Methadone overdose: How much amount of methadone to OD?

What are the signs and symptoms of methadone overdose? And how much methadone does it take to OD? We review here.

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As with other prescription drugs, methadone is the reason for many cases of abuse and fatal overdoses. In this article, we hope to inform you on methadone overdose, its most common manifestations on the body as well as the recommended dosage and prognosis. Then, we invite your questions about ODing on methadone at the end. In fact, we try to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt response.

How does unintentional methadone overdose happen?

Methadone has been used safely and effectively for decades to treat opiate addiction. In fact, the most common use for methadone is as pharmacological treatment for drugs like heroin, morphine, or pain medication. But methadone can also be used as a pain reliever, or abused by drug users to get high. Methadone prescriptions for pain relief have increased as has the nonmedical or recreational use of methadone.

According to some reports, methadone used for heroin substitution treatment does not appear to be a major part of the overdose issue. But one important element for the occurrence of methadone overdose is the fact that methadone is accessed as a low-cost generic drug and is often listed by preferred drug by insurance agencies. This is why, generally, methadone overdose is usually linked with trying to get high on methadone and is connected to abuse and misuse of this opioid medication. Individuals who abuse other narcotics such as heroin, turn to methadone because of its increasing availability. However, methadone does not produce the same euphoric rush compared to other drugs, so they end up consuming dangerously large quantities in order to attain the desired effect. A common outcome of those cases are methadone overdoses.

Methadone overdose – How much is too much?

Developing tolerance to methadone plays a role in the quantities which provoke an overdose. The official lethal dose for methadone is 25 mg for a non-tolerant adult. A 200 mg dose may be fatal for a regular user.

One of the highest risk factors to overdosing on methadone is that the difference between prescribed doses and dangerous doses of methadone is small. Dosage also depends on the form of methadone you are using. In general, a starting dose of 2.5 mg to 10 mg is recommended every 8 to 12 hours by oral administration recommended for pain, going to 15 to 120 mg a day for opioid maintenance. This daily amount is used as therapy for addiction treatment, which would be about enough to keep users in a state between withdrawal and intoxication.

Methadone overdose complications

Methadone carries more risks than other painkillers because it tends to build up in the body and can disrupt a person’s breathing or heart rhythm. Because of the exceptionally prolonged duration of action with a half life averaging 25 hours, methadone overdose can be fatal, especially if taken with other narcotic medications. Methadone also has the ability to increase the effects of alcohol.

Overdose symptoms may include

  • apnea (temporary cessation of breathing)
  • blue lips and finger nails
  • breathing at an abnormally slow rate
  • cold and clammy skin
  • coma
  • confusion
  • extreme drowsiness and sleepiness
  • fainting
  • fatigue
  • pinpoint pupils
  • shallow breathing
  • vomiting
  • weak pulse

Methadone overdose prognosis

Significant psychomotor impairment is not expected after methadone overdoses in tolerant individuals. Overdose symptoms occur up to 10 hours after overdose. So if suspected, the methadone user should be instantly taken to the hospital. Overdose symptoms are to severe to handle if you are not a professional. For example, a cold shower could make him go into shock or faint.

Furthermore, methadone has much longer duration of action compared to heroin and other shorter-acting agonists so it is treated with Naloxone. The only problem is that Naloxone has shorter half-life compared to methadone, so if its effects wear off and the pharmacological treatments are interrupted, the user may go back to experiencing methadone overdose or withdrawal symptoms, based upon time and dosage ingested.

Methadone overdose death rate

Methadone accounts for a small percentage of painkiller prescriptions, but it is involved in more than 30% of prescription painkiller overdose deaths. Up to 4 of every 10 overdose deaths from a single prescription painkiller involved methadone, twice as many as any other prescription painkiller.

Methadone overdose amount questions

Any topic covering methadone overdose is broad and complex, and we hope that we have covered the basics. In case there is something specific you want to know, you are more than welcome to post your question(s) in the comments section below. The tem of Addiction Blog will try to provide you with a personal and prompt response.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. How would a person with 1300 in their system possibly have that much if going to a methadone clinic. That’s obviously way more than is given!

    1. That’s easy to answer. Most states allow up to 27 “take-home” doses if one qualifies, so 1300mg isn’t that unusual…at least in this respect. My daily dose, for example, is at 180mg and have qualified for the maximum number of ‘take-homes’ since the regulation first began over 10 years ago.

  2. I just had a question. Recently I started methadone hydrochloride for pain. I started it yesterday. It says take 1 tablet by mouth four times daily as needed for pain. So I ended up taking my fourth one around 5pm. I had bad dreams when i went to sleep. I would have one and then wake up and have another. The next morning came around and i woke up, and ate breakfast. Turned on the TV and then slowly after a while my arm started going numb. It progressed and got to my whole right side of body, including face. It is now been about 15 hours since then and im fine. Was it me overdosing?

  3. Happily checking in to this thread to update folks that I continue to have a good quality of life as a result of taking 10mgx2/day mostly alleviates my lower back pain resulting from Degenerative Disk Disease. I am happy to report that I am able to take easy (flat terrain) hikes of 3 miles almost every day, in addition to having the ability to mostly painlessly get out of bed, shower, dress myself, climb the many stairs within my home, prepare meals, do laundry, do household chores, etc. Without or on a lower dosage of methadone, I could barely do any of those, if at all. Keep on truckin’ everyone!

  4. I simple believe because of the effectiveness of Methadone, and the cost of the drug, the profit potential is to low to allow it to occupy the position as the primary go to drug for chronic pain relief.
    I’ve used it for 16 years and agree with every single person that recognized the effectiveness of the drug and the self regulating barometer. You can’t get high on it, it numbs nerves and if you take to much, you’ll numb things you do not wish to be numbed! That keeps the experienced user from taking to much, much less overdosing.

  5. I get so upset every single time a new pain med comes on the scene (the drug companies fault) or someone dies from Methadone (usually because they took it in an inappropriate way and usually with something else) and THEN we hear TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET. I have been on Methadone for over 15 years for three herniated discs and if I didn’t have it I would literally die.I have been on Oxycodone and all the others that really are abused but Methadone is the ONLY thing that has helped me. I am 67 and because of the financial crisis of 2008 I still have to WORK. Methadone has helped me AND it is NOT the type of opioid that you would want to take recreationally. First of all you would have to take a ton of it. It is NOT like the other pain meds. But I get so angry about this because people have legitimate pain and they need the medication and I am NOT paying the price because some idiot with NO TOLERANCE took it at a party with Xanax!!

  6. Hi im on 95mls of methadone and have been on methadone for years usally i take my dose in the morning resently i started getting carries and forgot to take my saturday dose in the morning i ended up taking at 8:30pm….now i was worried how long to wait for my sundays dose and waited 12 hours and took my other dose for sunday at 8:30am so in 12 hours i took 190mls am i at risk for an od…..its now 9:30pm sunday night and i feel ok a bit spacey and tired but ok should i be worried….thank

  7. Hello. I have been using Methadone for over 20 years now. I use it just like a person that has depression would use any one of the usually prescribed antidepressants. For me, the need and used of Methadone is an easy one: It allows me to function day to day. I have been in drug treatments, tried many anti depressants, gone the whole route. For me, Methadone is a miracle and helps me immensely. Any harm physically to me otherwise from Methadone is second string, because of the efficacy and usefulness of Methadone for me. It keeps my brain chemistry going smooth. People like my family, friends and wife know that Methadone is beneficial to my mental health and never liked how I acted or behaved when taking anti depressant meds. I have been on a steady dose of 80mgs (2 tab x 4 day) for about twenty years now. I don’t abuse or increase this dose, and the amount is just right for me to function in life, without being “drugged out” in appearance. I don’t know or care why my mind requires Methadone to maintain. But it works for me, obviously. I think it should be recognized as the therapy for depression it is for me.

  8. Hello I need help, I take liquid methadone for chronic pain I usually take 50 mg a day in the morning. I took my 50 mg this morning and worked and did my daily routing and then took a nap when I woke up in terrible pain before I knew it I took 40 more milligrams not clearly remembering if I took the 50 mg this morning or yesterday. Which by the way I did figure it out I took 50mg this morning about 10am: so @ 5:30 I took another 40 mg. It’s been 8 1/2. Hours but I’m scared to go to sleep. No vomiting, no nausea, no sweating, shallow breathing none of that but my purples are constricted and I have a really dry mouth. Thank you sincerely

  9. No one can get stoned with methadone . That was the reason it was invented … so wounded soldiers could keep fighting without beinng off their heads … using methadone to treat opiate addiction is like using petrol to put out a fire .

  10. This message goes out to the person named Angelkos and when i read your story my heart broke for you i am so sorry this horrible thing happened to you and of course your son
    and i was on 120 mils of methadone and now i am down to 95 mils and im going to be honest with you ive often taken both at the same time but after reading your post i wont be doing that anymore
    because i want to travel but cant because i feel like im chained to my pharmacy like a vampire who needs his blood that’s the only way i can describe it and no person should ever bury there son before
    them,im not sure about the legal system in the USA im guessing you are from there please correct me if im wrong but i live in Ireland and for such a small country heroin methadone you name it can get in to any country
    there is and let me tell you something that might help your case these doctors and i mean i researched my info and if a person wants to cut down on the methadone and come off it the doctors well this was my doctor
    and i said i want to come down 5 mils and maybe even 10 mils and you know what she said to me i will cut you down slower than that so she said it was for my own good so she dropped me 2 and a half mils and you know why because
    when they loose a patient they loose a lot of money and did you son want to come off it that you know cause if so i think you have a cause,let me let you in on a secret when your just a heroin user you can get locked into your room
    and the heroin will be out your body in 1 week 5 days most but with methadone it takes months and the longer they have you on it the harder it is to come off cause it goes into your bone marror so i hoped this helped and i hope just get justice
    for your poor son and again i am really sorry for your loss you friend from Ireland, God bless you and give you strenght to carry on!

  11. hello im normally on 65 mg every day. n i forgot to take my takehome dose yesterday morning n took it at 2am n then went in at 9am n got my daily65mg dose. should i be worried about them being to close together n pissibly over dosing?

  12. Methadone was first synthesised by Adolph Hitlers scientists , to replace morphine and other opiates .
    The result was so bad that Hitler himself ordered the doctors to stop the methadone programme.

    What does that say about methadone ? … if I could turn back time I would never touch it …

  13. Angelkos … sorry for your loss .
    Your soon would not want anyone to get in trouble …
    … addictions are very complicated problems , to withdraw in prison , is the worse place to do it and usually people relapse the moment they get out.
    The best thing now is , get on with your life ,,, that’s what your son would want you to do . No point in the blame game . No ones fault .
    Have a long and happy life .

  14. My friend is prescribed 40ml of methadone daily most days he gets by on less. He also uses heroin but only two bags a day at the most. He has got 600ml in his possession and talks of suicide. If he consumed the 600ml would he be in trouble? Please respond we are concerned about his welfare. Thankyou for your time

  15. Seems individual OD levels are all over the place. I’m on 90mg a day and due to work and travel I took 270mg in a 24 hour period and didn’t feel a thing. I have to go 48hrs without a dose as I can’t take it with me into the country I’m going into for a day and I’m worried about not having a dose for that long even though I topped right up. I do know ANY benzo’s taken before opiates is a quick way to kill yourself no matter how much of a habit you have.

  16. i am prescribed 22mg daily of methadone and i havent been exactly drinking full drinks lately some days on and off some only half drinks. And i just drank a full drink and 3/4 of another. I have overdone my methadone a couple times the past couple months but nothing this large. Am i at risk or will i be really stoned? Sbhould i get naloxone?

  17. @ Joan. I too take 2x 10mg methadone daily for chronic pain, sometimes less, and yes you can break the pills in half (that’s why there is a scribe on the pill) if you need or want to. You can even quarter a 10mg pill if you want to. They are not time release, even though they are classified by the CDC as long acting (due to long half-life). I have found methadone to be the best chronic pain medicine that I have ever taken! Just gotta respect it.

