Can you overdose OD on oxycodone?

Can you overdose on oxycodone? Yes. It is possible to overdose on oxycodone, especially when oxycodone addictive effects compel you to increase dosage or you begin mixing alcohol with oxycodone.  Here we review what happens to the body when you overdose, as well as what medical interventions help treat an oxycodone OD. If you need […]

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Can you overdose on oxycodone?

Yes. It is possible to overdose on oxycodone, especially when oxycodone addictive effects compel you to increase dosage or you begin mixing alcohol with oxycodone.  Here we review what happens to the body when you overdose, as well as what medical interventions help treat an oxycodone OD. If you need more help, we invite your questions about using oxycodone at the end.

What happens when you overdose on oxycodone?

Prescription painkillers like oxycodone work by binding to receptors in the brain to decrease perception of pain. The same chemical reaction in the central nervous system that cause pain relief, however, can also cause sedation and slow down a person’s breathing. So if you take larger doses of oxycodone (to either get high or to prevent withdrawal), these larger doses can cause breathing to slow down so much that breathing stops, resulting in a fatal overdose.

Note here that oxycodone overdose is more likely to occur 1-2 hours after using oxycodone rather than just after chewing, injecting or snorting oxy. If you take too much oxycodone, the three telltale signs of an overdose are:

  1. Bluish lips and nail beds resulting from lack of oxygen
  2. Slowed or shallow breathing
  3. Unresponsiveness to stimulation (nodding out)

How many oxycodone is too much?

It’s hard to say. How many oxycodone tablets that are too much for your body depends upon your current tolerance of and exposure to opiates or opioids. People who have had no exposure to opioids, however, can follow these general guidelines.

  • Opioid naive patients on immediate release oxycodone hydrochloride tablets are first prescribed only 5 to 15 mg every 4 to 6 hours as needed for pain. Higher or more frequenting dosing can cause overdose.
  • Opioid naive people should not take more than 40 mg of a single dose of controlled release oxycodone or total daily doses more than 80 mg in a day.

Additionally, there are a few factors which increase your risk of overdose.

1. Tolerance – Regular use of oxycodone leads to greater tolerance so that you need more dosage to achieve the same effect (same high). Overdoses occur when people take oxycodone after a period of not using (abstinence) such as incarceration, detox or “drug free” drug treatment.

2. Mixing oxycodone with other drugs – Mixing oxycodone with other drugs, especially depressants such as alcohol or benzodiazepines can lead to an overdose. These combined drugs are “synergistic” or “additive”, so that the effect of taking mixed drugs is greater than the effect you would expect if taking the drugs separately.

3. Serious illness – If you have a serious illness including HIV/AIDS, liver disease, diabetes and/or heart disease, you are at greater risk for an oxycodone overdose.

Oxycodone overdose help

The main oxycodone overdose complication is slowed respiration.  The antidote to an oxycodone overdose is Naloxone (Narcan). Naloxone reverses an opiate overdose by blocking opioid receptors in the brain. The medication will wake a person who is overdosing in 3-5 minutes and will continue working for about 30–90 minutes, which is usually enough to prevent death even if no further care is provided.  Rescue workers are  trained to perform the following steps in the case of an oxycodone OD:

1. Provide stimulation. Yell the person’s name, shake the person and rub the sternum. The sternal rub is a very good technique to bring an oxycodone user back to consciousness. Make a fist and then rub the sternum (breastbone) with your knuckles in center of the chest, and apply pressure while rubbing. If there is no response after 15-30 seconds of doing a sternal rub, it is likely that the person is overdosing and requires immediate attention.

2. Call 911 or emergency medical services.

3. Check breathing and respond. If the person is not breathing, administer a few rescue breaths.

4. Administer naloxone.

5. Perform rescue breathing, if necessary. Tip the head back with one hand under the neck. Use the other hand to hold the nose closed. Make a seal over the mouth with your mouth and give two quick breaths; then one every five seconds. Continue rescue breathing until the person breathes on his/her own.

Overdose on oxycodone questions

Do you still have questions about oxycodone overdose? Please leave them here. We are happy to help answer your questions or refer you to someone who can.

