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How long does lorazepam last?

How long does lorazepam last?

Lorazepam effects usually last for 6-8 hours for single doses. The same duration is true if you are trying to get high on lorazepam but euphoric effect has been self-reported up to 10 hours.  And some effects of therapeutic doses can last for up to 72 hours.  More here on how lorazepam affects the body and its duration of action.  Plus, we invite your questions about lorazepam in the comments section at the end.

Lorazepam duration of action

The duration of any drug’s action depends on several factors. The factors which can influence lorazepam duration of action include:

  • lorazepam’s half-life
  • the absolute amount of lorazepam you take
  • the activity of lorazepam metabolites
  • the influence of disease on drug elimination
  • the pharmaceutical preparation of lorazepam

Lorazepam time in body

Lorazepam is readily absorbed by the body with an absolute bioavailability of 90%. But when do lorazepam levels peak in the body? And when is it totally eliminated from the body?

Peak concentrations of lorazepam (20 ng/mL for a 2 mg dose) in plasma occur approximately 2 hours following administration. The average half-life of lorazepam is about 12 hours, which means that is takes about 12 hours for the amount of lorazepam in your body to decrease by half. Unlike other medications, advancing age does not have a significant effect on how long lorazepam stays in your system, although clearance of lorazepam is somewhat reduced in old age. Although lorazepam can stay in small amounts and be detectable in the system for up to 6 weeks after use in heavy users, therapeutic doses of lorazepam are generally out of the body a few days (around 72 hours) after dosing.

How long do lorazepam effects last?

Lorazepam is considered a high-potency benzodiazepine with an intermediate half life. Most therapeutic effects wear off within 6-8 hours. This is why doctors prescribe multiple doses of lorazepam daily for acute episodes of anxiety. But the amount of time lorazepam effects last can depend on its mode of administration. For example, intravenous doses of lorazepam can have prolonged duration of action. This can be helpful in cases of seizure or neurological problems.

In general, the intended effects of the recommended adult dose of lorazepam (Ativan) intra muscular or intravenous injection usually last 6 to 8 hours. However, depending on therapeutic dose, lorazepam can act for up to 72 hours. In rare cases when people receive greater than the recommended dose, excessive sleepiness and prolonged lack of recall have been reported. And as with other benzodiazepines, lorazepam rarely can trigger side effects of unsteadiness and enhanced sensitivity to depressant effects of alcohol and other drugs for more than 24 hours.

How long does a lorazepam high last?

If you use drugs recreationally, you are at risk of developing an addiction to lorazepam. Why? Because lorazepam tends to produce semi-euphoric effects of relatively long duration, about 6-8 hours. Some people self-report lorazepam effects up to 10 hours long. But most people report the heavy depressant effects of lorazepam when taken to get high such as immobility, falling asleep, or feeling low. Note here that tolerance for benzodiazepines like lorazepam builds quickly, and you can form a lorazepam habit within days of dosing. Plus, sudden withdrawal from lorazepam can provoke seizures, tremens or death.

Lorazepam high effects

Because lorazepam binds to receptors in the brain it has rewarding effects and can make you feel high. But this high can also get you into trouble. Lorazepam can trigger physiologic and psychological dependence based on the drug’s dosage, duration of therapy and potency. This is why lorazepam should be prescribed for only 2-4 weeks.

Do you think that you have a problem with lorazepam? Or do you have more questions about lorazepam use? Please leave us your questions and comments here. We do our best to respond to each question personally, and will do so promptly. We want to hear from you and invite you to anonymously ask us about lorazepam below.

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84 Responses to “How long does lorazepam last?
8:36 am September 24th, 2012

Hi Susan. Once a drug hits your bloodstream, you need to wait for the body to metabolize, or process it. Unfortunately, there’s no way that I know of to speed the metabolism of lorazepam from the body. Be sure that you record and report the side effects of lorazepam to your prescribing doctor. And to find an alternative to lorazepam, including lifestyle changes, ask your doctor about other ways to treat the original symptoms.

9:57 pm September 24th, 2012

I just took 1/2 mg of Lorazepam about 2 hours ago. I don’t like the way I feel. Can I do anything to hurry this drug out of my system?

