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Does Adderall get you high?

The short answer is: YES, Adderall can get you high.

But, if you are taking Adderall as prescribed for ADHD or ADD, you will probably not feel the euphoric effects of Adderall at all. This is because you start to benefit from the therapeutic effect of Adderall as the medication slowly and steadily increases levels of dopamine in the brain. So, although euphoria is one adverse effect reported as a result of taking Adderall, normal use of Adderall does not usually get you high.

If you want to get high on Adderall…there are ways to do it. But you risk getting physically and mentally addicted to its effects. We review the risk of Adderall addiction here.

Getting high on Adderall is drug abuse

Amphetamines, such as Adderall, are stimulants that often come in pill form and are prescribed by doctors for medical problems. However, amphetamines can also be abused. That is, you can take Adderall without a prescription, take it in higher amounts or crush, snort or inject it. If you are crushing Adderall, snorting it or injecting it … you make get high, but you are also disrupting normal communication between brain cells. In fact, brain circuits and addiction are closely related. So getting high on Adderall may lead to the cycle of addiction.

Adderall addiction

Although, Adderall use over time may cause physical dependence, Adderall dependence symptoms end after a period of withdrawal. In fact, Experts believe that people taking Adderall for ADHD do not become addicted to the stimulant medications if it is taken in the form and dosage prescribed. In contrast to physical tolerance and dependence, addiction is characterized by cravings, obsessive thoughts and mental preoccupation with Adderall after it is out of the system.

Who are Adderall addicts?

Although experts have not yet proven a relationship, adolescents treated with stimulant medications may be especially susceptible to misuse of Adderall and potential addiction. But anyone who takes Adderall to get high has the potential to develop addiction to amphetamines.

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Adderall questions

Do you have questions about Adderall? Please leave your Adderall questions below. We will be happy to answer them personally and may even create a new article just for you.

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28 Responses to “Does Adderall get you high?
11:30 pm September 4th, 2011

Adderall is SO addictive. I was totally abusing it, my mind was always racing on adderall…withdrawal was horrible. There are tons of stories of heavy adderall abuse online.

Susan Clark
4:53 pm October 23rd, 2011

My 8 yr old grandson is on Adderall for ADHD, should he take this medication all 7 days or just on school days?

10:03 am October 24th, 2011

Hi Susan. Your grandson should take Adderall exactly as prescribed. Check the label or call his doctor for confirmation on dosing. However, Adderall and Adderall XR (extended release) are usually taken daily. You can Google the term, “FDA medication guide Adderall” to learn more. But make sure he is swallowing the pill or capsule and not chewing it to ensure that he is taking it properly.

2:34 pm October 27th, 2011

Is it normal to feel jittery when first beginning Adderall for ADD? Does it go away with increase of mg?

8:33 am November 20th, 2011

I am 18 years old, five foot two, 98 lbs, and I abuse up to 350-400mg of adderall daily. Although there are days when I will take about 250-300mg only, but if I dont take the pill at all I get withdrawals. When the adderall first kicks in I get severe heart pains and back pains, I become dizzy, pale and I feel like im gonna pass out and throw up. What’s happening to me?

5:48 am November 26th, 2011

Hi Tammy. It sounds like you are aware that taking Adderall is harming your body. And that you are abusing it. You really need to see a doctor or pharmacist to report the symptoms that you are describing. Perhaps they are related to dose, method of administration, chronic use, etc. But these physical symptoms are indicators that your body is out of balance. It’s telling you to get help.

If you are ready to address the psychological and emotional reasons that compel you to continue taking Adderall, a doctor can help recommend you to local addiction treatment services. Are you ready to quit altogether?

11:54 am November 29th, 2011

So Im 16 and Im 112 pounds on a good day Ive been taking adderall for the past 3 year to treat my Narcolepse and ADHD. Im doing better at school then I ever was and Id never dream about abusing adderall because it does give me the privledge to do so much more then I thought I was capable of doing. But I hate the side effects I get from it like all the weight loss, pukeing, my skin becoming paler and not being able to relax. So my question is does everyone get those side effects aswell? Or is it just me?

5:32 am November 30th, 2011

Hi Stormy. Thanks for your question. I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing unwanted side effects from Adderall, even though it seems to be helping you treat the symptoms narcolepsy and ADHD. To answer your question…NO. Not everyone reacts to medications in the same way. Check out the link on this page to the FDA drug label for Adderall (under Reference Sources) to read more about side effects that people have. The side effects that you describe occur, but not everyone will experience them.

