Mixing lorazepam with alcohol

Mixing lorazepam and alcohol can cause memory loss, loss of inhibition and irritability. But you increase risk of overdose when you mix the two. More here on harms and warnings for mixing Lorazepam with alcohol.

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Are you considering mixing lorazepam with alcohol?

In this article, we’ll weigh in on the risks and dangers of mixing benzodiazepine medications like lorazepam with alcohol. We’ll also review what happens in your body when you mix lorazepam with alcohol and what can go wrong. We invite you to ask questions or comments about mixing lorazepam and alcohol in the comments, at the end. We try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt reply.

Lorazepam and alcohol effects

Lorazepam is an anti-anxiety medication used to treat mood disorders.  Lorazepam duration of action is about 6-8 hours, although some therapeutic uses have been known to last for up to 72 hours. Because lorazepam can cause a euphoric high some people think snorting lorazepam side effects or mixing lorazepam with alcohol intensify the effects of the drug. Self-reports of combining the two include the following effects:

  • impaired coordination
  • irritability
  • loss of inhibitions
  • memory loss and amnesia
  • suicidal and self-harming behaviors

However, the fact is that this combination of alcohol and lorazepam so profoundly impacts memory and behavior that it makes mixing lorazepam with alcohol extremely dangerous.  How long lorazepam in system?  Lorazepam can clear the body within a few days, or weeks, or months…depending on your individual timeline and pattern of use.

Dangers of mixing Lorazepam and alcohol

Dangerous side effects can occur when lorazepam is mixed with alcohol. This is mainly because mixing alcohol and lorazepam can intensify the depressant effects of both alcohol and lorazepam on the central nervous system. Some potentially dangerous effects of mixing Lorazepam with alcohol include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • impaired coordination
  • increased risk of overdose
  • loss of consciousness
  • shallow breathing

And keep in mind that the lorazepam enhances the effects of the alcohol as much as the alcohol intensifies the effects of the lorazepam. Alcohol makes you sleepy, drowsy, and lightheaded. Drinking and using lorazepam can cause trouble concentrating, difficulty with coordination, and a slowed reaction time, which can cause accidents. And, in a potentially deadly twist, lorazepam actually causes you to become more intoxicated from alcohol than normal – making it hard to gauge how much you can drink safely without experiencing alcohol poisoning.

Using lorazepam and alcohol chronically can take its toll on your health, relationships, and financial stability. But, addiction to both substances can be managed safely and successfully in controlled medical conditions. You can find out more about the treatment process and available rehab program options in our comprehensive outline of lorazepam addiction treatment programs.

Lorazepam and alcohol overdose

You’re much more likely to overdose on lorazepam if you take it with alcohol. Even if you have a high tolerance for lorazepam, it will be lowered by the additive effects of both drugs. Doctors recommend never mixing lorazepam with alcohol, and even avoiding taking them within a few hours of each other just to be safe.

Lorazepam and alcohol deaths

People often mix alcohol and lorazepam with tragic results. Even the prescribed dosage of lorazepam combined with alcohol could be potentially dangerous, lowering heart rate or causing other dangerous medical issues. If you abuse lorazepam by taking a higher than prescribed dose, or drink to excess, you might even die. The only way to avoid the potential risks is to choose not to mix lorazepam with alcohol.

Is it safe to drink on Lorazepam?

No, it’s never safe to drink on lorazepam. If you’re concerned about the potential health effects but want to be able to drink, ask your doctor for dosing advice (but don’t be surprised if you’re told not to do it at all).

Mixing Lorazepam alcohol questions

Do you still have questions about mixing Lorazepam with alcohol or other substances? Please leave your Lorazepam questions here. We try our best to answer all questions personally, and promptly. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help. Your experiences with mixing Lorazepam and alcohol are also welcome.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I will be taking 2 mg of Ativan for an MRI because I am extremely claustrophobic. I would like to potentiate the Ativan with o e shot of Irish Cream. How dangerous is this?

    1. Hi Ruth.It’s dangerous to mix any medications with alcohol. Don’t risk it. I suggest that you consult with your doctor if it’s okay to take Ativan before an MRI scan.

  2. I used to be on .5mg of Xanax once a day. Some nights I would go out and get hammered. The next morning I would have horrible anxiety with a hangover. I would drink a Gatorade and take a .5mg. No side effects at all, I felt great within 15 mins. I would not take it before or while drinking just fyi. If you take a very low dose as long as it’s not with alcohol then it’s should be fine

  3. I took 1 mg of Lorazapan 12hrs ago and I am going on vacation tommorow, when is it okay to drink again. I’m on vacation so I might be getting s little drunk but I want to be safe.

  4. I was prescribed a few Ativan for an anxiety/panic attack I had two days ago. I have so far only taken 4 in the past 2 1/2 days. One morning. One night. Last one I had taken was around 14 hours ago. Is it now safe to drink a few beers?.

    1. Hi John. Mixing pills and alcohol is might be very dangerous. You should always take your pills as prescribed. Don’t put yourself at risk.

  5. I have a question? if I had around one-and-a-half to two beers would it be safe to take 1 mg Lorazepam about 2 hours later? I am paranoid about mixing alcohol with medications so I thought maybe someone could give me a good answer. I know you should never mix these two together but I’m talking about waiting a couple of hours and then taking the lorazepam. Thank you for any help.

  6. Since the time varies to get the drug out of your system, would I be okay to drink at a party over 24 hrs after taking 1/4 of a mg for anxiety as a one time thing?

  7. I have taken 60ml vodka around 7 and 1mg lorazepam around 9. When I came to read all your reply I am feeling sacred to sleep. Its 11 by now. Please suggest.

  8. I took 1 mg of lorazepam a little over 5 hours ago. I wanted to have a drink tonight. I am wondering if that is considered “safe”.

  9. Hi, I went to the hospital three daya ago for alxohol withdrawl and was discharges with 1g of Ativan every 4 hours for anxiety. I folllwed cllse direction but took my last one abkut midnight last night. When woukd it be safe to have a drink?

  10. Dear sir. Or mama
    Thank you for his. Page.
    I am no polar take one or 2 larazapam
    One. Night I could not sleep I had 2 beers
    And 4 larazapam. 1.5 per pill.
    I was told work called no answer.
    They pounded on the outside wall of bed room
    Found my key on the porch. They yelled
    The police had. To shake me to wake me.
    I did not know what hapened. Or that I could o died.