3:32 pm November 30th, 2012

I agree. I am with PTSD, depression but worse is the highest stress and anxiety level I have ever had and Im 37. My Dr had me on Xanax 0.5 2-3 times a day. Nothing worked after 2 weeks. He had me come in right away yesterday. He switched me to Ativan, I tool the first one last night. I only got a few side affects but I was a little more relaxed. I took the and another this morning as directed. My axiety and stress is still here but not at the extent it has been. In my opinion, I believe as your body gets the doses regularly as the Dr prescribed, It will work alot better on me. I am on 2mg Lorazepam 3 times daily.

1:58 am January 15th, 2013

My doctor gave me 0.5mg of lorazepam, that Im kind of scared to take. I never took any drugs like this so I dont know how it will act on me. will it make me feel funny or something, will I beable to drive once this med come down. will it make me sick. someone please help me cause I really need something to calm these attacks. but scared to take what i have because what i read

11:03 am January 16th, 2013

Hi Nicole. Taking any mind altering drug can be frightening. Might I suggest that you ask a friend or family member to be present with you for the first hours after you take your first dose? Then, you can have help in deciding what to do should the effect not agree with you.

1:56 pm February 27th, 2013

My Dr. prescribed lorazepam in 1-2mg dose to be taken an hour before bed to help me sleep. I have been taking it much longer than the above mentioned 2-4 weeks (8 months?) and would like to stop but do feel more of a mental addiction to it. How should I deal with this and what is the recommended way to get off this medication?



5:57 pm March 20th, 2013

Hi, I took 2 mg of Lorazepam at bedtime two days ago, and then 2 mg as soon as I woke up the next morning at around 8:30am (yesterday morning) for a dentist appointment. This was the dosage he prescribed. After the dental procedure (which went well), I felt completely out, extremely tired and just slept the entire day. I could not accomplish anything. I tried reading emails but it was mostly gibberish to me. I went to bed hoping it would be gone by the morning. This morning, it’s a bit better, but I still feel really drowsy and dizzy and I have such a hard time concentrating on my work. When will this awful thing get out of my system? I’m getting very nervous about it… Thank you for your help!

12:33 am May 17th, 2013

I took three mg of Ativan, which is what I was previously prescribed, but it hit me differently today, and I’m wondering how long till all the effects have worn off?

Anand Sharma
8:56 am December 2nd, 2013

I have started talking Lorazepam for anxity to control alcohol withdraws this is my first day and took 2 tablets one in morning and one in night. When I go sleep and about to fall in sleep suddenly i get sezes and jumping body with wakes me up. Can you advice me after how many days these withdraws will stop ?

brian fox
3:03 pm December 25th, 2013

I use 4mg loz a day I have used it and Ativan for 30 years , at one breakdown I use old scripts of Ativan l had left and was taking up to 12 mg a day, a shrink stopped dead what he thought was 5 a day and sent me suicidal and seizure attacks. A GP gave me back 4mg a day and saved my life, I will stay on the 4mg for life . they still work, anyway what would I use for anxiety if not LOZ

1:38 pm January 19th, 2014

I have been taking Ativan for 25 years. I am currently taking 90 2mg tablets in 24 days. 3.75/day average for the past 8 or 9 years. I want to stop taking this medication because I am very dependent on it. Can anyone advise on a reduction schedule to help me to stop this? I make no excuses for my behavior, I just need some advice.

4:19 pm March 17th, 2014

Dr, took me off xanax ans put me on Ativan although I only take them to help me sleep at night but I do have anxiety attacts xanax was fast acting and I didnt have to take but once a day,rx for ativan says take it 3 times a day ,I dont need 3 times a day just wondering if the ativan will help with anxiety when taken as needed?

tara stark
6:02 pm April 1st, 2014

I have anxiety attacks and have been through some bad situations in life growin up, even though I got over and forgave all that has happened , made peace with God about it…. the panic does not go away, I feel that I need ativan. I tried other perscriptions for anxiety but none work when I need them to and make me feel really uncomfortable in my own skin. So when they were not working I started drinking to take the edge off of my anxiety. I told the doctor this and he said because of that he will not perscribe me ativan, Im not seeking a high I need relief before I feel like my world caves in . I feel stuck and dont know what to do about it.

