Buprenorphine Overdose: How Much Buprenorphine to OD?

Symptoms of a buprenorphine overdose can include respiratory depression, miosis and central nervous system depression. 16-32 mg dose ranges are considered “high” doses, but buprenorphine overdose is mainly related to injection. More on buprenorphine OD risks here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Buprenorphine is the name for a generic opioid contained in Subotex and Suboxone. Numerous trials and reviews have established buprenorphine as an effective treatment for opioid dependence. In fact, buprenorphine is safe and effective for use in acute detoxification, stabilization, and long-term maintenance of individuals with opioid dependence. It rarely causes cases of overdose. 


Effective Dose Limits

Buprenorphine is a relatively long-acting, partial mu agonist and full kappa antagonist used opioid replacement therapy. It’s a useful drug in cases of opiate addiction because it stops withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This makes it easier for you to stop using or cut down, so that you can focus on other activities that are important to you.

But how safe is it? Buprenorphine is considered very safe. It is commonly sold alone under the brand name “Subutex”, or combined with naloxone as “Suboxone” and comes in the form of sublingual tablets or film. Combining it with naloxone further prevents drug abuse that is already low-risk. Why?

Buprenorphine works in a way that binds it with specific receptors of the spinal cord, brain and gastrointestinal tract and affects other systems of the body, like those which regulate mood, breathing and blood pressure. But buprenorphine has a built-in “ceiling effect.” As a partial opioid agonist, buprenorphine triggers a plateau for its agonist effects such as sedation or slowed breathing, even at high doses.

Because of the way the medicine is designed, higher doses are unlikely to produce greater effects.

So, because of its ceiling effect and poor bioavailability, buprenorphine is usually safer in terms of overdose than opioid full agonists like hydrocodone, oxycodone, or codeine. In other words, people who are taking this medication as prescribed rarely overdose on buprenorphine.

Dosage Forms and Strengths

Following are the common doses used by type of buprenorphine form and mode of administration. For moderate-to-severe pain, for example, doctors often recommend 0.3 mg IV/IM  every 6 6 hours. This dose may be repeated once (up to 0.3 mg) if required, 30-60 minutes after initial dose.

Injectable solution: Schedule III (Buprenex), 0.3mg/mL

Tablet, sublingual: Schedule III (generic)

  • 2mg
  • 8mg

For opioid dependence, dosing at induction usually begins with a sublingual tablet. The course is generally, 8 mg on day 1, then 16 mg on day 2; continued over 3-4 days. Doctors recommend administration of first dose of buprenorphine sublingual tablets only when signs/symptoms of moderate opioid withdrawal appear, and ≥4 hr after patient last used an opioid  and generally ≥24 hr after the patient last used a long-acting opioids. Then, doctors titrate to clinical effectiveness achieved as rapidly as possible; dosing on the initial day of treatment may be given in 2-4 mg increments if preferred.


Is Overdose Even Possible?

Unintentional overdose rarely occurs with buprenorphine. Instead, people can OD during misuse or unsupervised increase of the recommended dose. For example, intravenous injection of buprenorphine, grinding and snorting tablets, or extreme cases of abuse may cause symptoms of overdose. The U.S. Department of Justice reported types of buprenorphine abuse and diversion as early as 2004, noting that the drug is more likely to be abused by individuals who are addicted to low doses of opiates since it can precipitate withdrawal symptoms in high doses.

Additionally, buprenorphine SHOULD NOT be taken in combination with other central nervous system depressants, including other drugs or alcohol; this combination can increase the risk of adverse side effects, including overdose and death. So, never mix alcohol with buprenorphine.

When you take more than one central nervous system depressant simultaneously, the effects of both are compounded and can cause overdose or even death.

In other cases, people who are not tolerant to the effects of opioids can experience overdose symptoms. This includes children. Children often mistake the buprenorphine film or sublingual tablets for candy, or mimic their parents. For instance, a CDC Weekly Report in 2012 stated that “in an opioid naïve patient, respiratory depression might occur before reaching this ceiling, especially in young children.”