  18. If a person has a history of smoking heroin would 15 mg of methadone cause his death? This was my son and his friend admitted giving methadone to my son. He left him alone to die. How soon does the sign start to show of an OD.

    1. Hi Bobbi. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or a toxicologist for your concerns.

  19. I’m prescribed methadone 10mg 2x a day for pain relief. I started using methadone 5 mg 4x a day for pain relief, it was changed recently to 10mg 2x a day. Can I break a 10 in half if I don’t feel a need for 10mg?

  20. A friend of mine typically takes 10mg of methadone a day. This evening he decided to take 35mg to see if he could get a buzz. Now he’s calling me and telling me he’s concerned that he might overdose. He says he is nauseous on and off and that he’s thrown up a few times. I believe he said it was about five hours ago that he took the pills. Do you think he’s going to be ok or should I go see if he’ll let me take him to the ER?

  21. I’ve been taking opiates for more than 12 years. I’m 28 years old and I weigh about 85 to 90 pounds. I take 140mg of methadone prescribed. I have a somewhat hypothetical question, since I’ve been taking opiates non stop for so long, and have a high tolerance to methadone (140 is prescribed, but I’ve easily taken 200 in a day, when I have my take homes, possibly a little more.) I’m curious if 700mg would be enough to kill me. Somehow, even tho it is a very large amount, I feel it is unlikely. I’ve mixed benzos and everything else with methadone and I’ve never had anything happen except fall asleep. Is there anyone with some sort of credentials that can answer this? I don’t think anyone on here knows more about pain killers than I, other than a doctor or nurse, possibly a methadone clinic counselor. I don’t need any responses like, “don’t do that!” It’s just a simple question, it doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

  22. John – I use Baclofen for the muscle spasms. It’s non addictive and works quite well. Any withdrawal symptoms would feel more like a burning sensation – but as will everything else – this too shall pass.
    Pain receptors are deadened by methadone, but they do ‘come back to life’ over time. Initial aches and pains of such a low amount of this synthetic drug is to be expected, but it also allows you to lower your daily intake. It’s a much more powerful drug than I ever realized. From 80 mgs a day to 40 – made little difference to me. The 40 to 20 is a HUGE difference. I’ve learned that with lesser doses, the 10mg pill is even that much more effective. My tolerance has lessened again, and I’m able to obtain the same pain management on 20 mgs now. It’s worth the two weeks of aching… me.

  23. I am “happy” to read the comments from older addicts and people who have taken methadone for a long time. I feel better knowing that there are still lots of us around!! As a woman who began injecting opiates at age 15, in 1972, and began taking methadone the same year and then permanently, in 1981, I have lost so many friends over the years, usually to AIDS and or various forms of hepatitis, that my old group of friends and acquaintances both in the US and in Italy, where I’ve lived for the past twenty years, has just about disappeared completely and hearing and reading your comments is very uplifting for me. My soul mate, the coolest guy on the face of the earth, recently died of cancer leaving me totally alone for the first time in sixteen years. We lived part of our addiction and all of our quitting, together. I have cirrhosis from hepatitis C, though I recieved the cure last year. My husband had HIV, and hepatitis B and C. He’d had them for more than 25 years and the only reason the HIV didn’t kill him was because he had been smart enough not to take AZT in the 1980s and 90s. Today, I take only 30mg of methadone, plus only half an mg of Xanax and Lyrica for neuropathy due to the liver problem I have. In my 45 years of experience, I have had the worst experience humanly possible with Xanax withdrawal and had sworn to myself not to ever touch it again!! When my husband died I was so emotionally screwed up that I began taking. a quarter milligram in the morning and a quarter milligram at night. I haven’t upped the dose and NEVER WILL. Well, I just thought I’d share a tiny bit of my story here, in case anyone was interested in older addicts. I wish everyone of you very good and positive things in the future!!! Bye!!

  24. I’ve been on methadone for pain for 15 years. I would like to stop and have reduced my intake to between 10 and 15 mg. However, the muscles in my upper back will start getting tense and if I do not take some of the drug the irritation and spasms become unbearable! So my question is, is this irritation caused by withdraw?

  25. I’ve been on methadone for 8 yrs now for pain management. Hearing how complicated this drug can be, I took myself down from 80mg a day to 40mg per day. I cannot seem to go any lower than this without extreme painful complications. Please tell me that I’m safe on 10mg 4x per day. I can’t imagine living without some type of pain blocker. I never get ‘high’ from it – it simply blocks the pain from transmitting to my brain. Am I in trouble with this new war on drugs? There is literally, nothing else out there for me. No more surgeries permitted, and RFA isn’t working on this pain. This isn’t something I can talk about, with the stigmas involved with this medication, so I do need an answer. The very Drs we depend on know so much less than we think they do.

  26. I am prescribed 20mg a day of methadone. And previously had a 50mg tolerance of Percocet a day. That is why I take methadone. And I was feeling withdrawal symptoms so I took 20mg more, 10 hours after the first dose. Is that too much? I feel okay right now. But now I feel cautious about it. Dumb I know:(

  27. I am prescribed 20mg of methadone a day and have been for 3 months. I had a 50mg a day tolerance to Percocet. But I was feeling withdrawal symptoms after the 20mg a methadone seemed to wear off, and I took 20mg more of methadone, 10 hours after the first dose. Does that seem to be okay?

  28. MY HUBBY IS taking 40mg per day & the 1st day & a half he is fine but on the 3rd day after only 1 or 2 doses of 10mg tablets he looks & acts like he is wasted on heroin so he gets to take NONE or only 1 And after 2 to 3 days he levels off, but in those 2 to 3 days I worry myself sick wondering if he gonna od, let me also add he is supposed to take 10mg , 4 times a day to which he does with the exception of the 1st couple of days that he appeared wasted then he takes less ??? Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated ????????

  29. Hi to everyone here! I see there are two nations struggle with opiate addiction. My story began in 2009 when I had work safe injury. I have never taken any pain medication previously in my life. So doctors placed me on Percoset and then Morphine, Oxicodone, Oxycontin, Fentanyl. It all “almost”ended 4 years later when my dose was 80mg of Oxycontin twice daily, plus 3mg of Benzodiazepines. I tried 20mg Fentanil patch that made me sleep all day right after that. Anyone here would understand my life on 160mg of Oxycontin and 3mg of Benzodiazepines. It was constant battle with ending meds earlier and so on. After trying to quit myself and drinking myself to the point that I had to pass out week and a half later I gave up and went to the methadone clinic. My doctor started on 40mg dose and increased it by weekly. Soon I asked her to stop increase at 120mg, that how I lived for a year. Year later I take 150mg. I take my drink just ones in the end of the day. It helps me to sleep and I wake up refreshed “almost” like normal person. Three years later I now still at 150mg of Methadone I do not take any other medications for three years, I don’t need increase, nothing else only Methadone. I started my life as new person, I went to University and studying second year. I am in my mid thirties and I can honestly say if not Methadone I didn’t know how to live anymore. I stoped drinking alcohol 2.5 years ago (I used to be havy drinker all my twenties) now I go to school, I don’t drink, I have family, wife and everything normal person can have!
    Anyone that read this know I am not any b.s. I used to be so down to the point we all went through (stealing money, have zero gas in my car, missing appointments, hiding from everything, searching for the next nodd off). Those doctors in the hospital said only heavy surgery on my L5 S1 maybe I be ok I didn’t listen those who almost killed my life and today I am only alive because of that! Yes I wake up with pain in my back a little but there is no miracle you have to do little stretching and go! Nothing will bring back your health as if you in your twenties but there is a lot to live for! For those mothers who say doctors prescribe sleeping pills or relax meds like trazedone or any type of Benzodiazepines with opiates like Oxycodone or Methadone CAN NOT BE TAKEN TOGETHER! This will kill! So for those who want to change their life, first decide for yourself because if you not ready nothing out there will help you. Decide if you like living the life you have today or what can be out there for you once clean. Then go and find methadone clinic this weak seal the deal! Good luck

  30. I recommend Ibogaine treatment. It will wipe out all addictions in 24 hours, but must be done at a reputable clinic. When trying to get off methadone, one must go back to oxycontin for at least 4 weeks prior to ibogaine treatment.

  31. Hi I ran out of heroin on sataday ,havnt used methadone for 2 years but decided to start again
    I had 20 ml oral physeptone sataday night followed by 40 ml Sunday morning , 20 ml Sunday afternoon and a further 20 ml 6am Monday morning
    I havnt touched any since its now Tuesday evenimg 7pm ….I got some h yesterday but no methadone has long half life do only smoked few lines here and there ..last night had strange palpitations don’t know if was anxiety or methadone but my pupils have not become pinned during this time
    Will I be safe enough from the methadone yet or am I still in danger as I no I had too much
    Thankyou xoxo

  32. I’m not sure what the dosage of methadodone my son was prescribed but he was a 1st time user given the medication on Thursday an his wife says he was crawling around on the floor like a dog sayings he was looking his ring I had sucepted foul play by her his autopsy showed he had 40mg of method one as well as zoliphen in his body he had sleep apnea as well as a2nd degree heart block I don’t have ascess to his medical records because l am his mother but also a RN for 50yrs they listed his death as enlarged heart but never listed the 40mg of methadone as cause of death kisser had his medical record I know they were negelant in prescribing him that Med he started taking it on Thursday an was dead by late Sunday night what recourse do I have he had 5known contradications that he shouldn’t have been prescribed that Med please help me an pass this on be careful an they could have told his the high mortality rate with his other conditions can I get his records released without an attorney an do you know of attorney in California as I don’t live there

  33. Hi, If someone overdoses on methadone and they have not been eating for a week or so, can this cause more of a fatal buildup in the liver? They were going to the clinic everday and were not feeling well. So taking 100 mg (I think) and only drinking coffee and not eating be enough to cause an overdose. I know methadone can build up in one’s symptom but curious as this would react with no food.

  34. Angelkos, are you speaking of the house of corrections in Milwaukee Wisconsin? If so my cousin died from a methadone/serequil od while in the house of corrections. I’m assuming it’s the same one because I think I read this story before and I might have some valuable info for you. I’d really love to hear from you about it..

  35. My adult son had a blood draw for drug testing. It was negative except for the Methadone which he knew would be positive as he is on Methadone therapy for Opiate addiction. I cannot find the “normal value” in numbers. The result was 237.1 with the normal range shown as “cutoff:25”. How do these correlate to figure out the blood level. He is 43, 300 pounds, 6’1″, Hepatitys C positive x 3 years and is a type 2 diabetic. He is taking Methadone105 mg liquid every other day. It was daily and sometimes, if he gets the money, he will go two days in a row. Please advise on blood level norms by number, not %. Thank you

  36. Hi I am 3.5 months pregnant t and on methadone maintenance clinic for 5 years now. I threw up my 130 MG’s of methadone this morning. It didn’t even get down my throat. So I got none of my dose. Will I be OK today if I took 130 mg yesterday and will get it at 10 am tomorrow? Will my baby be okay?

  37. This is so crazy I never knew how dangerous this was I was once double dose everyday yo to 290mg and even some days as high as 365mg and did it for 3 years until I had a heart attack at the age of 23! Definitely not recommend if anyone is reading this and trying to decide to take it or not to take it please take my advice and don’t take it I died 3 times that night didn’t wake up for a week untill I finally found out what had happened it’s not worth it if you need to detox don’t use the maintenance program you will get hooked only do the 15 day detox please!

  38. My sister passed 2 years ago and the coroner report attributes her death to 0.86 mcg/mL Methadone. Is this enough to kill her?

    1. Hi Retta. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional that can answer your questions. Wish you peace…

  39. I have a daughter on this methadone. Im about to disown her. She sleeps all day while everybody else takes care of her child. This drug clouds her judgement . Yall have no clue what us parents r going through .

