Monday May 25th 2015


Does Antabuse help with alcohol cravings?

Yes and no. While Antabuse does not address cravings directly, it does make alcohol less attractive for problem drinkers. More on how Antabuse works for treatment of alcoholism here.

1 Is naltrexone addictive?

NO. Naltrexone is not addictive and has no potential for abuse. In fact, naltrexone helps people in recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction. Read more about what naltrexone is made of and how it's used, here.

Can (or should) you test yourself for addictions online?

A list of criteria to evaluate whether an online test for addiction is legit (or not). More here.

4 How to leave an addict? (Let go!)

If you are living with an addicted spouse or partner, what does it take to leave? A guide on how to address the fear and let go of an addict (for good) here.

1 How to help a Valium addict

Practical ways that you can start helping a Valium addiction NOW.

Is disulfiram addictive?

NO. Disulfiram is not addictive. On the contrary, disulfiram is a medication used to treat chronic alcoholism. We review more about disulfiram here.

2 Does Bunavail help with opiate addiction?

Yes, Bunavail can help address cravings for opiates. And Bunavail used as a part of a complete addiction treatment plan can help patients in recovery. How exactly? You can read on here.

Does Revia get you high?

No. Revia is a narcotic antagonist, a non-addictive medication that has no potential for abuse and doesn't get you high. Want to know more about Revia and its use. We review here.

3 How do I talk to my daughter about addiction?

A brief guide with tips for educating your daughter about the negative effects of drug use and addiction here.

Adderall detox symptoms

Symptoms which can occur during detox from Adderall include depression, anxiety, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. More here on which symptoms you can expect as you get off Adderall and how to address them.

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