More commonly, people who have no opiates/opioids in their system – mainly teens and adults – and are trying to get high on buprenorphine can experience negative side effects.  As with other opioids, buprenorphine can trigger tolerance in its users. However, loss of opioid/opiate tolerance is a very dangerous moment for drug addiction treatment patients, because re-introduction of buprenorphine to opioid naive people can cause overdose.  Additionally, you should

Signs of an Overdose

SAMHSA, The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s guide for opioid overdose suggests that you CALL 911 if you notice any of the following:

  • A person’s body goes limp.
  • Face is extremely pale or skin feels clammy to the touch.
  • Fingernails or lips have a purple or blue color.
  • The person cannot be awakened or are unable to speak.
  • The person’s breathing or heartbeat slows or stops.
  • Vomiting or gurgling noises occur.

Buprenorphine overdose and possible complications can include:

  • allergic reaction
  • blurred vision
  • confusion
  • death
  • dizziness
  • feeling faint
  • feeling sleepy and uncoordinated
  • hypotension
  • nausea
  • pinpoint pupils
  • problems rationalizing
  • respiratory depression (slower than normal breathing)
  • sedation
  • slowed reflexes
  • slurred speech
  • vomiting

If you experience any of the signs of buprenorphine overdose, immediately contact a medical professional or a clinic. Overdose can carry serious outcomes, too complicated for a nonprofessional individual to handle. Do not take any chances, especially when somebody’s life is on the line.

Plus, buprenorphine overdose deaths can be prevented by treated with naloxone. As a narcotic antagonist, naloxone removes buprenorphine from receptors and reverses respiratory depression, which is the biggest risk to possible fatality. However, we suggest that SEEK MEDICAL HELP in any and all cases of buprenorphine overdose.

Risk Factors

Overdose risk increases when you take buprenorphine other than prescribed or when you try to take buprenorphine to get high. This means that you should not take buprenorphine:

  1. If it is not prescribed to you.
  2. In a manner other than prescribed.
  3. In doses other than prescribed.

Buprenorphine produces euphoric effects typically associated with opioids. But the medication should be kept away from children and adults who do not need it. Further, the FDA Drug Safety Warning for Suboxone and Subutex reports that a number of overdose related deaths have occurred when people intravenously misused buprenorphine.  So, to lower risk of a problem, be sure that you are not misusing the medication.

The risk of overdose also increase when you combine medicines. For example, taking buprenorphine at the same time with benzodiazepines such as Ativan, Klonopin, Valium, or Xanax can increase risk of overdose. Additionally, when people take buprenorphine with other central nervous system depressants such as alcohol or other opioids, overdose risk increases.

The most common profiles of buprenorphine users reported as overdose cases follow:

  • addicts completing mandatory detoxification or abstinent for a period of time-high risk of relapse.
  • opioid naive people re-introduced to buprenorphine without opioid tolerance.
  • patients discharged from medical care following any opioid intoxication.
  • patients recently released from incarceration.
  • people with confirmed medical history of illicit drug abuse and recreational use of medicinal drugs.
  • self-administered intravenous buprenorphine users.
  • users receiving rotating opioid medication regimes.
  • users taking buprenorphine to treat opiate addiction without professional medical supervision

Have Any Questions?

In sum, buprenorphine is an appropriate treatment for people who are dependent on opiates or opioids, such as heroin and prescription painkillers. Buprenorphine works to stop cravings, block withdrawal symptoms, and prevents “dope sickness” as well as  the “high” from heroin and other opioids. But use of buprenorphine requires medical supervision.

Still have questions about buprenorphine overdose? In case you have any specific questions related to overdose with buprenorphine, please feel free to post them in the following section. We try to provide you with a personal and prompt response, or refer you to someone who can help.