  40. Hi I have a friend who is on 70mls and has been for a few years they get take home weekly and the other day I was asked the question how much methadone would it take to overdose with alcohol and diazepam my friend is going through a bad time and I’m worried about her so I would like to know about the dosage so I can keep an eye on her prescription and know how much to leave at any one time thanks

  41. My boyfriend took 50 MG of methadone around 130pm today it’s now 11:52 he did a intervenes shot of methanfedamin arundel 330pm he’s not feeling well he has shortness of breath he’s nauseous and cold to the touch he’s been light headed and just not himself he is never really taken methadone he usually use Heroine and he shoots it aseems well he didn’t have any and could only find these methadone I’m really worried about him we live off the grid and it’s 2 hours either way into town what should I do how can I help him is he going to die or have a

  42. I hate methadone it takes 2 hours out of my day.i am on methadose & I am not the first person to notice one day it will be thick like cough syrup .Other days it looks like food coloring in water.i stupid how can I make them test each bottle. ?? I honestly don’t care if I wake up in the morning. I am not suicidal but I can’t do this any longer .

  43. Hi People, i live in Holland and in my 30 years of being an addict i saw and heard about maybe 5-6 overdoses with methadone involved, but you know often its not just the ‘done what causes the OD no its mixing the ‘done with benzos and that would be alprazolam in most cases better known as xanax. The thing is that with methadone alone and using your brains its quite possible to prevent an overdose, but when other substances get added like alprazolam, which boosts methadone uncontrolaby plus the xanax gets stronger too so in fact most methadone overdoses are caused by mixing it yet the paper wont mention that they will mention somebody died from methadone nothing else. I happen to be a person who likes the effect of methadone so three hours ago i took justy 50 mg and an hour ago i added 250mg plus diazepam,pregabalin (this is lyrica i can recommmend it for several reasons), seroquel oh yeah some pot, but *I* am used to high doses so read my words only please dont copy my behaviour on the way i described. Methadone does not really block other opiates no its simply that strong that receptor occupation is full and then an opiate like say oxycodone cannot attach to the Mu receptors also when i apparantly had a deathwish without realising and i dropped 1,400 mg methadone in one goo being used on average to 3-400 mg a day and that idiotic amount did nothing??!! This led me to believe that methadone can protect against an overdose from methadone, but in fact i should had died, i mean 1.4 gram is not little and i really dont mind if people think ‘yeah right’ when i mention this matter. Anyway it took some years to build a gigantic tolerance something i noticed again when i found somebody with oxycontin 40mg, but he did not exactly know what he had and believe it or not i bought 120 of the 40mg time release pills for no more then 120 bucks while i know in the US people pay 10-20 to even 40 bucks per pil well i wanted to use those pills to get rid of methadone, but after first not taking methadone for three days and still not sick yet i decided to chew 800mg and i felt no effect whatsoever and the pills were very real, because somebody with a milder tolerance got skyhigh from chewing just one pill. I miss that this real opiate feeling okay atleast i can still feel methadone oh yes and there is exactly one benzo i still feel that happens to be rohypnol in the generic 2 mg dose. Please for whomever who reads this i mention my fights with opiates, but i ffeel that methadone like a lead ball tighed to my ankle. I write my own experiences here so that people read them and hopefully can use the words i wrote in his/her advantage so who knows maybe my words might prevent one OD and that would be just great. I have this hobby about medications withut bragging i say i know more then a pcp when it comes to substances who work onto the Central Nerve System better known as CNS. Enjoy your drugs and if you get aqcuainted with something new always use the lowest dose first, because you can always take more, but once its in you well i dont have to go on here. I was shocked to read that methadone is only 2% from the total amount of opiates/opioids yet 35% is the casualty number for methadone when its used improperly or mixed not having enough tolerance just stay away from methadone. I am 50 i know though that i will never get rid of the methadone yeah okay i could do a slow taper, but around 60 mg i dont even get better anymore so i aimed at subuxone abnd could forget about it and that is r eally a damned pity, because i see bupe as the only possibility to lose the methadone without having to feel rotten for a number of months and i kicked often enough i dont feel the strength anymore, however this could also be what i tell myself while other people may have other views and/or ideas so please dont hold back i bookmarked this page to see if somebody replied. Alright oh before i forget my currently daily dose is 100 mg coming from 160 so the normal daily dose is not even that high, but the advantage is that i need less of it to feel a buzz so lessextra that means and what nobody should copy i am a fool when i just swallow 140 ten mg pills since i had an american friend visting me he gave me a few hundred of the 10mg methadone tabs so the first 140 came out five miinutes later my stomach did not agree so i took a new 140pill amount ate it slowly it stayed in, but i felt no more then a slight sleepiness and who knows in spite of being fully concsious that dose should had wasted me. Well i will end here before i produce half a novel i hope my stuff will be seen and that my warnings will be taken seriously so best luck and a nice life for whomever who reads this and the above. I say it once more DO NOT and never copy thhe type of behaviour i described you will die. Best regards, Freek (my name comes from frederick its dutch and real)

  44. I actually agree with just about everything Jarvis wrote might be a little harsh but it is the truth and the truth hurts I too have been a heroine addict for over 21 years and after failing regular detox about a dozen times I did the 30 day and the even the 90 day in patient detox several times but just did not work methadone has saved my LIFE!!!!! I just wish I would have known about sooner but coming from a little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan there are no options like there are in the major cities I joined the methadone clinic we will call it MMT for short cause that’s what it is a Methadone Maintenance Treatment Clinic since I joined I can happily say I have been clean for 7 years now and I am on phase 6 of the program which is about the best you can do so methadone does save lives but it is just like anything else you have to work at it and you have to want to do it I am very sorry for all your loses I have lost many a life long friend to the needle and the spoon but it was not just the drugs that killed them either it was enablers people who turn a blind eye to the problem because they are either too busy or concerned about their own lives at the time or make excuses for the addict which allows them to further their addiction and I think that’s what Jarvis is trying to point out here is the fact that people cry and complain about the problem when it is already too late the parents of some of these children want someone to blame for their loss to this epidemic but the truth and fact is we are all to blame the doctors the dealers the users the parents of the users lets face the truth here SOCIETY as turned to shit in this country people wont even say good morning or hello to each other any more no one hold or opens a door for anybody no one will even help someone in distress any more we all live in protect what’s mine state of mind these days or they say that’s not my problem instead of helping each other we hinder one another stop and take a look at what is going on around you it has gotten so bad I don’t even want to leave the house anymore food for thought and Jarvis is right on a lot of the issues when did we stop parenting are children kids today don’t have any respect at all it just a shame and it is sickening !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see someone asking bout mg verses cc our clinic dispenses liquid methadone and it is measured as 10mg per 1ml which means every 1 milliliter contains 10 mg and 1cc is equal to 1ml so 1cc is also 10mg

    please double check to be sure but I think this is right hope it helps

  45. Hi, i have friends who use methadone and i’m wondering if its safe for my kids/family to be around them? Is there a risk or harm?

  46. I’m on 175 methadone daily. I took dose at 9 am. At 630 pm I drank 100 I’m a little worried. But I worked today and was sore so figured be ok. Now I’m bit scared. Do you think I’ll b ok ? I don’t want to go to Hosp if I don’t have to. But I don’t want die either. I was dumb to drink all that.

  47. An infant was in three different homes over a 72 hour period. She died of a methadone OD. How can we determine how far back to go, to search for the location where it was ingested?

    1. Hi Josephine. I’m really sorry for the loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner about your concerns.

  48. One of the more accurate and informative pieces about Methadone that I have read recently.
    In the 70s I was addicted to Heroin, but on Fridays I was able to get an 80 mg. dose from a person I knew who was in a Maintenance program. I paid $15 and it lasted me throughout the entire weekend. I mention this only to support the facts regarding its long half-life and inexpensive cost.
    Now, here I am, 40+ years later, in a Methadone Maintenance program, taking jt as prescribed in a clinical setting, dosing at 60 mg. daily. I have been on the program for 7+ years, with no negative side affects and more importantly, no urges to get high at all. Since my entire prison record, (totaling 14 years in various different incarcerations) was directly attached to my drug addiction, I have not been in any trouble with trying to raise money for illicit opiates of any type. I can honestly say that Methadone has turned my life around because I am using it properly, as prescribed, supplemented by support groups and a sober support network. An addict cannot rely solely on Methadone to maintain sobriety in recovery. While it will eliminate the PHYSICAL aspects of addiction, it’s the MENTAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL aspects that must also be addressed because they are responsible for the nagging urges that can cause an addict to relapse back to using.

  49. I am here to talks about the methadone tolerance level,or how much is a lethal dose? Like someone here wrote his friend can take a very much opoids. That’s my case too.As I typed in google what’s the lethal dose for methadone OD,it brought me here where i read that it’s 200mg.
    That’s 20ml solution,in liquid form with some orange juice(so u can not abuse it).4years ago…I was exactly on that 200mg,and I can tell u only this…above this dose you will NOT feel anything,not a single icht …nothing!I could sometimes take 300mg at once but as I said…NOTHING! Waste of methadone and time! Also forgot to say what ALL junkies are doing but for them an like me it’s nothing..I could eat the wholepackage of 30 pills valium or any logic! if I don’t feel an single itch on 200 or 300mg of methadone,how should I feel some benzos?!?200mg are 40,yes 40 tablets of a 5mg each,every day!! Yea I said it right-Numbers do’t lie -) I was taking every single day 40 tablets/pills at once for about 3 years. I know…I’ll die young even I look with 30 like a boy cuz not only all girls and women think always,ALWAYS I’m 18 or 22 !!?All people think ,and still who don’t knows me for an ID when I buy pack of cigarettes,LOL!!! My blood analysis is good,liver good,no viruses…nothing! 🙂

  50. I just came home from hospital. Apparently i overdosed nd was taking to the hospital. They said they gave me 2 narcan to revive me. I get 80mg everyday from a clinic, i dont get take homes. I did take 1 10mg lorotab about 5pm the day before the last dose the next day i get my dose at 1030am, come home at 11am, got to bed and next thing i know im in hospital withpeople screaming my name. How can this happen

  51. I am on methadone maintenance, 85mg daily. A good year in program. With oral swab test lab claims my levels were 5000ng!……they “claim” I took 3 holiday doses at one time……false!!!! Swab test was taken a few hours after reg. dose. 3 X 85mg = 255mg.. ..isn’t that a lethal dose????

  52. Dear Advisor,

    Hello there. My name is Matt, and I have a question regarding methadone dosage and possible overdose. About 5 months ago, I was treated with methadone at an accredited clinic for opiate addiction. The starting dose was 30mg, and I titrated up to 100mg over 6-7 days. By the fifth day, I was beginning to feel tired and over-sedated. However, I stopped completely by the 7th day. Could I have caused permanent brain damage whenever I went to bed, for example, by slowing the breathing down too much? I felt mostly back to normal within a few days.

    Thank you very much in advance for any response.



  53. I want to ask a liquid methadone question. Me and my husband who just passes on 12.28.16 at 31 which he turned on 12.23.16, we have been on liquid methadone for over 2 yrs. We ended up loosing insurance so we were splitting a bottle between the 2 of us and I was getting 220 mgs, he recently went to jail from 9.21.16 to 12.22.16 he was taking a little sip for first couple days and on the night of the 27 I believe he took a bit close to half of 220. I feel as tho he is bigger than I he could handle it, I regret letting him know while he was in jail I took 2 of the 220mgs back to back and I was ok. So I feel as I shld of not said that bc he knew his tolerance had gone down in that time. I didn’t check on him at 8 am on the 28th before leaving to work, and at 12 1230 got a call from my young kids 8 n9 n my father in law that he wouldn’t wake up, I know 100%he was alive bc I talked to him atound 6 am n heard him breathing n snoring at around 7. I would say. Ambulance paramedics saI’d he was gone nothing they could do, they didn’t even try after not hearing his heart. We are waiting on autopsy to find out for sure what caused his death. But if anything why didn’t they try to revive him? Shock his heart Try…. so with this I ask how long does it take to die from overdose on methadone if it caused him to pass. And at a point is there really nothing that can be done to try and revive someone? How long can someone overdose with being able to possibly make it out alive.? Thank you

    1. Hi Asdurgin. I’m really sorry for your loss… First, I suggest that you wait for the autopsy report. Maybe the reason for death is not OD. Then, you may speak with a coroner or another professional about your concerns.

