OxyContin withdrawal timeline: How long does OxyContin detox last?

Acute symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal are over in 10 days or less. But what about withdrawal symptoms that persist months later? We present the facts on withdrawal from Oxy’s here.

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If you’re going through OxyContin withdrawal, you probably want to know when the pain will end!!! Not to fear. Withdrawal symptoms suck, but they do not last much more than a week. But some symptoms may persist for weeks or months after withdrawal. Read on for a better idea of the OxyContin withdrawal timeline.

Acute OxyContin withdrawal

Acute withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin usually begin within hours or days after you take your last dose of OxyContin. What makes these symptoms “acute” is that they are short in length, but severe in strength/intensity. And although symptoms of Oxy Contin withdrawal can frighten you, they are predictable. Doctors and nurses that supervise OxyContin withdrawal signs know what’s normal, and what’s not. As the brain adjusts to life without OxyContin, it can take from 4-10 days for the body to balance out its chemicals and for you to start feeling normal again.

In general, opioids should not be abruptly discontinued, as is practiced during rapid opiate detox, so medical supervisors will probably gradually taper your OxyContin dose in early withdrawal. Then, you generally experience withdrawal symptoms once previous levels of OxyContin are no longer maintained in the body. As no single treatment is effective for everyone dependent on OxyContin, diverse treatment options are needed during detox, including psychosocial approaches and pharmacological treatment. And the order in which symptoms appear will also vary by individual. However, the main symptoms OxyContin withdrawal are:

  • anxiety
  • diarrhea
  • hot and cold flushes
  • insomnia
  • muscle cramps
  • nausea
  • perspiration
  • vomiting
  • watery discharge from the eyes and nose

Protracted OxyContin withdrawal

In addition to the short but intense physical symptoms of withdrawal, some symptoms persist weeks and months after initial detox. These symptoms are called protracted OxyContin withdrawal symptoms or Postacute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS). They include the original acute symptoms as well as non-specific signs and symptoms that persist, evolve, or appear well past the expected time frame for acute withdrawal.

  • anxiety
  • cravings
  • depression
  • difficulty concentrating
  • difficulty focusing on tasks
  • difficulty making decisions
  • drug cravings
  • fatigue
  • generalized dissatisfaction with life
  • impaired executive control
  • inability to feel pleasure
  • irritability
  • lack of or reduced interest in sex
  • short-term memory problems
  • sleeping problems
  • unexplained physical complaints

Why do OxyContin dependent users experience PAWS?

Chronic use of OxyContin causes molecular, cellular, and changes to the brain’s nerves that affect emotions and behavior. After prolonged drug use, the body makes adaptive changes in the central nervous system to accommodate continual use. In fact, people who take OxyContin regularly for a long time have nerve receptors that adapt and begin to resist the drug, causing the need for higher doses to achieve the same effect (tolerance). As the body seeks homeostasis after OxyContin is no longer present, affective changes can persist. This is because repeated use of OxyContin causes the brain to respond more readily to its effects but less readily to naturally rewarding activities such as listening to music. So when you stop taking OxyContin, you also have triggered the inability to experience pleasure.

Getting over chronic withdrawal symptoms of OxyContin

One of the major reasons for relapse is the inability to feel pleasure or the desire to stop other unwanted OxyContin withdrawal symptoms. In order to resist the impulse to return to the drug, it’s important that you get support. You don’t need to recover from OxyContin dependence alone. Talk to someone. Join a support group. Learn new skills for coping. And at the least – if you do return to OxyContin, you’ll need to do the whole detox over again…so why give in just to go through withdrawal?

Your questions, grievances, comments and feedback are WELCOMED and invited here.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Be careful of clonidine, it can make you with draw worse than pain meds and can cause seziure.
    Coming off of valium same have to taper if over 10-14 day use….

  2. Hello. New to the board. New to drug dependence.

    This is Day 1 of 30 of my tapering a 50mg Oxy dosage. I took my first dose seven weeks ago after surgery and it now has control of my nervous system.

    Spent the weekend in ER because of w/d symptoms from stopping 4 mg Valium (from my surgery) combined with a huge UTI. Wasn’t able to recover from the panic and shakes, so I went to the surgeon and cried in his office. He sent me directly to pain management.

    I am on Clonidine 3 x a day, zofran, bentyl, and stomach meds. I have mmj which my doc approves of. Today, I dropped from the full 50mg to only 20 so far. I have one more 10mg dose of oxy today. He wants me on this for two weeks before we drop again.I have Ativan if I have a really bad night. It could put down a camel.

    Anything that I missed? Is it possible that this could go smoothly? I CT 600 mg of Lyrica and swore I would rather die than go through that again. 🙁

  3. Hello everyone. Honestly I’m a bit FREIGHTEN to quit. I’m down to 1 pill a day and I suck on it.. someone please tell me, what can I do to avoid withdrawals? I me I know I can’t avoid it entirely. However I’d like to as less as possible. Also how long will it take to get off of them if I were to do inpatient at a facility?

  4. Was prescribed oxycontin 40mg twice daily and 15 mg oxycodone up to 3 daily for around 4 years. Been off everything for 45 days but I have developed a nagging cough, sneezing and burning eyes. All of these things come and go. Is this normal?

  5. I’d wish I had read this before I went to surgery. I’m writing this for those who are still experiencing withdrawal symptoms from Percocet/ Oxycodone, which i hope serves as warning and hope at the same time. I had a hip surgery called Core Decompression of the femoral head (with bone grafting). Right after surgery I was given some pain medications via IV. When I left the hospital, I was prescribed Percocet, 1 to 2 tables, every 4 hours. Well, even though I didn’t feel that much pain on my 3rd day after surgery, I still took the medicines as directed. On the 4th day, I started just taking 1 table every 12 hours, because I don’t like to take much medication. Well, that day, I started having side effects (runny nose, a mild insomnia, palpitations, etc)… Since I had called the doctor and I didn’t receive further instructions, I continued taking it. On day 17th, I took a muscle relaxer along with it, which caused me a severe dry mouth and throat (they call it “cotton mouth”), which I couldn’t relieve at all, even after using Neoprene and other stuff. Since I have a severe sleep apnea, this made my sleep even worse, to the point that I started having panic attacks because I thought I was choking during my sleep. I even ended up at the ER, and they couldn’t do anything, they just told me to use saline solution and stay hydrated (so much for an expensive E.R.!). Anyways, that’s when my nightmare started, because I discontinued everything on the day 18th. After that day, I could not sleep at all for 13 days in a row. I only slept 20 to 30 mins a day, and my body was about to collapse on day 13 of no sleep. This delayed my healing for almost 2 weeks!. I experienced panic attacks, severe anxiety, dehydration, cotton-mouth, allergies, pain, uncontrollable crying, you name it. .. to the point that I even considered taking the whole bottle of the pills I had left so I could end the nightmare. It was really a horrible experience. On the 13 of the withdrawal, I went to a chinese acupuncture clinic which treats drug abuse and withdrawals. What a blessing that was. The first day I went, I started draining my sinus as though I had a waterfall in the back of my throat. I went to sleep for the first time on day 14th (in a crazy schedule though) and slept for 5 long hours! , which compared to 30 mins was like sleeping a whole day!. I kept daily sessions of acupuncture and things started to improve a lot on the 2nd and 3rd session, to the point where my withdrawal symptoms are 80 percent gone. So, for those of you out there feeling the same way, there’s hope!.. All those symptoms will come to an end soon. I was lucky I had my sister next to me all the time helping me. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to continue with the withdrawal process. So, please stay hydrated, try to meditate or for those who don’t have mobility issues, go to a park and breathe! Eat healthy, fruits and vegetables, take b-commplex, vitamin-D, vitamin-C and anything that came boost your immune system. Good luck everyone, and stay strong. ..

  6. I do not think I have an addiction but the other hand I really do not know… I go to pain management (I’ve been to three separate facilities over a seven-year span because of insurance, moving, etc. Not by choice), I am 32, and I have 4 different medical issues which cause chronic pain in my back and also leaves me with pinched nerves on a regular basis. I have had a total of 4 surgeries and I am about to get a fifth surgery for a bone spur that is pinching a nerve. I have been told by several doctors that I will be in pain management the rest of my life and there is a possibility I will lose mobility by the time I am in my mid 60s.

    About 2 years ago, I had to switch pain management doctors and the new office I was going to took me off of Percocet and started trying to use other medications which had awful side effects. They ended up putting me back on Percocets but during that time I did not experience any type of withdrawal symptoms.

    Fast forward to now, I am prescribed 5 milligram Percocets and I am supposed to take them 4 times a day. I can usually manage only taking 2 a day but I have some bad days where I will take 3 or 4. If I’m out and about and I miss a dose I do not feel like I have any type of withdrawal symptoms. But on a daily basis I do have issues with depression, loss of interest, no sex drive. Could that be from being on the medication for so long? Is there a way to prevent addiction when you know you will be on the medication for the rest of your life? I feel like I’m stuck in a rut all the time and addiction is a constant worry of mine since both of my parents were addicts ( mostly alcohol but one of them was addicted to anything they could find).

  7. I have been on approx. 360 mg of Oxycontin/codone/day for the past 7 years…. The best way to explain my pain, is what the neuro surgeon said, “Imagine a hurricane going through your back.” So, it’s degenerative, for one, I can literally feel my bone crunching in my back. So, I was unlucky or lucky whichever, enough to come to MI, who are battling a huge crisis with all kinds of drugs. So the DEA, and MI state have scared the doctors here into not ever prescribing any pain meds. So, a) TRAMADOL, OR ULTRAM, is making a killing in this state, and what a dangerous drug that is. And there were literally hundreds of people at Methadone clinics. Which tells me that the drug problem has just shifted to something else, and forces more people to go to dangerous routes, such as buying the drug on the street! My problem is, I moved here from CA, where I had no issue getting my medications. And now I am in MI, for about a month, and I just ran out of my meds, and I have not been able to find a doctor to help me taper off this drug. I am very, very ill, at this moment, detoxing, including intense chest pain, high blood pressure, such as 206/163, but most of all my back hurts, incredibly bad, my hands are numb, my fingers swollen, my neck stiff, my lower back is swollen and hot. What about people like in this situation? And yes, I have contacted the pain clinics here, but they don’t give you relief with offering a verity of help, incl.tapering off the meds, they only offer physical therapy and so on! What about people that are truly in pain, and are on the medication for a reason.(Not that I don’t like the therapy, incl. Accupuncture) Not to abuse the meds, but to get pain relief. And yes, I recognize that I am just as addicted as the person that takes it recreationally. But, I really can’t be in this much pain. I have a child to care for. 🙁

  8. What about oxycodone how low does it take to stop having withdrawals from The 30 mgs one they aren’t time realise like oyxcontin.

    1. Hello Angie. It all really depends on the doses administered, the period of time the medication was consumed and whether doctor’s advice was followed, or not. Some people for example, who had only used the drug therapeutically may not even realize that they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Many report thinking that they just have the flu.

      Withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone usually begin 4- 6 hours after the last use. In general, oxycodone withdrawal peaks 72 hours after cessation of use and resolves in 7-10 days. However, oxycodone withdrawal symptoms may last from couple of hours to several days.

  9. I have been on oxycotin since 2010 I was up to1 twenty MG ever 6 hrs. I have on my on got myself down to 1 ever 12 hrs. I feel exhausted. weak is this a withdrawal symptoms am I going to continue to feel worse as I try to quit totally. I’m a 71 years of age serious arthritis but other than that good health I wk 45 hrs per week so tired but must keep job please give me some advice

  10. I was diagnosed with 3 herniated disks and degenerative disk disease. As there was no option to repair or do surgery for my condition the only option was narcotics. For the last 15+ years I had been on Oxycontin and Vicodin. I went to an Addiction Specialist as my dosage was very high. I was on 3 80mg Oxycontin and 8 Vicodin 10/325 per day. The Addiction Specialist put me on Methadone. 3 Months later they thought they had won the battle then referred me back to Pain Management. Pain Management did not like the Methadone I was on (Dose 100 mg/day). They said I was not addicted to Heroine or a user so I should be able to return to the 40 mg dose of Oxycontin 3/day and 15mg instant Release Oxys 4 times a day. In a matter of 2 weeks I went through most of the pills and told them I was constantly dropping into withdrawel. They dismissed me and I finally resorted to going to a Methadone Clinic. Saw them for about 14 months and transferred to pain specialist that was willing to write the Methadone and some 30 mg Instant Release 1x day. Saw this specialist for 14 months and due to billing problems and the office becoming more and more hostile they asked me to leave. They took me from 120 mg to NOTHING. I was in the 9th Level of hell! The thing that was so shocking to me was NO ONE WOULD HELP ME!!!???? I went back to the Methadone Clinic and they refused to see me. I had no options and started buying them to offset my addiction and constant feeling like death. That was 3 months ago and I have been off and on of medications that now are so weak they don’t even work on me now. Trying to withdraw at home, but blood pressure Very High. No sleep for 3 days…no food….and onward the hell goes. I feel I am under a grinding wheel and I am at the end of my rope and still getting very little help from the “Professionals”. I have no doubt this may very well be the end of me. Inspired by these posts, but mind boggled that NO Professionals will help much with this. Depressed, Sick and in Constant Misery…..not sure what to do….just good info for folks to know….JESUS IS LORD!

  11. Well I’m an United Steel Worker local 14693, was in an accident on the job and tore my quad muscle, awful injury, so surgery, yadda yadda… you know how it goes!! So the doctor prescribed me oxy, 60mgs per day, well 8mths later I’m all better & healed up & they slowly ween me off the medication, however I still wanted it, I would tell myself I don’t, however my body said yes we need it!! Fucking awful ride man!! started buying them on the street, it truly becomes a battle everyday, I would lie to everyone man, even myself!! Shit definitely had a hold of me!! that oxy gets in your bones man, my fucking bones hurt!! I get sick of living the lie, so I took a 14 day vacation on the coast of South Carolina Hilton Head Island to try and dry up, it was a great place to battle withdrawals, sucked it up & after 8days was felling normal, worst part was the aching & insomnia & stomach pain!! Anyway that Carolina sun sure feels good on the aching bones my man!! Then sip on a fruity Icey drink, drink a lot of water, Advil gel caps, Imodium A.D. Then get active, frisbee, volleyball, younlnow break a good sweat, then take a swim in the ocean!! Last 6 days of vacation was amazing!!! So I tell you what…. I’ve been clean for a long ass time, but to me it’s just one triggger away from starting that cycle again, I day dream about eating oxy man, that shit truly will fuck you up, so powerful man!! It ruined 5 years of my life, gone!! That fast!! Anyway that’s my story, still battling my demons on a daily basis! Chin up, chest out, eyes up!! Your mind is stronger than any pill that’s manufactured in this country, fighting this is scary, it’s sucks, it sucks bad but put on a helmet & bite down & go do it, don’t do it for your wife or husband, don’t do it for your kids, do it for you!!!! Remember you have to fight through the storm to get to the rainbow!!

  12. I awake everyday in severe pain. It takes 1.5 hrs. after taking several medications to get enough relief to where I actually want to live. I suffered a severe workplace injury to my spine and shoulders over 10 yrs ago. Due to living in Canada, I was discriminated from receiving Canadian Universal Health Care, which I paid into all my working life, because our Government of Canada allows 3 kinds of people to be discriminated from receiving medical care, ( RCMP / Prisoners in Jail / Workers injured on the job ) even though we pay taxes to support the Universal Health Care System, we are denied Medical Investigation / Medical Treatment; Canadian Injured workers injured on the job are ONLY allowed medical investigation / treatment paid by the various “Workers Compensation Boards” ; In my case the workers compensation board deliberately denied any investigation except to ship me to their paid QWACKS who wouldn’t investigate my specific complaints; IN FACT: 2 MRI’s obtained 2 yrs. and 5 years after injury were fraudulently reviewed; BEWARE: In Canada after suffering severe workplace injury, Everything possible is deliberately done to deny medical investigation / medical treatment. “Government Organized” Medical Insurance Fraud = “Racketeering” is used to terminate workers comp benefits. “Starve injured Workers” Back to work on opioids. I suffered repeated ongoing injuries and was given stronger / stronger / stronger medications and denied medical investigation to find / treat the cause of pain. Each time a doctor tried to help me, I was shipped to another Workers Compensation specialist who refused to investigate my specific complaints; 2 years, 28 doctors / 5 trips to emergency @ hospital, my 1st spinal injury was finally diagnosed; At this time my 2nd spinal injury was denied any investigation, even though all information I provided was correct; I received “No Physical Examination” whatsoever by 3 neurosurgeons and 5 orthopedic surgeons in a 3 year period; “God Help you if you suffer significant injury with insurance interests in Canada, because insurance and government doesn’t want to spend a nickel helping you. All they want is your tax money.

  13. How you holdin up? I live alone as well except my two dogs I have to be functional enough to feed them. I beleive they understand that Mommy’sick. They aren’t pressuring me for anything.

  14. How you doing Jack?! That is pretty rapid detox! I am a month into it and finally down to 30 mg but having a tough time with that can’t sleep or eat. Sure hope you didn’t relapse I know I won’t, I want to know when I can go cold turkey, why draw out the misery? At 15 mg? I have mine scheduled at 5mg for a week but that won’t be for a month

  15. i been on Oxy Contin for over 10yrs, I reduced from 120mgs a day to 60mg and not gradually. Its been 4 days now and I cant rest or eat and I have a bad case of rushin off to the toilet. shit hope I can last the distance ?

  16. I was taken of oxycontin on thursday after taking 60 mg three times a day the doctor put me on targin i live alone can some one help. Thank you Ray

  17. I have almost gone into my mouth week of withdrawal and I m not getting anywhere I m sad and snippy with my family I itch and just generally uncomfortable i don’t want to relapse but my god someone tell me it will get better!!?

  18. I started Pain management about 8 months ago. All I can say it has given me my life back. What made me look at this site was a comment a girl made about her not being able to get anything done like go to the grocery without a pill( her withdrawl started in hours) that made me wonder if the cold sweat thing I feel in the mornings was the lack of me not taking my oxi med the night before. What I am reading here is totally freaking me out. The lady that chews out her husband then regrets it I don’t believe is her meds. It is you period. I did that to my first husband and I did not take pills. Don’t blame pills. You won’t stop doing that until you work on you and if your not careful you will lose your husband.(maybe you want that) Count 1,2,3 before you say anything. All the people that say the things that made them happy before drugs now just makes them feel okay. Neurotin did the same to me. I called it the zest stealer. I did not know that others have experienced the same thing with other drugs. What I worry about is why you stopped your pain meds. There are many people that take meds for life. What caused so many of you quit your pain meds after serious injury that the Dr. said was okay for you to take for life unless you like your life of pain. This I don’t understand at all. I will take that gel oxi til the day I die as long as I can enjoy doing things with my grandkids which I did’nt before. At times I still catch myself saying I am not doing that because I know I will just regret it the next day from pain it will cause the next day. Now I am like oh wait I can do that I have meds that help with pain. My life is so much better with pain management. I can do so many more activities than I did before I was on pain meds. I have a much better quality of life than before pain management. Those out there that think about your liver, well I ate my colon up with nsaids and I now have stage 3 chronic kidney disease from abusing them looking for pain relief, so that one little gel oxi two times a day can’t be any worse. Medical pot. Let me just say this ” it won’t happen!” You will not get pain relief for your knees by smoking pot. I am 57 and smoked it most of my life. You will not get pain relief from pot that will even remotely be near your oxi pain relief. Back to my question of why did so many of you feel that you needed to stop taking your pain medication? My life is so much better with it. I wished had gone to pain management sooner and I sure don’t want to stop it. And yes when I take take my morning oxi the cold sweat thing stops. Even though I don’t like that cold sweat thing I still think it is better than a whole day of pain. There are always trade offs in everything we do. Best of luck to everyone on this site. Me I like my life better with that little oxi gel pill. And, I thank the Dr. that has given it to me I am grateful for the pain relief and hope I never have to go back to life without it. I guess that is why I don’t understand why so many of you would choose to be in the pain that some of you describe.

