How long does Oxycontin withdrawal last?

OxyContin withdrawal symptoms peak in the first 24-72 hours after you stop taking OxyContin. But some symptoms can persist for weeks or months later. More here on how long to expect OxyContin withdrawal symptoms and what they feel like here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Withdrawal severity tends to peak 72 hours after last dose and then gradually becomes easier 7-10 days later. Most Oxy withdrawal symptoms resolve anywhere between 3-8 weeks after cessation. Continue reading to learn more about this topic, we appreciate your questions at the end.


Who Goes Through Withdrawal?

Anyone who is drug dependent on OxyContin will go through detox and withdrawal when they lower doses or quit. But withdrawal is just one part of the problem. Once you stop…can you stay stopped?

Oxycodone is the main ingredient found in OxyContin and is a prescription pain medication, an opioid drug, like morphine, codeine and methadone. OxyContin was developed in 1995 to provide long-lasting pain relief, so people with severe pain would not have to take pills as often. Then, in the mid 90’s, OxyContin was widely prescribed. According to an article published in American Journal of Public Health, OxyContin has become a leading drug of abuse in US by 2004. [1]

If you take oxycodone every day, your body will get used to the drug. In these cases, it can help to have periods of dose limitation or even abstinence. But, if you lower or even eliminate doses…and then start back again, you may be addicted to OxyContin.

You may be hooked on Oxy if you:

  1. Have withdrawal symptoms if you try to lower doses.
  2. Keep using oxycodone despite the problems it causes in your life.
  3. Need to take more and more oxycodone to get the same effect.
  4. Spend so much time getting Oxy you do not take care of important things in your life.

If these things happen, you will probably need help getting off oxycodone.

How Long Until OxyContin Withdrawal Starts?

After your last dose of OxyContin, you can expect withdrawal symptoms to start about 6-8 hours later or after the effect of oxycodone has worn off. Keep in mind that the longer you have been physically dependent on OxyContin, or the higher the Oxycodone dosage you have been taking, the longer and the harder the period of withdrawal.

OxyContin Withdrawal Timeline

Most OxyContin withdrawal symptoms resolve anywhere between 3-8 weeks after cessation of OxyContin. Acute OxyContin withdrawal usually resolves in the first week after you stop taking. However, some symptoms persist well after this period. Below is a timeline that will give you a better idea of what to anticipate as you are withdrawing from OxyContin.

24 – 72 hours: During this period, the onset of symptoms emerge and peak. The most commonly reported symptoms occur during this time include flu like symptoms, abdominal cramps, and agitation. The first several hours of withdrawal can be the most intense and the most uncomfortable, but do not last much longer than about three (3) days.

Week 1: Acute withdrawal symptoms continue to peak and can last into the first week after you stop taking OxyContin. Insomnia, drug cravings, and the shakes are at their worst during this time of withdrawal.

Week 2: It is during week two that symptoms start evening out and your body will regain a level of normalcy. Later onset withdrawal symptoms can manifest during this time. These symptoms include abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting. Sleep patterns should also start returning to normal.

Weeks 3-4: A few weeks into OxyContin detox, the physical body should be feeling better. However, psychological symptoms may persist and long after you physical dependence has disappeared. These can included anxiety, depression, and dysphoria – an intense dissatisfaction with life.

Common Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms associated with OxyContin include:

  • Accelerated breathing.
  • Anxiety.
  • Cold flashes.
  • Depression.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Fast heartbeat.
  • Insomnia.
  • Involuntary leg movements.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Muscle and bone pain.
  • Restlessness.
  • Runny nose.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Vomiting.
  • Watering eyes.
  • Yawning.

How Long Do OxyContin Withdrawal Symptoms Last?

Withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin detox usually even out in about 4-5 weeks. If you are not experiencing a “typical OxyContin withdrawal”, do not worry. Every body’s system is different and will experience withdrawal in its own way. Some may experience a shorter or longer time during OxyContin detox. For the most part, however, those who have been taking high doses of OxyContin or have been abusing the medication for a long time will exhibit harsher symptoms, which will take longer to resolve.

One last thing: If you are going through withdrawal, you may experience a process called PAWS, or post-acute withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms of withdrawal continue to manifest long past the period of time when withdrawal symptoms should have been resolved. In particular, OxyContin use exhibits opiate specific protracted withdrawal symptoms. Opiate specific symptoms of PAWS can include:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Short-term memory loss

If you are experience any of these symptoms of PAWS, it is advisable to seek medical help.


Tapering is a medical option during which doctors supervise gradual dose reduction. Generally, experts recommend that you taper down from OxyContin slowly. However, each medical case of tapering is individual. For this reason, you need to consult with your prescribing doctor before attempting a taper.

Rates may vary from 10% of the total daily dose EVERY DAY to 10% of total daily dose EVERY 1-2 WEEKS. You generally choose which dose is decreased (AM, PM or in between) Taper even more slowly when 1/3 of total dose is reached.

Other considerations follow.

People should consider tapering down doses of OxyContin in the following instances:

1. You are not getting adequate pain relief. People with severe pain and disability despite a high dose (above 200 mg morphine equivalent per day) often experience improved pain, function and mood with tapering.

2. You experience side effects or medical complications as a result of taking OxyContin. Adverse effects primarily include sedation, constipation, and falls in the elderly, sleep apnea, and overdose. Most of these side effects are dose-related.

3. You think you may be addicted to OxyContin. In other words, you may be able to stop taking it…but you can’t stay stopped. People who are addicted still need pain meds from their physician may receive ‘structured opioid therapy,’ with tapering, frequent dispensing (as often as daily), and urine drug screening.

Also, check out this CDC pocket guide to find more useful tapering tips. [2]

Medical Detox

If the tapering protocol fails or if you’re battling addiction, other treatments may be needed. In these cases, a medical detox can really help you. During medical detox, staff monitor your symptoms 24-7. They offer you symptomatic support, as well as psychological support. Supervising physicians can also offer medications such as methadone and buprenorphine to help ease withdrawal symptoms. [3]

1. Methadone relieves withdrawal symptoms and helps with detox. It is also used as a long-term maintenance medicine for opioid dependence. After a period of maintenance, the dose may be decreased slowly over a long time. This helps reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. Some people stay on methadone for years.

2. Buprenorphine (the main ingredient found in Subutex and Suboxone) treats withdrawal from opiates, and it can shorten the length of detox. It may also be used for long-term maintenance, like methadone. Buprenorphine may be combined with Naloxone (Bunavail, Suboxone, and Zubsolv), which helps prevent dependence and misuse.

Home Detox

One way to protect your privacy when in need of detox services is to undergo the detox process at home.  Discretion is a significant advantage to receiving detox assistance in your own home environment versus a clinical setting. Being home while experiencing the physical and emotional discomforts of detox can be much less stressful than doing so in a medical facility.  It is comforting to have the support of a private detox nurse as well as a family member, or even a pet, nearby to offer their encouragement during the process of withdrawal.

However, detoxing at home does come with risks. You may relapse into drug use again to prevent withdrawal. Or, you may experience extreme discomfort. If you experience severe withdrawal symptoms, it is best to get medical help and go to a specialized detoxification facility.


If you take oxycodone products that are not prescribed to you, what can you do to be safer? Taking oxycodone without a prescription, or not as prescribed, is always risky. However, if you are going to take it, you can reduce the risk of overdose if you:

  1. Do not crush or chew Oxy before swallowing it.
  2. Do not crush and snort the medicine.
  3. Do not dissolve oxycodone in water and inject it.
  4. Do not take OxyContin if you are not used to taking opioids.
  5. Do not take oxycodone with other sedating drugs or when drinking.
  6. Do not take Oxy by yourself, with no one to help you if you overdose.
  7. Do not take oxycodone soon after you have gone through withdrawal from opioids.

If you take oxycodone, you can be safer if you avoid taking it in these ways, but taking oxycodone that is not prescribed to you, or taking it not as prescribed, is still very dangerous. If you feel down or depressed after using, and think you might harm yourself, get help immediately.

Individuals who take a large dose of OxyContin are at risk of severe respiratory depression that can lead to death. Inexperienced and new users are at particular risk, because they may be unaware of what constitutes a large dose and have not developed a tolerance for the drug. In addition, OxyContin abusers who inject the drug expose themselves to additional risks, including contracting HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), hepatitis B and C, and other bloodborne viruses.

I Need More Help

If you have tried to stop, but can’t, you are not alone! But what can you do?

The first step is to see a doctor. Depending on your age, health and history, your doctor may refer you to a detox clinic. In other cases, outpatient withdrawal may be appropriate. Group support, counselling or a stay at a drug treatment center can also help you to stop using oxycodone. Either way, you need a full assessment and plan.

Other medical professionals who can help you get off OxyContin include:

  • A psychiatrist
  • Addictions counselors
  • Addiction rehabs
  • General physicians
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • Medical doctors who specialize in addiction
  • Your family doctor

Your Questions

What should you do if you cannot stop taking oxycodone? There is help! You are not alone. Please reach out with your questions.
If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from OxyContin, please ask. We do our best to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

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  1. I have been off Oxycontin for four years now. Celebrating clear mind and body. I would rather live with pain then Addiction. It truly is a choice, one that I have not regretted.

  2. I have tapered of MS Contin using 5mg endone I am down to taking
    a quarter every 3 hours which adds up 10 mg per day where do I go from here and will my withdrawal still be serve?

  3. Hi i have been taking some days as much as 800mg of oxycontin over last 4 yrs ,and an average of 360 mg over the last month , i have dropped to 120 mg am & 120 pm over this last week . I am now out of pills and dont get my script for another 6 days & my new doctor is rubbish , knows nothing about opioid withdrawal & says when your months pills have gone dont ask as you wont get no more , ive got to go cold turkey tomorow and not looking forward to it as i went a day once before and i was in such a bad place it was unreal , never increase your dosage of these pills & if you are on a low dosage like i have read so many people on here are on keep it that way , take some good advice and stop asap ,quitting 20 -40-60 mg and less is a walk in the park so just do it . Dont get up to higher doses or you will know what hell feels like if you want to stop the dreadfull things , usa i heard yesterday is taking a 250 billion dollar lawsuit out on the pharmecutecol companys that have killed 50,000 yanks each year ! The vile pills will soon be a massive problem here also in the uk . God help us all . Quit & stay clean

  4. It is Three years that I stopped taking Oxycontin, Paroxetine, Oxycodone for Chronic. Related to Cervical fusion and Myelopathy symptoms. I feel blessed and fortunate to have been successful with stopping these medications. I feel so much better. I have more energy. My anxiety has improved. My sleep is much better, my brain is clearer. I still have Chronic pain but I can tolerate it with a different approach. Pain will not rule me like pain medication could not rule me. I want other people to know it can be done. No longer feel like an addict or treated like one by the medical professionals who initially prescribed these medications. I am able to work, and I know God is in control and is directing my recovery. May God bless you all.

  5. I have been taking 10mg of OxyContin every night as instructed by doctor for three months after surgery could I be addicted and how do I get off them seeing as it’s a low dose?

  6. It Ben 5 days thank God I went through hell sweating pains and the most back part is over with thanks n’t you guysim OK feel good you don’t worry be strong guys everybody this methadone drug it’s not good it’s bad maybe for people that’s only got like a year or less to live it’s okay to take but to be honest people that has back injury and little pain injury you have to stay strong and observe the pain that you’re not take this medication because it’s 10 times harder to cooperate damn taking this pill just methadone pill I believe it’s for short like people that has cancer and only has 6 months to live otherwise we should not touch it this is my advice to you guys but if you are on it and you stop cold turkey like I did 5 days ago don’t worry you’ll be okay to drink a lot of water and take Tylenol and Advil be strong

  7. It Ben 5 days thank God I went through hell sweating pains and the most back part is over with thanks n’t you guysim OK feel good

  8. I am 84. 2 months ago I was hospitalised in great pain which turned out to be Pancreatitis, after many tests a mass was found but the diagnosis was “inconclusive” they weren’t sure if it was malignant or not without a biopsy which I refused as I couldn’t’t see it would make much difference to he outcome. I was put on Targin 5 mg. and Endone when needed. I was sent home 8 days later with a supply of both drugs. 2 weeks later the pain in my back was so bad I saw my own doctor who decided to do a Bone Scan, it showed another crush fracture in my spine (the 3rd in 2 years) He increased the Targin to 15, then 20 mg twice daily. I have only been taking the 20 for 7 days but I am getting all the side effects. Yesterday I saw him again and he said I should stop the Targin and just use Endone and Paracetamol when necessary. He told me to take just the 5 mg ones for 2 days and stop altogether.
    I feel awful, nauseous and cannot eat. I don’t know whether I am suffering withdrawal or something else. How long is this likely to last ? My own doctor is not in agreement with the hospital’s findings as my liver function test is normal and I have had no jaundice effects. Needless to say I am depressed, rather frightened and in need of advice. Can anyone help me .

  9. I stopped taking between 300 and 180mg oxycontin and 180mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain two months ago and I am still having diarrhea bad. Everyday without homeostasis. And short term memory loss. I was on high amounts for eight years per my doctor. How long can this last. My body and mind are so tired. Please advise. JL

  10. I had a lower right lung lobotomy on 7/3/17. I was prescribed 5mg of Oxy every 6 hours. I have not taken one for 36 hours. I do not have any intense pain just aching. I just feel like I have the flu. Is this normal. I see that other patients are taking a higher doses and it is taking weeks to get thru the withdrawls. So, how long will I feel this way.

  11. How long can someone go without eating whit going thru withdrawals ? My daughter has been experiencing withdrawals for a week and is not eating. She also has Crohn’s Disease,
    Thank you

  12. I have been on Hydro for 20 years and oxy for 8, I was taking 40 oxy’s 2 x’s a day then told them i only need 20 twice a day I have had 2 full knee replacements, 6 hernia, 1 wrist, 1 shoulder replaced, now my ry hip needs replacement. I have so much pain but after all the crap on TV about the pain med I thought I would just give it a try on my own to stop. If I would miss on dose of my 20 mg oxy’s I would start have tremors in my chest, within minutes of taking my pill they would go away, this is what told me I have had enough. So now I can take 2 hydro 10 a day is what i was allowed. I stopped the Oxys, withing the 12 hours spot the icky feelings started. it’s been 3 going on 4 days tomorrow and I feel pretty good, no side effects except yawning a lot, sleep was hard to fall into but I take a pm pill for that. I guess is Im wondering am I doing good or is all hell going to break loose on me? I never in all the years taking meds for pain took more than I was allowed too, never. If I hurt I would wait for time to take another. I have worked very hard all my life, physical work, It made me have to retire when I was 54, have been on SS from then on. My doctor told me I was one that never seemed to get addicted when he would give me pain meds, I had shingles and was on Demerol for 3 weeks, I stopped taking them when the pain was mellow enough. Anyway, is there more withdraw effects to come down the trail? I have a jar on the table and it doesn’t bother me at all. I have no urges, no wants, no care if I ever take them again. I smoked for 17 years and quit cold turkey 33 years ago. So I wonder, is my Doctor right, I’m not one to become addicted to stuff? He’s been my Doc since I was 16 years old.

  13. After withdrawal for months can paranoia and hallucinations still occur. If so for how long after withdrawal can these occur. ?

  14. I have been on oxycontin 240 mg a day. I contracted eiosinophilic fasheitis when I was serving in the army. I have decided I have had enough of this pain meds been on them for 10+ years. I’m on day 11 just I little tired legs tired but feet hurt really bad I mean bad. Has anyone else had this problem .The doc’s have had me on Prednisone for the same condition. It turned me type 2 diabetic. I have also stopped it and my sugars are staying around 80 to 120. But had ran in the 200s had to take metformin for it. I have had these problem when my diabetes was not in check but never this sever. If it was not for my feet hurting so bad feels like the bottoms are raw. Hurts to wear shoes. I have soak them. I did my second week off at lava hot springs soaking in the mineral ponds. If you have that around you helps a lot. I sweat a lot of toxins out and made week two much more comfortable. Thought I would throw that in. So any input on the foot issue

  15. Husband in final stages of cancer. Takes off Oxycontin 30 mg and immediately (next day) started on Morphine Sulfate 30 mg. what can I do ?

    Thank you

  16. I was on 30 mg of cortisone every 12 hrs a day for about five months and then they switched my pain management. The Dr. Did not give me anymore and without weeping me off, took me off just like that. They put me on .75 Norco. One every six hours. I’m having horrible withdrawals. Insomnia, shakes, chills, cramps, anxiety, I’m even short tempered, paranoid sometimes. I don’t know how long this is going to last. I don’t know what to do.

