How much Valium is too much?

Taking too much Valium in terms of overdose levels requires very high amounts of Valium in the system. More on Valium overdose and safe dosing inside.

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Valium (diazepam) is an anti-anxiety medication used to treat panic and mood disorders. In this article, we’ll look at safe dosing of Valium as well death from Valium overdose. Your questions about safely taking Valium to prevent addiction or overdose are welcomed at the end.

Valium strengths

Valium is avilable as a tablet and may be prescribed in doses ranging from 2 mg to 10 mg, 2-4 times daily. It’s available in strengths of 2mg, 5 mg, and 10 mg. Is Valium addictive? Yes. You can develop a tolerance to the benzodiazepine medication. If you take Valium long term, you can also develop eventual dependence or Valium addiction, especially if you’re taking Valium in high doses.

How much Valium is safe?

The recommended daily dose of Valium is 4 to 40 mg throughout the day. People have been reported taking doses of up to 2000 mg and experiencing only minor toxicity. That’s about 50 times the maximum recommended daily dose. So Valium is incredibly safe and very difficult to overdose on if taken by itself.

How much Valium can you take at once?

Only up to 10 mg of Valium should be taken at one time, and that’s only in someone with a tolerance for the medication. Taking Valium in large quantities for the euphoric “high” can cause adverse side effects. Because Valium can impair your balance, judgment, and alertness, taking it puts you at risk for accidents. And snorting Valium high can also increase your risk of overdose.

How much Valium to overdose?

It’s hard to overdose on Valium. However, Valium overdose is possible, usually in combination with other drugs. Again, at over 1000 times the normal dose, Valium usually causes only minor symptoms. It’s very difficult to overdose just by taking Valium pills. However, when combined with alcohol or other central nervous system depressants, it becomes much easier to overdose on Valium, and can even be fatal. In fact, mixing Valium and alcohol is incredibly dangerous, even in small amounts.

How much Valium is fatal?

How much Valium is fatal depends on the situation. Low doses of Valium can be fatal if combined with alcohol, narcotics, or other CNS depressants. Even at very high doses, it’s unlikely to cause permanent harm in a healthy individual on its own. But the side effects of Valium abuse can include terrible withdrawal symptoms and addiction, so it’s still a bad idea to take high doses of Valium recreationally.

How much Valium should I take?

You should take the amount of Valium prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

Questions about too much Valium

Want to learn more or have any questions regarding Valium (diazepam) use, addiction, available treatment methods, and what you can expect from your rehab program? We outline in this guide on Treatment Programs and Help for Valium Addiction.

Please leave your questions  about safe levels of Valium here. We do our best to respond to your queries with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi I have tried so many things for sleep and I have a few tabs of diazepam 10mg and was wondering how much is too much to take in one go. I just want to be able to fall asleep quickly, my mind is always thinking of something that leads on to something else, it’s an endless loop for hours literally. Any suggestions on what to medication to use or ask the doctor for? Also I have a high tolerance. Any help would be much appreciated, thanks guys, Joshua.

  2. I take 5mgs of diazepam as required during the day, there is no doubt this is a very addictive drug and the more you have the more your craves. I try and take max 5-6 5mgs per day. I’m also on Ssri for depression and seroquel for chronic insomnia. Drinking on this cocktail is lethal and I don’t tolerate a lot of alcohol very well. And the next day after the euphoric high of drinking has gone I feel awful.

    1. Try get some anti depressants ssri inhibitors. They stop your mind ticking over. Esciltopram is a good one

  3. I’m 39 and come out of a bad relationship that was toxic I got hit etc an now he’s gone I don’t sleep. I have 2/3 10ml a night just to keep calm and feel I can sleep. There not of the doctor tho I get them off my friend.. now they do work but I’m worrying I’m relying on them now x

    1. Sorry! But bad idea getting them from a friend. You would find it really difficult to find a doctor to prescribe diazipam due to the chance of dependants on it. I was put on a reduction program that failed, but they refuse to put the dose back up, so I live in permanent withdrawal.

  4. Hi, iv been kept on Diazipam for over 20 years in my ignorance! I’ve come back home to North Wales, and was put on a reduction program! It failed, had a black out, fit at 2mg, so they gave up! But refused to put the dose back to 15mg, I’m aloud 6mg a day, I live in permanent withdrawal. Life is hell.

  5. My husband suffers from depression and anxiety. He gets handed Valium from his doctor every 3 months. However I’m concerned he is misusing them and he does drink with them. He is slurred in speech and gets very irritable with me in particular. He gets angry with me when I saw he shouldn’t take them as they alter him not for the best.

  6. If I am drinking 3 beers a day and taking 10 mg of Valium is it dangerous for me. Because I use to be a hard core spirit drinker for last 10 year. Now I have cut down drinking spirit. Can you please guide me. Thanks

  7. i was using 4mg of diazapan and i asked my sphychitaeist if i coukd have more she said reluctantly 10mg twice a day for one week then lower it back down to 5 mg twice a day

  8. Hi I eat 50 2mg xanax bars a day. No Joke. Im perscribed 70mg of Diazepam daily also. Im getting very odd pains. im guessing this isnt good?

    1. Hi Liam. This certainly seems like a cause for concern. Why don’t you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center. It’s a free call, and you can talk to a poison expert to assess your risk of overdose and instructions on what you should do next.

  9. I take 5mg on a per needed basis. Maybe once a fortnight for when I’m going to far away places from home in the train. That’s all I use it for – could this become a problem? From what I read it’s small dose and not taken everyday or even every week. I’m having therapy also and on SSRI

  10. Hi I have a severe phobia of the dentist and doctor gave me Valium.she said to try different doses at home first.I’ve taken 3, 5 mg tablets with 1 endone and has had no effect. How many can I take?

  11. I need some advise/facts please. My friend is stuck in a vicious cycle of taking cocain to wake up the valium to go to sleep. That’s dodgy in itself but he also takes them at the same time. Now my main concern is one is a stimulant and the other is a sedative. So surely these drugs are effectively fighting each other inside him? When I said this to him he did admit that sometimes his heart does do some funny things. He described that it felt like it misses a beat so then has to do a large hard double (thud ump) beat. He also said the the ‘thud’ beat is higher in his chest just above nipple height but the ‘ump’ beat is lower just under nipple height.
    So I’m naturally thinking heart attack waiting to happen. Am I worrying to much? Oh he’s also on meds for high blood pressure!

  12. I am taking 100mg of valium in one sitting but this is not on a daily or even weekly basis maybe every 3 weeks to a month, |f was prescribed in 10mg tablets and I have taken 60 over the last 7 months. I an worried that is the start of a slipperly slop because if im honest with myself 20 mg takes the edge off my aniexty but I keep taking them more for the buzz. When does this become a real problem?

  13. Excellent presentation of information on diazepam. And your warnings are important.
    I was utterly addicted to many benzodiazepines for over 10 years of my life. Most of which
    I can’t even remember as a result of the way benzos affect memory and recall. My doctors
    decided it had become so extreme they prescribed my cannabis (I’m in Canada). By the time they decided to try me with regular cannabis use, my skin was jaundiced, eyes a milky yeloowish and had sores on my face – my liver was in serious condition. But In less than a week of stopping diazepam and using cannabis, I felt no withdrawal anxiety, very little nausea, and fewer thoughts about wanting more valium (or clonazepam). I credit cannabis for freeing me from this dangerous group of pharmaceuticals.

    I know cannabis isn’t the answer for everybody. Please heed this authour’s warnings about the dangers of Valium/diazepam – and the whole family of drugs known as Benzodiazepines.

    Good health. Be safe.

  14. Today was the first time I took valium. It was to prepare for having a tooth pulled – a tooth that had some drama when it first got a root canal 3.5 years ago. The tooth was hot and not responding to novocaine. I the Endodontist was equally traumatized – lol. Today I final had the tooth pulled and the instructions said take 2 10mg tabs before the appt. I only took 1 tab b/c I was worried about how I feel. I was pretty out of it and relieved I hadn’t taken more. Slurring my words, no balance, loopy. I took 10 mg more after surgery 4 hours later, at 10 mg more at 4 hours after that. I couldn’t type an email or a FB post my fingers were so uncoordinated. After that I woke up 4 hours later and my front was wide open, and my pug was sleeping next to me still on his leash and I’d never put our new puppy back in her kennel. It scared me that little recollection of that not to mention it’s not safe to be passed out with your front open. The research I did led me to this site. The other google links said 40 MG in a 24 hour period is OK. My last 10 mg will be taken to sleep through the night with the Advil b/c the dental site pain is still pretty bad. Anyway the bottom like is that I can’t imagine taking this for anxiety unless I was planning on trying fall asleep due to a panic attack that’s keeping me awake. I could not drive a car or function in every day life. This still is very strong. I’ve taken Tynenol w/ Codeine, Vicodin for bad dental pain and I’d said this stuff made me more impaired than either one of the drugs which were just upgraded to a narcotic. As soon as this is healed up, I may keep these to take in 5mg doses when I’m super anxious but not when I have a shred of responsibility in the next 24 hours.

  15. I was prescribed 20 mgs a day, 5 mgs 4 times a day. I’ve only been on it, now my 5th day. I have an appt with a psychiatrist in 11 days. My prescribing PA gave me 14 days worth, 3 days short of my appt. She would not extend the dose without seeing her. That’s another 100 dollars. My only alternative was to alter dose to 15 mgs , 3 times a day. My problem is, the valium only cuts the anxiety about 80%. Otherwise, I still feel underlying anxiety. Also, upon waking from a nap or sleep, my heart races and / or I feel a slight tremor or trembling in my body like a buzzing sensation. Very uncomfortable. It goes away after a few minutes. Is this normal? Will my body adjust? This was happening before I dropped dose. Felt as though I hadn’t been on drug long enough to matter. Please help as I haven’t seen doctor for first time yet and am wondering what is happening to me. Concerned in san Diego. I have also had dramatic weight loss due to other illnesses and anxiety. Left a message to new doctor, he said it can take time for drug to build up and work. What is the truth of what is happening to me? Thank you very much

  16. Can you tell me how much Valium I should take if I want a deep sleep, I don’t take them regularly but have had trouble sleeping for awhile now and just want to have a good nights sleep without being woken up by noisy neighbors and traffic can you tell me should I take 10/20or 30mgs to get to sleep
    Hope to hear from you soon thanks David

  17. When i was younger like 19 my friend gave me 44 -10mg valium and i guess i snorted a few or else it probably wouldnt have been so bad but i took 440 mg of valium and blacked out for a day or 2 and woke up in the hospital and apparently had died and they revived me but i didnt mix them with anything. I just see above its saying you can take a whole bunch and be okay but im only 110 lbs that might be why

  18. took 180mg of valium 100ml of hydrocodone syrup and a liter of shlitz malt liquor last night im sitll really really high all because i was experiencing hear palpatations and no matter how much valium i took i could still feel myheart racing i should also mention im prescribed propranolol 40mg and buspar 10mg and neithe rof ththose helped i was gonna go to the hospital but because of the insane amount of drugs i was on i was worried that they would be too focused on dealing with all the drugs in my stystem and not my heart problems which cause me to misuse my medication

  19. I took 140mg valium so 28 pills over 2 days while on an ice bebder i was awake 4 days on the third i drank a slab and a half. Smoke 2 more points then went to bed i survived i didnt realize the caliun and gear and alcohol caused a minor brain hemorage. I dont recomend suisidsl bebders but mine happened by accident.