10:06 am April 2nd, 2014

Hello Tara. I can understand the hesitation of this doctor to prescribe Ativan. Have you tried seeking a second opinion? Perhaps try to see another doctor or psychiatrist? I can empathize with you in terms of trauma. Life can be so difficult and is no easier when you go through abuse. Have you tried behavioral or psychotherapeutic interventions to resolve the trauma?

brian fox
6:03 pm April 2nd, 2014

I see no reason for Ativan to be limited , ADs are taken to way over the scripted dose by many doctors .I think if you need 10mg a day to live give it , let us make are mind about our bodies . I a shrink or GP suffered the same anxiety they would take it . The alternative is drink your self to death, BEEN THERE , pancreities is not a great illness you can die in a day. 10mg of Ativan would take a hell of a lot longer

christina v
12:27 am April 12th, 2014

This doctor prescribed lorezapam 3x a day to my husband that just came out of rehab he has a pill adiction and over medicated him self its been 24 HR and he is still buging out please help me wat can I do

Susan moran
3:55 am April 23rd, 2014

I have been having trouble with panic and anxiety that makes me feel really down. I have a prescription for lorazepam to take as needed. I have never had to take more than once a week. Right now I need to use it more. Is there anything wrong with using lorazepam like this?

9:29 am April 23rd, 2014

Hello Susan. Your individual tolerance to and/or dependence on lorazepam will change when you start to take it more often. However, consult with your prescribing doctor about the effects increases your dose will have. Also, have you tried alternative methods for managing anxiety?

Quin Hahn
5:17 pm April 27th, 2014

You say lorazepam should be given for 2-4 weeks. I have been taking 1mg 4 times a day by prescription for over 10 years. What long term effect/problem could I have? At night I take two lorazepam, 2 50mg Doxepin, and 3mg Lunesta for insomnia.

1:09 pm April 30th, 2014

Hello Quin. There are quite a few adverse effects of long term use of lorazepam. The benzodiazepine can affect mood, concentration, memory, or even your sex drive. Have you consulted with your physician about your concerns?

3:38 am May 19th, 2014

I’m taking half of a 0.5 ativan 4-5 x a week the half seems to take the edge off the anxiety so I can function I’ve been on ativan for 3 weeks my questions are 1- am I at risk for dependency on such a low dose and only once a day 4 days a week? 2- how long is a half 0.5 in my system and how long should I feel the effects? 3- how long can I use it as needed???? Thx for any answers you can give me

1:05 pm May 19th, 2014

Hello Kerri. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. I’d suggest that you make a quick phone call to either one for more information. Best of luck to you.

8:36 am May 20th, 2014

put loz under your tounge to work faster

4:31 am May 23rd, 2014

Should Ativan still be tapered even when dose has been 1 To 2 mg daily over an extended period.?

10:26 am May 23rd, 2014

Hello Cathy. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or other medical professional. Each taper should be medically supervised.

brian fox
12:48 pm May 23rd, 2014

you will need to taper 2mg , its the same strength has 20 mg valium , try it and see how it effects you , then taper id in trouble

9:21 pm May 26th, 2014

my doctor prescribed ativan to me twice a day .but i only took it when i felt nervous or anxiety. thats maybe one every other day or every 10 hrs. but now i feel worst , i found myself feeling nerves inside like i have to take it for it to go away. and founding myself getting aggessive and angry. when i was never like that . please someone tell me how can i get off this medication i dont think this is for me. is thier anything else for aniety thats less habit forming.

9:32 pm May 26th, 2014

By the way the dosage is only 0.5 mg.

