Cold turkey Adderall

Going cold turkey off Adderall IS NOT recommended. When you stop taking Adderall abruptly you can experience severe effects of acute withdrawal. More on how to withdraw from Adderall safely here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: When you go “cold turkey” off a medication, you quit using the drug suddenly. This abrupt discontinuation not only makes it extremely difficult to abstain from Adderall, but can have severe health consequences.


Is Cold Turkey Safe?

No. Going cold turkey off Adderall is very dangerous. Adderall is actually a combination of amphetamine salts that work as central nervous system stimulants. Abrupt cessation following prolonged high dose use results in extreme fatigue and mental depression; but these are not the only risks. .

Unless you need to quit abruptly for medical necessity, there is usually no need to stop taking Adderall all at once, even if you are physically or psychologically dependent on the drug. Instead, people who have been taking Adderall for a long time and want to stop taking Adderall should slowly reduce doses over time. This lessens the intensity of symptoms and reduces risk of serious complications like psychotic symptoms or seizure.

Indeed, the most difficult thing about quitting Adderall all at once can be the psychological symptoms. Because Adderall is a very addictive drug the FDA-required labeling for this medicine describes as a drug which causes “extreme psychological dependence.” So, when you stop Adderall cold turkey, you experience effects of acute withdrawal that are unnecessarily severe. In effect, you increase the risk of serious adverse side effects.

If you want to stop taking Adderall, talk to a doctor or a medical practitioner. S/He can help you decide if this is an option that can work and be helpful for you. At the least, experts suggest that you plan a tapering calendar to slowly reduce doses of Adderall over time. In fact, these WHO Clinical Guidelines for Withdrawal Management suggest that cases of stimulant withdrawal be medically supervised.


Stopping Adderall includes risks. If you choose to go this route, it is important to know what can happen. Sometimes it can be hard to treat these risks because symptoms will come on quickly with little warning. Risks of quitting Adderall abruptly include:

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Coma
  • Death
  • Depressed health rate
  • Extreme fatigue
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Psychosis
  • Seizures

If you are worried about the risk of stopping Adderall suddenly, then perhaps you should try withdrawal while under medical supervision. A detox clinic can help address the risks that arise and help to treat them so your risk of seizing, depressed breathing, and coma is less likely. At the least, consult with you prescribing doctor and ask for a personalized tapering schedule as you come off Adderall. More guidelines for a safe withdrawal can be found in this SAMHSA Quick Guide on Detoxification Protocols.


Stimulant withdrawal is not usually associated with medical complications. Still, withdrawal always comes with consequences. Adderall detox can trigger:

  • Feelings of depression.
  • Seizures.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

For these reasons, it’s not a good idea to stop taking Adderall abruptly. Once you stop taking amphetamines, the brain and central nervous system are flooded with neurotransmitter chemicals that trigger “rebound” effects. You run the risk of health complications that can be dangerous, including seizures, extreme depression and paranoia.

In fact, the period of depression experienced by amphetamine users is often more prolonged and may be more intense than even cocaine withdrawal. For this reason, anyone who is quitting Adderall should be monitored closely during detoxification for signs of suicidal thinking and treated for depression if appropriate.

Who Can Go Cold Turkey?

It is never recommended that you quit Adderall cold turkey. But sometimes this process is necessary. Those who are best suited to stop taking Adderall suddenly are those who are on low doses of amphetamines for a period of a few months or less. It is also be best to be in optimum health and have no other health complication that will impact your ability to fend pathogens and heal your body. People who use or abuse Adderall for extended periods of time are not good candidates for abrupt cessasion of amphetamins.

You need as much help as you can get to help treat withdrawal.  You can become really uncomfortable when you stop taking Adderall suddenly; the healthier you are, the better you can handle symptoms. A genuine desire to quit Adderall also needs to be present. Without this desire, it become harder to avoid relapse.

NOTE HERE: Adderall is a strong, powerful simulants. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the rate of psychostimulant-related deaths increased by three-fold from 1999 to 2005. Deaths declined from 2006-2008, but rose again in 2009.

What Does It Feel Like?

Quitting Adderall suddenly from a high dose, without gradually tapering off of the drug, might lead to an experience extreme depression, paranoia, and schizophrenia-like symptoms.

If you stop Adderall cold turkey, you can expect withdrawal to be intense, uncomfortable, and long lasting … taking you out of your normal everyday life. You can expect to feel the onset of Adderall withdrawal about 3-6 hours after the medication has left the system. Acute symptoms peak about 48 hours after cessation and can last in this intensity for another couple of days.

Other post-acute symptoms can take longer to resolve and you can expect to deal with Adderall withdrawal for several weeks after the last traces of amphetamine have left the system. Long past the initial withdrawal you may still have to deal with drug craving and psychological symptoms of withdrawal, as well as reoccurring symptoms of ADHD and issues with sleep.

