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How to stop taking oxycodone

Oxycodone is a powerful pain killer that causes physical dependence within days to weeks of consecutive use, even if you’re not getting high from oxycodone. Is oxycodone an addictive drug? Yes. Oxycodone is very addictive. And in order to stop taking oxycodone safely, you need to follow a few guidelines.

Here, we review what happens in your brain and body when you stop taking oxycodone, how oxycodone works, possible side effects and how to stop taking oxycodone safely. We invite your questions about stopping oxycodone at the end.

Can I just stop taking oxycodone?

Yes. And no.

If you have been taking oxycodone as needed for pain, and have not developed a physical dependence on oxycodone, discontinuing oxycodone pills should not be a problem. In these cases, the brain and the body have not grown used to the prescence of oxycodone in the system and will not experience a major shock when the pure opioid agonist is no longer available.

However, in cases of regular oxycodone dosing over the course of days or weeks, stopping oxycodone cold turkey is NOT RECCOMENDED. In fact, repeating oxycodone dosing results in the body’s adaptation to the opioid. This is called physical dependence. When you are physically dependent on oxycodone, you experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it.

What happens when you stop taking oxycodone?

Basically, when you stop taking oxycodone after regular use you go through withdrawal. Repeated exposure to oxycodone alters the brain so that it functions more or less normally when oxycodone is present and abnormally when oxycodone is not. Why is this?

Simply, oxycodone changes brain systems, including an area at the base of the brain — the locus ceruleus (LC) as well as the mesolimbic reward system. When opioid molecules link to mu receptors on brain cells in the LC, they suppress the release of noradrenaline, resulting in drowsiness, slowed respiration, and low blood pressure. With repeated exposure to opioids like oxycodone, however, the LC neurons adjust by increasing their level of activity. Now, when opioids are no longer present to suppress the LC brain cells’ enhanced activity, the LC neurons release excessive amounts of noradrenaline, triggering the jitters, anxiety, muscle cramps, and diarrhea that are associated with opiate withdrawal.

Side effects stop taking oxycodone

Withdrawing from oxycodone is generally not life threatening. But some of the side effects can be very uncomfortable. The main side effects of oxycodone withdrawal are the same as other opiates and opioids and are graded as being mild, moderate or severe. Side effects occur based on dose strength and length of time that you take oxycodone. But most cases of oxycodone withdrawal will manifest AT LEAST the following side effects:

  1. agitation
  2. hypertension
  3. rapid heart beat
  4. shaking

Diagnostic criteria for opioid withdrawal includes having three or more of the following symptoms present:

  • diarrhea
  • dilated pupils
  • dysphoric (negative mood)
  • fever
  • goosebumps
  • insomnia
  • muscle aches
  • nausea
  • negative mood
  • runny nose
  • sweating
  • vomiting
  • watery eyes
  • yawning

Stop taking oxycodone suddenly

Do not quit taking oxycodone suddenly or you could experience serious withdrawal symptoms If you decide to stop taking oxycodone suddenly, seek out medically supervised withdrawal (detoxification) with either opioid or nonopioid medications to help you manage symptoms.

Stop taking oxycodone cold turkey

If you decide to stop taking oxycodone cold turkey, be prepared to manage symptoms of withdrawal with the help of an outpatient or inpatient medical clinic, or from home. Follow the suggestions outlined below and let us know if you have additional questions by commenting at the end.

How do I stop taking oxycodone?

You should always stop taking oxycodone under the medical supervision of your prescribing doctor. In general, you stop taking oxycodone gradually by lowering the amount and frequency of oxycodone dosing until you quit totally. However, medications such as clonidine can help you manage more persistent or intense symptoms of withdrawal. Plus, supplemental medications, such as antidepressants to manage irritability, sleep disturbance or antiepileptics for neuropathic pain may also be helpful. And if needed, you can seek help at a detox clinic in order to help manage more severe symptoms that may occur when you stop taking oxycodone.

How to stop taking oxycodone safely

When you no longer requires oxycodone hydrochloride tablets to treat pain, opioid therapy should be gradually discontinued over time to prevent opioid abstinence syndrome (oxycodone withdrawal). In general, doses of oxycodone can be decreased by 25% to 50% per day with careful monitoring for signs and symptoms of withdrawal. however, some experts recommend more conservative tapering and a decrease by 10% of the original dose per week is usually well tolerated with minimal physiological adverse effects.  If you develop signs or symptoms of withdrawal, the dose should be raised to the previous level and lowered more slowly, either by increasing the interval between decreases, decreasing the amount of change in dose, or both.

Stop taking oxycodone questions

At the moment it is still not known at what dose of oxycodone hydrochloride you can stop without risk of developing withdrawal symptoms. If you have questions about withdrawal from oxycodone or otherwise how to stop taking oxycodone, please leave them here. We will be happy to help answer your questions personally and promptly.

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631 Responses to “How to stop taking oxycodone
7:57 pm June 17th, 2012

I was prescribed percocet for a rotator cuff injury, took 4-5 pills a day until I had the surgery a year later and have been taking between 6-12 pills daily since last October (8 months).

I have a phobia of vomiting but want to stop taking percocet (still in pain but will deal with that once I’m off them)..Is it possible to wean down to 1 pill a day without having any withdrawal symptoms ?

Is there something I should ask my doctor for to help me ? Heard horror stories and am serious about stopping just don’t want to suffer or is that even possible ?? (read about suboxone but it appears to be just like changing meds so don’t think I want to just become addicted to something else)

Bottom line, if I reduce my percocet intake by 1 pill per week, starting with 8/day, will I be okay at the end of 8 weeks ? (meaning no withdrawal symptoms)

7:39 pm June 20th, 2012

Hi Natalie. Withdrawal from Percocet can be EASED by weaning, but slowly tapering doses will not eliminate all withdrawal symptoms. In other words, there may be no way to avoid vomiting and nausea. You’re right to think that stopping Percocet cold turkey will bring on more intense symptoms…and that you should seek medical advice from your prescribing doctor before you start to lower doses. There are medications out there like clonidine that can help ease these symptoms during withdrawal and you should ALWAYS withdraw from pain killers with medical supervision. But there’s no way to stop taking Percocet totally without withdrawal symptoms, unfortunately.

Does this help?

11:49 am October 14th, 2012

Persistent & severe shoulder pain required my being prescribed Percocet / Oxycodon while the diagnostic period took place for two months. I would take one low dose pill at bedtime. After two months, the doctor gave me a Cortisone shot into my shoulder. It worked like a miracle. I immediately stopped taking the Oxycodon. In the past five days I’ve experienced nite-time restlessness, excessive sweating, runny nose, and aggravation on a milder bases. How long can I expect these symptoms to continue? And, will drinking a lot of water help flush this medication out of my system faster?

10:35 am October 15th, 2012

Hi Capt. Thanks for your questions. Opioids like oxycodone undergo extensive metabolism, and while first-pass metabolism occurs mainly in the liver, renal excretion tends to be a minor route of elimination. For this reason, drinking water to speed up the metabolism of opioids is unlikely to work. (more info here:

Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms tend to peak in the first 72 hours, and then taper off for 7-10 days afterwards. Be sure to drink water, especially if diarrhea is present, but don’t count on water to help you eliminate oxycodone. Time is needed. Other people swear by mild exercise, hot baths, taking cranberry extract pills and drinking a lot of cranberry juice…but I’m not sure about the scientific accuracy of these statements.

Good luck!

Steph blair
12:24 pm October 22nd, 2012

I too am being prescribed percocet for migraines, painful cyst in my foot needing surgery, and a torn MCL w/bruised bone. I had no idea about any addiction problems until I ran out of percocet and had these jumping things happening to my body when I tried to go to sleep, and a migraine so bad I had to go to the hospital. Is there any natural herbal way to withdraw?

9:08 am October 24th, 2012

Hello Steph. Thanks for your question. To clarify, you are most likely DEPENDENT on Percocet (oxycodone), and not addicted to Percocet. Do you crave oxycodone after you stop taking it? Or are you taking Percocet as prescribed?

Opioids like oxycodone, the main ingredient in Percocet, affect the opioid receptors in the nervous system and are some of the most powerful drugs known to man. Withdrawing from oxycodone is an uncomfortable but necessary process to complete if you want to stay off narcotics for good. If you’d like to try natural methods for detox, you might look into acupuncture or acupressure (see link below). But herbs are probably not going to do a whole lot for you during detox. Someone, please correct me if I’m wrong.

6:21 am November 3rd, 2012

I have been on oxycodone for 3+ years due to spinal fusion surgery and nerve damage. I have decided enough is enough and do not want to be a slave to my pills. I take a lot. I’m prescribed oxy 30mg/5per day.
I obtained 15, 8mg suboxone tabs to help with the process. I do not want to taper with oxy because it is too hard for me to control a long term taper process. I will be taking my last oxy pill 2 days from now.
I know there will be some level of discomfort, but can you explain the best way I can use the suboxone tabs to ease the process. Remember, I only have 15 of them. I only want to use them for the quitting process (1-2 weeks). I am NOT interested in suboxone maintenance as it is trading one addiction for another. Thanks.

7:45 am November 3rd, 2012

Hi Sig. Thanks for your question. Prescription pain relievers like oxycodone are opioids. Suboxone (buprenorphine) is used to treat physical dependence on or addiction to opioids. Buprenorphine prevents withdrawal symptoms so that you can stop taking oxycodone safely but only a doctor who is qualified in the use of buprenorphine can determine the dosing schedule for someone wanting to use Suboxone. Check out this article:
Find a Suboxone prescribing doctor here:
Search for “ suboxone for oxycodone addiction” in your internet browser for more information.

4:57 pm January 7th, 2013

I have been taking oxycodone for many, many years due to extensive medical issues that result in chronic pain. The issues include crohn’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, congenital heart defects, tachycardia, fibromyalgia, disc issues… Bottom line: I’ve managed not to abuse the med, but several years ago I had to start using it daily to be able to work. I was taking 8-10 15mg pills day. I have reduced it over many months on my own to 4-6 day. I know my body is dependent. My pain continues. I worry that the drug is always in my blood stream. i worry about driving, and DUI’s and working w/levels in my blood. I worry about what so many years of daily use is doing to me. But I am afraid of being in severe pain. I would like to stop taking it every day, to return to just taking it when absolutely needed, the way i started so many years ago. I have a few questions for you as I have already learned a lot from reading above:

1. For someone w/so many medical issues, is it advisable to try detoxing/reducing at home (under docs care), or should I consider an inpatient program?
2. If I go inpatient, does that show up on my record for employers, etc. to see?
3. Is it possible to cure dependence, but then be able to take the med again as needed, or would any use return my body to dependence?

Thank you… I feel chained to this med. Don’t want to live with it- can’t live without it. I hate being dependent. But I hate constant pain even more…

1:41 pm January 10th, 2013

Hi Jo.

1. Hmmm. This is a very good question. I think that if you would feel more comfortable, an inpatient detox clinic would be the way to go. Especially given the underlying pain, you may be tempted to take oxycodone at home if you are not monitored. But 24-7 monitoring at an inpatient clinic may help you stay off oxycodone or to decide another course of action.

2. Another good question. By law, there needs to be reasonable cause for anyone to review your medical records. I do not believe that employers can request a copy of your records. But check with clinic administrators for confirmation on the HIPPA act.

3. Unfortunately, opioids like oxycodone are habit-forming by nature. They bind to the opioid receptors in the central nervous system and if you were to use them regularly again, you would become dependent after a few weeks of daily use.

I hope that this helps. Bless you on your journey. Perhaps you might want to look into alternative or Eastern medicines for working with chronic pain?

Laurie Rountree
3:24 pm January 11th, 2013

Compared to the questions above, mine is really minor. Had 3 level decompression and fusion with instrumentation on 11/12 & 11/13. Took 10mg Oxycodone 3-4 x a day and started reducing dosage 1 week ago with last 5 mg early Monday due to fear of addiction and wild mood swings. Water and thought of food makes me feel like gagging and I do have muscle pain as mentioned but also at night, if I get warm, I have disgusting wiggly feelings in my torso. Bowels are finally nearly normal although frequent. Does this sound normal? Thank you so much.

8:28 am January 14th, 2013

Hi Laurie. Yes. This sounds totally normal. Oxycodone reduces motility by increasing smooth muscle tone in the stomach and duodenum. In the small intestine, digestion of food is delayed by decreases in propulsive contractions. So when you stop taking oxycodone, the body rebounds and you experience an over-excited digestive reaction. If you have any other questions about withdrawal, you might try calling a local detox clinic for help.

10:06 am January 15th, 2013

I was prescribed OxyContin – intially 10mg twice daily, to relieve pain from a very badly smashed wrist (started October 2012 whilst in hospital). In December 2012 I reduced dose to 1 -10mg at night and have recently decided to stop, as wanted to see how much pain I was experiencing from my injury. I stopped on Friday 11 Jan and ever since I have not been able to sleep, am having hot & cold flushes and feel dreadful. I have spoken to my GP who advised that the sleep disturbance can take up to a week to settle down. Can you please advise if this is correct, as at night when I am tossing and turning, feeling exhausted, but unable to sleep, I feel at my wits end. What can I do to help alleviate this – help?

3:26 pm January 18th, 2013

I have my ups and downs with Oxy and the like. I still occasionally dable, but it’s expensive and not allways available when you are wanting it. When u turn forty I believe the government should just give u an endless A friend of mine told me about Mitragyna Speciosa. It is a leaf from a plant in Thailand that stimulates the opiate receptors when chewed. The older tribesmen used to take it to be able to work more. It’s Legal, inexpensive and I didn’t believe it, but it Seriously works. It’s not exactly the same thing, but you can certainly feel it. I would totally recommend this for anyone trying to come off of opiates. I keep a regular supply.

12:30 am February 5th, 2013

My Dad has been given oxycodone hydrochloride/acetophitamine, 5mg/325mg. He was in the hospital on morphine so we weren’t sure how he would react to the oxy. He has been home 4days and has only taken10 pills randomly. He was so groggy and confused I would like to stop the oxy. He shouldn’t have any withdrawals after such a short period of time-should he?

9:56 am February 5th, 2013

Hi Sandy. Yes, your dad is probably not yet physically dependent on OxyContin and the cessation will likely NOT provoke withdrawal symptoms. However, check with his prescribing doctor before altering his therapy.

10:25 pm February 6th, 2013

I have lupus and fibromyalgia. My mom passed away feb 2011 and I had a severe flair, I was so swollen I had to have my rings cut off, couldn’t wear my shoes, couldn’t walk or stand for long. My pain was so bad that I couldn’t sleep and was in tears. I was put on Vicodin, but was taking to much for safety, so I was put on oxycodone at 10mg but it wasn’t effective so he increased to 20. Now I’m on 30mg 4times a day. It’s the only thing that controls my pain enough to have a normal life, I still have flairs of worse pain but I refuse to increase any more. I’m scared to continue but am terrified to stop. I’m scared of the lupus/fibro pain but I’m terrified of withdrawal. Will I be able to stop by tapering or at this point will I need to go to rehab clinic? I’m so worried now after reading this article.
Thank you,

10:51 pm February 6th, 2013

I’m sorry but I do have one more question….. We are as a society medication based, for my lupus I take about 4 medications to control my flairs, I will always take these. They are immune suppressants and one of them could cause blindness so My eyes are checked twice a year. People take blood pressure meds instead of modifying diet, people take insulin to control sugar rather then change diet and exercise.
So now my question: why is it looked down on if I needed to continue pain meds, it does not cause any issue with my life, I don’t lay around in an addicted stupor, I’m not buying illegally, I’m not sneaking, I’m taking like I’m supposed to. So where is the danger in me continuing? Why is everyone so freaked out that I would need these. I feel like because it is used by addicts like heroine and meth it’s assumed that if you need them you are on them for the same reasons and I’m not! I would be less productive and involved less with my family and life without them.
I’m sorry for seeming so dramatic, but I’ve never found somewhere I could ask without seeming like a seeker.
Again… Thank you

8:40 am March 14th, 2013

Lori, I know what you mean about the stigma of pain med use. I was injured at work and because I wanted to work I took pain meds but when my employer found out I was kept from driving for ten months because of the meds! (OxyContin)I couldn’t even drive to work! I was able to change to a non narcotic substitute during the day and take the oxy at night. I was sent to an addiction specialist who after interviewing me said I was more coherent than most people he talked with and it was ok for me to drive on oxycontin. After 8 years of pain I was finally able to find a doctor who fixed my problem and now am weaning off oxy a little at a time. I was after 8 years taking 2 -40 mg oxycontin and 3 – 15 mg oxycodone a day (125 mg a day)i dropped to 2 – 20mg oxycontin first now I’m down to 2 – 10 mg oxycontin and 2 – 15mg oxycodone (50 mg a day) after two months with no withdrawals i use the 15 mg oxycodone as little as possible for break through now I’m going to drop the extended release on Friday and work on no meds by May 9th ! I have never gotten a buzz from taking oxys EVER even if I forgot and took an extra dose. All I got was a sore head! My point is if you need them for pain use them and don’t feel bad about it. When the pain is there you need something to keep you sane. Hope you are well and pain free ! Sorry I’m so chatty! Lol Jon just quit smoking too!

1:49 pm February 7th, 2013

Hi Lori. You present good questions. I think that, in general, people look at situations from a very limited point of view. In order to understand what you’re going through, for example, someone would have to walk in your shoes for a while, or at least contemplate what it is like to be you. Pain medications can provide a good quality of life for people really in need…and this is one reasons why doctor’s advocate for their use. In order for people to move beyond stigma, they have to understand individual basis.

In your case, you might want to look into supplements to support your liver and/or kidneys. Long term use of opioids can damage both.

In terms of detox, talk with your prescribing doctor. A 3-4 week taper can help ease the severity and intensity of withdrawal symptoms. If needed, go longer. A good, slow taper is the #1 preventative way to help treat withdrawal symptoms when getting off any kind of opioid.

Thanks for your questions! They are very stimulating.

6:56 am February 8th, 2013

I had a humerous fracture and I got surgery I been drinking oxycodone-acetaminophen 10-325 for about a 3 weeks and then the doctor lower the dosage to 5/325 , I was taking 4 a day and now I wanted to taking less and I did the fort day I did 3 a day then 2 a day but then when I start doing it that way I feel a lot of anxiety and pain and want to take the pills . Sweating.,Agitation started to be present so I don’t know wat the best way to do it, I want to withdraw immediately from the pills by taking relax time tea which help the first day evry 4 hrs and still want to take the pills is it safe. And also I’m not able to sleep . I want to know wat the best option for me thank u

8:05 am February 9th, 2013

Hi Augusta. It sounds like you need a tapering plan. Consult your prescribing doctor to come up with a plan for slowly reducing doses of oxycodone over the period of 2-3 weeks. This way, you reduce by about 10% a day, and 25% a week until it’s totally out of your system. The symptoms you describe can be caused by withdrawal provoked by too fast a reduction in oxycodone. So, seek medical advice for the best plan and to be sure that the tea is not counter indicated with oxycodone.

3:34 pm February 9th, 2013

The Mitragyna Speciosa leaf has helped a ton of people tapering/coming off of oxy. You can buy it all over the web. It also is affective as a natural pain killer.

8:07 pm February 20th, 2013

Hi there. I injured my shoulder delivering my child in July. I did 8 weeks of PT and have had X-rays and an MRI. We never found out what was wrong but my orthopedist gave me a RX for roxicodone Dec 31st to help with the pain. I took 5mg-7.5mg nightly until my RX for 40 pills ran out. I went about 2 weeks with out any meds until I followed up and he gave me a refill. I didn’t have any withdrawal symptoms then. But I started taking 10mg a night and have been for 3 weeks. I don’t plan to get another refill for fear of becoming dependent. I only have 2 pills left and now I am afraid I will have withdrawal symptoms. I still have shoulder pain but I can live with it as I have for the past 7 months. It isn’t worth it to me as I am afraid of becoming dependent.

Will 3 wks taking 10mg a day cause withdrawal?

2:32 pm February 21st, 2013

Hi Lauren. It’s difficult to day, as every person’s tolerance and dependence on oxycodone is highly personalized and individual. The one way to tell is to miss a dose and see how you feel. Onset of withdrawal usually occurs in the hours when your body is expecting another dose. If you can get past this first time frame, then you are most likely NOT physically dependent on Roxicodone. If withdrawal symptoms occur, talk to your prescribing doctor about setting up a tapering schedule to get off oxycodone over the course of a few weeks. Best of luck to you.

3:21 pm February 21st, 2013

Kratom Helps With Opiate Withdrawl. It Works!

pentax boy
8:55 pm March 20th, 2013

How does the clonidine help?

linda miller
8:28 pm February 25th, 2013

I “ve only been on oxycodone 10mg for two weeks one tab twice a day. Now I’am not in any pain I stopped taking them two days ago I fell sicker now than before my operation? What do I do.

linda miller
8:36 pm February 25th, 2013

Oh there’s one more question, how long must I go through this terriable withdrawl , is thee anything I can take to help speed the process of getting it out my system quicker?

10:29 pm March 3rd, 2013

Hi, I hope you can assist.

I have been taking oxycotin for almost two years. I am in my early 50’s, 6’2″, and weigh about 220lbs. Originally it was because of significant knee surgery. But, post-op I went into a pain management program at a clinic for that type of thing because the knee was still giving me problems (did not want to take the next step for knee replacement), and so that and in conjunction with some long term disc problems, it all became too much.

It varies depending upon the level of activity that day, but I typically take a total of about 60mg to 90mg a day in does of 15-30mg. My perscription allows this much. However, I now feel that going into pain management was a mistake. I want to explore other options to get my once active lifestyle back. When I discuss the situation at the clinic and my desire to cut back and stop, I never seem to get a straight answer. I am not saying they have improper motivations or do not care. But, my confidence in them is shaken and so I want to try and do this on my own.

I am certain I am addicted because if I do not take anything for an entire day I get symptoms of irritability, sweats, chills, and more pain in my legs. Here are my questions:

1. I know there are others who take a lot more than I, but I assume what I now take is significant in terms of a level to cause additicion?

2. I do not feel that I can back down further incrementally because of the temptation to ease the symptoms will be too hard. But, if I back down to or stay at 60mg a day for a week, which I know I can do, and then stop cold turkey, how long will the physical discomforts I described above last?

3. Regarding the leg pains from withdrawl (and I have gone without medication a few separate times to ensure these symptoms were the same), the original pain for which I had surgery was only my one knee, but without the medication, the pain is all over both legs. Never anywhere else in my body. It is soft tissue discomfort in the calves and thighs. Pain, but also tingling and a feeling that I cannot keep them still or I would go crazy. Does that sound like withdrawl symptoms? I have heard of rebound pain, but this is more than just the knee. Anything you can tell me about that issue would be very helpful and understanding it will probably help me get past the overall withdrawls.

Thank you in advance for your time.

4:55 am March 12th, 2013

I had shoulder surgery (plate and 12 screws/pins) 7 weeks ago to repair a fractured humerus head and damaged rotator cuff. I took 10-12 5 mg percocets a day for about 10 days, and due to intense pain, I really needed every one of them. I continued with 10-12 daily for another week; then it dawned on me that my pain was less, so I started to cut back gradually. I did well, going down to 3 a day for a couple of weeks-no withdrawal effects.

About a week ago, I tried to get below 2 a day, because I really don’t like the way percocet makes me feel mentally. I feel sluggish, un-ambitious, lacking creativity-and it makes it difficult for me to communicate. But whenever I try to go below 2 or 2 1/2 pills, I get withdrawal symptoms-trouble sleeping, miserable restless leg syndrome, diarrhea, nausea. Perhaps because I’ve been on these meds for 7 weeks?

Unfortunately, I have a low pain tolerance, so I need something for pain so I can do my PT exercises and regain use of my right arm.

Any ideas for getting off the percocet and onto something safe to take long-term? Thanks.

5:20 pm March 15th, 2013

First of all – Thank You for this article. It is very informative. I had my second back surgery the day after Christmas. I hurt it a little over two months prior to that. I was up to 90 mg perc pre-op and I’ve wittled down to 10 mg per day. It’s been a miserable 3 months. Now that I’m down to what amounts to one pill per day (I cut them into 4ths) do you think I should stop or continue to taper a few more weeks?

Any help would be great. I’m tired of the fatigue and nauseau and if I can go cold turkey and be done this weekend I would be very happy.

11:17 am March 18th, 2013

Hi. I’ve been on oxycodone for about 5 or six years after a really bad car wreck. I take 10mg four times a day. I was wondering if it is possible to taper my tolerance back down to maybe only taking 10mg twice a day. So far I have been trying to take 10mg three times a day & it’s really hard from dealing w/the actual pain and w/the withdrawal symptoms I feel slighly. Is tapering down possible at this point or do I need to try to get a doctors help?

2:13 pm March 24th, 2013

i have been taking oxycodones, 7.5/325 mg, 3 pills a day for a year. i was wondering how to go off them.

Anthony Parran
6:10 pm March 31st, 2013

I have Cervical Spinal Stenosis (CSS) and Pernicious Anemia (PA). I had an operation for the Stenosis, but still suffer dramatic neurological pain, which as I understand is also possible from the PA.

I take Oxycodone, Gabapentin, and Ultram. I have, with the Ultram, extended my times between doses to 12 – 16 hours. I have experimented up to 18 hours.

I suffer from two levels of pain. The first is physical and the second is neurological.

I have no known issues with the Oxycodone except an occasional headache. I can live with or without it and have tried taking standard ASA tablets for the headaches. Obviously I do not have the same level of pain relief but am I addicted to it? I doubt it. My doctor prescribes a calculated one month supply and have always had some left over.

When I had my operation for the CSS, I was placed on a Morphine drip. It did nothing, even after the nurse increased the drip level to maximum. I was still in maximum pain, which is when they administered the Oxycodone. Within in 30-minutes I was sitting up and pain free.

As stated, I have experimented increasing the times between doses. The down side is, the pain becomes so great I can’t walk as the pain is from my lumbar (Right side) to my lower legs (Both). It feels as if someone has taken a blowtorch, burning both legs below the knees. My feet actually become numb as if my nervous system has shutdown completely.

The ultram has taken away the blowtorch feeling. Before taking it I could not sit down on hard surfaces. To do so meant maximum pain during and after. Now it is a no-brainer.

I thought I’d share my experience with everyone about using Oxycodone.

Give me something I can use that is not “addictive” and I’ll gladly use it, but for now, and until the doctors can find a cure for what ails me, I will continue using it and fight “City Hall” if it’s use is stopped completely.

12:55 am April 1st, 2013

I am beginning a weening protocol for oxycodone and if it is done properly shall I still have withdrawal symptoms..thank you I have been taking them for 5 years and about 60-80 mg a day.

7:26 am April 4th, 2013

Hi Kathryn. Thanks for your question. Yes, you will probably have withdrawal symptoms even when tapering down your doses of oxycodone. However, they will be much less severe than if you stopped oxycodone cold turkey. You can treat most symptoms with support and O-T-C aids like ibuprofen/acetaminophen, massage or heating oils, and hot pads. Good luck!

Carla miranda
7:20 am April 10th, 2013

After 5 years taking oxycodone 7.5mg sometimes 6 to 8 times a day. I stopped. And have 21 days I don’t taken nothing. I don’t stopped increase. And I saw a dr. And he gave me for taken Lamictal. I feel better . But now I feel in depression, crying every morning and feel sad. I can not sleeping good. What the best trateament for me. I need help!!!… I am happy for not taking any more this drugs. And I hope never in my life taken again. I did 2 back surgery. And after stopped taken oxycodone. I don’t have more pain. Can explain for why this happened. Thank you…I will appreciate recive help. Carla miranda

5:25 am April 11th, 2013

Hello Carla. I don’t know why you no longer experience pain from the surgeries…but good for you! Antidepressants can help address low levels of serotonin in the system. Seek help from a prescribing doctor and see what kinds of medicines can help.

11:24 am April 16th, 2013

Want to stop taking oxycodone can not go into a detox but want to just try and do it at home advice plz

11:47 am April 16th, 2013

Hi also i take about 10-12 a day some times 8 I take them cause my knee is bone on bone torn acl very bad arthritis and iam willing to deal with pain just want to stop them thanks again

Sheila Keenan
11:22 am April 17th, 2013

Hi I started taking oxycodone/hcl/acetaminophen in Feb. of 2013, I usually only take tylynol extra strengh that is enough for me for any pain.I have been sick since Nov 2012. divertidulitis? back problems? trouble with my left leg? Diverticulitis? is fine now no pain. Leg hip and back pain still here. I am 71 year young until now have never need heavy duty anthing everthng makes me feel sick,dizzy, cannot stand the feeling of not being in control of my body. I have been half a pill when I need it . Then every six to eight hrs. now every four hrs.some time it works another time no so much. Maybe I should not split them?

12:31 pm April 17th, 2013

I was taking 40=50mg of oxycodone a day. I stopped 3 days ago and am wondering how long can I expect to feel this jittery not right feeling. I was taking them for approximately 2 months.
Thank you.

P.S. Is there anything that can help with this?

8:00 am April 19th, 2013

Hi Sheila. I’d suggest that you check in with a prescribing doctor to describe your symptoms and get advice on best steps forward. Maybe the opioids do not agree with you.

Hello Donna. Oxycodone withdrawal usually resolves within a few days of last use, at most a week to 10 days later. Given your short period and relatively average dose of oxycodone, you’ll probably start feeling better any day now. Unfortunately, the best thing to do for oxycodone withdrawal is to taper doses, which would be going backwards. Seek council with a local pharmacist for over the counter aids during withdrawal.

1:13 am April 23rd, 2013

Can you tell me how long and if brain also repairs itself after taking pain meds? I was taking them for years (30 to 50mg day) on a consistent basis. After taper under doctor care over, I did still go through typical withdrawl cycle (as you have described). I am curious (and concerned) about the brains ability to heal after opioid use. In other words, does my brain also heal too?

Thanks!!! Will

For those reading…after stopping with the taper method at 30 mg a day and stopping. I felt mostly and very lethargic at day 2 and 3 (like a flu). On day 4- 6 I found motivation again, sharpness, and happy thoughts. With only a minor haze after day 9, and then day 10 another spike in energy and consistent daily energy and sharpness. Reality is you deal with the typical symptoms as described above (runny nose, bathroom, etc…). However, they were all very manageable with OTC meds.

5:32 am April 24th, 2013

Hello WP. It can take 6 months to a year for the body to resolve protracted withdrawal symptoms from opioids after long term use. You will feel better in time. Seek support from a psychologist, psychiatrist or a general physician for more information and encouragement. You’re doing a good job!

2:08 pm May 6th, 2013

I have never taken painkillers recreationally. Have not touched alcohol for years. Yet, I have been on 110 mg combination of oxycontin and (oxycodone breakthrough). As a veteran I was injured, ignored the pain, then years later was in an auto accident where I sustained many injuries incl fx pelvis. That was 20 years ago. I was given painkillers on and off first minimal percocet and then much later medthedone. I didn’t respond well to methedone but stayed on it for years. I then got off the methedone and replaced with oxycodone. I was also on lexapro for years, which i discontinued gradually. Initially I was Ok but after months of abstinence from lexepro, and reducing the oxycodone with the help of 10 mg day of diazepam, I cannot handle the depression and morning withdrawal symptoms are intensive. I think of ‘ending it all’ constantly but do not act on it. Holding on every day. I won’t go into problems but they are quite lengthy and extreme, financial, family, autism, it all came apart years ago (hence the antidepressant from the start). I also had a heart attack yet still smoke as I cannot remove another dependence without completely breaking down. Tried to check into a detox center and after being told I was approved, they admitted they made a mistake – the Medicare insurance was denied. I’ve been going to the VA. The pain dept wants me to titrate down and I agree, but the task has been slow and very difficult with mornings where I am incapacitated by depression, classic withdrawal symptoms, etc. I have constant anxiety now, a condition that I had when discharged from the service after Vietnam. Now on disability, I am an emotional wreck. My career ruined. I cannot face my autistic son. I am absolutely miserable without a ray of hope or satisfaction anymore and I will be 60 this year – a depressive milestone. Worked hard and productively fot 40 years. I’ve been told by a business associate that I’m talented and creative, but that a black-cloud hangs over me, always unexplainable ‘bad luck’. I cannot deny it: the karma, the timing of events and downturns in my life have been uncanny to the point where it is almost unbelievable – one thing upon another, always with good intentions, and without lasting reward. I try looking at others who are even worse off, but it doesn’t help. Yes, I am severely depressed, and handling the challenges ahead feels impossible.

1:43 am May 22nd, 2013

Hang in there Daniel. I was really sick too for a long time and had to take oxycodone because of the severe pain. After years of not knowing what was wrong with me I finally found out that I have a genetic condition that doesn’t allow me to make antibodies to common household molds. The same genetic condition often affects children with autistic symptoms. It made me wonder if you have the same thing. It would make you feel really awful! Now I am 100% better and pain free after 5 years so I am reading this blog to quit the oxycodone because I don’t need it anymore. Don’t give up. I will be praying that you will find the solution.

2:31 am May 24th, 2013

I’m not sure if this will reach you, but I made a song regarding addiction to oxycodone. I think it can help your following. Here’s the link. Let me know what you think and feel free to share with your following

Mary De Boer
12:35 am June 4th, 2013

I am at week 5 after having knee replacement surgery. I had a lot of pain post surgery, more than usual. I have been on 5mg of oxycodone every 4 hours for several weeks along with extra strength Tylenol when needed (about every 6 hours) and Vimovo twice per day. I have been trying to come off of the oxy but want to know what the best procedure is. The last two days I have been stretching the time between to 7 or 8 hours but am not feeling that great. I tried taking 1/2 a 5 mg pill 5 1/2 hours ago which seemed to make me feel a bit better. Is this the way to come off of this drug? Thanks for your advice.

1:44 pm June 4th, 2013

I am on day 18 after quiting oxy, after taking roughly 250mg a day for couple yrs. I made it through the hard wd, but it seems now I am getting weaker and weaker by the day. I walk every day take vitamins, been to acupuncture, etc, but feeling really no improvement. Is this normal, will it ever go away?

11:44 pm June 17th, 2013

I have been on oxy 30s for five years…I am going to suboxone dr on Friday bc i want OFF asap!!!! but I have to be offthe drug for 24hrs. I am going to be in the worst withdrawl ever. Will this kill me? Last time I withdrawled it was HERENDOUS…. How long do I have to wait to take suboxone after taking a pill?? Any help is really appreciated I am so so terrified …..But I HAVE to do this on Friday I HAVE to. PLZ help me

6:35 pm June 20th, 2013


My use of oxycodone started as a prescription for restless leg syndrome. I only took it at bedtime to help me sleep. Of course over a period of two years the strength of the drug increased, but it was still only taken at bedtime. What really exacerbated the use of the drug was a string of illnesses from Crohn’s disease, CLL, the removal of my gall bladder, spleen and a small bowel resection in a time span of 18 months. And I believe a tooth infection which lead to its removal didn’t help. Now I’m dependent. The worst symptom of taking this drug is the sweating. That started about 5 months ago. It seems to be triggered from taking a shower to working in the yard. Any small physical activity can start it. It’s a drenching stinky sweat. It seems to come on regardless if I have just taken my meds, or if I’m between dosages. I take 30mg every 4 hours, sometimes 40mg as the prescription allows. This is a lot. Is the sweating withdrawal oriented or caused by my body trying to flush the medication? I feel so tired. I hate the feeling of sweating. I take no pleasure from taking this medication other than the pain relief it gives. And that seems to be less over time. I planning on going to detox to safely get of this medication this summer. With all my medical issues I’d be crazy to do it unsupervised. In the mean time can you comment on the sweating. It’s horrible. Does this happen to all patients at some point regardless of when you have taken your last dosage?

11:30 am July 5th, 2013

Hello Steve. Yes, all opioids (including oxycodone) can cause flushing and hot sweats. Check out this article by Dr. Jana Burson which describes how to treat sweating caused by opioids:

4:02 am July 6th, 2013

I did it!!! I am 3 weeks clean today!!!! I am so happy. Suboxone WORKS!! I am going to be weaned off it slowly by my new Dr. I went they 32 hours of AGONIZING WDs but I AM ALIVE!!!! And I did it!!!!!

3:39 am July 8th, 2013

i have stopped taking oxycodone for 20 days now and i feel the symptoms. But i still don’t take it and want my body to stop wanting it so how long should i wait until my body stops wanting.

Dorothy Myslak
8:19 pm July 20th, 2013

I am 70 years old and wanting to get off of oxycodone. I tried cold turkey and after 26 hours I could not take the jitters anymore. I took a pill, calmed down and was able to sleep. I generally take 1 pill in the morning and let pain dictate frequency of dosage the rest of the day. At the most, 3 pills a day and sometimes just 2. Can you tell me how I should schedule doses for withdrawal?

3:22 am July 21st, 2013

Hello Dorothy. You’ll need to consult your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist to establish and individual tapering plan to get off oxycodone. Reducing doses by no more than 50% at any one time usually helps minimize the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. But speak with a medical professional to set up a plan just for you.

4:17 am July 21st, 2013

I currently take 30mg 4 times a day, I have been taking oxycodone for lupus/fibromyalgia chronic pain and I’ve decided I’m tired of taking them, plus I’ve realized that my body is now deciding when I take my dose, not my pain level. I know there is a difference between addiction and dependence.
Anyway, my new dr tried to just drop one dose, which I’m embarrassed to say I couldn’t take. i saw pain management Dr and told him what the one Dr did and he said let’s reduce slower. So I will be dosing 30mg 3times a day with the 4th dose 20mg. Will he reduce 10% each month? And will I experience symptoms beyond anxiety, which I feel now, cause I think I’m now tolerant and would need to increase dose or get off. I’ve chosen to get off.
Thank you

9:18 am July 25th, 2013

Hello Lori. Sounds like a good plan. A conservative taper is more like 25% dose decreases monthly, which is already happening. Sounds like the new doctor has things under control. Follow the taper plan and record a daily record of symptoms that you experience. A long, slow taper should minimize the more severe and uncomfortable symptoms…perhaps you won’t even perceive them at all! Good luck.

3:06 am July 27th, 2013

My doctor had me on a rotating taper schedule. This week I am on 1-30mg 2x per day then 1-30mg 1x per day for 7 days. Next week I only take 1-30mg daily for 7 days then stop. Does anyone what percentage the taper is and also is it possible to stop on such a high dosage. I am already struggling with thev1-30mg every other day.

7:13 pm July 27th, 2013

After rotator cuff surgery in March 2013, I was taking Oxycodone for about 3 months. I was terrified of getting addicted to this nasty drug! I did wean slowly and with mild side effects….insomnia, crying, diarrhea, sweaty and a droopy eye. It’s been 2 weeks, and I am dealing with the pain from therapy, but would love to know if I will ever sleep again and if my eye will return to normal. I had to have the surgical manipulation for frozen shoulder on July 5th and started therapy all over again. Now I just take Tylenol because I can not take NSAIDS. How long until you know that you are totally done with these side effects?

3:00 am July 28th, 2013

I have been on oxycodone since 9/11/.A very long time. I had my colon removed 9/8/01, was in the hospital for ten days. I was released, told I could go back to work after 4 weeks. My colon was removed due to cronic colitis,which got to the point my whole colon was deseased. They made an internal J pouch and said I would have several BM’s a day I was sleeping in the bathroom and had constant sores outside and about 4 inches inside, I was told that after ten days I would have no pain. I was on steroid enema’s for 11 years plus pain meds. I could not even sit on my rear as it had ulcers around like the worst baby rash you have see. Finally in2011 I had my rectum removed and had to have an ileostomy. I have severe bulging disk’s and painful back.. The sergeon said the other Dr. had left about four inches of deseased colon in my rectum. I’m currently on 5 oxvcodans
a day. I take 2 15mg. in morning 2-15 mg. 4-5 hours later and one 15mg. before bed. I have been on higher doeses of oxy;s, morephine,pain patches, etc. I want to stop my pain pills now, I’m a 63 year old woman had lost my job and had to sell my home due to this pain. I want to get off these meds can’t afford rehab. Should I just keep lowering the dose or ask med help from my dr.It’s been so long
and I;m tired and depressed. I want off oxy’s. They helped me get threw the worst eleven years, I just want off them? What would you suggest? Please don’t ignore this. B

9:55 am July 29th, 2013

Hello Brandy. I cannot imagine the pain and difficulty that you have been through. If you want to get off oxycodone, you’ll need to have a pain management program in place in advance. Here are some guidelines that can help you in your planning.

12:09 am August 1st, 2013

Hello, I too have recently stopped taking oxy 30 mg 5 day. I had a few suboxone for a couple of days and stopped. I think I’m in day 11 and now have flu like symptoms. When does this horror start subsiding? Thanks

8:10 pm August 8th, 2013

Off the Oxy!!!! But I cannot sleep how long does this last?

5:35 am August 15th, 2013

I cannot sleep either. I stopped on June 21st and cannot sleep. Why is it that I can’t sleep?? I don’t understand this. Can someone plz answer my question. I don’t have anyone out here, just me, myself, and I. I am so so proud of myself for stopping, but I just want to kno why I cannot sleep??? Please don’t ignore this.

1:02 pm August 15th, 2013

Hi Flagirl. Good for you! I love your attitude! 🙂 Insomnia can be one PAWS, or protracted withdrawal symptom of opiate withdrawal. I’d suggest that you seek help with a doctor or psychologist to start to learn techniques for sleep preparation. This symptom may not be as pervasive as depression or anxiety in former opioid addicts, but it can also be treated. Just avoid short term solutions like sleep hypnotics and concentrate on lifestyle changes…otherwise, you might substitute one addiction for another. Good luck.

12:13 am August 26th, 2013

my very dear friend Jeanie is coming off terrified for her… her blood sugar is spiking 295 -400….is this normal ?she calls me at night when she has insomia…im so worried about her Im reading up on everything I can. she lives far away …and I can only help her by phone..i talk her through jitters, and all the other emotions she is not on insulin Yet! but does not want to go to the dr for fear of them putting her in a detox facility she is on day 5 of cold turkey stopping percocet.

9:29 pm August 28th, 2013

Ok so you cut down my 10 percent is that each day or every week

7:34 am September 2nd, 2013

I was on 2x 10mgs Oxicotin slow release for 4 weeks, then was on 10mgs morning and then 5mgs at night for 4 days, then I went on to only 5mgs a day for the las 4 days, had head aches and a few sweats at night, but nothing I cant handle, but uncomfy.
I now want to stop the 5mgs, but not sure if I can just stop the tablet straight away. I am at 5 weeks after total knee replacement, and Im sure the pain I can now control with iceing and elevation. Can you please help me, Im so confused by what I have been reading. Thankyou.

Dee Carter
11:41 pm September 3rd, 2013

don’t give up FLAGIRL !!!!!!! You are not alone it will get better… I promise…

Michael Berman
8:36 pm September 6th, 2013

I have been taking prescribed Oxycontin, 80 mg 3or4 pills 6 times a day by my Dr for neck and back pain for over two years now, and I asked my Dr to take me off of them because I just can’t see myself taking so many pills for the rest of my life.
My Dr was furious with me gave me 24 more pills and asked me never to come back if I wasn’t going to listen to his advice.
Before he kicked me out I had asked him for Clonidine and Valium or Diazepam before I left.
I have cut down to two pills 80mg twice a day one every twelve hours and I am so tired and week I cannot stay up for more than two or three hours and just walking takes everything I have.
Is this normal or is something else going on with me?
Obviously I cannot ask my Dr because he no longer wishes to have me as a patient, because of my decision to stop taking the medication.
Please help, stuck and alone in WInnipeg.

11:21 am September 9th, 2013

Hi Michael. From what I understand, doctors receive commission on the sales of OxyContin…so don’t wonder why your doctor is upset with you. Someone please correct me if I’m wrong!

I’d suggest that you consult with another doctor about the fatigue and withdrawal symptoms. You’ll need a full in-office exam to identify possible causes.

2:23 pm September 11th, 2013

I’m stopping OxyContin at the moment and have restless leg syndrome. One of the side effects for me of taking the tablets is that they ease the restless leg and the last time I stopped taking them my legs got much worse and the withdrawal symptoms lasted for over a month.

Is there something I can do to ease the withdrawal symptoms and keep the restless legs under control?


11:19 am September 13th, 2013

Hi Pauline. I’d suggest that you seek help from a neurologist for the RLS.