3:34 am June 9th, 2014

I’m a 22 year old female. Recently I started havin panic and anxiety attacks on a daily basis. My dr prescriber Ativan, it’s the only thing that gives me relief when I go into the panic mode. I’m also taking prozac and trying to stop the Ativan slowly. It’s just so hard because I get extremely nervous. Before prozac and Ativan I was shaking and would have the worst panic attacks Imagineable. I don’t want to be on benzos they’re addicting and terrible so I’m trying to slowly get rid of my anxiety. Hopefully prozac will do the job. While I like the effect of lorazapem, I know that I don’t want to be on this on a daily basis. Why? Because lorazpadem withdrawal will destroy anybody and impossible. I’m praying to god to help me get through this tough period. I just want to be normal again without having terrible anxiety/panic attacks.

12:24 am June 29th, 2014

I am on day 5 of Zoloft, it’s a but scary, my doc have me lorazepam to help with the anxiety an Zoloft adjustment, I have only been taking 1 Mg at night to help with sleep, I’m scared of withdrawals should I be concerned even with this minimal use?

3:00 pm July 12th, 2014

I have been on Ativan over 20 years I take 1 mg 3xdaily. Sometimes 4. I have tried to get many dr to look at Proffessor Ashton withdrawal method of slowly switching over to the longer acting Benzo Valium no one seems interested. The want to do a2 week tapper on phenobarbital !! This is Crazy to me as I have tried to cut Down by cutting Small pieces off does not work to harsh. Any suggestion s I live in Northern California. I am 59 years old. Thank You

8:09 pm July 13th, 2014

I’ve been taking ativan .05 mg for about 2 months for anxiety and peripheral neropothy in my face from hashimotos and Lyme disease. I take it once in the morning and another in afternoon or night. I feel like when it wears off I need it sooner. Is this an addiction already ?

1:57 pm July 24th, 2014

Hello Denise. The clinical term for the symptom that you’re describing is “tolerance”. Drug tolerance IS NOT addiction. Speak with your prescribing doctor to report the increase in tolerance to Ativan and to adjust doses accordingly (note that Ativan is not meant for long term use of more than 4 months; Reference:

Bob--age 74--male
10:36 pm August 15th, 2014

Help–I have been using lorazepam for anxiety without a break during the last eleven years–was taking 2 mg. a day –after slowing reducing the amout I`m currently taking 1 mg. a day–I take 1/2 mg. at noon and 1/2 mg. at 10 p.m.–if I try to lower the amount I feel anxiety and withdrawal symtoms–is there anything available that I can repalce the lorazepam with? I know that I`m addicted to the medication–HELP….Bob

4:25 pm August 19th, 2014

My concern about lorazepam is due to the fact that I have been on it for over 7 years at 4mg per day (1mg tablet 4 times, 2 in the morning and two at bedtime along with 100mg Doxepin and 3mg Lunesta for sleep. After reseaarch I changed it to 1 at noon and 1 at bedtime which caused no problem, expecially with sleep. My Dr. put me on, in addition to lorazepam, Wellbutrin, which did absolute nothing, I’m off it now. It seems that lorazepam is a dangerous drug, and I’m not sure what long-term use it is doing to my brain/body. Suggestions or questions to ask my Dr.

6:15 pm August 19th, 2014

all you with dependant ATIVAN problems think twice about coming off , if you feel okay has you are I would stay that way . I have detoxed 6 mg cold and you want to DIE , iam back on them because I have a anxiety problem , it dont go away if you quit ATIVAN it just gets worse

5:05 pm August 20th, 2014

Two different Dr’s have prescribed Lorazepam saying that 4mg is not a problem. However, I still feel that some of the side effects could be problematic so I’m looking for some evidence that I can use to have a dialogue with my Dr’s.

8:06 am August 21st, 2014

what side effects ????????? no weight gain , no problems with intimacy , just a little tired at times

5:22 pm August 25th, 2014

I have been on ativan for 2 years now and i’m reading where a month should be as long as you should be on it. Why would the doctor not tell me this?

2:10 am September 1st, 2014

I take a 1g tablet to sleep at night. If I don’t, take one, I’m awake most of the night. Is this normal. I now have tinnitus and I depend on the tablet to fall asleep. When does it have it’s full effect in hours?

