How much OxyContin is too much?

How much OxyContin is too much depends on your exposure to opiates. In general, opioid naive people should not take more than 30 mg of OxyContin per day. But OxyContin is easy to overdose on, especially if it’s not taken as directed. More on OxyContin overdose and safe dosing here.

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OxyContin is a pain medication that contains oxycodone, a narcotic painkilling medication. OxyContin is a controlled-release version of oxycodone which does not contain the non-narcotic pain medications that can be found in some other brands of oxycodone.

In general, 30 mg OxyContin in one day is the safe limit for people who have not been exposed to opiates. But people who have developed opiate/opioid tolerance can sometimes take up to 120 mg within 12 hours.  Still, you can die from OxyContin overdose.  In this article, we’ll look at the safe and dangerous amounts of OxyContin and invite your questions about OxyContin at the end.

OxyContin strengths

OxyContin comes in multiple strengths. This is because the body gradually adapts to OxyContin in your system as you become opiate tolerant. So doctors start you on a small dose of OxyContin to begin because it’s much easier to overdose on higher doses of OxyContin if you do not have a tolerance to the medication. If you have taken OxyContin for long periods of time, your dose will gradually be increased so that it continues to control symptoms of pain.

For opioid naive patients, OxyContin comes in doses of 10mg oxycodone, released over an extended period of time. OxyContin also comes in doses of 15mg, 20mg, 30 mg, 40 mg, 60mg, and 80 mg. At one point, 120 mg controlled release OxyContin tablets were available, but they have been pulled off the market due to the high risk of overdose when used recreationally.

How much OxyContin is safe?

How much OxyContin you can take really depends on your tolerance to the medication. Opioid naive individuals should not take more than 30 mg in one day. Those with a tolerance to the medication can sometimes take up to 120 mg within 12 hours. Consult your doctor to determine the maximum safe dosage of OxyContin for you.

How much OxyContin can you take at once?

Only one OxyContin tablet of the strength prescribed by your doctor should be taken every 12 hours. OxyContin provides continuous relief over this period, so it shouldn’t be necessary to take more. If your OxyContin tablet is crushed or cut in half, it will actually be more dangerous because the controlled-release function of the tablet has been damaged. For example, if you break an 80 mg tablet in half, you would get 40 mg oxycodone all at once, instead of 80 mg over 12 hours, which would greatly increase your risk of overdose even if you had a moderate tolerance to the medication.

How much OxyContin to overdose?

The amount of OxyContin is takes to overdose varies based on your previous exposure to OxyContin and other narcotics. If you’ve never taken OxyContin before, as little as 30 mg could spell trouble. On the other hand, there are people who are able to take far more than that without any problems. Ask your doctor what he or she recommends as a safe dose, and if you suspect overdose, call your local poison control center or go to the emergency room.

Toxic levels of OxyContin in the system

You can overdose on OxyContin by taking it orally.But it’s much easier to overdose, even if you’re tolerant to the drug, by taking OxyContin in ways other than prescribed.. Because all OxyContin strengths are controlled-release medications, crushing the OxyContin and snorting it or dissolving OxyContin powder in water and injecting it increases your risk of overdose. In recent years, a new version of OxyContin has been developed which makes OxyContin harder to abuse and harder to accidentally cause overdose – this formula makes it more difficult to crush the medication.

How much OxyContin is fatal?

Since it’s so hard to know how much OxyContin is fatal, it’s better to simply avoid taking high doses of the medication, particularly if you have never taken it before. If you take OxyContin as prescribed, you can avoid this risk altogether.  And keep in mind that OxyContin snorting effects include overdose and death, so you risk fatality if you are taking OxyContin to get high.

How much OxyContin should I take?

You should take the amount of OxyContin prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more OxyContin than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

Too much Oxycontin questions

Do you still have questions about OxyContin? Please leave your questions here. We try our best to answer you quickly. And if we don’t know the answer to your question(s), we will refer you to someone who does.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Carolyn, those sound like classic withdrawal symptoms. But speak with your doctor about it, believe me, it can take ages for those feelings to go, and they’ll only get worse (if it is withdrawal).
    I’ve been on a wide plethora of opiates over the last decade and built up quite a tolerance. I was on 580mg Oxycontin slow release a day. I was told it would take me two years to safely come off them, but because I am highly responsible with my own meds, I’d been lowering the dose on and off over the time I was on them. I wanted to make sure the pain was still there (otherwise what’s the point in my taking something I didn’t need). I DO NOT RECOMMEND ANYONE DO THIS, FOR YOUR OWN HEALTH AND SAFETY. Not only had I been a nurse for almost twenty years, I had a very good tolerance for these pills and they, over time, a very long time, came to not work so well for me on that dose, but I wasn’t happy increasing them. I wanted to try something else.
    Three months later I was completely off them.. No, I won’t discuss how, and NO I 110% do NOT recommend any one ever ever tries that!! Your situations are completely different to mine, just because I managed it, it doesn’t mean others can too.
    You only have one life, don’t waste or abuse it!

  2. Yes I have a question. My pain Dr. Had to take time off from work and she referred me to another Dr. I have cancer, back pain, fibromyalgia and my Dr. Went through all kinds of meds until we found something to work without making me dopey or not strong enough for my pain. So she had me on OxyContin 60mg twice a day and oxycodone 20mg 6 times a day. This would allow me to get out of bed and try to stay busy doing things that I can do. We’ll this new doctor took me off all of my medicine I was on and 1st week put me on methadone 5mg 4 times a day oxycodone 20mg 6 times a day, 2nd week methadone 10mg 3 times a day oxycodone 20mg 3 times a day and 3rd week methadone 10mg 4 times a day oxycodone 10mg 4 times a day. Now I am hurting so bad I can’t get our of bed except to go throw up and my stomach feels like it is raw on the inside and that something is eating its way out. Is this normal. I have quit taking the methadone now for 4 days and my stomach is starting to feel better but I am about to die from the pain. Could I be allergic to the methadone? Please giver some info and understanding before I go back to this doctor.

  3. How can I mix OxyContin 30mg modified release (brown tablets) with water and stop it going to a thick syrup.
    Regards Brett………

  4. My brother passed away a few years ago and I think my brother’s doctor over-medicated him he was giving him 330 mg Oxycodone pills a month and 15 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain and 60 Xanax 1 mg a month I think that was way too much how long do I have to talk to a lawyer about the situation thank you

    1. Hi Michael. I am really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you talk with a lawyer, and a coroner about your concerns.

  5. Hello! I have a high tolerance for pain medicine. I’ve been on so many types of pain medication from Norco 10-325 to Dilaudid 4mg. With that being said I’m currently taking Oxycontin 30mg 3 times a day. I’ve been taking this dose for about 2-3 weeks now, and noticed it’s not really working when i take one 30mg. Would it be okay if i take two 30mg extended release tabs at the same time without overdosing?

  6. I started hydrocodone in 1990. I needed it to keep working due to a failed back surgery and PNE. In 2000 I had to go on total disability due to the fact that my PNE (pudendal nerve entrapment) was being incorrectly diag. and the pain was intolerable. I have been on 10/325 hydrocodone–then 10 mg. percs.–then from 25 mcg. duragesic patch up to 150 mcg. every 2 days. They did not last the 3 days as their lit. said. In fact most of the ER meds. don’t last the length of time they say they will. Then I was put on oxycontin, up to 120 mgs. every 6 hrs. with 10mg. for break through pain. I had surgery once they found out the correct diag. of my nerve entrapment. I wanted to get off the massive meds. so I had to come up with my own plan. Please look up symptoms for PNE on google. It causes excrutiating pain. I had them all, plus a couple more. Anyway I went through some degree of withdrawl on each one. I could help so many people on the reality of what they can expect. The manufactures info. is not correct and even if it was we all have different chemical balances in our systems. It is impossible to come up with exact amounts of what med. will do what to each person, so they go with averages. They test people and then use their figures and come out with averages. That might work if people were machines but each is different. While there are similarities each person is different with different pain levels, injuries, and chemical make ups. I remember a girl dying in the 70’s from taking 2 -10 mg. valium. On the other hand I know a girl with MS who tried to commit suicide and took a whole bottle, 90—5mg. pills of valium, just to wake up the next day. I do take exception with some of the advice given here. I have a life full of chronic pain since my failed back surgery in 1975. I do not say these things to offend anyone, but to say each person is different, and while my friend was taking 12–80mg. oxycontin for his back. He just up and quit with no withdrawls. Go figure. I have never had such a blessing, all mine were hard.

  7. I am a Vietnam vet disabled I’ve been medicated by the veteran snitched ration ever since the late 70s I used to take pills to go to bed to do anything for example I used to take trazodone 500 mg and nine to go to bed and sleep eventually it did not work mostly medications will not work now and I stand an average of two or three hours of sleep a night if it’s a good night I also take now oxycodone prescribed 150 mg per day at 30 mg per pill I try to spread amount through the day and only take the one at a time I do all my power not to have to do anything different but if I do not take it my body goes into remission ( it’s terrible)
    my doctors are very aware of my situation and do not give me no other option’s I’m very aware of the side effects and problems occurring with large medications but I had no doctors know more at will help me the last one left for another company he was my last health to help me control my issues with other options is her anybody out there that can really help meI’m very aware of overdose had for spinal surgeries five I surgeries thyroid cancer and half my thyroid related but I still keep going.
    I don’t let things stop me, I don’t abuse my medications and try to hurt myself, any worse than I am , but it’s getting hard to motivate myself. All the doctors that were good trying to help me have laugh or Retired, all the NEW and young doctors that only know how to write a prescription ! I’m geting lost where do I go to get real help

  8. I actually have a question for Oxycontin users. First the blah blah, motorcycle/deer accident Type 6 Tibeal Plateau Fracture, 13 surgeries in 2 years, then a Full Knee Replacement. ok, now I am on 3x Oxycontin 40mg CR, 3x Oxycodone 10mg . I have been on this dose for over 1 1/2 years and I talked to my PM Dr. And he unfortunately is quick to judge and says I’m opiate dependent, No shit Sherlock! I told him my current dose isn’t relieving my pain as much as it did a year ago and he says I am at a max level and he cannot raise my dose. I take my meds by the book which he would know if he did urine screening. He says No one is on a higher dose than you are on! Now a friend of mine fro. Physical therapy told me he takes 60mg Oxycontin 3 x a day and 6 10mgs Oxycodone daily, what? He said he has his GP manages his pain and he has been with Dr for 20 years and he knows him very well and thinks Pain Dr.s should go through pain and then understand it! Anyway has anyone dealt with this? I am looking for a different PM Dr. But hard to find here in NY.

  9. I took 2 tabs 5mg. Oxycodone about 3:40. ( I think). At 4:00 I took 2 more, thinking I hadn’t I taken any at the earlier time. Is this an overdose?