  17. I’ve been on oxycodone for 2 years due to back surgery..15 milligrams a day four times a day..i started taking up to 7 pills aday ..I decided to go cold turkey because I just want my life back this is not the way I want to live I’m on my 3rd day of withdrawal and it is no joke I throw up every morning I am restless with my legs I don’t know what to do I need help please somebody give me advice

  18. I’very been taking Oxycodone since hip replacement surgery on 9/28/16. Only 15 mg every 4 hours, with Tramadol at 6 hrs as needed. After about 4 weeks I stopped the Tramadol and reduced Oxy to 7.5 mg. Gradually extended time between doses to abt 6 hrs. Then decided to only take “when I needed it” for pain, not considering withdrawal symptoms. After a day or so, mild body aches, and after 2-3 days, serious depression (not suicidal, but not happy living as-is). Took 7.5 mg Oxy again and was fine. I’m always paranoid about getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, etc, so I stopped drinking completely many years ago and want off Oxy ASAP. Coildn’t get past the roughly 6 hrs between doses, so kept getting VA & outside medical help. Now on “detox” regimen to wean off Oxy over “3-4 weeks”. Taking 7.5 mg 3X a day now. Began mild flu-like symptoms, and then severe head cold couple days before starting detox (watery eyes, runny nose, lots of mucus, sinus pressure, sore throat, etc). I don’t think i’ve been in contact with anyone with a cold or flu. Previously any withdrawal symptoms went away right after I took another dose of Oxy. Not this time. Feels like a bad cold, without even a reduction after/between doses. So how do I know if I have a cold/flu or I’m experiencing withdrawal? I definitely don’t want to go thru depression again!

  19. Tomorrow is my two year Anniversary of being free from oxycontin and paroxetine. I have also have not taken oxycodone for two years. It has been a difficult journey. The initial side effects were horrific. I am so glad I was determined to stay off these medications. Being addicted to prescription medication still makes you feel like an addict. It required more medication to get relief. I have found that the pain medication also contributed to worsening pain when it was removed, pain was excruciating but eventually subsided with Aleve and Tylenol to take the edge off. Today I am thinking clearer. Sleep pattern is not perfect and it is effected by generalized pain but tolerable. I Praise God for helping me through. I advise anyone who quits cold turkey to stay with it, it does get better. May God Bless you!

  20. Im into full week detox alone.Im 71 due to baclk injury I have tsken all kinds of pills.endiing up with oxycodone.Got tired of Drs doing nothing but taking my money.Im having bad low energy and the Yawns wont go away

  21. HUM, I read some of this stuff and it’s a bit over the top, every thing and every ittle nuance blamed on oxy. Yeah, if you have addiction and abuse any drug there are going to be side effects, on all levels. if one does anything too long their body isn’t meant to have, there will be consequences..but the fear surronding this drug is ridiculous. I had bilat latsi dorsi donor site breast reconstruction surgery, 9 hour+ surgery, inpatient 9 days..horrible, horrible pain, with my second recon a few weeks ago. have been on Oxy no more then 10 – 15mg max be day often split pills in half usuall 5 mg + 1/2 pill total for 6 months. I went off it when the pain was gone and I could get through PT without pain…NO withdrawal symptoms, I just went off it. All this stuff some mention when they only take it for like a week, come on! and the symptoms some name on here, good grief. If you’re taking a ton of it, it’s going to mess you up. It’s your own fault, everyone knows this. I was scared to death to take this medication…but when you’re in pain recovering from a horrific sugery and can’t breathe you have to get relief. That doesn’t mean take 8 pills if you’re supposed to take 2… we all know this.

  22. Hello, Please give me some advice. I just finished a 30 day rehab to get off Oxycontin and Heroine. I was prescribed oxycontin for 10 years, at a very high dose. I last took oxycontin on Sept 25 2016 and used Heroine last on oct 28 2016. So i have not taken any drugs in over 35 days. Yet I am still quite sick. I have no energy. I can barely get in the shower to care for myself. I am just scared that this will not go away. Do I just need to give it more time?? I also receive the Vivitrol shot. Could the Vivitrol have anything to do with how sick I still am. Thank You for any advice you can give me.

  23. I have been on oxyneo for four years due to a bulging disk on my L5/S1 with pinching of the sciatica. Pain is still relevant everyday. My highest dose was 80mg x 2 daily. I’ve been weaning from oxy for a year now and I’m at 10mg x 2. This by far has been the hardest of the lower dose. The stomach cramps by far outweigh the other symptoms. I’m very fortunate I’m not working, nor taking care of small children during this detox, the last phase anyway. I still have the back issue and still unable to live my life to my fill potential. I felt the oxy wasn’t doing it’s job at my highest does so i asked to be weaned off the oxy. Had i known that this was the outcome i would have refused the drug all together.

  24. Hi my name is Lambo i have been using Endone and Oxycontin for the past 6 months
    At hospital they were giving me these drugs every 2 hours this is after i had been using these
    drugs for 6 months and in a period of 10 hours took a whole pack of endone a pack of 20.
    I n hospital i did not get much sleep i am a borderline diabetic and just am sick of feeling down and depressed conf=used and just disinterest.
    Please help me out as i still cannot get a full nights sleep.

  25. I was on 2- 80mg oxy twice a day my dr is weaning me off 20mg a month I am down to 2-30mg a day I have after this month 2 more months to go thank God each month I am sick for 4 days it’s awful, it’s like the worse flu you ever had I finally found a dr to help me get my life back it was hard getting off but well worth it, is it normal to be sick that long each month

  26. I took Targin 15/7mg Night & Day for 2 weeks until 22.10.16 & stopped abruptly.
    I had no GP Guidance!
    Now 10 days later I’m Constipated & took a Pessary just earlier that had me Passing Pebbles within an Hour…But it feels like i have loads more to Pass.
    I’m Bloated unusually & my Trips to the Toilet have become less over the last 10 days…till nothing for 4 days, which concerned me cause I’m usually regular to the Day!!
    Am I likely to experience PAW’s or can’t you say!

  27. I had flue loke symptons for a week im on week 2 and i get pins x needles in my legs yawning a lot and appetite is bad ive lost a stone since i stopped them and have trouble sleeping but even though the withdrawels are pretty bad in the long run my body will recover and i will be in control of my pain im having hypnosis soon ill let you know if it works

  28. I am in day 5 from going cold turkey from 40mg a day for 18 months. I had this forced on me as my regular doctor left and the doctor who took over my care never represcribed or offered to ween me off or even told me what I was in store for. By day 2 I was having suicidal thoughts. I was constantly crying and displayed symptoms of a nervous breakdown. I’m still having severe headaches and I have lost 5 kg in 5 days. I am very anxious and don’t feel like myself. I also have to deal with the pain of the bulging disc in my back which I have to learn to get use to. I am really scared about my future. I would never recommend taking this drug.

  29. I’ve been taking Oxycontin since the fall of 1996. I was taking 320mg a day for 5 years straight then I was having my dosage reduced and I was sick for the 6th year daily . Increased anxiety, depression, nausea and a general hatred for man, mankind. I was forgetful and no other medications came anywhere near the pain control that I’ve experienced using prescribed Oxycontin. After a 5 year period I was put back on Oxycontin and I am still on it today. My personal take on the medicine is that it works fantastic, but it does not work when the dosage is decreased. Right now I am going through a hard time with my life because the State stepped in and lowered the maximum dosage I can take to 180mg a day. This amount is 120mg daily lower than what I was taking and does not have any effect on my pain. It’s like putting a band aid on a cut jugular vein. What other medications are there to be started on that may offer me relief? I tried Opahna and MS Contin but Morphine really scares me at night, because it shallows the breathing so much. I had taken SUBSYSS for break through pain and I wonder if that can be used with a Fetanyl patch? Any suggestions besides Heroin are appeciated, because Heroin is already my #1 choice, but I do want to remain have for my wife and 3 children.

  30. Today is my one year and six months off oxycontin and Percocet which I stopped cold turkey. I am doing much better. My head is clear. No physical symptoms. I still have sleep issues but I feel rested and I am able to work. Anxiety once in a while which comes on without warning usually at night. I am very glad I decided to stop my pain management. I now take Aleve and Extra strength Tylenol for pain which does take edge off. I Thank God for getting me through this horrible ordeal. Determination and commitment will get you through. Let’s hope Doctors will not prescribe these awful medication unless you are in end stage disease. Chronic pain is bad but becoming a shell and having pain medication ruin your life is not worth it. God bless!

  31. Would like to leave one more post of my timeline so it can help people understand what to expect… Days 1-4 were my worse days by far. Insomnia, mind was really fuzzy, had warm/cold sweats…. Maybe got about 10 hours of sleep which was about an hour or 2 a day. Days 5-12 were the most frusterating. My insomnia was at its worse and was feeling really irritated with the whole process. Restless legs were really bad, but overall my physical body felt great. Days 13-16 I felt a little depressed, but I was getting about 7 hours of sleep which was great. I lay in bed still with insomnia, but once I fall asleep I am staying asleep. By far the most crazy dreams I’ve ever had, but nothing to worry about. Just weird dreams I can not explain… For some odd reason I had a dream about a rabbit fight where they had 3 feet of teeth killing eachother…. Really odd I know! Anyways, I am on day 17 and I feel 100% like myself again although I do not care to do anything. Def being a couch potato, but at this point I am okay with that…. My eyes are really sensitive to the sunlight so maybe that is why. So at this point I say I feel like a million bucks. If I had any advice it would be to stay well hydrated, and get out and exercise as much as possible. It will help you keep your mind off everything. Today is the day I will start to be more active and return to normal. I will check in periodically and help anyone who needs any guidance, or a friend to get them through the same situation. By far one of the hardest things I went through was having no support on here so I had to keep myself as sane as possible. A good support system is huge with getting through this situation. If you need me right away you can email me, as I am here for ya!!!!!

  32. Joni- My guess is you should be fine… Not 100% sure, but you should only have major withdrawal symptoms when you eliminate nate it all together. Maybe some cravings, but you should be okay… Hope this helps…

  33. I was on 60 mg 3x and 30mg IR 4x day. I am being lowered by doctor right now to 40 mg. 3x instead of 60mg 3x which is a reduction of 60mg a day. Is there withdrawal symptoms due to the 60mg lowered dosage since I was takibg this dose for over 8 yrs. Thank you.

  34. As I notice I am the only one posting I am so happy to say I am completley out of the woods. Had some anxiety this morning, as well as dissatisfaction with life. Got about 5 hours of sleep at mid day which is making me feel like a million bucks. I know some symptoms will pop up, but itis 100% tolerable at this point. Have to say this whole experience was eye opening. No looking back now, I am super proudI stuck with it. I know my experience is no where as bad as others. Just remember it is so worth getting off the drug! If you put your mind to it you can do it. Best of luck to anyone going through the same issue:).

  35. I was never prescribed oxycontin so I was just using the drug as an abuse. I only took about (80) 30 MG oxycontin over a month and a 1/2 to 2 months. To start I was only taking maybe 30 MG a day, and then peaked at 90 to 120 MG a day. Right now I am on day 9 of no opiates. (Cold turkey). Physically I feel actually alright. I have a short temper, on and off Diarrhea, and mild hot flashes. By far the insomnia has been the worse side effect to this point. A few nights I got 4 hours, but mostly only getting an hour here and there. Just wondering if I could get any guidance of what to expect from here, and possibly anything I can do to make this process any easier???? Does it sound like I am on the normal timeline to recovery? I am very strong minded, and I feel besides the insomnia this whole process is a breeze. First three days sucked, but that stage is way behind me. I am out of work for a few months, so I definitely have it a lot easier than most. If I could have a little guidance that would be great! I am going to beat this as it has been a horrible situation. I am starting to see the light, as I will never look back again!

  36. Hello. So to start off I would like to mention that I took 30mg of oxycontin for about a month an a half. About the last week I was taking my highest doses which was about 90 mg a day. Over this period I took about 80 of these pills. I am currently three days without them, but was taking low doses of vicodin for the past two days to gradually take myself of these pills. Right now I am at exactly 24 hrs without any pain meds. About 6 hours after my last dose is when I started noticing the withdrawal effects. Yesterdat was tough as I mostly just sat and cried all night. I got about 6 1/2 hours of sleep last night, and this morning I woke up freezing, and felt flu like symptoms. Right now I am extremely fuzzy, diarrhea started. I am having a hard time with this whole process right now. I am at work, but I am 100% non existant. Just wondering what my ballpark timeline is, and what to expect? Is there anything I can do to make this process any easier? Like I said I was not on these long, and was never prescribed these… Any help or suggestions?

  37. Hello, I have been on Targin for 6months due to a car accident. My dose is down to 5mg a day.
    Since I have reduced my dose i am experiencing the most horrendous anxiety, to the point I just can’t get out of bed.
    How long will this last. Also is there any medications to help with withdrawel symptoms
    Many thanks

  38. I was recently put on Oxycotin by my pain management Dr. after being on morphine for about 2 yrs. for chronic back & leg pain. I take 40mg. 2× a day(every 12hs) . After reading up on oxycotin and the withdrawals I’m REALLY SCARED TO STAY ON THEM!!!! I’ve been on them for a month and I’m scared to get my next script from Dr. cause I think I’d rather be on morphine. I KNOW ALL MEDICATIONS HAS REPUCISSIONS BUT ISN’T MORPHINE THE LESSER? I REALLY WISH I DIDN’T HAVETO TAKE ANy of these BUT I DO! I even try over the counter stuff advertised on TV so I can stopped these. But my ? to you is which one has the less intense withdrawl ? And SHOULD I GO BACK ON morphine BEFORE I GET TOO MUCH oxycotin IN my system? Thank You for your help and KEEP UP the GOOD WORK HELPING PEOPLE????

  39. I have been taking up to as many 7 30mg oxycodones daily. I also have 20mg OxyContin I use when I run out of the 30’s. I have a very high metabolism and can quickly reduce amount of dose and may just get a running nose but not bad w/d’s unless I just stop immediately. Would I be good to continue to just lower dose and taper off easily. I was taking around 10 of the 20mg and just started taking 5 and haven’t really gotten sick. Will this still come back to bite me? Thanks so much, trying to get off hook as easily as I can cause work work and mainly trying to help take care of1yr old beautiful boy…. Thanks so much again

  40. Feeling real

    Unwell my Oxycontin has been put down from 40mg am and PM to 20 am 10 pm put my request in Dr takes five days so I ran out four days ago went to collect go wondered if I no longer needed then as it was two months. Well it would be as if I was still on 20 am and PM every four weeks but now two different doses mean they last longer….So another request has been put in which will be 10 days. Not sure how I’m going to cope over the weekend if I’m feeling sick tired flue upset tummy. My Gp was not there when I went in and don’t like to make a fuss.

  41. After a near fatal car accident in 2001 I was prescribed oxycontin and percoset (for breakthrough pain) to help me deal with the intense pain — 18 breaks in my legs, an open book pelvic fracture, all of my ribs, my right arm, in addition to my heart being crushed — they said I would not walk, I do, and fifteen years later I am wondering about what it would be like without the meds….because honestly, we really do not know do we…I am really strong, have a high threshold for pain and have cut down oxy from 90mg three times a day to 40 three times a day, with perhaps two percoset a day — if active one day, the next will be tough, but I am curious….is going through the intensity o withdrawal worth it to find out where I am….or should I be content and take them as told….

  42. Its my second day off oxycontin after tapering from 80mg down to 2.5 mg dont feel to bad apart from being tired and a doggy stomach i feel quite normal. Im off it at last feels so good

  43. Its my second day off oxycontin dont feel too bad apart from feeling tired and a bit of a doggy stomach i feel quite human

  44. Hi I was on 20 mg per day of oxycodone for about three years. My doctor only used methadone for 5 days. Then the symptoms started. The worse was no sleep in fact the first three nights of no sleep, the next day I had another procedure for my rsd( Reflex Sympethedic Dystraphy) I have had about 50 of these with the same dr. I he had to push three tins as much propathal as normal the get me to sleep for the procedure. The first 14 days I had only two days I actually slep at all. So I was in a very exaustive state. Now six weeks later I was put into the hospital over night for flue type symptoms. At this point what is best to get myself back to normal?

