that around 10-15 2mg sleeping pills… I’ve tried to get her some help but she doesn’t feel the need . Says she doesn’t have a problem…

  80. .I am 65yrs now but when I was diagnosed with “Severe Panic Attack disorder and agoraphobia” 1975-1979.I could not function. Spent 7yrs in therapy and a monthly psychiatrist that gave meds 2 me.Drs thought you can only have 1 panic attack @ a time. I was having multiple attacks.Slowly went to1mgXanax3xday.I finished high school, went to college and. worked. 65yrs no Panic attacks. I went on klonopin 4-6 months to see if I had panic.I had hi stress agoraphobia & Panic attks .It ended in the psych hospital. Went back to Xanax & was fine! I have NOT built up a tolerance. Still taking same dose from 1979 & NO PANIC ATTACKS!

  81. i am taking 30 mg of alprazolam for last one month. what should I do. Does taking 20 mg of alorazolam per day lead to addiction and how much time it takes to get addicted to alprazolam.

  82. Hi I took a Xanax 0.5 with a citalopram .20 at about 8 pm I started getting anxiety so went to take another Xanax but half of the 0.5 but accidentally took the whole pill but at 12 midnight now I’m worried didn’t mean to take while pill should I worry that I took to much???

  83. I’m 6’5 330lbs and 2mg of Xanax does absolutely nothing to me, to be accurate i get more active Xanax that i am without, can you recommend a better dose? Please don’t mention my doctor he thinks I’m just saying that to up my dosage and he won’t help

  84. I only took
    One Zanxex I’m not sure how many mg it was but I know it was white but o only roll one ! I should be ok ?

  85. Am claustrophobic, taking an MRI tomorrow morning at 11, doc prescribed 1mg Xanax .. Can I take one upon rising at 7:30 and another one hour prior to my 11 am appointment??….anxious..

  86. my friend has droken lean and took 2 doses of xanax. should i be worried? because he says that he is really sleepy and there is nothing to worry about. oh and lean is mixed with cough surup and sprite.

  87. I had major anxiety I didn’t know how to handle it so I took 4 tablets of .25 mg of Xanax but I still felt anxious so I took 3 more and after I crushed one more and took that too. What r the affects I’m usually prescribed .25 mags needed

  88. I need a doctor in the Cockeysville area that takes Medicare insurance and will help me get off the xanac ASAP. I asked my PCP yesterday and through he been giving me the meds for 8 months now I won’t off and the safe proper way he is refusing to help me. A few names of doc in Cockeysville area that would help me do this would be greatly appreciated

  89. I rarely take Xanax (at the most once every two weeks). Never really take more than two mgs in a night. Earlier today I took 3/4 of a bar and felt completely xanned. Came home, took a 5 hour nap, and when I woke up I didn’t feel anything anymore. So I took another 2mg bar about 2 and a half hours ago and barely feel anything. Could an empty vs full stomach at the time of consumption affect this? Just confused Bc I highly doubt it’s a tolerance thing based on how rarely i take the drug

  90. I have been taking xanax for 13 years on and off. I have had 4 seizures in my life because of trying to stop cold turkey. It is very hard to stay away from these pills. But recently have almost cost me my life. I can’t take care of my kids alone. I have been clean for a month now but the withdrawals are the worst. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  91. My doctor just proscribed me xanax a month ago for panic attacks bc I told him I was setting calm and for no reason at all my heart started pounding out of my chest. He said to take just when needed but a friend said it could make it worse if i have t take it 2 or 3 days in a row then don’t take it for 2 days so will that make it worse taking it like that and also off my heart rate is 75 while I’m laying in bed will it hurt me to take a half (.5mg) to help me sleep or will it slow my heart down to slow if I take it

  92. I believe my son snorted 1 1/2 xanax a few hours ago he is now sleeping and when I bother him he is responsive. I am scared to death. I found out through one of his friends about this. What do I do?

  93. I’m 40 year old male, 5’9″ 140 lbs. I’ve been prescribed 1 mg Xanax “as needed” every six hours for “anxiety”. My symptoms aren’t alleviated at even 10 times the normal dosage. How much would kill a patient of my size? I’ve taken. 20 mg a few hours ago and 20 mg more just now. Should I be worried?

  94. I have taken one xanax er earlier today and still felling nervous and jittery can I take another one four hours later

  95. If I’m prescribe too .5 aplzaram and take half a pill will I be okay I have high anxiety bout everything wat can I do too start making them go away

  96. I took 7 Xanax 1 mg each on purpose. Feeling very low today. Now I am scared will I just go to sleep and wake up in the morning

  97. hello my names lily and im concerd for my mother in law she has taken 60 or 65 xannax just today i just found out please tell me what to do

  98. Please help me decide what really happened when my daughter died. She took six 1 mg Xanax and 15 oxycodone in an 8-12 hour time span. Her death was ruled accidental, but it really sounds like suicide to me. The autopsy revealed no pills or capsules in her stomach. Did she snort or inject the meds? I am beside myself trying to figure this out. Thanks for your help.

    Hurting Mom

  99. My friend is prescribed yellow r039 bars. She sated taking just 1/4 of the bar then up to a half a bar. Lately her anxiety has been really bad and started taking a full bar which I believe is 2mg from what I’ve read. She is now taking a 2 full bars a day, 1/2 bar at a time 30-40 minutes a part equally 2 full bars which was her first time taking 2 full bars in a day. My question is what is the most mg of the xanax bars are safe to take in a day? Other words can she overdose on taking a total of 2 R039 xanax bars? It’s the only medication she takes.

  100. My wife has taken an overdose of 40 X 1mg tablets. She is in ICU at a local hospital – she is in a very deep sleep still some 30 hrs later and doctors have put a tube into her to help her airways. Is she going to be OK? What potential side effects? Can this damage any organs etc

  101. Hi I’m 25 and been prescribed Xanax since I was taken to the dr for anxiety at 17 years old. They started me on low doses. I’m now prescribed 2 2mg tablets 3x a day. I just found out I have colon cancer and the tumor is a neurological carcinoid. Turns out it has all the side effects as anxiety. Instead of taking 2 tablets at once I take them throughout the day. Does taking both at the same time increase the half life? I work hard and do not wish to impart my judgment but I have a high tolerance. Wondering if I should just go for it and see if I notice a difference? I don’t think I will

  102. I took 700 1000 mg xanax 48 hours ago I still have mobile impairment.and trouble balance. I feel dumber What are the long term effects? did I damage my brain

    1. Hi, Lexi. Take her into the ER, just to be sure. Or, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  103. I took five o.5,g at one time. I have RSV and still have to get up and cook for my husband, but when he’s sick he stays in bed and I have to wait on him hand and foot. I just took them to make me sleep all day and not have to put up with him until 3oclock when I have to cook his dinner. Will I be okay.

  104. My boyfriend took 50 zanax with alcohol within 7hrs. What are the complications he will have and how long before they are out of his system

  105. Hi, My friend takes 50mg of Diphenhydramine HCL and she just got a half of Xanax. Is that safe??? It doesn’t sound like it at all. what could happen if she does take it at the same time? She told me she’s gonna take it separate but I’m still worried.

  106. ive been taken 0.5 xanax for many years..lately ive taken 2 at bedtime..been ok with it..tonight i just went thru a really bad anxiety attack & took 3 0.5 at one time will this overdose me..since i built up a tolerance for them???

  107. My 20 yr.old nephew died this morning of an overdose of xanax. Please I’m begging everyone please don’t take them. You never know when it’s too much . I don’t wish this pain on anyone’s family.

  108. I’ve been trying to sleep for days, so I just took 6 Norco 10 mg, comprimé 7mg of xanax and some seroquel., I also had a beer. I’m still not tired and wondering if it will hurt me to take more xanax…is this going to hurt me? Should I call poison control?

  109. I’m so freaking irritated, I am on morphine and it’s all legal and legit. You see, I have the T9 disc slip and when it slipped it tore and the fragment that tore off is sitting on my spinal cord causing serious pain. Yet they look at me like I was crazy! They had the nerve to ask me why didn’t I just taķe the morphine. I told them I DID, THE PAIN IS WAY TOO INTENSE, THE MORPHINE ISN’T WORKING. I AM JUST ASKING FOR ADVICE, CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME?

  110. P.s. i went to sleep again and just now woke up and its 2:15 pm 18 fab. 35 hours of sleep .just to share my experience to those who think it will kill you.

  111. I want to share my experienece with xanax. On 4 a.m. 17 fab i took 0.5×26 tabs of xanax which is 13 mg of alprazolam i felt dizzy and went to sleep . just now i woke up and reallized that is 18 fab 1a.m. .that means i was àsleep for almost 1 day( 21hours). it was a completely a coma. I was expecting to die but here i am back on this crual world with all th problems again.

