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How long does codeine stay in your system?

How long does codeine stay in your system?

The body quickly absorbs and metabolizes codeine narcotics.

So for most standard blood or urine screens, codeine will be detectable for 1-2 days.  However, codeine is detectable in hair for longer periods of time.  More here on the length of time codeine stays in your system, plus how you can get addicted to codeine. We invite your questions about codeine in your system at the end.

Main codeine uses

Codeine is used as a pain reliever in cases of mild to moderate pain, and to help relieve coughing when over-the-counter medications aren’t strong enough. Codeine belongs to the opiate class of medications and it alters the brain and nervous system’s response to pain. This psychoactive effect can cause numbing effects in the body and suppress the body’s cough reflex, but it can also cause a euphoric high that people chase when they take codeine to get high.

How do you take codeine?

Codeine comes in tablet, capsule, and solution form. When used for medical reasons, codeine is taken orally. However, codeine can also be abused. Some abusers will drink excessive amounts of codeine cough syrup to try to achieve a euphoric high. Codeine abusers also chew or crush the tablets to release all the medication at once. They may also crush the tablets and either snort them, or dissolve them in water and inject the mixture into the blood. These modes of administration are not recommended, as they increase risk of dependence, overdose and death.

Peak levels and half life of codeine

Codeine starts to take effect quickly. It reaches peak levels in about 30 minutes, at 200 ng/ml. After peak effect, codeine has a half-life of about 3 hours.

Codeine drug testing: How long does codeine stay in the body?

Narcotics like codeine clear the body fairly quickly. Most likely, codeine is detectable only for a couple of days after last use. In general, blood screens for codeine are the least likely way to detect the opiate drug, followed by urine and hair tests.

How long does codeine stay in blood?

Due to its short half-life, codeine doesn’t stay in the blood long-term. In fact, codeine will typically fall beneath detectable levels after a day. Blood tests will probably only be ordered in situations requiring medical treatment for potential overdose or other adverse effects.

How long does codeine stay in hair?

Hair sample testing for codeine is not standard for pre-employment or workplace drug screens and is only usually used to monitor people in drug treatment programs. Still, codeine can be detected in hair for about 90 days. This detection window depends on the length of your hair is and how much codeine you’ve taken in the past. Trace amounts of codeine will be harder to detect than chronic abuse.

How long does codeine stay in urine?

The exact amount of time that codeine is detectable in urine depends on the amount of codeine a person is taking, what formulation of the drug they’re using, and how long they’ve used it. Typically, codeine can be detected in urine for only 1 or 2 days. It can be detectable for slightly longer when someone’s last dose was a very large amount, or if someone has chronically abused codeine.

Codeine and addiction

Codeine is an addictive drug. In fact, codeine can be habit-forming in those who use it to manage long-term pain and those who abuse it intentionally. Codeine abusers experience withdrawal when they don’t have access to the medication and will crave codeine when it is no longer acting in the body. Codeine abusers and addicts are at a greater risk of overdose, as opiate tolerance leads them to taking higher and higher doses of codeine to achieve euphoric effect.

Problems with codeine?

Do you think that you have a problem with codeine? You probably do. If you struggle with codeine addiction, a doctor can refer you to therapies which will help, including medications and psychological treatment. So talk first with your primary physician and seek referral to an addiction specialist to learn more.

Codeine in your system questions

If we still haven’t answered your question(s) about codeine in the system, please leave your question(s) below. We are more than happy to respond to you personally, and will do so as quickly as possible. If we cannot answer your codeine question, we will refer you to someone who can.

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129 Responses to “How long does codeine stay in your system?
10:15 pm April 12th, 2012

i have been taking apotex for about 6 weeks it contains codein 30mg. i have stopped taking meds for 2 weeks now how long will it take to get out off my system?
have done a drug and alchol test and it has shown up positive.2 days ago.

1:14 pm April 17th, 2012

Hi Nick. Codeine can be detected in hair based tests up to 90 days (or more) after use. What kind of drug and alcohol screen are you using? Also, did you have a prescription for the Apotex?