  20. I cannot sleep without something. I now take 1 mg. of valium each night and sleep well. I am 83. Will this give me alzheimers. Thank you

  21. My friend is on 21 Valium a week prescribed by her doctor for anxiety years now/ she takes lite headed tired no motivation

  22. I had a work place injury which resulted in surgery 1 year ago which was a c5/6 disc protrusion. Since then I’ve suffered chronic neck pain which I’ve been treated with large amounts of codeine. I have found that doses of 25mg of diazepam has decreased pain significantly, much more than the codeine does currently.
    In your recommendation would you consider the diazepam amount to a) be safe and b) a better relief to be taken long term?

  23. Small amount of cocaine, approximately 5 vodkas, I’ve just take. 3 5 mg Valium to help me sleep. I have some endone which I am considering taking to get me
    Off to sleep and also assist In my pain from my cosmedic procedure this morning. (Procedure did not require antibiotics and was not surgery) how long should I wait before taking the endone

  24. Can you tell me the differences between Valium and clonazepam? What would be the equivalent dose of clonazepam to 40 mg of Valium?

  25. Can you please tell me if 140ng/ml of diazepam is below the threshold of impairment for driving if so could email me tables as I’ve had two Australian doctors say it’s below the level of impairment

  26. Hi, I am having some sort of internal muscle spasms in my mid chest and abdomen and sometimes they are so severe and prolonged that they induce heart palpitations (PVCs for which i already take 3 meds). My doctor prescribed 5 mg for anxiety as needed but I have never needed it for that. I find that 2.5 mg of Valium stops the muscle spasms. Is this amount addicting? Generally I take 15-15 mg. total per week. I also take three heart meds. Thanks.

  27. I take 60mg first thing in the morning, usually lasts all day, but sometimes I take another 30 late a afternoon. I have been on it for forty years and get no side effects. Still get anxiety and agoraphobia, scared to go far from home, like being in prison with no end. Have tried ssri,s they are awful.

  28. Have suffered anxiety Ibsen lifelong otherwise healthy for an eighty year old that looks and feels like sixty. However anxiety worst ever last few months and not sleeping. Dr has given me two most diazapan and zopliclone to take as needed. Don’t like drugs realise addiction dangers .Can I take four MagSafe diazapan at once?

  29. I have takenvalium for agoraphobia since 1971, and general anxiety. I take 60 mg when I get up in the morning and on occasion take up to another 40 on a bad day. I frequently take it with alcohol when my insomnia is really bad with no side effects,but in very small amounts.after so many years I only recently found out alcohol was a big Nono with Valium so take a liquor glass of Baileys only.

  30. im 71 and have a diazepam dependance for 50 yrs. Im now down to 4mg a day, if i lower it further i get awful muscle spasms in hands, feet etc.Gp says probably take for rest of my life now. I take half a Lorezapam for acute panic attacks and have never gone higher. What is your opinion? I have IHD 6 stents. Arthritis, and spinal stenosis. I cant use codeine for pain as major stomach surgery in 1983. Thankyou Sandra.

  31. Hi I took 75 mg of diazepam along with 2 sleeping pills and three glasses of wine…when will the extremely relaxed, sleepiness wear off? It was a bad idea as I ended up unconscious in hospital with no memory of anything.

    1. Hi Jasmine. Valium is a prescription medication which should be used in accordance with your doctor. Taking more Valium than prescribed, or taking Valium in a way other than directed is considered an abuse. If you feel like you need a readjustment in your dose consult your physician first.

  32. My boyfriend is prescribed to take 1 10mg Valium a day but has ingested 4 10mg within the day and is now feeling cold sweats, weakness, etc. is he having an overdose?

  33. I am 75 yrs old at the age of 40 iwas prescribe vallium5 mg. to day I am taking the same dose .i feel very comfortable and active no body no diabetes.than what is harm even if it is addictive?

  34. If a person takes 10mg of Valium and 12mg of Hydromorphone will this cause slurred speech? Each of these medications is given once a day.

  35. I am 85 years old. Have been subject at times to serious depression since the age of 12. I have dealt with it all my live and have most of the time a normal successful and rewarding latter years as my health has become more critical I need help. I took Valium 55 years ago and was worried about addiction. Can you advise me as to a sensible approach to using diazapam. I have always controlled my intake to the minimum but have been very afraid of deterioration. I would be grateful for advice.

  36. Hi I have heard that drinking Grapefruit juice while consuming Valium will somehow increase the effects,are there any back ground to back this up or is it just a urban legend?

  37. Was having severe “hip” pain disrupting sleep & ultimately caused insomnia & anxiety.. I went to many quacks. Some arthritis in lower back is all MRI showed. Arthritis specialist prescribed gabapentin which has no efficacy and is NOT approved for arthritis pain. I worked at the mental health hospital for 10 years, so I do have some knowledge. Went to spine specialist who diagnosed my horrible pain as being bursitis! Proper exercise (learned on internet; physical therapy was a bust) has eased most of pain. Thank goodness I found a decent doctor who has given me 1mg ativan which I only take 1/2 at night when needed for sleep. Please people, research for yourselves and don’t give up. Doctors are only “practicing” medicine, they haven’t mastered it yet. My nephew is studying for his Ph.D to be a molecular biologist, and the things I have learned from him are amazing. Stay away from carbonated drinks and avoid sugar as much as possible. Your body will reward you 10 fold.

  38. Hello I am taking 12mg of Diazepam .Can some body help me in how slow or fast to taper off this.
    May I ask another request for help! I am taking of Venlafaxine xr for over 14 weeks 37.5 Does anyone have advice,the best way To taper off from this ? I am very concerned !! I was told by a Doctor to alternate days take one day and not the other for six days then just stop. I am very worried to do this .I have read its to fast??

    1. Hi Ralph. I suggest that you consult with another doctor who can guide you through the whole process. Also, check out the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

    1. Hi Karen.
      Only up to 10 mg of Valium should be taken at one time, and that’s only in someone with a tolerance for the medication. Taking Valium in large quantities for the euphoric “high” can cause adverse side effects. Because Valium can impair your balance, judgment, and alertness, taking it puts you at risk for accidents. If your daughter took Valium accidentally Call 911 or contact the poison control center (800) 222-1222.

  39. I am a 56 yr old female and have been taking 5mg x4 at night for nearly 20 yrs just recently have increased it to 6 5mg per night for sleep what can I exspect in withdrawal of this medication and should I just stop or reduce slowly will it be hard to stop

  40. Can 10 mg of Diazepam 3 times a week only for sleep cause Dementia. I have been taking them for around 30 -40 years ?

    1. Hello Marni. Despite some of the pleasant and euphoric feelings from this combination, it’s dangerous to mix Valium with alcohol. The alcohol chemically reacts with the Valium in your system and has an additive effect in the body and brain. That means that the effects of the alcohol and Valium both are intensified. This is dangerous and cause overdose or death.

      Is this dangerous? It really depends on your tolerance to Valium and how much you drink. If you want to be safe, no amount of alcohol should be mixed with a medication like Valium.

  41. I take 7-25 of Valium almost every day. I do not drink any alcohol at all. Some times an extra 2-5mg if I feel very anxious and can’sleep. That is 10mg some days. At times I don’t take any at all. I have never had any of the side effects listed except helping me to go and stay asleep which is the main reason I take it. It seems to relax my mind. Have been taking this size dose for 2 yrs with no trouble, it is not a large dose, it works for me and I am sick of people throwing their hands in the air with horror if I mention Valium. I have just turned 71 yrs. I would value an opinion on this matter please. Thanking you. JoAnn.

  42. if I take 10mg and go out how many drinks could I have before i could overdose or just get stupid…I suffer anxiety attacks…

  43. Hi. I have been suffering with severe health related anxiety for two months now, and have been to the ED three times in as many weeks with panic attacks. I was discharged on /7!:/6 and was given a dose of Diazepam before leaving, which kicked in within about 15 minutes and completely alleviated all my symptoms. I also slept like a log for the first time in a long time: I have since gone back to my GP who prescribed me 2mg twice daily, but since taking the 2mg feel absolutely no effectS I assume the dose I was given at the hospital was a lot higher… perhaps up to 20mg… I only need it for night/sleep, and I don’t want to be taking 10 x 2mg tablets… I only have 25 with no repeats. Should I be asking for a much higher dose?

  44. I am prescibed to take a 2 mgs pill twice a day for immediate anxiety relief and to help calm for sleep while recovering from a traumatic injury with pain. My question is if I take 2 pills will the dose amount double strongerto 4 mgs or just last longer? I know all about the precautions of addiction. I had an ex gf who I helped get off of like six other different serious medications including 10 mgs x3 a day. I have tried the 10 mgs years ago and it worked to calm me but I functioned normally. I take 10 mgs daily also now during this injury which I am told is not as quick relief but works for a slower accumulation relief if taken daily. I have not been taking the 2 mgs of diazepam(valium) I mentioned 2x daily because my doctor said as needed. I have been able to skip several days because I didn’t need it. I am not trying to get high or misuse but I remember how well the 10 mgs worked for me. I do not want to whine to my good doctor and necessarily up the dose. This is temporary but every now and then I think more of a dose would work better for my needs. I think this 30 script will be all I need as I am getting better. I take nutrisueticals and the best nascent iodine in between uses in a smart way. This keeps my liver etc clean. I have had no side effects at all. I feel great so with all that in mind, my question again…. If needed, if I take 2 mgs x2 one time, does that amplify and increase my dose to 4 mgs or just lengthen the time? I am hoping for 4 mgs when needed. I believe I have a logical responsible question unlike some of the crazy questions I have read looking for my answer. Thank you if someone can help with a quick answer yes or no. Much appreciated. I forgot to write the 10 mgs daily I take for longer relief is called escitalopram once daily. It is unrelated to the 2 mgs question but mentioned to help understand my responsibility in treatment. Thanks again.