Common symptoms of Adderall withdrawal include:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Drug craving
  • Dysphoria (intense dissatisfaction with life)
  • Fatigue
  • Increased heart rate
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Paranoia
  • Panic
  • Seizures

Medical Help

No medication has yet been developed to help during Adderall detox. However, treatment can include symptomatic medication and supportive care. Symptomatic medications should be offered as required for aches, anxiety and other symptoms. Further, it is necessary that you drink at least 2-3 litres of water per day during stimulant withdrawal. Multivitamin supplements containing B group vitamins and vitamin C are also recommended.

Still, the most effective way to treat stimulant withdrawal involves establishing a period of abstinence. To achieve abstinence, people who are withdrawing from stimulants like Adderall should be monitored regularly.  During withdrawal, your mental state should be monitored to detect complications such as psychosis, depression, and anxiety. People who exhibit severe psychiatric symptoms should be referred to a hospital for appropriate assessment and treatment.

Alternatives to Cold Turkey

Doctors don’t recommend that you ever stop Adderall cold turkey. In fact, withdrawal doesn’t have to be painful. Instead, experts feel that you should try to taper your dose of Adderall. Tapering down Adderall doses is a way to slowly decrease your Adderall use over time. This will help minimize the severity of the withdrawal. More ideas for how to come off Adderall safely are listed on this American Addiction Center guide to weaning off Adderall.

The process of tpaering can be slow, but you will not have to be out of commission for a long time during withdrawal. If you have to withdraw from Adderall, then make sure you plan for it. Get the materials you need to treat and ease the symptoms of withdrawal. And if you suspect you are addicted to Adderall, seek help from an addiction treatment facility to increase your chances of successfully quitting Adderall.

Section for Questions

Adderall is a highly addictive drug that has powerful effect over your mind and body.  When considering a change in dosing, be prepared to face the Adderall crash. The crash can happen if you take very large doses of Adderall or come off of it too quickly. In order to avoid any dangers talk to your doctor about effective ways to stop taking Adderall.

If you have more questions, please leave them in the comments section below. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. Cold turkey off of Adderall wasn’t a choice thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield /Accolade Health even with the most expensive PPO as of 1/1/19 it would cost me $300 a month to stay on it . I contacted BCBS / Accolade immediately with no help at all expect call 911???? And what tell the paramedics that I couldn’t afford $300 a month thanks to BCBS/Accolade ? There was nothing my psychiatrist could do either . NOW most important though I’ve rarely heard anyone on Adderall for this reason , i was taking it for almost 5 years because it was the ONLY Rx of too many they gave me for my depression that helped AT ALL. And it was only by chance I found that out , one of my therapist tested me for ADHD and said I was absolutely a candidate for Adderall … did help my concentration hahaha and it DEFINITELY did not curb my appetite I still ate as always and I even slept better on it!! It was the only Rx that in the morning if there were thoughts & feelings of depression within 30min-1 hour of 20mg XR I was free off all of that!!!! And I have horror stories of all the other drugs they tried and now more they want to try unless I can afford $300 a month …..honestly I’m sick and tired of being a test subject & all this guessing of Rx seems so barbaric!!! And BCBS /Accolade obviously driven to push pharmaceuticals with all their ‘ new suggestions ‘ I’ll do whatever it takes to be offf all of them! Adderall would of been the last to get off of and I ABSOLUTELY would of done it SLOWLY if BCBS/Accolade would of allowed it but BCBS/Accolade’s only suggestion for Cold Turkey was fall 911and PLEASE KEEP IN MIND BCBS with Accolade is not only your insurance provider but work with you as your behavioral health/EAP making them a VERY VERY DANGEROUS COMBINATION!!! Knowing FULL WELL for the past 12 months speaking with their ‘ behavioral help staff’ that ADDERALL was the only helpful Rx I was on and not only did they not offer any assistance but could care less I had to go cold turkey .

  2. I have been on adderall for 2 months if I stop cold turkey will I get bad withdrawal’s im.only on 20 mg 1 time a day

  3. I was on aderall for 8 months taking 60mg once a day. I decided to stop cold turkey because I work better under pressure. I also stopped cold turkey because It helps my ADHD so much I feel like I can’t function without it. I had only one symptom and it was extreme tiredness. I fell asleep everywhere. Other than that nothing

  4. I’m a senior in High school. I’m not prescribed Adderall but I was using it to study. I started 3 weeks from this day which is 5/17/18. I’ve been taking Instant release 20 mg 2-3 at a time and xr 20 mg 2-4 at a time 3-4 times a week. I’ve been getting the palpitations in my heart and I want to quit cold turkey, because I’m not prescribed I can’t slowly detox because I can’t keep spending money to buy more. Basically I’m just wondering if I have to worry about any serious symptoms if I stop cold turkey.

  5. I was on Adderall for 25 years and was taking 30MG a day I quit cold turkey and the effects are unexplainable. I have and had the symptoms that are mentioned in this article. I have been off the drug for months now and still I’m at still so scatter brained it is effecting my job. I do have insomnia and my mind is in a fog. I wish I would of read this article before I quit. Going cold turkey is not the answer.

