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How much Ambien is too much?

How much Ambien is too much?

Zolpidem, the main ingredient in Ambien is not meant for Ambien long term use.  But how much Ambien can you take daily? And how much Ambien is too much Ambien? In this article, we’ll look more into how much Ambien is too much. And we invite your questions about Ambien at the end.

Guidelines for taking Ambien

The recommended daily dose of Ambien is 10 mg, once a day before bed. You should not take more than this, as an addition Ambien or two can cause adverse side effects. And taking as little as 70 mg at once has caused significant health problems. But it takes almost 40 times prescription doses of Ambien to cause overdose.

Ambien strengths

Ambien is a sleeping medication used to treat insomnia and other related disorders. Ambien is available as both an immediate release and extended release tablet. Ambien comes in 5mg and 10 mg strength tablets.

How much Ambien is safe?

It’s hard to overdose on Ambien, but it is possible. The recommended daily dose is 10 mg, once a day before bed. As little at 70 mg of Ambien at once can cause health problems. One or even two extra Ambien is probably safe in a healthy adult, but because of the adverse side effects of this medication, it’s not advisable. At 40 times that recommended dose, 400 mg, cases of non-fatal overdose have been reported.  Death from Ambien has occurred at 2000 mg doses.

Note here that you can develop a tolerance to Ambien and eventual dependence or addiction, but doctors usually don’t prescribe Ambien for more than a few weeks due to its habit-forming properties.  Taking Ambien other than prescribed increases risk of addiction as well as dangerous side effects.  For example,  snorting Ambien side effects can include blurred vision, vomiting or even a coma.

How much Ambien can you take at once?

Only 10 mg of Ambien should be taken in the evenings. If the dose of Ambien is a controlled release version, you shouldn’t crush or chew the pills, because this action releases the medication too quickly. And you should also take Ambien only as needed for medical reasons. Taking Ambien to “get high” can have unpleasant side effects like memory loss and acting out behaviors in your sleep (including driving) which can put you at risk for physical harm.

How much Ambien to overdose?

You’ll probably experience an overdose on Ambien if you take between 400-600 mg of Ambien. The exact amount varies from person to person. Again, even little as 7 times the normal dose can make you sick, although an Ambien overdose probably won’t do any permanent damage.

Toxic levels of Ambien in the system

You can overdose on Ambien by taking with immediate release or controlled release Ambien orally. But it’s much easier to overdose on Ambien by taking it in ways other than prescribed. Taking more Ambien than prescribed, more frequently that prescribed can cause problems with Ambien. Furthermore, crushing the Ambien and snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, increases your risk of overdose.

How much Ambien is fatal?

The reported fatal dose of Ambien is a whopping 2000 mg, 200 times higher than the normal dose. Since doctors normally only prescribe this medication for 7-10 days, it would be very difficult to obtain enough Ambien for a fatal dose. Instead, you’re more likely to make yourself seriously ill by abusing the medication.

How much Ambien should I take?

You should take the amount of Ambien prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

Too much Ambien questions

Do you still have questions about taking too much Ambien? Please leave your questions here. We are happy to try to help you answer any question about Ambien, or refer you to someone who can. Your experiences with Ambien are also welcomed.

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40 Responses to “How much Ambien is too much?
6:35 pm July 3rd, 2012

Thank you so much for this blog. I find your information very helpful and deeply appreciate it.

I have serious depression which makes me want to sleep all the time which, in turn, causes me to take massive amounts of Ambien throughout the day to try and sleep all the time. I’ve also developed greater tolerance which also makes me take more.

My psychiatrist has given me Paxil for depression, but I’m still taking all the Ambien.

If you can help me with advice on how to break this cycle, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank you and God Bless

8:45 pm July 3rd, 2012

Hi Mike. Yes, it must be difficult to deal with the co-occurring disorders of depression and possible addiction. I’d suggest that you seek help with an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating both. At its root, depression is a lack of energy, but you will need to look into both behavioral as well as cognitive ways to re-energize yourself. And you cannot start this process until the Ambien is under control. Does your doctor know that you take Ambien throughout the day?

