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How long does OxyContin last?

How long does OxyContin last?

OxyContin (main ingredient oxycodone) effects usually occur within 15-30 minutes of taking OxyContin and can last for up to 12 hours. Because OxyContin used for round-the-clock pain relief has been formulated to slowly release a continuous supply of oxycodone to the system, OxyContin shouldn’t be taken more than twice a day. More here on the effects of Oxys, including what happens when you get high on OxyContin, and a section for your questions about OxyContin at the end.

OxyContin effects on the body and brain

How does OxyContin affect the brain and body?  OxyContin is an opioid painkiller that helps manage moderate and severe pain around the clock. Oxycodone, the main ingredient in OxyContin, is a pure opioid agonist analgesic. Oxycodone acts by binding to receptors found on the surfaces of certain cells, mostly in the brain. As oxycodone interacts with specific opioid receptors in the central nervous system both analgesic and euphoric effect occur. The feeling of intense well being that occurs when you take OxyContin is why after long-term use or abuse, OxyContin can become addictive, and why you must have a prescription for OxyContin to use it legally in the U.S.

Because OxyContin depresses the central nervous system, it can cause a variety of side effects, including:

  • drowsiness
  • lightheadedness
  • loss of consciousness
  • difficulty with coordination
  • impaired breathing
  • nausea and vomiting
  • slowed heart rate

OxyContin duration of action

OxyContin generally takes action within 20 minutes, providing quick pain relief, OxyContin’s main ingredient, oxycodone has a short half-life – only about 3.2 hours, so the medication is formulated to slowly release a continuous supply of oxycodone into the blood. While other form of oxycodone only last about 6 hours, OxyContin remains active for 12 hours at a time.

OxyContin time in the body

Traces of oxycodone will remain in the blood for at least a couple of days after the last OxyContin pill, due to the slow release of the drug in the body. In fact, oxycodone can show up on urine screens for around 2 days after the last dose of OxyContin was taken. Hair samples may still retain traces of OxyContin 3 months or more after your last dose.

How long do OxyContin effects last

OxyContin’s effects last 12 hours. How much OxyContin to overdose? It depends on your opiate tolerance.  But to avoid overdose, OxyContin should never be taken more frequently than once every 12 hours.

How long does a OxyContin high last

While OxyContin helps relieve pain around the clock, the high from abusing it won’t last a full 12 hours. If it’s being crushed and snorted, the high won’t last very long – typically only the 6 hours it takes for oxycodone to leave the body. If it’s abused by ingesting the pills, the high will last longer, around 8 hours. However, snorting OxyContin or taking it in large amounts to get high is incredibly dangerous because it’s so easy to overdose on this medication. OxyContin is not safe to take except under a doctor’s direction for a specific medical condition.

OxyContin high effects

One reason that OxyContin is so frequently abused is the euphoric high it can create. Users of OxyContin have reported the following effects:

  • relaxation, stress relief
  • feelings of numbness
  • lightheadedness
  • sense of well-being

Keep in mind that taking OxyContin to get high does carry a number of risks, including addiction, withdrawal symptoms, and overdose. If you have any questions about OxyContin use or abuse, feel free to ask them below.

How long OxyContin lasts questions

Do you still have questions about how long OxyContin lasts? Please leave your questions below and we will try to answer all your OxyContin questions personally and promptly.

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9 Responses to “How long does OxyContin last?
11:59 am November 14th, 2013

Just wondering, if I crushed a 20mg oxycontin, how long after can I take another 20mg without overdosing?

12:24 pm November 14th, 2013

Hello trashy. For harm reduction, I’d recommend these articles for more information:

Additionally, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for medical advice related to possible overdose.

4:57 pm April 11th, 2014

My girlfriend is addicted to oxycotin and has had multiple nights staying up, puking everywhere, getting angry at me when I try to help or stop her, and can’t stop taking it. I have no idea how she gets them but I’ve done all I know to keep her away from it but she always seems to get it. Is there any ways that I can help her with her addiction or anything? I don’t know what else to do.

11:34 am April 14th, 2014

Hello Hannah. Look into Narc-Anon and get help and support for yourself. You may need to address enabling behavior, or possible co-dependence. Have you thought about staging an intervention? It sounds like the situation has gotten pretty bad.

11:18 pm May 20th, 2014

Hi all. Have had nine botched back surgeries, fibro and several auto immunine illneses. Have been on oxy in all forms for years. Insurance changes recently are forcing many of us to chose opana. I declined and am back on oxycontin 40 mg twice a day. By hour 9, i am miserable. My pain is bad and almost feel like pre withdrawal. What have some of you been prescribed for breakthru pain? Thx, all

11:19 pm November 17th, 2014

Hello, I was wondering how long Oxycontin stay in your system if you need to take a urine test.

Ivana @ Addiction Blog
10:28 am November 18th, 2014

Hi Keisha. Determining exactly how long oxycodone is detectable in the urine depends on many variables, including which kind drug test is being used. But, 3-4 days after the last dose was administered is a generally safe time-range.

3:18 pm December 31st, 2014

I would like to know… If I take 40 mg of oxycontin.. Howbmany mg I’m getting per hour? Just confuse how the pill work by mg…like example how many of oxycodone by mg I’m getting from the er? Thanks I really appreciated your answer… I’m new n I don’t know how many mg I’m getting by minutes or hours…thanks a lot…happy new years to everyone’s.

3:33 pm January 14th, 2015

Hello Wanda. Speak with your pharmacist for precise information about extended release medications; you’ll need an expert opinion/input about metabolism in order to understand the medication further.

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