9:39 pm April 17th, 2012

drug test was a urine test sent to a lab for results.

yes i do have a script for the Apotex medication from my gp but can not let testing people know that i was taking it for at least a month or there gp on staff due to a back injury.
because if i did alarm bells would go off and i work in construction i wouuld nt be able to work in that industry again and have a mark against your name.
so i didnt tell them about it now it has shown up twice on my test firm will not take me on.
now i do have a kidney problem which my gp keeps and eye on things acrumen is still in its range of levels.
so how long will it take to get out of my system before i go for another job

3:10 am April 18th, 2012

HI Nick. What a conundrum. Either way, it seems that you are not able to win. I would still suggest that honesty is always the best policy. A prescription or doctor’s note for legitimate pain relief will ensure that any codeine left in your system is accounted for in the next drug screen. So, if you are willing to admit the injury, the drug screen will come back NEGATIVE. Otherwise, for a urine analysis (according to my reading), the codeine should be out of your system by now. Perhaps you can buy a home test and try it out before your next drug screen.

7:03 am July 1st, 2012

My husband is abusing codiene. He has a prescription for it but has been going thought through his way to quickly and then steals mine. Is there a test that can show how much he is taking. He is taking about 5 more pills a day than he is being prescribed. And how far back can they test. I am trying to help him but he lies about it. I need to know if there is any way to prove that he is using more and more each month.

7:44 pm July 1st, 2012

Hello April. I’m sorry to hear about the drug abuse going on in your family. It must be very hard for you to deal with.

Codeine (methylmorphine) is rapidly absorbed and is excreted as unchanged codeine, morphine, and glucuronide conjugates. Initially, you can drug screen your husband using an opiate specific urinalysis test (you’ll have to call a drug testing center and ask for specific information about test name, cost, etc.). In general, the cutoff levels for codeine are around 2000 ng/ml which indicate codeine use. However, HIGH LEVELS OF TOTAL MORPHINE IN URINE (>5000 ng/ml) INDICATE ABUSE of the drug. Once you get the drug test, you can have a lab technician or medical review officer analyze the results and let you know more. You can also report your suspicions to your husband’s prescribing doctor and request that the MD drug test him.

Does this help?

10:27 pm July 3rd, 2012

Hi I took 3 tylenol #3 with codiene on monday and have a drug test thur at 4pm will I be clear from blood and urine on thursday test?

10:28 pm July 3rd, 2012

I took it for pain from a tooth being pulled

5:09 pm July 9th, 2012

Hi Dai. There should be NO PROBLEM if you’ve been prescribed the Tylenol with codeine for dentistry. Just present the Rx at the drug screening office and the Medical Review Officer will interpret [possible] levels of codeine in your urine with expected norms. In fact, the codeine will probably clear your blood totally in time for the blood test. As long are you are taking codeine as prescribed, the drug screen will come back NEGATIVE for inappropriate use/abuse.

5:34 pm September 17th, 2012

I have been taking up to 25mg of codeine a day and if i stop taking that amount how long would it take to leave the urine.

11:18 am September 22nd, 2012

Hi Nick. Codeine can be detected in urine for 1 or 2 days or a few days more for significant, high dose use. To be sure of whether or not codeine has passed through your system, I’d suggest buying a home testing kit for opiates and test over the period of every few days until the test (which is usually a dipstick test and is typically less sensitive than a laboratory test) is clean.

6:15 am October 17th, 2012

i know a guy whos been abusing codeine for about 5 weeks, taking about 20 pills of 15/500 codiene a paracetomol. he has a drug test for blood and urine on friday…he stoped taking them last friday,so is 1 week enough to get it out of his system.he has also been running to sweat it out and drinking lots of water and metamucil.

10:20 am October 17th, 2012

Hi Jane. Yes, one week is probably enough time between use and detection screening for codeine via urinalysis and blood testing.

4:54 am October 18th, 2012

thanks i will pass it on.

1:45 am December 20th, 2012

I have a job interview tomorrow and drug screen but I took my finger in the top of a promathazine with codeine bottle and tasted it, will only a dap on the finger show up

9:59 am December 23rd, 2012

Hi John. Tasting a drop of liquid containing codeine is probably not a large enough amount to show in a drug test. You should be OK. Please let us know how it goes.