10:11 pm September 20th, 2013

I would like to know if I can stop taking percocet 5/325. For 60 days I took one per day. The doctor increased my prescription to two per day by the 3rd month. I have a double s curve scoliosis over 50 degrees in both locations. Since the dosage increase I am more moody, unstable, agitated, anxious, etc. Since the dosage is so low can I just stop taking them safely? I have naproxen 500 mg tablets as well. I would prefer not to take narcotics. Please advise. I have read the blog and from what I can see with such a low dosage I should not experience to much difficulty…

Elaine Davis
12:41 am September 25th, 2013

I take oxycodone 3/325 and would like to quite. i only take them as needed for pain.

12:06 am September 26th, 2013

Does anyone have the same thing, whether it be a song, line from a movie, etc.. repeat over and over in their head when going through withdrawl? I’m a herion user and in not sure if everyone’s withdrawl symptoms are different but this one way I know I’m getting “sick” just wanted to know if anyone else had this happen. If so please let me know.

7:13 pm September 27th, 2013

I have been on pain meds for better than 30yrs for multiple physical conditions. About 10yrs ago we found that percocet 7.5/325 worked best for me. My dr has tried over the yrs to increase the dosage but i have stuck with what i had because i was always afraid of the tolerance i know i have built and i didnt want to walk around “stupid”, i just wanted to be able function in as little pain as pissible.So i have been taking the 7.5/325’s 3-5x a day (depending on how bad the day is) for at least 10yrs. Well my dr is an idiot and was recently shut down…i now have no dr…no insurance and i just took my last pain pill and i am scared to death. Does anyone have any advise…

zohan duken
10:52 am October 25th, 2013

I hav ed had start it with haydrcoden 5 now I take 6to 7 pills aday yesterday I tried tow y ed srerxay if I can gdt. Then leave cuse am about to take my pills cuse I Tesla have to

Susan Humphret
2:36 pm October 28th, 2013

My grandson had a operation on his shoulder on oct. 23 rd and is still on oxicodone ,he is 15 years old , 6’2 and weighs about 200 pounds…the dosage is 30 milligrams…which seems high…he wants to get of this, could you recommend something less addictive for the pain…as there is a lot of drug addiction in his family…

10:45 pm October 30th, 2013

My DR. Put me on the Fentenayl patch low 25mcg I requested to keep that low, and 20ml oxycodone which has always been a good pain control formula, now she has decreased the dose and my pain is not control as my tolerance is high, but I have never had to go higher with the original prescribed amount. So I am sure she is just concerned but I have to go home and live with this. Is there another pain medication I can switch to so that I can no be on the oxycodone for awhile. It seems when I bring stuff up she becomes aggetated and thinks I causeing conflict with her decisions. Which I am not, I don’t think alot of their patients to be proactive in their own health. Please let me know of a stronger med I can jump tp so she is not concerned about this high addiction. People with pain have a catch 22 everyday of their lives, not by choice. Thanks.

Donna Douglas
9:42 am November 1st, 2013

I feel for you. My pain management Dr. suddenly retired a little over a year ago. My primary will only give me 5 mg Norco 4x a day. She knows I was taking Oxycodone 40 mg tabs w/o tylenol 5x a day so needless to say I have a hard time even attempting to get out of the bed. I have Fibromyalgia, Chronic neck and back pain and severe muscle contractions and nerve damage from spinal and Thorasic surgeries (within 5 days of each other) due to a virus that settled in my spine and ate through part of it. Since my good Dr. is gone I can no longer do ANYTHING. I had started doing a limited form of my Yoga, walked some, got out and lost 70 lbs. Now I can’t do anything without hurting even more and regained the 70 lbs PLUS 20 more-in less than a year. I wish I could tell you what to do to help you.

5:36 pm November 2nd, 2013

Gossh Donna, I would be in big trouble because no other pain clinic will take me, can you get into another? I have one Bloch on my record and they are so quick to dismiss, I am greatful. Especially hearing your story. If you live anywhere in N.C. they have several and very regulated which is fine people in pain, just want relief. I will pray for you and I pray your pain diminish. My God I wouldn’t even be here replying if I had pain. I hate to give you this advise, but while I was waiting to get in this clinic As a last resault I went to a methadone clinic and told them I was useing opiates. They gave me a urine test and I was put on methadone. I’m telling you I had ZERO Pain Zero. But if they don’t take insurance its expensive, if you do there is a waiting list. But it worked. I had to I was never suicidle until no one would contine my meds. I am riddled with arthritis and I have two bulging disc in my neck and two down in my lower back. I just can’t except sometimes I’m just going to be limited.
How on Earth are you getting through this? If you say God then I understand. Please reply I just wantto help you now think of some things.

5:48 pm November 2nd, 2013

Hi my last question was not answered, but I did reply to someone else’s question.
Ok I would like an answer please, if you know. I’m on A 25mcg Fentanyl patch of course for chonic pain, I also was on 20ml Oxycodon which helped my lower back because the patch for some reason is only helping the disc in my neck and spine. I don’t understand. So I pretty much have to take my breakthrough at least for times a day and the miligram my Dr. Dropped me too is not working as well. I have had to take extra just to get out of bed. I’m tapering cuz I’m short and have to.
So my question is seeing I have a Fent patch on shouldn’t that help with withdraws some. I’m still getting opiates released. But if I take less Oxycodon I become full into withdrawl. Why are the Fent patches not helping any? Please answer. Thanks

11:04 am November 4th, 2013

Hello Lynn. It’s possible that you’ve developed a high tolerance to the combined opioids. This is why you may not be experiencing the pain relief any longer. Work with your prescribing doctor to adjust the doses and possibly lower your tolerance so that the pain medications can take therapeutic effect again.

1:25 pm November 4th, 2013

Thank you, I have been thru years of this and was doing great on another patch, the Butrans patch. I am going ask her to go down to 10ml oxy 4 x day. Then next time. 5ml. For a month and that will be my taper. There is such a thing as rebound pain if you use these narcotics to long, I have experienced it. I had to get off of everything from MS cotin to Oxycodon to hydromophine. I got of everything and of course my pain was Raw, then I started useing patches. But last 3 months been on oxy for breakthrough pain. Its not worth it the pills. The patches have their risk, but who wants to double their trouble….I like the Fent only 25mcg and it works fine, but not for my lost back. But Rebound is not talked about so the pharmacuticals companies can keep pumping us full of their drugs. Don’t get me wrong I’m greatful for the pain control I’m getting, else I’d lose my mind or wanna be dead. But we can limit our useage in chonic pain less is more.
God Bless.

3:31 am November 7th, 2013

As a nurse with a suspended license thanks to the wonders of oxy and norco, this is nothing easy to get off of. I lost my lively hood because of uncontrolled pain. The only time I am somewhat pain free is when I have a slight buzz from these meds. I have tried many times to kick the habit, but then I was not able to move I ached so bad. I normally went cold turkey because I ran out of my pills from taking more then given in a month. I went through the sleepless nights, the many trips to the bathroom, the foggy feeling, the restless legs. Always to restart in 2 weeks or so. I never tried medical intervention because most of the meds given to get off the meds are also addicting. I tired cutting back this did not work as my pain increased so did my pills. Many if you have good ideas. Lynn stated trying Fentanyl and oxy for break through, if you can do this and NEED a narcotic this is a great option. These patches come in many doses and can keep you pain under better control. There are many non narcotic medications out there now for many different pain issues such as lupus, nerve pain it is just getting off the nasty oxy. I just needed to say good luck and check with your doctor about your pain and the causes as there are options and none of us are alone.

5:26 pm November 7th, 2013

Well here is my update! I have been clean since June 21st and it is now Nov 7th!! I have been on Suboxone, but I no longer need it! I am so proud. I do have trouble sleeping but that is a minor setback for a major comeback!!!! I am done, but I want people to know that if you have any questions I am willing to help in any way poss. I went cold turkey and was terrified, but it did it, and you can too. Break free from that bound up chained life and you will feel so free!!

5:44 pm November 13th, 2013

Just a great big congrates, I unfortunately have to be on the patch for pain, but really nothing else. Very proud of you, keep a support system and allow God to guide you in you new liberated life!!!!

7:34 am December 5th, 2013

So I’m just wondering what and if I can do to help myself not take oxy! Unfortunately I have to take them to cope with my pain everyday, I was in a severe car accident 4 yrs ago that caused me to be crushed (literally) from my waist up so I have severe spinal cord damage (which causes a lot of nerve issues as u may know) and metal rods down my spine with 18 screws but my problem is bay blessing from god I am finally pregnant 12 weeks and I hate that I’m taking oxy but I have tried to cut myself down but my pain is to unbelievable plus if my body doesn’t feel it has meds in it my legs,arms everywhere really start to twitch and has the most uncomfortable feeling in them so what can I do to help myself with this situation?
Thanks I hope you understand what I’m getting at and are more understanding then my new so called doctor

12:02 am December 12th, 2013

Hi, ive been on 30mg oxycodone8x a day for the past 4 months. Originally it was the time released contin, and ran out early, told my doc it was giving m stomach distress which it was but not that severe.Again, now ive been past my 240mg a day max to topping 300 and now a6 days short til next visit. I know i have to decrease fast so i can make it and get a grip for the future. The next visit, my doc was planning on starting my decrease, but I NEED to make sure i make it to the visit not short….How should i approach this? I 100 pills left. Is this gonna be severe withdrawals? Please ,feedback needed.

4:20 am December 12th, 2013

Been on oxy for 10 years. Tried to quit but ended up in hospital 5 times. Now taking 10 mg about 10 pills a day. My worst withdrawal is extreme cramping and diarhea. I really need help please can someone tell me what to do. My stomach really kills me when I stop. What is the solution. I hope someone can provide help please.

2:42 pm December 12th, 2013

To be clear, Id have to drop from 10 or so 30mg Oxycodone to 5 to make to next refill…..Terrified of this, and wish i would of controlled myself. This is so horrible. I guess I have no choice. but would apprceciate any advice on what to expect and to lessen the withdrawals please.

2:55 pm December 12th, 2013

I feel keeping myself busy does help a bit, but have severe pains in neck and back from work accident. I get very depressed over this. Feel like its a war and im losing. I feel for all of you on here ! Its no joke my friends. But we have to really think long term and i must practice what i preach as well ! Gonna have to cut my 240mg to 300mg dose that i abused to 300 , to 150mg to get through next script. Very depressed, and new better , but was being irresponsible and hope l can do this now. Its a big drop ! Already feeling a tad sick. Hope it does not get worse. Guess theres not much advice other then to be grateful i still have them and can try to get through this month. God help me.

10:17 pm December 12th, 2013

Trying to stop taking painpills cold turkey how lkng do the stomach pain last

12:00 am December 19th, 2013

I have a 4 level anterior, cervical fusion, and my back had a back surgery back in 1998, that was deemed “failed”. I was left with sciatica, and I could not sit, stand or walk for any length of time.
I use to be on kadian, oxycontin, flexoril, lyrica, neurontin, and norflex.
The fusion is the worst (drunk driver) of my problems, but I also knew that being constipated, only all the time, was making me feel lethargic and ugly.
I asked my doctor to switch me to oxycodone. I went off all the other stuff, except I take 10mg of flexoril at bedtime.
I am having a very hard time going from 30mg of oxycodone to 20 mgs. Tossing and turning, sweating, negativity from a normally upful woman. How long is this going to last?
I would appreciate any kind of help on this one. I told my husband and 19 year old son, so they would hopefully, understand my moodiness.
I am not sure I will ever be drug free with 8 titanium screws and a plate so high up in the cervical spine, but 10mgs TID, is my goal.

2:08 pm December 22nd, 2013

Ok, i was switched from instant to time released and it was a mild adjustment but will be planning now to extend time intervals slowly extending the intake. Id recommend that for anyone who is on pain meds for starters. Or, taking the instant the same method by extending the time intake. Look, most of us know that when those pills are sitting around, we make excuses and push it off, but do it asap ! I played that hand plenty and always wind up in panic,depressed,scared mode. Also,clonidine,a muscle relaxer, or better a low milligram valium,zanax, will help with anxiety. Some may disagree since those can become addictive, CONTROL YOURSELVES ! I want my life back bad enough,and some advice…always plan ahead if suboxone,subutex,or methadone is your alternative ! Suboxone is the one id be concerned about cause everyones body is different. Some need only to wait 24 to 35 hours in withdrawal and will experience mild withdrawals while others will take up to 3 to 4 days. Do not take any without a doctor on call !!! Overall subutex is the best method if weaning off just isnt in the cards,but is hard to find a doctor that will give it. If my insurance didnt take so dam long to approve fusion back surgery with other issues, I would not be in this turmoil,but it is what it is, and we all gotta be strong ! Good luck to all ! Also, nutrients,and plenty of water,fresh air helps more then you think !

2:18 pm December 22nd, 2013

Oh, one other thing that can really help and i do mean really…Gabapentin. Ask your doctor for it,and look it up. Ive heard its a miracle savior and may even give it a try if i do not get better !

5:51 pm January 12th, 2014

FYI This article is FALSE. Let me explain should not lower dosages by 25-50% a day. Bad advice. I have tapered off opiates completely and this is how the medical community suggest..Every 72 hours you drop dosage by no more then 15%. The reason you always lower dosage after 3 days is because this gives your body time to level off so too speak. It is too harsh of a drop to cut dosages every day and your body never has time to adjust properly making withdrawals very difficult.. 72 hrs insures the metobolites /concentration has left the body. I wish you would do some homework before posting this stuff. Doug

2:06 pm January 13th, 2014

Please continue reading…”some experts recommend more conservative tapering and a decrease by 10% of the original dose per week is usually well tolerated with minimal physiological adverse effects. If you develop signs or symptoms of withdrawal, the dose should be raised to the previous level and lowered more slowly, either by increasing the interval between decreases, decreasing the amount of change in dose, or both.”

Ben Johnson
12:55 am January 15th, 2014

Take one oxy a day along with 60 mg of loperamide. Loperamide is an over the counter opioid. Do this daily until you run out of oxy. You will soon be on loperamide only and drift slowly off of that for the next month.some withdrawals last between 3 days to 2 years. PAWS ( post acute withdrawal syndrome ) can last years. Good luck!

3:28 am January 18th, 2014

Will I be physically ok if I cut my OxyContin down from 40mg daily to 20mg per day for the next 14 days. I would like to try to get off of this drug completely. I had shingles a long time ago and suffer with neuropathy so I have been taking this pIn med a very long time. Again, will I be ok mentally and physically? Please help

4:51 pm January 20th, 2014

I started taking OxyContin 5.350 mg seven months ago after a hip surgery. I am down to one pill a night for the last month. I would like to stop them now but don’t know the best way. Even with the one pill a day I experience symptoms of withdrawal. Should I break them in half now each night for a while or just stop it all together. Please help, I’m very nervous about this.

2:25 am January 22nd, 2014

Marge, u will be ok! I thought the WDS were going to kill me, but I made it thru….if u want it bad enough u can do it. I know for a fact if you taper down over a two week period, the awful WDS u are expecting do not seem as bad. My friend tapered down but she took 12 30mg Roxie’s a day, but she tapered down over two wks and then stopped completely. She had WDS but not as bad as she was prepared for. I used to take 10-12 Roxie’s a day and I stopped June 21st, 2013 and I have not looked back. The WDS were HORRID but as soon as I got a Suboxone I was ok…but it was 39 hours of WDS…..then u can’t take the subs too soon or u may go into precipitated WDS which are even worse… Just remember this too shall pass and u can do anything u set ur mind to…’s soooooooo worth it now I don’t have all those worries about running out, taking time off work to go to pain dr, trying to fill them at 5000 diff pharmacies etc… was a bloody nightmare!!!!!! There is no time like NOW so don’t wait any longer!!!!

5:58 am January 25th, 2014

Hi there,
What is the best way to ween of of 120 mg a day of oxycontin to nothing without with axiety and bad withdrawl symptoms? I cannot afford detox nor taking time off of work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Started taking this for disk problems a year ago had no idea what a pain the butt it is to go off. Tried could not do it. Was the worst two days of my life! I’m a pretty normal person but this stuff has made me a person I don’t want to be! Help.

9:09 pm January 30th, 2014

HELP!!! I don’t know who else to “talk” to about this. I need to know if i’m on the right trail. I’ve been on oxcodone for 8yrs and ended up at 120mg of IR oxy per day total. I grew dependent on it and over the years had 2 boys. I’m a professional and have maintained a very functioning household on this stuff.

When my PM doc decided to change my opioid around, I was given MS 15mg tabs. I thought this was my chance to start my decend off oxycodone and opiates altogether. According to the Opioid conversion chart, I should be taking 180mg of morphine daily to match my oxycodone. I’m not only doing NO oxy but only doing about 80mg of MSIR daily.

Is this a good step? I have had w/d symptoms but I am hoping those will decrease and haven’t been all that bad. I also know this is, in part, due to my morphine intake. Symptoms include: restlessness, irritability at certain times during the day, a “heavy” feeling. No flu symptoms or anything like that.

My plan is to stay on a very limited amount of morphine and then wean down off that. I’ve heard oxy withdrawal is worse than morphine withdrawal so I’m hopeful that this was a good first step. Thoughts?

Gerry "TEC" Cummings
11:25 am January 31st, 2014

Leslee, here’s my 2¢ worth. I’ve got near 22 years on you. I first got on the Oxycodone merry-go-round in the winter of 1985. You know, when I first got the script for percodan, no oxycontin at that time, just percs, but anyway, when I first took these things, I thought I found God. They made me feel SOOOOO good. No pain, just a feeling of mass euphoria, and uber-energy. Being intimate was MAYBE the thing that passed those. Being a depressed person, actually Dougie Downer his own self, I thought I was born again happy. Everything was great until I started to get tolerant to that dosage. Then came the abuse. The beginning of the end. From what you have said again proves the ignorance of these highly respected physicians. What a friggin’ joke. These doctors are not what folks assume. They’re just people like me & you, contrary to what THEY think. They make a lot of mistakes…I found that out the hard way, and ended up paying for both my, and the doctor’s, mistakes. You were on 120mg of oxycodone, only to be brought DOWN to 80mg of a narcotic analgesic that is, IN MY VIEW, near only half as strong as oxycodone. What is your “good doctor” thinking He/she needs a slap. You M’am, will be feeling withdrawal symptoms I guarantee you will. What the flock, I’d kick your doctor in the seeds for doing that, the friggin’ sadist fool. Tell Dr. Dolittle to go back to med school and get their head out of their arsehole.

3:47 pm January 31st, 2014

The pain clinic that use to give me injections and radio frequency, said I should ask my primary care doctor, for,clonidine, to help take the edge off. I called this in to his receptionist, along with my monthly dose of oxycodone 20mg BID. (I am down from 30mgs, and I am OFF oxycontine completely) I went to pick up the script, since oxycodone cannot be called in, and he did not let me have the clonidine…maybe for the reasons, stated above…it is additive too.
I HATE oxycontin, and I just do not understand why people love it so much. I know it is a time released version of what I am taking, but for some odd reason, it weirds me out.
I feel better using my vaporizer, if I feel shakey, rather than another pill.
Good luck to everyone trying to get off or reduce their pain meds.

1:25 am February 4th, 2014

U guys can do it!! I NEVER thought I would be clean after years of abuse….I’m 30 now and have been clean since June 21 2013, it’s the BEST thing I’ve ever done…but I’m not sure I know what feeling “normal” feels like as I lack energy…..the blues had me like an energizer bunny…but I was very very scared of the WDS as well…’s all worth it my friends….being an addict is a sickness u must get well from….it’s not easy but you can overcome it<3

Gerry "TEC" Cummings
4:14 pm February 4th, 2014

Quitting oxycodone can be almost as big a hell as being wired to them. First, you MUST be serious as possible. If not, it’ll play with your head and screw you up even more. The drug absolutely takes right over your life. When I first started, nobody could tell me this fact. I learnt the hard way, like some. Some learn the even harder way…R.I.P. to them. I could not be more serious. Quitting cold turkey is not suggested…it won’t work. Try it and see for your own selves. I’d suggest asking your doctor to ween you off. Tell Bones that you’re very serious and if you live in a small town, that’ll put you on the danger list to other doctors in case you decide you don’t wanna quit. THAT WILL HAPPEN. You may as well quit, because after a while, you’ll be getting tolerant to the dose that works SO WELL for you. Once the tolerance nightmare begins, it won’t stop. That tolerance just seems to increase rapidly once it starts. The amount you take for the desired effect will increase and increase and increase in a very short amount of time. If you doubt what I say, and you probably will, then find out for yourselves. Either get someone like your doctor or pharmacist to ween you off slowly, or do it cold turkey and MAYBE (but I seriously doubt it) that’ll wizen you up. Bottom line being, you cannot do this without help from people who care. 25 years ago, I myself would think whoever wrote this was evil and out to bust my bubble. Man would I be so wrong. Best of luck, you’re gonna need some.

Gerry "TEC" Cummings
4:23 pm February 4th, 2014

LYNN: I WAS prescribed 100 microgram Fentanyl every 72hrs. 3-20mg OxyNeo/day for chronic pain. The oxys were useless after starting Fentanyl. I just sold the oxys after a while. If I were you, and I doubt I’ll ever be, I’d ask my doctor to up the 25 Fent. patch to a 50 Fent. patch, or even if he/she’ll prescribe you a 25 & 12.5. Increase the patch dose and can the oxys. I’m positive that’ll get you in better shape. Just forget the oxys now that you’ve been on Fentanyl. They won’t work now that your on high test…TRUST ME PLEASE. Take care Lynn.

1:59 pm February 5th, 2014

I unchecked the box so I do not get emails anymore.
It is like I am not even here……carry on with your private convo’s.

12:17 am February 8th, 2014

Im trying to quit useing percocets iv been taking 25- 30 mg a day for 2 years. i dont have insurance or a doctor iv been getting them from the street. i want to quit am i going to have bad WD i have to quit cold turkey im not strong enough to ween off. what can i do to ease the WD and how long will it last. THANKS IM READY TO GO BACK TO THE SOBER LIFE

4:21 pm February 8th, 2014

I have been using oxycodone for more then 3-4 yrs. I never took more the prescribe and in fact took less then prescribed. 1St. long term and short term were prescribed- Long term 10 mg am and pm and short term 5mg 1-2 for break through pain q6 hours. The long term never relieved my pain so I used 1\4 of the scrip and the short term I used about 1/2 the script.1 yr. ago the pain management doctor discontinued the long term. And I continued on the short term same dose 1-2 5mg tabs q6 hours. I am using pain meds for severe neropathic, fibromiagic pain. due to a disc , spinal bone movement and and long term side effects of a drug prescribed for RA. I am in severe pain all the time. Have also been using zanax .25mg q6hrs for anxiety. At this point the drugs are making me feel awful and I want to stop so I cut back but am suffer with inc anxiety, pain jitters palpitations upper abdominal pain, generally feel terrible. over the past 3 weeks I have been cutting back on the medication now am taking 2 oxycodone 5mg in 24 hours and 2 zanax in 24 hours. I am not improving how long for side effects to stop. What can I do different?

4:31 pm February 11th, 2014

The severity and length of the deadly withdrawals of a narcotic like oxycodone depends on two things. How long you’ve been wired to it & the amount you’re wired to. My experience makes it at least 6 months of hell. “They” say you’ll feel okay in 10 days. I say BS, in 10 days you’ll feel worse than day 1. Fact is, the people who write this stuff were never hooked on anything. Just book smart. I lived it, so I know. Trust me.

11:01 pm February 11th, 2014

I have been taking oxycodone, usually 2 30mg’s a day on and off for about 9 months. I have gone as long as 2-3 days during that time without any. I am trying to stop, had my last 15mg last Sunday at 11am. and Took a 5mg Hydrocodone this morning because I had been feeling so off yesterday. I know this isn’t as much as most people, but I am definitely not feeling myself, and all I do is think about the withdrawal part, I want to be done, but and scared about the uncertain future and how long it will take to feel normal again. Help please?

3:40 am February 19th, 2014

I have been taking 10 mg Percocet 4 times a day for 7 yrs. In the past I have been able to cut back to 20 mg a day with mild withdrawal. Now I’m back to 40 mg a day and am having difficulty sleeping through night withdrawal symptoms waking me up. I take 10 mg to get back to sleep. It is very difficult to get up out of bed so I break pill in half and shower eat and put off taking other half 3 to 4 hrs later then 10 mg as late in day as possible. Also take .5 z anax at bed time. Would rather deal with back pain than than continue this withdrawal rat race. Please help. 7 yrs!!

6:29 pm February 25th, 2014

Me and my husband have been together 5 years and got married last year. we used to do oxys all the time waste all of our money on the stuff then i got pregnant stopped cold turkey didnt have a problem but he went through withdrawls. now weve been clean for two to three years until just recently i found out my husband started again. at first it was something fun i guess for him but now hes addicted. been for about two months and he said hes bought up to 13 pills a day most likely 30 mg. and has been abusing them terribly by snorting and smoking them. i need help. We dont have insurance for him and this isnt him. i feel like a monster has taken over my best friend. this is not the man i married. and now hes going through severe withdrawls and its ruining our family life. i do not have money to slowly ween him off. as of now im having to buy subutex off the street but i know that and suboxone is addictive too. i need some idea of something non addicting ways to help… Please any advice would be really appreciated.

8:24 pm February 28th, 2014

I have been prescribed 20MG OxyContin every 12 hours for the last 8 years. My family physician quit his private practice in favor of working at the V.A. hospital (he is in the reserves) with absolutely no warning to his patients. I haven’t been able to find a new doctor who has no qualms about prescribing Oxy. Having no desire to find myself stopping cold turkey due to running out of pills, I am attempting to wean myself off it. Two weeks ago, I stopped cold turkey and withdrawal cramps were so bad that I gave in and took a tab. I went back to 20MG every 24 hours. I’m trying it again, but more slowly this time. I have had myself down to one 20MG Oxy every 30 hours for the last seven days. I tried to stretch that to 36 hours last night but my abdomen began cramping at 35 hours so I took one 20MG tab and am going to try for 36 hours again today/tomorrow. I have been researching weaning myself from Oxy on the Internet. Many people, sharing their experiences, have said they cut their dose by cutting the pill and taking half of one for a while, then taking just a quarter of one…..thus lowering the dosage while increasing the length of time. My main question is: Since what I have are time release tabs, if I cut the pill (say 50%), I get the full 50% in one shot rather than time-released. Is that safe to do?

10:10 pm March 9th, 2014

Never mind. I weaned myself from 40mg oxycontin per day, that I was prescribed for 8 years, on my own. It took 169 hours. I still have discomfort in my abdomen but as bad as I was cramping, that was expected.

4:54 pm March 10th, 2014

Hi there, I have been taking 160 mg daily for about a year now have some ruptured disks in my back and have trouble sitting and walking standing for long periods of time.
Now I realize this is not safe and has effected my life ,mood,personality.
I and weening slow 10 mg a week until gone. If I do it this way will I suffer any withdrawal symptoms?
I am also going to NA meeting to get support because I feel alone.
This had been a horrible situation to be in, all kinds of weird side effects like later periods, depression bad. paranoid thoughts, shakes and jerks, falling into a dream state while sitting and writing an email or texting,wanting to eat only sugar food.
Will all this go away when I’m completely off!
Will this weening work the way I’m doing it?
Are there suppliments recommended to help ease some of the discomfort I’m going to have towards the end of the ween off
Any advice or stories to help me would be greatly appreciated.

Mike d
11:37 am March 19th, 2014

I’m going in for major spine surgery next week. I’m taking 7 30 mg.’s per day for extreme pain and tolerance. Need help on step down level. Want to ween off it but need a schedule …… Thank u

Monica G.
4:38 pm March 24th, 2014

Hello everyone. I’m so glad I found this site-I need some help please. I had back surgery for ruptured discs in 2007. The surgery relieved most of my lower back pain but I ended up with severe nerve damage. I started going to a pain mgt doctor and have been on pain meds. And on full disability. I’ve had all sorts of injections, PT, a spinal cord stimulator (didn’t help my pain ), and then a morphine pump implant (almost killed me-had it emptied permanently against my PM docs advice-then changed docs). Which brings me to this-I’m over medicated, and seriously dependent on pain meds-and I HATE living like this! I work part time and go to school full time and I have a family to care for. I’ve been taking 2 Norco 10/325s four times a day plus 2 Oxycodone 30 mg four times a day, and one Neurontin 600 mgs three times a day….and I STILL have breakthrough pain. My tolerance level to these meds is ridiculously high-and so am I at times. I want to get off the oxy’s completely and be able to just take the Norco like I used to without being in pain still. I also don’t have insurance and I’ve paid the pharmacy $300 for 240 Oxy’s! I can’t afford them and I want off them. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this with my doctors help? I would really appreciate it. I’m terrified of going through withdrawal , I already feel symptoms when I don’t take my meds on time. In fact, they aren’t lasting as long as they should .

8:50 pm March 29th, 2014

Ben Johnson suggested to take loperamide to come off Oxy ….it’s for diarrhea !!!! How does this help???I have taken it for years at the prescribed dose but I think they are doing me more harm than good. I take 50 mg of OXYNEO( controlled release), morn and nite and 30 mg of immediate release 4/day. About 10 days ago I just decided to cut back by 10mg on most of my doses over this period and felt less pain!! But now all of a sudden I feel like a train hit me….I have Fibromyalgia. Can this have a delayed affect? I mean cuz of the way I did it ?

6:29 pm April 21st, 2014

I have Chiari Malformation. It is a painful neurological condition due to the cerebellum part of the brain being too low and pushing into the spinal chord. I have been on Oxycontin and Oxycodone for 14 years, which is when I was diagnosed. I was eventually increased to 2- 30mg tablets of oxycodone 4-5 times per day as needed. All of a sudden, because of outside pressure, my doctor said he has to cut me back. This is fine, I readily accepted trying to decrease my intake. Well, he cut my script from 2- 30mg tablets 4-5 times per day to 1-15mg tablet 4 times per day. I think this is too much of a cut all at once and in my opinion is irresponsible on his part.. Ive only been on the new dosage for 2 days now and already my pain has increased tremendously. Shouldn’t I have been cut back at a much slower rate?

6:41 am May 6th, 2014

I had chronic pain in my right arm 2 1/2 months ago. The dr put me on oxycodone 10 (1 every 6 hours). That was for like a month and a half. They found out I had a disc pressing my spinal cord. I had surgery 7 days ago. They started and have kept me on a 2 10mg every 4 to 6 hours. I do have some pain if I stop along with wds(shaking,aggravation). I have dropped my dose to 2 10mg in 24 hours. I don’t wake up to take them at night. I tried quoting all together but the me shaking and feeling aggravated came. I don’t want to have to take any but it calms me down when I do take 1 every 6 hours I am awake. But I still don’t feel right. Does anyone suggest what else I can do. I thought about calling my dr and telling him that they make me mean and ask him if he wii perscribe something else. Will that help me. Thanks for any imput. This is straining my relationship to the point she is about done. Please help me if u can. I know I haven’t been taking as much as some of u but I do think I need help.

5:56 pm May 7th, 2014

I’ve quit cold turkey off of 120mg roxicodone per day, a least 5 times in the past. All street bought, so a mix of V, A, M, K9, etc brands. I’m young 20yrs old so I might have an advantage to some of you, but it’s not fucking cancer you guys. The withdrawals are absolutely no fun, but 5 days of nothing and you’ll feel great again. Maybe even snort one in the middle of your 5 days to enjoy a few hours of euphoria, but then back to business.

10:13 pm May 23rd, 2014

About 6 weeks ago I was put onto Oxycontin 20mg twice a day and Endone 5mg twice a day due to a spinal injury.
I have since had successful spinal surgery and have tried to come off Oxycontin I have weaned them down to 1. 20mg pill a day but I sweat a lot and get back ache (not the area I had surgery) now I have been advised to stop taking the Oxycontin and take 2. 5mg Endone for a week then cut that down to 1 endone till I can come off both.
My main issue is that since coming off the Oxycontin I have uncontrollable diarrhoea soiling myself and having to shower at least 3 times of a morning by lunch time it has stopped.
Is there any way I can avoid this I am now scared to go out in public…Any help would be appreciated

3:28 pm June 9th, 2014

My husband passed 5/20/13 and I was suppose to have surgery for stomach pain due to an earlier surgery. I kept postponing my surgery as my husband needed me more. I started to take his Percocet for my pain as he was prescribed 5 mg and 20 mg. I started doing them periodically right before he passed. I started out doing one a day of the 5mg maybe two of them and it was only once in a while not daily. In Oct 2013 my company closed and I got laid off, so I was able to do more of the Percocet so I was up to 15-20 mg a day 3-4 times per week. I have been taking 60 mg a day for about 4 mos now and want to get off totally. I have to have my surgery and I don’t want to be one anything before I do it. They want to schedule the surgery July 22nd so that gives me 5 weeks. How do you suggest I do it. I have pain from the problem with my stomach so I know I will always be in pain while detoxing.

james dunn
8:11 pm June 18th, 2014

new gp taken me off 40mg twice a day also taken off 350mg pregabalin twice a day also fluoxatin 40mg per day taken. i have explained these drugs should be if nec done slowly she will not listen. i am having severe problems. i have a histury of suicidal problems and am feeling very depressed at the moment, have explained this only to be dismissed with a wave of the hand. pls help do not know what to do . please advise at my wits end. HELP.

1:26 pm June 19th, 2014

Hello James. Seek help with a psychiatrist or MD specializing in addictionology. You may need extra help during withdrawal in the form of prescription antidepressants. It’s normal to feel depressed during opioid withdrawal…but it’s also treatable!

10:13 pm June 21st, 2014

I have been taking 80 mg Oxycontin a day as prescribed 40 2 x’s a day in a 24 hr period for 10 years. I finally stopped taking the 3 Norco prescribed for breakthrough pain about two months ago. I have experienced severe loss of weight, muscle and thought process. I have withdrawn from people and can barely work. My primary tried me on a few depression meds – but I just can’t take them they’re too weird and make me sicker. I went to the surgeon yesterday in hopes that an operation would help the pain and somehow make it easier to get off the Oxycontin. He said that surgery is no loner a viable option. I’m not sure what to do now, the pills don’t kill the pain and I really would like to get off of them. I would really appreciate your feedback! Thank you

Marsha Christoferson
5:20 pm June 22nd, 2014

Dr decreasing dosage by intervals. Was on schedule 6:00-2:00-10:00 and pain was controlled. Changed to 8:00 -2:00-10:00. A.m.pain severe enough to cause nausia. Surgery was June 4th. In skilled nursing facility. Afraid of addiction but don’t feel like I handle two hr increase. Possibly one hour is doable. Besides the surgery I’m in a Rheumtoid arthritis flare so pain is always higher in the morning. On other meds for the arthritisat this time. I took tramadol before surgery.

10:49 am June 27th, 2014

Hi, i have two have an oxycodone-related questions that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere, and I’d really appreciate help from you kind, brave people. I broke a number of bones in a bad car accident almost six years ago, and have been taking 15mg of oxycodone three times a day and wearing a 75mcg Fentanyl transdermal patch ever since. First question: in January, I discontinued Depakote, which I’d been taking for 30 years for an inner ear disease. Since then I’ve had constant nausea, stomach pain, constipation and insomnia, which I thought was Depakote withdrawal, but my neurologist feels that I’m experiencing side effects of oxycodone which were masked by the Depakote. Does this make sense to anyone? I did have these symptoms when I began taking oxy, but they went away once my body became accustomed to it. I can’t imagine they’d reappear after discontinuing an unrelated med. Second question: I’ve been told that I can go off the oxy without withdrawal symptoms as long as I continue wearing the Fentanyl patch? Can any of you confirm that? I do want to stop taking the oxy anyway because I don’t think it’s helping my back pa! in anymore, but I’m scared of withdrawal symptoms. I’d be extremely grateful for any input. I’m sick and sad all the time and feel at my wit’s end. I just found this blog and am praying for all of you, and if I find any question I can help answer, I absolutely will. Thank you and God bless you all.

10:14 am June 28th, 2014

I was diagnosed with Bertolotti’s syndrome 2 years ago at 31. I have been going to pain management and dbam on 200mg a day due to life shattering pain. I couldn’t pick my 3 year old up,couldn’t go to the pla0yground,etc. With this dosage, i am able to do these things. I can play with my daughter, clean the house. I dont feel high, just feel complete mobility. The doctor is now trying to switch me to Palexia(Tapentadol). I tried that for a aday and it lasted about 5 hours and then I had chills, aches and severe anxiety. I also sat down and fell asleep for I don’t know how long. I was woken up by my daughter making a pillow mound on me. I stopped and went back to my normal dose of oxycodone. I am in Germany now with the military, and we’re going back to the US in a month. I have avery sick dog who I’m OCD about because he’s my baby before we could have one, my marriage is in trouble and on top of that, we’re getting ready for a transatlantic move. I don’t want to go on through the withdrawal process until im back stateside where I’ll have my family to help me and help to care for my 3 year old. I will try on my own to decrease my dosage, but I feel as if stopping and swiching me to something else this close to leaving is going to have me a mess. Should I explain this to my doctors? Please help. Im scared and don’t know what to do. Jackie

1:25 am June 29th, 2014

Bottom line, if you want to stop taking oxycodone you will have a period of withdrawal. There is no way around this. In my experience, withdrawal lasts 10 days, and I’ve withdrawn many times, having been on (for many months at a time) and off (for days, weeks, months, and years) of them for many years. Days 1 and 2 are usually not too bad because the drug is still in your system, although you may experience some mild physical symptoms, and psychologically you may be anticipating the worst to come and be craving to continue your habit. Days 3 and 4 are the worst and seem to last an eternity. These days are dark, joyless, with bouts of depression, weakness, intense craving for opiates, flu-like symptoms, and a general feeling of being discombobulated and extremely uncomfortable. Sweating, chills, hot flashes, and severe diarrhea are all common. Psychologically it is like a bad trip. If you make it past day 4 you have made it over the hump. Days 5 and 6 are a little better, but still comfortless and dark, with nausea and diarrhea. Days 7 and 8 are a little better than 5 and 6, and you may feel tired, uncomfortable, and experience mild cravings for the drug. Days 9 and 10 you may feel a little fatigued, and not quite 100%, but for the most part you’re good. I’ve experienced making it all the way to days 9 and 10 and then having excruciating neck pain at that point (the reason I was on them in the first place, due to a car accident). I don’t know if it is my body playing a last minute trick to go back to the drug, or just coincidence. If you can make it through those 10 days you are back to normal. Keep in mind that I am talking about daily doses that amounted anywhere from 20mg to 40mg of oxycodone a day for weeks or months at a time. If you are taking less than that you may only have a few days of mild discomfort. If you are taking more than that then expect the withdrawal symptoms to be more intense and painful.

In my experience, weaning off of them is the best strategy. I will take 4 10mg pills for three days, then 3.5 10mg pills for 3 days, then 3 10mg pills for 3 day, then 2.5 10mg pills for 3 days, then 2 10mg pills for 3 days, then 1.5 10mg pills for 3 days, then 1 10mg pills for 3 days, and the withdrawal is somewhat nonexistent, or lasts only a day or two and is very mild and manageable..

Mrs Dob
11:44 am June 30th, 2014

@JACKIE Hello, and thanks for sharing. Yes, you should tell your Dr. about this and see what your Dr. says, but you are so close to leaving and your marriage is under fire, so it’s probably a good idea to get some type of counseling, so that you don’t find yourself relying on the medication to ease your emotional pain. I stopped taking oxycodone COLD TURKEY and I am having a few side effects: the sneezing, runny nose, insomnia, abdominal pain which really hurts, but I’m roughing it out. You do need support while you are going through this process. I think praying, having faith, and being persistent you can surely get off of it. I’ve been cold turkey going on 10days it’s been a little difficult. I did go through depression as well and giving up on your marriage is a situation that may not be a good thing for you at this point, emotional pain along with physical pain is not good I’ve been there. But, I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well as others on this page some don’t believe in God and that’s okay, but I know where my help came from and it was not man. Take care and God bless good luck with everything, Jackie.

Mrs Dob
12:04 pm June 30th, 2014

@SUSAN I am glad I came to this site, I’m sorry you feel sad and at your wits end. I’ve been there as well just like I left word for Jackie, but Susan don’t give up! I read your comment and you believe in the most powerful man in the world-God, he can do anything but we must have faith, be patient, and know that everything will be okay. The Dr.’s gave me travail, Tylenol 3 Norco, Darvocet, Ambient for sleep, Xanax for anxiety and I still went through depressive states. Nothing seems to work… now we’re talking neurostimular and I’m talking Jesus! I couldn’t take it anymore Susan, but I’d rather be off of it than get addicted or have major organ damage etc. all the bad things that come with long term use. I haven’t slept well in about 10 days but I’m going to hang in there and believe I will get better. I have nerve damage irreversible due to a Dr. clipping my nerve during surgery and yes what the Dr. told you about fentanyl patches are correct, but remember everything has side effects. Will check back in a few days to see if you both got my messages. God Bless you too Susan and thanks! Good luck with everything.

4:45 pm July 3rd, 2014

Mrs. Dob, thank you so much for responding to my post, and for being open about your love for Jesus! I believe God loves us and brought this group together to help each other. I have more to say to some of you, but my computer hasn’t been allowing me to post and I may have to contact technical support. If I can, I’ll post again soon. I pray you’re feeling better and sleeping well. I too have permanent nerve damage from my car accident and was told to try a neuro-stimulator, but after a lot of research found it’s not all that safe and can even make things worse. So, I’m glad you’re not doing it. I thank everyone for sharing their struggles and successes, especially since I know it can be painful even to write. I’m starting my oxycodone taper this week and hope I can do it together with all of you. God bless!

3:07 am July 4th, 2014

I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I am 39. I started taking 10-325 pills (2-3 per day). My left ankle was bone on bone. I had 12 procedures (3 were major surgeries). I have a total left ankle replacement. The pain in my ankle was so bad before my ankle replacement surgery I took as many pills as I needed per day. Now I am taking 7.5 pills (2 per day). I am the 1st to admit I do take a pill or two a day (5 mg) to relax me, and give me a quick high. My Arthritis is starting to be under control (minimal pain). I want so bad to cut back on my pain meds. Sadly, my body (my brain) does not know how to go without feeling high. I have been taking these pills for 15 years! I am trying to quit on my own (I have my boyfriend locking them in our safe, and have to really have pain for him to give me a pill). I sure am finding a lot of excuses to have him give me a pill. I don’t consider myself a “drug addict”, but I don’t know how to stop. I am afraid to discuss with my Arthritis Dr. What happens when I have a bad flare, and the pain is bad? Do I take a pain pill or suffer? What is a girl to do? Do I need help outside of my boyfriend hiding my pills??

6:58 am July 5th, 2014

I have severe dependance issues, i was introduced to oxycodone thru my dr’s, then thru friends that abused. I am at the point where i fear for my life, because now i have started injecting the oxycodone 15mg/30mg. I am so scared of the sickness that I’d do about anything to obtain the medication. I do need to take pain meds, loratabs I’m not dependent on, but on the oxycodone i am. If i sought out help would they label me in all the dr’s office’s as an addict to where i can’t get the help i need? I have three babies that i need to take care of, i never get to the point where i am ‘nodding’ out or i can’t comprehend what is going on. I feel normal, like i can’t function without it, i have no energy to keep up. I don’t feel like doing anything unless i have at least one pill a day. I hate myself for being this way but i don’t want the doctors looking down on me and judge me the way that this age does to anyone that needs a pain pill to get thru the day without hurting or being so terrified of the withdrawal. Please, tell me how to do this alone, before i do completely loose myself worse than i have already. Please help!! Please! Thanks, elisha

3:07 am July 6th, 2014

Im on 60 mg Percocet a day how many mg should i start to take to tapper down and how many days on thas dosage befire i tapper down again

2:25 pm July 7th, 2014

I am so happy also to have found this group. I need all the support and others in the same predicament to share ideas with. I have been taking 40mg of oxycontin 3x per day and 15mg of oxycodone 5x per day to deal with the pain associated with lyme disease and it’s co-infections for 2 years. My Lyme Doctor is leaving the state at the end of this month, leaving me high and dry with no one to treat me until I can find a new Dr. (which is not an easy task in PA). Therefore, I must start decreasing immediately due to lack of any new prescriptions. So, what I am getting from most people is to decrease by 25mg (10% of daily intake) per week and then if suffering NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS-continue weekly????

Truly, no withdrawal symptoms? I find that hard to believe. Or, do you mean none that put me bedridden doubled over in pain? I’ve mentally prepared myself for some nasty weeks.