Reference Sources: National Center for Injury Prevention and Control: Prescription Painkiller Overdoses
NY State Department of Health: Opioid Overdose Prevention Guidelines for Training Responders
About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have a mate who keeps trying to tke his life and thankfully never gets it right. But this time I’m worried the docs have recently put him on oxycodone 5mg instants. He’s stored a number of these tables around the house and says he has over 400mg which I read is way more than enough to kill even if he weighs 130kgs (rugbynplayer)

    Can some one help offer advice URGENT reply needed

  2. I take oxycodone for restless legs. At present, I take 5mg every 4-6 hrs. through the night. I never take more than 5mg at a time, and I don’t drink alcohol. Is it true that the drug does not augment, meaning that it is out of my system by the time I am scheduled to take a second dose in the evening?

  3. My question is ,my daughter took 1 oxycodone with 325 mg of acetaminophen,after 3 hrs of taking a 500pain reliever that is acetaminophen, is that too much? She just had her wisdom teeth taken out

  4. I have been on Oxycodone 10mg now for 4 months. It is not helping with my pain. What should I tell my pain specialist. I can’t take this pain no more.

    1. Hi Kevin. Tell your doctor about your issue ASAP. He/she might change your medication or adjust the daily dosage.

  5. Hello Dec 12th I had total knee replacement and the pain very bad I know it’s put me in bad depression some times I am a diebiet an have copd,and heart pills ,I fight with the pain some times ,I am worried about the depression

  6. I was abusing prescription painkillers for many years before my luck finally took a turn for the worse. I guess I was trying to download BBW granny porn when I suddenly nodded off and awoke in the ER with a semi hard penis and a whole bunch of little wire thingys all strapped onto my body and a few nurses and doctors huddled around me asking if I felt OK? boy oh boy I was embarrassed to say the least, they told me if it wasn’t for the fact that my mistress called 911 after I didn’t pick up the phone and she knew I was taking pills that night since I let her know through a text message, I pretty much owe me life to her! I had 2 addictions/bad habits that I need to kick immediately, narcotics and granny porn. God bless you all! and God pls help me !!

  7. I believe the reason for people overdosing is because those few of us out here with real pain, we know it’s going to be hell again, as far as physical pain when out, No one is responsible enough to not let you give out, else they expect you to take a prescription that is not strong enough toget rid of the pain, and then they cut you off when you told them it wasn’t enough. I don’t think anyone would choose to have to live this way. It is a pure nightmare, the pain I’ve been made to feel. I also know, every time i get a scrip, there’s gonna be a day when it’s out, the pain will be back and I won’t have a choice to be tortured, it’s gonna be on. I do not want to OD but I don’t want to be tortured anymore either.

  8. Took a total of 5 10mg of oxy (1.5) @ 10a, (1.5) @ 130p, (1) @ 615p, and (1) @ 1030p. However, had drank about a pint of liquor between 3a-930a (before taking the oxy). Is it okay for me to try and sleep now(118a)? After reading everything I’m terrified. #never drinking again

  9. @Brian there’s no such pill with 1.6 grams of oxy! That would be 1600 mg. enough to kill someone 3 times over!
    Stop chatting nonsense you attention seeking idiot.

  10. Hi, I am prescribed Oxycodone 5-325 I take 2 in the morning, and 2 at lunch time then I am fine the balance of the day most of the time, recently I took my usual dose of 2 in the morning and still had pain so I took 1 more about 1 1/2 hours later should that be Ok, I do not want to OD or get myself sick.

  11. I had a very scary experience with oxycodone earlier this year. I had taken 8 of them and was fine. Totally normal. Later in the day these things hit me and I have no doubt I was near death. I lost 7 hours of my life. Do not remember a thing. When I came out of it I was in a Walmart parking lot, not remembering how I got there. Be very careful with those.

  12. Hey I took 4 5mg oxycodone capsules at once my partner is paranoid I’ll overdose can someone explain to her that it’s ok please

  13. I recently have been diagnosed with pericarditis. I take 5mg every 6hours. i took another 5mg tab after only an hour and 40minutes. Will I be ok? I am really nervous, I meant to take my atoravastatin and i took the oxycodone in error

  14. I am treated with oxycodone. Have been for over 10 years. My dose works out to be .40 mg every 4 hours. I accidentally took 2 40’s at the same time. Will I be o.k.?