  10. Please can you help ?
    My 40mg tablets of oxycontin are not digesting. I can still see they have the coating on them. I have spinal injury and have bowel problems and evac my bowels.
    Plus over last 12 month cant move until nearly 4 pm after i’ve taken my 3 x 10mg oxynorm caps all at once to allow me some pain relief from nerve pain.
    Not sleeping at night. I feel cold and shivery from midnight everynight waking in cold sweets.
    I take tramadol 200 mg and 1200 mg neurotin 3 times a day.. ive been taking these drugs for over 12 yrs the dose gets increased once the nerve pain fights back.
    I hate been on any drugs but how can i do anything
    Without them. Two yrs ago i took myself off diclofenic due to heart problems and anti sickness meds.
    I need help trying to sort my pain meds out. Can you advice me?
    Thank you

  11. I am an 80-year-old female, 5′ 2″ in fair health. I need a total hip replacement due to massive arthritis, no cartilage, with bone spurs. Heart is too bad for surgery (aortic valve stenosis diagnosed 7 years ago). I am taking 10/325 oxycontin/acetomeniphen, max of 4 per day, 6 hours apart. Started on 5 mg 1 year ago, increased to 10 about 6 months ago. No longer helps my severe pain when walking. Pain management doctor has tried other pain meds, even 25 mg Fentanyl patch every 72 hours, nothing has helped but the oxycontin. Is it safe for me to take a larger dose, as the oxycontin/acetomeniphen has been the only relief for me? I cannot bear the pain of walking much longer. My husband is in a nursing home, long-term care, and it would be very difficult for me to manage a wheelchair. Thank you for your time.

  12. I have been taking Oxycodone for 25 years now because of multiple back and knee injuries!
    I am now on 20 mg. tablets 6 times a day!
    I have never ever taken this Med. to get High as they call it! It just helps relieve my terrible pain!
    I am so sick and tired of the News Media giving out False and Half truth reports on Pain Medicines!
    I wish they would shut their Lying Mouths and just let those Stupid Fools that take it for Fun go ahead and Kill Themselves! They are going to overdose in time anyway so let them go ahead and do it!
    These Drug Addits give the Fake News Media something else to Beat their Drums about!
    They have the Doctors scared to prescribe anything so a lot of people like me are in unnecessary terrible pain because of Drug Heads, Government and the Damn worthless News People!
    The Population needs to be thinned some anyway so let Drug Heads Kill Themselves!

  13. I have hunk they should take all this shit off the shelves to many people die every second of the day it’s a habit not a disease as they put it and it’s killing many people

  14. Will 30 mg of oxycodone give me significant pain relief? That is what I have been on for about 2 years. I also take 15 mg of OxyContin for break through pain, but sometimes I feed like it’s not working. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

  15. I was on methadone 10mg 5x a day. I was changed to oxycontin 30mg 2x a day extended release . If I took 2 at same time would it killed me . I go to a pain clinic andt this medicine does not work for 12hrs as it says it does . They are dropping my dose down to get me off this medicine but I hurt constantly. What should I do. I was doing great on my methadone but this Dr won’t prescribe it . I’m lost and in pain all the time . All I want is to be able to function and be able to work and play with my child . Not be stuck in my house hurting . I want to have a life that I don’t hurt and enjoy life until I just have to have surgery . I was in an accident and rolled my car 6x and of itself could just take a pill and have a pain free quality of life that would be great but Dr’s don’t want to give u what helps . They want you to hurt so you will do anything and think it will help us. But aging it does nothing but fill there pockets with money and your worse than when u started then you have to take more medication . I am 34 yrs old and Dr thinks I don’t need my medications
    Heather doesn’t have my pain he can’t feel what I feel everyday all day . I so wish these Dr’s wouldn’t be afraid to be doctors . But government has there hadst in Healthcare and they can’t even right medications when clearly they are the ones that are Dr’s and went to school for their education and it’s just sad that people legitimately needs medication can’t get it because of drug seekers and the government.

  16. Im trying to come off Herion, However I could only get 10 mg OxyContin, when I start to withdraw I find 10 MG. does not help, can I take two at once,having no other drugs in my system? I know I need 40 mg Methadone but I’d rather try this instead.
    Can you let me know soon please?? Sorry but I have tried to my avail to get help from my doctor to clinics. They have treated me as if Im a crinimal,when I am not nor ever been in trouble with the Law, hence your advice swiftly will be much appreciated.
    Sincerely , Cammie

  17. Hello, I fell 15mts onto a concrete floor 9 years ago and suffered severe injuries to most of my body. Long story short i can’t sit around and do nothing so to keep the pain of metal plates, fusions, artificial joints and arthritis partially tolerable so i can work my doctor and specialists have me on 200mg of oxycontin per day. I have now been suffering from stomach and abdominal pain for the last 4 years on top of the original injury pains. I have had every test known with nothing showing up, blood in urine and red stools on a regular basis, insomnia every night, drenched with sweat continually without any physical activity, suffering from body sores that just appear mainly on my legs and arms, none on my face back or stomach. I do suffer badly from depression for which i take 300mg per night of efexor aswell. Basically my doctors and specialists just keep writing scripts, i have tried all the pain clinics and new trials over the years with no success, i am worried about the long term medication affects?? I have so many symptoms that you would swear were heart related, i never know if i live another year little own a single day.

  18. I have to take two 80’s 3 times a day. I been taking this medication since 1999. With the state and FDA limited the amount that pharmacies can receive in a month it’s all most impossible for me to fill my prescriptions each month. I must drive to 20 pharmacies before I can get them filled. My question is should the maker of OxyContin make sure I can get it every month? Because with out it I will go into withdrawals that makes me sucidal and if I can not get it that is what will happen

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  20. To Susan,
    If you feel overly tired, I would say that is too much. You have to watch drug interactions such as other central nervous system depressants. A lot of pain sufferers take Valium.
    I don’t take my pain meds all at once. I divide them up over an hour or more so they don’t peak at the same time just for the reason you listed about possible O.D.

  21. I wanted to ask what kind of time frame could i expect from the drug dependence unit i am under at the moment. I kid you not i was on 320mg (8x40mg) daily of Oxycontin 6x1mg Lorazepam daily ..
    I am now on 64 mg of Methadone daily and reducing on diazepam currently16mg daily i reall want to reduce in a month or 2 is this possible currently reducing 2mg methadone monthly ,diazepam simular kind reards Dave.B

  22. hi i have cronic pain mainly in my joints non stop i have. been on and off of oxycontin . and now its pritty steady with it not working and i am on 10 mg every 12 hr and i want to know if i can ask my dr for another pill per day at every 8 hr would that help cover my p ain or is this not a safe idea ? thanks for your help

  23. Hi I have rsd witch is nerve damage on my spine I think when I researched it anyways I had a dr for like 3 years and he left then I get stuck with a dr that wants to lower my meds but befor the dr that left I was already on my OxyContin for couple years before that so when I see the new dr I was on 5mg oxycodon in the noon time then 40mg OxyContin in am/pm 2 times a day I have already built up a tolerance but know he wants to take me off for no reason never sold my pill and never abused my meds or nothing and he wants to lower my meds to 30mg pm 40mg am for two months then go to 30mg am/pm idk why when I already got diagnosed with rsd nerve damage I have had this diagnosis for years and nothing has help except my OxyContin not even the meds that say are for nerve pain can some one help on what I should do thank you.

  24. I took Oxycontin and my p*nis is starting to turn greyish green, Im kind of scared because I am a virgin so it is not an std but i started taking it a week ago. What should I do

  25. what I need to know is how long can a person be on 60 mg. oxycodone a day. I have wood and fibers in my hand me and my doctor are digging them out. it has taken us a long time thru different ways of getting them out. we finally came up with away to get them out. most doctors if they can’t see it with a test it is not there. oh how wrong they are. I have been taken 60 mg. for 3 or 4 years. I have to have the oxycodone to do the procedure. we are almost done. the pain level is way past ten. HOW LONG? and is there anything else I can use that is as good as oxycodone. I have to have this level of pain killer to do my procedure. SOME TIMES THE DOCTORS ONLY TELL YOU WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO HEAR. NEED SOME FACTS TO PLEED MY CASE. THIS WOULD HELP ME A GREET DEAL, THANKS VIRGIL. I just read some of the reviews below looks like people have been on it for a long time. I’AM 62 years old.

  26. My son is taking over ten occupation a day,he has pancreatic cancer, but he’s not even in stage one, he had a shoulder shun, put on,help…..

  27. I am prescribed 8 ten mg pills a day Usually two at a time every 6 hrs. When I try any dose age every 12 hrs I’m in pain in 6 hours. Should I ask Doctor to change dose age to accomadate 12 hours 30 mg or its okay to leave as is
    I believe I have fibro and after five years of taking from 5 mg to two tens which just barely allows relief

  28. I use oxycontin 10mg two time a day for mor than a year know. I start get unregular heartbeats and sweating. I realize that it is the medicine I also crused it. I have been of it for 36 hours what can I use for the withdraw symptoms

  29. I’m prescribed 15mg of oxytocin what could happen if I take my second dose before 5hours, could it cause me to OD on 30mg within 24hours

  30. I normally take 30mg Of OxyContin twice a day. Morning and nite. I had a procedure done in the morning at the hospital. When I got home I got severe chest pains and had to call 911. Needless to say I spent the rest of the day in the ER. Came home my head is a big fog. I think I took two 30mg of the OxyContin within an hour of each other. I have been taking opiates on and off for the past 30+ years. I just wondered if it will cause any problems. I have taken 50mg. At one time and it gave me a bad headache.

  31. My pain management doctor recommended a lidoCaine infusion for neuropathic pain. Has anyone heard of this or experienced one of these? (Good or bad)

  32. I have been as high as 40 three times a day down to 20 and back up to 30 Oxycontin and 3 10 mg Oxycodone for breakthrough pain. Several doctors over 8 years have recommended 3 times a day for oxycontin because I was feel ill after about 8 or 9 hours when taking twice a day. After moving and getting a new doctor his group will not go higher that 80 mg daily and so I take 40 mg twice a day and really feel nauseous and tense twice a day after about 9 hours. The doctor will not go to 30 mg 3 times a day so now I am going to go 20 mg 4 times a day.
    The questions is experiences with 2 x per day verses 3 times a day.

  33. Hello, I have been taking 30mg oxycotin for 2 years now for back issue’s. Last month I had my gallbladder removed and the hospital sent me home with Dilaudid 2MG. because of this script, I couldn’t get the oxycotin filled for 30 days. I now have it filled and the dose seems extremely strong. Pinpoint pupil’s and very sleepy. Is this normal after a one month break?? Thank you

    1. Hi Marty. Since you didn’t take any OxyContin for a month, your level of tolerance has lowered down. I suggest you speak with your doctor to regulate your dose.

  34. I just changed from oxycod 20mg 2x 4 times a day
    And I didn’t read the bottle before I took( was in massive pain)
    And I took 2 OxyContin and I’m scared!!
    Do I have anything to really truly worry about
    Or what signs should I be aware of in case something happen
    Btw it scared me so bad I sent my kid to my parents

  35. I am going thru Fentynal Patch withdrawal. I have been very sick for the past 2 months. My doctor still gave me Oxicontin to help with pain. Is it ok to take it? I want to do the right thing, but I need something for pain. Thank you so much.

