How to Stop Taking Valium

Gradual dosage tapering is suggested when you want to stop taking Valium. There is a risk of inducing seizures during benzodiazepine withdrawal – one of the reasons you should always seek medical attention when you want to stop taking Valium. More here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: The safest way to stop taking Valium is by gradually reducing daily dose under medical supervision. Withdrawal can be difficult to overcome and may require significant time for recovery.


Addiction Potential

The synthetic man-made substance diazepam is the active, main ingredient in Valium. It is a benzodiazepine medication used for many health conditions, including:

  • Treating anxiety disorders
  • Muscle spasms
  • Alcohol withdrawal
  • Treating sleep disorders
  • Seizures
  • Restless leg syndrome

Valium is classified as a Schedule IV medication by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration which means that it is less addictive and relatively safe medication, unless taken in combination with alcohol or another drug. Still, Valium has habit-forming potential.

In fact, work by NIDA-funded researchers has found out that benzodiazepines cause addiction in a way similar to that of opioids, cannabinoids, and the club drug gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB). Moreover, a research study on benzodiazepine addictive behaviors shows that up to 44% of chronic benzo users become dependent on their drug of choice.


So, how does Valium work in the body? Your body becomes used to the effect of the main ingredient in Valium – diazepam – in your brain over time. You become drug dependent. So, when you stop taking Valium, your body has to readjust. This period of adjustment is what causes physical withdrawal symptoms, and is the time period which requires monitoring by medical professionals.

To clarify, it only takes a few weeks to develop physical dependence on Valium. Once dependent, you need to go through withdrawal to get Valium out of your system. Withdrawal effects can include a number of side effects, such as:

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Body pain
  • Distortions in perception (smell, taste, sight, etc.)
  • Depression
  • Dysphoria
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Memory loss
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle spasms
  • Numbness or tingling
  • Personality changes
  • Restlessness
  • Seizures
  • Sweating
  • Tension
  • tremors

Withdrawal effects may be worse if you’ve taken Valium for the long-term management of anxiety. Still, withdrawal occurs for most people who take Valium daily for a period of a few weeks, or more. In 2015, the medical journal, BMC Psychiatry published an article that reported: even if you’ve only taken a benzodiazepine at low doses, and as prescribed… you may still experience very difficult withdrawal symptoms.

Can I Just Quit?

No, it’s never suggested that people quit Valium without medical supervision.

In fact, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t abruptly stop Valium. Valium causes strong withdrawal symptoms, which make it hard to quit. It’s easy to go back to taking Valium when it makes you feel better! And because Valium’s duration of action is so short (4-6 hours), regular dosing is very tempting.

Plus, some Valium withdrawal symptoms are dangerous and can cause serious injury. Additionally, if you are addicted to Valium, just stopping Valium probably won’t be successful – you need to address the underlying issues first. For these reasons, many people will find it difficult to quit taking Valium.

If you are experiencing a serious side effect with Valium, you or your doctor may send a report to the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) MedWatch Adverse Event Reporting program online or by phone (1-800-332-1088).

Stopping Abruptly

It’s not a good idea to quit Valium suddenly. Doctors always recommend that you gradually reduce your Valium dose over a period of weeks to help avoid dangerous or bothersome withdrawal effects. Plus, stopping Valium suddenly can easily result in a relapse due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms, especially after long-term use.

You may be able to quit Valium cold turkey if you’ve only used it for a very short time. However, if you’ve taken Valium for more than a few weeks and developed a dependence, quitting cold-turkey is actually dangerous due to the severity of potential withdrawal effects. Always ask your doctor for guidance if you’re planning to quit taking any medication.

Medical Detox

Step 1: Assessment.

When you arrive in a medical detox, you should be greeted by staff. Then, expect to discuss your case with clinicians so they can plan the services that you need during the detox. During this time, you’ll complete all necessary paperwork. Keep in mind that you may be asked to give a blood or urine sample for a drug test, go through a psychological evaluation, as well as physical examination. Detox staff should also take a full medical and family history. Finally, if medications can be prescribed to address withdrawal symptoms, nurses will seek prescriptions from a supervised physician.

Step 2: Tapering.

Tapering protocols sets the pace of Valium dosage reduction. This schedule is completed according to doctor’s orders. It is suggested you get familiar with Valium withdrawal symptoms by time so you know what symptoms to expect when. During the first days, you will be monitored 24-7. Report symptoms to clinic staff as they occur. And, seek emotional support when needed.

Step 3: Transition to Continued Care.

If you’re struggling with Valium addiction, a rehab program may be suggested. In fact, medical detox can begin a life of complete freedom from drug use. But if you want to prevent relapse, you need to learn how to live drug-free. Still, you’ll need to want to enroll into rehab yourself and see the benefit of what you can gain, because no one can force you to continue with addiction treatment.


The safest way to manage Valium withdrawal is follow a medically supervised taper, gradually decreasing amounts of diazepam over time. This helps to relieve withdrawal symptoms and prevent the development of seizures. Most other types of benzodiazepine dependence are treated using Valium; the short-acting benzos are placed with a long-acting one.

‘The first step in benzodiazepine withdrawal management is to stabilise the patient on an appropriate dose of diazepam.’ –World Health Organization

So, how can you treat Valium withdrawal? Aside from the tapering schedule, the most commonly prescribed medications include:

  1. A short half-life benzodiazepine(s).
  2. Phenytoin or barbiturates to control seizures.
  3. Propranolol to control tremors and heart rhythm, and to prevent migraines.
  4. Medications to manage psychosis (chlorpromazine hydrochloride, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, or haloperidol).

Home Detox

It is possible to detox from Valium at home, but it’s not recommended. Medical detox clinics offer around-the-clock supervision, and doctors will prescribed medications that can ease withdrawal symptoms. Also, you’ll have psychological as well as emotional support to prevent relapse.

Moreover, home detox can be risky. You may want to use Valium again to stop the withdrawal. To prevent this risk, make sure that you have support around you. Ask for medical help when needed. Keep in mind that slowly reducing the daily dose over a course of several weeks or months can help reduce the severity of a detox. Always consult with your doctor to plan your tapering schedule and to seek supervision.

Tapering Guidelines

Need guidance to taper safely? The Ashton Manual (Simple withdrawal from diazepam (Valium) 40mg daily Schedule 2) provides a simple tapering schedule for Valium following these instructions:

  1. Reduce the daily dose by 2 mg.
  2. First, you lower the morning dose by 2 mg.
  3. Then, you lower the night dose by 2 mg.
  4. Each interval should last 1-2 week.
  5. When you get down to a dose of 5mg daily, you could begin to decrease in 0.5mg doses, but most people manage with 1mg reductions.

How to stop taking Valium safely

The best way to stop taking Valium is by gradually reducing your dose over the period of weeks or months. In general, you should not taper any kind of benzodiazepine more rapidly than by 10% every three to five days, or 25% per week. Additionally, you should be evaluated daily the first week or as your condition condition indicates. Nonetheless, you must get an appropriate dosing schedule for stopping Valium by talking to your doctor.

The safest way to stop taking Valium is by consulting a doctor and following his or her instructions. You may also need to speak to a counselor or mental health professional to cope with an addiction, if your psychological dependence is keeping you from quitting.