    1. Hi Terry. Since you’ve been on the medication for 10 years now, I would say that your tolerance keeps you out of trouble. I would still recommend that you call your doctor or the pharmacy for a more professional consultation.

  15. Hello. I have been taking 80mg OxyContin at 6am and then 80mg at 6pm for almost a week. I had one 6 hrs ago and I also took a 3mg hydromorphone3 hrs ago and then smoked a joint. Every time I almost nod off to fall sleep I feel like I stop breathing. I can tell if I am byjust super tired or having breathing troubles

  16. So I’ve been on 30mg x 4 per day of oxycodone IR for about 4 years due to a bone tumor which is extreme pain! I was also given 36mg of Xtampza 1 at night at 1 in the morning. Xtampza ER 36mg is equal to 30mg of oxy IR or 40mg OxyContin ER. But today since I only had 2 oxycodone IR left, I took about 8-9 Xtampza. I felt it was ok cuz they did case studies of people taking 8 per day which comes to 288mg, which is why they only go up to 36mg cuz that’s the highest dose they studied. So I took equivalence to 384mg which is 2 – 30mg oxy IR and 9 – 36mg Xtampza ER. I usually don’t go over 250mg, cuz I took 8 – 30mg oxy IR in one day and only 1 Xtampza which was still under 300mg. Should I be worried? I don’t take them to get high and I have only ever taken them orally. I’m just trying to relieve the pain and it’s not getting better. What I want to do is cut back to less than 100mg per day and hope that will help after I have my radio frequency ablation to burn the nerves in the S1,S2,S3 Sacrum joints. That is a different issue from my osteiod osteoma (bone tumor) I have. Any feedback? My breathing is ok btw, but I still have to take my inhaler just about every morning after I wake up since I was born with asthma. I also don’t take anything else with it. Thanks in advanced.

  17. Hi, so I’ve been on 30mg x 4 per day of Oxycodone IR, due to a bone tumor I have which is the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced. I had it burnt off which was a 4 hour surgery and it seems like it’s worse, although I don’t have the night sweats or burning feeling, just pressure. So my Dr gave me 36mg of Xtampza which is a new form of Oxtcontin ER, but no matter what you do, you can’t change the ER properties even if you crush the beads. I have never snorted them I only take them orally. So I was supposed to take 1 at night and 1 in the morning along with my Oxys. So today I only had 2 oxys cuz that’s all I had left, and I took about 8 or 9 of the 36 mg of Xstampza. The last one I took was about 1 hour ago. I feel ok. I don’t take them for a high feeling, but just to take the pain away. I’m afraid to go to sleep. Should I be worried? I’ve been on oxys for about 4 years and Xtampza for about 3 months. 36mg is the highest dose which is compared to 30mg of oxys and 40mg of OxyContin 40mg. So in total I took about 384mg. I am tolerant but never took over 250mg in a day. Should I be worried? My breathing is fine, but every morning o wake up and have to take my inhaler cuz I was born with asthma. I am 43, and hope the next radio frequency ablation I have in the S1,S2, and S3 (Sacrum Joint) will work so I can ween off these pills cuz I’m sick of worrying about my instance not giving me my pills because it’s a few days too early or something. Any suggestions?

  18. I need help with answers! My friend just was admitted to the hospital on an overdose of 4 zani bars and 2 oxy pills.. They pumped her stomach and is on a 72 hour hold. She keeps calling me like 10 times a day to find pills for her and sneak them in there. I told her no. There is no way i can do that and i dont know anyone who has them. I knew she had a presciption for xanox. But i dont know people who sell them! She says her body hurts and she needs them now. I told her i have no clue to what she wants. I never knew she was addicted to these things. But she calls me all the time and asks me to find them and smuggle them in! I feel bad for her. But i don’t take meds and have no idea even where to find them.I told her the hospital can probably moniter her conversation! Am i correct? I dont want to get in teouble for her asking me. And yet i ddon’t want her to take any thing weird! Please answer me quickly

  19. STAY AWAY FROM OPIATES of ANY KIND. You WILL regret it. Take it from a recovering addict…10yrs of 150mg’s of Oxycodones A DAY…Withdrawals WERE BRUTAL and unlike ANYTHING I’ve ever experienced in my life. Please, Please, try 2 find other alternatives for deal with pain…exercise, healthy diet, maintain good weight, yoga, daily stretching, massage therapy, etc., whatever it takes. Just STAY AWAY from all of these pills that WILL make life a living hell…especially the withdrawal… My God, those were unimaginable and 2weeks of the most horrible time in my life.

