How to stop taking tramadol

Never stop taking tramadol suddenly. Instead, work with a doctor to gradually taper off tramadol by 10% daily, 20% every three to five days, and 25% a week. More here on how to stop taking tramadol.

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Interested in quitting tramadol?

If you’ve been taking tramadol for a while, you won’t be able to simply stop taking tramadol. Why? Because when you use tramadol for a long period of time, your body starts developing a tolerance to tramadol which can develop to dependence on the drug. And when you get off tramadol, the presence of withdrawal symptoms manifest. In fact, withdrawal from tramadol can be dangerous and even provoke seizures.

So what is withdrawal from tramadol like? How long do tramadol withdrawal symptoms last? Learn what to expect and how to stop taking tramadol below. Then, ask your questions about tramadol at the end.

Can I just stop taking tramadol?

Yes. And no. You can stop taking tramadol whenever you would like to. But you can only quit tramadol cold turkey if you’ve been using tramadol for a short period of time. It is NOT ADVISABLE that you suddenly just stop taking tramadol if you’ve been using tramadol for extended periods of time.

Tramadol is an opiate pain killer and can result in uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms if your body has become physically dependent. Withdrawal symptoms can include; seizures, insomnia, vomiting, and anxiety. In order to understand the full extent of tramadol withdrawal symptoms, it is a good idea to get help from a doctor. A doctor can tapper your use of tramadol slowly and over time until you’re no longer using tramadol. Tapering also helps alleviate the harsh effects of withdrawal.

What happens when you stop taking tramadol?

When you stop taking tramadol you go through a period of withdrawal. Why? With time, your brain and body adapt to the presence of tramadol in the system to the point that you integrate tramadol into the functioning of the body systems. As you continually take tramadol, your body then becomes dependent on it and without the presence of tramadol, your body manifests adverse effects trying to compensate. This “rebound” effect is characteristic of any drug withdrawal period as your body learns to cope with the new chemistry and function normally. Withdrawal is a way for the body to regain homeostasis. Withdrawal from tramadol begins about a few hours after the last dose of tramadol has worn off. Even if you don’t have an addiction to tramadol, you can experience these symptoms when you stop taking tramadol.

Side effects stop taking Xanax

You can develop a physical dependence on tramadol after only taking tramadol for a few weeks. Withdrawal effects may be more severe and intense the longer you are taking tramadol. some common side effects that occur when you stop taking tramadol can include the following:

  • cough
  • chills
  • excessive sneezing
  • depression
  • hallucination
  • insomnia
  • nervousness
  • numbness in the extremities
  • panic attacks
  • runny nose
  • sweats
  • tingling
  • uncontrollable shaking

Stop taking tramadol suddenly

Never stop taking tramadol suddenly. If you stop taking tramadol suddenly, you run the risk of seizures, hallucinations, and losing concsiousness. It is better to work with a doctor and have your tramadol dosage slowly and gradually tapered. Doctors may substitute other medication that can help with any side effects you may be facing because of withdrawal.

Stop taking tramadol cold turkey

Opioids like tramadol can be painful to quit. Tramadol has also been shown to cause atypical withdrawal symptoms such as convulsions and seizures which can put you in danger if no one is watching you. Always let a doctor know about your intentions to quit tramadol before altering you medication or stopping on your own. You can only stop cold turkey if you haven’t been taking tramadol for a long time or if you experience a high tolerance for tramadol without adverse effects or the signs of dependency. Anytime you present withdrawal symptoms from tramadol, you shouldn’t stop taking tramadol cold turkey.

How do I stop taking tramadol?

The best way to quit tramadol is to work with a doctor and have him or her gradually taper you off the medication. Tapering tramadol doses helps your body regulate and can decrease the intensity of tramadol withdrawal symptoms. The timeline you and your doctor come up with will help you wean yourself off of the medication as you observe symptoms. In fact, it is helpful to schedule regular doctor appointments and make check-ins as you stop taking tramadol so that the prescribing doctor can make adjustments, if needed. If you have developed an addiction tramadol while taking this pain killer, seeking outside help is even more important. General tapering guidelines for opiates such as tramadol include the following recommendations:

1) The method of tapering will be dependent on the presence of other physical and mental conditions present.

2) In general, tapering opioids consists of a reduction by 10% daily, 20% every three to five days, and 25% a week.

3) It is never advisable to taper by 50% daily anytime during the tapering process.

How to stop taking tramadol safely

Tramadol is a popular opiate prescribed because it is considered a schedule III medication. That is, it has a lower potential for dependence and abuse. Tramadol should be safer than other drugs to quit. However, as mentioned before, the safest way to stop taking tramadol is to consult a doctor and follow instructions for quitting. While you are trying to quit taking tramadol, you can treat your withdrawal symptoms with over-the-counter medications or home remedies to help the ease symptoms of tramadol withdrawal. Other medications might be prescribed if withdrawal proves to be severe.

How to stop taking tramadol questions

Still have questions about stopping tramadol? Please leave us your questions, comments, or experiences about quitting tramadol below. We respond to all questions personally, and will try to have you an answer or reply ASAP.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I was on tramadol 100mg twice daily for over 3years. I want to stop taking tramadol because of it availability. I start taking 50mg dly and now 50mg every other day. Advice me on what to do next. Am weak and having problem of sleep and intense high body temoerature.

  2. I have been taking tramadol for 14 years for chronic pain, But i don’t want to talk to my dr. Because he has cut me cold turkey for 3 weeks one time, i actually need something better but no 8f he thought I had a problem with that I wouldn’t ever get anything else. And use to take 2 4 times a day the first 7 or 8 year’s and now 2 3 times a day for 4 year’s.

  3. Hello!I had been using 100mg extended tablet of tramadol twice a day for more than three months.I also take cymbalta,quetiapine,lorazepam,zopiclone and lyrica .I reduced the dosage to 100mg once a day 3 weeks ago,for a week before that i cut the tablets to a half i then took it twice a day.Now im having severe withdrawal which feels like i have quit using cymbalta instead,extreme chills,stomach pain and needles in head since it going away or have i done something wrong.Could reducing tramadol cause changes on cymbalta levels?

  4. Hi. I had been using 400 mg tramadol daily for 8 months prior to a hip replacement, performed three weeks ago. Post op I reduced the tramadol gradually over two weeks, and have been free for the past week. I still suffer withdrawal symptoms (restlessness, restless leg syndrome, chilliness, severe achiness, runny nose). Should I return to taking a smaller dose again, then cut down even more gradually?

  5. Sirs I have been on 150 mg tramodol for about 18 months, they have stopped working so I want to come of them , I was going to stop 50 mg every two weeks , thanking you for reply

  6. I’ve been using tramadol for more than 5 years pls what drug can I use stop using it .so that I will not undergo a severe withdrawal symptoms

  7. I used 50mg multiple times a day for 12 years due to severe pain from multiple knee surgeries (acl reconstruction) and a following staph infection that destroyed a lot of my left leg. I was addicted and sometimes used up to 8-10 pills a day before they regulated it. I quit cold turkey and it was a really tough month. My work worked with me and allowed me to work 4 hours a day instead of 8 to get through the first 2 weeks. I spent a lot of time in a hot tub as the nerves coming back after a decade really messed with me mentally. They best thing I can say to help with quitting cold turkey with this type of addiction is to be at home. Take vacation. You will need at least two weeks. That is the biggest pass/fail timeframe. The first two weeks will be extremely tough mentally as your body is trying to figure out what to do with all the nerves and feelings you are regaining. After the first two weeks the mental pain will be cut in half almost everyday and you will be back to normal again at around 4 weeks. It is rough but quitting cold turkey was the only option since I didn’t want to slowly taper off as I knew I wouldn’t make it that way. However, with this long of an addiction I had to go back on a low dose after 2 years due to horrible restless leg syndrome that developed from the medication. If you took it for multiple years you may get this and it was horrible. Two hours a night of my left leg shaking wasn’t worth the reason I stopped tramadol. There are medications for the restless leg syndrome but those side effects were a lot worse.

  8. What over the counter medications can hel withdrawal? I’ve been taking 1/2 of a 50mg Tramadol for 4 months down from 2 tabs of 50mg then down to 1 now 1/2 of 50mg daily. I stopped 2 days ago experiencing sweats and insomnia. Just wanted to know over the counter what would help. I had hip replacement 7 months ago and is still painful but want off the Tramadol. I’m 73 yrs old. Thank you

  9. I really want to stop taking Tramadol I have been taking it for 20 years for arthritic pain. I take 2 doses of 100mg slow release per day.
    I am also taking Venlafaxine 75mg for depression for 12 months.
    I am really frightened of the withdrawal systems. I am female, 68 years old.

  10. Taking tramadol for 20 years, one a day, very rarely 2 a day once a month maybe. I am 70 yrs old. Took it for Fibramyalagia, to help with energy level. Last 2 weeks I cut each pill in half. I have burning in nose and sneeze 20 to 30 times a day this past week. No other symptoms. Wondering when to start taking a fourth of the pill. Then half of the fourth. Going off , my GFR keeps going down. Nephrologist says no kidney problem. I take Coreg ,and levothyroxine. Bp was going very high. Decided to go off ultram on my own.

  11. Hi, ive been taking tramadol for 5 years after a cs section, but ite very addicted. Im taking 50mg for 3 times a day. But i really wanted to a stop. I dnt know what to do. Please help

    1. I started taking tramadol for 7 years for my degenerative disc pain .. and I am taking 50 mg per day .. I want to stop .. I do want to be normal again and not dependant on this terrible – from hell – drug …

  12. due to a back injury, i’ve been taking a 50 mg tramadol pill every 12 hours, for 12 days. I feel the pain has subsided enough that I can stop…since ive be on a loe does for only 12 days can I just stop?


  13. I have been on tramadol for about 15 years. I am having so many different problems like fatigue, muscle weakness and insomnia, incontinence, Could this be caused by the tramadol? I take about 200 mg daily and never have used more than 300 mg. I am definitely dependent because when they wear off I can feel like I need to take it even if I am not having pain.

  14. I read some of these comments and I see that people are only into it and Max to four or five years on tramadol, I’ve been on it for over 15 years and the last time I was on them was 300 mg ER and don’t you know the last bottle I was chewing a tablet in the morning and chewing a tab in the morning and one at night yes call me a very stupid person but I am now taper down to my last one yesterday I have been using a few hydrocodone to help but I have never withdrawn off of another drug that is so bad tramadol is terrible but imagine doing as much as I have I’m going to continue not taking them whatever it takes my goal is for January 1 at this point by then it should be downhill I’m using a lot of tuna for protein and I am getting some few things together like a massage or a and or also over the counter help maybe I won’t lose this here site and I could keep informing this forum on what I’ve accomplished in the near future and onward thank you.

  15. I need help. I started taking tramadol about 2 weeks ago. At some crazy amounts like 600 mg to 700 mg a day. I’m trying to quit but I’m having withdrawals , and it’s messing with my work performance. Can some one please help me understand how to tamper off.

  16. Gentlemen, Ive been taking tramadol for almost 5 years. Right before quitting my usual dosage was a 225mg pill and a half (approx 340mg). However, I had to quit due to the scarcity of tramadol in my country. I lowered my dosage to a half 225mg dose for two days then I completely quit. It’s been 3 days now and I am feeling awful.. sever body ache, nervousness, constant sneezing amd runny nose, uncontrollable shaking and unconcentration. Due to my life circumstances I have to go through all of this by myself without medical intervention. Please give me hope, am I going to feel better soon? I am eating well, and drinking lots of water and I am doing my best to perform my daily activities.

  17. I took Tramadol for four months for a compression fracture in my back. I stopped taking it a couple of weeks ago and still have constipation and restless legs at night. Haven’t been to my doctor – am having chemo for cancer and have a poor appetite. Will my constipation end by taking over-the-counter laxatives? Thank you.

  18. I have been taking tramadol for around 3 years for lower back pain. I generally 50mg twice a day occasionally three times a day. The drug has made me lethargic and unhappy although I fear I have become dependant on it. I want to stop taking it completely I honestly would prefer to be in pain daily but get my old self back. What’s the best way for me to stop. After reading about the effects of quitting I’m scared of stopping.

