Snorting Methadone

Is snorting Methadone more effective than taking Methadone orally? Can snorting Methadone get you high? What dangers are present and can they be avoided? More on snorting Methadone effects here.

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If you’re thinking about snorting to get high on Methadone, you should know what happens in the body and brain, and weigh the risks.

Here, we review the dangers and safety concerns of snorting Methadone. We welcome questions about snorting Methadone or Methadone side effects long term at the end of this article, and will try to answer all legitimate questions with a personal and prompt reply.

Methadone: What are you really snorting?

Methadone is a prescription drug used both to relieve moderate to severe pain and to help treat opioid dependence. Methadone tablets include methadone but might also include magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose, and starch.

How does snorting Methadone affect the body?

Snorting Methadone changes the delivery time of the drug to the brain, and brings about intense, almost immediate action of effects. Snorting Methadone causes large amounts of the drug to instantly enter the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. Because this causes Methadone to be absorbed in higher amounts than normally taken, it can be dangerous.

Methadone’s effects are primarily on the central nervous system. It alters the body’s perception of pain by binding to opiate receptors in the brain. This can cause feelings of euphoria, along with dizziness, lightheadedness, and even mood changes. Methadone stays in your system and can be detected in urine 2-4 days after last use.

Snorting Methadone to get high

Methadone is not very effective for getting high, which is why it’s used to treat the withdrawal symptoms of other opiate medications. However, the risks of snorting Methadone are high. A large dose of Methadone inhaled through the nose can cause you to abruptly stop breathing and can even kill you. With the extended-release versions of methadone, this becomes even more dangerous. Even if you can tolerate the high doses of methadone, you’ll experience a higher rate of adverse effects when snorting Methadone versus oral administration.

Snorting Methadone vs oral

Narcotic pain medications are prescribed as an oral tablet for a reason. Although Methadone can also be crushed and snorted or injected as a solution, an oral is better controlled and oral preparations are safer than other methods of administration. Snorting Methadone causes the effects to come on more rapidly, providing almost immediate pain relief and euphoric effects. This quick rush is also dangerous because of the heightened risk of overdose.

Snorting Methadone side effects

Taking Methadone normally can cause a number of unpleasant of side effects, including drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting. Severe side effects occur less frequently with normal use,but do occur more often when the medication is not taken as prescribed. These effects include:

  • abnormal heartbeat
  • clammy skin
  • confusion
  • difficulty breathing
  • fainting
  • loss of consciousness

Snorting Methadone dangers

Snorting Methadone has some serious side effects. Snorting Methadone puts you at increased risk of accidents due to your impaired abilities. Snorting Methadone definitely increases the risk that you will become addicted to the medication. And insufflating Methadone can harm your nasal passages over time, and even spread disease if you share snorting instruments. The most serious risk of snorting Methadone is that of potential overdose and death.

Snorting Methadone safely

Methadone is not safe to take by snorting. As little as 50mg of Methadone can be fatal in someone who doesn’t have a built-up methadone tolerance. Because it’s hard to say how a person will react to large doses of methadone all at once, it’s simply not safe to snort methadone.

Snorting Methadone questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Methadone? If so, please let us know. We attempt to respond to all Methadone questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. wake up shut up and listen I’ve snorted methadone and kept trying to get high off it kept doin more and more well finally died three times was in coma for weeks suffered brain damage have lost partial function of legs and arms suffer from severe nerve and muscle pain and constant headaches from nasal tissue damage life sucks and after all this I still never got the high I was lookin and now doctors won’t prescribe me anything for pain so smart’n up life could get a whole lot worse and I wish I could go back and do it all over again but its to late for me I wake up everyday wishing I would have died that day please don’t snort your meds I’m in hell!!!!!

  2. Well I am an ex opiod addict. I am clean for 7 years with no cravings and had treatment 6 years on suboxone 8mg and because in my country it is not commercialised enymore I got on 20mg methadone one went to 40mg because I had depression problems, suboxone is a antidepresive to, Take the methadone orally! If you do not start to stop chasing the feeling of getting hay, and work on your minde, you will never stop loving chasing the dragon. Opiod addiction is cumulative state of addictions, not only one, so begin with taiking your treatment the right way.

  3. I’ve been on methadone for 20 yrs after becoming addicted to opiates after a terrible motorcycle accident .i had 7 surgeries over 2 yr was now 67 and having memory problems.i have hep c and fibro myalgia also.Im exausted,no muscle tone.on methadone I was able to work hard as a house painter but now facing $260 mo to live on.Im question ,do you think my probs are from long term methadone use?

