How long does lorazepam last?

Single doses of lorazepam usually last for 6-8 hours. More here on lorazepam duration of action, time in the body and how long lorazepam effects last here.

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Lorazepam effects usually last for 6-8 hours for single doses. The same duration is true if you are trying to get high on lorazepam but euphoric effect has been self-reported up to 10 hours. And some effects of therapeutic doses can last for up to 72 hours. More here on how lorazepam affects the body and its duration of action. You can learn more about random and pre-employment drug testing methods and detection times in our ultimate guide. Plus, we invite your questions about lorazepam in the comments section at the end.

Lorazepam duration of action

The duration of any drug’s action depends on several factors. The factors which can influence lorazepam duration of action include:

  • lorazepam’s half-life
  • the absolute amount of lorazepam you take
  • the activity of lorazepam metabolites
  • the influence of disease on drug elimination
  • the pharmaceutical preparation of lorazepam

Lorazepam time in body

Lorazepam is readily absorbed by the body with an absolute bioavailability of 90%. But when do lorazepam levels peak in the body? And when is it totally eliminated from the body?

Peak concentrations of lorazepam (20 ng/mL for a 2 mg dose) in plasma occur approximately 2 hours following administration. The average half-life of lorazepam is about 12 hours, which means that is takes about 12 hours for the amount of lorazepam in your body to decrease by half. Unlike other medications, advancing age does not have a significant effect on how long lorazepam stays in your system, although clearance of lorazepam is somewhat reduced in old age. Although lorazepam can stay in small amounts and be detectable in the system for up to 6 weeks after use in heavy users, therapeutic doses of lorazepam are generally out of the body a few days (around 72 hours) after dosing.

How long do lorazepam effects last?

Lorazepam is considered a high-potency benzodiazepine with an intermediate half life. Most therapeutic effects wear off within 6-8 hours. This is why doctors prescribe multiple doses of lorazepam daily for acute episodes of anxiety. But the amount of time lorazepam effects last can depend on its mode of administration. For example, intravenous doses of lorazepam can have prolonged duration of action. This can be helpful in cases of seizure or neurological problems.

In general, the intended effects of the recommended adult dose of lorazepam (Ativan) intra muscular or intravenous injection usually last 6 to 8 hours. However, depending on therapeutic dose, lorazepam can act for up to 72 hours. In rare cases when people receive greater than the recommended dose, excessive sleepiness and prolonged lack of recall have been reported. And as with other benzodiazepines, lorazepam rarely can trigger side effects of unsteadiness and enhanced sensitivity to depressant effects of alcohol and other drugs for more than 24 hours.

How long does a lorazepam high last?

If you use drugs recreationally, you are at risk of developing an addiction to lorazepam. Why? Because lorazepam tends to produce semi-euphoric effects of relatively long duration, about 6-8 hours. Some people self-report lorazepam effects up to 10 hours long. But most people report the heavy depressant effects when of lorazepam is used for getting high such as immobility, falling asleep, or feeling low. Note here that tolerance for benzodiazepines like lorazepam builds quickly, and you can form a lorazepam habit within days of dosing. Plus, sudden withdrawal from lorazepam can provoke seizures, tremens or death.

For more info on the duration of lorazepam high effects, the drug’s addictive potential, what is the best lorazepam addiction treatment program for you, and what you can expect…check out in our A-Z guide on Lorazepam Addiction Treatment Programs and Help.

Lorazepam high effects

Because lorazepam binds to receptors in the brain it has rewarding effects and can make you feel high. But this high can also get you into trouble. Lorazepam can trigger physiologic and psychological dependence based on the drug’s dosage, duration of therapy and potency. This is why lorazepam should be prescribed for only 2-4 weeks.

Do you think that you have a problem with lorazepam? Or do you have more questions about lorazepam use? Please leave us your questions and comments here. We do our best to respond to each question personally, and will do so promptly. We want to hear from you and invite you to anonymously ask us about lorazepam below.

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  1. My husband is in a nursing home, has a tbi, on dialysis, recently broke his leg and tho has had surgery still has a lot of pain. He has dementia and becomes extremely biligerant with the nurses. Dr. Has prescribed 0.5mg Ativan taken prior to dialysis days (m-w-f noon to 4). The good effect of Ativan is gone by time he’s back to the nursing home at 5. Could he safely take another 0.5mg Ativan at 5. How likely will he become addicted? He is 83 years old.

  2. For 22 days i have been taking 1 mg of lorazepam most evenings to break a cycle of short sleeping and disrupted sleep hours. I take the 1 mg about an hour before going to bed.

    I’m now sleeping +/- 7 hours instead of 4 or 5. So it has done the job but it is time stop and I’ve read that stopping needs to be managed hence my post!

    Worth noting that I’m experiencing dull headaches at times and blurry vision now before stopping.

    Is there a preferred way to stop lorazepam other than suddenly as I’ve read that sudden stops can cause serious side affects.

    Looking for advice on the best way to stop?

    1. Hi Steve. The best way to quit is by tapering. Consult your prescribing doctor so s/he can create an individualized tapering schedule. Slowly weaning off will reduce the chances of serious side effects and the possibility of taking again.

  3. My Dr started me on Lorazapam 0.5mg once a day. I feel that it is not helping. About 1 in the afternoon I start getting anxious. Should I talk to him about this?

  4. I started Ativan a month ago and after a few weeks of taking it 4 times a day I ended up taking .25 mg every 2 hours/6 times a day, for 12 days. I didn’t like the side effects so I took it 5 times a day for 3 days and now 4 times a day (about every 4 hours) for the past 4 days. My side affects are gone but my anxiety is so much worse. I didn’t know about tapering.. am I tapering too fast? I assume I became dependent on it? Idk what to do. Seeing my doctor on Friday. I don’t want to become addicted.

  5. I have been on alprazolam for almost a year now. I have only recently started taking them on a daily basis. So for about 4 months now I take two .5 alprazolam a day. I lost my script this month & I had no idea about withdrawal from them. I haven’t had one in about 3 days but last night I went to the hospital for anxiety/panic attacks & I told them I lost my script so they gave me a shot of Ativan. I got up and went to work this morning and I feel so out of it. It’s a scary feeling I feel like I’m in a box & I can’t get out. I’ve never felt this feeling but I’ve also never withdrawn from any Benzo or pill period so I don’t know what to do. My anxiety is higher than ever.

  6. I took a tiny square piece of a saboxen strip like the size of the top of a pencil eraser around 3pm today and 5mg of a XR addie if that at the same time . But I got a 1mg Lorazapan around 7:30 pm and I broke it in half and then broke that half in half and took the tiny half , half piece . I’ve been given larazapan or adavan from the ER knowing I’m on strips or subutex . But I don’t know how long the high from the adavan will last I’m tired but I’m scared to fall asleep :(. And I don’t know how long the strip lasts the high from it . I don’t want to over dose :(. I’ve never had issues with panic attacks until
    I got off from meth . Cause I use to take way to many addies for yrs and then while I was on meth I didn’t need addies any more so I ended that ha but yay ? but… I have panic attacks now I can’t even drink a. Red Bull . I very rarely ever get a adavan or larazapan but my anxiety is crazy and I feel like I’m either having a heart attack or a stroke . I’m scared to go to sleep I’m 36 I’m to young to die ! I just want off all the drugs and live for my two sons . So basically the top part I need help understanding . Cause I don’t want to go incoma and they where all three such tiny pieces .

    Thank You for your time ?

  7. I only took one dose 0.5 , yesterday and the same today. I’ve never taken before this or won’t after today as I must pass s drug screen sometimes this week. I’d like to know when I should be ok to pass a urinalysis. Thank you.

  8. My mom has Alizhimers and doesn’t sleep at night. Could this pill be contributing to lack of sleep? I thought it was supposed to help her sleep

  9. My mom is 100 and her Dr. has had her on lorazepam (0.5-1mg 2-3x/day) for several months now for agitation. The Dr. recently added trazodone 25mg to the meds she takes. Every time I visit her she seems excessively sleepy. I’m concerned with her becoming dependent on lorazepam and the
    excessive sleepiness.She has dementia. Would a different set of meds work better to help with her agitation without the side effects?

  10. I have been taking ativan for 5 years for damaged nerve in neck from whiplash. I started with 1mg and ended up with 3 mg a day. I am trying to decrease it because it is not helping with the occipital neuralgia any more.Unfortunately all other pills make me sick – trepiline. Epileptin etc. What I want to know from you is whether the ativan can be the cause of the terrible bruxism I have now developed. It wakes me through the night and I am sure it makes the cramps and pain in neck and over head worse. Please can you help me

  11. I started taking .5mg of Lorazepam about 10 years ago after my third bout with breast cancer. The surgery and treatments I received were unbearable and I found it very hard to sleep. MY doctor prescribed me .5mg once daily before bedtime. I have been taking the same amount every night since then. Without it I get no rest at all. I never take it during the daytime nor do I crave it at any given time. Could this small amount taken this long have any long term side effects or adverse reactions. I am 68 years old and have never taken any recreational drugs in my lifetime. Thank you in advance

  12. Hello
    I am on a weaning process from 3mg lorazepam daily and am doing a diazepam substitution while I wean off.
    I was taking more than 5mg a day when I could and 5mg was probably my last highest strength dose. So am
    I being reasonable to wean from the 3mg dose?? or should I really go back and start at the 5-6mg highest dose?
    Where should my weaning dose begin? I am trying to go with this 3mg wean dose so I guess will see how I
    feel in a couple of weeks. Im just scared that weaning from a lower dose will have me in withdrawal agony again.
    Please help me as to this. Paul

  13. I have been struggling with damaged nerve in neck from whiplash for 6 years . My dr put me on ativan – 1mg at night. Over time the dose had to be increased to 1mgx3 times a day. Ativan no longer available in South Aftrica. I am now on tranquipam.
    I am struggling terribly with bruxism at night. Nights have become hell. Do you think it is caused by the tranquipam? What can I do. Please help. The clenching of teeth make my neck feel even worse. I have tried every possible treatmen for neck in SA. nothing helps

  14. I’m 72years old and have been on Ativan for over 15 years and I would like to get off them but I’m up in age were I don’t think my body would be able to take the withdrawals don’t know what to do I take 1mg 3times a day. Can someone help ❓

  15. A woman in my life has took more than what is recommended of ativan but she stopped yesterday morning at 10 am. Is it normal for her to still be drowsy and kind of out of it. I feel like if a regular person sees her they would think she is drunk. It’s not that severe though. She speaks normally but her eyes do not focus and she is slurring her words a little bit.

  16. My psychiatrist told me mine would take effect quickly and not last very long…i take 0.5 mg as needed…but I seem to be sensitive to it as i am one of the rare cases that loses time and memory if i take more than 1 mg over a 24 hour time period…in the past i have had the experience of losing almost three days when i took 2 mg overnight to rest…a very scary thing when you are walking and talking but dont remember doing it…use with care until you know how you will react!

  17. One year ago I was given 90 days of 0.5mg Lorazepam for anxiety attacks — to be used as needed. After one year I still have 40 left from that 90-pill bottle. I have never taken more than one 0.5mg in a day, and never more than three in a week — though am often able to get through one or two weeks without needing to take anything. When I feel panic rising I tell myself to wait an hour before popping a pill, and feel triumphant if this results in coping with the anxiety attack without any pill. But sometimes it’s bad enough that I need to take one dose almost immediately. My question is: Following this pattern of use am I likely to run into problems of a dependency/addiction? Would it be safe to continue through another year or even two, taking 0.5mg strictly only as needed?

  18. I’m taking 0.5 mg every day for two weeks. I’m worried about addiction. Even though it helps me get through the day with anxiety and racing thoughts my hubbie is worried about addiction

  19. I am taking prescrbed lorazepam for alcohol withdrawal at 2 MG every 8 hours. I am feeling unsteady on my feet and light headed. My pulse is in the 60’s. I think 2 mg is to much. I would like to try 1 MG
    Would that be too much of a decrease?

  20. Took a 1mg caravan around 3 am fell asleep and woke up in a panic attack.i have taken occasionally before to help sleep and for anxiety when I am on high doses of prednisone for my cancer maintainace.

  21. the doctor subscribed me Lorazepam 2mg, lamotrigine 200 mg, risperidone 2mg, welbutron xl 150 mg,risperidone 2mg. My question is with all these medication is this safe to take all this or is it bad, Thanks

  22. I recently had a panic attack Monday night, I was told. The nurses gave me Lorazepam to calm me down. Today is now Saturday and I still can’t remember who I am, nor others. Like I’m just gone… things starting to look familiar but when it comes to memories it’s hard to remember. And when I try to, I instantly get headaches.. aspirin helps. But it’s like I’m a whole different person. And I guess the person I use to be is in my head screaming at me.. I sound crazy but it’s true. I enjoy the happy feeling I have but not knowing who I am makes me feel lost and confused. I don’t even remember my dad….