  45. ive been prescribed 5mg of diazepam by doctor take 1 or 2 a day for 2 weeks but im worried ill get addicted is it okay to take for 2 weeks on 5mg tablets

  46. Hi. My mom has been taking valium for over 30 years. Her dosage now i believe is 5mg 3 X a day. Back in the late 80”s early 90’s she was taking either the yellow or blue ones, and now they are white ones i believe. She has heart issues and COPD. She is very irritable, crabby, rude, sarcastic, controlling and childish with her behavior. When her regular Dr. retired she really had to work hard to find another that would prescribe. Is this behavior normal? And is it safe to be on for this long of time? Thanks

  47. I rarely take Valium but I keep it handy just in case. I will be going through a very serious family situation tomorrow and Wednesday. I take two anti depressants during the day. They are Sertraline HCL – 150 MG and Bupropion 75 MG. That being said would it be safe to take two or three Valiums that are 5 mg during the same day. Just to let you know I am a senior. thank

  48. I was given Valium for alco withdrawal and wind up taking a ten early AM and another about what used to be ” Scotch thirty” or 2-3 PM.If I want any hope of getting to sleep I take two more tens with a Linden tea mix(7 blossom) at 830 ish. I begin dozing off at the computer about 930 and head to the slab and sleep like an old dog for 5 hours or so. Then I get up and get back to work or head out into the shop about 3-4 am or so. I was a fifth plus a day man for many years so this might render some folks jello.My step down is scheduled at 5 every five hours for a week and then 5 every 8 hours for a week, then a single five an hour or so before bed, all with the sleepy teas like chamomile, linden, 7 blossoms, gingers, any of those.

  49. Hello, my GP recommended me to take diazepam when flying because I suffer from panic attacks when flying. She said that I should take 2mg when getting in the plane and 2 mg after two hours of being in the plane but since I am going to take several planes this time I am wondering if that is OK or if I should increase or decrease the dosis

  50. My son has been on valium for at least over 10 years now. He has major psychiatric and neurological problem. Valium has been the only medication that seems to work for his extreme anxiety. Over the years the dosages had to be increased because of his tolerance. Recently had been taking 5 milligrams 4 times a day. He needed an increase in the a.m. when he experiences most of his anxiety and at bedtime to sleep. The insurance will not allow us to get the extra 2 5 milligram pills a day so the doctor prescribed 10 milligrams to be taken 3 times a day. So either way the dose went from

  51. I have been taking Valium for 15 years for migraines. Normally, I can take 5mg and that does the job. Recently I’ve been having to take it more frequently. I can’t take it for more than 3 days in a row or it stops working. I’ve also had to kick it up to 10mg for it to be even a little effective. I don’t like this. Right now I’m having to take it every 3 or 4 days. I’m working on other things that will hopefully help stop these headaches, but in the meantime the meds are a necessity. What I’m wondering is, if in the future I’m able to get off the Valium for an extended period of time, will my tolerance go back down so that the 5mg will work again?

  52. I have terrible anxiety to the point I feel sick and dizzy I have been prescribed Valium 5mg two in the morning two at night one at midday this is my first day and have had anxiety all day to the point Ifeel sick and my blood pressure is160/80 so I took one at 7pm can I still take two before I go to bed at 11pm

  53. I take 10 mg of Valium in the morning and another 10 mg in the early afternoon.
    In the late evening I’ll have a couple beers or a couple glasses of wine.

  54. What is the highest dose of Valium that can be taken at one time to sedate before a wisdom tooth removal. And how many hours before the procedure should it be taken?

  55. I am thinking of taking Valium 4mg for sleep but my fear is that I might not remember a thing while waking in the morning. Does valium impair one’s sense of touch?
    Thank you

  56. Hi, my boyfriend has been addicted to drugs in the past, but he’s been clean for the last 5 years. He recently injured his back and the doctor has prescribed him 2mg valpam tablets to be taken twice daily. He insists on taking 2 tablets thrice a day, it seems like a lot more than the prescribed dosage. He says that it’s the 2mg valpam tablets so I have nothing to worry about. I’m more concerned for the trigger of his drug addiction to return. Can you please advise? I’m trying to monitor him as much as I can and limit his intake but it’s difficult to do this 24/7

  57. I suffer from acute insomnia. I only get about 2 1/2 hours of sleep a night. I have tried sleeping pills and psycotic drugs and nothing works. The only thing that works is Valium and I started out with 20 mg at night with little results. I have increased the dosage gradually to 50mg and now can get about 7 hours of sleep. I wake up kind of grogey but after a couple of cups of coffee I am fine. I take this dosage for about a week and then take a week off from it. I have no side effects from this dosage but am concerned about the long term effects. I’ve been to 5 doctors and they have given up on me.

  58. I am a male and of 65 years of age. I have been suffering from high anxiety when taking airplanes for years. Every time I take a plane, I take diazepam. In my last six flights, I have taken 30mg of diazepam 1 hour and 15 minutes before flight departure. In every occasion I have done so I felt sedated, but nothing extraordinaire, helping me a lot to overcome the anxiety that airplane flights arouse in me. This time around, I will take a plane to London, England and will take 30mg of diazepam. I will stay in London for at least 24 hours before taking any other dosage of diazepam and then I will take a plane to Athens, Greece when I will take another shot of 30mg of diazepam. I am not addicted. I only take diazepam when I fly. Never in my daily life. I know you will tell me that I should take the recommended dosage for anxiety (5mg), but this dosage does not help me. As a matter of fact, I could not fly with this amount. My question here is how much will I endanger myself by taking the quantities I have explained above. It does not help if I am being told that I should not take more diazepam than what is recommend. By doing so, I could not travel. My take is, that since I have done it before without any type of repercussions, I am safe. What is new now, is that now I will be taking two doses of 30mg each within 35 hours with a 24 hours brake. I strongly suspect that it will work and without repercussions as well. My doctor and pharmacist, for legal reasons, will not even consider allowing me to take the above. These people’s advice is useless to me. Therefore, I am asking you: what is your take? Please try to understand my situation.

  59. My psychiatrist back home had me on 10mg of Valium 3x/day (for severe anxiety). When I moved to a new state, my new doctor was shocked at that amount and wanted me to start tapering down. The 30mg I was taking daily isn’t even the max dose (and seems to be a lot less that what most people here are taking), why do you think my new doc was so shocked?

  60. I have been prescribed two 5mg. Tablets of diazapam a day as needed for dizzyness and anxiety. There are days when either the dizzyness or anxiety are worse, at times both. Is a doctor legally allowed to prescribe three 5 mg. pills a day as needed. There are times I may only use one but on bad days I use two and if I was allowed to have three I would gave it. I an only allowed to refill script every 30 days. I do not abuse my meds, I take them for what they are prescribed for. I do not want or need to up the mgs. I just would like to have 3 tablets a day as needed . Thank you.

  61. I’ve been taking 20 mg valiumper day for a week now plus 8 sulphide every 24 hours for back pain I’m ok now and returning to work tomrow.but next wkend I am having visitors stay with me for a week I will also be on Holliday is it safe for me to drink alachol then as they will be expecting me to join them in vino in the evenings etc

  62. Doc has told me to take 2 x 10mg at night to help with pain & sleep, but it doesn’t seem to be enough would it be safe to take a further 10mg?

  63. I take 10mg daily
    It’s not working
    Suffer from extreme anxiety
    Doesn’t make me tired at all
    Also take 40 mg of lovan n 150mg of trileptal for my epilepsy
    I take 10 mg of melatonin for sleep but I’m lucky to sleep 2 hours straight

  64. If I’ve taken 90mg of diazepam in a 24 hour period when my urine sample is sent for a tocicity testing will I fail on being above the threshold and be classed as abusing the drug?

  65. I have a pinched nerve in my neck and shoulder the hospital gave me 5 mg Valium’s to take every 6 hours its not helping at all with the pain is it safe to double the dose

  66. Hi, I’ve been subscribe 2ml of diazepam a day. I also take 20ml citalopram for long term depression and been subscribe 500mg naproxen twice daily.
    Today been a very bad day and I be done something stupid (which now I realise) and taken 20mg of diazepam. Will I be ok? Are do I need to get medical help?( apart from seeing a therapist )

  67. Hi

    I have a friend who claims to have taken 50 blue Valium tablets this person is an attention seeker but although this is the case I’m still worried incase they but today they looked fresh faced etc with no grogginess or anything surely they would still feel the affects? I’m just confused as I was prescribed 2 Valium and felt very Groggy the next day? Just trying to work out if this person really needs help with this or help being a compulsive liar?

    Can u help please?

  68. Is 50 mg times once safe to take prior to a procedure for some one who has a horrific fear of iv insertion. Mri with contrast ordered for head mri

  69. My daughter is severly scared of iv therapy she needs a mriwith contrast this test must be done they prescribed 50 mg for the test is this a safe dose to take for the herrific fear to get the test done.

  70. What is good, safe and good medicine for good sleep without any side effects. How long it can be used. Please inform me at the earliest.

  71. what does someone do when they become tolerant their dose and they want to taper off?
    Having a hard time as the dose doesn’t help anymore

  72. Hello if I take 2 to 4mg of Valium per day for 1month how long should I stay of the dose after that before it’s safe to take them again so I don’t become addicted or risk withdrawal

  73. Pls a patient was mistakenly given 40mg of diazepam instead of 20mg iv. Patient died after 20hrs. Can d diazepam b d cause pls.

    1. Hi Hafsat. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest you speak with a coroner or another expert about your concerns.

  74. I HAVE BEEN TAKING 30MG OF Valium per day for the last 10 years for acute anxiety but my
    symptoms have become so bad that i am unable to leave my home ‘ please tell me what i should do .

  75. I am so sorry for all of you who posted comments here. My heart goes to all of you .I wish you could overcome this horrible anxiety . Everyone find his own way , Just please stay closer to the Power of Universe .Reiki, ,Accupuncture , Chanting , praying — has it its healing power .. Pease find your way to the UNiverse Energy ..
    I lost myself completely after seeing my own mother dying and unable to safe her anyhow in hospital. when no one even came to the room to save her life ..
    Please try all possible healing technique ..We are all traumatized in some way in this troubled world
    God Bless you ALL

  76. I take 1/2 mg of valium everyday at night to put me to sleep. will it be addictive if I rake 1/2 mg of valium everyday. thank you

  77. I am a 67 year old male with damage and arthritis in S1, L2, L3 and L4. L3 was removed in 1987 . Repair lasted about 2 years due to repeated injury. l was a lineman for 34 years. I’m taking 4 5m Valium a day. and 8 10/ 325 hydro codons per day. Due to low oxygen levels I was told to cut back to 3 Valium per day. The last 2 months have been hell with withdawal.I am 6′ 2″ and weigh 265 lb. Retired 16 years ago and have been bed ridden the last 7 years. When I first retired I took 6 – 5 mg and could function. Epicadurals do nothing no matter if steroids or high frequency. Please advise, Jeffrey !!!!!!!!!!!

  78. So my friend was recommended valium from her doctor, and it makes me a little nervous, because I don’t know much about it other than the “high” people get from valium. what’s a usually dosage for women in there 20s with panic attacks ?

