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How much Xanax is too much?

How much Xanax is too much?

In general, it is difficult to take too much Xanax. In fact, minor toxicity occurs at 1000 times the normal dose. Plus, because the Xanax high does not occur for many people, Xanax abuse and accompanying dangers is relatively low. In this article, we’ll look at the safe amounts of Xanax and how much Xanax it takes to overdose. Your questions about Xanax use and too much Xanax are welcomed at the end.

Xanax strengths

Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication used to treat panic and mood disorders. Xanax is available as both an immediate release and extended release tablet. Xanax comes in 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg doses.

How much Xanax is safe?

The recommended daily dose of Xanax is 0.75 to 1.5 mg throughout the day. It’s hard to overdose on Xanax, but Xanax overdose is possible, usually in combination with other drugs. People have been reported taking doses of up to 2000 mg and experiencing only minor toxicity. That’s about 1333 times the typical recommended daily dose. So Xanax is incredibly safe and very difficult to overdose on if taken by itself.

Note here that you can develop a tolerance to Xanax and eventual dependence or addiction, but doctors usually don’t prescribe Xanax for more than a couple of months due to its habit-forming properties. Xanax use shouldn’t be a problem if it’s used only as-needed for panic attacks or at a low daily dose for a short periods of time.  Plus, snorting Xanax bars is not safe.  Furthermore,  mixing Xanax and alcohol is not safe and can cause alcohol poisoning.

How much Xanax can you take at once?

Only up to 2mg of Xanax should be taken at one time, and that’s only in someone with a tolerance for the medication. Taking Xanax in large quantities to “get high” can cause adverse side effects even if it’s not medically dangerous. Snorting Xanax or taking Xanax to get high can also impair your balance, judgment, and alertness, putting you at risk for accidents. Additionally, taking high doses of Xanax puts you at risk of withdrawal seizures as well.

How much Xanax to overdose?

Again, at over 1000 times the normal dose, Xanax usually only causes minor symptoms. It’s very difficult to overdose just by taking Xanax pills. However, when combined with alcohol or other central nervous system depressants, it becomes much easier to overdose on Xanax, and can even be fatal. In fact, it’s dangerous to mix Xanax and alcohol at all, even in small amounts.

Toxic levels of Xanax in the system

You can overdose on Xanax by taking Xanax bars orally. But it’s much easier to overdose on Xanax by taking it in ways other than prescribed. Crushing the Xanax and snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, significantly increases your risk of overdose.

How much Xanax is fatal?

How much Xanax is fatal depends on the situation. Again, relatively low doses of Xanax can be fatal if combined with alcohol, narcotics, or other CNS depressing medications. But Xanax very rarely causes death in otherwise health individuals when it’s taken alone, even at enormous doses. But the side effects of Xanax abuse can include terrible withdrawal symptoms and addiction, so it’s still a bad idea to take high doses of Xanax recreationally.

How much Xanax should I take?

You should take the amount of Xanax prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

Too much Xanax questions

Do you have questions about taking too much Xanax? Please leave your questions, comments, or experiences here. We try to respond to all comments with a personal and prompt reply. And if we can’t answer your Xanax questions, we will refer you to someone who can.

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69 Responses to “How much Xanax is too much?
2:53 pm September 5th, 2012

I have to have a breast MRI I experience extreme panic in closed spaces. Therefore, my doctor prescribed xanax 0.5mg the night before and 0.5mg an hour before the proceedure. My prceedure time change to 6:00 p.m. would it be ok to take a pill and a half of o.5mg at once. I am afraid just one 0.5mg will not be enough to calm me down to get through the proceedure. Please advise. thank you

3:28 pm September 5th, 2012

Hello Mills. You will have to consult with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist to answer your question. However, it does seem logical to stick with the dosing regimen and instead of taking 0.5 mg Xanax the night before, take it in the AM, and then another 0.5 mg right before the procedure.

5:46 am November 24th, 2012

I just want some help coming dow from this bender. only have xanax or muscle relaxer cyclobenzaprineWill they help?