  23. Im prescribed ativan for panic attacks I ran out so I took a valium till I get my refill. I’m on probation and have a drug test coming up will they be able to know I took the valium??

  24. Have been using lorazepam 5mg of course by advice of Doctor, now Iam taking Amitripline 50mg and lorazepam 2.5 mg . My question can use only Amitripline without lorazapem and later my prayer is to be free from medications?

  25. I was given 0.5 MG Lorazepam that I’m not supposed to take daily. I took one yesterday morning, and I just took one an hour ago to help me sleep. I’ve only taken 2 so far. Will I start to go through withdrawals in the morning?

  26. I am a Ativan user have been on it for a long time l find one dose is not enough I need help from this addiction

  27. I have been on lorazapan for many years. Does this drug do any damage to organs etc if taken for this length of time?

  28. Have been taking 3x1mg ativan per day for 5 years to help with neck cramps and pain after whiplash. Lately been feeling worse with pressure in head and dizziness. Can it be result of ativan. My body does not tollerate pills such as trepeline, lyrica, etc

  29. I took a small does of Lorazepam just to test to see how it would efect me because the doctor perscribed it for my fear of flying. I plan on taking it the day I fly out and the day I fly back which is five days later and no medication on the other days. Wil this cause me to have seisures because I’m not taking it every day?

  30. I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing by tapering down my therapist ask me to do this until I see my doctor I’m taking half in the morning and another half in the day and the other half at night I was on 2 mgs before

  31. i’ve been on lorazepam for anxiety and myoclonic jerks for a few days. how do i wean off safely so i don’t use it anymore?

  32. I was prescribed Ativan 1mg after receiving an IV in the hospital!
    I’ve cut the 1mg in half to take the following day for fear of dependency mentally/physically!
    Im.a 5’3 60 year old woman with low BMI…How worried should I be about taking this ?

  33. I have used this for 17 years with anxiety after strokes from kidney& cns lupus attack in 2000. And stress headaches. Usually 1 at bedtime
    Recently i am having trouble staying asleep, waking 3 times a night. Is it time to wean off permanently and how do stop taking it safely.

    1. Hi Daniel. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  34. No one can tell me what it dose. Bc i have to take it bc tomorrow i have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out. It just makes me feel better if i know what my meeds do. I found all the other ones. But i still need to know what this meed dose to make me feel better about going to get teeth cut out my mouth

  35. I am taking 100mg Zoloft and 0.5mg Lorazepam prescribed by the Dr and I am so tired all day. Can you help me to reduce being tired?

  36. I have been on Ativan SL 1mg over a year now> I take it (two under the tong) with xanor 1 mg at night to sleep because I suffer from insomnia> Now I want to come of and want to know how I can detox

  37. Uv been talking larazapan for 9 years I stopped taking it from my doctors request I was dizzy vomiting could stand up without my legs be vary shaky and was sick for 2 days . Now I feel fine after about 5 days is that normal for detox on larazapan?

  38. Hi I have been take Lorazepam I have anxiety disordermy doctor started me on 1mg ..for 4 years and I’ve keep take them because it was helping me out … the my Docter Chang me to 2 mg twice daily … iam going on another 5years on the but ..when a nother Docter told this medication it’s only to be us for 1 week … because there are addicted…and know there help me take me off slowly bit I won’t how long dose it take to stop feel this with drows …..iam on nother medication… thank you I hope all of yall read my store it’s true … I would won’t nobody to take this medication too long I suffer with many thing ….




  40. I have been on 1mg lorazepam for 13 years my doctor put me on 0.5mg to help me gradually get off of it will it work for me

  41. Hello I am in a bit of a precarious situation regarding lorazepam. I have been accepted to study pharmacy with a foundation year beginning in September. The course duration is 5 years (4 years pharmacy, 1 year foundation). I am aware of tolerance and addiction involving lorazepam and benzodiazepines in general but I am not particularly concerned involving myself because of my background knowledge and experience (I have had anxiety and a clinical anxiety disorder for approximately 16 years). What I am concerned about is getting lorazepam prescribed daily for approximately 5 years. I am still tense and anxious without it and know I cannot cope without it. If you have any ideas or suggestions it would be appreciated. Thanks. JC.

  42. I take 2mg of Lorazepam at bedtime to relax me for sleeping.

    What are the hazards, if any? There seems to be no detectable after effects within about 6 hrs of sleep.

  43. I have taken Ativan 2 mg several years.I OCC.I will take 1mg at lunch and 1 mg at dinner than a 2 mg at bedtime.On my routine visit to my family doctor.He did a urine and blood test.All the labs came back neg for Ativan,so the MD refused to refill my med.They think I am selling or giving the med away.How can I make the MD.I was taking the Ativan. Thanks for your help.So confused.

  44. Not addicted. Use to take1 mg for anxiety but dr said to take at night to help me sleep. I was wondering how long 1 mg would make me sleepy.

  45. My husband was prescribed Lorzepam yesterday. He was told to take 1 mg every 6 hours or whenever he felt anxious. Since last night at 6 he has taken 7 mg I am afraid he may have overdosed. He has been asleep since 2 today and when I do try and toalk to him he is confused and falls right back to sleep. Should I take him to the ER or give him narcan> I have the kit, I took a class in narcan

  46. I have been on ativan 1 mg.since 2004 My doctor changed it to the0.5 To gradually help me get off the medication this is my 2 nd night will it help me

  47. I have been suffering bad anxiety over the loss of my husband and was prescribed half of 1mg lorazepam when needed over the last 18 months.i find it difficult to help myself through i am 79.will i become addicted

  48. i have been taking klonopin for about 20 years. started at 2.0 mg then 1.0 mg and now 0.50 mg
    i take 2 or three a day. is there any danger to my body for being on it this long. it does help especially now when i have to drive on the highway it does not make me tired like the 2.0 mg
    bur was just wondering if it has affect on the heart and other organs i ave a physical every year and have been ok

  49. Could I have an intolerance to Ativan . It was prescribed to me me as 1 mg every 8 hours. I took 2 mg around 11pm and had almost a 3 day blackout period with only slight faints memories of those days…yet I was apparently awake to others I have no memory of this?

  50. Hi guys. Im 22 years old and 2 years ago I was diagnosted with anxiety and depression. Doctor gave me lorazepam for 3 months and then I stopped taking them. I felt numb, always with sleep during that time. I was fine for some months. Then I took lorazepam again and then stop. This is being my life till now. In and out. I have insomnias without now.. I Guess im getting Addicted to it. What should I do?

  51. What is the safest way to withdraw from Lorazapam if you have been taking it for 6 years? I Doctor gradually increased dosage and now take 1 mg. Four times a day.

  52. I am using lorazepam as a sleep aid a couple of times a week. My prescription is for 1 mg. I take half.
    It works to help me sleep but there is a hangover effect the next day. My problem with sleep is that I feel ready for bed (I go to bed at the same time every night also wake up at the same time in the a.m.)
    but when I get in bed it’s almost like a switch has gone off in the head and I am absolutely wide awake, often for the whole night. I am contemplating taking .25 mg every day for a week or two to see if that may help. Does that sound reasonable?

  53. I was reading various comments posted here. I m hoping to add my 2 cents about the situation. First off, do not drink and take ativan. If you avoid the spins and assume you dont drink yourself to respritory failure, you will sleep like death and not remember a lot of the following evening.

    I have Bipolar 2/ Cyclothymia. I put both becuase the swings and random severities of them seem to push me up and down in the categories, As for Ativan, I am prescribed to take 2mg twice a day. I told my psych that I dont take them often becuase I dont get much effect. If I wait say a week. I take one because Im streesed I feel better and sometimes giggly. They should be saved for a panic attack. In the instance of sleep, it does nothing of the sort for me. If I take it in combo with another prescript sure.

    Benzo’s are a very addictive call of medications. They work for the most part. If your is not working, work with a doctor that might prescribe you an alternative. They are the same “class” but thier mechanisms of action can be quite different. After being on benzos for say 3 to 4 weeks, check in with your doctor. That may help people feel a little more reassured.

    I absolutely hate taking medications. No matter what you take, it will all make, either small or god forbid large, changes in both hepatic and renal systems. Either have relief and better quality of life or live long and miserably. Dont worry about the dying/stress game with pills. Just get regular check ups.

    For you people who take it for sleep. I know it works well for many. It is one of the first line of defenses for people suffering from an anxiety disorder and need sleep. Some people can get away with eszopiclone (lunesta) or ambien. Take heed when taking these medications. You dont need to read all the science details. As an anxious person, I ironically read it and then every little detail is noticeable and then Im afraid to take it.

    A question you might ask yourself, if you were able to not worry over your prescripts and took them as directed, would your quality of life better or degraded?

    These “first line” drugs are a doctors way of prescribing less of the more “hardcore” drugs. Trazodone is often used to help people with sleep. Apparently it is effective, it is also a tricyclic antidepressant, so it can come with unfavorable results in many people. In fact, I think it was a high dose in my past that made mental problems worse. It was paired with Cymbalta which is poision.

    There are many drugs that can be used for sleep and anxiety together. Your just looking at a class of drugs, that are arguably laden with possible side effects, outcomes, sometimes feeling “slow” the next day. These are anti-psychotics. Seroquel XR? Knocks your ass out and will keep your mind more sedate the next day. I do not know if it can be prescribe on a general basis. I am BP2. It is primarily prescribed for BP2 and Schizophrenic disorders.

    To sum up my point: If it worries you see your doctor. If you try it and it improves the quality of your life, take it. If you do it right and check in with your doctor every so often you should be just fine. Just stay relatively informed in case you doctor is somewhat of quak. Then Get a second opinion.

    I will say this is one of those nights I took ativan and typing this took some effort. Dont judge me! LOL.

  54. When taking Ativan at 10:00 pm or later is it a possibility that a person will sleep majority of the next day? .05 is the milligram

  55. Although I have only been on .25 mg for the last few years for fibromyalgia, I cannot seem to decrease the dose without severe side effects : depersonalization ,paranoid, severe memory loss, tremors in am
    moody hopeless with facial palor
    Any tips on timeline/dose for decreasing

  56. I have been an 2mg x 3 for 15 yrs & have weaned myself down over the past 1.5 yrs to 1mg daily. How long do I need to stay on 1mg before I can safely come completely off without any withdrawal symptoms? I’ve been thru withdrawal due to several errors by the dr and don’t care to do it again. Your prompt attention will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  57. I have been on benzos in the past and went through a terrible WD off Klonopin. Recently I have been suffering severe anxiety and panic 24/7 causing suicidal thoughts. Md told me o needed to go on a benzo. Which I didn’t want to do but after another week I caved in. He put me on Klonopin low dose but after a week became severely depressed he told me I could stop it. I went into severe WD Sx then he told me to take Ativan 0.5 mg bid. I have done this for three days and I am waking up with severe anxiety I take the Ativan and three hours I have severe anxiety again. I am also suffering from depression I can’t just stop the ativan

  58. I had the same situation and I told my doctor so he gave me 1 mg in the morning and 1 mg in the evening. However, I started to feel addicted so I stopped and suddenly began to feel the withdrawal symptoms. I decided to withstand the symptoms until they went away. This took me 2-3 days. On day 4 I didn’t feel the need to take it so badly. Furthermore my doctor said not to get used to it and not to use it unless you are in a state of nervousness and panic. The other side effect is that it greatly affects memory, which I noticed. Now I take 0.5 mg a day only if I need it. I hardly take 1 mg in one sitting. Something beneficial I have noticed is to take 0.5 mgs of lorazepam with 25 mgs of Zoloft. It makes you calm and relaxed. I take zoloft for depression but only 25 mgs. I hope this helps.

  59. My doctor prescribed me 0.5mg of Ativan for anxiety. I have a higher tolerance than most would think, and I was just wondering if it would be okay to take more of them at a time because when I have a panic attack, taking just one never helps. I mean is there a different medicine that may be better for me to try?? I just need something that will work, my anxiety interferes with work and my personal life as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated

  60. Have been taking 0.5mg lorazepam for 8 moths. How do I get off? Have cut down to .25 mg, been off for 3 weeks now, but am feeling withdraw effects.
    How long will the withdraw effect last before feeling normal again?

  61. I have insomnia. Ativan gives me a full nights’ sleep, but I can tolerate only 2 and a half mgs. But it works only one night. How many nights do I have to wait before it will work again? And is it possible that one pill will work for two nights?
    Thank you

  62. I had been on lorazepam for 15 years and now successfully stopped. The method was to wean off very very slowly. Like from 3 mg to 2.5 mg for a month or so then wean of another .5 mg until your body got used to it. Hope it helps.

