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Does Tramadol have codeine or opiates in it?

No. Tramadol does not contain codeine or opiates.   But Tramadol does resembles a more simple version of codeine.

Tramadol: nature or synthetic?

Tramadol is a synthetic drug. This means that Tramadol is created in laboratories and is the result of chemical reactions. It is NOT a natural product, like codeine, and is called an opioid due to its chemical make up.

Tramadol: Opiate or opioid?

The term “opiate” is generally restricted to products which contain natural alkaloids found in the resin of the poppy plant. Depending upon classification system, however, synthetic substances such as Tramadol that are directly derived from the opium poppy are considered to be opiates as well. But for simplicity’s sake, we will refer to Tramadol as a semi-synthetic opioid.

Furthermore, Tramadol is not a narcotic pain medication. Many people wonder, “Is Tramadol HCL a narcotic?”  due to its efficient pain killing effects and possible euphoria, but the drug has not been classed by the DEA under the Controlled Substances Act.

Chemical structure of Tramadol

Chemically and structurally, Tramadol resembles a more simple version of codeine. In terms of chemistry, Tramadol is a NON opiate-derived 4-phenyl-piperidine analogue of codeine.

Effects of Tramadol

While that might not mean too much to you or me, what is important is that Tramadol is an effective pain reliever. And what is even more important is that products that contain Tramadol (Ultram) can cause addiction. Ultram addiction signs range from loss of control over taking the pain pill, to non medical uses of tramadol to compulsive and obsessive thinking about use.

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If you think that you are addicted to the physical euphoric effects of Tramadol, see your doctor. There is not shame in admitting and getting help when you need it. Physical dependence can be addressed, as can possible emotional or psychological reasons that compel use. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Please leave your comments, questions and feedback about Tramadol below.

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56 Responses to “Does Tramadol have codeine or opiates in it?
9:05 am August 20th, 2012

I was on Tramadol for a short period of time and found that it didn’t do much for my osteoarthritis or degenerative disc disease but am now finding that it did more than the current med the MD prescribed for me. I think I may ask my MD if I can go back on it. What is the likelihood of getting addicted to it? If it is likely, I don’t want it. What is an average dose?

11:43 am August 20th, 2012

High Courtney. Tramadol is less addictive than other prescription pain killing medications, but becomes more addictive when you take tramadol to get high. While you can develop a physical dependence on tramadol over time, a mental element of craving needs to be present in order to be really “addicted” to any drug. So as long as you are taking tramadol as prescribed, addiction is less likely to occur.

Doctors start prescribing tramadol at a smaller initial dose of 100 mg per day. Once tolerance builds, safe doses of tramadol may be as high as 450 mg a day. However, this determination is made by the prescribing doctor, and may change over time as tolerance to effects of tramadol builds.

1:51 pm September 3rd, 2012

Tramadol is vey addicting it seems that the withdrawl is even worse than Methadone, what is in this drug that makes coming off it so hard?

11:24 am September 4th, 2012

Hi Jackie. Yes, I have heard others report similar reactions to withdrawal from tramadol. Tramadol is a synthetic 4-phenyl-piperidine analogue of codeine. If you’re having trouble during withdrawal, be sure to consult your prescribing doctor to see if there are other pharmaceutical medications which can help ease symptoms.

11:30 pm September 19th, 2012

If I am allergic to codeine, will I have a reaction to tramadol?

10:40 pm February 7th, 2013

I am allergic to demerol,codeine and morphine. Was recently diagnosed with diverticulitis and when released from hospital was sent home with a prescription for tramadol. Which I am having the same type of reaction from as I do from codeine,extremely itchy all over my body and it is affecting my throat a little . The reaction isn’t nearly as bad as with the demerol or morphine which both I get hives, my arm swells up huge and my throat shuts down. I need something for the pain so I will put up with the reaction just hoping it doesn’t get any worse. What other synthetic drug can I take? I know fentenall (not sure on correct spelling) was used while at hospital and also for knee surgery worked is it not available in an oral form?

8:19 am February 9th, 2013

Hello Cheryl. When prescribed by a doctor, fentanyl is administered via injection, transdermal patch, or in lozenge form. Check with your prescribing doctor to learn more about this synthetic opioid. It’s possible that a similar reaction could occur.