  112. My brother just took two xanax pills i am not sure how long ago did he take them am pretty sure in a 24 hour period, and am not sure on the mg on the pills. The ones he took or like a long bar with cuts into it he dosent get them perscribed so he gets them from some one else. What can i do he dosnet want to go to the hospital. Hes being agressive he has slurd speech, drowzey, not good balance, excess saliva, cant control muscles.

  113. I normally take .05 Xanax to sleep or for anxiety.
    Today was a bad day and I’m really depressed so I took 2.5 so I can get a lot of sleep and maybe I won’t be so depressed tomorrow. . I am 170 lbs, 5’8″. In case that matters, and have been taking Xanax in moderation for years for anxiety. I’m sorry if my sincere question seems spammy and rejected, that’s actually insulting.

  114. I am 68 and have been on oxycontin and roxicodone for 11 years. Currently on 15mg of oxycontin 3x day and 15mg of rixicodone 3x a day. I used to be on 40mg oxy 3 x day and 30mg of roxicodone 3x a day for many years so my body is very used to this medicine. I suffer from severe chronic pain that is inoperable. I am unfortuneately hugely clastophobic and now I need a closed end MRI for my prostate with a wire coil. I greatly need to do this procedure but have been having panic attacks just thinking about it. How much xxanex can I take to pretty much knock me out so I can do this? I am severely claustophobic? Thank you

  115. I took 125mg of xanax and snorded 20 bags of herion how long until I die cause that’s what I’m trying to do please tell me thank you ShawnAnn Kelminsky

  116. Accidentally took 2 Xanax – needy relative called late – couldn’t remember if I had swallowed first, took second / .25 mg each.
    Any complications”

  117. Hello,my sister has anxiety and has been on alprozalam for maybe five years .she now can’t imagine being without them ,and takes like 180 pills a month maybe more even .I want her to stop before something happens to her .what can I do to wean her off them safely . please help

  118. My 17 year old friend took 7 Xanax while drinking alcohol and some cocaine than she left home to go to sleep? What should I do?

    1. Hi, Jamie. I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or take her into the ER to be sure that she’s fine.

  119. I am concidering taking 20 0.25 mg. of xanax with 20 oxycodone 7.5 mg.each and 75 benadryl 25 mg.capsules. Will I die and how ?

  120. My next door neighbors were identical 62 year old twins. One of the twins suffered from crippling depression and he would cry from the minute he woke up until the minute he went to bed. He was on 6 mg. of Xanax a day. We tried so hard to get him help but he was against any therapy or help. His twin called me one morning in late May screaming down the phone that his brother had killed himself, that he was in the bathroom dead. Me and my mom ran next door. My mom stayed with my friend who called the EMS and I had the job to go into the bathroom to make sure there was no signs of life. The image of my friend laying naked in the tub cold as ice and blue lips and fingertips with white as white can be skin will haunt me forever. The autopsy came back as he had overdosed on his Xanax. His twin got him cremated and he still lives next door in the same apartment that he shared with his brother. What I want to know is can anyone tell me did he feel pain as he was dying? My friend, his twin, wants to know that his brother did not suffer as he died. Any answer would be wonderful. Thanks, Taylor

  121. I find it absolutely absurd and disgusted by your statement that even 2000 mgs of xanax won’t harm you. If not death, than kidney failure and liver damage would happen. You need to change that before someone dies and their family sues you. What an irresponsible thing to state. Shame on you!!

  122. I am shocked by how many people and the amount of xanax they are given. I too take this bittersweet drug but it’s from PTSD of witnessing spool much horror while growing up in Colombia. I won’t go into detail but saw a lot of murders, rape, and sold into slave labor. I am very careful with this dangerous drug. I take only 2 mgs a day but prescribed 3 per day. I have horrible flashbacks. I would think one would have to been living in utter HELL to even want to be on this medication. With doctor’s help, I am weaning off. If I can, anyone can. The long-term effects are soo terrible on the brain. If you need to chill, smoke some weed. There are sooo many GODDAMN doctors that are just drug dealers in suits and don’t give a fuck about you. BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!

  123. So my friend took three 2 Mg Xanax and had a beer. So I’m just wondering if that is dangerous or if that can cause an overdose?

  124. How many xanax can you take a night to sleep I have been taking them for 10 or more years and I have to up the xanax to 40 mg a night to sleep


  126. My friend toke about 6 sleeping pills plus two prescribed pain killers, & I think he might have taken more, he also weighs about 120lb should I be worried? By the way he toke this about 6 hours ago & is now not answering calls

  127. A friend of mine, has taken 9/10 Xanax bars, anywhere from 7.5’s to 10’s since Friday, today is Monday, The person toke three just today, and has done basically nothing besides sleep, eat and drink soda.. I’m starting to get worried about this person..

    1. Hi, Babygirl. If he doesn’t feel well, take him into hospital, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  128. I have Lupus and a high tolerance to medication. I just got up and was going back to sleep and took the wrong amount of meds. I usually take three Xanax 1 mg at bed time. Sometimes take Ativan during day but am very tolerant to it. I just accidentally grabbed wrong bottle and took three Ativan and 1 1/2 Xanax and tried to make myself throw up. Will I be ok?

    1. Hi, Leann. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 if you don’t feel well. Or, check up into the ER to be sure that you’re okay.

  129. my daug died last feb & when the medical examiner did the blood test this is what was found in her system
    Alprazolam 54 ng/mL
    Tramadol 2.1 mcg/mL
    Amphetamine 2.5 mcg/mL
    Methamphetamine 1.3 mcg/mL.
    Can you explain all this to me? How long would it have taken for this to kill her? She was with people but no one helped her. I’ve wondered if foul play may have occurred.
    Thank you

    1. Hi, Gay. I’m very sorry for your loss! I’d suggest you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response.

  130. I have a friend that has been on Xanax for about 2 years now, the dosage started at .5 mg and just recently the doctor upped the dosage to 1 mg, my friend took around 195 at once will my friend die from the overdose???

  131. My doctor gabpve me the 2mg green bars……. I love them things I take up to two a day and they make my life perfect. They make my crappy job feel great, my terrible children and nagging female dog wife mute. Xanax takes away all of my anxiety, depression, and life problems period.

    1. Hello, Decklyn. I suggest you take Xanax as prescribed. If you plan to make a change in your dosage, consult a doctor or a pharmacist.

    1. Hello. Xanax is not prescribed for children, especially toddlers. I suggest you talk with a pediatrician form any problem you have.

  132. I took too much xanax and for the past couple of days I have experienced polarisis and/or numbness in my left thumb and wrist. What is going on and will this persist?

  133. My son is addicted to xanax and lortab can combing the two cause seizures he has never had any problems with seizures until yesterday and I am just concerned as to what may have caused it. He said he was told by the doctor taking these two medications would not cause seizures. Thank you for any help you can give me on this matter as I am very worried!

    1. Hi, Mary. I suggest you call Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or check into the ER.

  134. My daughter in college took several xanax, possibly alcohol, and smoking pot 2 nights ago. I found out yesterday (24 hours afterwards) and brought her home. She was depressed, slurring words, and confused. She was better last night, but today she is still sleeping so much. She has not eaten for 48 hours. I’m afraid she will become dehydrated. Plus, I have no idea if she should go to the hospital even thought her eyes are no longer dilated and she has been up walking around a little today. Please, help.

  135. Hey! On dec 8 I took 16 2mg Xanax bars the only thing j had was slight slurring on my word… My cousin call the the paramedics and I went to the th hospital and all they did was watch me for 6 hours I didn’t fall asleep or nod off and today I took 9 I still feel nothing smh I don’t want to repeat what I did last time and take 16 .. I don’t if I should take more because I have a hard time sleeping

  136. I am done with this life and ready to move own. I have a chronic illness that the Drs can’t get under control. No it isn’t killing me I just don’t see quantity over quality. I have been hoarding: ambien, Vicodin, lune sat phenegran and zofran. No I am not doing it right now but the time is coming. Been diagnosed with drug resistant depression and my husband makes it worse. He doesn’t believe. Been with same psychiatrist since 2007 and head suggested “treatments” with my brain. I just need another year to get my husband settled into retirement back in his own home town. I am really done. Thx for listening.

  137. I want to know when too much Xanax is taken my friend is taking about 8-12 Xanax at one time some times mixed with alcohol he gets into these cleaning moods and fixates on things. cleaning mostely not sleeping, he gets 90 a month and usually they are gone in 5 days.. what can I do, he does not think he has a problem,

  138. My friend is a high abuser to drugs on the regular she weighs aprox 200 pounds tonight she took 30 1 mg zantex is she going to be ok?