Reference sources: SAMSHA: Opioid Overdose Toolkit
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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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  1. I’d like to speak to Vanessa about her sister’s passing if she sees This post. I took buprenorphine just like my dr said. Last night I took 8mg at 9:00 and the next 5 hours I thought I was going to die. My breathing was shallow, cold clammy hands and jittery. I am a mom, I’m on oxycodone for massive pain but my dr wants me to take take oxycodone 30mg every 6 hrs 4 times a day but use buprenorphine for break through pain. From what I read this is crazy! Should I be taking this medicine like this? Pls help I need to drive my kids and cook dinner.

  2. My girlfriend accidentally swallowed 1 of my 8/2 Suboxone sublingual tablets. She was on her way to work thought it was 1 of her vitamin c tabs and swallowed it. She got dizzy and threw up. She works in a hospital so they brought her to the ER and the doc Narcaned her twice. She swallowed 1 pill, didn’t chew it or let it sit under her tongue and the doc was treating her like an addict and she was asleep for 2 days after. Is that the correct procedure for a 40 yr old 120 pound woman for swallowing 1 8mg Suboxone?

  3. There is a greater chance of you being struck by lightning than overdosing on buprenorphine(Subutex) a safe effective drug the government is holding hostage contrary to what you are being told. Medical doctors have stopped taking insurance and charge cash only even for Medicare clients to prescribe this safe effective drug they have everyone believe is being diverted. It cost Two to Three hundred for the first visit and over a hundred every month for refills. Medical doctors also make a small fortune off urine analysis kickbacks.

  4. My gf took half a 8mg suboxone strip and has been vommitting….she will not go to the ED…I do not know what to do as I’m very worried please help ?

  5. Hey I took maybe a lil more than a half of a 8mg strip sub I took prob 10 hydrocodone 10mg and drank half a bottle of liquor last night until about 8 this morning nd woke up round 6 nd took half a sub 8mg I feel kinda sick nd kinda hard breathing not very bad I just need to no if I will over dose I also use a high amount of heroin im trying to quit I just need to no if this sub will make me over dose this is my first time taking one since 2015 but been using heroin for almost 4 months nonstop so I got a high tolerance just please someone help me asap if u could I also don’t know my email address in case u send me anything so I wouldn’t recommend sending me anything just gunna stay in this website for next 19 min nd see if not I’ma try to sleep just don’t wanna not wake up please let me Kno asap should I drink milk nd throw up nd take a cold shower or what I don’t feel like I’ma die just hard breathing maybe abiexty nd sick but I think from drinking nd takin pain pills before recommend time to taje a suboxone

  6. I have a question,
    I am visiting my friend for the week and I put my 8mg Buperinorphine pills (I think that’s how you spell it) in a Tylenol bottle, she opened it and grabbed one pill and swallowed it. She took it around 9pm and began to get tired, nauseous and then threw up. It is now 4:30pm the next day and she has thrown up 2 more times and is still feeling sick. After she throws up she feels better for awhile, and then starts to get sick again. Should we be worried? I know buperinorphine can stay in your system for awhile, but how long will she be feeling like this?
    Thank you.

  7. So I am at a trsatment facility and still here only because im scared to reach out and go somewhere else but this place is a huge trigger and im angry… WHY? Well I was off any opiod for a good two months or so . i was given somethin for pain one day and naive to any treatment meds since i detoxed at home … I was given subutex ativan and robaxian and was suppose to be monitored … Which they lied and said they had checked on me twice which i know was a lie because i was awake .. And my roomate found me unconcience on floor. I was not responding, vomit on my shirt and was no able to wake up. I was intubated because i was not breathing on my own. I was told that i wouldnt have made it if i hadnt been found or sent to ER. this place has done it before. I have no one to turn to. What do i do?

  8. my girl friend had a toothache and decided to take half a 8 strip of suboxone and now she is fucked up should i take her to the clinic or let her ride it out?