  36. My husband takes oxycontin 10 mg and oxycodone plus neurontin and a prescription sleeping pill for back pain. My concern is that he mixes these with 6 to 8 beers every night. He says because he drinks light beer it’s like he’s drinking kool-aid. I can’t stand to be around him when he’s been drinking. Are my concerns legitimate? He takes blood pressure medication too.

  37. Iv’e been on oxycontin for.11 years I’m on 80 mg 2 a day every. 12 hrs then for break through pain I take 30 mg oxycodone 4 a day but now the oxycontin don’t give me the relieve of my pain like it use to I have to take a oxycodone about 3 hrs after taking oxycontin what can i do

  38. My mother is 78 years old. Her doctor prescribes 20 and 30mg of oxycontin. I suspect 2 different Drs are doing this. For arthritis, she says. She was recently hospitalized because she’s was c very weak and very confused. She also has edema in her legs, and something is wrong with her kidneys, for which she gets pills for that. My mother is addicted to oxycontin. But she will take anything.oh and shes had a heart attack recently. I can’t imagine these pills are good for her health.

  39. I also take one 5mg diazapam three times a day and two at night.

    I’ve been told my condition will never Improve, only worsen, so as my body becomes more immune to oxycontin, the higher my dose gets till it’s off the scale and Into 1’000+, in turn this will slowly affect my organs which is why I’m was searching for an answer to ” how much oxyC is too much, long term, before it starts having negative effects on my organs”.

    Sorry this post came in 2 or 3 pàrts, I hit the x to delete something (using my phone) and the stylus hit the enter button below the x which submitted my posts before I could stop it, and I don’t see an option to edit my posted comments – sorry about that

  40. I have
    ° osteoarthritis in all main joints,

    ° Until June 2014, spent 4 years with shoulder impingement in both shoulders, the left was fixed June 2014, (surgery was success, physio gave wrong treatment, damaged shoulder). still waiting for right to be done as NHS keep postponing.

    ° I have tennis elbow in both arms

    ° Raynaud’s disease

    ° Lumbar issues. Keep slipping discs if I sleep flat on my back, so for last 8 months I either sleep propped up on the sofa, or upright in the chair.

    Current meds:
    5-10ml Oramorph every 4 hours
    240mg oxycontin at 9am, then another 240mg oxycontin at 9pm
    Also with oramorph and oxycodone, I also take 1 5mg diazapam 3 times during the day, and 2 at night

  41. To most of the am i going to O.D if you take more than prescribed and your a new user chances are you should go hosp asap. As to the is oxycodone as strong as oxycontin. They are the same medication. But with the new fedral guidelines you will not be able to get it except acute pain.

  42. My Dr put me on 40 mg 12 oxycontin and I had some 20 mg 12 hour pills left an I was told take 2 of the 20 they will be same as my 40 mg

  43. I’ve been taking 2 5mg oxycodone every 4 hours for pain after surgery. A half hour ago I accidentally took 2 pills an hour early. Will I be okay?

  44. My se prescribed one 15 mg OxyContin 24 hrs and I take two 10 mg Percocet a day as a breakthrough and I am turning my meds around trying oxy in day perc aver makes me so sleepy so I have cut Percocet back to one a day and I am taking oxy at 1130 am instead of 7pm this is safe ? I do not abuse my meds

  45. I’ve been taking opiates for 6 years now, Today I took 3 oxytocin 80 should I be worried? IM just scared of overdose I feel fine but I am nodding out a little

    1. Hi, Imelda. The oxycodone contained in OxyContin can be detected in urine for 1-3 days. However, the detection window may be bigger for chronic and/or heavy users.

  46. I have noticed significant differences in the 10mg dose of oxycontin. They come from the same pharmacy and look the same, Some times they work fine, othertimes they make me loopy and other times they have very little effect. I take these with food in order to buffer the absorbtion, which may be immaterial. Does the oxy metabolize differently or is this possibly a quality control issue? Most pharm is run offshore with various QC protocols, any way to verify where this stuff is manufactured?
    No smoking or drinking and I walk/ exercise daily

  47. I am on 20 mg of Oxycontin every 12 hrs. but the meds do not last that long as it is a up level off then down and this is about 7-8 hrs. of level so to keep from going down and the pain catching up I need it every 8 hrs because if I wait 12 hrs. I am already in pain and then it takes too long to recover. Doctor wants to give me every 8 hrs. but am afraid I will become so addicted I will have to have even higher doses. He also gives me up to 5mg of Oxycodone to take in between. Wouldn’t it be better to increase the Oxycontin instead so it doesn’t dump it in all at once?

  48. I am a person who is taking 12 10mg oxy per day for many years, not prescribed.
    At what point does this become life threatening and should I get them to residential treatment?

  49. I’m in oxycontin for the past 3 years. I never have problems with it. My dosis is 60 mg every 12 hrs. But by mistake today I took 60 mg at 11 am which is my dosis for the morning and by mistake i took another 60 mg at 1:30 pm. I’m scare to have an overdose. What I have to do. Do I need to go to emergency room???? Please answer as soon as possible I’m so afraid

    1. Hi, Teresa. If you don’t feel well, call 911 ASAP. Also, you may consult your doctor or a pharmacist just to make yourself sure that you’re okay.

  50. You are wrong in one important respect – Oxycontin 120mg tablets are still available (here in the UK at least) and commonly prescribed. It was 160mg tablets which were withdrawn. 120mg are purple and the same size as 80mg green pills; the long-gone 160mg were oblong and a darkish blue colour.
    Only the original name brand comes in that strength; the two generics on the UK market, Lannacher Oxylan & Actavis Reltebon, have a maximum of 80mg and also are not available in 5, 15, 30 or 60mg strength.
    Immediate release oxycodone is confined to capsules, which are more effective than US tablets whose bioavailability is somewhat restricted by the excipients used in tabletting process – friends tell me a 20mg Oxynorm capsule feels stronger than any 30mg tablet – & oral solutions in 5mg/5mL & 10mg/1mL strengths.
    Addiction in the UK is not at the staggering levels of the US, largely because of the huge percentage of heroin users compared with prescription abusers and its relative abundance and low cost ($155 for 3.5g). Street prices for OC pills (only the US have the dreadfully ineffective and side effect ridden ‘OP’s) are GBP £15 for 40mg and £20-25 for 80mg, the strengths most often seen. Actavis’ generic IR Lynlor capsules are extremely cheap, a 20mg capsule rarely costing more than £5 ($8).

  51. I am a leukemia patient and also have degenerative disc with severe siatica awaiting back surgery. I was on onycontin 60’s three times a day. Insurance being what it now is, my copay went from $45.00 each time go $700.00 each time. That won’t work. My pain dr. put me on opana er w/intac. These things have not even touched my pain levels. I can barely walk, let alone move. I have been on the 60’s for many years now and even they don’t work well. can I safely go to the 80’s?

  52. I go to pain Dr…..I am on 30 mg. Ever6 12 hrs.. Have been on drug for years. I am also on Fenynol patches every 72 hrs… 15o mg……I am still in severe pain ……can I take 60 mg
    Of oxycontin without problems???…/.Thank you….Jerry…72 year old female….

  53. I have a fairly high tolerance to opiates, mostly OC. I can take 100mg easily and get a small high and minimal side effects other than difficulty going pee. I took two 80mg OC about 4 hours apart with food and lots of water. This is the most I’ve ever taken but I only feel the tiniest high and zero relief to my back pain. I normally have a single beer or glass of wine on the 100mg dose and was considering doing the same but I’m worried about the high dose and alcohol mixture. I know the obvious answer is NO, but I’m curious to see if one glass of wine would be okay. I’m mostly curious as to why I’m not feeling insanely tired and getting kind of high or an obvious relief from back pain. Is there a maximum threshold or tolerance level at which the drug doesn’t have any further effect? I’m a little itchy but that is normal and I’m not too worried about an OD. Any thoughts?

  54. I have been taking oxycontin for several years. I take 60 mg and percocets 10 for my breakthrough. I go to my pain clinic and the Dr decides that he is breaking it down now and end the end will be 120 for the 24 period. I have been so concerned bc my chronic pain is with my paralysis with broken back etc…I have not ever abused my medications and tell me my medication is hurting me. But had no problem upping the medication higher and higher. And then to say ok we are wheening you off now. It has been horrible bc the pain is much worse now. And just a confusing time and don’t know if I should seek a different physician or is this going to happen the next one I get.

    1. Hello, Michelle. I suggest you talk openly with your doctor. At the end, if nothing changes, maybe it’s better to find new physician.

  55. After moving and going to a new Doctor, everyone wants to fiddle with my current level of 30 mg x3 per day. Now he wants to ween me down by going to 40mg x2 per day. It sounds like a higher spike and a lower valley.

    Also, Several years ago I stopped the Oxycontin t get a base line before going to a pain doctor. I did realise how many of the different pains from a back injury and bad arthritis were. I then did a test to see how much whiskey would give me an equivalent pain relief (I do not normally drink) It took 6 shots of Jameson Irish whiskey 70 proof. WOW. Does anyone have a rough pain relief equivalent chart. Alcohol veres Oxycontin. I am so sick of being on the short leash from doctors that are not that invested in my pain. I would love to have there home phone numbers so I could call them at 3 am.

