How long does Valium last?

Valium lasts and will affect you for about 4-6 hours, although Valium stays in your system considerably longer. Learn more about Valium dosing, dangers, and more here.

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The physiological effects of Valium (diazepam) don’t last long, only about 4-6 hours. However, Valium’s long half life makes Valium drug test detectable in your system for days after you take it. More here on the duration of action for Valium, effects of getting high off Valium with a section for your questions about diazepam at the end.

Valium effects on the body and brain

Valium is used to treat anxiety and muscle spasms. The main active ingredient in Valium – diazepam – is a benzodiazepine receptor agonist that affects brain systems to produce a drowsy or calming effect, sometimes to the point of inducing sleep. As a central nervous system depressant, the effects of Valium on the body can include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • lightheadedness
  • unsteady balance

How much Valium is safe for your brain and body? Valium is prescribed in daily doses of 4 to 40 mg taken throughout the day.  Diazepam has a reputation for being incredibly safe.  While its difficult to overdose on Valium alone, dangers of mixing  alcohol with Valium include shallow breathing, unconsciousness, memory problems and impaired coordination.  Plus, when diazepam is taken to try to achieve a euphoric high or for long periods of time, Valium can become addictive.

Learn more about Valium (diazepam) addiction and treatment considerations, what you can do to address it, and your long-term rehab and recovery options.

Valium duration of action

The half-life of Valium is 20 hours, sometimes longer. It reaches peak levels in the blood just 1-1.5 hours after being taken. Despite taking several days to leave the body, the effects wear off within 4-6 hours, so it does need to be taken throughout the day.

Valium time in the body

How long does diazepam stay in your system? Valium (diazepam) can stay in the body for weeks and can be detected for at least 3 weeks in urine. In some users, Valium may take 6 weeks to completely clear from the body.

How long do Valium effects last

The effects of Valium don’t last long. Typically Valium effects will only last about 4-6 hours.

How long does a Valium high last

A Valium high will probably only last about 4 hours, maybe a little longer depending on the dosage of the medication. Some users report that the high lasts longer, with some noticeable effects a day or two later, but this doesn’t seem to be common.

Valium high effects

Valium’s therapeutic effects for anxiety disorders can also have the side effect of causing a high. In fact, some people take Valium for its central nervous system effects, because diazepam slows down brain activity resulting in a drowsy or calming effect. In self-reported examples, people have reported some of these effects when taking Valium to get high:

  1. drowsiness
  2. euphoria
  3. relaxation

However, Valium is addictive, so abusing it to get high does carry risks. A Valium addiction can result in unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, uncontrollable cravings for the drug, and compulsive use of the drug despite negative consequences.

How long Valium lasts questions

Do you still have a question about the effects of Valium or its duration of action? Please leave your questions, comments or feedback below. We are happy to try to answer your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi, I am scared of flying and I take valuim to help me 20 x 2mg is what I have but I think it should of been stronger as I was still anxious last time when I flew. I take one the night before and then every four hours but they dint feel strong. When and how many should I take?? Times wound help me but I never go asleep or feel that I need to probebly because the dose is not string enough. I fly at 7.45 this Saturday ?
    Also I am taking naproxen so should I stop these Friday night just in case they don’t mix? Please help me with my concerns

  2. Hello, I’ve got 4 tabs 5mg each from my Dr to help me relax a bit when I go for my MRI next week, but I’ve forgotten how many she told me to take, what would you take please.

  3. is it safe to have a IV shot of heroin 48 hours after 10 mg dose of Valium?
    Would that be safe, i only take 10 mg of Valium once a week and have done so for the past couple of months. I reckon i will be ok

    1. Hi Brian. An IV shot of heroin is never a safe option. Inject the drug has a much higher risk of accidental overdose and can lead to numerous other injection-related health problems.

  4. I took a single 10mg valium tablet which got off my friend to cope off a death in my family however I had no prescription. That was on the 12th march and now I have a urine analysis on the 26th march. Will I fail or is there anything I can do to help myself pass If I am going to fail?
    Thank you