  6. Hi. My son is 14. He’s been on adderall for a little over 4yrs. He has had a fast heart rate the last two Dr visits. She told us Tuesday she wants him off of it. I agreed. It’s be 3 days and today he showed an anger episode and then 5 minutes later was crying. I’m worried about going off cold turkey but she is a treat Dr and I have all confidence in her and her knowledge. However, reading about different people going cold turkey I worry about seizures and other things. What do you do in case of a seizure?

    1. Hi Kimberly. I suggest that you consult with your son’s doctor to help him plan an individualized tapering schedule. Slowly reducing the daily dosage is the safest way to quit the drug. Seizures are best treated under medical supervisions.

  7. I’ve been taking Adderall RX 25 mg 3 x per day for 15 years, my new insurance co denied my prescription this month. They will only prescribe Dextroamp-Amphet ER 25 mg 1x per day, will I go through withdrawals?

  8. Hi,
    I have taken adderall since 3rd grade so 20 years now. Over the last month I have begun having terrible issues falling asleep. I must admit, a month ago, I had a terribly hard work week and took probably 3 or 4 times my dosage. Since then, I can’t seem to fall asleep without taking some form of sleep aide (Z-Quill or Benadryl) and I haven’t been taking any adderal. From what I read about withdrawal, it seems most people fall asleep easily and stay asleep long as a withdrawal symptom. I’m having the exact opposite effect where I still can’t fall asleep. Could this be attributable to adderall withdrawal or am I on the wrong track? Thanks!

  9. Ive been prescribed adderall for cognition n energy symptoms related to multiple scletosis. For 10 plus years ive taken 10 to 20 mg per day. Ive been feeling more ill. Been sleep deprived for years n tried going off this med. i feel my adernal system is exhausted. My cpk is contiguously is 900 to 1100 (inflamation chronic n severe) stomatch isdues ulcers hernias reflux b12 deficit i take shots monthly to correct this is

  10. I see this board is old so not sure if I’ll get a reply. I’ve been taking 30 mg adderrall 2-3x a day for 3 weeks and have now run out. It wasnt prescribed so getting more and tapering isn’t an option. My biggest problem is the fatigue and sleepiness. Some depression but I have already had problems with that before. How long can I expect this to last?

  11. can dr stop prescribing you 30 mil of adderral xr that i take twice a day for over 5 years. though my dr referred me to a new and closer sleep dr. i could not make the appointment due to it being on the same day as i had court and wouldnt have a new appointment until end of november but my meds will be out at end of this week.(in last week of october).are they allowed to just not give me another months script as cold turkey stopping a 5 yr long 60 miligram a day adderral usage.can the risks be life threatening and are they legally allowed to just discontinue me even though i cant get in new dr for over a mnth?please shed light on this.Also i take for hyperinsomnia not adhd.but i take 60 miligrams daily for years,faithfully. thank

  12. My husband was taken off his adderall by jail staff immediately. This continued for several months and now he is dead. Could someone please tell me how this is legal. Tracy

    1. Hi Tracy. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a lawyer about your issues.

  13. I have had ADHD since I was a toddler – I still was prescribed Adderral into my 50’s. I did stop cold turkey – but also run treadmill for minimum of 35 minutes each day – I know getting exercise helps – and I am still a little ADHD – but on day 7 of not taking anything except magnesium and fish oil, thank God – I am not experiencing the described withdrawal. It’s hard to exercise – but if you do – it’s the best medicine. I might also add that if you were prescribed adderall incorrectly – it has a totally different affect – as I know college kids that use it to lose weight or stay awake longer than normal. If you have ADHD – the adderall can actually make you sleepy and relaxed and improve your appetite – even if prescribed, see if it really calms you or not. Only you really know the effects

  14. Hello I’ve been on adderall for about a month taking 15-20 mg instant release everyday. I am not prescribed adderall and was using it for school however it began effecting me at work when I would feel as if I were to have a seizure. I stopped cold turkey and have been off adderall for 1 month and 3 weeks. Side effects were insane with constant diarrhea,intense headaches, and a lot of trouble sleeping. I went to my doctor and got blood work done as well as an MRI of my brain but they said everything was fine, however I still feel effects daily! There are periods of the day where my vision is completely blurred and I space out. When I do something that requires attention for too long I feel the nerves in my brain tingle and pulse.. how long will this last? Is there a more serious side effect waiting to occur? And my heart beat in horrible irregular and I scares me.. I’m not sure if I’m over thinking it but had it been long enough to where these “side effects” could just be something else?