  20. My son is age 39 and 6 ft 265 lbs and has his pain management doc prescribe 40 mg of roxi daily. He almost died in a MV accident and has taken roxi/percocet/oxycontin since 2007. He is treated like a drug addict most places even by some family members. A trimaellaor ankle fracture now has severe arthritis making every step he takes cause pain. The orthopedic has no further answer than the 9 nuts and bolts holding his ankle together. The trauma of this accident brought out Bi-polar full blown. The hardware in the hip hasnt caused much pain – prolonged sitting, sleeping wrong. The clavicle has the same amount of hardware But needed a second surgery due to malunion. Of course greatly needed insurance cost $450.00 a month, psych. appt. and meds monthly, Social Security has declined sending monthly benefit he earned by declining his case 3x. He has ankle fusion surgery and rotor cuff repair by the end of this year….okay i covered his challenges. No wonder he takes 40 mg right? So in another few years what? Never another job, insomnia and depression keep him busy! ER visits are routine when his blood pressure spikes from food shopping ALL aisles! Pitiful. Doesnt sound to me like he will get off this roxi anytime soon, but dear God what will this drug do to my son in another ten years? Theres no hope for my son, is there?

  21. Hi, Can you please explain how the Drug Naloxone works in the stomach? And also if it is possible to Overdose on Targin Orally when they are crushed or split?
    I’ve been Prescribed them for almost 2 years now, Started on 10-5mg but now im on 40-20mg 12 Hourly.
    I hate trying to swallow pills as I’ve always got a dry mouth so i usually break all my Med’s into smaller pieces with some good old cows milk so they don’t get stuck.
    Thanks and i hope you can shed some light on the above Questions?

  22. Im looking for advice please what i write people i know will read it and think thats not possible i assure you it is true.
    My ex husband is addicted to oxycontin last thurs he got orescription 20mg x56 by monday he had taken them all. He called GP n told them he would run out next week as he has had to increase his dosage because his pain is unbareable!!!! He has no pain. The GP then issues another script 40 tablets on weds only this time issues 40mg tablets and today i find out he taken them all. In top of this drinking 6 to 8 large cans beer a night. We have a daughter together despite our relationship i fear we are gonna get a call or knock one day to say he dead. My questions are howis he still alive? What damage is happening to him surely his organs must be under huge pressure. I have raised my concerns with my gp his gp the answer im guven is its my word against his. This week ive recorded conversatuons with him admitting he is addict etc also taken pics videos as proof as its my only way. The problem we have is infront of professionals n others he can pull himself together and act completley normal so i looklike im crazy and going overboard. Any help or advice gratefully received. I forgot to add that its slow release tablet which he grounds down and snorts too!!x

  23. Ive been taking endone for an opening under my foot about 6 5mg tablets in morning and 6 at night while i wait for an operation in 3 days is this bad for me because im in so much pain

  24. My boyfriend is addicted to Oxyco done, he is getting help this week but I am very nervous because he has been having trouble breathing the last week or so. He literally will stop breathing in his sleep then start back up again.. What do I do??? Is that a sign he will OD soon?

  25. Hi I’m on 20mg x 4 of oxycodone and 10mg x 3 baclofen muscle relaxers,I have some trazadone that I take for a sleep aid along with a beer or two at night. Is there any chance of an interaction?

  26. I think I accidentally took a second oxycontin seven hours early, I am pretty sure I took it on time but I keep thinking I didn’t for some reason. I’m on 15 mg of oxycodone about 7 times a day and 20 mg ccontin one in the morning another 12 hours after. I have sort ofshallow breathing but I’m just nervous to fall asleep. Even though I’ve been on high amounts of this medicine for years I’m just a little worried. I weigh 135 pounds if that helps answer.