  19. Hello, I have a few questions, but first let me tell you a little history about myself, it may effect your answer. I have extreme chronic pain. My back is more metal than bone, numerous levels of fusion as well as several joints that are replaced due to a bone disease. Iron man has nothing on me. Been taking Oxy for almost 20 years. I have tapered my dose down to 180mg a day from 440mg a day. I do take Norco (10/350 – 8 pills a day for same time frame). I was given a choice of lay in bed 24/7 in horrific pain or take the meds and live a simi normal life. I tried the bed for about a year but at the time (age 21) I felt it was just no way to live, so I started the meds. Today (almost 20 years later) I want off the meds so bad but feel I have reached the minimal level I can take without going back to the bed 24/7 in pain. The way I was able to lower my meds was by smoking/ingesting medical marijuana. It both helped me lower the levels of the Oxy as well as lowered my pain levels. This cost me a few doctors seeing that it is illegal & against the narcotic contract. But fact is I lowered my meds with it myself, not my doctors. The doctors were proud I lowered the meds but as soon as they learned how I did it I was booted as their patient. Stupid catch 22. I discontinued the medical marijuana almost a year ago so I could keep a pain doctor & control my pain. My questions are as follows. #1 – Is there a detox place or Doctor anywhere in the US that will treat me with the use of Medical Marijuana while still taking my Oxy? I feel I could get the Oxy down to lower levels if I could be allowed & prescribed medical marijuana at the same time. #2- If I was to try to discontinue the Oxy all together & return to bed 24/7 & only taking medical marijuana for the pain, how long would withdrawal symptoms last for someone with such a long history on Oxy? I know there’s no guarantee that I can completely stop the pain with medical marijuana alone, but I feel it’s worth a try seeing the positive effects I have experianced thus far. Plus I know my body would thank me (kidneys, liver, ext) if I could stop the Oxy or get it down next to nothing and just rely on the medical marijuana to control the pain. I hope you can add some insight.

  20. hi I was a heroin addict for 10 years I have stopped taking heroin and now just take oxsie between 40 to 80 m a day orallie and really hate being addicted I really need to stop taking them how long is it going to hurt me for a go my habbit down as low as possible and now im sick of being sick please help me

  21. I have been on oxycontin and percocets for 20 years and I’m 68 years old. I tried cold turkey and it was horrible so then tried to wean with tramadol and that was just prolonging it. Now haven’t had any pp for a week. Stomach problems better but depressed and severe fatigue. Still sneezing and clammy skin. Oh will it take me a long time to be normal since i have been on them so long?

  22. Three months ago I had a total knee replacement. It has been 10 days since my last dose and I feel as though I am dying. I still have to work! I cannot straighten up due to the pain. Nothing helps. I don’t mind not feeling pleasure, but I say things I don’t even mean! I have hurt my husband on more than one occasion and I feel horrible. I feel no hope especially when I read that this can last for months. I am so angry at the very dr’s that I TRUSTED to monitor this. My daughter in law (nurse) tried to warn me and I told her, “the dr. can see everything and the history, he knows what he is doing”……….RIGHT. IF I COULD SURE THOSE RATS (there are a lot worse words I can think of) I WOULD!!!! I just want some hope. Is it common for the pain to increase at night? Seems that’s the pattern and I writhe in pain and pray. Help please!! When will this end?

  23. I have chronic pain and have been on pain meds for around twenty years now. It’s like I have become an addict. I tried quitting it many times but the time I did that, I was literally bed ridden because of the pain and so I desperately needed it to be increased. Now I am currently prescribed 4-20 mg OxyContin and 8-10/325 mg Norco. I have actually become an addict to this drug. Will any inpatient treatment program help for this? Has anyone experienced this?

  24. Had a pretty bad accident and left me with hip replacement and fractured pelvis.
    Used this Oxycontin for about 4 years and decided enough was enough.
    After 5 weeks, no sleep, spasms of muscles ongoing.
    Severe pain to back and injured area.
    I WILL NOT TAKE IT AGAIN, but be ready for lotsa long night pain , spasms.

  25. Had a pretty bad accident and left me with hip replacement and fractured pelvis.
    Used this Oxycontin for about 4 years and decided enough was enough.
    After 5 weeks, no sleep, spasms of muscles ongoing.
    Severe pain to back and injured area.
    I WILL NOT TAKE IT AGAIN, but be ready for lotsa long nighhts , pain and the hibby gibbies.

  26. I have only taken 2 so far and I do not like the feeling of the shakes when it starts to wear off. Can u take a xanax to alleviate the shakes and agitation. I will never take this drug again. I will deal with the pain I have….

  27. Julianna, this is so old. But I am in your exact shoes, 3 years later. Can you contact me and tell me how your story went? Please. I’m desperate.

  28. Thank you so much for making this info available. I took oxycontin for 12 years for RA pain, and didn’t know what to make of my body’s reaction to discontinuing it. This has been so helpful. Thank you again.

  29. My husband is in chronic pain. He is taking oxicondontin 10 mg and oxicondone 40 mg daily. He has kept that dose without needing more for several years. He has been on this for 4 years. He is now starting to push me into walls and brusing me when he is low on his medication. He blames me that he had to use too much in the beginning of the month because we are argueing. Then at the end of the month when he is low he metallay and physically abuses me. Last weekend I had to leave the house at 4 am and drive to a parking lot to avoid him because he said he was going to beat me. He pushed me into a wall and brused me. He is in chronic pain he needs medication. He has used other pills for pain before and hes never touched me but now every end of month when he is low he abuses me. If I tell his doctor and he finds out I did and the doctor cuts him off he will abuse and beat me what can i do? I haven’t told anyone that he is on this medication. But I have shown people at work my bruises. He still has to take medication for pain. What can you suggest? When he has enough pills he is kind to me and caring,

  30. Hi…im a chronic pain patient….Ive had to relocate from New York to Florida due to my divorce and subsequent financial distress….Im so tired of oxycontin.. transition from states im very confused and cant seem to help myself ….Im running out of medication and considering going to an emergency room for help…..I have L5 S1 severe pain on the left side of my body.. .I was once a very productive person…..I had a great career with a major trucking company then i had an accident which destroyed me…..Can u please offer suggestions…Im very depressed after my divorce…..I have a 13 year old son.. I have been a member of AA for the last 20 years….Since my accident in 2010 my life has not been the same

  31. Anyone suffering from oxycotin addiction or oxy detox should check out your local methadone/subutex treatment center. They can start you almost same day on a treatment that is watched by doctors and professionals. They can take you down slowly and painlessly. If your taking oxy for pain, methadone might be a good switch anyways since your constatly m

  32. Withdrawal timeline for everyone is different. I was on 120mg of Oxy per day for 3 years. What I found that really helped me and other people I talked to was Kratom. This plant is a life saver…Good luck everyone and may you all be safe

  33. Taking oxy and morphine for Cancer for about 2 years now. Eight 15mg oxycodone a day. I quit oxycodone about 10 days ago and my physical withdrawal is intense. Does the physical discomfort cease all at once, or over time. I don’t want to state all over again.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Paul. Withdrawal symptoms tend to subside as time passes, so they will be getting less and less intense. You can get some OTC’s from the pharmacy that will treat the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing. You can find more elaborate information about How to treat OxyConting withdrawal symptoms by clicking on the text in blue.

  34. Hi Im wondering if you can help me. My 22 year old son, was unfortunately dabbling with hydromorphone 15 to 20 mgs for almost 2 years until he became completly addicted and seeked help. He tried tappering for almost one year under a doctor’s care but was unsuccessful (could not handle withdrawals). The last 5 weeks he began subboxone. He is on 16mgs. He doesn’t sleep as well as when on drugs and has a bit of a runny nose, terrible vivid nightmares, low motivation and tired. How long does it take the brain to rewire back to normal? Does it rewire if on subboxone? I forgot to mention, he suffers from anxiety too and is on 10mgs of cipralex and is prescribed xanax 5mgs daily for anxiety (which Im not crazy about). Any advice? He is still not feel his old self? Are the nightmare normal? I’m worried about him and want him well.
    Thank you so much,
    A. Mara

  35. Hi Guys, i would like to start by saying this blog is so positive and such great inspiration for people going through the process and also for close friends and family members. My long term boyfriend of 4 years started using roxy 2 years ago for no reason specifically, but I guess to be experimental. We were in college and honestly I never thought anything of it until recently.(never in a million years did I think he would become addicted, hell I tried it a few times but I didn’t like it) I had no knowledge of how serious this drug was until recently. I moved a year ago and we see each other now about every 3 months. Recently I’ve seen a dramatic change. We went on vacation and he was paranoid, mood changes (MEAN), and was not interested in having sex with me, and accused me of things that never happened. The last day of vacation he ran out of roxy and went crazy mean and then sad ( this is just one of our many not so good encounters) For a while I felt guilty.. whats wrong with me? What can I do? I never knew for the past year and a half that it was this serious, or maybe I was just in denial. he described to me the feeling of being on this drug is extreme pleasure, carefree, and relaxing… is he masking something he is not happy with, or is their another underlying issue? or am I overthinking… (5 days ago) he promised me he would stop using, so far so good.I think he is serious this time, or at least I hope. I think he really wants this.. But this is not the first time he has said that. He will stop for a month and start again. He doesn’t believe he is addicted until very recent. Overtime he will say,” see I’m not addicted I went a month”.So my question is What do I do? I love this guy like really love this guy. Has he changed permanently or is it the dugs? And if it is the drugs what are the chances of him going back to the person he used to be? Can roxy trigger a mental disorder? Can I help? How? I want my friend back!!!

  36. Hi Erica, yes its normal. My girlfriend Told me the other day that my attitude has changed, I am mean, can’t sleep and don’t want to be touched. But what i don’t like is that i am always freezing!!!! I live in Arizona and it can be 80 degrees outside but i am still cold. I just started to taper off the OXY on Nov-3rd-2014. I have quit a lot of drugs but the OXY has been the worst by far. Please just hang in there for him , because if i didn’t have my girlfriend by my side i know i would lose it.Take care.

  37. I stopped using 300 to 400mgs of oxycontin a day by getting into the methadone program in my city. They started me on 60 mgs and then lowered me down ti 0 in a matter of 2 months. It was so painless after shooting snorting smoking oxys abd H for more than 10 years of trying to quit. Rehab, rapid detox, blood transfusion, nothing worked. The methadone program was free and I got to drink my first day

  38. My husband for four years was taking low dose of oxy everyday. Last week he ran out and decided to just quit it all together. He has become extremely nasty , won’t let me finish sentences. I’ve been there of course since day one. I’m very upset about this whole thing. Is this normal?

  39. There is good news. The struggle to defeat dependance is winnable. You need to look at the challenge to withdraw as combat, as a triumph of your will over a once necessary evil. That is to say, you needed it to control your pain, now you must summon your inner strength to subdue this “enemy” so that it goes away for good. I think of the person I was before I started 4 years ago for 6 major left shoulder surgeries, including 3 replacements, two that failed. I see that person before the pain, before the nightmare, the person that my kids loved, that my wife loved, that my mother, father, sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, and friends loved. I convince myself that HE is the person I want to be, my long lost soul, and I am willing to fight like hell to get him back. I feel the pain of withdrawal, but I keep that vision of HIM in my mind, and I convince myself that NOTHING will stop me from reaching him. I hear the voice of God and the songs of angels, providing me with the strength and POWER to defeat my enemy, to defeat the EVIL the stands before me. I will ultimately be VICTORIOUS because I am not leaving this earth until I am once again who God intended me to be, and that is the person my wife married, the person my mother gave birth to, the spirit that God gave me that became my soul. You see, ALL OF YOU have the power within you to defeat this, you just need to summon the RIGHTEOUS GOOD that exists within you. Good luck on your quest, and bring that strength forward. Become once again who you were intended to be.

  40. I have been taking 1 to 2 tablets in 24 hours. Usually a half tablet.for several years. I have bladder pain similar to IC. My bladder does not expand.
    If I take the Vicaprofen, I can get 2 to 3 hours sleep. However if I don’t take it I am up about every 30 minutes. I know I am addicted, but can’t find an alternative.
    I am not upping the dosage, but feel like a drug addict.

  41. My brother was diagnosed and treated with chemo and radiation for throat cancer. He did great , within only 8 weeks of treatment, the large mass is gone. He was prescribed Oxicodone- liquid form to help with the throat pain . His CNP was concerned that after he is now home and had taken the prescribed 1000ml in the last 2-3 weeks, she said they will not refill this. He stopped on his own taking it , and for the last – 3 days he has flu like symptoms, a lot of nausea, and does not want to eat anything or take feeding thru his peg tube. He also is very tired, he has slept for two days off and on. Is this OK , is this normal

  42. Thank you so very much Ivana. As far as I know we do not have any pain clinics close to my area. However, there are some things that I am going to look into. This information was quite valuable! 🙂

  43. Emil B, it is my opinion, that yes, it is all about the cost. The more the big Pharmaceutical companies can make off of you, the better they feel. They don’t give a crap about the people, just the money they can make off of them.

  44. I am in the midst of oxycodone withdrawal. I have had fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis for well over 25 years now. My withdrawal symptoms are starting to get a little better, but my pain is at an all time high. Right now I am on valium to help with the withdrawal. My problem, I have a very sick husband, a 9 year old with a mental illness and we live completely off of the grid ( no power, running water, sewer, natural gas, etc). I have to be a 100% capacity physically at all times as I am the only once able to do anything. Our wood shed is empty and here in Canada we have some pretty brutal Winters. I need to haul water, usually 40 gallons at a time. I have to heat water on a cook stove in order to bathe and do dishes, I do all of the cooking and cleaning, haul gas for the generator, cut the grass (we have 5 acres), do the gardening, well I am sure you get the picture. But my pain levels are at an all time high. I do have a doctor’s appointment in 6 more days, at which time I should be clear of the oxycodone, in order to see what we can do for the pain. My doctor has suggested a patch. Right now I am taking aleve (naproxen) as well as Tylenol 3’s which are a joke, but I need SOMETHING for this pain. I am allergic to celebrex and Cymbalta, I just don’t know what I can do. My spine feels like it is broken in about 4 different places and my hips and legs are even worse. I cannot afford a chiropractor, massage or anything else and I cannot leave my husband and son alone. I know the stress isn’t helping at all, but there isn’t much I can do. I just need something to make the pain go away so that I can function again, the withdrawal I can handle, I hope, but the pain is what is going to get me. Please, help!! Oh, and btw, we live on under $2,000.00 a month and are terribly in debt. I can’t even make it paycheck to paycheck without always being about $1000,00 into my overdraft and between my and my husbands credit cards we are about $25,000 in debt because of necessity and herbal meds. Any help at all to get me over this pain would be greatly appreciated, and remember, I am in Canada. Good luck and good vibes to everyone of us.

  45. why is it that a doctor will up your time released 80mg from 2 a day to 3 but not authorize 180 of 30mg the time released cost almost 1300 $ but the oxycodone is only 270 is it about the money or the patient.

  46. Hi Warren. I was prescribed percocet for almost 3 years for back pain. I never bought any illegally. ..I always got them legitimately. After back surgery last August I decided it was time to move on. My PD said I should not be in a rush but I did not want a protracted taper (he was suggesting 6+ months taper). I read on some post about GABAPENTIN working great for withdrawal alleviation. I already had a supply from prior prescriptions so I tried it. It was recommended that GABAPENTIN was most effective for this purpose at higher doses- 900-1200 several times a day. At their same time my primary doc put me on Wellbutrin (also used for smoking addiction) which thought would help with the associated depression that tends to accompany discontinuation. RESULTS: I am on my 4th month after cold turkeying it and it has been remarkably easy thus far. The GABAPENTIN kept me from having any significant physical withdrawals- Thank GOD! I am guessing the Wellbutrin has helped with the mental aspects. I’m sure this process won’t work for everyone but in my opinion it’s worth a try. Today i still have weakness in the afternoons but have its manageable. I am down to about 300 mg of Gabapentin per day. Now when I think about taking additional percocet all that comes to mind is their motivation I lost and having to start their process over again. By the way, I was on 40-70 mgs of Percocet per day. And Gerard…I thank God for his mercy most every day. That one is for you.

  47. Oxycontin is a safe drug and it can be taken indefinitely just like every other prescription opioid or opiate. On the flip side though, ever increasing amounts will probably be needed to achieve the same result. Another thing is that at therapeutic doses, it should not make you feel ‘high’ although it will in some cases. In some European countries, heroin is prescribed as diamorphine, therefore, if manufactured correctly, even heroin is a safe drug. None of these drugs are safe enough to leave with reach of children… they are safe in that they will not kill you or cause you to die if you take the right amount.
    Having cleared the air on the safety of these drugs, they are all extremely addictive and dependence will almost always arise in anyone whom takes any of these drugs continuously for as little as a week but generally a month or so.
    Suboxone and methadone save lives. Here in Australia, these drugs are available for free but often have dispensing fees that can be over $70.00 per week. The down side of these drugs is that whilst the withdrawal from them is slightly less severe or intense than Oxycontin etc… the withdrawal lasts much longer. Suboxone the worst because of its extremely long half life, withdrawal may not start until a week or more after your last dose.
    I am having a battle with hydromorphone slow release tablets [Jurnista]. I know the risks but I have begun injecting them, something that needs a little understanding about the way the tablets are made before one can do it, and since then have found it difficult to even get back to taking them orally. Hydromorphone has an oral bioavailability of about 24%. Injecting it by passes first pass metabolism and provides 100% or close to it, to the injector, so when I take the drug orally, I feel withdrawal even though I am still getting some of the drug into me.
    This is just another thing to look out for. I have noticed that a lot of people in America and Canada don’t tend to inject prescription opioids as commonly as people do here, for those considering this route, simply don’t do it. Doing this is wrought with dangers and it is difficult to come back from yet not impossible.
    Finding affordable detox is a huge problem in this country, it is like the government, present and past, have an attitude of, you did it you suffer. Detoxing from opioids, as bad as it gets, is not considered life threatening, detoxing from other drugs such as benzo’s may be life threatening due to the risk of seizures. You wont die from not taking your Oxycontin, you’ll only wish you could at times.
    Keep fighting, or give up fighting and die with your drugs, it’s your life, your choice and no amount of scrolling through withdrawal sites will make the journey to freedom any easier, only take Imodium if absolutely essential and then for a short time, it is as addictive as any other opiate because it is an opioid, it just doesn’t cross the blood brain barrier . Drink heaps of water and take a multivitamin, half twice a day. Apart from those few things, the only thing that will make your symptoms go away is time, nothing else will help except of course some light exercise like walking.
    I expect some criticism because I have just given advise on how to stop drugs whilst I am having trouble stopping myself. I am scared and weak, I have no other excuse.