  5. I’m currently taking diazepam to cope with severe anxiety and anti depressant side effects. I have been taking it occasionally for 5 months but only in 1mg doses. The past few weeks, I have been trying to get on sertraline and every time I have a dose increase I get increased anxiety, which now means I am taking between 5-6mg per day (as instructed by doctor). I have had no therapeutic response to sertraline as yet. I have been on it 5 wks, the first week as a sub therapeutic dose. My doctor increased my sertraline dose from 100 – 150mg 5 days ago, as that was the dose that stabilised me previously, although the increase was done at a slower rate before. I asked the doctor as to why I need such a high dose and he believes that my liver metabolises the drug quickly, which is why low doses do not give me therapeutic affects. Which brings me into my question about diazepam. I am aware that long term use can cause you to become tolerant to diazepam but I have honestly used it sparingly before sertraline. Since starting sertraline and increasing my dose to 2mg I am finding that the drug only works for about 2 hours, 2 and 1/2 at a push, when all the information I can find says that it lasts 4-6 hours. I am just wondering if this reduced period of working may be due to my liver metabolising the drug quicker, in the same way the doctor thinks sertraline is doing. Before sertraline I did find the effects lasted a little longer. Any advice would be greatly appreciated x

  6. I went to the ER.a few days ago with severe pain in my neck and back.. The doc did féel of my neck andback,said they were very tight. He gave me one pill of Valium(I suppose it was the smallest mg. It worked for 5 or 6 hours and then I started to hurt. They prescribed some Methocarbamol 750mg.tablets,also some 600mg. of Ibuprofen. It does not seem to work as well. Can you tell me why?

  7. Good that your back got better gwenda, not so good that you suffered those side effects. Though, with that combo the doc prescribed you it’s no wonder, it sounds like a month in the life of Keith Richards! I don’t get those side effects from vallium. For me it’s great. I’ve used it in spurts over the last 5 years probably. Because I’m fully aware of the addiction properties I would only use for 2 or 3 days in a row and then 2 days off. This can go on for a couple of weeks and then I just stop for a month or 2 or even longer. I did have a couple of months or so of heavy use early on though for reasons I’ll explain further down . That being said , It’s a wonder drug for social anxiety and when I use it I tend to get alot of stuff I’d usually put of done. It makes me really productive and far more out going than usual. If I mix a small amount of alcohol and about 3-4mg of vallium it is almost a party drug feeling, but with the tendancy to be a bit rash, speaking over people and generally just being a bit OTT. Mixing with alcohol is not recommended though as it can cause death by stopping breathing in your sleep. Great for a stimulant comedown too. As long as you can control your drug consumption and don’t say fuck it, it could be worth a shot. In my opinion it’s far far superior to xanax which I find really very heavy and dull, I don’t see the appeal atall. If you have problems stopping weed etc then vallium is probably not a good idea, as it’s physically and mentally much more addictive than weed. The one time I had to get a grip with it was when I had a bit of a Coke habit years ago, I’d stop snorting around 9.30-10 (reluctantly) and take 20mg vallium around 12ish, by 1 I’d be well on my way to a very restful sleep as if I hadn’t been sniffing all day ,. I’d then get up in the morning and go to work. Without the vallium I would have lost the work and just stayed up all night carrying on. This went on for months and I decided it was a bad way to go on. I Blame the coke here though, the vallium actually was, again, a godsend for me. Just my experiences with it and considering it effects me slightly differently than some others describe just see what works for you and keep everything in check , you should be fine and dandy…

  8. Hi
    I recently took 2mg diazepam each day for 7 days
    I stopped 10 days ago. How long do I need to wait before I can drink alcohol with no interactions from the Diazepam?

  9. Can one 2.5 mg dose of Valium cause a heart attack or stroke? Our doctor recently prescribed this for my husband and he had a bad reaction to it. It knocked him out for almost 24 hours. I’m thinking he had an allergic reaction?

  10. hi! i am planning to take diazepam because of my insomnia that leads to anxiety. do you it can help me improve my short term insomnia and anxiety? i tried melatonin but it doesnt helped me

  11. I’ve been taking diet pills containing Valium 8m once a day for last 18 days. I have to do UA in 5-days Will it show up in my urine test

  12. Hi, I’m supposed to get a Thyriod biopsy, and I am very nervous
    About it, and feel panicky about it. The doctor suggests that i take Valium before the procedure. I never took this medication, but woul it take away the fear and panic feeling that i have?

  13. I am taking Valium 5mg. for about 18 years one at bed time. I tried to leave it but it has become very difficult to live without taking it. I have sinking feeling by not taking it. I think I am now addictive of it. How can I leave it ? Now I feel down to earth and depressed even after taking it at bed time. Should I increase the dose to one in morning also ? I feel various pains as I am going to die. I have gone through all digonostic tests and nothing wrong was found. Please tell me the way to happy life. I am 76 years of age.