  11. Hi. I have recently been having some anxiety due to a medical situation that has occured lately. My doctor has perscribed 0.5mg of Lorzapam. I may take one a day and I may go days without taking one. Is it safe to have 4-5 drinks on a casual occasion if I have taken one 0.5mg?


  12. I am not a drinker or drug user..On an empty stomach I had some drinks. I was intoxicated and ended up in police custody while having a panic attack. I was taken to the ER where I was given adavant. Now I have no recollection of that day at all. Is that normal for someone with no tolerance to alcohol or adavant?

  13. I take adivan for my anxiety only as needed. I took one 3 maybe 4 days ago and last night I had 2 glasses of white wine around 9-11pm. I’m having bad anxiety now and I’m worried about taking a adivan for the face that it hasn’t been 24 hours since my last drink. Should I hold off and wait it out? It’s 1am now the following day but I’m guessing the wine wouldn’t be 100% out of my system till about 3 or 4 am?

  14. I was drinking beers last night and was just wondering if it’s safe for me to take my lorazepam now?
    It’s been 22 hours since my last beer.
    Thank you very much!

  15. I hurt my back and for three weeks i had taken 0.5 of to deal with the pain. I weaned myself down to 1/2 of 0.5 pill once. i would cut the 0.5 pill in half and am now as of today I will be off it for 24 hrs.Is it safe to have a glass of wine tomorrow late afternoon?

    Thank you,

  16. I took 0.05 tablet on Friday morning.7 am. Did not like the feeling. Today Saturday I took two shots of bourbon.at 3 pm. Am I at risk? I am 6’2 280 57 years old.

  17. I have a friend who drinks a good amount at night, and wakes up with bad hangovers. She will take a half of a 1mg lorazapam to cure the anxieties of the hangover, she does this a few times a week, is this dangerous?

  18. My girlfriend and I are wanting to drink but I don’t want her to be hurt, she has a 1mg lorazepam and she it it around 2pm and it’s currently 9:30pm. Are we safe to drink?

  19. I was in the hospital this morning for and with. They gave me 2 lorazepam 12pm, when’s a good time to have beer to avoid serious effects?

  20. Hello Sir, an

    On October 2016 we lost our only middle aged daughter thro’ cancer and
    I was devastated for days after. I was suggested to take a one mg ativan
    to help me through the night. I always had the habit of taking a tot of whisky
    in the evening, or mid morning sometimes a glass of wine. Whilst going on
    Ativan 1mg I always made sure of a six hour period in between. Together
    with Ativan I was taking half a pill 5mg of Stillnox. This combination helped
    me nicely for the duration of a few weeks. All this was stopped when I thought
    I could get through without. I stuck on to the 5mg Stilnox to this very day. One
    comment I make is that I never had any side effects from taking the drugs, so
    apart from conquering my anxiety I always felt safe from the system i was using
    during my bereavement days. I wish to have some comments after you would have read the above.

    Thanks for listening…. Alfred

  21. i have been taking . lorazepam for20 years iuse . some alcohol and have not . had . side . effects i am 90 years . old and . enjoy . a . rye . whiskey . with . water . at times . is this . dangerous?

  22. Hi there,

    I just took .5 mg of lorazepam (11am) and having people over for drinks tonight at 7 pm. i should be ol to drink by then without harmful effects?

  23. i’m a proffessioal insomniac from age 12, now 67. ‘Been through many scripts, now Lorazepam 2 mg, which in my case is like a bandaid on cancer Really I need some of MJ’s Protoprophyll. The Lorazepam (2mg) is insufficient, so I store it up and take more on occassion when I simply Must sleep, before a performance. So often ineffective. So lately I’ve been mixing in a flowery brandy drink, which puts me in a delightful mood, but what kind of ticket to ride is this. I need to achieve oblivion as my Gemini mind only spins at 47,986,789,606 lightning bolts a second. I am flummoxed. but intrigued and welcoming any suggestion. I just want to sleep before midniht, or six (!), Have normal days. glad to be alive days, Whatever,this will be an adventure, What is safe, or is safe not what we’re really about.

  24. Hi my doctor prescribed me Ativan 2mg i took it after my breakfast. am going for a party tonight around 10pm is it ok to have few drinks ??

  25. can lorazapam increase the blood alcohol level . Saw one stusy that said yes – what are your findings ?

    many thanks

  26. I have just been prescribed lorazepam which I will only be taking 3 times a week. It is .5 mg… is there any harm in having an alcoholic beverage a couple of days after I have taken it

  27. I normally take a glass or two o white wine with my
    dinner and ater about two hours beore I go to bed I take a 1mg
    tablet of Ativan. How dangerous is this habit o mine??

  28. I’ve been on lorazapam for sleep or anxiety as needed. I’ve taken .5 to 1mg for sleep for years off and on. And if it doesn’t help ill drink a beer or two and helps me finally sleep. For many years I’ve done this. Not every night i do this maybe 2 ,3, times a week. I’ve never felt anything crazy or issues. Although i did take 2mg last week and started drinking. Prob had maybe 3 to 4 beers and went straight to bed slept more than i ever have in years and couldn’t remember certain things from the night before. So yeah. I can see the severe effects it can cause and the dangers. I just took 1.5 mg for sleep and thought about having little bit of beer . like half the bottle. Not much. But now reading all these stories and precautions. Maybe ill let the beer just sit. Drink it if I’m still up in 3am. I’ve done shit like this for years. I never really experienced any side effects. Maybe my tolerant is extremely high?

  29. I heard that Michael Jackson died from a storm effect caused by mixing lorazepam and propopol
    Lorazepam can give an euphoric feeling perhaps causing someone to misjudge doses of other drugs causing dangerous outcomes.

  30. For years I would have about a bottle of wine within a four hour period and then take a 1 mg. Ativan before bed. I never knew it was dangerous! It gently relaxed me and I slept well through the night. Not passed out! I’d wake up for water of go yo bathroom. I was never had a “wasted feeling”. Just a very relaxed feeling. No weird dreams, no hangover hmm..imagine my surprise when I learned how dangerous it is! I’m shocked!

  31. I took 1mg of Ativan at 8am. When would it be safe to drink a couple beers. I figured eight hours was good. It’s the only one I’ve taken in months

  32. I have been taking 2 mgs of Lorazepam at night for 10years, and drinking at night too, newer really aware of .the seriousness of my behaviour… My question is “if I drink at night” will I. suffer withdrawal effect if I do not take the 2mgs of Lorazepam that night or the next day. I am going to an ALL INCLUSIVE resort for 5 days on Saturday.