  19. My mom was taking Tramadol 50mg twice a day for about a month for cervical pain. She has since had a cervical epidural so she decided to stop taking the Tramadol cold turkey. She’s had night sweats, tingling in her arms, leg cramps and extremely emotional. This has been going on for 4 days now. I just would like to know how long these withdrawal symptoms will last?

  20. I had just gotten my 120 Tramad/acetaminophen 37.5-325mg & was cleaning house , & must have accidentally thrown the bag of medication in the trash. Not knowing I did it until the next day after the trash had been picked up. Now my Dr. will not help me. I need help now. That was a month worth of pills I don’t have . I need to get some help for the withdrawals until I can get them in August 19th. Help! I have had to take them for several years now.

  21. I’ve been taking Tramacet for three months for sciatica. Over the past two weeks, I have reduced it from two every two hours up to six a day to one every four hours up to three a day. Can I just quit it now? I haven’t had one in over 24 hours.

  22. I have been taking low dose Tramadol (25-50mg.) daily every morning for three years. I also take 5mg of hydrocodine every afternoon for chronic back pain. I can tell my body has become dependent on the Ultram especially. I want to get off Tramadol first but have a history of seizures long ago, depression due to chronic pain and I’m almost 70 years of age. How do go about getting off both of these. If i don’t take these meds at the typical time , i hurt and ache all over similar to flu like symptoms. Have had either today but don’t know how to stop since already low dose and aching all over along with usual buttocks pain.

  23. I have been taking tramadol drug for weeks now and I have decided to stop but each time I stop talking it sweat excessively and feel internal cold during the day and night so I really need this to stop what can I do thanks

  24. I take tramadol 300mg er. ..Is it safe to drop down to 200mg er when trying to taper down? I do have 50mg tabs, and 200mg er tabs. Thank you !!!!

  25. If anyone has an answer I would really appreciate it. I’ve taken tramadol for 3 years. I got 90 pills,50 milligrams a month. If I quit cold turkey for 2 weeks, Do I still run the risk of having seizures.

  26. I’m wondering if stopping tramadol and Oxy after almost 5 years, and starting Buprenorphine will be ok? My doctor says it’s fine… I’m worried even though I’m switching, that cutting my tramadol like that will give me bad withdrawls?

  27. I’ve recently come off Tramadol by weaning myself down to 50mg a day till finally in another 3 days i intend to finish taking them altogether,i used to take 400mg a day,i’ve gone through quite a few different symptons since stopping but the one thing i don’t seem to be able to get back is my sleep pattern in fact i’m not getting any sleep at all i’ve tried treatments over the counter but as soon as i go to bed i get restless & have to get up i’ve not had any sleep in a week now

  28. I have been taking 2-3 tramadol 50 mg. for about 2 months. Should I expect withdrawal symptoms if I stop taking them.

  29. Hi my name is Norma I started taking tremadol in 2016 around March my Dr.prescribe these for me because I had a pinched nerve at the time we didn’t know yet what it was that was giving me so much pain to be able to get up and walk after so many MRI they said it was a pinched nerve on my black left lower side so my Dr. Gave me these pills at first I was taking one then I asked her if I can take two
    This would be two in the morning then two at bed time these are 50mg each so one day when I forgot to take them I felt weird in my body I didn’t know I can get addicted to these til my daughter inlaw told me she works at a hospital .so I snap and took them right away and about one hour I felt better now a month or two ago I talked to my Dr. Told her I wanted to taper them I started taking one and a half for about a month now I’m taking one in morning one at bed time but I’m having problems with my county care insurance they can’t prescribe two substance cause I’m also taking Alprazolam I’ve been taking those since 2010 after my mom past and I taper those to half in morning and bed time what I want to know is after taking one in morning and one at bed time you think ill have or be harder to take half in morning and bedtime I’m afraid if I could stop cold turkey I would but I already experienced
    Some of the withdrawl and the thing about all this the Dr. Never told me this and they were not helping with the pain either please help me to learn to get off of these ..thank you

  30. Hi…i take a 300mg tramadol evry day in 2time 2tablets ….but now i want to avoid this ….how to stop pls tell me…i m fully addicited now this tablet…

  31. I have been taking Tramadol for over 20 years for chronic nerve pain my doctor is just cut me off today completely was he supposed to do this

  32. I’ve been on tramadol for almost a year now
    No one medical prescriptions from my doctor yet running off streets all the time wasting an amount to buy shut cuz it makes me feel “awesime” Right now withdraw symptoms are protruding after trying to stop it just for 2days I got sever headache like am loosing my mind, joint pains fever with excessive cold n nervousness. Took bout 2pills each 225mg per day after trying to get rid of it the day before couldn’t handle it now…I wanna stop this horrible drug cuz Am loosing much amounts put basing shit that’s killing me now I think a dose per day will do n later a half a quarter n finally nothing
    Please hint me if this approach of mine will do without serious adverseness thanks

  33. I have been on tramadol for 5 years daily. The worse I was at was 8 pills a day. I realized this is a problem. My dr was prescribing me 180 Each refill . So taking more When I’m pain was easy. And the tolerance grew. I got back down to 1 pill a day that took me 9 months to get down to. It’s a long process. I keep a journal a daily entry of how many I take when trying to wean down. I’m now back up to 4-5 50 mg tabs per day. Two in the morning with coffee to start the day. 1around 12-1pm – 3:00 pm and 6 ish. I have been at 45 prescribed tabs on a month for the last year. (Switched doctors)) I run out early and have resorted to buying online. Which is not the same. I feel like I can’t get off these little evil things. I can go 20 hours before the withdrawals are so bad I have to take 1-2 to help them subside. I try often to take less than usual It’s a constant battle with myself. I have currently took time (1-2months) off work so I can try hard to wean down to 1 a day. I find it’s easier to have a plan to get down to 1 than it is to have a plan to get to none. I seems to fail with the outlook of never taking one again. Currently in weaning process and it’s going well. If I fail one day and take one more than planned I try again the next day. Self control is key. And being actually ready to do this. These last 5 years flew by so fast I can’t believe it. Iv been In A daze and not mentally present Iv lost relationships over this. It has helped in the job field cuz I have energy and on top of my game. But family wise and health wise it’s been a problem. I have horrible skin now my hair is thinning. I’m only 27 so this is not ideal. Any success stories would be appreciated. And if my story can help someone that’s great !

  34. I had two truck accidents in the last two years. I am currently taking 8 -325mg of Tramacet per day and I am trying to wean myself off slowly with Dr.’s help. I have been on tramacet for 2 years now. I tried taking 7 and then 6 pills per day but I am in too much pain. And on alot of bed rest. So i go back to 8 pills daily of tramacet. I SO badly want to stop taking this drug. 🙁 Do you have any ideas how I can manage my pain so I can continue to wean myself off of Tramacet? I also just started taking about a month ago 2- 50mg Pregabalin for my nerves.

  35. Hi m taking tramadol daily 200 mg or 400 mg becouse i hvn back pain but now i cant forget plz help me .tell me how to forget tramadol

  36. hi my name is sachin my problem is always my headache and i started i used many medicine but not respond and i star to eat tram doll but today i will addiction tram doll after some 2.3 month how to i stoped tram doll plz response me

  37. i have been on tramadol for a year and half and i don’t know well experienced doctors. so i need to give up my own so may you plz replace my doctor and give me well consulting. thanks any way for your well prepared plz help me i need to stop using on it. even i fain for sake of it.

  38. Hi- I’ve been taking 50 mg 4 times a day for 11 plus I was on it for about 5 days in the hospital. They kept saying how it wasn’t addictive or an opiat- but I didn’t like how I felt so stopped taking them two days ago cold turkey- I didn’t know to taper with them saying all these things but have been going thru decent withdrawals for only a short amount of time. I don’t want to go back to tapering now can I just continue and hopefully be thru in a few days only having taken them for a shorter time ?

  39. I have taken tramadol for 3 yrs like 6 to 10 a day I also have to to take dilantin for seizure. They give me energy to work 2 jobs what is something I can take to get off but still have energy like they have me

  40. Am 26 years old .I have taken tramadole for 6 years and I realised its not a good thing,now I went to a pharmacist and she directed me on what to do ,now she gave me some drugs that will reduce the anxiety and the pains, but now I’m in deep pains,no way to even take my bath,please help me on what to do

  41. I am on 200mg a day tramadol, and 75mg amitryptaline and 45mg mirtazapine these medicines are now reacting with each other and doctors say to reduce dose by 50% a day for two days. I already have the tingles and up arms across chest aches, will it be much worse? Thank you. Terry

  42. I need help to stop taking tremidols what if my Dr doesn’t help me and I live by myself I’m not suppose to be alone could I go to a hospital?this is my email

    1. Hi Norma. Keep in mind that you can always ask another doctor for help. First, consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Then, call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  43. I am trying to get off Ultram. I have been on Ultram for 4 years and I have felt bad every since I started taking it. I was on Vicodin for 10 years and the Pain Management Doctor got into trouble by not using Assistants that were certified and his license was taken away. He was only able to write me a prescription for Ultram. My new Doctor that I have been seeing for 4 years continue me on Ultram and I never question him about putting me back on Vicodin. I am 69 years old and I am starting to feel worse every day. I never felt this way on Vicodin. I was taking 4 fifty mg a day, and now I have cut down to 2 fifty mg a day. I am trying to get off Ultram myself without telling the Doctor. I am afraid if I tell him that he will take me off completely and I don’t know how I will deal with my back pain if he does. When I took Vicodin I had lots of energy and now will Ultram I feel tired all the time and just want to sit on the couch. Can anyone tell me what I can do to get off Ultram altogether. In 2015 I had vertigo really bad and I think that Ultram caused it. Is there anything over the counter that will help me the with draws without having seizures.

  44. Been on tramadol for 7 days @ 300 mg per day. Original causal pain has subsided after an epidural injection. Want to stop tramadol. Since what I read in all the posts is that withdrawals don’t generally kick in majorly until after 2 weeks, think I am ok to go cold turkey and not taper? Doc didn’t think tapering would be needed but want to get your opinion. Thanks!


    1. Hi Eileen. You can talk about your wish to cut back on tramadol when you go in for your wellness exam visit with your doctor. S/he can help you create a tapering plan that will slowly lower your dosage. Stopping 1 pill abruptly may cause uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. I’d suggest a more gradual taper, to give your body the time to adapt to each change.

  46. I take tramadole 50 mg 1 a day 5 days a week for over a year. I am now taking cymbalta and no long want the tramadole. What is the best way to ween myself off without withdraws. I don’t think it’s good to take both of them together.

    1. Hi B. It is recommended to suddenly just stop taking tramadol if you’ve been using it for a year. Tramadol is an opiate pain killer and can result in uncomfortable and dangerous withdrawal symptoms since the body becomes physically dependent after one year. Have you considered getting help from a doctor? A doctor can tapper your use of tramadol slowly and over time until you’re no longer using tramadol. This way you will avoid the discomfort and possible dangers during withdrawal.

  47. I have been talki g Durela 100 mg dose each morning for a month to combat fibromyalgia and neuropathy pain.
    I have begun getting headaches and my chest wall pain has increased in this time. I missed a dose one day lasy week and felt less chest wall pain. I dont think I am getting the pain relief I am looking for and want to stop taking this drug. My intent is to take a dose every other day for a week then every third day and so on until I am off. Is that an advisable way to wean off? Thanks

    1. Hi Jan. These are symptoms that you will need to report to your doctor. Maybe you require an adjustment in dosage, or maybe your doctor will switch you to another pain medication that will help manage your pain without causing these side effects.

  48. I have been on 8 50mg. Tablets for 5 years.i ran out about 1 week early for my refill.this was the worst mistake of my life,and the worst hell I have been through . convulsions, using the bathroom on myself, uncontrolled body can the medical establishment call this a safe drug. I was on a a100mg. Fentynal patch for a year and did not go through any thoughts on this?

  49. For 7 yrs use. 50 mg 1x day sometimes, more often, 25 mg. Now for past few days on half of that. Is this ok? It would b hard to cut smaller and know the dose. Can u help?