11:59 am June 13th, 2013

I have had a lower back fusion and last week a fusion on my neck losing 2 disc. As you can imagine I have been on oxycodine and Norco 10 ( hydrocodone ) am now realized I’m addicted. Im currently going through withdraw cold turkey and this is tough. When I told my Doctor I am struggling with those Meds he Prescribed Tramado. Will this help or is it going to continue my addiction. I;m trying so hard to quit, But I’m also in pain and not sure what to do?


2:23 am June 28th, 2013

I have been using tramadol for a couple of months now and I find little or no relief from it. what should I do about this. I have 3 blown disks in my neck and I am in pain every day.

11:06 am June 28th, 2013

Hello Barbara. Speak with your prescribing doctor. You may need a more potent opioid such as hydrocodone or oxycodone to help control pain.

8:05 am November 4th, 2013

Cheryl – I’ve had 5 neck and back surgeries and have been on every pain med made at one point or another. Two options that may work for u… Nucynta – it’s fairly new and is suppose to be equivalent to percocet but I never found it to work for me. The other medicine is methadone. People think it’s only used to get off of heroin but it was actually developed in the 1930’s to be a pain killer and during trials found that people were kicking heroin. The dosage for pain is very small compared to methadone maintenance and is very effective. It’s also easier on the liver and kidneys with less sensitivity and allergic reactions then the other opioids. Word of caution: it is very hard to get off of if you are on it for a long time and the dose must be tapered to avoid withdrawal symptoms. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in until my pain management doctor put me on methadone and for the first time in 6 years I was nearly pain free. I’ve been on the same dose for 4 yrs and its still very effective without making me groggy or unable to concentrate like Percocet, fentanyl, etc. Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe methadone because it can be very dangerous if not titrated correctly when first starting on it, but most pain management doctors should offer this as an option. The best part, it’s dirt cheap compared to other pain meds…I take 10mg 3/day…so 90-10mg pills are $12-15. It has a very long half-life so it doesn’t wear off as fast as other opioids. Methadone is for patients who have severe chronic pain and for conditions not likely to improve (ruptured disks, nerve pain, other spinal problems, cancer, etc) and NOT for something that will heal (broken bone, pulled muscle, post surgical, etc). So your own research and talk to ur doctor. And good luck! BTW…I really do have a chemistry degree w a biology minor and classes in biochemistry, physiology, and anatomy. So I have educational loan with personal experience. I wish you good luck!

12:04 am November 14th, 2013

I have a drug test on Friday and I have been taking Tramadol 50mg. Will it show up on a drug test as an opiate?

3:52 am December 11th, 2013

I have been taking tramadol for knee pain for several months now. I still take only 1 pill a day. I find its time release aspect to be enough to not want me to need more. I have been in and out of recovery from alcohol, prescription opiates and cocaine for years. I also had bariatric surgery for my food addiction. I find , for the first time in years, a complete sense of satisfaction , sort of a peace of mind, from this pill. I always used to fight the urge for more. I find now that I just plain old Feel Good. My knee still pains once in awhile so the pain isnt “gone” but it is livable without hydrocodone which used to be my drug of choice. My doctor told me it works much like a reuptake inhibitor. She tried me on Lexipro for a bit but I never felt like myself when I was taking it.. To all my addict friends, I highly recommend this drug. It keeps the monkey on my back satisfied by taking just one a day. Wow! I actually feel happy most of the time.

6:43 am December 11th, 2013

I really like this drug and think others would greatly benefit from it. As to getting off of it, is it any worse than getting off Lexipro. I hated that drug. Drama-dol helps me with binge eating, too. I am physically active when my joints don’t hurt yet I sleep soundly at night. I feel content !!! and that is a very nice place to be

Margie Hartman
1:49 am December 21st, 2013

Best thing since sliced bread. No addiction associated with it that I could find. I take one in the morning and one around 2 PM. If I didn’t take it, I would be a screaming, blooming idiot. Have used a walker, can, crawled, etc. With this miracle drug I am alive and on my feet. I am never free of pain, but, I am just about as free as I am ever going to get. This is not a narcotic. It works like Codeine they say. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I have had it for about 25 years. I didn’t know if I could survive until my daughter said, “Mom, you need to try Tramadol.” Then, I started surviving for real. Everything has a side effect. With Tramadol, I have found no side effects. The first few months I couldn’t stand the taste of sugar. Some constipation for which I use one little stool softener a day. It is definitely my cup of tea.

samira haddad
11:24 pm May 23rd, 2014

I have for the last 10 years chronic cough, two days ago The Doctor prescribed 25mg of tramadol
at night only. I am afraid that I might be addicted to it in the future.
At night I sleep I cough like 10% less than before at night. Day time still coughing and I am tired.
What do you suggest since I am afraid from this addiction after I read for almost 2 hours about this medicine.
Your help is appreciated.