  33. I was wondering if I had a beer if I could still take my lorazepam if I start to feel anxiety coming on and how long till I can drink if I have taken a dose….

  34. I am or was healthy 67 yr old, I ran 3/4/5 x”s a week a 5k. I have healthy blood work #’s. In last 3 yrs dad was sick for 2 yrs aND passed mom the as well and just March my 50 yr old down syndrome brother died but I saw hospice through with him. He was like a child dieing. They lived in philly I in Florida . Being there for months at a time I developed a need for ativan to sleep one a night I also began to drink 1/2 bloody Mary’s as well which then wenter to a martini every other day for about a year and I always smoked weed one or two hits on the pipe in morning b4 a run. Last week I became practically unconscious in early morning after a hit of the pipe and barely was able to get myself to emergency…yes I drove myself after drinking a sugary gator adequate that kept me barely awake. Knowing my body I felt as if the last days b4 this attack I couldn’t seem to catch enough breath like anxiety at its worst but I refused to take more lorazapam feeling like it was screaming to me…more..more…the blood work ,ekg;an xray and a delayed blood panel showed healthy #’s. Since Thursday when I had a white Russian and Fri morn b4 episode I have not had either. I also tapered lorazapam to half a night. Sometimes I think I’m gonna b fine and eat or hydrate with green tea and lots of water avacados n tomatoes and have begun a good multi vitamin. But sometimes the ringing in my ears and feeling unconsciousNess threatens me. Am I doing ok?

    1. Hi Don. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  35. Hi i’m an alcoholic in recovery. I’ve recently lapsed, but want to stop again ASAP! I have some Lorazepam dated expire Jan 2017. Are they safe to take to detox myself? Regards, Sarah.

  36. I am just now being able to comprehend for long enough to wrap my head over the effects that occurred to me almost a month ago. I had gone to a hospital to attempt to get into a treatment center for alcoholism. These were instructions that I was told to do to seek help. Instead the doctors sent me home with Lorazepam, telling me it would help with anxiety and sent me on my way to seek help later in the day. I must add that I was by myself, my husband was at home with our children. I go home and later on fill the prescription at the pharmacy and begin taking it. Long story short, I have a drink go with a friend to the store, rest assured I was not driving. However, when we reach the store, for some reason I went to get out and fall and bust my head on the concrete. I don’t remember anything up until they begin putting stitches in my head. This follows me just being released the night prior because I had blacked out. The hospital said nothing about this medication staying on my system and that a drink is very dangerous. I am still very baffled as to why a hospital would prescribe such a dangerous medication to an alcoholic that is by themself.This medicine will stay in your system. I had to have about 100 stitches put across my forehead and into my scalp, my husband is still coping with the incident, I haven’t been able to return to work and may not due to the severe headaches and dizziness from my concussion. I have been able to seek support from other family members to acquire sobriety. I am now scarred for life, physically and mentally, in addition to my kids, husband and friends that are still trying to get the bloody event out of their heads.

  37. Hello,

    I had a hen party tonight and had a fair few drinks (around 8-10 glasses of either prosecco or white wine) and I am on lorazepram as and when I feel I need it. Only taking half of a 1mg tablet when needed. And I wanted to take one now (5 and a half hours after stopping drinking) because I feel like I need it but wanted to know how long after drinking alcohol I should leave it before taking it? Would this time frame be ok?


  38. I had my first anxiety pill this morning because I had an attack it’s a 1mg lerazepam how long do I have too wait so I could have some wine again I don’t take these pills every day it’s only when needed let me know pls ty..

  39. Hi I’ve been taking 5mg citalopram for about a week now and my doctor also prescribed me Ativan for the panic attacks I have while I’m getting citalopram in my system. I took one last night for the first time. I want to go out with my friends tonight (approx 24 hours after taking Ativan) and I want to have a few drinks but is that dangerous? I don’t plan on taking Ativan today and if I did I wouldn’t drink but is it far enough removed if it’s not necessarily in my system? Thank you!

  40. My Dad drinks 10-13+ beers / per day + hard alchohol while on lorazepam. Has anyone had experience with this or witnessed the physiological effects usage like this may have? I’m shocked he is even a able to get this drug considering his habits. Not sure what to do with him. Thank you!

  41. Hi, I took four Ativan pills at the ER because my anxiety attack of withdraw, im not percribe it so how long do i wait to have beer i have three 25oz i wanna drink but i need to know how long do i have to wait.

  42. How many 1mg ativan would be considered a life threatening dose for a 240 pounder woman with high drug tolerance.
    I do not want to die. But I can’t stop mixing my pulls n beer. I need that get away place. Just for a while. I need it.
    Please help me so I don’t od

  43. My father drinks heavy and has been taking .5mg lorezapam twice a day he sinced lossed memory doesnt take care of self and i guess is on hospice

  44. My mother says my dad is on hospice and i really dont think he is we never see his doctor and they deliver ver his meds lorezapam to the dpor he has cirosis and drinks heavily i recently had a restraibt order from her that lster found out was a fraudelent forgery because i called ambulance one day i would like to find out if she is doing right thing he is not himself and tells all hospice workers he wants to go home to chicago which he has family there

  45. I’ve been taking Lorazepam for over 3 years now since my daughter passed, along with Celeprox. I drink on the weekends. Even though I only have about 3-4 beers, all of a sudden it hits me, and I continue to function, but have no memory of certain events of that night.

  46. I’m currently taking .5 mg of antivan for anxiety. I took my last pill last night around 7pm on Thursday. Will it be safe to have a beer the next night?
    Thank you

  47. I’ve took my Lorazepam .5mg about the afternoon today….but thank goodness I decided to stop drinking after having 6beers . Ive been drinking water now . should I worry ???

  48. I’m taking lorazapam for alcohol widthdrawls and anxiety , my Dr told me I could sip on a beer so I didn’t quit cold turkey, I’m an alcoholic and have been for years, not sure what to do.