  48. I bet Gerard is a huge addict scared people’s misuse will make it harder for him to get his fix….sorry Gerald it’s time for you to grow up too.

    Great job Chris and Shelly! One day when Gerard’s doc kicks him off he will be looking for support too. If what Gerard said was true there would not be the huge problem in the world today with these types of prescriptions. And…last I heard, people were still able to speak about there faith openly in this country in spite of what old coders like Gerard says.

  49. To chris and Shelley,it’s time to grow up kids, see what people don’t seem to realize is drugs isn’t necessarily the problem,it’s how you complainers hand,use and of course misuse them,it’s easy to blame drugs for the problems in your life but so hard to accept that you yourselfs had to at some point of started abusing opiates, sure opiates are most differently a easier drug to abuse,but i have news for you…alot of drugs can in some way be abused,but not all people who take these medications abuse them,start accepting the simple fact that you did this to yourself with guilty pleasures once you figured out a beneficial short term solution for yourselfs,and now that it lost its flavor,or your life seems to be getting worse you have the nerve to complain about how it’s the drugs fault?… Selfishness,ignorance and lack of responsibility is what im seeing from a couple of children. Second: im glad your have chosen to take aleast one step which is seek a helpful program,some people don’t have the will needed to successfully wing off addiction of any kind by themselfs,this does not make you any less of a person in fact it makes you a stronger person to understand your limits and ask for help, to anyone seeking rehab for any reason i wish you the best of luck. Third: leave your prayers and god speeches at home or to yourselfs please,if they help you by all means continue your beliefs and practices,but stop feeding the rest of the world your garbage, look god does not exist,anyone who says other wise is completely delusional, it’s all it is…delusion…these adult stories and religions should be left right in the fiction secetion along with the other child’s books of non sense,ide like those who believe to ask your self one question, give a single shred of prove he exists, no stories,no bible crap…your own personal experiences that contradict science,one thing…you can’t do you know…cause he was made up by man,and man never lies right?grow up. Fourth: people stop feeding our society more reasons and childish stories on why these drugs are bad,your actually building more problems with your ignorance,listen to this…the Government yearly pays for studies to look into certain drugs,opiates being a huge target are looked into two times more then anyother drug, now with the help of you people who always have a negative story blaming these groups of drugs i stead of yourselfs,they use these stories and reflect on them,passing out unnecessary mis information on how these drugs are bad,black label and scare and warn doctors along with pharmacies,in turn doctors and pharmacies are so scared they refuse patients who actually need these drugs,i hope you selfish people didnt forget about them…the ones who live chronicly in pain,wake up and fall asleep in pain, who follow their docs orders and take there meds as their suppose to end up screwed in the end,look opiates where created to increase your tolerance to pain…they have a value in society as just that,meaning there are guide lines of which to follow to help those with real problems,you ask me to.sit here and read stories about people (who may or.maynot be in pain) talk about these drugs as if there the problem mean while half have never done them so the nerve of those people for having anything to say gets me,and those who abused at one time or another and now what to complain cause it works no more,or it.pushed my life into a different direction (aka selfish,children, unreasonable) and ask me to side with you?…fuck no you get what you deserve,but now a woman working all her life,lets.say 3 kids to raise, living in terrible pain is told by the pharmacy or.maybe the doctor that this drug will no longer be sold here,or.we.can’t give you this…”we’re” sorry” think about what your saying people.because your say does mean something, don’t take away from someone else relief because you choose to abuse and now it doesn’t work for you,go.to rehab if you have to,fix your marriage/life but in order.to do.that you have to take.responsibility here,its not the drug…it’s the user

  50. Hi, I would really appreciate some advice please. I was prescribed Oxycontin following bowel cancer. I didn’t take any for a year or so and just amassed a stock which I have gradually gone through gradually c5-6 x 10mg per day over the past year or so but more seriously in the past 5 months, up to 8-9 x 10mg per day, initially orally but then snorting.
    I feel bad, ran out last Saturday and haven’t taken any since. Admitted my addition to my wife who has been supportive, since giving up I have felt lousy, nauseous, tired and no energy what so ever, light headed, can’t sleep and all the while trying to hold down a job, thankfully I work from home so have been able to cover my symptoms from my boss. I’m looking for a light at the end of the tunnel and wondered how long these symptoms will last and if I will ever start feeling and functioning ‘normal’ again?

  51. God Bless Chris! Prayers are with you for sure. Good luck in rehab. You are right though. These pills do not help the problem only put a terrible bandaid on them. No one warns you of the horrible addictive nature of these things. I was so close to my children (now 21 & 23) before my accident which broke my back. Since the surgery (7 yrs ago) putting rods, screws, spacers, etc. I have lived in terrible chronic pain. To top it off I was in an accident 3 yrs ago wherein a snow plow hit our SUV damaging my neck and my lower back again. I have lost the close relationship with my children and my husband started drinking again putting further stress on our marriage. He’s back in AA again but the kids blame me for the family break down. I have taken it upon myself to detox from the 320 mg/day OxyNeo down to my current dose of 160 mg/day. I am very slowly decreasing the dose in an attempt to keep the withdrawals at a minimum.

    One day at a time Chris. Without God and my church family I couldn’t do what I am doing. I need the strength provided by Faith. Go with God my friend and a new life awaits.

  52. Tomorrow is my day I have been taking 30mg 6 / 7 x a day for about 8 years due to a work related injury workmans comp had no problem paying for pills but not treatment to get off them. I have tried to stop on my own and can’t do it so I am going to a rehab tomorrow got them to pay for it. I have a supportive wife and two amazing boys 9 & 11 it is time to stop the pills do not work like they used to need more to make me feel better and I would always get dr to up dose but I am so sick of living like this that I need to stop reading these posts really help me I see that I am not alone. My oldest son is upset that I am going to be away but I keep telling him that it will be worth it Thank you all for your posts and keep me in your prayers one day at a time

  53. So I have been taking around 100 mgs of op oxy for about 7 months from a bad dirt bike Accident I Had I decided it was time to stop I was addicted to the oc 80s about 2.5 years ago and kicked it in jail of all places and it didn’t seem as bad as this time I am on day 4 now and the w/ds are finallyto where I am able to sit still. I have had about 5 total hours of sleep since I Was wondering if I took a little bit just for sleep would it start over again. I am not talking about doing the same dose maybe 20 mgs not every day just once to get a break away from this hell hole

  54. I hurt my self a for two weeks did roxy 30 four a day I stop taking the when the pain stoped it has been horrible I can’t even work I took a half of one to get through the day will that start the process over again ?

  55. My 89 year old mother has been on increasing doses of opiates for severe degenerative spine disease and scholiosis for approx. the past 2 years, including oxycodone, hydromorphone, and fentanyl patches. She recently had the pump direct med delivery system surgically put in which delivers the medication directly to the spine, but only a fraction of the medication she was getting with the oral meds. She is having some withdrawal symptoms such as muscle cramping, fatigue, I think even some body cravings for the oxycodone. The med delivered with the pump is dilaudad or hydromorphone. This process is particularly hard on an 89 year old, whose body is in a weakened state to begin with. She will be much better out the other side of it and has an excellent, caring doctor when all is said and done, but I think we are in for a rough time for awhile. All I can do is communicate with the pain management specialist well, and be there for her to hold her hand, rub her muscle cramps out, and let her know I care. So, anyone reading this who is so inclined, please say a little prayer for this little old lady who until several years ago did not even take so much as a glass of wine. Thanks.

  56. Hello Carlos! Yes, the moods will even out, the finances will get better, and the relationships will heal…over time. Take it one day at a time. Have you gotten help from a psychologist or tried a support group yet?

  57. I have been abusing opiates for 3 years solid. roxy’s, pecs, and hydrocodone. i have only eaten these drugs, never shot them or smoked them. So far I have lost my fiance, our dog, my 4.0 gpa, and what was our house. I am 48 hours clean, and have not stopped thinking about all the negativity this addiction has brought me. I never cry, but have been crying for 2 days straight. I cant stop thinking about what I have lost, I feel miserable and over all the craving to use again is almost insatiable. I honestly do not know what to do, or how long it will last, and the main question, will I ever be back to normal? An intense feeling of loneliness and desperation has set in at this point. Any feedback, or helpful ideas would be greatly, greatly, appreciated.

  58. I was on oxy original 80mg tabs ten X a day for three years I was in an accident at the age of 19, I was on the pills for a little over 3 years until my parents where so scared for my life and wellbeing they finally made calls without me knowing about it and set a date for detox praying I would not explode in anger over the whole blind situation.. I was a walking sleeping zombie with no feelings in the world, oxys where my world I woke up thinking about them I went to sleep thinking of them.. so my mother and father broke the news to me about the whole detox date and a recovery program after the detox I was not thrilled at the time but I’m sure glad my dad pushed me to stay just before they dropped me off at detox I dropped a full handful of oxy 80s and went on my way… I was in detox dieing for 2 weeks I was not only going through insane withdrawl I also had blown pancreatitis I visited the Edmonton er room 4 times they just treated me like a drug addict and sent me back to detox. I had called my dad after the 4th time in the hospital and told him I needed to be looked over by someone else at a different hospital. He then went against my family’s wishes
    And picked me up and took me to innisfail hospital I was not there for ten minutes and they found my pancreas twice the size of normal. A month after my dad saved my life from oxys he had a tragic heart attack and passed on 🙁 I owe it all to my family….. those out there with kids and family pushing you to do it… do it for them because trust me you want to be healthy yes oxys withdrawl lasts about 10 days TOPS!! Stick with it and bottom line is delete all contacts to get the pills and stay away from ppl that do it and you will have a great recovery. The withdrawl DOES GO AWAY WITH TIME!!! hot salt baths and hot showers are best also steam rooms helps get them bad toxins out of your body. Good luck everyone

  59. I have a question and need help… Im a recovering addict from oxycotin ive been one year and a bit sober and i have zero cravings or n e thing but i am experiencing alot of (paws) like i get really angry and thats not like me like really angry (not to the point where ill hit or hurt n e one but to the point i start to get sick) and its hard on my parents as well and weve done soooo much to try and figure this out…so if anyone out there is reading this and has ideas im open to n e thing thank you

  60. Hello ky – I read your comment and I could have written it myself. Mother of 2; functioning addict; fusion with instrumentation…I’ve asked my doctor for years for something for the pain that was non-addictive. She refused saying my body wouldn’t respond bc of my oxy use. Why do they prescribe it then??? I lost 8 yrs of my kids lives. They survived teen years with 1/2 a mother. They deserved so much better. I want off this stuff so bad. I don’t want to fail them again bc I can’t survive the withdrawal. We all have our story but the end result is the same – physical addicts whose lives have been on hold.

  61. Hi all. I broke my back in 2005 and underwent surgery in 2007. I have been taking OxyContin (now oxyneo) since 2005. I had weaned myself down when I was in a car accident which damaged my back and neck. My doctor had me back up and taking 320 mg per day. I’ve been a zombie for years. My 20 yr old daughter wouldn’t even talk to me. My 22 yr old son couldn’t see me deteriorate and left home. This Christmas I landed in ICU and on life support due to undiagnosed pneumonia and strep A. Doctors although horrified at my oxy prescription couldn’t change another doctors orders. When I was released from hospital I heard my daughters plees to get off this poison. I immediately cut my dose in half and went from 3 doses a day down to two. In all my years of oxy use I never misused my prescription. Although I suffer chronic pain I knew I needed my kids back along with my life. As of 3 weeks ago I went from 320 mg a day to 180 mg a day. Each week I decreased another 20 mg. Last week I was down to 120 mg a day but as the week progressed I began alternating between severely cold to unbelievably hot with sweats to the point I was soaked. The pain in my back is unbearable. As soon as I move or get up one of the heat episodes attacks and I can barely stand from pain. I can’t concentrate; I’m angry; depressed; can’t think; or do anything. I need to know if this is all normal. Will the heat eventually stop? How do I stop without these debilitating effects? I need to for me and my kids. My daughter is finally back in my life as is my son. I’m so tired.

  62. I would just like to say good luck to all of you!!! This addiction is a real nightmare….-ive been What I call a functioning addict for ten years, I’m a mother of 2, wife and I work…. 10 years ago I had spinal surgery for scoliosis in which they performed a fusion with instrumentation…. Which is what got me started on these meds in the 1st place. now I’m on day 11 of no pills (1st time in years) The first week was a complete and utter nightmare, I used the “Thomas recipe” (Minus the Valium) And it has helped with the withdrawl symptoms. I would recommend not going through this alone!!! Passionflower has helped with the anxiety and sage tea Is helping a little bit with night sweats…
    Thank u to all of your comments. They have really helped me!
    We Can all beat this!!!

  63. Hi.. I’m in my first week (day 7). Experiencing shivers, aches and pains, muscle cramps, inability to sleep… grrrr. They gave it to me as a temporary pain med, and I decided to stop it after a couple of month because I noticed I became addicted to it and it didn’t do much for my pain.

    I thought I’d be out of this thing in 3 days. I just searched online only to discover the fun never stops… that’ll give me something to look forward to (and honestly, I hope I don’t have to deal with these things too much after this initial period).

    Anyway, I’m trying to take it moment by moment, and it’s rough. But NO WAY I’m going back to this thing, no matter how big the craving!

  64. Hello Paul. Understood. You’re talking about managing tolerance. Talk with your doctor about these concerns. You can work together to schedule tapers of the medication over time…and to have a general strategy for long term use and pain management. Additionally, do a Google search for the keywords: site:.gov managing opioid tolerance

    You’ll find reports like these which can outline steps for optimizing pain management medications:


  65. Due to low back pain, I am currently taking about 3 pills of Oxycontin per day, of 15 mg each. If Oxycontin gradually becomes less effective, and I have to take more, I assume eventually I would reach an upper limit of how much Oxycontin I can take per day.

    What is the strategy for “resetting my body”, so that I can go back to 15 mg three times per day? Should I try to stay in bed for a week? How often can I repeat the cycle, if need be due to pain? Is there any prescription that can help flush the Oxycontin out, and get me back to 15 mg three times per day?

    I need to plan my future.


  66. I was on oxy for 13 years for chronic pain start doss was 10 mg per day and increased to 160mg per day plus quick release 10 mg prn after an opperation i was able to decrease usage by10mg at a time over a two year period.
    I am now 7months out after ceasing i still feel PAWS but it gets better as each month goes by

  67. i decided just to go back to them, i got through the withdrawals but i was in miserable pain still and my anxiety is through the roof. i have a bad knee, hip, lower and upper back and i cant sleep for beans. i was more miserable off them but now i write down my times i take them and dont go overboard a day (only 45m a day) so i can at least move around and be social. the hell with it im not going to live forever anyways i might as well be happy

  68. Im over the physical part. I still think about oxy every day even after being clean 3 months. I use occasionally and still feel extremely depressed without it. I’m 28, unemployed and broke. I had it all just a year ago. I feel like killing myself since I’m worthless.

    Hope you guys do better than me.
    Quit now before you lose everything.

  69. I never thought I would be here…understanding all these blogs..I’m a mother of 3 …I’m a teacher with my Masters! I’m married to a wonderful man who helps around the house…so how the heck did I go from that to almost 20- 30mgs/ day?? That damn little blue pill..such a love/hate relationship for years…no real reason to take them..a little bit of carpal tunnel…just enough to have the dr prescribe meds…and when that stopped being enough how easy it was to find someone to get them..that’s the problem with having money…you can afford (financially) to take more..to pay $20/pill…$400/day…that wasn’t a problem…the real problems didn’t start until a month ago when I decided it was time to stop…the scariest part wasn’t the week of physical withdrawals…the scariest part is ahead of me…there were never any consequences for my dumb behavior…we didn’t run out of money…I was involved with my kids’ lives…even part of the PTO…but now the fight of my life begins…staying away from those damn pills when life gets a little sad or depressing or boring…and now…as the PAWS ( as I’ve learned they are called ) set in I must be strong for my family and stop the selfish self-destructive behavior…thank you to all for your blogs…we may come from different places but this damn drug brings us to the same place…good luck to all

  70. Overdriven & Im sick as heck:

    even though I was on the oyxi for a very short time (1 1/2) months). I had two days of pure straight pain in my body and craving for more. By the third day the pain did lighten up for just a little bit but it always came back.. every time I closed my eyes I felt sick and dizzy and could not sleep. so for the first two nights I took sleeping pills. But I did not want to feed the problem with another problem.. Each day went by after that it felt a little better a little longer.. by the 7th day no pain at all I thought I was clear.. and then the 8th day it hit me hard like it wanted me to come back to the oxyi.. but after that I was fine.. even for the short time it had pretty bad withdrawal effects. I did not get the cold sweats or hot flashes thank god.. maybe because I was not on it as long.

    I did not throw up .. I am not a person who throws up never have been.. but I gotta tell you it hurt like hell.. I Have been off of them for a month now and I still hurt .. but the pain i have now is me healing and I just have to learn to live with it until it is healed.. Just wish I could stop smoking.. I keep a patch on so I can cut way down on smoking.. with the patch I only smoke maybe two to three cigs a day .. without the patch I would smoke a lot more.. hope the cutting back will let the implant heal..

    I thank you guys for all the advice you put on here.. I was buckling down for the worse.. and thank god it was not as bad as some of you all went throw.. I am sorry you had to go through it.. but do not get me wrong.. it was 8 long slow days of pain.. but I just kept telling myself each day was getting better.. at the time it felt like another nightmare I was going through as if surgery was not bad enough.. .. I am now way to scared to touch any kind of pain pill.. whether tough it out and prey I get better..

  71. This is a great blog, but there are some things here that deeply concern me.
    One, I have learned that you should NOT go cold turkey if you have medical issues. I put myself through a ten day withdrawal and I am now back on the lowest dose of oxy because my body was unable to tolerate the pain that got me on them in the first place. I will never read boards again that suggest I’m an addict and should go against my doctors advice and I’ve always been on an extremely low dose. I do not like the tiredness I feel from the medication, but have always been very careful about taking iit as prescribed.
    What is not being said here is that this medication can be a miracle for chronic pain sufferers with extreme medical issues. Including spinal and autoimmune and many others. I have high blood pressure and even though I was healthy enough to withstand withdrawal itself, my MEDICAL ISSUES THAT CAUSE PAIN WERE NOT, therefore I wound up in the ER with extremely high and dangerous blood pressure to which they are now trying to get down. No, this is NOT because of withdrawal, as I am ten days out, it is because of uncontrolled PAIN. I am also highly sensitive to side effects, hence the low dosages.
    I will never ever go against a doctors orders. EVER again like that. I feel sorry for Joan on this thread, It’s clear she needed more than just a meeting but a doctor’s care. Your body should be clear of acute withdrawals within at LEAST ten days, sometimes two weeks, but if there is ESCALATING, UNCONTROLLABLE PAIN and/or SYMPTOMS, you MUST be checked by a doctor because that is NOT normal. Pain is a sign that something is wrong in the body. It can cause enormous stress to you.