You need to also talk to your doctor about the effectiveness of Adderall in the long term. Adderall has not been clinically studied for long term use, and you’ll need to be periodically evaluated to measure the cost vs. benefit of continuing to take the medication.

We hope that this helps. Please let us know if you need more information.

4:15 am March 17th, 2012

A few months ago i had started snorting adderall because everyone told me it gives you tons of energy, which it definately does… i dont know that i was addicted as i only took it on the weekends because i didnt want to show up at work acting like a lunatic… anyway the come down was what made me decide to quit, i would snort some on friday and not be able to sleep until sunday, I would get very irritated when i would come down from it, i hated the way it made me feel after that. The taste wasnt the best either. I’m glad i made the decision to stop.

liza walton
5:39 am May 19th, 2012

i have a brouther who was given a perscription for adderal 20 mg he just started now he takes 10-20 pills per day we are very worried he will die what should we do

11:24 am May 21st, 2012

Hello Liza. I am sorry to hear that circumstances have come to this for you, your family and your brother. Have you talked with his prescribing doctor about his frequency of use?

6:38 am September 26th, 2013

alright, i am 16 years old, and had never done pills until this year. the first pill i tried was adderall, and i ended up taking 215mg by the end of the day and stayed up for 3 days i personally thought it was the greatest high ever. all this was only about 3-4 weeks ago. i havent been taking them everyday but when i do i take alot, and well today i had 100 10mg adderalls. right now im on 415mg and i barely got high all day. i dont believe im addicted but how bad is taking that many on my body?!

11:24 am September 26th, 2013

Hello Makell. It’s possible that after daily use you’ve developed a tolerance to amphetamines. Stimulants can affect your heart, breathing, and sleep cycles (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). While we don’t suggest you continue to abuse Adderall for non-therapeutic reasons, it might help to lower the dose in order to lessen risk of side effects. I’d suggest a slow taper or period of abstinence as a measure for harm reduction.

9:00 pm September 15th, 2014

Can adderall make you physically aggressive, make one combative, make one quick to argumentative, and quick to strike out and punch and/or push someone?

4:13 pm September 16th, 2014

Hello John. Some people have displayed aggresive behavior while on Adderall. But, to what extent will a person react is majorly an issue of character.

10:39 pm September 16th, 2014

My son takes Zubsolv and Adderall. Will Zubsolv offset Adderall and prevent the high? He does not need Adderall for ADHD or ADD. He takes it because he thinks he needs it to focus. However, when taking Adderall he gets very argumentative, and physical.

8:34 am September 17th, 2014

Hi, John. I’d suggest you take your son to the doctor’s. Is the adderall prescribed to him? If it is, you can talk to the doc about the side effects and changes you’ve noticed in your son. I believe the doctor will take him off the medication.

6:27 pm October 17th, 2014

iv ben taking Adderall for three day the first day was great I took 6 pills 10 mg 2 time at 3 different times . the I was up all night feeling on top of the world 2 and I was sluggish and so I too t thou out the day the 3 day I took 8 and snorted 3 I was seeing stuff out the corner of my eyes I was dozing off because I took my trazodone to see if I could sleep but did not work wright away but then I gut some sleep about 9 hours and then I was all acing and kind of moody im bipolar and have some other problems diabetes and some messed mental disorders antisocial , non compassionate and ben told many time by different shrinks that im a sociopath or psychopath im ocd and have aggressive narcissism panic attacks and I always had substance abuse problem’s which no one can get because of my high IQ of 166 but I took it to day to 30 mg right of the bat what should I do I don’t really believe in therapy or phycology its not a proven field in my own opinion im writing this why im on Adderall its seems to make my study more and work a lot and loss body fat its like I stay in my head and this pure unfiltered focus comes over like hyper focus I do talk much about my problem’s to any one but it seems to make me wright about them I need to know what to do before I end up taking way to much and over dosing which I have on heroin 2 times and a mixture of drugs another I don’t do this much but can you help me

Baby girl
1:40 am December 17th, 2014

Why even invent Adderall all you hear is bad things about it! Is there any good, it really helps my depresin and anxiety and I I had to break up with my husband after 46 years still having to support our 3 grown kids on drugs and we raised 4 grandchildren now I’m taking care of my I’m sick all the time mom, well it helps me even though I have heart beat of 126 sometime