  63. I am a 54 years old lady widow. I have only one child who I can’t be alive without him. I am a heavy user of lorazepam. I am strongly addicted to this benzodiazepine since 6 years ago. My nationality is Iran. But I am living with my teenage son in Turkey since 2 years ago. Now, I also caught insomnia very badly since 6 months ago. I can’t sleep even with 12 mg lorazepam, each night. I am in a very undeveloped country which has no professional doctor who can understand my heavy problem. Also, there is no professional support or rehabilitation center, they are very much poor in knowledge of some people like me. They are illiterate doctors that only want money but life of a mother like me is never important for them. I can’t travel to Canada or USA or other developed countries. I need urgent help for withdrawal of lorazepam, very carefully by a very professional specialist. Also, insomnia is going to kill me. I am beging you, please help me sooner. I feel scary and very much unsecure in this country (Turkey).
    I have noone except my only teenage son.
    I am beging your help for humanity.
    Appreciate very, very much.


  64. been on Ativan for about 12 years–take one mg at bed time for sleep–around two p.m. the next day I feel like I`m going thru heroin withdrawal with stomach cramps and being generally sick so I take another 1/2 (.05) just to get thru the day–I`m 100 percent addicted–I want to die.

  65. I was first given 1/2mg of Lorazepam whilst I was witing for my triple hearn bypass due to anxiety. I was on this for about one week before I had surgery and agfterwards I had a near daeth experience. After spending 2 weeks in hospital recouperating I was discharged but what I experienced in hospoital never left my head and I broke down and was immediately put on 3 mg almost 10 years ago. I have since made two cuts abd am now down to 2.5mgs but find that on waking up each morning I feel terribly depressed and immediately take 2.5mgs before I can do anything at all. I am 70 years of age and am frightened to death of making further cuts due to the side affects I experienced. Should I stay on them or make an effort to reduce my daily dosage?

  66. My doctor just gave my a pcp for this i am scared to take it because i don’t like being high and i don’t wanna get a addicted to any kind of drugs

  67. I have adrenaline rushes followed by severe sweating. I have been tested 3 separate times for Pheochromocytoma and got a negative result all three times. Could my problem just be the effects of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I was diagnosed with GAD about 20 years ago. Over the years the anxiety has changed, meaning the way I react to the anxiety has changed, I obtained a prescription for Ativan from my physician today and since I took the first one the adrenaline rushes and sweating has stopped. Could therapy including Ativan be a way of controlling these horrible and embarrassing sweats and the constant feeling of “fight or flight”
    Thank you so much,

  68. I have been taking Lorazapam since Aug 7, 2016.
    The dosage is .05mg. I only take it as needed not everyday. Have only taken 17 tablets in 37 days. Will it be easier to get off of this without horrible side effects? Any info you can provide me would be appreciated. Thanks so much!

  69. my doctor has been prescribing lorazepam for me for five years since I had cancer I want to stop it but I think I will need help to do that I was just going to stop but reading about it it seems it might be dangerous to do that

  70. My husband is an alcoholic and coming off the booze. He took 10 0.5 mg of Lorazepam tonight and barely made it to the bed . Will this hurt him. I really need to know.

  71. Hi, I began taking Lorazepam for a few days and I already feel relaxed and calm during a social situation. I am able to act normal and not make the sweat wiping so obvious. I also didn’t get nervous or sweat when I was at the store and needed a price check called for an item and there was a line of people behind me but I didn’t even care and just kept my cool! Before Lorazepam I would have been freaking out and head sweating like crazy.

  72. I have never taken Adavan before. While I was in the hospital having a baby CPS came and tried to take away my baby. I was so hysterical that the doctor gave me a strong injection of Adavan to calm me down. Next thing I know, I’m waking up asking where is my baby. I am told that I chose to place my baby for adoption and signed papers. I DON’T REMEMBER ANY OF IT!!!!! SHOULD I HAVE BEEN SIGNING LIFE DEPENDING PAPERS WHILE HIGH ON ADAVAN FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER AND WOULD A DOCTOR AGREE THAT I WAS COMPLETELY UNABLE TO MAKE SUCH DECISIONS?

  73. I take 0.5 mg lorazepam only as needed for anxiety. This usually works out to perhaps two 0.5 mg tablets per week occasionally three in a week. If I feel the need for a second dose only nine hours after the first would it be safe to take another 0.5mg?

  74. I”ve been taking 6
    t0 8mg of lorazepam for,about a yr.. for anxiety disorder. I ‘ve gotten off this drug before in 2013. I also take 400mg of seroquel. I’ve gotten yhat down from 800mg in 90 days. I’ve been off Prozac 90 days. I really want to get off the Seroquel I’m not psychotic i use it to sleep and for anxiety. How should I go about getting off this poison, And how severe will the withdrawls be. I want to get off the seroquel first,

  75. I have taken Athivan 1 Mg per day (at night time) for 6 continuous days. There after I had discontinued. But I am suffering sleeping problem. What should I do? I want to go back to my original good sleep which was disturbed only due to antibiotic wrong use just for 7 days only.
    Please help me what I should to gain back my sound-sleep. I was not having any sleeping problem previously.

  76. @Dyslexic…. I totally agree with you! If you are sick with chronic Anxiety….Why not just take the pills. Why try and come off….you will always need them….Anxiety is no joke. I hate it…. It makes you feel all kinds of crazy! I have .5 and i have to use only as needed bcuz Mr Dr. Will only give me 15 pills at a time. Other Dr.’s simply will not even give benzo’s……Dum, just dum.

  77. THERE HAS BEEN MANY THINK WROTE ABOUT ATIVAN OR LORAZEPAM generic same med , but they still give it out, In ENGLAND where I live its the number 1 BENZO for hospitals dentists GPS ECT ECT. why is that if its so bad . If you have an addictive personality then its a very short term me if you cannot stop the large intake you will crave, but most of us with chronic anxiety tolerance is found , could be 2 mg a day even 10mg a day. but you have found it and are able to stay on it, NOW COMING OFF IT is a hole different game , that why I never want off ever again its brutal , and what for??? if your acute you will need it again. if you reach a limit that lets you cope with life instead of hiding away why the hell stop. ITS A MED and your ill its not rocket science

  78. you went down to 0-5 and had the best 40 days????????????? that is the weirdest think I have heard . why did you go back to 1mg instead of NONE .you don’t get much lower than 0.5 next stop to be clear is NIL. I DEXTOED 6MG cold , I was force on it . now you will have a lot more than aches and pains on 6mg . felling suicide is about to happen is the worst . There is no explanation how you could drop half
    lf a mg for 40 days and feel great , then after 40 days you get aches and pains , you must have had FLU nothing to do with ATIVAN you would have noticed you 0-5 drop 2 days after not 40 days , you should have come off on 0-5 not go back on . I LOVE ATIVAN it saved my life from acute anxiety and would take 10 mg a day if they would script it .

  79. Hello
    Been on 1 mg Ativan for 18 months not working so good now last month I went from 1mg to 0.5 mg and had the best 40 days of my life I then started to get pains and aches everywhere and feel lightheaded so I went back upto 1 mg but I want to get off these Meds pls advise dosage drop if you can please
    Regards lee

  80. I wanted to stop taking lorazapam (1 mg) for sleep, because it was time. I didn’t realize how strong and addictive these little monsters are. Now I can’t sleep,eat, think, pain in my knees like I’ve never experienced. If I would’ve known that I was going to have to go through this to stop taking this med, I would’ve never started.

  81. Melisa tea is the drink will replace slowly your dosage decrease of Ativan.
    2 or 3 time a day and slow remove Ativan 0.25 mg of your dose every other month.
    Helps a lot

  82. I have been on Ativan for nearly 3 years at 2.5mg per day, but sometimes taking up to 5mg per day, on a bad day. I take it for anxiety because I am not coping well,with retirement or my husbands detiorating health. Apart from Nexium and Panadol,Osteo these are the only medication I take. I have tried to come off Ativan on several occasions, but just can’t seem to do it. I have bad Osteo arthritis and Ativan seems to help,with the pain, as I cannot take anything with codiene, as I am allergic to it. I can’t do a lot of exercise as both knees are weakened by too much running in my younger days. I just don’t know how to get around this problem. Can you give me any advice. I have also,put on 55 lbs in last 5’years, which I am trying to lose in the hope,that I will become more active. I am 67’years of age.
    Thanks and regards

  83. It kinda seems it makes me want to get outside and do things like mowing or planting tomato plants I thought it was to make you tired and lazy

  84. I stopped at ativan two days ago , when or in how many days will I begin to get withdrawals? I was on them only 15days.

  85. Hi, I took 4 mgs of at ivan a day for 15 days, I stopped 2 days ago, when will I feel withdrawals, after how many hours or days? Will I even have any withdrawals, but what I want to really know is how many days does it take to feel the first signs of withdrawal? Also, what are the first signs of withdrawal? Anxiety? Thank you.

  86. I take2 1/2mg of lorazepam in 4 doses through the day. I watn to ween off of it. would it be easier to ween off Lorazepam or Xanax. which drug is more potent.?
    Can Lorazepan interact with Metoprolol succinate 25 mg.

  87. I take 3 325 mg of Norco every 6 hours a day. I also take 3 2 mg lorazepam a day. How many hours should I wait between Lorazepam doses

  88. My husband has been taking 2mg of lorazapam for 7 days now recreationally. I want him to stop. But after reading the above information I am afraid if he stops cold turkey there will be serious side effects for him. What do I do?

  89. I have been on 1mg tab of lorazepam 3daily for about 10 years. I want to know what the best and safest way is to wean off of the lorazepam. I also suffer from moderate to severe depression and am taking lexepro after years of cymbalta with little or no improvements. I have anxieties that include anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I have recently been placed on mscontin after worsening pain of my back, migraines, neck, and fibromyalgia pain could no longer be adequately met with other options. Because of this there is a need for me to stop taking the Lorazepam because of the respiratory dangers. I have concerns and I’m just wondering how long I need to take to wean off of it and how slowly I should do it. I would really appreciate your input. Thank you for your time. Awesome I very rarely abuse Lorazepam I almost always take it as prescribed sometimes I don’t take as much as prescribed, I occasionally take 1 1/2 to 2 tablets instead of the one tablet. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

  90. I only take .05 ml of lorazepam daily but I have been taking that for about 5 years, would there be any danger in me stopping them? If I should tapper off how would I do that? I do realize this is a small dose but I have been taking them for a very long time.

  91. I have been taking Lorozapam ( a 0.5mg tablet, 4 times/day ) for over a year, with beneficial effects, and no side effects. I will start hypnotherapy, next week (starting Monday), and have been told to taper off the Lorozapam, to ensure maximum benefit of the hypnotherapy.

    What do you suggest as to how to taper off, for the best result ? …Thank you !

  92. Hi. I’ve been taking Ativan .5 mg for about a month now for sleeping. I’m planning on drinking socially with a few friends this coming Thursday, and was wondering if I took Ativan Wednesday night if it will effect me at all Thursday night when I have a few drinks? I’m obviously not taking the Ativan Thursday night. Thank you! Any feed back would be very helpful 🙂

  93. Its true that Ativan should only be scripted a short time , but in the real world how long is a short time .Of course you will become tolerant maybe addicted if that’s you make up. But in times of crisis life or death it could just save your life . I no I would be dead long ago without it , so tolerance to a high dose i am willing to be . Not everyone has chronic anxiety that if left untreated leads to depression and can get by on a take when needed script , i was like that many year ago, but breakdowns and excessive drinking to self medicate .changed all that . Now
    unable to drink for relaxation . iI take 6 mg a day of ATVAN in 3 — 2mg doses plus 10mg Lexapro for rebound depression Ii made this cocktail myself and my GP agreed to it . So i don’t care about tolerance . if i was taken of the six mg now at 68 i would die , because i have been forced detoxed in hospital and that near on killed me i was given my Ativan back I didn’t want to stop anyway , i can now sleep well be normal acting , the only think i get a little tired but i would do on 6mg ATIVAN but imagine how ramped up i am without them . if your scared of meds and addiction don’t take Ativan because after a time the are hard to detox impossible in my case at 6mg but has i said i don’t want to come of. Ativan is a life giver to me and a life taker to others, i still get relapse but that the illness not the meds , I am mentally ill i am not ashamed to say

  94. listen to what I have to say, BENZO like ATIVAN ie LOROZAPAM are no worse than taking ANTIDEPRESSANTS long term , well better actually you don’t get the side effects of ADs . The reason doctors don’t want you on ATIVAN is they remember the court case taken by patients that became addicted in the old days. The reason being nobody new much about Ativan then and gave them out like candy. then they would say time to stop now ????and take away maybe 10mg a day from patients (cold ) no one new about withdrawl and people were in all sorts of trouble suicides madness ect all because no slow withdrawal . you could go to different doctors 1 may give you 10 a day the next take them off you , There still trying to decide who needs it and who don’t, I mean you would not give someone with drug abuse history ATIVAN that’s crazy. EFFEXOR AN ad is just has bad if not worse to detox, many ADS are not detoxes just changed for another if they fail ,so there is very little detoxing in the anxiety depression patient , if they feel good they tend to want to stay that way , SO if you don’t have an addictive personality ATIVAN can be tolerated at a level you are comfortable with and not need more and more. if you were to stop any AD and never take another which is rare you will suffer bad ,if you have been on say 300mg EFFEXOR or any high dose , it could take year before you feel half yourself , so if you i take ATIVAN and you can sleep , that’s the biggest problem for depressives and anxiety , then that’s half the battle . you say you feel tired that is how its suppose to be anxiety is 20 time worse than feeling a little tired. Ativan allows you to go out , talk to people , not to be afraid .gives you back your life you may need to stay on for life but its a no brainer for me helped me stay alive for 45 years

