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How long after taking Lortab can you take Ambien?

What is Lortab?

Lortab is an opioid pain killer. Lortab binds to opioid receptors in the central system and acts by depressing pain impulse transmission at the spinal cord.

All narcotic and opioid analgesics have specific doses and frequencies, although medicines like Lortab are taken 2 or more times a day. Lortab is usually prescribed by doctors in tablet doses of 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10 mg. Lortab doses should be prescribed with caution for people who are debilitated, under 18, elderly, have renal or hepatic disease or who have not been taking opioid drugs regularly. More here on what is Lortab used for?

What is Ambien?

Ambien is a central nervous system depressant used as a sleep aid. Ambien is not a narcotic, but has some qualities which can make it addictive. All hypnotic sleep aids like Ambien have specific doses and frequencies, specified by a doctor, including when it should be taken. Hypnotic sleep aids are generally used for limited periods (only up to a month) because people taking Ambien quickly develop tolerance and eventually the usual dose will no longer help the person sleep.

How long after taking Lortab can you take Ambien?

It’s impossible to know how long to wait after taking Lortab before you can take Advil without a full medical history and input from a qualified doctor. In order to answer this question, please schedule a visit with your doctor, or gather your medical history details and seek help from a physician online.


Are you afraid that you might be addicted to Lortab or Ambien?  Click here to learn more about long term effects of Ambien, or take a self-survey to evaluation prescription pill addiction potential.

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