10:17 am January 28th, 2013

Hi yorgo. Xanax is best taken under prescription supervision. If you need a prescription, you can seek help from an ER, medical clinic or from your family doctor.

4:52 pm March 9th, 2013

I take 0.5mg of Xannax. what medications should I avoid while taking the benzo?

Natasha Morris
2:44 am March 25th, 2013

I took about 4 xanax pills at one time. 2 mg’s each. I was 12 years old and never took it before. I was just wondering if it was all in my head because I remember things being slow and I look back and it was all a blur. Just curious however.

valerie g
11:57 pm April 11th, 2013

I am having a terrible time wth anxiety right now because of things beyond my control. I hate feeling scared so I took 1.5 mg xanax to try to get rid of this feeling . My uaual dose is.5 3 times a day. Have I taken too much. I just want to get to where I don!

8:35 am April 15th, 2013

Hello Valerie. Check in with a doctor or pharmacist. Also, I’d suggest that you speak with a psychologist about underlying anxiety, as you can learn coping mechanisms that do not involve chemically numbing the brain in order to deal with these thoughts.

Gabby B.
8:51 am April 27th, 2013

I took 12 ,50 xanax, is that too much?

11:19 pm May 5th, 2013

is it safe if you take xanax 1 a day then take it 2 times a day the next day and then take it 3 times a day the next and from the 3rd day on take it 3 times daily ?

7:46 am May 7th, 2013

Hello Julio. Check with your prescribing doctor about frequency of dosing. However, the increased dosing schedule that you outline does not seem standard (from my non-professional understanding).

1:04 am May 31st, 2013


I have been taking different doses of alphrazolam (xanax) for over 10 years now. Currently I am taking 1.5mg a day which is working even though I am very stressed out. I am concern about the addiction issue with xanax and I am planning on lowering the doses to 1mg/day to avoid any addiction or dependency. I do suffer of anxiety from time to time and depression. Is my current dose too much? Any advise, suggestion or recommendation?

9:11 am June 3rd, 2013

Hello Francisco. Hmmm. This question would be best addressed by a pharmacist. See if you can schedule a walk in consultation or speak by phone with a pharmacist, or two, in your area. They generally have more time to spend with patients than doctors and can give you some good insight into dosing amounts and frequencies, as well as alternative options both over-the-counter and lifestyle choices that can help you manage anxiety.

11:47 pm July 22nd, 2013

my boyfriend just took at least 6 0.5 Xanax shuld I call 911~

11:11 am July 23rd, 2013

Hi Lisa. You can call 9-1-1 or you can first call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to report systems and get advice on next steps.

6:08 am September 28th, 2013

I take a one time dose before sleep of 5 mg every night for about 5 years now.
I know its very high but im constantly worried that its a dangerous dose and i might be hurting my brain too much.
Ive tried tapering down so many times but always fail to do so.

Would apreciate any insights.

Thank you.

9:41 pm October 8th, 2013

I was prescribed a 0.05 dose but feel it has no affect and think about taking two at a time
Yes? No?

11:03 am October 9th, 2013

Hello Felipe. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor. You’ll need to have a plan in order to treat underling problems with sleep before attempting to taper.

Hello Connie. You’ll need an OK from your doctor before upping the dose.

SAsha binns
7:50 pm November 4th, 2013

I am prescribed 0.25 mg. of xanax four times a day it a not working can I take two mg and be ok

2:27 pm November 6th, 2013

Hello Sasha. You’ll need medical supervision and a doctor’s OK before increasing doses of Xanax.

10:48 pm November 14th, 2013

Hi I’ve been using 0.5 mg 2 a day for a month an half and was wondering if I’ve build a tolerance. I’m kinda nervous reading a lot of horror stories from benzo withdrawals. I see my dr monday to see if I can get another anxiety med

9:13 pm November 22nd, 2013

Hi. I was prescribed 0.25mg of Xanax every 8 hours as needed, but I feel like it isn’t doing anything. I have severe panic disorder and it’s gotten to the point that I can’t leave my bed! Is it ok to take two of the tablets to see if that helps? I can’t get a hold of my doctor.