  49. I usually take lorazapam tid 1mg. Last night i had a few drinks and took my 3 with jt. I was told i made food showered well behaved and i thunk i finally slept for hours woke up feeling so reated and felt great. Problem is i dont remember anything that happened during the night. Only what people tell me. Anyway i can try to remember ? Just because I don’t remember is it still possible when I fell asleep that there was a chance i may not have woken up ? Scary but the sleep finally felt soo good. I usually dont sleep but an hour at a time for years and wonder if taking more lorazapam is what i need to sleeping normal. Tried all over counter stuff and my brain laughs at them.

  50. Hello! I was prescribed to take one half tablet (half of 1mg tablet , so .5 mg) of lorazepam by my doctor as needed. I occasionally drink, but usually only a glass or two of wine, but on the rare ocasion I will do a few shots. I usually wait about three days after taking the prescribed amount of lorazepam to drink, but how long should I really wait after taking 0.5 mg of lorazepam before it is safe for me to drink an alcoholic beverage? Thank for your help!

  51. Hi, I take 1mg of Lorazepam daily for anxiety. I took one tablet this morning at about 9:00am would it be okay for me to drink later tonight (later than 11:00pm)?

  52. Hi all! I took 4 shots of patron earlier 11.5 hours ago. I’m curious how many hours is recommended to wait after drinking to take Ativan (prescribed) not recreational. Also I don’t drink very often. Maybe it’s best to wait a full 24hiurs? Thoughts?
    Thank you!!

  53. I want to quit drinking but I can’t I had major surgery on my head for my car accident. I was prescribed Lorazepam and neuronton. I’ve upped he dosage of bot, And today I had two vodka cocktails when I said I wouldn’t. Should I be worried? My eyes are blurry but my hands and my shakes feel so much better. Any thoughts?


  54. I’ve ibly had a couple beers all night over the course of a few hours. How long since my last drink can I use lorazepam?

  55. I took an Ativan 2ml at 9 am and it is 6 pm now is it safe for me to drink one 24 ounce can of earthquake it’s got 10% alcohol we have relatives over and I would like 1 beer

  56. I have been binge drinking for a whole week now and had 3 24oz beers and also 40oz , i stopped at 10pm it is now 2:30 am and can’t sleep and feeling anxious is it wise to take a small dose of celexa and Ativan ?

  57. I took a Tavor this morning in my psychiatrists office (first time, just becaue of a pöanic attack), but am invited to a concert tonight and I could use the distraction.
    From the comments so far I am not sure if it is okay to drink there?
    I am trying to get back to participating in social situations, I’m not sure what to do.

  58. If a person took a ativan and later drunk a 24 oz. Beer,now in the hospital for 21 hours and thay are still in half sleep state of mind.will that person be alright

  59. I’ve taken 5mg of lorazepam in one go together w 1mg of riseridone. Is that dangerous please, can someone tell me?!

  60. I have been taking .05mg daily, at night, for over 20 years. It has been prescribed as a muscle relaxer for my back. Can you advise me about having an occasional drink on this dose? Thank you.

  61. Midday took prescribed 1mg ativan. Drank approx 6 large glasses of wine from 5pm-11pm. Took 1mg Ativan at 8pm then another 2mg plus 10mg valium when I got home to sleep after midnight.

    I didnt get any euphoric rushes or memory black outs. I felt slightly more intoxicated at times so I just stopped drinking and was okay in approx 10mins but was nothing major or different to drinking an extra wine too quickly.

    Why wouldnt this have an effect on me? I woke up fine, I didnt mean to misuse, my anxiety was high. Usually alcohol helps but it wasnt.

  62. Hi. I’ve been taking 0.5 mg of Ativan for alittle over a month now for sleeping at night, I have plans to go out to the bar with a few friends tomorrow night and drink socially and was wondering if I would be okay to drink? I will not be taking my Ativan tomorrow night obviously due to me having a few drinks and I know you aren’t suppose to mix those. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you 🙂

  63. The reason they give someone who drinks alcohol adavain wich is lorazepam is bc it does the same thing on the brain both alcohol and adavain triger the same chemicals and someone who is a big deinker bc your not allowed to have alcohol in the hospital they give loragepam to stop withdrawl they shiuld of explained that where your friend was there its a dangerous combo but you just have to know you stuff.

  64. Can I take Ativan after a night of drinking like on a hangover ? My anxiety are worst when I’m on a hang over ?

  65. Hello i had taken 8 clorasapam #2 and drank some volka and did. Some cocaine. I robbed a bank that day and can’t remember anything. Know I’m going to jail for something I don’t remember doing and something that I would never do. How could something like that happen!!!

  66. My husband is on Lorazepam 2mg 3x per day but only takes it 1-2 x depending how he is feeling. He also likes to have a few beers each day after work (most days) I am aware he shouldnt drink at all while taking this med but my in-laws read up and saw that lorazepam and alcohol can lead to death due to shallow breathing. But my questions is how much alcohol and lorazepam do you need to injest for death to occur. Again, I am aware he shouldnt at all but he enjoys having a few beers with the guys after work

  67. My little brother passed away (overdose) i was upset and stated drinking and i had got some clorazepam 2mg from a friend and i had taken 8 of them and sniffing cocain, it made me aggresive and i dont remeber anything, but i robbed a bank that day. i cant beleave i would do something so stupid now i will be going to jail for somthing i dont remeber doing… I WOULD NEVER DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT!!!!!!!

    1. Hi Joe. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or take your friend into the ER.

  68. I’m going for a girls weekend and wanted to know that if I have one or two glasses of wine at dinner (5pm) am I ok to take my 2mg pill at 10pm?

  69. My situation: injested one pil last night around 10 PM, two more at 7:30 AM. Later this day I go to a party where alcohol is consumed. How safe it is to consume one regular beer around 7 PM? should I stop at one or it is safer to see the effects and if possible have another one? Thanks

  70. I have been using Lorazepam daily for many years for anxiety….could it affect a breathalyzer reading?…ie…higher reading…thanks for your time

  71. I had 2 shots and 1 glass of wine then took .5 mg of ativan an hour ago and didn’t think it would be dangerous. I fel fine at the moment. Should I be worried? Is this unsafe?

    1. Hi, Jack. Please consider that it is illegal to mix lorazepam with alcohol, and you put yourself at risk. If you don’t feel well, call 911 ASAP.

  72. I have been taking Lorazepam for a number of years now for anxiety. I am not a heavy drinker, but occasionally enjoy having a beer or two. I am prescribed 1 mg, 2 X daily. It seems like not being able to drink occasionally and in moderation is like a punishment for medicine that is needed.