  54. I have been taking 15 mg of methadone per day as treatment for periodic limb movement (restless leg syndrome expanded to other parts of my body.) How much methadone would I need to take before I will likely OD? Sometimes I do take me if the current dosage is ineffective.

  55. Thank you for a great site, wish that fact-based and neutral answers on drug características are saving lives, I believe this way of contact are so healing and harm reducing for a long time opiate opioid user like me, I am currently at 110mg/day methadone I have only been without for 2 periods both lasting under 30 days for the last 6 years I have used regularly for 20 + years. I sometimes dobbeltdiagnosen my dose without any of symptoms and only minimal increase in how good I feel, I have several health issues due to my history and more and more I am only 10% of former me without sub. I feel no quality left I love life but no half life soly fixed on kvantitative, I would anytime prefer 1 day at 100 % than 100 days under 65% however I have no exit plans 4 now, can dayly ritalin uno increase the methadone tolerance I have 2x40mg the depot version and 2x10mg regular day can ir reduce or risk sorry for long and rusty writing in English hope it will make some sense may you all find MMIIIXX your best ever

  56. 2 years clean from a 15-20 perk and 2-5 10mil valluim daily addiction along with others, they were just everyday for sure. My drug store gave me 130ml in place of my 13ml a few mths ago(20ml was the highest dose I had been on)I knew it was wrong but had to drink cause it would go against me(2 years clean and wanted no marks on my record). I though maybe I was just nervous and that it was normal, but it was not. About an hour later I started throwing up and pretty much right after that I can remember anything for about 7 hrs. remember little bit here and there. Every time I blinked I feel asleep. They did nothing for me at the hospital only treat me like a criminal. My gf was taking for me because I couldn’t form words . The left me in a room where I threw up over my self all night, the GF was also in the room with me and she advised me when I woke that not one person came to check on me(little heart thing they puts on finger was going off hrs straight, GF had to remove while I slept. I got up and left because I was so cold all I could think of was getting in the car putting the heat on and going to sleep. I was admitted to ER because my body temp was so low and they nearly froze me the death. Next time they does it to me I will just be going home to my own bed..Nothing is worse than that. When I started on 20, I though I was gonnna die , spent a whole mth in a spin. Would be fine for 4 hrs and then look out.I told doc that 20 perks was about my daily. 20 blew away , so I went to 13 and still there.

  57. Hello, I’m on 8 mg of Methadone and I get my carries on the weekend, I had my dose yesterday morning and had gotten really sick, I then look at the bottle, under the sticker that says my amount, etc and they had actually put 80 mg of methadone into it, when its supposed to be only 8. I went to the hospital and had been given a shot of Naloxone. It’s now the next day in the evening and I still haven’t taken my nornal dose because I feel like it would be way too much on top of this.

    I’m still unwell and I’m very afraid that now I’ll have to go back up in the amount of methadone in which I not ally take. I believe their should be a lawsuit.

  58. just a quick TY, for posting some valuable info on the abuse of methadone. there is very little credible info on this subject. as a maintenance methadone patient, i have been on a 250mg dose for 4 yrs. now and have not relapsed. be advised methadone on its own will not be enough .” please do the work on your self as well” it is a process not a cure….. CJ

  59. I take 2 10mg everyday sometimes more what would happen if i took 6 or more at a time would it kill me and how long for the od signs to show

  60. I never take opiates. I took 25mg of methadone about an hour ago. (5 x 5mg) What should I expect? 50yr old female 230lbs 5’3″.

  61. My sister died as a result of “methadone toxicity- accidental” and the autopsy report showed 380 of Dolophine and 76 of Methadone Metabolite, but noted that the narcotic stabilization range as 50-1000. I am confused as to how to interpret those results. They seem to conflict.

    The report also noted “Presump Pos” for amphetamines, Methadone/Metabolite, and Fentanyl/Metabolite despite listing Fentanyl/Metabolite and Amphetamines as “None Detected” in the upper portion of the autopsy report. Again, these seem conflicting. How do I read this report or who in the Medical Examiner’s office do I speak to about getting additional information? Is it usual to get additional information? I want to know what I am looking at in the report.

    1. Hi PD. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional. We are not able to provide with an information.

  62. My husband & I have been on Methadone since 1996; my 56yr.old husband died Feb.2016 after a truck accident came home from week stay,dosed, 5am and died around 5 the same eve.Coroner said its methadone od. But why all of the sudden? I don’t believe it, can someone please help me understand, we’ve been on it so long,how he od off it

    1. Hi Brenda. I’m really sorry for your loss… Maybe, his tolerance level lowered, so the dose he took was high to cause OD. I suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or another professional.

    1. Hi Dot. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional. Wish you peace in these hard times.

    1. Hi Denise. I’m really sorry for your loss… What does it say in the autopsy report? You may also speak with another toxicologist or coroner.

  63. @Sammy: My experiences with opiate tapering relates more with what you stated in your response to the post by Molly. However, I have read in respected journals that some people are fortunate enough not to experience the usual drawn out and nasty withdrawals that most folks suffer. Even have read that some folks can cold turkey benzodiazepines (and that can be lethal!)! Either one for me was a living hell! I am looking forward to the day that I might be able to eliminate the methadone for my chronic pain, but then again…lol in that event I’m figuring on a 6 month taper, best case.

  64. I wasn’t going to bother commenting on here but must say, after that last post… @Molly, you are full of it. 200mg cold turkey and you were only sick a day or two??? Methadone’s long half life makes that impossible. So please, don’t lie and bs… Anyone who knows anything about methadone knows that withdrawals last a few weeks at the least… usually longer. Worst withdrawals of my life was when I tried to come off at 6mgs… I was sick for a month!

  65. I was on 300 mg a day of methdone for pain. I have MS. I once took it all together, simply because the pain wouldn’t go and I’m lucky to be alive apparently. I almost took another bottle that day. My doctor did not tell me when he put me on this drug how lethal it was. Your daughter as you now know didn’t die. Most people don’t die from going off a drug or multiple drugs at once. The side effects can be blindness, no motor control, vomiting — but your body is getting rid of stuff, not blowing fuses from over taking intoo much medication. I’ve gone off of 200 mg of methadone at once and it was like a bad flu for a day or two. Not much worse. My drugs problems were pain related and badly informed doctors.

  66. My daughter is taking 165mgs of methodone. She is on a program. She moved from where she was living so her clinic is 2 hours away. The car broke down so she was unable to get to her clinic. She hasn’t had her methodone for 2 days and is very sick. Will she die from going cold turjey

  67. my husband is on 120 mg & he has been on it since over a year they start off at 25 mg then bump up every few weeks. & he gets take homes on fri for sat sun so he doses on fri & winds up taking more that same day & I’m scared that he may overdose he nods out a lot the problem I feel with this is the take homes because if they don’t hand it over to them they cant take it right? they should make a way to test them to see if they are abusing it.

  68. TO WENDY: I am very sorry about your son but you should definitely sue his physician just for the simple fact he was prescribing your baby boy Methadone with Ultram which is a known adverse combination! The Ultram/Tramodol is very well known to be an opiate antagonist and SHOULD NEVER be taken together! The Ultram will send a person on Methadone into full withdrawals within 30-60 mins! They are NEVER to be prescribed together! Its actually one of 5 meds they give us a sheet on when we start our Methadone Maintenance program here in Michigan. I been on Methadone since Nov 2008 & it saved The addict has to be ready willing and able to be clean and sober other than your prescribed dose or it is very dangerous! I am again so sorry for your loss!

  69. kevin: You probably just decreased your daily dosage of methadone too quickly. A good rule of thumb is to decrease about 10% of your CURRENT dose about every 2 weeks, with a one week holding period in between. So you will need very small dosage adjustments every 2 weeks. Methadone itself is a very powerful opioid and you are feeling the withdrawals from it, not something that you took 7 years ago. Best to you going forward! Slow is the rule with any opiate reduction program, but especially with methadone! Remember the story of the turtle and rabbit! Slow, steady, and patient.

  70. I began Methadone Maintenance on 11/03/09 starting at 30 mg. daily since I’m an opioid-tolerant addict addicted on and off for close to 40 years. I gradually increased dosage to a level of 110 mg. daily and stayed there for 3 years. I began voluntary MSW (medically supervised withdrawal) at a rate of 5 mg. a month, bringing myself all the way down to 30 mg. daily. I have remained relapse-free with 100% clean (negative) UA results. I recently began to notice morning symptoms of withdrawal. Stomach cramping, sore knees, restless leg syndrome at night, difficulty falling asleep at night, loose bowels upon awakening, etc. I requested and was approved for a dosage adjustment back up to 40 mg. (a 10 mg. increase) and that did the trick. I’m back to normal. No intoxication or euphoria, just feeling well again. I’m not sure WHY I began to experience withdrawal again after nearly 7 years. It could’ve been the recent heat wave with increased perspiration, it could just be my age (62) and my metabolism changing, but whatever it was, a 10 mg. increase got me back on track.

  71. @puul

    My dad was 62. Already has his yearly check ups and blood work. EKG was great blood work was great.There is a lot going on with this in legal matters that I cannot discuss. My dad NEVER and I mean NEVER abused any medication a day in his life. I lived with him for 32 years and when I moved out I seen him on a daily!! EVERY DAY.

  72. The people (like Susan who still blame the drug and not the person) that believe the Dr.s are the devils for prescriptions that are prescribed based off what their patient tells them and usually these Docs go on good faith or go with their gut on whether these patients are lying assholes. Just saying. But as I was saying it’s not any Dr.s fault if the patient abuses their THEIR did everyone get that THEIR own prescription and then they overdose that is their own fault. They obviously were given the pamphlet talked to not only by their doc but by the pharmacist that explains (even if the doc didn’t) pharmacist:”hey this shit is very easy to overdose on man. Don’t over do it and stick to what your doc prescribed you retard”. Patient:”yeah ok man, sounds good. Oh I won’t”. Then what do you know the addict in them if that’s what they got the methadone for in the first place like I did my wd from the bad crap and also my rheumatoid arthritis but anyways yeah methadone for sure stopped me from going on the street to get that nasty crap but after 4 years of not abusing methadone I started to and then I called my doc up again and told him the truth. Instead of being stupid or depressed which is also some of what you people that don’t take pain killers understand is that they can make you depressed not in everyone but a lot. Then guess what you have your methadone and boy is it way easier to drop a bunch of pills then to pull a trigger on yourself and research shows more females choose to do that then any other way of killing themselves. So, please I understand it’s a drug and can easily be abused but don’t blame the doctor for your irresponsible kids or friends who OD on it because they knew what they were doing as soon as they stepped in to the docs office. I hate ignorance and honestly if you blame the drug or the doctor you should blame yourself for not being with them, checking in on them watching their habits because that’s where the sh!t began in the very very 1st place.