    Always seek medical advice when getting OFF these medications and if you must stay on because you are in real and chronic pain, DO IT at the lowest dosages as you can, as prescribed by your doctor. Don’t make the same mistakes I made in thinking I could just wing it cold turkey. It could well have killed me. Many of us are NOT addicts, but our bodies are dependent on the medication. This is a side effect of long term use. It is greatly unfair to guilt those who need it and dangerous to suggest that they don’t when from a medical perspective their pain could actually KILL them, and cause a further break down of their immune system and climbing cortisol levels coarsing through one’s body.


  72. To Julianne . Your husband should be standing by your side no matter what through the good and bad and better or worse, that’s what marriage is. Being with each other even when hard times are upon you both. If he can’t be a man like he should be he will just end up hurting you in another way even even if he stays now cause he has already said he’s given up on your marriage. I was on oxys and other drugs for 7 years but quit them when I got on methadone over a year now. I feel like Im kind of stupid now, and not realize when I’m treating my woman of almost 5 years mean or not trying to keep her happy. Just this morning I forgot my wallet when I needed my ID where my woman dropped me off at an appointment. Little things like that happen all the time and I just feel like she won’t keep putting up with my stupidness. I love her with all my heart but I don’t know if I’m good enough for her.

  73. OXYCODONE STORY BY Randy Flahr
    This is my story….

    Where to start… other than this so called miracle drug is seriously the worst prescription “medical drug” in the world this Medication is the DEVIL… HANDS DOWN. I personally have been on oxycodone and in massive daily dosages of anywhere from 350/mg-500/mg PER DAY! I had a bad accident on November 21st of 2011 and have been going through hell this past 8 months trying to overcome this drug addiction I didn’t even know I had.. my doctor just kept on increasing my daily dosage ignorant seemed like every few weeks it was going up about 80/mg for about 3 months till there was a point I was talking 400-500/mg a day. So long story short I had just got called to work.. I work away from home and I only had about 12 days worth of my pain meds left (didnt realise at the time i had work and my son on my mind hes three years old) and it was a long weekend I didn’t even think about getting more not knowing or realising that I would end up running out while about 13 hours from my doctor, so as the days went on I started to realise that I only had a few days of medication left before I was out, so I just continued to stay in camp working and I was just going to try to suffer and bare the pain for the last 4 or 5 days till I was home to see my doctor… so the following morning I woke up with the worst sickness, body aches and pains I had ever experienced in my life… X1000(the sickest I’ve ever ever been I didn’t think it was possible for a human to feel this train wreak like in my life) so I just did my regular thing that morning and went time work trying not to act sick or anything I had a great job an I didn’t want to lose it… that night I was so sick and so sore and in so much pain I thought my heart was going to explode with flu like symptoms, hot and cold sweats, shaking, extreame anxiety attacks, stroke like symptomes as well!!! So as usual as I always do I went onto Google and looked up the oxycodone withdrawals and so on.. and I Came across a post to get to the doctors ASAP or you could possibly stop breating and every symptom I felt was listed !!!! I packed my bags as fast as possible got into my truck and put it to the floor, then as heading out of town I GOT on my cell and called 911 to ask about my condition.. long story short my doctor had given me enough medication in one day to kill about ten full grown men, and I’m talking taking this about on a day to day basis.. without the meds my body will shut down and I will stop breathing at this amount of mg a day and just up and stop taking them… this was about two weeks ago I was taking anywhere from 350-500/mg a day depending on how sick I’d feel in just as little as a few weeks I’m down to 250-300/mg a day (taking the meds to not be sick and die at this point) also when this had taken place i was getting pretty big into bodybuilding my weight when i was at the hospital was 245 all natural very big and about 6%bf, in just the short time of 6 months after the “accident i call it” i had wittled away to nothing i went down to 155 lbs i was devastated i lost five years of working out before my eyes this stuff is the devil it honestly is the worst feeling in the world yes it is going to be hard to overcome but you can do it stay strong and you will become stronger as the days go on there is hope for you and anyone reading my post it has touched your heart or opened your eyes about this terrible medication and I hope my story is helpful and you have learned something, please be careful don’t take your dosage down to fast as it takes a while even some people up to a year and a half to be “clean” also keep loved ones and family very close tell them what is going on and mention they go to some meetings to learn more about what your going through because from personal experience with my family I literally shut them out of my life because they had no IDEA WHAT YOUR GOING THROUGH!!!!! BE SURE TO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR ABOUT YOUR PLANS TO COME DOWN WITH YOUR DOSAGE. IF YOU FEEL THEY ARE NOT HELPING YOU TO THE BEST OF THERE ABILITY PLEASE FIGURED ONE WHOM CARES ABOUT what YOUR GOING THROUGH THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!! I wish you the best of luck you can do it 🙂 may gods blessings be with you!! Good luck everyone and take care and one day when your back to yourself life will be so bright and happy! Thanks for reading yours truly Randy flahr!!!!!

  74. i agree with overdriven, at first the drugs may feel like there helping the pain, the depression, and life in general. but as your body becomes dependant on them it will make you feel good for a hour and then feel like crap for the next 10 hours and make the pain, depression and anxiety worse after that first hour. i can see that now that im getting off them.

  75. Thank you very much for sharing your experience, Overdriven. It helps to have real feedback about the power of oxycodone.

  76. @mystic – You were on 20mg per day. You will barely have a withdrawal from that. Maybe a bit of restlessness and depression for a day or two.

    I wanted to make a broader comment after reading through this entire thread. I was an opiate addict for over 6 years. High nearly every day. Morphine and heroin, then I got a crooked pain management doc and went on oxy. While the oxy was certainly a safer choice, after about 9 months it started making me severely depressed. I would take it, have an elevated mood for about 1 hour and then crash again. It was hell. It also became unpredictable – sometimes I would dose the normal amount and not even feel anything buy dysphoria and depression. The more my tolerance went up, the worse these effects got. So yes – opiates, and particularly oxycodone can cause SEVERE depression. I believe oxy in particular does this more than other opiates because it hits the dopamine system particularly hard. That’s why oxy feels almost speedy compared to other opiates.

    The other thing I would like to mention is that PAWS is over within a few months. There were a few people in this thread complaining of effects after 1.5 years. No way, no how. If you’re having anger/anxiety/depression issues after a long time then you have another issue that isn’t related to the opiates. A lot of times I see people blame their personality flaws on the opiate withdrawal when that is not the case at all. That’s easier than actually dealing with it. If you’re abusive to your spouse 1.5 years after quitting opiates then you’re an abusive person and you need to get counseling.

  77. so in short, if you take them long term (id say over a year) youll get withdrawals, and become more tired and grouchy as your body depends more on them. your brain actually will be requesting them for your body. your body will crave them. if your still in the beginning process and only temp taking them for the first time you should be ok

  78. mystic i wouldnt worry about it to much with that amount at this point, for me i didnt go through withdrawals until after a few years because i completely stopped a few times for 3 weeks here and there to let my body clean itself out. it wasnt until recently that i started getting sick. the more you worry about it the more sick youll feel and can get all those side ffects you listed just from anxiety and depression. but with that being said i also dont recommend taking them for long term. my dad is also on them and he has taken pain pills for 40 years hes in his 60s now and fine but he goes through withdrawals if he dont take them. for me i was noticing i needed more and more of them to stop my pain. i had bruised ribs, bad knee, bad upper and lower back so i couldnt get up in the morning or even sleep at night. i bought 4 diff beds and i finally put 12 pillows under 4 blankets on my bed and my pain has decreased enough to get off pills. people kind of get more addicted to pain pills because at first they need them for pain, then they need them for pain and because the world seems unenjoyable without them. so as long as you stick to just taking them when needed for pain youll be ok and dont take them longer then needed and try not to take more and try not to increase the dosage. make sure you quit off and on if its continued use so you know your in control and not the drugs.

  79. Hi,

    I had major back surgery 1 1/2 months ago. I have been taking oxy during this time. I take 1 10mg in the morning and one at night. i have never taken more than the prescription said.. so i only took one every 12 hours. there are nights I have skipped the pill. I kept waking up in pain and when I do I will take a pill. I did not take one last night and I woke up just fine for the first time. So, I did not take a pill today. So far I am doing good.. I have diarrhea. I am scared reading all this stuff on line. am I going to go through all these withdrawals everyone is talking about?? last night I had a very bad nightmare that woke me up. so far these sounds like side effects.. is this going to get worse?? I am worried.. are Pernod of suffering anymore from the hell I have already been through from surgery.

  80. i hate this crap i been taking 5 to 8 oxycodones for 6 years and its become such a pain to get them every month that im sick and tired of it and trying to get off them but every 8 hours i get sick and have to take another one because of the withdrawal is so bad. at most i would take 8 a day. for the past month i have got that down to 3 a day, no more no less just 3 a day. i feel its a improvement but i dont want to take them at all anymore and i cant because i keep getting sick. if i woulda known this would happen i would of just lived with the pain in the first place

  81. Hi, I just found this website and I can relate to alot of you. I have been taking oxycontin 20mg 3 times a day and oxycodone 5 mg 3 times a day also. I have been diagnosed with chronic pain as I have a bulging disc and annular tear in my thoracic spine. 6 months ago I was also involved in a motor vehicle accident that made my pain a hell of alot worse and I now have a knee injury and am waiting to have surgery on that. 3 days ago I decided to go cold turkey for the new year and boy do I feel like I am at deaths door. I have been vomiting bile getting hot and cold flushes and have terrible stomach pain. I am going through this so I can become a mum again. I felt being on all that medication I would feel spaced out and not attentive. I have also been prescribed zoloft which I was wanting to wean my self off of as it has only been 3 weeks on that. From what I am reading maybe I should continue the zoloft to see me through the withdrawal stage and then stop them. I have also been prescribed Alodorm to help with sleep as since I had my car accident I haven’t had a good night sleep and even with those pills I still can’t sleep. Please tell me how long will the vomiting last and the lethargy. My children need me and I hope I am not like this to much longer. Thankyou

  82. Hi ive been an addict for about 3 years and i was taking 5-6 30mg oxycodones a day throughout that time. I recently stopped without the support of anyone. It makes it much harder but it was something i really wanted. Got my hands on 4 suboxone to help with the withdrawls and broke each one up and took a specific amount each day lowering the dose and now i have been 9 days without oxy and im much happier. I feel the craving still like when i get home from work i so much enjoyed laying on the couch and watching a good movie and taking oxycodones. It makes everything so much more interesting. But as others have said… after a while the fun goes away and it becomes an addiction and instead of taking it to be happy i was taking it to feel normal. In beginning it helped my depression and stress and then about a year into it it totally flipped on me and became the reason of my depression. No one knows and i refuse to tell anyone because ive had friends and family become addicts over this stuff and ive sat with the people who talked about them and questioned how could they do that drug knowing what could happen and i sit there nodding my head as if im agreeing with them when really in back of my mind im thinking wow i am one of the persons they are referring to. Its very hard but i wanted to stop for me because i realized how drastically my life has changed and i have no intention of going back. Wish me luck.

  83. Hi not sure. Usually, one week of regular dosing is not long enough to develop chemical dependency to oxycodone and will NOT provoke withdrawal symptoms. Talk with your prescribing doctor for expert advice and suggestions.

  84. on day 9 of oxy wds, still feel lousy, and have the sweats also. i thought maybe it was early menopause. i have rd some of the posts, keee=kee is like my story. guess i have paws now. i do have klonopin but i have been on that since 87 for panic attacks, so no help there. tried jello, gatoraid ,etc. wthell, when can i get up without being dizzy and confused. can get my legit script filled on new yrs eve, and going for it!!!

  85. Everything I have read here is a real inspiration. I took 30 mg of oxycodone periodically for 2 years (about 60 every 6 months for neck injury) and with time was up to 60 every month for about 1 year. Then with arthritis in knees, and total knee replacement, started taking more untiI was up to 30mg 4 times a day for the last 2 months. Liked the buzz and energy I got but was only kidding myself they were safe. Didn’t have the personality problems many of you describe, Then this week I was running out of oxy, doctor on vacation, nobody to prescribe more so decided to totally detox by myself. Have 4 left in a pill case and look at them to give me the encouragement to continue my detox. Hate those damn things. Has been 36 hours now and feel some fatigue but able to go to work and function okay. Hope my detox continues this way and I never have to experience the torture some of you have. Taking celebrex to help with knee pain and now know it may also help with my detox if I understand that right. Will write more as time goes on.

  86. Hello,
    I was hoping someone here might be able to direct me in getting help for my 82 year old codependent mom. The story here is that I have a sister that is addicted to hydrocodone; initially prescribed 15 years ago for an injury. At that time she was an active alcoholic. Currently, she has her physicians convinced she is still in excruciating pain and most of them continue to prescibe for her. I’m not so sure how much I want to help her as she doesn’t care to help herself; at 56 I believe she should acknowledge her addiction and deal with it. My concern is about the hold her addiction has on my elderly mother. My mother’s financial and emotional resources are just about drained because she continually tries to “help” my sister. I have had many, many frank conversations with my mom on codependency and she simply doesn’t believe my sister is an addict and that her addictive manipulation has brought a rift to the entire family. As a Medicaid patient, my sister was evaluated and set up for Methadone and all my mom could say was that they were treating my sister poorly and she is suffering. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, she is no longer getting methadone and is back on hydrocone. My other siblings and I have talked about an intervention but feel my mom is too elderly and frail to face that kind of stress. We really don’t know where to turn at this point. 15 years is a long time and we are finished trying to help my sister but would like some advice on how to help my mom get out of this trap. Thanks for any suggestions you can offer.

  87. sorry i forgot to say that i have tried every underarm product out there, and they dont help. in fact i think some made the BO worse. i am such (or should i say was) a happy an active person before. i feel that part of being back and wanting out again but between how cold i am and the sweating i am staying home more. staying home and being bored is very bad for me

    hello everyone i have just spent the past 3-4 hrs reading and searching for something and finally found this…so here goes. i have been using/abusing 30mg “roxys” anywhere from 3-10 a day for about 4yrs. the amount per day depending on what i could afford. about 2/3x’s a year i would get sick of the whole thing: it completely consumed my day trying to find them, and the fear i would have at night before going to bed knowing i didnt have any for the morning, always being broke…well you understand. so when i would “take a break it would be a 3-4 days of hell then i would find a suboxone or 2 break them up and only take 1/8th when i couldnt stand the cold sweats anymore. i would be 100% except for that i mean i would be just chilled to the bone and sweating like crazy nothing would work! i would take a shower feel good for 30 min then im freezing and stink again it was so embarrassing i was changing my shirt every 30 mins so within a month i would give up and take a pill just to stop the sweating! so here i am again 3 weeks in i feel great, i dont crave them BUT the sweating is not stopping or slowing and its starting to affect my daily life again so of course all i can think about is making it stop. but i dont want to go backwards again. also i dont want suboxone because it is just as bad. does anyone have any idea when or how to make this stop???? PLEASE the only person i am comfortable around is my boyfriend

  89. Boo, of any kind at all, is as bad or worse than crack or meth or oxycodone…PERIOD. Some fools say “Oh, he/she can handle their alcohol. They’re a nice drunk…” A nice drunk is a drunken idiot passed out in the snowbank. ALL substances that change your train of thought are extremely dangerous and WILL destroy your life so badly,you’ll never be able to “fix it” back. The needle and the damage done…ya’ll recall that tune. If you THINK you “can handle it”, just wait until it handles you. Just a matter of time. If anyone knows this fact best, it’d be me. Once the damage is done, you’re done.

  90. Take a listen to John Lennon’s solo tune called “Cold Turkey”. That sum dope sick right up for novices. By the way novices life expectancy is low. A die-hard drug addict won’t see their 50th birthday if they continue to use. I KNOW cuz I’ve seen it happen over and over and over…∞ I just smoke good bud for my pain and I have no problems with that, nor does my doctor. Go ahead, jam that rig in a vein…if you can still find one you didn’t wreck already.

  91. Withdrawal from oxcodone is brutal. There’s no better word to describe it. I know through experience, not the 55 books I read studying to be a drug counsellor, but from taking it everyday since 1985 for pain associated with numerous surgeries on my legs, pelvis,lower back and knees. I started off in ’85 taking 2 Percodan a day…more if I’d just had surgery. I loved the stuff. It made me feel SOOOO euphoric and killed the pain almost completely. Decades go by and the 2 Percodan per day turned into a monster. OxyContin came out in the mid 90’s. I thought I’d died and went to junkie heaven…in reality, it was really a direct route to OxyHell. I’m tellin’ ya’ll, you don’t want to be wired to a strong narcotic analgesic like oxycodone or dilaudid (hydromorphone). You’ll eventually NEED it just to feel normal. That incredible high I used to get is now impossible to achieve, and if I did “catch the dragon”, it’d likely be my last…unless an ambulance was right there with the narcan shot to neutralize the opiods or opiates from killing ya. When you O.D., it doesn’t hurt at all, in fact if I had to choose my way of dying, overdosing on great heroin would be my choice. You get incredibly high, then fall asleep, then your organs also fall asleep, including your lungs…all the way to your heart just taking a nap. You can’t have that. They “say” withdrawal last a couple of weeks. From my many many experiences, in you are drug sick, in two weeks, you’ll feel WORSE than you did a week before. I’ve been in prison dope sick for MONTHS. Sick as I could ever get. I PRAYED that anyone would come in my cell and blow my head off with a .410 slug. Serious as a heart attack here. You want to “just try it once”? Re-think that, it’ll save your life from ending, or being a loser and living a crappy life. It’s a no-brainer if you actually live it and find out for yourself. If you get a broken bone and the doctor gives you Percs or Demerol, take it till you can handle the pain…then quit completely. Believe me or don’t, I’m just trying to save you a world of hurt and bull with ANY drug. It sure did a nice job destroying my life, trust me.

  92. popped on and off for the last yr… was doing them everyday for 3 weeks >… im on day 3 of detox and flu like symtons aside im finnaly starting to get over it. I am going beat this with no medical help and im proud. My mind is clearer than every before and tho i go through restless sleeps + hot+cold sweats it is improving every day. So victory over this painkiller 😀

  93. i am pprescribed for chronic back pain. i am on day 7 of WD. if i redose once will my withdrawls start completly over. this pain is unbearable, not the withdrawls but my back!

  94. IF anyone has followed my last posts, I will tell you due to intense pain I had to get back on the pills. However I lowered the doses extremely so as to not have bad PAWS if a ran out. My count is good and I still have plenty to get me through to my next prescription without worry. Soon I plan on going from halfs per dose to fourths.

    After fourths it will be something weaker and so on. Tapering is the best way to go and if you have ANY thing that requires exercise, DO IT. Exercise increases endorphins ( or intercourse, although thats hard to do due to sanitary conditions and inability to tolerate someone touching you during PAWS ) as well as increases adrenaline. It also makes the body’s systems speed up including the liver which is what processes ( burns off ) the meds in your system.