  45. Sorry …
    So have a bath with HE helps me a lot… i also do physiotherapy which also helps me a lot… my advice is to use different ways to manage pain and to do sports as soon as posible… but hear wath your body says to you… dont go to fast…. when you practice somethings it could be sports yoga or physiotherapy IT DOES NEVER HURTS YOU… you have to manage to stay at a comfortable level…

    I also heard that simple aluminium foil (wtf) when applied on the pain zone… russians have made a lot of research on it on there are articles that you can found on the web… it works for some people…

    I also read a book in french about biomagnets (the title his harmonisation du corps par les bio aimants) it also help to manage pain for somepeople… i dont know but i think that you can maybe found article in english on the web about bio magnets…

    My yoga teacher also told me to have a look on the new german medicine which is studied also in some high medical school in the us… i think you can found books on that subject but i cant remember the reference… anyway i will post it later if i found it back…

    It appears thant antidepression medecines although it is not there primary indication could work on pain… i have personnaly tried both tricyclic old stuff , ssri(serotonin selective recapture inhibitor) and IMAO (monoamine oxydase inhibitor) … BE VERY CAREFULL IF YOU TRY IMAO those stuff have a lot of interaction THAT CAN KILL YOU… but all those stuff doesnt work on me sadly…

    I have also tried lyrica (pregabaline) wich is an anti epileptic… although it is not is primary indication it seems that it could works on chronic pain for some people… i also tried neurotin(gabapentine) which could also work on pain… especially neuropatic pain and restless leg syndrome(rls) .. it works on me for rls although it doesnt helps for chronic pain…

    Recent research shows that electric stimulation works very good on neuropatic pain…

    Personally i dont want to take medication anymore… but every body has to found his way to go truth pain…

    Stay strong…

    I wish you all the best…


    1. Thanks for sharing, Alice. Hope others will find something useful from your comment, and try it. All the best!

  46. Hi everybody! I was on oxy’s for chronic pain for 2 year now… I took it at a dosage of 240 mg per day (2x80mg oxycontin and 6x10mg ir a day). But I develop a big tolerance and start abusing them… taking more and more every day… snorting the ir to get more effect… but i was still felling a lot of pain… i get to the point were i used more than 2.5g (2500mg) a day… then i decided to stop taking it… from one day to the other ajust my dosage to 2.500mg a day to 200mg a day without felling any withtdrawal and the next day i used 20mg… then i stayed at a 10mg a day level for 4 day ( this was to leave my body the time to metabolize the higer dosage… and only then i stop… then a take 600mg gabapentine (neurotin) an anti epileptic that is also used to treat alcool withdrawal… i took it every 8h and more if needed. I also used apranax (naproxen) for the pain, 2x550mg 2 times a day. This helped me a bit for my chronic pain that are a this time my only problem. The pain is comming back at an intense level and spam me 100 times every second… anyway i dont feel the withdrawal symptomes like restless leg dues to the gabapentine… i also switched my alimentation… i eat rice 2 times a day (to avoid diareah) . I also eat multivitamines and some fruit (orange and limon dues to there level of vitamines c and citric acid wich help a lot for withdrawal) . I also eat spirulina wich help gor the wd… sadly i havent calamus wich also help foe wd… anyway i have a bit of MDMA i snorted 30mg on the afternoon of the second day and i stop using gabapentine and naproxen till the evening.. it helped me for the chronic pain (amphetamine (adderal)also help me for pain )… i took also lithium salt complement… i pass the third day with extrem chronic pain using the same regim and medication (without mdma ?). But i havent felt any wd symptoms at all… by the 4th day a just use naproxen and i felt no wd symptoms just extreme chronic pain… i try to manage the chronic pain witn yoga meditation chi kong … emotionally irrited by the pain always on the edge but it works for me… when i experience a high level of pain this change the way that i am… everything seem so futil so far away for me… i dont fu**king mind if the color of an object is red or blue when people ask me for example… i return to true things… people that i loved… everything is experienced with an extrem intensity… but its so… life is life… much love for everybody… stay strong… i wich you all the best… Alice

  47. Lisa,
    I used acidophylis and immodium for diarrhea. I bonded my abdomen with ace wraps for abdominal spasms. Took multivitamin every day. Tylenol and aleve for pain. Insomnia and anxiety the worst. Nothing helped but time. Sneezed a lot and nasal congestion resolved after a few months. I stopped taking my prescription cold turkey since January 2015 and still having sleep issues and anxiety at times, but much better than it was. Hang in there and be strong it does get better.

  48. Stopped daily usage of 20mg oxy twice a day. Is there anything I can do to help myself through this? Food?, Supplements? Water?

  49. I’ve been on 180 mg of slow release oxy for about 10 years for chronic pain. My does was 8 to 10 pills 20 mg OxyContin per day. I dropped to 2 20 mg pills per day in about a week that’s 1 pill every 12 hours now. I’m on day two of 2 pills, how many day off hell do I have before I can reduce again?

  50. I was taking 8 to 9 20mg oxy a day for chronic pain, about 10 years. I took some advice from online and an dropped my dose quickly. From 8 pills to 2 pills in over a week. It’s the second day of taking 2 pills one pill every 12 hours because they are 12 hour long lasting pills, but at 8 hour mark I start feel like hell. It take everything to make it to that 12 hour mark. How many day will it take before it starts levelling off. Once I start to feel better I will reduce to 15 mg pill every 12 hours then 10 mg and the last will be 5 mg after that I will go cold turkey. Haven’t slept for days but my will is strong.

  51. I have been taking op 40 for a week and have been eating 5 to to 8 a day I am going too stop how bad will I detox

  52. I am asking you why my feet and hands are so cold For the last 2 weeks I went cold turkey get this col feet 4 weeks ago and I cannot find an answer I was on oxy for 8-10 years

  53. I am on my second week of withdrawal, my Doctor said to take 1 each 30 mg a day???? How long should I be on this regimen?
    Please let me know.

  54. After withdrawal symptoms have stopped will a person experience them again if they take a single dose of oxycontin again.

  55. I was on oycodone n oxycotin (doc prescribed ) for 3 yrs …20MG 6x’s daily n 2 /20mg … I told doc to get me off of them last April , I was tapered off. It was horrible made it down to 5mg – 6x’s a day .. finally went to detox to get off them all together, it’s been 6mts now I’m free of them but I still feel fatigued .. how long does it take till I feel like myself again ..

  56. I had a car run over me broke my L1L2L3 doctor put me om Targin 10mg twice daily, then down to 5mg twice daily then 2.5mg twice daily i was on them for 7 months, im of them now for 3 weeks but doctor put me on endone 5mg twice daily the problem im having is flu type symptoms and just feeling not my self how do i wean of endone now i am quite worried i never will do u think i am still experiencing withdrawals from targin as well

  57. Jim,
    I was on Oxycontin 20 mg 2 x day for cervical myelopathy and bilateral hip pain. After two years I stopped the medication as I was becoming tolerant of the medication and my body wanted more to get the same results. I was having brain cloudiness, diarrhea and extreme fatigue. I decided to stop my medication cold turkey. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms. Diarrhea, abdominal severe cramps where I had to bind my abdomen with ace wraps, poor sleep and Anxietty, hypertension, palpitations. I have stopped since January 6 2015 and I am much better. Sleep still not perfect, have anxiety once in a while. I am taking extra strength Tylenol, aleve for pain and its not perfect but feel better than on opioids. Sleepy tea , I wake up about 3 times a night but feel rested and able to work. It was the hardest thing I ever did. And I told my physician I never will take opioid medication to control my pain unless I was in end stage disease. Good luck and God Bless you.

  58. I had breast cancer in 2004. After dose dense chemo & radiation I started having severe all over body pain. After several dic’s & several meds, I ended up on OxyContin 40mg twice daily along with OxyCodone 15 MF 4 times daily for break through pain. I was on this for 7 hrs. I decided along with medical support to tirate & withdraw from these meds. It’s been 7 weeks & I am still having severe difficulties. Severe diarrhea, severe leg problems: RLS, burning pain, severe aches,. Extreme fatigue through out entire body, extreme insomnia. My question is: how long will all these symptoms last? When can I expect to start feeling better? It’s been a long 7 weeks of hell, but I stuck it out. I stopped both on Feb 29th. Didn’t finish last titration as I was just sick of being on those meds. Any idea’s of help with my questions? I am doing light exercises, eps bath salts & everyI can think of. Advil for pain. Also on Gabapentim 400mg four times daily along with Magnesium. When can I expect to start feeling better? This is so depressing to say the least. I’m hanging in & will me we take these meds again. Please advise. Thank you.

  59. I moved and started a new doctor with A certain insurance company. I was taking 30 Mg of OxyContin 3 times a day but his company’s guidelines says it is not safe over 80 mg per day so he changed me to 80 mg twice a day. In both cases I get 10 mg x 3 of oxycodone for break thru pain. Now I get queasy after 9 hrs . I feel sick when I get up and the other day I fell asleep before taking the evening dose and woke up with flu system. Comments please, especially regarding 2 timed vs 3 times a day and 90 is dangerous but 80 is okay. I am actually taking more by always using the break through pills for flu systems which is Wrong!!!!

  60. I have been using Oxycodone for the past three month by taking it pill form. Sometimes I wouldn’t have it for a week but then I would take methadone or Vidoc . When I was taking Oxycodone I would take 15mg 9 times a day. I started taking it because of abdominal surgery back in July 2105. Last time I had a Oxycodone was 4 days ago, but then I was taking 2 7.25 Vicodin for two days. Yesterday I took 2 5 mg of Vicdon, then later I took 1mg of Xanax because my anxiety was unbearable . I have started the withdrawal 3 days ago, I have had restless sleep , very bad anxiety, bad stomach cramps and feel like I have the flu bad. I also have been freezing and have had night sweats. How long will this last? I just want to feel normal again , well myself. Please someone help me and let me know when thing will start feeling better? Thank you!!

  61. My mother is 80 years old. She was taking Oxycontin for chronic pain connected to severe artritis in erback, as well as Fibromyalgia. Recently her prescription ran out, and she was unable to get to the doctor to renew her medicine. She hasn’t had it for 10 days. The worst part is her chronc pain is unbearable. I do not live nearby, and im conscerned about her going back on the medicine. Any advice?

  62. I’ve been taking Oxycontin 20mg 2-3 times a day for the better part of a year and a half, having realized i lost a absolutely gorgeous woman in my life to my preoccupation with with this devil i knew it was time to stop.

    Im currently in day 3 and while the first couple of days were pretty bad im feeling actually pretty ok today apart from my muscles being useless and having no energy, i was even able to get some sleep last night! pot has seemed to help a lot 🙂

    Im so glad to be getting off these terrible horrible little things, but a little worried how long will it take for my energy to bounce back? i work with children so obviously energy is important. is there anything i can take to help?

    to anyone getting off these things as well all i can say is stick with it! i was so doubtful i would get through at first but things seem to be getting better day by day.

  63. I have been on Targin 10/5 for about 2 years and have stopped taking it 5 days ago will I experience any withdrawal symptoms as I have had a bit of mausea but not a lot and also am taking tramadol 50 mg now k stead is this why I am not experiencing many symptoms?
    Thank you Johanna

  64. Hi.I have been taking endone 5mg 2x daily. Broken into ,2 1/2 intervals 2 1/2 morning 2 1/2 lunch mid afternoon and after tea so all up 10 mg ..I.decided to stop taking them for pain …I only had 2 1/2 mg day one day 2 the same day 3 same day 4 SAME and I sweated badly and bad stomach cramps and severe insomnia …I don’t have cravings ..then I have had none for 2 days …even tho my dose was low …when will I feel some normal tho I must say day 5 was not a bad day day 6 has been a struggle only because I carnt sleep … I didn’t seek medical advice I just did it ….it’s a whole new experience withdrawing from these tablets …when do you think I will get my sleep pattern back …I will never take them again ….what can help me sleep I take vallium.fir my back ….but have been out of them for sometime will they help me sleep if I go to my Dr

  65. I’ve been oxcotin 80 mg or more a day for about 4 months along with large amounts of alcohol. I’ve cut the alcohol down to a couple of beers a day. Im now on day 3 without oxy. Hurting bad to say the least. Is the amount of oxy that severe?

  66. Pt… You hit the nail on the head…. ! I have tried to give my PC opinion and nobody listens … ALL… Bottom line, we all knew that these pills are heroin and there is a pound of flesh that’s gonna be taken… Buck up and sweat it out. Quit asking the questions that you already know the answe to… Fucked for 5 and normal by 30… and get a wing person if you have kids or dogs

  67. I’ve been on oxicontins 40 mg and 20 kg for at least 20 plus yrs my doc is leaving Missouri all of a sudden. (very strange) I believe he was asked by the Fed’s to go. “he had a very large cliental. Then with a weeks notice, by seeya, but I did set you up with a new doc that prescribes as ,well as he did. I have not seen him yet but since my20 mg oxi did not get its referral there was nothing he would do. So my 40 mg oxi ran out kinda fast and my oxicodine 30 also went a little quicker since some of my perceptions took longer to get, so now for the past 3 days I’ve not been able to stand up strait or walk on my left foot. The pain is unreal. I have serious issues on other parts of my body that I have yet to get fixed “sergery” but planning on it but this sickness is unreal and putting a bad damper on my marriage as well as my life. It’s killing me. And after surgery I have planned I always have a harder time w recovery as I’m in severe pain because I’ve been on the meds so long I need some help. I’m having bad cramps in my L hip and L knee. So bad I cannot walk. I am still talking my oxicodone 20 mg.. I have put up to 80 mg in the course of 3 hr’s same still no help. The leg just doesn’t want to work. Cramps are un real. Why is the meds I’m talking not helping.

  68. Quit being pussies strait up if you abused it it’s gonna take 30 fucken days man 5 days at first is hell then it gets a little easier but you still stay on the toilet for ever smells like a hospital coming out your ass and then you just feel horrible for days on end thank god for withdraw what if there were none everyone would be killing themselves with this satan drug today is day 28 off 5 6 30s per day I a busted the shit now I’m paying for it everybody stuck on this shit buck up get ready for hell and embrace that hell such a sweat sweat thing people love those withdraw semptoms cause it will be the last time you will ever have them!

  69. Gabi,
    I have never thought about it till you mentioned it…. I had same thing, I yawned for months with tears pouring out the outside corner of my eyes… I guess it’s another bad thing that these bastards create…!

  70. I stopped 2 days ago today is the third day my wife is having a hard time with beening the only functioning adult I just feel like crap my emotions are a wreck Im having a really hard time but I want to be done. I have been using hydracodin for 2 years 1 hip and 2 knees the last knee hydracodin stopped work so they shifted me to oxycontin for the last 3 months but Im so done with the ups and downs of pain killers I have stopped on my own I was taking 40 to 60 mills a day I have to go back to work in 6 weeks at the very longest. My pain is gone so no worries about that just my wife and I any idea how bad this is going to be any ideas how to help us both?

  71. Brenda,
    Just focus one day at a time. I promise it does get better but you have to be strong and not give in to the withdrawal symptoms. I had terrible abdominal spasms for several days that I had to bind my abdomen with ace wraps. Diarrhea lasted for months I took immodium and acidophylis; which I still take acidophylis daily. The worst part was panic attack at night and poor sleep. It is now just over a year and I am so glad I stopped oxycontin, percocet and paroxetine. I can actually experience happiness or sadness. No longer a zombie. I am now sleeping so much better. Up about 2-3 times a night but feeling rested. Anxiety attacks about once a month but manageable. I take two aleve and extra strength Tylenol to manage my pain. Its not perfect but I can get through the day. I wish you much success let me know how your doing.

  72. Brenda… You are amazing! You have made it over the hardest point…. I promise that you will get better soon.. I’m not going to lie and say it’s all over, but the 1st 7 is the worst. Advil gel caps and endless hot showers helped me.. And don’t forget water! You have to admit, it’s a great weight loss program! Hang tough and you got it!!

  73. I have been on 120 mg. oxycodone daily (4) 30 mg.tablets for 17 years
    I am trying to stop taking this medication. Cn anyone give me an idea how much longer I will have these sweats/chills demon dancing legs, irritability and so forth. It has been 7 days so far and although I am having moments of it being better, I am still having very terrible with drawls

  74. I stopped using 160mg Oxy, which I had been on for 10yrs. It took about 10 days to start feeling better, however I’m still experiencing diarrhea a couple of times a day, is this normal?There hasn’t been any significant weight loss

  75. Hey guys. First off God bless everyone reading this. We are all in the same place. A hole that seems deeper than we can imagine. I had been taking around 80mg of Oxycodine for almost 2 years. I was hit by a truck while riding my motorcycle and was prescribed Oxy and back therapy. After a short time I realized the power this drug has over people. I got to where if I missed a dose I almost immediately felt like crap. When I first got the prescription it called for 1 to 2 10mg pills every 4 hours. Then out of the blue my Dr. decides to cut me down to 1 every 6 hours after a year and a half. Of course I couldn’t do it. I stil needed 2 every 4 hours to feel “normal”. Thus I started running out early. I would take some of my mom’s. Stealing them at times to just get me by till my re-up. Buying them from people when I couldn’t find my mom’s. She caught on. So I guess after 2 years of this I ran out last Friday and decided enough was enough! I am on day 5 now off going cold turkey. It has been absolute hell. Day one I was throwing up, on the toilet so much I bled. Headaches and muscle pain. Restless legs to the point I have slept maybe 4 hours in a week! I have read up on almost every forum about this crazy life these pills causes us. Today started out somewhat better but now I’m on the toilet writing this while shaking and a migraine. But I’ll say this.. It’s absolutely worth it! I know there’s light at the end. I’m going to keep going not just for myself. But for each and every one of you. We are all family here!! I’m here for you guys. Stay strong and lets take our lives back!! Bless you all and good luck!

