Xanax withdrawal side effects

Normal Xanax withdrawal side effects include restlessness, anxiety, and fatigue. But stopping Xanax suddenly can also induce seizures, psychosis, and suicide. More here on potential side effects during Xanax withdrawal here.

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Withdrawal side effects of Xanax

When you stop taking Xanax (alprazolam) after weeks or months of daily use, it’s normal to experience side effects. In fact, the group of symptoms associated with Xanax cessation are called Xanax withdrawal symptoms. And although detoxing from Xanax can provoke serious side effects, how do you know if symptoms of Xanax withdrawal are normal? What if you require medical help?

Keep reading if you would like to know more about how Xanax withdrawal can affect you and what to expect with Xanax side effects. For example, Xanax withdrawal lasts how long? Then, we invite your questions about Xanax withdrawal at the end.

Withdrawal effects of Xanax

Xanax (alprazolam) is an extremely effective mood stabilizer which is prescribed to treat anxiety. Xanax effects the GABA receptors in the brains which calms the “nerves”, taking care of anxiety or panic disorders.

Part of its effectiveness is due to the fact that alprazolam is a short acting benzodiazepine. However, you can become dependent on Xanax quickly and the longer you use Xanax, the greater the body will rely on its presence to keep body functions normal. So, withdrawal is a process by which your body tries to regulate itself after a period of physical dependence when Xanax is no longer in the body. While the central nervous system normalizes, your body experiences pain and discomfort.

Withdrawal can occur for a few reasons and at different times. You can trigger withdrawal by missing a dose of Xanax. Or you can trigger Xanax withdrawal effects when you significantly decrease regular dosing amounts or frequency. Finally, Xanax withdrawal effects occur when stop taking Xanax cold turkey (dangerous, and not recommended). But what are the exact effects of Xanax withdrawal?

Effects of Xanax withdrawal

You may not want to hear this, but Xanax is one of the hardest medications to withdraw from. The effects of withdrawal from Xanax can be very uncomfortable and potentially risky because Xanax withdrawal can induce seizures, psychosis, and suicide (especially if you don’t taper your doses). Not only can withdrawal side effects mimic being sick, but the symptoms that Xanax was originally used to treat (anxiety, panic, depression, etc.) can resurface and may be worse than before. The physical and mental discomfort of getting off Xanax compound the experience of withdrawal. Side effects of Xanax withdrawal can include:

  • anxiety
  • abdominal cramps
  • confusion
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • fear
  • increased blood pressure
  • panic attacks
  • paranoid psychosis
  • restlessness
  • seizures
  • severe skin rash
  • speech problems
  • tremors
  • vomiting

Furthermore, stopping Xanax suddenly can be dangerous and can make post-acute withdrawal more likely in the months after acute withdrawal. Most doctors don’t recommend decreasing alprazolam doses by more than 50% at a time. However, even if you slowly taper off Xanax you can still experience symptoms of withdrawal in terms of mood and temperament changes. Exepct some form of withdrawal side effect as your body tries to re-establish homeostasis.

Side effects of Xanax withdrawal

Xanax reacts with specific sites in the brain which directly affect mood and serotonin regulation. This makes withdrawal a complicated and dangerous process. Below are several complication that can occur because of a sudden discontinuation of Xanax.

Psychosis: If you stop taking Xanax too quickly, detox can result in psychosis and spark suicidal thoughts or other harmful behaviors. If this occurs, you should be admitted to a hospital so that you can be monitored and helped through the process of withdrawal without harming yourself.

Post-acute withdrawal (PAWS): This set of symptoms occurs in the weeks to months after initial Xanax withdrawal. Post acute withdrawal side effects associated with Xanax include discomfort, difficulties with sleeping, and mild irritation. If you experience PAWS, it is important to know what is going on and to attribute symptoms to this condition. You can help treat Xanax PAWS with natural and over the counter sleeping aids, supplements, and daily exercise to help regulate withdrawal side effects.