  15. I recently had my regular dr visit like always for 3 years now, and I went the 28th of January and he cut me off my adderal taking two 20 mg a day to NOTHING. His reason was me taking hydrocodone. He didn’t drug test me or anything, he actually seen me and “like always” ask if the same medicine was still helping I said yes he said, ok I’ll see you in two months. Then I waited to get my prescription and next appointment from the girls in the front and he called me again and said he pulled my prescription list from my pharmacy and said he can’t write my adderal anymore until I get a note from my dr stating I won’t take hydrocodone anymore. OK. You see me, bill my insurance, then call me to the side to tell me you can’t write my medicine anymore. WTH?!?!

  16. I have been on Adderall over 15 years 30 milligram XR 2 times a day I missed a doctor’s appointment yesterday and my doctor told me I have to wait 3 weeks to see him to get a prescription I am scared to death and don’t know what to do as it is I have a depression disorder I used to take seizures but have stopped and scared that they may start again please advise me on what to do with the situation thank you

    1. Hi Robin. Your doctor is obligated to see you if you have any problem. Call him/her again and explain your situation.

  17. My doctor took me off Adderall saying it was red flag by my insurance because it is a stimulat and I take blood pressure medicine. She told me I had to have it cleared by my cardiologist so I did now she is telling me I have to have an EKG done and she keeps dragging her feet and will not fill my prescription I think she got upset because I told her her stuff was not good at returning phone calls and very rude to me at times.this not fare I am having a hard time at work and I am fightingredients with my wife the other night I was sitting on my bed and blacked out I woke up on the floor and I was hurting and very sore. I don’t know what to do. And the same doctor said that you can’t withdraw from Adderall. I have beven taking for the last 15 yearso. Can someone help me please.

  18. This is to Cathy it is illegal for a doctor to cut u off cold turkey that is ducked up they have to wean u off for at least 6 months please excuse my launges I would file a malpractice suit in truly sorry.

  19. Hi I was in the military as u can see by my name a sniper I have had 32 concussions in my life and my brain seemed dead, but since I have taken aderall it’s made my PTSD go away I was on all downers it really sucked, so the 20 mg r fine is there any one that takes the concerta 36mg long lasting that has made you go a little crazy? If you had any concussions or PTSD can you let me know if it messed you up to thank you so much sincerely Senior Chief heeley

  20. For people who want to STOP COLD on Adderall: good for you. You have an up hill on battle. But Truly i believe there is VITAL ADVANTAGE with being unmedicated.
    I have been taking Adderall 30mg & Adderall XR 20mg
    Plus a couple of Lexapro generic brand 30mg for ATLEAST 3 YRS.

    I WAS a part of a roster that was blessed to see the top neurological department, behavioral doctors, psychiatrists, and dietitians at Johns Hopkins University and Kennedy Kriegar.
    Please don’t hesitate to question your doctor bc they’re Job is to get data on ur experiences for a database. In order TV to perfect the system of big pharmaceutical companies and jystify u massive trials on experimental drugs.
    Look out for youself FIRST. By allmeans, your doctor is trying to help you. But the Lord allows very bad things to happen rrgarfless of good intentions ur doc to or has.
    But im rambling. ..
    My goal is to become completely free of my dependency on drugs before i am to far back into a corner (like some of my fellow commenters r. I have a great body & still very young. I am going to take this chwnce to run straight for my goal)

    I would say your will power has to on be ur new anchor. It has been mufflef and meds made everythjng sk easy tk do. But if u want itmore than you want ur rught hand, yiy will succeed.

    I was already off my meds for 2 werks due to the fact i hypersomnia made me sleep 43hrs straight. I was probably in a mini coma tbh. But i had a head start.
    How dk u find the motivating factor?
    Personally here is mine-
    I have a very modest desire tk find a husbanf and get settled & be happy-go-lucky wuth our children. Bht my dream shatters if im on medication.
    I would be utterly suffer from the thought of my husband wauting on me at 6am every morning begging me to take a pill so he can see the “women he married”
    Im crying in my head just thinking about it.

    But on to better things,
    My up to date coping devices
    – cute dresd up games
    – playingbold school console gamed
    – spending time with b children
    – animals
    – MUSIC “you make me brave” by Bethel
    – get involved in activism. Fibd a cause and make it apart of ur bloodstream
    Ex “flat earth, truth movement, Nasa fraud, Abortion awareness, Islamist sympathizers, Church decon, Start a band, Trump advocate, start a youtube acc.”
    – buy an affordable & managable geckko
    – dance classes
    – learning an instrument
    – library volunteer
    Ex in ur neighbirhood there is bound to be a dirty area- be a champ and geg a trashbag &clean it up. U dont have to b a garbage man to yhtow stuff away. Get sone gloves & pic up wat u can.
    – rememver to stay positive
    Even if you’re just going for a walk in through ur house
    – dobt let anyone CONVINCE U, that u r not trying hard enough to quit or ur life us garbage. U have limits and God knows dB how much is to much. If you cant handle today go tell ppl that. They’ve only had their own self to deal with. Dont let them tell u tgat they could do better. They have no clue. If God didnt give them thus type of lufe- take that as PROOF THAT they couldnt do better then how ur doing.
    – be realistic
    I have found that if u dont wanna do something bc I of mood or what have y
    Be honest about it. My dad nagged me the other day about going to a doctor’s appt last night. The day of the appt. My mom canceled it tho! So it made both my parents look like fools while i was honest bc i told them last TV night i wasnt going. So they frustrated themselves until tge Web next day- when the shouldve just canceled my appt. The moment i said i wasnt going.