8:51 am May 27th, 2014

Hello Samira. You may develop physical dependence on tramadol after daily use for more than a week, or so… but this is not addiction. Have you looked into other anti-tussives? Here’s an article you might find interesting:

7:50 am July 12th, 2014

Your blog is very nice and it seems that you have posted it after deep study of the matter.

jeff berry
3:26 pm August 1st, 2014

I was put on that stuff years ago ( 10 or 11 after i got hep c from my wife which they said i could not and was on vicodane for a few years which contained 500mlgs of evil tylenol and was taking 4 aday sooooooooo 2000 mlgs a day! the doctor who gave me this told me tramodol was not addiictive and no withdrawals and the pharmistist told me the same! sooooooooooooooo when i was not working(const 30 years) i quit well 3 days later terriable withdrawls! i do not like any doctors etc because if i would have been on plain oxycodone none of this would have happened and it works wonders1 tylenol kills your live ibu causes heart attacks strokes and can ruin your stoumach asprin does the same and all nasids are bullcr##p! The only thing with narcotics alone are withdrawl if a stupid docor takes you off of them and constip[ation which i cured with 2 bowls of granola a day and you need more as time goes by1 so to all the doctor shoppers and pill pigs the best thing for you is to od! i have been sober 19 years and yes i take oxeycodone every day but to get it i had to go to colorado to find a doctor to give it to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let alone the drug laws in this country1 drink yourself to death or smoke yourself to death and nothing is done but do drugs and you are condemmed by soooooooo many1 do what portugal did 15 years ago decrimanalize all drugs and it has truly worked1LOOK IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am 59 and have worked my tail off for 40 years and played music that long and am tired of being treated loke a kid or drug addict! NEVER TELL A DOCTOR YOU ARE ALKIE!!!!!! Or you will go threw needless pain1 ive been around aa for 41 years and studued it for 30 plus! it took so many years to do the deal and thank god im at peace and god will not let me abuse my pain pills or my xanax!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Peace Love hope and May the power of Guide and bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:24 am August 18th, 2014

I appreciate the information you gave in this article, as a current tramadol user (patient). Just wanted to give you an update that I recently received. “The U.S. DEA has recently determined that tramadol will soon become a federal controlled substance, similar to other pain medications.” This change takes place on August 18, 2014.

12:24 am September 2nd, 2014

My name is Kim my fiance is Mike. Both, Mike and I have battled and still do with opiate addiction; preferably vicodin now replaced by “norco”. In the present now both having had tramadol prescribed Mike and I both feel great over talk and comparison is Tramadol much outwieghs “norco” but in a sense is same re: pain relief, same euphoria (mimics mood stabalizerers like depakote, also more real energy) unlike the nasty “vicodin crappies)…….Thank you, Kimberly and Mike.

1:20 am January 3rd, 2015

Your information on the Tramadol is incorrect it is contra indicated for someone who has an allergy to codeine to take the Tramadol

2:54 am January 17th, 2015

While Ultram did relieve the neck pain, the side effects of cold-sweats, extreme nausea and feeling like fainting was horrible. It felt like the times I had been given morphine or codine in the hospital. Awful! I wonder if I took Zofran before taking Ultram if I would be alright.

chris h
12:08 am February 2nd, 2015

i have taken tramadol for months i never had any kind of addiction to it so i dont see how it can be addictive i can easily come off them and feel no side effects unlike norco or percocet