Seizures: One serious side effect of sudden Xanax withdrawal include seizures. Carbamazepine or another type of anticonvulsant can be prescribed and administered to control seizures induced by alprazolam withdrawal. These medications can help manage side effects of Xanax withdrawal as well as the tremors that can occur during withdrawal.

Xanax withdrawal side effects treatment

You can trigger serious withdrawal effects when you stop taking Xanax withdrawal cold turkey. This is why the best form of Xanax Withdrawal and Detox Treatment includes a slow taper off alprazolam UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION. When you withdraw in this way, you allow the body time to regulate without alprazolam. Because so much can go wrong during Xanax withdrawal, tapering is the most frequentlyrecommended treatment for Xanax withdrawal side effects

Further, if you are suffering from addiction to Xanax, don’t withdraw on your own. Seek out a Xanax detox center and treatment facility that can help you withdraw safely, treat side effects, and address the psychological aspects of withdrawal. There are ways you can treat Xanax addiction and withdrawal side effects simultaneously, but you’ll need medical help.

Xanax withdrawal side effects questions

Do you have any Xanax withdrawal side effects questions? Please, if you still have questions regarding the side effects of Xanax withdrawal ask. We will get back to your questions as quickly as we can.

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  1. I have been on and off Xanax since before thanksgiving of 2018 for nervers / seizures etc . I am coming of it makes me feel to weird . And now I am doing this I feel like I have the flu and my whole body feels warm . I get ill very fast when I was on it one reason of just many reasons and another one is sleep walking . Does anyone feel like they have the flu when they come of this mess and there skin burning .

  2. I have been on Xanax for over five years and am currently tapering off of it I went from .5mg 3x a day to .5 twice a day. I have not slept for days and have had more panic attacks and my anxiety level is higher I know those are side effects from the withdrawal but now I have a rash that is hot and itches real bad is that a side effect?

    1. Hi Amy. You may need to taper it more slowly. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Moreover, you may look into the Ashton Manual: http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  3. I have been slowly tapering off my Xanax over the past 8 months and have been dealing with withdrawals for the same amount of time and have also gained about 30 lbs can tapering and withdraaling contribute to my weight gain ?

  4. I told myself I would post something when I felt better because I felt I owed it to the online community and I didn’t feel like I saw enough success stories.
    So, I was on 4mg of xanax a day for a few years and I tapered down by going to the manufacturers website and basically doubled the schedule they recommended so it took twice as long. My side effects lasted about 8-12 months and really included a very wide range of what is published. The severity tapered down as well over time with the first few months being the worst. It was pretty rough but I got through it. After a year there were really no more side effects. The purpose of this post is just to encourage those of you who are going through the withdrawal symptoms. It does get better. Good luck.

  5. I have been taking Xanax for years for anxiety. I started at .25 then .50 and finally 1.0 mg. I was so ignorant and uneducated about all of this and never researched. I was actually having withdrawals while taking it because it is short acting. I did not relate that. Anyway, I stopped cold turkey 6 days ago and haven’t slept yet. I feel so much better than the first 3 days. My problem is that I do fine all day long. I actually felt great today. But if I try to lay down to sleep I get all the weird side effects. My question is, can I still have a seizure at this point or am I beyond that? That scares me more than anything. I have never had a seizure. Thank you for a quick reply.

    1. Hi Karen. It’s great that you’re doing fine… Have you tried some alternative medication such as Valerian root, melatonin or Chamomile to help you sleep? If not, try them. It might work. During the first hours of Xanax withdrawal, you are at highest risk of seizures. However, I suggest that you consult with your doctor about your concerns. Also, take a look into the Ashton Manual: http://www.benzo.org.uk/manual/
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  6. I have been on xanax for 30 years for sentral nerve disorder of the brain I’m needing to know how I can get off of them is there another drug to help get off of the xanax they put me on them for seizure’s

    1. Hi Marta. Generally, Xanax is reduced at a rate of 10% weekly. But each person is different and is given individualized instruction. It is not advised that you stop taking Xanax cold turkey as the symptoms can be severe and life threatening, especially if you’re abusing Xanax. Always avoid alcohol when taking Xanax, even during withdrawal. To safely get off of Xanax you should consult a physician or other medical professional.