  14. I took 8 Valium last night in a period of 2 hrs, I’m sleepy the next day. Is that a side effect of taking to many.?

    1. Hi Gary. The safest way to quit any benzo is by slowly reducing the daily dose. Even though this is a short period of use, I suggest that you taper it off. You may consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, check out the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  15. I am taking Valium 5mg.for last 20 years. I am 76 years old. How does it is effecting my health? I want to get rid of it but can not. Please help.

  16. Annualy I have treatment for gum disease. I take 3 x 5 mG valium, half hourly just the once. Before treatment. My gp says this is too high. But it works and leaves no side effects. Is this ok

  17. I have a 5mg tablet of Valium. I would like to take 1/2 of it before my husband’s funeral service. Is that a good idea?
    I do not take many drugs, only low dose Lisinipril and Pantpazole in am. How far ahead of service should I take it. I just want to be a little relaxed.
    Any problem with that . I am 89 but in very good health.

  18. I am 76 years of age . I am on Valium 5mg. for last 20 years or so. Now for sometimes I have a sinking and collapsing feeling throughout the day. I have gone through Angiography which is normal. What are the reasons?

    1. Hi Mohan. Have you talking with your doctor about this? If not, consult with him/her. Maybe, you’ll need to do another examination.

  19. Hi,
    I’ll preface this by saying I am seeking help with a GP and psychologist.
    So I’ve had a lot of anxiety problems in the past and they’ve flared up again recently with a lot of depressive symptoms too. Anyway, I take 5mg diazepam sometimes when I feel I can’t calm down or get to sleep. So I probably have some tolerance happening already.
    On Friday night (it’s Monday afternoon now) I took about 40-50mg as I had researched and found it is hard to overdose but that one can induce sleep for a couple of days without lasting effects. I was feeling very very down and tense and wanted a break from my head.
    I slept well but still woke up at 9am Saturday, a little groggy and very sad, but also feeling the benzo effect quite strongly. I felt quite uncoordinated, like I was drunk, and crashed my bicycle. Later that day I sorted a few things out with people I’d been anxious about and went out with some friends, had a few drinks to cheer up. Sunday I felt ok, a little tense but a bit more relaxed. But today, I found it hard to wake up and have felt very groggy all day. Very relaxed but in that benzo daze. Anybody know how long the valium could last for at that dose, if the alcohol has prolonged it, and when it might end?

  20. Was given valium3 1/2 yrs. ago for anxiety- took only 2 1/2 daily for while, then 5mg a day if I needed it. Sometimes skipping a day. In last 10 months, been taking 2 1/2mg twice daily. Now, it’s like my head is more swimmy when I take it, so I’m low dosing & down to 1 1/2 mg a day. Have been swimmy headed daily for 3 1/2 yrs. Why am I so swimmy headed at 1 1/2 mg? Do you think it will go away? Sometimes I’m scared to walk much because I’m so swimmy headed. All testing with ENT, EYE,EEG, MRI, & NEURO have been normal. Hard to live like this- stay home most of time. Thanks for any help

  21. Hi hi

    I am currently prescribed 6x1mg lorazipam to take when i need theough the day. Have been taking lorazipam at slowly increasing doses for 10 plus years. My psychiatriat is proposing going to a lomg acting benzo for better coverage and then to see if I can reduce my dose. She said 30mg of valium at night. I imagine that will knock me out, but will i be functional the next day and will it still work on my GAD, Maj Depressive Disorder and psychosis.

    What i want to know is will a high dose of valium be anti anxiolytic for a wole day at a hoigh dose taken once at night? Because that would be a gods send!

  22. I’m trying to titrate off of 20 years of benzo usage. It has always been prescribed for a severe anxiety disorder. Dosage for the last five years or so has been 3.5mg/daily, 2 of which is Xanax, 1.5 is Klonopin. I’m down to .75 of Klonopin daily but struggling with withdrawal (been cutting back for about 8 weeks). I talked with my doc about Valium because some blogs tout the longer half life as making withdrawal easier, with fewer peaks and valleys and a more consistent downward slope. This indicates otherwise in terms of the psychological effect and ignoring detectability which is irrelevant to me. Thoughts? Having palpitations and migraines daily plus, of course, rebound anxiety. Thanks