  79. I have taken 2×5mg of diazepam for my anxiety yesterday, is it dangerous thou because I feel a bit strange. I have like blocked thoughts, strange thoughts, can’t concentrate, I can’t be calm etc. Is this from the diazepam or is it my anxiety?
    Thank you

  80. I suffer severe depression and oner the last hour have taken 16 5mg valiun. I also take lexafro 20mx x2 tablets

  81. I am going for an MRI not only am I terrified but extremely claustrophobic. How much Valium should I take to calm me completely?

  82. Hi
    I am trying to quit smoking weed and my doctor has prescribe me valium. It does relax me a little but I have urges to smoke weed still. I am thinking about taking more Valium tablets because I need to be more relaxed like I am when I smoke weed if that makes sence. Please help me I’m a 24 year old Australian and also suffer with depression and aniexty very badly. Thank you for you time.

  83. My doctor has prescribed 5mg of Valium morning and evening, but not to take them at night for sleep. How ever, I wake up after about two hours sleep and anxiety and worry keep me awake for several hours or more. So I have started taking one or two Valium in order to get back to sleep. Sometimes more than several hours apart. It makes me oversleep in the morning and I wonder if that is dangerous ?

  84. I have been having UTI and a really bad stiff neck this time can’t get a doctor till this coming Monday
    Can’t sleep I have some Valium (2mg) took one last and it didn’t help bat all,I was thinking of taking one more so I could sleep
    Also I have had them for over a year are they still good

  85. I have taken valium only once for dental work. 10mg the night before and 10mg an hour before a 3pm appointment. It pretty well knocked me out. My next appointment is scheduled for 8am. If I take 10mg before bed and then another 10mg at 7am, won’t I be really out of it for most of the day?

  86. Hi I suffer with bipolar disorder, I’m finding it so hard ? I take 60-80ml a day and it’s just not helping I’ve tried everything I’m at the point I’m self aware I know what’s wrong with me I know I’m not well but why can’t I change it no matter what I do I’ve done everything!! I can’t deal with it

    1. Hi Romaine. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  87. I was prescribed diazepam 5mg twice a day , once in the morning then evening , but I hardly feel a change, I feel it’s a low dosage can I take two at a time to make 10mg to see if I start to actually feel better? Will it harm me or make me impaired of driving because the 5mg simply doesn’t feel like it helps. I’ve token 15mg when I got a mri done and it felt good but I could hardly walk by myself never less drive. Should I try 10mg?

  88. In my opinions

    There’s not much point risking any problems by taking to much, spread it out evenly throughout the day not to much at one. I think 3 10mg spread out the day if you feel you need it you will be fine.
    But also if your feeling okay maybe go less and test the waters see if you can do with less. I know it can be a long term thing but test yours don’t get stuck in a routine you may find you don’t need as much as you think

    Just my opinion

  89. I’ve been taking 40mg of valium per day for the past 5 days. I know everybodys different however an i at any rosk of being addicted right now? My plan is to stop cold turkey and havent had anything at all today. Will i experience any withdrawals from this. I’m a little shaky this morning but is this eough of a timframe to experience withdrawals if i stop. I know i’ve built up a tolerance to the drug however i understand there is a significant difference between the addiction and tolerance. Please someone lend some perspectove because i’m stressing out that it might be too late for me. Thanks in advance

  90. I have been on diazepam at 5mg only at night with carbamazepine and amitriptyzol. I have been on them for almost three months now in which i take them one daily for all except carbamazepine which I take one morning and one night. This was after my doctor diagnose me of depression and sleeplesness, panick attacks in which my heart rate changes leading to my blood pressure been almost always at 140/90 since 2014. I noticed that i usually awake suddenly around 2pm if I manage to sleep and i will notice my heart racing or pounding. This continued for a long while and when reported at the hospital i was placed only on anti-hypertensive drug which really was not helping me until i met the present doctor that is treating me. He says something may be triggerring my abnormal heart rate. this cause him to place me on these drugs including ant-hypertensive drugs namely atenolol , aldomet and lisinopril which i seem to be feeling better and now he wants to begin to withdraw thedrugs slowly. However I wanted to know more on my own. thanks

  91. What is the Max amount of vallium when used for extreme pain to get thru laying on my back for a hip MRI. My dr. Told me to take 3 before the test because I could not do it with only my tramadol for pain last week. I tested it and two had no effect on me. Today I tried 3 and saw no affect on me.

  92. Just wondering I know somebody that was prescribed 2mg of Valium for a once a day use for side effects that she was experiencing from weening off pristiq a anti depressant she was only ment to take one a day but she was having 3-4 a day but then on the last day she was taking 3 and then panadine fort is this bad or overdosing or am I being to cautious?

  93. Benzodiazepines are very dangerous. I was prescribed by my doctor and now am getting tapered off, serious withdrawals. Be advised that you. An not take a benzo forever as you will become dependant.

  94. I have been on Valium for 40 years. When I get anxious I take 70mg with a slug of scotch and it has hardly any effect on me.ihave agarophobia and now have to look after my wife and going to the store is shear hell. Also worry about getting a dui. Have tries SSRI,s but they don,t work. I am writing this at 4am after taking 8 Valium 10mg and baileys liqueur and feel nothing. Please help

  95. I am supposed to switch from ativan to valium, but I’m too afraid to make the step. Anyone help? 6mg ativan to 10mg valium daily.

  96. I need to find a doctor as quick as possible I had a heart attack in June 11 th 2014 and I’ve always been high strung wth tons of anxiety and I own and run a Paving and sealcoating business I have tons of anxiety to the point where I start sweating and I have psoriasis and terrible rumatoid arthritis all over my body my parents work with me every day and they keep telling me to go see a doctor because I’ve gotten so bad lately I’m not sleeping but I do not have sleep apnea it’s been abiut 5 to 7:years since I veas in xanex and it worked well I started in 1 mg tablets taken 2 in the morning after breakfast and 2 after lunch and 2 to 3 after dinner before I went to bed it worked wonderfully my doctor retired and now I’m in the worse position I’ve been in and I’m only 37 I own and operate Ruple Paving and sealcoating Inc do I hope there is a doctor who can help me because I love my job and I work 7 days a week and my anxiety and me being so high strung and dressed out my parents are screaming at me to get help and ion too of sll thst my psoriasis and rumatoid arthritis has just gotten much worse I used to be in pain meds for that but ibtiik myself off of them about s couple of years ago I don’t want pain meds but i need a kp immediately so someone out there please help me my problems are majorly effecting my work someone vpleas get me out of this living hell thank you so please help as soon as you can remember I work 7 daysca week an I usually wake up at 5 am and eirkbtik 6pm everyfsyvi just don’t want to die atc37 when medication could save my life thank you so much for listening because I don’t want to die atc37 and I want to love to go to work again. Thank you for your time and I pray to God someone will chekp me soon because Im miserable

  97. 10 mg of valium last night to sleep. I slept for 6 hours woke up in the middle of the night and after a few minutes went back to sleep till 6 am. That has been the best sleep i have had lately since I will be having a root canal this coming monday. I did have some wine seemed to have no effect either way. I have heard it is best not to drink alcohol while taking valium.
    My dentist informed me not to take any sedation drugs beforehand since they will be providing a sedation drug of their own.
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  98. I have about 45 mg Valium. I also have a plethora of medications for congestive heart failure or please tell me the combination of these medications that is lethal

  99. Hi I’ve been on about 20 mg of diazepam for the last 3 week for alcohol withdrawal. Will I get addicted to diazepam if I continue?

  100. If I’ve been on 3 bars of xanax daily for over a year. 2mgs 3xs a day . what would be a suitable dose of Valium to switch over. To many negative consequences to taking xanax. Thank you

  101. I have cut down from 50mg per day to 10mg per week, how will I know I am at a safe level to consider I’m not addicted anymore? Thanks in advance for the advice

  102. Whats the reccomended dose for concious sedation at dentist please i dont think 5mg will help me fall asleep very scared nervous and anxious patient worried something bad gonna happen to me they need to take my upper left wisdom tooth out oh my im so scared

  103. Hello! On Friday, I took my dose of Valium 10mg for anxiety and tension (muscle spams), and had a reunion with the family and dranked 3 beers. How can this affect me? I know it is not supposed to be taken with alcohol obviously, but can that amount of beer and Valium do something bad to me? Thank you!

  104. I have never taken medication for mental issues before . And this valum does nothin. I have taken anywhere frm 10 to 60 mg a night and nothing just a placebo. whats goin on? I am reading a lot about same issues

  105. Can taking 2mg diazepam long term cause dementia. I have taken one a night, not every night for years, but, sometimes going one week without.

  106. Last night I smoked a lot of cannabis and remember taking 4 tablets of diazepam 10mg. This morning I woke up and all 10 diazepam 10mg where gone. I can’t remember taking so many and I feel like I have a blackout can’t remember goin to bed.

  107. Hi I been taken 5mg for the last week I only take at night my doctor said 2 a night I don’t feel it working so I take about 100mg it works I feel I might get addiction witch I have no trouble stoping…but question I ask does it do damage to my liver or brain??

  108. I’m in agony with sciatica. In bed can’t barely move. In the past diazapam has sorted it. I’ve taken 15mg over last 2 hrs. Slight improvement. I don’t want to od. How much can I take. The pain is unbareable thanks

  109. I have friends who take just one 2mg diazepam most night to sleep because of insomnia.
    i have recently read that these tablets can cause dementia. Is this true?

  110. My Dr has me on 10 mgs of Valium 4 time’s a day I’ve been on this like 10 year’s just recently he gave me xanex. 5 mgs as need for panic attack can I safely take one or extra 10 mg Valium instead

  111. Hi.. I’ve been taking 2 10mg of valium now for about 2 years and have recently changed my doctor.. He couldn’t understand how I was prescribed so much(they were prescribed by my physciatrist) can’t spell that,,,sorry,,,and basically he’s weaning me off it as of today.. I take it for sleep and quite bad anxiety plus I have stopped drinking booze now for almost 2 years and the diazepam us definitely helping on that front also,,but alls he can see is….OH MY GOD,THAT’S AN AWFUL LOT TO BE ON,WE MUST GET YOU OFF it,and i ended up shouting at him today asking him if he’s actually looked at my records or indeed are you listening to anything that I am telling you..( very annoyed) I am also on quetiapine 600mg daily,lamotrigine 200mg daily,40mg fluoxetine daily,and there all to keep me chilled..Why are they so hung up about valium…..when it’s quite obvious I’ve got problems with the other stuff I’m prescribed.. Thanks for reading….. Chow….

  112. My son of 27 is taking 6 valium a night also drinking alchol and also think he is taking other drugs eg cocaine he is possibly going to lose his job as he cant get his head of the pillow on a morning his girlfriend is scared in case he doesnt wake up one day this weekend he started projectil vomiting complaining of heart burn and looked awful we are worried sick about hom his sister saw him last night and she said he was vomiting and looked white as a sheet his dad and his grandad both had triple heart bypasses and i have told him he needs to get checked out with his heart both of them have died a couple of years ago we dont know what to do he wont listen or talk to anyone he told his girlfriend that he does need help but hes scared what people would think we tryed to tell him that we think no differently towards him we just want to help him what can we do

  113. This may sound naive, but I’ve been reading so many stories about withdrawal and weaning that I am concerned. I have taken 5mg to 10mg of valium a day for just 8-9 days (for general anxiety/sleep issues). Can I just stop now without withdrawal? Or must I wean?

