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How long does Revia stay in your system?

A single dose of Revia will block the pharmacologic effects of opioids for periods as long as 24 hours. But, how long does it stay in the system? Read here.

Can you get high on Bunavail?

Yes, Bunavail can trigger euphoric effect when used OTHER THAN PRESCRIBED. This prescription medication contains buprenorphine, which can be abused. More on Bunavail and euphoric effect here.

Is Bunavail addictive?

Bunavail contains 2 medicines: buprenorphine and naloxone. Dependence to Bunavail can develop, even at regular doses if taken for a long time, and withdrawal symptoms will occur upon cessation. But is this addiction? Read more here.

What is my teenage girl's addiction? Help for parents to define the vice

A discussion about four (4) common teenage girl addictions, and what you can do about them. A guide on how to address exercise, internet, sex, and prescription drug addiction here.

How is Ritalin abused?

Ritaline abuse = any time you take Ritalin OTHER THAN PRESCRIBED, especially for euphoric effect. Specific descriptions of Ritalin abuse here.

Is acamprosate addictive?

NO. Acamprosate is not addictive. In fact, this medication has no known addiction potential. We review the properties of acamprosate (and how it affects the brain) here.

2 5 symptoms that you are in a codependent marriage

A brief review for those looking to identify signs of a codependent marriage here.

4 The real dangers of methadone

Tolerance to and dependence on methadone can develop with chronic or indefinite use. What are some of the other dangers of long term methadone use? We review here.

4 How long does Bunavail stay in your system?

Buprenorphine, a main ingredient in Bunavail, can be detected for up to two weeks at typical doses. However, the detection timeline can vary considerably depending on the dosage and individual metabolism. More here on Bunavail's elimination from the body here.

3 Talking to your family about addiction recovery

Five (5) principles to follow as you prepare to talk with your family about your addiction recovery. With a section for your questions at the end.

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