Do I Have a Problem?

If you think you’ve got a problem…you probably do.

The first thing to do is to be honest about your medication use. Then, answer the following questions:

  • Do you get ‘high’ from Valium?
  • Are you using Valium to avoid emotional or mental problems?
  • Do you continue to use Valium despite harm to health, social, school, or work life?
  • Do you increase your daily doses without a doctor’s OK?
  • Do you think about Valium all the time?
  • Do you have urges to use Valium?
  • Do you buy Valium from various sources (doctor’s shopping, Internet, on the streets)?
  • Is it difficult to hide your use?

Where To Find Help?

If you answered one or more of the questions above with a, ‘YES’, maybe its time to consult with a professional who can confirm your condition. Doctors and professionals typically use NIDA approved drug use screening tools to assess your level of drug addiction. Who can you ask for help? Medical professionals who help diagnose substance abuse disorders include:

  1. Licensed Clinical Psychologists
  2. Medical Doctors (who specialize in addiction)
  3. Addiction rehabs
  4. Licensed psychiatrists
  5. Medical detox clinics
  6. Pharmacists

People who admit their problem are one step closer walking the road to recovery.

STEP 1: Get out of denial. Accept the fact that you have a problem with Valium. That’s the first step towards recovery. Acknowledge your physical and emotional issues, so you can seek and accept help. Only you can turn the page and create to a better life.

STEP 2: Find something that motivates you to quit. Once you admit that you have a problem, it’s time to identify your personal motivation to quit. Make a list of all the PROs and CONs, like they do in SMART Recovery. This way, you can lay everything out on the table before you make a decision to really quit.

STEP 3: Ask for help. It can be hard to quit Valium on your own, so don’t waste any of your time. Drug dependence and addiction are medical conditions, not a moral issue. There are many medically trained people who can help you. Call us, if you like. Or seek help from your prescribing doctor or a nearby detox clinic.

STEP 4: Attend rehab, if necessary. If you are diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder, a stay in addiction rehab may uncover WHY you start using Valium, and will learn you how to live without it. When you are searching for the best rehab for you, you will need to decide between two choices: inpatient or outpatient program. Valium addiction can be addresses at either an inpatient or outpatient treatment program.

Inpatient rehab is usually recommended for individuals whose addiction is too severe to handle by themselves. This program provides 24/7 medical supervision. Patients live at the facility without any life distractions. The most common services included in inpatient rehabs are:

  • Individual therapy.
  • Group therapy.
  • Educational classes about addiction and the brain.

Outpatient rehab offers similar programs, but patients often don’t have severe cases of addiction and can handle living in their homes. This program don’t offer 24/7 monitoring, but works on a schedule with few hours several days per week. During this time, patients consult with an addiction professional to follow up their improvement.


Interested in quitting Valium (diazepam)? Once you are ready to stop taking Valium, be sure that you have all support you need. Here are some tips that can help:

TIP #1. Define your personal reasons. Make a list of reasons that will keep you in your recovery.

TIP#2. Gather emotional support. In order for you to succeed, you’ll need support from your friends and family. If you don’t have support, it will be harder to quit.

TIP #3. Gather medical resources. Educate yourself about the detox process. Consult with your doctor or a pharmacist.

Seek medical help!

For one, it’s not always easy to quit taking this medication. Developing tolerance to Valium as well as physical dependence is expected when you take diazepam daily for more than a few weeks.  Plus, it’s hard to quit without experiencing side effects even when you aren’t addicted to Valium. Some diazepam withdrawal symptoms include delirium, seizures, and death. Finally, some medications may help you during Valium (diazepam) withdrawal.

Still Got Questions?

Do you still have questions about how to stop Valium? Please leave them here. We’ll be happy to try to answer you ASAP or refer you to someone who can help.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.
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  1. I started taking diazepam after going thru a spinal cord surgery (had a slip disc) I was taking 5mg daily for well over 10 years I have tapered down to 5mg every 3days to date. Can’t go lower anymore for the past 5years. Want to stop completely. Please I need help.

    1. Hi Ben. Since it’s never suggested that you quit Valium without medical supervision,I advise you to consider detox options in a licenced clinic. Call the number you see displayed on our website and get in touch with our trusted treatment consultants that can explain the process and all options at your disposal.

  2. Hi there, I m trying to stop diazepam , and find that is very hard to stop it , the only things I m doing is taking more and going to sleep , I m very worry. Please help!

    1. Hi Jane. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, check out the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  3. I am 69 years old and am being taken off valium which I have taken for eight years, 20 mgs. daily. I have gone down 1/2 to 1 milligram per month and now I am at 5 mgs. It seems that as I get lower, I have more negative side effects. I wish I could just stop it all at once now, but I tried going down to 4 mg. last night and the side effects are severe. What is the safest way to cut down for someone my age and does it get harder to tolerate withdrawals when you get down to such a low dose as 5 mg. and under? Could I just stop completely now or is that dangerous? I want to get off of it asap, but I don’t want to suffer while doing so. What is the best course of action?

  4. I have been valum 5mg 4 times a day for last 3 years of life. Well i let doctor know that i just found out i was 2 months pregnant and i am keeping the baby. Well he decided i just quit cold turkey and just left me hanging and went on vacation for a week. I am extremely nervous that this is going to be a major detrement to me and my baby. I know i am supposed to be tapered off them slowly. What do i do???????

    1. Hi Katelyn. I suggest that you consult with another doctor and a gynecologist. Benzo withdrawal can be harsh and severe. You don’t want to risk your pregnancy.

  5. I am trying to quit at the moment and in 1 so I’ve got from 3 a day down to 2 a day .I take 10mg.tried to cut another half out then I started hallucinating really sweating so bad I couldn’t see then my eyesight started to go crazy so had to go back up to the 3 a day again.i can’t ever see me getting off these at all.i am a warfarin patient and I buy these from the street.god only knows what they really are.

  6. After being prescribed 20 mg of diazapam daily for 12 months my daughter is now coming off them at 1 mg weekly=19 mg daily,girst 1 mg was ok this 2 mg has hit very hard and I feel that the D Osage drop should be every two weeks not 1..shall I ask the doctor

  7. i feel , i cannot , come of just 2,5 mg , at home , i feel , i need professional help , prefably funded , as i do not work , if possible , please
    is there any help , out there ,thankyou

    1. Hi Louise. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  8. Since I started , because of my health and ethical reasons , to follow a plant based diet I realized the harm valium did to me for years ( prescribed by my empty-headed shrink ! ) I gradually diminished my intake by 5 mg each week and thank god I succeeded easily , it’s now 2 weeks since I took my last valium and I feel great , really , energetic and clear headed ! Sometimes I don’t fall asleep easily but that doesn’t bother me as it used to do ! I just read or study and fall asleep eventually ! I recommend eating a plant based diet , it not only did wonders to me ( but it’s also better for the environment ) !

  9. I have been taken Valium since my teens to treat anxiety and I’m now in my the beginning when I was first taking them they were prescribed but a few years ago the doc stopped them.I Connor cope or leave the house without them so now I have to buy my own over the internet.tried before to stop but the side effects were horrendous including not being able to see.