  139. I have a quick question my mother passed away afew months ago she was taking Xanax sequoral and tramadol she was just put on another medication afew weeks before death which had her very out of it I’m not sure what it was there is no known cause of death yet after 3 months she would not have to tried to hurt herself in anyway she was over weight and had no other health conditions I’m not sure as to why she was been given such high doses of meds as see only had depression not that bad would these meds combined have cause anything that could of contributed towards her death

  140. I have just recently been prescribed Xanax 0.5 mg and it hasn’t really made a differance in my anxiety. Should I talk to my dr or is there anything else I cod try ?

  141. I’m on 500 micrograms 4 times a day today has been really bad and i was wondering how much more would be safe to take to calm me down I’m so anxious

    1. Hello Lisa. Our cause is to help you as much as we can, not give you advice about overdosing amounts. Believe me every problem you have, could be solved! But, you must be strong, and keep trying. If you have any questions about addiction treatment, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment provider.

    1. Hi Aggabell. If you start experiencing unwanted symptoms call for help immediately. Xanax and alcohol increase each-other’s potency and that’s when risky effects occur.

  142. hi Fred how it’s fairly difficult to overdose fatally from xanax but I’m curious if you did combine xanax with pain pills or alcohol…and assuming that you took a fatal amount…would you simply just go to sleep and not wake up? and if not that then what breathing problems heart problems? Thank you

  143. My friend just accidentally took a whole 10mg xanax whereas she usually only takes a half. She is. Concerned and I am wanting to know is there anything she can do right now to counteract the effects….

  144. TWO QUESTIONS~ I was prescribed 0.25 mg xanax. Is that like 25 mg? Also it was prescribed to me for my anxiety disorders and yet I still have anxiety attacks more frequently and maybe it that is why my chest hurts but aren’t xanax suppose to help with chest pains if it’s related to anxiety issue?

  145. Please help!! My mother is taking 5 Xanax at 1mg a day the Dr just upped her dose and since then she has fallen and continues to nod off through out the day.. I have also noticed she runs out of her meds before the due date. Also she mixes them with the Oxy, percosets, lyrica and I think it’s called amnatriptaline that this crazy Dr has her on ( my opinion) how can we get her help???

    1. Hi completely. Taking Xanax with weed can be dangerous. Both Xanax and weed cause drowsiness and loss of coordination, and you might be opening yourself up to potential accidents. Plus, they’re both central nervous system depressants, which will accentuate the effects of the Xanax and possibly make it easier to overdose.

  146. Can I take 22 mg of 2 mg. xanax? I took 12 milligrams from like 2-5 pm, and 8 milligrams around 12:30 am. I want to take one more

  147. My son takes regularly 12mg of Xanax to get sleep. Is it safe or not? He is only 38. Earlier .5mg used to be good enough not anymore. Insomnia is chronic now. What do I do? He doesn’t sleep whole night or may get 1to2 hr of sleep only. Then it is difficult to work in office. Pl help with some effective remedy for his Insomnia so that I can wean him away from Xanax.

  148. Doctor suggested me to take .5mg of alprazolam daily before sleep but has no effect on me. I’m taking 1 or 2 mg per night for a better sleep. Is it harmful for me?

  149. I have a friend who wants to overdose on Zanax.. She has taken 4 already how many will she have to take before she overdoses?

  150. I’ve taken 14mgs of Xanax today. 4 at 4 pm and 10 at 8:30. I really want to snort some Coke right now. What do you guys think? I’ll buy a 60, but I might just snort a 20.

  151. Theres a teen that says he took 5 mg of xanax and drank a 40oz of beer is he in danger of od ? He seems very drunk for just drinking one 40oz

    1. Hi Kawika. If he seems very intoxicated or shows signs of overdose you should take him to the hospital as soon as possible.

    1. Hi Rochelle. We’re not trying to help people OD, but rather help them find help if they believe they have accidentally taken too much and don’t know what to do. If you are seeking for such information please reconsider and seek adequate help and professional support to get you through those thoughts.

  152. I took a bottle of minipress, 42 and 1/2 1 mg Xanax, and a bottle of sleeping pills. I obviously didn’t die. I slept for 16 hrs and when I woke up and tried to stand, I was falling all over the place. Is there any way I could have liver damage! It’s been a week since the incident and I still feel fatigued and nautious. My stomach hurts and I have no appetite. I have diarrhea and vomit.

  153. Hi,my friend took 20 alprazolam pills of .5mg about 6hours ago and she is in deep sleep.Will it be life threatening for her?Her height is 5inches and her weight is 90kg.Thank you.

  154. My gf doesn’t have a tolerance at all. She took 2 blue footballs. Which I think is 2mg. She’s done cocaine and alcohol all night. I want to be sure she is going to be ok

  155. How can you possibly put into print that somebody took 2000 mg of Xanax and nothing happened? That is an absurd statement. 2000 Xanax will surely kill you as 2000 of anything would kill you. All you’re doing is telling people that they can take as many as they want and not have to worry about an overdose. You need to delete that statement as fast as possible. Normal dose is 1 mg. Telling somebody they can take 2000 times their dose after previously saying you don’t recommend taking more than 2 mg, well, you better rewrite that whole section. I do not ot know why no one has called you out on that?

  156. My fiancé took a whole bottle of 2 mg xanax it was about 35 he also took a handful of valerian root I made him throw up as much as possible but he seems still really messed up what should I do please help

  157. Hello, what will happen if I’ve taken 5 pills of 0.25mg? I do not feel well I don’t know if I took too much. I’m only supposed to take 0,25mg a day. What are the effects? Please respond.

  158. On August 23 my wife took 28, 1 mg xanax. She had been doing okay. She was just a little irritated. When I found out I rushed her to the emergency room. For close to two days she’s been drowsy and randomly in and out of sleep. Even when awake she doesn’t seem fully awake. I love my wife and makes me very sad and scared to see het like that….

  159. I was shaky & always felt lonely at that time,Near about in the year 2002 I had taken 80 alzolam at morning at a time,out of my depression.It’s ridiculous or miracle, I just sleep out through out the day & night.Next fine morning I depressed more that nothing can kill me.Now my life style being changed.I want to live,at my own way. And I am completely fearless.Any kind of risk I can take now.

  160. I am prescribed 1mg of Xanax three times a day, today I made a mistake and took thee all at once I have never done that before I was scared and became extremely tired in the matter of a half hour. Could something have happened to me today? I have been on Xanax for about 25 – 30 years ? Thank you

  161. I have taken 14mg of alprazolam the generic xanax. I just fell a little euphoria. I take 2 mg 4x daily and have been for about at year maybe one and a half years. Will i die if i take too many pills?

  162. I got up this am later than normal and was sure I didn’t take my Xanax XR 3 mg pill. So I took one about 1:15 this afternoon. Is there anything I should be concerned about?

  163. I got up later this morning about 10 am, usually 9 am & 1st thing I do is take my 3 mg Xanax XR. I was pretty sure I didn’t take it when I got up, so I took one about 1:15 pm this afternoon. Do I have anything to be concerned about?

    1. Hi Gen. You can Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert and get advise on what to do next. If too much time has passed and you can observe the symptoms of overdose – take your friend to the hospital or Call 911.

  164. Hi my son told me he had taken 1mg of xanax about 5 lines of meth 5 hours after, and about 6 or 7 hours after the meth he took 4 mg of xanax. He has been disoriented, vomiting, blurred vision, abnormal heart rate. We thought he was just sick for the past couple days but he has just told us about the drug use. Please tell us what is happening.

    1. Hello Stan. I’d suggest you take him to the doctor’s office to be examined. To me it sounds like a result of mixing too many substances in a short period of time. He may need some medications and several IV’s to get to normal. I believe he’s dehydrated from all the vomiting on top of other effects.

  165. I am afraid of the dentist and need to go in for a procedure today . Anestesia was to expensive so they agreed to let me tAke meds before the appointment prescribed by my dr. He gave me Xanex and we discussed how much to take . He saiid I can take 2 mg but we spoke a while ago I’m anxious this morning about it is that amount ok? I have taken it on the past years who 1 mg 3 times a day and .5 here and there.

  166. If I take oxycodone and Xanax together, what would be the maximum amount I could take safely, within a 24 hour period, I definitely DO NOT want to OD

    1. Hi Regina. Xanax and Oxycodone combinations are not uncommon. But, the dosages will have to be determined by your prescribing doctor based on your needs and health state.