    – be even honest. To everyone.
    Nothing will get you tgrough the low points more then being TRUTHFUL. Truthful to God, man, and beast so that u can live without guilt.
    – have no regrets

    All the time i have fir now.
    Hooe u all come to know the Lord and habe Faith in the body he made for u.


  21. My Dr took me off Adderall cold turkey on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. I’m shaky, my heart is racing, nothing seems real, hot and cold, sweating, can’t sleep. I also have this issue that I am awake and at any time my eyes just close and I’m out cold. I sleep for different amounts of time and this happens several times a day.

  22. I am using 40 mg under doctor care doing very well I knocked the bottol over with no top in a sill on the table so I am waiting for my new script in 5 days and what I am feeling is a withdrawal ? Would there be a withdrawal?

  23. I’ve taken 2 20 Mg Adderrall for 4 years. Suddenly, my doctor refuses to give them to me. He said they cause Dimensia. I’m almost 54 years old, & feel terribly depressed without them! 🙁 What should I do? I feel that I really need my medicine back!!

  24. I decided to stop taking my Adderall XR 30mg since I was ordered off of work for spinal surgery in a few weeks. I’ve been putting off a spinal surgery for 5 months now. I went 5 days off of the Adderall and literally couldn’t get out of bed. The nerve pain I’ve had in my left leg from the bulging disc is much worse without the Adderall. I decided to try a 25mg Adderall XR this morning with my daily Gabapentin 300MG. Poof! I can walk again. I’m attributing my severe pain and exhaustion to Adderall withdrawal. I’m thinking I better stay on it if I want to walk down the isle at my wedding in 12 days. I’ll have to ween down on the Adderall at some point. I do not recommend going off of Adderall cold turkey.

  25. I have reached the halfway point of weaning myself off of my medication. This took about a year to accomplish. I didn’t want it to interfere with my career so I am taking it slow. Ever since I started this incremental decrease I have experienced irritability, mood swings, increased hunger, weight gain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, lack of drive, loss of focus, brain fog and depression. I tried my best to compose myself at work and crashed as soon as I got home. I was miserable and I was angry.

    I had been told by a few people about a product line called Plexus. I was a little reserved about it but once I researched the product and found that the ingredients were not harmful and were all natural I decided to give it a try. I just wanted to feel alive again.

    A week later I received my products in the mail. I followed the directions and Oh My Gosh, they worked! By the second day, I felt amazing! The brain fog was gone! My depression was gone! My anxiety and mood swings were gone! I feel more alive today than I have felt in over a year.

    I am currently taking the TriPlex combo which is the most popular (Plexus Slim packet in the morning, BioCleanse capsules during the day, and my probiotic at bedtime). These products work together to regulate blood sugar levels and maintain a healthy gut which in turn maximizes quality of life. The slim was crucial in helping me control the overeating and cravings. If you would like to know more about these products I would be happy to share with you. They have helped me so much. I now have hope and I no longer dread what life will be like without Adderall!

  26. Stay away from these drugs and especially taking while drinking alcohol. My 34 year old son, an Air Force veteran, committed suicide the night of Jan 12, 2016. I had no idea he was on Adderall until a few days prior. He was apparently drinking a lot of whiskey. I only saw him maybe once a month, so I truly had no idea what he was doing. My son shot himself in the head. This stuff is dangerous.

  27. My son has been on adderall for 4years. He is almost 12years old and it doesn’t seem to work anymore. Should his dose be ajusted or should he just come off it altogether?

  28. Hi,i have been on adderall for about 16 years and my doctor threw me out of her office due to not seeing a surgeon about my hand, the only reason i didn’t see the surgeon was because he was the same one that messed up my right hand and i wasn’t going back to the one that messed up my hand in the first place. So now i can’t get my 30mg adderall and im afraid of what could happen to me can you please help me?

    1. Hi, Debbie. I suggest you talk with your doctor, and explain him/her your reasons about the surgeon. Or you can find another doctor who may listen your problems.

  29. My brother was taking adderall for two years while in college, he then did cold turkey. After two weeks, he began having episodes of psychosis. We took him to get medical help and they prescribed to him Rispredal. If anyone could relate to this and has helpful advise please share. We are desperate for help and guidance because he is not himself with the Rispredal. He has become depressed. If anyone has guidance, please please share.

