Can you get high on Suboxone?

Yes, you can get high on Suboxone if you take it other than prescribed. But crushing Suboxone can trigger withdrawal symptoms. More on Suboxone formula and euphoric effect here.

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Suboxone is actually designed to be used in the maintenance stage of opiate treatment. In other words, Suboxone is a drug used to treat drug addiction. So how and why are people getting high on Suboxone?

What is Suboxone used for?

Doctors prescribe Suboxone to treat opiate addiction. Suboxone contains both buprenorphine (an opioid) and naloxone (blocks the effects of opiates). When taken as prescribed, buprenorphine can help people addicted to opiates by eliminating the feeling of being high.


Buprenorphine blocks the euphoric effects of drugs like heroin by binding to the same opiate receptors in the brain used by heroin. Thus, people who use buprenorphine are not able to get a high from their original drug of choice (heroin, morphine, OxyContin, etc.). Furthermore, although buprenorphine and depression are not clinically related, brain chemicals affect mood.  So buprenorphine can make you feel better as you detox from opiate addiction.

Suboxone = low abuse potential when taken as prescribed

The idea behind adding naloxone to Suboxone is to create a drug that is less likely to be abused. In fact, the 4:1 ratio of buprenorphine to naloxone in Suboxone helps create a “ceiling effect” without producing significant signs of withdrawal after long periods of taking the drug. To explain this another way, at moderate doses, the euphoric effects of buprenorphine reach a plateau and no longer continue to increase with higher doses, known as the “ceiling effect.” Plus, high doses of Suboxone can cause withdrawal symptoms. Thus, buprenorphine carries a lower risk of abuse, addiction, and side effects compared to full opioid agonists. Therefore, the DEA currently rates Suboxone as a Schedule III drug, having relatively low abuse and addiction potential.

How do people get high on Suboxone?

Because one of the main ingredients in Suboxone (buprenorphine) is an opioid, it can produce side effects such as euphoria. Even though the maximum effects of buprenorphine are less than those of full agonists like heroin and methadone, drug abusers have learned to get high on Suboxone. How? By crushing the sublingual tablets and either snorting or injecting the extract, which gives an effect similar to equivalent doses of morphine or heroin. And if buprenorphine and methadone are abused together, the effects of both drugs are enhanced. This is another reason the buprenorphine contained in Suboxone may be attractive to people currently using methadone, inhibiting methadone maintenance effectiveness.

Is Suboxone addictive?

When taken other than prescribed (crushed, snorted or injected), you may become addicted to Suboxone. However, the naloxone contained in Suboxone guards against abuse. But be warned, if you crush and inject or snort a Suboxone tablet, the naloxone in it will trigger withdrawal symptoms and reverse the effects of the high, requiring medical help.

Am I addicted to Suboxone?

If you are crushing, snorting or injecting Suboxone and want to stop, talk with your prescribing doctor. Drug addiction is no longer a moral issue, but can be treated medically. In fact, Suboxone is the most commonly abused version of buprenorphine. So there is nothing to be ashamed of if you are ready for help. Please leave your questions and comments about Suboxone here. We are happy to help refer you to treatment services or answer your questions personally.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I can’t believe my last message was in 2015. I just read up on all the posts since then and wow have people completely lost sight of the big picture. People like Lesia and Mario talking about how it is just “trading addictions”. While Donald and Gineen go on about it being harder to get off of. For those 4, and others like them, you have completely forgot (or never knew or experienced) the viscous cycle of opiod abuse. For most of us the alternative to Suboxone is death. You can always just OD of course. But you can also be taken off something like Suboxone too soon. This leads people to go back to their old ways (which normally just ends with them ODing from using/taking the amount of shit they did before they got clean) So the worry about “trading addictions”, having a “hard time” weaning off or anything else along those lines is a joke. This is simply about breaking the cycle and Suboxone is the one drug that safely affords you that reprieve. It stops the highs and lows, prevents the dope sickness and allows your body and mind to rest. All of this leads to you being able to get the help you need, while also building up the strength you need as well. When you are in the throws of that cycle you simply don’t have the time, strength or the mental fortitude it takes to prepare yourself for the upcoming withdrawals. Which just leads you to do everything you can to not have to go through them and because your tolerance is so high by this point you just keep upping the dose and that’s the end of it. So while I don’t agree with doctors allowing people to take such high doses of Suboxone long term, for opiod abuse 2mg a day long term is all you need, I’d rather have them doing that then being dead. Unfortunately I do see a lot of posts with a high level of drug seeking shit on here as well, and the drug itself can’t fix that… But once they decide to cut that crap out themselves they are given a chance to become a contributing member of society again.

  2. This is to AMAN. Aman, if you are looking for some type of “buzz” or “high” after taking your suboxone, then you are on the wrong track. Suboxone is to keep your from feeling opiate sick while you cease your use of opiates. You won’t feel anything from suboxone except not sick. But beware, start cutting back on your suboxone intake as soon as you are able. Because the withdrawals for cold turkey suboxone quitters will be just as horrible as whatever addiction they were meant to replace. I cut the suboxone 8mg strip into 10 pieces, making each one now only less than 1mg each. I have used this method for 1 year now, and yet when I think I don’t need that tiny <1mg orange strip any longer, I receive the letdown 30 hours later when the withdrawals from ceasing the suboxone, start to set in. Another comment by Mario on feb 11 said that no matter what, if you want to end suboxone use entirely, you will have to face the fact that you are going to have to tough out the withdrawals for about a week. He is absolutely correct. Only thing is, I can't stand, or am not tough (strong minded) enough to go through the withdrawals for even one day. And my withdrawals come from my stopped usage of less than 1 mg (1 tenth of a strip) per day. And like that comment mentioned, people's pain levels are different, so maybe some of you all will have a stronger threshold for the withdrawal symptoms than I. But as far as I am concerned, if my <1 mg strip of suboxone extinguishes any sick feeling that remains in me, then keep it coming. I have to take blood pressure pills everyday, so suboxone just becomes part of my regular daily meds. I do feel however, that if your own personal addiction comes from your joy of getting high (which was not my case), then you will have both a mental and physiological withdrawal to deal with in your recovery.

  3. The debate and/or question whether or not suboxone is addictive and one can get high from it drives me nuts anymore. It seems very simple to me. I take one little strip every morning and after three years I don’t even think of pills anymore. The final years of my addiction I would take 20 Perc 10’s in a day, no prob. Its a trade off for people like me. Otherwise I would prob be dead by now. Suboxone has saved my life. And when I hear something like, “if it’s not addictive then why do addicts seek it on the street”? If you tell an addict that TV over there will take away your dope sickness if ingested. They’re going be be shitting plastic and glass the next day. Suboxone has even cured my alcohol use. I don’t think about drugs or drink anymore. Before suboxone it totally consumed me. Its a full time job with overtime being an addict. I’m saying it again. It is all you think about. Nothing else matters. Nothing. Except gettn your fix. Today I sometimes forget to take my medicine before I leave for work and I never realize it till I have several left over at the end of the month.