    1. Hi BH. I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

    1. Hi Dale. I suggest that you consult with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  27. My bfn has been injecting everyday. He does the 30mg.2-3 @ a time. He spends anywhere from 300-800$ daily. He’s always nosing out n I yell at him he jumps up n continues his fix. 5 secs later he’s nosing again. He hardly ever sleep from using ALL the time. He wi) sit forever b4 finding a vein. He has none left. He knows he has a problem but says he’d NEVER over dose. I’m surprised he hasn’t. He wake up in sweats n when awake he in front of a heart. He said today something wrong bc he cant keep his eyes open half the time. Can u plz respond back n tell him what’s happen. That he’s gonna od , it’s not a matter of if but when. That he needs to get help tonight.

  28. can you overdose on Targin? I take 20mg twice a day for back pain,I was told the worse thing to do is to break or crush the tablet because you can OD is this true.

    1. Hi Jim. Depending on the history of the patient, an overdose of Targin may occur. Symptoms can be triggered either by oxycodone (opioid receptor agonist) or by naloxone (opioid receptor antagonist). Take your medication only as prescribed by a doctor and you’ll be safe.

  29. I’ve been taking oxycodone for over 3 years for back pain, herniated disc, DDD and spinal stenosis. I’m currently taking 10 mg 3-4 times a day but tonight I accidentally took 3 at once because I thought it was my anxiety pills. Should I be concerned? I’m nervous, I’ve never had this happen before.

    1. Hi Tara. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  30. I just took 4 hydrocodones 5mg and 125.5 mg of oxycodone (half of one) and my heart is beating fast like a 3 beats a second and I’m nervous and my hand is shaking and my breathing is slower and I keep burping up fluid and I’m hot. Am I overdosing and is a not fatal overdose or is it a deadly fatal overdose please help I’m scared

    1. Hello. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  31. I’ve been taking oxycodone 10mg 5xs a day for years now and it has worked great, I also take medicine for depression and anxiety as well as a muscle relaxor. My doctor switched my muscle relaxer a couple of months ago, now notice I’ve passed out a couple of time and had to go to the ER because I could barely function,etc. I brought all my meds with me and they said I was OD because they said I took 20 oxycodone pills at once. I told them the next day that I hadn’t because the pills in the bottle were the right count from when I had them filled. They didn’t give me a shot or anything just ran a bunch of test, which all came back fine, even my drug level was spot on. I told them I had noticed when I started taking the new muscle relaxer which was norflex, I didn’t quite feel right. If I had taken 20 at once, shouldn’t they have given me a shot or pumped my stomach out? My primary doctor isn’t happy with how they handled it and she is following up with the covering ER’S doctors that treated or didn’t treat me. My 19 something blood work test were all perfect. Please help me understand their thinking or correct me if I’m wrong.

  32. I been taking Percocet for 2 years now.. Like any other user I started low & began to take more to feel more.. Now Im at 90mg a day of Percocet. I sniff the 10mg pills every other hour of the day. I have not had one off day due to extreme withdraws when not on Percocets. I spend $2700 a month.. Im 25.. Please help me

  33. I ended up in the ER a couple of weekends ago, they said I took 20 10mg of oxycodone at one time and was OD. They didn’t give me an injection. They ran a million and one test, from spinal to brain, blood work, CT’s x rays and everything was good. I kept telling them I am having a reaction to a new muscle relaxer my doctor had given me, norflex I believe. My oxy pill bottle had 20 from it as I take 5 a day and I had it filled 4 days before, hence the 20 missing. All my blood work came back normal and my toxicology was normal level. Why do they automatically label you, they have my records, all the meds., I’m on and all the health issues I have. I have been on pain meds., for my health issues for years now and have never in my life abused them.

  34. I take Oxycodone 30mg 4 times a day for back pain. I’ve been doing it for 2 years but I also drink at night because I can’t sleep. I’ve drank as much as 12oz of 40% vodka to helo me sleep And if it’s time to take my pill then I also take it. Obviously I’m still alive but I don’t want to risk dying so how much would I have to ingest to die?

    1. Hi, Nancy. Every body is different, so the effects of the drug varies from person to person. Have in mind that mixing oxycodone with alcohol may cause serious damage to your health.

  35. @Brian. Yes you almost died. 1600mg of Oxycontin is deadly for someone who is opiate naive. The dosig for Oxycontin in opiate naive patients are 10mg every 12 hours.