2:28 pm November 26th, 2013

Hi Emily. No, it’s not OK to increase Xanax doses without doctor permission. Seek medical help, and look into lifestyle alternatives so that you can mitigate the symptoms as they occur.

6:19 am November 28th, 2013

Can Xanax be taken with Remeron and Zoloft?

Justin Snyder
7:51 pm April 9th, 2014

Last night I took 5 mg, and smoked pot and felt great. Went back home munched down not too hard and when I woke up I started hurling everywhere. Is there an explanation for this?

9:03 pm April 20th, 2014

my girlfriend died from choking on her throw from anax over dose with out any achl

linda gillespie
3:33 am April 26th, 2014

I’ve taken alprozolam .05 mg. at bedtime for anxiety and to make it possible to go to sleep and stay asleep through the night. I’ve taken the .05mg. for about 13 years and then it wasn’t working. I’m thinking I’ve become somewhat ammuned to this dosage. So, talked with my doctor and he increased my dosage to one .05 and 1/2 of another .05 tablet. That worked some times but most nights, I would wake up about 4am and could not get back to sleep. So, I decided to try two .05 mg. tabs at bedtime and I now sleep through the night and am not droggy or dizzy or anything when I wake up. I am 69 years old, divorced, retired and live by myself with my dog.
My question is: is it common that people who take this drug for years can become ammuned to it or maybe that’s not the right word but can it just lose its effectiveness and need to increase the dosage. I do not have any other disorders other than not being able to go to sleep and stay asleep and I’ve had a sleep apnea test and I do not have sleep apnea.
Thank You

11:09 am May 14th, 2014

Hello Linda. Yes, daily use of Xanax can provoke the phenomenon known as “tolerance”, or the need for increased dosing (amount or frequency) in order to achieve initial therapeutic effect.

2:19 am May 28th, 2014

I have been taking Xanax for 7 years, 1mg in morning and one in evening. I would be dead w/o it. My nerves were shot after a stressful event and believe me the pain is physical, especially in the gut for me. I don’t want to take it but a person in general could never survive the way I feel w/o it. I also do NEVER get a high off of it, just some relief. Would like to get off but just not happening unfortunately. I’m looking for a doctor in the new field of neuroendercology or something like that. I don’t want to take them but it is impossible. Im pretty disgusted about it.

plz help me understand
8:56 pm June 1st, 2014

Okay so I’m rx to take 1 mg 3 times a day….but I find myself only taking at most 1 mg a day…I also take a blood pressure Med called amlodopine besylate 5mg once a day…I guess I’m just wanting to know if I’m safe period and even if I did need the three mg daily would I still be OK?

5:17 am June 6th, 2014

Hi My doctor subscribed me xananx 0.25 i Was wondering if i could take 2 at once because 0.25 isn’t strong enough

brittany mitchell
1:19 am June 8th, 2014

I weigh 120 lbs. I’m on 1 mg xanex. I just took 8of them… I also am in serquel 200 mg to. Could i overdose from taking this many?

Just wondering
4:19 am June 9th, 2014

I’m prescribed 2 mg Xanax 4 times a day. To get sleep I have to take 3 at a time. I also take 2 at a time throughout the day. Will I overdose?

7:42 pm June 18th, 2014

I feel better after reading these post. I was afraid of getting addicted. 4 years ago I was prescribed .5 mg Alprozolam PRN. I am averaging .25 mg 4 times a month. It helps when I am desperate bc of anxiety.

Are there better alternatives?

1:27 pm June 19th, 2014

Hello Myra. The alternatives to Rx anxiety medications are mainly lifestyle based. Have you consulted with a psychologist yet? Speaking with a certified counselor near you is a good place to start.

4:38 pm July 12th, 2014

Hi, I was prescribed .05 Xanax one in the morning and one in the evening. I take them both together every evening so that I can sleep. Should I stop this dosage and go to one in the am and one in the pm? I do not ever take any more than this dosage. I have been doing this for several years. I would appreciate you feedback.