  4. Can I get a nice high if I take a suboxone for the first time. It’s a 8mg pill but I want to cut it in half just to be safe. The only time I tried opiate drugs was from getting my tonsils out last yea r getting prescribed oxycodone. I’m 27

  5. Interesting thread. I’ve have friends on sub and methadone and they both have their advantages and disadvantages but I think they are both only good if used for less than a month. The people saying they want to spend the rest of their life taking these meds…sigh…I feel bad for them. They are trapped now into an addiction that is nearly just as bad as what they switched from only a “safer” addiction. That should not be the endgame…the endgame should be becoming free of ALL addictions, not just trading one for another but that’s exactly what I see here as I read comments of people saying they have taken 30+ mg a day for over 5 years. Being totally dependant on sub just to feel normal or any other drug is just a poor quality of life. There has to be better options than this and I’m sure there is. Keep in mind that this drug (sub) makes big pharma BILLIONS of dollars every year, so obviously they WANT people to take this shot for the rest of their lives and not just for a very short time like it should be. Use it for the first week or 2 of the withdrawal from opiates then cut it loose or you’re just trading addictions which again should not be an addicts goal, the goal should be to not be dependant on anything. Of course it ain’t easy and takes grit and you have to go thru feeling sick but only for a short time. A week of being dope sick is 100 times better than selling your soul to a government drug and have your quality of life dictated by a pill or strip. And fyi I was hooked on opiates for about 10 years and quit cold turkey with severe withdrawals which included the worst of the worst symptoms but I’m not saying that just because I did that that everyone can because I know better and there is easier ways than cold turkey anyway, I’m just saying that I’ve been down this same road and a lot of the content on this thread is misleading bullshit. An eye for an eye makes the world blind just like a drug for a drug, the easy way out, well, you deserve better than that. You deserve true freedom which is simply not possible being dependant on a drug just to feel normal for the rest of your entire life…

  6. Hi, me again. i would have hoped by now to have been finished with suboxone. Nay. I finally told my doctor, a general practitioner, that I was buying suboxone on the street and that I no longer wanted to take the chance of being arrested for this medicine, and could my doctor give me a prescription for suby. Answer was “no way “. Its not like drug addicts are searching for some good quality suboxone to get high off of. Cause you don’t get high! Most drugs that get you high, usually also can kill you when you overdose. You simply cannot overdose on suboxone, and you will get sick before you get dead. But the drug rating needs to change on this medicine, because you can go to jail for something as harmless as advil.

  7. Subs will definitely help you get clean and the withdrawal is definitely not as bad as herion or methadone but there is withdrawal. The first 3 days or the worst. Minor body aches the worst is not sleeping.been on both methadone and subs the methadone is better but so much harder to kick. Good luck to anyone trying to get clean

  8. Hello everyone, I’ve been addicted to 10 mil hydrocodone and oxycodone for 4 years. Just called the local clinic today, took me 3 weeks to make that call. Running out of options on getting the pills I need, need at least 4 pills a day to maintain.on unemployment no money only seasonal work where I live in Alaska. Few friends help as much as they can. Wife passed away in a car accident 4 years ago, and along with back pain and severe foot pain, depression, anxiety, I was going down hill quick. A friend helped me out with some hydrocodones and it changed my life for awhile. Helped with the pain stress anxiety. Totally balanced me out. But now it’s a problem, can’t get the amount I need to get through the day. And of course it’s not a good long term solution. Have an appt at the clinic on the 18th of Jan. 2018. After speaking withe the couselor and lots of paperwork. They plan on putting me on suboxone. I sure hope it works. Then meetings once every 2 weeks. Going to give it a 100 percent. All in. It needs to work. Options for me are running out. That’s only half of the story they way things are going for me right now. Wish you all the best.

  9. I was on codeine for a couple of years as I have a back injury, I seen a drugs counsellor and she put me on 14 mg of suboxone, I am still in pain but she won’t let me go back on codeine. I had to quit work because of my back. If a doctor or anyone tells you suboxone is a good painkiller be careful as it doesn’t work for me.

  10. I have been on Subs for over 8 yrs now and it has changed my life. I don’t want to stop. I plan on taking subs for the rest of my Life!

  11. Yes you can get high off saboxine.i suffer from bad pain, from injury alot of them to my spine. I had two surgery on my back spine. And other surgery knee elbow foot. I don’t take pain meds or saboxine. I lost any quality to life. I really dont like my life, I know I can not take any kind of pain meds your body builds up tolerance so your body wants more. And it only gets worse. So I have no relief. I went through withrawls from oPiods its worse than hell ..
    So I just live in pain and not in withdrawal do not ever want to withdrawal from opiods again. Saboxine is worse or same, depending..
    Heroin off street to do that is just plain stupid

  12. I have been taking Suboxone for 6 years now and I find that it is a worthless addictive drug. I only take it now so that I do not suffer the effects of withdrawals. I have never used any drugs to get high and fell into my addiction from percocet prescribed for my pain. ( Not knocking any doctors because they were giving me what I needed at the time). After my pain in my ankle healed and I no longer needed the percocet that I was taking for the pain, I discovered my first experience with withdrawals from percocet. Quite horrible. So I checked myself into a rehab, where I discovered (what seemed to be a miracle at the time), suboxone. I immediately checked out and got my own medically prescribed doses of suboxone. I was taking one, 2mg pill, per day and ran out. Thats when I discovered that suboxone comes with its own set of addictions. Just as horrible as the withdrawals from the opiate in percocet. In an attempt to wean myself off of suby, I lowered the dosage to 1/2 mg per day. I went 24 hours one day without a dose and was so happy to be finally rid of this monkey. Alas, not the case. 48 hours later the stomach was cramping, the sweats and chills were occurring, jitters in my legs, and all the other symptoms of withdrawals returned, albeit, not to the extent of my previous experiences, but very uncomfortable still, and made everyday life unbearable. NO happy ending to this story. I can’t stand one minute of withdrawals so I now buy my suboxone on the street, (much cheaper when you only use a little), and cut the 8mg strip into 10 doses, of which I take one dose per day. Seems that no matter how low a dosage I intake, there will always be withdrawal that you must fight if you want to completely quit. I can’t stand one minute of withdrawal, so I have resigned myself to never being without suboxone. Just like people who have to take their blood pressure meds everyday, so it will be with suby. I think Suboxone should not have the drug rating that it does because the drug itself is not sought after to achieve a high , yet makes my purchase on the street illegal with the same penalties as if I was buying heroin or crack. And now that it comes in sublingual strips, it is very unlikely that true drug addicts are wasting their time trying to get high off of it. After reading my comments herein, I am going to try one more time to extinguish my intake of this USELESS drug.