  167. I took my nightly prescribed medicine for my illness or 6mg if diaudid,blood thinner and .50 of xanax at 7pm..I just got a call that my aunt unexpectedly passed away and was having and anxiety attack I took another xanax because I forgot I had taken one 2 hours prior. Is there dangerous effects from this I should look for

  168. Xanax saved my life, gave me the nerves back that were shot from a life of trauma. It made me able to function like a normal human being again. I understand and accept the brain damage risks it is a cost of living at this point. The terrible thing was my new psychiatrist I guess can’t write as much and wants to cut me from 6mg a day to 4 which is going to drastically destroy my quality of life. There’s nothing else that can help me I feel I’m being wronged by this doctor, yes it is a terrible drug, but just because my dosage could cause death in withdrawals doesn’t mean she had to yank me back that’s why I go to the doctor!

  169. I took 12tablets of 1mg xanax and a glass of vodka a few minutes ago
    I’m shaking and in panic, should i just keep calm?

    Ps.: I’m 20 and used xanax for 2years and stopped there 31weeeks…

  170. Can 6 mg in a 24 hour period cause bad stomach pain & is this a sign of od? What can I do to get it out of my system

  171. I’ve been taking about 10-12 or more miligrams of xanax a day for an entire month. Will I die if I don’t stop soon?

    1. Hi Benzo Lover. There are a number of health risks from taking too much Xanax or for too long. You will need to go to a detox clinic where you will be monitored during withdrawal until your state stabilizes. Also, talk to a doctor to help you create a tapering schedule to start lowering doses without experiencing too abrupt and harsh withdrawal effects.

  172. I was a full time carer for my mum she recently passed away. I’ve been on Xanax for 3 years due to bad panic and anxiety. I was on 1mg twice a day. Since mum died my anxiety is worse and panic. I’ve been taking up to 5mg a day though I also have two glasses of wine a day as wine calms me though lately nothing is helping and I don’t know what I should do. Thanks if u can give me advice

  173. my husband was taken to ER by ambulance a month ago from overdose of Xanax because he was semi-coma. And the samething happened this morning and he still cannot talk or walk but not in coma either. His mom has been watching him today at home and does not know what to do. the ER gave him iv and did blood work, and kept him several hours last time. What do we do this time?

  174. Hello, my name is Jessica and I am 15 years old I am 93 pounds I just took 2.5 mg of Teva alprazolam/Xanax. I am just simply worried about my health please reply as quick as possible.
    Sincerely, a worried teen

    1. Hi Jess. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose, and if you are feeling any side effects tell your parents to take you to the hospital.

  175. Hello. I’ve been on first Klonipin which was making me drowsy during the day. I now take xanax but my body has built up a tolerance to it.. I take 2 mill twice a day usually to help me sleep.. In the past 2 months 4 mill isn’t working I find myself wide awake taking more. I’m so frustrated. By the end of the month I’m out of medication and can’t get it filled for almost 2 weeks. Just this past week I was up for 7 nights and days straight.. I thought I was losing my mind! I’ve been struggling with my mental and sleep disorder for over 15 years and its only been the last 4 years where I have found relieve.. Is there any doctors out there that will understand that your body builds up a tolerance.. I’m not a drug user which is what the “pharmacy” seems to lable me. I’m a 44 year old woman with 2 children who has had most of her life taken away.. I am a fighter. I’m strong. I don’t drink or smoke or do recreational drugs. I just want to be “normal” or for a better word functioning. I’ve been to numerous doctors and therapist too many to count. I just need to know if taking more xanax then prescribed will hurt me in the long run so I can prove this to my doctor!! Thank you for your time. I look forward to your response. And if I didn’t mention it before.. I’ve already tried all the other sleep medications on the market. I guess I’m just a hard case..

  176. Soo a find of mine too 7 1/2 bars n like should she go to the hospital or I don’t know I’m just really scared for her

    1. Hi Christy. I’d advise you to take her the hospital where they can pump her stomach and prevent a part of the medications from being absorbed. Then, they can provide her with a proper therapy if needed.

  177. My Aunt Gave Me 5 blue xanax , Not Knowing What They were ! i took them all Cause She said they would help my back pain and im getting veey light headed . what should i do?

    1. Hello Nicki. That would be a dose of 5mg of Xanax. Although doctors don’t recommend more than 2mg of Xanax to be taken at once, the dose you took is not lethal. However, it may be harmful if you took the medication for the first time. You can go to the hospital where you will be monitored by doctors, but have someone take you there. You shouldn’t drive at this point.

  178. I take mrthodone cause my spinal canal is closing..its 20 mg five- six times a day..I also take xnanx for anxiety and to control muscle spams in my back I accidrntly took 6 xnanxs causr of the pain and I cant sleep should I be ok…

  179. I have trouble sleeping at night and I just don’t wanna take to much. I’ve already lost one friend to an od and I don’t wanna be the next.

    1. Hello Dakota. Starting doses are as low at 0.75 mg per day for people who have not used Xanax for a while.

  180. Embarrassed to say I was so frustrated in an attempt to beat 2 nights of sleepless nights I took 6 one mg bars..by the time I woke up I had misplaced my meds wrote all these nonsensical non threatening notes
    ..I left an unfrozen ellios pizza out…along w other food items. I found the X in middle of kitchen table and cleaned up evidence of weirdness before family woke up..was that a blackout?

  181. I’ve taken 6mg of xanax am I ok.. I came to Asia to help deal with anxiety depression paranoia and heart break I brought some off the street .. it really helps but today I am taken to much cause I can’t remember how much I take. Will I be ok

  182. My cousin just died two days ago from apparent complications after originally overdosing on Xanax. The paramedics revived her and she was in a coma for a few days. After coming out of the coma she had severe breathing problems. The Drs kept claiming it was just anxiety. She was choking and weezing for air, but they said it was just anxiety. After a week of hospitalization they sent her home. She was repeatedly fighting for air. They released her from the hospital, they refused to keep her there even through the severe breathing problems. When she was brought home she told my aunt “mom, I’m not gonna make it” with in an hour she was dead. Died right on the sofa. How does someone die less than two hours after being cleared by a hospital to go home?

  183. I’m not prescribed xanax. but a friend gives it to me because he knows how stressed i am. im a single mother and it is my first child. I’m trying to find work, a sitter, and raise her alone. so my friend said this would help. i take up to 8 a day. is that okay? or am i hurting myself in some? i just want to know for my child’s sake.

  184. My sister (14) and her friend (13) both took about 4-5 Xanax each. They snorted them. They were my dads the white bars, not sure the exact mg. she is very drowsy and knocked out. She woke up, had her shower and is now back asleep. I tried waking her up again to get her to drink water and she wouldn’t I even poured some water on her head. I’ll be up for the rest of the night checking her pulse as I lay in bed with her. What do you further suggest?

  185. I really need know seriously can you overdose on 3. 1mg xanax snorting and smoke medical mir weighing 120 lbs

    1. Hello Jennifer. I’d suggest that you seek help from the Poison Control Center to know what to do. Call 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert and get instructions on what to do next.

  186. I take 3mg of kpin daily sometimes I take xanax recreationally like 15-20 2mg bars at a time with alcohol usually twice a month I’ll do this and binge for a couple days I’ve gone through a 100 in a weekend but even though I space my usage out by week I don’t get a good high I feel as if my tolerance is very high I’ve been doing this for couple months why does my tolerance stay soo high I’ve taken a month off and get blasted off 6mg why is this. And it’s almost impossible to od on just xanax

  187. My dr prescribed Xanax for me at .5 mg. the prescription says take 1-2 at night. I took the two and really feel out of it. I don’t remember if maybe I took one and then took two more later not remembering I had already taken one. Will I be okay?

    1. Hi Kalia. I guess you took the 1mg Xanax pills. You should be ok, but don’t hesitate to seek medical help if you experience some unusual symptoms and feel worse.

  188. I am very resistant to Ambienx so I took about 70 mg., but barely felt anything. So I added a .5 mg of XANAX and a Restonite (one on India’s versions of Zolpidem that aren’t so great but better than nothing. Dumb time to ask now, but am I gonna croak?

    1. Hi Leigh. Go to the doctor’s. It depends on many factors and I hope it passes without any serious consequences.

  189. Hi I’ve overdosed once or twice scared to take my mess again but need them cause my heart kills an my anxiety need to know how to walk back into it I always think I’m going to die which suck I didn’t mean to take the 60 during that weekend but I did an I’m trying to start over and lock them away after I take what I need but I’m still scared to take it please help with your ideas

  190. Hi I was wondering if I took 3 .25 mg at the same time would it be the same as taking 1 mg I am prescribed 1 milligram now. But I ran out and I have my old .25 mg Is that safe?