  73. Maybe i made a bad decision my husband is inoperable never took anything was rushed to pain dr. For neck then it started with 5 mg perc then after liver test came out fine after 2 years. Dr. all of the sudden upped to 30 mil oxy. The horror began we lost everything house cars i was working just to pay for his medicine he believed his Dr and he said he needed it then I finally received prescription coverage Bang again worse then dr. Gave 80 oxy along with 30 s then one little call one day not for medicine asking for epidural and biller cursed me and this time she didn’t even know my husband been in on mail delivery with no increase and no asking for more medicine well she said take file and leave after 10 to about 13 years. Now he was in a panic no other pain management even with a letter saying he just was to complex needed wider range facility from biller not Dr. Other pain management could not believe what he was on how much from print out and said no way we are giving you this now they are treating him like an addict. Which please don’t take me wrong i also know it’s a disease and i am fully compassionate had loved ones pass on from that disease. But since no pain mAnagement would take him and by him going through withdrawal that could kill him, we found a methadone 10 mil he now is going psycho, we don’t know how to dose and now we tell the truth to other doctors and they do not want to treat. He is depressed crazy angry we are down and out frustrated at the whole system. Please HELP someone can’t afford think this weekend s worse now everyone is saying if he is on this medication they think he is truly not a real chronic pain patient that got caught up in this situation left out on the street with no where to turn.

    IF HE HAS TO CONTINUE TO TAKE THIS ROAD HOW DOES HE TAKE THIS METHAdONE 10 mil and how to cut down or how to take. Please HELP.

    Sorry long but that is as quickly as i can write 10/14 years of he’ll and back and this Dr. Is probably sitting in an island and I am stuck with a husband now that is skinny depressed and talking from morning to night about this doctor abandoning him from a biller unbelievable.

    Thanks please someone respond and maybe we have the similar situation going on.

  74. Susan you are such a sad sad uneducated person. I am sorry people like you exist. <3
    Blaming recovered addicts who are responsible with their medication, for the unfortunate events of total strangers.
    Shame on you.

  75. Earlier today I got my dose at the methadone clinic I get 50 milligrams a day and I’ve been doing it for about a month now today was the first time I felt nervous or anxious about it and today was the first time I had a hot flash and where I felt heat through my entire body so I was just wanted to know for the most part The Hot Flashes are gone, but I still feel a little bit like I have a little bit of dizziness every once in a while I’ve had three slightly dizzy and two times they’ve been accompanied with hot flash I was just wondering if I’m okay I missed my dose yesterday so I think maybe that has a lot to do with it, I just want to know if I’m OK, it was actually this site that got me a little bit nervous about it, cuz of the articles that I read about it

  76. Hi, I’ve taken prescription Methadone for 9 years. My daily dosage for nearly 2 years has been 50 mg daily. At my last appt in May I was told by Dr. that I would get 40mg daily for June and 30 mg daily for July. I’ve Never abused the drug many many urine & blood tests can prove that. My body is not adjusting well to the decrease to daily dosage. Even my pharmacist says thats taking alot of mg’s quickly for 1 to adjust to. What can I do?

    1. Hi Karen. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest you speak with a toxicologist or another medical professional about your concern.

  77. Hey im on 45mgs of Done a day I got 5 days of take aways as I’m going away I couldn’t help myself but over the day being today I’ve had 3x my usual amount adding up to 180 mgs it is now 9:30pm and I feel fine I’m worried about the delayed effect please get back to me asap as I’m doing more damaging by panicking and reading about deaths of overdoses

  78. Can someone tell me how to interpret a drug screen for CASA case that I am on? The mother is prescribed 60 mg daily total of methadone for pain, but is showing really varying amounts on her drug screens. They are as low as 21 ng/ml but in the high hundreds ng/ml at other times. How can you interpret the ng/ml amounts for toxicity?

  79. My 2yr old ate a piece of a methadone tablet maybe 2-5 mg and weighs only 26lbs. Is this a fatal amount? Do I induce vomiting or give her milk?

  80. Catherine -If you are still out there and considering your death, PLEASE talk to me. No, I will not help you die, but I will help you live. I have seen too many people die like that. Too many good people. Death is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I would love to talk to you and listen to what you have to say. Please either talk to someone, a counselor

  81. @ Susan I am very sorry for your loss and that you are having a difficult time grieving. I would like to help bring you some clarity and closure on this subject. Out of respect and concern, I am going to completely honest with you. You may not like what I have to say but please, please set your emotions and grief aside while reading this so that you can have a more realistic understanding of the situation. I think your grief is clouding your judgment. It is far too easy to point the finger at us, at the medication, the dealer this situation is not so black and white. I will revisit this later.

    The person who is responsible for the death is your son. He did not have a gun put to his head while being forced to consume the medication. He made a decision to seek out the drug, he gathered the money to buy it, he brought it home and did it by himself. He knew full well what he was buying and its risks. Drug dealers dont go to playgrounds or door to door peddling their goods. They are paranoid and dont like dealing with strangers and ESPECIALLY first time users or people who are likely to O.D. (newbies) doing so is a quick way to go to jail or get killed. They typically wont sell a large amount to ppl who first started using for that reason and also bc they dont want that person to end up selling it to their customers.Now why was your son using methadone, an extremely hard to find and expensive substance? Methadone is not used to party! It is not hip, cool, trendy, or chic. Quite the opposite. Methadone does not get you high and it has the “junky” stigma attached to it. If he was “experimenting” or partying itd be with vicoden, xanax, heroin, etc, not methadone ( a drug that at most makes you sleepy and eases pain ). There is no euphoria, nothing exciting, no pleasure or fun. Im sorry, but common sense tells me that your son was likely an addict and he was looking to either kick , maintain, or just stay well. Was his O.D. the first indication of his drug use? I don’t understand how in the world he was able to hide such a secret from his own mother. When a person starts using opiates and tries to hide it, it is very obvious whats going on. There is no way you can’t not notice it. So why didnt the so called friends, family members, employer, teachers, girlfriend do anything to help him? Why was his use overlooked?

    Now why was he using? If you absolutely can’t resist the unhealthy and pointless urge to point fingers, “the root of the problem” is the actual “killer”. What problems were your son having that only drugs could help him (as far as he knew) Was anyone aware of these issues? Was he getting help of any kind?. Why did he turn to opiates?

    These are just a few rhetorical questions that I’m sure if you find answers to, you’ll find closure and peace of mind. If you want justice for the death of your son, start there and start holding your son AND yourself accountable.

    You are on here and god knows where else calling people who use methadone scumbags, bad mouthing a drug you know nothing about. Have you ever broken a bone or have experienced severe pain like that before? Imagine what it would be like living in that pain day in and day out. What if in addition to that agony, you couldn’t walk right, couldnt work, couldnt sleep, couldnt do anything and your life is so miserable you wonder what the point of it is. Theres a medication that can make that pain almost tolerable. You can live a somewhat normal life and be a productive member of society . Oh, but wait… what if and lack of kids with too much money, time, and lack of parenting get their hands on them and overdose while trying to get high?

    Are you saying that because there are too many jr. junkies out there (who will shoot up or eat anything) should just roll over and die or burden our families or the state? It’s people JUST LIKE YOU who are making that ridiculous shit closer and closer to a reality.

    Perhaps, before people go making babies (a lifetime commitment) , they should go to the community college and take some childrearing classes.heres an idea, they can instill coping mechanisms, social skills, raise them to be a healthy, well rounded individual. At the right age, give an honest and intelligent explanation of what drugs are without making them into some big deal (that makes them more attractive l They parents can actually spend time , pay attention, and get to know their child god forbid!


  82. My 56yr. old husband died Feb.12th, this yr, he’s been on methadone for over 20years. His dose was 140mg. liq.but he & I had been sharing for past couple of years due to financial problems so he only took 140mg.every Fri. the rest of week he’d be on much less, he would take his share(70mg) but be out sometimes three days before picking up again each Fri. Long story short, he had a bad wreck on 5th of ICU where he didn’t receive methadone until day before dc which was Feb.11th, he was sent home less than four hours out of ICU for almost a week, next day, Fri.12th he dosed at clinic, 5:30am & by six pm I was trying to bring him back but to no avail, he died in his sleep and after autopsy & toxicology, coroner states cause of death as accidental methadone of, toxicity, his level: positive methadone, 1.0mg/liter, metabolite methadone, 0.13mg/liter.What is your opinion ? I so need to know as sure as I can be that cause of death is correct,as well as one can from labs, without knowing is heart wrenching, methadone saved us from a long,long opiate, heroin addiction, IV drug users, decided to stay on maintained, we both view this for what it is, a disease. Thank you for this forum for people like my husband & self.

    1. Hi Brenda. I’m really sorry for your loss… I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response. I wish you peace in this time of loss.

  83. I am a 65 year old male . Army retired. I am 100% disabled rated by the VA. I have had three back surgeries. I have diabetes. I have moderate to severe back and leg pain and foot pain. The VA has stopped giving me opiods and caught me off guard.I am in agony and need pain relief fast. I have a friend that will sell me methadone which I have never used before. How many mg. can I start out with ? How do I get approved for a methadone center ?

    1. Hi Karl. That methadone is not prescribed by a doctor. First, I suggest you consult with your doctor about methadone prescription regulations. Then, you can search for methadone clinics in your area, and fill out forms. Remember that you have to meet a certain criteria before they even accept you.

  84. To all of you who think methadone is your God’s saving grace are all ignorant and how dare you are that pathetic to a Mom who has buried a child because I have and it hurts everyday to the point of unbearable. I got addicted to hydros while in pain management then prescribed methadone then suboxone…. All devil’s drugs… You cannot replace one addiction with another so wake the fuck up and quit giving greiving parents hell and disrespect because they think all opiods should be outlawed because none of you cold hearted people would never be on methadone if you had not had a problem. Oh and guess where you would be without your cruch beit methadone or suboxone… You would be fucked and going through 18 days of withdrawal cause you couldn’t get your fix… I take nothing now and even though I have pain, i deal because all of that shit is like rat poison.. I am sure you feel good on it but how are you going to feel when you have no more….DON’T GIVE ANY PARENT WHO HAS LOST A CHILD BECAUSE IT MAKES YOU LOOK HEARTLESS, COLD, IGNORANT, DISRESPECTFUL, AND STUPID…. YOU DUMBASSES PREACHING THE VALUE OF THESE DRUGS AND ABUSING PARENTS WHO LOST A CHILD TO THE DRUGS ACCUSING THEM AND THEIR PARENTING SKILLS…. YOU SHOULD ALL BE ASHAMED… … SHAME ON YOU!!!!

  85. Susan, With the cocktail of drugs found in your daughter’s system, she very likely had no pain leading up to and including her death. According to your description, it sounds to me as though she went unconscious from the drugs, likely falling and then hitting her head on the hard floor. I am sorry for your loss.

  86. Confused Daughter: At the time of the fall that evening, what was your father’s age? Falling, especially in the elderly, is a very strong indicator that the person may be approaching their final stages in life. Even if they seemed to be fit-as-a-fiddle the day before. I witnessed that with my 83 years old mother, who suffered with congestive heart failure for several years prior to her death. I have read that long term use of methadone can cause ,which if I am lucky will lead to my demise as compared to the excruciating pain of any terminal illness.

  87. Brenda, methadone is a very powerful opiate. If your husband went 7 days without any methadone, he would likely have lost his tolerance to it, and 140mg of methadone in a 24 hour period to an opiate naïve person will indeed lead to death.

  88. Robert, if the toxicology reports are correct, and from my readings, if you had OD from a combination of opiates and benzodiazepines, you would likely not be alive to write your post. The negative results of opiates in your system is further consideration of that. I would suggest that you do a nice, slow taper off of the Valium (about 6 months, at your own speed, reference the Ashton Manual), then get a job.