  13. Saboxine is harder to get off than pain meds. It’s long lasting med. I hate pain meds saboxine heroin all that junk. I am in pain 24 -7 and I refuse to take pain meds.
    I just live with it.
    I have experienced bad withdrawal from saboxine, pain meds, I am good. If you are using these drugs to get high and you body gets addicted , feel the withdrawal for a bit then if need go to hospital to a detox. I felt the withdrawal so I am good with all that.

  14. I came across this thread and have to say that for everyone “claiming” that being on Suboxone means that you are “not clean” is ridiculous. I’m finishing up a doctorate in behavioral health and am a recovering drug addict. Being on Methadone, Suboxone and Vivitrol means that you are clean as long as you are not taking illicit drugs in addiction. PERIOD !!!

  15. suboxone is most definately addictive,,its worse and harder to get off of than heroin or pills,,it should only be used in corralation with a monitored detox program,,,dont be fooled these suboxone doctors are nothing but drug dealers as well

  16. Hello all ? suboxone saved me ! It’s early days 3 weeks on it and I was still getting cravings which I’m fighting I’m now on 20 mg and thinking of going higher to feel more of an effect. I Have been on 450 mg Effexor and 45 mg avanza for bad depression years ago could the interaction of it with the subs not make them as effective ? My sub doc didn’t say much about it. Peace and love to addicts coz I know it’s a hard road. Try subs I’ve been clean from all the other toxic stuff since

  17. I had been prescribed Norcos to take to reduce the pain.associated with the intense pain
    I had.developed after some pretty extensive surgery and a lot of hardware implanted hip to knee as needed to put me back together following multiple broken bones I sustained in the accident that caused all this. The accident occurred not two months after.getting past a saddle — type pulmonary blood clot the vascular surgeon told me 99_% of people never survive calling what happens to them a “silent death,” because neither doctor nor anyone else ever sees it coming. I beat the odds there too. During 2015, I had teeth implants resulting in 3 solid months of very severe pain that ended by way of explotary surgery that found deep infection not visible on X-rays. The implant screws never had a chance to heal into the bone. There they sat,lose in the surrounding bone tissue not attached to it in any way. After three months of sheer misery they were removed, relieving the horrendous pain at last. That sort of thing is very unusual, so I just got lucky. I broke my left hip in 2010, and was prescribed opiates for more than 4 years for that. I, not the doctor, decided it was time to stop taking them. When I started taking them, the nurse practioner told me
    It is impossible to become addicted to Norcos (hydrcodone). So that eased my mind. However, when I chose to stop taking them, within 3 days, WHAM! I was sick as a dog. The prescribing doc had taken no measures to step me down slowly to keep full blown withdrawal from occurring, ands having gotten me into this withdrawal mess, would do nothing to help ease my full blown suffering and step me down slowly from this stuff so I needn’t have to face the 2 weeks to a month of coming off these horrid drugs.

    I I looked to the internet to possible answers and learned of a drug called Suboxone used specifically to ease wiihdrawal from opiates. Now, all I needed was to find a local doc who could treat me with this Suboxone drug.

    I quickly found one who is also an ER doc, so I was confident he knew the signs and symptoms of opiate withdrawal. He said mine were classic, NFL started me on Suboxone immediattely.

    It’s a small strip you hold under your tongue till it dissolves; maybe10 minutes or so, and within 10 minutes after that, all withdrawal feelings and sensations to vomit, and even any desire for more opiates have magically disappeared. Others have commented to having the same kind of reply experience I found to be both typical and plentiful.

    Nothing compares such as smokeless tobacco,!nicotiine patches or anything based, other than Suboxpne. I just had no futther desire to take it on a regular basis.

    So now I may take one occasionally, but not regularly like before. I couldn’t be happier with the end result. I feel like I’m in.the drivers seat of. MY car again rather than hoping in anguish I can find somebody willing to spend their time doing for me when I should be rembering I’m not the only one on the planet who has needs to be handled.

    In fact, even with all the surgical titanium now inside my hip, thigh, & knee there is a sort of silent majority. of Americans also live with these sometimes massive titanium surgical implants just like me.

    I do have to wonder, should I ever need to travel by airplane, and since they can’t be visually detected, just what Homeland Security will think and say when their metal dectectors light up like a
    Christmas Tree as the wand for the thing is passed over my upper right leg, haha. I’m not into strip searches AT ALL!!!


  18. I was so badly addicted to Tramadol. Along with as many nurofen plus (ibuprofen/codeine) I could source, I was using massive amounts of Tramadol as an upper (which enabled me to function- I worked as a Nurse on a busy surgical hospital ward) and then would pop a couple of Xanax to help me sleep every night- I am surprised I didn’t accidentally kill myself, taking the amounts and combinations of medications that I did!). My mental health got so mucked up, that I ended up leaving nursing and seeking some help; I was entered into an opioid replacement treatment program. & after initially being trialled on methadone I decided to go onto Suboxone instead. I have been on 32mg of Suboxone per day for more than 10 years- and, I’ve decided to just stay on it. It is safer for me. Because I’ve been on the program long term, I am allowed to pick up a months worth of Suboxone at a time (and- I have negotiated a very low price to pay per month too). Frankly, I don’t care what anyone thinks of me- I used to worry, but I am stable and life is good, therefore I intend to not rock the boat ‘so to speak’.

  19. Could anyone tell Me how do You feel the first and 2nd day please? Because I want to know if You feel better after a few days I started yesterday And It’s really helped with withdrawals But I dont feel right a little nervous. So please if anyone could help Me out I thank you so much. Thanks Mary

  20. Took 2 4 mg strip pieces of someone at 8and9 this AM. In hydro/oxycodone withdrawal 80/100 mg daily. I waited 40hrs. to take them. I know that won’t cause addiction to it but how long can u generally take Suboxone before any issues with withdrawal from it. IF stopped now will opiate withdrawal return. This is day three no

  21. For anyone interested in going through opiate withdrawals naturally with the use of a tea called ..there’s one available and it’s called Kratom. It can be ordered online or at most medical Marijuana dispensaries.
    “It works” and the only set back might be costs while it is cheap it is cash only, insurance does not cover tea.
    Most people I’ve spoken to will take at least 10-15 pills a day, 4-6 to start with 2-3 every 4-6 hrs. throughout the day. It comes in pill form or powder. The type I preferred was the Silver and Super Indo for calming/relaxing effect and the aide of pain, not to mention the help in withdrawing from opiates.
    There is no withdraw from Kratom…. tea is natural. It helps with pain and is the reason I myself became addicted to opiates and have no need for opiates again now that I’ve learned of this miracle tea.
    I hope it can help many others as it has helped me and all those that I’ve referred to it.
    I found Suboxone to work excellent with helping to stop taking opiates as well, all I needed was 2mg a day for 5 days…this was based on the opiate intake amount which should always be your Doctors prescribed amounts accordingly.
    God Bless all who’ve had to go through such a hard horrible experience but I also was glad we do have drugs that help with pain as many of us need it at times in our lives. Stay positive, make up your mind and let today be the day you set yourself free….you’ll feel so much better and so will all those around you that love you…believe me I know the hard way.