  95. Hi,

    My 22 year old son was prescribed .25 mg of Ativan three times a day for Autism Related Catatonia. He was improving and doing well but we think the pharmacy (a compounding pharmacy) made an error and that he wasn’t getting any in his pills. We figured this out because my husband took two of our son’s pills and felt nothing. He wasn’t even tired. We started cutting up .5 tablets I had that were two years old and giving him the same dose just not using the compounding ones. He improved greatly! However, he is not doing well again and we think he may be having seizures. We are taking him for an EEG tomorrow but he will need 2 mg of Ativan to get him in the door of the hospital and to get him to cooperate. He has become suddenly very aggressive to the point where I had to lock myself in my room until he comes out of it. We don’t know if this is a medicine issue or a medical (seizure) one. Anyway, I am wondering as he has not been on .25 mg three times a day for over a year just how addicted is he? Will he ever be able to get off of this? Without it his Catatonia (a great slowing down of his actions, not eating much, not interested in anything) came back. He even didn’t want to leave the house once for three days. Is there anyone out there who has taken this medication at this type of a dose for years and is doing okay? He is non-verbal and cannot tell us a thing. Everything we figure out is from observation and this is very difficult as you can imagine. I worry so much about him, and I was so against medication. He was put on Risperidal in 2011 and I have been trying to wean him off of it so he takes a pretty low dose. He also went through a period of time when he couldn’t stop vomiting and was prescribed Baclofen which he continues to take and we have managed to wean him down to 10 mg. a day, from the original 30mg. Thanks for all your help. Kim

  96. Hi,
    I have been dealing with a chronic condition that led me to take Lorazepam for about eight months, just once a day at night. I started at 2 mg, then with a month or two I weaned myself down to 1mg, and stayed there for about 2 months. Then I weaned myself down to .5 mg, stayed there for about 2 months and then went to .25mg for about 3 weeks, and have now been a crumb (1/2 of .25mg) for little over a week. I am having recurrent wake ups at night and not sure if I ever truly go back to sleep. Although, my panicky feelings have gotten much better since weaning off to smallest dose. Could these sleep issues still be being caused by the weaning? How long should I expect for any and all effects to finally no longer be a problem?
    Thank you all so much for your help with this matter!

  97. I have use Lorazepam for almost 4 yrs. mostly use for sleeping and anxiety.
    Can this effect me in the long run. My memory recollection is not as once before.
    Do you have any idea of why?

  98. I am an 86 year old male and have been taking 0.5 mg loarazepam nightly for 2 years for insomnia. I would like to stop taking this drug . Can you suggest a safe withdrawal plan for me?

    1. Hi Aram. I suggest you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  99. Hi my name is Steph, I was diagnosed with panic disorder this past no ay and I have been on Xanax 0.25 which I take only when I am having a panic attack. I usually take 1 tablet which works for the attack but I don’t know what to do throughout the day when I’m constantly anxious. They also have me Ativan which I’ve only taken twice. I was wondering If it is okay for me to take Ativan throughout the day just be calm before the attacks starts? Am I addicted yet? How much of the 0.5mg Ativan can I take and when because I notice the drowsiness and calm feeling wears off within 3 hours after taking it and don’t know what to do with the anxiety constantly being present. Anyone help please? I am starting Prozac tomorrow which is 40mg and am very scared to go on that for panic attacks but they happen so frequently I’m willing to give anything a shot

  100. I take 1mg. Of lorazepam at bedtime to sleep. I go to sleep great, but about 5 hrs later I am awakened and cannot get back to sleep. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  101. My mother has been on Lorazepam for 15 years. I notice that she started taking more pills each day. After running out of the pills, she learn to go to the emergency room complaining about stomach pains they would question and find out she had anxiety. She would receive a couple of pills and go home. She is being given a pill only when needed and no more than 2 to 3 times in a 24 hour stretch. (0.5 mg each pill). She has become very confused and her thoughts are always on what time she will be getting a pill. She voice that she needs to totally get off but the doctor said don’t do it cold turkey, wean off a little at a time. My mother is 77 years old can cutting down her consumption on lorazepam cause permanent brain damage ?and how long will it take for her to completely stop craving these pills?

  102. Please help me! I am scared to death. I had horrible insomnia for weeks. I was prescribed Ativan two 1mg pills a day. (1mg every 12 hours) for 15 days. Kaiser had me go off it cold turkey (which I thought was fine at the time.) Four days after stopping I hate a complete anxiety breakdown! Detached syndrome and all. The worst days of my life and I have cancer! They put me back on Ativan, same dosage now for 35 days. I want off slowly, SAFELY. I do not want another psychotic episode! I am scared to death!!! I need a real schedule that will work and minimize withdrawal, if any? Slow or fast as possible. Just want to start to cut back and end it safely. I have also take Percocet for seven years (yes, seven for cancer related surgeries and pain). I want off that to eventually but first safely off this Ativan. Please someone help me shake this horrible fear and suggest a plan that works. So, I can take it to my Psychiatrist and say “lets follow this.” Thank you. Any quick response would be so helpful.

    1. Hi Bryan. Since each drug affect every person differently, so the withdrawal symptoms may vary as well as the tapering schedule can be different for each user. So, I suggest you consult with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  103. I have been on ativan 1mg once daily for anxiety for a year now. If I don’t take it, then I have anxiety. How can I safely get off it?

    1. Hi Reta. I suggest you speak with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  104. Hi, i started with .5 lorazepam when needed for my suposed anxity, my doctor prescribed me to 1mg cause i was not getting any sleep, i been reluctant to take a full 1mg, the odd night i have taken .5 and 2 hrs later another .5, this has been for aproximetely 4 weeks. Can I stop now completely and take a more natural supplements way to help my sleep or wait a day or two to start any other treatment?

  105. I was on .5mg. At bedtime to sleep, but now find I am waking up at 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning and cannot get back to sleep. Would it hurt to take 1mg?

  106. My god I can not believe these drugs are still being given out I was on 6mg a day for 25years then when the dose was dropped down to 1mg I was in hell and still am 5 years later crippled with muscle pain and memory loss unbelavable these drugs ruind my life and should be aware of the side effects if on them long term in my opinion should only be given out as a sleeping aid short term or long haul flight these drugs cause nightmare problems

  107. I went from valuim 5mg dosing down to .5ml. Started getting sick to my stomach. The doctors told me to take Lorazapam 0.5 mg. I am splitting them in half taking it 6x a day. I am also on Baclofen 3x day. My feet keep going numb. I have sever twitching all over even like electric shock over my head, back front of throat. I’ve had loose stools since I went of the valuim 6-7 days ago. The Dr is saying its valuim withdrawal. Is this true? could any of the other medications be causing this pain? I am also on propanolol 10mg 2x day and protonix. I also feel weak like I’ve lost my muscles and when I walk I feel like my legs weigh 200 lb. They said the baclofen and lorazapam will help with withdrawal. Any information you can give me would be helpful please.

  108. I took 10 milligrams of lorazepam to help me sleep 3 nights ago. Should I still be feeling nauseous and dizzy?

  109. Took two 2mg doses of lorazepam to relax for a precedure. Really lighted headed, can’t walk straight, and do get a little double vision when I try to read anything. Also feel really nauseated and have no appetite. It has been about 8-9 hours now and I’m still feeling pretty “out” of it.

    Question is: did I take to high of a dose? And how long till these side effects leave?

  110. My husband has an addictive behavioral problem. He has been doing great the past several years, but was prescribed morphine (which he can’t get until Monday), and lorazapam yesterday. He has taken 68 of them since then. He is snoring and sleeping right now. Should I call the paramedics or just watch him?

  111. I am taking lorazepam occasionally for three or for days a week during my anxious and insomnia problems. The usually dose is 0.5 but some time I take 1mg. How I can quit from use ,? Every time I try I last up two days without the drug . My doctor say that doses like mine is nothing and that I just need to believe it .

  112. I feel like i am having a brain fog, because I took 5mg of lorazepam a day, instead of taking 2.5mg as prescribed. Can this lead to a brain damage?

  113. I have been prescribed Orfidal ( Lorazepam ) following the refusal of an operation for bladder tumour removal, as my blood pressure was too high. I also have Arythmia. What dose age should I follow,? I have 1 mg tablets.

  114. on April of last year went to the emergency was anxious and they gave me lorazepam and I never took anything like that before.still take 0.5 in the morning and at night i’ll want to get off it..

  115. My son is on Concerta 108 and lorazepam of 50 gm. He stared 2 weeks how long should I see a differnts if it does start to work are there other medication that he can take

  116. I have been on 4mg Ativan daily for about 6 months. My MD totally discontinued my Ativan today cold turkey for no reason. Felt I could do without it. Nothing else prescribed . I asked him what i was to do for withdrawal and he said I could take Zyrtec, an allergy med. I told him I could not take the med because it makes my heart race. I already have problems with a racing heart because of severe anxiety and panic attacks. I take two blood pressure meds because of my anxiety. I do not take anything else. I do not have a drug problem, never have so I have no answer why the doctor took the Ativan away. From what I have read, abrupt withdrawal could be fatal, seizures, psychotic episodes, etc. I have already missed two doses and feel horrible. Any suggestions what I can do to help me thru this? Thank You

  117. I have been taking 4 – 5 mg of Ativan for 1/2 years. Initially 2mg to come off withdrawals for Alcohol addiction and has went up due to anxiey. Also take 1 1/2 Lamictal, Nerurontin and Serequol. For my Crohns I take 6mp, Hurmira and Prednisone when needed. I have tapered of the “devil’s drug” Prednisone and it is horrible but will kill you if you stay on it. The Ativan is definitely an addiction but it completely helps so I would rather take this drug cocktail with few side effects that the other option which is being sick and incapacitate. I have a very high level position and nobody has any idea what drugs I take as I tolerate them very well. I have no choice, so maybe it is partially positivity.

  118. If an individual has been taking 1mg, PO QHS for several months, would it be safe to quit taking lorazepam without any tapering of dosage? Would there be any withdrawal symptoms given this dose for this time period?

    Thank you for your help

    1. Hi, Deb. I have read that experts report that gradually reducing the drug is a safer way to quit it. So, I suggest you speak with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  119. Articles I have been reading about Lorazepam state that a patient should not be on this drug long term and recommend FOUR MONTHS. My wife has been taking this drug for NINE YEARS and all it does is cause her to sleep all day long and has little or no effect on her anxiety problems, in fact they seem to be getting worse.

  120. My question is the er doctor prescribed me adtivn gave me five pills I have taking 4 of them but not everyday but my panic attacks and anxiety or out of control I go see my doctor tomorrow should I take the last aditivn or should I wait to see my doctor
    Also I have read that you can get additived to it and also build up a tollores to it and I don’t want that but my anxiety gets so unbearable I can’t take it please someaone help me

  121. I take lorazepam two 2mg tablets for sleep. It was prescribed as take one 2mg three times a day. I only need it to sleep as the Trazadone 50mg three tabs at bedtime had me hallucinating. It was scary. I see a new psych dr to help me back off meds. I am counting on Vitamins, st. Johns and b12 with exercise and healthy eating to come off meds. I have depression, anxiety and adhd. I take amphetamine salts. Capsule once a day and 20mg tabs twice a day. I am 38 and have had issue after the sudden death of my brother combined with my divorce. I have bad insomnia since. I feel that this much meds is taxing on my body. I already started backing off taking them. Added multi vitamin too! I feel fine. No detox. I have been on meds since April. I will regroup with new dr to cut down to 1-2 meds a day. Yoga, hiking even snowshoeing helps the mind relax too. And wont harm the body! Its a process counseling IS needed. Drugs won’t work alone. Get to the root of the anxiety and depression. Then we can maybe cure some forms of psychiatric illness. Good luck to you all.

  122. I have been on 0.5 lorazepam for years. I take it for sleep. I do go right to sleep, but wake up all night long, usually every 2-3 hours. Not long ago I tried to stop taking it, even tapering off, & I couldn’t do it. I am hooked. My doctor never told me that this was an addictive drug when she put me on it. Even now she says not to worry about it.
    I am 78 yrs old & am suffering badly from night sweats & day hot flashes. My GYN gave me an Rx for Prozac, 10 mg. says that many women get relief from these symptoms with that. I haven’t taken it yet. I don’t really want to, plus I’m concerned about the inter-reaction with lorazepam as well as weight gain. Also, is it even possible that lorazepam is causing the post-menopause symptoms?
    Please share with me any observation you have about what I am saying. Thank you.