3:05 am July 8th, 2014

HEY ELISHA! This is the place to be, I am so sorry that you are already addicted to the oxycodone. It’s not too late, don’t feel as though you are gonna lose your life, not even by an accident because you have come here where people understand you and go through the same thing as you do. But in different ways we all suffer from something. Yes, the Dr. will label you unfortunately but you can request for them titrated your medication and they will gradually over time cut the dose down. And if you were to try it yourself don’t go cold turkey like I did, it is kinda dangerous. I just put my trust in God and went from there I did go through some withdrawal symptoms that were uncomfortable but now I am fine just like you I really needed the pain meds. I just got tired of taking medications two and three times a day to live a somewhat happy normal life. So, it can be done, you have to have will power, pray your way through, believe in yourself and totally think about your kids. They need you and can’t be without you, who will protect them? Every time you think of taking a pill unnecessarily tell yourself “No! I don’t need and I don’t want it”. If you know that you are doing it only out of habit. TTYL we can support one another on here we are all family. God bless

3:18 am July 8th, 2014

Hey Rose! I pray all is well with you. I read your email and first off I would stop taking them if the pain is truly residing and you don’t need it, because a lot of times our bodies requires more only because we feed it high doses of the drug. Sometimes it’s because of the feeling it gives and sometimes because we fear how bad the pain will be if we don’t take the medication. But if you truly know in your heart you don’t need it, which it sounds like because you said you say things to get your boyfriend to give you meds. It’s more of an addiction than pain, but the first step is admitting it, which you have done 🙂 So now work on not taking as much until eventually you will only take them when you need them and soon will stop altogether. It’s good to talk to people and get support like here no one judges the another and we will never throw it in your face. You must also be careful who you tell, the last thing you need is someone judging you right now. Stay strong and start cutting back. Take care and God Bless!

3:28 am July 8th, 2014

Hey Deborah! Hope all is well with you! I personally would tapper off as well, maybe like a 3,2,1 type of deal until you are off totally, something to that effect. I went cold turkey and side effects weren’t good. The worse part were the heart palpations because it was kinds scary. So, I had to pray and fear for getting back on them and going through the withdrawal stage again. Totally kept me from taking them again, because I had already gone four days without any meds so I figured, “why go back? just stick it out”! The way I felt was not worth going backwards taking anything and I had insomnia like crazy. So just take your time! Most Drs don’t understand and will quickly label us as drug addicts, when at times, we really may need it. But I find myself now sipping sleepy time tea to relax and go to sleep. Hope that helped a little bit. God bless you!

3:40 am July 8th, 2014

Hey Susan! Glad you got my message, it was a pleasure to hear from you on here! We must all support one another and be non-judgmental. We all have probably heard something negative at one time or another about our lives etc. But coming here no one feels alone I wish we could start some type of support group that we have easier access to. It was hard for me to find this site again, thank God I left my email address on here.
Susan you can do it! Just pray that computer rt back on lol, we all need one another, we need encouragement and support from one another. And yes, I’m sleeping a tidbit better with the help of praying, thinking positive, and my Sleepy Time Tea! I’m glad you understand my nerve pain. It is awful and regular people with no physical, emotional or mental issues don’t understand and are quick to judge us!…at least in my experience. But God bless everyone, and No, Susan you shouldn’t be ashamed to talk about God at all! It is where my strength comes from. TTYL can’t wait to hear back from everyone. I will check back in a couple of days.

3:45 am July 8th, 2014

Hey Teri! Do what you think is best for you, just be careful and do it when you are truly ready and when you put your mind to it. You will succeed at getting off of the percent! Me personally, I try to do it slowly over a two week period of time, so that if you do have withdrawals they will be minimal. God bless and take care.

4:03 am July 8th, 2014

ELISHA! I just read your message again, oh my dear I totally didn’t address the shooting up of the drug. You must stop my dear, Jesus loves you! Your children love and need you, you can do it! First step would be to try and stay away from people who inject the drug as well. Elisha, an accidental overdose would be tragic and at this rate it is very well possible if you don’t stop my dear. We cast it down in the name of Jesus I pray you believe in God, he will keep you and protect you. He was my Shield through my tough time and still is. I trust in him and he is the only reason I did it cold turkey and didn’t have to go to the hospital. I will keep you totally in my prayers! Please, think of your children and how more you will enjoy life once you are off of the medication, there is no greater high than finally being high just on pure life itself. We are all here to support one another and we do not judge. Please keep coming back to this site for support you didn’t come here by chance. People really care about you behind these keyboards. But, please fight the urge and take what you need instead of injecting the medication. You can do it! Stay away from situations that would cause you to inject this, you are only doing more harm to your body, my dear. So In Jesus Name let’s pray for a complete healing and that he continues to put positive people in your life. TTYL God bless and hope to hear from you soon, with some good news I believe in you! And YOU can do it!!!!!

4:19 am July 8th, 2014

Hey Deborah, I forgot just a suggestion. My pain management Dr. referred me to another Dr. before she left the office, which helped me out a lot when I was taking oxycodone. My Dr. knew I needed my medication so she would write my prescriptions for 3 months in advance and they were dated as such so that I couldn’t feel the script until the said date and when I actually ran out of my script prior to the new one. Just a thought, because if you really need them for pain that’s an option. But see if your Dr. can first refer you to someone he or she trusts. Take care and I pray he can refer you elsewhere before he leaves. Get a copy of medical records as well, just in case you have to find a Dr. on your own. They will see in your chart what you need and can go from there. Sorry that you suffer as you do. God Bless talk to you later. Take care!

1:07 pm July 8th, 2014

Mrs DOB, thank you for your kind words. We are in marriage counseling and things are going well. I’ve started tapering off my dosage 5-10mg at a time and it’s working brilliantly! I have a strong faith in God, and I believe He is guiding me through this. Thank you again for the responses everyone. God bless..

5:49 pm July 8th, 2014

Hey JS! Man is that a wonderful reply GOD is truly awesome and I am so happy for you with God things will work out for sure we don’t know when but we surely can have peace knowing that God is in control. Now how’s the dog and keep praying God will take care of the pain. as for me I am totally off of all MEDS and I feel good just start back sleeping though 🙁 feel like a child who needs to be on a schedule that includes naps throughout the day lol. But getting more and more sleep as time goes on. Take care JS and glad to hear all is going well Congrats! On everything!!!!!!!

1:45 am July 11th, 2014

I am grateful to all of you that participated in this BLOG. I think I can handle what I now realize that 2+ years and 20 mg (4/5mg). Should not be to hard to shake.
Thanks to all .

4:31 pm July 14th, 2014

Thank You for being here offering good, wise help. I suffer from chronic pain, I wear a patch and don’t really want to ever go up on it. Matter of fact my long term goal is to get back on Butrans Patch for pain. I was on it for several years. Just that patch and those three years, I felt closest to not having any opiates in my system. I was on oxy 20ml and ask my doctor to brought me as was my request, because I know too well what kind of withdrawal these pills have. Now, I am on 10ml so I’m doing whats doable to control my pain. Us pain sufferers know we will have pain and I still experience it everyday even with what I’m taking. I will always try, and willingly experience more pain in order to be as low as I can with medication. Just as long as I can handle it and sleep. Again Thank You for being here to help me and others.

5:23 am July 17th, 2014

I am going through withdrawals 5 milligram taken fir pain since april 2014 I am having restless leg. Agitation . Runny nose muscle spasms insomnia. And munchies. I need help have 20 yrs sober. I have arthritis. Help I need to ween off. What will help try cold turkey not working.

8:09 am July 20th, 2014

Cold turkey is the only way. Addiction is a billion dollar industry because they convince people they need help. You don’t. It’s called grow a pair of nuts and stop taking pills. Sober people get the flu and deal with it for a week you will be fine, or be a loser and decrease your dose every day and feel like trash longer. I was doing 300mg a day and stopped cold turkey. The human body is capable of doing great things if you have heart.

8:14 am July 20th, 2014

Better yet go to a meeting and sit in the poor fuckin me circle and talk about whose addiction is cooler and why your life sucks. Or go spend money and waste time at detox to be watched like a baby and come out and relapse. I was boor in the wrong generation people make me sick.

5:58 pm July 20th, 2014

Thanks for your straight up comment Jack ,I am at 60 mg a day for 4 years and after reading your comments I too think I can quit this doctor / government drug dealing program cold turkey .I quit cocaine and crack 6years ago and smoking7 years ago,even my drinking is now special occasions only. ( rarely drunk)
My 50th birthday is Friday, and I plan on starting a new chapter in my life opiate free.

I just hope I don’t replace it with something else.

4:21 am July 21st, 2014

Good for you merve you got this. I have faith in you and seems like you have faith in yourself and that’s all you need! You are your own problem but also your own solution give it your best shot 110%. I’ve learned you can’t do it for anyone but yourself and just think if u can quit drugs cold turkey unlike the rest of the world you are capable of doing anything. I never said it was easy but definately doable. I’ve also learned that trying to cut down slowly does nothing but make you feel sick longer quit all together And u get it all over with. I kid you not in 5 days you will already feel better don’t listen to these bogus articles online cuz it’s all in your head. If you can do some excercise and try to sweat because that will end it even faster. This oxy epidemic will end because people will start to read things like I write and they will get their heads out of their asses!

6:55 am July 22nd, 2014

I have been on oxycodone for 6months. I weaned myself off fir five days. Withdrawals got t me. My pain med out me on colinidine .it help made me sleepy and now I am on ibuprofen and lyrica. My pressure dropped. Walking funny vision blured
I have leg pain and arthritis. I like the way oxycodone worked .it gave me a high. Of course. What do I do fi r my pain iv have insomnia. And still cant function. My leg pain is ridiculous. Help I need something to stop the pain and help ne sleep I was up 24 hours. Had to go to emergency room 3times.

12:27 am July 27th, 2014

Hi my doctor has me on 30mg oxycodne. He has me taking 10 pills a day and I want to stop what is the best way for me thanks.

5:21 pm July 28th, 2014

You just stop! It’s all in your head sober people get the flu and deal with it for one week you can too grow some balls

3:47 am August 1st, 2014

Cold turkey is the only way or go to a detox to be babysat come out and use. Or go sit in the poor me circle at aa. People need to grow up if you want to stop taking oxy you just stop and deal with it. It won’t kill you

6:46 pm August 1st, 2014

I have been taking Oxycodone for fibromyalgia and arthritis pain for 6 years.I finally did some research about nerve pain, and asked my doc for Neurontin. It has almost eliminated my pain, like a miracle, since I have been in pain for 40 years with Fibromyalgia. I am coming off the Oxycodone a little more slowly than I would like, but I am down to 0 to 1 pills a day as opposed to 3 to 5 previously., and the pain is more relieved than it has ever been! If you have tingling nerve pain or Fibromyalgia, you should be treated for nerve pain with the appropriate medication, which is not opioids.

11:53 am August 3rd, 2014

Hi my name is Jess, I’ve been taking oxi-Cotton slow realise tablets 20mg and endone tablets 5mg for over a year now, I had back surgery in October I suffer from 4 prolapsed discs and one of my legs severe nerve pain and swallen right foot, I suffer from bad withdrawals when I don’t have them, every symptom you could possibly have it really sucks expecially that I have a 5 year old little girl to care for, my previous doctor put me on theses medications and would go to get my prescriptions once a week when I should of been getting them once every two weeks, I’m a bit annoyed at my previous doctor for this but also blame myself bad coz I abused them and should of tool them propley, but when your screaming in pain and can’t sleep and you have pain relief in your cabinet it’s kind of hard to resist, I moved towns and found another doctor he is great, he seems to care about my situation and is very thougha, and doesn’t give me more then prescribe and now I don’t take pills I’m on patches that last for a week, I don’t have to stress about withdrawals, but terrified getting off these now, there are days where my pain is still just awful and I cry I’m only 24 I’m it’s destroyed my life, but my doc now is very helpful and I trust he knows best, I get scared for people that just have doctors that prescribe anything and don’t give a hoot about you, in the long run being on pills for the rest of your life isn’t the answer, you need them to go to do everyday chores and that’s all you can think about is getting your best prescription. I still need help with this as I suffer from deep depression since 12 years old. It is do hard if anyone has any story similar and has ways they cope with withdrawal please share with me please thank you heaps Jess.

donna bell
2:44 am August 4th, 2014

I have been taking Oxycodone 5mg ,for 9-10 years now for pain due to multiple back surgeries. I didn’t like taking 10mg because they made me sick, and initially they were Oxycodone APAP. I didn’t like taking that much acetaminophen, and asked for it without it. I felt better after stopping that. I have not taken it round the clock except for after surgeries. My last surgery was in 2006. I went back to work 3 months later, and didn’t take them while working, only at night so I could try to get some rest. For the last 6-7 years I have only taken 5mg at night, sometimes taking them twice in a day when the pain is worse. I also take 10mg Baclofen daily. I’m supposed to take them both up to 4 times a day. I never have taken that many. I recently tried to wean myself off the Baclofen: I took a half a pill once a day for nearly 5 weeks. I thought I could get past the spasms, and pain, but it just got worse and it took 3-4 weeks of my regular dosing to get any semblance of normalcy. I was told I would need them for the rest of my life but I just wish to get off them. I am now going to a pain control specialist who wants to try a different type of procedure for the low back pain, but nothing for the pain stemming from my neck. I had a fusion of L3-L5 in 1997, and fusion and laminectomy of C3-C7 in 2006. I have a lot of adhesions in my low back, enough that it is difficult to get a needle through it. I know that I am lucky to be walking and not a quadriplegic, but I really hate taking these meds. I have asked about getting off them, and have been told about the injections, which didn’t completely work. Is there any way I can get off these two meds? I’ve been told that I won’t function as well without the Baclofen, but I just don’t want to take them. I hate that I have to take the. Thank you.

8:27 am August 4th, 2014

Hello. I am prescribed 30mg oxycodone, 10 tablets a day. I have a severe neck injury I have been dealing with my entire life. I am 39 years old and female. I am required to go to drug treatment in Oregon. Do all drug treatment facilities require that you quit taking oxycodone cold turkey? Do any allow you to continue taking your prescribed medication? I have severe withdraw symptoms when I stop taking my medication. The thought of going cold turkey scares me tremendously. I cannot function. As well as my pain from my neck injury becomes intolerable. I have tried many other treatments for my neck and taking oxycodone is the only way that I can function with daily activities. I will one day have surgury on my neck which I also fear greatly. I am looking for a way I can fulfill my obligation of attending successfully a drug treatment program while continuing on my medication. In Oregon. If anyone can help. Thank you.

5:55 pm August 4th, 2014

I have been taking oxycodone for 2 1/2 years and would like to stop taking it cold turkey with the help of my fiance. I have had prior drug addiction issues which I have conquered by stopping cold turkey. I do not believe in 12 step programs as they put me in a place with people whom I need to avoid! Can you please advise me on the best way to manage the symptoms of withdrawal I have antidepressants available and sleeping pills and a week to get the physical part out of me I am at the point of losing everything including thoughts of suicide and worthlessness thank you any help would be much appreciated

8:10 am August 5th, 2014

Hello Dave. Keep in mind that although uncomfortable, oxycodone withdrawal is not life threatening. It’s good that you have your fiancé by your side, but make sure you flush all remaining pills or stashes of oxycodone you might have.
Here is an article you can read. It tells you everything about what to expect from opiate withdrawal, and once you know what to expect, you can be more ready:

I’d suggest staying away from substitution drugs, there are many over-the-counter medications you can use for the nausea, insomnia and diarrhea (the most common withdrawal symptoms)

8:19 pm August 5th, 2014

I have been taking morphine sulf. 90mg 3x a day since 1998 for peripheral neuropathy. March 11, 2014 I fell and broke my left hip. My doctor decided to cut the morphine no doubt because of my fall? Anyway, I’m now down to 60mg 3x a day and that is all I can cut before opiate withdrawal starts. I am truly trying and hope my doctor doesn’t cut me any further. It truly isn’t easy. I see my doctor on October 1st and do hope he has additional help if he wants me cut back more. My goal is to get down to 60mg at 7am and 60mg at bedtime. So many of the comments here have given me hope.

2:24 am August 6th, 2014

I was on Oxycodone after my back surgery for 10 days. Dose varied. i left it completely three days ago. I am feeling dizzy at times. Dizziness varies , Is it due to stopping of Oxycodone???

10:24 am August 6th, 2014

Hi Dolly. It is all normal withdrawal symptom. I understand the dizziness is annoying, thats typical. However, if it persists, I’d suggest you tell your doctor.

3:05 am August 7th, 2014

I have been taking Percocet 10mg and Norco 10mg 20 days out of a month intermitintly for the past 2 years. I averaged about 10mg a day. It was usualy 10mg Perocet OR 10mg Norco. I would like to wean off. What would a be a responsible and safe way to do so.

Thank you very much for your time and service.


3:44 am August 8th, 2014

I quit taking oxycodone 3days ago and I feel like I am dying.

8:58 pm August 11th, 2014

My physician started me on oxycodone 8 years ago. It took me a few years to determine that the pain control was not worth the side effects of the opioid and I tried to get off it several times without success. The symptom that always stops me has been severe shoulder pain that would start in one shoulder and then progress to the other and to my knees and my entire body.
I have again started a gradual tapering of the medication. Although I have been on 60 mgs. for several years, I have weaned down to 20 mgs. with moderate shoulder, joint and body pain. The problem is that I am now stuck on 17.5 mgs.. I take 5 mgs. about 6A.M, 2.5 mgs. about 12 P.M., 2.5 mgs. about 5 P.M. and 7.5 mgs. at 8:30 P.M. if I can make it that far.
I always have more pain at night.
What do you suggest in terms of further weaning?

2:28 pm August 28th, 2014

I have suffered in vain trying to cut down on the oxys, I’m a chonic pain patient and I run out of these early every time, They give Me a Fentanyl patch, but no rehab will take me just to get off just the oxy. They make you get off everything. Then feel like I have failed again. But I know I need to givr my husband the bottle of oxy so I ñm

1:38 am August 30th, 2014

My doctor recently stopped me taking Effexor and tegretol cold turkey. I have neuropathic leg pain from prolonged nerve compression. I had terrible withdrawal symptoms for 10 days. I have been taking 20 mg targin for a year and now have been weaned down to 5 mg but I am very worried about taking my last dose. Do you think I will have withdrawals from this low dose. Going down from 10 to 5 mugs caused me some distress. Any advice welcome.

maureen harding
11:10 pm September 2nd, 2014

Hi I just have a few questions.i have been on oxycodone for at least 6 started out at 15 mg 2 day but since then it went to 30 mg 2 day then 30 mg to 3 day now 30 4xday.i have many health issues I was an abused child and adult thank god not for past 21 yrs since I met 2nd husband so I have health issues from all that..and I have severe arthritis, many bad discs,3 knee surgery that a Dr botched when I was 31 and took knee cap out with out permission I am now 52 yrs old I can’t walk or sit for to long and in so much pain everyday of my life that the oxycodone does not even take it all away.i have been seeing a pain specialist I go for injections all over my body and been through so many different pain meds until we found that the oxycodone takes the edge off a little so it’s the only thing that works a little just wish the pain would go all away without having to take these meds believe me I have tried everything therapy you name it I did my question is since the oxycodone has been increased to 3 a day like 2 yrs ago and then now past year to 4 times a day of course 30 mg I was wandering if it’s a coincidence or not would that suppress my appetite real bad cause I have no desire to really eat I lost a bunch of weight I was 167 and I am 5’2″ so I did need to lose some cause I was never heavy except for a little while but it was 3 yrs ago that I was that 167 but it just seems like I lost more now. so now I am 122 but I don’t look real well from not eating.i do not abuse the drug at all I take it religiously every 6 hrs or longer if I I would appreciate any help and info you or anyone else could give on this matter cause if it is the pain med doing this I don’t know what I will do but something will have to be figured out can’t go on like this their will be nothing left to me and i would have to figure something for pain I don’t know what cause it is horrible.i have no quality of life due to all the issues with pain and just health issues alone.thank yoy for listening God bless Maureen

7:12 pm September 3rd, 2014

OK, I got hit by a car in October 1977, just 2 weeks before the Lynyrd Skynyrd plane crash disaster. I sustained two broken legs, severely dislocated knees, broken pelvis in two places, broken lower back and a fractured skull. In 1985 my left knee gave out at work. I had my first of dozens and dozens of surgeries. They started me on Percodan, then Percocet, then OxyContin, then Dilaudid, then Demerol, then and now it’s just Fentanyl. Those narcotic analgesics are a Godsend at first, then with the doctor’s help, the crap becomes evil. A devil dressed in an angel uniform without a shadow of a doubt these things are. I just fukin’ love how they give you the shit like Smarties for the first 10 years, then once you get addicted, and YOU MOST CERTAINLY WILL BECOME ADDICTED, they say that maybe they shouldn’t give them to you anymore. Is that right? Bad idea they found out. If & when you want to quit the merry-go-round trip of narcotic analgesics, you first better really, really, really have the complete desire to want to quit. You can go cold turkey…if you don’t mind feeling like pure dog-shit, or better yet, get your doctor to ween you off very slowly. Dope sickness is as bad or worse than anything anyone can imagine…TRUST ME. Plus the fact that you’d get more respect by the medical community if you were hooked on heroin or cocaine, rather than prescription pain pills. It seems to embarrass the doctors and pharmacists, and draws heat on them in a way. You’ll find out all this stuff if you ever get prescribed this kind of stuff no doubt at all. My 2¢ worth.

10:15 pm September 4th, 2014

I have successfully tapered down from 150mgs of oxycodone daily 3weeks ago to 7.5 daily now.It has been tough but I have stuck to this taper.I feel normal now on just 7.5 mgs taken once daily.I’m hoping this is gonna greatly reduce the intensity of my withdrawal. I want to stop now anyone have any input on how tough it will be at this small 7.5 mg daily amount i have stabilized myself at for the last three days now.I have been taking this medication for a year now.Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks and God Bless everyone fighting this fight to regain thier freedom

10:44 pm September 7th, 2014

I have been on O.C. for over 6 yrs at 180-210 mg daily and I am sick of it and all it’s troubles it brings, however I am scared to death to stop, I already have R.L.S. bad . I am down to 120 MG a day now but cutting down any further already freaks me out , any ideas for me, I don’t want to substitute one drug for another, but something has to give , I am having dark thoughts and don’t like it

12:54 pm September 10th, 2014

OXY ADDICT i was coming off 160-240 mg oxy aday . I wasnt getting my script for four days. i didnt want to withdrawl. I reluctantly drank half a 40mg methadone bottle, a friend gave me .This helped me big time and for the next two weeks i had a little bit of the methadone each day and this really helped me rein in the oxy. two months later Ive reduced oxy to 80mg a day and looking forward to reducing them again. im feeling better than i have in years thanks to trying methadone and cant see myself running short of pills ever again. stoked.

1:09 pm September 10th, 2014

I just love how when a patient becomes addicted to narcotic analgesics, AND THEY WILL IN TIME, and how these doctors who prescribe the stuff will absolutely not take at least 1% of the blame for this happening. A patient lies to get ‘scrpits early, and many of these doctors often just treat lying as part of the nastiness associated with taking narcotic analgesics. Once you’re full blown wired to the crap, then these doctors try the “let’s cut you down a bit” nonsense. They have the power of the pen over you now, and you are defenceless. Through experience.taking these drugs, that were prescribed to me all along since 1985, I’ve found that certain doctors will NOT ever prescribe narcotics period. I used to not understand these doctors, but now it’s crystal clear as to why they are like that. They just don’t want the likely bull-shit associated with prescribing narcotic analgesics, wether for legit pain or not. I’m guessing they don’t want that on their consciences or daily practices. It is at least a 50/50 “blame ratio” here doctors, so quit the blaming it all on the patients for Christ’s sake. It’s a slippery slope those narcotic analgesics for sure.

4:42 pm September 10th, 2014

I last wrote August 11 about my oxycodone wean down. I am happy to report that I am now down to 12.5 mg. per day. I am simply lowering my dose every 7 – 10 days by 2.5 mgs. This seems to work for me so that withdrawal symptoms are very tolerable. The worst symptom is that I can’t sleep through the night without waking up several times. Last night I woke up four times and went back to sleep but the fifth time I could go back to sleep. It was 3:30 A.M. But I’m still not complaining because what stopped me from total discontinuation of the drug was a severe joint and body ache which I could not tolerate before. So far, this has not occurred since I am titrating down so slow and such a small amount at a time.
I would advise anyone who wants to get off oxycodone to simply wean down very slowly over a period of MONTHS not DAYS. Just cut out 2.5 – 5.0 mgs. every 7 – 10 days. It may take a long time to get off the drug but it is working for me whereas trying to get off the drug too fast in the past did not work at all. I had tried to get off it TEN TIMES in the past eight years!!
Do yourself a favor and GO SLOW OVER A LONG PERIOD OF TIME. I know now that my body simply works this way and I will be able to continue to taper down until I reach ZERO mgs.
I will check back in a month or two when I am COMPLETELY DRUG FREE!!!
Good luck to you all. You can do it if you really want to.

4:45 pm September 10th, 2014

Correction: “I could NOT go back to sleep.” Sorry!

9:42 am September 11th, 2014

Thanks for your update, Joe! And congradulations on your success. You are going to be feeling better and better as more time passes. Plus, it’s good to be an example and support for others out there who are struggling. Thank you!

6:33 pm September 15th, 2014

I am taking 6 Percocet 10/325mg per day and want off them. But I am pregnant. I don’t want my doctor to find out I’ve went up 2 more than the 4 I’m allowed to take. I am scared and have already been feeling the withdrawal when I only take the 4 a day. How should I wing down?

3:44 pm September 16th, 2014

Hi Christy. And congradulations on the good news. Even though you say that you don’t want your doctor to know about upping the dose, I’d suggest telling him. It’s stressfull for you to go through withdrawal, but for your child too. Talk to your doctor and to your gyneachologist, so you can do what’s best and safest for your baby.

12:52 am September 20th, 2014

I have been on narcotic pain killers for a few years now ,,, long acting oxycodone for a few years. 30 ml in the morning 10 mid day and 20 at bedtime with supeuedol 10 ml in between maybe 2 to 4 times per day. Since June 25 I have cut back slowly and each time the side effects are pretty severe with most of the side effects listed above. I now have cut back to 1 10 ml oxycodone last night and do not know how much longer I can stand the pain everywhere … hot baths help for 10 minutes but can’t stand to stay because of weakness etc. I hate to give in and take even a 5ml short acting supeudol because I hate to experience this severe affect each time! Is there anything non addicting to help?

8:08 pm September 20th, 2014

Hi my name is shannon i came across your website while i was researching about how to stop my pain killer medication …so this is my question im taking oxicoset 5 mg 5 to 7 per day for almost 4 years I have been trying to stay on my dr orders regarding the amount of this pill all the time but i know that I am highly addicted to this medication i am scared i stop taking them all together yesterday i flash them all so what should i do know? Should i ask for help? Should i be worried?
Thank you

9:35 am September 22nd, 2014

Hello Shanon. When you’ve developed physical dependence, expect to go through a period of 7-10 days of withdrawal when you stop oxycodone. It’s smart to seek medical helpduring this period. Doctors can prescribe medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms, but going off Oxy cold turkey can be very unpleasant.

1:50 am September 23rd, 2014

Tomorrow om asking my rheumatology dr to lower dose of pain meds from 90 mg oxycodone and 40 mg hydrocodone. Shes said I’ll always meed something for my condition
Forresteirs Disease. Shes not a pain Dr. I’ve felt withdrawal before..the worst! What we be best taper with least withdrawal? Taken this dose for 7 years. Please let me know so I can suggest to her a safe start. I also have heart problems. Ejection factor 29. Please help

9:33 pm September 23rd, 2014

Hi i have been taking oxycodone for just under a year for pain relief due to a slipped disc .the last couple of weeks I have suffered 3 panic attacks the last one was the worst.I started taking 5mg then went to 10mg and now I’m on 20mg but I have stopped as I feel that its them causing the attacks .what should I do I feel that I can’t take them anymore because of fear that the next attack will be the last

11:46 pm September 24th, 2014

I have been prescribed up to 20 mg of Oxycodone + 100 mg Fenatynl for a long time for an awful back. Also have a spinal stimulator. My surgeon wants to fuse my entire lumbar back but before he will schedule surgery I must be withdrawn to a minimum of five mg oxy (twice a day) or 5 mg vicodin per day (four a day). He says so he can control the pain after surgery. I also have a spinal stimulator implanted he wants removed & turned off. When I give up the oxy (the small dose) I have hideous Restless Leg syndrome. I have totally withdrawn from the fentanyl patch and have gradually been reducing the mg of oxy to where I am at only 5 mg. 2 x per day. I have begun an RX for RLS but it’s not working even with the 4 vidodin a day (which I would prefer over the percocet). How can I get there w/o the awful RLS? Or can I? And how long will it last?

Could seeing a chiropractor help reduce pain + RLS. In addition I withdrew from alcohol in 1971 & have been in continuance sobriety for 43 years. The oxy, etc. has NEVER made me feel “high” in any way, just some pain reflief but certinally not pain free!

2:08 am September 25th, 2014

If you stop taking Percocet and morphine cold turkey after five days, if the first stage of withdrawl done and if you take something on the fifth day will it restart ur symptoms over completely or does that mean your body is no longer physically dependent on them. the symptoms have gotten a lot better and I know I reached my peach on the third day , still have some but I don’t feel like my body is still dependent on them since I went five days cold turkey and my symptoms have gotten a lot better.?? please some advice

11:26 am September 25th, 2014

Little help?

See my post from Sept. 10 for details but I’m hitting the wall in that I don’t seem to be able to lower my dosage anymore. I feel stuck at around 12.5, 15, 17.5 mg. When I try to go lower, I get severe symptoms of withdrawal, pain, restlessness, anxiety, etc.
Maybe I just have to stay around these levels for a while but how long a while?
Anyone have any experience with weaning down SLOWLY?

1:35 pm September 25th, 2014

Hello Brook. When withdrawals pass, it means that the substance is out of your system. However, it takes longer for the body and brain to fully return to normal. You need to keep up the good work, stay away from the Percocet and morphine, and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

9:56 pm September 25th, 2014

hi this is Mark I just got back from my doctors office I’ve been taking taking 90 milligrams of oxycodone and 40 mgs of hydrocodone per day for 9 years. (No change in dose) I asked my doctor to slowly taper me off oxycodone and evaluate after with my goal of no narcotics. But can’t take NSAIDS Stomach. She is reducing the oxycodone by 15mgs every 14 days through October. I think then it will decrease another 15mgs for 14 days and so on til I’m not taking any oxycodone. I have many conditions that cause pain Forrestiers Disease, Gout, osteoarthritis and very high BP. I also have some heart failure. Ejection Factor of 30. I feel withdrawal symptoms even if I just prolong one dose for more than 2 hours. I have ZERO SUPPORT. I’m completely on my own. No job no income, last month of long term disability. Applied for second time for social Security Disability. I’m worried about withdrawl and already in deep depression. Dr. Says I may need pain meds in some amount because of my conditions. I won’t hold anyone responsible for your, their opion about this amount of tapering down the oxycodone but could you please comment on what knowledge/experiences you’ve seen, read any sources. I have read some stuff on internet. This site seems to be a little less hyped up about withdrawl etc. Some sites scare the hell out of me by stories that someone in my situation is going to go through BAD WITHDRAWLL no matter what. Im hoping this taper can minimize withdrawl to a point I won’t kill myself which I’ve tried by overdose 3 times just through up before the 57 30mgs of oxyCONTIN I swallowed or when I took 25 30mgs oxyCONTIN along with 35 10mgs hydrocodone. I was unconscious for 2.5 days with no intervention and the awful high lasted about 2 weeks or so. I pooped out a gob of oxyCONTIN all in a golfball sized stuck together ball. It went through my system without dissolving. Gross but suicidal thoughts are powerful with my depression like many. Any comments on your experience/knowledge you’ve gained from this type of website, please. I know its different for everyone but just an educated/experience based comment would be comforting. I start the new dosing schedule on 9/29/2014. I did taper down to 30mgs of hydrocodone over the last 2 weeks but still took the 90 mgs of oxycodone as normal. Had some withdrawal but hanlded it just ok. My Doctor did not know I had tapered off one ten mgs hydrocodone so my script for that will still be for 120 tabs but the oxycodone will drop from 90mgs per day to 75mgs a day for 14 days then down to 60 mgs for 14 days and so on.

10:58 pm September 25th, 2014

Hi again.
My doctor is tapering me of oxycodone 90mgs a day along with 40mgs hydrcodone per day total of 130mg opiates. She’s tapering down 15 mgs of oxycodone every 14 days and im to continue the 40mgs hydrocodone per no taper on that. After 9 years of the same dose do you think this taper is slow enough to avoid most withdrawl symptoms? I’m very worried and deeply depressed already. Any comments would be welcome. I know everyone is different.

6:49 am September 26th, 2014

I am going to do this cold turkey. I have before, and made it, only to think I could just take 1/2 one day which led right back to a hole then 2, and well we all get it right..Oxy is a sad story for me. I am here, and stumbled on this blog; because, I know I want it, and I know I can do it. I have a son, and daughter that are worth too much for me to be so stupid. I am going to feel like crap, but I will keep coming here, and reading these stories. I will be okay, and fight this addiction. I am worth it. Wish me luck. I need prayers. I am so ready for this fight. I am looking for some advice on how to deal with the symptoms so that I do not hurt the ones I love. I know the mood swings are bad, and I want to make everyone happy.

9:27 am September 26th, 2014

Hi Mark. There is no way to completely avoid withdrawal symptoms. Tapering down makes them less severe and endurable. You can also use other over-the-counter medications to help you manage some of the symptoms, but even then, you won’t be able to avoid withdrawal completely.

10:11 am September 26th, 2014


What am I, chopped liver?


12:11 pm September 30th, 2014

Hi Joe. I’m sorry you didn’t get an answer for such a long time. I swear I was sure I answered. To be true, I don’t know how to help you. So, my suggestion is to seek doctors helps. Maybe detoxing in a clinic by stopping cold turkey and being under 24 hours medical surveillance. I wouldn’t do anything without doctor’s consent and advise.

4:15 pm September 26th, 2014

What over counter medicines do you mean? I want to get them to help my taper off oxycodone. I want to increase my chances as much as can to taper off. Please let me know.

5:15 am September 27th, 2014

I’ve been on some form of narcotic pain meds since 1993 after a horrific accident, how safe is it to quit taking these within a month .. I know the pain will never go away, in fact its going to get much worse, but these new laws say I have to get off of them. My main concern is what is going to happen to my health

4:13 pm September 27th, 2014

Hello, I’ve been taking oxycodone 15mg 4-5 times a day for almost 2 1/2 years for a serious and chronic back injury, I’m trying to ween myself off of them but am having serious difficulty . Most month I end up going through withdrawal at a very serious level. I’ve often had let’s say some very serious negative thoughts going through my mind and it’s scary to say the least. I have someone in my life trying to control how many Im allowed to have as they see fit but I’m scared and know it’s not the correct way to do it. There unaware of the seriousness of the situation and I can’t seem to get through to them. I’m only given a half of one in the morning and half of one at night. It’s like torture . Please help me in some information as to how I should be weening properly so I can relay this info. Thank you for your time and help.

11:05 am September 30th, 2014

Hi Matthew. Why don’t you see a doctor and have him/her help you create a tapering schedule that will help you get weaned off oxycodone. By having your own tapering schedule that fits your needs, you won’t be getting very severe withdrawal symptoms.

2:21 pm September 30th, 2014

Have any of you tried going to Narcotics Anonymous?. AA saved my life 43 years ago!

1:07 am October 11th, 2014

I’ve been taking oxycodone (10mg) twice to 3 times daily for several years for chronic pain form neck surgery followed by an auto accident that caused soft tissue damage as well. I just lost my job and now have no insurance so I’m trying to stop taking this drug. For 2 days I went without and felt spacey, had a bad headache and began having joint pain along with major pain in my neck and shoulders. I filled my last perscription and need advice on how to wean off the meds. I don’t mind the side effects but need advice on how to come off safely. I’ve taken pain meds on many occasions but never steady for this long a period of time. Never had any withdrawal symptoms until this time. I currently have 87 pills and need advice on the wean down process safely.

Thank you for any advice.

1:41 pm October 13th, 2014

NA is not for me simply because I am not an ADDICT. I am physically dependent on opioids. Addicts engage in many behavior that make their lives unmanageable. I know that a lot of addicts like to believe that anyone who is dependent is also an addict. I can’t help this. I can only point out the fact that they are different.

My problem is one of physiology not psychiatry or psychology or emotions. My body simply requires opioids or I have severe joint and body pain. I never seek to raise my dosage or get “high” on the opioid euphoria. I struggle to keep my dosage as low as possible.

I simply wonder if anyone has any positive suggestions about how to lower my dosage more without feeling severe joint and body pain. I can take the discomfort of other withdrawal symptoms. I can tolerate stomach cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. But I can’t tolerate the severe joint and body pain.

Now, does anyone have any experience with dealing with those particular withdrawal symptoms?
Thank you in advance for your help.

7:45 pm October 13th, 2014

I have weened (sp?) off oxycodone totally. I am still on vicodin for the back pain–they plan to fuse my entire lumbar spine in Jan. But I went from 20 mg to 15 to 7.5 to 5 to 2.5 and other than restless leg syndrome when I totally went off of it, I had no other withdrawal symptoms. I did it with my pain management doctor who prescribed it in the 1st place. The surgeon wanted me off of it so he could control pain following surgery. It was worth it–sure the pain is worse, but I actually feel more with it, even tho I had never felt “high” when I took it. Just my thoughts, Joe.

Gail Hamilton
2:25 am October 18th, 2014

I’ve been taking oxycondone for a year ,I’m 60 years old and afraid to stop cold turkey ,what can I do if my doctor won’t help me?

9:11 pm October 19th, 2014

I’ve lowered 15mg tablets from 4 1/4 pills a day down to 1 pill over 10 days. Last night I felt like I had icy hot all over my body for several hours and anxiety and stomach issues and racing pulse about 80-100 for several hours. I had taken 1/4 of a pill every 6 hours. Today I’m gonna take 5 (1/4) pills to see if it helps with the symptoms. Should I increase it a bit more and do you have any suggestions on how to taper off ? Thx. Terri

12:21 pm October 20th, 2014

Kathy, Thanks for your sharing. I want to get off all narcotics so getting on vicodin would just be substitution for me. Good luck with everything.

12:24 pm October 20th, 2014

Gail, get another doctor! If you want to get off any medication, that is your right. You should have a doctor who works with you though. You will need to taper down very slowly listening to your body.

Terri, same advice, slowly taper down, slowly. Don’t go too fast. I’m cutting 5mg tabs in half. Do whatever you have to do.

11:33 pm October 30th, 2014

My daughter is a cancer patient during a recent 26 day hospital stay she was given 5 mg of oxicoton twice daily, after discharge she was prescribed to continue taking 5 mg twice daily then after one week to discontinue one dose, then take one dose per day then stop taking the daily dose. She did this she took the last dose four days ago & is now feeling withdrawal symptoms , should she be tapering off the 5 mg or stop it al together.. She feels jumpy gets chips on and off , and is very resless.
Thanks for your help

12:38 pm November 13th, 2014

I have had 2 spinal fusions on my lower back. Surgeries were unsuccessful. I’ve been on oxycontin 40mg ER and oxycodone 15 mg IR for 7+ years. My pain doctor and I agreed to change my meds because they were no longer helping my pain. I quit cold turkey. My doctor didn’t even taper me down from the oxycontin. My doctor did not talk to me about withdrawls from the oxycontin. I have been in bad withdrawls since 11/7/2014 evening to the present, and it continues 11/13/2014. My pain doctor started me on a pain drug (in place of the oxycontin) called Nucynta. 200mg ER and Nucynta 50 mg for breakthrough pain. It took 3 office visits in trying to find the right dosage to help my pain. It’s starting to relieve some pain, but the withdrawls from the oxycontine are still present and making me very sick. I am very depressed and cannot function in my everyday life. Also taking a prescription for my nausea and vomiting. Please- any information/advice you may have for me is greatly appreciated. It is killing my husband and daughter seeing me like this. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you. V

2:28 am November 18th, 2014

I had back surgery and I took 15 mg tabs 3 times per day. I have been able to gradually reduce the dose an frequency down to 1/2 of one tablet (about 71/2 mg) per day. I do not need it for pain relief but I can not seem to reduce the dose or frequency any further without suffering withdrawal symptoms i.e. restless leg, agitation. What can I do to get over this final hurdle?

2:32 pm November 18th, 2014

Luke, how long have you been taking the drug? And is it percocet or straight oxycodone?

2:35 pm November 18th, 2014


What are your withdrawal symptoms besides restless legs and agitation?

2:53 pm November 18th, 2014


As you probably know Nucynta is just another narcotic to take the place of Oxycodone. If it were me, I would go back to the oxy and start tapering down since you are having bad withdrawal symptoms with the new drug. Talk to your doctor about it.

7:35 pm December 1st, 2014

my son has been taking 4 oxy a day for several months.. he says, with our help he wants to stop and has requested WE hold the oxy and give him 4 today and tomorrow then 3 the next 2 days then 2 the next 3 days.. could this work for him….. he seems determined — all after back surgery

5:16 am December 3rd, 2014

I was taking 4 eighty a day perscribed by my doctor lost my script a week into having it doctor would not prescribe another one, I didn’t want to go into withdrawl so I went to a sub doctor to try this drug suboxone that I heard so much about now they have me on 20 ml for a week now, I hear now that the withdrawl coming of the sub is worst then coming off the oxycodone. So my question is can I detox 72 hours coming off the sub then take half an eighty to help with the withdrawl for about four days then taper down from the oxycodone what this make things easier with the withdrawl I also want to mention that I do have lower back pain and I have been doing since 1995 when the real OxyContin were out but I did stick to what my doctor perscribed,I have been on these since 1995 and I have never ever went through a oxycodone withdrawl not once please help what do you guy think, I am very open minded thanks!!!

12:03 pm December 4th, 2014

Hello Arlene. This seems like a very severe withdrawal. Lowering doses too quickly can provoke intense withdrawal symptoms. Instead, experts recommend that you setp down by 25% per week. Check into the detox protocol for opiates here:

8:12 am December 11th, 2014

I have been on 10mg of oxy per day for 5 months. I would break the 5 mg tabs in half and take the 4 halts every 3-4 hours. I am now at 7.5 mg and want to taper off. My doc suggested .5mg of Clonodine to help out with discomfort. She suggests taking the Clonodine at night before bed. Her taper schedule is to now cut my dose each day by .25 mg every week. This is a very conservative taper. Any recommendations other then docs?

9:25 am December 16th, 2014

Hi, I have recently dropped from taking 100mgs of percocet a day for over a year now to about 20-25mgs a day. Will my withdrawals still be as bad as before if I was to stop right now? Or what should I do? Please any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot Ryan.

5:54 pm December 16th, 2014

Hello Ryan. Congratulations on the success so far. You are about to do the “jump” as they call it. Withdrawal symptoms will be milder compared to the ones you’d get from quitting cold turkey while on higher doses. For even less severe withdrawals, is it possible that you taper down even further?

7:47 pm December 16th, 2014

I am now down to four 2.5 mg. of oxycodone per day. And I can still feel the beginnings of withdrawal symptoms. I intend to stay at this dosage for another 2 weeks before cutting out one of the four daily doses. This may sound like nothing to some of you who have gone cold turkey at much higher levels but I assure you that my symptoms of withdrawal require slow and long tapering.

I advise everyone to taper as long and as small a dosage decrease as they can. Be patient and you will be able to get off it completely and forever. At least this is my humble opinion.

1:50 am December 17th, 2014

I have been taking oxycodone liquid for a year and one month now after having esophogeol surgery and part of stomach removed and gall bladder and some other small stuff. HOWEVER NOW I AM OXY DEPENDENT and sleep 20 hours of the day and have no energy. am also Malnutrition and have put off being put on TPN but know life would be a whole lot better if wasn’t oxy dependent ,I am taking 5ml every three hours and trying to stretch out the time limits as much as can have gotton to 3-1/2 hrs some of the time but cant seem to be consistant.any help would be appreciated

12:14 am December 18th, 2014

Is there a difference between 10 mg. straight oxycodone and 10 mg. Percocet? If so what is the difference. Restless leg is the worst withdrawal to me but headaches also bad.

4:42 pm December 23rd, 2014

Kathy, Percocets contain tylenol as well as oxycodone. That is the only difference. There is a med for restless legs. Ask you Dr.