  56. Hi , I have been on OxyContin for approx 2 and a half years now ..I was already on tramadol 200mg sr for nerve damage in my shoulder and fibromyalgia ,previously to being put on low doses of OxyContin I started on low doses wich replaced the tramadol after I had a bowel surgery that removed 10 cm of my bowel and left in 27 titanium staples , the doctors said I should not feel anything but since the surgery have been in constant pain on my entire right side from my buttock cheek all the way to my shoulder and down my legs , and has caused my fibromyalgia to be far worse than it ever was/ has been , and has also caused another problem ( wich requires more surgery , that I am petrified of ) I now have a urethral diverticular , wich is ATM around 4 cm and growing and causes contant infections , one of wich I was hospitalised for 3 weeks for on an antibiotic drip ,the surgery for this is quite complicated and I am so worried about pain relief after surgery, and being in more pain than I am having to up the oxy dose , i am currently on a waiting list for a pain specialist and I have several questions , I seem to build a tolerance very quickly to my oxy doses , I have gone from being on 10mg sr OxyContin twice daily 2 and a half years ago , to now 40 mg sr twice daily , with 5mg endone, for breakthrough , I also take regular panadol four hourly and aspirin as well to try and keep on top of the pain without upping the oxy anymore but it is just not helping , I really don’t want to up the oxy anymore as I feel as though it is slowly killing me , I have lost a huge amount of weight and muscle tone , my teeth have holes in them and I just feel awful , I did try tapering off them and got down to 30 mg , when I slipped a disc in my back and went back up to 40mg ( seemed like a lot of hard work down the drain 🙁 ) my questions are .. Is there something else besides just upping the dose that will work with the OxyContin . Or possibly replace the oxy in order to tapper easier and faster ? .. To keep pain levels low , my oxy at 40 mg is running out around 5 -6 hours after I take it now .. And I sometimes take it hours sooner as I just can’t cope with the pain .. I know I am tolerant to the 40mg now but I really don’t want any higher dose ,,I also don’t want to be on suboxone or the like either as I have heard it is far worse to tapper off .. Also I have very bad trouble with restless legs and pain in my legs .. The doctor put me on sifrol , but I have had bad side effects ( especially nausea and nightmares ) is there anyone else out there who has suffered this leg problem ? And will it get far worse when I try to tapper again ? .. Dose anyone have any suggestions for relief ? I have tried all non drug methods such as hot and cold therapy , walking , bandages etc .. I’m scared I’ll be on this OxyContin for ever and feel like I will never be myself again .. I so badly want to get off it but the pain is so bad , surely there is a way ? .. I worry that it Is storing up in my system , as I remember the first time I was given a 20mg oxy from 10mg and remember thinking to myself ,no I don’t want this feeling the dose is too high .. I was in hospital at the time and told the doctor but he insisted in order to get the full 12 hr relief I would need 20mg , I recall the feeling of not feeling right and like OxyContin was actually like a dark cloud or fog . And when it start to wear off I would start to feel more alert and more like myself , even though in pain , then the doc would give me another tablet and the fog came back , now I just feel like I’m in a fog constantly and the 40mg wears off quickly as far as the pain relief goes , I’m also on Zoloft , and take maxolon for nasea the sifrol causes .. I am a single mum with two young teenage children one of wich has multiple disabilities and requires my full time attention , I have no help or assistance as far as family goes and have distanced myself from friends since being a chronic pain patient ( as I can’t keep up with them anymore ) .. My son worries so much about me being on OxyContin as he has seen the abrupt changes in me ,I have found it hard to find advice on when and what to look for in an overdose , if it stores in my system how do I know when it’s been overloaded and there’s too much ? I also would like to know what the future holds .. As I don’t feel like I can go on much longer like this , I am down to a low 43 kilos and very weak , Any advice would be appreciated .. Otherwise I guess I will have to wait for the pain specialist .. It all seems so endless and like there’s no other alternatives ATM .. Am a little frightened for what the future holds . How do I get off this stuff and have pain relief ?

  57. Hello, I have something called Chiari 1 Malformation. I had surgery for it a few years back and shortly after began taking pain meds. Starting from a small dose of Oxycodone 5mg to eventually the extended release form, Oxycontin 20mg only to get through days that I work. When my blood pressure goes up I get a bad migraine. Iv been taking these for three years and for the first time, I cannot remember if I took my pain med today. I don’t want to overdose or become sick at work later. I don’t feel the effects of the medication yet and my head still hurts but I’m still scared. I do need this medication to kick in before work though because my migraine gets to the point of me passing out and I need all the help I can get to make it through my busy nursing job. My Neurologist is closed today. What should I do? Take one or not?

  58. Susan, the “active pain med. ” in oxycontin is oxycodone. So the difference is that Oxycodone is a time release med. SOMETIMES labled as oxycodone ER (extended release) The other thing is that both come in a different strengths of pain meds. Just “oxycodone” without anything else added might be labled Oxycodone IR (instant release) They both come in different strengths. Yes you can cut these but let me tell you to try and use a razor blade because for some reason, depending on the generic manufacturer, even though they have that little slit on the back the cut usually isn’t even. I’ve cut hundreds while tapering down to the next dose lower. Been on pain meds. for 25+yrs. Every kind, every amount and on and on.
    The brand name is Roxicodone, just more money for the same thing. One thing though– no matter what anyone says “usually” the brand name is “stronger” (maybe purer?) even though the generic is supposed to be exactly the same.

  59. I am a 70 year old woman on 50m oxycontin twice daily with 5mg endone for breakthrough pain and am opiod tolerant. I have been on this dose for 3 weeks with no problemsome increase in side effects, but today, about 3 hours after I had taken an Endone I began to get quite ill with dry mouth,stomach cramps, headache, dizzy and finally , vomiting. After that ,I felt a little better and have not vomited again yet ( 2 hours) Will I have ingested too much oxycodone ? And why am I only sick now, three weeks after increasing dose.Would appreciate your advice..thanks

  60. I’ve been on oxycontin 80 mg 1 every 12 hours and for break through relieve I take 3 oxycodone 30 mg and I’m in so much pain I just about to scream but the oxycodone 30 mg I think if they would give 5 oxycodone 30 mg would help me cause I fell about a week ago and broke my hip so it also makes my back hurt worst but if they could increase my dosage just until my hip isn’t hurting so much.

  61. I’ve been taking 240mg of op oxy per day lately and I was just curious if I could overdose from that amount. Although I have consecutively taken the drug for over 8 years of my life, but I am beginning to worry that I’m over doing it even though I don’t get high and haven’t for approximately 3 months. I just take it for my pain. I’ve just been getting very frighten that I might die in my sleep if anyone could give me advice I would be very grateful.

  62. My scrips are 30mg Oxycontin 4x @day, plus Percocet 10/325 for breakthrough pain. The Oxycontin has about as much impact as M&Ms on my pain. Doctor has given me a trial of morphine, to be filled once my Oxycontin are gone next month. Here in my town it”s the pharmacists who get shifty with people, trying every delaying tactic to avoid filling scheduled drug scrips. I wonder if my tolerance is only for oral transmission. Once, in the ER, I was given Fentanyl IV, and my pain vanished. It seems that Oxycontin has lost its punch since they changed the formula. Percocet works better because it is not time-release. I’m anxious to try morphine. Chronic pain makes walking almost intolerable.

  63. I’m confused i was given a prescription for oxycodone 15mg immediate release Tabs fom my Dr.
    after reading your blog it sounds like oxycodone is oxycontin Is it ?
    Also if my tabs are scored can they be cut in half /
    thank you

  64. Mark- try taking ibuprofen 400-800mg along with your oxy( contin oor condone?). Studies have shown much higher levels of pain relief when you combine the two because of their synergistic effects.

  65. I take oxy for horrible leg pain I just had spinal decompression but still in awful pain I’m afraid um gonna get cut off. A few hours after 30 mg of oxy and I’m in awful pain any one w any ideas for pain releaving alternatives.nothing seems to help and oxy is hurting my stomach causing to advice.

  66. I have stenosis and failed back surgery which has damaged my nerves and causes pain to my groin, butt, legs, feet and actually less frequently, my back. I am in pain care and have been for 20 years or so. For the last year I am prescribed 40 mg of OxyContin twice per day. Prior to that, it was 30 mg 2x. For many years I also took 3-5 mg oxycodone for break through pain but lost those due to snorting them which I self reported and went to rehab for two years ago. I will likely never be given back that privilege even though I “did the right thing”. My abuse lasted 3 months or so. With the change of season, my pain increase dramatically and the 2-40 mg OxyContin do not last a full 24 hour cycle. I’m lucky if I get 16 hours and fortunately, the ambien I take for sleep gives me another 4 hours or so but I’m awake at 3 AM daily and suffer for as long as possible so that I can delay my first 40 mg until 4:30 at least. By 11:00 I’m hurting again but hold off until 1:00 or so. By 7:00 PM I’m trying to make it as late as possible to take my ambien but eventually relent. Then I wake up and do it all over again. I’m 56 years old and have zero quality of life. It’s a daily struggle to get to the next. Finally, my questiin(so sorry to vent,I really don’t complain much normally)……would Ibe better off with 3-30 mg per day than 2-40 mg? I understand it’s a net increase of 10 mg and will be a tough sell to my PM Doctor but if it doesn’t make sense, there’s no point asking at all. The 30 mg didn’t work well which is why he put me on 40 mg but if it was more uniformly taken, perhaps I would have less speaks and more importantly valleys. I never gets high or euphoric from them which helps me stay on track as far as abuse goes. I very much appreciate the relief. I can get and would never risk losing it again. My tolerance is just so high that I’m not sure 30 mg would give me ANY relief anymore. Sorry to rant. Please advise.

  67. My mom is addict. One month she’ll say she’s an addict and 5 minutes later she’ll say oh I’m fine. And now she thinks she can drive while being on it. I need help about the driving. I don’t want her to kill herself or another person yet a child. How can I have her see what she’s going to do if she drives. Thank you.

  68. First of all I have been taking 6 5/325 percocet a day for seven plus years, and that dose still works for me. But, here’s my question. The other day I had another surgery. The day before I went out and got all my postoperative pain medicine. I had the bottle of 30 milligram oxycottons sitting here by my couch. Long story short, my healthcare home aid worker admitted to taking three of them. He said that he doesn’t take rx pain medication, but he said that he took all three of the thirty mg when he got home. If he never takes rx pain meds, shouldn’t the 90mg dose of oxcycotton had killed him?

  69. Dear sir / madam. It’s now just turned 8 weeks since I had a double fusion at T 9/10/11 on my spine by using the xilf procedure in which they had to cut a piece out of a rib so as the instruments would fit through .at the start there was a lot of pain espesaily around the rib area After leaving the hospital this pain was controlled by using OxyContin 30 mg twice a day which seemed to control the pain fairly well for the last 3 weeks I’ve come down to 20 mg twice a day but the pain increases a fair bit before 12 hours is up and sometimes have to take my tablet a bit earlier for pain relief This does not happen at night only during the day when I’m active
    My question is how long can I safely stay on this medicine to control my pain and really I’m not even sure when I I won’t be needing any pain relief .my specialist did give a time frame so this is why I’m asking for your advice.
    Any help you can give will be appreciated
    Regards Ross

  70. Hey Michael, each one of us is different but I used to chew 3 or 4 80-mgs. at a time. YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that I had an extremely High tolerance to the meds. or they would have killed me! So each person is different. I couldn’t feel the pain and hurt myself more—due to taking so many meds. to block the pain. BE CAREFUL cause once you find out how much is too much you are DEAD!!!!!

  71. I have been used from 30mg Oxy time released to 40mg!!! Gave it 5 days and just seems to much! (Groggy all day). My question: Since they changed the formula and you can no longer crush it can I split it to make two 20mg or is it still dangerous? Or should I give more time? Was taking Loratab 10/325 for breakthrough but wanted to get off them is why we used me to 40mg! Thanks in advance for your help!

  72. To Michael:
    I get the bowel thing from time to time. I’ve been on oxycontin for around 10yrs. or so. What’s crazy is that I’m weaning myself off cause ins. won’t cover it when I reach 65 next year. I’m 64 going on 18, if ya understand. I’m just not some old goat like some people are. I also have a screwed up back from operations. I use MiraLAX at night, some times a couple of times a day. Anyway it used to be called gycolax, and was a prescription! Same stuff. Drink lots of water a day and NOT a lot of coffee. Try a good healthy diet, and lots of Vitamins. All that stuff helps!

  73. Well i see many new replies. To the lady whos husband is written for 150 this is illegal amount oxycontin 80mg cant be prescribed for more than 120 or 2 tabs twice daily. Also the fact your husband is 70 makes me wonder his reason for being prescribed it. Oxy use in a person of that advanced age is not normal esp at tht high of dose. Constipation and bowel issues is very common in elderly. Some states like Wisc will not cover it for elderly. Next the questions about it not working ect. Talk to your dr anout switching to Opana. This is considered stronger but not known for sure however sometimes using a replacement med for two weeks then restarting your Oxy can help with tolerence. Then lastly if your worried about oxy od then your taking it wrong. Or your using it to get high. Take ir meds as prescribed.

