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Does Valium get you high?

Does Valium get you high?

Yes. Valium can get you high.

But Valium is very addictive, and a tolerance to the medication can develop over time when it’s not used as directed. Here, we examine Valium used for medical and recreational reasons, how the medication effects the brain, and the dangers of Valium abuse. And we invite your questions about Valium use at the end.

Valium chemistry and use

Valium contains a benzodiazepine drug, diazepam. Diazepam is used to treat the symptoms of anxiety, control muscle spasms and seizures. It’s also used to help alcoholics who are going through withdrawal symptoms. Diazepam works by decreasing brain activity.  Most benzodiazepines stay in your system for a long time and can be detected in urine for up to a month after use.

Valium and euphoria

Valium is used recreationally because of its fast-acting effects. Valium also can produce a euphoric high and is often used in conjunction with other drugs. Valium might be used in conjunction with alcohol to accentuate the effects of both drugs, or to relieve the agitation and irritability that go along with a cocaine binge.

Mixing Valium with other substances

Valium is not likely to cause death taken on its own. However, mixed with other depressants Valium can be very dangerous. Opiods and alcohol are two examples. Mixing Valium with depressant drugs increases the risk of overdose or serious adverse effects.

Valium and central nervous system effects

Valium depresses the central nervous system. This causes relaxation and the relief of tension and anxiety. Some of the adverse effects Valium has on the central nervous system include:

  • anterograde amnesia
  • delirium
  • hallucinations
  • lack of coordination
  • slowed reaction time
  • slurred speech

Can you get addicted to Valium?

Yes. You can get addicted to Valium. In fact, Valium is very addictive. This is why it’s usually only prescribed for short-term use of four months or less.

Valium creates a physical tolerance and dependence in its users. In other words, Valium becomes less effective over time. This means that people using Valium to get high will have to start taking larger and larger doses to get any effect. It’s also very hard to quit Valium because of the nasty withdrawal effects.

Help for Valium abuse

The good news is that there’s help out there if you’re addicted to Valium. Benzodiazepine abuse is a widespread and common problem, and there are community resources available to help you kick the habit.

Long term abstinence from Valium can be achieved, if you are willing to do what is necessary to get better. First, you’ll want to talk to a doctor about gradually weaning yourself off the medication – stopping abruptly can be unpleasant and occasionally dangerous, causing heart problems, increased blood pressure, or even seizures. Then, you need to address the psychological and emotional issues which compel Valium use.

Questions about Valium high

Do you have questions about the euphoric effect of Valium, Valium addiction or its treatment? Please leave us your questions here. We invite all real questions about Valium use and will do our best to respond to your questions in a personal and prompt reply.

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7 Responses to “Does Valium get you high?
4:23 pm February 28th, 2012

how much valium should i take to get high? i have a pretty high tolerance for other drugs and i just wanna try valium for the first time on the night of a wedding. i wanna be able to feel relaxed but people wont be able to tell i’m high

2:32 pm February 29th, 2012

Hi Mica. We don’t recommend using prescription drugs to get high on Addiction Blog. We write these topics hoping that people who are getting high might start to question what it is they are running away from OR not coping with.

Don’t get me wrong – I used to get high all the time. But I will never forget when a friend asked me straight to my face at a party – Why do you need to get high to have fun? It might help if you consider this question, too.

3:25 pm April 21st, 2013

What does insuflating valium achieve I have a friend who has been doing this, is it a waste? Or does it still work?

8:41 am April 22nd, 2013

Hi Sheehan. Snorting Valium speeds up the effect of diazepam on the central nervous system, but is NOT recommended. Snorting Valium leads to chemical dependence and drug addiction.

6:55 am July 16th, 2013

As for the other guy. Dont snort it. Its a waste. Snorting any benzo is a huge waste. Just swallow them. I dont care about ruining your nose, im just saying its a huge waste. Valium usually kicks in like 5 minutes when you eat it. And snorting it wont give you any rush of any kind like a stimulent would.

2:38 am September 28th, 2014

I’ve been on Valium for eleven years. I also take Seroquel. The Seroquel just knocks me out, and makes me crave sugar! My Valium dosage has been 10mgs per day for the entire eleven years. My Pdoc won’t raise my dosage. He has me maxed out on Seroquel: 800mgs. I like to be awake and functioning. My question is: what can I do or say to make my Pdoc raise my dosage? I have several dozen saved up. So some nights I’ll take about 20mgs. It doesn’t do nothing but make me tired. I just wish I could forget my problems, at least a while. I don’t drink or use illegal drugs. Heroin, comes to mind. Just so I can forget for a while. I may need to travel to the city and find some. I’ve never stuck myself, ever. I did some weed back in the day. I just feel ? Disgusted. I guess would be the word.

4:14 am February 4th, 2015

Valium is a blessing for those of us that really need the drug . Valium helps relax me and slows down my GAD, my stress, and helps me cope with my life and abuse from my past. Abuse of this drug is not something one should do .

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