What happens when you snort Valium?

When you snort Valium, you deliver high doses of diazepam to the brain almost immediately. What side effects occur? We explore here.

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If you’re thinking of snorting Valium (diazepam), we’ll offer some reasons why you shouldn’t. Simply put, there are too many possible complications and damage that you risk to your body. Not to mention the risk of overdose and suffering severe side effects because of the unregulated amount of Valium entering the central nervous system.

In this article, we explore what snorting Valium does to the body and brain as well as the dangers and possible side effects that can occur when you snort Valium. Then, we invite your questions about Valium abuse and treatments for Valium addiction at the end.

What does snorting Valium do?

Valium is mainly used to treat anxiety. As a benzodiazepine medication, Valium is also used to help with the treatment of alcohol withdrawal. But some people may abuse Valium for its euphoric effects. In fact, snorting Valium has become a popular form of abuse. But what does snorting Valium do?

When you change the route by which you take Valium, you also alter the concentration and effects of the medication. Snorting Valium takes a shorter time to work in the central nervous system. Instead of diazepam going through the digestive tract to metabolize, it travels through the nasal cavity and crosses the blood-brain barrier shortly after it is snorted. It only take a few minutes to feel the effects of the Valium on the system. Because of the concentration of diazepam in the brain, snorting Valium also affects the potential for adverse side effects.

Is snorting Valium effective?

Snorting Valium is effective in terms of therapeutic and possible euphoric effect, but snorting is not the recommended mode of administration. The risk and side effects are too great. Also when you snort valium, the dosage of diazepam can become toxic when you choose to take it in this form. You can damage nasal cavities permanently, damage your liver, heart, or lungs depending on the level of abuse and how much you are snorting.

Is snorting Valium bad for you?

Yes, snorting Valium is bad for you. When you snort Valium, you increase the chances for negative and adverse side effects to happen. Side effects from snorting Valium include:

  • fatigue
  • hard time breathing
  • irregular heart beat
  • loss of concentration
  • nausea and diarrhea
  • overdose
  • ulceration of the mucous membrane of the nose
  • seizures
  • tremors

Snorting Valium is not worth the change of suffering side effects you’re not meant to experience. If you want to decrease your chances of adverse side effects, then DON’T snort Valium.

Is snorting Valium dangerous?

The biggest reason Valium is so dangerous is that you can suffer an overdose. Valium overdose is a big deal because it can come on suddenly and if there is no one to help or find you, there is a potential you may never wake up from an overdose. In fact, Valium overdose can come on suddenly and without warning. While you may feel the onset of effects which will lead to euphoric effects, you can quickly go downhill. Valium overdose signs to look out for include:

  • coma
  • confusion and dizziness
  • depressed heart rate and breathing
  • fatigue
  • impaired cognitive function
  • impaired movement

Can you snort Valium?

While you may snort Valium and get the effects of the drug faster with a greater intensity… in the end, it’s not worth the risks you run. As with other benzodiazepines, unpredictable side effects can occur when you snort Valium. If you are needing a stronger effect to treat your symptoms then you should talk to your doctor they can help you find a better way to treat anxiety or depression.

Snorting Valium questions

To learn more about the dangers of lorazepam abuse as well as available rehab options, see what it’s like to seek help from Lorazepam Addiction Treatment Programs and get better prepared for what you can expect. Help is available TODAY!

If you still have questions concerning snorting Valium, please leave them in the comments section below. We will get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I think my son is snorting valuim. He is shaking his head and making weird noises. He also is punching himself in the head. He denies that he is doing this. I just know he is. He’s overdosed in November on heroin, and went to rehab.

  2. I feel like i should mention that diazepam and benzodiazepines in general are not water soluble, so the action of snorting is purely psychological. Because of its extremely low solubility, it has a much harder time being absorbed by the mucous membranes in the nose. Simply put, snorting any benzodiazepines that aren’t made for sublingual or injectable use (in which case it’s mixed with a “vehicular chemical” that allows for it to dissolve and absorb more efficiently) will produce little effect, most of what you’ll feel is from the swallowed goo.

  3. Actually im a bit dissappointed when i’ve administered it this way – not much seems to happen but we are talking small doses here like just a few milligrams. Maybe if I did a line of say 20mg would that be better?

  4. Just snorted half a 10mg valley and I feel pretty good and the peak was basically immediate with feeling euphoric and now feeling relaxed and chill like I’m off some percs. I looked up snorting Valium cause I was ready to do it and wanted to read others experiences but ended up here reading people trying to deter me from doing it. If I’m looking up snorting Valium I’m obviously going to do it so the first google result should be people’s actually experiences and not what doctors suggest cause I’ll just say fuck it and do it and possibly die if all I read is some shit like this.