  74. I have whats called NBS SYNDROME (narcatic bowel syndrome ) it got me up mostly all night. The pain usually is associated wi severe back pain due to chronic back problems (2failed surgery and DDD ……)
    I took 7/40mg of oxycontin yet i am alive still with a lot of pain. Can I take 2 night time @ 80mg be for bed time or what should I do. All these medical doctors dont give a fuck if u live or die, please need an answer quick.

  75. My first thought why tell Susan about od she clearly is missusing it. I have been on oxycontin for 12 years. I take 3 of the 80 mg plus 1 of the 15mg rapid release 4x daily. As long as you follow directions you should do fine

  76. I cut one of my M 60 pills in half because i dont really want 60 mgs. Then i heard that it might not be safe to take this. Is it ok?

    1. Hello Marie. Medical professionals suggest that Oxycontin should NOT be halved, crushed or chewed, but swallowed whole – as prescribed. Cutting or crushing Oxycontin damages the time-release capsule and is considered to be abuse of the medication. Ask your doctor to lower doses or frequency of administration if you feel it’s too much for you.

  77. Been on vikes for 2 yrs 6-8 (usually 8 a day). L5s1. 14 mm disc protrusion cut out and left leg nerve and static pain. Humongous painful neuroma in right foot and on and on I’m a professional runner, therefore I’m in great shape and my diet is suitable for detoxing the liver. Mostly veggies and fruit and beets. I’m tired of the viikes they don’t work any more. And I’m tired of reading about Tylenol. Fortunately my billirubin and liver enzyme count is still good because of my diet. Adidas makes me check it often.
    If I take oxicontin should I start at 30mg twice a day. (someone said have a couple norco said for break thru and or “Er” ‘s never last the whole 12 hours. I don’t want to trip just be able too run. My docs are really clueless,cause they’ve never used these items!!! Please help, thanks

  78. Can it build up in your system. I have been taking 10/5 for 4 months for fibromyalgia and a foot injury..over the last week i have suffered being really hot. I have been nauseated and had diarrhea and major.leg cramps. I stopped taking it today and will see how i am in the morning. I just wonder if it can build up and get stuck in the body.

  79. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and I’ve been having a lot of pain in my forearm as OxyContin because of a shoulder fracture a few months ago that still needs an operation because of this I took an oxycontin 30 milligram at 4 a.m. it didn’t seem to work for a while so take another one at 6 a.m. and am now starting to feel the effects of the oxycontin I am curious as to when they will peak and wondering if I am in any danger of an overdose situation should I allow myself to fall asleep?

  80. 30/4 Oxycontin works fine for me. Oxycodone will make me feel like a drug user! I stopped those, there’s really no need for them.

  81. I was on 80 mgs of oxycontin for a couple of years, and I decided I didn’t want that much, or need that much I was going to try Advil for my several pains, sciatica, just hips, lower back pain. So I weaned off in three months, and couldn’t get on 20 mgs, so I stayed at 30 mgs, 4 times a day and it works great! I will not go higher, I didn’t get to 0 mgs, but am I at a safe dose? I just dont like all the other meds, because of side effects and they make me feel loopy. The Advil, and all the other non opiate pain relievers just don’t take the pain away. I still feel like I failed?

    1. Hi Michele. What dosage did you take? How many mg was each tablet. I’d suggest you go to the hospital, especially if you are new to taking OxyContin and are opiate naive.

  82. Thanks you for the posts which I was researching. Since it wasn’t really clear about how much OxyContin can a patient take without an accidental overdose.
    This is my ?: I take three (3) 80 mg, of OxyContin per day. Plus I’m to take 45mg of morphine BID (twice per day), siupposedly for the breakthrough pain. Unlike Billie Brian, I do not get much relief nor do I have an abundance of energy after taking the medicine. I have extensive/multiple injuries. My Pain Rehab Doctor believes I shouldn’t go through anymore surgeries. Frankly because of my past surgeries that also developed post op infections plus multiple Rt. Hip Dislocations and revisions the Orthopedic Doctors in my area are refusing to assist me with surgery. I’m at my last days I believe. I’m bedridden 90% of the day. I’m able to feed my cat and I drink Ensure pretty much to stay alive. I read your response to Susan just now. Some of the symptoms I am going through. I’m in my early 50’s
    and was athletic most of my life. The last 2 years I ha e been unable to work out. My Physicla Therapist who is excellent actually told me during PT in 2013 “don’t wast your days for therapy) there isn’t anyway I c an work you out until you have the surgeries”. I concurred with him, thinking I’d get the surgeries done and 2 years later not 1 surgery. After having “pus” pulled from my knee last year 2014…the Orthopedic Doctor who removed my “Pus” became scared and on my visit I was told there wasn’t an infection. I knew that statement was untrue. I asked him can you a least put the implant back into its position and clean up the multiple Cysts behind my patella and remove my Baker Cyst. He refused to treat me period. I asked him what do I do? He replied stay on pain medicine for the rest of my life. So I ask you…what d I do? I have taken the medicine since then and I abhor the fact I have to take medicine. I use to be able to function after taking my prescribed dose, he at this point I’m barely functioning! I hired my long-time friend who does my shopping, picks up my mail, does banking for me and cleans my house. He’s a blessing yet I’m afraid that if my life has come to this…what’s the point? In not contributing to society whatsoever and I feel I’ve been rendered useless and I don’t want to fight the Severe Chronic Pain. It’s not just my Rt Knee that hurts, my back was injured years ago from Auto Accidents, both times I was a victim of drunk drivers and at that time laws didn’t exist as now regarding Drunk Deivers. So my back and neck were injured from both accidents. The latter accident was so severe the police that stayed in ER with me told me the cannot believe I survived. I couldn’t either. I wondered why I lived. I went on to finish college and received my Doctoral Degree. As I mentioned my slip & fall that occurred in 2010 was the end for my back. After the fall in the resteraunt I was helped up by a waiter and waitress. I slipped on some water went up and landed on my glutes compressing my spine. A month later I had an MRI it showed 2 herniated discs on my L3 and L4. Als

  83. I normaly use OxyNorm capsules 20 mg,but this moment[I am short of them[doctor away] could I use OxyContin 40 mg cut in half.Thank you

  84. to she–probably not a problem. Remember all our systems are chemically different but —–It isn’t like the old days when you would get the whole 60mgs. at a once. They have infused the entire pill with a substance called “intac” which is kind of like a glue/or soft plastic that causes all the oxycodone to be covered by it. You will probably not get the length of time and actually not the full dose of oxy but for me it does give me more pain relief to cut them in half. Most doctors are so far behind on all this, they think you are abusing the med. if you do this but actually when the 60ER doesn’t work and the 30IR’s make you half sick you need to do whatever helps. I actually got down to using less medication by tapering this way. Then I asked for my next script to be for 40 and didn’t cut them in half and went into wd’s. Stupid mistake on my part and it set my whole world upside down. I had to go back to the 60’s and start all over. That really bummed me out after 6mos. of work getting down to 40mg. and then messing my whole plan up. I might add if you ever do it that way expect a good dose of depression to come along with the taper.

  85. I just cut a 60mg OP 60 in half and took it before reading up on it. I know that it was a stupid move but I am seeing mixed reviews all over the net. Is it something I should worry about? I AM opioid tolerant.

  86. Oh Chris what a horrible mess. It looks as if I am on the same set of tracks but for a different reason. I worked 30yrs. before they finally ruled that I was in so much pain, due to failed back surgery, failed Pudendal Nerve surgery, on and on the list goes.. I never wanted to get on oxycontin but my doctor insisted. Like you, that decision was about 10yrs. ago. Up until then I was on Norco 10/325 mg. Ok so I was taking 8 a day. That only gave me 2600mgs. of Tylenol a day and that’s not enough to fry your liver, it’s about 1/2 as much. It takes about 4 to 5,000mgs. to possibly hurt the liver. Now after 10yrs. I find out that when I turn 65yrs. old my company ins. is cancelled. I went on strike several times, getting no extra money, just assurance that my older years would be covered by company insurance. That whole thing has turned out to be a lie and there is no way to “re-do the decision”. I don’t know who decided on this since none of us card carrying “worker-bees” voted upon this back stabbing decision. JUST GREAT!!
    I do not know what to do. I have actually done tons of research on neurotransmitters, dopamine, serotonin, etc. I think I will have to go into a rehab place, even though I don’t have any savings anymore, and be taken off meds. Yep terrible withdrawls! You may not die, if they take you into their program. Sometimes they don’t want us who are taking so much “oxycodone”. If they ask you if you have had suicidal thoughts, answer “NO”.(because if you weren’t in pain I know we all think this wayit would all be different! And

  87. I had posted about my absorbance problem about month ago-however, an extremely horrible thing has happened which leaves me terrified after over 10 yrs. of taking high dosage of Oxycontin (now OpanaER). My 10+ year pain dr. suddenly was removed for “review” by DEA leaving me without dr. to prescribe my meds! New regulations/laws have drs. scared to take new patients here in FL that are taking these medications. I have been to 10 drs, sent records to 7 others-all have told me they cannot help me. Only 2 admitted their fear of losing license, but am certain that is why none have treated me. I am wheelchair bound intractable pain with broken forearms, fused kneecaps, scoliosis, DDD, Fibromyalgia, & more. Extremely obvious my need to have major pain relief. How are you all finding drs. to write prescriptions still?? Any near Florida that could help me before am OUT OF MEDICINE!!?? Am out of options & petrified of pain & withdrawals!!

  88. Tim is correct. The substance called “intac” was fused with the oxycodone, kind of like a big glob of glue now, so the outside cover isn’t the time release, it’s all through the pill. From all I’ve seen they say if you do cut, say an 80 in half you probably only get about 60mgs. of relief because of how it’s formulated. Best thing is if you can get the 30mg. IR pills and take the 80’s normally. I too have been on them a long time and in 17 mos. Ins. will stop paying and I’m in big trouble. I am going to switch from 4-60’s a day to 8-30 IR a day and ride out the WD’s. It is a catch 22. I told my doctor I never wanted to get on this med. but he did anyway–now I’m gonna pay!!!

  89. Dear Susan,Nodding off to sleep all the time is a sign that the doze is heading for overdose levels as Is slow breathing,coma like sleep,turning blue and vomiting are all signs of overdose

  90. If you cut a oxy in half you will not get 40 mg of oxycodone at once. The time release isn’t just a coating on the outside of the pill. So please get your facts before you just print stuff.