  10. I have been on all different Antidepressants, for late bereavement, which I might add just made me worse and loose a lot of weight, during that time they put me on Diazepam for the side effects, been on them for about 2 years, they haven’t made me feel any better either, was only sad before all medication, now I think all the meds have effected my thyroid up, Take thyroxine…… I am currently taking 3ml Diazepam, but when I wake up of a morning, I am full of anxiety, no confidence anymore, very lonely… I have had a lot of counselling, just wish I had had the counselling before all meds, but waited 9 months for my first session, I now have OCD in a big way…..I am finding it hard to come off the 3ml, that don’t help anyway, so is there anything you can reconmend

  11. Was prescribed 40 mg of valium per day which made me drowsy and off ballance. My dr was out of town but a dr friend told me cut back 5 mg per day til i reached 15 mg. I was afraid of withdrawals so cut 5 mg ebery 3 days. Is that still too fast? Been on about 2 months total
    Help.Feeling terrible. Only anxietymed I take

    1. Hi Brenda. I suggest that you take a look the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal. Moreover, consult with a pharmacist to recommend some-over-the-counter medication to ease withdrawal symptoms. You can also download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Withdrawal’ to learn more:

  12. I’ve been prescribed 30mg daily of diazepam my doctor is rapidly reducing me at 5mg weekly I’m struggling feeling anxious and panicked he started me on diazepam then suddenly said he wanted me off them this isn’t easy I’ve had 2 recent deaths in my family partner has cancer can I stop this I’m not in a good place physiologically please help

  13. 80 mg for 37 years ! I’m dieing , or so I feel . Asked my dr for time off work because I’m now only taking 12 mg a day 🙂 but I’m dieing! And he refused to give me time off work to get well ? I hate this dr ! I need rest I work full time with 20 children at school with needs ! I’m done I wiegh 100 pounds lost 28 ? Don’t understand can’t think

  14. I am totally confused now. I started taking Ativan low dose (can’t remember dose) 15 years ago. That was prescribed by a psychiatrist for panic attacks. Then my family doctor switched me over to Diazepam 2 mg. – 1/2 (1 mg.) in the afternoon and one whole one (2 mg) at bedtime so I would taking a total of 3 mg. per day. This was 7 years ago. She wanted me to take diazepam rather than Ativan because I suffer from chronic vertigo and disequilibrium which she said that the diazepam would help more than the Ativan. That was 7 years ago and I am still taking it that way. 2 months ago I went to the family dr. and saw her partner which I have actually been seeing for a couple of years. Somehow I got on the conversation of the diazepam and she said to take it as needed. I asked many times “As needed. You really mean I can just stop it and take it whenever I need it?” To me that sounded like cold turkey. But this dr. was adamant that it was fine to just take as needed. She use to prescribe 45 tablets per month. Now she cut it back to 40. I called the pharmacist today and she said that it was okay to take it as needed even though I have been on it for so long. She said that I may get some side effects but I should be fine. What are your thoughts on this? I don’t like the idea of going on it cold turkey. I am 69 years old with hypertension and diabetes as well. I need your thoughts on this. What should I do? Thank you!

    1. Hi Lin. Talk with your doctor. If you abruptly cut your dose or even not take it, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. The safest way to quit diazepam is by slowly tapering the daily dose.

  15. I’ve been taking ten mg Valium since 1989 once a day till 2005 then twice a day. My Dr didn’t call in my prescription so I’m going on 36 hours cold turkey. Can I make it till Monday on my own. What else night I have in my medicine cabinet that will help these withdrawals that I’m starting to feel? Head meds or pain meds? Actually don’t won’t to go to the hospital if possible.

  16. Need to come of Diazepam ive been taking 10mg for about a year now and i am not being prescribed the drug im buying them from someone who is. I have just stopped taking Citilapram about 6 weeks ago which i was prescribed and i am now experiencing high levels of anxiety.

    1. Hi Warren. The best way to quit diazepam is by slowly reducing the daily dose. You may want to speak with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may look into the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  17. I was taking Diazepam for many years for anxiety, I decided to reduce my amount by 50% each day for several months, then by another 25% for several months, then by a final 25% for several months, I am now totally off the diazepam and have no side effects whatsoever. I feel fine and am so glad that I have gotten off this drug, I am still a little anxious on awaking in the morning but I can handle this. But do contact a professional person before doing what I have succesfully achieved, good luck and good mental health.

  18. I have been taking a benzo for 23 years. First I was prescribed Ativan for panic attacks and then about 7 years ago my family dr. switched me to valium – 1/2 2mg. in the afternoon and one 2 mg. at bedtime. This was for dizziness and vertigo that I have been suffering from for years. Now one of my GP’s said I should only take the valium as needed. And I don’t think she will renew my prescription. I am now out of it. Is it ok to take it on an as needed basis? Can I go cold turkey because I was on a low dose? I am so confused.

  19. hello Waneta, the decrease of half a dose is too fast IMO, i think if u been on it a year u shold go whit a slow taper like 5-10 precent every 2 weeks or slower . and u should find a better doctor IMO, one that understands benzos . try going to a narkotik psyhiatrist , that deals whit junkeys, i have got to a doctor of this kind , and he suggested a gret thing for my benzo problem and it seems to work wery good .

  20. I have been talking Diazepam 5mg along with norco 5-325, baclofen 10mg 3x a day and several other medications for bi-poler disorder for over a year and now my doctor has decreased the Diazepam to 2.5mg 3x a day. I am feeling very dizzy, weepy, nauseous, week, also my ansiety, and migraines are back. How long will these feelings last? My provider wants me off it completely but doesn’t have me scheduled to see her for 3 months. Should I see her sooner? Can I cut the rest out safely, sooner? She is a registered nurse practitioner and knows very little about this med. I would greatly appreciate your input.

  21. hi heather 🙂 ur lucky and u probably wont have any widrawal symptoms, maby slight ones . i gues u should just stop. other thing is i see alot of recomendations on going from less lasting benzo to more lasting, and it makes no sense. if valium stais in ur system fo 100-200 h then if u take it dayli u build up a lot larger amount in ur system, than taking shorter lasting ones . but thats my opinion . my doc actuali put me on oxazepam , its only 8 hours in the system, and it sounded a lot more logik than valium ,. i know people that are on heroin that stays in system for a lot less , has leeseer WD and time of WD than metadone , so this is similar IMO

  22. hi, ull probably be fine, maby have a hangover or something, but my sugestion nr 1 is dont take it ever. the second whouldt,be if ur planing to take it , consult whit ur pshihyatrist first, and do not take it more than that. sorry for my english, im from another country

  23. Hi, if i only take 2.5mg (1/2 5mg tab) twice a day for two days will i be okay to stop taking it?? Never used this medication before, I am just on a trial from my GP??

  24. 2 weeks ago I went to a regular clinic for a Medical Certifcate for not being able to attend class due to an emotional breakdown. It was then I knew I had fever with a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius. I informed the doctor that I am under medications Valium(Diazeperm) included and I broke down in tears when opening up to her. She recommended that I reduce my medication as it seems that I do not need them as the prescribed dosage by another physiologist (who’s not a therapist). I reduced my diazeperm for a few days and completely stopped it afterwards. It should probably been a week now that I’ve completely stopped taken it. However I noticed now that i have been having problem sleeping now, like my heart would wake me up once I fall asleep, and it happens at least once to 3 times until I finally fall asleep. This does not happen everyday but I noticed it has happened to me 3 nights consecutively now, and perhaps once or twice within the last week. Could you suggest me what I should do now? Should I get back on it or leave it be? I was not on heavy dosage (less than 5mg per day), and I’ve been on it for only about 10weeks.