  9. My partner has been prescribed subetex as was a high user of drugs and dr increased his dose gradually until he stabilised and that was at 24mg dose. He felt he didn’t need it and could abstain on his own and stopped taking. He’s realised this is not the case and after 2 weeks break he’s just taken his prescribed dose again of 24mg and has been sick ok and off for the last 5 hours and he won’t call emergency services. Can you offer advice

  10. Im a daily suboxone user. Guess i should say abuser. Im PRESCRIBED 1.5 of th 8mg sub 2mg nal and i quarter them and my fiance and i SHARE a quarter at a time 4-5 or more times a day. We shoot them. I/weve been on subutex/suboxone for smthn like 4 or 5 years with one or th other of us getting legitimate prescriptions from a dr. Idk y im leaving this comment just am. Anyway ive had no (that i can tell) adverse effects from IV use of suboxone. HER veins r getting blew out cuz she has rolly polly f*ckers. Anyway i know its terrible but th reason behimd th IV use (other tham having been a hardcore needle user for 15+years is because of th bioavalablilty. Shooting them much less goes much further….make sence? Prolly not.

  11. I have been clean for 9 months after having a severe oxycodone addiction for four years. Long story short…I had some dental work done and was prescribed hydrocodone. I did not abuse it. However it did stir the cravings for “more” back up. So trying to protect my recovery I went to speak to a doctor about Suboxone for the cravings I was having after taking the pain medicine for the dental work. I really want to make sure I do everything I can on my part not to relapse. Anyways he put me on 2mg Suboxone tablets twice a day. Being I have zero tolerance now because I’ve only had the 8 hydrocodone 7.5mg tablets in the past 9 months…is the 2mg just once a day a safe dose? After taking the first dose I do not see having to take a second dose today. I’m just curious as to if this may be too high of a dose for me. Or should I cut the 2mg tablet in half and just take 1mg a day instead? I don’t want to relapse and I definitely don’t want to overdose. Thank you in advance 🙂

  12. I figured on taking 16 mg per day for 14 days then dropping off 2 mg per 7 days until taking none. This is to ward off hydromorph contin withdrawls. After which i hope to have injections for chronic back pain. Is 16 mg /day too much ?

  13. Hi, my brother recently passed away. The medical examiner said he had very high levels of buprenorphine in his system and suspect he had injected it. He also had a small amount of xanax, which was prescribed in very small amounts by his addiction specialist. My question is, why would someone inject beprenorphine? Neither the ME or his addiction specialist can give me an answer. What is the physiologically benefit of injecting? His blood level was 12 -I’m not sure of the unit of measurement. Just trying to understand how why this happened.

  14. I went to Dr to get my meds which was perks 10/325 I did p test and I do believe they mess up in the lab because it came back that I tested for sub and I have never in my life taken this drug call sub and y would I when I had my pain meds ..if I was doing both and Xanax what is the result of overdosing on that …my test cane back 12 mg of bup and 37 mg nonbup now do anyone out there think that i would have od on that …im despret to no cuz I was discharge for that and they would not let me prove my innocent…plz help me someone..

  15. I don’t even know where to begin
    My very best friend was recently found dead in his car. Sat there for a week before the body was discovered and very very badly decomposed. We just got the autopsy results back. What we thought was natural causes is now what they are calling an accidental overdose of Buprenorphine. He had severe sleep apnea so we thought he just took a nap in his car and never woke up. He was 34 healthy otherwise and I can assure you he never took drugs ever. He wouldn’t even take a Tylenol. I don’t have the report yet but this is crazy to me. They are thinking possibly someone may have put something in his drink. Is this possible?? He rarely drank but was at a party that night. How can this happen? How much does it take to die and wouldn’t you taste it? He was 6’2 and about 200lbs. Part of me is terrified to know the truth but I need answers. The investigator and the medical examiner are not helpful at all. I don’t know where else to turn. I don’t know because of the condition of the body if they can even tell how it was administered. I don’t know what to think..that was the only thing in his system. An someone please help me try to make sense of this … I’m losing my mind