  123. Ativan 1 mg tablet is taken at night for last 25 days. During whole day tiredness and weakness is felt. Can it be due to it? Howlong will it take to subside the effect after stoppage of the drug?

  124. it becomes habit forming because if a doc gives you enough you dont have to wait for an attack you nuke it before it starts , 5mg a day start in the morning 1mg then take every 3 hour , last 1 9pm thats your cover for the day , FLY to the moon if you like you wont feel anxiety . You can get away with that for 10 years i did , now i take 6mg just 1 mg raise in near 10 years , DETOX ???? what to the is only benzo for speed relief . these old fashioned detox methods like dr ahston method are crap , 95 % are back on them straight after living in hell for years detoxing that some old person thought of 40 years ago , live for today, tomorrow there may not be one

  125. ativan you cannot overdose and kill yourself unless you take a car full . i have seen in hospital overdose of 28mg 1 months supply .all they do is put you in bed you sleep fpr 2 days and then they sent you home

  126. trying to come off lorezapam this is so hard for me plus on thyroid pills this is not easy any help would be nice and thankful plus I have been on lorezapam for about 15 years help me

  127. I have been taking 1 mg of Ativan every 8 hrs as needed for about 8 months now. I take one every morning, and sometimes 0.5mg at night. How should I try to come off of it? I take it for anxiety, but I find it very habit forming….. Any advice????

    1. Hi, Hilary. Experts claim that gradually weaning the drug off is safer way to quit it. So, I suggest you consult a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for you. Also, you may consider over-the-counter medications and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms. Good luck!

  128. Would it be OK to take 1 mg of ativan, asking cause I took 5 mg of valuim 9 hours ago. And I been having a panic attack for a few hours n can’t go to sleep but very sleepy.

  129. My doctor just prescribed me 5mg capsules of Ativan for use as needed for panic attacks. Everything I have read describes dosages of .5mg, 1mg and rarely but sometimes 2mg (a couple times a day), and feeling sometimes heavy effects of the drug at those doses. After reading this multiple times, having 5mg capsules worries me and I don’t want to take it during a panic attack and realize I’m high or inebriated. Is 5mg as high a dose as it seems to me?

  130. Causes dizziness. Have tried getting off it, but what is the alternative. Cannot sleep without it. Is there another sleep “drug” that can help me sleep. At wits end. Thank you.

  131. thanks for responding iam coming off my meds but having a hard with this I migh need to go to group counseling or isf someone out there has the same problem with Ativan please write me and let me know I cry and I still get very nervous this isahard thing to do iam taking half 4 times a week now wish me luck

  132. Hi there, I’m not sure if I’m worrying unnecessarily and just wanted some advice. My Dr reluctantly prescribed me Lorazepam on the 3rd of December to use 1 – 2mg as needed for anxiety. I have quite a stressful job and I had let things get on top of me and by December was having trouble sleeping or switching off, constantly felt tense and on edge and if I did fall asleep I’d wake up thinking I was going to be sick then have to go through this rigmarole of going outside for fresh air, drink of water etc (I have a fear of being sick so my anxiety seemed to be manifesting in this way!)

    Anyway I was first prescribed zopiclone which I use very occasionally but didn’t want to be using that for anxiety as the anxiety was frequent and I thought I’d be fine once I had some time off. So when I was given the Lorazepam I used them the 1st 3 days due to anxiety. No more then 1mg each day. For the next 2 weeks I used them about about twice a week again no more than 1mg. Had to use them Christmas eve, boxing night, and the night after but started only having 0.5 as that was enough to settle me. Was OK between Christmas and ny then have had to take 0.5 on the 2nd, 4th and 1mg on the 5th of January. I have never had anymore than 1mg in any given day but I have started feeling anxious today and a bit sick. Could I have withdrawals from the way I’ve used them? Altogether I’ve used about 13 1mg tablets since 3rd December. I should add that I went to my own doctor on Christmas Eve and he was annoyed at the other doctor for giving me anything like zopliclone and lorazepam as he prefers self help, as do I but I didn’t feel I could control it anymore on my own. He wanted me to put my citalopram back up to 40mg but I dropped to 20mg this time last year and now I feel like a failure 🙁 I’m also waiting on an appointment for CBT which has helped me in the past. Any advice would be great xx

  133. i have been on .05lorezapamfor about 12years just trying to come downny therapist has gotten me down aboout a half five times aweek what can of side effects can i expect from the lose i get dizzy once in a while i see my psychiatrist one a month and what is the time line for me to be off completely also i have bad acid reflux and on thyroid meds also any info would help me thank you

  134. I am 68 years old. For the last 13 years, I have taken 0.25 mg Lorazepam at bedtime to help me sleep due to severe pain from pudendal nerve damage. My pain has decreased and I want to wean off Lorazepam. Please give me a weaning schedule. I am trying to wean slowly on my own but am having difficulty sleeping–even more so because I recently weaned off low dose Prempro (on the advise of my doctor who put me on a weaning schedule) Suggestions???? My doctor also put me on a weaning schedule but I do want to hear what you suggest. Thank you.

  135. Have used Lorazapan 10 years for sleep. 1 mg twice a night. Often have daytime dizzy spells. Seeing a Neurologist about these. Am 84. Lorazapan is the only night med that’s effective. Dr. Has tried them all. Does Lorazapan cause such dizziness. What to do?

  136. i have been on 3 mg of lorazepam daily for sleep. my stressors are still present ( financial and unemployment) I am 73 years old . Should I continue this program or seek an alternative?

  137. My prescribed dosage is .50 every 8 hours as needed for my anxiety which began out of the blue about 6 weeks ago. Made me too sleepy so cut it to .25 every 4 hours. After a couple of weeks didn’t feel effective so I changed to every 3 hours. Dumb. Now it’s been 4 weeks of dosing every 3 hours and its so out of control. I still need the lorazapam as I work through my anxiety issues, which seem to be slowly improving but I can’t keep up with this schedule. It wakes me up at night so literally every 3 hours. I want to get back to the original 3 times a day but don’t know how. I tried waiting 4 hour on 2 doses and felt awful. Maybe I should have slowly increased to 2 thirds of a pill at 4 hours etc. How do I get back to where I should be? Im having breakthrough nausea from my anxiety at work now that was previously under control and I think it’s because of my dosing schedule. What can I do to fix my dosing schedule slowly so I don’t feel bad and can still go to work?

    1. Hi, Fran. I suggest you consult your doctor about the dosage. And, please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed. You put yourself at risk.

  138. Hello

    A urology doctor prescribed 0.5 Lorazepam after diagnosing me with chronic pelvic pain in April 2002. My pain was horrific and Lorazepam allowed me to sleep at night. In 2004, I had bilateral pudendal nerve decompression surgery. Lorazepam was the one drug I tried that helped calm the burning and pain I have felt for years, in spite of surgery. My pain has reduced significantly but I have flare-ups when I lift, push heavy objects or sit/stand too long. I would like to wean off Lorazepam but I am so addicted to it that without it, I sleep poorly. My doctor wants to wean me off Lorazepam by taking a half dose (0.25 mg) every other day for a period of time. Please offer your suggestions for weaning. Sleep deprivation is not healthy either. Thank you.

  139. I am 78yrs. old with severe anxiety, a husband with Alzheimer, just buried mother and sister. my doc gave me .5mg ativan I take it at nite to sleep or I would never sleep’ Been taking it 6weeks. at my age if I can get a little quality of life back I will take it..who knows I might drop dead tomorrow.

  140. I have had Ativan tolerance all my life I take at present 6mg a day in 3 —- 2mg doses, with an AD sertraline 100mg , the sertraline has pooped I upped it 150mg made it worse, So I tapered overnight to 10mg Lexapro after a week 15mg Lexapro my final limit . But I am ramped up to the shy and Lexapro is suppose to have the best anti anxiety in it, I am at a lose I had to take 9mg Ativan today to stay on the planet my family are terrified I may OD on meds , has I tried years ago when a new shrink stopped my 6 mg Ativan dead and put me on Effexor the suicide highest start up med there is , I am 67 now I gladly live on 12mg Ativan a day but I will never be scripted that , I like in England and do well to get 6mg

  141. I was given activan in my iv over 6 hours ago for anxiety. I am now at a Christmas party,is it safe at this point to have drinks? It stopped the tremors but I’ve had no other side effects (sleepy,no change in blood pressure,etc).

  142. Hi John,

    I stopped drinking too much coffee and part of my anxiety went away. Now I drink one cup of coffee when I wake up and the rest of the day I drink tea. I used to take two pills of 1mg each every day. The effects were that I was peaceful but I was starting to lose short term memory and I got very addicted. Now, instead I take Valerian Poppy or the like and it helps just as much as lorazepam without creating addiction. You might want to search natural remedies in Sprouts or Whole foods. I still take lorazepam but only when I am very anxious, not everyday. It is better to take lorazepam at night. It not only helps you sleep but you still have that peaceful effect the next morning. God bless.

  143. My mother has a lot of claustrophobic reactions when she needs an MRI to check out her brain functioning bc she had a brain tumor many many years ago and her issues of claustrophobia from certain childhood traumatic situations… I wanna know since the Dr only prescribed it in a small dose and just that one use how she will be experiencing the high like symptoms??! It’s semi worrisome..

  144. Hi. I’m currently having radiotherapy for throat cancer and really struggle with the mask I have to wear. So for my first treatment I took a 1mg tablet of larazapa. I have to have 30 treatments in total and I’m currently on number 13 so I’m taking one tablet 15 mins before treatment to try and calm my nerves to go through with the treatment. By my reckoning I’m going to be on larazapam for 30 days. (Treatment is Mon to fri) does this mean I’m going to get an addiction to this drug. Thankyou.

  145. I started taking lorazapam after taking care of my mom at home 4 eight months until she died this november 3rd I started taking 2 mg twice a day and then after 26 days stopped I have been sick with almost all the withdrwals I felt like I was going crazy and diarrhea is still non stop, I have no income and spent my last 110 dollars yesterday to get the percription again any suggestions on what I can take after this runs out I am always having panic attacts and have just like my mom history of depression, I was abused as a child by both parents, and my little brother also died in november 31st a few years ago my moms only brother jim died last year and so did my sister in law my son at birth died also he would be 13 on my birthday 12 06 2015

  146. I have had Dystonia for 32 yrs. Before it was familiar to even drs. For the 1st 2 yrs of disease I was taking 18, 2mg a day. Finally got diagnosis. After treatment I have been taking 7 a day for shaking. My question is, what is the effects on my brain after 32 yrs. Any other affects on body ? I still have extreme anxiety. Why? Thank you, John

  147. I have been taking 1mg on/off for decades with years of not taking them. so back on them for about 6mth or longer. With any medication whether you have memory issues or not you should right down date/time of each pill you take plus or instead of writing info down buy a pill container that has breakfast,lunch,dinner and bedtime individual compartments. Put each dose into these time slots. This way you keep track of when your taking your pill and how many your taking them. or you could write on the bottle how many pills there are and just mark the total amount down by 1. I find ativan to start working about 1/2hr-45mins to start to work if im really stressed not the 20mins my dr says. I only take at Ivan as needed for activities outside the home. If I’m relaxed at home I don’t take but if I’m really crabby I know my anxiety is getting bad I take one. I’m on 1mg ativan per day but can go days without taking any. good luck and be safe.

  148. Hi
    I have Parkinsons. YOung onset. I have been using .5 mg to calm anxiety. I am on cekexa as well. I am up to once almost. Thoughts it helps make meds last a bit longer. But I don’t want to because addicted.

  149. I suffer with derealisation from light sensitivity possibly because of cataracts but this happened after an operation. Since then the only meeds that works are benzos. A special clinic in london say lorazepam Is one of their treatments. If I have to remaIn on it as a treatment but givE IT A BREAk a few days a week how many years can i stay on it ? Life ? My mother was on it for five years.

  150. I went to the Emergency room because of anxiety..they gave me LORazepam in my IV..they gave me a prescription for 15 pills..I took one, it helped me sleep and I felt better.. I don’t have any memory of taking some of the pills, except for the first one..I must have taken them when I was anxious,. One night I was so tired and anxious and I only had like 10 pills left..They are 1 mg..So I took one so I could sleep and feel better the next day..And I did..It seems like they work for a couple of days and then I start feeling bad again..I took one on Monday and by Thursday I was feeling bad again..I want to get off of them, so I cut one in half and tried to wean off and that doesn’t seem to work..I’m also on Zoloft and medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure and acid reflux..I don’t have much of an appetite anymore and I can’t sleep..The dr. and the pharmacist said that I can’t be addicted after such a shot period of time..I’ve missed 2 weeks of work and I just don’t feel right..My skin is hot and I have headaches and sweat a lot..I just took another half to see if I could get some sleep..I have to go to my grandsons Birthday party today..Please help me I just want off these pills so I can feel normal..I don’t know, it might be the Zoloft..I just started taking it 2 weeks ago. .