  22. The whole thought of using newer chemicals To replace a long tested pain management drug is inhumane and corrupt”’

  23. Wow, not a comment since 2011. Well mine is simply that suboxone itself taken as prescribed will definitely not get you high, but the withdrawals from it are intense and long, even when I was down to 1/2 a mg per day, it was not a low enough dose to be able to run out of because 24 hours after thinking I made it through, little uneasy feelings would set in, periodic leg jits, (just enough to let me know that my body was not its morsel, as if the drug was hanging on for dear life as I attempt to extinguish it. So now I am down to 1/8 mg per day to try and trick my body into not missing it. And I am not sure that it is not just simply Psychological at this point. Sucks that for all the anguish, it does not get a person high.

  24. I have had two doses of 8mg suboxone and one 4mg of suboxone 2 days ago and have not gotten any relief. I asked if i culd get my medication switched all togethsr because im suffering and really dont want to self medicate. Im used to taking minimally 320mg of oxycontin a day mostly more. And honestly i think my tolerance is too high for wat im on currently. Wat shuld i do?

  25. U can not get high off of Suboxon. And if you used Herion while on Suboxon it will block the Herion. Suboxon is to give people addicted to Herion their lives back. U can some what depend on Suboxon like an Asprin for a Headache.

  26. I am currently living in Florida and am having a hard time getting into a treatment program. Unemployed and no health insurance does not leave many options. The clinics are backed up and I wondering what my options are. I need help right away and have not been able to get it from St. Petersburg, Fl. Currently buying Suboxin on the street and shooting it. Can I travel to another state and get help where they doi a better job of getting people into programs and not making them wait three weeks for an appt.

  27. Hello ladies and gentlemen if you’re here than probably you or looking for help. Suboxone is great stuff but not for long 2 months is enough more than enough. My story is i am an addict before i jumped into this bad stuff i was kindest man in my circle i would help with everything and give $ to everyone without second thought i was loved by everyone who know me kids favorite roll model but all have changed dramatically not right the way but within few years i become selfish greedy lost all of my friends, family, i was self employed was my own boss no one was on top of me lost it too than sold everything i had and spend it all on heroine my life changed i have changed and for 5 years i didn’t listen to anyone was getting high and it was all for me, i didn’t feel anything until i over looked my life and finally quit for the first time without knowing that such great drug exists like suboxone was withdrawing climbing walls screaming for few week i think my mental health had really strong impact but i did it in matter of months i got my life back not as it was but close enough until i got in fight which caused me to relapse i thought it will make me feel better for at least tonight which of course did not end up just for a night never does once is a lie with this type of drug again i found myself stock and lonely. Until one my good friend didn’t come when i was sick no money to het drug he was broke as well but he showed me a life saver suboxone i was buying it on street with only 6 films i was able to get clean 1st i took a whole one 8/2mg i got high so high that i would have to do like a bundle of dope but my friend never got high of suboxone so we’re individuals and different anyway i was good for 48hrs of 1 film second time i didn’t feel a thing but i throw up like crazy had thoughts about dying it was that bad so next time i was afraid to take a while one i cut it into 8 pieces i took 1/8 as needed if i felt sick or mood swings eventually i didn’t even notice when i didn’t need any suboxone anymore so i less than a month i got clean

  28. First off, this article is mostly bullshit. Second, having read some other comments about using other opiates before taking suboxone, and the part of the article mentioning taking suboxone WITH methadone, DO NOT DO THIS! Precipitated withdrawals are real and will occur if you have ANY other opiates in your system when you take either suboxone or subutex. Precipitated withdrawals caused the most hellish levels of pain I have ever experienced.

  29. Wrong. Naloxone in Suboxone does not create the ceiling effect. The partial agonist buprenorphine creates it and is a property of buprenorphine alone due to its partial intrinsic activity or agonist effects at the mu receptor. Please know the pharmacology of a drug before posting misinformation. Thank you. I saw another comment correcting the post to as buprenorphine does block other opiates opiods as the affinity of binding at mu receptor is higher than that of naloxone the naloxone only attenuates at higher doses. He is correct. I am tired of all the misinformation.

  30. Dose snorting small amounts of suboxone through out the day make getting off of it more difficult…I have been snorting small amounts through out the day equaling a total of 8 mg per day…I want to get off but I am having alot of trouble…thank you for your time!

  31. Always use a filter get a 8mg shoot up half then the next day 2mg then the following day 2mg mix up a washy from that and have it 2 days later. For the next week get up early eat brekky, lunch etc and smoke a few cones every night best way to quit smack fuck the program eating 16-32mg is insane

  32. As the mother of a heroin addict I am amazed at how so many people blog about how to get high instead of how to get clean. It breaks my heart. I wish there was a place to get some positive feedback and hope. Any time I search something the main thing I find is “can I get high if I do this” or “how can I pass a drug test.”. HEROIN is bad and you will NOT have a life as long as you are using AND you are destroying yourself and your family. I know some are trying but most are just trying to find a way to get high and/or pass a drug test.

  33. Legalize all drugs so that people can make a choice as to how they want to live their lives and the ones who choose drugs for the high so be it they will do them anyways and rob cheat and commit felony crimes to pay for their drugs so by legalizing them we can reduce the crime rate a lot and the ones who OD then that solves that problem and we won’t have to worry about them committing felony crimes anymore. I believe that it would work out much better than fighting this so called war on drug campaign which has cost the taxpayer BILLIONS OFDOLLARS $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ legalized I and empty out the prisons of the drug offenders and make room for the sexual predators that society wants to get rid of. that makes a whole lot more sense to me.