  76. Tomorrow January 6 is my one year Anniversary of stopping Oxycontin. Percocet, and Paroxetine. It was the worst Experience of my life and I’m so glad I have the strength to continue. If I knew the withdrawals would of been this bad I never would of agreed to treatment plan for cervical myelopathy. I am still not sleeping through the night I wake up every three hours. I fatigue easily but more tolerable. I don’t have foggy brain although my memory hasn’t returned to my baseline. No more diarrhea. Anxiety has improved. Although it surfaces from time to time. I Praise God for my continual recovery!

  77. Wife quit her oxy and is experiencing diarea throwing up and rapid waight loss (50 lbs in 2 months) it has been 3 months since she quit her pills . She has had 4 back surgeries and dr wants to keep increasing meds but she wants off. Dr doesn’t seem worried that much about the symptoms. Are these normal ?

  78. I have been on OxyContin for almost 6 years due to major nerve damage. I have recently stopped taking the Oxy’s 60mg which is a high dose and for 8 days now and the withdraws are horrible, I feel like my skin is crawling and where my back meets my ass bone feels like extremely bad growing pains, I don’t know of any other way to describe it. WHEN WILL THIS STOP? and What can I do to stop these intense feelings?

  79. Ive taken around 4 60mg oxycontin in a period of around 2 days. How long will the withdrawals be sinc I’ve taken only 4 of them over 2 to three days. What will I go through and what can I take to help myself. Ive got flexural 10mg. How should I take these along with say motrin and water and metamucil. Also your suggestions are welcome. Thank youfor your time, sincerely Dave

  80. I’m on my 4th day of detox!!! It’s hell!!!! will I start to feel better on day 5? I been using oxycodone 30 milligram for about 6 months. I decided to go cold turkey on Friday.

  81. Hi all. I had a nerve problem in my back that manifested itself in my leg causing significant pain. At peak was on 360 mg long release and 300mg quick release oxycodone for about 3 months. Since the surgery I have gone through a weaning process and have now got to 50mg a day. It’s been really hard. Tried to go cold a couple of times but the muscle rigidity and generally feeling awful made it impossible to care for my daughter and horses during the day so had to take a process that meant I was able to be upright. If you are at the start of the process all I can say to you is that prepare yourself for a hard commitment and then stick to it. Even if you ( like me) start to feel terrible with feelings of doom and hopelessness, sweats, pain, vomiting and the rest , remember that it is finite where as addiction is not. I’m still not finished yet this last part has been getting harder and it’s made me feel much better to read the struggles of other people to have a feeling of compassion, as people around you, that have never had an addiction, just cannot understand how hard it is mentally and physically. Good luck everyone I will see u on the other side.

  82. Im withdrawing because of bueracracery (Sp) Im currently going to a pain management clinic for my back (I have multiple issues) The people at the clinic talk to EVERYONE as if theyre sub human. Some of the most rudist people on the planet. Since my insurance co. wants a pre-authorization, and one of the girls at the clinic wants to be an ass, then old Timbo here has to suffer. Not only for the withdrawal, but also for the back issues the stuff was masking in the first place. Ive noticed by reading the comments Im seeing that alot are using the word addiction. If one is taking it as prescribed wouldnt a better term be ‘Dependant’?

  83. Tammy, I have stopped oxycontin 20 mg 2 x day and percocet 10 mg 2 tabs at bedtime for 3 years for cervical myelopathy. I stopped cold turkey and its been 11 months and I am just starting to get adequate sleep but up every few hours. It does get better just take one day at a time. I tried benadryl, sleepytime tea, melatonin , sleeping pills and nothing worked. So I stopped it all and it did get better.

  84. I am on day 11 without any pirates and still can not sleep. Have crps and a dorsal column stimulator to help very little but at least it’s something. I’m over kicking my legs for eight days straight with no sleep, manage to get a few hours but I’m going crazy with no sleep. How long will this keep up? Have been on 60mg daily of OxyContin and 60 mg daily of Percocet for eight years. Weaned myself off in two weeks. Just really need to sleep!

  85. Well its been 10 months since I stopped oxycontin 20 mg 2 x day and percocet 10/325 2 tabs at night for a two year period for cervical myelopathy pain. I am feeling better head is clearer although sleep pattern continues to be challenging. I am sleeping better just up every 2-3 hours then difficulty falling back to sleep. I’m sure it will continue to get better. I am now having issues with weight gain any one else have this challenge. I am grateful that I was able to stop these medications. Praise God!!

  86. Ida.. The follwing is was I wrote a year ago… My time line as follows: Day 1-2 : kinda sucks Day 3-5: hell on earth (your almost over the hump)…. Hot showers and Advil gel caps helped me… Tons of water.. I lost 15 lbs in this phase Day 6-12: seemed to gain hourly by the day, your in the “not quite right in the head” phase… And exhausted, not tired but no energy Day 13-21: morning wood returns, bathroom habits return, hear birds, bright lights bother you….. Getting back to normalYour almost finished with the hard part……restless leg/arm is the worst, but I’m sure you already know that. When I wrote my last post on was on day 6 and could barely focus on writing, I would have to close one eye to see the letters…. But by day 7 I could drive to my house… I’m still not 100 percent on day . ..THIS IS ME ONE YEAR LATER.. NOW .. I was not right in the head for almost 8 months, I could barely walk up stairs (I was and am a very fit guy) for 3 months… I don’t want to sound negative but it’s just the way it is. You just have to be mentally strong and I promise I you it will be amazing when your off these evil pills.. I would say good luck, but luck doesn’t have anything to do with quiting, it’s a strong mind, will and getting back to your life.

  87. All I want to know is when will it set out of my body so I don’t feel so tried and still sleep alot someone give me the right answer please my body feels like shit it’s hard to do things I get tried so fast just want a straight answer please

    Oh yes I am taking vitamins B12,B6,Q10,VIT C, BETA, multi vitamin, every day I take this and there a few more I take

  88. Hi my name is ashley, my dad has been taken oxys 80mg plus 20 mg for about 20 years hes 64 years old now and they took him off his 80s hes only on his 20s now and if he goes to sleep he missed a dose so he wakes up in alot of pain.. This really hurts me to see him like this i have to help him get his pills and open the bottle and get him water, if my mom isnt here to help him. Is there something i can do to help him a little more? Please help

    1. Hello Ashley. I believe you should consult with the doctor to change your father’s medication plan. Obviously, your father is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms, and they should be put in control. Stay strong!

  89. Hi Friends,,
    Here’s a brief story: crushed pelvis, four hip replacements, right foot fused, etc. from a terrible car accident.
    After the 4th hip redo the stem had actually split in half, almost 6 months to walk… I went to a pain mgt. dr.
    He had me on three 80 mg oxycontin, four 40 mg, and four 30 mg oxycodone per day.
    After 6 years on this, I was using much more on top of that… I have been so sick when I would run out or it
    was not available…
    Well, friends I was really done.
    I had weened myself off the 80s and 40’s but never stopped the Roxie oxycodone 30’s. when i was kicked out of the pain mgt after 6 years when they caught me
    with a bottle check one time a year ago… So I had a friend of a friend who I got the 30’s from.
    I had never failed a pee test, but they bounced me right out… I continued on with the 30 oxycodone through that friend of a friend.
    Terrible tollarance by now, I was taking from 15 at one time to feel anything, then it went up from there… Just trying to feel that feel was costing me extreme amounts of
    my life savings… tHis went on for more than the past year. Finally I tried to detox, but was always too sick. I only have Medicare now and almost no one would take it.
    I finally found a major hospital that took me in for detox.. They weened me down using saboxone for nine days then said they could not keep me any longer.
    I was not feeling any withdrawals those nine days, thought and believed I was now OK….
    I have now been home from the detoxing about 12 days. Surprise surprise… After one day home I went right back into full blown killer withdrawals ?
    The Drs did not give me even a few low dose saboxone when I left. So the past 12 days I have been extremely ill, with all the symptoms especially NO sleep, maybe
    35 hours since home, worst aching body hip and legs, back… I called the hospital they totally blew me off.
    So, I have now been home coming on two weeks and am still so very sick. I have not taken a single pill since before the detox that was no detox at all…
    The first week I could not hold my head up from the bed. Terrible diaahrea, head ache constant, can’t breath from my nose too stuffed, and weak as a new born.
    I have lost at least 6 lbs since home, absolutely NO appetite. Forcing myself to try eating, but nothing tastes good.
    I found this site and now guess I will most likely be one of the FOUR weeker’s or longer…. Oh dear Lord.
    In the end I had to do up to 30 of the 30’s to feel any thing! My tollarance was so unbelievable.. I truly believe God made that happen..
    Along with not letting me die of an od.. This is a personal hell to go through… Much worse than all the car accidents and operations.
    Can anyone please give me any idea how long all this will take ? I am paying a very heavy price for my insanity.
    Not to mention spending tens of thousands of dollars just to be normal and not sick.
    I beat alcohol in 1989, not a sip since then. But my regular chronic pain, and metal and arthritis worries me terribly.
    Thank you for letting me share.

  90. I have been on oxy 30mg immediate release for 7 years taking 180 pills a month. I just finished my 7 days of detox at home with my sweet wife helping me. It was pure hell, I went to the hospital with severe dehydration and kept blacking out and passing out over and over. Now I’m experiencing depression and severe muscle aches. Epsin salt baths seam to help but I am wondering when I will start to feel better. Any ideas on how to get over this hump and get my life back? Thx!!

  91. I have been on oxy 30mg immediate release for 7 years taking 180 pills a month. I just finished my 7 days of detox at home with my sweet wife helping me. It was pure hell, I went to the hospital with severe dehydration and kept blacking out and passing out over and over. Now I’m experiencing depression and severe muscle aches. Epsin salt baths seam to help but I am wondering when I will start to feel better. Any ideas on how to get over this hump and get my life back? Thx

  92. I’ve been taking oxycodone for my back trouble for about 2 years. I normally take like 30mg at night and none during the day. The last 8 months I noticed my skin has been clammy and I sweat alot , and have sever night sweats the nights I don’t take the pills . Couldn’t figure why I’ve been sweating alot till I read that it’s one of the symptoms of withdrawl. So if I completely stop taken them , how long will my sweating last? That only seems to be the only withdrawl symptom that I have.

  93. Help !,Hi I have been taking oxy SR 20 mg twice daily for 6 years ,they started me on 50. Mg x2 daily and oxy norm immediate releasex4 times a day. I was taken off oxy norm as I had a major incident several months later and developed panic attacks and constant anxiety. I broke my back and was medicated because of that but when I developed serious anxiety I was taken off oxy norm as they said oxy can affect anxiety. Now I still suffer with general anxiety and pain but the need to take oxy which starts about one hour prior yo my tab time is due primary to anxiety . I feel I will never leave this debilating anxiety behind while I am taking oxy and pain is bad enough but anxiety is worse. I take 20 mg x 2 daily ,tonight I took 10 mg one tab instead of two to start i would love some help . Where I live in rural Ireland the doctors don’t want you coming off drugs and I have asked repeatedly for a reduction plan with no support. Dose OxyContin produce anxiet side effect while taking them as I feel they do? And how long do I stay on 10 mg instead of 20 mb at night 20 mg during the day before I reduce again also what side effects should I expect. Thanks a million

  94. Will the shortness of breath get better. I had a lobectomy and felt better then tore a muscle near wound and took these pain killers and they have left me breathless will it right itself

  95. Hello I was diagnosed with a cervical herniated disk. i received the injection but now 11-1-15 i been on oxycodon 5 or 10 milligrams. understandable i abused and took 10/12 from his 6 regimen a day, i am on a clonodine 0.3 patch. so from doctor to doctor the pills addd up. i am on cay 2 after day 1 and the horrible restless arm and i took 6 sleeping pills to get sleep. i am up and wondering when will i start feeling better. My mouth is dry consistently. and foods horrible. evrything hs an aweful taste. the said 20 day program but i denied that…..i can’t make my my job aware of me being out cleaning up from an injury.. so my question is what is the time frames of feeling better and what should i do thank you

  96. I had shoulder rotor cup repair on Dec. 31 (my second RC surgery). I took oxycod/acetam (10325mg. for 8 days, then stopped cold because of concern about addition (I also was no longer having any pain). Since then it seems like I dream all night long (I rarely dreamed before), which has not been good for restful sleep. Is there any correlation?

  97. Thank You for posting this info. I started with Percocet for arthritus pain in my hip and then progressed to Targin so that I would not have to “timekeep” so often. I increased my dosage on my own by taking it more frequently until I had dropped from a 12 hour interval to every 6 hours. When I got to the point where I started to feel withdrawal symptoms after only 4 hours AND before my wife left me because of my mood swings (which I did not think I had), I made a decision to go off the Targin cold turkey. That night I had three strong drinks and was very intoxicated. I am now on day 5 of withdrawal, my wife has noticed that I am much nicer to her and I’ve also been able to see that in myself. So far I’ve had 2 totally sleepless nights, as well as all of the symptoms that are listed in your article. I was hoping that I would be rid of the withdrawal symptoms sooner but it sounds like I may have to deal with it for a while yet. I was on 6 Targin, 3 times per day, 4am, 10am, 4pm, and then two sleeping pills at 7pm so that I would be “out of it” until morning… after day after day for about 2 1/2 years. I will not ever let this happen to me again. Thank You again for providing the info on Targin withdrawal.

  98. I was on 60mg of Oxcycontin for 17 years due to par from an accident. After reading so many of the comments and seeing that they all have similar feelings. I decided recently to get off them and was really worried. I discussed it with my doctor and decided Robeson by lowering dosages weekly. It took a couple of months but I was determined and succeeded and have been off for a month now.i still continue to have blood pressure is high, the pain that I originally had has returned but I am trying to control it. With something not addictive.i also sweat more than usual, neck pain and headaches, plus a little lethargic. I am still happy that I got off those pills. I would encourageanyoneto get off oxy because nothing good comes from it.

  99. I’ve been taking 10mg, some days 20mg’s, also from time to time, percocets for about 3 years. I’ve sometimes went days without it but lately (passed year) I’ve managed to make them last from refill to refill. This time, I’m out. I’m on day 3 of being without and I get up to go pee but I’m laying back down minutes later, I don’t want to cook, I absolutely cannot clean. I’m lazy. I don’t want to do anything, I feel like I weigh 500 pounds because I’m so drained physically. I’m scared that this is who I am. This is me without pills. I don’t want to be lazy. As you might say ” you have to want ” to get motivated, be better, I have a ” I don’t give a shit ” attitude and could careless if I go without bathing. I am doing this alone. I don’t want no one to know. So tell me, am I lazy ? Or will I suddenly become the clean, energized, playful person I was when taking the oxy? Also, I would smoke 10 – 13 cigarettes a day, without the pill, I am smoking maximum 3 cigarettes and not even enjoying them. Need advice!

  100. I’ve recently moved to Florida from Georgia. I haven’t been able to find a doctor that can see me quickly. Most are booked a month to 2 months out . I’ve been on oxycodone or roxy 15 MG 4 times a day and 20 MG Adderall for 9 years or longer . I moved to start a new job and I can’t perform very well in the condition I’m in . What can I do to help detox or can y’all help ? I don’t have insurance yet so I will be paying for everything out of pocket . Thank you for listening to my problem I would greatly appreciate any help ..

  101. I have been taking oxycontin 20 mg slow realese for one month twice a day for pain as prescient by my Dr, I’m now just into my 3rd day of not taking any as they were making me feel to depressed, how long will it take for these horrible symptoms to disipate as I’m feeling dreadful
    Thank you

  102. I am curious if you snort this how long does it take and I don’t just asking for my friend and I am trying to ask is oxycodine 5 mgs . is it oxycotin

  103. Have been taking doctor prescribed oxy since 2007 and had ramped up to 120mg per day after surgeries and a car accident. I have serious restless legs as well. i was diagnosed with ptsd and went on clanazapam 3 mg a day. Quit the clonazapam the begining of August, and didn’t know about the side effects, they were hell. Also went off the sleeping pills at the same time. Six weeks until I felt normal. Started reducing my oxy 3 months ago and was down to 30 mg per day after 3 months. Tried to take the last of my pills slower to reduce withdrawals until i was taking 5 mgs per day for 3 days. still didn’t help. This is day 8 of no oxy at all, i do not have a doctor as I moved from canada, so I am going this alone with no medical support and no meds. The worst is the la\ck of sleep. Somehow I think if I could sleep I would feel a little better. My legs twitch and hurt constantly. Living on about 1 to 2 hours of sleep a night for 8 days, I can barely move. My eyes hurt and I noticed today that the whites are yellow, that worries me. will this clear up as I detox. Anyone know when I might expect sleep.

  104. Hi there I went through a thirty day inpatient program after abusing oxy (5-7 30mg a day) everything was great while in the recovery house but the good feelings are started to fade away. I still work out five times a week but I am experiencing zaps still after 2 months and with that I am very emotional and feel like I can’t do every day normal functions. Help please! Is this normal? It feels like my Effexor withdrawals but it’s not I take that religiously so I don’t experience that withdrawal.

