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Does Percocet show up on drug tests?

Does Percocet show up on drug tests?

Yes. Percocet shows up on drug tests.

Percocet is a narcotic painkilling medication containing oxycodone. Oxycodone shows up as a positive for opiates on most standard 5 panel drug tests. Because of the high rate of abuse associated with opiate medications like Percocet, standard drug screens will be able to detect oxycodone in urine. More on drug testing for Percocet here.

Why order a drug test for Percocet?

Employers and law enforcement order tests for Percocet to identify prescription drug abuse, a major problem in the U.S. Opiates are part of that focus due to their highly addictive nature.  Other times, doctors might order drug tests for Percocet when you’re admitted to a hospital with a suspected drug overdose.  In these cases, toxicology screening can help best determine treatment options.

Types of Percocet testing

There are a few different ways that oxycodone might be detected in your system. The most common testing you’ll probably be asked to submit to would be a urine sample. Opiate medications can also be detected using blood or hair samples. Blood samples are more likely to be requested in a medical setting, and hair samples might be used to detect past Percocet use several weeks after taking the drug.  The most common types of Percocet drug testing use samples or specimens taken from:

1. Percocet blood based test

2. Percocet hair follicle test

3. Percocet urine screen

Percocet detection

Detection of Percocet depends upon a number of factors. For example, your weight, size, Percocet dosage, and frequency of dose can all impact Percocet drug testing. Oxycodone hits peak levels in urine within eight hours of initially taking Percocet. After that, oxycodone levels begin to decline after 24 to 48 hours. Low levels of the drug – those below 300-ng/mL – may not be picked up by urine tests. But generally, oxycodone stays in the system and can be detected 1-3 days after use.

Testing positive for Percocet

If you’re taking Percocet to help manage pain after a medical procedure or operation or to help with chronic pain…and are taking Percocet as prescribed, you have nothing to worry about. But you’ll want to let the test administrator know – otherwise, there may be some uncomfortable questions when you test positive for opiate use. If, however, you are taking Percocet for recreational use, most standard drug tests will pick up the presence of Percocet in your system. Consequences will depend on who is testing for Percocet and why.

Percocet use and abuse

There’s a reason that oxycodone is a controlled substance and that you can’t get Percocet without a prescription. The fact is that Percocet abuse is dangerous. The oxycodone portion of the medication is addictive, but the added acetaminophen in Percocet can easily cause liver damage if taken in excessive amounts. It’s a bit harder to overdose on the oxycodone within Percocet, but it can cause breathing problems and high blood pressure, which can be deadly.

Do I have a problem with Percocet?

If you think that you have a problem with Percocet, you probably do. If you want to stop taking Percocet, there is help. Please leave us your questions about Percocet, drug screens for Percocet or other questions about Percocet use here. We will be happy to answer your questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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16 Responses to “Does Percocet show up on drug tests?
tom condra
4:02 pm April 1st, 2013

I have to take a drug test to get my license back how can I pass the test I take Percocet not given by doctor how long do they wait till test is given I have two dui in 5 yrs I don’t drink or anything else can I take something to pass the test thankyou

2:34 pm April 3rd, 2013

Hello Tom. While we can sympathize with your desire to pass a drug test, we do not offer or print advice on how to falsely pass drug screens. If you are given a drug screen for “Extended Opioids”, oxycodone can be detected within 2-4 days after last use, depending on the amount that you take daily.

8:55 am July 30th, 2014

How about oxcontin levels determined

11:13 pm August 20th, 2014

I recently took some hydrocodone on Friday at 1.00 oclock that day and i was given a drug screen later that night at 930 that night.that was the first time I’ve taken any opiates in 40 days will it show up positive?? Because here it is wednesday night I’ve still have not heard anything. The thing is if i was to pass the drug test i wouldn’t here anything back.

7:35 pm September 10th, 2014

No it will not. I have jst taken a urine 7 panel AND a standard 5 panel hair follicle test. Bear in mind I used typically regularly ONLY on weekends. The samples were taken Friday & negative results were reported to HR & myself the following Wednesday.