  50. I have been on Tramadol for 8 years. 1 pill three times a day. I do suffer from dizziness and an uneasy feeling when walking, as if i am on an air mattress. It was prescribed after surgery. I would like to get off this medicine. I have recently stopped taking my water pill for high blood pressure, that also caused a feeling of being dizzy. I rarely exceed the three pills a day and frequently use only two. Generally i take them when i feel Flu like systems. At that dose what would be the dose recommendation to taper off. Jim Fulton

  51. I have been taking tramadol for 3 weeks 3 X 50 mg a day for back pain also gapabentin 100 mg a day yesterday I took my usual tramadol about 8.30 by about 11 I felt spaced it as if a had overdose but I managed to get through work I came home and went to bed I woke early with a headache I got up but felt I couldn’t function a bit spaced but I had no back pain so didn’t take any meds I had bad diarrhoea for a while just drank water but don’t feel great . Should I have taken my meds as usual as I now feel quite unwell

  52. I have been taking tramadol for 3 weeks 3 X 50 mg a day for back pain also gapabentin 100 mg a day yesterday I took my usual tramadol about 8.30 by about 11 I felt spaced it as if a had overdose but I managed to get through work I came home and went to bed I woke early with a headache I got up but felt I couldn’t function a bit spaced but I had no back pain so didn’t take any meds I had bad diarrhoea for a while just drank water but don’t feel great . Should I have taken my meds as usual as I now feel quite unwell .

  53. Can I stop myself without going to a doctor, but following the steps, reducing usage slowly??
    Been using for almost 4 years now, min usage of 200 mg per day, Max 500 mg. But am really sick and tired and I wanna quit once and for all? Need help!

  54. I have had problem with premature ejaculation over the years. And my friends introduced me to tramadol so anytime l want to have sex, I will take btween 400mg to 500mg. I want to stop but anytime I think about it, I remember my problem with premature ejaculation. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

    1. Hi Nass. Have you seen a doctor about your issue? If not, I suggest that you speak with your doctor.

  55. I have taken 50mg tramadol at night to sleep from nerve burning sensation.for two months…i didn’t take it last night..Threw up this morning and am really tired..coughed a lot last night and didn’t sleep much.
    is this withdrawal…should i go to 1/2 or just continue to stop…thank you

  56. I was addicted to tramadol for almost three years,all of a sudden it started causing me to have weak erections,which is on like the drug. So I decided to quit it.Am on the fifth day of withdrawal currently,but the craving for the drug and the restlessness dat comes with it is killing me..My question now is,if I completely withdrawal from the drug,am I going to have my erection back? And if I take one dose of the drug,is it going to shatter the whole withdrawal thing?

  57. my son was taking up to 250mg of tramadol per day: 50mg/5x/day…. and 5 mg of klonapin per day: 1mg/5x/day…. then doctor changed back to valium at a 1 to 5 ratio – 1mg klonapin = 5mg valium; pharmacist says its 1 to 10 ratio; psych nurse says its a 1 to 20 ratio… do you know the correct ratios?…. constant seizures, no medical help!!! they do NOTHING!

  58. I have been taking tramadol for 2 yrs when i run out i just go get more . So if doctor prescribes them too me im not gonna take them right to get off slowly. My question is what else can doctor give u to help the withdrawls and to get u off

  59. When it says a short time taking Tramadol , how short is a short time. I have just started taking Tramadol and I hate it. It does not control pain that well and I feel as though I am getting sinus infection or maybe a bad cold , headache and worst of all I cant sleep. I have been on them for a week and am supposed to be on them for another week before surgery then I don’t know if the Dr. is going to have me take them after surgery . He , the Dr. has told me this is a very painful operation. Stenosis and fusion.

  60. Prescribed tramadol for sever arthritis & degenerative spinal disease, been taking around six a day for over five years, just recently I have had to bad panic attacks once at TTs hairdressers and to day at the opticians I start feeling very hot and like I need to get out fast, I’m used to the sudden hot fly she’s that drench me in sweat but this urge to get out and run away is new. I’m going to start cutting back slowly but my doctor says that tramadol is the only thing that will reduce my pain to a manageable level so very scared for the outcome

  61. I dont remember the last time i commented on here… but here goes. .. i have been taking 20 to 30 of the 50 mg tramadol a day for at least the last 4 years. I have tried to stop but failed and failed. …and failed. I could NEVER let my family know of this and my husband hides it well… he would DIE of embarrassment if his people found out. My options are limited. I am afraid if i tell my doc he will just stop giving them to me bc he doesnt give me mear the amount i actually take. Ive even tried suboxone but i still get brain zaps and the leg thing so i always end up going back. Does anyone know a realistic way to get myself off such a high dose…i cant take much more of this…it is draining me.

  62. I have been taking tramadol for over two years, 10 to 20 pills per day & would like to kick the habit immideately but I am afraid it may do me harm. I am 73 y.o. Any info would be appreciated!

  63. hi my mother has been taking tramodal for around a year to two year from her doctor.she was taking 2 or 3 a day off 50mg.all of a sudden they stoped her taking them and now is feeling like death warmed up.should the doctors have done this and what should we do

  64. Mark You are sooooo very right about EVERYTHING you said!! is there anyway to private message you? I have a couple questions

  65. Is it possible for tramadol to cause weak erection and low sperm count? How can one take tramadol just for fun without having these side effect?

  66. I am a 77 year old man who has been taking Tramadol HCL 300mg for about 5 years. I have lost my prescription drug insurance and can not afford to purchase it. How do I safely wean myself off of this drug?

  67. I have been on Tremadol since November last year and before my operation in mid February was on the maximum prescription allowed. Since the operation I fairly quickly and easily reduced down from 8 to 1 tablet per day. I am having real difficulties coming of the final tablet – one day I’ll go 30 hours until I need one and the next day I’ll have to take again at 24 hours. The tablets are in capsule form so I cannot take half a tablet – is the answer to get tablets that I can break up and take smaller dosages or do you have any other recommendations ? Thanks

  68. Hi there I am so scared I have been taking tramadol for two years and at times high doses for teeth pain dry socket ect. With on going problems I just have kept taking them and when in extreme pain six 50 mgs a day. I tried stopping and the withdrawals are to much even after one day.I want to taper off bit need to know if the doctor will or should agree to this or just make me stop which will be really horrible as can’t get through one day please help? Thankyou.

  69. I want to ask my help but I’m alone I’m gonna be afraid all the time cause I kinda forgot one day to take the tremidols and I felt a chil in my body I dident like the feeling I need to know If my Dr. Is gonna help me to were I don’t feel discomfort .

  70. I have been on 50mg tramadol for 4 years. Recently moved. I am out a tramadol tomorrow and I have no way to get more for the next couple of weeks. What can a get that will help with the withdrawals that will surely be coming? I am on vacation. And I doubt a hospital will just give me some.

    1. Hi G. It is important to support your body while you are withdrawing and seek medical help if necessary. One major complication of tramadol withdrawal is the potential for serotonin syndrome. Serotonin syndrome occurs when your brain can’t regulate serotonin and your body experiences extreme depression and anxiety. Treating this naturally or with antidepressant/SSRI medications can help to regulate the normal levels of serotonin in the body.

      Locate the local pharmacy and talk with the pharmacist about tips on how to treat the symptoms of tramadol withdrawal using over-the-counter medications. You can use typical ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol to help with pain along with other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). You can also use temporary sleep aids and muscle relaxers that can help take care of the cramping caused by tramadol withdrawal. Flu and cold medication can also help treat general tramadol withdrawal symptoms.

  71. If you go cold turkey, how long is withdrawal period. I have had a virus and unable to take meds. 10 days without tram so I think I will stop taking it altogether. Have long before it is out of my system.

    1. Hi Cathy. The effects of immediate release tramadol lasts for 4-6 hours. Extended release tramadol effects last for 24 hours.Tramadol extended-release version may take a little longer to clear the blood than for the regular variety of the drug, as it’s released continuously throughout the course of the day. But, Tramadol withdrawal is different for each person and what your experience would be like depends on the dosage and how long you have been taking it.

      We explain more about Tramadol withdrawal duration and provide a timeline of symptoms, here:

  72. Have been taking this medication since 2005 and now have severe memory loss. How can I still take the meds and get my memory back? Please help, I would like to go back to school but will not be able to if I continue the path I’m going

  73. I have been on Trammadol 4+years prescribed by the VA. I am was originally prescribed a dose of HCL50mg every 4 hours. In Jan 2017 my script was reduced to 1/2 tab every 4 hour or a full ill every 4 hours. I have decreased my intake to 1/2 tab 2. X a day. If I go cold turkey will withdrawals be severe?

  74. I am a 50 year Zambian ‘male’ who has been taking Tramadol for the past 4 years since I developed a daily persistent headache. I take the drug every day and if don’t, I suffer from most of the withdrawal symptoms you have indicated above and the pounding headache resumes. My concern is not about the withdrawal symptoms but the severe headache. I think I am an Anxiety Disorder patient and I think that is why I developed this continuous headache plus other symptoms like heart palpitations, insomnia, fear, restlessness, problem socializing, low self esteem, irritability,suicidal thoughts and so on. The problem can be attributed to the fact that I have the tiniest penis on earth. I used to abuse alcohol to temporarily forget about this frustration but it resulted into more problems like injuries(I have a few scars on my body) and, thankfully, I stopped drinking. Also the stigma that comes with a tiny penis which can not perform any manly duties worsens the whole situation. I feel I am on a different planet and always thinking about dying. I even admire AIDS sufferers because I know they got through enjoying sex. How else can I cope with this problem without taking tramadol? I feel shy to approach a doctor and tell him/her about my situation for fear of embarrassment. My life is as good as being in hell, if not worse. This is the first opportunity I have had to share this problem with anyone.

  75. In many states Tramadol is a schedule 4 opioid. Having said that a schedule three narcotic is very addictive and has a very high potential for abuse. A schedule 4 is not far behind.
    One of the biggest problems is that the manufacturers of the drugs and the FDA and the DEA bureaucracy overwhelmed the proper scheduling of drugs that can be abused particularly opioids. They do not want their drugs to be controlled. The manufacturers actually fight to have their drugs scheduled very low or no control at all.
    I do not disagree with your general ideas. I do question how much a doctor can help with the tapering of a narcotic. Once you say you want to get off of a pain reliever you become a Marked Man. they even notify your primary Pharmacy and you are marked with a red flag there also. Once that happens then other medications that may actually be required cannot be attained because you have told the world you’re a drug addict. When information is passed from one doctor or radiologist to another the entire file goes.
    I may sound pissed off but I’m not. I don’t suppose I am disputing you other than the fact that a schedule 3 drug is highly abusive. Possibly I misunderstood.
    What I have said has happened to me. I was in a very bad car wreck and broke my wrist. I had to have surgery on my wrist and only 2% of broken wrist require surgery. It is one of the most common breaks in the body. Following that car wreck don’t you know I required a narcotic. I also broke two ribs. After the emergency room the doctor there gave me a prescription for 24 oxycodone tablets. Only 24 tablets. Because I had a red flag for tapering off of an opioid my Pharmacy would not fill the prescription.
    I suppose my point is doctors are not very educated when it comes to drug addiction. They should be it is now an epidemic. Don’t you know it causes problems that reach out all over the place.
    I’m not just an idiot who does not know what they’re talking about I’ve been through this stuff. I’ve been through methadone buprenorphine Suboxone and I’m finally down to Toradol. I believe I have lost some of my sanity. Including eight years of methadone I used for 35 years. I know every narcotic there is I know it’s scheduled I know it’s chemical makeup I know the manufacturer’s detailed description of how it should be dispensed and used. I guess you could say I’ve done my homework.
    I think people should know that should they decide to get themselves off of an opioid that’s cool. If you decide to get yourself off of an opioid I suppose you don’t really need it. There are few non-controlled substances that are truly effective for pain relief. That’s unfortunate. Just be careful and do your own homework before you decide to tell your doctor that you do not want to take an opioid anymore. You can tell if the doctor has been educated on how to taper or is just winging it. Withdrawal symptoms hurt really bad they will drive you mad.
    Should you truly decide that you need an opioid for pain relief there are ways of controlling that in your own home assuming you’re not alone. If you’re alone well that’s a tough one. There is a fine line between the need and addiction. If you need an opioid you will get dependent on it or otherwise addicted to it. The question is and always will be are you using it for pleasure or pain relief. Only you can answer that question?
    Just saying be careful. Everyone won’t play the game with you. Some will, Suboxone doctors but even they do not prescribe the medication the way the manufacturer says to do it. Make no mistake I have tons of experience in these matters. 15 inpatient treatment centers countless detox centers and Suboxone doctors. I decided I would do it myself with the help of an understanding female doctor. Her attitude was if he WANTS to do it why treat him like he has leprosy. No one is forcing him to stop he WANTS to. So I will listen to him really really listen to him. I listen to him so closely because he probably knows more than I do about these matters.
    I think that you are correct in that you should schedule 2 to 4 week appointments so you can tell your doctor how you feel. You would be surprised at how much a doctor will help if they know that you are serious and believe in what you’re doing. Even if you have to go back on narcotics because of serious pain issues then so be it. No one should have to live with chronic pain issues or just drug addiction. What a life.
    I hope I have not offended anyone I’m just sharing my experience and asking that you be careful when attempting detox with a doctor that HAS little or no knowledge of drug dependency.