  73. I don’t eat much kinda in a tough spot. I drink beer all day and night. I have 1mg laraz they help me sleep, but I am taking 2-3 a day. Am I gonna wake up!?

    1. Hi, Justin. Please consider that it is illegal to mix lorazepam with alcohol, and you put yourself at risk.

  74. A friend told me that some one spiked his glass of wine with lorazepam.It effected him badly,
    will he face any problem in future.
    Thank you

  75. I was considering a party cocktail of 40mg lorazepam, 20mg alprazolam, 400mg oxycontin (insufflated), 100mg oral morphine, 800mg cyclobenzaprine, 2000mg methocarbamol, and 45mg zopiclone. As long as I fight the “nodding” effects, I should be able to enjoy the party.

    1. Hi, Garth. That’s pretty much. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

    1. Hi, David. Mixing lorazepam with alcohol is considered illegal and abusive. Please, consider that you put yourself at risk.

  76. I just had a cup of hot tea with lemon and a shot of rum I was hoping it would help my panic attack, so far no luck. I’ve been prescribed 2 miligramsnof ativan, is it safe to take. The rum in the not taken separately. Thanks for your help I just want to be safe.

  77. Hello experts, I want to know that if I take Lorezopam tablets 6mg, would I be unconscious, if yes, then how long, and would I loss my memory, I mean after taking Lorazepam, anything happen to me, will be remembered to me or not. What is peak time of Lorazepam. How to reduce or remove the effect of Lorezopam by other medicines. Please tell me. my relative is addicted to Lorazepam.

  78. ive seen mixed results from many doctors about this all over the internet and some on the same site as the other i get a mix of no its to dangerous or its not dangerous at all so my questions wood be with the fact i take it once in a blue moon and im waiting 19 hours to even have a drop of alcohole and its a quick disolve 1 mg would i be-able to have my regular 6-7 would i have to cut it back to 4 or not go? my original question is above this one.

  79. I had 2 1/2 glasses of wine 9 hrs ago can I take a 1mg of ativan to sleep Ive done it before but dont want to worry I havent slept good for 2 days I take ativan because I get panic attacks Thanks for any info you can give

  80. if one was to drink say 12 beers and then take 20 mg or 30 of methadone before bed, what that kill ? I know of one that has died, and one who has noy

    1. Hello Bert. That’s a serious mixture. If he gets worse, you should take him to hospital, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  81. My good friend died from combination of Ativan and alcohol.
    I miss him.
    Please dont mix these substances for the sake of the people who love you. If you know that you’re addicted to alcohol and pills dont lie to yourself thinking tou can beat it or that it wont happen to you. Seek help. Living sober is a beautiful life. I know. 23 yrs sobriety for me and I thank Jesus everday for giving me the strength to resist drugs and alcohol to the point where I don’t want to use or drink I like living sober and free… one day a time
    Thank you Bill W. and Dr. Bob…

    1. Hi Bob. I’m really sorry for you loss! Thank you for sharing this story about your friend. I hope others who read this will reconsider mixing alcohol with medications.

    2. Take your situation and then add this- your only child, your son, the light of your life, that died at the age of ten years old suddenly and unexpectedly when you thought he only had a stomach flu. Then factor in that there is still no “clear” reason why he actually passed away. The Head of the ER at the time he was admitted to the hospital doesn’t agree with the ME results, which took 6 months for us to get back from the DC by the way. Death certificate is not satisfactory to Head of ER findings. Then add in your own PTSD, flashbacks, triggers, etc. daily going on almost 3 years now. Much therapy, meds, steady job but life is no longer beautiful anymore… Sobriety pretty much sucks.

  82. I only take Lorazepam when I am having an anxiety attack. I haven’t had one in about 2 weeks. I am also an alcoholic but I hadn’t drank in about three weeks. I am on a drinking binge and when I try to stop I get the anxiety attacks. I don’t know how long I have to wait after drinking to take the Lorazepam. Please help. Thank you in advance!

  83. I thought that is ok to have drink after 3 hours of taking the lorazepam.

  84. I am an alcoholic, I drink everyday, at most I drink an entire fifth. I’ve been on Xanax for ten years, up to 3mg per day. Recently my father passed away and I went to the ER for uncontrollable panic attacks. I am not prescribed up to 3 mg of Ativan a day. I’ve read all the posts on this site, and I know everyone says don’t drink while on Ativan… But I can’t just not drink.. I can’t just stop drinking because I’m an addict. Is there a ‘safe’ amount I can drink without putting myself in harm? Also going to testament for alcoholism.. Thinking about starting up anabuse again to quit drinking. But for now, I just want people to know I need both of these to survive at this moment.. I’m not in it to see how messed up I can get, must wondering if there is a safe amount I can drink while on this med….

  85. Drank 3 drinks of whiskey around 18.00 hours is it safe to take clonazopam 0.5 mg, now it’s 2 am in night around 8 hours after first drink. Please suggest.

  86. Hey I I’ve taken 1 mg of lorazepam every day this week, including today at about 9 am. I don’t plan on taking one tommorow, will I be okay to drink heavily tomorrow around 6-7pm

  87. I watched my friend take his does of lorazepam and within 15minutes he was in total hallucinations , eyes crossed, slurred speech, unable to controll hand movements, equilibrium totally lost. Had to go urinate many times in a short amount of time, couldn’t make it to the bathroom any of the times so urinated on himself . It was awe full !!! Come to find out that because he had alcohol in his system that this is why he had such adverse reactions to this drug. When I called the doctor the following day that is when we found out that he should not have taken that drug while drinking alcohol. No body ever mentioned this. I really feel the doctor or pharmacist should have said something to pre-warn us. Ended up having to take my friend to emergency room and they admitted him overnight. Scary experience.

  88. Is this one of those things where you could do it say 10 times and not have any adverse reaction but the next time you take it could be fatal? I have taken 1mg of lorazepam while drinking vodka and the only adverse reaction I had was not remembering what happened. I don’t want to kill myself so if the next time could be deadly I won’t mix the two anymore.

  89. I just had three drinks about 2,hours ago im not drunk and im having a panic attack wat should I do when can I take my ativan

  90. Hi sb. I hear your frustration.

    I’d suggest that you speak directly about your concerns with your friends doctor, or to seek counsel with a pharmacist. Keep reaching out, intervene with your friend, and speak directly about your concerns.