  23. I have no tolerance and took 50 mg at once. Felt good. Two weeks later sophisticated drud test came back negative.

  24. Please help. I had five mg of diazapam about six to seven hrs ago. I had another half tablet about an hr ago…is it safe to take another half to one tablet. At about ten on retiring to bed. I am on Olmsted for hbp and take one of them a day in the evening. I went of sertraline about three months ago but I am going to go back on if doctor recommends . I’m a teacher and my stress just has gone out the roof this term to the point I want to go on stress leave. Please…any help from anyone would be great tonight…have felt very low, tears and not coping today…even where I feel I can’t go on. Thank you in advance anyone for help

  25. I take percocet for pain. My last one was around 3pm. It’s now 8:45pm. I was also prescribed 5mg Valium to help me sleep and relax my muscles. I’ve never taken it before. Has there been enough time in between for me to safely take the Valium? I’m so scared about stopping breathing.

  26. I was prescibex 10 mg of valium. I got so sleepy that I would fall asleep mud sentence. I lost a lot of weight. I was not overweight to begin with and so I looked terrible. I did become addicted to the point that I was hospitalized to get me through the withdrawal. After 3 weeks I was sent home with a presription for…..valium. This occurred 3 times over the course of 2 years. Finally my husband said enough and we changed doctors. After completing a program for addiction I am now fine, but I have no memory of that time, but from the stories I hear from family and friends it was not a good time.

  27. I take valium for muscle spasms. I took 25mg yesterday, over a 12 hour period. Today, I have no strength in my legs and collapsed. Is this due to valium? I also take baclofen (20mg) and tizanidine (4mg). Is it the combination? Thanks.

  28. I am going for an MRI the doctor has me taking diazepam 10 mg before the test how will this effect me afterwardanhow long wil it last.

  29. I have been taking dizapam 3 months got out of Hospital 2weeks ago
    The doctor had me take one 3 times a day it was 2mg. The last month
    Was down to 2per day last 2weeks been taking one per day & 4days ago
    Stopped taking them all together last 2days my muscles are week feel
    Hard to walk on my crutches? I’m recovery from infection on my top upper
    Back it was removed plus an abscess!? Now doing rehab. Thank you..

  30. i have been taking generic vallium for almost 4 years. started out taking 4 10mg a day and over the year – on my own lowered the dosage. now i am taking 2mg 4x a day and i want to start eliminating it. what would be a good plan for doing this? one milligram at a time and if so how many days before dropping another. i have duculose for managing diahrrea and cramps. please answer!

  31. I had an injection yesterday morning of valium to go for an MRI, I am meeting a friend this afternoon and would like to find out if it would now be alright to have a glass of wine?

  32. I have been taking at least 40 10 mg of msjs since November,i took 75ml of real valiuum Thursday how long will I have to wait to get that light headed buzz

  33. I have been taking several 20 mg tablets of Valium weekly for years. I have a muscle disorder that means taking a high dose (high because of a tolerance deleloped over time) once a week had the most positive effects for me. My muscles are actually pain free for days sometimes due to this and that is almost unheard of. Yes, it can be adddictive and I am glad I am closely monitored, but Valium has truly changed by life for he better.

  34. Don’t worry about it then I was wanting your help but it seams like u don’t won’t to give me advice . Simple Iv BEEN on valium for 10 years and last three years Iv BEEN on 5 a day 3 mths ago cm down to 4 . How long between times should I drop is that BETTER if not THANKS anyway

  35. my doctor cool turkeyed me off of my Vicoden 2 three times a day for massive chronic pain. I have taken it since 2005. I take 20 mgs of Valiumn a day for 49 years, for a choking condition. My grand daughter is going to get me 10 mgs of gummy marijannas, we live in Colorado. Will this be safe for the pain?

  36. I am going to have an MRI on my head and spine and I am VERY claustrophobic. I test tried 5 mg and it did nothing. The nurse told me to take 10 mg. but at my age ( 82) I am afraid that is too much. Is this safe to take this much at my age? Thank you for your response.

  37. I need some information about diazipam I took it 4 mg 2days ago as I’m on holiday in turkey and got told it was a good hangover cure.. so I took 4mg ever since IV felt very zoned out tired and feel like I’m in my own bubble.. I’m a bit worried as as IV never taken it before… and starting to really really worry now. Is this normal or should I see a doctor.

  38. i took Valium 5mg Saturday night and 5mg monday moring at 7am had blood test done at 9am will it show up in my blood test


  40. I don’t usually take valium but over a period of 5 days I took 9 5mg how long will it take to not show up in a UA test

  41. My daughter has been taking Valium 5 milligram (we think) once a day for about 5 or 6 days. She has probably taken 15 all together in the past two weeks. She wants to stop cold turkey. She doesn’t feel like she is addicted, but doesn’t want to get addicted. What can she expect when she quit cold turkey?