  5. Hi recently my Boss took me to one of his “imfamous: partys” while there we snorted Xanax,Valium & Endone.The feeling was terrific & it lasted for hour’s also fueled by a few Black label scotches.The kicker came in when some lets call them Very Loose women arrived & my boss handed out Viagra to all the guys.We went for hours & the 1st & 2nd orgasms where the absolutely best I have ever experiences.We all eventuality crashed & felt a little seedy the next day so we mixed a few boxes of Panadeine Forte with fruit juice in the blender & we felt great again….

  6. I am experiencing extreme anxiety and cannot stop throwing up. I can’t hold down anything for more then 10 minutes, so I am just throwing up my Valiulm, which I need to stop my panic attacks. Would it be safe to snort a half dose of my Valium so it can effect me.

    1. Hi Daniel. Snorting Valium is not recommended. You may want to speak with your doctor about your issues.

  7. I have snorted 5 mg of Valium 2 Xanax bars and and 30 oxycodone and got the high of my life but got really sick at the stomach I feel that it’s all about your tolerance and what your body is used to don’t put your body through anything it is not used to that sudden change is when it becomes dangerous everyone is different and you have to be at good health to other then that worked for me but may not work for you becareful with how much you take unless your body is already OK with the sudden changes.

  8. I still wonder what law enforcement have to do with people on drugs. Fair enough if your going after the big guys importing tones of the stuff, they are evading taxes after all. But the thing is they are usually the people running the law enforcement agencies from the beginning. So they get a pass from you. Probably because you are on their pay roll. After all its much easier to brutalize teenagers, beat them and ruin any future career prospect for them Its always easier to harass young people, and peoples of other nationalities. These are marginalized groups who have no voice when it comes to political policy creation and especially in a courtroom, and don’t get me started on court proceeding in this country, If every person in the country spent a day in court there would be outrage. Any notion of justice goes out the window and the judge usually just pulls a verdict out of his hole. If everyone knew what was going on there’d be outrage and the preceding judge would be lynched on the way out the door. Every law enforcement official should be ashamed of themselves. You are nothing but closed minded sociopaths that have no sense of empathy and would screw their own family members over for a promotion. Again, shame on every single one of you. Drug addiction is a medical issue, a survey last year in Dublin found that 100% of homeless female heroine addicts in the city of Dublin in Ireland had been sexually abused as a child, from years of institutional rape and molestation., and now to treat them like criminals and the lowest scum of society is abhorrent and not becoming of a modern educated society. All these people are someones family members, it is never their fault that they ended up they way they are and to punish someone for being who they are is a crime against humanity. Shame on you cunts in blue, shame on your families and shame on everyone you hold dear, you are the asshole of society, do the world a favor and just jump of a building, suck a tail pie. whatever it takes to get rid of ye backward, ignorant, uneducated fuckwits. Shame Shame Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. wtf? snorting vals now ,theyle snort anything these days,vals only nd a cup of tea and crush em and swallow em safer than snorting ,and ule get same hit just as fast.

  10. I snorted a have if a 5 mg Valium last nite for the first time after reading about it will be the last my right nostril is a little clogged will this go away could a use a nose spray to help or hot or cold showers please some feed back

  11. Go get a fucking soul. Valium isn’t really dangerous just as codeine is not dangerous. Ye sure – if you take shit loads of it you might be unlucky but in life your unlucky most of the time anyway.

    Lets focus on the positives of snorting the effect ids much greater – and to that police officer – get a brain and fuck off with it to an island where you are never aloud the liberty of talking shit to anybody again

  12. I am suffering severe muscle spasms due to damaged disc in my back, i have prescription for diazipam and the effects are weak and not helping with muscles or anxiety and tremmors. I am seriously considering snorting half a 5mg tablet, mainly due to not getting any sleep….i am just over the 70hour mark of no sleep and am hoping a small amount may have a strong enough effect to get me some sleep. Doxtors keep prescribing dyhydracodien (df) co codomol and they havin no effect with regards to pain. Prolapsed disc and sciatica which is seriously affecting my sleep. Havent taken any for a week or more and low doses, am now atthe point where i need to sleep as 70 oddhours awake is taking a massive toll on mind and body. Will half a 5mg be dangerous to snort as simply if i dont sleep or relax muscles soon am going to loose my mind as its going already. What should I do?

  13. I’m an daily benzo and opiate user I snort my drugs it gives my relief in min. I’ve never had an o.d. or any health problems although its very addictive and you will became physically Dependant on the drug…..

  14. all benzos different items but same effect i almost use 6 items of it ex: clonazepam , diazepam , lorazepam ,alprazolam really now i regretful for that actually diazepam usage nobody notice that u have overdose contrariwise with other benzos

  15. Hi what is the difference between snorting valium /Diazepam.A few of my friends have done (stupid dumbasses) what are the side affects as mainly it’s Diazepam they snorted.

    1. Hi, Jules. As we mentioned in the article, side effects of snorting diazepam include: fatigue, hard time breathing, irregular heart beat, nausea and diarrhea, concentration problems, seizures, and tremors. Also, there is a risk of overdose.