    Of course if you are detoxing or tapering ALWAYS get professional medical help if its available. To avoid legal problems I wont SUGGEST any of the routines I PERSONALLY did, as its just a guide of sorts. Good luck, and Ill stay posted over the next month or so.

  95. Once is enough for me. Western doctors don’t know what the hell to do. That’s why they call it a PRACTICE!!! 1 day at a time. Now it’s just the P.A.W.S. that’s messing with me HARD!

  96. GHB helps withdawls I have come off oxy many times. It works trust me, but only while you are on it not at night. Yes it is a drug but who cares if it gets you off the worst drug ever

  97. Hi Sean. Good for you. It is a long road…and humanness is suffering. But this is also what plants the longing for the Divine in us. I might suggest the Institute of Applied Meditation in Tucson, Arizona as a path that can help.

  98. I am trying meditation. A little at a time. I am a recovering alcoholic and addict so I know what you mean by looking in. I got sober 27 years ago and I have been OK without meetings for about 20 years. Well since that is what helped before I am again reaching out to the 12 step program for an answer. The doctors are telling me that they trusted the drug companies and now they are faced with the “REALITY” that the drug is NOT what they thought it was. IMAGINE THAT! Thank you for your support and help. I truly appreciate it.

  99. Hi Sean. It seems like you’re looking and searching for an answer to some persistent questions about life, reality and existence. I wonder if you’ve tried looking inside? Settling into meditation may sound like the last thing you want to do…but I believe that we already know the answers to all of our questions…we just need to be still enough to access the wisdom.

    If you’re not interested in meditation, I wonder if you’ve tried reaching out to find others who have been in and weaned off pain management…people who can relate to what you’ve been through. Can you doctors put you in touch with other patients that can understand some of these issues?

  100. I was on Oxycontin, Norco, Vicodin and Valium for a list of crap. I am fused from T2 to the Pelvis. Yup that hurt. I have also had 3 knee surgeries, 3 elbow surgeries and 1 shoulder surgery. Q15 back surgeries in all. I was on the oxy and pain meds for 10 years. I was up to 5 80mg oxy s and chewing 7 Norco or Vicodin or Oxycodone oer day. The Dr.s wanted to put in a pain pump and that’s where i said stop. I weened myself off of the drugs. With NO help from my “Pain Management” Dr. I have been off for 2 months now. I get very depressed. More than just having health issues. I was put on a 5150 ( 72 hour psyche hold) I was put on lithium. it worked for a couple of weeks and here comes all of “THE DARKNESS” in my head again. I have been going to Psychs. and psychologists for a couple of years. I am on Cymbalta, Trileptol and Lithium.. I can’t seem to say the right thing and I just feel too tired (mentally) to fight it sometimes. I am going to AA meetings, Therapy and WHITE KNUCKLING it. How long can I expect this to continue ? Do the drug companies know?? I have DEAD emotions and I have lost EVERYTHING that brings joy. Ask my wife she can tell you that. I hurt people around me with my comments and life SUCKS most of the time. Any support will be appreciated.

  101. Hi Wife. Thanks for writing in. It sounds like you need some support, as well. Have you tried to schedule an appointment with a family counselor or social worker? If your husband is an alcoholic, there are some issues of co-dependency that you need to be aware of and address. Also, there are support groups like Al-Anon for wives of addicts/alcoholics. Check them out.

    In terms of detox, a medical clinic is THE BEST option for anyone going through OxyContin withdrawal. There is 24 hour round-the-clock care, as well as medications that they can give a person going through withdrawal. And support systems during and after detox.

    If your husband wants to continue to do it “his way”, you need to be strong and offer support, but not get pulled into his addiction. I wish the best for you and your husband.

  102. hi, ive been married for 2years. and my husband has a serious
    PTSD from his childhood and deployment. he has been on drugs for 10 years. and im from asia never seen drugs or drug addict around me before. i knew he was drug addict but i thought he got over with that. but when i found out he started it again my heart was just broken so bad and i didnt know what to do at all.
    now he really wants to get off and start new life. his last drug was about month ago. and he started take Suboxone. he was okay for awhile. and today he was in very bad mood. so i asked did you take madicine(suboxone)? he said he doesnt want to rely on suboxone no more.he wants to face and go through it. im glad he decided but i thought if he takes suboxone,then they will not have withdrawal. but he is in so much pain and emotional since he stop taking suboxone. now.. i guess that suboxone was just temporary .. and can he do this without going clinic ?he doesnt want to go to hospital or nothing. and another thing, he is also alcoholic. so does he has to stop drinking while his getting off with this? He said it is not related but i believe its same thing for him to get away from his terrible memories…i think he got to face it without any alcohol helping him.
    it is so hard to watch him and he is good man i love him very very much and i dont want to lose him. but sometimes im just overwhelmed and dont know what to do.

  103. Hi arden. Thanks for your question. I think that many loved ones of opiate-dependent people can relate to your question and would like to know the same. In other words: can opiates or opioids change a person’s personality?

    Antisocial personality disorder (APD) is associated with worsening sverity in people seeking opioid treatment.Check out the following article for more details, and then do a search for the keywords to find more information and latest research on government-endorsed websites:


    site:.gov opiate dependence personality

  104. My son is about to leave his wife. She has been taken off oxy by her doctor using methodone for withdrawal symptoms. The problem is that she does nothing all day. Lies around on the couch watching tv until well into the night, does not do anything around the house, so he has to come home from work and do it all including the dishes she used throughout the day. She wants him to make every appt, pick up her prescriptions, take care of getting her health card ect and he says he is just tired of it all.

    she has interstitial cystitis but will not follow the prescribed diet because she loves chocolate and citrus juices, will not do any exercise whatsoever, and has never followed through on any of the protocols set up by her doctors.

    He feels that she has changed so much from the woman he loved and married, That she has lost all the things that attracted him to her and that he feels like her servant while he gets absolutely nothing out of the marriage except for more stress than he feels he can handle.

    My question is, could it be the very heavy pain meds she had been on due to her condition for several years now that has caused this change of personality and will this change be permanent or can she bounce back to her former self? He loved her so much that I hate to see them end this marriage but I can also see that he has no life with her right now, he has lost so much weight he is gaunt and I fear for his health. She is in her mid twenties and has gone from an adventurous happy outgoing girl to a couch potato.

  105. I was on OxyContin, Tramadol, Dilaudid, Hydrocodone and Morphine for two years. My family and I were in a serious auto accident that basically tore up my shoulder and back. I was never on any of these at the same time, but different doctors and specialists would prescribe different pain medications, so I just took whatever they gave me. I quit cold turkey eight days ago. I made it three days before I had to go to the E.R. for heart palpitations and severe agitation/high blood pressure (228/128)
    They gave me a clonidine patch that seems to have helped a lot. The first few days were hell. Every joint in my body hurt. Nausea. Cramping. Headache. Weakness. Confusion. Now it’s getting better. Still have the headache, weakness and exhaustion, but it’s nowhere near what it was on day 3. I quit because I knew I would have these symptoms and wanted to get it over with. My doctor will still give them to me, but I refused at the appointment two days ago. When I got home from that appointment I threw the rest of the pills down the drain. This has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but I feel it’s very do-able if you get the right help and you’re ready to get back to being yourself. The pain from the injuries is much worse now, but I’ve decided I’ll take that over the fog of opiates. Best tip I can give is to speak to your doctor. Tell them what you’re doing before you do it so they can help however they can, in this case giving me a clonidine patch to help start this process off. The first week is bad, but it gets better.

  106. Thank you for the advice. I will ask my doctor about clonadine. I’m down to 4 * 15 mg per day (I was at about 165 a day 4 weeks ago).
    Best to you all!


  107. Hi Relationship. Yes, there are certainly ways to help ease the discomfort through OxyContin withdrawal. The first is to seek medical intervention and supervision, during which you can receive medications like clonidine, buprenorphine, methadone, or antidepressants to help treat symptoms and discomfort. I would suggest that you detox in a medical detox so that you can get help together, support one another, and make a plan for sober living afterwards.

  108. Hi there. My bf and I have been on Oxys for 2 years now. And have been threw withdrawing many times. I was just wondering. Is there hope for us getting threw it together and staying together afterwards. We are both very serious this time. But we argue a lot when we withdraw and it makes it harder. Is there anything we can both do to make it easier?

  109. hey guys… this Is day number 4 for me not using the drug and I’m craving so bad after using heavily now for about 5 months (about 5-8 pills a day) I’m having trouble sleeping, I have minor cramps, the want for the drug of course, and dirreah… I’m feeling so much better tho… no more waking up with gobs of flem in my throat and lungs. I’m breathing so much better… I haven’t felt this good In a long time.. never thought I could but I did

  110. I have returned! IF anyone followed my last story I have another for you. First allow me to express my deepest sympathies for anyone suffering. You CAN and WILL get through this if you want it bad enough.

    Well after 2 weeks of being off it, I was feeling like normal but the pains in my legs returned. I talked with the Dr before doin anything stupid and he recommended me to take it again! I told him I felt fine and normal again! HE said there was a danger of protracted symptoms so he recommended a half dosage tapering system.

    So far this is about the first 12 hours and I dont feel any SUPER bad symptoms of detox. A chill for a few seconds every once in a while then it stops. I was originally on 60mg back in July. Now I went down to 15 mg twice a day ( cut pill in half ).Personally I think i would have been fine and I wont TELL anyone here to NOT listen to a Dr, but I feel I should have just said “No thanks im fine now”.

    Anyway Ill keep everyone informed on my progress of self detox AGAIN.Like some have said, its not so much the pill craving that gets to you, some like me can fight cravings. Its the lackluster feeling to do basic life tasks.

    Good Luck!

  111. Hi Dan. I wish you the best of recovery in your back surgery. In terms of treating the knots in your stomach (cramps), some people have experienced relief using topical heating pads such as a hot water bottle, or warm baths. The longer the withdrawal period, the less intense the symptoms. Have you asked your prescribing doctor about clonidine for other symptoms?

  112. Hi All,
    I have been taking 60 oxycontin twice daily plus 1 to 4 15 mg oxycodone per day for more than a year. I have almost no discs between L4, L5 & S1 thanks to a fabulous surgeon who shall remain nameless.
    I recently saw a real surgeon who will do a fusion but I have to be on low dose opiates or completely off. He said that if he were to do surgery now, I would wake up screaming and they would not be able to medicate me enough to kill the pain.
    I started weaning a couple of days ago. I’m on 3 X 30’s a day and not feeling too well. I take a shower and 1/2 hour later I can smell BO again. I hate taking this stuff.
    I am doing this under supervision of my pain management doctor.
    Thinking about going to 2 X 30 tomorrow. I just want to get my back fixed and get back to my life!!!
    Does anyone know of anything that can help the feeling of knots in your belly and needing to curl up in a ball?
    I hope to be off of this stuff or close to off within 2 – 3 weeks.
    Is that doable without too much discomfort?
    Wish you all the best!


  113. Thank you so much for your response. I’m trying to understand the addiction and I’ve found only a little on the effects to one’s personality. I appreciate this site very much!

  114. Hi Jackie. Yes. Drug use can alter personality, especially as the drug seeking behavior becomes the dominant activity in an addict’s life. Opiates can deaden a person’s emotional response to life. Once clean, your former boyfriend may have the realization of the pain he’s caused you but for now, he’s in his own world of pain and euphoria which causes him much, much suffering.

  115. My guy of four years became very withdrawn and ultimately left me. We always had an amazing relationship…and were very close. His addiction to Oxy became apparent to me recently. I never got any answers as to why our relationship ended. He even seemed apathetic towards me. Does Oxy cause personality changes in people? I miss my friend…

  116. Hi. I am going through detox from Vicodin and am experiencing weakness, fatigue and cravings. I am doing all the right things, but continue to suffer. It has only been a week, but I am interested in Suboxone at this time. I took two from a friend one time and it helped immensely. Any idea where I can look in my area to get this med? I asked my doctor and he just said keep taking the vicodin! I am dedicated for my family to get free, but I am in need of a little help.

  117. I’ve seen doctors (GI) gastrointestinal from Vanderbilt, UAB University of Alabama in Birmingham, Mayo Clinic and several local doctors as well. All the above mentioned visits were aimed at finding a cure or fix for my problem. I did not start taking Oxycontin until I had tried every less addictive med. The Oxycontin was the only med that gave me enough relief to be able to function. Now I am having to search high and low for someone to either continue my rx or provide an alternative. I do not want to take Methadone. I feel that all the people that abuse Oxycontin or take it more than prescribed have put people like me in hopeless situations.
    I have acted as a patient advocate for hundreds of patients (I am a nurse) and now when I need an advocate,someone to help me, I have no one. My Family doctor that first put me on Oxycontin wants to blame President Obama and his healthcare plan for everything including his inability to continue to write my rx. Both pain clinics are more concerned about “what if something bad happened to you and we had to go before a judge” If we give you more than 40mg 3 times a day, the judge would say that isn’t within the safe guildlines. Both pain clinic doctors said I should have never been on such high doses. They feel the best thing to do is to switch my meds every other week and keep me in a certain amount of pain so that my pain sensors will heal. They can not understand that if I stay in pain for long periods of time I will develope pancreatitis. Actually the last pain doc did understand that and stated that unfortunately, I will have to miss some work, go to the hospital from time to time but that is just how it is…..Makes me wonder why he went to medical school….
    Sorry for the ramble, I just need help and I am looking for it anywhere I can. Any advice for finding a patient advocate or directing me to any place to get help?


  118. Hi KeeKee. I’m not really sure about what other options you have. Have you tried to seek another medical doctor (rather than a pain clinic) who can understand these extreme levels of discomfort and prescribe you the medications that might help?

  119. I’ve been on a high dose of Oxy 240mg daily for about three years due to a botched pancreatic surgery. I’ve decreased to 180mg. At the 180mg dose my pain is still managable. Now after being on these doses for so long, my doctor says he is no longer writing Oxy rx for any of his patients. He referred me to a “pain clinic” WHAT a JOKE. The first clinic reduced my dose and when I returned in pain two weeks later the doctor threw a temper tantrum and said I needed to see another pain doctor that would write my rx. So I was referred to yet another pain clinic. This clinic is a sham. They only write rx for half dose I was taking and only one week supply. Have to get rx weekly. Can’t afford the co-pay plus it is mandatory that I go to “class” once a week and see a physical therapist….all of which cost more money. I am considering just switching to methadone but my gut pain is so bad now I can’t bare to think it will get worse with the methadone. Any advice?

  120. Wow, Brian. I am so thrilled for you, and happy that Addiction Blog has helped make a difference in your life. Please know that we are rooting for you! And please, please check back in again to give other people hope. And let us know of your progress on the path to recovery.

  121. I just enrolled in a 12 week outpatient program yesterday. Thanks so much for the insight. I usually feel like people don’t know what they are talking about on most forums, but you put it very clearly and it made perfect sense to me. Very simple, but very true. Thanks again.

  122. Hi Brian. Yes, the depression and emotions that occur during OxyContin withdrawal lead frequently to relapse, because while we enjoy feeling EUPHORIA (an intense sense of well-being), we do not want to feel DYSPHORIA (an intense depression).

    Life will be better…in time. It may take months for you to start feeling normal. After such high doses of oxycodone for years, your body and brain need to adjust and will take time to be free. This period is called “protracted withdrawal”. So what can you do about it?

    Talk with someone! Someone who’s been through it. Someone who knows what to do to feel better. Someone who has solutions to this problem of not wanting to feel bad, and the need or craving to escape reality. Go to NA. Seek help from an addictions counselor. Or a psychiatrist. But you need to DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT. Otherwise, you’ll end up in the same boat of relapse and self-loathing.

  123. Hi everyone. My name is Brian and i’ve had a problem with prescription pills for a while. Maybe about 3-4 yrs. The doses started very high because I have a naturally higher tolerance than most of my friends did. So my friends would do a 20mg oc and want to puke, i would need 3 of them to even feel much. It was an on/off kinda thing that I never had “withdrawls” from. Now for the past yr i’ve been doing roxi’s on a daily basis. Around 90mg (3 roxi’s) When i detox, i always end up using on around day 10.

    This might not make sense to some, but I now have “feelings” and they are very overwhelming. A song, convo, or nothing at all can set it off and i just get sad/depressed and feel bad. I feel like a junkie. I’m currently on day 7. How long do u think it will take to feel normal? Will life every be the same again? Any advice/help/comments are appreciated.

  124. Hi Jes. How wonderful. Congratulations to you on your decision to get clean. But you don’t have to do it alone! Have you tried looking to Narcotics Anonymous for support? Or maybe check out other programs for getting off drugs like SMART REcovery, Rational Recovery, etc.

  125. Hi Susan. It sounds like you are really getting to know your body and your personal threshold for pain very well. Pain can be a motivator for positive change, too, and I see your experiences as an example to myself and others for making things better. Yes, you are right to be wary of tramadol. Although it is a synthetic man-made “opioid”, tramadol activates opiate receptors in the central nervous system in a similar way to opiates (it alsoinhibits serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake). And I have heard reports of tramadol withdrawal being quite difficult. Please let us know how it goes!

  126. hi everyone i was addicted to OXY for about 10 months and been clean for the past 2 weeks i understand it is not long or as bad as some people that wrote but i figured let me submit something maybe i can help another person…i started these things bc i was depressed me and my bf broke up after 5 years and the oxy was heping me deal with it but i never thought i wud get addicted like i did i ws doing up to 12 a day never had money always tired and sleeping i was pretty much going to work and supporting this horrible habit a family member told my parents and they went on lock down with me took my phone my car they called me out of my 2 jobs iv been home for 2 weeks and clean i went to a detox place that wudnt admit me but i also felt that i didnt need to go there but they recommended me to a doctor to get suboxen which takes away all the withdrawals but you have to be very careful that u dont get addicted to that so i have my parents holding my medication and onlyy when i feel the restless leg syndrome and cant sleep weak tired i take it but every time that i take it i lessen the dosage and as i sit in my house these past 2 weeks my head is starting to clear up and my body stating to feel normal and i seem to realize how many ppl i hurt and i feel horrible and depressed bc i never wanted to hurt anyone i was just in pain and let the drug take over me but it happened so fast and i was soo scared to stop bc iv seen how bad it can get i have a few friends that were such good kids that ruined their lives nd families…i wish everyone to stay strong and remember your not the only one and i pray everynight that i have the stength to get better and for everyone i hurt to forgive me when they are ready bc that person that hurt everyone was not me it was the drug making my decisions for me and i hate it and wished i never touched it and i hope we all have the strength to never take them again…thank you for reading i really hope this helped in some way and i hope this did not offend anyone i just needed to say something thank you everyone and good luck!!!

  127. Thanks for the info on accupuncture. I have had the hot flashes ever since I started taking Oxy and Percocet. 10 years ago. Coincidently it was around the same time as the natural course of life so that’s what I attributed them to. They were severe and frequent and I noticed that they became worse right after taking a dose of meds. Now that it has been about 4 days since taking the drugs they seem to be lessening and the ones I am having now are different more in line with withdrawal sweats. So I am hopeful.