10:28 am September 2nd, 2014

if you doc has left you on the Ativan its because you seem better . and you wont if you stop it , Ativan lasts about 6 hours , getting you to sleep but may wake you early . I never go to bed before 12 am for this reason

4:24 pm September 3rd, 2014

TINNITUS can be a side effect of ATIVAN and also a lot of AD ,S , i have had it years

7:04 pm September 5th, 2014

I took 1 mg of ativan for about 4 months . I started having tingling and muscle spasms and numbness in my face . I also got severe muscle weakness in my upper arms the whole time I was on it . I am now 3 weeks off and still having the problems . The facial sensations are changing since I stopped but still numb feeling . Is this all from the ativan ? How long til it goes away ?

8:36 am September 10th, 2014

Hi Denise. I’d say they were all side-effects from the ativan. But, they should be getting resolved as more time passes. Unforunatley, I can’t tell you exactley how long untill it all goes away, since every inividual is different and reacts differently to the medication.

8:13 pm September 22nd, 2014


9:49 am September 24th, 2014

they still work it just you don’t get the strong effect has your body is used to them, try stopping 6 mg and you will be in big trouble

12:29 pm October 31st, 2014

I am a 30-year-old female who got diagnosed with bipolar depression in 2003. I was on Paxil25mg, lorazoperm 3mg and diazapam 5 mg. through this 10 years I always feel tired and it affected every aspect of my life. I started to consult a private psychiatry and he helped me to slowly tapered off the 3 mg lorazepam. But the worst thing is that my panic attacks are coming back almost every day. I am still on 5 mg diazapam and he prescribed me 0.25 mg Xanax and 0.5 Klonopin . Any advice ? Thank you Dr .

8:12 pm November 1st, 2014

I have been diagnosed with allergies. I see a correlation of allergy symptoms disappearing when I take a dose of lorazapam. I only take about two doses per week. The allergy symptoms resolve for about 24 hours. Is there any medical evidence to back this up, or am I nuts? My doctor had never heard of this correlation.

3:56 pm November 5th, 2014

you doctor is useless , you are suffering anxiety and the allergies are caused by it. So when you take lorazepam you anxiety is controlled so no allergy . its not rocket science for a doctor that any good

8:52 am November 8th, 2014

How long can a high dosage of Ativan last and how long do the side effects last for?

Let’s just say that I have a loved one who had taken 3 Ativan at once because of a “situation” she was in, but she had been “released” of her “situation.”
–My loved one can barely walk and I want to know what I can do to help her…?

It is so bad that she almost fell twice earlier tonight. But I had managed to help her to her room and to her bed.

So how long will it last and what can I do to help her if she gets up?

8:20 pm November 19th, 2014

NOTHING she will sleep it off , maybe a headache nothing more

10:14 pm November 19th, 2014

How many “mg” of ativan did your loved one take?

7:34 pm November 20th, 2014

bob she said 3mg, I think she takes nil now and is in withdrawal , you cannot stop 3 a day cold

5:04 am November 30th, 2014

I have anxiety due to my hperventilating.. My doctor has given me 1mg lorazepam tabs to take i/2 or one as needed. Most days I might take 1/2 tab twice a day but occaisonally i might takt an extra 1/2 tab. Today I took my first tab at 3.30pm.I have probably used 30 tabs over the last 2months.How long can I take this amount without getting addicted.I am going next week for breathing exercise with a Phsiotherapist and I am doing breathing exercises myself self taught from the computor but I dont want to go on anything stronger such as citaloprom

8:18 pm December 4th, 2014

Breathing exercise, is only ok when having a panic attack it don’t stop them, and then there pretty much useless , If your taking Ativan for anxiety you may need a AD with an anxiety agent in it , and get off the Ativan if it works . Lexapro IS THE BEST

Alan B.
3:15 pm December 21st, 2014

Hi I am writing to ask what are the long term affects of being on this medication since I was 16 and now 29. I started with the Xanax but when I was 24 the doc changed me to Ativan. I’ve been taking 1mg 4 times a day not llong. Maybe 2 years after getting on the Xanax. I don’t see myself ever getting off it. My anxiety is terrible. I just would like to know what it is doing to my body physically?? Thanks

12:12 pm December 23rd, 2014

Hello Alan. Check out some reading on Ativan here:

9:02 am December 26th, 2014

I took 2mg lorazepam for long time ( about 3-4 years) , so how long it does stay in my body? If I go to blood test , when should I stop take this ? I don’ t want the test result can see I was took this drug. Thank you so much for the help….