  25. Tina, I am not a Dr but that is a very small amount. You couldn’t be taking any less to taper down, it would be like dust. You seem ini ok shape to me.

  26. I use 1/4 of a 5 mg. dosage occasionally for neck pain,is it possible to have withdraw symptoms with such little use?
    Occasional use is strictly once or twice in a week with several weeks in between uses!
    I ask because I have used valium this past week twice and now I have worsening anxiety and insomnia! I do have a low drug tolerance, that is why I do use medications sparingly!
    Thank you for your time!

  27. I have been taking as prescribed 5 mg 3 times a day for several months. This was to help me get through period until we could find a non benzo addition to help with depression, We found one an it is working. My Dr suggested we get me off the Valiuim and I began to taper off, at first I cut down from 15mg a day to 5 mg a day experienced severe heart pounding and anxiety. It was my fault not researching how to dial it down. My partner is a Dr and he freaked out when I told him how drastically I reduced. So I went from one week at 12mg next week 10 mg I am on 7mg this week and next week I will be at 5 mg until I am off of it. I still get a tight chest in the evening.But it is tolerable. I don’t blame the Drs it worked for what I needed. It is up to me/us to be honest and get the info we need to get us through and a support group. Drs have relived a life of anxiety and I respect and appreciate them. I am in charge of taking my Drs advice and being transparent its all we can do. The withdrawl sucks, I have been sober over 8 years and NOTHING physical happened to me when I stopped drinking. This was a big surprise. Wishing you all well. And DONT COLD TURKEY you could cause great damage to yourself. Slow and steady Slow and steady.

  28. Got anxious depression. Take 5mg valium t night, need 2 or 3mg in day now as feeling anxious about everything. Can dr prescribe anything to change this?

  29. I have been taking 5mg valium twice a day along with 1500 mg robaxin 3 times a day for severe muscle spasms in my legs and back for 6-7 months. Will it be difficult to stop the valium?

  30. Hi there and thank you for your time. I would like to ask you here as well cause I will see my doctor in 3 days and need any second opinion too. I have been diagnosed with Anxiety ( came from some vitamins that triggered my stress and it was very bad experience) ( despersonalaization numbness feeling loosing myself etc) so after 3 weeks I was fighting bymyself I went to doctor and I asked him to give me something to put an end to this nightmare and I asked him for short term relief just cause I knew that if I sleep ( I couldn’t) I will start feeling better and stronger to fight the rest.. he did gave me Valium 5mg once at night for a week and although it made me feel sleepy during the day .. it brought me back to life in a way .-! Now I went again after a week and told him that I will take 2.5 mg means half pill he said ok I am doing ok but on Thursday the week will be finished what you believe it’s good for me to do as yes I feel better but not 100/% back to me:( do you think I have to give it of time plus I talk with my psychologist ect or to reduce 2 mg for a week and then the 4 week 1mg and to quit? Please give me your opinion. Much appreciated thank you!!!

  31. Hi I take 10 mg 4 times a day.I tried to stop on my own but was violently sick then couldn’t see properly and was admitted to hospital twice due to my underlying illness flared up.can anyone tell me how long my sight will take to get back to normal if I try again.its quite scary when this happens and really worries me.I have been using Valium for to help with anxiety but are not prescribed by a doctor.I buy them online.I also take mirtazapine for depression.propranolol for anxiety but doesn’t help.I take warfarin as I have an ecseamic bowel,artery and vascular disease.

  32. I took diazepam 5mg by 5-6 tablets per day for 2 months
    How can I stop it without feeling withdrawal symptoms ???
    Please I need your advice

    1. Hi Sarah. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  33. I was put on Diazepam 3x a day at 6 mg for my inner ear. I was only at that does for 3 weeks before I went down to 4mg for 6 days. Can I become addicted or have withdrawals symptoms that fast?? The second day I went to 4mg I was very nausea and have been nausea every day. Is it in my head or the meds or my inner ear?
    Help I’m so confused!!

  34. I am going through I’m very tough time in my life right now financially emotionally it’s just overwhelming I have your insurance that is no fault of mine. I am on Social Security disability I have requested a change man insurance and they mistaking me my dad and cancel my medicare. Their actions and doing that left me without health insurance. My doctor which her name is dr. Lynne Ross last month at the same time gave me a very hard time about refilling my diazepam I take 10 milligrams three times a day. I first started taking this for anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been on this for well over I believe 13-14 years. On July 8th 2013 I was Craigslist and then ran over by a car which left me with severe hematomas on the sides of my brain. I spent two months in hospital 3 surgery on my brain first one emergency surgery which caused me to leave twice they had to bring me back they were successful obviously and said in my life twice Adventure Time they had to stop the surgery I was too weak to continue if they continue they would have kill me. Now because of that accident it has left me with severe permanent brain injuries one being a lot of scar tissue. I’ve made it very clear to my Dr that being on the Valium has perfected me from collapsing X2. Since that injury I have flaps 4 times which left me hospitalized. She’s well aware that when I feel like I’m going to collapse I don’t have much time it works in 5 Steps 5 step 3 I have to do something call nine-one-one. The doctor is also aware that my I feel it coming I have learned and I didn’t educate my doctor that by haveing diazepam one me it has stopped me toys from going down it’s like he’s more concerned about the dea rules and her staff losing their jobs her losing her license. And she is forgetting the main issue Winchester timeline to my survival she did not even give me 30 days to find a new doctor I thought everything was fine when we sell them last month

  35. I am a recovering alcoholic. Sober a few months. My husband didn’t want his 3scripts for pax so I got them for afternoon stress and anxiety about two months ago. Now I’m taking 30mg some days and only.5mg other days and want to stop completely. Can i go cold turkey. I also take 20mg cilift every morning for 6yrs

  36. I have been taking Valium for several years.when my doctor stopped prescribing them I started buying on the internet which was fine but recently I’ve had to use a different sight and was sold fake ones.I have artery and vascular disease and they were also helping with leg cramps and at the same time help with my anxiety which is why I was taking them in the first I don’t have any due to being sold fake ones so can I expect my eyesight to be affected again and how long does it last.

  37. Hello … I have been taking valium for 30 years. I started with 5mg 3 times a day for anxiety after about twenty years i had tapered it down to 2 1/2 mg every night. I have been taking it at 2 1/2 mg every night because i have insomnia. I am on such a low dose but after all this time i wonder if it can still be working or if it is psychological? A week ago I just stopped taking it. My problem is only that I have had hardly any sleep since I stopped taking it. After taking such an extreme low dose for so many years could I still get withdrawal symptoms? So far none except less sleep..