  7. Hello,
    I have been on xanax for many years and my new Internist has cut down the dosage (in half) to none. I’m down experiencing increase in appetite and weight gain! Is that normal??

  8. I’ve been taken Valium/ Xanax for 41 year due to a nervous condition I have. My Dr. told me on Monday, she was not going to refill my Xanax and didn’t give me any reason why. I am 60 years old have a lot of health issues and now I am on disability. Not sure what I need to do. Please send me some info on this. Thank you

  9. I’ve been taking Xanax for 10 years for anxiety and panic attacks. I have been suffering from depression my doctor increased the 0.5 mg to 3 x’s a day I complained of sleeping to much so he said cut the pill in half which I did but now all I do is cry! He said that is all he can do. I would like to get off of it completely I also take Wellbutrin and buspar I need help I’m always tired depressed too

  10. at what dose of coming off it will effect you. will 1 mg and to 1//2 mg then a quarter of a mg then can you stop cold turkey

  11. I recently stop taking xanax cold turkey and after five days I had a granD Mal seizure and still waiting to see if it was not a mini stoke. Worse possible thing someone could go through. I had the stroke, or seizure and it’s been 6 days and I’m still not right in the least. During the seizure I though I was gonna die and

  12. Hi can someone help me with a taper plan please? I was taking .25 mg Xanax at bedtime from 11/2014 through 10/2015 and slowly got down to 0.171875 mg roughly. I would like thoughts on best way to successfully and safely finish please

    1. Hi, Kelly. I’d advise you to speak with a doctor or a pharmacist who can help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  13. You cannot go cold turkey, you should be under supervision. I have been on Xanax for years as high as 4. Mg and I’m withdrawing with very little side effects. You have to go down a quarter of a dose every 2 weeks or longer. I am now down to .75 mg and will wait for my body to adjust. I will get headaches and confusion, but they will stop shortly. You need to let your body tell you how slow you should go, BUT YOU CAN NOT GO DOWN FAST OR COLD TURKEY…IT IS NOT GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN AND BODY TO DO SO!!!!!! Talk to your pharmacist at least. You might have to go up a little to calm down, and slowly withdraw again.

  14. Hi. How long should withdrawal symptoms last? Took .5mg for about 2months. Started tapering to .25mg per day. Severe chest pains n lost of appetite, gas throughout. When will it end?

    1. Hi, Oliver. Usually, Xanax withdrawal may last anywhere from several weeks to several months. But the major withdrawal symptoms should resolve within a month. However, Xanax affects each person differently, depending on the dosage amount and frequency you’ve been prescribed as well as how long you’ve been taking Xanax. Each withdrawal period is unique.

  15. I have chronic anxiety. . I’ve been on 12 mg/of Xanax/day for 16 years. I was recently rushed to the ER because of withdrawing cold turkey. I spent a week in the hospital detoxing, another 2 weeks on Xanax 1mg 2x’s/day. I’m now on 1mg of klonipin 3x’s/day. I’m still suffering from mild anxiety. I was wondering how long it would take before I start feeling normal?

    1. HI Smckay. It is possible to experience mild withdrawal symptoms from lowering your dose. But, they should be gone in about a week or two.

  16. I have been taking half the regular dosage of 0.5 mg. I have cut the dosage down for the last week and haven’t taken any for 4days. I feel a little uncomfortable but I am going to start taking it again tonight because it calms me and I need it for sleep. I have been taking this for many years and take it under a des. Watch

  17. I tapered too fast and was having paranoid/ocd psychosis,will this go away.i just up dosed to before my fast taper? Only been taking for 6 weeks. Half .25 mg twice a day

  18. I have taken xanax for well over 10 yrs.ive had 5 seizures trying to quit.I finally detoxed .since then ive sporadically tAken them. Do and will these seizures stAy with me every time I stop?? and how much damage to my brain do they cause??