3:05 pm December 29th, 2014

Hi Mabel. Here is an article for you that explains the detection time of lorazepam on different drug tests:

8:51 am January 5th, 2015

I’ve been completely dependent on lorazepam for nearly thirty years (prescribed for chronic anxiety, severe social phobia and panic disorder). would a longer acting benzo be less addictive?

5:54 pm January 14th, 2015

Hi Ian. After so many years of Lorazepam, you’d first need to taper off of that medicine. I’d suggest seeing a doctor and discussing your concerns. Lorazepam is generally used for a very short term periods, so I’m sure you’ll need some medical assistance in quitting and later switching to another medication.

8:12 pm January 14th, 2015

Ian 30 years on Ativan you wont detox now, well you may but it will take years. The only longer acting that is weaker is Valium, and believe me is totally useless if high anxiety. 10mg only covers 1mg of Ativan, high dose of Valium and your a PLANK OF WOOD feel. loz will put you to sleep but not all night, plus nightmares are real in your head when sleeping on loz tablets OVER 30 YEARS ON LOZ – ATIVAN and still dream a different nightmare every night

1:54 am January 17th, 2015

Hello… I’ve been prescribed Ativan 1mg twice a day (prn) for about the last 9 months…. I recently stopped taking hydrocodone 10/325 MG …. (6 months ago) I got addicted to the pain killers…. which eventually brought on major panic attacks and anxiety…. My doctor prescribed me the Ativan to help with my anxiety…. I take 1mg before work…. and 1mg before bed…. I never take more than that… I am fully aware of the dangers of abusing benzos…. My withdrawal from the hydrocodone is basically over…. I don’t crave the drug whatsoever…. But I’m still dealing with a variety of symptoms…. Headaches…. stomach issues…. Restless leg syndrome…. insomnia… infrequent heart palpitations…. Just an overall feeling of unwellness….. My question is…. Is the Ativan 1mg I’m taking causing some…. if not all of my lingering symptoms??? I don’t feel as though I’m addicted to the Ativan…. I don’t get a euphoric feeling from them… I never have…. They just ease the anxiety long enough for me to get through stressful situations…. like work… etc. But I’m afraid to stop taking them due to the horrible if not deadly withdrawal symptoms…. Please! Somebody help…. like I said…. I only take 2 mg daily for about 8-9 months…..

12:22 am January 19th, 2015

I am on .5 mg ativan three time daily for anxiety. I am often sleepy after nine or ten hours. When should I redoes?

2:56 pm January 20th, 2015

Hi John. Congratulations on getting off of the hydrocodone. I’d suggest seeing a doctor before you go ahead and start tapering off of Ativan. You shouldn’t be so scared, tapering will make the symptoms much more bearable and milder, plus many of them can be treated with other over-the-counter meds.

7:44 pm January 20th, 2015

JOHN you sound like you may have depression , see your GP again and talk through it more . You may still need the Ativan while you start a antidepressant then taper off when the AD kicks in .I have taken Ativan with an AD for 30 years if you can just take a AD alone after a time that has a anti anxiety agent in it , then more the better.

3:02 pm January 21st, 2015

I’ve been on 2 mg of Ativan everyday for 1 1/2 years. I ran out early this month so had to stop cold turkey. This is the worst feeling ever. Last night my throat was closing and I couldn’t swallow. I ended up in ER. They told me it was anxiety and sent me on my way. I guess my questionis is there anything I can do to help the withdrawing process? I am beyond miserable!!!

5:24 pm January 21st, 2015

you cannot just stop 2mg after 2 years , you need to taper , you will have to get another script from your doc or face months of crap. Take 1 mg straight away and see if you level off , if not you will need to go back on your 2mg and taper very very slowly indeed . Ativan is 20 time worse than heroin to detox .