  151. I have a fib and when my heart goes out of rythem or i think it is going out i become very anxious, feels like i am dying. 99% of the time i only get this at night when i am relaxing. I take a 1mg loz before bed and it has really helped me through.

  152. This is litterally the worst drug if you’re looking for a high. All it did to me was make me think patterns on fabric were moving and that the mattress was an aqarium, with all the white flowers swifting. I blacked out for almost three hours. I felt extremely dissassociated, numb, inhuman, sickly, unconsolable etc. Now it is the next day (I slept 12 hours) and time is passing really quickly. I feel INCREDIBLY hung over. Worse than alcohol or even cross fading. HUGE headache. I felt depresed while on the drug and extremely so now. I want my feelings back 🙁
    -1/10 would not try again

  153. I have been on 1 mg of apo-lorazepam sublingual for about 6 months. I started to use it because of another drug I’m using that was causing me anxiety and difficulty sleeping. I took it an hour or so before going to bed. Could I have serious issues if I just stopped it or should I taper off such a low dosage. I appreciate your sharing of knowledge and experiences. thank you so much.

  154. Hello, I take ativan 2mg twice a day. Does it fall into normal dose? Will I be addicted to it if take it twice a day for few month?

  155. Is lorazepam a depressant? I take 2mg to sleep. If I want to stop taking it, do I reduce the dose or can I just stop? Thank you in advance for you answer.

  156. i take ativan-1mg 3 times per day prn. i took the ativan every day 3 times per day, for about 3 weeks. then i took nothing for 2-3 days and was given a urine test-no ativan showed up in it. the test was negative. the nurse at the clinic says that not possible. i was told once that ativan had a very short half life, and that it was possible to have a negative urine. can anyone help me. PLEASE??????? and what is the chances that the tests are faulty??? thanks!!

  157. I’m starting radiation treatments for cancer in a few weeks. It will be my 2nd time within 3 months (2 different cancers). I had an anxiety issue with the first round of treatments so the Dr. prescribed 2mg diazepam (Valium) PRN before a session. Different Dr. for the radiation this time has prescribed 1mg lorazepam PRN before each treatment. I have to drive myself to/from the cancer center. The Valium didn’t affect my driving but I’m concerned about the Ativan due to the longer half life. My thought is to take a dose on a day when I be home all day to see how it makes me feel. What do you think?

  158. I drank very heavily for over 20 years. For 5 years, I drank a bottle of tequila daily all day and night. I checked my self into the hospital to detox and was put on Ativan intravenous for 5 days at very high doses. After detox, I took 1 mg-4x day for 10 days, then 3 mg-3 x day for 10 days, then 2 mg -2x day for 10 days, then 1 mg 1 x day at night. My doctor said to stay on the one dose per day. It has been 90 days since I started and 60 days at 1 mg /day. My doctor said that i need to stay on this dose for many months…..possibly up to a year. I often feel bad late afternoon and evenings (kind of flu like and my skin is very sensitive and irritable. My DR. says I need to keep taking it until my brain returns to normal function. I asked him again today if I could get a plan to get off of it and he said no, “there is no hurry. What should I do? I want to get off of this drug. It also seems to have greatly reduced my libido (sex drive). Is he right, or should I change to another doctor. I have not had a drink and will not ever again. Also how do I get back to this site/blog for replies?

  159. I was prescribed ativan in a 1 mg dose for insomnia related to anxiety. Directions were to take it under my tongue right at bedtime, but it didn’t seem to help at all. After a frustrating couple of weeks, I can’t seem to get any effect out of anything less than 4 mg at once. Even then, it feels very minor. I don’t want to keep going in this direction, so I’m thinking I should take it much sooner before I want to sleep, but how long before should that be to give me the best chance of getting some much needed rest?

  160. I have taken ativan for 10 years I have mild anxiety, I only take .5 mg and i definitely only take it when I am not driving. It helps me relax and helps me sleep if l’m anxious. I only take as needed not daily.

  161. Hi just wanted to know a question. I had my first panic attack about 2 weeks ago but I stopped taking Lorazepam 0.5 2 days ago. Wanting to go drug free. I haven’t had a real panic attack for 3days but I have been feeling my heart beat a little faster than normal and do feel like my nervous system wants to attack once in a while I try to self control it. But I honestly haven’t slept for 2 whole night’s! Can I take Lorazepam as a sleeping pill. The reason I don’t sleep is because I feel my heart rasing a faster than normally. Thank you hope to here from you soon

  162. I have taken 2 mg. ativan for several years only on bad days. about 2 times a week. Then recently my son got into an accident and I took it every other day for couple weeks. One dr. says take 1 mg in morning and 1mg in evening. I tried that for 4 days. Didn’t feel good. So went to e.r. they had me do a 9 day taper. I did all of that to get back to 2 times a week only. Took 2mg today and 2mg yesterday still real nervous. Now none for rest of the week is my plan. They said go back to your regular routine of 2x a week. How long will I be nervous? E.R., tapered me on a 9 day taper to get back to 2x a week 2mg ativan. like I use to be. I was so nervous after the 9 day taper I took 2mg ativan and one today for drs. appt. Now that all for the week. When will I feel better.

  163. I Have Anxiety. ….I.Am Terrible of Meds. My Dr. Prescribed
    Ativan…I a refused Paxil, So she gave me this Instead. This was in April. I still have not Taken any Ativan. I Cope with The Anxiety Daily. It’s getting Difficult, and I’m Exhausted! I Need help. What can I do to Over come my Fear of Meds..

  164. I’ve been taking 1mg of lorazepam daily, yesterday only took .05mg at night couldn’t sleep and very anxious and nauseous last night only slept a half an hour?

  165. Lorazepam saved my life 5years every time that I have to face taught situations I take lorazepam to calm down,unfortunately it doesn’t work well as before.I just started with this medication because I was experiencing a very taught time.

  166. I have been on lorazepam .5 I take it in the morning and at night but it seem about 3 or 4 in the afternoon I get anxiety and some times it gets so bad I think I’m having a heart attack do you think I need to go back and get my dosage raised this just start about a month ago I am 42 and never had problems before with anxiety or panic attacks

  167. I have been taking lorazepam on and off for 7yrs. Begining with 1/2 mg 4times a day up to 2mg 5 times a day last 4 months. I also take 150mg of Doxepine for severe depression,I which
    I was prescribed to replace 400mg of seroquel twice a day and 20mg of prozac a day, I have been off the prozac and seroquel about 2 months. I’been trying to come off the Lorazepam for about a month. I’m down to 3 a day but I’m having a hard time sustaining this. I started taking a herbal product for BPH a couple of weeks ago it seems like since then my anxiety level has increased. I don’t know if that is my problem or trying to come off the Lorazepam to fast,. Is there a recommended dosage and time I should be trrying to follow foe the Lorazepam?

  168. I’ve been on .5 mg Ativan for 3 months and been tapering off for 6 weeks. I’m down to 1/8 of .5 mg every day. This is the last week. Do you think I could just stop after this week or should I take 1/8 every 2 days and then every 3 days, etc??? Thanks for your help!!

  169. hi im right now on lorazepam 1mg (I got a bad reaction with zopiclon after 2.1/2 months be on) the hospital got me off of zopiclon and toll me to start take lorazepam is this safe to do my doctor prescribed me the lorazepam to

  170. I have been taking half of a 0.5 mg of lorazepam for a year now and want to try and come off it. Will I have serious side effects with such a low dose? Should I tapper it to every other day before stopping.

  171. Hi,
    I suffer from depression and anxiety and a few months ago, after talking to my new psychiatrist, he said I have Borderline Personality Disorder. Long story short, I have been prescribed 1mg of lorazepam in the morning, and 1 mg in the evening. I usually take the evening one because the other medication I am taking (Wellbutrin) tends to keep me awake and lorazepam helps me with my sleep. Sometimes during the day when I feel anxious I take Lorazepam but I try not to depend so much on it even though it really, really helps me be calm and it creates a soothing effect. I have major depression so it also helps me in that area. If you have any advice, I would really appreciate it.

  172. I am prescribed lorazepam 0.5 mg 2x a day as needed for anxiety. Last night I took 0.5 around 7-8 pm because of band anxiety, fell asleep at 1030-11 then woke back up around 230 with anxiety, took another 0.5 around 3.15 and have been in an out of sleep since about 5. I feel extremely tired and groggy. Is that the ativan and lack of deep sleep or just the ativan? Was that safe?

  173. Have a friend that took 10mg at once around 1 am this morning. It was not a suicide attempt, she just mentally was in a state of anger, pain, frustration and wanted to sleep for next couple days. Is their anything I should b watching out for or be worried about? She has got up A couple of times today but very lathargic, hang hard time keeping her balance and yes very very tired. She doesn’t need to b looked at Dr’s does she since it’s been so long now?

    1. Hi Nicole. Maybe doctors cannot pump her stomach now because the pills have been absorbed in her organism, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need medical assistance to prevent possible organ damage and things from getting worse. I’d advise you to take her to the hospital where medical professionals can examine her and apply adequate treatment.

  174. OMGosh, I hope I can get an answer quickly about this. I am caregiver for my father, who is 81. He has been living with me for one week. His doctor prescribed this drug “as needed” for anxiety. He had a dentist appointment yesterday and they wanted him to take something for anxiety. So I gave him the dose prescribed by doctor. He was definitely relaxed at the dentist at 4 pm. After we got home, he was ok for a couple of hours, but things went way down hill after that. He was up all night, mumbling and stumbling, going to bathroom 7 or 8 times, peeing in the floor, he did not know the world he was in. He just got up a few min ago and went back to bathroom, he has now gone back to bed. My question, how long will it take for this drug to be out of his system? Dosage was 1 mg tablet. He weighs about 144. Is there anything I can do to hurry up the process? Will eating food help, drinking water? Help! And thank you!

    1. Hi DeSandra. Lorazepam has a short half-life, about 12-18 hours. The effects from the medication usually last for 6-8 hours after taking a single dose. Have the effects subsided by now? If not, take your father to the hospital.

  175. Started taking 1 mg hs for sleep works very well. How soon an i wean off fron it? and how slowly. been on it for 4 nights, Ian

    1. Hello Ian. You don’t have to taper down after using it for only four nights. Tapering is recommended for patients who have used lorazepam chronically and for a longer period of time, so that their organism has developed dependency to the medication. I believe you’ll experience no problem if you just quit taking them.

  176. Hi. I am on zoloft, wellbutrin, 300 of seroquel for sleep, down from 600 and ativan for anxiety. I just feel more and more anxious. Sometimes the ativan helps; sometimes it doens’t. I want to have a regular life and not worry about every single thing all the time.. Plus, I am 54 and on 3 blood pressure drugs do don’t wnat to have trouble there. I have never felt this anxious in all my life. My adult daughter just moved home which has caused some problems but we have worked through them. Any ideas how i can schedule a normal schedule (I work at home) and get the joy back in my life? Generally I am a happy person. Any suggestions are welcome. Than k you

  177. Last night my aunty had headache so she take 2 tab of ativan 2mg first time. But still in morning she sleepy and can’t control on her body as she wake up and vomating also.Is it dangerous for her health. What we can do ?

  178. My nurse practioner gives this drug at you like it’s candy. She uses it to cover up the anxiety instead of finding the right pill that will take care of the anxiety. She has me taking 1mg 6 times a day plus Nuronton 100mg 4 times a day. I’m going to get rid of her this week. I’ve had high anxiety for the past 4 days and none of these meds are working and she won;t return my call.Tired of being drug. I have no llife but to sit here and bounce my legs all day.

  179. I have been taking 2 MG Ativan/lorazepam at 9;00 pm maximum 3 MG to address sleep deprivation issues for a bi-polar condition.

    I am a 75 year old male. This products works perfectly for me. I get required sleep with no after affects.

    I would like to eliminate the use of a controlled substance, substituting for Kevinace which positive sleep has been reported by friends.

    What are the risks with a planned reduction of Lorazapam, in 0.50 MG increments, evaluating effects at each level, with possible consideration of small dosage of Kavinace to offset Lorazapam reduction.

    Thank you.