Eric rowland
7:43 pm December 24th, 2012

Hey this isn’t an abuse question my wife was prescribed the codeine/phenergan cough syrup for a upper respiratory infection Thursday 12/20/2012 and she stopped taking it that Saturday due to the blurry vision and such that she was having. My question is this it is now Monday 12/24/2012 and her vision is still blurry… Is this normal or is it something we need to worry about.. We did have a glass of wine during the day Thursday, and Friday and she wouldn’t take the med until hours after the wine…

12:27 am December 30th, 2012

i take tylenol 4 4 times a day. ive took them for 2 months once i stop when will my system be clean

10:02 am January 14th, 2013

Hello PCS. Tylenol 4, or Tylenol with codeine, should leave the system within 48 hours of last dose. However, you may experience withdrawal symptoms as it seems likely your body has become dependent on codeine to function properly.

jason hendry
12:00 am January 24th, 2013

ive been taking codeine of and on for 1 year to treat pain for anal absess. I don’t use it every day its more like this. I have a operation and for 2 weeks take it regular like 60ms 2 tablets oraly 2-3 times in 24 hours. then I can go 4-8 weeks just on no painkillers with a occasional bad day (estimate 5-6 days in that time) so I take 30-60mg 1 time on that day.
problem is I seem to be confused, bad reactions for a few days. light headed even after 2 days of taking last tablet. is this normal and is this something that goes away. I am worried about this side effect as I has a large impact on my life currently. I am not addicted to codine and do not use it regular but when I have pain it is excellent at hiding it.

3:29 am February 4th, 2013

I have been prescribed Norco 5 mg/ 325 acetominophen for about 8 months now. It started at 3 times a day and then decreased to two times a day in the last two months. I have been drug screened 4 times and the last three times have come back negative even though I have been taking my medicine as prescribed. My question is this, after taking the codeine for an extended period of time does your body metabolize it and get rid of it faster and is there any medical proof of that? any and all information you can give me is greatly appreciated.

4:53 am February 5th, 2013

I took a swig of cough syrup last night not knowing it contained codeine.Ive never used codeine before. This was about 2 in the morning. Took a drug test for a job about 3 this afternoon and surprise i failed for opiates. I take one more at 8 in the morning. Thats a little over 24 hours. Ive already dtank about a cgallon and a half of water and some green tea. I weigh 135lbs and am 5 ft 11. Will i pass tomorrow you think?

7:08 pm February 7th, 2013

My little guy was prescribed tylenol with codeine to help him sleep better. Doc diagnosed him with croup, although he’s not coughing or having trouble breathing, and his lung sounds are all clear. I have given it to him 2 nights in a row, a very small does-1/2 tsp (he’s one). He was seen today by an ENT d/t re-current ear infections and the ENT wants to put tubes in…tomorrow. Being that the last does of tylenol with codeine he got was last night, if I do not give him any tonight, will it be cleared out of his system by tomorrow morning?

8:21 am February 9th, 2013

Hello Megan. Check with a pharmacist about the answer to this question. But BE SURE to tell the ENT specialist about the codeine BEFORE the procedure for the tubes. I wish you the best! It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot at the moment!!!

8:14 pm February 10th, 2013

hello,my age is 24 yr…i was having cough problem due to that my dr. prescribed Grilinctus_cd cough syrup ,which contain codeine phosphate nd chlorpheniramine maleate .after taking it for 4 5 day, i just realise that on pressing my breast i saw whistist discharge coming out.this is a serious issue??or this happen on taking codein? .shall i concern other dr for this issue?

2:16 pm February 11th, 2013

Hello Natassha. It would probably be best to go in for a doctor’s check. Breast fluid or discharge is not associated with use of codeine, as far as I know.

11:47 pm February 11th, 2013

I was taking Tylenol with cocedine for a really bad tooth ache. I am scheduled to take a urine drug test on Wednesday I was taking the pills all weekend until I was able to go to the dentist on Monday. I took 18 pills in three days 300/30mg. Will it show up in my urine? & should I let them know before I take the test? I don’t want this to keep me from getting this job because I don’t use any other drugs. Please advise!!!!

10:23 am February 12th, 2013

Hi Shannon. Just bring your prescription with you to the testing center. As long as you are taking the medication as prescribed, your test will come back NEGATIVE for abuse, even if codeine is detected in your system.

8:51 am March 1st, 2013

I have been taking co-codamols regularly for many years and realised I was addicted about 5 years ago. This has now been addressed and I stopped taking the tablets the day before yesterday. I haven’t had any for 30 hours. I was taking 4 doses of 8/500 (x2) co-codamols every day. I don’t want to tell the doctor about this and I’m quite confident I can manage this with support from friends and family.
My question is – how long before I stop craving codeine?
I’ve looked online and can’t find an answer and I’d really like to have a milestone to look forward to (similar to people who quit smoking always say the first 3 days are the worst.).
Can you help?
Thank you.