7:25 am March 8th, 2015

Will tramadol show up in a urine test

6:25 am April 15th, 2015

I was prescribed Ultram by my Doctor of 45 years about 12 years ago for pain and found out that it took away my scratchy throat and chronic cough. He said “Great” and left me on it. It gave me no side affects and virtually took my cough away. Sometimes by the way I would get into a coughing spell that would seal off my air and I could not breathe. Very, Very scary! Do to having to refill all the time, He finally changed my prescription 360. I took as needed but never became addicted to it. My Doctor just retired last year. I finally got a new Doctor this year whom I lick very much. But he told me that Tramadol{as its called now] was a controlled drug and a Narcotic. I told him if that was the case I would stop taking it and look for some other way to control my cough. So far I have not been able to do so. I don’t know what to do now? Since I saw him last I’ve had some very scary situations in my life, nearly loosing consciousness several times. I am going to have to ask him to give it back to me. I don’t like taking drugs, but when I have no side affects and it helps me live a normal life I think I should take it. I don’t believe I was addicted to it[ I did not crave it at all] I just took one 50mg when I was going somewhere and didn’t want to take a chance on having a bad coughing spell. I’m 71 years old and in very good health. Have a great day, Kent

5:26 am April 17th, 2015

I am in horrific pain mostly in the morning and I am sick of the weak potency of tramadol that said I been on it for 7 years where my pain has certainly progressed and I need something stronger like a real opiate e.g. vicoprofen can anybody help me #INEEDREALOPIATES !

12:17 pm April 17th, 2015

Hi John. Why don’t you talk this over with your doctor? I’m sure s/he will be willing to prescribe a medication that can help you manage your pain successfully.

3:01 am April 18th, 2015

thanks Ivana for you reply and I will near the PAIN !

8:19 pm May 5th, 2015

Im currantly 5mo. And take 50mg of tramadol for teeth pain. Can it harm my baby? Should I stop taking it?

2:53 pm May 6th, 2015

Hi Carol. Does the prescribing doctor know that you are expecting? I suggest you should seek advise from your gynaecologist to determine whether you can keep taking it or should avoid using completely.

11:19 pm July 27th, 2015

Try not to soft sell that this is not a codeine. I am highly allergy to any form of codeine and have suffered the same effects as any other codeine product. My effects are utter depression with suicidal thoughts while on this drug. Off of this drug and any type of codeine, synthetic or natural, I am completely up beat without any depression.

8:12 pm August 4th, 2015

I am a disabled Veteran and have been taking Tramadol for 10 years. I never thought of the medication as an opiate because I never had the side effects typical of Codeine containing products. I began taking the medication on a 2 tab per 6hr. period as needed. My Rx was changed after 6 months to 2 50mg tabs BID. I have had no trouble until the VA determined the medication to be “addictive”. In having to rely on the VA for refilling Rx’s I have often gone weeks without the product due to poor Rx delivery service and expiration of Rx’s. The only effects I have had to the prolonged periods without Ultram has been increase in severity of pain. I am a 71 year old Veteran and I find all the hullabaloo about this medication to be bullcrap. A competing truly opioid based drug manufacturer must have lobbied vulnerable Congress critters about the competition with this medication and had it reclassified to the class2 rating that created the “chicken-little” effect among VHA formulary decision makers.

2:23 pm August 14th, 2015

I tested positive for opiates in a probation drug screen and came back positive. They violated me and I had. A prescription
In Florida they made it a schedule ll so it is listed as such.can this happen? I really need help and could be in a lot of trouble just because of this. Please help me out with this so that I can show the probation and judge thank you for your time

12:55 pm August 20th, 2015

I have been on tylonol 4 with codeine for more than 10 years. I have had several neck fusions and one RIb. Resection ( thorasic outlet). They removed my first rib on my left side as I had no feeling,pain was horrible and felt like someone was hitting me with a baseball bat. Had several shots allowed by law of cortisone. Painful. Physical therapy. No relief. My doctor recently dropped me after being a patient for over 25 years foe no reason. I am in withdrawal from this as anyone would be. Any suggestions on how to get threw this. Anxiety levels are horrible and can not sleep. Though I am greatful

4:30 pm August 20th, 2015

Some people have addictive personalities and will become “addicted” to “Cinnabon rolls” or dentine gum. Yes Tramadol was recently hiked up to a class II pharmaceutical by the FDA due to heavy lobbying by Major drug manufacturers who rely on Codeine and di-hydrocodeine products as their “Cash Cows” to scare physicians and patients into being wary of Ultram. The VA is one of the largest Rx’ers of this pain reliever, so the FDA imploded with the pressure from lobbyists to place it in the same class as true opiate based Rx’s . Now watch Pfizers profit margins climb back up into the stratosphere. This is bullcrap politics. I am 72 and have relied on Tramadol for 11 years. No addiction, no high, just marginal relief of chronic back pain . Raspberries to cowardly politicians !

