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Detox from benzopdiazepines

When and how does cognitive function improve after benzo detox? We explore a new study that combines data taken at six (6) months after acute withdrawal from benzodiazepines. More here.

2 How to STOP enabling my drug addicted husband

A practical guide on how to stop enabling a drug addict. With a section at the end for your questions or comments.

How long does Vivitrol stay in your system?

Vivitrol injections trigger an initial, transient peak about 2 hours after administration, which is followed by a second peak occurring approximately 2-3 days after injection. More on how Vivitrol metabolizes here.

Is Revia addictive?

NO. Revia is a non-addictive and safe medication that has zero abuse potential - it doesn't get you high. Read more about what Revia is made of and how it's used here.

How long does Depade stay in your system?

The elimination half-life of naltrexone and the metabolite 6-ß-naltrexol ranges between 4 and 13 hours. However, Depade's duration of action will depend on your dosing schedule. More on the metabolism of Depade here.

REMS: Rethinking the Public Response to Drug Overdose Death

Educating prescribers about the risks of ER/LA pain medicines can have some impact on prevention of overdose deaths. Look at the statistics, approaches and what yet needs to be done to prevent drug overdose fatalities, here.

How long does Campral stay in your system?

Campral has an elimination half-life of anywhere from 20 up to 30 hours. How does Cmapral work in the body? And can it really help recovering alcoholics? We explore here.

Does Subutex get you high?

Possibly. Subutex contains buprenorphine hydrochloride, which can trigger opioid-like euphoria. While difficult to administer buprenorphine, some abusers are able to get high from it. Read more here.

Is Bunavail like Suboxone?

Read about the similarities and differences between Suboxone and Bunavail for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction here.

2 Addiction in the family: How to stop enabling behavior

A guide to ending current family dynamics which allow an addict to continue using. Tips on dealing with addiction in the family from someone who's been there.

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