7:05 pm January 22nd, 2015

John, lingering effects lasted months for me (I was at a very high dose for a long time). I can tell you a few things that helped me… I took about 12mg 3x/day of Loperamide (generic Imodium), you can google why this has helped addicts with withdrawals… it WORKS even at the lower doses like I took. There is an herbal med for restless legs, get it at CVS or any drug store, It’s made by Hyland… it also works. TONS of fresh fruits and veggies, especially cruciferous veggies. This will start flooding your body with nutrients. Also, Pedialyte at least 1-2x a day (I promise it helps). Eat as normally as you can, and exercise… lift weights even if you don’t feel like it. These things truly helped me. I also used Yogi Kava tea (4 bags). Wishing you much luck, be patient, it takes a while but you will get through it a much happier person!!!

8:27 pm January 23rd, 2015

Never take Ativan unless you are mentally ill , every day anxiety is not the reason you take this med , its for chronic anxiety , a severe mental illness that is mostly joined with depression. People starting a AD may be give a script to get help with start up problem of your AD then its tapered after 2 week never to be re scripted . CHRONIC anxiety never goes away so you mix a benzo and AD maybe like me for life . Shrink and doctors were always trying to get me off Ativan in 1mg to 2 mg a day doses , that just scratched the surface, I TAKE 5-6MG NOW BUT FOR 6 YEARS TOOK 4MG A DAY. . Incompetent shrinks have taken them from me, resulting in suicide attempt and hospital stays , without them I would drink myself to death in front line self medication , a lot of shrinks and docs have found for some on high levels its impossible to withdraw , you simply cause massive depression and that is a life threat . YEARS AGO a GP told my I will be on Ativan for life now do to 30 years on it. How the hell do you start to get a high dose out your body without being seriously ill . I would sooner die the detox a large dose I did it for 8 months , lost hair , body weight, my mind , my job, ect ect . Soon has I went back on Ativan I got better faster than a bullet , and here I am 40 years on still taking 5mg a day, I go for walks , ride my bike , socialise , and have many friends. I am a bit 8in your face at times but imagine what I would be like without ATIVAN . mmmmmmmmmmmm slimmer that’s true ??? anxiety is the best slimming aid ever. I am fatter on ATIVAN , BUT SANITY BEFORE VANITY IS MY MOTTO

11:29 pm January 26th, 2015

Hello Dyslexic–I first posted on August 15, 2014–you really upset me when you say Ativan is 20 times harder to detox from compared to heroin–but, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”–after being on 2mg of lorazepam a day for eleven years I`m down to 1 mg a day for the last six months–I take the one mg at bedtime and would like to cut that to 1/2 mg at bedtime but I just don`t have the will power to cut the pill in half–recently had three heart stents installed and think cutting the 1 mg in half could set another heart attack in motion–maybe I should stay on the one mg??? BUT I WOULD LIKE TO BE FREE OF LORAZEPAM—please talk to me–I`m 74 years old and alone in life.

8:20 pm January 27th, 2015

BOB my buddy I hear you , lorazepam is harder than Heroin to detox, you can be free of Heroin in 5 days in hospital detox but staying off it is only about %20 the cravings are to much . Much the same has Ativan -LOZ but last way way longer that heroin craving , Its a life threat to with seizure ever present on large dose d.tox . Why with your situation do you want to be free of LOZ is it causing you problems ????? the anxiety risk is a factor without LOZ and you don’t need that, has your doctor told you he don’t like you on LOZ . Myself I would have stayed has I was or even more to chill my heart probs, but that’s me I think a lot different to you. I no what I am like without LOZ and would sooner go up than down , down is a terrible stress on your life at a young age never mind older . I cannot speak for you bob, I would ask your doc the pros and cons.

1:15 am February 10th, 2015

I have been taking 1/2 of a ,5 mg. Of ativan off an on since December 20, 2014. I only got 16 tablets thru an emergency room dr. I broke them in half and only ysed them when i had to. I just used them all about two weeks ago. I managed to get 10 more then and use them the same way, break the .5 in half. Some days i don’t use them but sometimes have to use them two or three days in a row. My question is, is this long emough to become dependent on that small of a dose.