  76. which food i have taken when i quit tramadol…and wich type of supplements…for body cleaning and liver etc…

  77. I’ve been taking trmidols since March of last year first it was one a day then when my pain was more hurtful I stated taking two in the morning and two at bed time but there 50 I asked my dr. Since there only 50mil. If I could take two in the morning and two at bed time she said I could but know I don’t want to take them any more and I am afraid to stop there’s times when I forget to take them I get chils and feel terible so I take them right away but please help me I’m afraid to ask my dr. And I’m afraid to be bymyself when I start not taking them or tapering them

  78. Well greeting,have been taking trams for 4years and my dosage at the moment was 1000mg and quit but all bones are aching and cant sleep at night.What do i do and i cant start taking it again?

  79. I gave my husband 2 Clonazapam tablets instead of 2 Aleve tablets for his flu like symptoms. Any Harm done? Should I be concerned?????

  80. I have been taking tramadol 50mg 6x a day for past year. I decided to quit I tapered off, asked my doctor for dirrhea medicine, anxiety, and sleeping medication. I am on day two and I feel pretty good got five hours of sleep last night. Have some nervousness but the aniexty medicine is working ok. Has anyone else tried this?

  81. I have been taking tramadol for back pain for 3-4 months, 2-3 50mg per day. I do not feel I have a psychological dependency but am taking cortosteriod injections and my pain has lessened. I have not had a pill in 24 hrs and feel kinda jittery and slight palpitations. After reading your article I guess I should not quit cold turkey so I think I should maybe take 1-2 daily. Does this sound like a good tapering off process?

    1. Hi Helen. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  82. I have been prescribed tramadol by my doctor for 20 years. Recently he denied refills with no weaning off period. I Ibecame very sick. I tried to get some anywhere I could. I experienced cold turkey symptoms several times. The worst for me is the insomnia. If I could only sleep I think I can handle this. Any help will be appreciated.

  83. I addicted to many narcotics like tramadol in and tablets alprozlam 2 daily lecsamide 100 deloxtin 30 TDs how I leave plz gained I am only 25 but I married I tired but leaving so difficult I have no more money for treatment how I can …. soside is last option but Islam not to write about this what I do plz help me

    1. Hi Sunrise. Generally speaking the tapering schedule goes like:
      – decrease dose by 20-50 percent per day until you reach 30 mg/day
      – then decrease by 5 mg/day every three to five days to 10 mg/day
      – then decrease by 2.5 mg/day every three to five days
      BUT, I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Here’s suggested reading on how to quit tramadol:

  84. I am a Nigerian.i have being taking tramadol for over four years now and I have tried several ways to quit but all abortive. I want to know if there is another drug to take in it’s place which is not addictive. Though am on the withdrawal method. Thank you

  85. my father is taking tramadol since from last tree year. now he have to take 5 to 8 tablet each day to wake up from bed . each tablet contain 100mg please help us.what should he do. because when he try to leave. there body become totally weak even he can not walk .please help me

  86. Hello pls i nid hlp urgently on tramaldol i need to stop taking it cos hav been on it for about 4years now,a frnd adviced me to tak it when i had a relationship problem that it would stop me from thinking which really hlpd and it also hlps me to reason well but now am over abusing the drug cos i take about 10-12 100Gram a day now,pls I really need to stop this drug now,I didn’t take it at all yday and i was in pain truout,was not able to sleep,stomach pain,hot body,heart beats fast,blood pumps fast,cant think well,feeling uncomfortable like am not myself and i cant eat anytym i take it,i can go the whole day without eating and sleeping if i take it please help me mycase is really worse now….Pls hlp me am begging you pls am in Nigeria and i can always get the drug anytime i want i cant tell my parents and I still live under them am gonna be 24 years this August and have been addicted about 4 years now pls help me plssss am really dien inside please

    1. Hi Derick. I suggest that you speak with your parents about your problem. Then, consult with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, look for counseling sessions from an addiction therapist in your country.

  87. I’ve been taking tremadol for 3 weeks and ended up in hospital 5 days ago with a major anxiety attack where I was having trouble breathing. Because I had also started taking a half 50 zoloft for 2 days before they said stop zoloft. I got to see a doctor 3 days later as I was still having panic attacks and she advised to stop tremadol and cut back to 1 a day which I did yesterday but now I don’t know how long I should do the one a day and then how to cut out completely. I haven’t had any panic attacks today and had only one tramadol last night. When I have an attack I take half or a quarter of valium and calm quickly with breathing and occupying myself at present. I did have a car accident 5 mths ago and was stablizing and the tramadol helped with upper back pain but was having more little attacks at first and that’s why they put me on zoloft which I don’t take now but have no idea of how to get of tramodol now although only been on it for 3 weeks. I’d be grateful for guidance.

  88. I’ve been off tramadol for 17days now, I’ve lost allot of weight and has allot of migraine, still have shakes in the morning, is loosing weight because of the withdrawing??

  89. Hi.two days back I quit spasmo proxivon capsules. Now I can’t get a good sleep.igot body pain,cough. So please suggest me what can I do to get a good sleep.

  90. My husband just had a seizure, probably induced by Tramadol because he does not have epilepsy. He was taking 3 50mg pills a day and obviously can’t take any more. What do we do now? Is there another medication that could help?

  91. I have been on Tramadol 50mg ,Oct 26 2015. Read how bad they were .I have a bad dish in the back of my neck. I started off 2a day , For the last month I have been on 75mg,I have stop them ,I will see my Dr. Thursday.I am a type2 diabetes. Sorry my spelling is not so good. I am 77 years old. It was mess with my mind.

  92. I’ve been taking 300mgs , extended release, every morning for 2 years now. I’m currently not in my home Province, visiting my daughter. I’m running out of my Tramadol and now I’m going to be going through withdrawals because I can’t get my meds shipped to me in time. Am I in trouble with withdrawal ??

  93. I’m a user of tramodol 50mg 4 tablet per day but suddenly I have to go UAE within 4 days I consult my doctor but he suggested soon harder to quit so I was recommend for rehab so I’m talking declofinac for my back pain but it’s not worthy so what alternate I can use and easily taken to UAE coz I dnt have time to withdrawal in 4 days please help me out with best back pain alternative that can be non narcotic and releif my pain…its urgent please suggest me as soon as possible.

  94. you think doctors know any thing? they don’t. you can quit by tapering is best but you have to be strong. I advise keeping you doctor out of it as he will meddle and place judgement on you. making the depression harder. Or worse will give you something like suboxitone, Be strong, taper slowly remember you are loved

  95. I cut down on the tramadol 50 mg. been taking it since Nov. 10th 2009 for severe back pain Osteo, Spinal Stenosis and right shoulder pain from a pinched nerve worst pain I’ve ever had. I was taking 2 pills 50 mg every four hours for two months and it was making me sick so…..I cut it down to one every four hours..ended up with withdrawals and panic attacks Today was second day without a panic attack, tonight I had one not so bad a little tightness in the chest and chills. My Question is Could I still be having Tramadol Withdrawals? I tried all kinds of different meds but they made them worse. I decided to give it a try without meds and do it by watching what I eat and reading about panic attacks and how to stop them it seems to be working for me. I went through a colonoscopy the prep last night and the colonoscopy today and did not have a panic attack until this evening. I’ve been sleeping good for the last two nights.

  96. My husband has been on Tramadol 50 mg 2, 3xper day for the past 2 years. Has been on all together for about 8 yrs. our family dr just switched him to hydrocodone 7.5/325 4x daily. Why is he going through terrible withdrawal? Cold/hot, headaches, insomnia, thinking strange thoughts, heart racing and many more. What can I do to help him through this?

  97. I had a total right knee replacement on 7/9/16 and was prescribed Oxycodon- Acetaminophen 7,5 -325 for pain. I took 3 tablets a day until 8/1/16 and then was prescribed Tramadol HCL 50 MG and have been taking 3 tablets a day until now. What should be my withdraw schedule. I want to get off it completely.

  98. I wish I had something to ease my withdrawal from Tramadol, damn doc nor pharmacist told me the side effects, hate them all for what I have suffered and will suffer for months to come if I live that long. Ill an snappish even with little pet dog.

  99. I was prescribed Tramadol, 50 mg, 3 pills a day for 5 days. I took one last night with dinner (also had some wine). Took one this morning. Feeling drowsy when I’m reading – which I’ve been reading about this drug. I don’t intend to take any more. Will I have any adverse reactions after having taken only 2 pills?

  100. I am currently taking 3 tablets of tramadol per day of 50mg. I have been talking it for almost a year,and now i am thinking of getting rid of it. I just cant stop using it. What should i do? Should i recommend a doctor? I didn’t understand the withdrawl schedule.

  101. Hi. My sister is taking 50mg of Tramadol for three months now…will that cause withdrawal occurances if she stopped taking it???

  102. I was buying Tramadol off tha street for 3yrs now um ready to stop, i don’t have any left and this withdrawal bout to kill me, I need help wat can i take to substitute Dis withdrawal or Tramadol, Please Help!!!!!!!!

  103. This is very obviously well articulate how possible to stop using Tramadol and thanks for your advice.
    Am a friend of Tramdol User since couple of Years, without feeling pain even one day, but wrongly without Doctor prescribed in order to energized and worked-hard through his daily activities, because he was an pharmacist in small clinic center and finally lost his job due to the this using medication. He’s been suffered and fid up with how easily he could able to stop using this medication. And need some help to better stopping.
    For any alternatively are not possible to access may be as I did to encouraged to stop and manage to try you are able to work and not to be alone, and I’ve starting to pursuit not to go and look for taking injection. He didn’t yet go to any doctors generally.
    What do you think it’s about you advice to this young man are possible and appropriate to help him.