  180. Hi all. I am hoping someone can help with my problem. Actually I have many! I was on 75 of Amitriptyline and 2 mg of Lorazepam and 200mcg of Temgesic and I developed Tinnitus from one of these meds or all of them. I was on the Ami for 2 years for chronic pain and went the ringing started in my head I quit them cold turkey and omg it was horrible. The ringing did go away for a couple of days though so I was determined to quit. I usually take 2 Lor at night with the Ami to help me sleep but now I can’t sleep at all. The ringing came back and then went away and now its back again which is why I decided to look up if the Lorazepam could be causing it and it can. I have severe panic attacks but not all the time and the lor really helps me and I too carry some in my pocket at all times. I got through the withdrawals from the Ami but now I have to find something to replace the Lorazepam so I can sleep. I know I will always need them for my panic attacks but they have slowed down. I have been on the Lor for 10 years now and I know its going to be hard to get away from. Any ideas of another med that will help me sleep and not cause this awful ringing in my ears. It is driving me batty to say the least. I should mention that I will never ever go on an another anti depressant. They really scare me. Thank you

  181. I was prescribed Lorazepam by a previous Psychiatrist. Unfortunately she moved on into a different field. The Psychiatrist I now have will not prescribe the Lorazepam, and due to that being my family Dr. who also did prescribe it for me, he also will not prescribe the Lorazepam. I am a very high strung anxious person who is also depressed. It is hard to find a Psychiatrist in my area of White Bear Lake, Minnesota. I am asking for help to be able to get Lorazepam/Ativan. This new Psychiatrist did finally change my med from Escitalopram to Prozac. Do you think the Prozac will help my anxiety. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Judy

  182. if on lexapro and it pooped , then Zoloft would be the next choice. Those 2 are the top 2 SSRI antidepressants, I Did has you do now with LOZ, but depression came back and the security blanket crashed and burned.

  183. Just wanted to say that I was on Lexapro for about 2 years and the affects started to wear off. I went off all meds for a few years and started to get severe anxiety. I was given Lorazepam 0.5 to take as needed and it has been life changing. Fortunately for me, I only take it when I know I’m heading into a really uncomfortable situation. I also carry 2 pills with me as a “security blanket” and think that helps almost as much as actually taking it. That being said, 30 pills lasted me almost a year. My method obviously wouldn’t work for everyone. But if you need something to take the edge off occasionally, and don’t have an addictive personality, this might do the trick.

  184. I take Lorazepam for anxiety i take it prior dialysis like an hour and a half before i start my treatment, I get hooked to the machine at around 5:20 or 5:30 am. My question is when should I take the med. above so i can get the full effect while I’m still in dialysis and not when i come off the machine?.

    1. Hi Marcos. Depends on the dose of lorazepam you are taking. But, the effects of the medication should be felt within 15-30 minutes after administration. In some patients it may take an hour for the effects to kick in. So, I think the time you are taking it is perfect. Maybe you should consult a doctor about changing doses or time of administration.

  185. Don’t take 2, 1 mg will be enough if not used to it, It wont last 72 hour either 6 if your lucky . its standard in England to give people afraid of a hospital or dental procedure Ativan. If you feel nothing on 1mg after half hour take the other , but I feel you wont need to .

  186. I can’t get my doc to return my call, and I have to take Ativan for an MRI, and on the bottle it says take 1-2 tablets by mouth 30 minutes before procedure. 1. Will 30 minutes be enough time to activate it since I’ve read it can last up to 72 hours. 2. I don’t know whether I should take 1 or 2, but don’t want to take the two since it looks like they are so strong and the effects it gives. 3. I am 76 years old, and a small female, and I don’t want to take 2 pills if I don’t have to. Please comment. Thanks.

  187. I used to take this a lot. Eddie asked how to get off of it. I know It was two years ago, but if anyone is still wondering, ramping down is the answer. It really isn’t too bad either (physically and mentally) as long as you go very slowly. I seriously did it at 0.2 MG at a time. It took months but I had little detox. If you go too fast, it is brutal. Just shave off a similar amount every time you take it.

  188. I think you mean 5mg diazepam , .5 Xanax is the same strength has 1 mg Ativan. so she now is on 20mg diazepam in med strength terms . Every med has side effects so you live with them some to bad you come off the med. He has now put her on generic Prozac 10mg that is a antidepressant . 10mg is low 20mg the norm when used to it. The Ativan is normal script for a few weeks till her AD kicks in . you never can predict a panic attack so you take Ativan after to chill is the only thing you can do .

  189. my wife is having sever panic attacks with trouble breathing during them and confusion for a few min after. The docs have gone from .5 diazapam to .5 xanax to 1mg atavan twice a day as needed yet they keep telling her to take them after she has an attack. Klonipin gives her restless legs. Is there nothing they can give her to prevent them? She has also recently begun having nightmares and they are prescribing low or high blood pressure medication for this which seems crazy to me. Does any of this make sense, she has started floruxatine 10mg every morning. I just want her to get better

  190. your dependant in that you are using them has a crutch to prop yourself in a low time. And 2-3 times in a row means you need them. find another way of dealing with stress , or you will need more and you may not get them.

  191. I have been taking 1/2 of a ,5 mg. Of ativan off an on since December 20, 2014. I only got 16 tablets thru an emergency room dr. I broke them in half and only ysed them when i had to. I just used them all about two weeks ago. I managed to get 10 more then and use them the same way, break the .5 in half. Some days i don’t use them but sometimes have to use them two or three days in a row. My question is, is this long emough to become dependent on that small of a dose.

  192. BOB my buddy I hear you , lorazepam is harder than Heroin to detox, you can be free of Heroin in 5 days in hospital detox but staying off it is only about %20 the cravings are to much . Much the same has Ativan -LOZ but last way way longer that heroin craving , Its a life threat to with seizure ever present on large dose d.tox . Why with your situation do you want to be free of LOZ is it causing you problems ????? the anxiety risk is a factor without LOZ and you don’t need that, has your doctor told you he don’t like you on LOZ . Myself I would have stayed has I was or even more to chill my heart probs, but that’s me I think a lot different to you. I no what I am like without LOZ and would sooner go up than down , down is a terrible stress on your life at a young age never mind older . I cannot speak for you bob, I would ask your doc the pros and cons.

  193. Hello Dyslexic–I first posted on August 15, 2014–you really upset me when you say Ativan is 20 times harder to detox from compared to heroin–but, “IT IS WHAT IT IS”–after being on 2mg of lorazepam a day for eleven years I`m down to 1 mg a day for the last six months–I take the one mg at bedtime and would like to cut that to 1/2 mg at bedtime but I just don`t have the will power to cut the pill in half–recently had three heart stents installed and think cutting the 1 mg in half could set another heart attack in motion–maybe I should stay on the one mg??? BUT I WOULD LIKE TO BE FREE OF LORAZEPAM—please talk to me–I`m 74 years old and alone in life.

  194. Never take Ativan unless you are mentally ill , every day anxiety is not the reason you take this med , its for chronic anxiety , a severe mental illness that is mostly joined with depression. People starting a AD may be give a script to get help with start up problem of your AD then its tapered after 2 week never to be re scripted . CHRONIC anxiety never goes away so you mix a benzo and AD maybe like me for life . Shrink and doctors were always trying to get me off Ativan in 1mg to 2 mg a day doses , that just scratched the surface, I TAKE 5-6MG NOW BUT FOR 6 YEARS TOOK 4MG A DAY. . Incompetent shrinks have taken them from me, resulting in suicide attempt and hospital stays , without them I would drink myself to death in front line self medication , a lot of shrinks and docs have found for some on high levels its impossible to withdraw , you simply cause massive depression and that is a life threat . YEARS AGO a GP told my I will be on Ativan for life now do to 30 years on it. How the hell do you start to get a high dose out your body without being seriously ill . I would sooner die the detox a large dose I did it for 8 months , lost hair , body weight, my mind , my job, ect ect . Soon has I went back on Ativan I got better faster than a bullet , and here I am 40 years on still taking 5mg a day, I go for walks , ride my bike , socialise , and have many friends. I am a bit 8in your face at times but imagine what I would be like without ATIVAN . mmmmmmmmmmmm slimmer that’s true ??? anxiety is the best slimming aid ever. I am fatter on ATIVAN , BUT SANITY BEFORE VANITY IS MY MOTTO

  195. John, lingering effects lasted months for me (I was at a very high dose for a long time). I can tell you a few things that helped me… I took about 12mg 3x/day of Loperamide (generic Imodium), you can google why this has helped addicts with withdrawals… it WORKS even at the lower doses like I took. There is an herbal med for restless legs, get it at CVS or any drug store, It’s made by Hyland… it also works. TONS of fresh fruits and veggies, especially cruciferous veggies. This will start flooding your body with nutrients. Also, Pedialyte at least 1-2x a day (I promise it helps). Eat as normally as you can, and exercise… lift weights even if you don’t feel like it. These things truly helped me. I also used Yogi Kava tea (4 bags). Wishing you much luck, be patient, it takes a while but you will get through it a much happier person!!!

  196. you cannot just stop 2mg after 2 years , you need to taper , you will have to get another script from your doc or face months of crap. Take 1 mg straight away and see if you level off , if not you will need to go back on your 2mg and taper very very slowly indeed . Ativan is 20 time worse than heroin to detox .

  197. I’ve been on 2 mg of Ativan everyday for 1 1/2 years. I ran out early this month so had to stop cold turkey. This is the worst feeling ever. Last night my throat was closing and I couldn’t swallow. I ended up in ER. They told me it was anxiety and sent me on my way. I guess my questionis is there anything I can do to help the withdrawing process? I am beyond miserable!!!

  198. JOHN you sound like you may have depression , see your GP again and talk through it more . You may still need the Ativan while you start a antidepressant then taper off when the AD kicks in .I have taken Ativan with an AD for 30 years if you can just take a AD alone after a time that has a anti anxiety agent in it , then more the better.

  199. Hi John. Congratulations on getting off of the hydrocodone. I’d suggest seeing a doctor before you go ahead and start tapering off of Ativan. You shouldn’t be so scared, tapering will make the symptoms much more bearable and milder, plus many of them can be treated with other over-the-counter meds.

  200. Hello… I’ve been prescribed Ativan 1mg twice a day (prn) for about the last 9 months…. I recently stopped taking hydrocodone 10/325 MG …. (6 months ago) I got addicted to the pain killers…. which eventually brought on major panic attacks and anxiety…. My doctor prescribed me the Ativan to help with my anxiety…. I take 1mg before work…. and 1mg before bed…. I never take more than that… I am fully aware of the dangers of abusing benzos…. My withdrawal from the hydrocodone is basically over…. I don’t crave the drug whatsoever…. But I’m still dealing with a variety of symptoms…. Headaches…. stomach issues…. Restless leg syndrome…. insomnia… infrequent heart palpitations…. Just an overall feeling of unwellness….. My question is…. Is the Ativan 1mg I’m taking causing some…. if not all of my lingering symptoms??? I don’t feel as though I’m addicted to the Ativan…. I don’t get a euphoric feeling from them… I never have…. They just ease the anxiety long enough for me to get through stressful situations…. like work… etc. But I’m afraid to stop taking them due to the horrible if not deadly withdrawal symptoms…. Please! Somebody help…. like I said…. I only take 2 mg daily for about 8-9 months…..

  201. Ian 30 years on Ativan you wont detox now, well you may but it will take years. The only longer acting that is weaker is Valium, and believe me is totally useless if high anxiety. 10mg only covers 1mg of Ativan, high dose of Valium and your a PLANK OF WOOD feel. loz will put you to sleep but not all night, plus nightmares are real in your head when sleeping on loz tablets OVER 30 YEARS ON LOZ – ATIVAN and still dream a different nightmare every night

  202. Hi Ian. After so many years of Lorazepam, you’d first need to taper off of that medicine. I’d suggest seeing a doctor and discussing your concerns. Lorazepam is generally used for a very short term periods, so I’m sure you’ll need some medical assistance in quitting and later switching to another medication.

  203. I’ve been completely dependent on lorazepam for nearly thirty years (prescribed for chronic anxiety, severe social phobia and panic disorder). would a longer acting benzo be less addictive?

  204. I took 2mg lorazepam for long time ( about 3-4 years) , so how long it does stay in my body? If I go to blood test , when should I stop take this ? I don’ t want the test result can see I was took this drug. Thank you so much for the help….

  205. Hi I am writing to ask what are the long term affects of being on this medication since I was 16 and now 29. I started with the Xanax but when I was 24 the doc changed me to Ativan. I’ve been taking 1mg 4 times a day not llong. Maybe 2 years after getting on the Xanax. I don’t see myself ever getting off it. My anxiety is terrible. I just would like to know what it is doing to my body physically?? Thanks

  206. Breathing exercise, is only ok when having a panic attack it don’t stop them, and then there pretty much useless , If your taking Ativan for anxiety you may need a AD with an anxiety agent in it , and get off the Ativan if it works . Lexapro IS THE BEST

  207. I have anxiety due to my hperventilating.. My doctor has given me 1mg lorazepam tabs to take i/2 or one as needed. Most days I might take 1/2 tab twice a day but occaisonally i might takt an extra 1/2 tab. Today I took my first tab at 3.30pm.I have probably used 30 tabs over the last 2months.How long can I take this amount without getting addicted.I am going next week for breathing exercise with a Phsiotherapist and I am doing breathing exercises myself self taught from the computor but I dont want to go on anything stronger such as citaloprom

  208. How long can a high dosage of Ativan last and how long do the side effects last for?

    Let’s just say that I have a loved one who had taken 3 Ativan at once because of a “situation” she was in, but she had been “released” of her “situation.”
    –My loved one can barely walk and I want to know what I can do to help her…?