  114. I get 120 tablets per month, 40mg per day for my agoraphobia, but most of the time it doesn’t touch it. I end up buying another 260mg per day to keep it half way under control. I’ve tried every benzo in existence with pretty much the same results. I don’t understand why I have such a high tolerance to everything. Even when I first started the 40mg per day it did almost nothing to calm my attacks.

    I consulted with my last doctor and he cut me off, saying I was just a junkie. That ended with his nose being broke. I hate having take much as I do just to half ass function. I’d rather be a normal person not needing anything.

    Also, he knows why my tolerance is naturally high. My mom was knocked up at 15 by my pos pedo dad at the age of 32. Both were hooked on heroin, and both abused benzos as well. On top of being born hooked on both, I was also born premature with a 0.5% chance of surviving. I was expected to die within days from the withdrawals alone, but unfortunately I survived leading to a lifetime of depression and an insatiable lust for opiates. Benzos not so much, but after I took them in sufficient quantities I felt half way human. The opiates also made me feel like a human killing my severe depression.

    Today I only take my Methadone because it deals with my depression better than anything. I would take benzos as well, but mixing the two is deadly.

    I wish there was a non narcotic medication to cure me. I’ve tried every anti-depressant on the market with sever reactions. Every one I tried ended with me in the nut house for trying to kill myself. The way I see it, I’m a broken worthless human. The best I can do Is take my Methadone even if I don’t want to be on it.

    I wish someone had the answer to fix me. I hate being a broken piece of shit.

    1. Hi Drew,
      You are perfect just as you are. I hope you find love for yourself and gentleness. Your poor heart, the amount you have been through, no human should have to experience. Everyone here seems to need to remember this somehow. Just know it’s not personal and you are inherently good. Keep choosing That. Bless you wherever you are.

  115. I have taken 21 mg of diazepam since last night I suffer from terrible anxiety and it has come back hard I’m in such a state I want another 5 mg will it be safe I’m sweating feel sick the lot I saw doctor last night who prescribed diazepam and citilopram I was on them before but he baby stopped taking them now the anxcity is back terrible just want to be normal again x

  116. I am currently going thru a rapid suboxone detox. And am in complete agony. My doctor has given me Valium to help but only enough for two 5mg tabs per day. That dose doesn’t work at all so I’ve been taking 30 mg up to three times a day just to get some sleep. Is this OK? Plz help

  117. I have administered many sleeping pills(7-8) many times and 40 tabs(2 mg.) once. i am 24 years old boy. However, neither I am addicted to it nor do I take any now. What effects it could do on my brain and mental health? Please reply.

  118. I was drinking wine last night and i think i took too many valiums. All i know is that my heart doesn’t feel right and i keep going from hot to cold like chills. Is that a symptom of taking too many valiums. I was drinking n didnt even know i took them but my bottle looks like it has about maybe 30 pills left it was 60 they are 5mg

  119. I take 56 10 mill tabs at once, I only do it all one a month. I suffer sever anxiety my docs won’t proscribed me owlt, I’ve been suffering for 10 yes with anxiety, it’s only this last 4 yr it’s become unbearable, am 6,2 and 20 stone, I used to abuse benzos. When young. But I find take that does at once stops my anxiety for a month. I don’t want to be taking 10mil 4 times a day, which will only get mean addiction, so are safe if u take it properly. I don’t advise anyone to do.what I do. Just wanted to share ambit of my story. Stay safe every one

  120. Sorry to bother everyone but Im kinda going thru some major stress and I took four valiums (10mg each), I never did that before, actually I never took any kind of pills really before either. Does anyone anything? I would appreciate any input at this time Im kinda messed up right now, but I really don’t wanna wake up dead, ,not my intentions I highly doubt it but hopefully someone can confirm it for me. Im 44 years old. Again sorry to bother, ths is the first time ive ee asked somethingon a forum like this
    thanks Tommy

  121. im 300 lbs and was prescribed 10mg valiums after back surgery…. im currently on oxycodone 15 mg but take 2 at a time with those…. is one valium going to do anything for me being that im so big…. im 6’5 300lbs

  122. Over takin your 10mg, valium, in prescribed, 3x daily, if takin more and more, then prescribed, can it cause more anxiety?

  123. I am prescribed 10 mg oxycodone 3 times a day also 5 mg diazepam 3 times a day want to know if this is safe I am not a pill abuser take as prescribed just can’t get straight answer

  124. hello my doctor prescribed me tylenol 3’s and Valium… because I have been having abdominal pain and I have not been able to sleep…I wanted to know if it’s okay to take both of these at the same time before I go to sleep… because my body hurts so thats why I cannot sleep…

  125. Hi I have taken valium for over 30 years now. One time a doctor took me of them cold turkey. Omg it nearly killed me it was horrific for 5months I had to go back on them again I felt I had failed I am 58now memory poor it’s horrific. I’m

  126. I just want to know if it is safe to take 40 mg of fluoxetine with 10 mg of diazepam twice a day my doc don’t care and refered me to a doc that deals with this stuff but don’t have an appointment yet and I am almost up to a month on fluoxetine but have panic attack flare ups and 5 mg don’t do nothing any more I have been off and on all this 3 times over the past five years! Please just let me know if it is safe!!

    1. Hi Rebecca. You can call your pharmacist or go to the local pharmacy to discuss your medications and dosage. You don’t have to wait until you see the other doctor to have all your questions answered.

  127. My mom just started taking valium recently for back pains she only take 5 milligrams but she also drinks beer throughout the day she says she only drinks a small amount it’s just still a possibility that she could overdose she doesn’t think she can because of such a low dose

    1. Hi Crystal. She may never overdose, but mixing Valium and alcohol has many other side effects on the body, which is why it’s not recommended. Also, she can check with her doctor about the amount of occasional drinks she can have while on Valium.

  128. Hi there, I’m a healthy individual who has been using thc (smoking weed) since more than 15 years, especially every evening in order to sleep better. I now find myself out of stock for a while and taking 2,5 mg of valium before going to bed to avoid the very agitated and full of nightmares nights I normally experience without my beloved good night joint. It works great but I m loosing appetite now after a week of assumption and maybe also enthusiasm. Should I stop and face my nightmares or can go on for another week? Thanks!

    1. Hello, Alice. Have you talk with a professional about your nightmares? I think you could, so the therapist will prescribe the right medications for you.

    1. Hello, John. I’m really sorry for your loss. I hope our readers will see the danger of overusing Valium. Once again, I’m really sorry, John.

  129. Pauline.

    My humble experience would lead me to believe you may have a nice nap if you just munched all that and then 8 more diazepams. Im guessing the 8 extra were not prescribed though, so why not just get some diamorphine to add to your collection? Joke! Seriously it sounds like you have issues like many of us so see a doc and allways get a second opinion.

    Good lluck!

  130. Yvonne,

    Yes its safe in the short term. But soon you become tolernt to that dose and require more. Then if and when you decide you dont to be a slave to valium anymore and try to stop, you will have terrible withdrawals that can a. kill you (from seazures) and b. are simply aweful (worse than heroin imo).
    So if the anxiety is so bad, then go for it as everything has its place, but if you can find another way to combat anxiety like excercise. Id choose the latter.

    1. Hello Yvonne. What does your doctor think about it? There is no harm taking half a pill only if it’s recommended by a doctor.

  131. I’m on several meds such as amisulpride.. citalopram.. diazepam.. Losartan. ..amlodopine..omeprazole..ranitadine. naproxine..and feeling really low took another 8 diazepam pills on top of meds.. what will happen ?

  132. Hi i was given 5mg diazapam by my doc & 20 mg citolopram to be taken once a day for ptsd & severe anxiety i picked up 10 years ago in the army & now something has triggered it at work in a office. The 5mg diazepam is very chilling at night to watch a few films without having a panic attack. Im a strong person & dont want to become dependent. I hope no one drinks alcohol whilst taking diazepam it will send you insane make you violent & will get you a criminal record seen it to many times.

  133. I take 10 mgs of Valium every 4 hour’s 40 a day and have been for a long time but I’m experincing a panic attack can I take another one

  134. Just curious I suffer from anxiety, I am prescribed two, 2 milligram alprozolam a day and I have Valium 10 mil. The most I’ve ever ver taken with my alprozolam is 70 mil and honestly I barely could tell I took any. I know ones body adapts to meds but is that to much?

    1. Hello Michelle. Your body needs time to adopt medication, and that time is different for each person. I suggest you wait for a while, and see what happen.

  135. Had a bottle of wine last night it is now 8 o’clock pm next day had hangover all day .Will it be safe to take a diazapam now I suffer from panic attacks but don’t drink often due to anxiety.

  136. Hi I am a long term anxiety sufferer and I haven’t really been medicated, I’m not looking for judgement, I smoke marijuana at night time to sleep and for the last week I have Been an anxious mess but I’m showing all the signs of diazepam withdrawals. My best friend helps me and gives me two to three 5mg every like 6 months but the last two I took within two weeks am I coming off it? How can I get help I’m going to kill myself if I have to live through another day like this

    1. Hi Kat. That’s not what we are saying at all. Too much medication may not cause an overdose, but it can take it’s toll on your organs. Plus, Valium can impair your balance, judgment, and alertness, so your risk of accidents is also increased.

  137. I’ve been on 20 mg diazepam for two weeks. I have just been prescribed 150 mg of Welbutrin a day plus colodine as needed for anxiety. Since I’ve only been on the diazepam for two weeks can I safely stop taking it now.

  138. I’ve been on 20mg of diazepam for just two weeks. I’ve just been prescribed 150 mg of extended real ease Welbutrin. I want to stop the diazepam imediaty and just take the Welbutrin. They also gave me coloring for anxiety as needed. Can I safely stop taking the dizapam since I took it for just two weeks. And go ahead with the Welbutrin ? Thanks

  139. I’m having oral surgery with local only. I plan to take 4mg ativan, 10 mg valium and 350 mg soma and vicodin. Is this a dangerous combination

    1. HI Pat. It’s best to ask your doctor what you should take before the surgery and after to help relieve the pain along with the anaesthesia.

  140. I have read through the fine print, but just want to be sure. If i have taken 10 10mg valium, i am on antidepressants. But i will be fine

  141. Hi, I have been taking 9, 10mg of Valium, for quite a few years. I have a prescription, for 3 a day, but it don’t work like it used to. That’s why I kept taking more & more. I was also taking 2mg of klonopin ( spelt wrong, I know) and even with those, I was taking 7 @ a time and felt no difference! What should I do?