2:14 am December 24th, 2014

Hi need some encouragement aND advice please was up to 4 to 5 forties oxycontin that is a day 3 years till last 4 months down to 1 forty a day now on one twenty a day not feeling g too bad can tell what’s withdraws and what’s menopause some days what’s my next move dose wise got a few weeks off work money’s tight can’t afford supplements any advice your all so brave to be on the way to having your lives back would love to hear from someone the best to you all

Scott Cameron
8:29 pm January 2nd, 2015

Hi, I just found your site and am trying to take myself off of oxcodone 5mg IR tablets. I’ve been on them for about 8 years as I’ve had 47 surgeries from a GSW in Vietnam. I’ve had alot of degenerative arthritis and spinal degeneration. I have taken my meds responsibily for this time and have tried to quit as I live in an isolated area and the pills are sent from my clinic, but have found I ha ve physical side effects. I have just started the regiment of the $1,000 a pill drugs to try to get rid of Hep C which I got from transfusions in the military and don’t know if this is the proper time to spot these as I’m also experiencing symptoms from these new anti viral drugs. My worse symptoms from the oxycodone withdrawl are crawling muscles and insomnia, but particularly the muscle problem as I can’t stay still and have to get up and walk. It’s now 2:30 AM and I’ve just gotten up and find I need help with this. I have been given a muscle relaxer and want to take these if they will do any good, but again there is a long list of medications I can’t take with these Hep C drugs so I have to be careful. My question is do you think a very slow withdrawal would be best for me. I’m speaking of maybe 10% per week or less and should I be doing this now or wait until I finish my Hep C treatment. I live in the Philippines and the doctors here are not the most knowledgable. I have had 2 years training of a lab technician and know a little about the physiology of the body. I’ve taken myself off of morphine time release patch before and believe I can also do this myself with help to alleviate the side effects . Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I cannot take NSAIDS a my liver is stage 1 cirrhosis from this disease. I am a non drinker. Consequently I have to watch which drugs I take as I have osteoporosis and stenosis of the spine in my neck and thoracic area of my back. I have quad paralysis of the left leg and weakness tending toward a drop foot, but through exercise I am able to walk without a brace. These are inoperatable at this time as I had an attempt 2 years ago and the doctor didn’t finish the job and closed me up without finishing as he tore the membrane holding my spinal fluid. Now scar tissue and no doctor willing to try. I have found a few non-opiate drugs that help me through the pain that are metabolized by the kidneys , not the liver. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I’m now opiate compromised and know there are more surgeries in my future and need to get off these. Thank you very much.

10:13 pm January 4th, 2015

I had to detox from Oxycontin which I’ve taken for severe pain for 10yrs, as I had become dependent (no addiction thankfully) and it was not lasting 12hrs, I was getting massive yawning, pouring eyes & beak for (eventuallly) hours before the next was gone, as I postponed going to my doctor as I had been told to reduce them over about 6wks 4yrs previously then change to morphine after & was terrified of the terrible withdrawal…I went utterly crazy with terror & panic, couldn’t do it & my doc let me go bsck onto oxycontin.

bob geiyer
8:59 pm January 5th, 2015

I have bin off of oxycodone for 6 days, had bin taking 40 mg a day for years. how long does it take to start feeling better and have my receptors correct. I am now taking gabapentin ( 4 month ) for my lower back pain and it does not work very well to relieve my back and nerve pain.

11:22 pm January 8th, 2015

I’ve been prescribed oxycodone 40 mg for pain management and ever since i started years ago i get hot very easy. For example I could be standing brushing my hair and would start to heat up. Is this something that is common with taking this drug?

3:51 am January 11th, 2015

I have been taking narcotics for chronic pain for about 10 years with med increases frequently. Started with Vicodin, increased to norco, now on oxycodone for about 6 months. I develop a surprisingly quick tolerance. Could I change back to norco to lessen the symptoms or is oxycodone withdrawal going to happen no matter what? I guess I mean after this long will going from oxy to norco then to vicodin going to help withdrawal symptoms or is it going to happen no matter what opiod I am trying to decrease or stop? Since the blog is specifically about oxy…is oxy differnet from other narcotic withdrawal. Thank you.

5:12 pm January 12th, 2015

Hello, I have been on Oxycodone for about a year now, and before that Vicoprophen for about a year and a half. I was diagnosed with L-4 L-5 S-1 bulging discs. I had quite a few pain blocking procedures and they seemed to help somewhat for awhile. Finally I had a lamectomy ( the most painful thing I have ever experienced ) in October continued to take Percocet although at an increased dose, 2 10mg every six hours as needed, well as need became 3 10mgs every 6 hrs, for a total of 12 pills a day. Well at first I really needed them for the intense pain, but after a month when the pain at eased quite a bit, I continued to take 12 a day, somewhat recreationally ( I was still laid up, and it helped pass the time while watching movies an reading) it became my friend. Well it started to wreck havoc on my relationships an I knew it was time to stop. I went to a pain clinic and was evaluated by a Dr. First he cut my dosage from 12 a day to 8 a day, and he eliminated the Acetaminophen ( to help my liver) so the first two weeks it was 8 a day next two weeks was 6 a day, right now aim on 4 tabs a day for two weeks, and I assume next will come 2 tabs a day for two weeks followed by the last two weeks of 1 tablet a day. This has been hard because I was really addicted. My question is, after this very gradual weaning, when I take that last 10mg tablet, am I still going to have withdrawls? I’ve gone off vicoprophen a couple time and it was miserable. Thank You

4:34 pm January 15th, 2015

my husband has many football injuries and only takes oxycodone when absolute;lynecesary. He has taken 1/2 to 2/3 of a pill twice a day for 3 days and then after 2 days another dose for an event he had to attend and maybe one other time this wsweek, but he is experiencing severe pain and agony now. He had back surgery 3 yrs ago and the doctor gave him oxycodone afterwards assuring him he would not get addicted to it. When Dan stopped suddenly after only 2 wks (with no information given us by the doctor as to how to do it) he went into a very severe withdrawal that landed himn in the hostpi\tal and then in a drug rehab for 10 days. It was hell on earth. Now, we are in what seems the same situation with only a very few pills during this one week. Prior to this week he has maybe taken 1 pill in the last month. He hates taking them and avoids it at all cost. What to do now???? Suzanne

4:51 pm January 15th, 2015

Is Methadone useful in phasing off of Oxycodone?

1:34 pm January 16th, 2015

Hi Ken. Good thing is that you are tapering, this reduces the severity of the withdrawal symptoms. However, you can still expect to experience withdrawals after you completely stop. Symptoms will be less severe and you can get some over-the-counter medications from the pharmacy to manage them as they occur.

4:20 pm January 16th, 2015

Hello Suzanne. From what I understand, he stops taking his medication abruptly and refuses to take it ever again. He would have suffered a lot less if he gradually reduced doses over a period of time. Now, medications such as clonidine can help manage more persistent or intense symptoms of withdrawal. Plus, supplemental medications, such as antidepressants to manage his irritability, sleep disturbance or antiepileptics for neuropathic pain may also be helpful. If there is a need, he can stay in the hospital for a few days until his condition stabilizes.

6:13 pm January 25th, 2015

I’ve been on oxcycodone for two months at 30mgs a day. I’m on my 5th week an still have trouble sleeping i take benadryl s

An my stomach feels hot. I also havr cancer when will i feel better

10:32 am January 27th, 2015

Is it dangerous to switch between taking 40mg and 60mg oxycodone? I have been doing this, taking 60mg when I need to be able to do housework or shop, or when I am having a higher level of pain. Otherwise I will take 40mg. The Dr. I have now will not let me vary my dose, so he has me strictly on 60mg. I felt I was doing much better not having to take such a high dose all of the time. I am trying to reduce my dose as much as possible, and not having the option of a lower dose I find very upsetting. He will not discuss it with me. Am I wrong here?

11:01 am January 27th, 2015

I am down to between 5.0 mg and 7.5 mg. per day. Is it time to just stop completely or should I continue to taper down over the next month?

Thank you for all of this Info.
2:50 am February 2nd, 2015

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of this info. I just want to tell you what happened to me recently. I have been taking OxyContin 3 times a day for the 2 Severe Back Surgerys I have had. I have what they call a Metal Cage in my. Back holding my Disc in place. I also have had a brain injury actually it was a brain aneurysm burst in my head in 2006. I have had two brain surgeries so far And I have been taking this medication the two medications for around 15 years. Well my primary care doctor was really mad at me we had a disagreement about a Medical procedure he wanted me to go through and I Didnt want to do the procedure because it couldve en I went to Florida on vacation this year 2015 he decided to take all my medication away from me. He wouldn’t re order

1:53 pm February 2nd, 2015

Down to 5.0 mg per day, (2.5 mg. twice a day). Should I stop completely now or wean down to 2 1/2 mg. per day? Having mild symptoms of withdrawal but nothing unmanageable.

Does anyone know what is the best way to do this last step? Is it likely that I will still face more severe withdrawal symptoms when I stop completely?

Little help please! Anyone?

9:03 pm February 2nd, 2015

I have been taking hydrocodone/ acetaminophen 5-325(Vicodin) and oxycontin 30 mg controlled release tabs as prescibed (3 vicodin and 2 oxy) or less until I had a Pain increase for a couple weeks. I Started taking more than prescribed. Now I need more just to function. So I decided to stop the oxy. Now the withdrawal is insane and I only stopped the oxy not the vicodin. I want all out of my system. I don’t know what to do. I can barely write this or even function with just 3 vicodin in my system and I am dropping that down to 2 vicodin today.
So right now I feel like total crap.

4:54 pm February 3rd, 2015

Have this site posted on my facebook page with a comment about my addition to this drug. Have stopped taking 75mg 3x’s a day and to date am down to 15mg every other day. It was set up by the VA when I lived in CA for my neuropathy in my feet. The VA here in Arizona cancelled me taking Percocet at night for sleep when I fell and broke my hip March 11, 2014. Although they didn’t say I am sure my high dose of morphine and me taking Percocet at night for sleep was the reason for them to decide to get me to cut back. They did not however advise me to get treatment;find treatment or give me help other than just to cut back. Your website helped by letting me know at least what was and did happen to my body when stopping on my own.
Thanks to your advise I am now finally almost off this drug.
Do think depression sets in. The thought of failing to stop is not me.

12:05 am February 13th, 2015

I got off hero in about ten years back and went through about 40 withdrawals cold turkey, meth,sub and each time got harder. I’ve now been on 120 Oxys for 9 months and I’m going through day 5 of withdrawal but if tried to go one day clean one day taper to 60 then one day clean next day 30 with plenty Valium and immodium – so far I’ve not had the severe cramps etc expected. Am I doing this wrong by going a day clean then a top up or is this just easing the withdrawal….I’ve been taking about 20-30 blues a day with gabs and I feel uncomfortable but not as I expected? Any advice?

2:36 am February 13th, 2015

I am very glad to find very educational information on Oxy withdrawal management, Thanks everyone.

11:09 am February 18th, 2015

i accidently got addicted to morphine from a friend a few years ago in whom did not tell me that this miracle drug pain relief pill would make me very ill within a few days of using it,, if i didnt have it… i done cold turkey without knowing what i was in for… and Holly mother of god, did i experiece the whole kit and caboodle !. In which lasted exactly ten days straight none stop demonic feelings of all sorts i would never in my life wish on my worst enemy. { seriously }. ive done the buperanorphine program on 12mgs for 3 years and went back to using it again thinking that just one more pill will be alright, ” i wont hang surely “, but 40mg put me on the nod to start with but with in two weeks, could not get the same feeling anymore, which meant i had to increase it a little. Anyhow, my problem is that i cannot get hold of anymore and had my last one today, and now im panicking about once its gonna wear off and i start suffering the concequenses once again. God im such an idiot. So so addictive. It is true that our body feels straight away fantastic once we have just used a tablet, and the only suggestion i have is to take codiene to help with ” only some of these symptoms “, and just put up with the rest of the bullshit that goes with it, seeing though us idiots keep doing it all over and over again. Anyone who has wanted or is wanting to use such a tablet, should really ask around from people who know the addiction and have experienced this withdrawal. OH BOY, NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO WHEN MY SYMPOMS START, And im so badley hoping it wont be as bad as my very first cold turkey detox, cos i was on a very very high dosage, when i done that ten day demonic detox. MY GOD… NO BODY DESERVES TO GO THROUGH THOSE WITHDRAWING STAGES THAT NEVER ENDS. And lasts for ten to fifteen days straight. OH and i lost too much weight over ten days that i was almost anorexic. horrible…… thanks for reading a little of my story…. Donna……..

11:49 am February 18th, 2015

Hi paul, My name is Donna & i read your post and feel so awful and sick to my stomach knowing what u are going through. you are on such high doses, but i have heard from a few people that the way u are detoxing slowly decreasing the mgs, is the smart way to do this by far. Good on you matey, I really hope u can do this. and with your experience, you should definatly know that it all takes time. Not to rush it or mess up the system u have going on. Man ive had some demonic cold turkey detoxing days myself and wouldnt wish it on my worse enemy mate hey !

1:19 pm February 18th, 2015

Hello my name is walter i am a type one dieabetic since 2004 and i had my first surgury in 1989 for colitis and from that operation they gave me compartment syndrome in both legs causing perment nerve damage. But from 1989 to 2004 i have had 15 surgeries and when i woke up from the last one they said my pancreis gave out from so many surgies. and now the dieabetes is attacking the nerve damage causing real bad nerupothy. Well about two years ago i hurt my shoulder and started taking vicodine the 5-325 and the last 6 months i have been taking the immediate rel tabs oxycodone 5mg taking 30mg a day for the last couple of days and wanna slowly stop taking them and with the type one will it be harder cause i now any thing that happens to me now like getting sick my sugars go through the roof so i am assuming coming off the painkillers will be harder and will it take longer to come off them let me no please need to save my family. thank you for listening walter

5:54 pm February 18th, 2015

Hi im Donna and ive had a couple addictions most my life, including oxy codone. Ive only just learnt how to check out different sites on my computer, and these ones are the best thing i couldve stumbled upon. I feel so sorry for all us people with addictions, because ive experienced withdrawal big time myself. I have a little tip for mild withdrawal in which has worked for me on certain occations, and that is ” codeine “. It does take some of the discomfort away. Good luck to us all on getting well hey.

9:47 am February 19th, 2015

Hi its Donna back today after relapsing with meth yesterday after four weeks, also started to withdraw this morning from the oxy codone 40mg tabs id been using for four weeks now to help me get over the worse stages of cold turkey meth withdrawing. Well silly way to do it, Cos im suffering now from both, and… ive used meth for 23yrs and oxys for approx 11yrs. Ive got bad trembles in hands and legs, OH, not to mention chills and sweaty same time. I cannot stop my legs from moving around aggitated, its driving me crazy. My body is aching constantly, and will for days on end too. {Seeing as i already know what to expect} { AHHHH }. I got ten panadeine fortes today by about 4.00pm and have started to ease up just a little than i was feeling earlier. So my advice about taking codeine to minimize the symptoms of mild to severe withdrawing people, WAS RIGHT !. I am feeling prob about a quarter better. So i hope someone will some day comment on doing that them selves, Because that would make me a very happy woman for at least helping a little…… Good luck ANYONE…. u all have given me a positive outlook for my future for good this time. { SERIOUSLY } !

9:19 am February 21st, 2015

I’m an addict and want to stop taking oxys I would say that I usually take up to five hundred 25 mg a day what is the best mg to start taking day by day or week by week however I don’t have that many to continue to wean off for a long period of time I do not have a lot to work with to wean off maybe 40 however have 4 children at home that need my care and cannot be so sick and order to not take care of them do not have a PCP and have been taking my husbands medication with him knowing I need to stop immediately it’s the best thing for me also a year ago with addicted to xanax and was the worst withdrawal I’ve ever been through some very fearful of this withdrawal I can not be sick I don’t have the time my family needs me I need the best solution possible please help

11:02 pm February 22nd, 2015

I’ve been taking 30 mlg roxies daily for about 2 months now. First one tablet would get me super high then without realizing I started taking 2 sometimes 3 a day. My pain management doctor does not know about this. He prescribes 7.5/325 oxicodone 3 times a day for several problems (stenosis, disc tear, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome) I haven’t really been taking the 7.5 ones because I fell in love with roxies which I buy on my own. As of a few days I have started to get withdrawal symptoms after 8 hours of taking the roxies that before would keep me pain free and YES high for 24 hours or more. My question is: is it Going to work if I stop buying roxies and stick to my prescribed 7.5? And how many more than 3 a day would I have to take? And also my psychiatrist has me on Tofranil 150 mlg for depression and anxiety. Would the Tofranil help?

I appreciate information that can help me stop taking the roxies. I am a mom and cannot keep doing this.

5:57 pm February 23rd, 2015

Ok, I’m dumb, what are roxies?

8:36 pm February 24th, 2015

I have been on OxyCodone for over a yr now.i went to a specialist for my knee pain to see if I could have surgery he said no. They were not bad enough. It told me to get off OxyCodone. So I did. I was on 5 pills a day 15 mg. now I stopped cold turkey without letting my arthritis dr. Knowing. I am having mild diarrhea,feeling alittle light headed so how many weeks does it take to get out of your system?

Bee Thebestmom
6:06 pm February 27th, 2015

Kathy roxies are oxides without the tylenol….pure form

5:50 pm March 2nd, 2015

Weaned down to only 2.5 mg. of oxy twice a day. Does anyone know the best way to totally stop? Should I wean down to only one 2.5 mg for a week first or just try to stop completely at this point?


1:03 pm March 7th, 2015

I had a major operation for a distal ulna fracture on my wrist where the Surgeons inserted plates and screw. I have been taking oxycodone 5mg tabs each night with 2 panamax tabs for the pain as there is nerve damage and union of one bone is not complete. Should I continue taking these tabs at night so I can sleep?

7:22 pm March 7th, 2015

I’ve had 14 cervical spine surgery in the past 20 years the whole time I have been on a number of different pain killers prescribed by doctors after my last surgery two thousand and nine they had me start seeing a pain management DR he has prescribed oxycontin 40 milligrams 4 times a day 15 milligrams of oxycodone 2 every 4 hours as needed for breakthrough pain which equals about 6 a day I would like to come off of office I try to slow down or cut back on my medicine and I find myself getting sick shaking sweaty cramps just horrible feelings so I have to back up again even while I’m taking my dosage regularly and on time I still feel like I’m withdrawing I would like to come off the stuff all together in possibly get into alternative medicine the doctor also has me on Klonopin for and he also has me on a sleep aid because I cannot sleep I would like to be clean from all this

9:31 pm March 11th, 2015

I have been taking oxycodone then tramadol and now oxycodone again for the last three yrs due due a back injury.Never during the day always at night and never more than 25 once in a while 30mgs. I have been on oxycodone 20 to 25 mgs every night since november 2014. I want to be off this medication. If I don’t take it at a certain time every night it is very noticeable. I ran short last month and had to take 5mg half pill for two nights and had a very hard time functioning the whole weekend and sunday night at midnight I was at the pharmacy because the calender date would change, that was insane. Two weeks ago I started taking a 10 mg tab and a large half. For the past week I am only taking a tab and a small half, approx 15mgs or slightly less. In the next night or so I will split a half into a quarter so it will be a 10 mg tab and a quarter, then in two or three nights just a 10mg tab and start going to 3/4 to 1/2 to 1/4. Will this work or should I see my doctor and ask for something to help. I would go to a rehab before withdrawals as I have been through them trying to stop in the past.

1:54 am March 17th, 2015

I have been taking oxycontin for 7 years now. I am taking 10 80’s twice a day and have for a long time now. I really am serious about quitting and I want to take a sleeping pill for at least 3-4 days. Will I be past most W/D by then??? Please help

11:07 pm March 20th, 2015

I took Oxycodone for four years and my Dr reduce the dose but it was not enough so I decide to cut the pills in half for two weeks and I begin to see results until I took my last half pill, after I took ibuprofen for two more weeks. Now I been free for 6 month “I feel great” and my new medication is vitamins and lifting weights. I did it for my family. Be strong and you will come out. Remember not to celebrate too much you never know what can happen, walk out and be safe.

9:16 am March 23rd, 2015

Hello everyone,

I have never posted on any o these forums before but would like to thank the administrator and give my appreciation to how helpful and supportive the community is to people in these dark times.

I started taking percocets a year ago. Starting from once a month, to every other weekend, to every weekend, half the week, then to where I am presently, everyday now finding myself addicted(no surprise here) . I tried to go cold turkey but suffered major withdrawals.

I started a year ago going from about 2-5 percocets (5mg /percocet) to roughly 12-20 a day(average 15). I’ve been averaging 15(75mg oxycodone) perks a day for I’d say the last 3 months. Obviously, my body is physically dependent.

I want out. My dilemma is this : I am a general manager at a gym in the sales/customer service industry. It is a very social job. My team relies heavily on me to be on point. I cannot go cold turkey because the symptoms make me anti social, unmotivated, and completely useless, thus bringing my numbers down and put into question. It’s a very production based job and I do excell however if I go without perks I do not give a shit about anything and I just absolutely cannot let my team down.

I would like to know if it is at all possible to taper down slowly where the withdrawals are absolutely minimum (or none?) so it does NOT effect me at work. As sad as it is to say, the withdrawals are too strong for me to go cold turkey without hindering my work life.

Is it possible to do this? If so, what is the proper dosage to taper down?
Do I do them evenly throughout the day from wake to sleep?
How long should my taper be?

I also have access to suboxone and have heard wonderful things. I was thinking I taper down to nearly nothing on the perks, and then take a few suboxones to minimize withdrawals. What do you think?

I greatly appreciate anyone who is reading this and desperately plee for your expertise. Thank you for the help you will be giving me.

5:01 pm March 23rd, 2015

I believe you should work with the doctor who prescribed your drugs. My doc slowly took me down from 20 mg 4-6 times per day plus fentanyl patch, 100 mg. He took me down to 75 mg patch to 50 to 25 & finally 12.5 and I had no side affects from that. The oxy was different. Went to 15 mg. to 10 (percocet) and then to 5. My main problem was headaches & restless leg syndrome (I got meds for that which worked). Unfortunately I have just had my entire lumbar spine from L 1 to tailbone fused and they are giving me dilaudid, so I am back where I started, maybe worse. The pain from surgery is dreadful but hopefully will pass and so will the dilaudid, reducing that. At some point I am so used to pain 24/7; but am very scared of the withdrawal again.

8:41 am March 24th, 2015

Kathy, I was never prescribed from a doctor. I get them from a third party. What do you recommend I do? What are the proper mg to taper off?

5:48 pm March 24th, 2015

Well, personally, I think reducing the mg and the time in between taking the pill. So if you’re on 12-20 per day, reduce it to 5-10 and then 3-6 and then begin cutting them in two–I don’t want to sound like a know it all, cause I’m not, but I do know you have to ween off. I had headaches & restless leg was the worst. I was on them for severe back pain so they didn’t mess with my head, in that I didn’t get a “buzz” from them–I guess they went to the pain. I have heard going cold turkey is horribly painful, so personally–just my opinion–weening is best. I had to go down so much so they could control my pain after my surgery which was 8 weeks ago. But I stand up straight and the pain is different–more from surgery than the arthritis/disc disease I had previously. Good luck, you can do it. Try even NA–they are the experts!

5:51 pm March 25th, 2015

I want to add that you can get medicine from your dr. for the restless leg syndrome. Also when I talked about reducting the amount of mg. I meant to add that in my opinion only you should take that reduced mg and number of pills for a week or two and then reduce some more–do the weening slowly. I wonder if you went to a dr. to discuss this addiction honestly, if she or he might help you thru this; just a thought!

12:12 pm April 7th, 2015

I had bi lateral knee replacements 2 weeks ago. I was given 10 my oxycodone every 4 hrs. While in the hospital. I now take 10mg every 6 to 8 hrs. It makes me very groggy. I know I have reduc the amount just have to take. What is the next way to do that

10:59 pm April 12th, 2015

I had lumbar fusion spine surgery on Jan. 26th. I was on oxicoton 6 a day, for about 2 months now I am trying to lower my dose. I am at 3 for the past 3 weeks and trying desperately to go down to just 2 a day. But it gets so uncomfortable the last few hours. I become depressed, angry at everybody and mean to my husband. I feel cold and my left leg hurts so bad I don’t know what to do. I tried cutting them in half but that did not help it would only last for 1 hour and than the pain would start. Would you have any ideas on what I could do? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My Dr. put me on Lyrica that did not help at all.


8:38 am April 23rd, 2015

I have been on oxycodone for ten years .Iwas at one point taking 15 ml tabs 380 per month plus 100mlg fentenole patches . I have recently reduced my oxy to 130 tabs per month but it was a difficult task and still on the fentinole ,I would like to stop completely any sugestions how to do this at home with minimal withdrals.

6:22 pm April 26th, 2015


Shorty bucher
4:04 am April 29th, 2015

Hi I have been doing perocets since the middle of December. I take about 1/2a day (maybe once a week 3 a day, if I have the money) I am trying to get off of them but no one knows I am doing them besides my boyfriend. If I ease of of them, will I still go through withdrawal? I really just wish I never got into them and am wanting to start over but with no one noticing any change in me. I can’t just not go to work. I need to continue with my life.

4:32 pm April 29th, 2015

Hello Shorty bucher. If you do a slow taper, you may experience some withdrawal discomfort, but nowhere near as adverse and intense as quitting cold turkey. Actually, lowering doses gradually and slowly is the right way to get off of a medication without causing your body stress. The doses are generally reduced at a 10% rate every week. Usually, the first 2 days are a little funky, then things get settled down. Good luck!

6:32 pm May 2nd, 2015

I won’t to stop taking oxycodone that I am prescribed because it causes arguments between me and my partner i wanna stop cold turkey but don’t know what to-do to stop i am supposed to take 20 mg a day 2 10 mg a day but i am only taking 8 mg and we argue cause he says I take to much. So I need help on how i should stop cold turkey please thanx..

5:27 pm May 4th, 2015

I was in a near fatal accident in 04.Broke c1,2&6, had3 brain bleeds which put me in a coma, lost my spleen, 6 compound fractures in in ulna and radius. Im now living with a TBI, PTSD and pain. Im seeing pain management. Hes a new Dr for me. Im 45 going through perimenopause Hot flash my ass im sweating profusely and drinking plenty of fluids so I dont dehydrate. The Dr informed me my levels are low. Im eating 120 10mg oxycodone, 60 10mg methadone and takke klonopin for the hesd trauma. HOW CANE MY LEVELS BE LOW? Is it because of the perimenopause and all the fluid loss? PLEASE HELP, I NEED A ANSWER TO THIS.

2:17 pm May 8th, 2015

Hi Laura. He may have been referring to the tolerance that builds up in your system after you take medications for a period of time. After a while, your body gets used to the doses you take, so they no longer have the effectiveness they used to produce. In order to get the same effects from the medications you will need to increase your doses. But, be careful because after a while you will get used to the increased doses, which makes it a vicious cycle.

12:55 am May 5th, 2015

usually take 10mg oxycodone 3 times a day for chronic pain usually I take 2 early in the morning when I wake up then another late morning or early afternoon rarely I take 1 more (total 40mg a day) if my pain is bad. Because of this I have finished my prescription ahead of time (2 days)– I had 1 pill early this morning then spent the day getting scrip from my Dr. which I did get. Problem– @ pharmacy scrip rejected can’t fill it until 2 days from now. I occ take one .5mg lorazepam for sleep or anxiety. So I did take 1 bc I could feel myself anxious. Of course pain is BACK I can take it (lying down!) if I have to, but I am worried about withdrawal for the next 2 days. I feel I need the 30mg per day so it’s not a question of addiction. I have been on this medication for prob 3 years so I think if I was inclined towards abuse it would have happened already. I am dizzy, already have night sweats from my illness so the Q is can I make it OK until my scrip is refilled?

11:55 pm May 5th, 2015

cut back to 3 15 mg a day of oxycodone and trying to leave my fentenol patch on 1 extra day each patch to see if I can get the patch cut back is this a good way to cut back

4:13 am May 6th, 2015

Since a severe accident where I had skull fractures, numerous broken ribs, punctured and collapsed lungs, broken collar bone, broken scalpula, broken back and nerve damage to my shoulder and face I have recovered with the exception of permanent nerve damage to my face and shoulder causing faulty shoulder mechanic and some facial paralysis. My back required rods which were taken out but there was a subsequent fracture and longer rods were put in and left permanent since the surgeon felt there was so much scar damage the 4th surgery to remove the 2nd set of rods would be ore damaging than of benefit. So, I have been on various opiates prescriptions from Narco to oxycodone to oxycontin and various combinations for 9 years. I am currently have been on the lowest daily dose of the 9 years of 6-7 10 mg pills of oxycodone for 2-3 years. I have gone from taking 1 or 2 pills at a time to taking one 10 mg pill every 4 hours basically. That includes taking a pile during the early morning hours when I wake up uncomfortable. For the last two weeks I have been reducing the dose to 4 10 mg pills per day for approximately one week and this current “week” (3-4 days now) I have been splitting pills and taking only 5 mgs approximately 6 times a day. I have more pain in my shoulder and back but feel I must get off or at least reduce the dosage because I must go in for shoulder surgery in the next 30-40 days to repair damage in the joint from the damage the lack of muscle control and normal shoulder action resulting from the nerve damage to that shoulder…… QUESTION – Should I try get off the oxy entirely before the shoulder surgery only to then go back on it? Or is it a waste of effort since once i go back on Oxy for the surgery I will become dependent again only to have to go thru a second withdrawal? Will I become re-dependent really quick or easier since I have been so recently? Will the withdrawal the second time be more difficult than this first time? Should my current goal just be to get my dependency down to that “low” (?) level of 30 mg per day and then increase the dose post surgery and THEN go for complete withdrawal? I feel like the 60-80 mg daily dose should not have been this dependency forming but it appears it was now and I am embarrassed to talk to doctors or others regarding it because it does not seem to be a dose that should be of concern to get off. BUT I don’t know. Is a 60-80 mg daily dose high enough that people would normally become dependent if they are a 6′ 2 60 year old 220 pound male?

I would really appreciate any help and comments you can provide. I am fine with all this being published if only to warn older patients on how easy I think it is now to become dependent I believe on even this low of a dose. I am not sure how though to make certain I can find or see any response you provide unless you send me something email helping me find the response.

With sincere appreciation for any an all assistance you can provide.


7:29 pm May 6th, 2015

I sound like a broken record, but I do believe that a doctor should and would help you wean off of oxy. I had a 100 mg fentanyl patch for years and because I was having back surgery they wanted me to reduce oxy’s and the patch so the pain could be controlled after surgery. My pain doctor helped me wean off slowly everything except Percocet (10 mg) 4 times a day. I was on 20 mg 6 times a day. Plus I had a spinal stimulator implanted which was removed. Even if you have not been prescribed by a physician, I’ll bet if you work with a doc they’ll help you wean off. My opinion you must have help from someone & be accountable to SOMEONE! I now have hundreds of leftover pills. But I haven’t touched them but can’t seem to throw away! Not sure what that means!!

11:50 pm May 9th, 2015

I have been on various opiates per prescription following a motorcycle accident 9 years ago where I broke my back and did permanent nerve shoulder damage. For last 2-3 years I have been on 60-80 mg daily via 10 mg pills taking 1 or 2 every 4-6 hours. Last week I reduced to 1/2 pill six times a day, actually 10-12 days ago, Yeasterday I decided I had felt bad long enough I could reduce dose more and lived thru a day on about 6 1/4 pills or 15 mgs. I wanted try stay that low a daily dose but today sucks with nausea, hot cold flashes, tired, ache, tired etc…. Should I suck it up and expect be better in 24 hours or not? I really don’t want a week of this discomfort. How long till going from 60 mg per day to 15 before you feel normal again?

El Toro
9:58 pm May 10th, 2015

I am writing this to give hope to people trying to quit Oxycodone. I was taking 50 mg a day for 6 months. I did not have a major illness or major pain, I just had mild bursitis in my left shoulder from snowboarding injury. First two doctors would not prescribe knowing how addictive and dangerous it is. I doctor shopped until I found nice Doctor who prescribed for me. We cannot blame the Doctors or our government, we must accept blame for our addiction.
At first it is great, you feel euphoric and have so much energy to get things done. When I started to have withdrawals during sleep I knew I was addicted and in trouble. I would swallow 30mg then snort 20mg, the first thing is to stop all snorting or injecting. I took 10 30mg pills and crushed it into fine powder in pill grinder. For 2 weeks I would take a tiny flat head screwdriver and dip a small scoop of powder and swallow it chased down with ice water…I did this 4 times a day. You should drink copious amounts of ice water all day to flush out the drugs. Now the hard part, you need to dedicate 14 days to kick this even if you have to take 2 weeks vacation from work. The first 72 hours is the worst as you will not sleep. You will have runny nose, diarhhea, stomach aches, cold sweats, hot flashes, muscle aches, joint pain, insomnia, anxiety, crying spells, no energy but worst of all is the restlessness and feeling your back is tingling and itching. It helps to take hot showers. Most important thing is to flush down toilet ALL your pills! If I did not flush all my pills I would have taken them. I could not stand the metallic, brassy smell that permeated my entire home from this drug excreting from my skin. There is some Thai herbal leaf that is supposed to help but I did not use it. If you have been addicted for over a year or take large doses you may need Suboxone or treatment center. Even now at night I still have tingly restlessness in back but not as bad. After one month you will be good as new but it takes 6 months – 1 year to be 100%. I’m not going to lie, withdrawal is HELL for 2 weeks with first 72 hours is the worst. Withdrawal tapers off 10% a day until 14 days. I also flushed away all my ambien and xanax pills as well. I did take up smoking again though. Do not tell your family and friends about this, they will not understand your addiction, just quit and let it fade away. I called my doctors office and cancelled my refill prescription, I have no desire for this drug now. My shoulder hurts less now then when I was on this drug. I take ibuprophen and aspirin only now. Do not dispair…you CAN and WILL do it!

El Toro
10:44 pm May 10th, 2015

Oh I forgot to mention…you need to start your detox after a good nights rest and you feel good the next morning that is when you start. Do not start detox when you are in grip of withdrwal symptoms. Also during detox eat light healthy foods such as fruits and veggies, do not eat junk food or spicy food as it will upset your stomach. Drink plenty of ice water as it will help flush out the drugs. Also with heavy long time users it may take a month to detox but you can do it! I had to quit as I wanted to start work again & I did not want to take a vacation out of country and have to always take a supply of pills with me. I’ve been clean for one month and I feel good. I just started a new job 2 weeks ago and planning a vacation to Dominican Republic to celebrate without the pills! Once you quit take a vacation to celebrate your new life, you deserve it! During the detox I went through depression and thoughts of suicide but please know those thoughts will go away once you are clean! Those who say they quit cold turkey with no problem either did not quit or they are machismo. But 2 – 4 weeks of hell is worth it to have the rest of your life back! You MUST flush all the pills away. If you throw pills in trash you will just dig them back up. You will think I should have just kept one pill for emergency, but that pill will pull you back in! Tell your doctor you do not want any more painkillers. We have to manage life without using pills as a crutch. Also try to go outside and take a bike ride or walk every day. I am not here to brag, if I can do it then anyone can. I feel your dispair and sorrow, I went through it but it is only 2 weeks of hell to get the rest of your life back. Be strong! Get mad at this drug and know that it will not control your life from now on! You CAN and WILL overcome!!!

2:10 am May 13th, 2015

steve just increase just enough to take edge off and maytain that level for a few day then reduce a tad at a time

8:40 pm May 14th, 2015

Been using OxyContin 20mg ER 2/day for 4 mos. Three wks ago went to 20 & 10mg ER 1/day ea. On advise of my oncologist yesterday, today went to 2 – 10mg ER 2/day. A week from today will go to one 10mg/day for 7 days then following week to nothing. Sound feasible to you?

11:11 am May 15th, 2015

Sounds good, Robert. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, you can take it a bit slower. Otherwise, I believe you are on a good path. After you completely stop taking your medication, some withdrawal effects may occur and you may need to be ready to treat them with over-the-counter medications and home remedies, or prescription meds. Don’t hesitate to contact your doctor if there is need.

8:17 pm May 17th, 2015

Today is the 17th of May, 2015. Having spine with Bulging disc surgery on the 28th. All my doctors know I take oxycodone-acetaminophen 10-325..Been taking 3 pills in 24 hours. When should I cut back?

12:51 am May 21st, 2015

I am having a variety of serious health problems, and have been prescribed oxycodone (up to 60 mg a day as needed) off-and-on for the past 6 months. Recently, I fell and fractured my shoulder, and my doctor is encouraging me to take at least 40 mg oxycodone every day to help avoid “frozen shoulder syndrome” (which can occur when pain stops a person from moving their arm.)

I am worried about becoming addicted. I am wondering if “toughing out” the pain and taking little or no oxycodone for a day or two each week will help me avoid getting addicted. I also wonder if taking oxycodone for only part of each day might help avoid addiction. I see lots of articles saying how terribly addictive oxycodone is, but I can’t seem to find any real data on how many people get addicted, or whether the steps I am considering will help avoid addiction. Do you know of any actual research on these questions?

I see a lot of articles saying just not to take narcotics, but I am unable to take aspirin/NSAIDS due to repeated problems with internal bleeding, and can only take a little acetaminophen due to liver disease. (I have never had a substance abuse problem; the reasons for my liver disease are unclear.) The pain I am having is often pretty bad.

It is not clear whether I will recover from my illnesses or die soon. If I actually have years of life left (I am in my 50s), then I’d hate to become addicted. On the other hand, if I may die in the next year or so anyway, then suffering through the pain is pointless. I wish I had a better idea of the actual risks of becoming addicted, and how to avoid them. If you know of any data on this, I’d appreciate it. Than you!

11:47 am May 21st, 2015

Hi Kitty. I don’t believe you have the potential of becoming addicted, but dependency will be formed. However, it is much stressful to your organism to be experiencing such pain without taking anything to help you manage it. After your injury has healed and pain is gone, you can safely taper down with medical assistance.

2:08 am May 22nd, 2015

Thank you very much, Ivana!

7:21 pm May 24th, 2015

taking 2-3 oxy 5/325 for 2 months, will I have a problem going cold turkey ?

11:22 am May 26th, 2015

Hi Joe. After 2-3 months regular dosage, cold turkey is not the best or most recommended method for going off Oxy. I suggest you get a tapering schedule and a list of medications that can help with withdrawal symptoms. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for help around any issues.

8:11 pm May 24th, 2015

I have had severe chronic back pain for a couple of years. I have been taking Oxycodone 15mg three to four times a day. Recently I am recovering from another back surgery of 8 screws to stabilize the spine. I decided to try to come off the oxy. and began taking Tramadol Ultram 50mg 3 times a day for pain and I feel better than I did with the oxycodone. I stopped the Oxycodone and Oxycotin 4 days ago and I do feel jittery and have cold sweats off and on. Should I just cut the pills a little at a time or is it okay to stay with the Tramadol???? I want to get off all medication as soon as possible and be pain free. I am 82 years old. Thank you for your input in this matter.

No longer slave to Oxycontin
3:49 pm May 27th, 2015

I was prescribed Oxycontin for a year and a half for cervical disectomy and three level fusion with lower extremity weakness and pain. Also have significant neck pain. I started to have diarrhea last summer with incontinence and attributed this to cervical myelopathy. I was prescribed oxycontin 20 mg 2 x day; with Percocet 10/325 mg two tabs for break through pain which I took before I went to bed. My head was cloudy and I had no energy, I decided not to take this medication any longer so I quit cold turkey January 6, 2015. I had horrific stomach cramps which I bound my abdomen with ace wraps, severe restless legs, No Sleep. My head is finally clear although I am still having poor sleep which is so difficult. I have used herbal teas, herbal supplements for sleep which work for 2 1/2 hours then up for four hours. Finally getting some sleep. No matter how much pain I have I vowed I will never subject my body to this horrific drug. I am praying sleep will return to normal soon.

4:43 pm May 27th, 2015

That’s great @No longer slave to Oxycontin. Keep up the positive thinking and dedication. Thank you for sharing a positive story that will encourage other who are going through the same.

No longer slave to oxycontin
6:08 pm May 28th, 2015

Quit Oxycontin since January still have diarrhea and insomnia. When will this stop. Sleep for 21/2 hours then up for several hours. I thought by now i would be sleeping about five hours unbroken by now.

10:35 pm May 29th, 2015

I have been on OxyContin for 10 years for the management of chronic back pain. Over this period my dose has been increased to help control the pain. I was finally on 180mg per day for the last two years. With all the stigma with taking the drugs, and after talking to numerous professionals we decide to do a medically supervised program to stop taking the pills in hospital using a Ketamine intreveneous drip, to help control the pain. From my understanding the idea was to reset the receptors, and then they could restart me on a lower dose to help control my chronic pain. After five days, and not going thru any withdrawals from the OxyContin. My specialist stated, since you didn’t go through any withdrawal symptoms, my body doesn’t metabolise the drugs so you don’t need them as they were doing nothing for my pain control. I personally believed that taking the tablets helped control my pain. I am now only taking approx 40mg per day with Tramadol to control my pain. So my question is how can the tablets give me pain relief, but I have no problems not taking the tablets if I don’t require them for a few days, but when the pain becomes unmanageable I take a tablet and after approx 60 minutes I start getting relief. I take controlled relief.
Does anybody have a explanation of this and is this common problem.
Thanking you Peter

10:53 pm June 2nd, 2015

i have #20, 15 mg oxycodone to taper with (have been getting 105 per month for about 2 years, I came up with a dirty urine for something I’m not suppose to have in me, so I was cut off with 20 I’m ready to stop anyway, HATE being dependent. I’m looking for a taper schedule based on what I said I have on hand.

3:17 pm June 4th, 2015

If i have been taking oxycodone for a long time and suddenly i stop cold turkey for 3 days bit tske a few to help with this agonizing nausea will that effect my progress??

4:09 pm June 5th, 2015

I’ve been taking 10/20 slow release oxycodone naxalone for what feels like forever for pain. Doc thinks they may now be the cause of secondary pain and has said to stop taking them. I didn’t know they were addictive until I just didn’t take my next dose and hit horrendous withdrawl symptoms.
Right now I’m taking one 5/10 at night but getting withdrawl symptoms still. They are not as severe but I have awful anxiety, restlessness and don’t sleep or eat much at all.
Am I doing this right? Doctor has mentioned taking one every other night when I feel ready but will this exaserbate the withdrawl? And when should I do this as I started on the reduced dose 2 days ago? When should I be free?!
Any advice appreciated.

7:46 pm June 10th, 2015

I have a friend who is a military spouse that is dependent on roxy. Is there a treatment center that is confidential that she can go to without the military knowing and affecting her spouses career?

7:03 pm June 12th, 2015

My dr. stop giving me my oxycodone I was running out an week before time to refill,,,But she knew about we been arguing for month cause she wanted me to take Tylenol but it would give me rectal bleeding.So she knew I was running out before I would go see her.So we came out arguing cause the Tylenol was giving tummy pain and rectal bleeding..So knowing that I was running out of med’s she give an drug test. wish I diding have any oxycodone so now she doesing want to give my med’s, can this be done, am having troble filing an dr. to give my med’s back what can I do

5:43 pm June 14th, 2015

I stopped oxycodone two days ago. How long do all these symptoms last? Symptoms: chills, confusion,twitching,dry mouth, “pins and needles” in my legs etc., can’t sleep and others.

8:26 am June 18th, 2015

i was in a bad car wreck that left me with these injures- broken back in 3 spots, broke arm, 8 or 9 broken ribs, crushed legs and some burns . They ended up cutting off my right leg above the knee and I can’t use my left leg do to trauma. They also gave me a total knee replacement on my left leg.I have bad pains at all my injury spots. I have been on many different pain killers but I have winged myself off of all but oxycodone. My question to u is can I wean myself off of them with this formula. My pills r 10mg, 6pills for 3 days then 5 pills for 3 days then 4 pills for 3 days so on and so on. I tried to do it cold turkey but I thought I was dieing and just like the other people on your message forum, I don’t want to replace one habit for another by taking suboxone. Thanks for your info

3:26 pm June 18th, 2015

Hi Nubby73. If you need them for pain management do you have another way to deal with the pains when you quit? Medical experts recommend more conservative tapering and a decrease by 10% of the original dose per week is usually well tolerated with minimal physiological adverse effects. If you experience withdrawal symptoms while detoxing at this rate you may use medications (only short term) to help you lower the symptoms’ intensity.