  30. My sister was prescribed adderall 20 mg xr then upped to 30 mg xr. It’s been a couple months since she was first prescribed and I’ve been abusing it because it makes me the happiest I have ever been and really helps me in school and with my social life. I didn’t know I could get addicted to it until last night. I would take 90 mg one day and 60 the next. Pretty random really. Well I took 60 mg yesterday and I didn’t sleep at all like usual after taking it. Today I feel like the inside of my bones hurt mainly in my ankle and knee and wrist and shoulders. I also feel a slight pain in my head like behind my eyes. Since I learned how dangerous this drug is I’ve decided to stop it cold turkey. Mainly because I only have two of the pills left. Is it possible for me to die?

    1. Hi, Mary. Well, cold turkey Adderal is not recommended. The best way for quitting drug is to cut down gradually. So, I suggest you talk with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for you. Good luck!

  31. Chris (or anyone) what would you think withdrawal would be like after taking 20 mg a day for a month and then just stopping.

  32. After taking 30mg xr for about a year I quit cold turkey, best of luck to whoever tries as it is hell on earth.

    I slept for about 12 hours a day, couldn’t eat, was a bit anxious but very, very depressed. Before then I would go into mild depression spells, but during withdrawal it turned into full blown suicidal thoughts. Had I not been with family who was keeping an eye on me it could have turned out worse. It took about a week for me to get back to “normal,” 2 or 3 to feel 100% again.

    On the flip side of things – Adderall is also a life saver for those suffering ADD. Without it, school was impossible, basic chores / errands would be procrastinated until they became impossible, and keeping on task at work was frustrating both for me, and probably my bosses. I take it daily again now, but would not quit cold turkey again.

  33. I have been taking Concerta for 6 years, then switched to IR Aderall 2 years ago, and now am prescribed 1 20mg XR Adderall and 2 12.5 IR Adderall each day. While I do not take my IR pills every day, I try to take my XR every day. Lately I have noticed myself becoming more and more depressed and dissatisfied with my life. I go through phases of extreme happiness and continents with my life to extreme depression and unhappiness, I am mean to my friends and family without any explanation, and before I even realize that I am doing it… and this is while I am still taking the medicine. Is this a normal thing for someone to be experiencing? I would like to quit taking the pills all together but fear the withdraws will make theses feelings and mood swings become much worse.

  34. I had a seizure during an eeg and my doctor is having me quit adderall cold turkey (15 mg 2xs a day-weaned down from 60 mg per day a few months earlier) as not to trigger another seizure. I read that quitting cold turkey can cause a seizure or cardiac arrest, what should i do???? I have two 5 yr olds to take care of and I’m so nervous about doing this the hard way!!???

  35. ive been taking adderall for about 5. Years the last two years I am taking 300-500. Mg a day. Sounds like a lot. Well it is. All instant release. I would take 3. 30. Mg. at a time. Some times 5. In am. Than go to the gym. I stoped. From March. 22. Till like May. 15. But I was in florida. I came back lay 7. Only lasted a week or so off them my tolerance was back within. A month. Well. Today is day 7. With nothing. But. I have not been out of house. I eat watch tv. And sleep just looking for more advice. This drug is ruining my life. A also just started havroni. For hep c. That is suppose to make you tired. So my mind keeps raising. But saying it’s ok. To stay in bed. I’m. Gaining weight. Which I work hard to keep off.

  36. This answer is for Mike, who wonders how much Adderall is too much. The FDA approves Adderall up to 120 mg. per day. The maximum suggested adult dose, however, is 20 mg. I suspect that the FDA approves 120 mg. so that Doctors will prescribe it with confidence. Amphetamine can kill people with unknown heart disorders, because an elevated heartbeat is like jogging all day long. You must have a STRONG heart to tolerate the drug. If you’re prescribed 120 mg. per day, I can’t see how you would ever get one wink of sleep. Even 40 mg keeps me up into the wee hours, and my sleep is then not very deep. I also have noticed no tolerance build-up. 30 mg. feels the same now as it did 5 years ago. I do NOT need to take more to achieve the same effect. Those who do, I suspect, are hard-core addictive types who develop these tolerances. I have built up no tolerance to this drug.

  37. Reading these descriptions of others’ experience with Adderall leaves me perplexed. This drug has been the most beneficial by far of any medicine in my history. This will be very interesting to anyone with a medical background.

    I have BiPolar II illness, extremely well-controlled, that presents 90% of the time as Depression. I take 150 Seroquel, and 300 Wellbutrin. This combination is FDA-approved for BiPolar depression. It works WELL. Four years ago, I felt a bit “slow” mentally–not terribly slow, but enough to contact a Neurologist. After thorough testing, including full IQ testing by a Neuropsychologist, I was diagnosed with Adult ADD. I was prescribed 30 mg. Adderall XR daily. MY LIFE WAS TRANSFORMED. After 6 months, follow-up IQ testing resulted in a 22% uptick, to 131. The Neurologist was astonished, but my Psychiatrist was fuming! He opined that the Adderall might set off a manic episode. I reminded him that my BiPolar experience included no incidents of mania, but rather a few episodes of hypo-mania, which manifests as a slightly elevated mood, and which can actually be a very productive time. Sleep patterns were never disturbed. I get 8 hours a night.