  89. My son passed away 3 weeks ago tomorrow. He was 20 years old. A methadone bottle was found in his room. He was found in bed with no signs of struggle. We are waiting for the toxology report to come back. What’s bothersom is I have text messages that I found on my sons phone with the name and phone number who sold my son methadone. I have the entire conversation between the two of them up until my son didn’t respond again to his text because he passed away. My son asked do people really take the whole dose and he stated he only took 1/4 bottle. This scum bag knew he took too much and texted me called me now I’m not f’n around call me! That was the end of the conversation. I do know it’s someone’s prescription bottle because the person who sold it to my son took a marker and crossed off the name on it. The bottle, along with my son’s cell phone are now in the possession of the DEA. They told us most likely they will not go after the person selling the methadone to these kids but just use it to build a case if there’s other situations with the same name coming up. Crazy to me and can’t comprehend why they wouldn’t go after the person the methadone is prescribed to or the person who is selling it! My son is dead because of this and I’m in shock that they have all the information they need to stop this scumbag from selling it to anyone else. What else can be done? Who can I contact to take action against this person to ensure he’s off the street and some kind of justice is done here. Any help I can get will be appreciated. Thank you.

  90. My husband has been on 140mg.methadone several years. Feb.5th of this year he was involved in a motor vehicle accident, came home seven days later, doses at 140mg then around five hours later he was dead.Coroner said cause of death is methadone can that he when he’s been on this for several years

  91. I was a 47 year old male with back pain my MRI showed no real damage to my back my private doctor put me on 30mg oxycodone imm.release tabs 180 a month 6 30mg oxycodone per day plus 90 valium a month plus 360 10mg methadone tablets a month 16 10 mg tablets a day plus he didn’t explain anything about the drug possible side effects getting massively addicted plus he new my past history on ock 3 2013 my 17 year old son found me unresponsive in my bed the took me to the local hospital my liver shut down my kidneys shut down my heart rate was 70/30 I was unresponsive to everything they tried.I was air lifted to Barnes Jewish hospital in st.Louis wile I laid in a. Coma on life support they told my family it didn’t look good 6 days later I woke up don’t remember anything .during my 6 day sleep I experienced a N.D.E.It changed6my life forever I now see a phychatrist and a counselor every week it had a profound effect on my life….I hired a lawyer to handle my case he was gonna win big Walgreens for not refusing my prescriptions the pill pushing doctor that ruined my life my lawyer said I don’t have a case because I didn’t test positive for any opioid in my blood or thc.but I did test positive for benzodiazepines,all the attending physician’s told my family I even suffered heart damage,from a methadone overdo2I was takin high blood pressure meds,amitriptyline for sleep,the near death experience has caused me to be diagnosed with PTSD.massively depresed,anxiety,social phobia ..what on earth could have made me not test possitive for methadone,oxycodone,thc,everyday for a couple years ….please help searching for answers trying to come to grips why this pill pusher doc paid my attorneys off…THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP OR LEADS AT ALL…ROBERT

  92. My father was a therapeutic patient of methadone and had been on 70mg a day for years. He went to our local ER because he had fallen and hit his left side on a filing cabinet. Noticing how he held his side on Thanksgiving of this past year I urged him to go and get checked out. He went Friday the 27th of November 3015 and the ER Dr stated it was a contusion and gave him a morphine shot of 4mg in a 1ml tube in his buttock muscle. He was on many medications and he NEVER abused his meds. My father also took his nightly dose of methadone which was 20mg and a seriquil which he would always break into 4 pieces cause he couldn’t take 200mg of this medication. He died in his sleep in the morning hours. They administered this dose of morphine and zophran at 12:58pm on Friday and my mom has sleep apnea so she has to let her body wear down before she sleeps. She woke up around 1:50pm the next day which was Saturday and my dad was gone. Rigamortous had set in. To make a long story short his toxicology report came back as a ute intoxication of methadone and seriquil overdose. My daddy would never do something stupid as I have said he had way to much to live for and especially his great grand baby he loved dearly. He wasn’t clinicly depressed but I have read that you can’t mix methadone with morphine cause it will cause respitory failure. No lawyer in my state seems to not want to handle the case because they claim it will be difficult to link the morphine with the methadone. Can anyone give me advice? I am desperate my daddy didn’t deserve none of this nor did he want to die! I had talked with him all week and seen him every day in that week he was himself.

  93. My daughter accidently overdosed on methadone,Xanax and there was Prozac in her body too. When her boyfriend found her, he said she had foam coming from her mouth and blood from her nose. I wonder what discomfort if any she went through before she passed.

  94. I just took 20 mg before reading this. What should I do?!????? I am very nervous. I’m also detoxing from alcohol. I haven’t drank for few days so I took the 20 mil.

    1. Hi Meg. Don’t panic. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  95. My son was in high dependency mental health and a patient regurgergertated his methadone does and somehow my son got access to a syringe shot it up and died so this methadone makes me so angry as the patient didn’t need it he chose a lousy $50 instead of his methadone dose

    1. Hi Susan. I’m really sorry for your loss. Hope others will read your post and get the message…

  96. HI.

    I have a question. Myself and my partner are on methadone and have been for 4 years. I am on 80mg and he is on 53mg. Well today (sat) he goes and gets his carries. And uses my carries box that I use to go get my carries on (Wendsdays). Anyways he sometimes forgets to change our drinks from my box to his. (He uses my box because I have a lock and it’s heavy duty. His box is a cheep one.) Anyways when he got back I didn’t think to look and I drank his 53mg drink.and I was pissed cause I’m on anti depressants for severe depression. So everything bothers me. So now I think I’m gonna withdrawal. So I took 30 MG of my 80 MG drink. To make it 80. And left him with 50mg. But now I don’t know if I’m getting more or less. Or if he’s gonna get way more or less… so I guess my concern is how do u know if I’m getting the whole 30 MG if I take 30 MG of the bottle. ? I can’t right. So I’m just scared that he doesn’t get a lot more than he’s expected to take 53 MG. . Cause every tho I drank 30.MG acording to the messurments on the bottle. Doesn’t mean I’m not getting 10MG or 40 MG or how much cause it’s dipersed into juice…. so what do we do??

  97. My question is I Dont usually take methadone I usually take norcos 5 or 10s I have athritis really bad in my back I can usually take up to 10 norcos a day for pain I was out and had some methadone laying around and I didn’t read it right it was 120 mg of methadone and I took it all at once its been more then 11 hours should I still be worried about overdosing when I go to sleep should I go to e.r

  98. Someone took 70 mg of methadone by mistake they said they feel ok they threw up two time behind each other he said he feels fine is he going to be? He function normally

  99. part2
    One thing I will add for anyone considering methadone therapy. Methadone is very powerful! DO NOT play with it or experiment with it. If you mix it with other drugs especially other opiates or benzos (xanax,etc) to get high you are playing with fire. You WILL get burned. People die daily from making cocktails with methadone. Even if it is a prescribed medication be sure to advise the clinic prior to taking it. There are a LOT of doctors out there that are clueless as to what reacts badly with methadone. A lot of common prescriptions can cause you to go into quick or instant withdrawal, they can cause more frequent and severe side effects, they can KILL you! In seven years of being on methadone treatment I have been offered prescriptions by professional physicians on more than a dozen occasions that would interact badly. All of them knew I took methadone daily and they were clueless of their actions. One more comment before going. To the lady that recently posted, it is very unlikely that a clinic would increase dosage from 100mg to 240mg daily. IF they did I would for sure seek legal counsel. I’m not sure about other states but in mine anything over 150 mg/day requires blood tests to see how you metabolize the dose “what your blood levels are over a given period”. (Note:Im obviously not a doctor or lawyer and am not supplying any advice as such)

  100. part1
    I for sure have some input to this post. When I was a teen I would drink and smoke the very rare joint but aside from that not much else. I had friends that sold a variety of drugs but I was always scared of the possible side effects, so never cared to experiment. As far as pills it was rare for me to take an advil much less anything else. Well into my mid to late twenties I started having two issues, neck pain and recurring kidney stones, over 250 of them to date. Because of these two things my doctor would prescribe me Lortab for the pain. Well as most of the addicts on here know it made me feel alive, bullet proof, ready to go all day. This of course started the downward spiral into the hell of addiction to opiates. Well into this and being a full blown addict my doctor prescribed me Lortab 10mg 180/month, xanax 120/month, ultram 120/month and a blood pressure med called clonidine 60/month which I found later acted on opiate receptors too and are given to people in rehab for withdrawal. Like a lot of other people on here have experienced this doctor should have lost his license for prescribing this much stuff at once. After I went to my doctor and explained I was dependent on these and had withdrawals when I ran out etc. He proceeded two visits later to give me a drug test to see if I was “actually taking my meds”. The next time I came in he tells me that none of the meds showed on my drug screen and that I was obviously selling them so he was dismissing me from his practice (COLD TURKEY!). I was taking all of these meds and more so this was an apparent lie to get rid of me legally and out of his hair, no way was my screen clean! So a year or two wand my addiction indirectly causing me to end my marriage, I went to detox/rehab for 20 days. Thisent by, still an addict was NOT effective in the least and a waste of $30000 that my insurance spent (I always maintained my career). I stayed clean for maybe a month enduring horrible leg cramps, sleepless nights and for some reason a nasty night cough (I know hydrocodone is a cough medicine as well so maybe this was the reason). So on and on and many pills later I was in danger of losing my job, my kids and had that happened, likely my life. I then heard of the methadone clinic. At first this was a cheap way of accessing medication and a legal way. After about three months on methadone and on a stable dose I could actually think clearly and not like the pill seeking addict I was before. I have now been on methadone for 7 years and will eventually taper if I decide to. This program gave me my life back. I have counseling for the mental issues my sickness has caused. I have medicine to keep me from the cravings (which I havent had for 6 1/2 years) and that keeps me from the “not so nice” life of the chase. My story here is to tell all of you that addicts can stem from any walk of life and from something as innocent as seeking a doctors help for neck pain or kidney stones. Yes, some addicts develop from partying, getting high or simple experimentation in addition to the more innocent methods such as I, but I can assure you NOT ONE PERSON who became an addict EVER WANTED to put themselves in the hell of addiction.For those of you who have not experienced the hell of opiate addiction and the torture of opiate withdrawal, no matter how much you read or try to understand, you NEVER will. To those of you that blame yourself for your child’s deaths or your friend’s problems, DO NOT DO THIS! For the addicts on here telling these people it’s their fault for supplying their child with money or taking them to the doctor, you should be ashamed!!! ALL of us who are current and recovering addicts know how manipulative we can be. How we play on peoples sympathy, kindness,etc. to get what we want. If any of you believe you don’t do this if you are still an active addict or if any of the family members or friends of addicts don’t think we will do this to you to get what we want, you are a fool. Always remember though it’s not that we don’t care about you, that we stopped loving you or that we are just a lost cause. It is the drug!!! It is the horror of withdrawals if we run out!! I hope this story helps someone out there. If you have questions feel free to comment back. I am a seven year clean addict by means of methadone and was an active non-recovering addict for eight years so I may be of some help.

  101. What does it mean if a toxicology report shows 570ug/l of methadone in a drug screen. The cause of death was listed as methadone intoxication. The autopsy indicates accidental overdose.

    1. Hi David. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns.

  102. I took almost 400 mgs of methadone and got extremely close to od ‘ing, but my regular dose is 115 mgs, so I’m sure that had something to do with that. My left eye would not look forward and i kept dropping everything. However, I will say that that was the biggest dose I ever took and will not be doing that again. I’d say if your trying to od you’d need about a thousand mgs. But you could just end up a vegetable.

  103. My daughter just died, she has been on methadone for 5 years and was on 100mg. Just recent after she died we found out that the clinic she went to upped her methadone to 240mg. We are not sure how long she has been on this high does, as we know of there were no blood test done on her to check her levels on this high does. What do u think about this? and how the clinic could have taken her up that high??? Please I so need some answers, I am so upset over her death, please help if u can? Thank u

    1. Hi, Mona. I’m really sorry for your loss, my prayers are for you at this difficult time. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns.