  16. I took a12 mg strip of soboxone and accidently swolloed 8 8mg subutex thinking they were 2mg tizanidine a mild musle relaxer. this has been about 2 1/2 hrs ago my BP is and heart rate is normal so far…

  17. Dee please stop with the very false information you’re giving. I know this post is a year old, but I can’t believe some of the things I’m reading, that you’ve wrote. Meth does not fill the opiate receptors, and will not get pushed off by Bup or Naloxone. Precipitated withdrawal is when you have opiates on the opiate receptors and you take an opioid such as Suboxone/Naloxone the Naloxone pulls any opiate off the receptors and the bup is meant to fill those holes. All the sudden no opiate or opioid is on the receptors, and you withdrawal. The bup will eventually fill those holes if you’ve taken enough. Methamphetamine is not an precipitated drug. Also, you answered another question about a guy who’s girlfriend missed two days of Methadone, so she took two subs to accommodate, you’re telling him its not a good idea to have her take both. Your type of help is dangerous. If you’re not a medical professional, do not act like one.

  18. Hello all ?I have started suboxon a few weeks ago it saved my life I’m my old self again thanks to this drug I am on 20 mg but I’m taking 450 mg Effexor and 45 mg Avanza which I have for years due to depression. My sub doc didn’t say much about the mix and I’m worried if it’s dangerous can anyone help … Much love to people struggling with addiction please be strong and try suboxon it works wonders

  19. As per your article – “Subotex and Suboxone.”

    For clarification, there is no ‘Subtext’. I realize it is a typo, but it would help if you corrected it since people seeking your site need accurate information. Regards

  20. So 16 to 32 milligrams can cause o.d. I’m paranoid with taking new meds always have been. Is it bad to take xanax with I’m also on that

  21. Hi I know someone who gas been on suboxone for a few months now and just this past couple days the dosage has changed dramatically from taking it regularly to taking it and it dropping drastically then it rising drastically. 16mg and then 8 then 4 up to 18. This person is experiencing sleepiness and breathing shakily

  22. my daughter has been using drugs for 10 years, she is now 24 and gets meds from a pill pusher doctor. She took seven subotox in 2 days. Last night I thought she had overdosed and was scared to death. She was freezing, barely conscious, speaking incoherently , her back was hurting, could hardly walk. I got her to bed, but was afraid to go to sleep. I am at my wits end!

  23. My hisband who had no previous opiate addictions became addicted to soboxone in prison. He was realeased on a friday morning, took an 8mg sub, 3grams of coke and some diazipam (unknown amount) on saturday n he didnt wake up on sunday. Myself im left with no drug addictions, no drink peoblems… 3 young kids who worshipped their daddy n not a friend in the desert coz no one will tell me where he got the drugs. Cheers for listening… Had a hard day needed to vent this somewhere

  24. From 2013 to until now,I use 60 mg ( early morning 20mg=a bottle/ after lunch 20mg/ evening 20mg ) of buprenorphine injection. I don’t want to continue use it any more. however, if I don’t use it , I cannot work , I cannot sex with my girl until her orgesm.So I have to use it again again and again. Please give me a way to cutout it and the way to control loosing sex.

  25. I am a hydrocodone addict. My doctor prescribed me suboxone 8mg/2mg and instructed me to take one film in the morning and one film in the evening. I have only been taking one film a day and have not taking any other medications. I feel light headed and drowsy but cannot sleep. I am experiencing urine retention but I experienced urine retention while on hydrocodone as well. All my lab work was good. Am I at risk of overdose by taking one film a day with no additional medication dispite my above symptoms. This is only me 2nd day on suboxone.