    The world needs more caring people like you!

  91. This sentence is a serious contradiction: Doctors recommend never mixing lorazepam with alcohol, and even avoiding taking them within a few hours of each other just to be safe. Why don’t they just state – No Alcohol! ? I am trying to help a friend see that when she mixes the two, she is out of control, can’t walk on her own, makes a fool of herself, (not to me, I understand her problem) and ruins important moments on life. Doctors need to get the courage to say – choose One. Booze or drugs. Or best -none. Is this safe toper scribe to a person who has also suffered serious drug addiction? (smoking H.)

  92. I haven’t started using lorazepam yet even though I was prescribed to use it today, but I know I’m going to be drinking tomorrow so I won’t start taking it until the day after tomorrow. Is it still going to harm me if I take it the day after I drink alcohol?

  93. I am on 0.5 Lorazepam every 6 hours for anxiety and panic attacks. On Feb. 13, 2015 I had a 6th collapsed lung which would not re-inflate with a chest tube and required 2 surgeries. I have had serious anxiety/panic attacks and Lorazepam really helps. I am on 24/7 oxygen and I hate it and have to go to pulmonary rehab 3 times a week and have serious anxiety/panic attacks about leaving the house. My issue is I love drinking my white wine in the evening. Some days, I can get by and be happy with 2 glasses, but some days, I drink 5-6 glasses. The next day after talking with friends on the phone, I have no idea what I talked about or what I said or did. Suggestions? Guess I am going to wind up dead if I keep up my habit!!

  94. Hi there, I have really bad anxiety and was given a lorazepam to help me get through the event that I had to be there for, it’s only .5 mg, just wondering if it is safe to have a beer or two?

  95. hi, i am so depressed, my girlfriend broke up with me, saw her with another guy, which hurt me so bad. Is it okay to drink 2mg of ativan and 2 beer?

    1. Hi majordepressionan. No, it’s not okay. You shouldn’t do things that can hurt you even more and if you have a hard time coping with the situation I’d suggest you talk it out with your closest friends or with a therapist.

  96. This is 100% accurate. DO NOT MIX ATIVAN AND ALCOHOL. Being a freshman in college I’m an idiot and I don’t think ahead. Though, you would think I would being a Psychology major, but nahh.
    Anyway I did one day about 3 weeks before finals on accident because I had forgotten I took it that day, not too long before this. Well I got so messed up that I went to sleep really early and woke up at 8 am thinking it was at night and asked my friends if hey wanted to get dinner.. yeah. Well then my mom called me, stiiiiillll fuuuucked, asking me to go to the learning center and get a math tutor. So .. I confidently got dressed. Walked to the learning center and got me an english tutor. Yep, English tutor. Then I went back to my dorm and went to sleep and woke up and had no recollection of any of that!!!

  97. Took 1 MG of ativan and I’m still shaky…. about an hour ago…. will cause problems if I drank 1 beer? We just lost a close friend :*(

    1. Hi Ken. I’m very sorry for the loss of your friend. Drinking alcohol, even if it’s just one beer is not recommended when taking ativan.

  98. i take lorazepam daily, i had a beer the night before the next day at work they done a drug alcohol test,it showed my alcohol leave to be over the legal limit,and i was fired can it cause it to be that high?

  99. doctor ,i have taken alcohol and alprazolam 0.5mg .
    i’m having palpitations.
    what should i do,
    what medication should i take to reduce palpitation

  100. I am suffering from alcohol withdrawal but probably still have alcohol in my system. Can I take my lorazepam? Its been atleast 14 hours since my last drink but I drank for 3 days straight. Not sure how much I drank.

  101. Hi I would like to take ativan the day before my wedding. Post wedding I will be drinking alcohol. The rest of the ativan thrown in the garbage. Are there any issues with this?

    1. Hi Robby. Your plan seems legitimate. Just, be aware that if you’ve been taking Ativan for some time now, it is not smart to quit cold turkey. If it’s just the one pill, then you don’t have to worry about withdrawal symptoms. Oh, and Congratulations on the wedding! I wish you all the best!

  102. Questions. I take lorazepam infrequently. Three or four times per month. .5mg. Must I still stop after four weeks?
    If I drink in the evening, is it ok to take Lorazepam in the morning – 8- 10 hours later.

    1. Hi Greg. The first question can be best answered by your prescribing doctor. Of course, you are not at such a high risk of becoming dependent or addicted, but there are some other health facts you should be careful about. For the second question, it depends on how much alcohol you are drinking. It’s important that all the alcohol from your system is gone before you take Ativan. You can search for an alcohol elimination time calculator online.

  103. If only I’d read all of these posts before I tool lorazepam and drank the other day I ended up being arrested for assault and not even remembering what happened that night! This is a serious drug not to be mixed with alcohol!

  104. after just receiving my first prescription for Ativan, I was upset so I started drinking and took one 1mg Ativan. then I took another then another…(not sure how many all together or how much alcohol exactly). that was the last thing I remember…..I woke up the next day in the afternoon in a hospital bed. I was confused as to what had happened and why I was there. apparently I drove my car, swirved off the road and got stuck in a snow pile. then tried to walk home. according to the police report they found me laying in a near by snow pile asking where I was….I was charged with DWI as well as many traffic tickets. I have no memory of anything past having a few drinks and pills at home around midnight. to find out that I left, drove, crashed, talked to police and medical staff yet have no memory of any of it! that scares the hell out of me! I have mixed pain meds with alcohol for an extra buzz but have never had this reaction….be careful!

  105. Hi, I was curious if if I have to wait till tomorrow to have a drink. I took a .05 I believe of lorazepam it’s been about ten hours since I took it. I would like to have a drink since it’s my birthday and am going out. I’m really scared after reading some of these posts.

  106. Hello Michelle. If you drink one pint of beer, your body takes about two hours to break it down. One pint of strong lager is equivalent to three units, so this will take longer. I know that you are safe to take all the lorazepam by now, but for future reference, I’d say you can safely take your pill about 4 hours after drinking one beer.