6:32 pm November 13th, 2012

Hello everyone. I have been taking ambien for about 2 years now just for the fun of it and have always used my doctor’s prescriptions. I’m worried that perhaps I have caused damage to my liver; as I know how damaging acetaminophen can be to the liver. I have never taken ambien for longer than a month at a time and never exceeded more than 30 mg in one day. And then I would taper off a bit, maybe take 10 or 5 mg the next day. I’ll go months without using it all, so I’m wondering: Do I have any reason to worry?

11:46 am November 15th, 2012

Hi Eman. If you want to check the function of your liver, common tests that are used to evaluate how well the liver is working (liver function) include:

Alpha-1 antitrypsin
Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)
Prothrombin time
Serum bilirubin
Urine bilirubin

Check in with your family doctor to request testing, and seek a referral to a specialist, if necessary. Good luck!

R. Moore
10:28 am November 28th, 2012

Does the weight of the patient factor in to dosage,ie. a 250 lb man v/s a 100 lb woman

1:59 pm November 29th, 2012

Hello R. Moore. Thanks for your question, but I think that this would be best answered by a pharmacist. You can call or walk in to a local pharmacy for a qualified medical answer.

1:11 am January 21st, 2013

After a certain amount of ambien, the subreceptors are full. When you take on extra ambien, they can’t bind-nowhere to bind. Can anyone tell the the actual number of ambien it takes to max out the effect?

2:00 pm January 22nd, 2013

Hi Tom. I think that a pharmacist can answer your question. It’s rather technical and would be best suited for this type of medical professional.

Chris Berrier
2:01 am February 13th, 2013

I have been using and getting my 10mg ambien for yrs. off the same doc. so doctors will RX it more offen if needed, trust me. 300mg or 30 10mg pills a month along w/3mgs lunesta which is even better and if u take 6-9mgs or 2-3pills and fight the tiredness like u do ambien the relaxation of the meds are wonderful and provide a great nights sleep when ur ready to crash out! I get 30 3mg Lunesta as well as my Ambien so I can pretty much use what I want in moderation but if the doc. thinks u need it longer, theres a good chance that ur doctor will hook u up w/ more or maybe go from the 5mg to the 10mgs and the Lunesta comes in 1mg,2mg and 3mgs and at first they were so stong I had to cut them in half w/my pill cutter and only take 1.5mg Lunesta and maybe 5-10mg’s of Ambien. Great sleep but does build tolerance quickly so be carfull of what ur taking and research all meds ur about to use b4 taking even 1tab/pill! This is just for ur own safty. As far as the maxed out effect, after 80mgs of ambien, I couldn’t feel the other 2 at all so under 100mgs is ok IMO only once u have established some sort of tolerance. Out of the 100mg’s I used one night, I injected 6, ate 2 and snorted 2. Great sleepy, out of it buzz but worth it once a mo. or so as to now get hooked on these things! I’ve had 3 friends go to rehab due to the fact that they were taking up to 6-10 10mg pills everyday and during the day! No good, max during the day for me is 10mgs mixed w/ some Klonopin and 1-2mg’s lunesta which is a newer bomb ass sleepin med fosho but no generic so very expensive. Get free 7day sample at and ask ur doc. to RX it to ur RX and ur set for the week! Enjoy and hope this helps a bit. Also remember that this is for info purposes only and in no way am I a doc. but I’m a CMA and know a lot about these diff. medications and many more! Peace out guys and be carfull out there! CAB-

Bert Bell
2:10 pm February 23rd, 2013

If I take sublingual Ambien 10 mg every night for 10 days and stop, how many days must I remain off it before it is safe to use it again?

Thank you,

Bert Bell

Gilbert Munoz
2:32 pm June 17th, 2013

Hi, I have a question about ambien usage. I started taking 10 mg of ambien once a day. Then 2 a day. Now I am up to 4 a day (10mg). My concern is that if taking 40 mg a day can cause liver or kidney damage? I have been taking 40 mg for about a year, 2 in the morning and 2 at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I do alright with 40mg. My main concern is liver or kidney damage?

Gilbert Munoz

11:57 am July 5th, 2013

Hello Gilbert. Are you taking Ambien as prescribed? I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist via phone or walk in consultation to learn more.

8:00 pm July 8th, 2013

I’ve only been taking ambien for a few weeks and my vision is getting blurry, so I have stopped taking it. Has anyone have this same problem and if so does it clear up and if so how long does it take?