2:32 pm August 25th, 2015

I took tramadol for the first time last night, in the mornings my head felt woozy and my stomach felt queezy. I felt tired and lifeless. It also didn’t help my back.

5:18 am August 28th, 2015

I have been using Tramadol for a while now, i have osteoarthritis in both hips. The pain i experience is severe & the only pain relief for this is Tramadol as it takes the pain away imediately, i have tried Co codomol for the pain but this did nothing to aleviate the pain

Robert lawis
2:29 am September 23rd, 2015

Hi every one I myself have been takeing tramadol now for 10 years and thats 6 times a day but I don’t think I am Addicted to them I am on a lot of pills I tak wiv them I just like to know is there nothing else I can take wiv 2 tramadol +2 Paracetamol +4 ibuprofen

6:12 am October 15th, 2015

My name is Sonia, i’m 22 years old. I addmit that i am addicted to tramadol. At first yeah i felt that the pain went away… but, then i kept using it for few more days cause i felt happier. Felt that i was shinning .. the most important thing for me was the stress away … but without knowing i got attach addicted cause always at the next day i felt miserable …. ugluy, tired ,axious and just couldn’t stop thinking about that pill had to go nd look for it. Cause at the end of the day it affects my body nd just couldnt respond to any pain medication such as tylenol, advil, alive … etc…. i always knew that i was addicted, but always say to my self i need to go to work nd put my best and be the best… nd i did it… i earn my place but thanks to a pill that gave me that streght to be better ? Like wow really i though oh is thanks to that so i felt bad cause i got obsses for my job… so i had to look for it … now i just got 2 left sense sunday nd today is wenesday … i was feeling like shit ….these past days but i am strong stronger than the pill now is just past thanks to got i feel relief…. peace just have a bit of anxity …but im winning the fight … nd im gonna win… IF ANYONE KNOWS THAT THEY CANT LIVE WITH THATFIGHT FOR YOU CAUSE NOBODY IS GONNA FIGHT IT FOR YOU …. JUST REMEMBER THIS IS OUR BODY OUR TEMPLE GOD GAVE US … PEOPLE WE ARE ALIVE ND WE GONNA FIGHT FOR OUR KING :)

5:49 pm December 7th, 2015

Hey, I am currently using tramadol for exposed nerves in my teeth. I have 5 teeth with this issue , and am on a long waiting list with dentist. I cant sleep at night I get maybe an hour and a half but that’s it. Its constant pain which the tramadol works to an extent. Its making my stomach queezy and I feel extremely sick, is there any ideas on what else I could take as gp isn’t helpful, as I cant put up with this 24/7 pain. And when I am feeling relief in sick.

5:15 pm December 9th, 2015

Hi Brodie. Maybe you can report these effects to your doctor and get switched to another medication that will take care of the pain and discomfort without causing you to feel nausea.

10:30 am December 29th, 2015

I was given Ultram when it first came out. A non narcotic drug to help with the nerve pain associated with my severe fibromyalgia. IT didn’t help with the burning psin on my skin as it said it woukd, it made my head feel weird & I didn’t take it anymore. Years later I was warned not to take it as I am allergic to codeine, It made my head feel about like neurontin did. A seizure medication they use for nerve pain. I have takrn both at night as It made me a little sleepy. Now they have put ultram in same class as opiate & it is not an opiate &;it is not addictive. They want to take our rights to get & make Drs afraid to prescribe medications for problems we have so they will probably make aspirin a schedule 4 drug before it’s over.

7:05 pm January 13th, 2016

I took tramadol and I am starting naltrexone Friday will it affect me

10:16 pm January 29th, 2016

Tramadol is most definitely a narcotic and should be designated as such. It is derived from the opiate poppy and that is definitely a narcotic.

I want to know why this is not designated as a narcotic by the FDA.