11:33 am February 11th, 2015

your dependant in that you are using them has a crutch to prop yourself in a low time. And 2-3 times in a row means you need them. find another way of dealing with stress , or you will need more and you may not get them.

2:33 am February 14th, 2015

my wife is having sever panic attacks with trouble breathing during them and confusion for a few min after. The docs have gone from .5 diazapam to .5 xanax to 1mg atavan twice a day as needed yet they keep telling her to take them after she has an attack. Klonipin gives her restless legs. Is there nothing they can give her to prevent them? She has also recently begun having nightmares and they are prescribing low or high blood pressure medication for this which seems crazy to me. Does any of this make sense, she has started floruxatine 10mg every morning. I just want her to get better

8:05 pm February 16th, 2015

I think you mean 5mg diazepam , .5 Xanax is the same strength has 1 mg Ativan. so she now is on 20mg diazepam in med strength terms . Every med has side effects so you live with them some to bad you come off the med. He has now put her on generic Prozac 10mg that is a antidepressant . 10mg is low 20mg the norm when used to it. The Ativan is normal script for a few weeks till her AD kicks in . you never can predict a panic attack so you take Ativan after to chill is the only thing you can do .

10:41 am February 17th, 2015

I used to take this a lot. Eddie asked how to get off of it. I know It was two years ago, but if anyone is still wondering, ramping down is the answer. It really isn’t too bad either (physically and mentally) as long as you go very slowly. I seriously did it at 0.2 MG at a time. It took months but I had little detox. If you go too fast, it is brutal. Just shave off a similar amount every time you take it.

4:13 pm February 17th, 2015

who is EDDIE ???????? I could not detox slow they were taken from me I had none to detox with , so brutal it was.

Pat Glasco
1:38 am March 4th, 2015

I can’t get my doc to return my call, and I have to take Ativan for an MRI, and on the bottle it says take 1-2 tablets by mouth 30 minutes before procedure. 1. Will 30 minutes be enough time to activate it since I’ve read it can last up to 72 hours. 2. I don’t know whether I should take 1 or 2, but don’t want to take the two since it looks like they are so strong and the effects it gives. 3. I am 76 years old, and a small female, and I don’t want to take 2 pills if I don’t have to. Please comment. Thanks.

11:17 am March 12th, 2015

Don’t take 2, 1 mg will be enough if not used to it, It wont last 72 hour either 6 if your lucky . its standard in England to give people afraid of a hospital or dental procedure Ativan. If you feel nothing on 1mg after half hour take the other , but I feel you wont need to .

11:05 am March 14th, 2015

I take Lorazepam for anxiety i take it prior dialysis like an hour and a half before i start my treatment, I get hooked to the machine at around 5:20 or 5:30 am. My question is when should I take the med. above so i can get the full effect while I’m still in dialysis and not when i come off the machine?.

12:38 pm March 16th, 2015

Hi Marcos. Depends on the dose of lorazepam you are taking. But, the effects of the medication should be felt within 15-30 minutes after administration. In some patients it may take an hour for the effects to kick in. So, I think the time you are taking it is perfect. Maybe you should consult a doctor about changing doses or time of administration.

4:58 pm March 17th, 2015

Just wanted to say that I was on Lexapro for about 2 years and the affects started to wear off. I went off all meds for a few years and started to get severe anxiety. I was given Lorazepam 0.5 to take as needed and it has been life changing. Fortunately for me, I only take it when I know I’m heading into a really uncomfortable situation. I also carry 2 pills with me as a “security blanket” and think that helps almost as much as actually taking it. That being said, 30 pills lasted me almost a year. My method obviously wouldn’t work for everyone. But if you need something to take the edge off occasionally, and don’t have an addictive personality, this might do the trick.

8:23 pm March 17th, 2015

if on lexapro and it pooped , then Zoloft would be the next choice. Those 2 are the top 2 SSRI antidepressants, I Did has you do now with LOZ, but depression came back and the security blanket crashed and burned.

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