John H.
7:45 pm July 12th, 2014

This is a pill from hell. I got hooked on it accidentally and had suicide tendencies. You can not quit this immediately. Have to cut it in half every five days. It was a bitch to get off it. Took over a month after I quit to get back to normal again. Do not take this crap. It is poison.

Pat M
1:36 am July 16th, 2014

i have been on 3mg of xanax a day for the past 3 years prescribed and abused it recreationally before. i cannot stop taking it without loss of appetite, nausea, anxiety attacks, and other symptoms i am considering withdrawal. i use more than 3 miligrams a day, usually closer to 6. how bad will the detox be

10:58 am July 17th, 2014

can you take 2 of those 0.5 milligrams and atillbe safe

2:40 pm July 24th, 2014

Hello Pat. Speak with your prescribing doctor to set up an individualized tapering plan to minimize severity of symptoms during detox. 3 years of medium dosage use can provoke rebound anxiety and requires medical supervision during withdrawal.

10:40 pm August 3rd, 2014

I have been prescribed xanax at 2mg per dose at 6mg per day. I have only taken about ten of the 2mg pills in a months time. I only take them when I know anxiety will set in. I am about to fly for about 8 hours and my fears are heights and being confined. I don’t think one 2mg dose will allow me to fly. Would a 4mg dose do the job?

Ed McGinn
1:59 am August 22nd, 2014

My wife has taken 8 5mg zanax over the period of 6 hours and takin 4 melletonin should I be concerned

10:12 pm August 22nd, 2014

Hi. I’m currently taking 2mg Xanax 3 times a day…& it’ seems my doctor not making any effort to take
me of them anytime soon… Is it better for me to ask him for 3mg Xanax , instead taking total of 6mg. what u thinks?

4:59 pm September 6th, 2014

Can I just confirm that the dose of 0.5mg spoken about here is the same as 500 microgram??

6:00 am September 18th, 2014

I can’t remember if I took my xanax tonight for the neuropathy in my foot…it’s pins and needles. Should I take one or will it be harmful if I earlier. It’s 0.75. Thanks.

7:01 am September 18th, 2014

Hello Martha. If you can’t remember whether or not you took the Xanax, I’d suggest yo skip the missed dose, and take your pill when it’s almost time for your next scheduled dose. Do not take extra medicine to make up the missed dose.

10:21 pm September 22nd, 2014

I just took 6 xanax in the last 8 hours. 1 at 10am, 2 at 2:30pm and 3 at 6pm. I have a strong tolence towards it as 2 doesnt even make me calm down. I wanted to know if that was too much and if its possible to have serious side effects and what to look out for. They are prescribed but only 1mg, which does nothing for me. I am 111 pounds, 5’1″ female and 16 if any of that helps.

3:40 am September 28th, 2014

I take 6mg of xanax daily and I feel just fine ànd I also take
4mg of suboxone Salyers

1:03 am October 2nd, 2014

I have a problem being is small/tight places. I am taking a MRI and how much of a Xanax dose can I take for this one time event?

4:52 pm October 2nd, 2014

I have an MRI appointment and I have a fear of “closed in ” places. How much Xanax caan I take for this ONE event? Thank You. Rich

10:57 pm October 16th, 2014

I had a xanax last night and then one this morning. I then (about 8 hours later) had 3 beers over the course of the night. I’m worried if I sleep I won’t wake up as will have od ed unintentionally. Would just like to know if I’m ok to sleep or should wait it out. I feel ok just sleepy

4:11 pm October 17th, 2014

Hi Ivey. The alcohol in beer enhances the effects of Xanax, so even though the effects of the medication started to wear off, they were intensified by the beer. But, you should be ok. Just try to eat someting and have someone beside you for help if needed.

5:55 am October 21st, 2014

I have always taken ,1 /2 1mg tablet for sleep but not working. I have taken 8 since 5 pm and its now midnight and not even tired.

3:42 pm October 26th, 2014

I just took 3 mg at one time, orally, honestly because I just wanted to check out and sleep. This is the first timeIj have taken that dose I know this is something to discuss with my doctor. Am I safe right now? I haven’t taken anything else (except a xanax and 10mg ambien at about 2am. What are the chances of withdraw/seizure?