  26. My sister died about two months ago from an od on suboxone. She was presctibed a months supply of 8mg films twice daily, for a total of 56 films for a 28 day period. She had been on suboxone treatment for two years. They said that she had taken the entire prescription of 56, 8mg films, diluted them in water and drank it. I am so distraught over her suicide and still undure as to why she would do this to herself and to her family and especially her children. My question is, how could her od even be possible when suboxone has buprenorphine AND naloxone in it. From what ive read the naloxone counteracts the buprenorphine and prevents an od by knocking the bupe off the opiod receptors. Please help me better understand this. Also, they informed that nothing else was found in her toxicology report that could have contribited to her death other than the total of 448mgs of suboxone.

    1. Hi Shane. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns. Wish you peace!

  27. Rodney, she should have just taken the methadone. The orange pill your talking about was probably Suboxon. It’s a mixture of bupenorphine and naloxone. And should b dissolved under the tongue. Suboxon is used to treat addiction to the opiates. Methadone is an opiate and is commonly used to replace another addiction. She should have taken one or the other not both. Naloxone counteracts the effects of opiates so she may not feel the effects of the methadone. Hope she doesn’t miss any more of her doses.

  28. I am very sure I have too much subutex in my system. I checked out that COWS test. It was not helpful. I have been on sub for 8 months now, we from 4mg to now 8mg. last week I have sooo tired. I want to sleep all the time. this is a different side effect for me. so my ? is, do I just stop taking the medication all together and wait untill I feel bad again? or do I keep it in my system, but only take like 2mg tomorrow/ Probably not yeah? it has a shelflife, and the 2mg will just build on what is already in my system, correct?

  29. My girlfriend missed two days of methadone treatment and took one 10mg tablet of methadone and tablet of naloxone, it was orange, round, imprinted AN 415. Then I guess read that she should’ve let it dissolve under her tongue and took another one. Is she in any danger. She says she’s feeling restless but fine but I’m scared

  30. Hi
    I have been on the patches for 4.5 years for pain management.
    I am suffering hair loss, gut problems, hot sweats, rashes from the patches, and a very dry mouth. Are these comomn?

  31. I have been on subbies for years I been diagnosed with ptsd and it has helped me so much. I think people who suffer from srress disorders should give it a try. I am even now playing guitar something i could never of done before. I have to see doctor’s and mental health nurse every few weeks to keep an eye on me because i had violent out burts which subutex has also cured me. Do not abuse this drug or you willpay the priice ssooner or later. I had terrible withdrawn but back on my normal dose.
    I hope doctor’s try using this drug on ptsd sufferers because they work big-time.

  32. I have a very low tolerance to opiates. I was wondering if 1mg of subutex can cause an overdose. I believe i just freak out because i feel messed up and i dont like feeling not normal. Makes my heart pound and hands sweat, and just makes me feel weird. Also im about 150 lbs

    1. Hi Robert. Have you talked with your doctor about your concerns? You may consider speaking with a psychologist.

  33. Thank you Dee!! Pcp took me off ambien and have’nt had any ambien, trazadone or sleep 😉 lol. Thank you for your answer and does anyone know about how many mgs a 130 pound male would overdose at? I’m also referring to specifically subutex tablets (buprenorphine only). I do not take any benzodiazipines, tranqulizers, or drink alcohol Just always want to make sure i’m never at a dangerous dose.thank you ahead of time for any answers did’nt see any might have missed it if anyone mentioned it then sorry.

  34. I missed my Friday pick up due to good Friday holiday. I managed to get 3 8mg I have been snorting its Sunday i have 1 8mg left I was thinking of taking the tablet Monday will that be safe

  35. What’s really messed up is that the advice for overdose (if one can even happen) is to use nalaxone, which has a lower binding affinity to the receptors vs bupe, which means the narcan can not break the subs free from the receptors preventing narcan from reversing overdose. Still where’s the evidence of a bupe overdose death?