    1. Hi Nichols. It may be. However, you may need to run some examination to see the cause of your problems. I suggest that you consult with your doctor.

  4. I have been through all of this more times then I can count and it all has to do with being codependent! Either you will be codependent on heroin, pills, methadone, subutex, or suboxone. Or you can find something else to be addicted too like going to the gym or something healthy. Once you quit any drug there is a void that needs to be filled So fill it with something healthy not another drug you will have to kick down the line. I have shot 100’s of grams if heroin and even that does not compair to methadone withdrawal!

    1. Hi Karen. It depends from many factors such as time of use, frequency of use, person’t personality, etc. Experts claim that the best way to quit methadone is by slowly reducing the doses. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  5. I have been on methadone for about 13 yrs. I am now down to 1 mg.. i cannot stop sneezing, is that part of the withdrawal? My leg muscles ache and are soo tight…i have 2 weeks left on 1 mg, will my legs and back pain ever go away? I also take neurontin, and that helps, but will have to ween off that as well. This sneezing thing is out of control! Hot bath and shower helps…how longafter will i feel comfortable again?? could it have caused my series of mini strokes 5 yrs ago? I was on 72 mgs then

  6. wow this is crazy! The only thing I ever snorted was pills and Coke with cause me to get a bad sinus infection. I take Methadone but oral at my treatment clinic. The 1st time I took it I was extremely high for 2 days but now I don’t get high. Every once in awhile I do take pills but the Methadone blocks the high feeling which is cool cause I take them for pain now and not to get high.

  7. I have snorted methadone through my whole marriage 8 years every morning my wife makes me crush a roxy 30, with a 10 mg methadone, and for a kicker a 30 mg adderal. Snort the whole thing soon as I wake up. She will not have sex with me unless I do this.I can have sex for hours after this combination. But if I don’t take the meds sometimes it’s over in seconds. My wife makes me snort the triple threat, or she refuses sex with me. I just want to feel what it’s like to have sober meaningful sex again Addiction blog, what should I do? I want to stop I’m scared I may even die but my wife is addicted to my performance on the combination of drugs. I’m afraid if I stop
    She will leave me. please help. What should I do?

    1. Hi Hopeless. It seems to me that your wife has a serious problem with connection and making someone mix different medications and snorting them it really hurtful. I suggest that you speak with her and consider family therapy. Also, call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant. This time you may put yourself and your health on the first place.

  8. I take 80ml of methadone a day. I took to much this month so I am now taking 40ml a day. I take them all at once in the morning. So now for the past 2 days I’ve only taken 40ml and am completely sick with withdrawal symptoms. Why ??? I’m still taking it just not as much

    1. Hi Lisa. I suggest that you consult with your doctor. Also, you may consult with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter medication, home remedies and teas that may help to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  9. TO DEBRA;
    I’m a heroin addict in recovery, currently on 100mg methadone once per day, via oral liquid.
    Your attitude towards addicts, even being one yourself, is a huge reason why people have a hard time getting/staying clean. Addicts in early recovery are leary of going to meetings or reaching out to the “sober community” because of your “holier than thou” attitude. It’s disgusting, and people like you will never truly know peace, as long as you continue to put your fellow addict/human being down. You are no better than anyone, in fact, you’re worse for your ridicule of others’ rock bottoms.

  10. So I read this article and I’m confused… Does Methadone get you high or don’t it. And if it doesn’t why is it listed as an Schedule II drug… I just don’t get it…. I’m on the Methadone treatment plan and I’m at 140 mg which I don’t get high at all… I’m still having withdrawals since I haven’t reached my comfort level yet. The first time I took methadone I was high all damn day until the following morning but now I just get very tired and falling asleep sitting up. It was said that tired feeling will wear off but it hasn’t yet….I’m not trying to get high off of these just need to find my right comfort level to easy the horrible withdrawals

    1. Hi Rosetta. Yes, methadone does cause euphoric effects. But, it doesn’t have the high-like effects of other opiates. You are right when you say that you probably haven’t reached the level of comfort yet. And, your euphoric feelings that lasted for a long time can also be explained: methadone is released into the body over time (it is a long-acting drug).

  11. Well Debra, aren’t you high and mighty to pass judgment. Just because you haven’t been down the “desperate road” and rock bottom, doesn’t give you the right to pass judgment. You credit “God” as a source of help, well to me that’s pretty weak. God is a crutch, a man made construct designed to aid weak individuals like yourself who can’t do it on their own strength. Religion is far more addictive and unhealthy than drugs, though I don’t advocate for either. Sometimes you do what you gotta do in desperate times. That’s why most in this thread are in treatment, or seeking it.