10:48 am March 1st, 2013

Hi Faye. Cravings are a function of the way that opiates like codeine affect reinforced brain circuitry in the pleasure center of the brain (the VGA). Unlike other acute symptoms of codeine withdrawal which resolve in the first week after you stop taking codeine, cravings can be present for weeks to months after you stop using codeine. Cravings are best treated with cognitive behavioral therapies; in effect, changing the way that you think. The best course of action might be to find a therapist in your area who specializes in compulsion related to drug use, and/or seek out self-help programs like SMART Recovery. Does this help?

7:05 pm March 1st, 2013

An recovering addict was around me last night with constricted pupils, and glassy eyes. He seemed anxious and jittery. When I confronted him about his appearance, he later claimed that he still had some prescription cough syrup with codeine and took it 2x that day for a cold. Would codeine cause constricted pupils, or dialited pupils?

4:25 pm March 8th, 2013

If you took 3 teaspoons of codeine without a script (prometh/codeine) 51 days ago and had a hair test in about 10-12 more days,would that be enough to test positive for opiates?


6:58 pm March 14th, 2013

I had a bad headache and no pain reliever in the house so I took 1 tylenol 3. This was a old RX of my son and did not think of it at the time. I took the medication at 8 pm and had to take a drug test the next morning at 9am. I do not take any other medications and only took 1 pill. Will it be enough to go over the cutoff limit for codeine on the drug test.

7:21 pm March 15th, 2013


my husband has been abusing Tabletts with codeine for many years in very high quantities. He now has a fractured bone and the prescribed Endone (1 -2 tablettes every 4 hours, which he also doesn’t adhere to and takes 6 instead) doesn’t work. His doctor knows about his addiction and prescribed additional codeine tabletts. He is still in excrutiating pain.
Is there any way to help with his pain? Akupuncture did not help either.

Many thanks

3:36 am March 30th, 2013

Thanks so much. I’m pleased to say I haven’t had any codeine since my last post and I’m no longer suffering cravings. I’m very confident I won’t be returning to my addiction. For anyone else who is in a similar situation, I found that the cravings were no longer distracting me from about day 6 or 7.
Now to tackle the nicotine addiction!
Thank you

3:50 pm April 8th, 2013

My friend and I thought mixing codeine with juice would be a good idea to have a good time…… I drank it two days ago and ever since i drank it i have felt awful, I have bad headaches, nauseous, always sleepy,and loss of appetite…… I’m a little nervous and not sure what to do….. this is my first time drinking it

5:32 am April 9th, 2013

Hi Sean. The effects of codeine don’t usually last longer than 12 hours, tops. However, check in with a doctor to report what happened, or to diagnose possible other illness.

3:55 pm April 15th, 2013

I took about 2 teaspoons of acetaminophen/codeine las night and have a drug test that expires tommorrow, however the medicine is expired for about 10 mnths now. Will this substance show up in my drug test?

6:42 pm April 21st, 2013

How does codeine enter the body please tell me

11:49 am June 8th, 2013

How do I get codeine out my system so that I can go for another test as I failed the first one and how long after the 1 st test do n need to do the next one
Regards Willem

8:44 am July 13th, 2013

I have been using codeine about 5 yrs, have had a lot of problems with pain. & now I have become addicted & have attempted to stop many times.Average dose is about 600mg / day. got caught with awork urine test & have been stood down.I now have to provide a clean sample before I can return. Cut off is 2000ng/ml . I have been reducing a lot , but only sleep 2 hrs a night & have very bad restlesslegs, chills etc.Need to know the how many mg would it have to rejoice to to be below that???

6:17 am July 26th, 2013

I took 2tsp of codeine 2 days before shaved hair drug test. hair was 1/2 inch long drinking lots of water and lots of blueberry strawberry mango smoothies full blender added 2tsp sugar drank all two times daily sweating alot. Will opiates still show in hair shaved drug test?

1:03 pm July 27th, 2013

Hi. I am a long term MXL (slow release morphine sulphate) user. I have been on MXL maintenance for about 4 years as an alternative to Methadone. My last two urine samples have come back positive for codeine but I haven’t knowingly taken ANY medication containing codeine. How could it have shown up in my sample??
Any help appreciated.
P.S I am not lying to my support workers. If I had taken any illicit substance or substance I don’t get a prescription for I would tell them. I am only taking MXL. Nothing else.