  16. I’ve read all the comment above , Yes there is a lot of BS on this subject and a lot of truth to it as well,. When snorting Valium 10 mg it will go straight to your central nervous system to the brain.
    just a few symptoms, will cause incontinent of the bladder. overdosing on Valium 10 milligram will cause,breathing difficulties heart palpitate plus Coma may occur, You can aspirate in your sleep, Yes Chock to “death”. Depend on what dosages and how much you Snort. it will go straight to the central nervous system in your brain and cause you to go into a coma and or death.we lost our loving sister at the age of 36 years old from from drugs alcohol and narcotics, Yes we had as a family go to identify our sister and brother dead in the morgue, I myself could never understand why people would want to abuse their bodies this way. Just the fact alone to know you may never wake-up again, is very scary on it’s own, Plus I will give you something to think about, You may think you want to commit suicide. Well that’s your opinion; I had a sister at the age of 36 years old took her life from, benzodiazepine and narcotics mixed. The person thinking about taking his or her own life does not realize. How much they are really loved. My Brother 4 years later took his life by hanging at the age of 39 years old. Along with drinking alcohol and injecting himself heroin, I don’t like to speak of this the hurt of losing a loved one is never easy, in our case as a family there were 4 children and our mom and dad. Now my Mom and dad are both gone. Made me feel as if I was an orphan. Now there is just myself and my Oldest sister left out of 6 of us. I beg and plead of you do not snort drugs. If was so hurtful for us to go to identify our loved ones dead in the morgue. Express the feelings that come over our mom and dad my oldest sister, and myself. It is very easy to commit suicide but what you don’t understand, is the trauma you leave behind for your loved ones to suffer. I myself call these action very selfish on a persons behave. Enough said. THINK BEFORE YOU SINK. PLEASE., read this very carefully and think about my true real to life trauma, I ask , Please don’t put your loved ones in this situation. You family Love you . THINK, THINK.

  17. This article is total BS, when you take diazepam (valium) orally you body will take up to 93% of the substance, snorting willl do just a bit more, even when you extract the substance and shoot it directly in your vains won’t feel different from taking it orally. the only difference, with snorting and shooting is it will work faster!

  18. me and a friend sniffed about 2 boxes of activias diazepam 5 mg (yellows) as well as smoking many bongs of weed and drinking alcohol. i didnt endure any of the above side effects and was just rubbered to the moon , MSJ diazepam is were the danger lies.

  19. mmmmm this smells like bullshit to me. Valium not absorb-able in nasal mucosa, the effects are felt from the benzo travelling to the stomach through the nasal cavity. Stop spreading misinformation.

    1. Hi Tom. We’re not saying it can enter the system through the nasal mucosa. The point is that crushed Valium can get far more quickly absorbed (in the stomach) because it’s crushed into powder. Also, people tend to crush multiple pills and snort greater quantities. In the long term, damage can occur as a result of Valium abuse, which includes the nasal mucosa since the drug frequently passes through the cavity when snorted. We’re sorry if you feel these are misinformation.

    1. Hi Michy. Besides feeling euphoria and a high, there are real possible side-effects from snorting any dose of Valium. They include fatigue, difficulty breathing, irregular heart rate, loss of concentration, nausea and diarrhea. These effects will have a faster onset when Valium is snorted, and can also be with a stronger intensity. Please be careful.

  20. I’m fairly certain this information is inaccurate. Nasal is not a route of administration for diazepam and most other benzodiazepines. The effective routes of administration are oral, intravenous, intramuscular, and suppository (rectal). Valium is not water soluble and therefore won’t dissolve through the nasal passages, so snorting it is effectively the same as oral. The drug will drip down the throat and into the stomach. People think they are getting a better high by snorting these pills, but in fact it is a complete figment of the imagination.

  21. Interesting read although I must say from personal experience I’ve never experienced any of the side effects mentioned and that was after snorting 10 10mg pills, that being said everyone’s different and I have a very high tolerance anyway so would definitely not recommend those sort of doses to anyone who hasn’t got a strong tolerance well wouldn’t recommend it anyway but c’est le vie

  22. I know someone who is thinking about snorting a quarter of a Valium. How much can u intake before it’s dangerous… and are there any drugs that shouldn’t be mixed with valium?

  23. Thank you for the compliments, Maria! And good luck you in your pursuit of a career in law enforcement. Keep in mind that drug addiction is complicated and is best treated through psychotherapy or behavioral interventions…and not jail time!

  24. You guys are doing a great thing about tell people it’s bad to do drugs and I want to be a police officer so I can learn more about weird things that out there and also it’s show the clean and sober people to stay of drugs it’s not good for anybody I really wish people thought more about what bad for them but they don’t so I am so glad I read about this information give me a lot information and wow it’s very shocking what can happen to the people that use it all we have to do is pray for them to choose the light is instated of the darkness . I will recomand to people to read about this websit

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