  36. Been o 10mg patches for 4 years and take 20 mg sublingual temgesic for breakout pain as well as 5mg valium. How much more can I take as its not helping the pain. It hurts less to stand but I feel dizzy so have to lie down which makes it hurt more

  37. Chris #2. Yes Suboxon can make some people sick IF they have taken any ” pleasure ” drugs within the last 72 hrs. That is what was happening to you if you had taken meth any time before the Suboxon . It’s called precipitated withdraw, meaning that the Suboxon was trying to pull the meth off of the brains pleasure receptors. And you kept putting the meth in your system after the Suboxon and MAKEING YOURSELF SICK.It’¡]ⁿⁿ

  38. The first Chris : are you a doctor because if your not than you shouldn’t be passing judgement on a doctor who not only went to medical school but also went through ADDITIONAL training to work with Suboxon and Subutex . What degree do you have that lets you say that 2 mg is enough to handle withdraw from 300 mg of oxycontin ? Also , it doesn’t matter what mg your on of anything from Suboxon to Xanax. You can withdraw from very small doses of any medication you take . It doesn’t matter how much you take, it matters more about how long.

  39. My husband snorted a white suboxone half of one and a quarter of one and thinks overdosed. I think he is just really high but he has been throwing up but that wasnt until after he drank lemonade and ate potatoe soup. He has been throwing up every twice every 2 hours since like 11pm.

  40. Hi, i feel very lucky to be alive! A “friend” gave me a suboxone and said it would help me to sleep. I assumed it was a sleeping pill. I swallowed it Thursday night to help with my insomnia. It was an 8 mg pill and I have no tolerance for opioids. After swallowing it I laid down to go to bed I never really fell asleep but I did get really tired n loopy and kinda confused. After an hour or two I threw up twice and then went to sleep. I woke up Friday morning at about 8am and felt OK until I stood up and was rushed with nausea and began vomiting. I probably threw up at least every 45 minutes until noon. I snorted some meth to try n feel better and it worked for about 3 minutes later when I was throwing up again. I’ve never felt so dehydrated! My mouth, tongue n throat were dry within a couple minutes of taking a sip of water. I tried another line of meth maybe two hours after the first one and I threw up again. All day long I’ve dealt with the dry tongue mouth n throat and severe nausea that comes and goes. Now it’s almost 5 am on Saturday and my heart has been hurting a little bit like a dull pain. I’m still dealing with the dry mouth but still taking sips of water often. It took me about 30 mins to write this because I keep falling asleep. I have been reading that 2mgs have been enough to kill some people from overdose and I have no tolerance and took 4 times that amount. Did I overdose? Can I still overdose? Or is it ok to fall asleep? I will fall asleep now.

    1. Hi, Brian. We are here to help you with addiction issues, not to provide you with fatal dosages (which vary from person to person). Please, think again what you are planning to do…. remember that you are not alone!

  41. I don’t understand the ceiling affect, does taking 8m take away all withdrawals or do you need to take more to feel better.

    1. Hi Jennifer. The effects of Buprenorphine increase linearly with increasing doses of the drug until it reaches a plateau (which is called the ceiling effect). After this the effects of buprenorphine no longer continue to increase, even if you keep taking more.

  42. It is very misleading to say suboxone is most effective between 16-32 mg and tends to be a common misconception. Between 16-32 mg is a very very high dose. Even addicts who were doing 300+ mg’s of oxycodone a day for years can be stabilized around 4 mg of suboxone. Suboxone is very strong and has a ceiling effect so upto a certain point you are taking more than can even be effective. Which in my opinion is anything over 8 mg. Doctors today start patients on doses at 8 mg or higher and these individuals end up with an opioid dependence much worse than what they started with.