    1. Hi Chris. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule just for you.

  38. Been on diazepam 10mg tid x,s 15y. For m.s. And nerpathy , sciatica with beneficial results. Dr. Decided abruptly to d c based on government. Wrote 2 qd. X 1 wk then 1 q.d. X 1 wk then nonNe. And added a muscle relaxer. Major side effects . Stopped m.r. N called. Refused to do slower taper down. Called n another m.r. Same result . Went to cardiologist in e.r. As major chest pains n trouble breathing. Have a current lung infection on tx for x s 2 Yrs antibiotics . Already sick from that . Ekg normal . Dr still refuses a gradual taper down . Continual chest pain , diarrhea , ( which have from antibiotics anyways, now more severe) difficult breathing , tinnitus , …. Don’t know what to do.

  39. My dr will not help me tapper off of valuim for my anxiety I’m at 30 mg a day it’s not working and I’m afraid that he will up it iv been on other bezos for the last 4 year’s and no have work that long he wants to add more phyc meds on top of what I’m takeing not factoring in the other health and Medical problem I have

  40. I was put on Valium for irregular heart beat with inderal, the inderal was changed to other heart rhythm drugs over the years, but Valium I have been on for 54 years 10 mg daily, I’m having memory problems, and want to see if getting off would help, I’m positive I need to reduce the 10 mg over a 4-5 month period because I have been on so long, Do you think with care getting off my memory could get better. I Am 75.

  41. How long to tapper off valium from 5mg down to only
    2 5mg mornings only now.

    can I just stop or do I have to lower dose even more and how long for.
    II was also taking 2. 5mg at night too. Dr. Gave me script for Circadin at night to stop early morning waking. how many day’s/weeks will this take to stop valium completely
    so as I only take 2 5mg daily I still feel anxiety a bit but what else can I take in stead of valium to help these rotten feelings. Thank you Val

  42. Vicki, I think your husband is addicted to the diazepam but he probably doesn’t even realise. I was taking quite a bit but I thought I was fine…until I stopped and then all hell broke loose. If he stops he will really suffer for a while but in the long run it would be so much better for him. There are lots of diazepam pills being sold on the dark Web and the problem is that most of them are made in underground labs and can be any dosage whatever they say on the packet. A lot have been stolen then sold. There is a story going round at the moment about a batch which are 50 to 100 times stronger than they say. This means you have no idea what he’s taking. It’s very unlikely to kill him whatever amount he takes but it will mess with his head both short and long term. I’ve been off them for 2 mths and I’m still struggling badly with anxiety! It’s a very nasty, very powerful drug so I hope you can show him the stuff I’ve put on this thread and he can get off them. Good luck

  43. My husband is on the drug venlafaxine for depression and prythizan for sleep but also continues to self-medicate with diazepam which he buys through the “dark web”, He has been continually told of the dangers including no driving but disregards what our GP says. Is there any way of helping him to quit his addiction to diazapem. He is also on medication for heart and high blood pressure. He makes me promises that he will not continue but he cannot seem to stop.

  44. I am struggling to come off 2mg of diazapam. I hav reduced from 10mg after a year of gradual tapering but now my anxiety and restlessness has become unbearable. I completely stopped 3 days ago and want to stick it out but I am not sure how long before things settle down.can anyone advise me please.Thanks

  45. I have spent the last 5 weeks going cold turkey to get myself off diazepam (aka valium). I’m not going to lie and say it was easy in any way. I’m only just starting to feel normal again now. The first 2 weeks was physical and mental hell with every symptom you can find on the Web. The worst thing by far is the anxiety and the feeling that you have lost yourself and your mind and that it will never end. I can happily say that it will end. You can go cold turkey if you want and your determined enough but try to get to 10mg diazepam per day first, then you have very little chance of doing yourself any serious mental or physical damage. Week 3 and 4 will still be hell and the serious doubt of is it going to end kicks in. Just ride it out and by week 6, you should start to feel much more normal and the anxiety will start to fade. Two things that really helped me were exercise and facing my fears. You need to do hard exercise for at least 30 mins. It releases endorphins and makes you feel like you have achieved something. Facing your fears needs to start happening after 3 or 4 weeks when your brain can start to cope. Challenge yourself each day…do something scary and feel the rewards when you achieve. Whatever you do, don’t give up and then you can permanently free yourself from this evil evil drug.

  46. I take 2 Valium a day I would like to quit as I drink alcohol a few times a week. The doctor told me cut down to one a day for a week then half a day for the 2nd week. I hate that I have become addicted to them I become a different person especially when I drink. I’m just scared when I do stop taking them I will get anxiety again what should I take for that

  47. I have been on diazepam for 11 months I increased my dose as was not feeling the affects anymore so I take 20mg diazepam a day more if needed. I don’t want to come off of it but my Mental health support worker says I am dependent on diazepam I don’t think I am

  48. I have been taking diazepam for about 7 months. I started on 10mg per day and found myself on 30 mg per day within 2 months. I have cut down to 10mg then 5mg then 2mg and suffered withdrawal symptoms throughout the entire reduction period. 4 days ago I stopped completely. I am suffering severe anxiety, alongside numerous physical symptoms. It’s an evil drug but I’m determined to beat it. I have read that the main withdrawal symptoms tend to start after a week so I’m not looking forward to that. I must free myself from this evil drug cause it has made me stop thinking rationally and make some terrible life decisions. Right now the anxiety is so debilitating that I feel I can’t even look for a new job (I quit mine thinking I could move abroad…when high on diazepam and dyhydrocodeine). I want all the readers to know that you can free yourself from the drug. I have a mate who has achieved cold turkey and his mind is starting to come back to him now and he’s feeling more normal again. It has taken him about 3 weeks to start feeling normal. I am taking 5htp which is a natural herb that you can get from a health food store and it is supposed to increase your levels of serotonin (the happy chemical in your body). It takes a while to build up in your blood so I’m waiting for that to kick in. I have read that exercise is good to help deal with withdrawal as it releases natural endorphins that make you feel better. I appreciate that anyone going through withdrawal will feel exhausted and lethargic and the idea of exercise is a foreign one but I’ve heard it helps so if you can give it a go. Don’t give up giving up whatever you do. I have tried to cold turkey twice before this time and failed but I need to be free and get myself back so this time, I’m fighting to the end. Most of the info I have read says that the worst of the withdrawal symptoms last 2 to 3 weeks so fight through them and get your life back. I’m fighting this time and refuse to give in to some drug that is trying to control me.

  49. How many weeks to get off 10mg Valium switched from Ativan 4 mg for a year have gotten down to 10 in 6 weeks dr wants to cut 2.5 mg this week isn’t that too much?

  50. I have been on Valium for 18 years. Currently I take12.5- !5 my a day divided into 2 doses. Can I safely drop 2.5 my a week and quit. I am facing a shortage of cash and possible homelessness. I own a failing biz. My plan is to get into truck driving. Bit that requires another 5.months to pads the hair follicle study drug screen. Kevin

    1. Hi David. First, I suggest you try with some plant-based medication. You may consult with a pharmacist or a doctor about this.

    1. Hi Zaman. I suggest you consult with your doctor to help you made an individualized tapering schedule.

    1. Hi Lily. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Keep in mind that withdrawal may happen even if you use diazepam for a short period of time.

  51. I tapered off from a daily dose of 30mg of Diazepam over a 12 month period. In the last month of Diazepam use I was taking about 2mg per day. I’ve been having several of the most common withdrawal symptoms for the last two months. I’m trying to lower some withdrawal symptoms with over the counter homeopathic medicines that do not conflict with other medications but help with nervousness. Is this an appropriate way of dealing with the very troublesome irritability, memory issues and muscle cramps?