  91. Hi i understand that this topic is oxycontin but i am 19 years old & i just took 2 15 mg morphines . i have lock jaw and cant stop yawning . my tolerance isnt super high but itsnt real low either . I’ve took morphine before & when i take my norcos i take 3 at once . please help I’m scared ! Even though i only took 2 , they say 54 733

  92. I have had back pain issues for 9-10yrs, and about 4yrs ago it took a severe turn for the worse; I have severe spinal stenosis cervical and lumbar, spurs all thru the thoracic region, bone compression, ruptured & herniated discs, and so on…..have had several surgeries to not much avail, tried injections (no relief) was rejected as a candidate for spinal cord stimulator; and have been told that I have a very bad back and not much more can be done, and that I am going to have to learn to live w the pain! I have been taking Meds for 9yrs and the last 2yrs have been taking 3 OxyContin 80’s 3x a day – 9 total. As we all know, tolerances develop, and my pain is getting worse. As per my Drs advice, taking my Meds every 6-8hrs, they used to work every 8 and now it has been 6 or less, so every night has been horrific as they wear off during my sleep every night. My stenosis is getting worse and scar tissue from surgery is causing a very painful cutting feeling like razor blades and shards of glass thru my legs and back and it is getting unbearable. My dr is reluctant to prescribe any more, as he feels this dosage is the “correct dosage” but I know that it is falling short of helping- I do understand some of the potential risks of “too much” OxyContin…… But…..what amount is “too much”?? I know my body, and am not abusing or getting “high” from my current dosage, and it is merely making me “feel more normal” and taking the edge off, but pain is still very severe. Is my doc just scared to write more? Or is there anything else that can help? Should I see a new dr or is it just going to seem like dr shopping? Personally, having been taking these meds for this long I feel caught in a huge “catch 22″ of the politics, the abusers, the benefits and risks, but at the same time feel hopeless that I am suffering & not going to get the help I need to live this majorly altered lifestyle. Oh, and I am a 50yr old male about 275lbs that used to be an athlete, and my life as I once knew it has changed. My question is….”how much OxyContin is really too much, and are the risks really worse than the potential rewards or possible relief? Or is it just a never-ending cycle of tolerance building?” Oh, also, not sure if it is important but I have been with the same medical practice for 20+ yrs but new doc 6mos ago as my primary retired.
    Thanks in advance!

  93. A patient has been prescribed oxynorm10mgBD/PRN on the medication chart.Themedication cupboard contains oxycontin 10 mg tablets.Can we give an oxycontin 10 mg tab?

  94. I disagree. Many people have been tested in close medical monitoring. In these test patients were given a dose and several had the oxy effect wear off in less than 7 hours. I personally take oxycontin 3 pills a day.

  95. I have very odd situation-was treated injection/capsules chemo for liver virus which I believe is why my tolerance to Oxycontin & now OpanaER is soo high. I never had taken any pain meds before when I started Oxy I had to be tritrated to 600mg for it to effect me. Nothing felt before that but when it finally hit me it was a miracle!Obviously this has freaked out other drs. whom I have seen but there is no test I have taken to verify this or tell me what really is causing only a small amount of what I take to actually get through. Would you know where I can get tested to show what is happening with this? Have been taking huge amounts for over 10 yrs with no ill effects at all. It works great at huge levels but nothing at normal amounts. Please give me idea who can test this phenomenon? Thanks,

  96. I have been on 25 mg of fentanl patches for over 2 years. then was taken off of it and put on 30 mg twice a day of oxycontin and oxycodone 5mg I tablet 6 times a day if needed for breakthrough pain. this is for joint pain and foot neuropthy. is it safe to take more. it’s notworking an my doctor is closed till Monday am.

    1. Hi Ken. Maybe you can tell your doctor about your meds not working when he opens. I cannot advise you to take more of your medications without your doctor’s guidance. Plus, it’s considered drug abuse if you take them in any manner or dose other than prescribed.

  97. If I was on 30ml of methadone and they drop me down to 26 taking 2 OxyContin 10mg so that wouldbe20mg would I be right because I’m having bad withdrawell symptons

    1. Hi Jayson. Withdrawal symptoms are a natural occurrence when a medication’s dosage is lowered or discontinued. You can consult your doctor about how to deal with these uncomfortable effects…they shouldn’t be left untreated.

  98. My mom recently passed for what the coroner said was mixed drug toxcitity. Her Oxycodone level was 3.4mg/L they said it should have been between 0.02 and 0.1. It is possible that my mother could have deliberately OD as she was in a lot of pain and depressed. However, I have heard about build up of morphine in the system over a period of time. With older bodies they aren’t able to metabolize the morphine? I’m trying to find some answers and would appreciate any insight. Is it possible that she had a build up over oxycodone over a period and then when she took her normal dose it tipped her over the edge? Any help would be appareciated pls. Thanks

    1. Hello Nicola. I’m very sorry for your loss! But, I cannot answer your question…maybe you can ask a toxicologist, or addiction medical professional and they’ll be able to provide an accurate response. I apologize again!

  99. I’m on OxyContin 20mg BID for q12 hrs for several years now. I also take Monopril ER 25 mg hs. My Dr. increased the OxyContin to 30mg q12 hrs. and I developed light headed ness, became very dizzy,could not focus,the room was spinning and fell!! What do you believe happened??

  100. So Shelly you aren’t on any oxycontin— just the percs, right? If the 50mg. of oxycodone in the percocets helps I would just leave that whole thing alone. You are only getting 1650 mg. total of Tylenol in the percs and that’s not enough to hurt you. You can take about 2 or 3 times that amount. The reason the doc. changed was because the percs. are in a “lower class” of narcotics than the oxycodone “without” the Tylenol. These docs. are so scared to do anything because the DEA has a gun to their heads threatening to revoke their liscense I agree with Ivana cause if these doctors get any reason to think that you are doctor shopping—-they will show you the door, even if your arm was dangling from your side and bleeding on the floor. My doctor has to make out so many forms cause of the meds. I take it’s ridiculous! The DEA is trying to shut the barn door after the horse has escaped. It’s so unfair and really probably 80% of real chronic pain patients never get all the meds. they really need. All of us are usually treated like drug addicts and continually tested to see if we are using any illegal substances. I’m tested several times a year from a doctor who I’ve known for 16 years. He has to submit the findings of the test or he’s in big trouble. If you knew the whole story it would amaze you at the money spent to keep legit pain patients from getting meds. that would help them live any type of life. Sadly many of us are just numbers on a report. I am trying to lower the amount of oxycontin I have been taking for years and can you believe that my insurance co. penalized me because I asked my doctor to lower my level from 4-60 mgs. a day (=240 mgs.) to 5-40 mgs. a day (=200mgs.) They wrote me a letter and said because he wrote me a script. for more than 4 pills a day I would have to pay double for that extra pill. I went from 4-80’s down to 5-60’s and they didn’t say anything, then down to 4-60’s but now some new law has been put into effect or something. I’ll have to pay cause I really want to get off these pills but I can’t drop 80mgs. a day without withdrawls. It’s crazy!!!!
    Just how ridiculous is it that the same rule applies if you take 4-10mg. pills daily or 4-80 mgs. pills. That is how dysfunctional the rules are. They count the amount of pills not the mgs.
    If the 5 percs. work— stay with that or they will put you in a class of pain people trying to get high on top of their pain. If it’s not enough you could get more from him before it affected your liver. Just be careful how you talk to him. Don’t act like you know a whole bunch about pain meds. or they always get suspicious, especially if you start using proper names of other medications.

  101. I was critically injured in 2004 in a hit & run automobile accident that mangled my left forearm. Since that time I have been on a variety of pain meds including Percocet, Oxycondone 15mg to Oxycontin 20mg. Two months ago my pain physician tells me that he will not be prescribing Oxycodone 15mg anymore due the abuse (not by me, but generally) of the medicine and substituted Oxycontin 20mg which does not help my “breakthrough pain” and last month prescribed Percocet 10/325 five times a day or when needed. The Oxycodone 15mg worked fine and I am wondering if I should consult another physician who does prescribe it. I am not abusing the medicine and starting to believe the doctor is protecting his ass rather than treating my pain with the medicine that gives ME the best relief. Please advise

    1. Hi Shelley. Sadly, you are not the first person I hear such a story from. It happens a lot and to a lot of people. I usually wouldn’t recommend speaking to a different doctor about prescribing you medications, since it may be perceived as doctor-shopping, but if you explain your situation you might get you medicine again. I cannot understand how some doctors are ignorant about pain. Best of luck to you!

  102. Hey Al, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your post! Are you an addict? I would say no if you have spinal stenosis and are using the morphine for pain. If it works, and you’re not abusing it, you are “dependant” on it to get through a life of pain. If you are using it and getting high I’d cut back to what you need just for the pain. It depends on how you are getting it into your system if you can do it at home. My main question is why is your doctor wanting you to get off it? What is he gonna do for the pain? Surgery? Is the stenosis in the main spinal canal or in the foraminal openings. Sometimes a decompression surgery works, sometimes not. That’s all up to you and your doctor. As for the addict thing, are diabetics addicts cause they use insulin? If you have a legit problem and you are getting treated for it don’t let anyone tell you that you are an “Addict”. Even the true addicts will tell you they use just to get high, not to relive a real injury or illness. If that were true every cancer patient would be an “addict”. Don’t listen to that condemning crap!

  103. Well Mick they aren’t allowed in America. If the DEA only understood that if a person wanted to “get high” all they would have to do is take 4-30mg. oxycodone IR—then they would have their 120mg. high. If the UK uses the OP’s and not the old OC’s then even if you cut them you would not be able to shoot or snort them and they don’t instantly release if you chew them.
    I am amazed at the stupid logic America uses toward any “drug”. Yea I’m an old guy now–but when I was in my teens and twenty’s I smoked a lot of dope. All of us did. I don’t know any of my friends who moved on to more addicting drugs, or Acid or whatever—who didn’t first start with smoking. I’m not saying everyone moved past smoking weed, but it really was and is usually the gateway drug that people first use. Now America uses so many resources to “catch” illegal pain med users , yet legalizes Weed. In their efforts to “catch” the bad guys, they have made life almost unbearable for the rest of us in the Chronic pain community–treating us like drug addicts. I am tested constantly by my doctor to see if I have anything in my system that he did not prescribe. Even if another doctor gave me a script for something as innocent as an Ambein to sleep, I was made to sign an agreement that I would never get any medications from any other doctor while under his care. I understand the concept of doctor shopping but these guys have made many truly injured people’s lives miserable by the tactics they use. They scare most doctors so much with penalties they are afraid to write any prescriptions for any pain meds. at all. But if you want, you can go to certain states, soon probably any state, and get an ounce of dope and get high all day and they don’t seem to care. They have pushed the price of oxycontin through the roof. It’s just ridiculous. This is why many chronic pain patients turned to heroin. Isn’t that a wonderful plan? Get all the pain patients hook on Smack so eventually have to go to detox and then to methadone or they can kill themselves! What an extremely flawed system and expensive way to “figh” the war on drugs”. If it wasn’t so tradgic it would be humorous! Well there’s my 2 cents worth! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. Mistaken info in article.
    Oxycontin 120mg (the purple tablets) have NOT been withdrawn at all – I was dispensed a box only the other day and have been getting them every month now for two years, the only strength I know of that have been removed from pharmacy shelves is 160mg, which were long blue oval tablets.
    120mg not available on Continental Europe and never have been, but are still going strong in the UK.