  12. I take 120mg of methadone a day will i have to take it for the rest of my life, oh and 5mg of xanax daily both for 20 years just dont no what to do..

    1. Hi Charles. Talk with your doctor first, and if you feel better and you don’t have need to take your medications, ask him/her to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  13. Hello. I am an ex opiate addict that would like to give a warning to other opiate addicts. Do not get on methadone. Go to forums for people addicted to methadone on other websites and all they talk about is how it’s just as hard if not harder to quit than any other drug. The only solution is for you to face your addiction head on. You did this to yourself, don’t switch one addiction for another. I personally experienced methadone withdrawal and it was in my opinion much worse than oxycodone withdrawl. I did not get a full nights sleep and had no energy for work for almost 2 months, and this was coming off of 5 mg a day. The intensity of the withdrawal is not the bad part, it’s how long methadone clings to you. I went cold turkey and am finally opiate free. I just want to say, your going to have to face the consequences of your addiction one day, it’s better to do it sooner than later. All you need is people to love and support you through the process.

  14. I know it’s not good for u but can u absorb the metadone thru nasal passages after crushing a 10 mg tablet with all the filler that you will snort along with the methadone

  15. Been on methadone and percocet for 8yrs lower back pain my question is this I started snorting both meds started with percs then gradually went to methadone too but last week stopped snorting them and went back to orally taking them now my sleep schedule is really messed up crazy dreams high anxiety will this go back to normal also I am in process of kicking nicotine

  16. Iv been on fentonyol 75 mg dry patches for about a year now and I had some come up missing, for fear of having terrible withdrawal I got a hold of some 10 mg methadone tabs, now when do run out of my fentanyl, what do u recommend I start off taking for methadone so I don’t ache or go thru any withdrawal, but still don’t accidently overdose?

    1. Hi Adam. I’d say you should ask a pharmacist for advise. And try to keep your patches on a safe place, out of everyone’s reach, so you won’t be missing any without explanation.

  17. john doe you are wrong anyone who educates themselves on street drugs on wiki is the idiot my dear sir but bottom line is any method of digestion can and will lead to potential abuse

  18. You are so wrong…wha…too lazy to click over to Wiki and actually educate yourself on Methadone??? Methadon CAN’T cross the BBB (blood brain barrier) due to it’s partial antagonist properties. ONLY FULL opiod agonists can cross the BBB. In fact, methadone stops other drugs from crossing the BBB. Did you forget for 70 years we’ve been giving methadone to drug adicts???? IDIOT!!!!

  19. Hello Ashley. Check in with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. It takes some time before methadone builds up in your system long enough to feel pain relief. DO NOT increase dose amounts or frequency; this can lead to overdose.

  20. I’ve been taking roxicodone 10mg five tiimes a day for the past three months today my doc switched me to methadone 5mg once aa day to start with but its been over two hours and I’m not getting any relief from my pain

  21. In my search for answers to why my son died on Dec 14 of last year I came across this site. It just breaks my heart to see how so many are fooling themselves into thinking they need these life threatening drugs when there are so many other things to help mental or physical pain. Just think of the hurt that family members feel when they are called to identify the body of their loved one who died while snorting meth. I am in pain everyday since my sons death from snorting meth thinking, what could I have done to help him ?????????

    1. Hi Nancy. I’m very sorry for your loss. I know there are no words that would soothe your pain and grief. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  22. I take 3 10 mg tabs of methadone a day for pain and I’ve never gotten “high” from it but be careful with this stuff, my son thought it would get him high so he took 10 of mine ( 2 at a time) and ended up going into a coma and was on life support for 9 days. If you’re not used to taking this shit it can and will kill you and you wont even get a buz for your effort

    1. Hi Jim. Is your son OK now? Thank you for sharing your experience with methadone abuse, I’m sure it can help someone else.

  23. Unless you can handle the most insane burning in your nose and throat, Don’t do it! Omg ouch… 45 minutes later and still on fire. Swallow them! Not worth the burn!

  24. So, if I snort my 50 mg of methadone will I get higher than taking orally? I understand the risk but wanna get high. Will it last as long this way?
    Thanks in advance

  25. Hello concerned. The only way to be sure of what is in his system is to have him agree to regular drug testing. Have you considered also going to see a family therapist (a licensed clinical psychologist trained in addiction issues)? This can REALLY help you and your kids process what is going on and come out with some healthier patterns.