  142. I had a stroke 2.5 years ago and they tried all kinds of anti nausea medications to try and get my constant dizziness under control. They finally tried diazepam and it worked. I was able to return to work without constantly being sick. I have been taking half of a 5mg tablet at bedtime each night since. At this level would a person be considered an addict and would there be long term damage from use.

  143. I’ve been taking 2mg diazepam 1-3 times a day for two years for treatment of vertigo. The vertigo has improved and am now withdrawing. I didn’t wean and felt ok for the first two weeks and a now having symptoms, anxiety, muscle pain, tinging in hands and feet. Am I considered a “long term” user? Can I fully recover from these withdrawal symptoms? I’ve read a bit about this and I’m scare that I will have trouble for a long time. Thank you.

  144. Ive been prescribed 5mg for severe anxiety but its making me restless i cant kp still and im not sleeping, can i take another 5mg? Help

  145. I just had a quick question, how many mg diazapam is safe to take within a week? I have a muscle disorder and anxiety so I have been prescribed 10mg every 8 hours as needed. I dont want to take it that often but how many mg can i have in 48 hours without becoming addicted?

  146. I have been prescribed valium and Norco due to a car accident tomorrow I have a chiropractic appointment they have not been able to get my spine back into place and the value of as being prescribed as a muscle relaxer and an anxiety medication for me will it hurt me to take extra valium to try to loosen my muscles so they can put me back into place, I don’t mean an extreme amount but I’m considering taking two extra before I leave because I cannot handle the pain of my spine and my hip being out of place

  147. I don’t have to take diazepam at all during the day , I only take one during the night. Am I considered addicted to it . pls enlighten me so that I can stop it completely if I don’t need it at all , thank you !

  148. Hi there–i just got off cymbalta and having brain zaps along with my normal anxiety attacks seemingly escalated. my valium has been helpful in the anxiety but what used to take 2.5 mg is now taking 15-20 mg. im not sure if my tolerance could have gone up if i only use it about three times a week at MOST, but thats all i can come up with. could this be partially from quitting the cymbalta? or are my attacks getting worse? or is this just a tolerance issue?

  149. Hi I’m shobha if valium5 taken at a stretch in no 50 to 60 what should we do for safe of my friend has tried but now he is safe

    1. Hi Amy. It’s not recommended and can be very unsafe if you also take other drugs, medications or alcohol. Please only take Valium as prescribed by your doctor.

  150. Love the vals 20 years average 25 mgs a day makes me eat relax stop alcohol . I have at most devouered 200 mgs in a time it was ok . Have also eaten 20 nitrazipam 20 panaforta .drank 200 mls methadone my first time .5 blockys of xanax .300mgs oxasipam .I wont go on exept love dex and rits.

  151. Hi there I have fractured a vertibrie in my neck and have to wear a hard neck brace for at least 3 months I am on 5ml of morphine plus one 10mg of dissipation every 4 hours as I get severe shooting pains from my neck to the top of my head frequently is this dosage ok

  152. Can I take 30 milligrams of Valium to have a closed MRI. I am highly claustrophobic and need to take 20 milligrams for an open MRI. I need cervical surgery and have to have a closed MRI my doctor said it is okay, but I want to make sure it’s safe. I was told to take one an hour before the test and two a few minutes before the test each being 10 milligrams totaling 30.

  153. Hi everyone. I just had a loss in my family and I just took 10 10 mg of Valium. Will it relax me enough to get all this to calm me down. It was my 1st cousin whom I was very close. He died of lung cancer at age 36, I know way too young that’s what gets to me. Any info would be so much appreciated…

    1. Hello Jason. The recommended daily dose of Valium is 4 to 40 mg throughout the day. If you took 10 x 10mg of Valium that’s way above the recommended safe dose, especially if you are not prescribed or don’t regularly take Valium. Please have someone take you to the hospital to be examined and monitored by medical professionals.

    1. Hi Grahan. I’d suggest you take her to the hospital immediately if she took any other medications or drugs, or drank alcohol with the pills. I’d still recommend that a doctor should see her even if she only took the Valium, especially if she has any medical conditions. I believe she will be ok since overdosing on Valium only is difficult, but keep an eye on her just in case she reacts adversely to the medication.

  154. I take 10mg valium sometimes daily. Sometimmes i skip it altogether. I don’t take orher drugs with it. Sometimes i don’t take for days. Is this way harmful in any way. Does it affect other organs in thee body.

  155. Question for all and to whom that can help me with an answer: today I did something that prolly wasn’t the smartest thing I’ve ever done…A.friend of mine came to my house yesterday and I was verry tired so he gave me a few aderal 10mg and said this will wake u up and help u stay focused on things u need to do today..well before u know it he was pushing them on me threw out the night next thing I know it’s 7:30 the next morning and I had a lot of things to do threw out the day and decided not to even bother laying down to go to sleep and waist the he just kept giving me pill after pill after pill to keep me going threw the day so all in all I’ve prolly taken 100mg or over a100 mg. Actually I’m sure it was over a 100mg of aderal threw out the last 24 hrs..10pm at night comes and I know I gotta get to bed so I took 8mgs of valium to help me come down and be able to crash..I don’t have a tolerance for benzodiazepines and never take them..I’m worried I might of over done myself and was woundering if I was at any risk of any sort of overdose…..

  156. I have been prescribed Valium 10mg and he gave me 3. Its for a MRI I have to have and I’m severely claustrophobic. Is it OK to take all 3 of them for my MRI?

    1. Hello Ann. It’s best to call your doctor or ask a pharmacist how you should take the Valium. I cannot dictate the time span between each dose, but I know for sure it shouldn’t be all 3 at once.

  157. I was prescribed Valium 5mg. I am afraid to take them. Yet I was told by my doctor that with medicine will help me with my anxiety.

  158. Is it OK for my grandson to have 5 mgs or 10 mgs of Valium for one night.he just can’t sleep,his schedule is all upside down He just need one good night of sleep.

  159. I’m 77 female going through very bad nerves. Jitters stress. I usually take 10 mg a day and keeps me good. But for for a few days could I take 3o mgs till I calm down. Please. I am so nervous and jittery. Plus I have no friends and my only buddy my cat is dying. Please heop

    1. Hello Patricia. It is possible that your organism is becoming tolerant to the medication, so Valium cannot produce the same effects as it used to. I’d advise you to speak with your prescribing doctor. He may change you to another medication that will work better for you or just adjust your doses. If you keep taking more without being prescribed, you will run out before your next prescription and Valuim withdrawal is not pleasant at all.

  160. Hi . My doctor prescribed me Ativan for Anxiety I was on it for 7 weeks .I ended in the e.r. with shortness of breath and faintness . the e.r doc .put me on a tapering dose of Valium over 15 days .I am now down too 5 m.g. a day which I am splitting up . I am an addict and quit drinking 6 yes ago quit pot .don’t want too get addicted too another drug .what do you think? I have been calling friends in N.A. too stay on top of this

  161. I take 5 mg of valium, but don’t know how many hours apart I should take it. It say to take 2-3 each day, but like I said, it don’t tell me how many hours apart I should take them. Please get back to me as soon as you can. Thank you.

    1. Hi Edward. If you need to take the medication 2 times a day, then you will take them every 12 hours. If it’s 3 pills a day that work for you, take them every 8 hours. Keep in mind that the use of Valium for more than 2-4 weeks is not recommended although doctors tend to keep prescribing.

  162. ive just started taking an antidepressant for severe anxiety and panic attacks the doctor has prescribed me Valium 5mg three times a day to Kalm me for the time being but I’m finding its relaxing me for couple hours and wears off would anything happen if I take
    more in a day because once it wears off my symptoms reappear straight away and its to long of a day and night to stay and feel the way I feel it’s unbearable
    My question is if I took it more then 3 times a day will it do anything to me

  163. Hi my partner had been prescribed 2mg diazepam for anxiety pranic attacks, she is meant take 2 tablets four times a day but she has taken 8tablets 2mg in the space of 1hour and now is and I are both worried please give advise? Thanks you

    1. Hi Ryan. She’s lucky to have such a caring and concerned boyfriend. Call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center. It’s a free helpline where you can talk to a poison expert, who will assess her risk of overdose and instruct you on what you should do next to help her.

  164. Anyone who takes diazapam for a “BUZZ” are pathetic, im prescribed them and get the 10mg highest dose tablets for my illness,,,i suffer panic attacks,sleep for less than 3 hours a day and also use propanol and mirtrazipine 45mg a day,,,without these im suicidal and im a mess,,

  165. Is 2.5 to 5mg of Valium per day, three days per week, enough to develop a dependency? I am a long time 24/7 depression sufferer who has tried all the talk and drug therapies for depression, and nothing works. Valium does help me relax a little and / or fall asleep, but I am scared of addiction.

  166. Tiday i took an entire bottle of 5mg valium plus 6 or 8 endone and seix or 8 panadeine forte plus my regular meds plexia and sliw release morphine. I feel totally normal. Not high at all. Am i going to die? I don’t want to

  167. I have been doin ga tapering dose for withdrawing from Diazepam for a few months now. I was on up to 10 mg per day a year ago but gradually reduced to 2mg a few months ago. Since dropping the final half a milligram a week ago my anxiety has escalated and I feel panicky a lot if the time. I wonder if it’s possible to feel like this even after a gradual withdrawal from a relatively small dose? I have always been sensitive to most drugs I have had to take over the years. Any help or advice would be much appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Phillipa. Yes, it is possible. Gradual taper lowers the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, but does not, however, stop them completely. I’d suggest you talk to your doctor about your anxiety and see if he can suggest a natural and better way to handle your issue.

  168. Hi my partner is detoxing after being a chronic alcoholic which in the end started causing seizures. At the moment he takes generally 20x 5mg tablets a day plus a sleeping tablet at night amd somerhing he puts under his tongue in the morning that dissolves…. I worried its addiction after addiction….. his doctor precribed him the pills but im not sure of its safe or its what he needs to stop seizures?
    Desperate to know the answer please. Thank you.

  169. Once i took 30 mg of diazepam(valium), after about one or two hours later i took 20 more, (50mg total), then (stupidly) i took another 20 mg, and 100 mg of tramadol(a weak opioid wich is an analgesic, but also inhibits noradrenaline and noerphedrine i think) after a couple of (minutes i guess, i lost memoryof that timelapse i know what i took caus i counted the pills and noticed how many were missing) i took 150 more mg of tramadol aaand 20 more of valium…. All i remember was the junkie itches opiates give you, and tremors, stumbling into walls and crashing in the livingroom, yes it is dangerous, but i was lucky i guess to not have had a stroke or something, just an experience and maybe helpful info…I have a bit of tolerance probably, but sometimes i’ve taken up to 40 mg in one dose and get pretty fucked up, but regularly im a healthy eater, i exercise and i use drugs only recreationally, yes its risky but like i said im pretty healthy overall, and i know what foods not to take and stuff, except for that time with the tramadol… Sucked

    1. Hi Lol. How are you feeling? I suggest you should call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center for an over the phone assessment of the risk of overdose and injury.