  104. Hi there, I just wanted to check in and maybe help people looking for answers. This drug is horrendous, any of you wanting to stop taking it are right to do so, and should. It is horrible going through withdrawal, and I cant sugar coat that at all. Here is what I did. I tapered down very very gradually, from 6 x 50mg a day to 1 a day. I bought empty capsules anf split my pills into halfs and even quarters so i could do it slowly. 6 to 4 was no problem. 4 down to 2 was tough. I basically felt like I had low level flu for a few months. There were times it would go back up when I felt terrible, but I kept chipping away at getting it down. The next 1 was really tough, felt awful for a week and then decided to bite the bullet and jump off them just after Christmas. Despite tapering, I still went through what can only be described as hell. Fever, chills, shaking, restless legs, all over body jerking, hallucinations, repetitive thoughts, brain zaps and the insomnia was unbelievable. At one point I didn’t sleep AT ALL for 3 days. I thought I was broken. There is NOTHING that is going to let you avoid these things, but there are some things that helped me. Warm baths for rls. Be careful though, this was the one place I relaxed enough to almost fall asleep, I had to force myself not to so I wouldn’t drown. A separate place to go to not disturb loved ones sleep. Soft soft clothing as everything feels disgusting otherwise. Many changes of clothes for the sweating. Magnesium, high strength b12, Siberian ginseng. Walking every day even though you don’t want to….get your seratonin and dopamine working again. It doesn’t matter how slow… Just do it. Good things to watch at night…night time is lonely and you need to just accept that sleep might not come and don’t worry. It will, eventually, although not full night’s for quite a while. Talking of sleep…sleeping tablets….don’t bother. The effect of withdrawal makes it impossible, but you will be made absolutely desperate because of the pills…plus, the really good ones are addictive too…you don’t want to go down that route. Warm clothing is a must I would get freezing. I still do actually. I had an odd sensation of always feeling like I was about to fall off something. I think this is the tramadol security blanket is not wrapping you up anymore. After 2 weeks I still felt bad and thought it would never end…but it does. You keep having to tell yourself that it will pass. It will I promise. I am now 3 months down the line. Wonderful news is I am now 12 weeks pregnant which is why I wanted to quit so bad. I have had really awful pregnancy symptoms so it’s hard to say I feel amazing, but last night I slept so well, woke up with energy, and loving the world. I sometimes get a night which is like ‘ surprise, here’s a scary feeling that you can’t kick’ but it goes by the next night. In fact, ID say anxiety, maybe depression may be an issue for a while so do speak to your GP if you need to. Lastly I just want to say this. Plan to get off this. Tramadol can sometimes feel yummy, but you know in your heart you are not really living life and it has to stop. Pain, withdraws are temporary… You’re going to be okay xxxx

  105. my mom is 84 she has been taking tramadol for several years… right now she takes 2 50ml morning and evening… she want’s to stop taking it how should she do this??

    1. Hi Debbie. I’d advise your mother to consult her doctor to help her plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  106. i don’t really want to talk to my doctor because I have used it incorrectly. i get 300 mg a day, but I’m supposed to take it 50 mg at a time. I cannot get any relief at that dosage and normally take all 300 at night. I know, I know, that’s dangerous, but it’s the only time I get relief.
    However, i want to stop taking it. Can you advise me on the best way to titrate? I would think cutting out one pill each night a week, then two a night for a week, etc. Is that too much? One pill is 16% since they are 50 mg and I take 300 I think. Help!
    I should mention that i’ve been on it for over 8 years. I cannot get any relief at that dosage and normally take all 300 at night. I know, I know, that’s dangerous, but it’s the only time I get relief.
    However, i want to stop taking it. Can you advise me on the best way to titrate? I would think cutting out one pill each night a week, then two a night for a week, etc. Is that too much? One pill is 16% since they are 50 mg and I take 300 I think. Help!

  107. I took Tramadol for a month and stopped not knowing about withdrawls. The next day without any I started to feel awful and since I can’t go cold turkey I called my doctor and we set up a tapering schedule. I’m down to 15.5mg a day which I am supposed to take for another 3 days and then quit, however I am nervous to just stop. I can’t go through withdrawl with two little babies to take care of. Will taking only 15.5mg a day cause me to feel much withdrawl symptoms? I can’t go any lower since I have 50mg pills they are hard to cut even into 3rds!

  108. I’ve been put on a tapering programme since coming clean to my doctor about a serious tramadol addiction I have between my gp and pharmacy worked out a tapering programme its two three times a day to start with and then that will be made Less and less as time goes on please if anyone has been successful doing this can you please let me know as I’m terrified

  109. I have been taking 150mg of Tramadol for four months due to an injury. I don’t feel the need to take them any more. How much should I be reducing them by.

  110. I have only been taking tramadol for 17 days quite heavily for six days 2×50 6 times in 24 hrs. Then 2×50 twice a day for 3 days and the last few day only 2x50mg once a day and I haven’t had any for the last 24hrs but I feel terrible anxious sick and no sleep. Will this last long considering I haven’t taken them for very long. Thankyou

  111. Have been in withdrawal for about 2wks now.
    Heard from my G/P last night & he approved of how I set up weaning.
    Only have a couple more weeks of this torture left.
    Didn’t realize how the tram effected me till I started reading these forums.
    I will be so glad to get to know myself again.

  112. Took Tramadol for approximately 5 weeks, in that time gradually went down to 1 a night. After taking none had withdrawal symptoms of restless leg syndrome, insomnia and hypersensitivity to my insicion ( only at night) after TKR. That was 9 days ago and most nights are still the same. What I am wondering is : would taking tylenol at night be replicating these symptoms? That is all I take is a 2-3 a night but the sleeping in not getting any better.

  113. hi I had really bad back pain I been to doctor he been phi scribes me the Tramadol which I have been taking but after I take Tramadol I been relax but wen I run out I feel very dozen tingle don’t feel like doing anything I think I have been addictive to than very Badley I want to com off from than please help me thanx

    1. Hi, Cam. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. In that way, you’ll be able to quit the drug gradually. Also, seek advice from a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medications, home remedies and tea which will help you ease withdrawal symptoms.

    1. Hi Felipe. It depends on the symptoms you are experiencing. It’s best to seek your doctor’s advise or ask a pharmacist about which over-the-counter medications will best lower the intensity or alleviate symptoms. Consider loperamide (Imodium) for diarrhea, meclizine (Antivert or Bonine) or dimenhydrinate (Dramamine) for nausea, antihistamines like Benadryl, acetaminophen (Tylenol) or NSAIDS like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) for aches and pains.

  114. Ive been abusing tramadol for about 2 year now. Every time I try and stop I fail ive tried cold turkey and tapering but still fail. I can handle the physical symptoms its the depression I cant handle.

  115. I take 6 or 7 a day and I stop taking them for two or three weeks but I go back I been like this for more than three years can I stop taking tramdol could turkey

  116. Hi I’ve been taking tramodol for pain for a frozen shoulders for 2 to 3 months I had a kotozone injection a few weeks back in hospital to ease up the pain as I could not move my arm as the pain has got better I have stopped taking tramodol for a few days now I feel week and find it hard to sleep at night
    Should I continue taking them even though my pain has gone and should I see the doctor ?
    Do you think that I am having withdrawals symptoms
    Thanks James

  117. Update, been clean 9 months. After 8 years of 500 mg a day. I’m posting this because when I first quit I was looking everywhere for people who had successfully quit tramadol , just to give my self confidence I could stop, so just to let you know it can be done. first 5 days was miserable, after that 5th day I realized I could do this. After 4 weeks I forgot that I was ever taking tramadol for most of the day. Now I never even think about it anymore. You can do it.

  118. I’ve taken tramadol 50mg once a day for a week. I think I’m going through withdrawal. I can’t sleep and I have restless legs. How long would my withdrawal last? Anyone who can help me please do I’m scared.

  119. I’ve been taking tramadol for about a year, maybe more, for fibromyalgia. I was taking 450mg daily and was able to cut it down to 300mg daily. This was not easy at all! Now I have colitis, believed to be a result of the trams, ibuprofen and other pain meds I’ve been prescribed over the years. My physician’s assistant says that I need to stop taking trams altogether so that the meds used to treat the colitis can be effective. I tried but I cannot do it. The withdraw symptoms and pain of fibro is too great. I did manage to get down to 100-200mg daily though. I’d like to get off of it completely, but am afraid to. Getting over this last hurdle of the 100-200 mg a day seems impossible. I know I’ll need a replacement to manage the pain, but how can I get over this last step? If I don’t take trams by 9pm every day, the withdraw kicks in hard!! I’m dealing with the daytime withdraw, but night is impossible to handle. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi, Ch. I suggest you to talk with your doctor about this. S/he can help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you, so you may go off gradually.

  120. I HV been taking tramadol on high dosages for about roughly 8months and I will like to stop it but am scared of the withdrawal symptoms,I need help pls..I usually take 10 tablets of 100mg per day sometimes 8 pls wat can I do?I relli wanna stop it.

  121. Have been Trying to stop taking Tramadol because am Addicted to it, if I did not take Tramadol in a day I don’t know what is going to happen to me..pls I want you to Give me a very good Advise,on how to stop using it because am still a young guy I dnt want to die Now.Pls & Pls Help GOD name..

    1. Hello Hanssannery. I suggest you talk with an addiction professional to make you a proper tapper plan to quit tramadol gradually. Also, you may contact our trusted treatment provider to learn more about your treatment options. I hope you’ll find your way out very soon!

  122. I have been taking 1000-1500 mg of tramadol a day for the last 3 years… ive tried stopping but even dropping 2-300 mg per day makes me so sick that I always give in. Im afraid if I tell my doc he will just take my meds away and tell me go to rehab.. what should I do

  123. Pls I need to stop taking tramadol because I spent morethan 12years I am using it and I can take as much as 1000MG a day. Pls I need your help ugently

  124. I have been on tramadol/vicodin (I switch off and on) for over a year. I tried stopping three times and only making it to day 7 and hunting for a prescription. I have 40 pills left and want so badly to finish those properly and stop completely. It’s ruining my life. How can I taper with those since I have always taken random amounts daily and the withdrawal is awful. Please help

  125. i have been taking tramadol for almost a year now.each time i dont use it..i just feel uncomfortable,restless feeling in my legs and sleepless night but if i use tramadol everything just comes back to normal.i cant just stop.what should i do?

  126. i m using tramadol for 2 years n now i wanna to quite it n i cannot share my problem to my family too ,, soo wat should i doo to quite it without its withdrawl effect ,, can u help me ??

  127. Am going through my tramadol to quickly I know am am hook on it because when I can’t get more until to my next doctor visit I resort to buying pills from drug dealers am scare because it’s now perks my can’t stand withdrawals it’s a killer but don’t know what to do!

  128. I have taken 300 mg a day in three divided doses for 20 years. Over the last 4 months I have slowly reduced my dose to 1 50 mg pill three times a day. To go lower, should I begin reducing each dose, or eliminating a dose?

  129. I have only taken 2 tramadol since 6:30 p.m. yesterday. Is it ok for me to just stop taking it? I don’t like how it makes me feel.

  130. I see horror stories of people taking huge amounts for years then want to taper back. But what about some of us taking 6 eacj 50 MG a day for 3 weeks:Am I going to have taper problems ?

  131. I took tramadol at high doses (500 mg) for 8 years. Decided to taper with my last bottle of 180 pills. Stretched it for 2 months, (was hard) went cold turkey after that. Took 4 weeks to feel myself. Been clean for 4 months. Gained some weight so I’m starting to exercise and try to loose weight, but feel so much better than I did when I was enslaved to the meds. No more withdrawal or trouble sleeping at night.. It takes some coffee to get me going in the morning, but its good after that. I can tell that my body is healing itself. Way better than the withdrawal I would constantly go through. I’m free from it!!! You Cando it too!!

    1. Hi va lubisch. Well, it is since it stimulates brain opioid receptors and it also increases brain serotonin levels. You can learn more from your doctor or the pharmacist at your local pharmacy.

  132. I stopped cold turkey 3 days ago. I’m miserable and can’t take this anymore. I have all the side effects, except hallucinations. Please help. Can I or should I go to the er?

  133. My doctor prescribed Tramadol knowing I do not want to take addictive drugs… he told me it was non-narcotic. Now I find out I was misled and he has now said their might be a tiny bit of narcotic in it. I am not happy and want to get off this drug safely. Recently my prescription ran out and his office was slow in getting it back to my pharmacy and I was cold turkey for two very long days. This is how I found out I am dependent on the drug. I want off. Please help me wean myself off carefully. The worst withdrawal symptom for me was extreme headache and restless legs. I need to have help avoiding those as well as the extreme sneezing. Can you guide me… Please? I am 70 (female) with a painful shoulder. I take no other drugs. I’d rather manage my pain without drugs.

  134. I have been taking Tridural 300mg daily for the past 8 years. Everything was great until I lost my job and can’t no longer afford to buy it. So, I decided to quit cold turkey. The first 3 days were the worst. I experienced pain and body ache all over, nausea, diarrhea and restless legs syndrome, runny nose and coughing.To remedy some my withdrawal symptoms, I used 2 tabs of Robax Platinum with 1 Advil Liquigel 400mg for muscle and joints pain every 4-6 hours. My old Amitryptiline 10 mg helps with the restless legs syndrome which had kept me up since day 1.
    Today is my day 6 of free from Tridural and I’m looking forward not having to take any more pain meds.