  34. I went on Suboxone on my own after years and years of taking just about every pain med known to man. This was due to 4 hip revisions on the same hip over a 18 month period plus two back to back staph infections that resulted in an extra 3 surgeries to correct. Once I was almost recovered from the whole hip ordeal I ended up having lumbar spine issues. The back problems led to a repeat laminectomy at L3 thru L5, I did not get any relief so the neurosurgeon did more testing and found my back was actually broken from L3 to S1. Once again I had to go under the knife to fuse my lumbar spine from L2 thru S1. I did get some relief from the siatica in my legs but I still have severe low back pain and some numbness / pins n needle feelings in my legs. Im to the point where I want to go back on pain meds but I’m afraid to go to a pain mgt Dr due to being on Suboxone for about a yr now. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Troy, i do have a few questions for you…i was addicted to opiates, adderral, benzos for the better part of 10 years. 5 years heavy. i started suboxone treatment on dec 17th of this year. my doctor also started me on paxil. said paxil would give me a little “mental energy” boost so to speak. well i felt no benefit of the paxil by late january and stopped taking it. a week later i suddenly started feeling GREAT…NORMAL… this laated for maybe 2 weeks. now i find myself feeling BLAND ..PLAIN..NO EMOTION..MOTIVATION …DULL. im taking a total of 8mg sub per day. about 4 quaters of a strip throughout the day. every 2-3 hrs. can you pleas explain what this drug actually is doing in the brain and how long does it take the receptors to heal or .de-sensitize. if that is the right term. with you being in nuero im very interested in your thoughts on tthis.

  36. In regard to Lesia’s comment, it’s your information that is wrong. And the way you talk about Suboxone not only shows that you don’t understand it, pharmacology, or addiction, but also could deter someone thinking of starting Suboxone therapy that could literally save their life. YOU check your facts before posting ignorant, conspiracy type, and excuse me, bullshit. You are making things worse by spreading misinformation. I would very much like to educate you on why suboxone is not “trading addictions” and why it is such a beneficial and even a miracle drug for thousands of people, that is if you are interested in learning things based on scientific fact and not on opinion or personal soapbox of conspiracy, big pharma is lying and everyone else just buys into it. Get real. Do you think physicians can’t think for themselves and know what is true and what it isn’t. You need to get a grip, and if anyone needs medicated, it’s you, and not with suboxone, I’m talking about antiosychotics. And let me end by saying very clearly, I am not attacking you personally, I am attacking your post and dismantling it. Please if anyone has questions about anything related to suboxone, please contact me. I am a currently a 4th year resident in neurosurgery, but also have a Ph.D in Psychopharmacology and my thesis was based on suboxone. I can happily provide evidence of my qualifications but I’m gonna make an assumption and say that Lesia does not have any education or training specific to this field, so please contact me. I am happy to answer questions or just have a dialogue about this subject.

    Be safe, be well, and be happy.

  37. Hi folks, I have been on Suboxone films for two years now. I was not able to take my prescription pain killers as prescribed and things got to be quite scary. I am a disabled veteran of the Air Force and have had to take pain killers since 2004 from injuries obtained in Operation OEF/OIF. I finally had enough of the same old merry go round every month with opiates. So, I talked to my doctor and she switched me to Suboxone films and they have literally saved my life. I have been taking 16-24 mg films since then. For people that have chronic pain like I do, Suboxone eliminates around 90% of my pain. I am forever grateful to my doctor for switching my pain prescription to this. Yes, I do have pain, but I have learned what real pain is and what I can cope with. I hope this helps some of ya’ll, God bless!

  38. Dude if you are still on suboxone after 3-5 months. YOU ARE NOT CLEAN!!!! You have traded one addiction for another. Don’t let these pharm reps & doctors fool you…suboxone is a NARCOTIC. 20 to 45 times as strong as morphine. Get educated!!! And not on sites that condon the use of this drug. It is a good detox from heroin or heavy opiate use but is not meant for long term. Try going off of it & see what happens!!!! Never let a doctor put you on this for long term unless you just want to be fucked up for the rest of your life!!! If you don’t give a shit. Go ahead. The medical community is being deceived by this drug. Don’t believe me???? Then goggle the most abused drugs of 2015. #2 will be suboxone with #1 being oxy. All other drugs show profit in the millions where sub & oxy show it in the billions if that tells you anything. My guess is this post will disappear before long & be replaced with a post of how great sub is…damn it people get real!!! Research. There’s info out there. Goggle Dr Steve Scanlan. He is a doctor/former addict/addictive medicine specialist/psychiatrist that detoxes patients from sub…read the articles that are not put out there by these drug company’s that are making BILLIONS from uninformed yet trusting doctors & patients…read this while its here!!!!

    People get real. Suboxone is addictive & very dangerous!!!

  39. I have been perscribed suboxin for a year and a half.a couple months ago I was in a car wreck I hydroplanef and hit a tree stump.I was aressted by a total iddiot for a empty suboxin pack that flew from my purse upon impact .the clinic I am in requires you to turn in your packets .however this was at 9 in the morning I hadn’t even taken my meds yet but was chatged with dui.the cop tried to say my speech was slurred and my balanve was I had evey rib broke back broke sturnum in two places and bleeding inside of sternum .and am still in cort for dui has anyone ever hesrd of this because my experience with suboxin is that as fter this long term use I don’t think you could take enough suboxin to slurr you speech with out being deathly nasues.and defenetly would not have slurred speech from one suboxin .however I would imagine it being had to speek with this many broken bones.

  40. I’ve been on 8mg of buprinorphene for 3 days. I guess I’m wondering after doing about 16hrs of kicking, I Started on it. Still had bad anxiety and anCy legs. But felt good on 2nd morning. Still I used. Knowing I was wasting my money can I continue on the medicine without withdrawal, or do I gotta start over? I want to live. I’ve used h. 20yrs. Im47. Most die before now. H. Addicts don’t get old. Am I frying the receptors?

  41. I want to stop its my third year i use it.and i cant stop it .my doze is 16 mg each day .give me advice plzz and tnx

  42. I recently started taking Xanax along with an 8mg suboxone and drinking a few beers and it actually gives me a buzz. I was on 2mg for over a year but relapsed and then 2mg wasn’t enough so I went up to 8. I really want to come off but I’m scared because I’m clearly still looking for that feeling by what I’m doing. I guess it’s better than doing heroin or blues though. I’m doing this most nights though now because it’s so accessible. It levels me out though and I feel normal for at least 24 hours. I’ve felt the depression when the subs wear off and it’s awful. Im scared if I stop I’ll feel that depression. How long will that last if I’ve been on subs for a little over 2 years?

  43. I have a problem. Because my suboxone dr excepted Medicare Medicaid until this pass June. Then he only takes cash. No matter what kind of insure you have. Then they tell you to file your own insurance. And you do. And they do not want to pay you back. Like your dr said they old. What’s up with this???