  170. I took 300 MG’s of ambien and 180 mg of Valium and Snorted 8 Valium’s and 6 tramadol.. Am I going to be okay?

    1. Hi Jaxx. You can Call the Poison Control Center on the number 1-800-222-1222 and talk to poison experts about the risks you may be facing and what you can do to avoid overdose or organ damage.

    1. Hi Julie. Valium and Xanax are both benzodiazepines, mainly used to treat anxiety and panic disorders. The generic name of Xanax is alprazolam, and Valium’s is actually diazepam. Valium also has a considerably longer half-life than Xanax. Both drugs work by enhancing the effect of the neurotransmitter GABA in the brain. Both are unsafe for pregnant women…but besides the similarities, these medications are not the same.

  171. …But only at a low dose. At the highest dose I mixed 3 panadiene forte and 15 miligrams of Valium. I thought this was a little too much becaucse I slept very heavy for more than a normal length. 15 to 20 milligrams of Valium combined with 60 to 90 milligrams of codeine is survivable. But is potentially dangerous especially if you did it regularly. The thing is you will end up having a very nice high, but when you come down you will sleep heavy for a long time. The worry is if you did this regularly or took a higher dose you. Are wake up dead. I know from experience because I have done it.

  172. At the weekend I took 22 x’s 20mg diazepam over a period of 5 of 6 hours. I slept for two days and now I’m on day 4 after the weekend and I still feel a bit spaced my question is when will this pass or have I done permanent damage ?

  173. Thank you for the kind words, Mark. We’re happy to be helpful and getting such nice feedback is always motivating 🙂

  174. ive been on presctipion valium for 8 years at a high dose 80mg daily. the doctors want me to come off it but I don’t want to. what right’s do I have?

  175. Thank you for giving straight forward information. I’ve been abusing benzos lately, which i know is dangerous especially since i am a methadone patient. There needs to be more informitive sites like this one instead of random people creating hundreds after hundreds of threads full of opinion mixed with “fact”. Thnk you

  176. I Have submitted 2 cries for help with going from 6 5mg tablets daily of named brand medically necessary then to generics now have chosen to take myself to take only 2. 5mg. Tablets at bedtime now going threw pure hell feel like I am going to die problems breathing, severe headaches dizzy problems seeing out of left eye Was on this horrible drug for 19 years at a prescribed dose of taking 6. 5mg tablets daily of named brand medically necessary then had to take generic in July do to loss of benefits. I Find myself being very nasty chest pains sever leg pain causing difficulty walking believe I had my last nervous breakdown yesterday on New Years day I don’t know who I am oh lord what is happening to me is this death coming to get me HELP

  177. Hi Joe. I’d suggest that you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center for a free over the phone assessment of overdose risk. If you do face a risk, they provide guidance on what you should do next.

  178. Hi I took 35 mg of Valium around 3:00 p.m. Then drank some coffee and forgot about the valium and drank four beers. I don’t feel tired should i be ok?

  179. i drank a bottle of vodka and took 350mg of valium. I am not dead but worried about long term effects.. Will there be any? Its the next day now and imm drowsy but other than that seem ok.

  180. Hi Rose. Yes, Valium and alcohol are both CNS depressants, so it is a very possible outcome. Is he ok now?

    Andrew, it’s not recommended nor is it safe to take that much diazepam. Take them as prescribed, and that is 2 to 10 mg 2 to 4 times a day.

    Shelley, both scenarios are potentially lethal. If someone you know needs help, I’d suggest taking them to the ER or Call 911.

  181. Hi I was prescribed 2mg diazepam for my flight anxiety and have yet to use it but I am nervous that it will not be effective. On top of that I am taking multiple flights on the same day and don’t know what the best way to medicate for that would be. Would it be safe to take 2 or 3 before each flight?

  182. my partner took 5 valium at 10mg each, he also drank a loy of alcohol. he became off balance and fell over a few times. he also became a bit aggressive, very unpleasant. he cant remember any of this night, is this normal?

  183. i went on an all night drinking session, taking loads of amphetamines and too 3 Valium before bed, i had 8 house sleep and im still stumbling all over the place

  184. Hi Kelly. You should definitely NOT take them all at once. What does your doctor’s prescription say? Remember, using medications without a prescription or in any way other than prescribed is considered to be abuse.

  185. Hello Shanine. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to evaluate your risk of overdose; you need a professional medical opinion and assessment.

  186. Im 38 I have bradycardia and have taken 15mg of diasipam should i be worried as I have a high tolerance to the drug and ive been on 25 mg dose at a time since I was 5 but have not been taking that much as a adult just a littu worried

  187. Hi Paula. How are you feeling? Why don’t you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center. It’s a free call, and you can talk to a poison expert to assess your risk of overdose and instructions on what you should do next.

  188. Overdose. I took 50mg of diazepam all at once plus am on 3 floxitine anti depression pills as well should I go to the er. Don’t feel much different and I took them yesterday just very tired

  189. Hello,

    I took 5 10mg Valiums 2 days ago but still don’t feel myself – feeling very drowsy and cloudy. How long will it take for me to feel back to normal? Is there anything I can do?

    Thank you

  190. My son who is 18 went to the hospital for Detox and was injected with diclofenic 150mg and 30mg of diazapam on the next day he was oraly prescribed 30mg of benzo every 6 hrs within 24hr he got very agitated did not sleep for 18hr straight even after taking the 30mg every 6 hrhis eyes had started becoming yellow and was having slurred speech loss of memory and could not keep track of time either after xonaulting the doc ahe said thia soae is std protoxol for ditox .when I saw she would not doing anything we took a volutary discharge . He was also showing extream violent behaviur wich he was not in control and anger .I have sent him to a rehab qere they have stopped wvwrything and are giving him lots of fluids and under supervision in 24rh he has responded well as his symptoms are decresing .what I would like to know is was that dose normal he was in for heroin use for wich he is trying to quit and are efects reversible also is there any medication require that might help to relieve the symptoms

  191. I am taking valium as a tapering use from lorazepam addiction I am now totally on valium now 25mg daily ,,5mg am ,,5mg noon and 15mg at bedtime,,,it makes me extreamly sleepy …is it possible to take the 25mg at bedtime when sleeping is not a problem

  192. Hi Jessie. Doctors don’t recommend taking more than 10mg of diazepam at a time, and the daily maximum dose is 40mg. It’s not safe to drink any amount of alcohol while on diazepam. My advise would be to either quit drinking totally and ask your doctor to switch you from diazepam to some other med that will actually help you.

  193. I have bipolar, and am at the moment in a mixed state, my highs are very distressful and my doctor recommended diazepam to help me sleep. how ever I don’t seem to get enough to knock me out and I was worried about taking too much. My mother gives me three 25 mg ( I think ) plus I also drink 4 to 5 cans of beer a night which is an amazingly less amount to my prior drinking as I am also and alcoholic.
    The main point of this email is that I was wondering If i could take more a night without harm so I could sleep!!!! plus I take other medication for my bipolar but nothing settles me down!!!

  194. Hello, i have a mao inhibitor parnate 160mg a day, yes you read it correct, nobody has this dosage legal, but the 40mg diazepam is just for tension relieve of the parnate. And the so called high, is hard too get with a slow working benzo like diazepam. First i had 80mg a day, again legal, but it does little. Just file flunitrazepam(r0hypnol) did little and that’s all the max dosage. But in 1.8 % of the parnate users , it works addictive and offcourse i’m of of them, so next week they take me internal, since the rehab is especially when it comes to nightmares a sickness a real hell, but all other anti-depressivants, i never had a problem with changing dosage, just like the other mao inhibitor nardil, i i’m at the dosage of 100mg, but nothing works; not even dubblesided ect.
    But i know many diazepam addicts, and doctors describe them easily, just like temazepam, lorazepam . And there a a lot of peoples which go crazy, when they don’t use their 20/40mg temazepam for years. The nonsense of killing yourself with it, takes you when weighting 100kgs. about 90mgs, but that only counts if you never took them and are very sensible. You just wake up, feeling shitty:)… so don’t do it. A lot of famous suicides allways have been a combination of drugs and it ain’t a nice way to go. Pls don’t try it. It ain’t a fast death mostly.

  195. I am prescribed to 20mg a day 5mgx4 times a day. I have built a ridiculous tolerance to it. I told my doctor he said to give it time and call him back, I am getting the idea that he doesn’t believe me or something. I have PTSD, OCD, and severe panic disorder. I have taken over my recommended amount the last week and a half cause I can not stop panicking. I can’t even go outside to play with my son. I was wondering if I decided to lower my tolerance since apparently my doctor is not very helpful right now, if I could go back to my from 30mg I have been taken to cover the panic to 20mg again within 2 weeks. Everyone else seems to do it in smaller doses, I frankly do not have a choice. I have withdrawn before and it was insane, but that was cold turkey right after my wife passed away my ignorance lead me to believe I didn’t want to be on pills so I could just stop them abruptly. Can it be done, can you go from 30mg to 20 in 2 weeks?

  196. Hi Santana. I’d suggest that you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center for an over the phone assessment.

  197. I was given 5 times the strength of valium by a pharmacy that read the prescription wrong. I since then after not being aware of surroundings for 16 hours have been nauseated for the past 24 hoirs. Do I need to see a physician or will it wear off?

  198. Hi,
    I was taking Valium for 2 months 40mg. My prescribing doctor cut me off with on 30 10mg pills. i wasnt able to taper myself off. I am getting sever DT’s. have been drinking to get rid of the DT’s only at night because i am a mechanic and no way in hell could i drink at work. Now at work i hear and see things that arent there I am physically ill. I have been off them for a week. Today is the first day in a long time that I can remember eating well.. how much longer of this withdrawal do I have? I know I shouldnt be drinking but its the only thing that seems to help. I am aware of cross tolerance. What can I do?

  199. I take 50mg’s every night to chill out with 2 beers, I go to bed and have a good sleep. My problem now is 50mg is not chilling me out enough and I don’t want to take more… I need to wean myself off it? then restart? as I enjoy it, no it is not prescribed (just being honest)

  200. My husband takes valium for muscle pain in his arm and back. Recently i have caugjt him lying about being prescribed & i counted how many pills he had taken which was 7 within 4 hours.
    He justifys everything about it. I took them away from him and he has been angry & stressed.
    Everyday he puts pressure to give him nack his valium, and he said he is sick of me telling him what he can amd cant do and that it will only make him do it more. Im so upset and dont know how to handle this.
    We are due to have out first child and have only been married a year. Im stressed and worried for him. Please link me to more info or a helpline anything something please!!!!