  105. Honestly I don’t have any problems with my teeth but I’m finally down to 4-40mg. ER and tapering every 90 days. I also can take up to 4-30 mg. instant release, like you. I hope you get the generic for those roxicodones. There is a lot of natural (no joke) herbal like stuff that can help your guts. Hope you aren’t drinking a lot, it just makes everything worse. My son is loosing his teeth from smoking. I understand your frustration cause after my operation I felt worse than before. The Doc. said you will have to learn how to live with it and said good-by. (If I wasn’t in a steel back brace I’d have given him something to live with the rest of his life!) Anyway it takes a lot of time for the meds. to clear out of your system. Drinking lots of liquids is great–not coffee. This site has some other forums that someone might be able to help you on. Try the ones that only talk about oxycodone or oxycontin and see if any of those guys have had your same problem. I’m 63 now and can’t remember why I even went over to the computer. Not good.
    I would like to personally thank you for fighting for our country and sacrificing your life for mine!!!!!!!

  106. I have severe Spinal Stenosis and am taking 30mg morphine spaced four (4) times daily. I weigh 165 pounds and am 70 years old. My question is: Am I an addict? If so, how can I detox on my own. I cannot afford to go to any hospital. I am quite poor with no credit to speak of. My pain management doctor wants to detox me at a local center. I will never go to a hospital, they have never given me the right meds at the right times. Please answer me as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your time and patience, Al

  107. Ron,To answer your questions I,m down to 4-30mg roxicodone aday now feeling alittle better now but always in pain. I also been deal with this problem for over 15 years. I was never told what could happen by taking large amounts of oxycottin could do to your body. Every doc I’ve talked to in the past month can’t believe the amount of meds he had me on. Seems like I should be able to sue him for all the damage he’s cause me all my teeth are falling out can’t eat forall the knots in my stoma sorry can’t spell for shit. I know he’s f my life up lost a business can’t hold a job I’m lucky to still have my lady. I do want to get even I’d just like to get back what I lost and something for all the damage my body in now. any help you can give my I could use.I’m 53 now and life just screw up, I’m ex-military served 8 years with the 5th special forces,3 years with black water all that time never a sc with over 6 fire fights with the 5th and god only knows how many with black water. Now these dawn pills have really screw me up,I had no ideal the cost they can do,No warning for the doc’s or from the makers then you learn how to use a comupter and learn what doc’s and the maker don’t want you to know. Thanks for any help. Fu–ed up in Virginia.

  108. Tony, I would like to ask a couple of questions. How many oxycontins are you taking now–if any? and what breakthrough med–if any? How long were you on them and how long have you been off –if at all. ALL and I mean ALL these meds. can screw up many different parts of your body,digestive system, metabolism, hormones, brain, neurotransmitters etc, etc. It is a personal thing depending upon your particular chemistry, if you smoke, drink, are overweight, are a diabetic etc, etc. — plus what other meds. you are taking. I’m not a doctor but have been going through chronic pain for over 30 years so I have a lot of personal experiences with so many different pain meds. it’s ridiculous. My doctor had to beg me to finally get me on oxycontin cause of the amount of tylenol in percocets or norcos I had to take to hold the pain down. He was concerned I was going to fry my liver. Eventually I also found myself taking 8-80-mg.’s a day with 4-30mg. IR’s for B/t pain. I am now tapering off and down to a much lower level and my mind feels a lot better, pain not as bad but still bad–real bad. I hope to help you but remember our chemistries are different in some way. Before I attempt that I need the answers to my questions.

  109. Ron you are absolutely correct.
    The drugs with the greatest RANGE of effective dose in different individuals which is NOT governed by BMI are Hydromorphone HCl and Oxymorphone HCl. Why these ketones should both have the same problem regarding dosage I do not know but that would be a great idea for a study – being involved in a University Research, the first problem ai would have would be the procurement of OXYMORPHONE which is LICENCED only in ONE country, the U.S., and there is not a single pharmacy in that country who will mail ANYTHINGbto the UK at all.
    Easily synthesised from Oxycodone base, but production is the one thing we are NOT exempt from in terms of legislation and regulation.

  110. Question I feel my old doctor was trying to kill me He had me taking 8-80 mg oxycontin a day plus 3-4 5-325 oxycodone a day for break throught pain. Now my teeth are falling out the emmauel is gone plus now I got knots in m y chest and alot of times I can’t eat for my food gets caught where the knot are and won’t go down. I feel like this doctor cause me alot of other problems now so what can I do about it now my life all F—— up now if It wasn,t for my lady I’d be dead by now lucky shes a great nurse who loves me and went throught the hell with me

  111. The oxycontin ER reacts differently on different people. The twice a day is an average as I need them more than that also. I had the same problem with the duragesic patch. I had to change them every 2 days instead of three like the instructions said. So each persons chemistry is different and studies are based upon the average. So with your “READ THE BOX” comment unfortunately some people’s chemistry are different. In pain management one size or specific dose doesn’t work the same for all.

  112. Too much depends on the pain levels, the tolerance and other considerations.
    The strongest tablet on the market is the purple 120mg strength. I have used these which are certainly not too much considering the level of pain I experience.
    For opioid naïve people (those using less than 30mg morphine or equivalent daily) 20mg OC may be too much – it is described in different places as being between 2 and 3 times more potent than morphine salts.
    Best to stick with the doctor’s instructions at all times!
    To the poster taking Oxycontin FOUr R times daily, that is absolutely ridiculous as it is a TWICE DAILYbONLY medicine, and if further analgesia is required then an immediate release analgesic of 3-4 hours’ duration of action should be prescribed up to a maximum of two or three doses daily. Oxycontin should NEVER be taken more than twelve hourly. READ THE BOX AND THE PIL!!

  113. I investigated what was done to oxycontin pills when they changed the back from an OC to an OP on them. Yes it was to prevent people from shooting, or snorting it. This was done by adding a substance called “intac” to the oxycodone ER’s actually melting the two together. From what I read you can no longer separate those two substances so no matter if you (chew or cut) them they will not instantly release like the OC’s did. You will only get the extended effect, but not all the amount labeled on the pill. Actually a lesser amount. Is that correct?

  114. Hi Connie. Ask your new doctor to help you create a tapering schedule and continue to give you prescriptions while you gradually reduce doses. The withdrawal symptoms will be far less severe and you won’t suffer as much. It’s barbaric to force you to go cold turkey after such high dose and long term use.

  115. I been taking 60 MG oxiconde per day since 2009. I have OA ra and fibermyalgia. Now my doctor says u r depending on it so we won’t prescribed it any more. I am sOwing getting off but they are not giving me anything else, my pain. Level is becoming debilitating I should be starting g subox need in jan. I not sure how I can make it that far over the counter pain stuff doesn’t work

  116. Hi Ambrosius. I’d only recommend taking a medication in the doses and time periods suggested by your doctor. Otherwise, it’s abuse and can result in dependence, addiction and/or health risks.

  117. Can simultaneously taking multiple 10mg OxycoNTIN (controlled release) tablets increase the effect or dose released over a 12 hour time period?

  118. i take oxycontin 80 mg 3 times a day, every 8 hours, doctor is thinking about increasing to 80 mg every 6 hours. i have endometrial cancer. medication wears off after 6 hours and pain returns. i am 78 years old. thank you

  119. Hi I’ve been told to take 2 20mg omeprazole with 2 clarithromycin 500 my with 2 amoxicillin and I’ve just relized I’ve too 4 20mg of omeprazole will I be ok

  120. So when were the 120mg purple OxyContin taken from the market? I know the 160mg were, but less than a year ago, 120mg were certainly available. But only by Napp in the UK, not by Mundipharma in the rest of Europe. The Napp website still lists the 120mg strength, so I am more than a little confused.
    I find myself in the position where 80mg bd is simply no longer enough, and would like to access the 120s.
    Could anyone enlighten me?

  121. I went to a new doctor that was supposed to be this big time pain doctor in 1999.. He said there was a new drug that was not addiction, the new drug “Oxycontin” was supposed to be miracle. 13 years later I now take 500 mg a day. They wasn’t to increase the dosage to 600mg. Scary

  122. I’ve been prescribed 60 mg Oxcontin daily, 30 mg 2 x a day. How much medicine is in my blood stream at any given hour, and how long will the pain suppression last per tablet. I was previously taking 10 Hydrocodone a day, sometime more depending on the pain level.
    Follow on question…. Can I reduce the amount I take by stretching out the 12 hour dosing to the point where I no longer need this? is that possible? I mean, maybe I can get off all of this.

  123. To E murray the talkingbis her dreamimg when awake loke tripping wen eyes closed sedated. Morphine is the greek god of sleep sorry morpheous I think the spelling may be wrong.i take a large ammount for injury and it may be high dose too but its the high effect of a large dose.i would see doctor and tell them this and watch her in the also a drug support worker

  124. I take 12 40 mg tablets a day and in the end is not working after long time use for doctor gives me them as im an amputee.i would advise anybody NOT TO START USING THIS PILL, it is awful to stop. I’m worried it will kill me eventually

  125. Hello E. Murray. I’d suggest talking to her doctor about the risks. In situations like these it’s hard to say.

  126. Hi my daughter takes 200mg of oxy c morning and night ,and 60 mg oxy n up to 6 times a day for spinal cancer ,over the past couple of day’s she has been talking nonsence ,is this just a build up of meds in her system or is she becoming toxic on the meds ?

  127. An-yet I survive again.
    My daily intake is Oxy “C” 360mg
    Oxy “N” 40mg + 20mg emergency allowance.
    And still I can`t find what will truly do what I want it to when I can`t go on.
    The daily amaount is prescribed for my illlness. Until `97 I never knew pain like this. I have had three papers written about me. I have been the subject of at least two group meetings to try and help me, and all in vain. I am lucky enough to have an ilness that the medics aren`t fully sure what it is and then to put the boot in it just happens incureable. Aren`t I the lucky one?

  128. Thank-you.
    This is not your fault but I just needed to be sure that what I was feeling is because of the drugs.
    I have CRPS Type 1 and since 1997 I have had unimaginable pain and I am past the point where I can`t cope anymore.

  129. Hi Please can u advise me on taking OxyContin ,my prescribed does it one twice a day 10 mg ,I have been taken two tablets in the evening as evening time my body aches so much and by taken two I feel so much better ,a little light headed but otherwise ok my does add up to 30 mg please advise me if this is Ok .
    Thank you JOHANNA

  130. Hello Susan. It depends on how high your tolerance is. It will absorb all at once. You should be ok, but be very careful from now on! If you feel like you arent okay get to the ER or Call The Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for a free over-the-phone asesment of the risk of overdose and advise on what to do next.

  131. I took my last dose of 4mg subconscious today at four o’clock. By tomorrow about 10am I’ll have two instant release oxidation and one forty time release oxidation will I feel tbem?

  132. Hello Dianne. Extended release medications should not be altered or cut because this breaks the mechanism that allows the medication to be released in your body over time. Can your doctor call in a prescription so that you can avoid withdrawal?