  36. My partner accidentally gave me their daily pill regimen instead of mine before going o bed. It contained 1.6 grams of OxyContin. I’m opiate naive. I don’t even own aspirin.

    I woke up the next morning with profuse vomiting. I was hallucinating and losing consciousness. It was when I was having difficulty urinatn that I realzed what must have happened. I received narcan at the ER. They put me on oxygen because my O2 were at 83. Every time I would hope out, the machine would start beeping because I would stop breathing.

    I find myself wondering how bad this OD was. Meaning, did I really almost just die?

  37. Hi. I have a fairly high-ish tolerance to opiates, usually 80-100 mg oxycodone daily. I insufflate (sp) them. I accidentally did 2 green M30’s (30mg oxycodone) about 30 mins ago. Am I at risk of od?
    P.S. so far I don’t feel sick or like I’m breathing shallow. Just a little concerned. If anyone is here please answer asap. Thank you!

  38. Call your local hospital or primary care ,to find a detox, Its about 7 days/night,they will give you meds so you are not sick and near painless.Thats the easy part. Now you have to be mentally strong not to take again or you have to start all over, From there the choices are yours, op care or ip care. It works and meetings do to.Most people think after detox they will never take again and its over,. think again the brain is craving now and you are going to be fenning !detox is not rehab ,but you shouldn’t have anymore physical wds .What state/city are you from?? Good luck and dont wait to get your life back. Addiction does not discriminate against age, race, or anything…

    1. Hi Maribel. You can call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers and to work together to find ways for you to enter the treatment that you need in order to successfully quit opiate addiction.

  39. 5 mgs in the morning and 5 mg at night is a very low dose and i think it is more psychological that the meds are working than anything, in his case.

  40. none of u guys have a dr or are afraid to tell them because they will take you off the oxy,thats addiction. get help b4 its to late.
    i have four slipped disks spinal fracture and a plate in my head and 14 screws in my leg. theres no pain in the world that is so chronic that u cant get bye on a over the counter, maybe for a day or two u may need. if it was that bad you would be in the hospital.stop lying to yourself, in the long run you will lose,trust me, been there done that,ive done what your doing but much longer,get out y u can if its not to late. its probably is to late. try stopping for a week if u make excuse to keep taken go to a program, youll hurt all the people around you so if your gonna continue your use spare them and leave. do you want your family or the magic pill, in your head you said family, i can stop when ever, so stop for 5 days and tell me how strong the drug is and put your life in perspective….you always hurt the people closeted to you.

  41. my brother has to take about 5 or 10 mg of oxycodone daily, is this a large amount of drug to be taking? He usually takes 5 mg. in the morning and 5 at night for back pain. Just wondering.

  42. I Am rather new to Oxy (5 weeks). I currently take 5mg every 6 hours fir a toral of 15mg/day. I use it strictly for pain control (bone cancer). When I take Oxy ib the evening (my third and finsl of the day) I consume 2 beers with it. The two combined help me go to sleep….and stay asleep for 4-5 hurs. without the mix it takes me a bout an hour to fall asleep and then it’s for only 2 hours.. After that it’s 0,5 hours awake and 0.5 hours asleep.

    Is mixing 5mg of Oxy and 24oz of beer considered dangerous when used in this way?

  43. I take 15mg immediate release oxycodone. I suppose to take 1-2 pills every 4 to 6 hours. I will sometimes take 1 and after 1-2 hours I don’t get relief then I will take 1 more and wont take any more until 4 hours later from when I took the first one. Is that safe and also, if I take 1 oxycodone I usually take 1 lorazepam 1 hour later if I need it. Is that safe as well. Thank You for any help you can give. I have been taking oxycodone for about 6 months now and have been on the lorazepam for about 2 months now

    1. Hi Simone. If used in such doses and taken so frequently, health risks and side effects may follow in the long run. One of the side effects is addiction to Oxycontin, plus there are may other health damages and risks that follow.