  105. Have been on oxy cotin for 5 and a half weeks— do not need them anymore and do not want to take them–but I am afraid of the withdrawls— what can I expect because I am not taking anymore— how long will I be back to normal– and what can I take to ease the symptoms— thank You —

  106. I had surgery for a fractured right tibia, which was pelted, while in the hospital I was given oxycodone and diladun for my pain, this was for three days, after I got home I only took 2 pills of oxycodone for pain and to sleep, after being off for a couple of days I can tell I am having side effects, sense of taste and smell, metallic taste in my mouth, sleeping at night only for a few hours and napping during the day, how long are these side effects going to last?

  107. Hi
    After back surgery I have been taking 150 mg of OxyContin and 100 msg oxycodone a day for four years. I have small kids and we are in the situation where I willvhave to stay home with the youngest when wifey returns to work so two weeks ago I quit cold turkey. I found it helpful for the first week to take diazepam and lyrica which totally eased my withdrawl symptoms also double doses of immodium for stomach and diArreah. I am in week 3 and have no energy I can’t even get the energy to eat and have lost 21 pounds so far has anyone else had the same experience? Am I almost through this or what cause the medicine cabinet at the doc is always open to me and everyday is becoming harder to not go and get a little Ya know.

  108. Hey everyone! I don’t know where to start but I have a bad knee 2 surgeries, shattered knee cap blown out patella ridge completely torn acl and mcl in 2006 and 2008. Recently I blew my knee out again very bad and ruined everything I had repaired in the past. Anyways I was off work for nearly 3 months and was on a prescription of Percocet wile this was going on a friend of mine gave me oxy 80 I would break it into 4 pieces and it would last me for 2-4 days and worked extremely well. Now my knee no longer hurts but my urge to buy and take these pills seems to be getting out of control. I feel as if In dancing with the devil and need to stop before I head down a road I most defiantly don’t want to travel I have been taking anywhere from 2 to 4 oxy 80 for about 3 months now and my overall well being and bank account are turning out absolutely terrible being that I feel like crap when I don’t have them and also 60$ per pill. I was wondering if anyone has taken the dose of witch I have been taking for the length of time and how long and how bad the with drawls may be. Any little bit of help or insight to help get me through this point of my life would be greatly be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance and good luck to any of you that are going though this horrible thing you are in my prayers and I wish the best for all of you who are and trying to stop!

  109. i kick a 120 mg a day, cold turkey in 10 days, start to finish… i’m a lion, not a sheep… PEOPLE, DON’T BE AFRAID, BE STRONG AND FIGHT. START AN EXERCISE PROGRAM ON THE FIRST DAY THAT YOU FEEL YOU CAN . GO SLOW, AND PROGRESS TO YOU HEALTHY SELF AGAIN.

  110. Hello, I’ve been taking op 80s once a day for about 40 years..I’ve been off them cold turkey on my 3rd day…i take volume s thru out the day and Xanax. I gonna start feeling normal soon? I don’t feel too too bad just feel shitty, and no energy

  111. Can someone stop taking OxyContin 40mg. Cold turkey? I’m tired of popping pills for pain. I recently had an MRI. I need more back surgery and they will be extending my rods higher up. I’m just tired of the pills. I tried a SCS and it was wonderful, but It is hiding the true nerve damage being caused. Surgery was recommended within the next few weeks.

  112. My doctor has not called the nurse at the nursing home I’m in to give a new prescription for Roxy and I don’t know what to do. He will not reply. I’ve been on the for 2 years by him. I had a severe infection and as a result my right leg has been amputated. They cannot give me anything without his approval. Please tell me what to expect.

  113. This isn’t easy To talk about but I need a place to vent and go to I’m coming down off of oxy 15mg I been on it for about 7 years now starting with 5mg, 10mg, 15mg just working my way up that ladder. Thinking nothing of it as the doctor just kept feeding them to me I love the energy it gave me to keep up with the demands of my children , house, married life and hubby’s 2nd shift work schedule which causes a lot of problems because I felt like a built-in maid, not to mention my oldest child has disabilities out the wing wang and half the time with her hitting and all I just wanna put it throw a wall plus u factor in toddler n newborn who were both born addicted to the oxy with the toddler the doctor ween me off toward the end of the pregnancy this last baby nope all the way through the pregnancy up to two months after birth and say I’m Taking you off I asked to be slowly lowered back down that ladder to were I can stand on my own to feet I get told no go to rehab really. Or to pain management of which takes forever to get into but that’s neither here or there my point is I want off of them for good Aug 12th I was supposed to go back to the doctor but canceled it said what’s the point of sitting there for 2 hours when I’m not sick n you got me hooked n left me out to hang and dry so my last one was this past Saturday and I’m getting the chill, shits,an upset stomach hubby’s goes back to work tomorrow n I’m scared to death

  114. Hello, just found this blog and feel for everyone experiencing OxyContin & oxycodone! Johns Hopkins pain doctors, Duke Med Ctr and others exhausted all remedies for nerve damage ..including one of the 1st patients to be in a Hopkins -Medtronic trail for snx-11…later to be called “Prealt” very dangerous drug…which is delivered via intrathecal catheter and pain pump.
    I have been on opiates since 1991 peaking last year at 360 mg per day. Also, been on every pain opiate know to the world, high dose patches, extreme breakthrough mess etc.
    I typically have very high pain levels throughout my body. In 2001, Mayo Clinic helped me get to Nantes France, where the only doctors were that could the surgery that could possibly help. After France pain worse and have have many many surgeries and procedures that failed. Including two micro nerve surgery’s by world famous Dr. Dellon from Johns Hopkins & his worldwide grand rounds training other doctors, and the Periferal Nerve Institutes that he’s established here in the U.S. Background is important since nothing helped my pain levels,, just helped me hang on. Now at 61 I’m going through my 4th time trying to get off oxycodone. Advised by Pain Mgt doctors and others each time how to titrate the meds and return to normal. Right! They’re all full of shit and you would think in 2015 that these doctors who jacked us up so high on these horrible meds would be trained appropriately as how we’re supposed to come down as well as what to expect. I’m down from 360 mg daily to 10 mg and it’s taking my life. Extreme FATIGUE and runny nose & eyes are worst…yep I have all the other WD’s symptoms as well. If I can’t beat the drug this time it’s over for me… Have gone as long as 3 months of extreme withdrawals only to revert right back to the oxycodone. Currently, I have been dropping my dosage since November 2014 just to get to 10 daily..24 years is a long time to be on this medicine and I am really pissed with the advice these doctors gave me through the careful, don’t take this med for any extended time. I’m a good example; believing all doc’s that convinced me opioids were the only option for a quality life. My pain levels have increased and spread throughout, but I prefer this to being chained to a horrible drug that offers only “short term” relief and then hooks you for life! Yeah, I’m pissed. Good luck to all … We have to push through this stuff hard in order to beat …most people and med doc’s don’t really know until they experience it for themselves!

  115. I only started taking oxycontin took them for four days a small amount could I get addict that soon on alittle amount its day three since I last took anything could I been going throw withdrawal and I feel OK in morning as day gos on i feel so sick is this normal thank you

  116. Hi. I am on day 23 of oxy and percocet withdrawal. Long term use, probably last 6-8 years. Have quit many times but in the sat year lost my Mom to cancer and my use spiked to 50mg Percocet and 50 mg oxy daily. I have no energy or appetite and have been existing on smoothies and protein shakes. My doc keeps trying difference mood stabilizers but so far all have increased my anxiety. Does Klonopin help with the anxiety? Just wondering how long this will last.

  117. I’m a senior 65 ben on oxcontin and oxycodone. 12 year for abdominal pain. amount 2×40 oxcontin 10 oxycodone.90 total.I did slow taper first week cut dn. To 45 got bad withdrawal. Went away, did 10 ×3 a week then down to 20 feel ok. Then 10. Then 5. Then none! felt ok for 24 hrs. Then heart speeded up can’t sleep even on ambian.yawning sneezing.heart goes fast when walking. I am on blood pressure meds, not working. Am I in any danger? I’m at 36 hrs clean. I refuse to take stuborn. I have yard duties an afraid of fast heartbeat. I am old. Oh these were prescribed meds.

  118. i was on a low dose of oxy, 10mg 2x a day post surgery for 10 weeks. i stopped cold turkey, in hindsight a mistake i guess but it is over. how long do you think anxiety might last? my doctor gave me a script of .25mg Zanax of which i have been only taking 1/2 tablet a day.
    should i be afraid of taking that now?
    i never had any cravings for the oxy after i stopped only some other physical symptoms, mostly anxiety. it has been 9 days.
    will the anxiety be over soon?
    thank you.

  119. I incurred a severe back injury almost 30 yrs ago. I was prescribed as much as 3 – 30mg oxycontin per day for the past 5 yrs which isn’t a lot but I really try to endure the pain. In addition Im taking 800mg nsaid for the arthritis that has and typically comes with joint injuries. Following a foot surgery several months ago and being prescribed additional pain medication (which I only took 1 additional – 10mg oxycontin to my current prescription) laying around, not being as active, I realized I needed to cut back. I went from 90mg per day to 40mg to 50mg and really limit my activities as to not further aggregate my back, after 3 months I still have withdrawals. I become restless, my wrist, hands and toes feel like they are crawling, I start shaking them for relief, put them in my arm pits and rock as I soak in a tub of hot water. (i take at least 1 bath in the middle of the night, 2:30 – 3:30am, often 2 baths ,sometimes 3 but that’s rare). If its bad I chew up a 10mg oxycontin hoping it stops the withdrawals faster (that’s the 5th oxycontin for the day, otherwise I take just 40mg – I’m prescribed 60mg per day) I’m prescribed 180 tablets for 30 days, I usually have 34 to 36 left over and use those before refilling the next prescription for 180 tablets. My short term memory has been horse shit for years. I went to a crc (controlled substance clinic) with my issue.the reviewed my mri, they said they could get me off the oxycontin using methadone but with the severity of my injury they recommended I stay on the oxycontin.

  120. Hi,
    I am supposed to be taking oxycontin 60mg twice a day for a work injury. Unfortunately my medication was stolen. I filled out a police report and I have taken about 4 percocet 10mg. I am just past the 24 hour point of taking my last oxycontin and I am starting to feel the withdrawals. I’ve also taken 3mg of Xanax. Any advice? Thanks

  121. I took 5mg of oxycodone every 4 hours for seven days after lumbar surgery. After 5 days of being off the oxy, I am having sweats, chills, nausea and headaches, but no fever. Do You think it’s withdrawals or something else?

  122. Have been on Oxynorm for two weeks after Total Knee Replacement 5ml every four hours during the night also! Stopped 42 hours ! Feeling nausea dizzy erratic pulse How long will this last please love Caroline x

  123. Well here goes, i have been a heavy user of oxycodone for the past two years. I made it through the service only to come home to my civilian job and literally step the wrong way to put me in the hospital., I’ve battled constant lower back pain for the past ten years and now I’ve come to find c2 -c7 vert. are fucked. I am 28. My spinal surgeon doesn’t even want to do surgery cuz of my on came the pain pills. I started with two 5’s a day. i was up to two 30s andsix 10s a day.over the past two weeks I’ve cut it down. I m now on my first day of a half a 10 twice a day.I have one and a half left. and i hope this severe reduction. will help in my withdrawing. I have run out before when i was at my peak and it SUCKED for a day or two but this hasn’t been too bad at all. I can only push on hooaah.

  124. Dear Cindy
    I think it’s very unlikely that your anxiety is a physical symptom of withdrawal from Oxycontin but withdrawing from your other med at the same time was not the best idea. I suspect that if you had a very severe withdrawal, you have anxiety from PTSD. Some people are more sensitive to getting the severe anxiety with withdrawal (like you and me) so suffer terribly with it.
    You were getting withdrawal anxiety while you were still on them (also like me)….was this twice a day, before your dose was due? No doctor I have ever spoken to has believed me, saying that it was impossible. I was getting yawns and runny produces before my next dose, earlier and earlier then I started getting severe anxi3ty and panic attacks before each 12hrly dose.
    My recommendation to you is to keep a few xanax for unbearable panic attacks (no more than once or twice in a week though) as a crutch (just knowing they are 5here helps more than I can explain) but please sugar, don’t take them regularly because if you think Oxy withdrawal is bad, imagine it lasting for years. Literally. Shaking, panic attacks, extreme anxiety. Imagine cutting up a tiny tablet into eights so you can ease the panic a bit. Ask anyone involved in detox….benzodiazepines are the most serious and ridiculously lengthy things to get off.
    Have you tried the herbal relaxers? Some of them work a bit if you find the right ones. The antihistamines only work for a few days then your body gets used to them. For nighttime, I find that if you mix half a diphenhydramine with half a different sort of antihistamine they work for an occasional aid.
    I know this might sound useless to you but CBT might help with your anxiety. I really can’t see that it is likely that it is a physical symptom after months but certainly very real and likely psychologically based, PTSD possibly. No one should underestimate how severe a shock withdrawing from opiates is plus you came off the other meds (I apologise, I’ve forgotten what they were) which may have made the withdrawal ten times as severe.
    Take lots of care x

  125. I was prescribed oxycontin 20 mg every 12 hours and Percocet 10/325 every four hours as needed which I took only at bedtime for 2 years. I had three level cervical disectomy and fusion C4,5,6,7. I still have weakness and pain in my legs, neck pain and bilateral hip pain from severe hip dysplasia with history of hip replacement. I started to have diarrhea and anxiousness last summer and believed it may be due to oxycontin tolerance. I did not want to have my dose increased as I felt my head was cloudy and I was not myself. I quit cold turkey, as well as stopped Paroxetine 20 mg after tapering it down. It has been since January 6, 2015 and I am still having sleep issues as well as Anxiety can anyone tell me how long this will improve. I have tried natural teas as well as Benadryl and melatonin nothing seems to help. Dr ordered xanax 0.5 mg which works but I’m afraid to take it for fear of replacing one drug for. Another. Any advice would be appreciated.

  126. I’ve had multiple surgeries for a shoulder injury. I was on Tramadol but on such a high dose with limited pain relief. I was swapped over to OxyContin. That was about 3 years ago. 20mg slow release daily. How ever after my most recent major surgery I was placed on 30mg slow release per day AND 15mg immediate release every 2/3 hours! That was the reduced perscription as I suffered from double vision on the higher dose. 4 months on I’m trying to come off the drug. Horrendous, because of the shear amounts was put on. My GP has been supportive but all visits are Private and it costs a fortune. Pain Clinic which would be free has a 12 month wait for treatment. So I’m trying it mainly on my own. My knee joints hurt so much, my feet have permanent pins and needles, mouth is so dry which is compounded with a orthodontic brace resulting in ulcers and swollen tongue, stuffy nose and migraines. It has to be the drug because as soon as I take a dose my symptoms are relieved but not eliminated. Can barely get through the day even though night time brings little relief. Now on 15 mg liquid OxyContin as my GP believed that the liquid gave me more control over reducing the dosage as and when I can manage. It’s been 3 weeks now at this dosage and the symptoms are not getting any better. Are there any homeopathic remedies that I could take to offer some relief. I don’t want to take another drug to relieve symptoms just in case of my body becoming addicted to the new drug. Some days I feel like just increasing back to the full dose just to obtain relief or worse still go ‘cold turkey’ but as a single mum of 4 this isn’t possible. I have to keep going. If I am successful to come off the drug what happens about pain relief that would be of help for the shoulder pain that isn’t addictive but still offer relief. Support and advice from others that unfortunately have been through this would be greatly appreciated. I don’t think medics actually understand. Thank you.

  127. I went into the hospital to finally have surgery on my intestines after 3 years of use of 20 to 40 mgs daily. Plus time released hydromorpho. Its been 10 days off and this is horrible. I know in the end I will be free I just wish it were over. Anyone that can quit this medication is my hero.

  128. Been 10 days leg cramps fever won’t go away Sleepinh barely 5hours night. Taking robaxin still uncomfortable.when wi this end??

  129. Hi I have been on oxy contains for 6 months and took maybe 3-4 a day. I now and trying to quit it has been 2 full days so far no withdrawals mainly because I am taking 2 hydromorphs to help. These I am not into and am taking my last today. I usually get bad heat flashes and everything else. How can I beat these symptoms I really want to stop.