9:10 pm June 19th, 2015

Hi, I’ve been on Oxy Contin 20mg slow release 2 when I wake up and 2 at night and Percocet 10/325mg 5 times daily I’ve been on this dose for a little over 2 years for my disease I have severe Inflammatory bowel disease.. It was very hard to get under control it took a good year and a half to get me into remission.. and I’m still in pain but I’ve come to the point where I told my Dr that I don’t want to be on this anymore and nor does he.. so we had gotten a pain specialist and as of yesterday 6/18/15 the pain Dr told me that the taper he is going to completely stop me from taking the oxy all together so thats basically ripping 80mgs oxycodone from my system and taking me from 5 percocets a day down to 1 every 6 hrs for 1 week the next week to 1 every 8 hrs to the next week 1 every 12 hrs for 1 week then to 1 every 24 hours for a week then I’ll be completely stopped.. I feel that’s going to be a massive shock to my body for I’ve been on them so long.. I’ve have many friends with this disease who have been on the same meds for basically the same amount of time and say that the taper needs to be drawn out very slow.. and my GI dr told me before I got the pain dr that the taper could possibly take up to a year! And this Dr refused to give me any options.. and I also have mental illnesses that I fear terribly that this fast taper will make much worse!! I’m in desperate need of advice!

12:54 am June 20th, 2015

I have chronic back pain and been taking oxycodone for like 5 years and i would like to get off of them because im in so much pain but i find myself running out of my script and my friends help me when im in need im really scared and truely need to get off of them

2:38 pm June 24th, 2015

Hi Kimberly. Have you talked to your doctor about what medication for moderating pain you can use when coming off the oxycodone? You cannot leave the pain untreated, so you should have a plan what to do.

4:00 am June 25th, 2015

Jack, You make the most sense of any thing I have read or heard any where. Thank You

6:53 pm June 30th, 2015

I stopped Oxycontin and Paroxetine January 6, 2015 after MD ordered x 2 years for multiple cervical herniations and 3 level cervical fusion. I still have lower leg , neck pain but I was building tolerance taking 20 mg 2x day and Percocet 10 mg every night. I was feeling very cloudy in my head. Last summer I experienced diarrhea and anxiety and I was not willing to increase my dosage. After five months I am still experiencing Insomnia and Anxiety. I have taken Benadryl, Sleepy Tea, Melatonin which work for 2-3 hours then awake for 1-2 hours for total of 5-6 hours of sleep. When will My sleep pattern go back to normal? Will I become dependent on Benadryl or Melatonin for sleep?

8:02 pm June 30th, 2015

In the last 9 months I have reduce my opiate use (Under medical supervision) from 720 mg.s of Morphine Sulfate ER and 60 mgs. of Dilaudid, Average, Daily. Was ther for a full year. I am now at 90 mgs of the MS ER and 12 mgs of the Dilaidid. At what point can I quit this stuff cold Turkey…. I will always need some for pain. but I want to get back to AS NEEDED. Not needed daily. Thanks

10:53 pm July 1st, 2015

Hi, I’m wanting to come off the oxy I’ve been taking for pain. The past three years due to back pain, I’ve been taking 30mg – 100mg daily. Yes I’ve abused it in the past, I want to come off before the abuse starts again.

Could someone tell me what’s the proper break down of dosage and frequency for them to avoid harsh withdrawl please?

I’ve got over the counter meds and my prescribed sleeping meds and Klonopin to help with withdrawal

Id like to start tomorrow.. please and thank you

4:41 pm July 3rd, 2015

In general, doses of oxycodone can be decreased by 25% to 50% per day with careful monitoring for signs and symptoms of withdrawal. however, some experts recommend more conservative tapering and a decrease by 10% of the original dose per week is usually well tolerated with minimal physiological adverse effects. If you develop signs or symptoms of withdrawal, the dose should be raised to the previous level and lowered more slowly, either by increasing the interval between decreases, decreasing the amount of change in dose, or both.

5:59 pm July 9th, 2015

How can a dr office just stop someone who has been on 80mg oxys and 15mg Percocet upto 4times a day what can I do for my mom she’s been on these for 15 years

7:21 am July 13th, 2015

I have a pain pump with morphine in it I also take 4 15mgs of oxycodone daily will the pump help when I run out of oxycodone

5:05 pm July 16th, 2015

On April5th I fractured my pelvis, was hospitalised for 6weks and was on OxyCodone 10 mg every 12 hours,On june30thon Drs advise I cut to 1 every 24hrs,On July 7th cut to1every other night. When can I come off them altogether?

12:00 am July 17th, 2015

I have been taking around 30mg of oxycodone daily for about 3 months now. I know it is not severe, but I want to stop this habit before it continues to get out of hand. If I were to just stop cold turkey. Would it be harmful to my body?

11:49 pm July 19th, 2015

I had knee replacement Feb 23 and have been taking oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-325 mg. I am currently taking two pills a day but want to start weaning myself off. What is the best way to do this?

7:35 pm July 21st, 2015

I was prescribed Oxycodon for 5 days following ankle surgery. I stopped taking the medicine last Tuesday and have been having terrible anxiety, jumpy and just generally feeling messed up in the head. The first few days were the worst last week after I stopped. My question is how soon do you think I will be thinking clearly and lose this anxiety it is driving me crazy. Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

9:51 am July 29th, 2015

I had 5 toes removed & heel cored out from frost bite last march, been on morphine slow release & oxycodine since. now doc says its time to get off em. Im trying but the problem is my damn foot still hurts. Not as bad of course but when it does I take a pill. So now Im down to 12 15 milligram oxycodine. I cant sleep without em. this is it, im not getting anymore. Do I start down sizing like taking 1 then three quarters of 1 till I get down to nothin. I get very aggitated, wrestless, the whole 9s. please help. And is there some over the counter drug or even certain foods that will help? This sucks, I work but not at my regular job. I will be going back to regular job soon & I cant be without sleep or be an asshole to everybody. Please help

6:06 pm July 29th, 2015

I have been on Oxycodone 5/325 for 2 weeks…..20 mg a day or 4x each pill per day. I have reduced to 10mg by cutting in half the pills and taking at same intervals for 3 days. I am going to 3 half pill intervals starting today for another 3 days and that is 7.5 mg of Oxy. When can I go to zero?

5:22 pm July 30th, 2015

Nerontin generic gabepentin has worked wonders for my RA pain at night and helps me to sleep better than I have in 5 years. Why no one suggested this before I dont know. with chronic pain doctors try to make pain med dependent people out to be addicts. If your quality of life sucks and meds help you to live I dont think they should wthdraw that help. this is a huge issue. suffering ruins your life. ease the suffering and live as best you can. why would docs want to us to suffer? I dont get any of it and it all s**ks

10:46 pm July 30th, 2015

I had problems with my back and many other things starting about 7 years ago and I have been taking oxymoron for approximately that long. What would. I do to wean myself off of the medication? I was taking 30 milligrams every 4 hours. I tried to only take 1 a day and then I was reduced to 15 milligrams
and again I tried to take only 1 a day in the mornings. My pain management doctor will not see m see anymore because I missed some appointments. He sent me another prescription to hold me over for a month until I can find another doctor.

Cecilia cuneo
9:35 pm August 6th, 2015

My 42 yr old daughter had gastric bypass surgery 2 months ago she was recently diagnosed with an Ovarian Cyst which is causing her severe pain she has been taking hydrocodone about every 5 hrs daily for two weeks yesterday her pain mostly decreases & she stopped the hydrocodone today she feels very nervous & shakey is this withdrawal symptoms should she call her Dr

7:25 pm August 7th, 2015

hi I have been on high doses of oxycodone OxyContin for 8 yrs due to trigrminal neuralgia anesthesia Delorosa and several brain surgeries. Aprox.0ne yr ago I detoxed off this medicine with suboxone. I was placed on a quarter of oxycodone I was taking . Over the last several yrs I have had numbness in my feet and toes along with discoloration in my toes and feet . The last few months the feeling seems to have returned in my feet/toes but they are still somewhat numb. Now I have severe constant burning in my feet ! Can the oxycodone be causing this ? I also suffer from hypothyroidism and have a recent reduction in synthroid because I was on too much from 200 mcg to 137 mcg any help is appreciated

3:21 pm August 11th, 2015

been taking generic vicodin for 5-6 yrs. Dose started at 7.750 (1-2 per day), then for last year 7.5/325 (one per day). I chose to stop taking them completely..have cut back to 1-2 per week. So far, only w/d has been some irritability, and a little less energy. (I also take Lexapro, .5 Ativan and12.5 trazadone in pm). When I stop completely, should I expect worsening w/d symptoms? (I now take 800 mg ibuprofen twice a day for pain. Helps somewhat. thank you.

11:03 pm August 11th, 2015

I’ve been on oxycodine 10 for over 2 1/2 years due to a hernia that I still have (surgery did not fix and instead caused my skin to die and I had a wound vac for a few months) my doctor said we will deal with the pain and the addiction later well I’m still in pain and now addicted and he is not prescribing as of the fall to any more patients. I’m feeling little scared and overwhelmed not sure how to come off these pills he said find a doctor to help but I was wondering how to come off thee pills safely and yet still deal with my pain.

8:25 am August 14th, 2015

Hi. i have been on oxycontin and 5mg oxycodone (Endone) for on/off 4-5 months associated with post-op related pain that would not go away. Although the chronic pains are also related to a neurological medical condition.

Approximately one month ago, I did attempt a detox using acupuncture (suggested by an Acupuncturist who used to practice as a doctor) which lasted all but 4 days, I just could not deal with the physical and psychological pain that came with going ‘Cold Turkey’. I was finding it incredibly hard to deal with the chills, tremors, pains, sweats, tearing and constant toilet trips. So I started back on 10mg of Oxycontin and Oxycodone 5mg for breakthrough pain couple of days later under the advice of my GP. Except she also argued that Oxycontin shouldn’t give breakthrough pain so she decided to UP my dose just last week to 15mg Oxycontin, which only just made it harder to wake up in the mornings. As well as feelings of nausea associated with constant burping, severe depression, constipation, trouble with concentration (brain fog). So yesterday I decided it was best to maybe ‘taper down’ myself.

Would it be best at this stage if I just stop taking the Oxycontin, since it seems to be the problem and keep to trying to take the 5mg Oxycodone only (when required). Hopefully there won’t be too much flare ups of pain, considering I haven’t been on Oxycontin too long?? I’m not sure. Or would there be anything to take in place of Oxycodone, Oxycontin altogether to not have to put up with these withdrawal symptoms, but withdraw completely? Like Suboxone, Methadone, clonodine OR even codeine (which is something lighter I used to take prior to being prescribed onto these heavier forms). I know I should have stuck to the ‘Detox, Cold Turkey’ method I did previously mention above but it was a lot physically, psychologically harder than I had originally thought. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

1:30 pm August 17th, 2015

I was prescribed oxycodone for broken ribs, I`m 66 yrs. I took 3 to 4 a day for week then 1 1/2 in am & at pm. Dr said to ween down, 1 in am & 1 pm then 1/2 in am so on, She prescribed clondine , Zanax & Trazodone, the trazodone does`nt seem to work good, still can`t sleep!!

8:42 am August 18th, 2015

I have been taking 10mg oxycodone 8 times a day for at least a year. My daughter was house sitting while I was on vacation. I left most of my meds home. She took what I left at home. I have one left . I’m very concerned about withdrawal symptoms. I have congestion heart failure. A pacemaker defibrillator. What should I do?

11:21 am August 18th, 2015

Hello Peg. Ask for medical help when the withdrawal symptoms begin. And act fast, since they can be pretty harsh. Call your doctor and tell him that you are forced to leave the medication cold turkey. Ask if your prescribing doctor can give you another prescription to save you from adverse side effects.

5:08 am August 19th, 2015

I just started using oxycodone last week after suffering an injury to my neck. I used as prescribed which was 1 every 4 hours and no more than 4 a day. I was actually averaging about 3 a day. I started to feel discomfort in my stomach, nothing drastic, but enough for me to stop taking it. I didn’t get relief until I took another pill. I’m now trying to average 1 a day at most, but notice that the discomfort returns with prolonged absence. I have 9 tablets left and wondered how I should taper down safely. I’ve not had any of the extreme symptoms associated with withdrawal: agitation, hypertension, rapid heart beat, etc.. As I said, at this point it’s just this discomfort in my stomach. I am sweating, but it is very hot here in NYC and I’m drinking a lot of water. Is there also any natural remedy I can be taking? Detox tea? I appreciate any help in this matter. Thank You.

10:25 am August 19th, 2015

What are the withdrawal symptoms from stopping two Endone tablets a day,And also will my facial flushing subside
At all?

7:26 pm August 19th, 2015

Hi, I have a question about detoxing at home. I have been taking pain pills for 8 yrs off and on but for the last 2 years I take them every day, anywhere between 9 and 16 10mg oxy a day, 15 mg morphine and methadone from time to time. I had to quit cold turkey, I’m on day 2 of this, my body hurts so bad and my stoch cramps are so bad I can’t sleep. What do you suggest taking for the deep body aches? And is it ok to use xanex to get me through this without becoming dependant of it? The cycle of dependancy is taking my life away.

1:17 am August 20th, 2015

I been on prescription oxyodone for a couple of years for pain that now it don’t work for the pain no more I need to hey off but I’m scared I need help

5:43 am August 21st, 2015

Ok I know someone who is now on day9 of being off of the life ruining oxycodone. Now… He thinks that a hydrocodone isn’t a bad idea? And says it’s not addictive and it’s not like oxy… How do I convince him that’s a bad idea?

12:20 am August 22nd, 2015

I have been on oxycodone-acetaminophen- 5mg-325 mg after my lung cancer surgery on july 24th for pain. I take them every 4 to 5 hours. I want to get off them, and resume normal brain function and activities. I get sweats, little hyper etc. but then need to sleep lots too. My doc said take until not needed but not how to wean off gradually. I’m 72, live alone on maui and a little scared now. Any advice-thanks, Elizabeth

5:04 pm August 24th, 2015

Hi Elizabeth. Maybe you can get some solid help from a pharmacist when creating your tapering schedule. You can also get some useful over-the-counter medications at the pharmacy that will help you treat or lower the intensity of withdrawal symptoms.

5:48 pm August 22nd, 2015

My Boyf was taking oxycodone and sniffing them and injected . I found out and told him he had to quit he refuses rehab and says he can quit without going that he only took 9 times.. Is this possible? It’s been weeks and he’s still having diarrhea and tummy issues and some times headaches and flu like symptoms.. Does this mean he is secretly using or still having withdrawal symptoms?… Any suggestions

5:20 pm August 24th, 2015

i was in a car accident and lost my right leg and broke my back in three spots. I am now taking one OxyContin 40 mg and one oxycodone 10mg at 9:30 am and one oxycodone 10mg at 3:pm and one OxyContin 40mg and one oxycodone 10mg at 9:30pm. I want off the meds, what would be your suggestion to tapering off these meds??? Please help me

1:50 pm August 25th, 2015

Hello Mark. Are you experiencing any chronic pain as a result of the accident? I would advise you to seek your doctors opinion about tapering doses down and quitting your medications. If you get your doctor’s clearance you will also need medical help when detoxing.

12:06 am August 25th, 2015

I have been taking oxycodone for a couple months and my doctors closed it’s door. So I am forced to get off my pain meds because no other doctors will take me. I was wondering if my withdraws are going to be as bad if I start taking tramadol I was on 160 mgs a day of oxycodone. If someone could please tell what to do I really need the help. I have kids starting school in two weeks and I don’t want to be sick or if anyone knows of a doctor around this area that could help me. Thank you!

1:13 pm August 25th, 2015

Hello Dawn. You can use SAMHSA’s treatment locator to find facilities and doctors in your area that prescribe oxycodone. Or checks out this online oxycodone prescribers directory listing for all across the US.

12:01 am August 26th, 2015

My daughter is in rehab. She meets with a counselor several times a week and attends NA meetings regularly. I recently found a bottle of prescription oxycodone and one for Xanax. I was very upset because I thought she relapsed. She told me it’s ok she is allowed to have a small amount to taper off. Is this true. I can’t believe everything she says since she has lied and stolen from me in the past. I want to support her but I don’t know if this is part of the rehab process or if she’s just manipulating me. I will add that she is 34 yrs old and has a 3 year old child. I want to believe she is doing things right for the sake of her child.

1:23 pm August 29th, 2015

I was on (4) 80mg oxycotton a day in 2006 i was then treated with methadone to help get off. Everyone said methadone/suboxone is a life long medication, i was on methadone for 5 years. I went from 130mg down to 5 mg and told the clinic that was it I’m DONE!! I went through the normal insomnia, nauseousness, restless leg, and anxiety. But I went through it with the help of gabapentin, klonopin, and seroquel for sleep.after going through what I went through I swore to God that I would NEVER take another pill. I even became a med tech and had to had out a bunch of narcotics. And you know what it didn’t bother me one bit because I remember how sick i felt and never wanted to feel that way again. We’ll about 4 months ago I ended up in the hospital for kidney infection and uti and kidney stones. They gave me dilaudid through an IV and percent, i even tried telling them I was allergic to codeine but they gave it to me anyway. Ever since then the addiction came back. I was Getting some from the hospital to my doctor to even buying them on the street. We’ll now I want OFF!! So i went to a doctor showed him all my pill bottles from over the corse of 3 to 4 months and told him to please taper me down. he was very hesitant which I don’t understand because I was asking to get off. I went from taking 40 mg of oxycodone to 30 mg to 20 to 15 to 10. 10 is where I am now. He said for 5 days take two 5 mg in the morning then one 5 mg at night. Then the next 5 days take one 5mg in the morning and one 5mg at night so that’s 10mg a day split up. He said we can then proceed to do one 5mg for 5 days and then a half of 5mg for 5 days. He never finished this with me. So yesterday was my last 10mg throughout the day. I’m so scared I can’t believe he did that. Now my friend gave me a 8mg white buprenorphine and I cut it into 4 ‘s PLEASE TELL ME what I just did was ok. I could have easily went and bought them and continued to taper myself off. If I take a quarter of a 8mg every day for 4 days will I be ok? Or did I just screw myself?

11:05 pm September 1st, 2015

i’m on 5 mg a day weaning down

7:53 am September 5th, 2015

Hello my name is jerry and I have a huge problem with taking oxycodone. It started about 10 year’s ago when I was hurt riding my dirt bike. Sense that I’ve had a major spine injury that required a fusion of my lower lumbar. 6 screws and 2 rods later the pain is sometimes debilitating, leaving me taking way too many oxycodone, up too 300mg a day. I’ve had to lie and cheat to feed my addiction. I now can’t deal with everyday thinking how I’m going to keep meds in my system. I’ve tryed to stop cold turkey and that about drove me insane.I’ve tryed going down in mg a day but fail and take and take more. I now have the drive to stop but don’t know how to approach my doctors? Please any postive help! I am a good person inside but this problem has incumbents my life! Please I need help!

9:46 pm September 8th, 2015

I’m trying too go cold turkey,I can’t I want to stop so bad,I got started have lupus needed a kidney couldn’t work without anything,please help me

9:27 am September 11th, 2015

I have fibromyalgia, nerve damage in my neck & back. I’ve had 5 knee surgeries & I need both knees replaced but it want be done till I’m 50 or so and I’m 47. Complete Hysterectomy after suffering terrible pain from ovarian cysts, uterine tumors, & other serious problems. I’ve been on & off many different pain meds throughout 10 years time. I was o most when I was put on the pain patches for Cancer patients when I was hospitalized with my stomach bleeding very sick! When I went him they sent those with me. And just kept filling them. Then I went to get them filled and they said the Dr says no more refills! I said what? No warning nothing! So here I am didn’t know what to do in my 20’s lived alone and boy was I sick quick! I can’t tell you how sick I was cold turkey Cancer patches baby! I was rolling in the floor crying, my feet were pulling up to my head oh my gosh the pain! I was freezing but I was burning, cove up, uncover, cover up, uncover. Roll in pain. So nauseas & couldn’t throw up, couldn’t eat, diarrhea everywhere to keep cleaned up as I cried & hurt all over my body so bad and cried and cried. One day ran into two I wouldn’t answer my phone when anyone would call to check on me, what could they do for me? My thinking all off. My mom & dad & aunt drove that 500 miles to scrape me up it was one of the worse experiences. I end up after making the worse of it all alone, going to day treatment at my Family Home.
So to today…they have had me on neurontin, hydrocodone,morphine sulphate, Lyrica that’s my pain meds I’ve been on in the past. I started to a ,”Pain Specialist,” hoping he’d be able to get me down off these somehow. I’ve been working with him this whole year and we are successfully rid of neurotin and morphine sulphate, hydrocodone, yeaaaa!!!!
It’s been a great success! And he’s been a great encourager. What we’ve lastly been working on is oxycodone/acetaminophen 10-325 1 twice daily
We have came down from three a day to 2 now. Well here it is. My Dr. Wrote my Oxy script out wrong it was supposed to be filled on the 7th day of the month, that’s when I ran out. But his script is written for the 15 th Sept. All I’d have to do is call him he’s the best but instead I’m trying to stop completely on my own while I’m out. I’m having diarrhea, busting headaches occasionally, leggs & feet have crawley feelings in them, exhausted, weak,nauseous,depression,sad thoughts, crying, bad attitude.sneezing, coughing,nose driping, smothering feeling up in my high torso stomach up, heart racing. My question is will these side effects get worse? How long before a break comes? I’ve been taking Oxy for I guess over a year & I came right out of hydros and morphine into it when I did.
I’ve come really far. And I just figured after all I’ve been through I surely with a prayer could do this. Am I being crazy? Will this get a lot worse before better? My last one was Tuesday morning. I don’t want to be on pills anymore. I want to see if I can make it without pills. I want to be more me. I’d like for my bowels to work correctly again. Maybe feel like moving around some. I think I can make it.

12:08 pm September 12th, 2015

I have been on Oxy for almost a year. I have a very sensitive system. My pain has finally subsided enough from my cancer to stop taking Oxy. I take the 10 dose twice a day plus a 5 now and then.
I know it is not a very high dose but I tried to stop and now I can’t sleep. I was shocked that I developed side effects from taking such a small amount. I am extremely anxious! My heart is pounding and I feel like I can’t get enough air. I have begun to yawn which you said is a symptom. This whole thing is very frightening. I hope my heart does not suffer injury from the stress. How many weeks must i tolerate this? I will cut back as you suggested. I am not strong enough to quite abruptly!!!

12:36 am September 15th, 2015

Has anyone used medicinal marijuana to aid their getting off opioids?

12:22 am September 16th, 2015

My doctor did two neck surgiers in one year time and its a year later and my neck shows swelling on the right side and my ears hurt he said every thing is fine but I am in extreame pain still I had no warning or instruction how to ween me off oxcodone10325 for two years I give up on trying to find someone to fill my script I have no idea what physical issues I will endure or what to do so w/all this pain I am left to go cold turkey

3:40 am September 16th, 2015

My surgean stopped my meds without dire tions I really don’t even care I figure I am gonna stay in bed the rest of my life because I am done trying to find help my neck swells like a ballon I can’t hardly turn my neck or do light weight work I think that anyone getting neck ruttier a stupid to trust any nerosugeon because they don’t care about the pain your in after wards and fuck trying to pain mangement becasuse they won’t see you for months after your meds are done I can’t even get physcal thearpy they act like the will help you but after the surdery they don’t give a fuck so I will lie in bed with cold packs unless god gives me a mircle fushion are cruel and not the answer rember its a buisness and they just want the money don’t trust any nero sugen he might just want to make his boat payment I just want help and I can’t even get that after his fucked up surgery they think you want mets but I want answer and my health back avoid fushion its b**lsh*t

11:34 am September 17th, 2015

I had a hip replacement done on the 1st of September 2 weeks ago and I stopped taking them on the 15 I was fine on the Tuesday but last night I have been feeling anxious and couldn’t sleep as i felt really bad. I know I haven’t been on this for long but is this normal and how long will this last?

1:37 am September 19th, 2015

Have been taking liquid oxycodone for five days following tonsillectomy. I weigh 100 lbs and have a high sensitivity to meds. Just stopped oxycodone this morning after experiencing slow heart beat and breathing problems. I was taking it every four hours. Tonight I have body ache, headache, fast heartbeat, and feel feverish even though I am on amoxicillan for tonsils. Are these side effects from stopping? I have a new script for Tylenol with codiene for four days and am scared to take it but am in pain. Will this help ease the stopping of oxycodone or just add to and complicate things.

4:10 pm September 20th, 2015

I’ve been using oxycotin for 7 years since I had a motorcycle accident, should I see my gp before I go cold turkey as I have stopped taking it for 3 days and I have lots of sideffects

6:43 pm September 22nd, 2015

Hello, I had a doctor that was writing oxycodone 15 mg for me for over the past 2.5 years. I was taking 4 a day and now 3 -6 a day. I want off these pills. I have a young child in which i would like to be around for. I no longer see this doctor. I have high blood pressure and I am terrified that I may die or end up hospitalized when i stop taking this medicine. I don’t trust this doctor as he wrote scripts without even doing any tests all i knew was i was in pain and he gave me something that helped and unfortunately i got addicted to it. Please give me some advice. I have two months of scripts left and then i have no others coming in. what can i do to safely and effectively get off of these oxycodone 15 mg 3-6 times a day?

mike p.
2:12 am September 23rd, 2015

I have been taken oxycodone for a couple of years. I started lowering the doses from 5 a day to 4 a day for 2 weeks and now I am taken 3 a day for the last 2 weeks. But I started having severe abdominal pain on the 10th and 11th day like I was having a bowel obstruction. Is this normal or could I possible have a bug? I started doing this on my own without my Doctor’s knowledge. Is this alright or am I doing something wrong. I have a strong will and I am trying to overcome my addition. Please contact as soon as possible.

mike p.
2:35 am September 23rd, 2015

I have been taken oxycodone (15mg ) for a couple of years for a back injury. I was taking them every 4 to 6 hours for a total of 5 a day. I started weaning myself off by lowering the dose to 4 a day for 2 weeks and then to 3 a day. I am on my 11th day and have been having severe abdominal pain since the 10th day , like I was having a bowel obstruction. Is this normal or could it be a flu bug? I started weaning myself off with my Doctor’s knowledge because I am sick of being addicted to a narcotic that has taken control of me. I want to stop taking this even thought I have a chronic back injury .Am I doing the right thing or should I consult with my Doctor. Please help me I do not want to live like this anymore. this is not living

2:46 am September 25th, 2015

My doctor without conversing with me switched my oxycodone dosage of 30 mg three times a day to 10 mg once a day. I’ve been on this dosage for quite a bit of time many months. Will I go through withdrawls I know this amount will not aid in my pain as the dosage I was on.

9:50 am September 25th, 2015

Hello. I am a 27 year old working professional. I just finished up my MBA part time while working full time. I have been a recreational drug user pretty much since I was 16 years old with pot, but have since stopped smoking. While in HS I tried percs (snorting like 5mg) and thought it felt great. It was very sporadic in HS and college as I was not actively searching for them, only did them as we were partying in college, etc. Once I graduated in 2010 and started working full time in corporate america, my roommates and I started finding percs more and more and snorting from 10mg to 20mg to get that same high. Fast forward to today, 2015 – and I lucked out (well unlucky now that I do it way too much) in finding a person that is on disability and will sell me scripts of 10mg and 20mg (sometime blue 30mgs) for a fraction of their street value. Since I can get them for so cheap, I have been upping my consumption to about 40-50mg a day. I realize this is jus sapping my energy, I am not a good employee like I used to be, I am distracted and literally just looking forward to going home from work to take a nap then wake up and eat dinner and start snorting again. It has become a daily cycle that is really upsetting to me and I realize it is causing all harm and no good. The problem is my roommate does it with me, my other friends do to, and we are all successful hard working people, but it is noticeable we share this same desire to get high from pain killers and it is very scary. I even have had my gf try and it and she likes it a lot when she never did it before. This makes me feel like a real piece of shit and worried for our future. I have been reading many articles on weening off/tapering or trying supplements to help. I know that I need to stop, not a question of IF, it is a must. I want to be healthier, happier, more financially stable, and a better friend, family member, and boyfriend. I am obviously worried about withdrawal symptoms, but I know my quality of life will sky rocket once I stop doing them once and for all. Since I rarely ‘pop’ them and mainly crush and snort them, I have noticed my nose is constantly sniffly and stuffy. Also, my nose starts to run and almost ‘anticipate’ doing them at night time when it would normally do them. I have had many friends that ended up getting hooked to heroin and then some even od’ing and passing because they just fell victim to this disease. I do not want this to happen to me and I need any advice/suggestions/recommendations that anyone would have. For me not to be in chronic pain yet abusing them sheerly because of the amazing high they give, it has to come to an end for me. I am 27 and want to be clean and happy and healthy. I appreciate anything you guys might suggest in terms of tapering etc. Thanks so much. Mike

9:21 pm September 26th, 2015

I have had multiple years of surgeries and car accident, I’ve been on 4-6 daily 15mg oxycodones, and I’ve had my last surgery. I think I’m ready to start lowering my dosage but worried about all the side effects from quitting cold turkey since I’ve been on pain medication for over 5 years due to medically required surgeries.

Please help

5:32 pm September 30th, 2015

I take 4 30 MG oxycod. My one pills per day for chronic chest pain that began after heart surgery. I have been told that I have a condition called “Dresslers Syndrome”. My plan is to slowly decrease by 5 percent per day. What is your opinion on this matter ?

3:25 am October 11th, 2015

Is their anyway to wean yourself off of oxycodone with 10 -15 mg pills left?

7:16 pm October 12th, 2015

Is there any over the counter things I can use to help with stop taken oxycodone?

1:02 am October 13th, 2015

I have been on 30mg oxycodone 5x a day and today its been 24hours since last dose. I feel terrible and can’t even take care of my kids. Please help me and give me advice. I am an RN and have been on medical leave but I don’t feel myself without med. I am in pain. And my appt. Is not till tomorrow at 5pm, I feel like I’m dying. I hate this. Hands shaking and heart racing can’t sleep at all.

1:08 am October 13th, 2015

To Daniel,
Good luck with weaning. I would wean less 5mg or 20mg per day x 2 weeks. Ask your pain doctor. I am feeling so bad right now. I wish you good luck . I should do same.

11:14 am October 13th, 2015

Very been struggling with opiate dependence for a long time (5 years on and off) I was prescribed 10 mg/325 norcos originally due from an incident where someone as trying to steal my car and shot both of my legs in the process (calfs and thighs). I finally had enough and visited a doctor who prescribed me suboxine 8 mg strips. They worked great! I started from 2 8 mg tabs a day down to 1 mg a day within 6 months. However I felt that I would have severe withdrawals if I don’t take the suboxine and felt that the suboxine addiction was much more intense than the norco withdrawals. I ended up having a struggle to get off the suboxine so I decided to go back to norcos and just slowly cut the doses until I quit. I truly was committed and my life needed to be turns around because suboxine effects were much worse…

Unfortunately my tolerance was too high due to suboxine and norcos were not releving my withdrawals no matter how much I took (I ended up getting sick from the acetaminophen since I needed more opiates but my body wasn’t used to acetaminophen in those doses. I made the mistake of trying a 30 mg oxycodone since it was prescribed to me for pain during my recovery. I thought it was a better alternative since there’s no acetaminophen. I was wrong…while it did relieve my symptoms…i quickly realized how much stronger they were…I became physically addicted…I started spending all my money and time to get it and my life baca me surrounded around the drug. I would take 50 30 mg a day…yes…normally this would most likely kill someone…but this was my life before I even noticed.. I truly had enough…I can’t live like this…My family, business. Life. Is very quickly taking a negative impact.

He’s the scary part…I tried going back to suboxine…It wouldn’t relive my withdrawals…I tried taking 5 8 mg strips (5 times the max amount I ever took) and it wasn’t working…I cannot believe how much stronger these little blue drug was…I had no idea…I thought they were better…I regret the day I tried them…I tried quitting and it’s impossible…I cannot function. Cannot be around my family…The mental anguish and depression a person deals with when you go through the withdrawals are untolerable…I consider myself a very strong person…and whatever I set my mind to. I usually accomplish…However…I have not been able to kick it..
Every time I try to quit I end up relapsing not because of the addiction…but because I was truly worried about my health and wellbeing while I am withdrawing…My body would go into horrible shock…I would wake up on the floor only to realize I may have passed out…praying that maybe I can pass out for a little longer because I need is time to get this out of system..

Anyway…I have been managing my addiction since I am the sole bread earner in the family of 12. I cannot check into a rehab or inpatient facility…I am beyond determined to quit…slowly decreasing the doses. And it’s working…Right now I am down to 20 30 mg a day..I hope to go down to 10 a day…Is this the way? Would I be able to decrease until I’m done? Or will I hit a plateau and must check out of life for days at s time and deal with the withdrawals?

Understand that I would never take another if I didn’t have to. I have been very good at ensuring to always take less. And never more…I have not felt normal in a month and half, there isn’t an hour that I don’t feel withdrawals. I never take enough to feel normal…I am always sweating, staying up at night…not eating Etc..

I apologize for such a depressing question…I just want anyone who is reading to learn fro, what I learned. Stay away…do what you have to. And pray that you can get off because I am still trying to figure out the way to do it…It seems like I have to lose my Business, house, parent home, and go into a inpatient program to get off them Or lose everything anyway and still be addicted to them. Hope there’s an answer…

5:48 pm October 13th, 2015

I started taking oxycodone for severe lower back pain in Dec 2009. for quite some time I took 4 5mg pills 4 times a day. In late June of this year I felt that the drug was on longer helping my pain and that I wanted to come off them. I told my Dr. and asked him to help. He wrote me out a program. of dropping 1 pill per day per week. Oct 1 2015 I was down to 4 per day and I started to get agitated in the morning and had strange thoughts. Oct 5th cut back to 3per day and I started being extremely agitated and started having jumping arms and legs at night making it hard to get any rest. Oct 8 I decided to stop all together. My pain and depression shot up I feel like my insides are racing I have had diarrhea nausea . I guess my question is how long do these symptoms last. I also have been on valium 10 mg for the same amount of time now when I take them they seem to crank me up instead of calming me down. George

7:52 pm October 15th, 2015

I took very limited amounts of oxycodone since June for a herniated lumbar disk. I was taking one pill in the morning, daily, for the last month – 6 weeks, no more. I never felt addicted at all. I stopped it “cold turkey” about 1 week ago and, ever since, have had mild symptoms of muscle movement, tiredness (moderate, not extreme) and slight lack of concentration. I have no interest in taking more oxycodone, so will this pass in time and, if so, how long, generally. If not, should I resume it, cutting pills in half first, the quarters, etc. and, if so, for how long? Thank you.

8:01 am October 19th, 2015

My husband has been taking oxycodene for 1 week it is 5mg and he takes it twice a day, can he just stop taking it or should he go down to only once a day first?

6:10 pm October 21st, 2015

Been taking 20 mg of oxycontin a day for five weeks post knee replacement surgery. Last dose was yesterday morning at nine. Did not take anything last night and was absolutely miserable. No sleep, aches and pains like the flu with chills and sweats. Help! Pain in knee is there but not terrible. Want to be off this medication.

4:55 pm October 27th, 2015

Hi I was in hospital for 3 weeks with a large prolapsed disc, I was switched from codiene or oramorph, which I had no problems taking as and when needed over a long period of time, to 30mg OxyContin twice a day and 10mg oxycodone as and when, some days as many as 6 doses. After surgery I had no pain so I decided to stop the oxycodone and gradually reduce the OxyContin dose, I had horrendous withdrawal sweats chills anxiety not sleeping sick. My doctor recommended no OxyContin and just oxycodone as and when, so at minute I’m taking 3x day which I feel ok on. Can I switch my oxycodone to 60mg codiene, as I had no problems with this drug in past and I could take it as and when with no withdrawal, I was hoping this would ease my body’s opiate need by replacing it with a weaker one so I don’t get the awful withdrawal, I want these pills out my system and never have to take them again 🙁

sue m
5:46 pm November 2nd, 2015

I had open heart surgery in Aug of 2014, and have been taking Oxycodone/Acetaminophen since then .I want to stop taking it very badly, and have been trying to wean myself off. At this point , I’m taking an average of half a 5-325mg tab a day. I have 31 half pills left. I am having withdrawal symptoms.How should I proceed to withdraw completly??

1:55 am November 3rd, 2015

I have been addicted to oxycodone for the past 5 years. In the last 6 months, I have tapered myself to 30-60 mg of oxycodone a day, each day. For the past 3 days, I have taken a 8mg Suboxone strip to help with the withdrawls from the oxycodone and have not experienced any withdrawls and feel a whole lot better. For the past 36 hours, I have not taken any Suboxone or oxycodone. If I decided to take a 30 mg oxycodone, will I experience all the withdrawls of coming oxycodone like I would have before taking the Suboxone?

7:34 am November 3rd, 2015

I have been on oxycodone for about 2 yrs. for two severe falls. One fractured spine. The next broken femur-hip-leg. I am trying to eliminate oxy but get discomfort now and then, leg spasms and nervousness for examples. Please tell me how to stop taking it. Pain is now minimal and I want off these drugs, even if pain comes back from not taking it. Please help. This drug has totally changed my personality. I was always very social; now I have no desire to go anywhere. I am up all night and sleep all day. Please help; I want my life back. I do not live I only exist! I know that the oxycodone is responsible for this change. Thank You

2:25 pm November 5th, 2015

I have been on Oxycodone for about 4 years and I would love to get off them. Your article is helpful but I have tried to get off them but the withdrawals are unbearable. I’m thinking a detox clinic(DC) is probably the best choice for me, now question…do all DC use clonidine to help with the WD? One of the big WD symptoms for me is Double Vision after about 30 hours without any Oxy, is this normal? Also my appetite is very surpressed when going through WD, is this normal?Please help get me on the right track, it’s making life miserable…

9:18 am November 8th, 2015

I suffer chronic pain and fibromyalgia myalgia I have static nerve and major neck and shoulders upper back pain I was seeing a pain dr. But I was called by the clinic to cancel my appointment my pain dr. Did not renew his contract and left the center they had no other dr. My medical info was sent to another clinic they would see me in a week to review then will be another 2 weeks for a medication appointment I was a couple of days from running out of my Meds I took 40mg oxycotin 2xday and 10/325 Percocet every 6 hrs and then I had nothing I ended up in the ER sever pain in my pelvic groin throwing up dehydration and nausea I felt like I was seriously dying yet I was so anxious and anxiety just wishing it would end and I’d just get it over with and just die the gave me couple shots daludin and volume sent me home with 10 5/325 Percocet and nausea Meds I was just as sick as before the 5/325 did nothin for me I finally went to my primary care Dr. She dropped me to 20mg oxycotin 2xday and 5/325 3-4 times a day and I really think about I’m not gonna tell you what I think about but I hurt I’m in so much pain I have a migraine headache 24/7 I can’t get out of bed just to use the bathroom diarrhea and I throw up any time I get up I can not be in the light my eyes are so sensitive I don’t want to eat or drink and the list goes on if they get a pain dr will I just go back for my dose or will I be strong enough to let go should I go to rehab what do I do about my pain I was at least mobile and active on my full dose Meds please help I can’t take this much longer I’m so depressed and sad angry hurt mad scared

4:36 am November 16th, 2015

please write me with the there a syndrome where you cannot get off of oxycodone if you withdraw too quickly?i tried to go from sixty for six years to five in a month and now i have severe withdrawels from sixty one month forty five the second month forty the third month thirty now in four days i am taking 3,600 mgs of gabapentin a day in three doses which is helping and i am on ritalin for adhd which also helps with the withdrawel long till I get off this med safely?is there other drugs non opiates to help me with withdrawel>please send me the answer to my email because i probably won’t be able to find this website again.debbie

6:24 am November 16th, 2015

I had ankle surgery for double fracture,was on 20 mg. A day,plus 15mg. Every 4 hrs. After released from rehab I tried to cut down as much as I could .I made a month supply last 2 weeks.After that I started going through withdrawals also more pain ,so I went to the hospital they gave me a script. For 10 20mg. Oxytocin, I got them and cut them all in half and plan on only taking half when I can’t take the pain,but I want to cut down to a quarter towards the end of them.Is this a good idea?

10:05 pm November 16th, 2015

Hi, I have been on some kind op opiate for 18 years, since I was in a car accident as a teen, starting with vicodin and kept moving me up. I am now taking oxycodone 15 mg 3X a day for herniated and torn discs. I want off so bad. I am completely dependent and I just want a normal life again. I have three children and I want to grow old enough to see my grandchildren. This cant be good on my organs. I have tried to quit by cutting back but even cutting back a little or cutting them in half gives me ALL of the above symptoms as well has head aches, blurry vision, confusion, and even hallucinations. I feel like I am only normal with them now. How do I do this? I have never wanted something so bad in my life then to be off these meds. If I would have known this is what they would do to me then I would have never taken them and just dealt with the pain. I feel like I need assistance (in care) to get off. 🙁

12:04 pm November 17th, 2015

Hi Jennifer. Help is available! You can call the helpline number displayed on our page to contact our trusted treatment providers and find a treatment program fit for you. Also, there is an online resource for finding certified treatment centers in your area. Click here to explore more:

9:36 am November 17th, 2015

I have been taking 10 30mg oxy’s for about a year now and have got to this level over the years. It started about 8 years ago just taking a few Vicotin for fun, and loved the feeling so to keep the feeling I had to gradually take more and more until Percocet then oxy now 10 a day which ain’t cheap. I want to quit and havnt takin any for 9.5 hours and the restless leg has set in pretty bad. How long will this last? What do you think I’m going to go through? Is this safe if I push through all it? Should I smoke weed? I have a 3 suboxone, should I take one now?? Will this get worst for 4-5 weeks!!??? That’s what I was reading… Please help

Done With Big Pharma
11:28 am November 17th, 2015

Was prescribed 25 mg of Oxy’s per day for over a decade. Woke up one morning, bought Somme Phoenix Tears, was off those pills within 4 days. Done. No withdrawal symptoms and it was healthy. Say NO to big pharma! It’s a trap!

6:20 am November 19th, 2015

I have been on oxycodone for about 5 months for a problem with severe pain in my right shoulder. At times the pain was excruciating. I have finally started physical therapy and for whatever other reasons the pain is all but gone except I still do not have full range of motion or the pain will again start. Because I have so many other health issues one being a respiratory problem COPD and knowing that oxycodone affected that I have been very anxious to get off of it and felt that now that the pain has decreased so much and can be controlled with Tylenol I have stopped it by decreasing to half the dose for 2 days and then half that for the next 2 and half that for the next 2 days. I did in fact have several of the side effects you stated nothing too severe but I am now off completely. It is now approximately 2 days with no oxycodone and I have felt irritable, anxious and had diarrhea with stomach cramping I was shakey had chills with a runny nose and just felt generally unwell during this period of stopping the medication. I was not certain but thought that what I was feeling had to do with stopping the oxycodone. I did not talk with the doctor but realize now that I probably should have. But I think I am doing okay now and I did check with the pharmacist before doing this to ask how I should handle it as I knew I should not just stop abruptly. It was tremendous help when I needed it but happy to be off.

I feel...
2:30 am November 28th, 2015

I I feel stomach pain after taking oxoydone acetaminophen and I wonder if the drug is responsible. So I want to stop. I have been taking it regularly for two weeks. But today. I only took one tablet in the morning. How do I stop? Will I have withdrawal symptoms.