  44. I am taking a quarter to a half of Suboxone a day. And yes I’m having trouble finding a way to stop all together. I want it, I know I can do it but like most people I can’t do it on my own. So my question is: Is there a live in rehab center that would take me? I am told that I would be laughed at and told that it’s for people with real problems not me. Is this true do I need to be worse than I am to get help. Please I am desperate I just want to be me again.

  45. A lot of us who were addicted to opiates can’t really afford to go to a doctor and get strips to get is through some have to buy them off the streets so by injecting a little bit of suboxen at a time never more than a 1/4 of a strip it takes that craving away like a whole strip would I have been doing it for about a year and I wouldn’t call it abuse because the only time I do bang a suboxen is when that craving is there I do miss being high from opiates but just having that itch gone is an amazing feeling yeah the first few times injected I was feeling good it might help me get a little sleep at night but as far as withdrawals from the drug it has never been a problem maybe it is with others but some ppl don’t know when to stop but this drug has done wonders for me and maybe one day I wont have a crutch but it’s no where near addictive as methadone

  46. LIDA
    It sounds to me like your boyfriend is def using heroin again. He wouldn’t be nodding off on sub’s, he wouldn’t slur his words to r anything like that. Also, 5 days on suboxen or less actually since ur on day 5 now, is nowhere near a long enough time to get withdrawals from suboxen. I’m sorry to say but I think he is lying to you.
    Good luck and be safe. Addicts lie a lot , its what we do best and how we survive. Don’t take it personal and try to help him get back on track.

  47. My boyfriend was clean when we met but the pasr coyple months he has been relapsing on herion it is horrific. This week he has been taking saboxon b seemed normal however day 5 today his behavior is bazzar he said ge is detoxing from soboxon. His symptons throwing up nodding talking strange bot quit as bazzar as i have expierenced from him before. Did he use herion again im confused n discusted thanku??,,,

  48. please never mix methadone with suboxone it will put you in the worst withdrawal of your life if you are on the methadone clinic or maintenance! Nothing that anyone would abuse!

  49. Listen to those of you that are truly addicted to opioids then this is your best way to stop. Every other thing I have tried I can abuse. Methadone would be the only thing comparable to the effects of Suboxone (Box) but with Methadone you can just keep taking more to get high. This is what the author was trying to explain. Box has a ceiling so if you take more and more you won’t continue to get higher. The benefits of Box are immense. The downside is the cost and how big of a pain it is to get. Doctors have to take special classes and then those doctors are highly regulated by the DEA. So finding a doc that can even write a script is hard, then you have to prove that you are in counseling, go to meetings, take drug tests. Mainly just to check to see if; 1. The first time you get prescribed for them to check to see that you are currently taking opiates and 2. To make sure that it (Box) is still in your system and that you aren’t getting it to sell it or have started taking other opiates.

    For the people who say weaning off Box is harder than a regular opiate like Oxys, Hydrocodone (or any other type of this style like Norcos etc…), Heroine, Etc etc… They are fucking crazy. Either they weren’t really addicted to opioids or they don’t remember what it was like coming down from those.

    Box has a long effect, unlike regular opiates. Because of this it breaks the cycle of the highs and lows of opioid use. Which results in giving you the ability to think through things, go to counseling and figure out how to join society again. The first time you take it you will probably get really high and think it’s the greatest drug on earth. But after that it just makes it so you aren’t sick. Coming off of it isn’t easy but at least you get to prepare for it and it is by choice. Not out of fear of OD’ing, running out of money or losing your hookup all of a sudden and dealing with withdrawal not on your own terms.

    I’ve abused everything possible and found no way to abuse this. Which is why it worked. Trust me… You can take your whole script and you won’t get high(er). That being said, this is only for people who are truly addicted to opioids. If you are using them casually and then take this it will be way worse to come off of and you will get high (and sick) when you take them. Box should only be used if you have tried to stop taking your DoC and you don’t feel like you are going to die, that death would be merciful and that suicide sounds like a good option.

    So if you are addicted, go to their website and use it to find a doctor in your area. Get your script and rid yourself of the ups and downs of opiates. Then when you are ready work with your doctor on a way to start weaning off of it.

    1. Hi Karlie. Suboxone is a much more stronger medication than Tramadol. If done by medical professionals, it is safe. You’d be put on a small dose of Suboxone, taken off Tramadol completely and then within 3 week they will taper you off the Suboxone too. Please don’t attempt anything on your own, since there are real chances for cross-addiction.

  50. not a lot of people putting up posts….but its me my 3rd time sharing my thoughts….its been almost 6 weeks not sticking myself like a pin cushing. I still am buying subs off the st, but what am I gunna do I have left everything go including health ins. while I was on a straight 4 year run …still cant believe when I say that. I’ve always had short runs less than a year because id end up locked up or detox from a family member sectioning me (in ma your family can go to court and tell them ur in danger or a danger to community and ur gone for 30 days in the worst place possible, they lock u up in a level 3 state prison or a section off it ..ur not with the reg. inmates but its not nurses and methadone .and comfort meds ..its hell)sorry to get off my point witch is six weeks off no needle and my life is getting better. read other blogs and u will know a little more of what im going though,,and like I said in those….if ur trying to stop doing dope and asking how to get high on subs …ur a retard and just get high like u normally do.BUT on thing I can promise if I can put it down any one can.just don’t pick up that fckn needl period…not about luck..still have a mountain to climb but least im on the path to that mountain…give the subs a chance.. if u said that to me six weeks ago .I would,,,,well if u knew me u wouldn’t have said it…I hated the thought ,the look ,the word suboxone….but I gave up because I don’t want to die..take a sub and a couple bars and u still can get shit done. using for me was a full time job and on this 4 year run I had the blessing I guess u would call it and didn’t need to hustle a day….and my guy was in eyes view off my door step,and he was never not around 24 7 365 . never missed him in 4years. and some how I still did nothing with my life.needle no life. period…get at me…maybe some one can tell me how to get passed 6 7 8 weeks because I never have on the street. best wishes to all those who r in the joke and of course there addicting but y would u b taking them if u were not a dope fein??I get high outa my tits if I take a sub when I have gotten out of a prison, jail, were its been at min, 30 days clean. again minimum 30 days. and it works once maybe twice…..then subs r subs …they don’t do shit and ur calling ur man gettn that free 1 because he missed you!! papi…

  51. Yes even taken correctly your body becomes addicted I’ve only had the sublinguals don’t think u can snort them lmao …. Unreal …. I don’t care if Ur a doc or NOT they are COMPLETELY ADDICTING….withdrawals can be worse the PILLS

  52. not an April fool……….didn’t have sub for two days…$ IN MY POCKET…But I did it. have to get on a sub program..hunting them down.. sux..someone going to get at me? maybe share what u r going through..meetings and the big book just is not in the cards…I know the info 100 times either going to do it or not….one thing I can share about subs..i used to take one every 2 days or a half..but like everything else my body needs more.. ive noticed I need 8mg every 12 hours… I look at it like its cheaper safer and less of a case if I ever got grabed…imagine catching a case copping subs….bad hit!! please let me know if u read this..i am not at all a social media if im going off beat lmk. Another thing ..there r so many people dien out there,its almost like I am numb it dosnt even faze me unless it it someone that is imidiate fam. or maybe a friend..but to be honest ….I cant really think of many that r still with us..God willing I will not do that to my family.thanks for listing…MAN HAVE I BEEN SELFISH!!