  130. I was prescribed oxycontin about 8 years ago along w/ oxycodone for breakthrough pain- all related to bad back and hips. Over time my body became so used to the meds that my doses were increased most recently to 60 mg twice a day and 15 mg up to three times a day for the breakthrough pain. I have never really had an addictive personality and it has become so frustrating to know that my body has become dependent upon the medicine. I finally made the decision to taper my doses over time and get off the meds. I need to see how my body and the problems in my back and hips feel w/o the meds masking my symptoms. So, two and a half weeks ago I stopped taking my evening dose of oxycontin. I didn’t really have any noticeable symptoms at all. Two days ago I stopped taking the other 60 mg dose. I am definitely having periods of irritability and I do have pain. However, I am committed to getting the meds out of my system. The restless legs I can deal with and the insomnia is there, but I do get some sleep- enough to get by, for now. I hope to start tapering the breakthrough meds in about 10 days and then by summers end, if not sooner, have my life back.

  131. I’m in my 4th day of oxy withdrawal and having a hard time sleeping right now. Have to go to work in the morning. This sucks, but I am going to beat this. I’m stronger than this insidious drug. To anyone going through this, I wish you the best. You can beat this!

  132. I have been taking Oxycodone and Oxycontin for almost 8 years, now 68 years old. It started with a serious back injury and Arthritis from top to bottom of my spine. Surgery on 4 levels left with a paralyzed leg and frequent leg cramps. 6 yrs ago my Doctor “titrated the best level to give me some quality of life. 40 MG of Oxycodone x3/day and 3 10 MG of Oxycontin (kickers as needed) Over time
    1st question why do people who are not in pain take this. I get absolutely nothing from it except sever constipation???

    About 2 years into it I cut back to 30mg x 3 and tried to go to 20’s but a worsening hip got me back to the 30’s . Now I am doing great 7 weeks after hip surgery (amazing for a 300lb old geezer.) I asked the doctor to drop to 20 mg x 3 and the 3 kickers which I normally don’t take. When I picked up the scripted like I was a criminal trying to pull a fast one, after several years with this doctor in NJ I get a note “No more refills and to go to this Pain Clinic.” It really hurts my feeling not to have a face to face with the doctor.
    Anyway, last night I went to bed early so took the dose early. This morning I forgot to take all of my morning meds. by ten I was having very rapid heart rate, Diarrhea, and BP was up. I took the afternoon dose, no effect, then I took 2 of the tens, no effect, then took an extra Atenolol for BP and heart rate which is when I found I missed the BO, Cymbalta and Gabapentin (what a mess)
    I am so sick of being on this short leash and treated as subhuman that I am going to quit it all together. My is worried about kicking all together so I plan to stop the 20 x 3 a day and just take the 10mg work a week or two. Then stop altogether.
    An interesting experiment I did about 3 years ago. I stopped altogether and found it took 6 shots in 90 minutes of Jameson’s finest Irish whiskey. I stopped drinking 35 years ago after firing 9 senior management people who would not go to rehab or even admit they had problems. Pray for me.

  133. I would like to get the doctor addicted who prescribed them, he wouldn’t have put me on Such a high dose. I was on 160mg day but it stopped and th doctor told me to take what I needed a and then tell him and he would prescribe them

  134. I have been on oxy for 7 years at 300mg/day and have decided to get off them as they were destroying my life. I suffer from hip pain and have had both hips replaced but with no luck. I take lyrica for nerve pain from spondylitis in my lower spine. Have just been through my first 24 hrs cold turkey to enable me to go onto Subuxone this morning at the clinic. Should I just keep going cold turkey or take subuxone

  135. I’m three weeks out of my second shoulder repair in a year. Dr had me stop oxy and norco cold turkey one week ago. I’m experiencing horrible panic attacks, depression, cold sweats and lethargy. My gp ordered lorazepam on top of my regular Zoloft. Now I still feel like crap, but in a totally different way. Last time I did a step down method that was painless. At this point I keep thinking this has to go away soon, but I’m not so sure…

  136. Linda, I have to say thank you for your post. I have been researching oxi withdrawals as my husband is going through them right now as I’m typing this. He had a total knee replacement and was prescribed oxicontin and vicodin. He knew his pain was now to the point that he did not need both but decided to stop both because of the fuzzy thought process. I had only been able to find posts of people who have been long term users and you were the first one that had only been using short term. He is havi g every symptom listed. My question for you is how long will this take. Hoping not weeks or months like the longer term users. Thank you for sharing your story.

  137. If anyone is having trouble detoxing for whatever reason from opiates find KRATOM!!! It’s in most head shops or tobacco stores and can be found online. It’s a ground up leaf used in Asia. It may take a couple of capsules at a time and is around $20 for 20 depending on the mgs but it tricks the opiod receptors in your brain, is NOT addictive and does not show up on drug tests!!! It will help remove ALL of the discomfort of detoxing!!!! It really is a legal miracle!! Hope this helps!

  138. Six months ago I had spinal reconstruction surgery. Top to tailbone. After 5 days, I left the hospital with a prescription of Morphine and Percoset. I got off the Morphine after the first week, it really messed with my mind. I have been on the Percoset (10/325) ever since. I have slowly been weaning myself off in the last month and got down to half pill three times a day. My goal is to get off completely and use only Motrin or Tylenol for pain. Today is my second day with no Percoset. I have had tremors, insomnia, night sweats. Eating and drinking are the farthest thing from my mind. I sit, I stand, I pace around and round and have been near tears all day. The creepy crawly feeling in my veins makes me peel the skin back so I can scratch. Until I read everyone’s comments, I was feeling like such a teat, but this medicine takes no prisoners. No matter how much, how long, it is difficult to get off. I never want to go through this again. Thanks to everyone who shared their experience, it has definitely helped!!

  139. I am drinking during the day help with the pain and not be sick. I’m on day # 5 and using alcohol to deal with the withdrawals, does that set me back?

  140. For me it’s the first few days that are the worst. I have found takeing something to sleep really helps like soma. I’m on about 90 to 120mg a day and I’m so sick of it. This time I will do my best to kick it. Thanks for your info

  141. I have took Oxy for 12 years & 7 months. Got up to 80 mg twice a day went down to 60 mg twice a day 2 years ago. This is my 9th day without. Stomach cramps, no energy, only sleeping 3 to 4 hours at the most. I think that is the worst, no sleep. Today I feel much better. I live in Colorado so I made sure I had pot, ha before I ran out & went cold turkey. I don’t smoke so trying the other things available. Told my Doctor I was going to use pot she just looked at me but said nothing. I think it was time to get off Oxy after a ruptured colon in 2013. Took it 2 more years at 60’s instead of 80’s. Good luck everyone I am 60 years old if I can do it anyone can.

  142. Today I am 7 months clean off Oxys. I actually had to put myself into a 30 day rehab because I couldn’t handle withdrawling or trying to go cold turkey. Just experiencing 24 hours without an oxy when I was using was hell. Idk how some of you can do it by yourself. If you are fighting the fight on your own know there is help out there. I did a 7 day tapper of subs. After the 7th day I was completely off everything. Those next 3 weeks weren’t a walk in the park. I’m not even gonna sugar coat it. I’m 29 and I used oxys everyday for about 6 years. To the end of my addiction I would say I was taking 150mg-250mg a day but it was never enough it was insane and that was just to make me feel normal and get me threw the day. It’s not gonna be a walk in the park getting clean even 7 months clean Im still getting back to the person I once was before this devil pill took over my life. A lots of 800ib and support gets me threw Just gotta take it one day at a time

  143. I’m a mum of 4 beautiful children, and the loving trusting wonderful husband, I took mysel off end one and the one that I was having with it.
    I’m trying to become a teacher said and help at my children’s school, I’m pushing through everyday, but after dropping my darlings at school I come home a fall asleep, my depression and anxiety is behond anything I’ve ever experienced, I’m scared of losing them, I can’t think straight I’m forget things, I’m so bloody sad, help me please oh my god help me.

  144. I’ve been taking 60-90 mgs of oxycodone for approx. 2 years. I decided enough is enough and have been off it for 9 days now. Physically I feel ok with the exception of weakness. My question is, how long before I start to feel normal again psychologically ? What I mean by this is, how long before my focus and attention get back to normal? When will a normal sleep pattern return ? Is memory loss permanent ? I’m in my late forties and only started using this drug 2 years ago ? Remarkably, I have no urge to ever use this drug again. Please Advise. Thanks

  145. By the way when I knew I was going to be out of town I tried to get a refill but at some point I prepared myself for having problems I was on15mg to start but told my Dr. that I would like to get the 5mg pills and started to slowly drop the dosage where that last week I was only taking 2 pills a day and then just 1 pill the last 2 days so it made the withdrawal not as intense. My regular Dr wanted me to cut back quickly but I did it over a several week period and that made it easier to handle the last couple days until I ran out. Not sure if that would have worked if I had been addicted for a longer period.

  146. Well my story has a happy ending but I cannot but feel that my addiction was mild compared to what others may be going through since I was a short term experience with the drug. I did feel the withdrawal but I managed to ween myself off in a short time span. I simply ram out and I was out of town and had a hard time getting a refill. The first night was hard but I slept through the nausea the next few days were tough but I manage to get through the worst of it and by day 5 I was done with the anxiety and only experienced nausea in the morning. I can’t believe that such a powerful and addictive drug can be so readily prescribed. There must be alternatives out there with less problems. Good luck to all those still struggling with this, my sympathies are with you.

  147. I have just had a hard hip revision. I was on OxyContin 10 mg. twice a day for three weeks and short lasting rocks every four hours 10 to 20 mg for about ten days . I started to taper off around day 18 to cut my dose in half then on day 23 I just stopped everything. Horrible the next day hot and cold sweats bad nausea, anxiety could not eat the first three days and not sleeping much. I went back on OxyContin 5 mg every 6 hours for a day then every 8 hours for the next day. I have been off pain med for three days.. Symptoms that are persisting is not being able to sleep and hot and cold sweats. I am wheel chair to bed ridden for the next two months until I have a new hip appliances put back in. How long will the sleepless nights lasts and what can I take to sleep that is not habit forming. I am also nervous about what to take after this next surgery. Any answers would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Nancy

  148. What a ride! This stuff will take over your life whether you are physically dependent or mentally- inevitable to become both at some point. I’m a cpl hours from day 3, 4am now and not being able to sleep is one of the worst parts. It’s not my first time to try to quit, I’ve relapses too many times and tired of this roller coaster. Has anyone else had issues w staying off totally?

  149. Hi, Glad to see this forum exists. Ivana, I just recovered from throat cancer and during radiation and chemo I took varying doses of oxycontin, to the point where I was up to 160 mg 2x a day. That only lasted maybe a week, but as you can see it got up quite high. Over a 2 week period, I dropped about 20% every 2-3 days until last week I was at 20 mg 3x a day, I figured that was a good time to go cold turkey and so for nearly six days I have been going through withdrawal symptoms. I had to do this once before (after surgical part of the cancer removal) but my dosage never got as high and it seemed to end in 72 hours (at least the hard part like not being able to sleep because of sweats and cold shakes). But here I am nearly twice as long out and still feeling terrible, Given the length of time I took the oxycontin (45-60 days at steadily increasing dosages), do you think its almost over?

    1. Hi Kevin. The duration and intensity of the withdrawal symptoms vary from individual to individual based on many factors. Yes, the time and dosage in which you took OxyContin are two important factors, but your general health state, level of hydration, etc. are also important. Most OxyContin withdrawal symptoms resolve anywhere between 3-8 weeks. You can see your doctor to help you with the symptoms by prescribing medications such as antidepressants, clonidine (to help you regulate blood pressure), insomnia medications, etc.

  150. My girlfriend was addicted to oxys and then to percocets…and she would seek out valium to get around withdrawal….but it seems it depressed her…l thought she was fine because she had 3 young kids and a close family.l was her neighbor and l loved her so much.l tried to get her to stop taking percs…but she would not stop.l went on a cruise and came home and called her…She dumped me as a friend and hung herself the next morning…l went to the cemetery today…and l wished l never heard of oxys or percs…she was 40…blonde…Beautiful..

    1. I’m very sorry for the terrible loss of your loved one, John. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

  151. Day 17 i felt better but then getting thru work was still a challenge because i have no energy none how long does this last and is it normal i dont feel depressed and the nervous part is better i slept last night 7 hours wow the first time in 16 days ive been able to sleep this could be due to i worked my whole shift finally . my back hurt bad last night but i coped the energy thing is crazy any ideas help

  152. Hi everyone. Well day 16 wow i am starting to feel better still not sleeping really well but i hope that will come , i didnt think i. Would make it but im starting too feel i will its been really hard but v i took alot of advice for things ro help it does some , but tiday i feel alive for the first time in years wow its better i did not see it tgat away last week i pray for everyone fighting this battle but trust me 10 years of abuse to my poor body it will take time to heal . but have faith it will get better i feel and see this now .use some of the tools people gives you it does help.i used zanax for the first 7 days and drank insure to try to pump vitamins in .it does help coat your stomack and at least gives you vitamins .im eating now yea thats a plus but sleep i just hope it gets better please tell me it does im looking forward to over 3 hours sleep ok stay strong and thanks for all your support and advice along the way it helped !!!.

  153. Ive been detoxing for 2 weeks only doing 18 ml total i feel terrible although ive been on the pain medicine for 10 years this is very scary times one day i feel ok the next day i feel terrible im scared im not strong enough so ive went from daily use to none although ive done 18 ml during this 14 day period im done but scared the leg thing is bad why does your legs and feet burn ive not doe any in 8 days coming off alot to none is this wise its crazy . i have no energy at all but it does help to work it keeps my mind off the crap although i could not work for the first 7 days i was very sick . ive lost 6 pounds and look terrible whats up with this . help anyone with any answers to help me cope with this im trying to make it !??!.thank you

  154. I am in week one of acute OxyContin withdrawal. I have all of the symptoms reported the worst inability to eat, severe internal tremor and gut wrenching diarrhea what will help me through this nightmare?

    1. Hello R. Alexander. You are experiencing the most common withdrawal effects from OxyContin. I’d advise you to get an appointment with your doctor who can assess your current health state and prescribe medications that will help you ease the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. The most commonly prescribed medicine during OxyContin detox is Clonidine, which treats a wide spectrum of withdrawal symptoms. Stay strong and you will make it, Alexander…but for now you do need medical help to manage the withdrawal discomfort. Good luck to you.

  155. I had a surgery done on my chest 6 weeks ago. I was on Oxycontin (unsure of dosage) for about 20 days and then ran out of pills. I took one a day (sometimes 2) to deal with the pain. It’s been about 2 weeks or so since I went off of them, and I’m starting to suddenly have a repressed appetite, severe anxiety, problems sleeping, unintentional weight loss and chills. Could it possibly be withdrawal symptoms? I’m 16 years old, I seriously hope this isn’t a withdrawal symptom!

  156. I am recovering from a broken ankle (fractured in 3 places and had operation to put screws and metal plate) and was put on Oxycodone 15mg 4 times a day. The pain from the operation was pretty intense for the first 3 weeks but has since slowly gotten better and the medication certainly helps. I asked the Orthopedic surgeon what I should be aware of to avoid the addiction problems that can arise from Opioid pain medication and he was not as helpful in how to get off them but felt it important to continue their use for now. About 4 weeks into recovery I started to have some anxiety attacks before each dosage was to be taken. I assume this is because of the Oxycodone. I immediately decided to try to ween myself off by dropping from 4 times a day to 2-3. So far so good, I am concerned that it may take longer to withdraw if I don’t do this and I don’t want to be addicted for years before I make an attempt on my own. I feel the doctors are less concerned by my addiction and may be less than helpful when I need to deal with the withdraw. I found some things to do that helps but can’t recommend them at this time since I have not been able to complete the withdraw. I will be returning to work in a couple of weeks and my concern now is how this may affect my ability to work, I do not want to jeopardize my job, any advise on how to stay relaxed during my workday when I feel the anxiety coming on?

  157. Hi Sharon. Tapering doesn’t eliminate withdrawal symptoms, but it helps by not putting your organism through too much stress and makes the withdrawal less severe. If it is too uncomfortable for you, maybe it was a too quick decrease of doses. You can tell that you your doctor, don’t hesitate to let him/her know about the symptoms too. They’ll either give you medicines to treat the symptoms or manage your Oxy doses to fit your needs best.

  158. Hi i was taking between 60-80 mg oxycotin every 8 hours and 20 mg oxycodone evrey 4 hours for about 3 years straight. was on percocet before that. i have chronic pain due to illness. My doc wanted me to try to lower the dosage and maybe try other therapies so i agreed to go to a pain mgmt center. they cant do epidural for my back like we thought as it is too deteriorated along with other pain i have. so the pain center only cut me to 40 mg oxycotin 2x per day and 10 mg oxycodone 4x a day. I have had the worst stomach pain since childbirth , vomiting, diarehha, can barely walk and my back seems 10x worse. i have not been able to get out of my house in days. Is this a normal reaction? ive been reading on withdraw and sounds like it could be. my biggest question is- is that a normal taper down ? seems kinda of drastic to me. To all you ouut there struggling- hope you all get pain free and feel better soon !! thanks

  159. Not knowing anything about oxy, a “buddy” told me that he had 80mg pills that would help with my anxiety issues I started having after I was robbed, bear mased and had a gun put in my mouth beginning of January. I took my first one and thought “what the hell is this stuff?! I feel amazinggg”. Anxiety attacks stopped instantly and I continued using 80mg pills up to 3 times a day for 33 days exactly. Upon reading some things on the internet about what this stuff was I saw withdrawal effects. Once I saw I was beyond the point to avoid withdrawal I stopped cold turkey on Monday. I went through hell. Puking, anxiety, depression, water went right through me; the works. It’s Saturday today and I’m eating, going outside, happy and feel normal.
    I feel like this isn’t right… I know everyone is different with their detox but this seems too good to be true. Should I be ready for extreme symptoms to come back? I’m sneezing like my life depends on it but that’s it! I’m so happy with how I feel but I’m still a bit scared for what’ might be coming….