    1. Hi George. You can go to a detox clinic and go through the process under medical care to avoid bigger risks while quitting Xanax. This benzodiazepine medication is one of the hardest ones to stop, but medical staff can significantly lower the discomfort of unwanted effects. They can also use medications to prevent seizures until you are in the clear.

  19. I stopped Xanax 3 weeks ago after years of use, I have no issues with anxiety but have had pressure in my bladder and rectum area. Wondering if this could be a side effect of stopping xanax or something related to my recent hysterectomy.
    any advise is welcome

    1. Hi Smrati. Is he willing to get help for his addiction? If not, intervention is one approach to get him to accept that there is a problem and accept treatment. Stopping Xanax abruptly is not recommended at all. The treatment program should involve gradual tapering of doses as well as therapy sessions and counseling. I’d advise you to contact our trusted treatment providers through the helpline number displayed on our page to get better informed about the treatment options fit for your relative. You can also search online for treatment centers in your area here: https://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/TreatmentLocator/faces/quickSearch.jspx

  20. I quit cold turkey zanax….i feel much better than before when i was taking them…(for 3 years) i do have some nausea and headaches and some chills since i quit..its been 6 days since…..i dont wanna go back but please tell me how can i control these side effects and not jeopardise my life or the life of my loveones….thank you.

  21. 55 in a nursing home. Took xanax..off it for a year now back on it. I am dizzy all the time…Have a under active thyroid medication synthroid is making me dizzy. Had sinus surgery dang

  22. I’ve been taking Xanax for about 2 months for sleep aid. 0.25 my Dr said to take 1/2 pill 2x a day for 5 days then 1/2 pill for 5 days, then 1/2 pill every other day for 5 days…Does that sound right?

  23. I’ve been taking a 0.25 pill at night to sleep for the last 2 months, how should I adjust the tapering off, I want to quit. thank you

    1. Hi Marti. Yes, tapering will be the best way to come off Xanax and least stressful for your organism too. Although your dose is not that high, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. You can be prepared by having some general over-the-counter medications at home to help you treat the symptoms as they arise. Or you can buy specific medicines as you feel the withdrawal effects.

  24. I have been taking xanax for 6 years. Began taking 0.5 mg to help me sleep. Over the years my usage was as high as 4 mg per day. Went “partially cold turkey” by stopping completely except for one mg. at bedtime about 5 weeks ago. Had the shakes for about two weeks but since feel emotionally numb and completely apathetic. I’ve always been a worrier with anxiety and bouts of depression so this “state” that I am in now is a blessing in many ways. Things that would normally upset me or cause great anxiety mean nothing to me now. I feel more “at peace.” Not happy, not sad just existing and hope it won’t go away. I no longer hurt or feel worried all the time. I’ve been down the anti-depressant road and am not interested in doing that again. Has anyone experienced anything like this? Does anyone have an opinion on whether this is just temporary or maybe I’ve experienced some brain damage that will allow me to continue feeling this way. People say you don’t want to live your life this way, but I do…it’s far better than the alternative.

  25. I was prescribed .5ml 6 months ago. I’m attempting to come off completely under doctor supervision. Started .25 last week. Headaches are the only side effect.

  26. I discontinued Alprazolam cold turkey and had a stroke in my eye with permanent loss of vision. Could this be the reason?

  27. I have been taking alprazolam for 16 yrs now. My script says to take one to two pills 3 times a day but I love had to take one full .5 in the morning and half a pill every two hrs. Just withing the last week I started developing withdrawal effect of it even though I’m still taking it. Any thoughts?

  28. my doctor did not taper me down, no she simply CUT ME OFF!!! Im now experiencing the ABSOLUTE worst side effects. she got me on the pills 8 yrs ago and when I asked about the side effects and the possibility of addiction to this drug, “we will worry about that later”, well its later and im hating it. I’ve been unable to sleep, unable to eat and worst of all, im ready to kill my husband

  29. Hello again, Justin. I really can’t tell you what’s better. It’s understandable you need to be ready and functioning for work, but you wouldn’t want to substitute one medicine for another. If you are willing to do it, you can see a doctor, make a plan, a tapering plan and follow through. On the other hand, your system has just started to return to homeostasis, and taking more benzodiazepines can prolong the healing process.