  53. LISTEN folks today is the 21st day of not picking up a needle and my life is already getting better.I am 35 years old and have been using for 15 years.jail institutions and yes it took death for me to try giving this a shot. im stuggling with insurance and am buying subs off the street. I could go on and on and I will try to keep people posted. 4 years is a long run!!! if u know anything about iv drug use.everyday 4 fucking years. 3 weeks ago I did a shot and don’t remember! my girl found me . I was blue and shit and pissed myself. that is dead! but I guess my ticket wasn’t punched. ems fire dept helped bring me back to life….ill kep messing with this suboxone shit till I figure it out. all I can tell people is put the works down and u will save ur life……it will get u..i will update people.HOPEFULLY I WILL SHAKE THE DEVIL..ITS NOT ABOUT LUCK.!!

  54. I have been on subutex for over two years now (12mg from 24mg) and I have been out for three days due toa delay in paycheck. So far withdrawals are tolerable enough to go to work everyday but still uncomfortable. I’ve had more severe withdrawal from weak opiates like hydrocodone. I don’t plan to wait around to see if it gets worse im picking up my script today. Anyway, even after two years I still get s mild buzz from it. A little euphoria and a mild warm hug that lasts all day. I’ve accomplished more in two years on sub then I have in any other point in my life using or not. Subs help my depression, take care of any pain (even after leg surgery), and I no longer have to doctor shop or visit bad neighborhoods with potential to get robbed. All in all this medication has saved my life.

  55. I’ve been on subs for 2 months now 8mg a day some days I feel like I’m still going thru withdrawals cold sweats and stuff especially say after drinking and yes the first two weeks of being on it orgasam was almost impossible but eventually got more normal. I take the films now, cheaper with coupon. What is better films or pills?

  56. Hello Jesse. Don’t give up! Look into your state’s programs through the Department of Health and Social Services for buprenorphine or alternatives, like naltrexone. There are other options out there, at lower cost!

  57. If i could afford more id be able to stay on ive been fighting rhis for many years i think im gonna give up dont know what else to do weve already lost everything!!

  58. Five thousand a week…for mellow yellows..norcos…?what a fine drug…but how much acetminophin could she take ?at ten bucks per pill 5000.00$ would be…fivehundred pills per week…seventy pills per day…yes ok guess its possable…but her stomach upset would ruin good highs

  59. I have been taking 8 mg tabs for 3 years and no problems at all. I take it has prescribed to me. It doesn’t get me high and I have noticed that it does help relax me but I do not abuse the drug.

  60. Hi Col. I found the following info, and I’d say it’s not smart to take both at the same time. Here’s what I found:
    GENERALLY AVOID: Concomitant use of tramadol increases the seizure risk in patients taking other opioids. These agents are often individually epileptogenic and may have additive effects on seizure threshold during coadministration. CNS- and respiratory-depressant effects may also be additive. In patients who have been previously dependent on or chronically using opioids, tramadol can also reinitiate physical dependence or precipitate withdrawal symptoms.

    GENERALLY AVOID: Mixed opioid agonist-antagonist analgesics such as buprenorphine, butorphanol, nalbuphine, and pentazocine may theoretically decrease the analgesic effects of tramadol or cause withdrawal symptoms in patients who have been taking tramadol.

  61. I took suboxone for 2 days in in a row, cut it in half for those two days and now it has been 2 or 3 days later and I can’t cum. It hasn’t not been subscribe to me, I bought it off the street unopened, but took one half one day and the other the next day. When I am I going to be able to cum again?

  62. this is so wrong. suboxone can and will get you high regardless of ROA – IF you dont take it regularly Like if you take it once a week or month. If you are prescribed it or take it every day or even every other day, regardless of which way you do it , you will no longer get high from it. And i dont think the naloxone has anything to do with it that is the way it would work with regular buprenorphine only tablets as well

  63. Hello Pam. If you ever need help or want to stop taking opiates, you can call 1-800-662-HELP to be connected with the national drug abuse hotline, a federal service that tries to help callers get connected with addiction treatment clinics near you.

  64. Hi… I have been taking Suboxone for a year now. Some days are great and some days are pure misery. I have endured multiple abdominal surgeries since 2005 resulting in chronic pain. As a result, I became addicted to opiates.

  65. Naloxone in Suboxone DOES NOT block other opiates, it’s actually the Bupe that’s blocking all other opiates. Bupe has a much higher affinity to your opiate receptors then most other full agonist opiates as well as the Naloxone also contained in the pill so it will “beat” any other opiates entering your body or any already in your body. The idea people have that the Naloxone in the pill renders them “abusive proof” is just false. Sublingual, insufflated, injected, whatever.. The Naloxone has no effect, whatsoever. Suboxone can cause precipitated withdrawal, sure, but it has nothing to do with the Naloxone and everything to do with the Bupe. Also, you need to have opiates already on hanging on your receptors for PW to occur. The Naloxone is put in simply as a scare tactic to deter people from abusing them.

  66. suboxone taken exactly as prescribed by doctor still will give you the worst withdraw in my opinion out of any opiate. It might not be as strong as heroin or oxycodone but it lasts fucking forever! no sleep for more than 2 hours a night for like at least 2 months. Just feeling like you want to die when your on it eventually and then you come off of it and if your a dude you have premature ejaculation for like ever it seems so far. Suboxone should be illegal to be on for more than 5 days.

  67. I and many friends have injected suboxone and subutex and if they are not in your system you get high on either. we’ve done heroin 2 hours before doing suboxone or subutex, the naloxone does nothing.