    1. Hi Jake. You have to Call 911 or call someone who can get to your place ASAP and drive you to the hospital.

  191. I take at least 16mgs (8 2mg bars) a day. I have been taking doses this high for over 10 years. I’m also on 240mgs of methadone daily. I would give my right arm and leg to be able to be completely rid of the benzo addiction. I even went to prison for doctor shopping for xanax. I know everyone says this but even at the enormous amounts I take, the only effect it has on me is that I am normal (meaning not in benzo withdrawal). I know how dangerous it is mixing it with the methadone and when I run short, the withdrawal is unbearable. I’ve had more seizures than I can count. Bc of the doctor shopping charge, I have not even tried to get my own prescription which I see as a road block to getting the professional help I need to quit. I know that bc of my dose and the length I’ve been addicted, weaning off slowly is the only option. When it comes to willpower during withdrawal, I have ZERO. Any suggestions?

  192. My mom took a jar of xanax pills while being 6 months pregnant. She was able to spit them out and take a few. She is feeling drowsy and looks really pale. What do i do.

  193. How harmful been taking that many since 12…… Now iimm 26 yrs old … What do I need to keep a high this amount just keeps me sane

  194. I took about 12 bars of Busparin (a form of xanex) about 14 hours ago to try to kill myself. The only difference I feel is that I am not able to sleep. When am I going to feel other symptoms?

  195. i take about 1 1/2 mg. of suboxin (prescribed and .5 mg of Zanex twice a day (prescribed). I have taken the Zanex for about 15 years. I have real bad anxiety and since the death of my son when he was only 18 days old. My dr. Is trying to stop me cold turkey. Is that safe?

    1. Hi Kimmy. I suggest you ask your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule and keep prescribing your medication until you safely lower your doses over time. Cold turkey brings harsh and stressful withdrawal symptoms, whose intensity can be drastically lowered if you tapering. If you do experience withdrawal symptoms while tapering, ask a pharmacist which over-the-counter medications can help.

  196. Regular user of prescribed alprazalom for approx 10 years; 1-2 mg daily. Took 20 two days ago. Shouldn’t it be out of my system yet? Still feeling tired.

  197. My mother is given Xanax crushed at 8am, 12pm, and 5pm, she is also given Ambien at 5pm. It clearly states on the Ambien packet 8pm, yet the facility gives it to her at 5pm. My mother only weighs 81lbs. she acts drunk much of the time and can hardly hold her head up. I have spoke to my mother’s doctor about reducing the Xanax, I was told the facility was to give every 12 hours and only if needed, I do not believe the facility is following the doctor’s orders. What can be done about this?

  198. My boyfriend started taking Xanax for the first time last night, cause he suffers from anxiety. he is going on a trip and gets real bad anxiety attacks while flying. he wanted to take it a couple of days before his trip so he knows how he feels on it. he weighs around 250lb and is toke 1 1/2 of 2mg yesterday and again today. Im a little considered because his friends told him his eye were dilated last night and he couldn’t driver or talk very well either. I just want to make sure he is taking the proper amount and he is not over using this medication.

  199. I had a level in bld 570. I weigh 127. 5’3″. been on it 4 yrs. has a serious panic attach after running out of lyrica. they said I od.

  200. My friend was missing for almost 12 hrs. He left to commit suicide. He is still not responding after 24 hrs in icu…are there cases of taking this long to come out of the over dose? He has been give 4 maybe more at this time of drug to counter act.

  201. I have been on Alprazolam 2mg for sleep for some time now, I only take it at HS. (I am a registered nurse too). I do not take it recreationally, only at HS to be able to quiet my mind and sleep. often I wake up 3 hours later and require another 2mg tablet to fall back asleep.I do have a high tolerance to medication, and have my whole life. Dentist visits are awful for me and if I ever do require narcotic pain medication my doctor has to prescribe a higher dose for it to be effective and take the edge off of my pain. (And yes I am a redhead….we tend to have this problem) My question, is that would taking 6mg of alprazolam in a 6-8hr period for sleep (I am a nurse and work many night shifts) be unsafe? I do not get “high” from this drug nor do I take it any other time except for sleep. I have tried every other sleep aid out there and the alprazolam has proven to work the best! However would 6mg taken in one dose at HS (no other sleep aids or narcotics at the same time) be dangerous even though I have had good results with this? I obviously do not want to die in my sleep lol but this works for me, is it safe? My doctor is aware that I take more than one 2mg tab at times thanks!!

  202. My girl just took 6 pills of .5 Xanax.. She washed it down with a half bottle of red wine.. She said that it would help her sleep.. Is this dangerous ?

  203. A few years back I “took” about 10 of the little white ones. Combined with a drink or two of beer. I OD’d and now fear long term effects complications. I had never taken anything in that dose before that or to this day. Is it possible for complications to arise?

  204. I have been taking Xanax for at least 15 years. I have started seeing a new pain management dr for my back and he is wanting me to stop taking it all together. says it will kill me. I have the most miserable anxiety attacks and a fear that I can’t put in words, this medication helps me so much, I do not take more than I’m suppose to and have never had any trouble with it… Why now such the big deal over it

  205. Different ppl have different opinions….. I’m on 125mg of methadone plus my Dr prescribes 4 1mg Xans a day prn. Danielle I truly this u will b OK…. I’m not a dr but that definitely my opinion. I’ve been thru exactly what u have it’s an awful thing but don’t belive the bs u hear today pray doll it’ll b OK soon….. Good luck doll!!!!!!!

  206. Im worried because I see bottles around all the time and am seeing ppl eating them but Id like to know when I shud REALLY WoRRY. is 12 too many or 22?

  207. My son is currently intibated because he took 7.5 mg of alprazolam along with 75mg of oxycodone he is in a medically induced coma his heart rate dropped to 35 and his heart was only working on only the left side, his heart is receiving blood but not umping it back out to the body. PLEASE do not take this medication or any other if it is not prescribed for you by a licensed physician.

  208. My husband just took 120 mg of oxygen.and 16 mg of xanax and is twitching wakes up not.knowing where.he is take him to the er right.now?

  209. My mother is on Xanax (alprazolam 0.25) for over 2 years the facility gives it to her 8am, 12noon, and 5pm; they also give her Ambien (zolpidem 5mg) at 5pm. I believe this has caused her to have many health issues. She doesn’t need it do not understand why they are doing this. I was very alarmed to see her recently sleeping looking so out of it and food hanging out of her mouth. What can be done about this?

  210. My daughter 17, took 114 xanax cr last Sunday. She made it out alive. How much of what she took was a lethal dose. People, nurses etc are saying it’s a miracle that she’s alive. But she can’t remember any of it. I wish she could so she can understand how close she was, because if there is a next time i feel that it will be the last time and I wish she could know that. Will her memory come back? Should she see a neurologist? Any feed back is appreciated. She in a good treatment program now an seems better. But tell that to this mom.

    1. Hi Jenn. I’m glad she’s OK and it’s good that she’s in good treatment program where professionals will help her heal her mind and soul. She probably will never remember what happened, but she can work on the underlying reasons that lead her to think of taking so many pills and give her suicidal ideation. I wish you all the best.

  211. taken 10 to 12 mg of xanex throughout the entire day. In the last in the last 9 hours I’ve also taken 90 mg of norco. I’m sweaty, just feel weird and am afraid to sleep for fear of not waking up. Er is not an option

  212. Ivana, I just wanted to say thank you. You take the time to respond to these very serious issues, and give people hope and help. Naturally people should tallk to their doctors, poison control, or ER when things like the above occur, but in a panic, many people just dont know what to do. Some may even be doing illicit things and feel they have no option but to look online.

    You are a good person. The world needs more like you.

    God bless

  213. After many months of thinking about it, I finally decided to take away my life, I have with me 45 mg of Xanax, + Rivotril + Zolpidem, is it enough? I want to make sure it is! Please help me!

  214. I weigh about 229lbs. I’m 21 yr. And I’ve been prescribed .25 xnax. If I take 1 before I goto sleep because of my fast heart rate will I be ok.

    1. Hi Mac. You can drive him to the ER, they may have his stomach pumped and can give him medications. Or if he starts getting bad reactions, Call 911. You can also Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert.

  215. I think Bobbi Kristina Brown took an overdose of xanax’s because if you take to many it can slowdown your heart and stop your breathing my opinion May God Bless You All In this timing.

    1. Hi quest5. You may experience bad reactions if you take that big of amount for the first time, or if your organism is not used to Xanax. You won’t overdose, although it way above the recommended doses. Just be careful and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you are not feeling well.

  216. Hi Cat. Yes, he should be seen by a doctor. It’s an unusual reaction that should be brought to a medical expert’s attention.

  217. My son weighs 220. Took a zany bar last night around 10pm. He is not able to walk or talk or have any motor control. It’s now 8am. Do I take him to the er?