  42. I take 5 MG 3 times a day and have for years. My new doctor is having a fit and says I have to be weaned off and if I could not get it like she was gone and another doctor would not prescribe it to me I could die. I think this is crazy. It works for me and they act like I am a drug addict on Crack or something. This keeps me grounded, it is not for a high, I do not sell them.. why do the doctors fight me on this. Makes me feel like I am just taking to get high. Do I find a different doctor who understands and why did she tell me I would die II I could not get them. Thank you and I hope you can shed some light on my problem here.

    1. Hi Paul. Generally, diazepam can stay in the body for weeks and can be detected for at least 3 weeks in urine.

  43. I have been prescribed 10 mg of Valium to be taken once at bedtime or if I need to sleep to stop the muscle twitching from a compressed spinal nerve. I’ve noticed that I laugh all the time, act silly even the whole next day if I haven’t taken it. I am also on 10/325. Mg of Percocet to control the pain. What is the expected length of time that my loopy and silly laughing behavior can last even if I’m only taking the Percocet and Valium once a day?

  44. Hi I have some questions regarding valium. I took Valium 5mg once a day for 3 days to reduce my anxiety because sometimes I got panic attacks , but I stopped taking it 6 days ago and till now I feel dizziness, light headed, blurred vision and double vision sometimes. is that ok because the drug is not out of my system yet?

  45. I keep making a repeat trip to the ER and Medical doctors aren’t able to make the Anxiety/panic disorder …what can I say or do

  46. I take 5mgs of Valium a day or as needed. Its for my social anxiety or my uncontrollable chewing on my inner lip and fingers. To be honest though I tend to use it more for insomnia. It knocks me out without weight gain like Trazedone.

  47. I started taken 5mg valium for 4days 2months ago for the withdrawals of changing antidepressants. After a week I kept taking 5mg a day for 2weeks with the odd day taking none. I am now taking 10mg a day then increased to 15mg a fay 4days ago. Ive tried to tapper off but withdrawals are terrible. I think I have a physical addiction now. It was helping in the beginning now I am feeling my moods are all over the place including days feeling depressed. I didnt realise this drug can be affictive in such a short time as a month or 2. Is this possible and normal? Im now seeking help to detox off this medication. It’s realy causing difficulty in living a healthy life. I sleep alot and hav no energy. Then have phases of feeling normal. I just would like to know does this usually happen in such a short time?

  48. My husband is taking Valium for alcohol withdrawal. He was taking 10mg four times a day for 6 days and is now weaning off slowly. He’s at 25mg a day for two days then 20mg for the next and so on. He is so fatigued, slow in his movements, foggy. I have to help him take a shower(he has to sit) and his appetite Is not great. How long before we can See any improvement. He can’t drive or go outside at all. He will be going to detox as out patient in about 10 days and I’m hoping he will be able to converse with the counselor. He just seems so far away some times and I’m scared he will fall if I’m not with him.

  49. Am 34 weeks preg doc said I can take 5mg for anxiety attacks 6hrs and panic is back is it ok to take another dose am worried about effects on baby

  50. I have taken taken 3 times 20 mg Valium within the last 5 days. So 60 mg in total. For how long is it detectable in my urine? I ask this because in about 6 weeks time, I have to do a drug test , which will be important for my driving license. I know Valium stays in the system for quite a long time.
    What is your opinion? Thanks in advance

  51. My husband is weaning off Valium 40mg daily x 10yrs. Started on September of this yr. He is down to .25mg bid. Do u think it would have withdrawal effect if he were to stop now. He weighs 615 pounds. 5’10” tall.

    1. Hello Phyllis. Valium is used to treat anxiety, but Valium withdrawal symptoms may cause anxiety. Are you trying to lower your Valium intake? If you are, seek medical advice about your anxiety.

  52. My boyfriend is precribed suboxone .he has been doing really good on it but then 3-5days ago he said that he did 5valiums,then 5more the next is like I said 3-5days later and he still doesn’t seem himself.if he is standing up he is ok but the moment he sits down he is out ,nodding out or snoring ,and has the hiccups.he swears and swears he doesn’t know why he is still so tired but I’m scared he is losing.although when he relapsed in the past he always adventually tells me .he was crying to me begging me to believe could the affects still be doing this ??!