8:04 am November 10th, 2013

My friend literally right in front of me took 2 10mg ambiens and then about thirty minutes later she took 4 more..all orally.. She keeps convincing me that this is okay. She starting acting really crazy when she took the first two i actually recorded it.. She calm now laying down but who is to say that she will wake up in the morning. She has been perscribed this medication for about a year now. She don’t want to go to the hospital.. Im pretty scarf and

3:22 pm November 12th, 2013

Hello cbright. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Sorry that this response is a few days after the event.

massoud darbandsari
1:03 am February 13th, 2014

first of all tanx for your blog ,
i m 28 years old , 178 cm , 80 kg boy,
i start using zolpidem by 10mg per night , from 10 years ago , non stop,
but thease days (for about 6-7 mounths) i’m takin it 800 – 900 mg in 24 hours ( a day)
i take 20 before dinner and after 4-5 hours i woke up and eat 20 more , and during the day every 3 hours i eat 3 of them , if i dont do that i cant sleep well and during the days i’m so disturbed.
i wanna know if i need to go to the hospital for treatment or i can decrease it by myself in home?
or is it dangerous to leave it completely?
if i shoud go to hospital how much time i should be there ? and is it safe?
at the end , thank you , and i’m really look forward to hearing from you.

11:32 am February 13th, 2014

Hello Massoud. You’ve probably developed a very high tolerance to zolpidem. Yes, I’d suggest that you seek professional medical advice. It may be possible or you to taper down the dose at home under medical supervision. But in addition to lowering your doses, you’ll need some help in coming up with alternatives for sleep. Have you been through a trauma which makes it very difficult for you to fall or stay asleep? Psychotherapy, meditation, or daily exercise can also help you manage insomnia.

massoud darbandsari
3:29 pm February 14th, 2014

hello again ,
tanx for your advices , i found a doc and start lowering the doses , and he asked me the same question as yours , i do not remember being through a trauma, but i always had some difficulty with sleeping ,

cheryk brill
1:31 am May 26th, 2014

i have been taking every night for the last 5 or 6 years. i would like to quit but it seems to hard and too scary to stop. i have really bad dreans at night and this drug doesnt make me dream. any ideas on how to stop. thanks cheryl

7:40 am May 27th, 2014

Hello cheryl. Thanks for your question. The short answer is: you can taper down your doses of Ambien with medical supervision. However, you’ll need a back up plan to address insomnia, because re-bound insomnia can occur during withdrawal. You can check out more on how to withdraw from Ambien here:

5:31 am June 1st, 2014

My friend took 250mg zolpidem for suicide but failed now she has lost her memory. Is it possible that only 250mg zolpidem causes memory loss or she is acting? I m confused..

Larry Dietrich
3:23 pm June 21st, 2014

I take one Ambien at 11:00 pm. and then another at 3:00 am..
Is this too much?
I can’t sleep the whole night on taking only one.
Ambien strength is 10 mg.

12:53 am August 4th, 2014

my dr recently told me that the fda won’t let them rx more than 5mg. did she lie intentionally! or is it true?

9:52 am August 4th, 2014
12:06 pm August 26th, 2014

zolpidem or ambien as it is more commonly known as , is said to have side effects which include memory problems. The amount of dosage taken by your friend is too much and must have required medical attention. Did the doctors who treated him/her tell you about the condition ??? Complete memory loss is not possible according to me. You can check online regarding your issue and i am sure you will find a satisfactory answer.

5:49 am September 1st, 2014

I have been taking ambien for years ( 4 to 5). I have stopped taking it 2 -3 times before. Then start again cause I can’t sleep. I stop taking it 3 days ago. I had 1 bad hallucination, have stomach cramps and naseau. I don’t want to go back on it anymore. What can u do to help me sleep and stop medication when I’ve taken it this long? Can my memory damage be cured?