  135. After stopping tramadol I can’t sleep it’ s been a week now what should I do? Please let me know as soon as possible thank you

    1. Hi Fatiha. Sleeplessness is a common side effect from tramadol withdrawal. You can try using over-the-counter sleep aids for a short period of time, since your sleep patterns should soon go back to normal.

  136. Hello. I take temazepam (benzo sleeping pill), buspar (anxiety), wellbutrin and cymbalta (depression) and tramadol (nerve pain). I have been taking all of this ever since I got diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that attacks bones. After two stem cell transplants, I have been in remission for almost 10 years and feel like its time to get off all this crap. My plan is to wean off the temazepam and buspar at the same time, then the wellbutrin and cymbalta at the same time and then the tramadol. It is going to be a slow taper for all of them and may take months but I am determined to get “me” back! Do you think my plan is a good one? Thanks!!

  137. Hi, glad to have found this forum. I have been taking 6 x 50mg tablets a day for nearly 2 years. I take it for pelvic pain, and then have also been using it with ibuprofen after a slipped disc…to be able to get up and work really. I desperately want to have a baby, and want to get off this drug. I have been tapering down…kind of on my own schedule…..dropping 1 x 50mg every 4 days….have felt like absolute crap the entire time, had occasional nights of sleep paralysis, nights of not being able to sleep with restless legs, terrifying thoughts and dreams, even taking sleeping tablets being unable to sleep. Still managing to work just about, but feeling really bad in the early evening when its wearing off, and definitely not working at 100%. I’ve got to the point where I am really struggling to get down any more. I got down to 2 a day, but then had a family gathering to attend and really couldn’t be ill so took 4 that day, had 3 yesterday and 4 today and now thinking what is the point in going lower and feeling like crap all week because I’ve got another family thing on Friday. I just dont seem to be able to get lower than 2/3 a day. Withdrawal frightens the crap out of me….the restless legs and feelings of despair make me want to kill myself. My boyfriend has so far been so supportive, but I am afraid he will lose faith in me eventually. So come on guys top tips….restless legs…how to stop them, I am taking multivitamins and omega oils, drinking lots water, I’ve got valerian. Im not convinced my dr will be helpful if I ask for any other prescription seeing as she didnt think tram was addictive in the first place. So so sick of feeling like a frickin junkie…Im a respectable 36 year old woman for gods sake!

  138. i have been taking monocrixo for some time and then my new perscription 4 months ago changed to tramadol and since then have been having terible side afects so i would like to take myself off of them gradully i take 100mng at night.thankyou

  139. Good evening. Friday morning May 1st I had an Exploratory Laproscopy done for my ovaries uterus etc. Same evening I started taking the tramodole for pain. I have taken it all of 4 times..found out it can be addicting, now im wanting to quit the Tramodol before i start getting addicted. How may I do this safely..thank you Rosy 35 yrs old. My last dose at 325mg every four hrs as needed was last taken at 4pm may 2, it is now 3:49am may 3rd.

  140. started tramadol 9 months ago car accident been taking one to one and a half a day never any more than that some days I skipped what are the withdrawal symptoms and how long will it take me to get off this tramadol should I quit cold turkey??

    1. Hi Zena. No, you shouldn’t quit cold turkey, not after 9 months of taking tramadol regularly every day. I don’t understand how you skipped withdrawal symptoms, but those are the effects you feel when you significantly lower the dose you are usually taking or stop cold turkey. Please see your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule and advise you which medications you can use to manage certain withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

  141. I forgot to state I was rxd tramadol for my RA (rheumatoid arthritis). My dr refused to send me to rheumatologist so RA is getting worse but as I have simple partial seizure epilepsy, the tramadol is not safe for me to take.

  142. Have titrated to 125 mg daily from 200 mg daily (50×4 to start) now at 125: 50, then 25, then 50. Have been taking this for 3 weeks. Next week will take only 100 mg daily. Will try 25×4 a day. Do this for 3 weeks then lower it by another 25mg daily. I would like to follow this till completely off it. Will this work? I’ve had real adverse withdrawal symptoms other than burning sensation & feeling cold & tired. But I also have swollen lymph nodes & they make me tired too.i would just like to know if my scheduling is ok. My dr told me to just stop taking anything & I started having myoclonic seizures. So he’s no help at all. Thanks so much!

  143. Had back surgery and for about sux months have taken from two to three 50 mg a day of Tramafol. How can I start tapering off and can I take .25 zanax to help with symptoms. Have been using Xanax but only one a day.

    1. Hi Carol. It is not advise to try tapering Tramadol on your own and without any professional help. I’d suggest seeing your doctor first and agreeing on a tapering schedule that fits your needs best. A safe taper is considered a 10% reduction every week and then a 20% reduction every 3 to 5 days. Your doctor can also prescribe other medicines or suggest over-the-counter medicines that will help you treat withdrawal discomfort during this period. One major complication of tramadol withdrawal is the potential for serotonin syndrome. Your doctor can help you treat this naturally or with antidepressant/SSRI medications that can regulate the normal levels of serotonin in your body. Good luck to you, Carol. Stay strong!

  144. Your body has to readjust from not having tramodal it takes about 3 days… If you have no body prin your not getting off of it…It you get very tired use prime teen at Walmart or walgreens.. 3 of those will wake you up…

  145. I’m very scared. I’ve been on a very high dose of tramodol for 3 months.800 a day I finally had my gallbladder out and have done well with healing. I’ve lessened the dose daily and today went without. I have been very tired, nauseous, runny nose, heachachey, and just generally down and frightened. Not eating or drinking, so I took 1 x 50 to see if that was the problem, it was within 2 hrs I could face a drink and some biscuits. My problem is how to continue. I don’t want to be on this drug when I have relatively no pain so I’m scared what to do. GP appointments are only available every 5 wks. Help with advice please!

  146. Hi Ivana,

    Thank you for our response.
    For the past two days, I have taken 1 tablet a day the evening.
    The injury I was taking the ultracet for seems to have sorted itself out, as it is aid it can take 4-6 weeks to heal, so I actually do not need to take the ultracet any longer. That said, I have gone from 3 a day to 2 a day and as mentioned, the past 2 days 1 a day.

    My doctor seems to think it would be fine to stop them as the dosage was low (each capsule 37.5mg tramadol with 324mg acedtaminophen)..however, I am afraid to do that, as I do not have much faith in this kind of advice, as it is contrary to what my research on the product tells me. Doctors have been proved wrong before. I must add, that I am also on XANAX (ALPRAZOLAM) HALF A 0.25MG tablet taken when needed, but I do take the half tablet once a day only

  147. Hi Annie. Hi Annie. It’s not recommended to abruptly cease Ultracet, even after a month of use it can produce withdrawal symptoms. I’d advise you to speak to your prescribing doctor about creating a slow and gradual tapering schedule to minimize the withdrawal effects. Also, doctors can prescribe medications that can help you manage symptoms of Ultracet withdrawal as they occur, or point out some over-the-counter medications or natural remedies that can help with the same.

  148. I have been taking a generic of tramadol (Ultracet) which is 37.5mg of tramadol and 324mg of acetaminiphen dosage every 4or 5hours I ntake 1 maximum 3 a day, sometimea I only take 2 a day. This was prescribed for meralgia parastheticaom[ressed nerve affecting hip,groin pelvic and side of thigh. I have been taking these tablets since the 17th Of last month (January 2015) Can I stop taking them cold turkey if not, how do I scale down, to prevent seizures/convulsions?

  149. Hi Jessica. Restless legs are a common withdrawal symptom from tramadol and they can be very troubling. During an attack of restless legs you can try massaging your legs, taking a hot bath in the evening, applying a hot or cold compress to your leg muscles, doing activities that distract your mind, such as reading or watching television, relaxation exercises such as yoga, walking and stretching. All of these activities can help the syndrome. You can also try nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen, naproxen, and ketoprofen. But, keep in mind that they are not recommended for long-term use.

  150. I was on tramadol for 4 years. Am now tapered off, after 3 weeks, but can’t sleep at night w out taking 3. I get bad wrestless legs and arms what can I do?

  151. Hi Bettie. When withdrawing for tramadol medical supervision is highly recommended and needed. If you are doing it on your own, maybe you can get some over-the-counter medications from the pharmacy to assist and ease your discomfort. You can use ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol to help with pain along with other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). You can also use temporary sleep aids and muscle relaxers that can help take care of the cramping caused by tramadol withdrawal. Flu and cold medication can also help treat general tramadol withdrawal symptoms. Good luck to you!

  152. I was on tramadol for 2years but I suffered from severe dzzyness, now my doctor told me to stop the tramadol. He didn’t tell me anything about withdrawal symtoms. The pharmacist told me to take scale down. I feel very sick . How long does it take before I am going to feel better. I use to take 100mg a day now I only take 50mg a day. Please help me

  153. Hello Christina. I cannot understand why doctors wouldn’t take mood swings (anxiety, nervousness, euphoria) as a possible side effect from Tramacet. It is a possible outcome, and other people have also reported feeling their mood change drastically. You may have another condition that makes you go into full rage mood, but it can be the medication itself…

  154. I’ve been taking TRAMACET for several years now… My question is, Can this medication make my personality change for the worse?! I’ve turned into a RAGING BITCH! I’m not joking, and I’ve told Doctor after Doctor and no one believes me. I can’t stand hardly anyone or anything, anymore at all! I scare myself, especially when I’m having a “fit”, a “tantrum”, a rage full “episode”, I don’t know if it’s this drug and pre-menopausal crap, I just don’t know what to do or think or say anymore. I’m hoping someone will contact me from this website, PLEASE and THANK YOU.

  155. Totally useless BS. I have seen my MD, are tapering me, have severe osteoarthritis am ALWAYS in PAIN. Am down to 25mg per day, am in week 6 of very slow taper, nsaids give me 1 hour of minor relief but are tearing up my gut, only for short term use. am having some rectal bleeding, so quit nsaids… now just pain,anxiety, grief and oh yeah, just got out of hospital with pneumonia, getting more 02 but original cold virus still there after 3 weeks…i have no idea what to do and hope to survive the stinkin holy daze. if you tell me to see my md, am already doing so…totally useless money grubbers, sincerely my friend bruce

  156. i have been taking tramadol for 4yrs now, for neck and back pain, recently i decided to just stop, due to some improvement with my condition, albeit not gone away,the dose im on for all these yrs was 200 mg a day, since stopping the drug for the last 3 weeks, i have endured all of the symptoms outlined on here,excluding depression and the shakes, the coughing and the sweating along with the panic attacks, have been especially prevalent, causing me a lot of problems, having read your article, i will now see my doctor and take your advice reg, stopping this drug in a more controlled manner, thank you so much.pauloreilly.

  157. Hi Sam. Immodium is good for the diarrhoea. Insomnia will last for maybe three weeks or less depending on the person- you can take restavit (over the counter muscle relaxant). Restless legs are awful and can last about a month (The restavit can help these too). To help restless legs you can take baths with Epsom salts, showers, stretching, yoga, go to the pool. Have a look at this article for more useful advise:

  158. Hello. Just like everyone here, I want to get rid of this addiction. I am currently taking 400 mg a day. Once or twice I forgot to take my dosage and experienced the restless leg and shaking. I haven’t even started to tamper. I am horribly scared because there is no help (doctors, counselling, support system) available where I am. The worst part was when I experienced shocks while sleeping once when I forgot to take tramadol at night. With the help of this blog I can develop a tapering plan but I need help with the withdrawal symptoms. Can you recommend something for seizures and restless legs ?
    I would be very grateful.

  159. Hi Jessica. Yes, it’s very possible that you’ll experience some withdrawal symptoms upon quitting Tramadol. Our bodies are designed to quickly adapt to any new substances, and by now you probably have developed physical dependence.