  53. Im very anxious and having a really rough time with some medical issues. I weigh 138 pounds, would taking two of the blue ones 10mg help or am I going to be Tripping over my own feet.

  54. i m taking 5 mg of vallium at 11 30pm for sleep. Then I have to take a Percoset at around 3am. Then I still have pain iny legs & take 5 more mg of vallium at 6am. For pain in my legs. Am I going to b addicted to vallium with taking this ? I very concerned because when I get u in morning I am so so tired until 3 pm & can’t function cuz I keep nodding out. I have to stay up cuz if I go back to bed my excruciating pain in my legs comes back. It’s been almost a week I ve been doing this pattern. It’s awful feeling this “hangover” all day feeling crappy from to much drugs. Will I b ever able to stop if I ever get well . Please respond.

  55. Hi i have been taking diazipam 5 – 10ml most days for almost a year i have been having side effects shaking weight gain memory loss, i am now ready to stop but im scared of how to go about this, any help welcome on how to cut down as it says not to stop altogether thankyou

  56. My last Mp was on the 30th of July, am 1 month pregnant. I don’t take valum but I took it last night due to lack of sleep. Does it have any effect on my baby ?, please I will appreciate ur response. Thank you.



  58. hi I take one 2mg diazepam whenever I get really bad anxiety which is probably once or twice a fortnight, is it ok to do this long term or can the effects lessen over time from the drug at such low dose and low frequency or can it get addictive

  59. Hello the doctor has prescribed me 6 x 5mgs to take before a hospital appointment which will be quite traumatic I don’t know how long before my 09:30 appointment should I take them and will I be sedated enough as I’m really scared …thankyou in advance

  60. I was prescribed to take 10 mg 4 times a day. I never took it as prescribed because its so addictive. I’m in drug treatment for opiodes. Four weeks in I’m not only coming up positive for diazapam but the levels in my urine have increased by a factor of 2 from week two to the third week. I’m a paraplegic with bladder and kidney problems. Hydroniephousis and a nuergenic bladder. I also have kidney stones. It’s been over four or five weeks since I last took any diazapam. How long can this go on?

  61. O been on valium 20 years and now I been put on reduction programme do I stand any chance at 38? thanks, Robert

  62. Taken 2mg of diazapan for 5 nights cut it down to half tab every 2 nights not had eny for 3 nights will i get withdrawrel symtoms and how long will they last please

  63. I was prescribed 20mg of Valium and I took it at about 9:30pm . It’s now 1:30pm and is making me have scary hallucinations every time I close my eyes. Is this normal.?

  64. I used to be flight attendant for years but due to everyday anxiety and panic attacks I quit my job (not related to flying) through CBT and EMDR I got my life back with no medication. However due to some horrendous panic attacks onboard the and I found it difficult to get back on a aircraft again. The dr gave me Valium but it does nothing, it gives me a bad headache and then eventually makes me fall asleep yet I’m still anxious. I took 10mg

  65. I still have unsteadiness nearly two years after giving up diazepam. Is this still a withdrawal symptom or is there another reason for this. The doctor suggested me giving it up because after about 15 years of taking it I started to feel unsteady.

    1. Hi Lucy. Withdrawal symptoms are felt primarily as the medication is leaving your system (when tapering down or completely stopping use) and as the body is healing itself and getting used to the absence of the medication you were taking. It is possible that diazepam caused other irreversible changes in your system during those 15 years you were on it. In order to get an accurate answer to what’s causing the unsteadiness, I’d suggest getting a thorough examination.

  66. Hi my stupid for want of a better word partner said.he took 40 mg of valium 4 days ago his speech and spelling is.still atrocious is this normal or is.he still taking them. He does have a history of drug abuse. I don’t take drugs so.don’t understand the effacts of themost tia

  67. Hi Annie. You may need another dose adjustment, your mediation shouldn’t cause severe fatigue. Maybe your doctor will need to prescribe another medication for the treatment of your panic attacks and anxiety.