  104. If someone is used to taking 20-30mg of methadone per day for pain & has off/on access to Valium for anxiety , could they overdose if they took an entire month or two of methadone at once (like 60-100 10mg pills at once?) My friend also suffers from treatment resistant depression and is dealing with numerous illnesses and has been on methadone for pain for a decade (but luckily hasn’t developed tolerance so far ;in fact, is on less than he was before)

  105. I am truly concerned my daughter takes methadone at a clinic but they have moved her to a high side of 150 mg plus she continues to buy more I worry she will overdose please help me.

  106. My pain doctor was giving me 18 10 mg tabs a day I asked her could we try something different she said she would raise the amount to 30 a day when I told her I did not think so she refused to be my doctor is this not a little odd

  107. To puul, you are addicted… You probably will have to take nightol to get to sleep. I wish I was addicted like you. I take 115 mgs per day! And there are folks taking 300 mgs a day. Be careful and get off this drug before you get a real habit that takes over a year to detox and some people never will. It really becomes a ball and chain if you ever need to move, or if you have a job that starts at 5 or 6 a.m. and need to explain that you’ll be late to work at least once a month or at the beginning every day. Then you have counseling that may have to be during work hours. Then if you want to go on vacation you’ll need to have been dosing for over a year, then you only get two weeks. Sure methadone is great for kicking, and I haven’t used a needle for years, but it’s best if you only use it for six months and get off of it. Oh! Then there’s the problems with pain! Some dimwit doctors think maintenance is a pain killer and refuse to give anything to relieve pain. I broke my leg in seven places and all they gave me was motrin! And if you are lucky enough to get a doctor to prescribe something, it’s usually not enough! I love methadone and I hate it. It’s always been convenient to go to a clinic, but now I’m moving and it’s a pain having to find somewhere close to a clinic cuz I ain’t got no car.

  108. Jarvis you are right about a few things because you take a small dose of methadone each day and you know a little bit about it but you do not talk to a person that lost a child the way you did running their dead child down. You don’t know the full details and if you did you still don’t run them down. Your ass is the one that should be ashamed and you can talk this shit on this blog but talk about some people’s dead kid like that in person especially around me and your ass will be dead. I’d just assume throwing your ass in the crematory talking about a deceased person the way you did. You need to lose that attitude quick or someone like me will lose it for you real quick.

  109. I wandered here for 2 reasons……loss of my daughter at 37 to stage 4 colon cancer and now raising her 2 girls, wanting to prevent them form ever suffering like this. My daughter, who BEFORE her cancer, struggled to get down a Tylenol, died in pain on hydromorphone, morphine, alprazolam,, and ketamine. SHE WAS A WARRIOR.
    2nd reason, a dog with cancer, another great warrior. Wonder what the leathel dose of hydromorphone is for him at 100 #. Trying to keep him comfortable.

    1. Hi, Champion. I’m really sorry for the loss of your daughter, there is nothing I can say that will ease your pain…. She was a warrior, and she will remain like that!
      I suggest you consult a vet about your concern with your dog.

  110. I recently took 5 mgs of methadone I ran out of my n as rcos and took it for pain I didnt read up on it till after I took it is 5 mg enough to make me overdose im scardd do I need to go to hospital

    1. Hi, Heather. If you don’t fell well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next. Or go to the hospital.

  111. There is a serious problem with methadone and benzos. The combination kill my friend. You have no memory whatsoever. Many addict are doing this combination. They seem to love it enough to risk death. Please put this in your articles about methadone next time. You might save a life.

  112. I’m prescribed 65mg of ‘done daily, but am able to collect 5 take aways (so if I took it all tonight I’d have taken approx 400mg) would that be enough to kill me? I also have access to alcohol & Diaz. I would call it euthanasia…I am approx 75jg too, as I have resorted to drinking. Please help me die

    1. Hi, Catherine. We’re here to help you, not to provide lethal doses. Please, reconsider what you are going to do…think about your family and friends…talk with them. Remember you are not alone!

  113. Sheesh, some of these comments. “A Dr. or medical professional would NEVER prescribe a substance that may harm us”..Yeah Tylenol is completely safe…. And every other drug out there. Introducing any chemical into the body causes damage…

  114. Jarvis: Thanks for the reply! But my query was regarding ‘tolerance’ to methadone…specifically about approximately how much of my daily 20mgs is actually providing pain relief to me after (now) 6 months at the same dosage? In other words, if a 50% reduction in daily dosage causes me to have withdrawals, does that mean that only 50% of the dosage is providing analgesic effect and the other 50% is not due to tolerance? Also Jarvis, from what I have read, and I have done extensive reading on the subject, methadone in excess, all by itself, is capable of ‘killing’ a person. In my experience as a sufferer of non-cancer chronic pain, methadone provides the best overall relief and has given me back a quality of life that I haven’t experienced for over the previous 5 years of hydrocodone and oxycodone therapy. Unfortunately there are those that will experiment with it and that is a very dangerous proposition. I believe that if marijuana laws are laxed significantly, such as with CA, CO, OR, etc. the overall abuse of illicit and prescription drug use will decline. Which is a good thing. Not only to save lives, but also controls on the prescription drugs such as methadone, etc. may not need be further tightened, which mostly negatively effects those of us that use the medications out of necessity.

    1. Hi, Southward. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911 ASAP.

  115. Hi there. I am an ex addict and have been on methadone maintenance for about 2 years. I am in my tapering stages as I have been clean for that time as well. This morning I accidentally spilled my dose. I initially tried licking it off of my bed and then got scared I might get sick at work so I took another dose (I have an emergency dose so I’ll be fine) but I’m scared that I will OD because of the amount I sucked out of the fabric and the dose from the bottle. What should I do. 80mgs a day and took 180 mg dose and got maybe 15-25mgs of the spill?
    Sorry that was a typo, I took an 80mg dose and consumed maybe 15-25mg more from the spilled dose?

    1. Hi, Cassandra. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911 ASAP.

  116. Paul, as u said u r physically addicted it doesn’t matter if you r on 100 or 20 mg your body still fills the same withdrawals I have been on methadone for 2 years started at 135 and am on 30 now thanks to my clinic best thing you can do is take it slow and smart and lower your dosage 5mg ever other weekend and I promise your body won’t feel it as for what you said about not abusing it it doesn’t really matter since your physically dependant on it now the withdrawals are all the same but LEGAL if you are at a clinic your on the right path just be smart about it ps about these deaths everyone posts about every morning I have ever heard about somebody who dies who attends the clinic I go to the first thing you hear a counselor or patient say is “OH NO SHIT , DAMN WHAT ELSE DID THAT NIGGA TAKE.” meaning methadone won’t and can’t od someone who it is prescribed too it always pills on top as for peoplease who don’t take methadone and decide to out of the blue you need to have your mother fucking ass whooped by somebody who cares about your well being because your a fucking idiot

  117. A friend of mine does opiates almost daily varying from 30-40mg of morphine a day to 30-80 mg of oxy cotton. and 10-20mg of methadone depending on what he can get a hold of. It’s not an everyday thing he says. but if he does it that’s around the amount he says he consumes .(never mixing them) he has taken methadone at least 50 times in his life and that’s a low balling number. He decided today to take 30mg and started reading about it and it says 30mg can be lethal . Hes thinking he doesnt have a CRAZY opiate tolerance but he can definitely take quite a bit an hardly feel anything. Is he at risk of overdosING on this 30mg of methadone? He took 20mg of it 13 hours ago and another 10mg around 7 hours ago. He don’t have any of the symptoms of the overdose so far he’s just afraid to go to sleep and his heart stop while hes asleep. Should I make sure he stays awake longer or?

  118. I’m a big guy, 300 pounds and 6 foot. I use opiates irregularly, usually 35-60mg of hydrocodone or oxycodone.

    Did 25mg of methadone about an hour ago. Feeling it but for some reason reading this made me worried. When they say 25mg is a lethal dose I’m assuming that’s for someone who never take opioids? Or at least doesn’t weigh much?

  119. My husband was taking 30 mg icy codons 4 times a day then started on methadone he was taking 20 mg a day and 2, 800mg nerotin a day could that have cause him to go into cardiac arrest he was just fine that morning but that evening he started sweating and feeling nervous he went and laid down 2 hours later he was in the floor not breathing and his sugar was high when we got to the hospital but he didn’t mKe it

    1. Hello Dolly. I’m really sorry for your loss. I hope our readers will read your story, and understand the risks of overdose. Once again, I’m really sorry.

  120. 15monthsCLEAN: Good replies above! Very useful information and to the point. Methadone is the best pain reliever that I have used thus far vs hydrocodone and oxycodone. My head stays clear for thinking, driving, decision making, etc. Unfortunately I have become physically dependent (as expected) whilst taking only the prescribed amounts daily, sometimes less if the pain is low (that’s how I determined my dependency-WD’s started after a couple of days on about half of usual dosing). Do you have an educated/experienced guess as to how much of a physical tolerance to a methadone dose of two 10 mg tablets daily after 4 months of continuous, non-abusive usage? The methadone has been prescribed to me for chronic non-cancer pain. Thank you.

  121. Wendy,
    I actually agree with Jarvis. I have been clean for well over a year thanks to methadone. I have been prescribed other things here n there like a few percocet when my wisdom teeth were pulled and of course the medicine they use to put you to sleep before surgery and again percocet when I tore the tendon in my foot and sprained my ankle. As you can see Im still kicking! Not only am I still kicking but I have yet to relapse or to even go back to drugs even once, not a single hit since august of 2014. I got through my probation without a single violation which was directly related to drug posession. (attempted posession of a narcotic, misdemeanor) and am even in the process of starting my own opiate dependence support group meeting. I have repaired relationships with my family, searched for work, made plans for starting my own business, work on computers daily, and even cook and clean for my grandparents, and I’m also part of the neighborhood watch. Because an ex drug dealer/user/gang banger should know how they operate right? All of these things are possible because of methadone. There are people who abuse methadone, just like there are people who abuse other opioids. So by your logic, ALL opioids should be banned. but let’s not just stop there, let’s go ahead and ban all the things that people abuse and die from, like alcohol, cigarettes, fatty foods, sugary drinks, electronics, guns, gay sex, straight sex, religion, politics, hell let’s just blow ourselves up and start anew as particles existing in a lifeless albeit very safe world. taking methadone “off the market” has already been done, its never really been on the market to begin with. Even the black market doesn’t deal with it. They prefer drugs like heroin and meth and the pharmaceutical market prefers drugs that doctors can make tons of money on. Most methadone users get methadone from a clinic. Some of those people are legit and want to get clean. some are using it as a means to an end. some of those not so legit people sell their take home bottles to anyone they can convince, usually noobs to the drug scene who think everyone is a friend, that anything they are given will get them high, but not enough to overdose, and thats why kids like yours die. It’s tragic but true, maybe its a lack of parental guidance or maybe he was old enough, just too stupid to use his smart phone to google what the hell methadone is before he buys it from some junkie off the street, methadone is really not that bad of a drug if taken the right way by someone who is prescribed. there are tons of people out there who love to blame methadone for their own flaws, but you dont see them trying to get clean “cold turkey’ usually those people take suboxone and it works for them, but then you have those people saying “suboxone needs to be taken off the market” just because some toddler got into their careless mother’s lock box. You can’t punish all those people who are doing well with a medication that they NEED because something happened to YOU, not even you, but your son or daughter or whatever. Afterall, it was their addiction that did them in, not yours. And theyre not here to tell you about all the drugs they shot into their veins or sniffed up their nasal cavaties, you just remember them as the pictures on your mantel, not the people who they truly were. And that’s okay, but don’t blame all the good people in the world freeing themselves from the bondage of addiction just because you live in a fantasy world, where the memory of your child can do no wrong, hell im sure your kid has burned, shorted, jacked, and maybe even sucked off half of those former addicts in the methadone line. sorry but that’s what you get when you take out your anger on innocent people. drugs didnt kill your kid, he or she killed themselves with drugs, and judging from what I read it wasnt just methadone, Perhaps he got the other things from your medicine cabinet? maybe thats why you are only mad about methadone, huh? what about the other drugs he took? because everyone knows nobody JUST takes methadone when they OD. except for the toddler who got into mommys lock box. perhaps that toddler was your son or daughter? think about it..