  26. I have left my husband in the past because I found out he was using drugs. We are back together and I have made it quite clear that I will not allow drug use. I recently found out he was addicted to Loratab and was taking so much that I cannot believe he did not overdose. Now I found out he is on Methadone which he states to help his cravings for the Loratab. He states due to his job, he does not have time to go to the clinic everyday and is getting his methadone from a family member. I have tried to tell him how stupid this is not to be monitored by a doctor. Last night he went out with a buddy and got drunk and stayed up all night. I questioned him about using other drugs also because what I have read about Methadone is that it makes people tired not energy to stay up all night, but he said he snorted it. Could this make you stay awake like he stated and I am wondering about leaving him again. I think he is so selfish, we have children and I do not want our children or me to find him dead one morning, but all that he has done to his body I guess he thinks it is impossible for him to ever overdose. I do not know first hand about these drugs, just what I have read. Any advice would be appreciated greatly.

  27. This is a really sick idea, but I am sure some ADDICT’s will just about anything to get HIGH??? It defeats the whole entire purpose of Treatment if you try & do this, I am sickened by the things that people do to get a high, I am a recovered addict myself but thanks to GOD have never stooped to these LOW Types of Addiction. I didn’t need to hit ROCK BOTTOM to know my LIMITs!

  28. Can you sniff the opanas?
    Take the plastic like coating off from the pill, chop up the pill, as it was coke… and SNORT it??
    While I understand this may not be the safest thing to do… how long does it last in your urine?

    Please help…… I MUST pass my urine drug screen for probation. Thank you.

  29. I have been taking Methadone for about 4 years after having a lower spinal fusion. I take 10mg six times a day. Is there another med. that I can take when I am running low and don’t want to have withdrawals from the methadone?

  30. Hi Brian. Snorting methadone has most effect on the lining of the nose and sinuses. It is absorbed from these locations into the tissues and the bloodstream, while excess material is usually swallowed and follows the digestive tract. So, snorted methadone has little to no effect on the lungs.

    I have not heard of methadone as treatment for ADD. Common medications used to treat ADD include amphetamine salts (Adderall) and methylphenidate (Ritalin).

  31. I have two questions. What effects does snorting Methadone have on the lungs? If someone is only snorting 10-20mg throughout the day all together and they have been doing it for about a year? The person I am talking about is addicted and is using Methadone to self medicate for symptoms of ADD. He says it helps with his procrastination and focus. It helps him get stuff done instead of always putting it off. So my other questions is; do you know of any studies done of the effects of methadone on an ADD patient?

  32. Hi HOTT. While snorting methadone may bring on quicker drug onset, it’s really not recommended. It can damage your nose and is not necessary. Especially in chronic pain management. Methadone and heroin are chemically very similar. Snorting either drug usually results in a similar effect…but again, not recommended.

    For different pain medication alternatives such as oxycodone or hydrocodone, seek help from a prescribing doctor. Or also look into alternative therapies such as acupuncture or massage (always check with your doctor first).

  33. I’m on the same as John L. I take methadone 10mg 4times a day for chronic back pain as prescribed but it takes so long for it to kick n that I’m leaning towards snorting it. I been taking it for 2months now but I can already feel my body getn a tolerants to it. So really what I’m asking is what should I do? Becuz chronic back pain has me goin crazy @ times. On another note. What’s the differents in snorting herion an snorting methadone becuz I heard its almost or pretty much the same thang? Juz wanna say this my 1st time blogn an seeing a website like this that I can get feedback like this. Thanks

  34. I have never felt euphoria from the methadone.Just pain relief and being tired. I see you stated snorting causes sedation. I will attempt to take oraly. As far as addiction, I know I am dependent. and my body would react to sudden stopping, plus the return of severe pain!

  35. Hi John. Thanks for your question. Honestly, you probably know the answer to your question. Yes, you are harming yourself by snorting methadone. Snorting is exactly the way to make any narcotic quick acting – as the result is almost immediate as methadone enters the bloodstream and crosses the blood-brain barrier quickly after snoring. This kind of use puts you in real danger of addiction. Plus, the nasal lining and sinus cavities become irritated and harmed over time.

    Properly administered, methadone is not intoxicating or sedating, and its effects do not interfere with ordinary daily activities. Is it possible to swallow your morning and lunch pills? Or is there a deeper reason you avoid this mode of administration (possible euphoria?)

  36. I have several spinal cord injuries that happened 25 years ago. Been down the opiod trail. Been on 35-40 mgs methadone daily last 6 years. Donot take anything else (narcotics). Started crushing and snorting morning and lunch dose to handle pain quick 5.5 years ago. The other doses are swallowed for I do not need quick relief for I am off work by then.
    doses are 7.5mgs to 10 mgs four times a day. Have not increased dose nor need to for 6 years. Am I harming myself? Quick acting narcotics scare me. As I said I have wrestled with them years ago-No thanks

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