8:13 pm September 1st, 2014

I have been taking 10mg zilpidem (generic for ambient) for at least 10 years. I toss n turn hrs b4 falling asleep. One I do fall asleep will sleep 4-5 hrs. Thinking about doubling dose. Is this safe

6:48 pm September 22nd, 2014

hi, got perscribed these after wisdom teeth extration. my parents gave me 4 at time so naturally i took around that muh then noticed lable…i halluicinated, thot people wer in my room accidentally took more and more for this bad altered state. i woke hours later with terrible cold sweat and muscle pains. i dont know how much i took. couldn’t remember, now almost a week later i still get muscle pains sometimes. i cant tell if the pains are from that or jhe surgery. do i have anything to be worried about? i do have a check up wit dr tommorrow so ill ask. sorry for grammar typed on my playstation. thanks

1:19 pm September 25th, 2014

Hi Sam. It’s a good idea to seek a doctor’s opinion and advise. Please, let us know how it goes.

4:17 am September 28th, 2014

Can I take two 5mg Zolpidem so I can sleep

5:39 am October 14th, 2014

I have been on ambien for about a year, starting out on the 5mg dose and quiickly was changed to the 10. I have been trying to get my sleep habits in line with that of a normal 40 year old. It just feels more comfortable to sleep for short periods of time during daylight hours. Laundry, cooking , cleaning all happen at night. For a while, dating the Ambien at 10 PM worked quite well. Now to even feel grogy I ned to take two.

8:10 am November 2nd, 2014

If anyone is taking, ergo prescribed, enough Ambien to be taking 3-30 pills a day, shouldn’t the doctor be the one to be looked at by the AMA. If you’re buying them off the street, then you’re a fool. They’re great for helping (causing) you to fall asleep. Call me crazy, 10mg at bedtime has worked for me for months, and trust me I am well versed in narcotic addiction from my past. I just don’t think it offers that much of a high, especially after a couple of weeks, but it stills helps me fall asleep.

I have never dreamed of taking any during the day. Granted, I take 2.5mg Xanax daily. One in the morning, 1/2 in the middle of the day, and one at night, not bedtime. Almost as a prep to go to bed in a couple of hours when I take the Ambien. Why am I reading about people taking so many and why haven’t I read one comment that sounded alarmed by the claims of those who are taking 20-40 a day.

11:52 am November 27th, 2014

Iv been taking ambient for a while following near death experience im in constant pain and ambien is my only release without it I’m nervous scared and can’t live a normal life any suggestions would help me I’m really struggling thank

Icy Winters
12:12 am November 30th, 2014

I had taken 100 mg ambien because I had gone to the ER because of panic attacks. Was sent home nothing was given to treat the panic attacks so still panicky I began to self medicate with ambien. Blacked out. Took eight more ambien, 1200 mg topamax, 300 mg meclizine, and a half quart Amoretto. I was found wandering around town unsteady on my feet. Someone saw me stumbling around and called 911. I was discharged the second time that day and regained consciousness in a town four hours away. I blacked out again and woke up in another ER that apparently discharged me to a mental health facility. I woke up in a stripped room (no curtains no bed linens) and under constant observation. I had no memory of how I had ended up there. However was treated like I was functionally incapable. I still can’t remember how I got there or what made the person who did my intake think I had low mental capacity. I suffer from panic attacks. I do not suffer from depression, manic depression, schizophrenia or autism.

8:06 pm November 30th, 2014

I know I lake too much I just wast to stop. How do I do this?

3:26 pm December 9th, 2014

Hi Carole. The bast way to eventually stop Ambien is to gradually lower the dose you are currently taking. This way you can minimize the discomfort from the withdrawal and experience less severe symptoms. Your doctor can help you create a tapering schedule that fits your needs best, and also give you other medicines to assist the withdrawal process.

8:50 pm January 22nd, 2015

can ambien cause something if you are taking other medicine such trazadone and herbal supplements melatonin

4:57 am January 23rd, 2015

I have been taking halcion – 2 pills nightly of .25 mg. Due to insurance reasons, they will only pay for 15 pills a month….so the doctor gave me ambien – 5 mg. I have not been sleeping at all since I’ve been taking them…..what do I do now?

5:49 am March 14th, 2015

Can I take 2 ambiens at night?

12:44 pm March 16th, 2015

Hi Matthew. It’s not recommended. If the medication has stopped working for you, you should see your doctor again. Taking more meds than prescribed (more frequently or larger doses) is considered abuse and can lead to many risky and dangerous results.

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