  201. i’m taking 10 mg now but will be dropping 1 mg a month after my hold from crossing over from ativan. i was told 3ml for a month would reduce 1 mg. is tht true

  202. Hello my son who is 22 just returned home from a 90 day rehab. He was there for heroine addiction . Unfortunately he has mental problems and had a dual diagnosis. His doctor there had prescribed several meds one of them being Valium. He took one earlier today and one this evening. He became very sleepy and had a drunken manner and was craving sugar. Is this normal or is he having a reaction. Unfortunately it’s the weekend so we cannot contact his doctor about another med Any suggestions?

  203. Hi Alyson. I’d suggest you talk to your doctor and ask him to help you with creating a tapering schedule and following through. There is no pint in gettng rid of one addiction and starting another. Usually, people with addictive personalities have to fight their thoughts for life. But you can learn how to avoid triggers and addictive behaviors through addiction therapy.

  204. Hi,
    I came out of alcohol detox 3 wks ago and haven’t had a drink since. However I cant get off the Diazepam. I had loads in hospital detox, kept taking them when I came out (5mg) I am now up to 40mg per day and could still take more, I have an addictive personality and cant stop taking them. Doctor doesn’t know about it,

  205. I took 15 5mg of Valium combined with alcohol and cannabis on Friday and I can’t remember a thing it’s now Monday and I still don’t feel so good

  206. Hello help – Get in touch with your state Attorney General’s Office to see if there is a law in your state when you can report potential self-harm. If there is cause for concern, your father may be detained by a state mental health institution.

  207. Hello. I’m with Diazepam/Valium for 4 years, recently I’ve increased from 5-10 mg per day to 15-30. I want to know after 4 years how many I can without be dangeours for me, because sometimes, I swear to god I need to calm down and still focus in my day (I have between 6 and 7 panic attacks per day), and sometimes, I have to do a lot of effort mentally for still walking. Please, I understand you, don’t tell me ask your psychiatrist. I want this drug out of my life, but right now I have to be “right” for my family, atleast minimally, after that, psychiatrist or what you want, but now I don’t go to waste a lot of money for only ask to my psychiatrist how many is risk in my case. Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad English.

  208. Hi. My father is prescribed 10mg of valium 3 times a night due to pain. 90pills a month. hes had issues in the past with overdosing with other medications in the past so my mom kept um locked up but she left him n now every month he takes all 90 pills in a couple of days. he sleeps almost non stop during this period most of the time he is standing. he has gotten in two wrecks and injured him self many times. hes admited that he was trying to kill himself n says he wont do it again n then he does. my question is who should i call to get him help? should i call an ambulance? Or go talk to his dr. i dont wanna gey him in trouble but I’m so afraid imma wake up 1 day n me or my kids will find him dead.

  209. Hello Elle. You’ll need to consult with a physician or a pharmacist on dosing amounts and frequency and what’s right for your individual case.

  210. Hey there,
    I’m going to the dentist tomorrow and 1 hour prior of the appointment I am suppose to take, 4x5gm tabs of diazapam. Considering I’ve never taken the drug before. Is this too much?
    Thank you.

  211. Hi Diana. I’d suggest that you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center for an over the phone assessment.

  212. I took 56 10mg valium in 5 days about 10 days ago (it was prescribed 10mg every 8 hours.). The side effects I have are poor balance, extreme fatigue and forgetfulness. How long might these last?I was in recovery and relapsed.

  213. I have a medical condition which is making life intollerable. I take trazadone and pregabalin but also have valium for when things get too bad. Earlier today i took all of the vallium thinking that would end things for me. I fell into a deep sleep but eventually i woke up. I took 14 tablets at 2mg each thinking as that was a lot of tablets it would work but it didnt. Will it have caused lasting damage? There is nowhere i can turn to for help apart from the samaritans. Please help if you can.

  214. Hi I’m just wondering if I could get advice, I take 2 10mg of Valium at night for bed I am also prescribed ciprelex for anxiety I have VERY BAD anxiety in many situations, just fought cancer and so much stress. Also Dr. Gives me 30 1mg lorazepam if needed during the month.
    I’m thinking that all mixed could be dangerous but it’s prescribed to me, does anyone thing it’s unsafe? My ciprelex I take 7pm daily and 2 10mg Valium at night Nd if I’m still edgy I’ll take one lorazepam to sleep… Is this bad, please someone help, Thank you so much.

  215. My ex partner has been taking Diazepam 2mg for 6 years now, he was given them when he hit a rough patch, now he,s dependent on them. The rough patch prolongs! I understand everyone is different , some people may never suffer side effects, unlike my now ex partner, and can i add, the people who Love him. These tablets are given out like sweets, he was given these tablets along with metazapine, (spelt wrong i know)of which, thank god he never took. I believe these tablets have affected his life, we were together for 13 years, i know him inside out and the last 18 month have been the worst. He was never warned about the side effects, not everyones aware of the impact perscription drugs can have, the doctor isnt going to hand you a magic pill, he just does what he thinks best at that time, it does not mean to say its going to cure anything. No one seems to take these drugs serious, when in fact, if taken the wrong way, can be as bad as an illegal drug user. Everyone seems to be walking around in a daze because the doctors handed them a quick fix,! My ex partner very rarely corresponds with his doctor, he repeats his medication, and has a review now and then, out of sight out of mind. He convinced himself he had cancer, he went for scans, of course he didnt, then he was convinced he had a brain tumour, went for a scan, again, it was clear. We could have a conversation in detail, and the next day, it can be like we,d never discussed it.. He,s woken in the morning, and has no clue what day it is, He,s lost days of his life without even realising. He drinks socially at weekends, even though alchahol can be lethal mixed with these drugs, Just recently, the doctor decided he had epilepsy, his own diagnosis, and gave him gabapentin ..i think that is what they were called, which in fact, he didnt have epilepsy. I cant understand why his doctor cannot connect his behaviour with the effects of Diazepam. He,s had an MRI scan and he,s fine. Now he,s decided to stop taking them, from today…of which, i dont think he quite knows the effect its going to have, but iv been like a stuck record for 18 month, and the worst of it is, he probably isnt even aware of it. lol I just wanted to tell you about my experience with this drug, looking from the outside, so to speak. People should think carefully before they decide its the last resort. Try absolutely everything else first, in the long run, it may become a blessing you decided against them, Just remember, your doctor isnt a miracle worker, you should educate yourself before you put anything in your system, i know people struggle with there issues, and everyone,s different. I just think that maybe, there,s other avenues to go down.

  216. I have been taking 5mg of valium for a few months now for anxiety but feel i n
    eed to up my dose as it is not relieving my anxiety can i do this?

  217. Ive been on 40mg of vallium & 15mg of Nitrazipam everyday for over 10 years prescribed by a specialist who has since retired the dr who took his place has dropped me 30mg in just over 2 months 2mg per day drop is this a safe ammount because at the moment I feel far from safe I was taking them for anxiety,I didnt leave the house for 7 years Im clutching at straws here but is there anything I can do,because he wont agree to any kind of slowdown in the ammount he keeps dropping me Ive gone from 40mg per day to under 8mg

  218. Hi Diego. This is certainly seems like cause for concern. I’d suggest that you urge your friend to report the symptoms to his prescribing doctor and to ask some questions about dosing.

  219. Hi, my friend is taking 40 mg of diazepam, fell asleep very deeply and not recalled anything the previous day would that be considered wrong?

  220. Hello Maureen. I am very sorry to hear of your loss. Grieving is a very deep and emotional process. In lieu of Valium, you might prefer alternatives. While we are not medical professionals, I do know that our doctor recommended rosemary, linden, lavender, or chamomile teas when we were mourning for my husband’s aunt earlier this year. It’s important to grieve and allow the emotion to pass through you. But these gentle teas also calm the central nervous system in a way that is less shocking. I wish you the best.

  221. I am in a bit of a state at the moment as we lost our 54 year old son on
    the 2st of june a week ago to a ( glioa blastoma multiforma primary 4)
    i do take arapax 1 daily i have for 20 years
    but dr gave me valium to settle my nervers while this is going on
    i am taking 1x 5 ml tablet daily while i feel i need it is this ok i do not no way want to depend on it
    Thankyou for taking time to listen Maureen
    ! am 75 year old and very healthy but this has knocked me about

  222. Hi
    I entered a rehab about 11 months ago and for detox they gave me 10 mg Valium Q4h on day 1 along with Suboxone 6mg Q 12. On day 2 they gave me Valium 10 mg q6 along with Suboxone by 1pm the next day called an ambulance because I was lethargic, confused and had slurred speech. I then became nonresponsive a few hours later and stayed that way for over 36 hours.

    I was wondering if it was because of the dosing or the combination of the two drugs?? I also only weigh 103 lbs. I was never seen by a Dr before the meds were started or while I was taking them.


  223. Hello Rosemary. It sounds like your daughter is in need of an immediate intervention. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment with an addictions counselor or licensed psychologist and learn more about how you can address her drug use and get her into addiction treatment.

  224. hello i don,t know what to do or to turn to. my daughter is taking valium,and i think to much.shes also on other prescription drugs. i saw her today,and she cant hardly talk,and shes walkin as if shes half drunk,even looks it. i pleaded with her to stop taking them but its caused an aful row. i am worried sick for my daughter as she wont listen to me. rosemary kerr

  225. Hi c legg. No, there should be no long term effects of diazepam after the drug has metabolized through your system. If you didn’t react well to the medicine, you can ask for a shorter acting benzodiazepine the next time you experience a side effect.

  226. I have never taken diazapan before,but got in an extreme panic state and took 58mg.I have been seen at hospital who thought I would be ok.didnt vomit but feel a bit shaky now.took them last nite and then went to hospital this morning.will i suffer any long term effects

  227. Hello Sam. I’d suggest that you speak about effectiveness first with a pharmacist. Based on the results of that conversation, you can then approach your prescribing doctor with some idea of what might work for you. But talking with your local pharmacist can do wonders for learning more about the benefits and risks of increasing doses of diazepam.

  228. I have been prescribed 2mg Diazepam by my GP for quite severe panic attacks, however, I don’t find this particularly effective, in fact I have taken one and the panic has continued so I have taken a second. When speaking to a CB Therapist she was surprised by the low dose. Should I return to my GP for a higher dose to make this more effective? I only take as and when required, which is infrequently at the moment. I do not drink. I do take Bisoprolol fumerate for SVT. thanks

  229. Hello Arjun. Mixing Valium and alcohol isn’t a good idea and even normal doses of Valium are dangerous to take with alcohol . Valium has a relatively long half-life of 20-80 hours. I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist or your prescribing doctor to understand more about the timeframe for metabolizing Valium. But it’s probably best to wait AT LEAST 24 hours before drinking while taking Valium.

  230. Hello Bertha. Taking more than your prescribed dose of Valium is never a good idea. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor or call an emergency medical service provider immediately to seek advice.

  231. hi, I took 20, 5MG’S VALIUM and have been taking them for a few years now and thought I’d try more – is this safe?actually an after thought! Pleaadvise. Thank you.

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