5:12 am December 2nd, 2015

I’ve read through this post among countless others on other places. I feel all of your pain, been there done that, Joe..Have to say, I like that you’ve commented. The truth about what’s going on after a long period of time is more physiological than most want to tell. It had so much more to do with brain chemistry than most else. While long term oxy use, if you have accessible would be through a Dr. However not so many have that luxury. The problem has too do with brain chemistry after long period. In layman’s terms, you’ve been faking your brain out. Cold turkey, taper (which is prob best and way easier on your body). Still it’s gonna take some time, a hard road. Perseverance, and realize someone sold you down the wrong road. Without the desire to quit, you will not make it. If you are in real pain, but not getting relief from your meds..your brain is tricking you thinking you need them. I’ve read hundreds of stories of people that are hooked because they can’t live through the pain of their original pains. That’s where quitting oxy comes in, during quitting, it will send all of these nerve synapses out making you think you need it still. don’t. It had its own power. Many people I’ve talked to once getting past certain phases realize that cutting the drug of completely, their pain is much less. It’s gonna grab on, make you hurt, it wasn’t to continue. Quitting oxy may be the hardest thing you will ever go through. But stay strong! You can do this, for many..the mind will trick you. If the meds aren’t helping the pain..what’s the point in continuing? It’s so physiological. The ending is Hell! But why continue only because you are scared? Not telling you it’s not going to be awful..It is. But think of the time wasted, it’s never going too get easier..your brain meds time to regulate. Sucks that way, and if it’s been a long time, you need to taper, you have health problems, you will need help. But…It can be done. Sending strength to you all. Take your life back…It’s gonna suck for maybe a long Damn time, but the longer you wait…The harder it is. Wish you all the best, just realize this ain’t it, not worth the money, family, pain that you really don’t get relief from. Sick it up and in, gonna be tough, but not gonna be any worse than the pain you’ve spent so many years or decades in already

5:33 am December 4th, 2015

I was on morphine 30s 2 times in 24 hrs It been three days I conquered that battle but now I’m trying to do the tapering process on oxycodone 30s I’m at 4 half pieces spread out wanna take a dose away how can I finally be done with those I cry wasnd off so scarred but determined thank you for reading plz help

9:51 am December 12th, 2015

I am currently taking 40mg x 3 daily of oxycodone and have been doing so for the last six months. The other day I attempted to stop taking it by first taking 1 per day for 3 days and then stopped all together. About 15hours after taking my last tablet my Withdrawals were moderate and getting worse, I went back to my original dose. I was wondering what would be a good dosage plan to minimise my withdrawals as much as possible. And also what are some non opiate medication that would help with withdrawal symptoms, and is there any over the counter medications, natural remedies, certain foods or anything else that may help at all to reduce my withdrawal symptoms. any advice will b greatly appreciated as I do not wish to feel the large amount of pin and discomfort that I experienced last time I attempted to stop taking the pills.

12:48 am December 22nd, 2015

I have been on dilated and oxycodone for approx a month and a half due to surgery. I stopped when the meds were gone and now have a constant shocking throughout my head and body constantly. …to the point of going insane. I’ve been doing research and nowhere does it say how long this withdrawal can or will last. Help! Please!

11:17 pm December 25th, 2015

I’m trying to get off the oxycotin I’m taking 2- 20mg a day I stated taking them after a car accident I’ve tried doing cold turkey but the withdraws are terrible

10:30 pm December 28th, 2015

I being taking for three days now will I get sick if I stop now

1:25 am December 29th, 2015

Agustin, I doubt you will get sick and I would stop now, I don’t wish this hell on anybody. 🙁

5:41 am December 30th, 2015

I’ve been on oxycodone for 3 yrs. I stopped and went through hell for 2 weeks of withdrawal. All over the withdrawal but can’t find any pleasure from anything anymore. Hate people, hate life, deeply depressed and miserable. Feels like life is over for me. I look at old people and am jealous because they are so close to the end. I don’t want to live any longer. I just want life to be over.

10:37 pm December 30th, 2015

I have a wide variety of problems that got me addicted to painkillers,currently taking 6 to 8 pills/day oxycodone 30 mg. It started almost 2 years ago. I was on Requip for RLS, restless leg syndrome. I had gastric bypass surgery to lose weight and change my life for the better. I went from 395 lbs to 160 lbs in this time. Unfortunately due to the gastric bypass surgery, the Requip was no longer working for the RLS. Because of type of gastric bypass surgery,Roux n y, medicines do not stay in my body that long. Due to this my doctor prescribed Lyrica, also known to help with RLS. After a bit, the Lyrica wasn’t doing anything. That’s when my doctor added pain pills to the mix. Started on vicodin, then norco, then percocets , now oxycodone 6 to 8 per day 30 mg. I recently have been reading about Lyrica and noticed that I was experiencing most of the nasty side effects of Lyrica and have decided to stop it. I have been off it 3 days now but notice my body is still craving it and have added another oxycodone or two to my daily intake. I think I can beat the Lyrica addiction but fear I will not be able to stop the oxycodone. I would like to stop the oxycodone. Besides the obvious, from reading past posts of seeking help with doctor that prescribes the oxycodone, are there any other suggestions you may have to help with stopping the oxycodone? With the gastric bypass surgery I am limited to certain medicines. Not sure if this is going to be a problem when trying to stop. Besides the RLS, I also use the oxycodone to help with the pain of the following: failed knee replacement, needed surgery on foot for cyst that causes pain when I walk, nerve damage in neck and shoulder from fall 6 months ago.

1:39 am December 31st, 2015

How can you stop taking tramdol in a safe way

5:25 pm January 2nd, 2016

I have been on percocet 5-325 for 2 years for chronic headache. It helps but I am nauseated all of the time and can’t function the way I should. Nobody knows I have been on it. I want to get off of them and hopefully get my life back. I hope there is a way that withdrawal doesn’t get bad. Then I would have a chance of losing everything I have since no one knows and I don’t want them to. Please help me to get off of this horrible drug and be me again!!!!!!

6:17 pm January 2nd, 2016

I had 2 huge surgeries in 2015. The last one being a c-spine fusion at C2-3 with sever bone spur removal. I had 2 dural tear’s happen in surgery and recovery has been rough.
I am tapering off the oxycodone right now as I’m at the 9 week recovery time.
I came off muscle relaxer (Flexeral) and had 4 days of pure hell in doing so. Don’t want to go thru that again.
I was on 2 10 mg (20 mg)every 4-6 hours for close to 8 weeks.
I refilled RX at 5mg and have been trying to take just one pill every 4-6 hrs.
I’m going thru some of the worst profuse sweating attacks I have ever known and severe rapid heart rate. I almost faint when they happen.
Am I with drawling too quickly? If so can you help me.
I have been on oxycodone for about 6 months on and off from the 2 surgeries. One surg (lower back) was in Feb 2015 and was on meds for a long time (5 months)
Then had to go back on them shortly after (before 2nd surgery) due to the pain in my neck.
All in all I’ve been on way too much med this past year and I’m trying so so hard to stop. My way does not seem to be helping me and I feel horrible.
Can you offer any help or suggestions on how to do it properly?
My dr. said “you just have to get over the hump” of going longer than 4 hrs at a low dose (5mg) and then you should be fine? Not working! Help, please? I need advise.
Thank you

1:55 am January 22nd, 2016

I took from 7.5 mg nearly every day for a year. On occasion I would take 15 mg (7.5 mg twice in a day). I realized I was becoming addicted to oxycodone and I was only feeling good when I took it. I decided to quit cold turkey. I had one 325 mg Tylenol 3 that I cut into three doses and when the pain and with drawl got unbearable I would take one piece. I had difficulties sleeping so I would take Nyquil nitetime to help me sleep. It has been almost three weeks since I quit and about 18 days since I took the last Tylenol 3. I am sleeping well, I don’t have the fatigue I had for so long and my digestive system seems to be returning to normal. I still on occasion get a numbness sensation between my shoulder blades, and I suffer from bloating and gas. My question is: Is this normal and am I probably over the hump of with drawls or how much longer do I to go. I have no desire to ever take this drug again so there is no chance of me starting again. These were not a prescription for me so that is why I chose to go cold turkey. Thank you

8:23 am January 22nd, 2016

I will do it myself. I’ve taken care of everyone all of my life, and never had time to take care of me!

I have enough to pay the house payments for 6 months, and I will eat edibles, and just sleep for 6 weeks.

This is not spam!

I was asking for help, but just forget it!

6:59 am January 24th, 2016

Hi,I’m 40 year old I’ve been taking oxys for several years now for back and knee pain but now I want to get off. I’m currently taking 30mg 5 x day. I don’t want to do this cold turkey im horrified of withdraws i would like to wean my self gradually I tried this before and I experience slight withdrawal and I can’t fuction properly. Any suggestions will b appreciated

7:59 pm January 25th, 2016

I recently broke my tibia and had surgery to repair the spiral fracture. To complicate things,, I’m 6 months pregnant. After surgery I tried to take Tylenol only, but the pain was unbearable and the doctors (OB included) said I was better off with pain needs for a few weeks. I was prescribed OxyContin 10mg 2x/day, oxycodone 10mg every 4 hours, and Norco 2 – 5-325 every 4 hours. I am now trying to get to Tylenol only, but while everyone says tapering is important, no one specifically explains what is the safest way to go about it. The past 3 days I’ve tried to take as little as possible and I’ve experienced many withdrawal symptoms which I would just deal with if it weren’t for my baby. Yesterday I tried one OxyContinin and one Norco, and ended up taking a fast release Oxycodone to shake some symptoms, then I was up all night anyway. I’m told it’s better to take meds a little longer than to put him through that. All I’ve been trying to do through this entire process is what is best for him… I even stayed awake for the surgery. Please help me completely end these meds. Thank you so much!

2:13 am January 26th, 2016

I’m down to my last two oxycodone… One tonight & one tomorrow afternoon. I have a script for buprenorphine patches. If I put on the Patch tomorrow morning, will it help with withdrawal of make it worse?

3:38 am February 2nd, 2016

How long does it take to come off of oxycodone after being on it for ten years?

9:20 pm February 2nd, 2016

I was prescribed Percocet from a pain Doctor 10/325 up to 6 a day now for over 2 years for a cervical neck injury . The medication has ruined my life and I am not the same person I used to be. I want to stop taking it but terrified of the withdrawal side effects. Do I need to go into like a rehab clinic to do this?

11:22 pm February 7th, 2016

I’ve been taking prescribed oxycodone, as directed by my doctor for 8 years. I take 4, 5 mg a day with an additional 5mg with break through pain during infections complication of IC. I have lupus, IC, fibromyalgia, Sjogerns, heart attack from lupus and past history seizures from lupus. I now find myself jittery, diarrhea, heart palpitations and Horriable muscle cramps I between doses. I do not want to take more and actually need to stop. The oxycodone is now making Sjogerns dry mouth Horriable with many infections from dry mouth- bleeding dry-as well as eyes sinuses and vagina. I do not have addictive personality BUT I am physically dependant. Plus I have very real chronic pain other treatments failed. Anti imflamatory medications over 25 years caused bleeding ulcer, prednisone breaking bones & makes blood pressure go crazy high, auto immune med’s for lupus scary thought due I have infections every 6-8 weeks- all due lupus. But now oxyconde I believe MAY be triggering withdrawals between doses, plus as I said making Sjogerns dangerous due infections I get from dryness. Is this possible ? How do I safely stop and not have heart attack? I’m under weight now due lupus & IC plus hard eat with dry mouth throat. I stopped diazepam 2.5 mg nightly took 7 3/4 yrs. it was HELL. No sleep weeks as well as everything above. OR I’m I still feeling diazepam withdraws? It’s Febuary now and I stopped dazpam November 14, last year so a 2 plus months. I never knew it was going be a physical issue since I followed what doctors told me. The doctors are NO help NOW. Scared of law suit if I die of heart attack and never heard of my sysmtoms even though all match up with withdrawals. Help Please!

2:25 pm February 9th, 2016

Short story my PCP as treated me ovet the last 25 years
For my pain. For the pastH 2 years I have been on OxyContin 50 mg Bid and also Percocet5-325my 10 a day. (I have a significant medical history that is the cause if my pain) .As of Jan 1,2016 he closed his to take a one in a life timE job offer in WI.The Dr who agreed to accept me as a client after a discussion with my Dr.and the plan of care for pain management has decided that she doesn’t want to handle my pain contract and is sending me to a pain clinc. My appt with the pain clinic is not till March 2nd and in the letter I received from the clinic it is for evaluation only! Well the new Dr stopped the OxyContin and the percocet (which I was do for on February 4th) instead she gave me a Rx for Norco5-325 I tablet up to 3 times a day,she Prescribed 45 pills and said they wj

3:03 pm February 9th, 2016

I have been on OxyContin 50 mg Bid and also up to 10 percocet 5-325 for several years now.I have a pain contract in place and have never been in violation of my contract or off on random pill counts. The problem is and my Dr move out of state and the Dr who agreed to take over my care has decided not to follow the plan of pain for pain management, instead she refeted mE to a pain clinic (appt is March 2nd and it is for evaluation. When I contacted her for refills of the OxyContin and Percocet she said that she.would only Prescribe Vicodin 5′-325, 1 table ever 8 hrs with a quantity of
45 pills no refills to tide me ovet to go to the pain clinic.
The problem is 2 fold the VICODIN does nothing for my pain and I an starting to go thru withdraw. Do you have any adevice on how or what I should do to help with the withdrawal that has already started. With a *BIG BANG*
Sincerely, Valerie

8:44 am February 13th, 2016

I have been on oxycodone .5 x3 a day….for years . No more , no less. I hate that I am in pain, however I dislike more the dependence on my doctor. They control my life. I want to quit. How can i do this ? AND still work a 40 hour work week?

4:36 pm February 15th, 2016

Though some say you should just stop cold turkey from opioids, the temptation to relapse is also much greater than if you taper gradually. I have withdrawn a few times before after surgeries, and my last was a full shoulder replacement, four months ago. I went from 120 mg per day of oxycodone to 60mg per day with mild withdrawal symptoms (flu-like, sneezing 25-30 times in a row, runny eyes, coughing up handfulls of phlegm, a feeling of glass in my joints (which became sand by the third day and just normal aches by the fourth), insomnia & restless leg syndrome). Going from 60 mg per day down to 45 mg per day (After hovering at 60 mg for about a week) was nowhere near so bad, but the sleeplessness and restless legs continued. I found that 5 – 10 mg diazepam allowed me to sleep. Now I have been at 45 mg for a week and plan to reduce to 30 mg per day. During pain from physiotherapy, I take up to 50 mg codeine, which though equivalent to 5 mg oxycodone, I find much less addicting. Perhaps it is because codeine is relatively “organic” compared to the semi-synthetic oxycodone. When I get down to 30 mg per day for a week or two, I will switch to 250 mg codeine per day (the equivalent of 25 mg oxycodone – it’s a ten-to-one ratio), and then go down 20-50 mg codeine at a time, staying at each new dosage for about one week. It takes the average person 4 days for their body to achieve stasis, where it is producing enough of it’s own endorphins again, but be good to yourself and give it 7 days to be sure. Try going from splitting your daily dosage from 3 times per day down to two. at 200 mg codeine per day, I take it 2 times 100 mg separated by 12 hours. By the time one is down to 100 mg codeine per day, it is best perhaps to take it all at once an hour before bed, so that your sleep is not interrupted, and you are going 24 hours between doses. After that you can go down to 80 mg for a week, 60 for another week, etc. For me, I get no withdrawal symptoms going cold turkey off of 100 mg codeine (10 mg oxycodone) per day, but others might want to just continue tapering 20 mg per day each week until down to zero.

2:46 am February 17th, 2016

How about tramdol 50m I have been talking for a long time I drink 5 or 6 a day

al cam
12:31 am February 28th, 2016

how can i quitfrom home

7:49 pm February 29th, 2016

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.
I sustained shoulder injury due to trauma and started OxyContin & AMITRIPTYLINE by the pain management clinic about four years ago.
I have been taking OxyContin slow release tablets at the same time as taking AMITRIPTYLINE 10-20mg, 1 hour before bed time. Combining the two meds together causes the effect of each drug to be considerably enhanced.
I need to now start to take meds for depression.
I started Prozac 10mg liquid for about eight weeks recently but became morose & grumpy, irritable & short tempered. My Dr said to stop taking the Prozac. I did so immediately and after 2 days felt frightfully suicidal.
I do not want to increase the AMITRIPTYLINE because of increased appetite & excessive weight gain.
Looking at all the side effects I’m thinking about asking to try Prozac 10mg liquid again as I’m not too sure about other antidepressants from looking at the reviews and side effects.
Shall I try to come off the OxyContin now – that is before starting antidepressants do you think?
Which, in your view, would be a good antidepressant to try that comes in liquid form ( because of ease of titration – being as people with fibromyalgia can be affected in being sensitive to meds & require lower dosing than other people?
Please help me & give me your perspective. Thank you very much

Randy k.
11:34 pm February 29th, 2016

I was taking OxyContin and Oxycodone at the same time, 45mg Oxycodone and 60 mg OxyContin CR, until Insurance cancelled me. No notice. I haven’t had any drugs in 5 days and my BP is so erratic, all the way up to 205/102, mainly 165/95. But really high when I first wake up. Reaction to stopping cold turkey?

4:51 pm March 1st, 2016

I have been taking 5 mg of Oxycodone for pain after knee replacement surgery. Over the past few weeks I have been adding more time between taking the pill. I’m now just taking 1 pill every 10 hours and supplementing with Tylenol Arthritis (650 mg) when needed. I want to stop completely, but would rather not experience the side effects. My doctor’s office is no help, so I’m resorting to the internet. I’d just like to know how to proceed from here. Thank you.

11:57 pm March 2nd, 2016

Should you wake a person who is sleeping to administer oxycodone when trying to wean off?

5:03 am March 5th, 2016

prescribed 1-2 tablets every 4 hours 25 Feb 2016… started to pair down on dosages a few days ago… had withdrawal symptoms last evening and again this evening. Last dose I took was 12 hours ago. Feeling really jittery, nauseous. Took another 1 pill just now. Still have 13 tablets left in pill bottle. Don’t feel right at all.

7:16 am March 13th, 2016

Second day off oxy, been on for 2 years after an accident. I get 15mg 4x day and I can finish a script in two weeks. Its never fun anymore

9:23 am March 20th, 2016

I was prescribed oxycodone for after sugery from being shot in the leg with a bb gun and the bb went through the skin and muscle and needed to be taken out. Since feb 10th 2016 i have had three prescriptions filled for oxycodone. Since i just stopped taking them a few days ago… i have had the weirdest pain in my back and shoulders… and i cant sleep. I try to stretch out but if i push any harder i feel like ill break something. Any ideas on how to ease this problem?

6:31 am March 25th, 2016

A family member has been taking oxycodon for almost 3 years. I am not sure on the dosage but I found out yesterday that they are taking 10 tablets a day. I insisted that I go to the doctors appointment today, which I did and told the Dr. that I was worried and told the Dr. that she is abusing this drug. She only has two tablets left and no refills. I did not gain very much information from the dr. only that if she does not stop taking them he will not be her dr. any longer. She is a new patient and he kept repeating to her that if she does not stop taking them he will not see her. I am worried that she is going to go through with drawl and I do not know if I will need to seek medical attention or know when I do need to seek medical attention for her. She is currently taking an antidepressant and High BP medication and I am very worried because she only has two oxycodons left. I want her to get help for this and the dr. didn’t really tell me anything that we can do except to see a psychiatrist.

9:01 pm March 29th, 2016

Hi I am a 44 year old mother of 5 grandmother of 8 I have lupas I’ve been taking oxycodone 10mg for 6 years now spending a lot of money I been wanted to stop and I also tried but am scared of the withdrawal process i am so tired of taking them and wish there was a way around the withdrawal I don’t drink or use no other drug and haven’t for 18 years just want my life back please help me

1:03 am April 1st, 2016

I have severe stenosis with cord flattening in C3-4,C4-5, and C5-6 which results in incredible pain. I am not a baby about pain- I have had three different fx’s in my back, herniated discs, trimalleolar fxs in my ankles, etc and required very little in the way of pain meds. Anyway, I now am prescribed 50 mgs per day of oxycodone and I hate being on it. Problem is, I will surely go thru withdrawal and will still be left with unbearable pain. Is there a better way or any suggestions?

3:45 pm April 3rd, 2016

I have been taking Vicodin, then to Oxycodone this past year all totaled about 5 years along with Morphine this past year or so. My prescribing Doctor quit on me and since been unemployed going to a local clinic and they will not help me. Can’t take this feeling anymore, not sleeping, headaches, body aches, stomach cramps, sweating profusely at night, chills, can not control my thoughts, feeling tired, lathargic. Wondering if I go to the ER if they will help me??? Where can I go to get help??? Started a new job and this if getting in the way from feeling like going to work even. Hate this!

6:42 am April 4th, 2016

I got in a bad car accident was getting 10mg x 120 per month didn’t do the trick was also purchasing from the street qty: 240 x 30mg and perks (which is same thing mixed at 90 x 10 mg per month and whatever else i could find for safe keep i was using about 160mg per day and i QUIT all i did was find some 5mg VICS and what i did was take 10 mg (1 day) , 7.5 mg (1 day) , 5 mg (3 days) then the stuff will start wearing off the next day i felt real sick i toughed myself through it then took avatan that night to sleep the next day still sick took a unisom to sleep , day 3 took a atavan to sleep next day took a unisom , day 4 was the worst for me SUPER sick made it through haven’t done anything in 7 months now. day 5 is about when my legs quit kicking at night and i could actually sleep real good. the leg kick is the worst, i was kinda lucky and had everything in house to quit but i held on to some “Oxy” and had 60mg in my pocket at all times but never used it i needed up throwing it out after day 5 most people will say to get rid of everything but its all will power and i looked at them a few times and asked myselft “really is that what i want” then put them back in my pocket.

1:49 pm April 5th, 2016

Ive cut down to 10mg of oxycontin a day. How bad will my withdrawals be?

12:39 am April 9th, 2016

I have been taking oxycodone for almost a year now. I sometimes don’t have it for a day and I hurt and ache so badly it’s almost unbearable. I have chronic back pain and work on my feet 40 hours per week on concrete floors. I want to be free of taking this medication but nothing else takes the pain away and feels like it actually gives me energy. I am a Christian and am almost embarrassed to say I may be addicted to the medicine. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

9:24 am April 10th, 2016

Hi, my wife has got renal cell carcinoma stage 4, she is on all types of treatment,and on oxycontin 50mg (slow release) twice a day. The oncologist and mcmillan nurse has told us to start lowering the dose. We started Friday at 40mg twice a day but my wife has a burning feeling in her chest, could this be a side effect? She has been on oxycontin since January starting on 15mg twice a day then upping it until the pain went. We are lowering the dose as the cancer has been treated although cannot be cured but has ‘shrunk’ so she should not need to be on such a high amount. We was gonna drop it to 30mg twice a day on the Monday and keep dropping it slowly other a period of a couple of days each time is this safe? Thanks

4:08 am April 12th, 2016

I was wondering I have been taking oxycodone and percocet for about two years without the consent of a doctor and I just don’t want to take them anymore but it hurts to much to do it cold turkey Andi can’t do it my lowering it’s not manageable I have to quit what should I do or find to help and if I go to a doctor what should I say or ask with still keeping my privacy ?

10:56 pm April 12th, 2016

I started using 6 10/325 norco after extensive surgery it was that or paralisys that was 5yrs ago. My
primary care Dr. that too much and cut it down to 5 That was not too difficult but now he has reduced
it to 4 which I find very difficult to go from every 4 hours to 6 hours . I don’t know what to do . my Dr
suggessts suboxone which will cos me $148.per month. I am 71 and ny husband has dementia
which adds to our month expenses. I have of course become physically and pschologically dependent on this drug and can’t sleerp. please help me we have no family @friends in this area

5:39 pm April 16th, 2016

I have been prescribed Oxycodone as I have had a Mitral Vave repair. but I have been getting afunny turn watching tv. I have been taking 2 a day one morning and one evening. have seen my GP and he said try takingevery other day.

2:39 pm April 19th, 2016

I’m absolutely amazed that opioids are prescribed with such little consideration by doctors and PA’s for the inevitable dependency that occurs. I went to a pain management group for back pain, a knee replacement and repair of a total ruptured Achilles tendon. Over the course of the last 8 months I have taken increasing doses of oxycodone and morphine. I couple of months back I realized that I was “hooked” when I felt withdrawal symptoms when a dose was missed or taken late. I’m extremely concerned that my pain management caregivers did not ever even mention the possibility of becoming addicted or the difficulty I would have getting off these pills. More importantly, my wife has been diagnosed with MS and is on a pain management regiment as well. We recently changed our pain management provider and her dose of opioids was immediately reduced by 60%. Subsequently she has had 4 major exacerbations, two of which caused temporary loss of site. Her neurologist said there’s no way her dosage should have been reduced that much and the exacerbations were directly attributable to the reduction in opioid dosage. I for one am absolutely convinced that physicians prescribing opioids fall into one of several buckets:
1. Ones who don’t understand the impact of what they are subscribing. These doctors just keep there heads in the sand never provide patients sufficient warning as to potential side effects.
2. Ones who understand the side effect implications of opioid use but still neglect to give their patients clear and weighted warnings as to the side effects and ease that one can get addicted.
3. Ones who just don’t care and are in it for the money with blatant disregard for their patient’s needs.
Did you know that most doctors don’t even take the Hippocratic oath anymore. By what moral compass do they navigate? Money, of course, has become the new “true north”. Patient care once in the forefront, is quietly slipping into obscurity.

4:59 pm April 19th, 2016

I have been taking them for about 8 years now, I’m on perk tens I have chronic back pain and will be going through surgery so I can hope to get off of them so I take it I will need detox

6:47 pm April 23rd, 2016

I have been taking 10mg oxycodone at night for ms leg spasms under doctors orders. Will I be addicted?

4:52 am April 25th, 2016

I have been taking oxycodone for 2 yrs and I am currently taking 20 mg 4x a day. I want to quit and just be done but some days I wait longer to take my next dose than usual, like if I didn’t take it on time maybe a few hours later I honestly hurt so bad I have cried, so how can I just quit?? I have such chronic pain I am not certain if I can but I know I don’t want to be on it forever either

11:59 pm April 25th, 2016

Been addicted to oxys for nearly 10 years as well as valium from a car accident, i take atlest 120 mg of oxys or more as time goes on, being on these drugs over years ive worked up a huge anxiety disorder ive been confined to bed and rarely go out in very sick. Others I see that are in the same boat seem ok so I’m infused, having a concous about this ive repeatedly gone cold turkey to get off all pills many times I must admit with no help I get it done it takes me a month atlest to begin to move, then the big fight starts after that, ive no enegy I can’t eat and I fade away, last time I done this was around December it lasted 2 months before I had to go back to the doctors and get pills, I’m on them now but I have to take far more than my dose allows to even get interest enough to move,being such a high does I wouldn’t bother asking for more,I often run out so I withdraw again and wait till my next appointment, I’m only ever trying to keep normal not get off me face, as I have had a previous addiction to heroin when I was 17 it lasted only months before I got off it again myself no help. Since that addtion in 1993 I had nothing till the accident in 2004 which by 2008 I was given pain killers full time , now painkillers or not I cannot complete any task i seem to be bed ridden 24/7 im worried but I go to doctors they seem to think im ok. Which then I go back to me pain doc and get more pills, viscous circle as I never tell me pain doctor im in trouble if so they may stop the dose then im really f…ked im in a bad situation that is now life threatening,I think I may have to eat humble pie and find methodone or suboxone, but being so weak all the time may lead to me not making appointments, I no longer know what I can do, the devil drug has certainly ruined me

6:54 pm April 27th, 2016

I had to have my gallbladder removed and had acute pancreatitis. Not sure if i spelled it right. All in all ive been on heavy pain medicine for about 3 months.I was getting crazy sweats in the hospital at night so i asked for a fan they gave me one but little did i know that fan frooze me up at night because the sweats didnt stop.after a month in the hospital they sent me home with a pancreas drain and I had a oxycodone perscript…i had to go back for a pancreas surgery and again i was on the morphine machine( please forgive my spelling) did nothing for me the second time.. Nurse said it was because my body was tolerant of the drug….so they took me off it and put me back on ocycodone orally 2 pills every 6 hours helped allot with pain. I have been on heavy pain pills for exactly 3 months today. I have not taking anything except for a advil pm for the past 4 days…I am still sweating allot at night…i have to put towels down under me and i literally got to get up 2 3 times a night to switch towels and clothes because of the sweat. It looks as if i jumped out of a pool. Im pretty sure Im going through withdrawal from the medicine. But why was i sweating during getting the medicine and when Im trying to get off of it?Has anyone else been through this.. How long does it last? I am still in a little pain but the sweating and not being able to sleep is so much worse then the pain, so i figured ill go cold turckey until the sweating stops.will it ever stop? Please help!!

9:12 pm April 27th, 2016

My fiance has been diagnosed with a factured L5 and bulging disc. The doctor will not perform surgery until my fiance has stop taking oxycontin and oxycodine. Currently, he is taking 60 mg/twice a day of oxtcontin, and 20mg/as needed of oxycodine. I need to help him deduce his intake and gradually cut the oxycontin out of his life. He says he doesn’t know how he will be able to do anything without the pain mediciation, which he rarely can do anything while taking the medication that’s how messed up his lower back is. I have done my research spoke to his doctor with him. Do you have any tips/ideas for him to fully cut oxycontin out of his life. He has only 2-3 months to do so, or the surgery will keep getting pushed off. -We just found out about all of this today.

Thank you.

3:29 pm April 29th, 2016

I have had 7 previous back surgeries. The last surgery in April 2013 left me paraliyzed from the waist down for 3 months when I gradually started to get the feeling back in my legs. THANK GOD And a lot of hard work!!! This was the first time in my long history that left me with possible chronic pain and required medication for this length of time and I am still rehabbing. I was started on a long acting and 15 mg of oxycodone. As rehab continued and feeling returned I was increased gradually to 30mg, where I found a comfort zone.and have been for about a year. I have been on this dose plus 80mg ER Morphine Sulfate. After rehabbing for 2 yrs in a institution, I was able to return to the community successfully where I was followed by a medical doctor until I lined up with a Pain Management doctor. He immediately cut my oxycodone to 10 mg without a physical assessment. The nightmare started there. The withdrawal lasted almost a month with me not being able to leave my home and/or exercise due to pain. It. has continued for 3 mo. The pain controls me again and the doctor is aware of this and wants to cut again next month. I was very upset leaving the pain mgmt doc’s office this month. Did not want to discuss my pain level or lack of sleep. Needless to say, this doctor is not knowledgeable in the field of pain mgmt and now have a new doctor for next month but need to get by one more month. I am questioning the way my old.pain doc has been trying to “taper” me down. I still don’t feel rite and feel the doctor should be reported to someone. Am I right? Dont want others to have to go thru what I have or was I prescribed too much to begin with? Frustrated and want to get back into life

2:49 am May 1st, 2016

I have been taking Percet and Morphine for over 9 years. From everything I have read I am not addicted, I am dependent. I don’t see a difference. I don’t Doctor shop, or anything else. I am just talking what my doctor prescribes. But I feel like I am addicted. I have just started to try to whin myself off by only taking 3/4 of my script. I just don’t know if this is going to work. I was prescrip these mess because of my disability from my back issues. I won’t to stop taking these mess but don’t won’t to lose my disability because my back is still mess up and I cannot do a lot of things that I could do before. Any suggestions.

5:09 am May 1st, 2016

I want to stop taking the 10mg Targin tabs and started by missing my morning dose but feel the withdrawal symptoms. I normally have low blood pressure. I feel not good in tummy and breathing concentration.
What do you suggest please?

2:33 pm May 2nd, 2016

I am a 73 year old woman, who was given oxycodone doe a very bad back pain. Before I knew it I was taking 60mg of oxycodone a day. By the time I realized what was happening, I knew i had to do something. with great support from my husband in the last 10 days I have went from 60 mg to 30 mg. With today I am trying to get by with 20 mg. I just want to get off this stuff, but, my husband says I am to frail to go cold turkey. At what level can I safely go cold turkey. I just want off of these.
Thank You Mary

12:11 am May 4th, 2016

I am.going2 stop taking oxy but I’m scared. I’ve heard the withdrawal can be awful. Any suggestions to help initially?

4:37 pm May 5th, 2016

Waitin 4 a reply.- Marianne, struggling in Ambler, Pa.

6:38 pm May 5th, 2016

After a couple consecutive rear-ended accidents I was prescribed prescriptions. THO with my Dr. .my wife and I decided I was becoming dependent as they weren’t masking the pain at all anymore.
Not having prescriptions, went out and found what I was craving….after 2.5/3 years later, I see the damage and feel the damage its caused and still is causing, not to mention massive amounts of cash spent!
My ultimate question, is i am afraid of being judged by Dr. But want to seek professional medical qualifications to help just in case.
I was at my end taking well over 180 mg roxy 30s as well Xenyx just as religiously. I am now ready to quit just need reassurance if jumping all the way off would be ok or if its fatal?
I am afraid that going Cold might cause heart issues

7:14 pm May 20th, 2016

Hello. I use to take 8-10 of the 30th oxycotins a day,about 6 yrs ago,because a lady I know was getting them for her MS,and she would give them to me for running errands for her because I was in a lot of pain,due to the fact that I was in a car accident with a county cop,and I ended up with a messed up spine and my lower back.Anyway, Never did I think I would be “addicted “. I think they are more of a dependency,then me being addicted to them. Anyway, I did cut down….ALOT. I’m now down to 2-3 30mg, or 4-6 of the 15mgs a day,so I have cut down. But my dependency /addiction is costing me & my fiancée lots of money, to where we have falling behind on our bills, after we did all this work to build our credit and all back up and it’s getting to the point where it’s causing problems in our relationship, and I don’t want that,cuz he is the man of my dreams,and I’m just sick of being on them and want help getting off of them. I’ve never done any other drugs, besides pot,about 24 yrs ago,then found out I was pregnant with my first born,14 yrs ago,so I quit,and never smoked it again. When I tried to get help for the oxycontins last year, they told me there was nothing they could do,beings I didn’t take enough to be an addict! WHAT?? I said well I’m trying to stop it before it gets any worse,and she hung up on me. So that’s my story, any suggestions would be great! Thank you for reading…

3:23 am May 21st, 2016


1:23 am May 22nd, 2016

Hi, i would like to know if there are any natural ways to make the addiction of oxyco. Go away safely and if tappering can you take vitamins like vitamin D and fish capsule everyday so that when u trying to lower the oxyco. Your body doesnt lose the entire energy. Also is there any other OTC medication that can be taken to prevent the side effects when quitting it.
Actually saddly my husband started to take it for the past 6-8 months like everyday 2-3 pills i dont actually know how much each dosage was. But i felt really bad. And now that he shared it with me and would like to quit it by tappering it down i would like to help him in any way but i dont how where to start from. Please help. ASAP. THANK YOU.

5:50 pm May 22nd, 2016

I started taking Percocet when I was about 18 I’ve gone from Percocet to oxycodone to morphine I’m 27 years old now I’m having trouble sleeping. I twitch myself awake at night. i am having trouble going to the bathroom. I am also having trouble in the bedroom lacking performance and desire. I also tend to get very depressed or agitated. I am trying to wean myself down so I can quit how long after I quit will I start to return to normal

5:39 am May 24th, 2016

I been taking oxycodone 10mg since 2011 & i want to quit.. my last one was this pasted sunday night until today at 4:00 i did a oxycodone 5mg every 2 or 3 hour maybe 4 . i do want to lean myself off so im not hurting as much could you please tell me what i can do until im completely done with them please.

12:20 pm May 24th, 2016

I have been taking endone 3 times a day for the last 6 wks after a hip replacement, is it safe to stop them now

7:56 pm May 26th, 2016

I am under a doctors care, he is weaning me off oxycodone. I have been on it for 7 years. I was told to take 10 mg 4X per day for 2 weeks, then reduce it to 10 mg 3X per day for 2 weeks. Then 5 mg for 2 weeks then stop taking it completely. I have a severe anxiety disorder and I am afraid he is doing it too fast. How do you recommend the tapering that does not produce withdrawals? I don’t trust my doctor, he has messed up before and is a real a-hole so I need a second opinion.

Thank you for your help!

4:53 am May 29th, 2016

Hey! My moms been on oxycodone for 13 years she take 30mg 6 times a day. I want her off now, but she finds it hard to quite. The doctor the prescribed them was basically a pill mill. She needs help ASAP. Any tips on how she can quite???

1:28 pm May 29th, 2016

Hello I’ve been taking oxycodone 30 mg a day, I was on 60mg a day at one time, I’ve been taking medicine for 4vyrs, I no longer want to take it, how do I taper off? I tried to just stop but had very bad symptoms, I started having some side effects from being on it and I never had these before so I know it’s from the medication. I’m just scared and do not know if I need to go somewhere for help or achieve it on my own. Thanks

5:13 pm June 4th, 2016

ive been taking about 20 oxy pills a day my husband dropped me down to 5-6 is this ok? I personally don’t think it is my legs have been painful and constant, he says it could be my weight gain (which I do have) but not all of a sudden, if someone can please respond ASAP I would greatly appreciate it

3:32 am June 8th, 2016

My husband has been on oxycodone for 10 years now as he has terrible arthritis and cannot tolerate other meds. His doctor now will not prescribe anymore due to the problems with over prescribing. He does not take the prescribed amount only a quarter that was prescribed as he did not want to get addicted. But he is now unable to get any to even wean himself off of them. The doctor does not seem to know the terrible situation he has put my husband in… and does not seem to care, and as for finding another dr they are all saying the same. Where is he going to get any help, he really needs something for his terrible pain. According to all I have read he should not be left in this situation on his own, where do you go?

7:42 pm June 9th, 2016

I’ve been taking some form of pain killer for approximately 6 years now for a bad lower back. I have multiple issues with L1-L5. I genuinely need them for my back. However, per usual, one pill wouldn’t work after awhile. Then I’d take more and go stronger. I finally ended up taking oxycodone 30mg. It got to where I’d need 4-5 of them just to be able to get out of bed. I’d take them even when I don’t have pain, because I can’t function without them. I don’t want to keep living like this. So, now my husband has my pills and gives me one only every 4-5 hours. Today is the first day I’m starting 20mg. Then I will go down to 10mg and so on. I believe I can do this at home as I finally have the determination. I don’t feel any withdrawal symptoms but, I can’t get out of bed. I want to feel normal again and function normally without needing oxy to help me. I’d like to get to where I can actually go through an entire day without taking any and only take them when my back is hurting. Am I on the right track? I have my family’s support…….

12:11 pm June 10th, 2016

For over 18 months I have been taking 10-12 80mg( prescribed) OxyContin and gabapentin 600 mg x 6 daily. This started with 2 x 40 mg oxy and 2 x 300mg pregabalin in 2010 after major spine surgery. I had been opiate dependant on an off for 15 years up till 2009 so I should NOT of been prescribed these vile life destroying pills but that’s my fault for taking them. I had my last tablets 2 hours ago(8 oxy an 5 gabas) otherwise I would not be doing this now. Before this I had my last dose 20 hours ago in ibiza on my last day there. I took enough to last me but ended up doing too many then getting an emergency doc to see me at the hotel an got a script for 28(box) 80 mg oxy . That was 3 days ago and I couldn’t manage to spread them out till I got home this morn. I have NEVER felt so bad before even when I was IV dependent and doing a prison detox all those years ago. I thought I was strong enough to get thru any rattle but this-even though it was only 20 hours since last dose. I would have done anything and I mean anything to get my next dose- well,FIX because that’s what it is now and I’m reaching out to anyone who has been on a similar dose and what you did to hold on to your life and pull it back from the end. Am I just kidding myself thinking that I could have a life worth living anymore? I feel so out of control it hurts as my family now know I’m back on opiates. When I think about reducing/stopping I have a feeling of impending doom like never before.STAY away from pregabalin and gabapentin as they might make you feel shit hot with the oxy combo they make you rattle like the nasty.AND does anyone get a really mad chemical/pine like smell which comes on as soon as the oxy dose goes past 12 hour? Any advice/info would greatly be appreciated.

12:44 am June 11th, 2016

My wife has been taking 5mg oxicodone 4 x/day since 2012 for chronic migraines. She tried the Daith Piercing with positive results. Now she wants to detox from the oxicodone. How do we do this with success? She’s a stroke victim that occurred during brain surgery in 2012 to remove a small benign tumor that they thought might be causing the migraines. She’s had migraines most of her life. It’s been over 2 weeks since the Daith Piercing and no headaches!

Thank you

2:35 pm June 11th, 2016

Was taking oxycodene 20 ml 4 x a day till beginning of June dosage was decrease from 20 to 10 milligrams all I am feeling my self lower dosage less pain killers now none. Vomiting runny nose three to 4 days no sleep . Had Spine fusion Surgery need physical therapy 6 catch up physical therapy app back to back not till I make up will I get them. Now I’m afraid of such Oxycoden but I’m in pain also what are my choices!!!!

5:40 pm June 12th, 2016

I want to stop taking these pills but the with draws are so bad and iam so sick i need help and i want to quite…please help

4:22 am June 13th, 2016

I’ve been on oxycodone 10-325 3 times a day for pain. On and off for the past 10 years. I want to see what the pain is like w/o opiates, even though I think I’m in denial. An tigon specialist prescribed clonazepan 25 mg every six hours, hydroxizine 25 mg every six hours and gabapentin. Then cold turkey. Won’t give clonidine do it my low blood pressure. I’m a 68 yen are old woman, living alone with no family near by. I do have some tramadol, b vitamins, etc do you think this is safe for me to do? Do you have any additional info to help me. Supposed to start in the am AND IM GETTING SCARED. Don’t want to go to a detox facility cause of the mentally ill there and I’m not a good candidate for these places. Took the opiates for pain only…no cravings and no euphoria. IM FREAKY OUT!

10:17 am June 14th, 2016

What is the prescribed oxycodone limit? I’m in England but would love to know what the Docs ‘law’ as far as dosage is and is thier a next step medication if the oxys are no longer sufficient?please any info would be great. ANYONE WITHDRAWLING NOW THE ultimate non opioid which is a godsend when the the turkeys in the oven is GABAPENTIN and/or PREGABALIN .IF YOU PLAN TO DO your rip at home GET SOME OF THESE as it takes most of the symptoms away apart from loose bowels but I’m guaranteeing you they are MAGIC- I know people who have done thier rattle purely on these and have walked thru it!!! They keep the pain away for me until my next dose of OXY.
Any other wonder pills out there people would like to share as it all helps.good luck and Godspeed

12:10 am June 15th, 2016

I’ve been taking three OxyContin 30mg per day and I want to stop. I’ve been taking them for years for chronic pain for migraines and Arthritis. Other migraine medication did not work. I can’t go to a rehab facility. Can I just decrease the dosage? I asked my doctor and he said I was on such a low dose and since it’s working why would I stop. Please let me know. Thanks

1:48 am June 29th, 2016

I am taking 10mg Oxycodone 4x daily. Went to pain clinic today and was told I need to take only 3 10mg daily now and to cut out 1 a day. I have been taking oxycodone for about 8 yrs, but only taking 4 daily since January. I feel I should taper off cutting out 1/2 or 1 every 3 days or a week. I did not want to sound like a drug addict but was firm in wanting to wean off the 1 pill. I asked to see the actual doctor to disguss this with him and he will see me in a week. I have been through rehab to get off oxycontin because they got to expensive and at the time I had no insurance. Even with that help it was awful and I felt bad for almost a year. I am in excruciating pain wit multiple back and knee problems and also being tested for Lyme disease. I would be willing to try going to 3 pills a day but just don’t think I can cut out 1 pill daily right away. What is the best way to go to 30mg a day from 40mg a day.

11:31 am July 4th, 2016

I have been taking oxycodone for about 6 years, 6 10-325’s per day. My Dr. is helping me come off them. He started with cutting down the amt. per day. then went to 5’s, and now he has me on acetometaphine with codeine, and I have been on these for a week. How long before my system will be over the oxy’s ?

8:05 pm July 4th, 2016

Hi I have been on pills for almost a year! I’m trying to quit how long does the with drawls last and what can I do? I snort and swollen perc I take about 10 a day! I’m ready to quit but need help pls

2:40 am July 12th, 2016

Hi. I was formerly on OxyContin 10 mg bid plus oxycodone 10 mg tid. This was for 11 yrs because of chronic knee pain. One knee was replaced with poor outcome, the other has disintegrated to bone on bone. For the last 2 yrs I’ve still been on the oxy 10 tid but because of insurance issues, the OxyContin has been replaced with another opioids Opana ER 20 mg. Lately I’m beginning to think the ibuprofen 800 is more effective than all else. I would like to know how to slowly and reasonably discontinue the opioids without getting my prescribing Doctor all ‘worked up’. When he has tried to wean me in the past at my request he has put me into withdrawal every time and then is disillusioned that the weaning was unsuccessful! My most major withdrawal issue is the restless cramping legs which already are dealing with knee pain. Help! Please!

3:11 am July 13th, 2016

Hi , in March I had my 3rd hip replacement . This was my 3rd . Three months later , it became infected , and a 4th replacement was necessary . I am now 5 weeks post surgery taking 10mg of oxycodone q 4 hrs . I am doing very well and would like to start reducing the pain medication. can you recommend a dose and time regiment . Thank you PS: I know from past experience , withdrawal from Oxycodone can be difficult and very painful .