  160. I’ve been taking oxycodone 5mg twice a day for 3 months and stopped taking them 3 days ago. Im not sleeping and having diareaha. Would i be detoxing even though i only took it for 3 months? Any advice would be great.

  161. karla I’m a 65 year VIETNAM veteran I been on the oxi @mortfine for many year 40 times three a day 20 three times a day but less us not morphine for break out8 times a day . Plus advain. Sometime I would but other grubs in the mix also. Had both hips replaced knees done shoulder also 12/1/14 I see a doctor in north Trenton area near presten collage . His answered was I should go in to a clinc be treated or try to cold Turkic on your own. December 1 I cut my meds in half .the second night cut them down again. Kept cutting 12/12/14 today is the first da clean. Cold Turkie .not to pleasant sitting have coffie or normal chors running of of air can’t breath could eat plus had the diarea sets in,not a good time now I still have to take five showers a day just to uncovering the pain from both hips knees also a situation were we hit a land mine that’s when it started. Best of luck

  162. hello everyone, hope everyone is still fighting the battle and hope all of you won the war. I was on oxy’s for about 3 years now. it started out as a prescription for severe back pain and turned into a recreational legally prescribed heaven. I took the required amount for about 4 months and someone found out I was on these and told me about the high if I take one more. Of course me being curious I took more and loved them, some days I managed to the dosage required others for pleasure. quitting wasn’t in my vocabulary until I realized how depressing life was without them, remembering how life was without them I took the devil by the horns. I was taking about 60mg a day to about 100 mg a on certain days. As previous comments the first 3 to 5 days were the worst. Believe me, you need support quitting. luckily I had an angel who stood by my side through the whole battle, she/partner was there to give me back massages and give me courage through the first week since I had no energy to even take a shower. I found once you have enough energy and courage take ibrofen 800mg to help with the withdrawals, hot baths and lots of water and detox tea helped. after the first week you will realize your emotions return and you might find yourself crying to the little things. don’t be afraid, its just your soul telling you its missed you. put good music on especially from the past before you were on your meds. after week 1 you start to have normal energy back but drained quickly. most of the flu like symptoms are gone and then you will feel like a common cold like runny nose, diarrhea and so on. you WILL lose wait between 15 to 20 pounds quitting. For the Men, you will realize your kick stand will keep you from rolling out of bed in the morning like you were back in high school and you might notice your stamina isn’t quite as long as it use to be. but, again it will quickly build back up ;). After your second week, you start to feel like yourself again, excitement, love, sensitivity to things. everything that God has blessed you with returns and its a great feeling. not waking up and taking the first 50 mgs to start your day and instead pouring your coffee and making love to the person who battled through it. this war isn’t just your own, it affects those you took for granted around you that had to put up with your agitation and aggressive behavior. their is light at the end of the tunnel, you CAN do it, yes the withdrawals are horrible and almost not worth it at the time but you will see. life is a lot more colorful without them. Stay strong people, you can do it, life is the perfect drug and you don’t need something dulling it. positive energy and prayers for all.

  163. I’ve been on oxycodone for 13 years,every single day. I’ll be 36 in January. I feel as though I’ve wasted so much of my life. I’ve hidden it from everyone. My husband, Inlaws, parents…I’d say friends,but I don’t have any. I’ve pushed everyone away well being an addict. I’m now 30 hrs into detoxing…alone at home with my two kids. I fight through sore achy body and lethargy to seem as normal as possible to them. I haven’t been able to sleep yet. But for real,so far it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. “Knock on wood” I think the scariest part is,I don’t know who I am anymore,so even as I look forward to feeling “normal” and having my life back,I barely remember my life before the oxys?! Ok I’m just rambling now…oh btw I was on 7 5mg oxys. So 35mg a day. Sometimes 45mg. No pain reason to take them,I’m just a filthy addict,that decided more,I QUIT!!!

  164. I’m on day 5 of detoxing from oxy ‘ s . prior I was always either on perks or tynenol 3 for 2 surgeries I under went back in 2009 going on 2010 .I’ve only been using oxy’s for the last 4 months . I would take 1 single oxy pill and cut it into quarter’s. So in total it was 1 pill a day (sorry I do not no how much mg etc. .of doses I was in taking. As I was getting my oxy’s else where not from the doctors .) I decided to quit cold turkey as it was taking over my life. 1 pill was beginning to not have the same affect any more so I started to take almost 2 pills a day for about 1 month before I decided I will not tolerate these evil pills anymore !! My husband and I were beginning to fall apart because I was not very pleasant to be around. As my husband would say to me “these drugs are clouding your judgments.” I neglected my daughter cause these pills were beginning to be more important. Even having the drugs in me still made me a very bitter person . During this time my husband and a few friends were the only ones who knew I was on the oxycodone. Finally the day when I wanted to get off these pills once and for all I decided to tell my parents . Boy did I break their hearts ! But I knew if I was gonna do this I would have to have a very big support system as I have tried to quit before even doing oxy’s and relapse on day 2 . Keep in mind this was when I was abusing the perks and T3 not OXY’S. And still relapse because the withdrawal was so unbearable . Now that I’m on day 5 I realized the first time I quit and relapse after 2 days is not from how harsh the withdrawal was , it was because my mind was not determined enough to win the fight . I’m gonna be honest even during these 5 days of detoxing I have had thoughts of relapsing but because I had my parents , husband , sister, brothers and even friends with me every hour of the days supporting me through this I would have not made it through these 5 days .I would never wish this kind of pain on my worst enemies. That’s the best way I can explain the withdraws effect you get . I’m not trying to scare anyone who is going on this blog in hoping for a more sugar coated answears . It’s tough as I’m still going through it as I write this. I’m doing so much better though it’s true the first 3 days are the worst ! But once I got passed it I can actual get some sleep in and even get out of my house to do little things here and there . With not much energy and with all the diarrhea I still pulled myself together to be as active as I can . I’ve been reading so much blogs regarding this issue and it’s feels great to no I’m not alone but also sad to know how many people’s life’s this is destroying . I guess there are certain exceptions to using these drugs as some people have no choice due to surgeries , accidents etc… but as for me and alot out there we just generally became addicts . I know day 5 is not even that far along but like I mentioned I feel like the worst is over. Please for anyone who is reading this you can do it . Do not do it alone and it’s already depressing enough with all these symptoms you get during your detoxing . Remember your mind is always stronger than your body . I don’t have a miracle remedy to this issue as I was searching high and low myself for answers . The best remedy that worked for me is my family and love ones being there for me each day reminding me that I had a much better life prior to these drugs . I wish each and everyone of you the best of luck.

    Much love

  165. I am planning a detox from Oxy this weekend, I’ve been taking 80mg for about a year before that around 40 also for a year. I am going to my sisters and we are going to lock our selfs in. We have 3 nights and 4 days for this before I have to come home. What are the odds I will be functioning a bit by then. I will have one more day at home before I have to start doing normal things like bringing my kids to school so total 5 days. What are the odds I will be able to do that? I can always take another day off work if nessasary but I need to be able to take care of my family. I have started cutting down to 50 mg this week in preparation and started taking Multi vitamins as well. I’m so scared of being sick but I’m more scared of not being able to take care of my family. Help please

  166. Hi, I only snorted oxy twice, once a day and I’m not going looking for it and I’m not addicted but I’ve been having diarrhea for almost 48 hours and has been seriously nauseous. Is this withdrawal even from 2 times? And how soon will this go away?

  167. Hello Shelley. Taking just 1 won’t do any harm. You won’t have to go through withdrawal again, that’s not what 1 pill can do.

  168. I stopped taking oxycontin about 3 weeks ago after prolonged usage. My question is will taking 1 percocet or oxycontin now cause me to go back through all the withdrawal symptoms again. broke toe and don’t know id should except percocet

  169. Hi Lerk. Oxycodone has sleep-distruptive effects on many who take this medication. You may want to ask your doctor for another medication, or he might prescribe a sleeping aid. If you want to try natural remedies, try Melatonin or Alteril. You can also take a hot shower and drink something warm and then get into bed in a relaxed a state.

  170. I’ve been on Oxycodone 10mg IR for over 5 years. My back condition is considerably bad with no apparent solution. Not a candidate for surgery as my condition is rather unique.

    My question is, I’ve been experiencing insomnia when I’m not on my medication. Perhaps 4-5 hours maximum sleep experiencing all the typical effects. If I quit oxy, will this insomnia issue go away? Feel like I cannot continue my daily life without the medication. The only way I can ensure I can perform my daily life is to continue taking this medication, without it, I’m useless.

  171. Hi iv been taking about 15mg of Percocets for about 1 in half now . For the past 3 weeks I been weaning down . I’m actually down to 35mg a day . I’m thinking of going cold turkey I’m tired this drug controlling my life .

  172. Les,
    Hang tough my Aussie brother (I lived in perth and fought for your country)….
    My time line as follows:
    Day 1-2 : kinda sucks
    Day 3-5: hell on earth (your almost over the hump)…. Hot showers and Advil gel caps helped me… Tons of water.. I lost 15 lbs in this phase
    Day 6-12: seemed to gain hourly by the day, your in the “not quite right in the head” phase… And exhausted, not tired but no energy
    Day 13-21: morning wood returns, bathroom habits return, hear birds, bright lights bother you….. Getting back to normal

    Your almost finished with the hard part……restless leg/arm is the worst, but I’m sure you already know that. When I wrote my last post on was on day 6 and could barely focus on writing, I would have to close one eye to see the letters…. But by day 7 I could drive to my house… I’m still not 100 percent on day 24. However, I feel like a million bucks…

    A pint at the victory hotel awaits you…… Hang tough, good luck and your at the worst… only good things after the peak!

  173. I have been on oxycontin for 12years pancreas attack intensive care in a coma 6 weeks pain management at Brisbane hospital..I have now stopped taking these pills( 120mg daily) it has been 4 days of agony almost falling over shakes not hungry stomache cramps etc
    my mind plays tricks iam also having trouble typing this comment.. I take palexia 100mg 3 times daily my doc does not seem to care. hate it these withdrawels iam at the stage of not knowing what to do

  174. After re-reading my post, it almost seemed like I was diminishing my Saint by saying she “she didn’t do much for me”….what I meant is there was nothing really for her to do except everything….water, support, watched my dog and most importantly didn’t bug me. So the moral of the story is….. I would not have made it without her….and that I owe her a big debt …..So please get a wingman/woman …

  175. We’ll…… I was prescribed 90mg oxy per day for severe back pain for combat related injuries. I have been on this poison for 3 years. It was starting to take over my life, I always took what was prescribed and nothing extra …. I decided it was time to get off these evil little purple pills. I read up on every bodies posts…..took a week off, had a woman who is a saint (she didn’t do much, but just knowing she was behind the green door was the comfort and security I needed)…. Anyway, it sucked…. I stopped my last 30mg on Tuesday and it is now Friday and the worst is over… Here is the deal for me, it was just a very bad flu. I figured out the deal with these little bastards while I was in bed for 5 days… We all have had the flu and we all know we have to ride it out, there is nothing really to do, with our “flu” it can be cured in 5 min with a pill… I had one sitting on the table in case I thought I was gonna die…anyway it’s over for me…no more ….of course this is only how I decided to tackle it…..go to a Docter or detox center, anything to get your life back.. Stop these evil bastards from controlling your daily schedule…. I missed out on a lot of fun because it didn’t conform to my pill times….and who takes a drug that makes you not want sex??? Peace out and good luck…we only have one turn in this life…..

  176. I am one week into quitting after 2 years of abusing 90 mgs a day of Oxy. I have quit, it’s done. After 1 week, it’s the sleep that is still messed up and I’m hoping this drug hasn’t messed me up forever. I want my old self back. My advice? Don’t ever abuse this drug. It will mess you up. I’m not one to get addicted to susbstances but this, this will take over your life. I cannot wait to be awarded my former self back again. Have a goal. I know it’s sounds stupid, but really that’s what it takes. You can’t just be living for somebody else or without a cause. You have to find a niche in life, don’t let the Oxy fool you. I know it seems my mind is wandering aimlessly right now, really I just want to give anybody reading this support. You can do it, I’ve done it. It is worth it, your life back. It will rob you and if your reading this, it probably already has. So just stop. Go around family and friends this drug has maken you distant from, do things you used to do. You know, like actually have FUN. Take a week off work (I used Labor Day weekend as an extra day of recovery), 2 if possible, and quit.

  177. 3:15 pm Aug 17th,2014 I have many surgeries in the last 6 years due to a fall down 14 concrete stairs and the worst surgery I had recently was a knee replacement. I take 5 to 6 -80mg oxycontins and 8 -10 mg. valiums a day, 8 -30 mg. roxys, and 8 fioracets per day. I can’t believe I am still alive and so are my family and friends. I want to get back to being my fun caring self and yet I have 2 more major surgeries ahead so what do I do? quit for the 2 months ahead of me or just keep cutting back? Withdrawals are out of the question because I am in so much pain as it is or just do what the doctors say and wait until it’s all over and the surgeries are behind me?

  178. on day 9 of withdrawal.very surprised it is lasting this long.tapered from 60mg a day to .6 a day to make this is not easy at all. I am so weak I can hardly walk.This isn’t going like I have read about. 1st 4-5 days were so easy…then all hell broke loose..any ideas why?Thank God my doc gave me a lot of support meds,It still has reduced me to tears.I went on oxy for pain for 2 years…when I started tolerating it..I decided to come off.

  179. I’m 32 yrs old and have been on Oxy & Percocet for 10+ yrs. Due to having severe Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, mis-placed discs in my back inc fractures. The pain got so bad my Dr had put me onto Fentanyl patches 25mg. I went back to Oxy’s 10mg after a yr and Pecocet also tylenol 3. My doctor doesn’t know I’ve been taking more then my prescribed dosage as the pain is so bad and she won’t up it. I’m on a very low dose, 10mg twice daily now 10mg once daily and 4 percocet and tylenol 3 for breakthrough. I’m also on clonazapam for anxiety. What she had me on it 2x daily it wasn’t working as your body gets used to this drug. Now I’m on it once a day 10mg. But I’ve been taking 30-60mg just so I can function. I’v had so many surgeries due to medical issues, have seen specialist as I have a slew of health issues due to my past, unfortunately accidents, getting beat up by ex bf’s lucky me. I’ve made the concious choice to get off of this, I’ve been slowly tappering off with oxy 10mg but the last few days have taken 10mg twice a day plus percocet and tylenol 3. This drug had changed me, ruined my life and I regret what I’ve put my family through. It’s not worth it, I just want off and find another way to deal with the daily pain I have. I want my life back. It’s been a week and I still feel like crap! I’m determined to get off by slowly tapering with what I have left not much, so basically I’m using just tylenol with a few percocets sarting tomorrow, I have a few oxy’s but they are 20’s and I really dont want to use them. I just want off of these and want my life back and feel normal, is it possible? Has anyone else been successful?

  180. damn the doc for priscribing oxy for a pain releafe, when its given for last stage of cancer…
    ive been addicted on 5 of 80s a day for the last 3 years . 2 weeks ago i decided to quit cause of my 2 small kids. i kept thinking that somethen is gona happen to me when i find out my liver was way bigger…i was prescribed oxy 2 of 80s daily for my back pain and the 2 becomes 5 and my life is gettin worse. i seek to some DOC and they say suboxone or methadone is ur only way… well i tought if i was prescribed oxy for back pain , i can immagine what kind of rehab is gona be …remember doctors dont really care what ull go through.. i go cold turkey my friends , am batteling with this shit for 8 days now. from day 1 lots of water and multy vitamines and calcium pills, hit the shower wth warm water daily or twice a day , eat normal food not junk food and by day 3 everything will get better, the only problem is the insomnia (hmmm) i started running for an hour p/-day or exercising to keep on moovin remember the more u moove the better and faster ull heal my friends. we r special spcs all we need to do is to think straight and to take the DECISION……..after 8 days i am a diffrent person…it wouldv take a month if not the practising and the multi vitamines and calcium pills …GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY ND RMBR TMRW IS BETTER THAN today 😉

  181. I’m going on three weeks clean and am still experiencing withdrawal it’s eased up but it have the urges and body pain i also have experienced memory loss and I’m just curious is it cause I took them everyday for about two years, thanks for any help!