  218. My girlfriend’s daughter is addicted to xanax. She was arrested for a car accident in which her level was 120ng/ml. How can anyone determine a person’s ability to drive when she has such a high tolerance (takes 5-8 2mg at a time)? Thank you

  219. Hi Jessie. You should take him to the ER. If the reactions become severe and you are unable to move him, Call 911.

  220. Hi Mike. 15 mg of xanax is way too much for an entire day, not to mention taking this whole amount at once. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment and suggestions on what to do. Don’t hesitate to Call 911 if it starts to knock you out.

  221. Hi Betty. Please convince your friend to stop taking more pills or alcohol. And get her to the hospital, she needs medical supervision if she has suicidal intentions.

  222. I took 45 mg of hydrcodone in a days time,I took my last one at 5 pm this evening then at 7 pm I took 1 1/2 mg of xanax,will that be ok…I get very nervous bout mixing drugs together

  223. my friend took 6mg of xanax and a glass of 48 proof whiskey, will he be okay? I think he’s probably going to try to take more if he doesn’t knock out with this

  224. Hello Ling. You can call the police and an ambulance. Your friend needs help and I believe these are the professionals that can take care off the situation without anyone getting hurt.

  225. Hi I had a call from a friend about 2 hours ago and he said he has taken 100 Tablets of 2mg xanax some crushed and some whole. He’s also was drinking but had run out when I talked with him. He refuses to go to hospital and has said that if anyone tries to help him he will kill them. I don’t know what to do and I also know he has more medications what are different and I am unsure of whether he has taken them. he said that he spewed a few times though so would that help? He did say that he could still see almost whole tablets when he spewed. what are his chances if he’s only taken the xanax of ODing?

  226. I took (4) 1 mg Xanax, double what I am supposed to take. I also take 40mg Paxil daily and 1mg Klonopin 3 times a day, I took the Xaxnax this morning and the other 2 last night.

  227. Hi Dede. It’s possible that the brain and body are just trying to heal and get back to normal after the overdose, and the process itself can cause effects. It should be over soon, as the brain chemicals return to homeostasis.

  228. Is it normal for someone to experience extreme fatigue three days after having a Xanax/alcohol/benzo overdose with a blackout period? This individual was seen at the hospital less than 48 hours after the overdose and given a good report through EKG and bloodtests. Why does the fatigue last so long? He has memory loss from the time he blacked out until he went to the hospital.

  229. my brother took 2 pills i dont know the dosage and he has been sleeping since 5ish this morning, we took him to the er at 730 bc we didnt know what he had taken, brought him home and he has been sleeping since 1030 and it is now 540. i am getting worried. to my knowledge this is the first time he has taken pills like this and i have never had any experience with taking these pills or seen anyone take them. should i be concerned now? the er dr said it would take a few hours for the effects to pass, but how long is too long and should i be worried?

  230. Hello Amber. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment and suggestions on what to do.

  231. Hello Kristina. Although not potentially life-threatening, it is not ok. If you feel severe side effects from the Xanax, if you mixed it with another drug or medication or alcohol, you need immediate medical help.

  232. my boyfriend took 3 pills and he was falling all over the place not talking or responding correctly! was he in danger by doin that if he doesn’t have a reason for taken them at all ?

  233. Hi friend. If you don’t have any tolerance to the medication, and are displaying symptoms of overdose, seek emergency medical attention or call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222.

  234. Hi Vanessa. He should be ok if he took 0.5 mg of Xanax. Has he taken Xanax before? If he’s not feeling well you can take him to the doctor’s.

  235. hi . my 51 year old dad drank supposedly .50 mg of xanax , after a while his face looked differently and he looked drowsy , confused …. is he gonna be okay? ive asked him if he feels okay and he says he does , he wont tell me if he feels bad or anything .

  236. Taken 1 0.5 yesterday and 1 0.5 today in the morn for anxiety am drinking alcohol this afternoon and evening I’m not going crazy will I feel ok x

  237. Hi Ease. 10mg of Xanax is a lot. The thing that your son has built up a tolerance can help, but it won’t be enough. He needs medical help ASAP.

  238. my son took 5 – 2mg xanax within a two hr period.. can he o.d. on. that dosage? Unfortunately he has built up a tolerance and Im very upset and frustrated.. his.weight is 155lbs and he was not drinking alcohol or using other drugs with the xanax intake. Please respond back with helpful jnformation and treatment options. My son is 18 with no insurance or.financial.aid.

  239. Hi Sara. It’s difficult to overdose on Xanax (alprazolam), but at really high doses it is possible. Otherwise, Xanax is know to be a relatively safe drug. How much exactly? This depends on many factors, including your body weight, previous exposure to Xanax, metabolism, etc. and it varies from person to person.

  240. After reading this article i got the understanding that you can not over dose on xanax by itself. So unless she mixes it with something else then she should be ok? How many mg of xanax is lethal?

  241. I took 2 (2mg) pills that had been prescribed to my dog for separation anxiety last year. Since the bottle was for 1 pill and she is 50 lbs. I took 2 pills since i’m 136lne. Can’t get to of the fog and can’t think straight even though it has been over 12 hours since I took the pills. Husband hartp dress me this morning. As you can still see I can’t type to eve myself. What should I do to wake nysef up and functopj tpau.

  242. Hello Anthony. Mixing these two medication is not very safe. Has a doctor given you a percsription for both? They both act as central nervous system depressants and when taken together, each med enhances the other one’s effects.

  243. Hello I was reading your story about your husbands addiction and the way it also affected you. I broke down after reading that, Me and my husband have been together for 7 years and i love him so much that it hurts at times, Your story sounds like my life right now. I am struggling with him to get past this addiction. I feel like i have failed him and i just don’t know what i can do anymore, It’s almost like i have giving up before even started. I have gone into such a deep depression and feel like i have lost myself.. I try to get him to go to rehab, AA meetings and even tried reaching out to his family but none of that seems to help. He is aware of his addiction and says he wants help but when i have my hand out for him to grab he walks away… I just feel as if it would be better to move on with my life, But it would be so hard for me to walk away. Love isn’t just a light you can switch off. And I want nothing more in this world than My Family. They are all i have…..

  244. Hi Ivana. I’m taking xanax, like 1mg or 2,5mg per day + zoloft + haldol (antidepressants, anti psychotic) and i became addicted to Codeine Promethazine, (lean).
    I’m taking lean and all my treatment everyday. Is it dangerous? Mixing xanax with codeine?
    Everything is so blurry right now, i feel like I’m about to fall asleep 24/7.
    Thank you

  245. I just had a engagement broken off by my girl friend because she is convinced I am addicted to hydrocodone! Yes, I have taken hydrocodone for the past 2 or 3 years for chronic knee pain from arthritis, but generally it only bothers me when playing golf or walking a good bit. I have never taken over 2, 7.5MG in one day that I can ever remember! I do not get up in the morning and grab a hydrocodone to prevent any future pain. I don’t walk around with a bottle of it, just in case I have pain. I have found that Aleve actually does a good job, by taking 2 each morning and the knee doesn’t bother me.
    How many 7.5MG hydrocodone would you have to take to become addicted?

  246. Hi Toby. Everyone has different brain chemistry, so the time it takes for people to become dependent to a medication isn’t a general thing. I believe you won’t be getting any withdrawal symptoms from the Xanax or from the Adderall. One week is just not enough time and you say it was in small dosages.

  247. Hello Ivana,
    A week ago I stopped taking vicodin. I had been taking at least 12+pills daily for over a year. I knew that I was addicted from taking them too long post surgery. I kept taking them because I was so afraid of the withdrawals. I took 1 Xanex each evening for the past week and 1 adderoll for the last 4 days to function in the morning. Well today I am not feeling great, but I am functional. My fear is that I didn’t take the adderoll today and I don’t plan to take the Xanex tonight or any drug ever again. My question is do you think I might start to suffer W/D symptoms from the Adderoll and Xanex after using small amounts for 1 week? I am not craving them.

  248. Hi John. If you are feeling unwanted side-effects, then Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. They will give you guidence and advise you if you need further medical assistance.

  249. I take 20 mg or more of adderall every day cause i have a lot to study.. is it ok to mix it with xanax 1mg for my anxiety..?

  250. my friend has taken about 75 mg of xanax
    he has also taken about 500ml of alcohol around six hours back…
    is it dangerous?

  251. my friend has taken 50 mg ox xanax and 500 ml of alcohol almost six hours back and now he is unconscious…
    is it dangerous??

  252. I was taking .5mg of xanax 4x daily due to severe panic attacks. My doc bumped it up to 1mg, 4x daily. I’m scared it’s to much. I don’t want to overdose myself or get so disfunctional that I can’t drive or take care of my daughter. What do you think?