  43. Hi, I am just trying to find out as much information on Subutex as possible. My sister who was 37 and her unborn son about 36 weeks passed away on October 10, 2015 of this year. She was prescribed Subutex and Fluoxetine both of which came up in her toxicology/pathology report (both prescribed). She had too much of the Subutex(buprenorphine) <–that is what it was referred to on her report. She was seeing a physician continuously and close to 3 times per week for the treatment and just saw him 2 days before she passed. Her pills were all accounted for and she was taking them as she should have been. Baby per ultrasound was fine and well at that appointment although it was noted my sister complained of swelling of her stomach, lower back pain I am told. She was in a secure environment that was monitored and she had them call an ambulance because she was having a hard time breathing. Upon arrival it was found that her baby died and she had to be intubated and her heart stopped. They restarted it once and lost it again. There are a few other things to this whole situation…but she was complaining about side effects but still another dose was issued. I see that Naloxone is supposed to assist with an overdose? Would this be the same for Subutex? I have yet to see her medical records to see what forms of trying to revive her heart they used. Sounds like it was pretty fast. Its been pretty hard on me and my family. I was her sole source of support. I also researched and saw the doctor not publicly registered on the SAHMSA as an approved provider for treatment? idk just looking at any possible information to help me. thank you

    1. Hi, Venessa. I’m really sorry for your loss… such a tragedy. After you get the medical records, I suggest you speak with a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns.

  44. I was being prescribed subutex by my dr I was on 1/8mg pill in the morning and 2/2mg pills in late afternoon early evening the pharmacy made a mistake and gave me 8mg pills in the 2mg bottle so instead of 12mg a day I was taking 24mg for a week I went to er for feeling weird but the pharmacys mistake wasn’t realized till next day is there any permanent damage to me physically I should be tested for the only symptoms I feel is the withdrawals now from being on such a high dose back to my regular dose just don’t want to find out later my body was damaged from pharmacys mistakes thanks in advance for any advice you can give me

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. Did you ask your doctor about this? I believe that you won’t have any problems, but still consult with your doctor.

  45. Smortt , you shouldn’t be taking the Ambien with the Subutex , it can cause you to have seizures. Subutex doesn’t contain Nalaxon so the potential for overdose is there. You need to let your prescriber of the Subutex know that you take Ambien . They will most likely stop one of the two medicines . Please remember, you can withdraw from the Ambien . Horrible shaking of your hands and massive headaches,along with the fact that you can not sleep for days. Just my experience ?

  46. Suboxone has nalaxone in it , Subutex doesn’t . Subutex is generally used with pregnant women bc the nalaxone can harm the baby. Suboxone has a ceiling effect meaning that once it hits that dose it doesn’t work any better than the lower dose. I currently take 16 mg /day and it makes a world of difference when comes to pain control. A lot of people OD on pain medication bc they’re trying to take the pain away and accidentally take to much. Not an issue with Suboxone bc you CAN’T take to much , (remember the ceiling effect?) you may puke. Now , it’s a whole lot different when you introduce ANY benzodiazepines (valium,xanax ,ext) into your system while taking Suboxone . It can cause seizures and death ! That’s no joke either,that is definitely not a good thing to do. I hope this helps and gives you a clear understanding of how Suboxone works. It’s an awesome medication for pain , gave me my life back ,just like it does for someone with addiction problems. But , a word of caution, you need to be completely off of any other opiates for a MINIMUM of 48 hrs. bc Suboxone can cause precipitated withdraw . Meaning that it made you go into withdraw bc the nalaxon is fighting the opiates for your brain receptors.

  47. My first quetion is how much subutex is too much.? Does it go by body weight? Height?because sometimes i do a little more daily than prescribed. My second question is it it not good that im prescribed ambien and this dose of subutex? 24mg buprenorphine prescirbed a day, 10mg zolpidem(ambien). Thank you for any answers, appreciate it.

  48. if someone that isn’t taking opioids but was drinking alcohol was to take one sublingual film (8 mg/2 mg), what would most likely happen, in terms of reaction, side effects, and risk? Might this be considered a potential overdose? Long term damage?

    1. Hi Yoyoboy. The half life of buprenorphine is greater than 24 hours, and may last up to 60 hours. It will be present in the body 2-4 days. It has a slow onset and a longer duration time. But it won’t be too long before the effects subside.

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