  52. I have been doing a cross over from 15 mg oxazepam til 8 mg diazepam in order to taoer with less withdrawl symptoms. The case is that My substitute diazepam dose shifted a bit between 6 and 8 mg before landing on 8. I feel bad, more depressed in the morning,,low energy. Can this be result if the jumping in doses? Will I ever be stable on 8 and be able to continue My taper? I am scared of doing it too fast. Because My oxzapam taper was hell, My dose was halfened at hospital and sent me into 6 months of withdrawl waiting for stability to go on tapering. Please tell me if I will stabilize on My new benzo. And how to taper safely off 8 mg diazepam/valium ?

  53. Took 5mg chlordiazepoxid
    daily for 1 year for IBS. Tapered off chlordiazepoxide with diazapham from Feb 2016 took last. diazapham 2mg on 17 March 2017 and had all the classic withhdrawal symptoms anxiety etc which I didn’t have before. Still having symptoms cheat pain, nervous stomach tight throat. Really bad todaGp told me to take 1mg diazepam to help me today. Is it ok to do this and can I.still be having withdrawal symptoms.

  54. After 6 months I’ve tapered down from 20mg/day to 1mg/day. My list of withdrawal effects is staggering: psychological – anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, depression, hypochondria, despondence, disassociation, to name a few. physical – chills, hot flashes, nausea, muscle pain, myoclonus, tremors, dizziness, burning watery eyes, and nasal congestion, However, I must add that this has all been somewhat tolerable and at no time did I consider stopping my taper (although the insomnia has really put a damper on my motivation to exercise and socialize.) To make the process a little more entertaining (ha, ha) I charted it on excel. The correlation between distress and percentage drop seems to suggest a more gradual taper as the dosage drops. I can only hope that the symptoms will diminish and eventually disappear after I make the jump to freedom.

  55. My psychiatrist stopped my valium because I missed 2 appointments he had me on 3 10 mgs a day and now nothing. I’m going crazy, what should I do?

  56. My daughter was sick at the hospital and for some reason , the doctor stop giving her diazepam for a few days. She was on diazepam for more than 3 years I think. She had a couple of seizure like activity within less than two week but the doctor said it was not seizure. She use to take 5 mg per night and they started given her 2.5 mg now. Is the seizure like activity ( side effect ) will stay on how long ? Is it too dangerous for her to discharge from the hospital ? What do I do if this activity happen again ? I am really worry ! Please reply to me asap. Thank you

  57. Im on and off disapam for the last 6 months ut dor the last 2 months im constantly takeing 30mg a day i reailly want to get off them because i have 3 kids to look after but um afraid to stop them juzt incast i take any seizures are panic attacks because I suffer with anxiety and insomnia i wood do anything in this world to stop them because im not on them for year r anything because im on them for a sort time but still to long at the same time please tell me i dont have to go t tru alot to get off them and will i take any seizures are panic attacks if i get of them because i allready have a Chronicle seizure all because I tried to stay off them for 5 days and i got afraid and went back on them please tell me I won’t die out of it if I wien myself of them I’m only on five milligrams a day and thats 3 times aday I will take any help I’m giving and any advice I’m given to please can you help me to get through this I can’t cope with it because I have three beautiful kids to rear I’m a great husband that will stand by me if I get the help

  58. I’ve been on valium for 5 years I missed a appointment with my psychiatrist and now he wants me to see a counselor two times before I see him I can’t wait that long to get my valium I’m having panic attacks daily and its the worst feeling ever I don’t know what to do!

  59. I bristle at your suggestion that the best way to get off of a drug that my DOCTOR prescribed and never told me was extremely addictive is to get my DOCTOR’S advice and supervision. Isn’t he the one who got me in this mess in the first place? I’ve began taking Valium 10 years ago when my husband had cancer. Now I’m seeing an “integrative medical” doctor who doesn’t like me taking Valium so he’s charging $200.00 for a phone consult (I’m currently out of state) for the privilege of a refill. As far as I’m concerned, the conventional doctors are all drug pushers in bed with Big Pharma; they just are legalized. I’m going to find a good naturopath or herbalist who can help me undo the damage the conventional doctors have done to me over the years. I’m not looking forward to the withdrawal side effects but it’s preferable to being held hostage by my “DOCTOR.” First, do no harm?

    1. Hi, Sue. I suggest you speak with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule in order to cut the drug down gradually.

  60. I am an expert on benzos. Few doctors know anything about prescribing or withdrawal from them. Your best bet is to read the studies by Prof. Heather Ashton.

  61. i’ve taken 3 valium a day for about 2 years and have decided to cut back and have been taking 2 1/2 tablets a day for 2 weeks now, is this to much to start cutting back?

    1. Hi, Sue. I suggest you consult your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering scheduled only for you.

  62. Am coming off Valium quite quickly with few symptoms except insomnia. Is there anything that can help me get some sleep? I need help please.

  63. Hi I’m Devon I’m 20 and weigh 124 and was on Valium 3 times a day every 8 hours which I found out I was over dosed by my doctor and the hospital told me I should only take just 1 when ever I feel a panic attack coming on and I was on 3 a day for 8 hours for about 3 months and now I’m weaning off I weaned down to 2 every 8 hours for about 5 days then every 12 hours then now I’m on 2 every 18 hours and I’m going insane I feel brain dead like I’m in a dream and I’m loopy and have blurry vision and I’m weak as heck and I’m having brain zaps and tingels also fast heart rate with chest pains body pains and I been checked out over 30 times in the hospital in this past month and I have absolutely nothing wrong also my sex drive is low I can maintain a.!. U know and I also wet my damn bed am I going through regular weaning symptoms???? Or is this serious plz message me I need help

  64. Hi! My name is Frances! I have been on 10 mg.Valium for over 40 years all of a sudden my Dr.wants me to stop..she reduced my dose 5 mg. For one month now the second month she knocks it down 10 mg.I think. This is way to fast what do you think??

  65. I quit taking Valium 2 months ago. I was on it for 10 years, 10 mgs a day for most of the time. Then I was diagnosed with lung cancer and I increased the dose to 20 mgs. There is no easy way to stop Valium. You can try everything all the people here are suggesting but it took a full 11 months of horrible withdrawal symptoms for me to finally be able to get off of it. The only thing that helped me was exercising. I did wean off, probably too quickly, but I did manage to do it. I can’t tell you difficult it will be or how long it will take. Everyone is different so I can only speak to my experience. I really thought that the physical withdrawal wasn’t as bad as the emotional withdrawal symptoms were. There were times when killing myself was actually an option. I knew that alot of my feelings were not “real” so I managed to keep the withdrawal going. DO NOT give up. My life is much better now and I feel more “together” than I have in 10 years. If the withdrawal gets too hard, try to remember that it will get better eventually. And, if you have to, you can always stop weaning until you feel better. Then when you feel more normal, you can continue. My doctor was pretty useless for information, so I kept coming to this site to keep myself going. It is definitely worth it once you’re done with the drug. Good luck to you all. Have a good Christmas and New Year

  66. only took 2mg as needed for period of eight months dr wont prescribe anymore dont want anymoreso i spaced out last month half every other or no daylast 2 took over 72 hrs now feeling little long will that last. and what can i do

  67. To be honest guys, there an easy way to get rid of addiction of valium. I will give you medication and see how will get better in one week.