  107. I had a beer around 6pm just one and my anxiety is not calming down can i take a lorazapram it a half tablet?thanks Michelle

  108. Thank you for your reply!
    I cannot understand why the hospital would have given me lorazepam when I was brought there after an accident. I was unconscious for at least 10 minutes according to witnesses, started to come to, then blacked out again. I do not remember the ambulance ride at all, I had 4 drinks in a 6 hour period of time, which the police at the scene of the accident knew, so the hospital must have known. Furthermore, they did take blood tests. Then, they sent me home — alone! I am 59 years old and had a concussion with stitches in my head, a severely sprained ankle, an injured knee and a back injury. The hospital gave me no information about how to care for myself — alone — with a concussion, either. As it turned out, I did everything wrong, (using the computer frequently which worsens headaches.)

    My memory of the entire night is only *snapshots.” I don’t know if it is due to the concussion or from the lorazepam. Is there anyway to tell the difference?

    Thank you.

  109. I take valium at night once a day 5 mg….Is it safe to drink a few beers at night time if i skip the valium and just take it the next morning or next night? Thanks for response

  110. Hello Debbie K. No, lorazepam doesn’t increase blood levels of alcohol. Alcohol allows more of the medication to reach the brain, resulting in increased effects. Mixing these two substances results in sleepiness, lightheadedness, drowsiness, trouble concentrating, difficulty with coordination and movement, and much slower reactions.

  111. Hi Scoub. Cipralex is not expected to interact with alcohol, nevertheless it’s not a recommended combination. Using Ativan together with alcohol can increase nervous system side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Ativan also intensifies the effects of alcohol, so no amount is recommended.

  112. You state in the article, “And, in a potentially deadly twist, lorazepam actually causes you to become more intoxicated from alcohol than normal”
    My question is this:
    Does it raise the blood alcohol level?

    Thank you

  113. Hi there.

    I am currently weaning off of Cipralex and have been given 2mg of Adivan on the interim for if panic sets in. I feel fine so far but I do drink wine. Is there a safe amount to consume? 1 or 2 glasses will that put me at danger? Just wanted to know before I start tapering off the Cipralex.

  114. Hello Depressed. I’d suggest (even though you may not be suicidal) that you call the 24/7 hotline
    1-800-273-8255 any time you need to talk. There are trained listeners who can help guide you to help. All the best!!!

  115. I’ve been dealing with depression and anxiety for years. Usually my way of dealing with it was to drink. Most times to blackout point. Recently, I finally decided to seek medical help. I went to the dr and was given paxil and ativan for my anxiety attacks, I’m unemployed as I was laid off from work, single, have very few friends so I spend a lot of time at home alone. Recently, I’ve started drinking again everyday. I wake up and before 10am make myself a drink and take ativan with it and sometimes a Vicodin. I just don’t want to feel anything anymore. I’m not suicidal, but I have thought how much better it would be if I just didn’t exist. But I’d never have the guts to do anything about it. I just feel hopeless, lonely, unwanted by people and have isolated myself and just pop pills and drink to feel numb and get through the day. I guess I don’t have a question oor anything I just wanted to get this off my chest since I have no one I can tell this to and no one who would understand anyway.

  116. Is it possible to receive a higher BAC content with having alcohol and loraZepam in your system plus taking additional dose 12 hours later

  117. I had an experience with alchol, lorazepam and weed. I took 1mg of lorazepam and vaporized a fat gram of chronic before I headed over to an end of semester party. I rarely ever drink (just because I prefer oother drugs) but when I do, it take me 4 or 5 drinks to get a buzz going. This time it took me 1 drink to get me throughly buzzed. I was having a pretty good time, but as I finished my second drink, things became unpleasantly dizzy and my stomach became very upset. I decided to leave the party early. By the time I got home, I was fealing better. However, I did not sleep for a nanosecond that night.

  118. Hi Lesia. Taking Ativan and drinking is absolutely NOT safe. Your boyfriend should stay away from any kind of alcohol, even beer, while taking the medication.

  119. Hello,,,,have a boyfriend that drinks just about everyday. He really got on a binge this past week and was hospitalized for 3 days. When he was released they prescribed him ativan . I hope this will help but…..he wants to drink beer. Could this be fatal ?

  120. I took a 1mg Lorazopam early this morning, and one a few hours ago. I came home and have two sips of wine and I though “I really shouldn’t be doing this” Then I researched this and found your blog. So I my body was smart enough to stop me. Is two sips of wine going to be a problem after taking Lorazapam about 6 hours ago?

  121. Hi Becca. Generally speaking, one may have to wait for 12 hours after dose of Ativan to consider drinking alcohol. They say that the body metabolizes about 1oz of alcohol per hour. So, consider how much you’ve been drinking and don’t take Lorazepam untill that time passes. You can leave an extra hour or two, just to be safe.

  122. The combo is so scary, my husband has been experiencing memory loss and irritability so I looked up causes and was led here. He won’t listen to me when I tell him it’s dangerous and affecting him. He points out that people mix far worse without issues. Does anyone know what happens when you add smoking weed to this mix?

  123. Hey, Around two weeks ago I had my first drink/drinks, I was giving Lorazepam for anixety, But i only take it once in a while because being on pills isn’t something i’m really okay with, But my question is if it’d be okay for me to take one now? I really don ‘t know how long alcohol stays in your body or anything

  124. Hi Christine,

    I’m no doctor. But, from experience I can tell you he’ll be fine. The biggest danger is passing out and choking on vomit. However, to continuously due such a thing will most likely damage the liver and kidneys. I stopped taking lorazapam due to all of the negative aspects of the drug. I stopped taking it over a month ago and I have less anxiety and am sleeping better. Maybe he could look into a different drug? Or find natural ways of coping? To each their own.

  125. My husband drank 12 beers today and then took his Lorazepam. He said he took 10 1mg pills. His prescribed dose is 4mg but he has been self medicating when he wants. He is a disabled vet and does not listen to medical orders…..

  126. I have a friend she takes lorazepam .5mg but she takes like 2 at a time and sometimes she drinkes and snorts cocaine while she’s on her medicine

  127. A friend of mine consumed a fair bit of beer and 60mgs of ativan sl a week ago and has had, and still has absolutely no adverse symtpoms. It was unintentional as my friend has never done anything like this before. He was speaking to a nurse at the er yesterday and she said that if there was any damage to the liver there would be symptoms by now. What do you think?

  128. Hi Cat. Mixing benzodiazepines and alcohol is never wise. Ativan and alcohol taken together, or one after the other can cause an extreme reaction and in some cases even prove fatal. Pharmacists usually advise to wait about 12 hours after drinking to take Ativan, or any other anxiety medication.