  253. Hello Megan. The body bulds tolerance to Xanax fast, this makes doses that used to give effects before, not produce the wanted effects any more. Talk to your doctor about this. If you continue taking more pills and you have less prescribed, you’ll run out of Xanax and go through withdrawal.

  254. I’m 14 years old and have severe anxiety and panic disorder. I am supposed to take one tablet (1 mg) at night (school is a trigger for me). I noticed it wSnt doing anything and added half a pill more. Since then I’m at two. Occasionally three. It doesn’t seem to be much of a problem but I also take other prescribed medications so should I cut back? Is this dangerous? (I know this isn’t a smart thing to do, I’ve built up a tolerance and now one just doesn’t stop a panic attack)

  255. Hi Mo. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222, or have someone drive you to the ER. If things get worse Call 911.

  256. Please help I took .25 of xanax at 12 pm and then another .25 at 4pm I started drinking at 7pm I drank like 6 drinks and i stopped at 9:15 pm it’s 1:05 am and im very anxious and im feeling like I will have a panic attack my doctor won’t answer can I take my .25 xanax pill to calm down and make me sleep ? I NEED HELP

  257. I have been prescribed 2mg xanax 3 times a day. this was not working for my anxiety, so i started taking 10mg every morning. I feel like that is not enough to last me through the work day. I have tried to make another appoitment with my psychologist, but havent been able to set one up. is more than 10mg safe to take? I am already increasing my dose and wont have enough to last me for my nexy refill. I try to save them on the weekends so that i can have more for the work week or when i get out of the house. Even at home I need it, but force myself not to take it because i dont want to run out for the work week. Is 10mg too much to take at once to feel normal. I feel like i need to up my dosage because the 10mg i take now is not lasting me all day.

  258. Xanax was the most helpful drug I have ever been on for panic attacks. to overdose to me would require about seven . Ive taken four NP! NO PROBLEM…FOR TRAUMA. then six later in the day. TRY NOT TO MIX IT WITH OTHER MEDS THAT HAVE A SEDATIVE EFFECT. most overdoses are from needles.

  259. I take 300 mg of effexor 150 bid…and 2 xanax 1 mg qpm along with up 300 mg of benadryl to go to sleep…i esp. have thoughts of suicide when on xanax..but i feel im at at the end of my rope.im in esp. bad shape right now but am ashamed to tell anyone.

  260. My fiancé is in the hospital right now unconscious from taking 60 2mg xanax bars. I had to rush her to the ER and the whole experience has been horrible. She has been unconscious and on a breathing machine for two days. I hight suggest you hide this drug from anyone who is depressed or has addiction problems. This drug can kill you depending on the person. Even worse it can render you unconscious and you will be stuck on a breathing machine in a coma with potential brain damage. I’d rather die. We are certinley hoping she comes out of the coma soon. She is a healthy 31 year old women and this was the method she chose to play with death. If you have them, be careful.

  261. Hi Haley. I’d suggest that you seek help from the Poison Control Center to know what to do. Call 1-800-222-1222 for more information.

  262. I have bad anxiety and I.am.also a recovering drug addict I injected 10 to 11 xanax alprazolam about 20 moms ago I’m.scared of overdose what should I do someone please help

  263. hello…I need some advice/help here. My brother has been prescribed Zanax by his Dr., but at this point and time, he ‘definitely’ is abusing them! He comes here looking like a Zombie, nods out while eating to the point where he is almost perpendicular to the floor, denies he has a problem, and if he tries to get off of them, he gets seizures.
    His excuse is that it is prescribed by his Dr., and he ‘has-to’ take them, so it is ok with him. He can’t have a normal conversation with people because he begins to cry. Not because he knows he’s addicted, but because his mind has turned into ‘mush’ and his mind turns on the waterworks.
    In addition to Zanax addiction, his ‘other Dr.’ has him on Soboxone. Sobo 8mg x3 a day & Zanies x3 a day. If you were to see him, you would swear he is a walking dead person. One night he went to my sisters house, locked himself in her bathroom for ‘over’ 2hrs., and I had to go there to coax him out. “He was howling at the moon like a wolf” for over an hour!
    He has a high paying job, wife, 5 kids. What can I do? How can I get him help? I don’t want him losing everything. Already he has had 4-5 car accidents. He’s gonna kill himself or worse…some innocent pedestrian or person. Help me! How do I convince him that he has a problem and that he needs help?

  264. Hi, Michael. Call The Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert. They offer a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose. But, if things get worse, Call 911 EMEDIATLEY.

  265. My friend just took 18 pills and a half bottle of johnny walker red. He’s in the military and suffers from PTSD from active duty and does not want his record tarnished . We are telling him to go to the hospital but he is refusing. Should we be worried? The pills are 2mg each.

  266. I was rushed to ER unconscious. They determined that I had pneumonia and sepsis. I was going into kidney failure. The night before I had taken my prescribed dose of Xanax, two 1 mg XR. The ER physician also told my family that I had overdosed. I am in the process of obtaining my medical records, and wanted to know what the range was for an overdose to be determined ( family was told that I had to have taken at least 10 ). They also blamed kidney failure on this. This has caused me a great deal of stress, family blaming me, friends looking at me differently, rumors being started and it is untrue. I also researched Xanax and kidney failure and what I have determined is that respiratory system would be affected before kidneys. Can you also address this for me? I would greatly appreciate any help in proving myself. I really believe that once it is determined that patient has a controlled substance in their system that they are labeled a junkie. They didn’t know anything about me or why I was taking medication.

  267. Hello Janet. Call The Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose and instructions on what to do next.

  268. I’m feeling very tired, I’m going on to bed. I think I’ve learned a good lesson tonight, and plan to seek help tomorrow. Thanks

  269. I’ve been on Xanax for ten years or so. I keep taking more and more to try to keep the anxiety at a tolerable level. Tonight I took 8 or 10mg, I can’t remember. What is the best thing to do?

  270. Tina, Call The Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert. Or if you see he’s getting worse don’t hesitate to Call 911.

  271. Hello Judy. The sedative effects of these drugs can be potentially harmful, especially if your organism hasn’t built up tolerance. If they are taken in combination, it should be under a doctor’s supervision. Users can also overdose on these drugs by accident, and there is a potential for “suffocating” due to severely depressed breathing. Get professional medical assistance ASAP.

  272. Hello Saran. 4mg is a very high dose for someone with no tolerance. You are probably fealing really relaxed and loose, but Xanax is notorious for memory loss. People have reported blacking out and doing some things they won’t remember doing. Most likely it won’t stop you from breathing as higher doses can, but may make you sedated to the point where you become a danger to yourself and others, especially when driving or taking other substances (like alcohol or narcotic pain medicines).

    You can Call The Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone asesment of the risk of overdose and advise on what to do next. If you’re experiencing worse symptoms Call 911.

  273. I’m on methadone about 75mg and have been for three years. I stopped doing Xanax, then started again. I’m “prescribed” 2mg daily at the most. I’m an addict, of course, I don’t follow instruction very well and normally never worry…but my best friend died march 12 this year and it messed me up and scared me at the same time. Now I’m mixing the 75mg methadone and from 6mg-14mg of Xanax. Am I gonna be OK? Plz respond anyone that can

  274. Hi Ronnie. Taking your Xanax in any way other than prescribed is considered abuse. Your prescribing doctor or pharmacist at your local pharmacy can help you figure out if it stopped working because you’re building up tolerance, and figure out a safe way to get the wanted effect. I wouldn’t suggest playing around with Xanax.

  275. Debbie,Please its not worth it. Just take a couple, take a deep breath and go to sleep. I like to imagine that even in death there are still problems. I too have had that thought many times and acted once. I just wound up making myself extremely I’ll. And I know there is someone out there who would LOVE for you to be around. I know that the millisecond I read your post I knew, without a doubt, that I still wanted Debbie around and how I bet shes a pretty cool person! Deep breath.

  276. Please, don’t think that you can’t overdose on Xanax. It cost my 20 year old son his life. Nothing else was in his system, only Xanax. His tolerance was low because he was 54 days clean. The only time in his life I actually wish his tolerance had been greater. He left a 7 month old son that will never know his Daddy and a brokenhearted momma. Just so sad…

  277. I wish everyone would stop taking Xanax. It is over prescribed, highly addictive, and dangerous. I have seen so many people detox off of Xanax, have seen people overdose, and have seen this drug take over people’s lives. COPING SKILLS are what people need to learn, develop, and practice to deal with anxiety. Counseling also needs to play a major role if not the primary role. Drugs will only mask what is causing your anxiety. A lot of these questions need to be answered by physicians. Do not play pharmacist! Seek help from health care professionals, and seek help if you are having any abnormal effect from the drug or call poison control.