    On a side note my doctor did prescribe me tramadol the first day of wd for what i thought was just to help with the withdrawal symptoms but I spent all last night reading about the horror stories of this medication as well and how addicting it can be even tho it is supposedly a non opiate medication. I did this research because I stopped taking it yesterday morning as i was feeling better and by early afternoon I felt worse than I did on the first day of wd. Like a semi truck ran over me and drug me a few miles. So, I discovered I could cut them in half as they are not the extended release and I am now weaning myself off of those as I do not want to trade one dependency for another only to have to go through this hell again. Thankfully i have only been taking them for a few days. They do help with the back pain but again if i dont stop all pain relievers how will i truly know where my pain level is. I do also have an impinged nerve at T11 and T12 that is quite painful so if I need to have a 5 th spine surgery somewhere down the line it would be nice to better control the pain. With the other surgeries they had to give me so much pain med to control the pain, enough that would most likely have killed a non drug dependent person and believe me that was no fun. Very tricky to get the right amount to be helpful.

  128. Hi Susan. I can speak about acupuncture for acute pain, not chronic pain. I found acupuncture very helpful and efficient in relieving pain from a neck injury as well as easing the discomfort of stress headaches.

    How long have the hot flashes been going on for you?

  129. I guess my question would be when do the hot flashes subside. Has anyone had experience with this side effect after having been on opiates for at least 10 years. I do not crave these drugs in any way. My doctor said I was lucky as I took them only as prescribed and was not psychologically addicted, just drug dependent with a high dose Also, I am going to try accupuncture for my chronic pain. Does this help? Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

  130. Hi Susan. Wonderful to hear from you. I wish you the best of luck and determination in your journey to get off opioids. Please let us know how we can support you.

  131. Hi everyone, I am at day 3 of no OxyContin/Percocet I was on a high dose os 160mg oxy and up to 10 5mg Percocet for almost 10 years. I took this for serious back injury and 4 spine surgeries. I woke up one day last week and decided enough is enough and proceeded to wean myself down with only the aid of Advil and Valium. Right now I am still feeling the effects of withdrawal but have no physical or mental desire to go back on these wicked pills. I am not opposed to taking pain meds in the future as needed on a short term basis but never again as a way of controlling my chronic pain. I am looking forward to next week when hopefully I will be feeling a little better. I did check in with my doctor yesterday and she was very proud of me for my ability to wean myself off. Now I will go to chronic pain management and try other alternative methods such as accupuncture etc. I truly wish everyone good luck here as I know it isn’t easy.

  132. Great point. Cold turkey is really neither medically necessary nor humane. If possible, seek help from a detox clinic or a medical doctor when you decide to stop taking OxyContin in order to treat uncomfortable symptoms.

  133. EDIT : please not that I had to go cold turkey not by choice, but by force. I was totally broke, no gas or insurance on my car, etc. so I really didnt have a choice in the manner.

  134. Thanks AB. What i did was after the 2 weeks. I started a slower tapering plan. Not too much. Just enough to stop the knee pains. I dont CRAVE it at least , my pain is under control and so far so good. I sure as hell dont want to be sick as a dog. I will see how long I can go tomorrow.

    If i feel withdrawls, Ill go halves to fourths to 0. Cold turkey was NOT a smart Idea but I managed ok albeit sick as hell. Every Dr , blog, etc told me to NEVER go CT like that and “taper” off slowly.

  135. Hi Wish. Have you reported these possible protracted symptoms to a medical doctor or medical professional who knows about your medical history?

  136. I also meant to add, I might have the Protracted symptoms that last weeks or months. Sometimes I forget what im about to say, heart is racing, vision blurs etc. Its a terrifying feeling.

  137. Ive been off the stuff for 2 weeks and have high blood pressure. Every day when I wake up and my body warms up, I feel like im having panic attacks. My heart races like ive been running a mile. Im on blood pressure medicine , lisinopril and anxiety medicine , busprione.

    I thought after the initial detox I was fine. Since then IVe been to the ER twice, thinking I was having a damn heart attack but everything checked out. I started takin the crap for leg pains and wish I never touched the stuff now.

  138. Thanks, Bill. Good for you. I am very pleased to hear about your decision…what state are you in? Also, have you tried NA or another support group (non 12 step) like Rational Reovery or SMART Recovery? They might help!

    I have been reading more about legislations that are cutting down on pill mills and hope to cover it in an article. Also, thanks for sharing your tips. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

  139. I discovered this blog while spending a third detox day in bed and felt moved to register and post. BTW the most productive thing I have done all day.

    I have found your posts to be very brave and inspiring.

    The pill mills in my area are being shut down and finding oxy is becoming tougher so I decided that with vacation scheduled next week it was time to break the cycle and give it up.

    Cold turkey.

    Have been taking 30 to 6Omg a day for 18 months. Certainly not a record for consumption by any means but enough to trigger toe curling pain all over my body and feeling like I have been hit by a truck.

    Some suggestions you might find helpful:

    Heating pad for back
    Hydrate with Gatorade
    Tylenol PM to help with insomnia
    Jacuzzi or hot tub or even pool
    Fav shows in DVR
    A loving pet (I swear mine knows what is going on)
    Fav snack since I have no appetite. For me it is candy orange slices.

    I kicked a $1K a week coke habit 10 yrs ago cold turkey. You gotta want it and I do.

    I hope your days are getting better.

  140. Dear SMB. Thanks so much for the candid description of what is what like on OxyContin and what it was like to withdraw from it. I’m glad that you did not experience cravings for the drug after you came off…this is a characteristic of Oxy addiction and compels people to continue using. I hope that your experience can help someone else going through the same.

  141. I was prescribed oxycontin to control severe pain following major surgery. Pain like initially unable to speak, move, think, or do anything but lay silent, semi-grey immobilized by the pain. I guess pain to make you semi-comatose.

    Oxycontin made me energetic, I felt great fabulous, and very talkative. I don’t remember how much I was taking, but it was around the clock rather a lot. Life was fantastic while I took it. Wash down my oxycontin with a cup of coffee and launch forth into life joyously. It was nice. I’m glad I got to have the experience. I smile just remembering how happy I was.

    Lol, I crocheted practically an entire blanket while taking the drug, yabbering my head off the whole time. Found out after that I’d overworked my wrists at the time, being unable to feel the pain, and they were stiff and sore for a while.

    When the prescription ran out and it was time to come off it was just like the article said. Withdrawal lasted about a week.

    First day couldn’t get out of bed, weeping and feeling truly horrible. Second day a little less, still just stayed in bed weeping. By day three started to feel less despondent and getting out of bed for periods, and steady improvement in mood until felt normal by day seven. No physical symptoms in withdrawal, just that incredible feeling of despair and devastation and horror.

    For every high there is a low.

    Some advice. For constipation, just buy a sack of prunes and take the appropriate amount a day. Solves the problem cheaply, healthily, and effectively. Also, if you are going to use illegally, respect that this is a powerful addictive drug. Never more than one pill a day, and never take two days in a row. Always give your body a day to process and recover or else the physical addiction process will immediately kick in.

  142. I am on day 3 and my body hurts everywhere i am always home alone with my children ages 6, 3, and 1 year old i was used to consuming between 50-100 mg a day i quit cold turkey also same day decided to quit smoking both decisions to better myself…iwas prescribed oxycodone because i have moderate spinal stenosis i used for 2 years too many unpleasant side affects i had to choose between being in agonizing pain every day or walking around high in a false state of euphoria….well needless to say my backs killing me and my eyes wont stop watering im depressed cant even get enough energy to take the kids anywhere i can barely function and cook n clean its like im on auto pilot……any advise im sick of being sick…..

  143. Thanks to Jaseeka1986 for the encouragement. It has been almost a month since I took any oxycontin and I am feeling some better although still nauseous all the time and while I no longer have watery diarrhea, I have 8-10 BM per day and I don’t think that’s quite normal yet. Also, I ended up on two different antibiotics because I had infection, at least from what my white count said, and then after that resolved, I got this excruciating pain in my right shoulder they said could be from gall bladder stones or from spasms in my diaphragm from the turbulence in my intestines. So I’m not sure what is happening. And it is confusing too because I am in constant pain from the orthopaedic injuries I sustained when hit by a car driven in excess of 80 km/hour by a young man who hit several other people too — that came out at his trial where he was sentenced to driving school — it made me sick. He disabled several victims and got to attend a driving course. Oh well. Anyway, so I have some stenosis they said was “a hair’s breadth from being an emergency” and there’s scar tissue etc. But I’d like to be able to just suck it up and be okay but then there is the problem with nausea and mobility — I can walk better now that I don’t have that infection — I was doubled over and thought it was back pain — but I still am very weak. If this doesn’t resolve soon, maybe I will take your advice and discuss options like methadone with my doctor. I contacted the clinic in the town where I live and was told they don’t treat “people like me” who take the drug the way I did. But maybe if I go through a doctor first, it might make a difference. And I know what you mean about having a good counsellor — it sounds like if she tested you without your permission, that would be a pretty serious breach of privacy. Here in Canada, health care varies a great deal too; I’ve run into some really vile corruption where they violate privacy because they think those whose privacy they violate just don’t matter, aren’t like they are. It happened to me, once. I never did find out who all was involved. My doctor just told me that, one weekend, the manager of the clinic he worked at used her key to give “someone” access to my private medical file. At the time, I had made a complaint about $exu@l harassment of clients I served at a company for disabled — the director had followed women home, forced entry to their homes and gone after their children — and they were looking for something to use against me, to discredit my complaint. The director got fired and I was awarded a small — very small — token amount but I’d never do it again. At the time, I’d just made the report because I’d thought they would fix the problem, not fire anyone. But then, I didn’t know just how deep the problem was, that it wasn’t just the director but a whole scam intended to intimidate people from making disability claims. Stupid me. Oh well, again, live and learn. Thanks again. And I’m glad to hear you are doing so well.

  144. i’ve felt much if not all of what Julianne has as well and my relationship with my husband is suffering too.
    i’m living in a world of self hatred and guilt today and wonder why the hell i ever chose this freaking path. i regret it with all that is within me.

  145. Hi Thanks for your response. Yes I know it takes weeks to build up a physical dependence on the drugs that is why I would never take them ever again accept for occasional use. My main question was do you have any idea how long before all the meds would be out of my system from stopping them. I dont want to have gone through 6 weeks of no oxy and 20 days of no subutex to take one tablet and find myself back into full withdrawals because my body wasnt done detoxing. The only symptoms I still have are occasional sneezing in the day and just general feeling of malaise occasional bouts of anxiety. But if these are just my body now resetting itself than that is great. But if the symptoms are because my body is still withdrawing and detoxing after all this time I will NOT take a pain pill for my pain until I know I am not going to be thrown back into withdrawal for one day of relief.

    Does that make sense. When is the actual physical part over and when does just the body doing things to reset itself take over? If my body is no longer going to need the meds then it would be safe to take one pain pill occasionally on the really bad days. But if my body is still detoxing and taking one pill will cause it to have to withdraw again because it wasn’t done yet, is what I am terrified of, that scenario. So do you know when the actual physical part is over and the rest of the symptoms are just a sign from being on pain meds for so long and your body is just in repair mode and that is why you are still having symptoms?

    Thanks for your answer!

  146. OK I promise I will stop making so many posts lol. I have always had such an active mind and I get to thinking and realize, Oh I should of said this and that. I realized while laying in bed and not being able to sleep that I said I was off the Subutex for 18 days. I stand corrected it has been 20 days not 18 but the 6 weeks was right for the oxymorphone IR and opana ER. Again dont know if those two days make a difference but I know days made a difference in using the Subutex so I wanted to be sure I gave all the proper info so someone can give me an accurate answer.

    Thanks again your annoying poster lol

  147. Hello Healed. I am not a medical professional, but from what I’ve read, withdrawal from opioids is triggered after continual use of pain meds over the course of about 3 weeks. So occasional use of OxyContin should not trigger withdrawal. However, I’d suggest that you check with a pain management specialist and get a professional medical opinion before taking OxyContin again.

    Does this help?

  148. @Joan Hang in there, I’m praying for you, as I’m sure many who read this are. Bare with me for a minute because I get to some advice for you, from my experience.
    You are completely correct about the doctors & their attitudes, THEY get many people addicted then if they see you don’t want to be sick-what they call “drug seeking behavior”- you’re to blame? It’s the body’s natural reaction when given something for so long, it goes haywire without it. (such BS, “drug seeking behavior”- a couple of bad apples trying to abuse it & they make EVERYONE who is in pain or asks for help- bad-criminals even? Don’t get me started on the whole “I’m a criminal” thing-You’d never say that if you knew us, we’re your sister, daughter, mother, grandmother, & they have no idea we’re taking anything for pain or maintenance, but once they find out-they “always knew”) At least taper them off slowley than just cut them off at the very least. Many get a power trip or just a good feeling being in a position of power &/or feeling better than someone, which is their sickness, not yours. Many have to go through it themselves before they understand, which I think is not right, where’s the empathy & education? I’ve been on Methadone for 6 years this past February. I would’ve been out of there within the first year, just from my bullheadedness alone & not wanting to be controlled if anything. I tried soon after enrolling in my current clinic-the first & only one I enrolled in-switching to a closer program to my home in KY-I had to drive 1 hr & a 1/2 each way to get treatment everyday until I moved up in the treatment program. But even when my clinic didn’t test for THC, I tried to switch to my hometown’s clinic & they did, I didn’t switch because it was almost $300 a person to enroll & you had to start the program all over again(This is in KY & I enrolled in Indiana, it was the first one I’d found & was ready to quit doing drugs-pain pills without a prescription to not be sick, just after taking them for “fun” with my bf for just a couple of months. I had no idea what physical addiciton was, it was like a cruel joke when I tried to stop.) So needless to say My boyfriend & I couldn’t afford this switch, but my counselor went behind my back & tested me for weed out of HER pocket(since they didn’t test it cost $12 for the test). That’s got to be illegal, but then again they wiped their butts with Hipaa. Once I got a good counselor & finally stopped smoking marijuana (my new counselor’s attitude & support actually helped.. imagine that!) that all changed, things were Heaven rather than Hell. You’ve said that you have a pain problem to begin with & were prescribed Oxycontin? Then I would say Methadone would be the best bet for your situation – and that’s a big step for me recommending it to anyone, just because of my particular clinic, there are pros for going to a clinic as opposed to a doctor(as I think you’ve seen as well) 1. at a clinic you have more of a say in when you increase your dosage or decrease it 2. as opposed to a doctor who may not take your input & “jerk” you off of it when he/she sees fit. It-methadone-is absorbed through your GI tract-intestines- & not your liver, which my father has Hepatitis C so it’s his best bet for pain & his condition, though his doctor is an idiot & prescribed him Lortabs for months then called him & said “Um.. **** did you know you have Hepatitis C?” My dad said, “Open my chart to page 1”. My father didn’t know Lortabs went through your Liver. I don’t know where he finds these doctors, it scared me. So you are 100% correct in telling that PA that you are your best advocate & know your body better than anyone. I’ve heard from patients at my clinic(that offers Suboxone as well, though it’s a little more expensive compared to Methadone) that it either works for some people or doesn’t. But they may be comparing it to the feeling they get from Methadone treatment. My point is, if you are needing something for pain(I tell many people, that even if you are not on it for pain management, you will be technically on MMT-methadone maintenance treatment-once you take it for a certain amount of time & try to quit) that it, in my opinion, would be most fitting for your situation, you do not get/grow a tolerance to Methadone, I’ve been on 110mg for almost all of those 6 years and haven’t had to “modify” my dosage once. I can tell you that if you find the right doctor, it can be night & day, because many clinics have rules for the “bad apples” that offend me, but many things don’t seem as important as getting healthy & living life again as you were before. Which I can tell you I have a job now & love my counselor, and here at my clinic it’s hit & miss, I’ve had power-trip counselors like the first one I told you about, she was not good. As long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to do-I have a feeling you won’t have any trouble sticking to a program, there are many people who attend my clinic for pain management and you’ll get looked upon-if anyone ever knows-a lot better than people going for drug addiction.
    I hope some of this info helps you in making a decision & I hope you feel better ASAP. I really do think being on this- as long as you have to take it for a long period of time for pain management- is the best fit for you. It will give you time to think about your future & not have to worry about day to day & feeling sick or in pain ever again. Many compare it to insulin usage as far as having to take something daily to not feel sick or in pain. Doctors can prescribe it for you, especially in your situation having to take it for pain management, if you find a good, caring, nonjudgemental individual.
    God Bless & I hope this informed you about Methadone & the pros & cons of taking it daily for either reason. It helps/gives you your life back. 🙂 Take Care,

  149. I probably should of picked the name Freed instead of Healed. But I see myself as Free and Healed from those nasty pills!

  150. To also clarify, so sorry for all the posts, But I stopped opiates (oxymorphone and opana) over 6 weeks ago and the subutex 18 days ago. If that makes any difference in the answer to my question.

    Thanks again!

  151. Also to those wanting to use Subutex I did use it with success once before this time. The key is to NOT be on it for more than a week to a week and a half. Each day you dose yourself down a little bit more until you are down to a sliver of the meds. It worked great the first time I used it. But this second time I used it I stayed on it for a few days over 3 weeks and that was my mistake! I have read other similar stories in regards to the Subutex!

    I think it is a great medication for withdrawals if you do not stay on it longer than the time I suggested. But if you stay on it longer the withdrawals are worse and last much longer than they do with opiates that have a half life such as oxycodone or others like it. And you do suffer some withdrawal but they are so mild you can function. But the oxymorphone was so hard to come off of and the withdrawals so severe (due to a much longer half life as well) that I stayed on the subutex much longer this time. And it was super hard cause the withdrawals were horrible on that too if you are on it too long! So just be careful! If you do it right it can be an amazing help in coming off regular opiates!

  152. The recovery is slow but sometimes I think I’m getting a little stronger every day. It comes in waves and sometimes I think I must have some terminal illness. But just knowing it comes in waves allows me to disregard the really negative feelings and look forward to when it changes again to feeling a little more hopeful and less painful. I still have diarrhea but maybe not quite so bad and the sneezing seems to have stopped almost entirely. I guess it’s hardly surprising as the oxycontin for 7 years caused extreme intestinal spasms that I had to use laxatives to manage, so I guess my colon is really, really inflamed and needs time to settle down…at least, I hope that’s what’s going on. Also, I sometimes feel a little irritable and I’m still not sleeping much. The pain wakes me up. But the tachycardia has settled down mostly except last night when I awoke with a nightmare but still, it wasn’t as bad as before. And the BP has also stabilized. I got some gluten-free bread to try because part of the pain is due to just wild intestinal spasms but it’s too early to tell if it will help because I just tried it today. Everybody always says gluten-free is nasty but the bread I got at the health food store is pretty good, at least toasted. I don’t ever want to need to take codeine or opioid based drugs ever again. I think they are dangerous, honestly, unless you are dying and then it’s only humane so you don’t die in despair. The more I read about oxycontin the more I wonder why there is no class action suit because of all the research that shows so many deaths associated with the presence of the drug in the blood at autopsy. Also, I now wonder if it might have been partly the cause of why my heart started beating at a rate of 10-15 beats per minute shortly before I had to have a pacemaker implanted in 2010. Arrhythmias are one of the side effects listed for oxycontin. Oh well. Live and learn, I guess. Doctors do not have all the answers but we are happy to have them when we need them, I guess. Take care, and thanks again for all your help. I’ll continue to drop by now and then and let you know how things are going.