  30. Ivana, thank you very much for your response. I have another question. I was prescibed 4mg (never abused) a day of Xanax for 5 years and wanted to stop so I went to a rapid detox for ten days and the PAWS (post acute withdrawls) are terrible. No sleep, no appetite, the worst anxiety ever and the list goes on. I am on week 4 out of detox now and they haven’t gotten any better. I really think I should have done a slow taper with my doctor. When and will this get better? I’ve been thinking about going to the dr and seeing if maybe I could get a longer acting benzo and taper down. My 45 day work release is almost up and I’m afraid of loosing my job due to the fact that I cannot focus on anything and not getting any sleep if going to effect my performance as well. I’ve tried melatonin and basically every otc for sleep that’s made and they do not help. Should I try to stay strong or go for the taper?

  31. Hello Justin. When stopping Xanax, you usually loose the appetite. You’d eat far less because you no longer have the food cravings created by the benzos, which is probably responsible for the weight loss. But to put your mind at rest, you can see the doctor.

  32. I was taking about 7 mg a day of xanax, then went almost 10 days without any. During that time I had every reaction to going cold turkey. Including severe detachment from reality. Severe halutionations. I believed 100% there were people in my house trying to poison and kill me. I am now back taking xanax but only 3 mg a day. I am still experiencing nerve problems and high heart rate. Still having nightmares. Is all of this ever going to stop? Am I going to have permanent nerve damage? I don’t want to leave my house and am afraid to be around people. Just the thought of doing that causes me severe panic attacks. Can anyone help me?

  33. Hello Caryn. I’d suggest that you seek medical help from a prescribing physician or even a psychiatrist, who can assess you, diagnose the issue, treat it, and provide you with more details about the long term effects of going cold turkey off Xanax. Best of luck to you.

  34. Can the side effects cause permanenet nerve or brain damage if you quit taking Xanax cold turkey without supervision from a medical professional? I am still experiencing nerve problems and my blood pressure won’t stabelize and I’m afraid of losing touch with reality again. I completely lost my mind and was living in a nightmare reality that was only in my mind. I am still scared. Please help!

  35. I have tapered off from 2 mgs daily to .25 after a month with doctor
    supervision. I am very successful with minimal withdrawal sx.
    I was advised to finish with only .25 for 10 days. So far good results.

  36. I have been taking xanax for 2 and a half months only – for sleep at about 1 to 1.5 mg. i am now in my second week of withdrawal and it has been horrendous. i tapered for 2 weeks, and all, but i have night time convulsions that last for about 4-5 hours, where i cannot be still at all and from my chest and gut surge these uncontrollable wave that convulse my whole body. i cannot be still at all – the only relief is continuously walking, pacing, all night long. i am wondering if anyone has any insight as to what this might be and if i should just hang in there. i am very determined not to take any benzos ever again, or any drugs for that matter. if anyone can might know from experience if this will eventually stop that would be so helpful. the hardest part is feeling like this will go on forever (already 15 days) and that i will no longer have a life – even though i am not taking these. Thank you for any advice or experience. i have heard of protracted withdrawal and wonder if that is what is happening…. it is unbearable, truly….

  37. Hello Brenda. Monitor your symptoms and call for help if you start feeling extreme anxiety, restlessness, or other Xanax withdrawal symptoms. You may have cleared the worst of the symptoms, but keep an eye out for protracted symptoms which can crop up after acute withdrawal.

  38. I was detoxed off Xanax in A MEDICAL FACILITY LAST WEEK. I was tapered off iwth the drug valium at 2 day inventervals, After 8 days I was released. I am now feeling just like I did before the detox. Is this normal or do I need to see a dr. asap?

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