  160. I’ve been taking anywhere from 50mg to 150 for about 2 months of Tramadol. Could I have withdrawals from that amount of time?

  161. I take 300mg tramadol tabs,50 mg each. I am withdrawing with great difficulty, too much to cover but very aggressive, hopeless, exhausted, poor sleep, no appetite for food or life, just want to die, soonest can be seen is 6 days, gonna freak out b 4 that…any advice besides ” seek medical care”
    I am seeking it, not possible for 6 loooong days…HELP!!!

  162. Been taking tramadol for about 2 years. Have osteoarthritis and bone and disc disease and started with one a day. I got a job part time and tramadol helped me work without a lot of back pain. I now take 2 and a half 50 mg and have stayed at that dosage. It gives me a little energy but I get tired in the afternoons. Now they asked me to work full time and I have no problems with the drug but I’m getting tired of always going to the doctor every few months and taking off work to do this. I’m afraid I couldn’t work if I didn’t take it and especially full time and I have to work. I don’t consider it a big problem and I have not upped the dosage in over a year but I do have back problems and can’t take something worse or something that will make me tired because I have an active job. I don’t think its wrong to take something if you need it but at the same time I don’t like having to take it. What do u think I should do?

  163. Hi Tracie. You should be examined by a medical professional and describe all symptoms you’ve been exeriencing. Then, your doctor can help you create a tapering schedule to gradually lower doses of Tramadol, while treating other side-effects.

  164. Hello, I have been taking 100mg of Tramadol for several months for back pain. Recently I have noticed severe constipation and rectal bleeding. I need help to titrate and stop this poison. I am scared to stop, I know I will get sick and I have a full time job. Thanks for any advice.


  165. Hello Jamie. Go to the doctors ASAP. That kind of stress is not only bad and risky for you, it influences the baby too. Also, talk to your gynaecologist about ways to go through this and not harm the baby’s health.

  166. Hi, I’m 11 weeks pregnant, I took my last 50 mg tramadol 2 days ago and can not get them refilled because of pregnancy. I was only taking 2- 50mg tablets a day. But, I am miserable… I am prescribed ambien for insomnia that I have had for years, and the ambien doesn’t even help me sleep, the muscle aches and restless leg syndrome are making me crazy. No electric shocks or numbness or any of the more severe symptoms. Just nausea, pain, and restless leg. the only way to describe it is that I am totally uncomfortable in my own skin. Since I was on such a low dose, does that means my withdrawals wont last that long??? Can you please give me an idea of how long I will probably endure this torture?

  167. Hi John. Reading your comment I came to understand that you really are in a tuff situation. But, in order to quit tramadol safely, you’d have to do the tapering, and maybe even get into counselling-considering your previous addiction experiences. So, be open about this with your doctor, say that there is a problem and that you went through the meds faster. Then, you can seek some form of treatment that will be suitable for you.

  168. hello, I am going crazy! I was an addict of tramodal for about 4 years because I have had many surgerys from having my appendix removed 2 times to having cancer removed from my lower part of my back! I quit cold turkey the first time and it was horrible! I felt like I was DIEING! After about 2 weeks I felt normal again! I did experience a lot of memory loss and still have a horrible time remembering things that happend yesterday! Well about 5 months ago i serverly injered my ankle playing basketball! I had to have complete ankle reconstruction done on my ankle, from repairing a lot of torn ligaments to repairing my Achilles’ tendon! When I left the Hospitial he sent me home with OxyContin, Norco, demoral and tramodal! I stoped taking all of them besides the tramodal because I feel the need of my body WANTING it and I don’t want it! My mind is throwing me a curve ball and making me think I need it! I have been just taking about 250 mg a day! And now it’s hard to stop! I have told my doctor and she put me on a taper dose but gave me 80 pills! That didn’t last at all cause I knew they were there! I am going crazy and I don’t know what to do! I have always got these from a doctor and never anywhere else! But I have 3 young boys and I do not want to live my life off of thinking I need this darn drug! Please help me! I have no one to talk to! I talk to my 6 month old baby all the time cause I’m to scared to tell my wife again that im addicted to the same drug I was before! I’m lost

  169. Hi Lynn. We would suggest to consult with the local pharmacist for a precise dosing schedule. As mentioned in the article, you can treat your withdrawal symptoms with over-the-counter medications or home remedies to help the ease symptoms of Tramadol withdrawal.

  170. Good Afternoon~
    I regret to admit that I have been on Tramadol for almost 2 1/2 years…I have tried quitting cold turkey twice but def experienced those “flu-like” symptoms, sleepless nights and bone-aching pains you’ve described…they are terrible! I know that tapering will be a big part of the solution; I don’t know how comfortable I am contacting a doctor for a program because a doctor did not put me on Tramadol. In fact, no one in my family even knows I have this problem. I have made note of all the Home Remedies & OTC meds you’ve suggested for diff w/d affects – which is SO helpful. Your resourceful articles are encouraging me. I calculated that I take anywhere between 350-500 mg a day (7-10 50 mg pills) and I wanted to better understand the tapering equation you presented in your article. How long of a time frame are you suggesting that 10%, 20% & 25% represents…ie, what number of days/weeks would I maybe be taking 10% less, 20%..etc. is this a week at a time that I would decrease my intake ? I understand the professional reasons that would prevent you from giving a finite time table but I desperately need somewhere to start! I am truly concerned for my health and sick of being a poor steward of money and blowing it on such crap! I need to be present for my children, not only drug-free, but while fighting the w/d symptoms as well. I am determined to make this process a successful one this time and I am eager to address these awful symptoms with most of the suggestions you’ve taught me about in these articles I read. Thank you again, your time is greatly appreciated.

  171. Hello Saad. Yes, Xanax can help with opioid withdrawal. But remember to only use the Xanax to help through the worst part, and don’t get addicted to Xanax in return. Quitting a benzodiazepine is very uncomfortable and serious.

  172. I’ve been taking tramadol for two years now daily! Can i use xanax to avoid withdrawals?

    What is the alcohol effect with an addict like me?

  173. I’ve gone from taking 14 50mg tablets a day top taking 2 or 3 and I’m going through hell, my body is fighting itself, I told doctor but because tramadol is a control drug he can’t prescribe me more but I don’t have enough to cut down slowly. It’ll be over a week until the doctor will see me, I want to stop and I hate them but I don’t know what to do.

  174. Hi Tabitha. I’d suggest you make a doctor’s appointment and have him examine your situation. I think you may be needing a change of meds, but your doctor will know what fits you and your health state best.

  175. I have been taking tramadols for ten years I didn’t know how bad things would be once I was addicted it got so bad I had to buy off the internet at its expensive but now it’s hard to get them on the internet and my body is use to taking a large amount I was taking about 1000 mg a day and I ran out and couldn’t find any so I have had seizures in the past when I’m without the meds so this time I started taking oxycodone cause I couldn’t deal with the withdrawals and was afraid of having a seizure we’ll I been off for two weeks but still taking oxycodone and today I had a silent seizure and almost crashed so now I’m scared and don’t know what else to do any advice will help .

  176. Hi Linda B. Over-the-counter medications such as Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen or Naproxen can help you manage the body aches that you are feeling during withdrawal. Sominex, Tylenol PM, Melatonin, and Valerian Root can help you with insomnia and anxiety. Taking vitamin B complex is also recommended for stabilizing the energy levels and brain function.

  177. To deem this drug THE WORST THING EVER OR TERRIBLE because you’ve taken 1000 mg a day for years and expected this to be a walk in the park. Always research your perception drugs before taking them, ask your Doctors questions. All prescription medicines come with risk. EVERY person is affected differently. Tramadol has helped my life in so many ways and allowed me to do things I never thought I could do with anxiety/depression. I wish everyone here the best of luck, but please remember you cannot abuse prescription pain pills without consequences. My seven days of hell was well worth the almost year of migraine/anxiety freedom.

  178. I started taking tramadol 10 months ago for tension headaches and a preventive for terrible anxiety attacks that physically wore my body down. I take 100mg-150mg per day. 1.5 in the mid morning and 1 in the late afternoon. They have helped me in so many ways, but it is concerning that I became dependent on them. In February I decided to quit them cold Turkey. I know I don’t take an unreasonable amount, but I did experience a pretty rough 5-7 days. The restless leg syndrome was by far the worst along with some depression. It was shitty, but I believe it was to be expected from quitting a pain killer cold turkey. Unfortunately for me my tension headaches came back as well as the anxiety. I now take 75 mg a day. 1 in the morning and a half mid afternoon. This is a tricky drug bc it has truly benefited my life I hope some day I can find a natural remedy to help me. If you are trying to quit this drug please talk to a doctor and wean yourself off. Taking any prescription pain killer comes with risk, but I think its unfair

  179. what over the counter drugs will help with my withdrawal symptons ? my body just needs to shake and stretch and flex jump, also extreme anxious wakefulness, congestion and coughing.

  180. Have been taking 50mg tram since about a year. 1 in am and 1 at 3 pm and the last at 7 pm. How do I quit? I don’t know how a schedule works. . how long will I have w/d symptoms. How do I know when to quit after lowering my dosage?

  181. I been on Tramadol pills for my shoulder pain from car accident and I decide to quit but I am scare to withdraw I wonder how help me no more withdraw?

  182. hi have been taking tramadol for a year roughly i am taking around 800 mg a day , my gp doesnt prescribeme them i have to get other people to get them for me , when i dont havve them even for few hours i start to feel horrible i feel like i want to quit now by reducing my dose till im finnaly off it im worried my gp wont prescibe me them to taper down because they were not prescibed to me in the first place except one or 2 times they prescibed me them am i right to think this or would a gp still help me to get off them by prescribing me them to taper down

  183. Can anyone please offer any advice? I was prescribed tramadol in 1993 following failed spinal surgery. By mistake I was innitially prescribed 16 x 50mg a day which I took for a month or two. I have been taking the drug continuously for over 20 years. Several years ago I managed to reduce my daily intake from 8 x 50mg to 6 x 50mg a day. At the age of 54 should I attempt to come off the drug? The WD symptoms that I experience begin to manifest after 8 hours. I am trying to distinguish the difference, if any, between pain caused by tramadol WD and pain associated with spinal nerve damage. Has anybody out there managed to come off this drug after taking it for so long? Any advice would be sincerely welcomed and appreciated. With sincere thanks.

  184. Hello Jan. With tramadol withdrawal it usually becomes worse before it gets better, so it may take you a couple of weeks to begin to gradually feel better. Tramadol affects the pain receptors in the brain, and has antidepressant properties so, be aware that if you feel down for a few weeks, it is because of stopping the tramadol. Taking a good multivitamin, staying well hydrated and excersising-even if you’re to tired can help you. So, hang in there!

  185. Been completely off tramadol 10 days after weaning for about 6 wks. I actually feel so sick like the flu, coughing, can’t sleep & if I do get a couple hrs. it is real restless and get restless arms that are unbearable. My Dr. gave me Ambien but I don’t like the feeling I get from it so I have only taken a few since she gave me the script. Benedryl made me so hyper I was in tears. How long is this all going to last. I was on tram for about ten years for legitimate pain (osteoarthritis) and the largest dose I ever took was 3 1/2 pills at night (only) and that dose was for about 3-4 yrs. I will never go back on tram, but will these withdrawals ever go away? How long before the brain receptors are back to normal again? I know the med itself is definitely out of the blood stream by now, but what about the receptors???? Thank you.

  186. This is the third time period I’ve taken Tramadol. It’s the same every time. I have only taken them for two days at a time and when I stop the third day is horrendous. irritability, illness and unexplained depression. They are absolutely awful. This has happened every time.

  187. I have been taking Tramadol for pain from a bi-lateral knee replacement. I have been taking it for two months varying doses of 1 50mg to 250mg. Every four to six hours. What should I do to stop?

  188. I have been taken off tramadol SR 200mg twice a day because they were causing dreadful sweating and have been prescribed Zapain 30mg/500mg are there any side affects doing this .If I was to stay on tramadol is there anything that I could take to help the sweating .