  153. I failed to mention that this time around coming off the oxymorphone and subutex the w/d’s lasted much much longer as well. When stopping the oxycodone 3 days was the worst of it. But this time around 13 days was bad with the first 10 days being the most horrific days I have ever had to experience! The worst was the anxiety and the cold/hot flashes and sweats along with the smell of the meds coming out of my system. Made me sick!! It is something I will never forget that is for sure!

    I wish any of you out there going through it now the best of luck! My prayers are with you! Don’t give up it will get better! I know it doesn’t feel like it is going to end but there is an end so hang in there!

  154. Hi There

    I was wondering if anyone can answer this question. I became physically dependent on pain meds after taking them for years for chronic pain. But I was so tired of needing them on a daily basis that I finally decided to detox myself off of them.

    But I do still have chronic pain. (several back disc problems, arthritis, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, hip problems, neck problems, knee problems etc) Pain that I live with daily. I am doing as many other things for the pain that I can throughout the days. (I am very much into alternative medicine stuff, it was just more expensive than getting a 5 dollar prescription. Now I wish I would of paid the cost of the alternative stuff instead of taking the less expensive route. For in the end it cost me so much more physical wise!) But some days the pain is so bad I want to be able to take the pain meds occasionally on those days. NEVER EVER take them on a daily basis again! The detox was miserable enough and how I felt on them daily with my body needing them to function was enough to make me never want to be on them daily again.

    But right now I am afraid to take even one pill even when my pain is very bad. But I am a mom of many children and there are days that I just need a break for a day from the pain. But until I know that it will not send me back into those horrible nasty severe withdrawals again I have avoided taking any. But I do have days where it is hard to move my pain is so bad. Sometimes if we just break that cycle of pain by taking something it helps for days and weeks out in being able to deal with the pain the rest of the time. This time around my pain seems to have not gone away and healed after a year of being on the meds. But I feel I can manage my pain daily for the most part there are just some days it is too severe! Right now I am on day 18 of being off of IR’s and ER’s of oxymorphone. With only a couple of very mild w/d symptoms still present.

    I also wanted to mention that I have been on pain meds such as oxycodone, oxycontin and percocet in the past after injuries but each time after being on them for a year or so and getting to the point of not wanting to have to live on them daily I detoxed off of them myself. I would do so to see if I still had daily pain or if the injuries improved. Luckily they did improve each time and I no longer needed the meds. Those other times that I have taken myself off the meds which was multiple times I only had few days of w/d discomfort and then I was fine. But due to new injuries that caused additional new pain I eventually ended back on them after a year or so of being off.

    This time I was given oxymorphone and I couldn’t get off it so I tried using subutex (big mistake) those drugs are brutal and the withdrawals were severe (they have a much longer half life than the oxycodone did) compared to the other times I stopped the pain meds. The w/d’s were so so so much more brutal this time around. They felt unbearable but I stuck with it! I refused to let the pills control my life! Since this time around it was so horrible I swore to myself I will just never be back on anything regularly, even if I had any new injuries. A week on meds is the max anyone should do to prevent physical dependence! I decided that I will find other ways to manage my pain on a daily basis since I still have it. But on the few rare days it is completely unmanageable I would like to be able to take the meds for a day just for a break but never more than a day or two for full relief. Since my body has been dependent before I am afraid a week on them for me might be too long bringing me back to having to w/d so I will never chance it! It is soooooo not worth having to take them. They end up controlling your life and day and can consume you because you physically need them!

    Anyway even though I still have a few mild w/d symptoms such as sneezing and a general feeling of malaise and lack of motivation does that mean if I took a dose tomorrow I will be thrown back into full w/d’s again? Or are the meds completely out of my system now and my body is just readjusting? Therefore taking a dose will not sets off w/d’s but maybe cause a slight disruption in my bodies repairing cycle?

    Is there a point when it will be safe for me to take a dose and not have to start from point A all over again cause I am terrified of that happening and I won’t risk it? I refuse to go through that living hell again! SO NOT WORTH IT!! I am enjoying how life feels again without having the pills controlling my day because my body is needing them. Any input would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for your help.

    Sorry for the lengthy post

  155. @RAY The cravings are GONE as soon as you’re withdrawels are over, as close to 100% are just not wanting to be sick anymore which is why they even entertain the idea of using again. You must be talking about people who are not wanting to get clean. Then the cravings could be there until they’re willing to get clean.

  156. Hi Joan. I’m glad the the Celebrex seems to be helping and that you were able to advocate for your own health. Doctors deal with a lot, and your patience with the intern could possible help her learn a new approach to treatment! Please let us know how you get on.

  157. Well, I am feeling some better today. Not out of the woods but a little relief. Still feel pain but not entirely out of my mind. Went to family doc who did not see me; the resident she is supervising saw me. It was a rough appointment because the resident assumed I was lying when I told her I had an infection. She said the oxycontin was long out of my system and I was just drug-seeking even though the first thing I told her was that I want nothing that is narcotic. She wouldn’t let me finish my sentences, but just made assumptions, so it was hard. I guess they allot each patient 10 minutes each and I was taking too much time for her. I persisted though and told her I read the sign on the wall in the ER room where I went a couple of nights ago. It said “You are the expert on your own body. If something doesn’t seem right, speak up”. Finally, she prescribed Celebrex which she assured me is not a narcotic but does treat moderate to severe pain related to inflammation which is what I’ve got in addition to the infection. So, that helps a little. I still feel pain and weak but my heart rate is normal now and I can actually stand up without so much weakness and even the sneezing and runny nose and eyes is some better. I have heard a lot on the news about the decision to stop manufacturing this drug. It usually focuses on whether Canada’s health care system should foot the bill for rehab. But I am certain there will be deaths from the decision that forces people like me and people more addicted than I’ve been into acute withdrawal with no warning, people like me who listened to misinformed physicians who told them not to worry, that the drug was safe and clean and they could take it indefinitely, that the oxyneo would replace it automatically. That kind of ignorance — I guess there is an application process for oxyneo — will force people into acute withdrawal and if they have compromised health, well, it’s too bad. I guess doctors thought the drug was some kind of miracle at first and then too many didn’t keep up on new data that became available and so misinformed their patients. The resident I saw yesterday did not understand that oxycontin does not leave the body in 24 hours. She treated me like I was a lying, drug-seeking wimp. I needed to change the antibiotic too as the first one wasn’t working and again, I had to really insist she listen to me to get her to research and prescribe the correct medication, because she told me, flat out, that as she put it, “my findings are inconsistent with infection” — what “findings”? She poked me in the stomach a couple of times and had a listen with her stethoscope and she made those “findings” despite that she had the lab results from the ER right in front of us on the computer. I couldn’t believe it. I had to point out the lab results on the screen before she stepped back a little. Thank Goodness I had done some of my own research and was able to persist to get what I needed. She was offended, even though I told her I did not intend to offend. She is misinformed but were I not assertive, she would have sent me away and I have already been sick for two weeks and I’ve lost a lot of weight and had I had to go another two weeks in that kind of shape, well, on top of the infection she denied and didn’t want to treat, who knows what could have happened. I was not even on the highest dose — I believe 60-80 mg a day is not very high. But I think it was the time I was on it — 7 years — that has made it so hard to withdraw. I can’t imagine what people go through who take more and/or who crush and snort to get high. I am sure there will be deaths. I hope someone documents it accurately and doesn’t try to shove it all under the carpet. The thing is that I think the resident’s attitude and ignorance is the rule not the exception. It’s poorly understood by most physicians. And I did call the Ontario Addiction Treatment Centre again and they said they are strictly methadone, no Suboxone even. They said they don’t treat people like me but they were very helpful with information for me anyway. They are the most informed, like you — I’ve been giving your website a good plug to everyone I talk to about this — I am sure some doctors are informed too but I believe most are not. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted and again, thanks so very much for your help. It’s been a life saver.

  158. Hi Joan. Good job for checking into your health, asking the right questions and following up. I do hope that you can find something that will help ease these symptoms ASAP.

  159. The pain has increased to a good 9 out of 10, maybe more. I can’t stand it. I want to take the next dose of antibiotic but it is two hours early so I won’t because I know it would be stupid to take it early. It is 17 hours until my appointment with the family doctor. The thing is that I think the antibiotic is wrong. I’ve had infection before and I remember that one time, the same walk-in doctor prescribed the same drug — Cipro — and by the time I got to another doctor with the same symptoms, the new doctor said Cipro is mostly used to treat skin fungi. Great! And this infection is much worse. I know I had it for maybe a week or two before I quit the oxycontin. I had pain in my stomach I thought was constipation so I took a laxative that just made it much worse. So, I’ve had this infection for a while and I need something strong to knock it out which I don’t believe this antibiotic is doing. The whole thing is complicated by the detox, which is a kind of wild card I don’t know how to factor in. I am very frightened. In 2003, I got very sick with a virus that was likely SARS but it was in February so before anyone called it SARS. The hospitals were overflowing though and the police even closed the roads and put guards at nursing homes. Scary. So, I didn’t go to hospital but was sick for 3 weeks with high fever and delirium at times. I remember just before I got sick, I smelled an odour, a foul yeasty rotten feces type smell and just as I got sick now, I smelled the same smell. I know I am really sick. I just don’t know what I’m dealing with. Much of it is still detox-related, I think, and I may not be able to do it without some help. So, I’ll keep an open mind.

  160. Thanks for the article. To my view, right now, they all sound dangerous because they all cause abdominal spasm. I ended up going to ER last night because the pain got worse but I did not tell them I was in detox because I didn’t want to be abused on top of being sick. They ran blood tests that the doctor only said show I am fighting off an infection. Also, today, I phoned the local OATC and spoke with a woman who was very helpful and who didn’t even ask my name. She also suggested I investigate some drugs to help me in the acute stages. She said they are seeing some withdrawal last up to one month. OMG. I felt hungry today and ate a poached egg on toast — hardly junk food — but I’ve been sick, running fever and sneezing and chills — ever since. The ER also said to drink Gatorade so today I drank one and a half bottles so far. But the pain is agony and I am afraid of any drug that causes abdominal spam. I phoned my family doctor today and made an appointment for tomorrow but I’m not sure I trust her anymore at all. I am really afraid. I read some of the side effects can cause megacolon toxicity where the drug used to treat the symptoms causes the colon to not let the toxins go and it causes death and shock and all sorts of bad effects. I don’t trust my doctor not to prescribe something that can kill me. That’s awful to say but there you have it. I will still go to the appointment though and discuss it with her and hope she takes the time to hear my concerns and pay attention to them. The pain in my colon is like someone dragging a razor over its whole length. It hurts.

  161. Hi Joan. It sounds like your doctor did not provide you with the “whole story” about OxyContin. I’m sorry I didn’t think to provide it earlier, but here is a link to an article we did about medications for opioid withdrawal. Suboxone and methadone are more for long term management of opiate addiction. But there are medications that a detox center can offer that can help ease acute symptoms of withdrawal. Check it out and let me know what you think.


  162. @RAY Suboxone is NOT a “replacement” for Heroin & if used correctly it IS safe. What I heard was from credible sources because I’ve enquired about switching to it before, because they offer it at my clinic.

  163. I’ll still call the number of the referral you provided tomorrow to see if someone knowledgeable can advise me if what I am experiencing is normal or if I need to go to the ER. I am afraid of admission. Don’t want doctors doing surgery that is unnecessary. Probably a groundless fear but there it is. Keep you posted.

  164. Later 21 May. It’s now about 9:30 p.m. and I am still really sick. didn’t think I’d still be this sick. I looked online at the referral you gave me and it is for Ontario Addiction Treatment Centres. I know those people, they are the methadone clinic. I don’t believe they have a detox. At least not the one in Lindsay. I believe it is a drug store that dispenses methadone, that’s all. Anyway, I am wary now of any drug that will cause intestinal spasm, which is all codeine or morphine or synthetic morphine – type drugs. I was looking at the THC-base drugs which do not cause intestinal spasm but I believe they are only available to treat MS at this time, pending more clinical trials. I am scared to death because I am still so sick and really do not want to do the methadone route. Not even the suboxine if I can help it. I just want to be clean of these nasty drugs. My doctor kept saying it was — her words: “a nice clean drug” — if it is so clean, why am I in such agony? I am still running a fever, my heart rate is high, and the pain is exquisite.

  165. Dear AB – thanks for the referral. today is a holiday here and it’s now 7:15 p.m. so I will wait until tomorrow. I went to a walk-in clinic today and the doctor there gave me an antibiotic because of risk of abdominal infection etc. He said if it gets any worse to go straight to ER so I am monitoring BP etc. My heart rate is still about 105-115 but my BP rises and falls — 120/95 – 100/80 — not so bad I can’t wait it out I don’t think. I am weak, though, and I don’t know if that is from withdrawal or something else. I think, for me, taking the dose I did, as prescribed, 60-80 mg a day for 7 years, has caused real damage to my colon and I already was diagnosed with diverticular disease when I was really, really young, as a result of having a mother with bulimia by proxy.

    I feel for “A Mom” too. I would like to suggest also she may treat the cause rather than the symptom too. A rape can trigger PTSD and a good treatment for that is Marsha Linehan’s Dialectic Behaviour Therapy. It is based on the fact that at the time of the trauma, the victim had no power. So, the therapy combines two activities — 1) radical acceptance — it can be hard to accept what happened, especially if one numbs the pain with drugs — and 2) standing up to injustice in the present. Especially if the person who raped the daughter got away with it, it was a criminal act never brought to justice. There may be nothing to do about that now, but if the daughter choses a cause to champion now, in the present, she can regain her power.

    Thanks again. I’ll keep you posted.

  166. Hi Joan. That’s a good plan. You can always verify medical opinions about any kind of drug online. I like to do a search for site:.gov websites in order to find out what research and common government opinions exist.


  168. and today, sunday, i am very, very weak, weaker than before, shaking, hardly able to stand. slept more last night, dreamt of catholic church and a restaurant at highest tower of the world then awoke drenched in sweat and shaking madly, nothing i even drink stays longer than a few minutes so i am worried about dehydration. if get worse i will call an ambulance. don’t want to deal with doctors at er because they just think i am a dirty druggie, even though my doctor told me to keep taking the drugs. if it’s a matter of life or death, tho, i will go. i have hard to control high bp so all the meds too go right through me i guess and this a.m. especially such high tachy that i thought i might seizure. so don’t want to risk a heart attack or stroke. the car hit caused the high bp so it’s hard to control. also i have a pacemaker, also from being hit at such high speed. i try to listen to music to distract. hot out today

  169. so much pain. I didn’t think it would last this long. called a detox place I found online today in coborg but no one answered. coborg is about an hour’s drive or so i think from here. today lot’s of yawning, eyes dripping, nose running. and pain. and so weak. but i think maybe less spasm in my ascending colon. i was beginning to feel spasm throughout my intestines even up into my stomach which was painful in addiiton to the reason they gave me the oxy in the first place, the injuries from the car hit. so that is why i am happy. i hope if I can get through the next few days, maybe maybe my colon can return to normal and be healthy again and maybe now that so much time has gone by i will be able to live without the pain killers even tho the doctors said the pain would stay the same or get worse for the rest of my lfie. doctors aren’t gods. maybe they are wrong. a massage therapist said he’s seen injuries like mine get gradually better over several years, so maybe…

  170. @A Mom I identify with your daughter’s story & I have answers for all of your questions. I became addicted at 17 & am very intelligent & a great, respectable person(raised right). Met my boyfriend who used, tried to get him off of them & he talked me into using as well. I had no idea what this addiction was, the shock of realizing I was addicted physically & what withdrawel is was like a cruel joke to me; the fact that “Don’t smoke Marijuana” was the main thing I heard from school & friends & family”(for me, I’ll take marijuana any day over this bc there’s NO physical addiction with that, just habit forming), yet no one warned me about the dangers of opiate addiction & how withdrawel makes you feel; if you stop for a couple of days you withdrawel, but if you take some opiates after that couple of days, it stops immediately, hence why many people find it hard to quit bc they don’t want to be sick anymore.
    So here’s my answer to your questions from a former addict who knows much on this subject & how it affects the “addict”(I don’t like labels with negative connatations) as well as family & friends. I started with Lortab at 16, moved to any type of opiate, vicodin, lorsette, percosette et cetera, then moved to Oxycontin, back to Lortab then to Heroin the night before we checked ourselves(I’m still with my boyfriend, since I was 16) into a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clinic in South-Eastern Indiana. First of all, I wouldn’t recommend that UNLESS they have a specific & strict program WITH A TIME LIMIT wherein they taper you off manditorily within 2 years of being there at the most. Mine has no time limit & is business oriented so when I tried to quit they pulled all the stops & said I wasn’t “stable”(their definition, many unaddicted people, including some counselors there, wouldn’t meet their standard!), I didn’t know my rights(because I didn’t know much about this stuff then) so I didn’t know I could’ve tapered down whenever I wished without their consent, so here I am 6 years later still on it. Methadone is much stronger than Oxycontin. Suboxone on the other hand I’ve not had experience with, but have heard much about it because they offer it as well at my clinic. I’ve heard Suboxone works for some & not others. And in all honesty Suboxone & Methadone CAN get you high, you can respect the set-up & do it the right way & not get high & get sober, but you can also twist the rules & say you’re still withdraweling when you’re not, but they do have tests now to help them judge(metabolite test to see if you’re metabolizing it out quicker & therefor need a higher dosage of medication), so my reason for telling you that is, if she’s ready to get off, you can try Suboxone, but make sure there’s a TIME LIMIT & is commited to getting well, or if she’s got a good physician & support system, I’d stick it through the withdrawels as opposed to medication treatment(they’ll be over before you know it & it shortens the whole ordeal massively, I almost did it once & would’ve saved 6 years..she’ll be so happy & proud of herself, but if medication therapy IS needed-who wants to be sick?-there’s NO shame in that either.) just take care of her & have a physician prescribe Phernargen(Anti-Nausea pills) & any type of Anti-diarrheal and/or blood pressure medications if needed, it does make it spike while withdraweling. Her brain will change back, or cravings & withdrawel, as soon as she’s not withdraweling anymore, once you free her from the hell she’s in, which doing it everyday for 4 years-she’s in physical hell, she wouldn’t dream of going back to that. I know once Im off of Methadone I’ll never touch another physically addictive pill again, or at least not use everyday as to get physically dependent again. I know better & it’s hell going through what I’ve been through. I’m too smart for that. As long as she’s commited to being clean & is now aware of the physical toll/hell it can have over you & you say she’s very intelligent, you shouldn’t have to worry about relapse – just tell her to be observant of the friend around her, do they want what’s best for her? Tell her to surround herself with people who make her truly happy & care for her. As for your last question: YES!! A million times yes. The only reason she’s acting a bit different now is she’s sick & wants to avoid being sick. I believe there’s no such thing as “your old self”, we’ve never left, we just hit a bump in our road/life, as everyone does. 🙂 I hope I educated you a bit & helped you some or a lot. One final thought important to remember & carry with you throughout this process: she must be ready to make these changes or they won’t stick as well or permanently, and she needs non-criticism, non-judgement & most of all, LOVE in this hard time she’s facing. Making her feel bad &/or inadequate or a failure throghout her cleansing/detoxing process will destroy her self-esteem & may trigger the emotions of wanting to use again or break her will to get clean. God Bless you & your daughter. I’m sure she’ll be well soon, I’m sure she’s an amazing woman & trust me, she will make you so proud! She’ll always be your babygirl. :). Much, much love A Mom 🙂

  171. Well, maybe I should modify that. I might take a narcotic if I was diagnosed with a terminal illness. God forbid. The pain is bad today and I have a sore throat, some chills (although less), a cough and runny eyes and nose. Nausea, of course, and it feels like someone is ringing out my bowels. I ate some pureed bean soup, just by itself. And water. I only slept for one hour total last night so I feel like I’m on fire, then really cold, no fever so far, although it might come on later. I’m really glad to have found this website; it helps to reach out and also to read what other people are going through and what to expect. Thanks.