  68. I had taken diazepam for last 17 years. 5 x 5mg per day. Last year I ceased usage after attending a Chronic Pain Clinic. It appears that I now have symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy in feet, low legs, hands/fingers, lips/tongue and scalp. Symptoms started while I was reducing the dose. I have had these super-sensitive and prickely pains since July 2014. They have got worse – not better. I only take Panadol Osteo. So it appears to me that my nerves are over active and are most likely responding in a way that has been generated by long term use. Do you know of any other cases similar to this? If so, what support groups are available? How long until this wears off? Thank you, Graham

  69. hi i was trying to find out is there a reason after almost 6weeks after i took diazapam it would still be showing up in a urine test im on suboxone now and going to my groups im trying to do right but my doc said if i still have it in my urine when
    i come in on the 8th of this month he will take me off the suboxone im 210 ponds dont have any health problems that i know of and i am not real active but mostly active im just wandering if there might be something wrong with me or if it can take longer then 6 weeks to get out of my urine last time i took diazapam was november 28th

  70. doc advised taking extra dose Valium 5 mg but it made me feel very weak and unsteady on my feet. Would have been unable to go out and have husband to look after I am 78 yrs old and having bad panic attacks andanxiety

  71. Hi Robert. You can taper down the usual doses you take; this will help minimize the withdrawal symptoms. But, most importantly, you need to make up your mind and truly wish to quit. Seek a support group in your area, it can bring significant benefits.


  73. When you have been on valium a long period off time it’s down to 3 a day by the doctor, at the end is it stored in the liver. And if you miss 1 week of med no vilium is their side effects in that week

  74. Hi Charlie. Yes, irritability is a side-effect of Valium. In fact, it’s in the group of most commonly reported side-effects from this medication.

  75. Hi Diana. These drugs have a biphasic half-life of about one to three days. This means it may take about a week for it to get out of your system completely. But, the effects aren’t long-lasting and in about 4-6 hour you won’t be feelin any them. So, there shouldn’t be a reason why the Valium will interupt your working plans. But the root canal might! Ask your doctor if it’s best to rest for a day or two.

  76. I am going to take Valium to relax me while i have a root canel done. it will be 5 MG and I will take it around 9:30 AM because my appt is as 10;30 AM. Will the drug still be in my system the next day or will it be gone by the end of the first day. I need to go back to work the next day.

    Thank you Diana Furr

  77. My question is on how long will 2-5 MGs of Vallium stay in your system and show up on a Drug Urine Screening? Here is my question…I have a “very old” prescription that was for 2 -5mgs of Vallium for an MRI….I never took the Valliums because I never had the MRI. This prescription was 14 years old. I took the 2- 5mg pill over a course of 3 days by cutting them in half & taking a half at a time. I had a serious panic attack after some bad news. I have never taken Vallium before nor have I taken it since. I was Urine screened exactly 21 days after taking these Valliums. I was also sick during this time with a bad stomach flu….so you could say I had a good cleans! Does any think these 2 Valliums would have shown up in my urine screening that was 22 days later?

  78. I have been taking 40mg of diazepam for about 18 months now and only started taking them for the “buzz”, but I now feel so low and very very depressed and even suicidal at times and was just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation and what they have done about it as whenever I try any kind of taper I just can’t do it becauuse I’m scared of the consequences of stoPping as I have read some horror stories of what some people have gone through while trying to give this horrible drug up, any help would be much appreciated.

  79. I never take benzo’s. Never take anything. But after changing jobs after 15 years because my kids wanted to live in hot California with my ex instead of with me, I took a 10mg valium from mexico that expired in 2008. My new job surprised me ten days later with a drug test immediately rather than the 2 week later start date. I am 210 lbs and 5’5; drink regularly; just started walking 4 times a week for 30-45 mins (about a month ago). I wonder if that valium was out of my system when I took the urine test

  80. If I had an adverse reaction to Valium, now long can it linger for? Also can it trigger a neurological flare up?

  81. I weigh 250lbs how long does a 10mill valium stay in my system? Does it cling to fatty tissue in my body? if I lose weight does the valium leave with the fatty tissue that I am losing or does it hang on to the rest of the fat?

  82. Hello John. This is a question for a medical professional like a physician or pharmacist. Central nervous system depressants like benzodiazepines and opioids should not be mixed, but you’ll need a medical consult to learn more about metabolic rate, risks, and dangers.

  83. Hello Gary. I’d suggest that you record the symptoms (time, date, duration, severity) and take this question to your prescribing doctor or pharmacist. Having a precise outline of what’s happening can really aid you in the diagnosis and treatment of this pain.