9:55 pm August 1st, 2013

i took some promethazine w/ codeine that was prescribed to my dad on the 24th of july and i have a drug test (hair) tomorrow would I be ok for the drug test? thanks

7:44 pm August 4th, 2013


I have lived out of the country for 8 years and just recently moved back to Las Vegas for work. I was living in the Dominican republic and codeine is available over the counter. (I have had numerous back surgeries L4/L5 fusion etc) As far as I can remember I haven’t taken any codeine since the end of May, and during the entire month of May took no more than 10 30mg pills. I have a hair drug test coming up on Aug. 16th. My hair is roughly about a 1/2 inch long. All of the stuff I have read on the internet tells me theoretically they can only “see” back about one month with hair so short. I am not sure how my future employer will react if I have taken codeine for pain. my wife is still down in the Dominican republic and is going to send me a copy for a prescription just to be safe….any advice would be greatly appreciated….



Cassie Foyer
4:28 am August 9th, 2013

I had a drug screen today and it came back positive for opiates. On Monday night I drank about 800mg of Tylenol with codein… anyway its Thurs and I had the screen. And they are sending it off to be annualized to see the level in my urine. I lied and said that I was giving it to my son and some got on my tongue while trying to convince him to take it.

My question is… i took it Monday and it’s Thurs since its been 2 & a half days since I took it… will my level still b high enough for them to tell since it has been this long?????? Please help … if it is high then I get kicked off my program and I really don’t want that??? Please help!!!

Thank you

5:00 pm August 27th, 2013

Hello, I took 1 Tylenol with 8mg of codeine on Saturday for knee pain, had a test Monday.it came back positive and was sent to a lab.i have not taken any for about 5 weeks prior to this Saturday, will it show up under the 2000 cut off. Thanks

5:19 pm October 2nd, 2013

Without thinking, I took tylenol with codeine this morning for cramps, I was drug tested for a new job about an hour and a half later. Will opiates show up on the drug test that soon after taking it? I do not take it regularly and it was taken on an empty stomach. It was16mg of codeine.

3:50 pm October 8th, 2013

I have been on vicodin for over 20years for fibromyalgia. I have no insurance and wanted to know if there was a way to wean off it using herbs? Any information on how to get off this medication would be extremely helpful. Thank you.

4:07 pm October 8th, 2013

I only was stupid enough to try codeine twice and I have absolutely no desire to do it again to get that straight, but I took about 120-150mg on Sunday at 5 and then went on and had an enjoyable time but then yesterday morning at about 7:30 am I decided it would be fun to do again and that I thought the more the Better! I was taking pure codeine so it had no Tylenol etc, but I took about 330 mg without thinking resulting in an absolute and enjoyable high until a few hours in.. I realized I needed to attend school and that my puils were about the size of a pencil lead! I ended up eventually going and made it through about 30 minutes before having to run out of the classroom and puke into the hallway garbage I was fortunately not caught and allowed home after a short period of waiting where I felt very scared and traumatized as the assistant principal called me over and was starting to catch on, as I was on a mind altering drug this “tripped me out and I ended up running to my locker grabbing my things and leaving as soon as the principal had dismissed me, it seemed like the hallway was full of people who knew what had happened and I was scared. I got on the bus after what in this altered state felt like an eternity. I proceeded to throw up on the bus only minutes later and cleaned that up, I then got off at the corner store near my house which I went to to buy myself a ginger ale. ( this was about 4 hours after I originally took it and while I waited to buy it I puked outside the store, I bought the ginger ale and skateboarded home with nothing left in my stomach, I drank the ginger ale while I sat in the noon sun and almost fell asleep, as codeine will do. I threw up the ginger ale about five minutes later and went to bed for the rest of the day puking twice more when my mom arrived home, i since then slept from 3- 7 am only waking to puke those two times, I got up this morning and as soon as I stood up I puked and proceeded to do the same after standing twice in a row. I haven’t puked since, (for about 2 hours ) and finally have kept down a ginger ale and some chicken broth. How long will these effects last and how dangerous was this for me to do? I never plan on doing it again but I do want to learn from it and wonder when I will no longer have it in my bloodstream and begin to feel better.