8:21 pm February 27th, 2016

I do not use drugs but i have back pain and usually take ibuprofen and the last three months i took one i7 mg hydrocodone and one 50mg tramadol over a wek ago.. will these show up on hair follicle test

7:28 pm April 17th, 2016

I remember when I was horribly addicted in loved the taste as I chewed them up because when I had several on my mouth chewing them up I’d get a numbing affect but the euphoria differed from each time I used them. This was about five years ago so quite awhile ago but I remember the withdrawals like it was yesterday. I didn’t get sick just alota anxiety, panic attacks and severe hallunations and buzzing noise coming from my ears for many days! Finally I got back to myself but my back started bothering me and my neck amount many other things. I’m now on the TRAMADOL again as well as MS continue & percocets x 4 and I hate the TRAMADOL now it’s like YUCK! HOW DID I EVER LIKE THESE OH THEY ALMOST MAKE ME SICK, WELL USED TO ITS A TINY BIT BETTER BUT STILL YUCK TO ME! ? it’s funny how I once upon a time thought I couldn’t do without them & now they are disgusting to me. This feels like a one time incident not addiction Idk now. Because it’s so difficult to take them and I take them only if I need for pain. It’s amazing tho how I used to yuck I don’t even wanna think about five years ago. Funny how things change.

12:36 am May 4th, 2016

I am allergic to Vicodin(hydrocodone) is tramadol an option or would I likely be allergic to that as well?
Thank you.

9:39 pm May 11th, 2016

If you are in real pain tramadol does nothing. Or at least it didn’t help me.

Unfortunately if you’re in a lot of pain you may need a narcotic. But realize that addiction and dependence are two different things. Dependence means that you are taking the drug as prescribed to manage your pain. When you want to quit taking them or if you don’t need them anymore, the doctor should help slowly titrate you.

It’s a shame but in our country it’s almost illegal to get your pain managed. It started with the war on drugs during the Reagan years. Everyone is attacking prescription narcotics now because people are not locking up their drugs so that their kids can’t get into them. ‘Families against narcotics’ is a group that is everywhere. We have three different groups in my small hometown. It makes me so angry because they are protesting against people who need to manage their legitimate pain. And pain doctors are very hard-to-find. Why treat pain if there’s a chance you could lose your license? So people everywhere are suffering when they don’t need to be. I take a hydrocodone compound (made in a compounding pharmacy) so that I don’t get the Tylenol. My insurance doesn’t pay for this but I don’t have a choice because this one works the best for me. I don’t experience any side effects.

10:47 pm June 27th, 2016

After a complete knee replacement which was a complete disaster, the replacement and kneecap moved tearing the main tendon attached to the top of the kneecap. It also tore the tendon attached to the interior length of the kneecap. Thus began a chain reaction which basically destroyed my quadricep. 0rtho had me on Percocet 10/325 for six weeks then switched me to Tram adolescent. Tram adolescent was entirely useless to me providing no pain relief.
I did some research on total knee replacements taking out a quadricep and in a study of 25,000 replacements 0.1%, that’s 0.1% had the same problem I have.

2:41 pm August 7th, 2016

I was on 400mg of tramadol for 6 month before heart surgery please be careful on this I now have a damaged liver and on more tablets to take the pain away.

7:16 am October 21st, 2016

Would tramadol show up as morphine on a urine drug screen

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:51 pm October 27th, 2016

Hi Karen. Tramadol isn’t going to show up on standard drug tests that, but it will show up on a toxicology screening specifically designed for prescription drug detection. So, the test may be false positive to morphine. I suggest that you download our FREE e-book on drug testing where it is detailed explained what causes false positive results, and what to do next:

2:57 pm October 27th, 2016

I have been using Ultram (Tramadol) since it was first available. It may have had a simple extremely mild “euphoric” (such a silly term to use in this case) effect in the first few tablets, but that simple buzz disappears in short order, but the pain relief does NOT. I am a disabled Veteran using the medication for chronic pain. I have gone without the medication when local pharmacies ran out or prescriptions expired and a two week waiting period occurred due to bureaucratic snafu…(not a “one time” occurrence with the VA). I am convinced the other pharmaceutical houses are upset with the fact that Ultram has replaced many opioid combinations as the 1st line of defense in chronic pain treatment by the VA. That is a lot of PROFIT that big Pharma is fighting over and articles like this one only lend credence to their bogus attacks . Anyone who becomes “addicted” to this synthetic derivative of opioids are likely addictive personalities that would, if left to their own devices become addicted to bread. (PS….I was a detail man for Ives Labs (AHP-Ives, Wyeth, and Ayerst) for 5 years)

6:56 pm October 27th, 2016

I have been off and on with Tramadol for the past few years. There is absolutely no addition. I could go off tomorrow and it would not phase me. i have Neuopothy and Arthritis and this is the only med that will help me. But, I do not see anything whatsoever addicting about it.

4:36 am November 10th, 2016

does Tramadol has ibuprofen in it?

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