  122. Methadone itself is not harmful to your liver, your doctor or any medical professional would never provide you with something that would destroy your liver like that. If you consistently double your dose, or even have one really bad overdose it can cause liver damage but then again so does heroin, in much less quantities, hell even too much coca cola will give you cirrhosis of the liver. Now if you have a pre existing condition like hepititus c before you start taking methadone, then the methadone might progress the liver problems, but lets face it, if you have hepititus c and haven’t gone to get treatment (which does cure it in over 90% of people) then you can’t really blame the methadone can you?

  123. Brenda,
    How can anyone explain that in non medical terms? I will do my best to use laymen terminology, I am not a medical professional but it doesent take a degree to read a simple blood level report. All those funny latin sounding words like aprazolam, acetyl-morphine, etc are the drugs your daughter took and the numbers following are the amounts found in her blood. Judging from what I read here it looks like your daughter took a little bit of everything aside from amphetemines or cocaine, at least in the few days before her death, various opiate pills, codeine, xanax (benzo not opiate) and even heroin, (acetyl-morphine 6 is basically black tar heroin) It sounds like you know very little about drugs and their effects, so don’t blame yourself. The fact of the matter is that your daughter overdosed on a cocktail of drugs, possibly taken at once, or habitually over a short period of time, such as one pill or hit every few hours, so depending on that it could of been accidental or intentional suicide. Sorry for your loss.

  124. The autopsy report listed for my daughter lists the following drugs and amounts found in my daughter’s system. Her death was ruled a suicide. Can you please explain to me in non-medical terms just what the information below means?
    Illiac Blood: Alprazolam 0.13 mg/L
    Methadone 0.92 mg/L
    Morphine 0.32 mg/L
    Diphenhydramine 0.23 mg/L
    Vitreous: Morphine 0.35 mg/L
    Codeine 0.04 mg/L
    6-Acetylmorphine present
    Visceral congestion
    PM revealed 50%-60% narrowing of one of the vessels that supplies blood to the heart
    Mild fatty change of liver (mild increase in portal fibrosis)
    Congestion, mild emphysema
    She was 29 years old.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Brenda. I am very sorry for your loss! I’d suggest you to ask the professionals at the laboratory, or a doctor about the autopsy report.

  125. I take two and sometimes three 10mg tablets of methadone daily to treat non-cancer chronic pain and my question is: Is this dosing harmful to my liver?
    Thank you.

  126. So many doctors don’t give shit what they write on they’re pad or for who they are legal drug dealers of your not researchin your drugs your on and wich ones your taking and how much your an idiot plane and simple never take anyone’s word for shit without doing your own research if you do then you simply just don’t give a damn about living any drug user knows you don’t overdose on methadone you can if you take to much but most ods cone from overuse of other opioid while on methadone because you can’t get high meaning you take to much to offset the methadone then you wind up with a dead kid on his room apt or friends house I seen it happen many times to plenty of people rich poor it don’t matter if your even consulting anybody’s advice on this site other then the average if a lethal dose of methadone to a human being you need to seriously re evaluate your situation and call whoever it is you are worries about and just be with them it’s not that hard doctors are worse then drug dealers almost all they care about is charging you cash for a visit o wait that is the same as a dealer. God when did we become so ignorant to common sense be angry with yourselves if you got a Dead kid from drugs your the only one to blame no 21 year old kid pays for all those doctor visits and prescriptions by they’re selves anyways now days this generation of kids are spoiled rotten and spoon fed everything

  127. Sorry for all of your losses and depression but the fact of the matter is that to say “oh u think methadone should be taken off the market”, if it did all your kids would be breaking the laws and scoring dope from dangerous people and putting g they’re lives at even further risk I am a former heroin addict and am on 50 mg of methadone a day I made a huge mistake in life for many years and methadone has given me my life and family back at a controlled take home dose by my clinic I’m also on a controlled detox lowering my dosage amount prescribed by my clinic don’t blame methadone for your kids dying just because you parents can’t take the time out to talk to your kids without raising hell between you just because your kid is a fuck up and died don’t take it out o the rest of us trying our best and the smartest way to quit heroin if you haven’t been addicted to it you simply will never understand the withdrawal and psychological effect of long term use and no its not homicide if you kid buys methadone with your money you provide and he desides to take way to much that’s suicide because your are concious about your decisions before you take it if you OD your just asking for it buy consuming way too much in the first place it’s not homicide get real if any body killed him you did by not giving enough of a damn till he was dead to post your comment methadone has saved my life career as a chef and the heartache of my family from what I used to do them I control my doses and have been for 2 years now and will be off in July completly thanks to the methadone detox program I’m in if I hadn’t have joined the clinic I would have died or been in prison for buying and selling g heroine wich is the ultimate goal in getting your life away from methadone is dangerous very that’s why it is regulated and if your too dumb to go by what your prescribed you don’t belong on the earth anyway your just using it to get high not get clean wise up people ps what a bout all prescrjbtions your parents take but you don’t post that in your comments about your dead kids and the people running this website don’t know wtf they are talking about giving back short horrible advice you all should be ashamed ..

  128. I think Methadone needs to be taken off the market. My 21 year old son passed away on July 29, 2015, due to multiple drug intoxication. The autopsy says that the cause of death is an opiate overdose (primarily methadone) and potentiated by oxycodone. The doctor had my son on Methadone, Percocet, and Ultram. I found out after my son had passed that he should not have been taking those medications together. I trusted the doctor but now my son is gone. I am so angry.

  129. Hi, I recently snorted 4 10mg methadone and I’ve never done it up till this point. I’ve done some reading now and I’m a little freaked out. I don’t take narcotics regularly but am not new to them either. Since taking them, I’ve been restless unable to sleepover past night anyways going on little more than 24 hours now since I took them. I’m not mixing with anything other than a bowl I’ve smoked. Am I at high risk to OD right now?

  130. Ivana, you reply to the question of one reader worried about her son ‘doubling up his dose” that there may be “organ damage”. Just which organ damage would that be? I suggest that you inform yourself about the effects of methadone, which do NOT include organ damage. Not after doubling up a dose, not after decades of (over) use, not ever.

    1. Hi Straightfacts. NCBI and The American Journal of Emergency Medicine have reported cases where high doses or supratherapeutic amounts, especially in children and youth, have lead to acute cerebellitis and multi-organ damage. More specifically acute cardiac damage, acute renal injury, acute liver damage, and cerebellitis were observed. This may not be the case with Kim’s friend, but a 200 mg dose may be fatal for a regular user, and her friend that she was asking help for was taking double doses of 95 mg. You say that’s safe?

  131. I have been clean for over a year and today I did some methadone it was liquid and I would say about 30-40mgs not quite sure.. But I was wondering if that was too much and can I overdose on that dose I have nausea and I vomited and a little tired… Should I be concerned or what can I do to get it out of my system without going to a doctor cause I’m on probation… Please get back to me

    1. Hi Jeff. You can Call the Poison Control Center on the number 1-800-222-1222 to speak to a poison expert that will assess the risk of overdose and instruct you on what you should do next.

  132. my daughter recently died from methadone overdose but was also prescribed diazepam and fluoxetine and pregabalin. in my opinion doctors were at fault as I have recently read that she was taking a very dangerous cocktail. My little girl was 33 when she died. I don’t know where to go from here as I know her death could have been avoided

    1. Hello Linda. I am very sorry for the loss of your daughter, nothing can compare to the loss of a child or mend the pain. I cannot advise you on any following steps, but I’d advise you to go and see a therapist to help with coping.

  133. Ready to stop she came after some of her things and stole some 10mg pills watched her down 10 I guess she was thinking maybe it would be like oxy she always wanted around 100mgs is she ok?

  134. Ive been on 110mg fent patches for around five years. I ended up abusing them me and my ex. Depending on the type I’d suck out the gel or just chew it like gum. That lead us to a bad place. I’m now using methadone to clean up. Me and my ex just recently split because she wasn’t rwady

  135. my mother was prescribed methadone for pain management. Every month, after a less than 5 minute visit with the doctor, he would write a prescription for 240 ct 10mg oral tablets, as well as 30 ct 15mg morphine oral tablets. She was allowed 6 methadone every 12 hours. She was a zombie. Was incoherent, sluggish, and had very bad slurred speech every day. She couldn’t hold her head up, or focus on anything. My brother and a so called caregiver, kept her doped up like this all the time and convinced her to get a reverse mortgage on her house, to which they rapidly swindled from her in less than a year. It is my opinion that this doctor recklessly prescribed medications she really didn’t need, as when she was asked where her pain level was she always replied “5”. A Tylenol takes care of her pain now, and maybe 2x a week she’ll ask for a Tylenol. Can I seek legal recourse from the doctor who was all too willing to provide my mom with so much medication that she was duped out of $216,000?

    1. Hi Suzanne. That’s such a tragic story. Hope your mother is doing much better now! I’d advise you to speak to a lawyer and see whether you have strong grounds for winning a lawsuit.


    1. Hi Kent. Since you already have built up a high tolerance to methadone, your reactions to the double dose shouldn’t be severe. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert. It’s a free helpline and you will be instructed on what you can do if needed.

  137. I am curious if I should be concerned about overdosing I normally take oxy 10mg no Tylenol but after a while I start needing more and run out a week early so I have a friend who gives me liquid methadone and I take about a 5mg to a 10mg every morning to stop the severe withdrawal and doing this for a week pulls my tollarence down by the time I fill my oxycodone and then I am OK for a while is this safe or not I feel if I don’t do this I will find harder stuff and feed into my pain and habit. I have to be on painkillers the rest of my life and I am only 36 this scares me

    1. Hello Deedee. Sorry it took a while to respond. The reason you start needing more is because your organism gets used to the presence of the medication and develops tolerance. So, you need more to get the same effects as you once used to. You don’t have to suffer withdrawal from stopping or abruptly lowering doses. Instead, try lowering your dosage slowly and gradually and stay on that dose.

  138. I was recently prescribed 10mg ambein to help me sleep. I’ve been on 115mgs of methadone for about 6 months. I also have been prescribed 25mg floricet for headaches. I’m afraid it can od me. How much would not be safe for me to take if I needed to take it all close in time?

    1. Hi thinking@home. The dosages and frequency of taking a medicine should be discussed with you doctor or pharmacist. You should always take your medications as prescribed, and report unusual side-effects if you experience any.

  139. I have a friend who is on 95 mgs. of methadone. He gets take home bottles and sometimes will double up his dose, by taking one of his take home bottles right after being dosed at the clinic. He usually ends up just nodding off and falling asleep. How dangerous is this? Could he overdose on that much methadone? He’s been on it for years and his tolerance seems to be pretty high. I’m just worried about him. Any advice or answer to my question would be appreciated. Thanks! Kim

    1. Hi Kim. If he has a high tolerance and is doing this frequently, he’s obviously not overdosing. But, the organ damage that happens in the same time is risky and can have long-term effects on his general health. Have you tried talking to him?

    1. Hi Angelkos. I really cannot provide an accurate answer to your question. Maybe you should consult a doctor or a laboratory staff member.

  140. my son recently detoxed from methadone and xannax while in the house of corrections for 3 weeks. He has been a heavy abuser for many years. I brought him home, clean on a Friday evening. He was dead by Sunday evening. The last I spoke with him was on Saturday afternoon, he had full plans of returning to work on Monday and looked forward to seeing his daughter…..his toxicology reveals xxxx blood methadone 290 mg/L: Pos for EDDP. XXXX blood alprazolam <25mcg/L How can this happen….where did he get it, is this a homicide?

    1. Hi Angelkos. I’m very sorry about the loss of your son! Nothing hurts more than to loose a child, and I hope you can find the strength to keep moving forward in life. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

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