  172. I’m a little annoyed with my doctor. Even though I asked her repeatedly if I should be concerned about my oxy use, given what was being said in the news, she kept on telling me it was a clean, safe drug that I could keep taking indefinitely. And when the media said the manufacturer was discontinuing the drug, she said I would automatically get the gelled oxyneo. But it wasn’t true. The pharmacist just told me the oxyneo didn’t work and he contacted the doctor who prescribed hydromorphone. It frightened me so badly that I only took it a couple of times. So, now I’ve been forced into going off it probably too fast, given I took it for over seven years. I guess doctors thought it was a miracle drug at first. I’m not going to listen to any doctor who tells me in future to take a narcotic.

  173. I’m in Canada in rural Ontario. I tried to find a detox centre — I thought there might even be one in the town where I live in Lindsay — but I have been unsuccessful. Today I was so weak I could barely stand up, slept some, then had a heavy fever and chills this evening. I don’t know now if it’s withdrawal or if the oxys were covering up some fatal disease.

  174. My daughter just told me yesterday that she began taking Oxycontin after she was raped four years ago. I knew about the rape, but I never, never guessed about the drug use. I know from experience with another family member (not related by blood) that oxy users can be superior at hiding their drug use, so I don’t blame myself for not seeing it. But I am scared, so scared and I have so many questions. I haven’t had a chance yet to go to a meeting where I could ask — we have a big family event coming up this weekend and I’ll have to wait until Sunday or Monday. What I want to know is in your opinion is suboxen (I know that’s misspelled) safe? I hear it simply replaces one addiction with another. Second, how long does it take for one’s brain to change back to its pre-addiction state? She is exceedingly intelligent, but I’m worried about how long it will take before the craving goes away. Does it ever? I”m so stupid about these things — I’ve never taken a single drug in my life, and I always thought being a good role model and talking about not using drugs would be enough to keep my children off drugs. I never envisioned her suffering a trauma so painful and one that she would want to forget so badly. My last question, and I am so glad you’re there to answer, is, is it possible to “kick” oxycontin and never want to use it again, or are we going to have to worry about relapses every day of our lives from now on? Can she recover and be her old self?

  175. Hi Joan. I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through the worst of the oxycodone withdrawals. Can you seek medical help in an inpatient setting? Check out and Google the SAMHSA Treatment Locator for detoxes near you (you can search by zip code)

  176. It comes in waves now; rises to a high tide of pain and fever and shakes followed by a low of weakness and fatigue but what I think is less pain … ouch.

  177. I took oxycontin slow-release 60-80 mg/day from 2005 until last Friday when I went off it entirely. On Thursday, I took 30 mg. The doctor prescribe hydromorphone to replace it but that just made me really sick, worse than oxycontin because it didn’t kill the pain, didn’t release slowly, caused extreme anxiety and also caused me such extreme sedation I couldn’t move. So, I stopped that too. Tonight, I slept for five hours for the first time. The pain is really bad and I can’t eat much. I have no energy and the back injury the oxys were prescribed to treat in the first place is now really front and centre, as I can’t stand up straight anymore. I don’t mind not feel pleasure but I would like to be able to sleep again and for the pain to stop.

  178. Hi Dawn. Thanks for your lengthy comment. You obviously care very much for your friend. And rest assured that you have tried your best connecting with her.

    OxyContin or prescription drug addicts, in general, must have the consequences of lost friendships in order to get better. If you continue to support your dear friend, you may actually be ENABLING the drug use. Although every person’s “dead end” or “wall” happens at different times during drug use, there are really only two options:

    1. Live free of drugs after a drastic life change.
    2. Continue to live (an unhappy life) with unresolved resentments, fear and anger.

    I believe that you care for your friend, and that backing out of the relationship is healthy for you. She will come around (or not) when she is ready. Until then, you can pray for her as a continued way to express your care.

    Does this help?

  179. I just ended a 25 year friendship this week because my friend is addicted to pain killers and I couldn’t take the paranoid, abusive, and unpredictable behavior any more. She had back surgery almost a year ago. Before the surgery, she was popping percocets like they were candy. I worried about her, expressed that concern, and she blew it off. She was going to a pain clinic, so she felt everything was under control. After the surgery, she changed. I know they upped her meds, but then the behavior changes started. She would text me at 2 in the morning, accuse me of not wanting to be her friend, became insanely jealous everytime I didn’t return a call or text, mentioned another friend, or didn’t call at least every other day. It was a roller coaster, and after this happened a couple of times, we got into an argument, which never happened before. Two months after her surgery, she introduced me to a young, single pregnant woman, and eventually, I ended up adopting her baby. My friend wanted constant recognition and gratitude for “finding” the baby for me. As I tried to adjust to life with a new baby, care for my household and other children, and jump through all the hoops I needed to to finalize the adoption, she would get upset because I wasn’t calling her enough, or doing enough for her, or going out like we used to. Again, more arguments started because I couldn’t handle the insane behavior she was exhibiting. In Feb. I asked her to seek out rehab or some kind of help. That was a mistake and she blew up. Ever since then, every conversation became a constant fight about what I was or wasn’t doing with the new baby, my kids, my house, not communicating with her enough, and everything was followed with negative comments and accusations.
    This week we had a talk on Sunday that was like she was her old self. We were happy, talkative, joking, and caught up on everything going on in our lives. Two days later, out of the blue, she sends me a nasty email, blaming me for all kinds of things, accusations, and just not making any sense, admitting to stalking me on Facebook and driving past my house. It was like the straw that broke the camel’s back. I apologized to her for not being the friend she wanted/needed me to be and told her my door was always open when she could walk through it happy, healthy and full of life and energy. I cut off all contact after that.
    I’m sorry this is so long winded, but I wanted to know what or if I should have done something differently. I know I’m next to the last friend she has as all of them have left her life due to her erratic behavior, and I worry she may try to harm herself. I hated ending a 25 year friendship with her, but I couldn’t take the abuse any more and her needs were taking away from my own husband and kids. How do I get her help? Her husband has chosen to turn a blind eye to it (how, I don’t know, because if she was treating me like this, I can’t imagine how she was treating him), and her kids have become accustomed to her behavior (I don’t think they are neglected). Is this common behavior for prescription pain killer addiction? Is there a timeline of sorts on how they spiral downward, and then get better if they get help? Do I let her initiate contact or do I move on with my life, hoping she gets the help she needs on her own? Thanks for any info or responses on this.

  180. hi my husband has achalasia and had gone through a 4 month period of diarrhea. A dr can give u a dose of antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria in your gut then will start you on probiotics. Has to be a good brand with billions of different ingredients. Floristar i think it was works at walgreens and we are now trying something called ultimate flora. This is a concentrated slow release so you only have to take one a day but this is after you have restarted your good bacteria in your gut. Trust me this will work for you. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked for my husband. He had a heller myotomy with stomach wrap and they damaged his vega nerve in his stomach. This has caused permenant gastroperisis and malabsorbtion. We have also found that drinking aloe vera juice is very helpful for healing the digestive system and bring down any inflamation that causes almost all pain or problems in the body. Good luck and don’t forget to drink plenty water and have a bowl of rasin bran and oatmeal once a day. Try this and i bet in two weeks you will be singing the praises of a normal movement. I know crazy but if you live with diarrhea for so long a normal poop is a godsend. hehe good luck a life time of love goes a long way….

  181. Hi Brian. Thanks for sharing more about your experience getting off opioids. Did any home treatments help you as you detoxed on your own?

  182. Well, this was a rough ride, but we, are done. Right now I am doing 1 Perc / 12 hours to sleep and be able to work. I will cut the Percs out next weekend. What I found unbelievable was the Drs Appt this Friday past. When I told them I detoxed on my own, they still wanted to give me an appointment for 2 month out and an Rx for Perc & Celebrex. When I told him no and I will call him if I need him, he offered to write an Rx and post date them for the next month. I just find this absured. Just like they are leaving it open for you to get back on the pills. Anyway I just want to say to all in the same boat. This is not easy, but take into consideration that life off the drugs must be more important than the pills themselves. No, life will never be the same, I may never be able to run or race again, but this is just a new reality and life is full of great highlights and new adventures. Good Luck to all on this train ride!

  183. Thank you so much for answering my question, I just moved and have no health insurance at the moment. I am so blessed to be healthy and off those evil pills. I weaned myself down and never detoxed. If you have will power, you can do it. It is so worth it to have a clear mind and to have control over your life. It’s wonderful. I promise;)

  184. Hi again, New Life. I wish that I could tell you, but this is a question for an MD. I do know that most acute symptoms of withdrawal from opiates resolve after a couple of weeks. However, there may be lingering effects, especially to the digestive system., I have a friend who experiences loose stools and a sensitive intestine 10 years after opiate use.

    Can you schedule an appointment with a doctor who specializes in medical detox and run a complete physical? This might help you feel better to assess your overall state of health and to discuss issues that worry you, like the diarrhea.

  185. The immodium seems to do the trick. I take one and all is well for several days but it comes back everytime. I’m just curious if this is normal? It’s been at least 60 days since I’ve had any drugs!!! I feel like a new person. My thoughts are clear and I have so much energy. The depression is gone and I’ve started walking 3 miles a day. That, believe it or not helps more than anything. Life is good!!!!

  186. Hi New Life. Thanks for sharing! I hope that your experience can give others hope.

    Have you tried any other alternatives to Immodium for the diarrhea? Are you open to these? I’m thinking that acupuncture might help. And have you consulted your doctor? What about talking with a nutritionist?

  187. Hi there everyone. I have been off a nasty roxi addiction for 2 months now, I weaned myself down to not needing anything at all. The only symptom I seem to have is diarreaha. It’s been 2 months and without immodium it’s terrible. Does anyone else have this issue? I feel absolutely wonderful and have discovered that there is life again. Going thru a divorce and getting away from all the triggers has made it it bearable. I applaud each and every one of you for taking this journey. IT IS WORTH IT!!!!!!!

  188. Hi Julianne. I wonder if it might be helpful to seek counsel of someone with experience in opiate use and withdrawal (like an addiction psychologist, psychiatrist, or someone in a detox center) who you can consult about these symptoms. Just for your own peace of mind. And then who might serve as an advocate for you in terms of bringing medical information to back it up. But possible also to help you manage what is happening.

    In the meantime, I’ll be happy to look for medical journal articles or evidence of the symptoms that you describe which can help normalize the behavior medically. Would that help you?

  189. While I know it is a clinical medical condition he does not seem to acknowledge this. While I am in the US on holiday my husband has decided to take time to consider if our marriage should continue. He is tired of all the stuff he had to endure the last year, and the behavior I exhibited that led us to fighting all the time, awful terrible fights. Behavior such as: my mood swings, my inexplicable and sudden rage, me saying things I did not really think but saying them so convincingly and full of anger leaving him very hurt. Just this overall behavior, which is not someone I have ever been before in my life. I thought I was through the worst and on the up track. Then I had a particularly stressful weekend and found myself saying things to my husband again I did not mean. In comparison to what was said before not nearly as bad, but still hurtful. The worst was I did not even mean it. As soon as it was out of my mouth I wished I hadn’t said it, but I had and he pulled back. I was crying because I knew I hurt him, I think he took the crying to be something else entirely. It is a terrible feeling to have lost control of your actions so much that when you look back (at what you can remember – knowing full well you are not remembering it all) that you behaved so badly and in ways that you know in your soul are not you. But if the person who is supposed to love you most in the world and stand by you, thinks your marriage is over, it means he thinks you will never be you again. And I don’t know maybe I won’t. Maybe the effects will never go away and I am doomed to be this overemotional, insecure, thoughtless excuse. I am feeling a bit angry now too, trying to understand his side, but angry that when I missed a dose one day and felt so panicky, shaking etc .. and figured out it was from missing a dose that the withdrawal was going to be horrible and wanted to just stop, he told me not to worry we would do the withdrawal together. But he has just given up. I am much better than I was on the pills, thankfully. And in the last month prior to him adding the additional stress of now worrying about my marriage and if he is going to pack up my belongings and mail them to me, I am overwhelmed again with panic, fear, confusion, even the shaking. I just want to be me again. Did I mention I am also just an emotional mess, crying at the drop of a hat?

  190. Hi Brian. My first reaction is: Are you reducing OxyContin dosage under medical supervision? You need a prescribing doctor’s input.

    From what I have read and understand about controlled release oxycodone, you cannot “break” a controlled release Oxycontin in half because it destroys the way that OxyContin is delivered to the body. So instead of getting 20 mg slowly over time, as prescribed, you would be getting an immediate 10 mg dose.

    So, before moving forward…you must first check with a doctor. But I applaud your strength, willingness and persistence in getting off opiates. Your determination to get better is inspiring!

  191. I was hit by a car 6/4/11. 12 broken bones, 4 dislocations, yadda yadda. The Drs said I will be on pain meds the rest of my life. They also said I would never bend my knee 90 degrees again. Did that with the help of physical therapy a month ago. I have been on 4 Tramadol & 4 Perc a day, with Celebrex and Oxy 2 times a day. I started weaning off the pills about a month ago. No more tramadol, 2 perc, 2 celebrex and 2 oxy a day. I plan on cutting the 20mg slow release oxy that a take twice a day in half to see if I can handle the reduction. I am willing to raise the Perc back to 3 or 4 times a day to help with the withdrawls. I am not sure what level I am at compaired to the posts here, it does not appear to be as much as many people have had to endure, but I have felt the effects of withdrawls when I was late with meds. Will the approach that I am taking work? I figure it I can get it to 1/2 an Oxy twice a day and make it a week I will be successful. I will start this on my Friday evening dose and suck it up through the weekend in hopes of being able to make it to work on Monday. I would then bring the Percs back down to the 2 a day dose. Can I get some feedback on this approach? Is it sound?

  192. Hi Julianne. Try to remember that drug withdrawal is a clinical medical condition. What kinds of things are happening that make you feel so ashamed in your relationship with your spouse?

  193. Thank you. I had no idea about stress and other triggers making it worse, this is helpful to know. As most recently my reactions were surrounded by stress. I thought I was doing better then it caught me off guard. It’s just very hard when your partner doesn’t really understand the behavior is not you. I am ashamed of the way I have behaved and continue to even after being off them for almost 3 months. I have decided to try to find support in a group of some kind. If I cannot find an oxy specific group, then to NA I will head. Thank you again for your response.

  194. Hi Julianne. It sounds like you are describing PAWS, Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome, which is a clinical feature of chronic use of opioids like OxyContin. Symptoms like those that you describe can occur from time to time, but are not always present. They are made worse by stress or other triggers and may arise unexpectedly or for no apparent reason. Symptoms of PAWS may last for a short time, or longer, and occur generally 3-6 months after last dose.

    Now that you know what it is, you can start looking for more information about PAWS online and its treatment. One alternative treatment that is gaining particular interest among former opiate and opioid users is ibogaine. Although not studied in clinical trials or even approved for use in the U.S., you might look more into this psychoactive drug that has helped others with depression and mental obsession for opiates. Or, you can go more traditional routes and seek council with addiction therapists or mental health counselors.

    Just know that you are not alone. Many people who were physically dependent on opioids or addicted to OxyContin have also reported similar symptoms.

    Does this help?

  195. Whilst living overseas with my husband, shortly after moving to a new country, I started Oxycontin and was on it for just under a year to help alleviate pain from a serious back injury. I experienced extreme mood swings, happy to sad, ok to furious with bouts of range and aggression I have never known. I used to be a very happy, peaceful person, who was logical and reasonable always. My last pill was 4th January. The withdrawal, stepping down the dose over and over was horrific to say the least. But I have not had any since. I thought I would be better by now, but I am still so confused all the time, I say things I don’t know why I say them, I feel so broken, I am sad for no reason, and just feel so overwhelmed by everything. My pain is of course bad as well, although I am not sure it is real any more, sure I am healing post op, but some of it feels not real. I was so cruel to my husband, and said and did such horrible things. He says he understands, but I am not sure he really can. He expected me to be better by now, but I am not. I am still really suffering with my moods, my emotions and my internal stability. I have come back to the states for healing, but it doesn’t seem to be happening fast enough. I know my husband thinks it’s his fault somehow as I was living so far from my family, because I don’t think he really understands the powerful effects the oxy had and still has on me. How can I explain it to him so he understands? And how can I find my way back to me, before I lose everything I love? I just want to be me again.

  196. My 66 year old mom was diagnosed with arthritis in her back about 6 months ago. After trying several medications with no relief her Dr. prescribed Oxycontin & Oxycodone, to be taken together. After about 2 1/2 months on the drugs she began having extreme anxiety, paranoia & depression. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and they took her off both the Oxy meds cold turkey. This was 2 weeks ago. She is still having bouts of vomiting. (in fact had to be admitted to a medical hospital because of dehydration a week into detox). She is also still having bouts of anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. Is this all normal? The MD seems to think that she is still going through withdrawal. My siblings and I are a bit skeptical simply because she’s been off both meds for 2 weeks today. Can anyone give me any insight?

  197. Hi Joanna. I think that your positive outlook is right on track. Personally, I can relate to you and the lackluster feelings you describe. I am also in recovery. What helped me get in touch with the depths of my feelings again was heart rhythm meditation. It’s work, but it’s worth it! I sense life unfolding again and have more focused attention and energy.

    I wish you the same. Life gets better every day when you are drug and alcohol free!

  198. You know its not so much the cravings I am having problems with. I dont want any oxy! Its the depression, anxiety, insomnia, memory loss coupled with confusion and no ability to make a decision. The worst part is the inability to experience pleasure. I am past needing the drug to feel pleasure, I think, but things that used to make me really super happy before this addiction, now just seem to make me feel just okay. I just dont feel like I did before this. But, I would NOT go back!!! I have made it too far at 17 months and I will just keep on keeping on and hope eventually I will feel like me again!

  199. Hi Joanna. Good for you. I’m glad to hear that Oxy is out of your system. But the cravings can last during protracted withdrawal for several months or more. What are you doing now to manage the cravings? Perhaps we can recommend a few things that can help.

  200. You are absolutley right. I cant experience pleasure like I did before the addiction of four years. I have been off of them since July 12,2010 and I am still depressed. I do not want this drug ever again, but find myself craving it! WTF?!!? I ask myself when will this nightmare ever be over? I seems maybe never!

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