  133. I am on oxycontin 60 mg I have been on them for over 6 years but it seems that they don’t work as well anymore. When I first started taking them the pain was controlled it doesn’t seem to be controlled was well anymore. I was wondering if I should cut the pill in half to make them last? Would it matter if they are marked 60 op? Or should I not be scared to talk with my doctor he has so much to deal with when it comes to the FED he is trying to make the FDA happy but it is hurting his patient is afraid that if he adds meds that his license will be taken what should I do? Any advise?

  134. I am on oxycontin 60 mg I have been on them for over 6 years but it seems that I that are not working as well as when I first started taking them I was wondering if I should cut the pill in half to make them last the break thru pain Med I don’t have enough

  135. Can someone tell me the answer to this question? I have been in chronic pain my entire life. Since the age of 2 if you want to be exact. I have been on some type of pain medication since my teens. My question is if I take two 30 mg oxycodone IR and I am out until my mail order. I also take 60 mg Oxycontin ER. Can I cut the 60 mg in half? Wouldn’t that be really the same thing? Being that it will basically go into my system Same way. My Dr is 2 hours away and of course it is not like we can drive 10 minutes to get a new script and I do not want to mess up my prescription order. It already has been a huge mixup this time!!! Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  136. Susan, I’ve been on Oxynorm 20mg 2x 4 times a day, Oxycontin 120mg 1x 2 times a day, Gabapentin 800mg 1x 4 times a day, Omeprazole 20mg 1 per day, Etodolac 600mg 1 per day and Paracetamol 2x 4 times a day!! I’ve taken that little lot for over two years now after spinal surgery that didn’t work unfortunately and I’m still alive and kicking.

    So I wouldn’t take much heed of what you were told. But what do I know, I’m not a doctor!! Best wishes…..

  137. I have been on Targin 40/20 for two yrs. In that time I have taken 10mg oxynorm 3 times a day then 20mg 3 times a day and this has been the way for the last 6 months ( 40/20 Targin and 20mg oxynorm 3 x a day). I recently saw a new pain doctor and he scared the willies out of me saying I could drop dead on the amount I’m taking. I said wouldn’t my GP tell me that and alter it? I got home that day and stopped the oxynorm all together. It’s been almost 3 days and I’m still shaky with rapid heart palpitations, sweats, my head feels like it’s going to explode. Plz help how long will it tske to feel Better? I’m also on Zoloft lyrica baptist and stilnox at night. Can’t wait to hear from someone. Thanik u so much.

  138. Hello Ann and Observer. That’s right. Oxycodone is the generic opioid contained in OxyContin. OxyContin is a brand that has been manufactured to release oxycodone slowly, over time. But at the basic level, they both contain the same opioid: oxycodone. Check the labels to confirm the DOSAGE, however. This can vary and high doses of oxycodone can induce overdose.

  139. @Ann,

    I am not part of the Addiction Blog administration or affiliated, but while you are awaiting their official reply, I believe oxycontin is the time release painkiller and that oxycodone is released all at once. From what I understand, they are the same medicine, but oxycontin is designed to provide steady relief released throughout the day over time while oxycodone is more for immediate breakthrough pain relief. I hope this answers your question and helps you. Also, you may want to wait for an official reply from the Addiction Blog, but I believe this is information is accurate.

  140. Hello Michael. It sounds as if you’ve developed a tolerance for oxycodone; pretty par for the course of treatment with opioids. Best of luck during tapering and withdrawal. Do you have another form of pain management lined up?

  141. It will be 3 years this coming February. I started out with just 5mg for breakthrough pain. Then started taking 1 10mg oxycontin 3 times a day. Now I’m up to 4 20mg oxycontin – 2 in the am, 1 in the afternoon and 1 in the evening, but they don’t last long enough. I understand the Oxycontin is suppose to last 12 hours but I find it only works for about 6 or 7 hours before the pain starts coming back and I have to take another one.

    I am scheduled for a series of injections – hopefully no later than the end of next month – so I can start coming off these things. I really don’t like being on them for this length of time.

  142. Hello Michael. It’s probable that if you’ve been dosing on oxycodone and OxyContin for more than a few weeks of daily use, you’ve already developed tolerance to opioids. How long have you been taking opioids?

  143. I feel stupid asking this question, but I have read the above article and the questions and answers. I am taking 20mg of Oxycontin 4 times a day. Two in the morning (40mg total), 1 in the afternoon (20mg) and then 1 in the evening (another 20mg). I can also take 5mg of Oxycodin (2 in the morning if needed (10mg) and then 2 in the afternoon or evening if needed (another 10mg). Since my last prescription, I went on a lengthy trip where I was driving cross country, and took more than the prescribed Oxycodin. I was taking 3 and 4 tablets at a time for breakthrough pain. I was also taking an extra Oxycontin or 2. I am almost out of the Oxycontin. If I cut them in half, I understand that I will absorb 10mg of the drug right away instead of the full 20mg throughout the 12 hour period. But I need to get me through for another few days before I am able to get a refill.

    Am I at risk for an overdose if I take and cut the Oxycontin in half if I am already on such a high volume of Oxycontin and Oxycodin?

  144. My husband has been receiving a prescription for 150 – 80mg.Oxycontin this month the drug store said they could only give him 120 pills. Is this from the FDA – DEA – or his prescription plan ? Does he need an over-ride from his doctor? Does this have to do with his age, as he is now 70? Thank you.

  145. Hello Grant. Long term use of opioids like Oxycontin can cause long term effects. So if you’re taking it as prescribed check in with your prescribing doctor to learn more about the long term effects. And as long as you exhibit no symptoms of overdose, your dose is probably right for you. Check with a pharmacist to get advice on what the average dose is…so that you can understand more about where your dose falls on the continuum.

  146. Hi I had an discectomy on my lower back . It was good I didn’t get the pain down my legs any more but I work a lot and I am bending and on my knees a lot I take oxecontin tablets I take 3 20mill slow release tablets .3 times a day and have been for 4 years is that ok I don’t feel sick our drowsy at all is that ok

  147. Hi Danny. Opiates and opioids (man made versions of opiates) are known to bring about physical dependence within a few weeks of regular dosing. The time it takes to be dependent on OxyContin varies by person. Additionally, the phenomenon of tolerance is highly individual. In other words, some people can take relatively large doses of OxyContin after time (60+ mg OxyContin), while other bodies do not tolerate more than 10-30 mg OxyContin at a time. In this way, it’s really difficult to answer your question in terms of dosing AMOUNT and FREQUENCY for a typical addict, as there is not one real standard. Every body is different.

  148. why am i so very very tired after accidently overdosing on oxycontin for several months and being unable to sleep by night and only by day because they caused me to urinate so much during the nightime hours. and will i ever catch up with this lost sleep and feel “normal” i.e. after now managing to easily sleep for 10 hours i still fell a great need to have an hours sleep every afternoon.

  149. I’m currious. About how many MGs/day of Oxycontin does the average addict take? I’ve saw a Tara Conner interview where she said she had taken 20 Oxy tablets the day she won Ms. USA, but she didn’t say the strength of those tablets. And of course I’ve also read about former NBA player Chris Herren. But I’m always currious what amount these people take.

  150. I’m afraid that under the title OxyContin Strengths you are wrong on one point. You say that the 120mg strength has been withdrawn from the market, Actually they haven’t!
    I take a number of other pain killers including 8x 20mg OxyContin (OxyNorm) capsules, in addition to 2x 120mg OxyContin controlled release tablets per day and with the pain I have in my back, I need them!!!!

  151. Thank you! and that is a great idea! I will do that!! I really love how quickly you answered my questions, and how informative your article is! Keep. Up the great work! Thank you again!

  152. I am so happy that it has worked out for you. One way to manage the pain medications is to buy a pill organizer for AM and PM. This way, you can make sure to avoid double dosing and monitor intake. Take care, and we wish you the best!

  153. Thank you for responding, I actually ended up getting so scared ( I have an anxiety disorder) that I found that number and called them. They had. Instructed me to go to the ER. However I asked the woman if I could just call my doctor first, she agreed, being that she felt my doctor would know better than her about my dosages. My doctor felt I would be okay from this, and I did not need emergency treatment being that like you said I have a tolerance. I am very careful to never have that happen again, that was scary. Thank you so very much for your response I really appreciate it.

  154. Hello Marie. You can always call your local poison control center to be sure. You are fairly opioid tolerant at the moment, but the nausea is an indication that the dose has provoked a reaction. The national poison control hotline is 1-800-222-1222.

  155. What if someone makes a simple mistake? For example I am prescribed 15mg every 4 hours. Started at 5mg for a few months, then on (2) of the 5mg for a while, then recently prescribed 15mg every four hours and its my perfect dose, i get amazing pain relief, finally after many months of different doses and other drugs,through trial and error, this is what works for me again I’m on 15mg every 4 hours. Earlier this morning I was half asleep when I took my first pill of the day. I then without thinking took another one a half hour later with the rest of my morning medicine, so I ended up taking (2) 15mg oxycodone within the same hour, 3 hours have passed since this happened and I just feel nauseated, sleepy, and I can’t help but be scared. I’m very responsible with my medicines and am mad at myself for making this mistake. But do you think I will be okay since 3 hours passed by?? I’m just really scared

  156. Hi Kimi. As far as I know, OxyContin is pretty much the highest end for prescription pain medicines…unless you consider morphine. But doctors are pretty averse to prescribing morphine these days.

    Your doctor may put you on generic hydrocodone or oxycodone during the one month “off” OxyContin to try to lower your tolerance. It seems that you’re really on the upper threshold for OxyContin prescriptions and s/he wants to address the tolerance issue so that OxyContin starts working for you again, at lower doses.

  157. I’ve been on OxyContin 80mgs 3xper day.. My tolerance has gotten so high that I get no relief from my chronic back pain.My Pain Dr wants to take me off it for one month and substitute it with something else..again only for a month. what painKiller do u recommend that will release my pain in place of OxyContin, I’ve been on pain meds for 14yrs

  158. Hi Susan. Thanks for your question. I think we’ll do a series of articles on the signs of overdose. Thanks for the idea!

    For oxycodone, pinpoint pupils are a telltale sign of opioid overdose. But this is different than simply excessive constriction of the pupil of the eye. This means abnormally dilated pupils. From the manufacturer’s label “Marked mydriasis rather than miosis may be seen with hypoxia in cases of OxyContin overdose.”

    Hypoxia is deficiency in the amount of oxygen reaching the tissues. In addition to these signs, slower breathing, sleepiness progressing to stupor or coma, skeletal muscle flaccidity, cold and clammy skin, hypotension (low blood pressure) and an abnormally slow beating heart are all signs of overdose.

    Does this help?

  159. I’ve read all the articles sent here and I still haven’t found any information on the signs of overdose? What should I look for, if I am starting to OD, some egsamples would be apprciated. I’m in long-term pain management on OC, my tolerance is high for I have been on them for about 9 year’s , I don”t abbuse them, take them as perscribed and have never ever even considered snorting or injecting them, I allways worry though that one day I will start overdosing and not know what the signs are before it’s too late. Info would be greatly appreciated.

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