  189. I have been taking tramadol for 2 years now. 3 in the am and 3 at night. I was giving this medicine for carpal tunnel because I have already had a pain pill addiction. My prescribing dr knew this. I did not know the dangers of this drug or I would not have taken it. To make matters worse I just found out that I am pregnant. So I tried to stop taking them and found out that I can’t. The wd is just as bad as the other pain pills. I need off these asap. How do I do this? Is a week methadone taper a good method?

  190. I am a 36 year old mother of two. My ex husband introduce me to tramadol when I was 20. I’ve been taking it since, daily. I do suffer from kidney stones and a bit of back pain, but nothing that can’t be controlled with over the counter stuff. I have taken 6 50mg a day. I’ve tried to cut down, but I cannot sleep. I am in constant pain all over my body. I wake up in the middle of the night, aggravated with restless legs and can’t get comfortable. I have no energy what-so-ever, it sucks. Does ANYONE know of any over the counter med that can substitute for tramadol? I just want to go back to how I felt before I ever knew about this drug. I don’t wish withdrawal symptoms like this on my worst enemy.


  191. Tapering & I’m so confused when do u know when ur ready to come off tramdol.& when u say taper by 50% how many pills is that & 25% how many is that

  192. Hello David. Tramadol is kind of in a class of its own; an opioid that has properties like other opioids, but one with different chemical composition that manifests atypical symptoms during withdrawal. Check in with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist about your options. Or call a detox clinic in your area to seek advice about ways or methods using medications during withdrawal. I’m not sure that buprenorphine, naltrexone, or short acting benzodiazepines are used during tramadol withdrawal, but it’s worth asking.

  193. Hello their.
    I have been on tramadol for 6 month in a row at a dosage ranging between 750mg-1500mg .
    I tried to stop gradually but failed to do so. I believe quitting suddenly or gradually will have almost the same severe effects. I have come to a decision to stop completely tramadol 225mg starting Monday but my question is: I need you to provide me with different ways to ease the withdrawal symptoms such as: drugs substitutes or specific techniques and how long would it take for withdrawal symptoms to end and will i feel normal again and be able to continue my life without relapsing?!
    Best regards

  194. Hello Eliz. This is a question for your prescribing or supervising doctor. You might also seek a second opinion from a pharmacist. But you’ll definitely need a qualified medical opinion for your answer.

  195. Hi, I have been on tramadol for 18 month now at 50 mgs per day for several months. I am also tapering off 1 mg ativan and want to know should I wait till I’m done with that before going off the tramadol? I don’t think I”m a tolerance but I don’t know for sure.

  196. This is my first post. I am 56 nerve damage lady. My dr first prescribed hydrocodone for the first year and a half. 500 I broke them into really concerned about taking this sort of drug. The dr changed my prescription to tramadol saying it was non narcotic pain medicine. I took 6 pills a day 50 mg each for almost 9 months now. One of the biggest mistakes of my life. I am tapering probably not a slowly as most but the demon in all of this is constant w/d every time you cut down no matter if it is weeks or not. It is still there. I am retired from high school admin so have seen many peoples life’s ruined by misuse of drugs. Currently cutting over 2 months I am down to 1/4 am and 1/2 in the pm. It is unbelievable, nightmare so very physically painful. I have tried clonidine but it was not a good thing for me. I keep my legs on a heating pad at night RLS it helps some and take a lot of showers which helps. My husband has rubbed my legs night after night. As soon as the w/d get a little better I cut down again. And start all over again. I don’t think there is any way to escape the pains of w/d. I wish I would have been given the information on what a deceiving demon this drug is. I pray for everyone on this post, stay strong keep your eyes on the finish line. I do feel it is our duty to tell others about this drug. I would like to ask, in a couple of weeks I will be off, how long will w/d be at that point. And how severe I want to be ready. I want to know what to expect. No one addressed the constipation that eventually comes with this . I drink lax tea eat prunes and almonds drink lots of water. Can’t wait for the day when I don’t have to put another one in my mouth. God Bless each of you . Deb

  197. Hello Andrea. If you have dosing problems, it helps to create a calendar so that you can track symptoms related to dosing. After a week or so, take the calendar to your prescribing doctor or pharmacist and request dosing changes, or recommendations. But this issue needs to be cleared up by a medical professional.

  198. I have been on T for nerve pain (I have auto immune disorder – basically I had nerve pain and numbness and spasms in my feet and lower legs) for approx 4 months, but for the past 2 months I have been taking 2 x 50mg at bedtime. I have been prescribed another nerve painkiller for my nerve pain and need to wean myself slowly off T and onto that. I was advised by my GP today to take 50mg Tl in the morning and 50mg at bedtime. It won’t be very comfortable taking Tl in the morning as I have an office job and travel on public transport also. The T has been making me wake in the night about 3 or 4 times. I get back to sleep easily but am tired all the time so I need to get off T asap. Can you help please?

  199. Hi Sam. Medications used during detox from opioids include buprenorphine, methadone, and/or naltrexone. Anti-depressants and benzodiazepines are also prescribed, if necessary. I’d suggest you seek counsel with a general physician to learn more about addressing these particular withdrawal symptoms in the short run. Where are you planning to attend rehab?

  200. I’m addict to Tramal 50MG 20 to 30 pills a day from 2006, stupid man I am I know, I tried many times to quit but the pain is a killer, I cant sleep I cant eat I cannot sit always vomiting, fever, cold, my bones are like growing inside my body, my muscles splitting from there place and many other symptoms, is there any alternative medicine to take while withdrawal period that can makes me sleep or relaxes me, I will start my rehab in December while the holidays period because I have a lot of work I am a sales manager in a shipping company and I have many duties. please help if you can. Now I only take 3 pills every 12 hours that’s the best I can do.

  201. Hi John. Follow your gut. 2 weeks after a Suboxone taper make be long enough to create tramadol dependence. Speak with your prescribing doctor to start the weaning process from tramadol – under medical supervision. Tramadol can provoke seizures during withdrawal.

  202. I have been taking 25mg tramadol 3 times a day for about 2 weeks to take the edge off of a suboxone treatment I recently tapered off pretty quickly so the tramadol has been a god send for the withdrawals but I want to make sure I don’t get in too deep. What are ur thoughts?

  203. Hello Billie. First, I’d suggest you see your prescribing doctor or a consult with a pharmacist. You’ll need an individualized tapering calendar specific to you and your needs in order to slowly wean off tramadol. Generally, a slow taper occurs at about 25% per week…over the course of 3-4 weeks.

  204. Hi Tina. Probably not. Tramadol dependence usually occurs after a couple of weeks of regular dosing. You should be able to stop without much problem.

  205. Hi been on tramadol 50mg three times a day for three days doc wants me to stop them now, will I have any withdrawal effects from just three days use.

  206. I had a spinal fusion 2 and a half years ago. I was taking tramadol 6 months prior to surgery. 6 months after my doctor stopped me cold turkey and I had no idea what I was in for. I listened to the doctor say it wasn’t a narcotic and stopped when he said. The withdrawal was the worst thing I ever imagined and I didn’t even know it was coming. It started with sweats and chills then moved to vomiting and diarrhea I ended up dehydrated with a fever. The amount of anxiety I had was unbearable. I spent 4 days wanting to die which leads me to today. 7 months ago I started taking it again because another doctor said it was the best thing. Now she would leave me on it for the rest of my life but I am tired of feeling crappy all the time. I have decreased pain but I don’t want my life to revolve around the fear of not having meds. I am taking 300-400 mg per day. If I go too long without taking some the chills and nausea begin. However in the world do I taper? I never had a schedule. I literally take them when I feel bad which is every 8-10 hours. My mind and body do not agree. ……..

  207. I have been taking tramadol for 3 years 150 mg in morning and 150 @3 pm. I want to get off of this med. Do you have a idea how to start doing that. I am seeking accupunture.

  208. Can a person go into withdrawal while still on Tramadol, between regular dosing 3 times a day? This happens in benzo withdrawal. Wondered if it could happen with Tramadol. Thank you.

  209. Hello Cheryl. You’ll know if you’re tapering too fast if withdrawal symptoms kick in in the hours or days after you cut doses. 50 mg every 2 weeks seems reasonable, but check with a pharmacist for alternative suggestions. I’m not sure what you mean by “tolerance withdrawal”. Can you clarify, please?

  210. I have been on 150mg Tramadol for 2 years. How do I taper? Doctors say, cut 50mg once every 2 weeks. Is this too fast?

  211. Hello, If i´ve been taking tramadol for 3 weeks will I feel withdrawal symptoms?? The first week the doses were 200 to 300 daily by the last week its 400 daily. So do you think im physical depended ? should i start tappering off in 50 mg daily. for how many days? thanks

  212. i seem to have made a bad choice on taking Tramadol other than prescribed for the last 3 weeks and have now ended up with withdraw symptoms. i ended up taking about 650mg a day for about 10-15 days and after 1/1/2 days without started having flu like symptoms and shaking. i did take 3 tablets today to get an idea of what i need to do and found your link. what is the best way to get off this terrible drug. i assume the advantage I have is the short period of time I was on but still it seems I need to adjust this dosage down and would like some help.

  213. Hi, thanks very useful, iam going cold turkey about second week now, doing pretty well but main side affects are now itching driving me crazy.
    Any suggestion gratefully relieved thanks Steve

  214. Hi, thanks very useful, iam going cold turkey about second week now, doing pretty well but main side affects are now itching driving me crazy.
    Any suggestion great fully recited ta Steve

  215. Hi, ive been taking tramadol for 2 months an reduced from 8 50mg to 3 50mg daily. I took my last one last night and didnt feel pain this morn or the start of withdrawel as i usually do sk i decided to cold turkey, im not feeling too bad, sweats and fee shakes an brain zaps. Should i just take a tab now or cobtinue cold turkey? Thanks

  216. To Cindy,
    I have taken myself off of Tramadol as of a week ago. You are not
    losing your mind, think of it as sweat and toxins pouring out of you.
    Chew gum. Take a shower. Take a bath. Drink chamomile tea.
    I have a legitimate health issue and was allowed six pills a day.
    I wasn’t thinking clearly, spending all my days in bed for months.
    I am going to pray for you now for the rest of the day. Take another bath, drink water, rock like a baby. You will be exhausted
    but you will crawl through the tunnel into the light. You will be okay.

    1. I quit cold turkey…I feel like a different person. The first 3 days I felt like I wanted to die. But after I got over the hump it was manageable. I took lots of hot baths and tried to sleep alot. I will admit that my legs were in such pain that I did not sleep.for almost 48 hours. I shattered my leg in 2008 and had seven surgeries to repair it…not too mention two total knee replacements on this same leg. This was always my excuse for continuing to take the pills. I did not want to be a slave to them anymore so I moved our whole family to a different state where I would not know where to find em anymore. Well this did the trick…I am seven days clean with no Tramadol. I know this is just the beginning but the sickness was the part that scared me the most. I am past that so…my new beginning is looking brighter already!!!

  217. I have been addicted to tramadol since 2008. I usually get it on the street. And if I cant find any I take vicodin to not go through withdrawls. I moved to another state in order to change my life but now I am experiencing the worst withdrawls I have ever seen. I don’t know what to do. It has only been 36 hours and I am hurting so bad. What can I do because I feel like I am losing my mind? I feel like I am losing my mind.

  218. What types if medications can be given while a doctor is tapering your dosage to wean you from tramadol? I’ve been prescribed 200mg/day for over a year (1 tab 4x/day) and have an appt with my doctor to taper, but am wondering what options are out there as I’m not able to lower my dose hardly at all without really feeling withdrawal symptoms.

  219. Do you consider taking tramadol for 3 or 4 weeks a long time? Can I stop it cold turkey or should I taper off? I had a total knee replacement. weeks ago and went from oxycodone to tramadol HCL 50mg

  220. Hi Gene. Thanks for your question. I’d suggest that you call your prescribing doctor or consult with a local pharmacist for a precise dosing schedule. Tramadol tapering should be medically supervised, as withdrawal from tramadol can provoke seizures.

  221. I am currently talking six 25 mg half tablets per day. I want to get off of this drug completely. I don’t quite understand your withdrawal schedule. Could you please clarify it for me?

    Thanks much.


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