5:53 pm September 27th, 2014

I took 1 oxcodone in the 90-period before my hair test. Is this going to put me above the threshold and show positive. If someone could help me out quickly with an answer I would greatly appreciate it.

5:05 am November 14th, 2014

I took 2 oxtcodone 5g on Wednesday. I have to take a drug test Friday. Will they show up? The last time I took them was weeks ago. I don’t drink and don’t smoke. Please help.

5:07 am November 14th, 2014

I forgot the mention, it’s a urine test. Not blood or hair follicle Test

4:31 am November 19th, 2014

I have been raking Percocets for several months. Recently I have stopped 12 days ago my friend gave me a tiny piece of suboxone a about 10 days ago. I am looking for a new job and afraid they they drug test, how long should I give the suboxone to get out of my system? I don’t drink or smoke. Thank you

5:57 am November 21st, 2014

My daughter-in-law is addicted to opiates. Her most recent test was positive, 2000 ng/ml. Is this typical of a normal prescribed dosage, or that of over dosing? She refuses rehab, saying counseling is sufficient. obviously, it’s not.

12:59 pm November 28th, 2014

Hi Patsy. Have you tried staging an intervention? If done properly it can help get your daughter-in-law in rehab and get her sober successfully. Counseling is important, but she needs to take it seriously and commit to it.

4:18 am January 28th, 2015

I ‘ve been prescribe percocets for some medical condition I need to know if I’m addictive to them,when I experience pain I take and still works after years of using them I just had a liver test it came out normal just need to know if I can stop without having to be sick physically

6:08 pm February 2nd, 2015

I have to take a urine screen. I took sixty mg of oxycodone. Seventy two hrs will jave lapsed. Wondering if levels will be low enough.

9:20 am March 14th, 2015

I have been taking 5-325 of Oxycodone three times a day for 1.5 years for both cervical spinal compression/herniated discs and herniated discs in my lumbar spine, causing nerve pain in my arms, neck pain and severe, debilitating bilateral sciatica. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia by a neurologist which I believe gives me a whole body pain/ache, similar to flu symptoms. I also take, on rare occasion, Oxycotin 10 mg, for breakthrough pain. I am due for a surgical consult and will be reviewing my recent MRI’s with a Neurological Surgeon at the end of the month. I suffer in pain 24/7, and nothing so far has relieved the pain other tun Oxycodone. I understand it’s probably through it’s chemical affect, worsening my pain, but I have 5 children and must function for them; these pills get me out of bed and give me some quality of life. I have a few questions at this point:
(1) Do I stand a chance of liver damage from this pill with this quantity as my Pain Management Doctor said I’m on a low dose, and it’s not a high level of daily acetaminophen.
(2) When I do discontinue this drug, what measures will I take to help combat the withdrawal symptoms? Do you have any suggestions for drugs to help wean me off, or for other medications w/o acetaminophen with similar pain relief effects?
(3) I am due for an annual physical: do the Oxycodone pills affect the Lab results or alter my levels?; I heard it may affect liver and lipid panels.
Thank you very much for your time!
Best Regards,

12:54 pm March 16th, 2015

Hi Kate. Your liver shouldn’t be in danger if you don’t have previous liver damage or you are not abusing the medication. Your doctor can run tests from time to time to check if your liver and kidneys are working properly. It also shouldn’t influence your lab results significantly and of course, you should tell the doctor and nurses that you are taking prescribed doses of Oxycodone. When you’ll feel ready to quit the medication, you should first talk to your doctor to help you create a gradual tapering schedule. This will help you greatly. Your doctor can also prescribe other meds to help you deal with withdrawal symptoms. At home you can treat your withdrawal with flu and cold medications bought from the pharmacy. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and gastro intestinal discomfort. Also, many people say hot baths, hot pads, and hot/cold can really help address muscle aches.

12:11 pm March 27th, 2015

Hello, I am prescribed percocet 5/325 for chronic knee pain. And I took a couple of percocet 10/325 from an old prescription. Will the 10/325 show up different on a urine drug screen? I took 2. 10/325 Friday. Will it show up different on the drug screen Monday afternoon? Thank you!

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