    Here’s the kicker!! With BiPolar, it is difficult to completely defeat the Depressive symptoms. Sufferers are often dealing with some measure of symptoms, however small, even in their best of times. The Adderall KILLED ALL DEPRESSIVE SYMPTOMS within 2-3 months. I have enjoyed the clearest mind, and the sharpest of mental acuity, ever in my life–BY FAR. It was like an awakening. My Psychiatrist then admitted to me that Amphetamine had been long known to be a last-line defense against Depression, but that its dangers kept it out of the Psychiatrist’s office. I have been a symptomatic of all Psychiatric symptoms for 4 years, and I am in terrific physical condition. An elevated heartbeat (100-110) is the only concern, but my BP has always been 120/80. Lastly, I take Adderall vacations all the time, and I experience very few symptoms, nothing close to what I read here.

    Would anyone care to comment on my sworn position of extreme success with this drug? Everyone talks about the horrors of Adderall. What horrors? What am I missing??? Thanks. TW

  38. I have two boys who take Adderall (30 mg. & 25 mg. respectively) during the school year. For the summer, we don’t have them take the Adderrall because of their decreased appetite during the school year. My son had a fit yesterday when his dad said he wasn’t going to get his prescription refilled. My son says it helps him focus at work, however, my husband says he doesn’t ring up a cash register or bookkeeping or any other type of work that needs focus. My son has his first job cleaning up in a hardware store. My husband thinks it could be an addiction. I don’t know what to think of this situation. Any help and comments out there?

  39. I have been taking adderal for 12 years. I take 20mg tablet 4x daily. I recently had to switch my health insurance and my doctor does not take my new insurance. She wrote my last adderal rx and I am out and still have not been able to find a new doctor. I called my old doctor and explained the situation and she is refusing to write me another prescription. So now I am going to be forced to go off from adderall cold turkey after taking it for 12 years and taking more pills daily. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Gloria. Seek help from medical professionals at the near hospital. After 12 years quitting Addreall cold turkey can be very serious. Doctors are not fair leaving their patient suffer while being aware of the harsh withdrawal stage. If you have the option to check into a detox clinic while the acute withdrawal phase passes, that would make the process much more bearable.

  40. I’m not sure if this is normal or not, but I went off adderall cold turkey on June 7 & last night I felt as if there were electric shocks happening in my brain. It’s as if a fuse is sparking. Should I talk to a doctor about this? I have been taking adderall for almost 8 years..

    1. Hi JP. Did you experience any withdrawal symptoms throughout the week after quitting? This electric-shock like sensation may be a protracted withdrawal symptom. I suggest you should report this to your doctor and maybe join a therapy or counseling group to help you during recovery.

  41. I saw the average dose of adderall for an adult is anywhere from 10-60mg. But I am curious what is an example of an extreme high dose in adderall. I know people take all different dosages at different times, but how many mg a day are we talking about for a standard adult where we are risking our health?

    1. Hi Mike. It depends on many factors. For children, doses larger than 40/mg per day are not recommended. Although for grownups the general recommended dose can range anywhere from 5mg to 60mg. But, Adderall doses even at 30mg can have harmful effect on some patients, while others (chronic long-term users) have used up to 500mg without ODing. The FDA states that the maximum safe daily dose is 70 mg of Adderall, taken throughout the day.

  42. My girlfriend stopped taking 30mg for ADHD when we found out she was pregnant and has become very mean and very rude throwing stuff telling me she hates me and other things and also name calling is that normal for someone thats been taking it for a long time to act like that?

  43. My wife has been taking Adderall for about 5 years now and it has honestly changed her life. Hell it changed our two kids and my life as well. She was the woman I had met and fallen in love with again. She takes one 25mg XR in the morning and one 20mg normal at about 2pm. We found out she was pregnant in October of 2014 and immediately went to the OBGYN and told him our concerns about her coming off the adderall since it had been a life changer. He explained that there was no hard evidence that says adderall will hurt the baby but there are risks. That being said if coming off would cause more harm to the mother in the long run she should probably stay on it. He recommended we go see a specialist concerning the issue. The specialist confirmed what our doctor had said. So we decided it was in the best intrest to stay on it. Now 7 months into the pregnancy my wife is healthy the baby is healthy and everything is going fine. We went to fill her prescription and the Pharmacist tells us it is against the law to give my wife Adderall while pregnant. What happened next was long and awful. I won’t go into it other than to say the Pharmacist was a complete jerk and could have handled the situation better. After a lot of back and forth with the doctors who kept saying it was fine she has the right to be on it and she wasn’t using it poorly. The Pharmacist found an obscure line in the law that made it so my wife can’t get her prescription and will need to find an alternative.
    Is this safe for my wife not to mention the baby to take her off Adderall cold turkey 7 months into the pregnancy? Any help would be great.