  68. i take 21 mg suboxone per day,i was a heroin addict since a young age,im 36 now ive got a 8 nearly 9 year old daughter ive been clean for 6 years,i was on methadone for 5/6 years i did my own detox from methadone an started with suboxone,i knew it was a good choice as i had previously been on a subitex script an was clean for a year with that,i allso take vallium on perscription only 18mg a day an mertrazapine 30mg,im left with chronic depression i am allways in a low mood noone seems to understand how low suicidal thoughts ect,id never harm myself coz im a dad now,its hard to become clean as theres suddenly a great big gap in ya life,only 2% of addicts get clean an remain clean shocking stats,im lucky i know im done wid heroin it doesnt appeal anymore i live alone i got a nice flat nice clothes ect i am addicted to the suboxone its a very strong drug its makin my depression worse but im clean from heroin so its like a catch 22 situation, if anyone needs a chat about addiction id b happy to chat,everybodys story is different im tryin to become a drug support worker give somthing back to my community,i wish you all good luck on your journys just remember you cant blame anyone for your situation,theres never a valid excuse the only person who can help you is you,lifes going by pritty quick we dont get long on this planet i want to leave earth wid respect for myself,godbless all

  69. I have been on suboxone for 5 yrs now after a 7yr vicodin addiction. What they are saying in the posts about suboxone not being addictive unless snorted or injected are totaly false. Also the withdrawl is worse than any opiate I have ever had withdrawl from. I have tryed to cut down to 1/2 of a 2 mg tab and it is impossible. The withdrawl is over the top. If you need this drug to help you get off opiates by all means use it , but only for a very short time or you will become hopelessly addicted. Life is horrible trying to get off this drug.

  70. Of course Suboxone is ADDICTIVE!!! Even JUST taking it under the tongue, Ur body Goes Into Complete withdrawl If U take it everyday than dont have it…So ALL of the above is Ridiculous saying its only addictive through Sniffing,injecting ect…

  71. Suboxone is only good if used for a short time period 3 months tops. It is very addictive and the withdrawls can be worst than most opiates. I have been on Suboxone for 5 years and have been trying to get off for the past year, will no sucess.
    I’m now seeing a Doctor and trying to work through some of my deeper issues. Speaking with a professional helps a lot, and I’m now planning to stop taking it right after new years. My main point is please understand how powerful suboxone is and if you must use it please do your best to keep it short (less then 3 months). I wish you all luck.

  72. i take 8mg bupes (no naloxone) it does nothing for me. I have tried to IV with very little rush. I have even IVed cocktails mixed with my bupe to potentiate.
    But since I realised its hope less. I just takin it as perscribed.
    So i can tell u right now its for addiction in the aspect of semi tamper proof.
    My next attept to abuse it is to take 3-4 days off in between each dose (IV) and see if I can catch a knod.
    i was in a car crash like 5 years ago and still have back pain. Which bupe (or subs) dont help at all with.. I just take asprin.. when i was perscribed 80mg of ER Opana 2x a day… so 160mg a day.
    I just cant have opana or ill snort it all in 2 days… (litterly i gone threw 120 40mg Opanas in 2 days)
    So from a dope hungery feind that only is taking Bupe is good cause it very hard to get any type of “high” out of.. trust me i have tied everyyyyy thing.

    -h4ck3r s5um

  73. Hi Kayla. Do you know what dosage of Suboxone your mother is on? Also, have you called her prescribing doctor to talk about your concerns. Maybe it would help you to take action and speak with her doctor and ask these questions directly.

  74. My mom is addicted to pain pills, sh recently heard about suboxone and now only takes it when she has no pills. She said she’s trying to quit and is now on suboxone only, but she’s taking to much she takes two pills and her eyes get low and she gets really emotional and irritable. I wanted to know if this is from the suboxone and if it is in fact getting her high? Please help

  75. Joe and Todd…

    Even though I have been struggling with opiate addiction for 10 years, sadly this is my first post on the topic. I would spend hours on the computer looking for support and I was amazed over how selfless the “recovering addict community” was with regards to the time they would devote to helping others. That said, I hope that I can provide you with some useful counsel.

    Todd: Your situation sounds exactly like the one in which my friends mom found herself… A wonderful woman who was spending (literally) 5 thousand a week on Norcos. Some 20 years ago she was in a bad car wreck and had been taking opiates ever since. By the time her problems were brought to my attention, I was some 6 months into my recovery (I am on 2 years now) and it was the first time that I was able to see how horrible an impact her use was having on everyone around her. Fortunately she has been clean for a year or so and is doing much better.

    I suppose that what I am trying to get at is the reality that opiates are straight evil. They can take even the most righteous of people and destroy them; of course we have to take responsibility for our actions but I also think it is important to understand that your problem, and even the specifics of your situation, are by no means unusual. That said, based on my friend’s mother and her situation, if the pain is chronic and only manageable by meds, you have to choose between the pain or the pills. I know it sounds horrible but as I see it, your options are a.) continue to take opiates b.) find pain relief that isnt opiate based. There are not very many effective alternatives but they should provide you with some level of relief.

    I was surpised at how well my buddy’s mom did with her recovery because the fact is that nearly 90% of opiate addicts will eventually relapse (I must have relapsed 8 or 9 times), which always left me feeling incredibly guilty. However, as soon as I began to understand the problems and issues that encouraged me to use, I began to see my addiction in a more pragmatic light than did my peers, friends, family, etc. People who have not been through addiction do not realize how quickly and easily ANYONE can fall victim to its sway.

    —-Entering Joes response

    I personally did not have any willpower and was only able to combat my addict propensities and habits with Suboxone with the ultimate goal of weening off and substituting in a straight opiate blocker for the Suboxone.

    My advice for you Joe is to write out a schedule detailing your Suboxone regiment. For example, if you are taking 2mg right now, in your chart you would mark wednesday or Thursday as the day on which you begin to incrementally reduce your dosage to 1.75. My doctor provided me with an identical “agenda” and I went from 2mgs to nothing in just a couple weeks. I felt a little different but I wouldnt label it a a withdrawl (at least compared to opiates). Moreover, if you decide that you need more you can take another half.

    If you guys are anything like me, you have to put in work in order to quit these drugs. However, ever since I have, my quality of life has been at an unprecedented personal best. It was the greatest decision I ever made and if I can do it, I guarantee that you guys can as well.

    If you guys have any questions feel free to contact me here.

    Good luck guys! be strong!

  76. I take the sub film 2mg I’ve been on it for a year and a half. I think I am addicted to it. If I quit now how long will the withdrawals last? I have tapered down from 24mg a day. I would be grateful for any advise. Thanks Joe.

  77. referred to by Reckett Benckiser Here to Help rep…I feel my problem is more complicated than just addiction…I have been in chronic pain since i was 21yrs(now 42yrs) so after Detox from 3 years Methadone and unable to maintain adequate work I have filed for SSDI, but until then I am not able to cover my med cost…so I then go to places in my head I am not always sure I will come back from… This not only effects me, but my son has been suffering because of my lack of employment and his mothers understanding of my condition and unwillingness to meet me have way on his behalf… I need as much as info, suggestions and directions that I can get… Thanks, and God Bless


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