  44. my brother has been battling a kidney stone and was prescribed oxycodone-acetaminophen 10-325 after norco didn’t touch the pain. he was medicated (with i don’t know what) at the ER and sent home. 4 hours later we gave him the prescribed 2 pills at 8pm. he was fine. then another dose at 12am midnight. At 4am I found him blue lipped and unresponsive (would not wake up at all) with a horrible snore and shallow breaths. I called 911 and they deemed it an overdose. We later were told he had a small heart attack at some point. There were only 4 pills gone out of the bottle of 30 and nothing else was taken (My brother never even takes tylenol for a headache). His kidneys were functioning fine before this but now they aren’t. Has anyone heard of this happening? We are at a loss and doctors aren’t telling us anything.

  45. Hi Chris B. Yes, the oval white oxycodone with A333 imprinted on one side, and blank on the other is 10 mg. If you haven’t taken any of these pills since April, you’re tolerance levels have dropped. So, by now you have no tolerance to Oxy at all. Taking 10 pills at once will be too much and possibly dangerous.

  46. I was prescribed oxycodone 10/325 after a surgery for pain in March of 2014. The pill is white and is imprinted with a333. Does this mean it has 10 mg of oxycodone? I have not taken any since April. I recently sprained my back and have these pills left over. If I take 10 pills at once could I overdose and die, or will it just make the pain stay away longer? How many is too many?

  47. Hello Brandee. You’ve probably developed quite a high tolerance for oxycodone at this point. If you start to notice drowsiness, slowed breathing or heart rate, call emergency services. Or, call 1-800-222-1222 to be connected with the Poison Control Center for a professional assessment of your overdose risk.

  48. I am prescribed a 90mg dose of oxycodone every 6 hours. I have been on this dose for 2ish years. 2 hours after my normal dosage I accidently took another 60mg. I then realized I had grabbed the wrong pills. That has been well over an hour ago. I feel normal. I was tired before my regular dose 3.5 hours ago so I am tired. Do I need to worry about overdose or anything? If so, for how long? Can I fall asleep? Thank You for your help.

  49. Hello Lori. Thank you for your question. Here is what I found:
    The initial dose of Oxycodone IR for adults can be anywhere from 5 mg to 15 mg, and it’s usually taken orally every 4-6 hours. However, for the elderly patients the initial dose is set at 2.5 mg orally every 6 hours, and this initial dosage can be slowly increased over time if needed. Why don’t you ask for a second opinion or talk to a pharmacist at the local pharmacy for advise?

  50. I am 60 years old and weight 120 lbs. My doctor prescribed 15 mg. of oxycodone immediate release tablets every 4-6 hrs for back pain. Is this too much for someone opiate naive like me?

  51. I have recently given up 700 mg oxycontin after a 25 yr battle of backpain and addiction….I used 5 x80mg, 5x 40mg and a heap of liquid ordine…My local GP got busted for over prescribing so I had to find another Gp but could only find one that would prescribe Targin..Yuk ,what a shit drug..My question is now I have not had any Oxy for 7 days how much or less can I take for my back pain. I am worried about overdose…..I have a huge story if you would like to hear it .If it helps one person not go through what I have been through it will make those terrible WD worth it.


  52. Hello Luis. It sounds like there are some major problems happening. Follow your instincts, and consult with your husband’s prescribing doctor. You can report the symptoms and see if he needs to reduce dose amount or frequency. If necessary, you can always call the Poison Control Center or local hospital emergency room if you think that your husband has taken too much oxycodone.

  53. hello my husband takes 20 mg of oxycodone for his replacement. he stops breathin for a few seconds,, sweatin alot , pale , his also wheezein. what does this mean? im worried? he says his ok.. what longterm side affects will this have?

  54. From my understanding of pharmacokinetics, people with kidney failure or kidney dysfunction will have a greater adverse effect after an opioid overdose–or any drug overdose, for that matter.

    The kidney is the organ that excretes the drug from the bloodstream. (It gets the drug out of your body). In people with overdose AND renal insufficiency, not only is there too much of the drug in their body, but they can’t get rid of it properly.

    Even during overdose, a person with normal kidney function will still be able to excrete the drug and get it out of their system. A person with kidney failure will not.

    The drug then accumulates to toxic amounts, producing severe adverse effects.

    (I think this what you were asking?)

  55. Apparently some people have a greater adverse effect after an opiod overdoes and it something to do with the kidneys, but what is it?

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