  44. i have been taking 60 mg a day not for adhd but because I have a Tbi and couldn’t get out of bed. So my drug addict daughter stole my whole bottle and I can’t get more for three weeks and I’m really scared because it’s a high dose and don’t know what to do. My insurance won’t pay for them until almost three weeks and I can’t function with out them. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  45. I have been taking Adderall for several years on an as needed basis for chronic fatigue. Now, if I go 2 or 3 days in a row without taking any, I wake up with severe headaches. Does this sound familiar to anyone else? I have never seen headaches listed as a symptom of withdrawal…

  46. I have been on Remeron for Almost a Year , I wake up with bad Panic Attacks , I also been on Klonopin for 20 years , Also On 400mg of Neurontin , Plus I had a 8 year Addiction to Morphine and hydromorphone , Now on Subutex , I tapered on my own down to 4 mg , Was on 8 mg for 14 months , I did a 28 day Taper , to get to 4 mg .. Need help getting off these Meds..

  47. Hi Karyn. No, he shouldn’t unless it’s medically urgent to just stop using it. Your doctor should know what withdrawal is like form this medication. He should create a tapering schedule for you, assist you during withdrawal and prescribe your pills untill you can finally and safely quit taking them for good. You should aks your doctor to do that.

  48. My son started taking adderall to help with him coming off anabolic steroids..he was on adderall for like 3 months. Using way more than he should have.. he stopped taking it for like almost a year an started back on it about a month ago. An wants to come off of it again but cant handle the withdrawals. Hes been off for like 3 days now an is just mean. He uses the excuse hes a binge addict an always finds reasons to start back.. he refused rehab or to talk to a dr. But says he wants to quit. But he cant handle the way he feels without it.. how can I help him an what can I do to help make the withdrawal process easier.. is there any kind of natural herb to help.. desperatly need advise!! God Bless

  49. Hi John. And, yes, seizures can occur when quitting addreall cold turkey, and especially if you have a history or seizures. It’s not one of the common side-effects, but there is a possibility for it.

  50. I have asked two doctors who say that you CANNOT have seizures if you cold turkey Adderall. I really question the info you are putting up on this page when there is no medical proof. I have quit Adderall several times and the symptoms are: being more tired, fatigue, forgetful, basicallty ADD symptoms amplified. Not seizures.

  51. My daughter 12 years old has been on adderal xr 10 is this a low enough dose to stop cold turkey. Can she take it qod for a week and then stop she been on it for 6 months

  52. I have taken adderall 10mgs for years. I messed up all my medications even my bipolar meds. It was all my fault my son is having brain issues. Im afraid to go to sleep. So if he would need something. I took my adderall and my other meds. when I remembered. but then I had forgotten what ones I had taken. I ended up shorten myself 7 days of meds. Called the ddoctor

  53. Hello Carolyn. You cannot take care of your daughter’s health; but you can encourage her to do so. I’d suggest that she see her prescribing doctor and also schedule psychotherapy sessions for the mood issues. Depression, anger, anxiety…all of these are symptoms of imbalance. Either chemical or emotional. But there are interventions. But she will need to take a proactive role in her own health. Also, look into possible codependence for yourself. Counseling and therapy can provide you the support you need to witness negative behaviors.

  54. My daughter has gone “cold turkey” off Adderall 3 days ago. She has not been able to get out of bed for the most part, has missed work and is very mean, anxious and feeling terrible. She is over weight and has been increasing her dose so much over the past year that even she says it is “massive dosage.” She is also on Zoloft but remains taking that. She has an addictive behavior. Her father was an alcoholic and on occasion, she binge drinks. She smokes and drinks a lot of cans of soda per day. I just need to be assured that she is not going to have a heart attack or stroke. I feel she is a time bomb. What other organs is she damaging? She is a mother of 4 and 43 years old. How can I help or guide her?

  55. Hello Chelsea. Protracted withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) can last for months after initial cessation after long term use of stimulants. Give it at least 6 months, or so, and see a psychologist in the meantime to talk about enhancing motivation. Congratulations!

  56. I took one 10mg XR adderal pill daily for 6 years. I took weekends off about 2 years ago but did not experience any withdrawl symptoms except a little fatigue, but mostly laziness. I quit cold turkey two months ago. I am much happier but lately I have been feeling a lot of fatigue and feeling of nausea. Any idea how long will the symptoms last till I can feel completely like myself again? I want simple chores of washing dishes and cleaning my room to be easy and not something I have to muster the energy and motivation to do.

  57. Hi Sharon. You’ll need to meet with his supervising physician or seek counsel with a psychiatrist for more information. I wish you and your son the very best.

  58. My son went cold turkey off an Adderall addiction for about 6 months. I know side effects are different for everyone but now 3 months off Adderall is still having psychotic effects. How long can this take to start seeing any recovery?

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