  278. Been on 2 mg qid for long time. Want to stop but I know it jas to decrease slowly. Question is how long does that usually take to minimize withdrawal effect?

  279. Dear Sir/Mam,
    I Rajesh From India Gujarat.Now I take Alprazilam 0.5 10 pills/Day.If I Take Some Time Late my Mind Cant Work And I fiil Difrent(Not Positive)Other Problem Is It’s Very Ifact To Intercourse .
    I Can Not Reguller Intercourse or Can’t Fill About Intimacy..If I Not Take 8 to 10 pills /day. My hall Boddy Can’t work.
    Dear Sir I Very Afaraid I sure going to coma Or may be kiil. So please I want to leave It Fast Please Help Me.What I do.
    Your Regard
    Rajesh Patel.

  280. Hello Heidi. Was he mixing any other drugs with Xanax? Your description sounds as if other CNS depressants (Benzos, opiates/opioids, alcohol) could have been in his system at the same time.

  281. I keep reading that it is impossible to overdose on Xanex. I take .5 mg as needed with no more than 3 pills daily. This weekend my boyfriend came over and without my knowledge got into my xanex. He is 185 lbs and doesn’t drink. He told me a few min later he took 4 pills totaling 2mg. Within 10 min he was stumbling around, incoherent, and then fell over face first and was completely limp and unresponsive. ..still breathing though. He was out cold for 6 hours doesn’t remember much. If you supposedly can’t overdose, what the hell possibly happened?

  282. Hi my girlfriend died on March1 2014 from over dose on xanax she choked on her throw up wen she was sleeping can that really happened

  283. I weigh 370, I stupidly thought this about xanax, that it would take lots of mg to overdose. I took a total of 40 mg on my prescription. The fire department and ambulance had to come and get me. I was in intensive care, I was apparently acting weird saying random things. I had to have a catheter put in. I couldn’t walk, I was hospitalized for two days. I don’t remember a thing. The doctor thought my mom was mistaken that I had taken 40 mg because that would have arrested the breathing in a normal person. To give you an idea, A friend of my ex was addicted to benzos took at the most 10 mg a day, and he was an extreme case. It is a urban legend about Xanax being hard to overdose on!!!

  284. Hello, recently, I was prescribed 0.5mg of Xanax as needed but not to exceed 6 within 4 hours. I believe I built a tolerance (often having anxiety attacks) so I took 4 pills. I was a bit “high,” but not for longer than 10 minutes and only because the effects hit me very late. By then, I was exhausted from the attack and I believe the exhaustion plus the sudden effect overwhelmed me a little.

    However, my friend believes this counts as an overdose, even though I only followed my prescription.

    Was this an overdose?

  285. Its literally impossible to OD on Xanax. Literally. I have tried multiple times. In fact, just last night, I took 4 800mg Metaxalone, I took 12 Xanax, I took 8 Benadryls to keep it all down, and on top of that I took 4 Aldactone (to srop my blood pressure), and then a Pristiq. I had 5 Ibuprofens AND 70% proof liqour (half a bottle)…. Its almost impossible to OD. Trust me. Ive tried 4 times.

  286. About 10 hrs ago I took one .25mg of xanax and I just took 50mg an over the counter sleep aid (diphenhydramine). I didn’t know if it was ok.so I started googling. I should of done it before I took it. I am a little freak out now. Will I be ok since it’s been 10 hrs?

  287. my son recently was arrested and had toxicology work done on his blood. The following drugs and amounts were detected…Buprenorphine-3.4ng/mL, Clonazepam-18 ng/mL,
    Norbuprenorphine-2ng/mL, 7-AminoClonazepam11ng/mL
    Alprazolam-210ng/mL, Alpha-Hydroxyalprazolam-10ng/mL, D Delta-9CarboxyTHC-29ng/mL. could you please interpret this in laymans terms and also explain what the various amounts indicate as far as any amounts that appear over dose possibilities. While some of these meds were prescribed for him he obviously wasn’t taking them properly and has no memory of that day nor the following, and is quite confused concerning this whole episode. Any information you could give us will be very helpful. Thank you.

  288. I took a bar and a half of green Xanax bars last night and half a bar this afternoon. im throwing up do I need to go to the er.

  289. Hello Miranimal. Do a Google search using these keywords:

    site:.gov drug overdose alprazolam coma

    All my best to you and your family.

  290. Please provide me with some useful information regarding patient brain dead after overdose. My cousin has been “ASLEEP” for about 4 days. We are not sure what’s going to happen, what can be expected or what can be done…. Please let me know ANY AND EVERYTHING that may be able to educate us on the situation

  291. Hello Annie. You’ll need to seek professional medical advice from your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist for an accurate answer to your very specific questions. Best of luck!

  292. For about 3 years, I have had to take Xanax when I fly, which is about 2-4 times a year, to deal with severe claustrophobia in air planes. I do not take Xanax, or anything like it aside from that at all. Over time the amount I have had to take has increased. The first time I took 5 or 6 0.25 mg pills in an 8 hour period, now I have to take about 8 0.25 mg pills: 5-6 pills in the 3 hrs before the flight, and then another 1-2 pills when I am about to board.

    In a few days I need to travel for about 18 hrs, which includes 2 flights, the second one being the more claustrophobic one. I still have my pills left over, but I need to find out how many mgs I can take in an 8 hr period, in a 16 hr period, and 24 hr period in the worst case scenario, and my doctor is on vacation.

    I think I need 2 grams (8 pills) for the first 11.5 hr flight, and another 2 mgs (8 pills) for the second flight of 3 hrs (this one is short, but ten times more claustrophobic). Could this hurt me, or is this an acceptable dose? I am 31 years old, 5’11” and about 130 lbs. I’m traveling with my husband so drowsiness is not a worry.

  293. My son is 22 and took 5 1mg of xanax and has been sleeping all day and is out of it. He is prescribed Gabapentin, escitalopram and quetiapine, I’m not sure if I should still give him those that the dr. gave him since he took xanax that was not prescribed to him? Please let me know. Thank you

  294. Zaatrix Angel have u tried any real sleep meds ambien wich has worked for me in thepastbut i is a narcotic. i found that eliva amitritylive is amazin and none narcotic hope that will help ive always had extreme sleep issues

  295. xanax has basicly saved my life like is said sry for ur lss but mabey the meadcicine wasnt taken as prescibed if prescribed at all,,,,!!!!!!!

  296. it killed my sister in law they say she died of an unintentional overdose….she aspirated on her own vomit her jaw locked up . They need to take this drug off of the market it is very dangerous if it had not been for Xanax she would still be here. all she did was take it just like the doctor said..

  297. hi my friend has taken 6 alprazolam 0.5mg tablets. is there any risk?????????
    her weigh is 75 kg and height is 5.3 and age 29 years

  298. Hello Kristen. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. Death from overdose just doesn’t seem to make sense. I hope that you experience peace in knowing that you nephew is in a better place.

    For the symptoms that you describe, I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. You’ll need medical advice from professionals to take the best course of action. Please let us know if we can help further.

  299. I have been in terrible emotional pain for about two weeks and two days. I lost my nephew to an overdose. I have not been sleeping very well. I woke up this morning at five and only had a couple of hours of sleep. I took 8 2mg bars of xanax. It’s been ten hours since I did this. I am really shakey and my heart is beating realy fast. Could this be a panic attack? Or over dose symptoms

  300. Hi Rani. I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. What do the doctors say? They should know best about the prognosis.

  301. Hi,

    My friend has taken 10mg of alprazolam with 300ml of Vodka followed by another 10mg of alprazolam. He is in unconscious and under observation now. Is there any risk for his life?

  302. Hi BJ. The only way to diagnose possible brain injury is to seek the counsel of a neurologist and to undergo diagnostic procedures, such as an MRI or CT-scan. These brain imaging procedures can help pin point possible injury…but they are expensive and may not be necessary. Consult with a family doctor first and then seek a referral to a neurologist, if necessary.

  303. Ok so I was really stupid and drank 9 beers and took 6mg of Klonopin and maybe 20mg of flexeril(muscle relaxer). I woke up and was fine but I’m worried that if I had respiratory depression if that may have caused brain damage that is not noticeable. Is this likely?

  304. Hi Zaatrix, Talk to a psychologist about your anxiety! While a normal part of our modern human life, anxiety should not hold you hostage while you try to sleep. Lifestyle changes can help, as can meditation. But taking so much Xanax is not good for you, either!

  305. hello,
    my doctor gave me a 1mg prescription, taken three times a day as needed.
    But I have to take it to sleep, b