    1. Magné B6 (2nocté / 2mané)
    2. Sargenor ampoule ( 2 daily)
    3. Melatonin 3mg (2 nocté)
    4. Multivitamins (any 2 mané)
    5. Sargemag (1S after lunch)

    I hope you guys do not get into benzo anymore. Cheers

  68. I am on 2 mg of valium at night I don’t like to take it and need to get off because I am going to a clinic for my ear that require me to be off it. I have been on it since March . For 2 nights I have cut down to 1 mg. Is this a safe way to proceed.

  69. I have been taking 10 mg of valium a day since 2012. 5 mg in the morning and 5mg in the afternoon for severe anxiety and panic attacks. My Dr wanted me off of them so he gave me 5 mg so I halved them and took them the same. They have always helped but I didn’t want to rely on them forever. I no longer take them now as of a few days ago. I have felt pretty much like I’m dying. Stomach pains, severe anxiety, really bad headaches, flu like symptoms, shaky feeling, weak feeling. Went to the ER thinking the worst but they seemed to think everything is fine except for anxiety. I now take Buspar 5mg in the morning and 5 at night… Do these sound like normal withdrawal symptoms?

  70. I’ve been weaning off valium for 7 months. The withdrawal has been extremely difficult. I’ve gone slowly from 20 to 2mgs but have suffered with pain, anxiety and depression. I finally found something that has helped immensely and immediately. It’s called CBD.

  71. In last 6 days I have taken diazepam, 0.25 +0.25 +0.5,at bed time, but I m not comfortable with it, as facing negative thinking and irritable nature.

    Want to quit in safer manner, Please suggest

  72. Alcohol has made me some one I hate. I still believe there is hope for me. God knows my heart, so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks I believe he has more for me to do…..

  73. My name is Wade and as hard as I try I can’t seem to break this addiction. I love my family and if I could give them gift before I die, it would be SOBER.

  74. I have been taking valium 5mg. before bed for about 6 mouths. I have missed a number of times taking it. No side affects from that. I want to just stop taking it. Should I expect any withdraws from this?

    1. Hi David. If you’ve been taking it on regular basis, it is not probable that you will go without experiencing any withdrawal symptoms. I’d still suggest a slow and gradual taper, but you can also ask your doctor or general physician for their advise and help.

  75. I’m having some bad feelings and anixty I didn’t take in 5 months ,could these be whithdawl, I wasn’t hooked on a day to day base but took a lot in 1 go eve,ry fe,w months ?

  76. I’ve been taking 10 mgs of diazepam for several years. My new doctor doesn’t want to write a prescription for me and wants me to quit the drug. He put me on Trazadone. I take 5 mgs of diazepam each night plus 1 tablet of Trazadone. How long should I take the 5mgs with the Trazadone each night before I go to 2 mgs of diazepam and 1 Trazadone? Then when can I completely stop the diazepam?

  77. it is very difficult to stop Benzodizepines at least for me. I started with .25 mg Alprazolam in2001 and gradually increased to 1mg daily . After ten years I started taking 10 mg Dizepam daily instead of Alprazolam. Reduced the dose every fortnight and after ten month stopped taking it . Was absolutely ok for three months but later on developed withdrawl symptoms like restless leg and sever palpitation and had to continue with Dizepam initially with 2mg daily and then with 1 mg daily. I tried again to stop it but failed. Now I can not live without it. Can somebody help me I am otherwise quite healthy.

  78. I have been on Valium for 12 years. It was prescribed because I have pulmonary fibrosis and when I got away from home and experienced shortness of breath I would start getting scared which would feed on itself until I was in a full blown panic attack. Family Doctor prescribed 10mg 4x a day. I never abused it and the most I ever took was 30mg in a day. Over the years I lowered my dose on my own to 15mg a day and stayed until 4 months ago. I am down to 2mg now for 3 nights and feeling pretty rough. I have a few 2mg pills left. I can probably get more somewhere but no advice. The only advice I got was from a NP who said “We get people off Valium in a week at the Hospital.” Well, I’m not in the hospital. How do I get off the 2mg? Is that to much to c/t? Thanks

  79. Hello Jean. I’d say it’s best to talk to her doctor. If the medication she’s taking isn’t helping her manage the condition, she may need a different medication or a dose adjustment.

  80. I wonder if anyone can advise. My daughter has been suffering from extreme anxiety so much to the point that she looked like she was taking a fit. Doctor prescribed short term 2 mg dizapam. However she has been getting some from a friend and when really anxious has been taking 5mg. when needed. Maybe one every few days. She is also on Sertraline 50 mg daily. She has had good days when she has not been anxious but now it has returned and she has been really anxious for about the past week. I am past myself and do not know what to do. i have advised her to speak to her doctor who does not know about her extra use of diazapam. Can anyone advise the best course of action. She is doing all the right things, talking therapy, exercise, distraction but still feels really anxious.

  81. Hi there. After a family trauma I very stupidly took (apparently) an average of 245mg of Valium per day for 4 days. I’m desperate to taper this down to nothing over a few weeks, and still can’t quite believe how much I took!

    I have pills enough to taper say avPAyadnER 60mg down to 5mg over 6 weeks, but is this realistic?

    I should also point out that I am still suffering from moderate to severe anxiety despite the diazepam.

    Please, please help!

  82. Please check your data on Valium “duration of action”. Valium has the longest half-life and the least likelihood of making one want to “pop a pill” after a quick letdown. That is why it is recommended for tapering off benzodiazepines. The information on Dr. Ashton’s website is invaluable! My doctor is the most respected psychiatrist in this area and he never heard of Dr. Ashton. He prescribes benzodiazepines to anyone who expresses even slight anxiety and seems totally unconcerned about addiction. I believe that in this situation one has to be very well informed and be their own health advocate, since doctors seem to be in complete denial or ignorance about the dangers. It does not help that people who get off benzodiazepines may no longer need regular appointments. So of course you need a doctor but do your homework too!

  83. My parnter has been on Valium for long period off time, the doctors got him taking from 10 a day then reducing down so now he’s on 3 day and they would like him to stop at 3 with out completing down to 2 and then 1 , won’t do you think .

  84. I took valium 5 mg for two days because I had severe migrane because of anxiety. Today is the third day and I want to stop today because I hav a major exam in two days. Will I have any problems? I don’t want to be forgetful in the exams.

  85. Ive been on valium for 2 weeks. 20mg a day and I dont see my doc for 10 more days and I want off from this stuff. Is it early enough to start decreasing it myself maybe 50% down to 10mg a day

  86. I have taken valium periodically for 8 years. It began with malaria contracted in Mali , Africa and a subsequent reaction to the malaria medication Lariam. The reaction to Lariam left me with severe insomnia which resulted in up to 7 days with some nights totally sleepless and others with about 1 or 2 hours of restless sleep. I sometimes experience micro sleep where my brain evidently shuts down for seconds to do repairs or restoration. It is like being momentarily knocked out. Periods when I stop valium are living hell and I spend night after night reading or listening to music, the Bible or watching movies. Keep taking it so I can function or is that too dangerous? better to bite the bullet and withdraw now? I am 64 years old. Prior to malaria and Lariam I led a highly productive life- missionary work, starting churches, schools, orphanages, conducting crusades, running drug rehab programs, etc. Now it is a battle to accomplish much at all.