  84. Thanks for your excellent articles.
    I have been on 15mg (5mg x 3) diazepam daily for about 4 years. My Psychiatrist prescribed it and sertraline 200mg (100mg x2 ) for GADs and major depressive disorder. Recently, both lifestyle and physiological changes (all positive) have occurred that prompted a reduction in my dosages to 10mg (5mg at 8:00am and 2:00pm) and 100mg (8:00am) respectively. Within two days of starting the new dosages I began waking up in the morning with moderately severe aching in my jaws (actually the pain was waking me up two hours earlier than normal). This has continued for the last three mornings with the same intensity. Generally, is this happening due to benzodiazepine withdrawal? I’ve never experienced any jaw pain or aching in my 57 years of life. If this is withdrawal related, how much longer should this occur? Is there any strategy in taking the diazepam at a different time of the day or taking smaller doses more times a day? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

  85. Hi there I took one and a half valium 3 weeks ago how long will this stay in your system?? I drink alot of water also work out alot so sweat like hell?? Thanks for your time

  86. I would like some information concerning the accumulation of this medication given the half life. For example, a person taking a dose of 5mg four times per day…what is the actual dosage the body is operating on at the 24 hour mark?

  87. I took about 25mg of Diazepam that was prescribed to wife for a cramp I was having. I didn’t think anything of it when I went to my physical. It turned out I failed the drug test. It was a one time deal, but they want to test me in the next few days so I can come back to work. Is 16 days long enough for Diazepam to get out of my system?

  88. Hi Steve. In terms of effect, Valium is dose dependent. Therapeutic doses onset of effects occurs within 30 minutes and significant effects can last for 12-24 hours.

  89. I’ve been getting a positive for valium for (at least) 3 months. How is that possible? I did not take it every day. I’m 5’3″ and 180lbs. I’m a type 1 diabetic and on several immune suppressors (remicade, methotrexate) and pain mgmt is threating to cut me off because I keep showing up positive. Right now the only pain med I’m on is kadian 20 mg 2x daily. I was on fentanyl, dilaudid and morphine when I took the valium – ~40mg over a few days.



  90. Hi Fred. This is a question for a physician or pharmacist. Fatigue or drowsiness can be caused by a number of issues, including low blood pressure. Your wife may need to visit a doctor to learn more.

  91. Hi thank you have been to doctor today as woke feeling worse than ever I seem to wake at 4 in morning wide awake with just sheer terror about anything I have a worry about. Everything totally exaggerated, and all the aches and pains one has at my age previous the the prescribed course of diazepam have come back only again worse than before and persistent ringing in my ears/head… my doctor has prescribed a anti depressant and says the withdrawal effects of diazepam would not last this long ….i felt very silly. She can see how ill I look everyone else can….I am very sensitive to any tablet any way so this lot has truely screwed me up and right now I don’t feel as if I am ever going to normal again….can’t think, keep forgetting things wondering around like I am lost and vacant and the pains are like flu……cannot believe a pill can do this I am trying to work out how long it will last… it 20 hours per tablet it stays in your system. If it is I have months of this to come at my reckoning I hope not as its making me think life is to worth living x

  92. Hi Gwenda. Thanks for your message. I am certain many people can relate to your experience, and feel very disoriented and frustrated after stopping benzodiazepines. It does sound like you are in good medical hands, given the short period your doctor prescribed Valium rather than a long, never-ending prescription. I’d suggest that you seek support from your current doctor and learn about patient support groups or local resources for talk therapy. It can help to talk with someone about what you’re experiencing in your body and to find ways to cope. Make the first steps to seek help for Valium problems and you’ll be surprised by the results.

  93. Hi I hurt my back in oct last year and was given gaberpentine 300 mg 3x per day diazepam 5mg 3 x day oramorph 10 ml 4 x day. Codeine phosph when required and 8 paracetamol and morphine pills. I was on this lot for 6 weeks then suddenly pain went and I just stopped all meds other than paracetamol. I was very unwell for two weeks with gastric flu also I could not get out of bed, I was having very bad thoughts nightmares talking to myself, horrible stomach pains, very very light headed and stretching nausea, hot and cold, pains all over. And totally upset all my stomac acid, pains in liver and kidney, and very sore breast…doc has in the last two weeks put me back on diazepam. 5 mg 2x day for three days then 2.5 for three days, then 1.25 for three days three days ago I stopped completely now feel awful again, very sore breasts and tight chested, bad liver and kidney pains, taking gaviscon in warm water for acid as seem to tolerate it better that way…..very lightheaded confused anxious and crying on spur of moment. I wanted to share this with you all to firstly let you know theses are my symptons I always think its reassuring. To know someone else has same problem and also to ask you all if you have suffered the same, I am due aster by all of this and can’t believe how it has destroyed my head and physical state, lost lots of weight so tired….I am 59 year old lady x

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