11:51 pm July 29th, 2016

Is there a easy way to get off of oxycodone

3:15 am July 30th, 2016

Hello, I have a lot of chronic pain, my back was broken in 2 spots and didn’t find out untill 17 years later, it took that long for the docs to even look at it, I also have stenosis in several areas and all but 5 disks in my back are blown out, well I was perscribed oxycodone 7.5/325 receintly but was on the 5mg dose for years, I over took them and ran out early so I was taking a total of 45mg a day to 0. This is day one and it already sucks but been here before, nothing really weird happened yet except my thought patterns are all goofed up. I saw that Kratom mentioned on this forum and I have had it and it does help in a way but be careful with that stuff. Cold turkey is not the way to go but I deserve this because I was taking too many. You CAN do cold turkey but be prepared for a very rough week, maybe 4 or 5 days but seems like forever. I do this without anyones knowledge because if you do seek treatment, you will be labeled an addict. The point of this message is I am just beginning the ride and I will make it, try to keep busy even though nearly impossible. My question I have is I am perscribed clonidine .1mg for blood pressure. I take it 2 times a day, how does it help with the withdrawls? It probably wont work on me because I have been on it for years already, I am also on clonasepam 1mg 3 times a day as needed, I cut that to 2 times a day but I will do 3 today to battle the anxiety. Does this sound like a good plan? Thanks
P.S. It is an evil drug but it works and allows me to live a sort of life.

6:17 pm July 31st, 2016

Hi. I’ve been having to take oxycodone 10mg tabs for going on 8 years after a car accident. This situation has ruined my life along with causing me to need more and more because of my tolerance level. I’ve tried stopping a number of times without success. Once I even made it 11 days but then felt so empty and horrible that I went back on them again. I’m 62 years old and I don’t think my body & heart can take cold turkey again. So now I’m trying to taper down but am having lots of withdrawal problems. I’ve read up on the replacement therapies and they don’t sound good. I’m also scared to deal with my doctor as he will probably cut me off and then where will I be? Any suggestions?

7:28 pm August 5th, 2016

I have been taking Tremadol to help me with withdrawals. Is that okay? Some have told me that Tremadol is also habit forming.

9:46 am August 14th, 2016

I have a physical dependency to oxycodone. However I was recently prescribed gabapentin for my lower back and it really helped me better than the oxycodone. However,, In the morning my body starts the withdrawal.Last Night,I Had Done Quite A Few, And Then I took 300mg gabapentin.I Was Up All Night.I Felt very hyper too energetic.Should I Just Take The Gabapentin Without The Oxycodone Or Is It OK To Just cut down on the oxycodone And If I Still feel the withdrawals just take 1 gabapentin.I read the reviews and the gabapentin really helps with the withdrawals and also my pain went away immediately. This gabapentin is a miracle

7:30 pm August 16th, 2016

I’ve been on Percocet 5.325 tablets for over a year: Never more than 2 pills a day; For the last six months taking 1/2 a pill in the mornings and a second 1/2 pill at 3PM, plus a whole pill at bedtime. A total of TWO pills a day.
For the last FOUR days I have cut all the doses to 1/2 a pill and are feeling like the side effects are increasing!… What should I do?, I want to get off the stuff and don’t know the schedule to continue! I’m feeling very bad side effects… please help.

9:23 am August 22nd, 2016

I was prescribed IV 10 milligrams by my doctor after surgery I then ask him to bring me down in my milligram something he then brought me from 10 milligrams to 5 milligrams and now I am still in pain what should I do? And was that the correct way for him to lower my dosage because now I am in pain once again.

5:47 am September 1st, 2016

Please can you advise of the amounts to reduce 5mg endone oxycodone ( taking 4 tablets) at a time safely. At the moment I am doing it cold turkey and feeling the side effects for doing so. Can I just lower it b y 5 mg at a time? Thank you

1:09 am September 7th, 2016

My husband has been on oxycodone for chronic pain for several years. He has a contract with the doctor because he has had problems with addiction. He is not abusing for the past several months. The other day he got his monthly RX and spilled a soda into the bottle, ruining the entire bottle. He refuses to tell the doctor because he feels that she will not believe him. He has other chronic problems like diabetes and heart problems. I am worried about him detoxing from this medication. Do you have any advice?

3:59 am September 8th, 2016

If someone has been on 30mg a day broken up through the day and snorted what is the best wean schedule ? How long will the negative side effects last ?

7:49 pm September 10th, 2016

I was prescribed oxycodone in August 2015, 10 miligrams per tablet 6 times a day for some herniated dics. After 5 – 6 months I felt my body/brain asking for more. I resisted and started reducing my intake, going down to 5 tablets a day for maybe a month or so, down to 4 tablets, etc. When I got down to 1 tablet a day it got more difficult, heaviness in the arms, hands and legs, as well as my mind feeling cloudy. Symptoms lasted longer each morning. But, I pushed on trying to reduce to 1/2 and then to 1/4 tablet and doing so much faster. I stayed at 1/2 for maybe two to three days and now I’m at 1/4 and the symptoms are much stronger. Every morning after taking my 1/4 tablet it takes me 2-3 hours to feel halfway normal. I’m reluctant to now quit entirely, not knowing if I can handle the stopping altogether. Any advice? Thank you.

11:42 pm September 12th, 2016

I have been on oxy 5mg for neck surgery I’m at about 80mg per for 3 months.. I want off them but don’t know how to taper off without withdraw effect.. Cold turkey is to hard!

5:23 pm September 13th, 2016

I was taking percocet before my surgery for pain management which was 10-325 4 times a day and doing well. After ankle surgery the Dr booster my up to 15- 325 4 times a day, now I an at the max 60 MG a day. I am trying to figure out how to drop back to my original 10- 325 4 times a day, how do I step back down to the original pain management dose. 1- 10- 325 4 times a day. The surgery is over and going to be going to therapy and want to get back to were I was. Please help

4:51 pm September 17th, 2016

How can I wean off 15 mg of oxycodone for the past 9 weeks

8:46 pm September 18th, 2016

I have been using oxycodone tablets 7.5-325 for two years. For most of this time I would take half of the tablet twice daily but I now only take half a pill daily. I now wish to stop completely. I spoke with my pharmacist about doing this and she said as I was taking such a small dose I could probably just stop without any difficulty. Do you agree with this or should I start taking a quarter daily for some time before stopping. Thank you for your advice.

6:57 pm September 21st, 2016

I have been on Oxycodone for 15 yrs; under a Drs. supervision for severe disc degeneration in my back and some other issues. I take 7.25/325 4 times a day. She did a urinalysis which came back negative and will therefore no longer prescribe the medication. I do take them as prescribed or I cannot function. Yes, I know, it is my word against a lab test. I did a ton of research and the only reason I can find for the false negative is that they do a dip test and I also take Gabapentin. Anyway, I have less than a months script left and she will not offer any help with the detox saying I should be able to taper off with what I have. I have tried and failed. I get a raging headache and I hurt everywhere – so I said screw it and am taking them as prescribed. I see no reason to go through hell now when I am still going to go through hell when I run out. I cannot go a clinic, the hospitals treat you like an addict and, at the age of 65, I just cannot deal with that attitude. I won’t be able to function after so I am at the point of just telling someone to shoot me. Life should not be this hard. I was totally compliant for 15 yrs. and now because of one test which was either compromised, the wrong test run or whatever, my life is basically over. I have an appt. for an MRI and a referral to a Neurosurgeon, but they will be too late for any help with the withdrawal or the aftermath. I am clinically depressed, am bi-polar and had a heart attack 16 or 17 years ago. I take medication which helps immensely, but since withdrawal comes with throwing up, I am terrified about not being able to keep my other meds, down. I am not going back to crazy town – I know some people quit their meds because they miss the high; I am not one of them. I like normal, or whatever passes for normal. I know you can’t help, but figured I would give it a shot. Thanks for reading and if you can give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there any chance I will not go through withdrawal? One can always hope. Thank you.

6:31 am October 4th, 2016

Hi addiction Blog how do i tapper myself from oxycodone 5mg slowly so i dont experience severe oxycodone. i went through it this past weekend until i got another refill i dont ever want to feel like that again. i felt like i wanted to jump out of my own skin. i take 1 tablet every six hours but at night i take 2 so thats 4 tablets in 1 day explain how to tapper plz ty

5:34 pm October 4th, 2016

Hello. Im 65 years old. Had heart surgery 3 years ago. Broke neck 2 years ago. Now have diobetis. Tapering down from. 70 mg. Oxy 10s. Over 2 months down to 22.5 mg oxy. In three doses 7.5 a day. Want to jump. Have been taking oxy for 3or4years. Have thomas recipie ready to go. Have been to detox. In 70s. 80s. 90s.would like any supotive ideas. Detox will red flag me. If i need further help with pain

5:47 pm October 4th, 2016

Want to jump. On oxy 10s. 50-70 mg. Day. Weaned to 22.5. 3-doses.6-weeks weaning…have been on this pain med for 3 years. Health poor. Diobetic. Heart surgery3 years ago. Frustrated with self. Want off.

7:53 am October 7th, 2016

i have had three major back operations over the last six months and have been regally taking 35 mls of oxycodone ,but now i would like to reduce this amount so i went to 15mls and have had some affects could you give me some advice.

10:11 am October 9th, 2016

I am in process of dealing with withdrawal from oxycodone hydro. Not sleeping, agitated and having difficulty taking deal breaths. Do I call doctor to get a scrip to slowly stop taking them? I had TKR.and pain is still present. Just don’t want to be dependent. It has been two days. How long will this last?

6:53 pm October 16th, 2016

How long do the withdrawal symptoms last? I am tapering off with a doctor who has prescribed this. He knows I take it as prescribed and it is my idea to reduce the intake. I was a 20 mg oxycontin twice daily, reduced to 15 mg with no complications and now I have reduced to 10 mg twice a day, but am starting to have “restless leg syndrome” at night. I still have Rx for vicodin. My pain is bad but before surgery we were increasing dosage plus fentanyl plus an implanted stimulator. I had my entire lumbar spine to tailbone fused 1.5 years ago.
Please I just want to know how long the withdrawal will last???

5:39 am October 17th, 2016

I have tapeted oxycodon use over 8 weeks time..4 yesrs of use. From 60-80 mgs give or take days at larger doseages. Now at. 22.5 mg. 3 times over 24 hours time. Nites i go 8 to 10 hour intervals. Day. 6-8 hr intervals. Just can’t jump… W/ds after every dose after 3 to 4 hrs….if i took this (22.5) dose years ago..i would . i would laugh if i was told i could not stop! Stuck. Deep heart diobetous…im scared so im saying i scared…feel like i have hung up my balls…

7:54 pm October 17th, 2016

Tapering : close to jump time…is 22.5 mgs a good time after. 70+mgs over 4 years…if i miss an interval or reduce doseage…w/ds. Seam to start…i dol. T his in 7.5 mgs 3 times a day…it. Does not seam possible for me to go to 15 then 5…for days at a time..i have been tapering go. 2 months now..this site is great but hard for me to. Navagate

2:20 am October 27th, 2016

I had total knee replacement surgery 6 weeks ago and was prescribed oxycodone for the pain. The pain was severe and I started out taking 80 mgs a day in 10 mg doses every three hours. I have started my taper and am at 20 mgs a day (4 X 10 mgs). I tapered from 40 to 35 to 20 within 10 days without too much of a problem besides experiencing worse pain. However today I’m experiencing many withdrawal symptoms but still taking 20 mgs a day. Should I go back up and taper slower or just take it and wean the rest of the way at a slower pace? This is awful. They don’t tell you that 6 weeks of pain med will cause dependence and cripple you with worse pain than when you started. I was led to believe that if you take them for 6 weeks for pain, you wouldn’t get hooked? Apparently I was wrong.

Little Lisa
4:17 pm November 1st, 2016

I take 30 mg of oxycodone about 6-7 times a day. I want to cut my dose in half. I believe a 15 mg 6-7 times a day will help my nerve disorder with the neuropathy and fibroid myalgia but need to figure out what’s the best way to lower it without getting sick. Can you help with a plan for someone like me ?? Thank you. Who knows once I attempt and succeed this I may get down to even a lower dose. I believe I can still have pain control with a lesser dose but don’t want to ask my doctor because I don’t want him decreasing me until I have control of this situation so I don’t have withdrawal.

12:45 am November 12th, 2016

I was prescribed 10mg of Endocet every 4 hours for a frozen shoulder. After 7mths it’s was determined that Endocet is causing enraged inflammation in my hands. To combat this I have been instructed to reduce my intake to 5mg/wk. FOR 1 WK. The 2nd week to 5mg every 8 hours. I find that I am experiencing extremely uncomfortable withdrawal systems. Question: would detoxing using natural products ie: tumeric help in reducing the withdrawal affects? And if you have any suggestions on riding my live of this please do not hesitate to state.
Thank you

3:31 pm November 16th, 2016

I have been taking between 120mg to 150mg of Oxycodone per day due to severe back pain. I had surgery a year ago to my lower back and have been on oxycodone ever since. The surgery was not successful and they were trying to figure out why. finally I was sent to a Pain management clinic to receive injections. They wound up doing a nerve block which has helped to reduce the pain by 50%. I have been a slave to the meds for over a year and want to start the weaning process. I have had to wean off Oxy before after a neck surgery and remember it being totally uncomfortable. I became very depressed and suffered from extreme w/draw symptoms. I believe it is because they weaned me off the medication too quickly. I have an appointment with my surgeon this Friday and I think they are going to want to start the weaning process which is what I want to do. With the Holidays coming up and people wondering all over my house I am very afraid of having all of these symptoms of withdraw I experienced before. Any suggestions of what I should tell my doctor so the weaning process is not so intense this time? I am scared to death of what is coming!!!

5:25 pm November 23rd, 2016

I have been taking Oxycodone–6 per day 5/mg/335mg plus Hydro morphine–6per day 3mg for the past 5-6 years for chronic pain. Just recently saw my Doctor & she is stopping the Oxycodone & has put me on Hydromorphine–1 tablet every 4-6 hrs 1mg plus keeping me on the Hydromorphine–6 per day 3mg in place of the Oxycodone. My question is will I have any side effects stopping the Oxycodone? Do you know if the medication she has me taking now will work equally to what I was taking for my chronic pain? Thankyou

4:58 am November 27th, 2016

i am on 8 tex of oxycodone and have been for 2 and half years for bad feet pain. Doc wants me off because the government here in canada b.c. says take everyone off it because so many people are od ing on it .
i have been cut down to 7 pills a day now over a month and i am having withdrawals and the pain is getting bad in my feet.

12:46 am November 29th, 2016

My daughter has been on varying amounts of Oxycodone over the last five years, she has tried to come down at home and gets very close, the lowest dose she has had is 30mg daily, but then she gets severe pain from an underlying infection and then goes back up to 90mg daily. Because she is never totally clean from Oxycodone when she goes to hospital for her infection her base level is whatever she is on say 50mg then they have to prescribe above that for any pain relief to kick in, hence when she is discharged from hospital it is on a higher dosage that what she went in on, what is the best, quickest and safest way to come down from 90mg to 0mg daily? I hate this drug, yes it does relieve the pain but it does make you so dependant on it.

9:59 pm November 29th, 2016

I was diagnosed with a calcified Pseoducyst( very rare with no cure. IT is very painful and we tried every pain killer on the market but eventually went to narcotic . I have been taking 100 to 120 MG of oxcodone & oxycobtin for over 4 yrs.
It definitely helps with the pain but the side effects are terrible.I believe with watchful control over my activites (movement affects the pain) and watch my food intake -large meals are painful, I’m hoping to get off the narcotic and control the pain with a non narcotic pain killer and supplements
What I am looking for right now some help on what I can do to help with the w/d.
I have gone from 120mg per day to 40 mg. per day on my owm (with understanding and caring wife.
I am 75 yrs. old and still enjoy playing hockey in a league twice a week,cycle my exercise bike each morning and love the outdoors doing yardwork whenever I can.
THe w/d (pardon the expression is like going to H………… and back
I would appreciate any feed back and also to hear from amyone who has had a CALCIFIED PSEODOCYST – (I know it is very rare

1:36 am November 30th, 2016

I had tried quiting oxycodone cold turkey but the withdrawel prevented me from doing so, i suffer from chronic pain and been taking them for 6 years now i want to get off them but pain is really bad some days and dont no what i can do i no im addicted to them i think the only way i could get off them is to get help but what do i do about the pain i experience on a daily basis?

4:15 pm November 30th, 2016

I was on oxy for 11 years along with fentynal patches . not an easy task stopped all on july 2 2016 and still difficult today

8:05 pm December 3rd, 2016

I live in Spain and have been taking oxicodone 80mg for about two years for severe pain. I recently moved home and the new doctor will not prescribe it without a letter confirming my need. I don’t have anything as it was a GP who prescribed it without any letter. I had to go to the local Hospital today as the pain was unbelievable. They will not give me the oxicodone either but gave me a tramadol drip and prescription for tramadol, diazepam and Enanyum. So far they aren’t helping and I’m climbing the walls and extremely restless. Any help you can offer would be much appreciated.

12:41 am December 12th, 2016

Hi I’m 45 had Cronic pain for over 3 years now , I’m on endone 5 mg x3 daily for break through and OxyContin 10 mg morning and night, Panadine forte also when required, I feel like a junky and want to stop, even if I can reduce the endone and Panadine forte , and just the OxyContin and just pannadol is my aim. I’m going nuts with dizzy spells and shakes it’s just to much for me, yes I’m numb but stuck in bed with these drugs and want to function like a mum should ….
Please help, my issues are crohns ,Ankylosing spontlilis, rheumatoid arthritis, and yet to be determined gyno issues..
Thank you for hearing me out xo

1:29 am December 16th, 2016

I am quiting oxycodone that I’ve been taking for 2 and 1/2 years.I lost my insurance so I have to quit pain management.I have had 4 surgeries in 2 and 1/2 years.I’m taking 7.5 milligram 4 a day.I want to stop and will have to do it on my on.Any suggestions.

3:07 am December 23rd, 2016

I am on day 12 of cold turkey oxycodone withdrawl. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I was taking 4 to 5 tabs of 30 mg per day. I didn’t know there was help for withdrawl. But I need a break in all this withdrawl, I’m not sleeping very well, I hurt, could be r/a or w/d not sure. Question, should I take a half a pill or even a quarter of of a pill now and then and for how long??? This has been very hard for me, I just don’t want to take it anymore, I can’t take Motrin at all, so now I don’t know what to take for pain. At the present time, I take Enbrel, Methotrexate, Prednisone and other meds too (non-narcodic). I completely understand why my doctor put me on this as last Winter the Humira suddenly stopped working and it took quite a while to get walking etc. I’m ok now so now I don’t need the oxycodone for pain anymore. Do you have any idea how much longer until this would be over, it’s really getting old and fast too?
Nice article above.
Thank You,

9:49 pm December 23rd, 2016

I tapered down to just a partial dose (2.5-5 mg at bedtime). Had some of the side effects (depression mostly), but I made it.

Went from those small doses at bedtime to zero. Afterall, To go slower, I’d be grinding and measuring tiny doses to taper that tiny amount to zero. Shortly thereafter insomnia and restless legs kicked in. After a few days of suffering, I decided to take a full 10 mg to see if it really was a SE of the withdrawal, and it was.

Now I’m having to take 2.5 – 5 mg each night if I am going to sleep. I’ve added magnesium, herbs, and even OTC sleep aids to no avail.

Any suggestions on how to get off the last little bit of the oxycodone?


7:12 am December 30th, 2016

I have been taking Oxycodone for 2 years not for pain, started with 5mg. a day for a few months and then bumped it up to 10 mg. and then 20mg + I am finding that at 10 mg a day I have sever symptoms of running nose, sever watery eyes, complete irritability and agitation, plus more. I am always feeling tired with low grade flu symptoms, etc. unless I take more than 10mg. I’m finding I’m taking more and more. Tonight I started having trouble swallowing and I realized I took several pills thru out the day not sure how many I had taken. I need to stop but I can’t seem to figure it out I can’t afford to seek professional help, I have no insurance. I haven’t told anyone. I need help, can you please give me advice on how to dose myself and what to do? How long will it take? Will I ever be back to my old self 100%? My mood is terrible I am depressed and have never been SO agitated at everyone ALL the TIME.

I am 56, female, 150lbs, 5ft 7in. single, no children. I need to do this on my own, hoping with some advice from you.

6:10 pm January 2nd, 2017

How long do the symptoms of withdrawal should last. Took 40 mg/day for a little over 2 years. The doctor started winding down at 25 mg/day for 14 days, then lowering by 5 mg every other 14 days. I am now down to zero and the symptoms are very uncomfortable.

4:46 am January 6th, 2017

I have been snorting (crushed and through my nose) 1-2, 30mg Percocets everyday or every other day for about 5 months now. I’m now stopping. How long and how bad will my withdrawals be?

7:34 am January 13th, 2017

Hi People , I was prescribed oxycodone 3.5 years ago . 40mg per day . About a year ago i started cutting back ,with the view of giving up . From 40 to 10 i had no problems at all . At 5 my body reacted like everyone else`s . What is helping me is taking sleeping tablets that i buy from the local chemist . I try to go to sleep at 22.00 each night . At 20.30 i take my oxy and s.t . That way i get about 5 hours straight sleep . The rest of the night is get up and go back to sleep . Normal .
I can only presume my body will eventually get used to the 5 .
My question is . Will i go through the same again when i quit . Or should i quit now . I am starting day 4 of 5 mg a day . All the best to everyone . George .

3:59 am January 24th, 2017

Is long term use of 5mg extended release oxycodone ok?

6:50 am January 28th, 2017

Recovering from several compression fractures in both lower and upper spine due to osteoporosis . Have improved with daily injection of Forteo. Have been managing the pain with Tylenol and oxy codons CR 10 mg twice a day since November. Usually taken at 7:00 a.m. and p.m. I have just stretched the p.m. Dose to 9:00.. Could you advise the best way to tapper to discontinue. I am a 59 year old female with no other medication. No smoker and no drinker. Thank you.

3:30 am January 31st, 2017

i started oxycodone hcl er 20 mg 2 times day. one every 12 hrs for cancer in knee beginning of december 2016.. radiation helped now on chemo and walking with walker now. no pain. on jan 26 we went to 10 mgs twice a day.. how long should i be on this before going to 5 mg twice a day to then one a day then stop

10:28 am January 31st, 2017

I have come off oxycodone for good and i just wish to share how i did it . Hoping it will help some people . There are some it cannot help . What got me off in the end was the want and need to get off . Without that you are going to fail . Mentally you must be ready for this fight and it is a fight .
So tapering your intake is the way to go . The amount and length is up to you . What is important is to let your body get used to the lesser amount . Dont reduce until it does . At some stage it is going to rebel . Once it is over that reduce again . Then you get to the final reduction . None . This is the hardest by far . Everything is thrown at you but it is the most rewarding . Mine was 10 days of hell but it breaks rather quickly . I took over the counter sleeping tablets , to help the nights . They dont help a lot but they do help . So mentally prepare yourself and Good Luck .

6:26 am February 1st, 2017

I have been tapering off 160mg/day oxycodone without any significant withdrawals. It has taken 3 months of 5% reductions every 10 days. Unlike TAN (take as needed) you MUST go on a daily dosage whether you think you “need” it or not. It works. I worked with my Doctor and established a schedule for tapering off . I used his spreadsheet and watched every dose. My one requirement was minimize withdrawal . it worked. I am now down to 5mg/day from 160 a day.

11:09 pm February 21st, 2017

I just lost my whole story can someone please contact me I’m trying to detox off of pain meds I had back surgery 10/14/15 also involved in a motorcycle accident 10/17/16 I was in a rehabilitation care center only to be pumped up on pain meds. Now going threw withdrawals help!

7:50 am February 26th, 2017

My son who is aged 30 years he has been taking endone 5mg for approx 11 months since the last 5 weeks his is now on 1.8 mg of oxynorm daily so this is 0.06 mg morning ,late afternoon and bed time he still has the side affects if i do not give him the dose on time how can i reduce the amount so he can stop it completely. regards.

12:32 pm February 27th, 2017

I been on theses awhile and I came off once and felt great then I got back on wish I haven’t I want off again bad I need help or someone to work with me or a hospital I can go to for a couple weeks to am clean from them and I promised myself I will never get back on again cause I don’t like the feeling they give you

2:07 am February 28th, 2017

I have been taking norcos for about a year now I try quitting and I swear alot,I can’t sleep,my mood is crappy. I don’t think I could do it alone but I want to so bad. Is there an antidepressant that could just help with my attitude whole I’m at work

5:36 pm March 4th, 2017

I have been prescribed Oxytocin for about 1-1/2 years due to the amputation of my leg. Which resulted in 3 revision surgeries after the initial. I am now only taking 15 mg extended release 2 times a day and have been there for about a year. I asked my doctor to lower it to 10 mg extended release 2 times a day. I realize that there is not a lower dose in the extended release form. But I don’t want to suffer from withdrawal symptoms. I have never abused my medication except forgot to take it a couple days and that was enough to let me know that my body is dependent on the medication and I experienced withdrawal symptoms. I don’t want to do that ever again. Another reason why I need this out of me asap

11:33 pm March 5th, 2017

Oxycodone was prescribed after back surgery. I am only 20 days out. A few days ago I began to have at least five of the symptoms you list above of dependency. Since I had no pain when on the drug I decided to test whether I actually needed this drug for pain. I decided to go cold turkey because by all indications there is NO WAY my body should have acquired a “dependency” in that short of time….. with the indications of sudden feeling agitated, suddenly sleep became an issue, I NEVER napped on this drug the entire time I took it…..however more important I didn’t really have significant pain to warrant to keep taking it….. or at least I wanted to know by not taking it if I did have enough pain to keep taking it. Less than a week ago in an attempt to test myself, I took my last dose at 1:15 pm one afternoon. Determined to not take another dose until pain levels indicated a need. I never felt any pain, only some minor discomfort. Almost to the hour, 12 hours later I woke at 1:23 am with horrible muscle aches over the entire body, I felt a sensation of not being able to move or even to turn over in the bed with ease, chills then extremely hot. neck ache beyond what I thought I could tolerate & more. By all standards I determined through this extremely horrid episode I may need the oxy after all. However, included in the symptoms was extreme nausea and the feeling of the need to vomit. I didn’t think I could keep it down so I went without. This episode lasted approximately 6 hours with some 15 minute moments of relief where my body fell into a fitful sleep. I have NO experience with drugs, recreationally or otherwise. I’ve NEVER taken opiods for pain for more than two days in the past with a broken leg or minor surgery. As the morning wore on, though I was experiencing fatique, the discomfort became less and less and I was returning to feeling human again in minor ways. My doctor’s nurses could not tell me whether this was withdrawal… they only advised me if I was in pain I should or should have taken the pain meds. I reached out to family members who had been addicts, or were in the medical profession and had seen withdrawal. In each case of those I consulted they each thought it sure sounded like withdrawal. Then, my choice was limited. Do I return to oxy use? #1 It is unusal even as you have said for such a short term user to experience dependency. #2 I was only 2 1/2 weeks out from major back surgery….. was the horrid over night experience a pain response to the surgery OR was it actual withdrawal? I have no way of knowing but either could be a possibility. Fast forward 5 days later with a couple of good days but some others that did not match the horrid night but were not pleasant just the same…..I continued to take only 1/2oxy three times a day. At the moment today I have taken 1/2 a pill….. six hours later I took 325 mg of ER Tylenol. It is 4:30 pm in the afternoon and I feel fine though not energetic. My question to you, based on the description I’ve given…. would it be “safer” to assume I may be especially sensitive to this medication and should proceed with caution in taking more? I’ve already decided unless my body somehow experiences pain of a level 5 or more, I will not take more than 1/2oxy and the number of times a day is yet to be determined. Feeling chill now….. wonder what that means? Thanks for your response.

9:19 pm March 8th, 2017

HI I have been taking oxycodone 10/325 for 3 years now started at 3/day now I am taking(snorting) 10/day but always still in pain. I need to get off of these as I have lost so much because I’m only prescriped 120/month so rest of the days I have to buy them off the street. I know the first thing is to quit snorting and yesterday and today were the 1st 2 days in that step but I am still craving the high from snorting even after I take 1 orally…my question is how would suggest that I taper off day by day? I have very serious injuries and I do have constent chronic pain but I can deal with as I have before I just can not deal with the withdrawal syptoms. Please give me your best opinion of how to taper off regardless of time line I’m willing to try anything to avoid the major withdrawal symptoms cuz I know regardless of what I do there are gonna be some syptoms I’m just trying to ease the symptoms a little… thank you in advance for any help you may give!!

10:41 pm March 8th, 2017

Is it possible to go off oxy, put on suboxone, and say a year, every other year, rotate? I can’t live in pain. I withdrawl in 12 hrs (I’ve never encountered someone like me) I been on oxy and fyntnyl fe, to go on subs for a year, then back on pain meds? Because to me? about 8 months the pain pills stop working, I have to abuse them. With subs, I live in pain, but not too bad..I could make it a year. Rotation is my key question..Thank you.or 5 years. Is it possibl

4:50 pm March 10th, 2017

I wanted to know if there is a difference in tapering the extended release compared to immediate release?

7:06 am March 11th, 2017

what is a good non opiate replacement med to take for pain when you have been taking oxycodone for years? I am down to 2 a day, the withdrawals suck.

8:49 pm March 13th, 2017

I’m weaning off of oxycodone under the care of my primary care doctor. We’ve been weaning every two weeks .5 tablets at a time. It’s been very easy. However, I’m down from 45 mg oxycodone per day to 15.5 per day. I had moderately severe muscle aches the first 24 hours, less the next 24 and pretty much gone by day three. However, I notice I’m dizzy today, a little spacey and with low energy.
Is this normal?

12:58 am March 15th, 2017

I have been on oxycodone for 13 years. Due to an auto accident that almost took my life and with many injury’s. I now take 3tabs of 5mg three times a day. Total of 45mg a day. I was wondering would I be better reducing to 3 tabs twice a day or 2 tabs three times a day. I have cut it to 3 tabs twice a day but in between is kind of rough. I started 3 days ago. I don’t know if my pain will be too much. But it is getting ridiculous to deal with doctors, pharmacies and friends. Lost one husband and wife friends because they told my wife I was a drug addict. Plus I don’t like the depression it causes.

6:54 pm March 18th, 2017

I’ve been on 10/325 oxycodone for at least 4 or 5 years. I know I have a addiction to it. I have been on 5 tablets in a 24 hour period. I presently have cut it to 4 times a day, and that was just one day actually. Im trying to go to just three sa day. I do feel weak, and unsteady. Is this normal. Most importantly safe?

9:41 am March 20th, 2017

Gradually decreased my dose, just finished my 1st week without. Te first three days were hell. Now into my second week, feeling really ancient, depressed and cannot sleep. But at least I’m not getting over heated anymore. Feeling worse than before I was given this poison..
If I’d know what this medication was going to do to me I would NEVER have taken it, and feel I should have been told. The reason for needing pain relief was because I had a compressed fracture of my spine L1.

8:22 pm March 21st, 2017

A person I know has been taking oxycodone for about 2 years 5-6 pills a day. They know they have a problem now and want to stop taking them and wants to quit cold turkey. they did say that they start to shake if they don’t take any pills. How long does this drug stay in your system and blood stream and can they safely go cold turkey and what should they expect?

10:40 pm March 24th, 2017

I am scheduled to go into the hospital on the 28th to detox from the 15 mg of Percocet I have been taking four times per day every day for the last three years. Their plan is to give me my last dose that evening, then switch me to Suboxone the following morning. I will not be tapering off the Percocet. They say I will be in the hospital for two – three days. I am concerned that the major part of the withdrawl won’t even hit me until after I am back home, and that because I am not tapering off, it will be severe, because I know Suboxone keeps drugs like that off your brain even if they are in your system so it would be the equivalent of quitting cold turkey. Am I right to be concerned and if so, what should I do? I have been told that using suboxone in place of Percocet is a bad idea because eventually you’ll need to come off of that too and that withdrawl from suboxone is worse than the oxy? Is this true and does use of Suboxone build up a physical dependence like opiods?

2:28 pm March 28th, 2017

I take 60 mgs of oxycodone a day and have for 5 years can I just stop or should I use the 10% suggested reduction rate?

4:14 pm March 28th, 2017

I want to stop taking Oxycodone. I have been taking it for a couple years with my dosage right now about 60mg a day. I only have 12 -10mg pills left so I’m trying to figure out the best taper so I don’t have to try and get more. I have tried before and the leg cramps at night are the worst and I gave in.

7:45 pm March 30th, 2017

I take 1 30mg oxycodine / day for about a year now for back pain (4 ruptured discs). I have gone 1 1/2 days before without withdrawal symptoms. Is it possible to stop taking them, if I truly only take 1 pill/day without suffering withdrawals? If not how do you recommend I stop? Cut the dose or otherwise? Thank you.

1:08 am April 3rd, 2017

I have been taking pain medication in one form or the other for over 10 years. From 2009 to 2012 it was IM demerol (given at home) and then from 2012 to oral Oxycodone 30 mg taken from 1-3 x day as needed for pain. At first it was for severe lyme which caused severe going and muscle pain. Then knee problems from the damage done to tendons in my knee from the antibiotic used to treat my lyme. That resulted in a total knee replacement with scarring and decrease in mobility. I know i have pain but, I am not at all sure how much because I keep it well controlled with the opiate. I am tired of taking them and with the latest information about them I don’t want to take them. I would like to stop taking them to see if my ongoing pain could be managed another way but, that requires stopping them. We don’t have enough money for me to go to a clinic so this needs to be outpatient with as little doctor visits as possible because the copays are between $ 50-75 a visit. How would you suggest I do this? I also have Morphine 60 mg ER for breakthrough pain. Could I just use that instead and taper that. I have given it a lot of thought and “internet homework” to see how I could accomplish this goal. I am, however, not secure in the “advice” i have read from others who have attempted going it on their own. Oh….and to complicate it further, I have developed MDS (myelodysplastic syndrome…a problem with my bone marrow that causes a type of anemia and my blood cells not to form correctly. It started almost immediately after getting the knee replacement. Suspicious.) Im a mess. Any information you could give would be appreciated. My social info is as follows…white female, 64 years old, RN, married, 6 grown children who really wants to get as healthy as possible with the ongoing problems I have without the constant use of opioids. Thank you.

4:31 pm April 5th, 2017

I am taking 2-20mg of oxycodone per day. Would lowering that to 2-10mg be a good place to begin getting off the drug entirely? Thanks, Bob

4:50 am April 6th, 2017

I am hooked. I take 2-20mg per day and have no energy and watch the clock to see when I can take 2nd pill. Very miserable and useless. Would cutting the dose to 3-10mg per day be a good place to begin cutting down and finally getting off this drug? Thanks, Bob

7:59 pm April 10th, 2017

I have been taking 80mg oxycodone for pain issues and a recent total knee replacement. I am cutting down this week 10 mg a day for the week. And plan to continue at a rate of ten until I am done. I have been doing this for 3 days and I am experiencing muscle twitching at night. Is this common for a cut of only 10 mg a day? I am in my 60’s and having a terrible time with the uncontrollable twitching.
Thank you for your response

Never Thought It Would Be Me
1:04 am April 11th, 2017

I am a retired, professional woman. My doctor has me oxycodone 10 mg a day for chronic pain due to osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia. I want to quit using the drug as my health is declining, especially my cholesterol, blood pressure and varicose veins. I have always been very healthy , now I have thyroid disease and my vision is going out the door.
In short, I want to switch to medical marijuana instead of pharmaceutical pain relief as I am aware that we are born with THC receptors in our brain and there has to be a reason for that, whether you believe in Creationism or Scientific evolution. Either way, Medical Marijuana is natural and has no withdrawal symptoms. It doesn’t impair your thinking the way opiates do. At least not for me. Is there a natural remedy for withdrawal symptoms? Anything homeopathic that I can try? I want to get off these pills NOW. Thank you.

3:48 pm April 17th, 2017

I have had back pain over 30 yes 3 operations be on opeoids at least 18 yes oxycodone helps a little I still have pain is the pain in my head I am never without pain ì want to be without pain and I would like to be off pain mess thanks

4:05 am April 18th, 2017

To all the posts above wondering if there is an easy out> NO. However you can ease or practically eliminate your withdrawals.
Taper, then taper, oh and taper.
It is important to write down on a calendar the taper schedule. If you are taking Oxycodone then plan to taper slowly. NEVER jump up in dose, better to keep it level and or move down slowly. When you reach the 7.5mg oxy mark start planning on jumping down to Hydrocodone, Taper these down and your final leap will not be painless, Im not going to kid you but you will start to get realization glimpses back depending on how long you used painkillers. Sure you will be tired and bored but stick with it.
Good luck

2:34 pm April 18th, 2017

I have been on oxycodone for over 14 years due to two neck surgeries and debilitating back pain. I have been trying to stop taking it and have slowly decreased usage from 20mg a day to 5mg. I have been experiencing insomnia so bad that I find still taking it at least allows me to finally get some sleep. PLEASE HELP. I can’t take this situation anymore. I need more solid information about how to detox and how long I will go through this until the withdrawal is over.

7:32 pm April 18th, 2017

Trying to lower oxicodone to stop taking totally. Had a bad fall 2 years ago, broke back , 200 stitches in my head. Would like to get off, if so what will happen with pain, vs the side effects.
Anything over the counter to compensate for pain as well as side effects. At this point I know advil or anything like that will be useless.

Donna Lyle
1:06 am April 19th, 2017

Thank you for this opportunity. I’m a 79-year-old woman and have been taking 15 mg of oxycodone going on 4 years. I was given this medication for my back/leg pain and as it has turned out, it helps with arthritis and my knee, which I have decided not to have it replaced. I have never taken more than was prescribed so my daily intake does not exceed 3 pills in a 12 hour period. I am on Coumadin so I am unable to take any anti -inflammatory drugs for arthritic help. This is my dilemma: Wouldn’t it be easier to remain on the oxycodone since it gives me tremendous help, rather than go through withdrawals at my age?

4:25 am April 19th, 2017

If I cut my medicine from 60mg to 45mg a day will I go though with drawals?

All my Fault
11:31 am April 20th, 2017

Hi Guy’s

I have been using Oxynorm for 3 years now every day. Osteochondritis dissecans in both knees. “Dead Bone”. Without Oxynorm it’s wheel chair time for me. I Just use a walking stick and with the Oxy’s “does the job”. Doctor prescription 4 X 5 !! 20 Mg Daily but I am using 8 X 5 MG Daily. Sometime more but I always leveled out around 7 X 5 MG Daily. But now my body seem to have leveled out at 9 X 5 MG Daily.

It’ Seems to have got through my backdoor some how!!! It’s like my body is saying to my little man in side of me, if you do not give me this dose I want, I am going to punish you!!! And it does… After listening to my little Man I drop down to 25.5 MG Daily and I have more pills in front of me to take, so it is tempting but I have just been smoking “weed” and pop 2 X 5 MG Valium at night. Now I Know this is “chump change” to what some people are taking out there. After reading this Blog. But Man I had a Heroin addiction 30 years ago and came off that cold turkey. Mainly because I lost 5 Mate’s in one year, that’s when the China White hit Australia.

But this withdrawal seems to be Worse than that! and it’s still not the real thing. I know were talking two different drugs here but “WOW” It’s is always it’s the legs that’s the worst same as with my Heroin withdrawal. Day 2: I hope I stay at the 25.5 mark. This is all my own fault taking it for pain relief is one thing and it did just that. but slowly and surely it makes your dopamine levels raise. Not a bad side effect I though, it was making me more happy and it does. But no way = to the withdrawal. So my plan is to stick to the 25.5 mark for 2 more days and then will drop down a to 20.5 MG daily.

Is this any sort of plan Guy’s.

I can’t imagine coming off Oxy,s cold turkey no way in hell!!!
Worse than Heroin that’s for dame sure.
All my Fault!!!

12:35 am April 26th, 2017

Decrease by 25-50% A DAY??? Have you ever taken oxycodone???

I’m now (after getting withdrawal symptoms from decreasing from 10 mg 3x/day to 5 mg 2x/day) maybe, finally, after a week, after going back to 5 mg 3x/day), maybe getting used to 5 mg 3x/day. It’s been 10 days since I went back to 5 mg 3x/day. I’ve been miserable. Even suicidal. My last Rx was for 10mg pills. They’re tiny and very hard to cut in two. My doctor wants me to go to a pain management clinic but there’s not one around here. I have maybe 75 10mg pills left, but when I try to cut the pill in two, sometimes half of it just gets crushed,so I probably don’t have (75×2)/3=50 days left. The way I have tapered off other addictive things (trazodone, clonazepam, venlafaxine) is to cut a little off the pill for a month, cut a little more off the next month, etc. It took many months to get off them, but it was painless. With the 10mg oxycodone pills, having to cut them in half and then taper those down by cutting a little off each month, I don’t have enough to do that with. Given how horrible life was when I withdrew too fast 2 weeks ago, I’m EXTREMELY reluctant to taper off faster than what I outlined above. I’m just writing because I need to vent. I don’t see how you can help.

OTOH, you say in one of your replies below that you think someone is dependent on percocet, not addicted. What’s the difference? And do you reduce the amount of it (or oxycodone in my case) differently?

12:51 pm April 26th, 2017

I am changing medication from oxycontin to palexia and the doctor said to stop oxycontin immediately and replace it with palexia, will i go through withdrawals from oxycontin when i stop taking it or will the palexia stop those withdrawals?
30 mg oxycontin twice a day, replacing with 50 mg palexia twice a day

12:34 am April 29th, 2017

For about the past two years I have been taking two oxycodon one in morning and one in evening. About every. A month ago I started to lower one half in the am now I am told to drop to one at night for a week then next week one hall at night then stop

5:33 am April 30th, 2017

I have been on oxycodone 15mg for years because I have OA bad , fibromyalgia, scoliosis, degenerative bone desease with chronic pain I went to my pain doctor 4 months ago and he lowered me to a 10mg then I went back 2 weeks ago he lowered it to a 7.5 mg a d I have been hurting so bad had to go to ER and was told my right hip has Oster Arthritis bad and I’m having withdrawal , legs jerking can’t sleep pain everywhere , diarrhea, may have to go back to ER. Called my dr. Office and was told just keep my next appointment in june. What the crap ?

6:38 am May 2nd, 2017

I had been on Morphine patches initially for a few weeks before the doctor changed me over to Oxycodone slow release 10mg tablets and Oxynorm 5mg instant action Oxycocone which I had been on for over 5 months to deal with a pre op hip degenerative condition. Two weeks following my hip replacement operation the rash on my back caused by taking the opiates was so severe that I dropped off the 5mg Oxynorm for a weekbefore coming off the Oxycodone slow release both night and morning tablets altogether. I had not been told of the way to come off these powerful drugs and consequently I have had terrible sickness and diarrhea (for which I am taking ‘imodium instants’) and am having totally sleepless agitated nights (not helped by having to only sleep on my back for 6 weeks after the op) with catch up naps during each day. I have now been off all the opiates for one week and still have these awful side effects. I would like to know how long before these stop. It is not easy to get in to see my GP especially with them being closed on bank holidays but I am thinking of making an appointment to see if I can get any help.

12:18 am May 6th, 2017

I had ACL reconstruction surgery 3 weeks ago, my doctor gave me oxycodone 5mgs. 4 every 3 hours for the first 4 days by the end of that 4 days I was already getting withdrawals and have never taken it before in my life. They prescribed me more after the four days 5mgs 2 every 4 to 6 hours by day 12 I went in for my post op that morning I woke up puking to the point of dry heeving already experience every withdrawals symptom and also every less common side effect of this drug I told my doctor so he prescribes me 10mgs 1 every 4 hours and told me to start weening myself off. Is been theee weeks now I’m still on crutches still can’t walk still get sharp shooting pains but I refuse to take the oxy I can tell the minute my body wants more I get depressed every muscle in my body hurts I get chills I start crying and I don’t and can’t be this way! I have never been addicted to anything have always been very proud of that and now here am I addicted to a drug that’s just like herion! So I took a 5mg yesterday and 5pm it’s almost been 24 hours I want one I feel sick but I have been coughing my nose running crying I want to know how long before my brain goes back to normal? How longs will I feel like dying?

2:37 am May 8th, 2017

Towards the end of 2012, I had a series of 3 surgeries 6 weeks apart: bilateral hip replacements and back surgery. This was prior to the opioid scrutiny. By the end of the 3rd surgery recovery period, I was taking 10-325 Hydocodene 4x a day. I was referred to a pain mgt specialist who moved me to Lyrica 150mg 2x day, Embeda 50mg 1x day (that’s time released morphine), oxycodene 10s 5x day and the 10/325 hydrocodene as needed but no more than 5x a day. For more than 4 years, I pretty much sat in a wheelchair in my room staring at a wall wondering what happened to my life. This is no way to live and I cried out to a friend who took me to another doctor in another city. This was right before Christmas of 2016.
Here it is May of 2017, and I’m on the right track. I’m off all of the opioids with the exception of 10/325 Endocet 2x day and I sometimes skip one or two of those. In the past couple of weeks, I’ve been cutting those tablets in half and I’ve worked my way down to taking 1/2 of a 10/325 Endocet in the morning. I still hurt some but I’m embracing the pain and dealing with it rather than masking it. My goal is to get completely off of opioids altogether.
I know this sounds dumb, but at this point, is it wise to just stop cold turkey. The dose is so low but I’m afraid of withdrawal symptoms, especially the psychological ones given how many years I’ve taken them. I appreciate your insight and wisdom.