2:32 pm October 27th, 2014

Hi Brianna. Take your child to the ER as soon as possible. You don’t have time to wait!

12:20 am November 30th, 2014

My brother recently has come to live with me and suffers from many issues with anxiety and depression. He seems to have a lot of medications. I’m not sure of spellings but he takes kolonopin.xanax and several others. I’m worried about him and am looking for answers and help for him. I’m not even sure if the same doctor wrote all the prescriptions. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated

Scared I'm addicted
2:21 am December 9th, 2014

I have been prescribed xanax, well the generic, for almost a year now. I don’t feel like I’m abusing them aside from now having to take two of my 1 mg instead of the one because 1 mg does nothing to me but, my real concern here is, I take them even when I’m not having an attack. Like I just feel the urge I need one. Think of it as an urge for a cigarette type feeling. When I try and fight it I get sweats and then start getting anxiety just thinking about it. I’ve tried coming off it but withdrawal is literally worse than pain med free childbirth, and I know that feeling, and I’m worrying about it. Should I see about changing meds or just get off completely? Is there a way to do so without tapering or withdrawaling? Please reply.

12:09 pm December 12th, 2014

I had problems with drug addiction in the past & now i take 2 & 3 at a time while taking 2mg subuxone! I have a high tolerance for most medications! Any advice? Not addicted yet… But im afraid it would lead to some other drugs…

11:30 pm December 18th, 2014

on Xanax-2mg 3x daily-mistakenly took 4mg in one dose. how do I handle rest of day?

2:05 pm December 23rd, 2014

Hi Richard. How are you feeling? In situations like these, Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 or call your doctor. Searching on the internet is not always the safest option.

6:48 am February 14th, 2015

I have been taking xanax for quite a few years on and off and although my doctor prescribe Me to take about 4 milligrams total throughout the day for some reason when I first get the prescription I have noticed every once in awhile for that first night I only will take the recommended dose but when I wake in the morning there is about 30 tablets missing no one has access to it either has anyone else experienced this when I wake I feel completely fine as though I never took any extra how is this possible and again has anyone else done this

7:00 am February 16th, 2015

Hi everyone, I’ve been reading all you’re post’s & am VERY suprised by the response: (re: max dose of xanax 2mg daily)
My Dr. prescribed take 2 tablets by mouth twice a day for anxiety. (120 count/2 mg tablets/must last 30 days)

12:19 am February 20th, 2015

I had an anxiety attack so i took one xanax bar, 2mg. In the midst of the attack, i may have taken one not remembering i took the other until a few minutes later. Should i try to throw up ( its been about 30min) Am i in danger of OD with 4 mg of xanax?

6:40 am February 26th, 2015

My daughter died after having a seizure and had respiratory failure . The toxicology report showed only Xanax in her system . Her death was determined to be pharmacology overdose . How can that be from what all I read in this blog ?

1:38 pm February 27th, 2015

Hello Billie. I’m very sorry for your loss! Depends on how she took it, how much, and if she used it before or she over-did-it on the first try. The respiratory depression and seizure that were found as a COD generally point to mixing the medication with other substances.

4:42 pm February 27th, 2015

Hi Ricky. If do not take Xanax often and your organism is not used to it, then 4mg is a high dose. You should seek medical help if you start feeling weird or have someone drive you to the doctors.

5:19 pm March 2nd, 2015

I have panic attacks everyday. I take 2mg of xanax 4 times a day but it doesn’t help. I think I’ve become tolerant to the xanax, but I’m afraid nothing else will help either. Is there any hope?

12:06 pm March 18th, 2015

Is taking 4 of the 1mg Xanax the same as taking 1 Xanax bar

6:19 pm March 29th, 2015

You ppl are retarded, some of these questions and statements are just the dumbest thing ive ever read. YOU WILL NOT DIE From 2-4 mg of xanax. and Harry talking 4 1 mg xanax is not the same as taking a bar. 1 bar = 2 mg , so do the math 1 mg x4 would = 2 bars

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