    It is so bad that she almost fell twice earlier tonight. But I had managed to help her to her room and to her bed.

    So how long will it last and what can I do to help her if she gets up?

  209. you doctor is useless , you are suffering anxiety and the allergies are caused by it. So when you take lorazepam you anxiety is controlled so no allergy . its not rocket science for a doctor that any good

  210. I have been diagnosed with allergies. I see a correlation of allergy symptoms disappearing when I take a dose of lorazapam. I only take about two doses per week. The allergy symptoms resolve for about 24 hours. Is there any medical evidence to back this up, or am I nuts? My doctor had never heard of this correlation.

  211. I am a 30-year-old female who got diagnosed with bipolar depression in 2003. I was on Paxil25mg, lorazoperm 3mg and diazapam 5 mg. through this 10 years I always feel tired and it affected every aspect of my life. I started to consult a private psychiatry and he helped me to slowly tapered off the 3 mg lorazepam. But the worst thing is that my panic attacks are coming back almost every day. I am still on 5 mg diazapam and he prescribed me 0.25 mg Xanax and 0.5 Klonopin . Any advice ? Thank you Dr .

  212. they still work it just you don’t get the strong effect has your body is used to them, try stopping 6 mg and you will be in big trouble


  214. Hi Denise. I’d say they were all side-effects from the ativan. But, they should be getting resolved as more time passes. Unforunatley, I can’t tell you exactley how long untill it all goes away, since every inividual is different and reacts differently to the medication.

  215. I took 1 mg of ativan for about 4 months . I started having tingling and muscle spasms and numbness in my face . I also got severe muscle weakness in my upper arms the whole time I was on it . I am now 3 weeks off and still having the problems . The facial sensations are changing since I stopped but still numb feeling . Is this all from the ativan ? How long til it goes away ?

  216. if you doc has left you on the Ativan its because you seem better . and you wont if you stop it , Ativan lasts about 6 hours , getting you to sleep but may wake you early . I never go to bed before 12 am for this reason

  217. I take a 1g tablet to sleep at night. If I don’t, take one, I’m awake most of the night. Is this normal. I now have tinnitus and I depend on the tablet to fall asleep. When does it have it’s full effect in hours?

  218. I have been on ativan for 2 years now and i’m reading where a month should be as long as you should be on it. Why would the doctor not tell me this?

  219. Two different Dr’s have prescribed Lorazepam saying that 4mg is not a problem. However, I still feel that some of the side effects could be problematic so I’m looking for some evidence that I can use to have a dialogue with my Dr’s.

  220. all you with dependant ATIVAN problems think twice about coming off , if you feel okay has you are I would stay that way . I have detoxed 6 mg cold and you want to DIE , iam back on them because I have a anxiety problem , it dont go away if you quit ATIVAN it just gets worse

  221. My concern about lorazepam is due to the fact that I have been on it for over 7 years at 4mg per day (1mg tablet 4 times, 2 in the morning and two at bedtime along with 100mg Doxepin and 3mg Lunesta for sleep. After reseaarch I changed it to 1 at noon and 1 at bedtime which caused no problem, expecially with sleep. My Dr. put me on, in addition to lorazepam, Wellbutrin, which did absolute nothing, I’m off it now. It seems that lorazepam is a dangerous drug, and I’m not sure what long-term use it is doing to my brain/body. Suggestions or questions to ask my Dr.

  222. Help–I have been using lorazepam for anxiety without a break during the last eleven years–was taking 2 mg. a day –after slowing reducing the amout I`m currently taking 1 mg. a day–I take 1/2 mg. at noon and 1/2 mg. at 10 p.m.–if I try to lower the amount I feel anxiety and withdrawal symtoms–is there anything available that I can repalce the lorazepam with? I know that I`m addicted to the medication–HELP….Bob

  223. I’ve been taking ativan .05 mg for about 2 months for anxiety and peripheral neropothy in my face from hashimotos and Lyme disease. I take it once in the morning and another in afternoon or night. I feel like when it wears off I need it sooner. Is this an addiction already ?

  224. I have been on Ativan over 20 years I take 1 mg 3xdaily. Sometimes 4. I have tried to get many dr to look at Proffessor Ashton withdrawal method of slowly switching over to the longer acting Benzo Valium no one seems interested. The want to do a2 week tapper on phenobarbital !! This is Crazy to me as I have tried to cut Down by cutting Small pieces off does not work to harsh. Any suggestion s I live in Northern California. I am 59 years old. Thank You

  225. I am on day 5 of Zoloft, it’s a but scary, my doc have me lorazepam to help with the anxiety an Zoloft adjustment, I have only been taking 1 Mg at night to help with sleep, I’m scared of withdrawals should I be concerned even with this minimal use?

  226. I’m a 22 year old female. Recently I started havin panic and anxiety attacks on a daily basis. My dr prescriber Ativan, it’s the only thing that gives me relief when I go into the panic mode. I’m also taking prozac and trying to stop the Ativan slowly. It’s just so hard because I get extremely nervous. Before prozac and Ativan I was shaking and would have the worst panic attacks Imagineable. I don’t want to be on benzos they’re addicting and terrible so I’m trying to slowly get rid of my anxiety. Hopefully prozac will do the job. While I like the effect of lorazapem, I know that I don’t want to be on this on a daily basis. Why? Because lorazpadem withdrawal will destroy anybody and impossible. I’m praying to god to help me get through this tough period. I just want to be normal again without having terrible anxiety/panic attacks.

  227. my doctor prescribed ativan to me twice a day .but i only took it when i felt nervous or anxiety. thats maybe one every other day or every 10 hrs. but now i feel worst , i found myself feeling nerves inside like i have to take it for it to go away. and founding myself getting aggessive and angry. when i was never like that . please someone tell me how can i get off this medication i dont think this is for me. is thier anything else for aniety thats less habit forming.

  228. you will need to taper 2mg , its the same strength has 20 mg valium , try it and see how it effects you , then taper id in trouble

  229. Hello Cathy. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or other medical professional. Each taper should be medically supervised.

  230. Hello Kerri. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. I’d suggest that you make a quick phone call to either one for more information. Best of luck to you.

  231. I’m taking half of a 0.5 ativan 4-5 x a week the half seems to take the edge off the anxiety so I can function I’ve been on ativan for 3 weeks my questions are 1- am I at risk for dependency on such a low dose and only once a day 4 days a week? 2- how long is a half 0.5 in my system and how long should I feel the effects? 3- how long can I use it as needed???? Thx for any answers you can give me

  232. Hello Quin. There are quite a few adverse effects of long term use of lorazepam. The benzodiazepine can affect mood, concentration, memory, or even your sex drive. Have you consulted with your physician about your concerns?

  233. You say lorazepam should be given for 2-4 weeks. I have been taking 1mg 4 times a day by prescription for over 10 years. What long term effect/problem could I have? At night I take two lorazepam, 2 50mg Doxepin, and 3mg Lunesta for insomnia.

  234. Hello Susan. Your individual tolerance to and/or dependence on lorazepam will change when you start to take it more often. However, consult with your prescribing doctor about the effects increases your dose will have. Also, have you tried alternative methods for managing anxiety?

  235. I have been having trouble with panic and anxiety that makes me feel really down. I have a prescription for lorazepam to take as needed. I have never had to take more than once a week. Right now I need to use it more. Is there anything wrong with using lorazepam like this?

  236. This doctor prescribed lorezapam 3x a day to my husband that just came out of rehab he has a pill adiction and over medicated him self its been 24 HR and he is still buging out please help me wat can I do

  237. I see no reason for Ativan to be limited , ADs are taken to way over the scripted dose by many doctors .I think if you need 10mg a day to live give it , let us make are mind about our bodies . I a shrink or GP suffered the same anxiety they would take it . The alternative is drink your self to death, BEEN THERE , pancreities is not a great illness you can die in a day. 10mg of Ativan would take a hell of a lot longer

  238. Hello Tara. I can understand the hesitation of this doctor to prescribe Ativan. Have you tried seeking a second opinion? Perhaps try to see another doctor or psychiatrist? I can empathize with you in terms of trauma. Life can be so difficult and is no easier when you go through abuse. Have you tried behavioral or psychotherapeutic interventions to resolve the trauma?

  239. I have anxiety attacks and have been through some bad situations in life growin up, even though I got over and forgave all that has happened , made peace with God about it…. the panic does not go away, I feel that I need ativan. I tried other perscriptions for anxiety but none work when I need them to and make me feel really uncomfortable in my own skin. So when they were not working I started drinking to take the edge off of my anxiety. I told the doctor this and he said because of that he will not perscribe me ativan, Im not seeking a high I need relief before I feel like my world caves in . I feel stuck and dont know what to do about it.

  240. Dr, took me off xanax ans put me on Ativan although I only take them to help me sleep at night but I do have anxiety attacts xanax was fast acting and I didnt have to take but once a day,rx for ativan says take it 3 times a day ,I dont need 3 times a day just wondering if the ativan will help with anxiety when taken as needed?

  241. I have been taking Ativan for 25 years. I am currently taking 90 2mg tablets in 24 days. 3.75/day average for the past 8 or 9 years. I want to stop taking this medication because I am very dependent on it. Can anyone advise on a reduction schedule to help me to stop this? I make no excuses for my behavior, I just need some advice.

  242. I use 4mg loz a day I have used it and Ativan for 30 years , at one breakdown I use old scripts of Ativan l had left and was taking up to 12 mg a day, a shrink stopped dead what he thought was 5 a day and sent me suicidal and seizure attacks. A GP gave me back 4mg a day and saved my life, I will stay on the 4mg for life . they still work, anyway what would I use for anxiety if not LOZ

  243. I have started talking Lorazepam for anxity to control alcohol withdraws this is my first day and took 2 tablets one in morning and one in night. When I go sleep and about to fall in sleep suddenly i get sezes and jumping body with wakes me up. Can you advice me after how many days these withdraws will stop ?

  244. I took three mg of Ativan, which is what I was previously prescribed, but it hit me differently today, and I’m wondering how long till all the effects have worn off?

  245. Hi, I took 2 mg of Lorazepam at bedtime two days ago, and then 2 mg as soon as I woke up the next morning at around 8:30am (yesterday morning) for a dentist appointment. This was the dosage he prescribed. After the dental procedure (which went well), I felt completely out, extremely tired and just slept the entire day. I could not accomplish anything. I tried reading emails but it was mostly gibberish to me. I went to bed hoping it would be gone by the morning. This morning, it’s a bit better, but I still feel really drowsy and dizzy and I have such a hard time concentrating on my work. When will this awful thing get out of my system? I’m getting very nervous about it… Thank you for your help!

  246. My Dr. prescribed lorazepam in 1-2mg dose to be taken an hour before bed to help me sleep. I have been taking it much longer than the above mentioned 2-4 weeks (8 months?) and would like to stop but do feel more of a mental addiction to it. How should I deal with this and what is the recommended way to get off this medication?



  247. Hi Nicole. Taking any mind altering drug can be frightening. Might I suggest that you ask a friend or family member to be present with you for the first hours after you take your first dose? Then, you can have help in deciding what to do should the effect not agree with you.

  248. My doctor gave me 0.5mg of lorazepam, that Im kind of scared to take. I never took any drugs like this so I dont know how it will act on me. will it make me feel funny or something, will I beable to drive once this med come down. will it make me sick. someone please help me cause I really need something to calm these attacks. but scared to take what i have because what i read

  249. I agree. I am with PTSD, depression but worse is the highest stress and anxiety level I have ever had and Im 37. My Dr had me on Xanax 0.5 2-3 times a day. Nothing worked after 2 weeks. He had me come in right away yesterday. He switched me to Ativan, I tool the first one last night. I only got a few side affects but I was a little more relaxed. I took the and another this morning as directed. My axiety and stress is still here but not at the extent it has been. In my opinion, I believe as your body gets the doses regularly as the Dr prescribed, It will work alot better on me. I am on 2mg Lorazepam 3 times daily.

  250. I just took 1/2 mg of Lorazepam about 2 hours ago. I don’t like the way I feel. Can I do anything to hurry this drug out of my system?

  251. Hi Susan. Once a drug hits your bloodstream, you need to wait for the body to metabolize, or process it. Unfortunately, there’s no way that I know of to speed the metabolism of lorazepam from the body. Be sure that you record and report the side effects of lorazepam to your prescribing doctor. And to find an alternative to lorazepam, including lifestyle changes, ask your doctor about other ways to treat the original symptoms.

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