  87. I have a friend who has told me that he has been taking about 30 tabs on weekend with drink for about 13 years, is having effect on him, depressed, he is wanting to stop, but is not wanting to see a doctor but say he is just going to stop, go cold turkey! Is this possible for him to do?

  88. I have been taking 2.5 mg 3 times daily for 1.5 months. I want to stop
    For the first time reducing dose, what do you recommend I reduce to?
    I see my doctor on Jan 9 and want to have an idea of a plan before I see her

    Thank you

  89. I have given up any idea of ever giving up valium. I’ve been on 2mg for about two years, but before that I was taking up to 10mg for about twenty years. I began using it as a muscle relaxant in my early running days, but it did what valium does. In the past I’ve tried stopping abruptly and been okay for a few days, but recently I ran out and the very same night I was in a bad way. I took some left-over co-dydramol and some tramadol to get through the night. Determined to stop after this experience, I broke my tablets into quarters, and cut down to 1.5mg. Within a few days I could no longer function, and I’m back on my 2mg. If I could live in some sort of paradise, with zero reponsibilities, perhaps I could slowly cut down, but living in the real world I have no hope. I will need some sort of substitute, but in all my reading I have come across none. Any help out there?

  90. Hello Ewa. A tapering schedule, especially for benzodiazepines like diazepam, require medical supervision. I’d suggest you return to your prescribing physician or consult with a pharmacist on how to proceed. Best of luck! Sounds like you’re coping well.

  91. 5 months ago I was diagnosed with panic disorder treated only with CBT (still continuing) as I could not tolerate antidepressants. I also developed during the panic attack atrial fibrillation – one episode only and I am on anticoagulant. I was put on temazepam 5-10 mg nightly and these stopped working 4 weeks ago. My GP changed the medication to diazepam 5 mg at night 5 weeks ago.
    I have started reducing the dose to 3.75 mg 3 weeks ago and. have insomnia plus night sweats. My anxiety is not too bad at the moment. How should I proceed with the withdrawal.

  92. Hi Marty. You’ll have to consult with your prescribing doctor about whether to initiate diazepam dosing, or not.

  93. I didn’t know. I stopped diazapam cold turkey without tapering. Can I go back on and then take off again slowly? Is there anything I can do? I
    have tinnitis.. Is there a solution for me? I am very miserable. Is there anyway to cut down on these symptoms?

    I was only taking 5 mg at bedtime?


  94. Hello Loch. You would probably benefit from seeking consultation with your prescribing doctor. Ask for a tapering schedule that will be monitored and supervised weekly.

  95. I have been taking diazepam for 3 yrs now. 10mg @8am & 10mg @5pm
    I tried 3 yrs ago and Grand Mall Seizures (4). How do I get off of them. I’m taking anti seizure med now. Pls help.

  96. Hi Robinar. Hmmm. Valium should only be prescribed for short term management of anxiety. It’s not an ideal long term solution. Talk with your prescribing doctor and seek alternative treatments…or take as prescribed. Stopping and starting is certainly not helping. Seek a consultation with a pharmacist, as well, to learn more about the pharmacological effects of stopping and starting.

  97. Hello there a couple months ago i was placed on Valium for anxiety after the first 2 weeks or so i stopped taking it because i didn’t want to get addicted.After a while my symptoms came back and were worse so i started taking them again and stopped. Is this a bad practice and what are the risks involved in doing this? because my symptoms seems to be worse now.

  98. Hi Karen and Brenda. Please check with your prescribing doctor or a local pharmacist for a tapering calendar. You should always taper from Valium under medical supervision.

  99. My dr had me on 10mg. of valium 4x per day. I wanted off and have been on it for a long time. In the last month I tapered down to 3, then 2. then 1 and finally 1/2 of a tablet (5mg.) so the valium level should be very low. Will I be ok? It hit the controlled substance list and every doctor is afraid of DHEC. I’m sick of being treated like a junkie. I do have an extra heart beat but cannot take a beta block which is how I got stuck on this medicine in the first place. I am also on Zoloft.

  100. I was taking 20mg morn. and nite a year ago and now am @ 6 mg each time.I have fibromyalgia and still have stress inmy life(family). Should I taper down more now or wait til these issues get resolved?

  101. GINGER or anybody else>> tapper off only .5 mil every 3 to 4 weeks..cause to fast will give you evil withdrawals..there not funny at all been off thease diazapam now for 14 days and still withdrawing from them.. i went off completly at 4 mil a day.. not suggested tho….but miself i have a high tolarance for pain… but it,s realy hard… cannot explain it … but i dont feel so great… but faith will get me through , im tapper off only .5 mil every 3 to 4 weeks..i know its a long time.. but worth it. pierre.

  102. ive been off diazapam for 14 days now ..not one pill.. was on clonazapam for 7 years before..tapered off to fast went into dt,s…not good…doctor at icu hospital had me on 30 nil diazapam…tapered off slowly .5 off every 3 weeks.. at 4 mil a day i was having the same withdraws symtoms …so i stopped completly taking diazapam…withdrawals are pretty severe.. but have not touched any pills for 14 days now.. how long will withdrawal stay.. i realy dont not taking any anymore. was just wondering how lond it would stay with me. ty ps..please reply..Pierre Bussiere

  103. I developed a stress-related severe muscle spasm in my neck, with intense pain. the Dr. gave me a muscle relaxant and prescribed valium alongside tylenol and ibuprofen, and heat and ice. He told me it would take about a week for the muscle to relax and stop causing severe pain. I took the meds for 5 days straight and on the 6th day the muscle relaxed significantly and I stopped taking all the meds. My neck is still a little sore but much better, but I feel depressed and anxious. Can this be due to valium withdrawal after such a short time?

  104. I have tried to get off Valium most of my life on only 2mg got addicted since I was 23 for anxiety in 1979 since then doctors have tried to get me off Valium but each time was in bed for 1 year with horrendous withdrawal symptons these include the sky looked so low, feeling dizzy, losing my balance, vomiting, diahorrea, the ground moving the body went into spasms, got terrible insomnia could not sleep at all
    everytime I tried to withdraw but doctors had to put me on double doses for my body to get back to normal now I am 58 still on the ame dose 2mg every night. Do not come of this dangerous medication suddenly or do not stop at once the withdrawals are horrendous.

  105. Hi Ginger. Thanks for getting in touch with us. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. You must get an appropriate dosing schedule for stopping Valium by talking to your doctor and set up a plan. Good for you for planning early! Please let us know how it goes.

  106. I take 10 mg of valium daily. 1/2 around 4pm and the other 1/2 at bedtime. On difficult days, I take another 1/2.

    I HAVE to be without my valium on Jauary 8, 2013 for 72 hours.
    Today is 11/17 so I actually have 51 days until that date.

    How can I taper down by usage so that by January 8, 2013 I will be safe to be without them for 72 hours?

    I’m very scared of withdrawal syptoms and want to know the safest and best way to taper and also how low my dosage needs to be to safely be without them for 72 hours in 51 days.

    Please advise. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.

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