  129. Had three beers four hours ago. One beer every hour from nine to eleven. Now having anxiety attack can I safely take a 1mg Ativan tab?

  130. Hi Brewer. There really isn’t any safe amount of alcohol that you can drink while taking benzodiazepines like Ativan. It could stay in your system for up to 2 days after the last dose, you should not drink any alcohol on the days you take the Ativan. Talk to your prescribing doctor and explain the situation.

  131. I work as a brewer, and needless to say tasting beer is a major part of my job.

    I recently got perscribed .5 mg of ativan which I usually only take 1 dose of a day in the late morning or early afternoon. Am I able to drink the equivalent of a beer or 2 later in the evening/night during work, or is this a problem. I’m hoping I don’t have to stay on the pills for long, but in case I do I am starting to worry about my job.

  132. my husband used to consume alcohol from past 20 years. some one said to stop drinking habit lorazeipam is a mode of treatment. and advised 2mg bd. is it currect

  133. I snorted about 6-8 ativans and drank some liquor with it and became very messed up, but are the night went on I got really mad or emotional easy and this has only happened with ativan for me, when I woke up the next morning all I saw was white around me for a few seconds but ever since then my chest has been hurting and it been over a day later.

  134. I have recently been administered a alcohol breathalyzer test during a traffic stop. The results were very high for only to of had 2 drinks over a 3 hr period. My question is could my having taken my ativan prior to or during my consumption of the two alcoholic beverages have caused an increase in my BAC?

  135. If you have been drinking and then had a medical issue where you were given Ativan intravenously, would it cause a urine test to show you had more alcohol in you than you actually did?

  136. A friend has taken 8mg of lorazepam with alcohol all in one go along with 7, 25mg of promethazine should they to hospital or just sleep it off?

  137. Hello Steve. Is there a law in your state that allows you to report this threat so that your friend might be institutionalized? Check with your state attorney general’s office and see what you might be able to do to prevent possible overdose…or at least consult with the police department to see what actions they can take. Call the Poison Control Center for exact dosing limits and possible outcomes: 1-800-222-1222.

  138. My friend says he is going to take 19-20mg lorazapine while drunk-will that kill him? Should I be worried or will he just pass out?

  139. I drank 5 beers with 2 mg Ativan breathing since then is difficult can I do anything to help or am I in big trouble?

  140. Hi… three days ago I took four 1mg lorazepams with a fair bit of alcohol. I knew I would experience memory loss from that night… but its 3 days later and I’m still havimg troubles remembering the things I’ve done each day since. Are these memory issues permanent? Or will they wear off eventually?

  141. mmmm thanks heaps for your reply! Physc has said def no alcohol tooo!!! honestly does anxiety leave you with a head pain for 9 months continuing?????

  142. Hello Kristy. Good question. It’s possible that the ER or hospital prescribes Ativan as a short acting benzodiazepine to help with withdrawal. But I doubt that they would recommend your husband drink while on lorazepam after discharge. It may be a “quick fix” to prescribe Ativan as part of his treatment, but he’ll need psychological interventions if he is to stop drinking for good.

  143. Okay, so, if your NEVER suppose to mix Lorazepam (Ativan) with Alcohol, why has every single hospital my husband (a chronic alcoholic) given him 2 to 4 mg of the drug during his hospital visit (after doing a blood test to check his blood alcohol level, and after he has told them that he had been drinking not even an hour before) and then went ahead and gave him a prescription for it so he can detox at home?

  144. Hi Tracey. It’s our belief that NO ALCOHOL works best when taking lorazepam. If you cannot stop drinking for the time period that you’re taking lorazepam, it might be an indicator of psychological dependence on alcohol.

  145. if taking 2mg a day or lorazapam for anxiety after a heart operation 6 months ago would a couple of beers at night hurt for a 68 year old?? Thanks

  146. Is it safe to drink heavily the day after taking a lorazepam, like what is the minimum hours i can drink heavily? Please don’t comment on the drinking heavily part it is my birthday coming up that is why.

  147. I only take Ativan when I have a panic attack. I took one last night, it’s .5 mg. I’m supposed be at a party tonight. By then it will be 16 hours since I took it. Will it be ok to drink?

  148. I took a few sips of wine before bed and without thinking took my lorazepam to get to sleep. Freaking out I made myself throw everything up but am still scared to go to sleep. Is it safe for me to sleep after this situation?

  149. Hello Lauren. You’ll want to avoid mixing Ativan, drinking and flying. You’ll want to breathe and have a regular heart rate, after all!

    So which is more sedative? The Ativan, probably.

    So try the Ativan, avoid the drinks, and then wait for a good 24 hours before drinking again. The half life for lorazepam is 12 hours, but you want it to clear your system totally before drinking again.

  150. Hello,

    I was prescribed ativan (lorazepam) by my doctor for my flight to cuba. I get very bad anxiety on flights and wanted something as a back up. I was going to try and see if a couple drinks at the air port would calm me down before my flight and then if not take my lorazepam when boarding. Is this something dangerous to do? Also, my flight is at night, is it safe to drink the following day after taking lorazepam? Please let me know. Thank you.

  151. Hello Trish. The combination of alcohol and lorazepam can result in depressed heart and breathing functions. Apart from fatality, the long term effects on the brain would be similar to those of lack of oxygen to the brain. To learn more about the exact nature of possible harm to the central nervous system when mixing lorazepam and alcohol, I’d suggest that you contact a neurologist or a medical doctor.

  152. Hi Valarie. You’ll need to verify the diagnostic process in the ER by asking for her medical records. ER visits should be accompanied by a drug test (usually blood test) so that doctors can see what is in the body AT THE MOMENT. If no drug test was administered, perhaps there is a case of wrongful action.

  153. My friend was a chronic alcoholic (beer only, daily) who was also on vicodin for years due to injuries sustained in an auto accident. She went to the hospital for breathing problems related to pheumonia and was given lorazapam to sedate her. She never woke up. I’m trying to understand if it’s all over the internet that you shouldn’t combine these drugs/alcohol, why would an emergency room/ICU would give lorazapam to an alcoholic? Mistake?

  154. My husband is drinking over a quart of vodka while taking Lorazapam and Celexa. He also takes extra doses of the Lorazapam and has taken an extra Celexa a few times. He does all of this in an 8-12 hour day. I can”t get him to stop any of them. He never remembers things he says and does when I tell him the next day. I don”t know what to do any more.

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