9:42 pm May 9th, 2017

At this time my daughter is tapering for many weeks from an almost 2 year use of prescription oxycodone for chronic pain The problem is that she is and has been alergic to this med and many others. She gets numb lips and feet additional pains racing heart even itchyness. The med helps very limitedly and she now with the tapering is having pains from head to toe.
She is on 7.5 mg. She had mostly been on 10 mg every 4 hours but had been on as much as 20mg every 4 hours for a short time a year ago.
My question is should she be having these enhanced pains even while tapering using a very slow tapering schedule. She has sweating ,pains, aches in her thighs and calves arms that ache and a.problem with thinking. She is very agitated and can’t stand the pain. Also suddenly there was NO sleep until taking large doses of xanax and additional ambien,etc. Also pounding heart suddenly was added to the mix after the oxycodone dose.Doctors have not been very helpful for her original “auto immune” pain that has been attributed to arthritis. These things are 24/7. Would it be in her best interest to try suboxone for a short time and would that change the mu receptors to better handle pain or is this going to keep her brain in the state it is in from oxycodone?transition period Even though she has been on xanax, clonidine ambien. So there lies the painful problem where she is resigned to never feeling well again.

4:01 pm May 11th, 2017

I have degenerative spinal disease which is extremely painful. I had surgery in 2009 to repair a degenerated disk but now 8 more disks are degenerating. The last few years have truly been a roller coaster. There are days where I can’t get out of bed from the pain and bed ridden for a week, Then there are times where it is just uncomfortable and stiff. Regardless, I got hooked on Oxycodone. The worst my habit ever got was 120mg per day. I realized I couldn’t continue on this medication so I started a suboxone treatment but the entire experience was a nightmare. I was over-prescribed the Subs and after being on them for 4 months at 24mg/day and slowly tapering off the Subs I can tell you the withdrawals from Suboxone are 100x worse than withdrawing from Oxycodone. After I got through that hell I needed medication for the pain again and found myself in a vicious cycle of using my monthly supply of oxycodone in 2 weeks and have withdrawn from it cold turkey at least 50 times. I also have GAD, Panic Disorder and Major Depression as underlying ailments so the rollercoaster rides I’ve been on withdrawing from Oxy over and over has been pure hell. The Opiate withdrawals are terrible but they are intensified dramatically if you have genetic anxiety and depression. I now take the proper medications for anxiety and depression and it withdrawing from oxycodone isn’t nearly as bad as it used to be. With that said I still use oxy occasionally for when my pain is unbearable and sometimes if I feel bad in general. The worst symptoms of Oxy withdrawal are AFTER the 5 days it takes to leave your system. The sleep disturbances are awful. It takes about 3 weeks after quitting oxy withdrawal cold turkey to feel somewhat normal and for your digestive system to recover. I would not recommend suboxone for anyone after the hell I went through. Depending on how bad your habit is and your individual symptoms I would recommend a slow taper off oxycodone with no replacement drugs so you don’t trade one addiction for another. Looking back on my life I cannot believe how many times I’ve gone through PAWs and protracted withdrawal. It is truly something terrible that only someone who has experienced it can understand. I’m glad I found the right Dr. and treatment for my Anxiety and Depression because it has helped me get off Oxy for good because even though I was using it for sever physical pain subconsciously I became addicted to the Euphoria because of the misery of my psych disorders. Now that I feel relatively normal with those meds I am able to quit oxy and find alternative treatments for my spinal condition. The worst symptoms I’ve ever experienced were insomnia, paranoia, sever panic attacks, night terrors, sweating, loss of appetite, and total LOSS of interest in ANYTHING and EVERYTHING and of course, suicidal ideation. My point is there is hope and a light at the end of the tunnel. The scariest thing was I went through all this essentially ALONE. All my friends who went to rehab always relapsed and it’s expensive. The only people who supported me through these 7 years of hell were my immediate family and my psychiatrist. Many of my friends who tried rehab said it was bad because you befriend other addicts who relapse and they provide access to the opiates when they relapse and suck you in. Some of them committed suicide or overdosed. It’s very sad. My circumstance is different because I never took opiates for recreation, I got back doored into the addiction cycle because of a physical disease. The whole scenario is a nightmare because this was really not my fault and I hate people who judge so I am reluctant to divulge this info to others. When my psych disorders and oxy withdrawal were in full effect I was 100% dysfunctional. I would literally meditate 24/7 and take Lexapro and Xanax for the panic attacks and anxiety and I became agoraphobic and catatonic sometimes. I’ve also experienced quitting Lexapro Cold Turkey and that was an entirely different nightmare maybe even worse than opiate withdrawal. It got so bad I had to go back on Lexapro after being off it for 2 months. The good news is I’m finally on the right track. I’m still not 100% back to normal but I am about 75% there and I will be 100% better once I ween off Lexapro and Xanax fully and I get on the right meds to control my genetic psych disorders. I won’t lie. I still dabble once in awhile with the oxy’s when I really need or crave them but it’s a prescription and I am not a slave to it anymore. I don’t try to obtain it illegally like many often do. Not saying that to justify anything like I’m better than anyone but I know how slippery the slope is and the deepest darkest depths it leads to if you don’t get a foothold and climb your way out of it. This experience almost killed me, and ruined so many parts of my life such as jobs/careers, relationships and overall well being. I just wish I never had this spinal disease and lived a normal life sometimes. It’s all water under the bridge now and I can only move forward and reclaim whatever time I have left. There is hope though because although Opiate Withdrawal is psychologically and physiologically traumatizing most people don’t have the underlying disorders I had so if I can get to a good place I truly believe ANYONE can. There is hope even when you feel there is none which is so often the case with withdrawing. Good Luck to all of you and I hope some of my story helped, even if just a little bit. Godspeed. Bless you all.

4:33 pm May 14th, 2017

My husband has been on oxycodone for six years after having the ‘Whipple’ procedure to remove a cancerous tumor in his pancreas. The first year of his recovery after surgery had him in the hospital with complications 3 times (not to mention a week stay in hospital following surgery on Morphine) from severe constipation when they administered morphine, unblocked his bowels & sent him back home. ON & OFF MORPHINE 4 TIMES then back home to oxycodone . . . and taking them on his own accord not letting me know how much or how many doses a day & hiding his prescription. And prescribed a month at a time for meds. He now has been showing withdrawal symptoms since doctor stopped prescribing oxy & has him on anti-depressant now and sending him to a pain management doctor that we are seeing on Monday. I want him to be prescribed physical therapy & nutritional support . . . do doctors do that? That will help, right? I have been encouraging vitamin & supplement support for six years and he has been seriously receptive to that for almost a month now. Over all this has been a living hell. The medical field does not tell the family that the patient can/may/will be a monster on oxycodone if abusing it, which my husband was (with alcohol) and we have survived 3 crisis situations by the grace of God and just recently a fourth and now my husband’s doctor is finally acknowledging (listening to) my concerns and opinion about my husband’s health only because I had no choice but to call and give every detail of our last crisis . . . not to mention I went to one of my husband’s doctor appointments about a year ago and told her about a potential crisis with him behind the wheel of the car and me in the car with him. I am my husband’s best advocate & wouldn’t have it any other way because I love him more than the medical field, and Jesus loves him more than I do.

6:03 pm May 18th, 2017

I have been seeing pain management DR for years I have had 3 pain pumps that sent me trough withdraw many, many, times last one gave me a very bad infection so they put me on oxycodone for 4+years my DR told me on last visit he was no longer going to prescribe my pain pills he is also retiring so his last years there will be doing procedures only. I was taking my pain meds 3 a day 15mg I was told this 1 month ago so I have been weaning off of it in weeks so week 1 and2 I have taken it down 1 15mg in morning 7.5 at 6 to 7 at night so I’m on week 3 went down to 7.5 in morning and 7.5 at night for 2 weeks and then go to 7.5 1time in morning for 2 weeks then nothing am I doing this right because as I said I have been thru withdraw many times and don’t want to go there again could someone contact me about this. Cannot figure out why he is doing this because putting pain pump in person is last thing so is he saying I have not had pain for 10+ years never thought he would do this to me never had problems with tests he ordered he told me to find a pain DR and he would send my records to new DR so I’m just a little stumped THANKS CARLA

3:51 am May 22nd, 2017

My doctor stopped writing prescriptions for oxycodone suddenly and I have been on them for years. I have been off them for 5 days and am getting very agitated. He told me to go to the ER , but I cannot afford that. I have a heart condition. I do not know what to do. He is trying to get me into pain management but that takes on average about 2 months . I am about to pull my hair out .

7:54 pm May 22nd, 2017

Have tapered from ocycodone to 3G.a day from 40 or50s day have been on opioids for ten yrs.many back surgeries and hip surgeries. Had to go. Sick up to 50 one every 6 hrs vs 8 disgusted have to start again how to taper from 40 mg ocycodone a day

4:27 pm May 23rd, 2017

Hi,I have been taking OxyContin for about ten years before that fentinal patches and oromorph.i used to take two fifty milligram slow release tablets twice a day and extra ten mill tablets when needed which was most nights I would take six at a time.amazingly I am trying a different approach to my pain (spinal injury) I had this thought if the pain relief doesn’t stop the pain why take them. I gave them up just over a week ago and no withdrawal no signs of any unpleasant reactions at all. I realise not every one can just stop but I have with no problem other than a little increase in pain levels but not worth taking the tablets for. I decided to try meditation and the wim Hoffman methods it helps.

9:58 pm May 23rd, 2017

My wife has been on high doses of prescribed Oxycodone and Opana. She recently flushed her Oxycodone down the toilet and has been suffering pretty severe withdrawals and side effect. She is still using the Opana as directed. She has no doctor currently since we just moved back east to West Virginia from Tucson AZ. She wants off of the oxy. What are her options? Any Dr or clinic recommendations? We work together in Child Care and I need her help.

10:11 pm May 26th, 2017

Hello everyone I am a 72 year old woman who has been on opiates for 8 to 9 years due to chronic back pain now it’s hip pain hand pain I have had 8 surgeries in my hands and am now trying to detox from oxycodone the dose is 10 three .25 I am down to two two and a half a day and taking Advil in between which is really helping I have had no withdrawal symptoms but I’m tired of being a slave mentally I have felt like I have nothing that makes me happy anymore have been having suicidal thoughts have a great family and would never do that to them I also have a son who is 46 was in a car accident many years ago and started down the road of Percocet he became addicted and went to a couple rehabs not very successful then was diagnosed with an aggressive form of testicular cancer had to have major surgery twice in order to hold down a job which he has a physical one he still has to take some opiates a day but not nearly as many as he did I’m hoping detoxing all my own will work I have lots to live for these drugs are killing people I want my life back badly good luck to all of you I’m not a big God believer but I will keep all of you in my prayers

5:43 pm May 30th, 2017

you mention taking anti-depressants to reduce the severity of withdrawal. Which types of anti-depressants would be most suited? Would for example something like St. Johns Wort be worth a try, or is it not strong enough? Had a fairly good experience with it for mild depression a few years back, and feel more comfortable taking it than other available AD. If anyone has experience using St. Johns Wort I’d be glad for the info. thanks!

7:02 pm June 2nd, 2017

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip 10 years ago. I wanted to put surgery as long as possible therefore my primary MD referred me to a Pain Management Specialist. He treated me w/300 mg Tramadol WE & started me on approx 10 mg Roxicodone which has increased over the years to my current daily dosage of 60 mg spread out in 4 doses (I split 2 15 mg tablets in 24 he period & take them 4-8 hrs apart as needed based on pain.

I am now not working, scheduling total hip replacement in 30-45 days, surgeon wants me off narcotic before surgery. My predicament is my Rx has run out, my MD is on vacation returning in 5 days & ME on call will not renew any amount of Roxicodone. He did give me 4 days of Tramadol.

This weekend I will go through withdrawal of this nasty schedule 2 opioid, I have spoken to my insurance company and they were extremely surprised of the situation and said if I have a bad reaction to goto the ER.

I am afraid – do you have any recommendation for me?


10:43 am June 5th, 2017

Have been on oxycodone for years due to degernitive muscle & disc disease. I have gone thru one withdrawal & thought I was going to die alone. If this ever happens again, what can I do to pull thru at home?

12:56 am June 10th, 2017

I have chronic pain in my back . I am currently on 80mg twice a day , 160 total OxyContin, and up to 4 10 mg oxynorm per day . I’ve been told to try reduce my pain medications so I am trying to taper down . I have been on this quantity for at least 7 years , maybe longer . I’ve tried to go down to 70 mg twice a day for a couple of days so far but last night I had terrible abdominal pains that lasted for hours . Is there anything I should take to help in reducing my OxyContin ?

10:38 pm June 21st, 2017

I been talking oxycodin 20mg for 3 month for pain my change it could it was causing problems and he put my on oxycodone 10mg only been on it for 2 days and I’m still having the same affects like withdrawal symptoms are they the same medicine

10:37 am June 22nd, 2017

hi, Ive been taking oxycodone since april 7 when i underwent a knee replacement operation, the initial dose was 20mg (slow release), then decreased to 15 (slow release), after some time I began taking 10mg (slow release) then 10mg quick release (4 hourly) which I have been taking for about 6 weeks, I tried reducing the amount to 5mg (quick release) but found they were having a strange effect on me such as extreme tiredness, I went back onto the 10mg but instead of 1 every four hours, I was taking 1 every 7 or 8 hours, but I would like your professional help to come completely off oxycodone. I have other health problems which if you need to know, I will gladly list them. thank you.

2:36 am July 2nd, 2017

I am bi-polar and have had medicine change due to symptoms of mania am taking seroquel 200mg at bedtime I also take trazadone 600mg at bedtime and 3 doses of 15 mg of buspar thru the day I am tapering down from hydrocodone 10mg 4-5 times a day to 5mg 4 times a day I also had oral surgery 12 days ago to remove my lower jaw and remove my teeth I see my psychiatrist on Monday and my primary care dr on Wednesday I am having problems sleeping,nausea and agitation do you think my psychiatrist can give me medicine to help these symptoms my pain management is most likely to fire as I missed a pill count and I really don’t have the money to see them the hydrocodone makes me very jittery and wide awake any suggestions?

7:00 pm July 3rd, 2017

I was burned and on 35 mg of oxy a day in the hospital x6 months. Reduced to 15 for one month in rehab and have now been on 10s
All during this time on 9 mg? Morphine sulfate bid. So be my bf (Im 53) got me kicked out of my pain management, not because of a disagreement when we called in out of town for A NON-NARCOTIC refill of gabapentin. In any event they kicked me out. Further the pain managing doc sent out a letter black balling me. I’m not an abuser and all of my blood work and urine screens were spot on as well as my pill count. So I have been stretching out my morphine, 2 mg of dilaudid and some percolating I have left, about 10, 5’s. I have now g9ne from taking the 10s, 5x a day down to about 3…so now I have been taking 5’so for about 3 days 3 bid. So that is a decrease of @ 50mg a day to 30 a day. Today, I have only taken 6 mg totap, which is 3 of my dilaudid. I am still in some good pain so, I am managing that pain with medicinal marijuana which is helping as now, instead of pain being in my arms, torso and hands, I am noticing the pain is c9ncentrating in my hands, but I think I am managing the pain ok so far. Can someone advise me on what to do next, with what I have left. This accident has left me financially devastated and now, as a responsible adult that has been seriously injured, been made out to look like a dover, which I won’t allow them to do to me. I just want help without having to go to the emergency room. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. I guess to be more clear is what is the quickest way to taper without getting extremely sick and using what I have left to do so?

6:39 pm July 4th, 2017

I tried to quit cold turkey, but could not sleep. I was getting very agitated and took 1/2 of a pill last night. After about an hour I was able to go to sleep. I had knee replacement six weeks ago and I still have pain, but not severe enough for a pain pill. I do get agitated, I have had coughing starting in the evening, and a runny nose. The last dose I took before midnight last night was a full pill at 12:00 on Sunday, meaning I was able to go 36 hours without it. I didn’t feel good but was fine. I noticed problems sleeping Sunday night which is when I decided it was probably time to quit because I was afraid I was getting addicted. Should I just continue with a half a pill for a couple of nights and then go to 1/4 for a couple of nights and then nothing?

4:25 pm July 9th, 2017

Hi please can you help / advise me? 9 years ago I experienced severe third degree burns from light therapy for psoriasis which went badly wrong. I was prescribed oxynorm. I was left with damage to legs and mobilirybproblems and pain on walking etc, my dose was increases. Then in 2012 I had an bad fall and hurt my back, so then a pain specialists started my on OxyContin tablets too. So now I have been taking this drug for 8 years. I used to tell my Sr I was concerned about the effects on me and was told not to worry. This year our health trust is getting people like me with high opiates useage to come off this medication. I am all for this but it has left me very anxious and I am so worried about being in constant pain, which I am every day. I am actually at a very low point and the thought of life in this pain without any relief in unbearable. But I know I have to come off it.

9:24 am July 11th, 2017

. I have benn taking oxycodone 5mg prolonged release tabs 12 hourly since fracturing my femure in February of this year. I wish to come if this medication, and have a bottle of liquid oxycodone 5mg/5ml. I have a week’s supply of tablets left, can u suggest a suitable regime please.

7:17 pm July 11th, 2017

My doctor has discharged me from his practice . I don’t know how to TAPER DOWN on my 10mg. dose which I take 2-6 per day depending on my pain level. I am scared and have no guidance on this now because he discharged me from his practice. PLEASE HELP ME!!!

9:02 pm July 17th, 2017

I’ve been on. 30 mg oxi and OxyContin sometimes and 15’s 2or 3 times. A day how do I taper off I tried cold turkey and it was hell I have five mg can I do it that way?

10:40 pm July 24th, 2017

Trying desperately to get off at least 160mg daily, sometimes more. I began tapering off Friday, this is day 4 Monday. I took about 140 MG Friday, down to maybe 100 mh Saturday, down to about 80mg Sunday Friday and Saturday, Saturday was almost unbearable but with support from hubby I made it. I gave him the pills to dispense to my on a regular basis, he did not offer a pill any sooner! Praise God for him! Sunday, went to church, paid heartfelt prayer for help. I had the best day Sunday. God is wonderful, did not totally deliver me from it totally but eased the pain. Today, Monday, I am handling no more 30 to 40 mgs. Am I doing this right? I have a prescription for suboxone , 8 mg daily. Have not filled it yet. Should I take it??? I am going to stop totally, somehow.
How should I continue?..

7:57 am July 26th, 2017

Hi, my issue might seem minor to what I’m reading.
Had shoulder surgery almost 12 months ago, I took Oxy as prescribed 10mg every 4-6 hours fir the first 4-6 months. 40mg perday for all those months. Now my workmans comp Dr doesn’t want to prescribe they say to stop but I can’t seem to move away from 10 mg in 24 hours….. help help help!! How long will this last should I cut the 5 into hLf for another week, then cold turkey? Just make this stop, it’s horrible. Can I start taking Tramadol instead or is hat dumb? Why can’t I get off this small dose????

8:36 pm July 27th, 2017

I have been taking 8 5mg endone for months due to bad knee injury lowered to 6 then 4 couldnt get any lower then 4 so have gone cold turkey for 3 or 4 days now and am really struggling. Cant sleep at all very adjetated ect. How long till it goes away.

12:28 am August 1st, 2017

Im taking percocet 7.5 and experiencing withdrawal symptoms runny nose feeling very tired when i wake up so i get something to eat and go back to sleep. What should i do. I am taking 3 a day

11:01 pm August 1st, 2017

I have stopped taking morphine, 15 mg LA, but I am taking oxicodone up to 4times a day. Will I have any withdrawls from stopping the morphine since I am taking tha oxicodone? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Ty. Kathy

7:20 pm August 15th, 2017

Will any dr help you with wanting to stop taking oxycodone?

Carrie ann
8:20 pm August 17th, 2017

If I have switched from using 10 oxy 30 mg a day and down now to about 6 hydrocodones a day will my withdrawal symptoms be less severe I will soon run out of the. Hydrostatic and trying to even taper those

10:40 pm August 18th, 2017

I have been on Oxy 10mg for 1 yr. After 3 back surgeries within 3 months with severe complications. I take 3 tablets a day I stopped today to get off the oxy. I don’t want to die. Your information is helpful. Thank you

8:00 am August 23rd, 2017

I too had such serious back leg pelvic bladder pain that i had decided not to live anymore. My doc gave me oxy which i thot was like all other opiates i tried & didnt help, but it really was mnging my pain. Severe constant pain wears you down to nothing, u cant sleep, ur nerves are wrought, & i stayed in bed. I had just rdecovered from u yrs bedridden bladder disease.. After 1 yr on oxy, i may found doc who had right skill to place epidural to exact spot & resolve worse of pain.i decided to stop oxy dose, 2.5 mg every 2-4 hrs except sleep, & had for week started to reduce as felt better to total 10-12 mg day. But after 72 hrs no sleep & symptoms got worse, i decided i had better take 2.5mg at nite. I hv withdrawn from horrifying Tramadol as on it 7 yrs & took breaks when better at times & those were bad worse for 2-3 notes but then much better. So was shocked that after going thru normal aches anxiety nerves the back pain got worse after 72 hrs… I am weening more easily but how does imodium help? Tons hot showers, benadryl,melatonin, advil help little, but i wud get script for a xanax or really good muscle relax even vicodin sm doses, as body seems treat it diff if not same drug, but why did my symptoms increase after 72 hrs

6:10 am August 30th, 2017

My wife wonts off of this drug .we live around Panama City can you help ?

3:24 pm September 2nd, 2017

I have been prescribed with Oxynorm 20mg capsules form pain resulting from disc disintegration in the full lumber section of my back. They help to a certain degree, but I do not like the effect they have on me apart from relieving some of the pain. The pain that results in my muscles is excruciating with the continual burning in my feet. I want to refrain from using oxynorm 20mg. What other medication is not as dangerous as Oxynorm that I may suggest to my doctor? Kind regards

5:11 am September 4th, 2017

had hips replacement 4 i/2 weeksago took 325mg. aspiring 2 times a day , plus other medicine tht required me to take- bu oxzycodone qacetaminophen5- said i-2 pills every 4-6 hours at first took three pills for a wek second week taook may be two pils a day -last week and a half took only one pill
a day. both therapists said only take it if you are over 5 pain level . so i have taken one pill a day at night. one od the nurses told me to take it only if i am in xtreme day. tonight is the onlly night i didn’t take oxycodone. if i take one tomorrow night , is that okay i am not in pain, maybe at time one-threelevel if that. tonight i am not in pain. i am afraid of the narcotic -don’t want to get hooked

2:28 am September 5th, 2017

I want to get off the endone

5:18 am September 6th, 2017

How to get off endone

5:28 am September 7th, 2017

I have been taking 10 mgs of oxycontin 2 times a day, ea 12 hrs.For 10 yrs My Dr seems to not want to help me stop taking them or wean me off. My insurance will not pay for the dr who can legally help me stop taking them. I’m 60 with an irregular heartbeat and I’m borderline high bp. How can I safely get off them. I’m doing yoga now for the chronic pain and it’s working. Thanks, Judy

6:39 am September 16th, 2017

Hi, I had major spinal surgery November/2016. Oxycodone was prescribed for the pain. I was taking it very rarely. Unfortunately, in March 2017, I started again with pain. Dr. again prescribing Oxy. In May, I was admitted to hospital and it was discovered, I have a fractured sacrum. Very very painful and longer to heal. I’m taking the medication again. The RX is for 10 mg. 4-6hr prn pain. In morning I am now taking 1 1/2. It can be anywhere from 4-8 hrs, and I need another dose of 1-1 1/2. Same for the evening, but only take 1. I start feeling cranky in the morning, and start routine over. I try taking 1/2 pills in some days. I really would like to stop completely. I’m still having terrible pain on certain days, but I’m frightened of what I hear everyday. Can you suggest how to lower, even with the crazy dosing I am doing?? I’m 66 yr. old woman, who would really like to stop. My surgeon doesn’t think there is a problem. He feels I’m taking a small dose, and not to be concerned. He wants me comfortable. I was in bed for 4months, and I am ready to go push myself.
Any suggestions would be so appreciated
Thank you

4:22 pm September 19th, 2017

I’m trying to stop taking oxycodone, I’m used to taking 3 30 mg a day , I started taking half in morning and half in night for first night , seems to be going pretty goood, will my withdrawls be less severe by trying to taper off like this ???

9:14 pm September 26th, 2017

Hello and thank you
I have been taking 450 mg of oxycodone (30 mg tabs) for 4 years. I have acquired 20 (10 mg) methadone pills. My plan. To quit the oxys was to take the mdoan for 5 days and then be done. I heard day 2 and 3 is the worst for wds so if I have the methadone in my system. For five days I should be just you agree?

3:34 am September 29th, 2017

My friend has been taking Oxycodone for a year and a half and also drinking heavily every day. He is now trying to stop. He was taking 4 pills a day every day. He tapered off from 4 to 2 and then 1 and after 3 weeks has not had any pills for a day. He is sleeping almost 18 hours today and has no energy or strength. Is this normal? Are there natural supplements that might help with the withdrawals? What are the warning signs that I should watch for that would need medical attention?

10:33 pm October 3rd, 2017

Hi-thanks for creating this blog site. I was in a car accident about 8 years ago which broke my back & neck. I was sent to pain specialists & over the years ended up on oxycodone. I’m now very addicted. I’ve tried to quit cold turkey many times but the side effects are horrible. Since this is such a huge problem in our country now why hasn’t some medication been developed to help us? I know that if I could get beyond those 10 days of terrible withdrawal symptoms I could quit for good. My life has been ruined by these pills & I want my life back. I’ve been told that marijuana links into those same brain cells that the oxy does except it’s not physically addictive. If true, why aren’t we being helped by using it? Also, can I get clonadine as an outpatient? I cannot go into an inpatient place as I have too many responsibilities here at my home and no one to help me-I’m all alone except for an ex-wife who has MS & has her own set of problems. I really believe I’m not alone. I think there are many of us that could & would stay off pain pills if we could just get help getting beyond the withdrawal problems! Any suggestions?

5:49 am October 23rd, 2017

As far as a safe taper to quit taking 60 milligram per day of oxycodon, can you please advise how to do so at home. How this is normally taken per day is a 30 milligram pill cut into half and 4 halves are taken currently during the day. Looking for a safe at home taper to quit ASAP. Thank you.

12:31 am October 27th, 2017

I have been taking 30mg oxy for about 12 months daily I want to stop because I was never prescribed them I just started one day cuz of my mouth pain but somehow I just can’t stop I try and try but I can’t please what can I do

10:39 pm October 27th, 2017

DONNA. — I will be 80 in a few months and have been taking oxycodone 15 mg, 3 per day for many years. I am addicted and I am sure my life would be better without it. Fortunately I was wise enough NOT TO INCREASE DOSAGE EVEN THOUGH I NEEDED TO. I went to a pain management clinic about 8 years ago for a long history of right side back pain shooting down my leg. Over the years I had tried about 6-7 different times of therapy, to no avail. So going to this pain management clinic was the first time I had finally gotten serious about treatment, and started with different kinds of back injections (epidurals, for instance). I was also given oxycodone (what was that??). For the first time in many years I actually was without pain. Glorious! Now I know better about causes of addiction even though I still have my back injections and pain pills. At my age Can I handle the withdrawal suggestion of slowly decreasing my pill intake? How long will it take? Can I do this? I need to talk to someone. If I am able to do this my back pain and leg pain will be waiting for me! Then what? If I were younger I wouln’t Be so afraid.

6:02 pm October 30th, 2017

I take 3 and one half a day. They are 5/325 and would love to get away from them as they wear off like after 2 hours or so, my stomach starts to hurt, a sick feeling! Any suggestions for stopping these and getting it done quickly? Also it makes you feel better but as far as helping actuall pain is a real joke because it does not help pain but only way you feel! Like a small glass of wine, wondering if that would help feeling I get when the pill where’s off? I don’t know how long this feeling last as I have never tried to stick it out which I need to try as who knows maybe it’s not that long!

11:54 pm November 2nd, 2017

I have been on 30 mg oxycodone up to 4 times a day for about 5 years. I have chronic pain but I hate taking this much pain medicine. I would like to get to the point that I only take something for pain as really, really needed. Right now, I can barely go 4 or 5 hours without taking it and I absolutely hate it. I am afraid to talk to my prescribing dr. I am afraid if I do, he may not give it to me any more. I really want to at least cut down on how much I take. Where do I begin?

12:18 am November 17th, 2017

I was on 50 mg methadone for11yrs since August I’d been cut down 1 pill a th & put on oxycodone 10mg 4 times a they don’t do anything to REALLY help every 4 hrs another pill is needed for aches basically withdraws when sleep 3hrs is all I & to the shower do the math you see it doesn’t work. Pain clinic doctor added 1- 15mg morphine works barely untill bed time I fall asleep pretty good 3hrs. I’m up immediately from aches and pains. Take pill 2/4hrs before I can sleep
I’m so tired and over this crap I can’t work can’t sleep right this has gone on 2 months. Why is the clinic doing this instead of easing suffering like this. Ready to stop living like this,to the point of getting away from the clinic not sure how bad my back pain will be but sick of these pills how to wing off without a clinic I’m sick of doctors playing god

5:38 pm November 17th, 2017

Thank you very much I’m 72 years old chronic body pain hips back you name it I have it I would love to get off of Oxycodone 10 325 have been on it for years I know I’m going to have withdrawal if I try then there’s what do I do for the pain at my age I don’t even know if it’s worth getting off of it if you have any suggestions on whether I should stay on it or not I know you’re not a doctor but I’m afraid it’s some point I may not be able to require them I see my doctor once a month but I know they’re becoming so strict my son also has an addiction problem he sees an addiction specialist if they’re having been in a rehab for a short period of time he is on Suboxone which he functions fantastic with although he was always a functioning addict anyway so if you have any thoughts please feel free to contact me thank you and have a great holiday

2:06 pm November 22nd, 2017

OK – Let me just start by saying that i have been taking Oxycdone 15mg for over 6 years for chronic back and knee pain. I was taking 100 a month for this long. Was i addicted, YES, OH YES… How did i overcome this addiction you might ask, well here is my story.
I looked at my at the time 4 year old son and thought, i don’t want to leave my son alone on this earth with no mommy because of medication, so i started playing head games with myself and thought oh as long as i have mind over matter it will be NO problem to stop. Man was I wrong, i had all of the symptoms of withdraw that are stated in this article and more. So i started asking people who have been on this and possibly were in rehab or in jail and could NO LONGER take or get this medication and what and how did they handle it. Someone told me about “KRATUM” I may have spelled that wrong. However, Kratum is made of all natural ingredients and one or some of those ingredients (after a few doses, so your body gets the Kratum in your system) trick your mind and body to think that you have oxycodone in your system. For the first couple of days taking this Kratum, I was taking 4-5 pills a day – 3 times a day, i did NOT see or feel much different, I kept with it though. On day 4 – Most of my withdraw symptoms had either completely gone away – or they were so mild that they did not bother me at all. I felt like i was a normal person finally. Kratum does NOT give you the UP or some might say HIGH feeling, doesn’t make you feel that way at all. Honestly i don’t think you could say it makes you feel anything, it just takes those withdraw symtoms and gets rid of them. Some might say that you should not replace one drug with another. They are correct, you are still putting man made drugs into your system. However, after not having my oxycodone for months and taking this Kratum to help with the withdraw symtoms, I started taking less and less of the Kratum, all the way down to 2-3 pills 2 times a day. I did that for about a month and then started taking 1 pill of Kratum 3 times a day, then 2 times a day, then one a day until finally I didn’t need the Kratum or the Oxycodone anymore. As for my back and knee pain – Oh yes that is still there and i suffer with that everyday. How do i handle that now, well i am looking into some surgerys and when i need to take a rest, that is what i will do.
Keep your mind strong and your thoughts positive and you can do whatever you put your mind to. I know it is a hard thing to do, however, mind over matter and MY SON means more to me than ANY pill, drug or anything else in this world.
It feels really good to know that i don’t depend on a drug any more to get me through the day and i did not have to pay for expensive rehabs or have the help of a dr. _ I in NO WAY would discourage you from going to a rehab or consulting your Dr., in fact if this is what is going to help you with your situation, do what you need to do to help yourself get off of the oxycodone and have NO shame in it.
I am NOT a DR. or any other licensed professional – i am just a normal off the street person who has been there, done that with this medication and thought i would share with you all what helped me.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I hope this helps those of you who need it.

1:28 am December 1st, 2017

I have been on oxycodone for 3 years for knee pain. I had my knee replaced on October 3rd of this year. I have weaned down from 8-10 mg oxycodone to 4-5 10mg oxycodones. I decided to try and quit 48 hours ago. I have been taking cholondine every 6 hours. Today I took 1 10mg hydrocodone because I have been feeling extreme dysphoria. I feel terrible that I let myself down and more importantly my wife. If I don’t take anymore pain medicine do you think the worst of the withdrawals will subside in the next 24 hours or should I do a sow tapper?

2:24 am December 1st, 2017

I was taking Norco’s for approx 2 years (Qualitest brand). Kaiser does not have that brand any longer so now I am taking Oxycodone. I’ve been taking them for 2 weeks now. I want to stop all together. Question is, taking the Norco’s for so long and now the Oxy’s, will it still be a hard withdraw? I’m sure it will be. My problem is, I always run out before my next refill date. This is a problem for me so I just want to quit. Also, another question, what is the comparison withdrawing from Heroin vs Oxy’s. Which is worse or should I ask, more difficult. Or is it the same. Thank you

3:25 am December 11th, 2017

I have been taking 30-40 mg of oxycodone and or roxycodone for the past 8 months. I was never prescribed for pain. I did not get them from a doctor. However, I was prescribed tussionex cough syrup the past few years and really enjoyed taking it so it kind of prompted me to seek out oxycodone. I would like to stop on my own, without any medical help or other drugs but I’m super scared of withdrawal symptoms and my work is very stressful and physically demanding. My wife is totally behind my choice to stop. Should I try to decrease usage by 10-15% each week until I no longer crave the drug? I have about 30 tabs of 30 mg roxycodone. That could potentially last me 7-8 weeks if I continue to decrease usage per week. Do you think this is the best method or should I seek medical help? Thanks in advance for your response.


9:09 pm January 7th, 2018

hello , I have been on oxycodone for 5 years and spoke with my dr. about stopping, I have chronic pain.I was given medical marijuana. it is very expensive and I am extremely concerned about how to manage my pain after detox. I feel my dr is not doing a good job at all, feeling , lost, confused , worried and helpless. I am 54 yrs old and pain is only getting worse. I have already tried physical therapy, tens, radio frequency ablation etc.. nothing helps. Anyone have any advise I would appreciate it ,thank you Lorraine

8:28 pm January 9th, 2018

I had.a knee replacement 5 years ago and have been taking roxiset 1/2 pill of 325 ever since.
I want off. I went to a third for four days, a 1/4 for a week and then nothing. The only sympton i have is no sleep from the anxiety and im so tired. Is there something i can take to reduce the anxiety so i can sleep while getting off? Thanks. Jo

11:51 pm January 11th, 2018

Was taking 5 ‘s 4 times day. Only worked 2 hours then withdrawals till next pill, I have never abused them! Started taking 1 a day which is miserable, my guestion how long to do this and then go to half a one ! I am on my own as I am allergic to any thing that might help! Also no antidepressants for me ever or sleep aids, like I said I am on my own! Oxycodone 4 a day. Have stopped working after 2 hours, 5 mg. I started taking 1 a day and has been awful! How long should I do before lowering dose to half of one a day!

3:54 pm January 23rd, 2018

My treating doctor has been prescribing me 80mg tablets for years I’ve been taking at one time 9 80mg a day. I’ve managed to get myself down to 5 80mg tablets. But my treating doctor has decided to stop giving them to me and I have 8 tablets left and no idea what to do I have tried cold turkey and the withdrawals are intense. I went to see my doctor one more time and she said all she can do is recommend I go to out patients for withdrawal. I can work in this condition so I’ve told my boss I’m sick. What should I do should I just push through the feeling of cold turkey? I’m out of ideas. I bought some poweraid in case I get stomach problems and bowel problems to stay hydrated and enough food and drinks so I don’t have to leave the house. I’m scared really I can’t do it

1:37 am January 25th, 2018

I have taken imm rel 5 mm of oxyxodone for 5 years at 3 times a day approximatly 6 to 7 hoirs apart and go overnighy approx 10 to 13 hours without anything. How bad would my withdrawels be. And how do i stop this med.

12:55 am January 28th, 2018

I have been on 6 oxycodone a day for 17 years for chronic pain. New GP says no more and is detoxing me at 1 pill per day for a month and then down again. I am stuck at 4 but the oain after 7 weeks on 4 per day kepps me bedridden and sick with a level of pain that I’ve never felt before. Any suggestions on how to detox and still deal with the pain that put me on it at first.

9:52 pm February 3rd, 2018

I was prescribed Oxycodone all the way back in 2000, as “treatment”, from back pain, post lumbar disectomy.
I was up to 120MGS of Oxycodone, Avinza and MSContin, plus, flexoril, Klonopin.
I threw the Oxycontin in the trash + the Avinza, and just took Oxycodone, to begin the taper.
During all of this, I had 2 lumbar fusions (2016 & 2017) with hardware & a 4 level ACDF, thanks to a drunk driver.
I still kept the dose low, because I did not want to go backwards.
I have 9 levels fused in total. 5 levels in my lumbar spine, 4 cervical.
I also went from scoliosis to thoracolumbar scoliosis, because the neurosurgeon, removed the plate (without “consent” or “authorization”) I read it when I requested my surgery notes.
My life is painful but I am adamant about getting off this garbage.
I am down to 5MG’s qd from 5MGS BID. Going down just 5MG’s is a nightmare for me.
Its been over 2 weeks, and I still feel really weird, agitated, shaky, runny nose, with an occasional rage outburst.
Once I take my 2PM dose, I am fine.
When will these awful, scary side effects end, so I can try to stop the final 5MG’s?
I take 1MG of Klonopin at bedtime which allows me to sleep. (I know that Klonopin is addictive)
I am on the “Holy Trinity”. Opiate, benzo (Klonopin) and Flexoril (muscle relaxant) .
There are no in-patient rehab hospitals in Connecticut,
I called 4 behavioral health clinics, and they all said, “do not go off the last amount on your own. Your chances of a seizure and dying is very high.”
This is due to the 18 years I have been on multiple “controlled” or “narcotic” pain meds. I am a VERY HIGH RISK.
They offer no help or places that might be able to assist me. They said they only offer “out patient treatment”.
This is very frustrating and I am sick of being insulted while nobody will give me the help I am begging for.

BTW: This is connected to WORKERS COMPENSATION, and they have to pay. I already talked to several attorney’s.
I cannot live like this.
Please help me & thank you for listening ~

8:09 pm February 22nd, 2018

I have been on oxy for over 5 years at the dosage of two 80 mg oxycontin divided into 1 pill morning and 1 pill evening approx 12 hrs apart. I have decided to get off of it completely and today is day 4
of skipping the evening 80 mg dose. I seem to be okay and appear to be handling it alright. My Dr. tells me that I am not physically dependent on the drug and have never abused the rec. dosage…ever. Can you tell me how long to persist with this new regimen before working on reducing that 80 mg morning pill. Any recommendations would be most helpful. I’d like to be opiate free by the end of March of this year if at all possible. BTW I am 68 yrs of age, male and in good physical condition. I exercise regularly at the YMCA twice per week; Mondays and Fridays for about 2 hrs each. Thanks for your help with this. Generally I think I’d prefer managing the pain on my own without all the side effects and dangers of being on this drug. Aside from my low thyroid meds and a baby aspirin I use no other medicines or prescriptions at all. Thank you! Shawn

2:13 am March 3rd, 2018

I have used Oxycodone nonstop since 2006. My current daily use is about 25 mg/day. Do you think I can stop using it on an outpatient basis?

1:08 am March 6th, 2018

I was on oxycodone 5/325 from Feb. 21 2018 one pill a day. I stopped taking them March 1, 2018…I didn’t have any side effects. I started taking Acetaminophen/cod #3 300/30 on March 3 2018. Even thou it helped i didn’t want to depend on it…Question is…did i do the right thing or not…

2:08 pm March 12th, 2018

I am currently down to just 10mg of percocet a day, just 2 5mg in the morning when I get up. The worst thing I’ve gone through yet was some restless leg which I took a gabapentin and it helped. I cannot afford to go to the doc or treatment. Should I try and go down to just 5mg a day or do you think because I can make it 24 hours with like no withdrawal symptoms I’ll be ok just to stop taking it all together?

5:10 pm March 27th, 2018

I have been taking 5mg of oxycodone for 3 weeks – one a day at night due to a surgery. <Twice I took 2. I have not had any pills the last 2 nights. I have read that I am not supposed to crush or even cut pills in half. I need to drive tomorrow & won't take another pill until after that if needed. So far taking a high dose of Tylenol has covered my pain. Is this appropriate or will I get withdrawal symtoms?

5:59 am March 29th, 2018

Hi I’ve been on Targin for around 3 years and they aren’t working at all now,but I know I’m addicted to them I have cut my dosage in half so now I’m on 10mgs twice a day would I just be able to stop taking them now?it was rough cutting it down.

5:12 am May 9th, 2018

I have recently learned that there is a difference in addiction and dependency. I suffer from dependency as a result from open lesions on my spinal cord from MS. I want off the pain pills just to see if I can manage without them and to be able to try a holistic therapy. I take 20 mg every 4 hours for the last 4 years. Need a schedule to safely decrease my use. Can anyone out there help me out. . Thank you

7:18 pm July 22nd, 2018

I have fibromyalgia, and it was painful on some days. I took methocarbamol to relieve the pain. Sometimes it helps and other days it doesn’t. I had it for almost 16 years, there was no cure. So I had to live with it the best that I could. The symptoms I had were Muscle Pains, mood swings, and difficulty falling asleep.There has been little if any progress in finding a cure or reliable treatment. April this year my brother In law who’s an M.D suggested I started on Natural Herbal Gardens Fibromyalgia Herbal formula which eased my anxiety a bit,We ordered their Fibro herbal treatment after reading alot of positive reviews, i started on natural alternative Fibromyalgia DISEASE treatment from ( www. naturalherbalgardens .com ) the treatment worked very effectively, i am happy to report with the help of Natural Herbal Garden natural herbs my severe symptoms simply vanished, i feel better now, this alternative fibromyalgia disease treatment is a breakthrough.Visit Natural Herbal Gardens official website This Herbal Protocol is Incredible, I have never been this Healthier!!

3:24 am September 19th, 2018

I have been on oxycodone for approximately 3 months waiting for back surgery and after surgery.
At first the dosage was 5 mg. three times a day. After surgery (7 weeks ago) I have taken 2 – 5mg of oxycodone three times per day. After about 3 weeks of this dosage, I wen to slowly reducing the pills by about 25% until I was down to 3 5mg f oxy per day. I had an increase in pain so the surgeion had me take 10 mg. three times a day for 48 hour to get ahead of the pain. That helped so I went down to 5 mg 3 times a day. Again, the pain increased so I’ve been trying the 10mg three times a day for 48 hrs. I am almost out of the oxy, the surgeon released me and my GP won’t prescribe more. I have only 13 pills left. Can I just take 5 mg twice a day and then one per day? Will I have withdrawal symptoms? What should I do?

10:59 pm December 18th, 2018

Hi, I got oxycodonhy..for pain, to take when other painkills dont help, usely after phycical treatment wich I get around twice amonth, wich will be 4 pilles a month, I sleep worse, my heartbeat gets doubble skips, I dont use everday, but im in pain everyday for many years, my mood is unstable, the pill helps me, but I desire to stop, to avoid sideeffects, Long term, I use to take tramadol, but only 3 pr mothn, stopping put me throught hell, despite my small use, but I made it, I want to stop using oxycodonhydroclorid gl 5, i Toke 7 this month, what to do when other painkills aint enough ? I just want the best life pisible.

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