  182. ok, i abruptly quit oxycontn & oxycodone (12 hrs & every 4-6 hrs as needed) last Friday (6/13). Since then I have been quite ill. Yes I have gone thru and still am going thru a lot of the above withdrawal side effects. My question, at the same time I abruptly stopped my psych meds to, i was on ativan, risperdone and one other can’t remember. My question is this it is now Tuesday (6/17) and I am wondering, what should i do. I went to my Primary Care physician on Monday and he gave me Mobic & Skelexan for my joint/back pain (i have been diagnosed with sciatica and have undergone radiofrequency therapy). I just don’t know what to do as my sciatica discomfort has come back today with a vengeneous and my lower lumbar (where i have a bulging disc) is extremely discomforting to the point i am just flat out uncomfortable. what can i do or what should i do?

  183. Hi Shelley,

    Knowing what my daughter went through with the nerve pain in her back, I can fully sympathise. She went through months of hell before discovering the cause but still causes her pain to this day.

    I take my strength from her, if she can cope so can I. Mainly she uses distraction method. When in pain, do something fun that distracts from the pain, even if it is something as simple as easing a loved book.

    As my problems are related to my lungs, every day is a challenge. I go to the shops and hear someone cough, and panic, have they got a cold, will they pass it too me. It will be when I get a chest infection that will test me. Day to day, I use over the counter medication and vitamins and my GP said that we will look at alternative pain control when it is required.

    After seeing my doctor’s reaction when I told him I had gone cold turkey on both oxy and pristiq, I can well imagine why your doctors are against you doing the same thing. I was on a dose much lower than you and I can only stand in awe of what you are doing. It takes time, but it does get better. And the pride that you feel in coming off the oxy is a bonus. It seems to be a form of pain control in itself. It is like, if I can get through that, I can handle anything. I also think that while yes, I was in pain, the oxy had me reaching for it well before I really needed it, simply because my body was telling me it’s time to take my next dose.

    I feel like I am rambling, so will end it here. I wish you only the best of luck as you continue to reduce and wish only good blessings for you. Let me know how you are going.


  184. Wow good for you Ksara. I am still detoxing from my 320 mg / day of OxyNeo. I am decreasing 10 mg per week. I have terrible volcanic heat eruptions that completely incapacitate me. I have linked them to the increased pain and decreased oxy. I am slowing decreasing and my symptoms have tapered off. It seems after I decrease about 20 – 30 mg the withdrawals spike again. But after another week them taper again. Its a terrible roller coaster ride but I am determined to get off these pills. They have totally overtaken my life. I am currently taking 160 mg/day which is HALF of what I was taking in January 2014. It is much slower than I would like but I have had two doctors tell me I am asking for trouble if I go cold turkey due to the high dose I was on over such a long period (almost 9 yrs). My biggest problem is the reason I started taking them in the first place which is nerve pain from a broken back. My spinal cord hadn’t been severed so I can still walk, etc. but the pain is excruciating. I am sure you are no stranger to pain so my question is what do you do now to handle the pain? I don’t want to back slide and start taking them again. Thank you for your comments on detoxing and good on you. God Bless

  185. I have now found out, much to my doctor’s horror. I not only went cold turkey on the OxyNorm I also stopped taking anti-depressants, stopping those 2 days after the oxy. This was the reason for the new symptoms beginning at day 4.

    Here I sit at day 12 from the oxy and day 10 from the antidepressant and I feel great. Not kicking goals quite yet, but know that in another week, I will be. It has been a hell 2 weeks, but it will be the hardest and best thing I ever did. Very proud of myself.

  186. I have chronic lung disease with scarring all around my lungs. After taking OxyContin in both slow release and quick release pills for over 6 years, midway through 2013 I decided something had to be done.

    I had watched my 13 year old daughter come of OxyContin after suffering nerve damage caused by a nerve coming through a hole in her spinal column and seen her come out the other end a much much stronger person. Now it’s my turn.

    First the long released tapered off over 4 months, then after taking 5mg tabs twice a day for a week. No more. That was my Christmas present to myself.

    Now to the quick acting capsules. 5-10mg tabs up to a max of 30mg a day and this had been my regime for 6 years but no more.

    Day 1. Last dose taken at 7am. Felt fine all day, though the sneezes and yawns started kicking in by about 4pm. Took a couple of seeping tablets to help with the leg jerking.
    Day 2. Sneezes, yawns, coughing, agitation all worse as the day wears on, worked from 7.30am to 3pm but had to leave as was just getting too bad. Restless night even with sleeping tablets. Woke up all night and hard to get back to sleep.
    Day 3. No work today, feel terrible. Sit on couch and read all day. Tried a panadeine forte to see if helped but just made me feel as if back at the start. No more of them. And if all the other stuff weren’t bad enough, today marked the beginning of the diarrhea At 41kg (90lbs), I cannot afford to lose weight. I struggled to get from 37kgs ( 81lbs) to were I am now. I hope I don’t go backwards.
    Day 4. At work for 6 hours, good thing Friday is short day. Didn’t drive, did not feel safe. All other symptoms the same. No relief.
    Day 5. Stayed home and just relaxed on couch. Interesting symptom comes up. I am all woozy. Not dizzy, the room isn’t spinning , I am. Spending a lot of time lying down.
    Day 6. Pretty much spent like yesterday. Still woozy, but otherwise, starting to feel better.
    Day 6. Still woozy so husband drove me to work. Apart from the occasional sneeze and cough, I really think I am on the home straight. Wish wooziness would go away.
    Day 7. Haven’t stared it yet, but can only get better – right.

  187. I have been taking high to extremely high doses of oxyneo (was OxyContin) for 8 yrs now. I underwent a fusion with instrumentation of L4 -S1 in 2007. Pain never really went away. I’ve always been very careful to take only what is prescribed. Unfortunately I’ve only been half a person. I was taking 320 mg per day. I am in my 4th week of decreasing my dose. As if yesterday I was at 120 mg but in what I am guessing was a severe detox. I had to increase my dose back to 160 mg which seems to have eased my detox. I will probably need too move slower on my detox. My question is having been on such high (perhaps lethal) doses for over 8 years how long can I expect to suffer withdrawal symptoms xnd perhaps PAWS? Thank you for any help. I’m so tired.

  188. every month I have to take oxy code own 5 milligrams 3 to 4 times a day for Android me to you sir how long should I expect to have withdrawal symptoms for? a lot of the times I seem to experience my withdrawal symptoms fairly quickly is this normal the worst of it all is that I always get restless leg syndrome. but it feels more like my feet are asleep, has anyone else experienced this my legs hurt a little bit but my feet feel like they’re of him being poked into them.

  189. I have been detoxing off of percoset and oxycontin for a month. Off of percs for two weeks and had some problems w.flu like symptoms but took me a month to ween off 3 a day for two years. The oxy I am just starting cutting back my 3 a day 40 mg. two year habit and am having night terrors and am very uncomfortable going to sleep knowing that these beyond real terrors will come back. I am slowly tapering but are these nightmares going to happen for awhile?

  190. I quit taking 180mg of oxycontin about 3 months ago cold turkey. I has been the most difficult and painful experience that I have ever endured. I refused any medical help of any sort, for I am going through a nasty divorce and my x would have found a way to use it against me. I never took more than prescribed, nor did I fail a drug test in all of the six years that I was taking the medication for a messed up back. I am still having terrible issues with bone pain in my legs. Some days it is so awful that it is hard to function and the only form of relief I have is hot baths. My attorney has requested that I seek some help from a professional to verify my symptoms. I need to get to work and begin a new career(life), but I really am afraid of a full time job until this leg pain is under control. It is hard to focus and my short term memory is shot, I feel dumb as a box of rocks some days. I am having a difficult time finding a doctor in Utah that understands the long term affects of oxy withdrawl. Do you have any idea where I can find a doctor that can help verify that these symptoms are VERY VERY real? I do not want any sort of medication prescibed. I will never ever take another one of those terrible devil pills as long as I live. If I had any idea of the hell associated with cessation of oxycontin, I never would have taken them for the extended period of time that I had. If you know of any good clinic or doctor that deals with PAWS from oxycontin in Utah could you please let me know. Thank you. P.S. Hang in there everyone! We are all stronger than we think!

  191. Hello June. Some people report protracted withdrawal symptoms from opioids that last for a year, or more. So, feeling emotionally drained, overwhelmed, or depressed is a typical outcome of long term use of opioids like oxycodone. Hang in there. Another thing to do for help is to speak with a psychologist or licensed counselor. Talk therapy can really help sort out what’s going on and can offer insight into how to move beyond the feelings that are trapping you.

  192. acrually I am starting a 5 min walk with my walker in the am and in the afternoon 30 min in the pool with physio exercises, treading water etc… it helps a little but yesterday morning I had a small breadown and couldn’t stop crying. iknow it sounds woosy but it is real to me… thank-you for answering me…. june

  193. Hello June. I feel for you!

    Is it possible for you to move and exercise? Can you get a 20-30 min cardio workout in per day?

  194. for continue from my previous posts… I was on tramadol for 8 years prior to hip surgery and quit cold turkey when I had the op… docs did that not me…does that make a difference? I don’t want to feel like this forever… my partner is losing patience with me and I cant seem to explain my crying and constant pain… sure would like to talk to someone… j

  195. I am withdrawing from osy… ihave come down from 70-80-mg a day to 20mg a day over the last 6 weeks… I should be down to 5 a day in two weeks…I still have pain.. I had a hip replacement jul 3 and have been on oxy for about a year but most intense two-three mos before operation… I am experiencing that lack of enjoying life… I am on 30 mg Cymbalta which I though should help with that but its not…I am walking with a cane and enough pain to make me not want to get up…….is this normal?

  196. Hello Cindy. Have you tried any lifestyle changes that include regular exercise, health eating, and meditation? Sometimes, if no medical reason exists for a certain condition or state of mind, we need to change our behavior.

  197. I was on prescription Oxycontin 50-80 mg per day for a year and prior to that vicodin for a year. I detoxed at a facility in January of this year and have not been the same since. I have since been to 3 different facilities to “find out” what is wrong with me. I have clouding of mental functions, body “jerking” like electric shocks, high anxiety, no sense of smell or taste, very weak and lethargic, I cannot drive, rapid weight gain, ( 30 pds), decreased awareness and responsiveness, hard to focus, little memory short or long, feeling of unreality, paranoia and a sense of detachment of self from body and nightmares.

    My questions is”When will this all go away?”, it is going on 3 months. “Will I return to normal?”,”What do I do about all of this and what type of doctors should I see?”

  198. Hello Karla. I’d suggest that you seek help from your prescribing doctor or seek a second opinion with another pain specialist who can recommend alternative therapies or refer you to other resources outside of opioid medications. I wish you all the best!!!

  199. I’ve been on OxyContin since 1999. Due to numerous surgeries. Large doses. At times over two hundred mg daily. Average 120mg daily
    Decided to stop. It took me six months to get to 30 mg daily
    The withdrawals just won’t stop. I can’t get below this dose
    I feel lethargic. I have pain I areas of previous surgeries and muscle pain
    What should I do?

  200. Hi Jennifer,
    Thought I might be of some assistance to you and same you some time. You are justified in feeling scared, due to years of oxy use. However, I was in your boat. Addicted for years, decided to get clean, but I had to still function, had to go to work, couldn’t go to an inpatient place and needed to have my life. And I didn’t want the withdrawal symptoms to get in the way of my life.

    I did a lot of research on all natural detox programs and eventually found a company that supports you while going through withdrawals. To answer your question regarding withdrawals: withdrawals can last off and on for many days, but each person really varies; however, using their products, I was really surprised at how quick they took effect and allowed me to be “me”, for the most part. The withdrawal side effects didn’t go away completely, but on a scale of 1-10, 10 being worst, my symptoms were reduced to about a 3, and by day 5-6, I was over the hump. I made sure to drink a ton of fluids, took hot showers and had access to a steam and sauna to sweat out more of the toxins so that helped me tremendously. The company is called Pure Health Group. They sell a system that supports you through the withdrawal process, it is a daytime supplement and then a nighttime supplement (energy and sleep, two vital components for me when I was going through this) and then another product that supports craving and relapse prevention; you take that after you have completed the other two products. I tried cold turkey and I failed. I used their products and I succeeded. I have never been so grateful. So, you should check them out. Their ingredients have been clinically proven(I looked at some of the studies) to reduce withdrawal with opiates. I spoke at length with one of the reps before I purchased their products and they were very helpful and supportive. They sell their stuff online also.

    Hope this helps you and good luck. You can do it!

  201. I’ve been taking oxycontin for about 11-12 years now STRAIGHT. It started off innocently enough with a Percocet Rx for a surgery I had, but quickly turned into something much more serious. When I had that 1st surgery, OUT OF CONCERN & NOT KNOWING ANY BETTER, a family member of mine gave me some of their oxycontin 20mg to which I fell in complete love w/ bc the pain was gone & I had a surge of energy that I still cannot resist! Soon, 20’s weren’t enough anymore & even though this family member was continuing to GIVE me the 20’s, I had complete access to ALL of this persons medications, so I began to STEAL their 80 mg’s & began taking halves of 80’s then after a while, it was WHOLE 80’s, til eventually it got up to 2 a day & has remained that amount for years til the present. I hate having this addiction & have been wanting to get off of them for years, but I’ve always been so scared to go thru the withdraws, but more than anythg, I’m scared of how am I’m going to be able to function w/out them bc I’ve never had to, I’ve always had them throughout my entire adult life. In all these years, I’ve only gone a few days w/out some kind of pain pill. Its my only vice & the only addiction I have but I’m SO done w/it! I finally have started to take the steps to quit though. Tomorrow I go in for an appointment to begin my road to sobriety & I’m scared to death to be honest, yet I’m so excited to begin a life w/out oxycontin in it!!! My question & concern for you is since I’ve been on such a heavy dose for SO many years, in your opinion, how severe & long do you think my withdraws will last? I’m not going to any methadone clinic or an inpatient treatment center bc methadone is just another drug to replace this one & I heard it worse to get off of than oxy’s, & I cant do inpatient bc I’m needed to care for my ailing mother. I don’t work so I’ll have time to focus completely on my treatment, yet I’m concerned that since I’ll be an outpatient, I wont be able to detox w/any safe medications & I’ll have to go through the withdraws on my own. SO what is your opinion on my situation. Need advice!!!

  202. I had been on OxyContin for 7-8 years. I’m 65 yrs. old & went on it for pain. I just went through a suboxone detox program. The docs have been psychologically and verbally abusive. I am home now after 5 days in hospital. I am on suboxone. I am still having terrible withdrawal symptoms. I’m not really sure if it’s the oxy withdrawal or the suboxone that is making me so sick. Any thoughts? I want off the suboxone, but am not sure how to do it? I will not go back to the docs that I had in the hospital because they have the “you are an addict & alcoholic mentality” and also are unethical. I am not an addict or alchoholic. I am dependent on opiates and enjoy my wine now and then. So I need to find a suboxone doc fast or someone to advise me who is knowledgeable. If anyone has advice, thanks in advance.

  203. Hey linda I was in your same boat…….. was addicted to oxy for a couple years after i got into a car accident and was injured. After I got better, I still took the pills and got addicted. Bad mistake. Decided to get off them for good and looked for a comfortable and reasonable solution . Finally I completed an at home detox system/program from a company called pure health group. They have all natural products that really reduce withdrawal side effects. Previous to using their products, i many times tried going cold turkey but too many symptoms from withdrawal kept me from getting through the day. When I found this product I was sooooooooo happy! It’s the withdrawal relief complex. So, it addressed so many of the symptoms I was suffering. Check them out for sure, because it works. And if you are ready to quit, they will help. Good luck Linda!

  204. Hello Linda. Hmmm. This is a good question. I’d suggest that you consult with your local pharmacist for a second opinion. I’m not sure how oxycodone and hydrocodone work in terms of complementary effect and occupying the opioid receptors in the brain. But it seems to me like your instinct is right on. Just keep asking (medical professionals) for more answers, and then you can make an informed decision about what to do. Good luck and please let us know how it goes!

  205. I had my hip replacement on 1/29/13, at which time they put me on 20mg of OxyContin twice a day. I took it one day shy of two weeks. I saw the doctor because I was having chills with no fever so they told me to stop the am dose and just take the PM dose. I decided that I didn’t need it so I stopped it all together and lowered my Vicodin use also. This past week has been a nightmare and when I called the doctor he told me to start both medicines again and he will guide me on how to wean off. I don’t want to start the OxyContin again for fear of this withdrawal lasting a lot longer. I still have symptoms of withdrawal but should I really go back on if Imhave been off for a week. I don’t mind taking the Vicodin as prescribed but scared on the OxyContin. Please advise.

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