7:12 am December 26th, 2014

I took 3 xr 30 MG adderall and stayed up for 3 days in a row with almost no food or drinks it’s been 2 days since that and I’m having trouble with breathing it’s shallow and feels like I can’t get that good deep breath I’ve looked up a lot of stuff most is saying that they get it but it stops after awhile how much longer will it be like this

1:00 pm December 29th, 2014

Hi James. Do you have anyone who could drive you to the ER? You are severely dehydrated by now and exhausted from the insomnia. Please don’t wait any longer, you need IV and medical assistance.

11:31 am January 23rd, 2015

Adderall at 90-120 mg just makes me quiet and lazy. I have no heart issues and I can sleep just fine. I keep myself healthy and my blood pressures goes down on the med because it makes me tired and calm vs. loud and reckless and rude to people.

I take it to avoid the drama of everyone else complaining about how rude, loud, high strung, impatient and impulsive I am. I am on 90-120 mg and I don’t notice any difference but I am more mature, appropriate, conscious of things when planning and making decisions. I am a tad humorless and take things a bit serious on the full 30 mg doses (3-4 doses a day) but I go off of them a lot just because it reminds me of being a kid and cheeking them at the nurses office and it feels like I was released from slavery.

11:47 pm April 11th, 2015

I am the mother of a teen boy with ADHD. His pediatrician recently put him on 10mg a day of adderall. There are over 50 side effects with this drug, why is it still on the market? My son is currently sleeping in the middle of the day since the drug makes him unable to sleep at night. He has been completely loopy and looking zoned out for a week now, paranoid, complaining about a sore throat, running a fever, and about 10 other major side effects. Most of all, far less focused. I am a very over-protective parent, but many parents are not. Many of these ADHD adderall children will be neglected when it comes to these excessive side effects. I have heard an adderall mother say, “Oh she’s fine, just on adderall.” Fine? The kid is sobbing for no reason under the table in a restaurant!! How can doctors justify subjecting children under 18 to this major drug with major physical and mind altering side effects for the sake of focusing? What happened to behavior modification and teaching a child, parents, teachers, the tools to best deal with a child’s special needs? I think the over prescribed adderall addiction today (including adults who use it as a diet pill) is a sad reflection of our society. The quick fix is not fixing anything when it comes with a side of over 50 side effects. What is the probability your child will get at least one of those side effects? Will you know? Will he tell you that he has a side effect of abnormal (wont go down for hours) penile erections? Probably not. I’ll be taking my son off this mess. He has more problems on adderall than off! It should be deemed an illegal drug in my book.

6:42 am May 22nd, 2015

Adderall make me feel depressed but I’m I’m not cause when I don’t take it I am really happy , I’ve been taking adderall my whole life since 3rd grade and it was fine but I was on alot of medication back then so I dont remember anything , this year feels different the pills are making me more stressed and i even had an panic attack during the time I took my pills. I stopped taking them for about 3months and it felt great but I honesty I see a difference from when utake adderall and not taking adderall iI feel the pills make u into something u don’t want to be id honesty think I could do fine without it it’s just bothering me

1:09 pm August 28th, 2015

lol I started taking them off the streets at age 15 and I loved it so I seek them out knowing full well the consequences maybe its that I have all the resources I need my own room my own bed and everything but life is great on Adderall even abusing the crap out of them using up a 30 day supply in a week and just getting more each month its so funny how all these other people go so deep into it its just dopamine your brain already makes it some of you people don’t need to be doing it because you have no clue what it is haha probably making yourself think your crazy or having side affects shit i can take 7 25mg xrs crushed at once and sleep the same night peace

6:59 pm September 28th, 2015

Can you please tell me how many pills would there be in 750 millimeters

1:51 pm September 29th, 2015

Hi Verna. I don’t know how many pills would 750 milligrams be because Addreall is available in different strengths: 5mg, 7.5mg, 10mg, 12.5mg, 15mg, 20mg, and 30 mg.

9:34 pm October 7th, 2015

so I have a urine test.tomarrow between 9am and 12 noon I snorted 2 20mg adderall yesterday 20mg today about 1:30-2pm will they a how in the urine test need to know.asap thanks

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