4:07 am November 2nd, 2013

I go to this school where they drug test me & and im on probation so they tell my p.o if i come up dirty. I am going to drink lean this saturday . will it show up if i get drug tested on monday morning?? its a urine test that gets sent to the lab. answer asap please.

5:01 am November 15th, 2013

I took a Tylenol 3 early tues around 4am nd had a oral test done on thursday about 3pm will it show up…i chew tobacco and ingested two gatorades 24oz..

1:35 pm November 15th, 2013

Hi I’ve been on Tuscosed linctus for roughly a week. I did not stick to the recommended dosage and drank large amounts everyday. Eventually i became dependent on the euphoric feeling and took liquid codeine everyday since i did not want to come off of that “good” feeling. The next day when i was coming down, i noticed i had severe tremors (internal and external) lightheadedness and dizzy spells, paranoia, weakness, sleep problems, terrible anxiety, nervousness, depression, chest congestion, hallucinations, feeling like im going crazy, stomach cramps, nausea, confused thoughts, head aches, muscle spasms. Its two weeks since i stopped taking codeine linctus and feeling better than i was a week ago, but still have some dizziness with chest congestion and mild tremors. Could i have been going through withdrawals from codeine? Should i still see a doctor? Thanks.

1:45 pm November 15th, 2013

Hello Yolande. It’s difficult to tell. I’d suggest that you record your symptoms on a calendar (time, symptom, intensity, duration, etc.) and schedule an appointment with a doctor. Best of luck to you.

11:15 pm November 15th, 2013

Thanks alot. I am going to see a doctor.

11:39 am November 22nd, 2013

Good day. Please I would like to know how long it will take codine to clear out of the urine for someone that takes cough syrup containing codine on a daily basis for six weeks. I learnt codine clears from the urine quickly. But for someone takes codine regularly for six weeks. That is for a chronic user. How long will it take codine to clear from the urine. Thank you. Pls answer is needed urgently. Thank you and best regards

Michele Houston
6:13 am December 1st, 2013

I’m in shock. I’ve gotten 2 false negatives for morphine, blood tests. Yet a week after 1 test I had surgery & was tested in the morning & it was positive. The other 2 tests, 1 was about 3:30 & the other 10:00 p.m. I take 60mg morphine as soon as I wake each morning for the last 19 months because of severe abdominal pain. So now I’ve been fired. I have to drink a lot of water because I have to take a drug urine test every month I go there, could that be flushing the morphine out of my system??? I take 1-2 tablets each day for approximately 2 years. Shouldn’t morphine be in my bloodstream at all times???? I’m not like the people that get their scripts & sell them. I need my painkillers. I’ve never sold or given one away since becoming a pain patient in 2007. This is impossible isn’t it????


7:59 pm December 2nd, 2013

I have been taking codine everyday for six weeks. Please I will like to know how long it will take before the drug clears out of my urine for a drug test. I will be very grateful if my question is answered quickly. Thank you

Michael Borland
5:27 pm December 23rd, 2013

after tacking 10 ml. of codeine-guaiFENesin(cheratussin) oral Liqd. for 5 days.1 time at bed time. on the next day could there be any side affects like tired ness or you just siting there and just drop of to sleep for a few min. or any other side affects. Am also using prinivil. 1 time per day 10 mg. Thank. you for your answer.

4:31 pm January 14th, 2014

Took one and half tyneol with codeine Monday night and have drug test Wednesday mid morning just wondering if I’ll pass a urine drug test. They were tyneol 3.

shirley Ayres
9:58 pm January 14th, 2014

I have been prescribed codiene linctus 200ml to take 4 times a day because i have a violent cough and am wretching pulling all my stomach i took two teaspoons yesterday and 4 today but it doesnt seem to be helping im not sure why

12:15 am January 17th, 2014

should i of been prescribed codeine while i was 8 months pregnant. as i took them but should of the doctor prescibed me them. also if drug tested can the tester tell weather it is codeine or heroine

1:22 am January 25th, 2014

I had to have a medical for a cruise ship job. I travelled on the overnight coach and was given a co codamol table by my grandmother around 4 hours prior to my medical as I had severe stomach cramps. I was unaware that Co codamol has a product that will show up in a urine drugs test. I only took one tablet, what is the likely hood that it will show up and how how long would it be in my system for.
Thank you

3:47 pm January 25th, 2014

I took one co codamol for stomach cramps about 4 hours before I had a medical. I had no idea that co codamol could show a positive result in a urine drugs test, I just thought it was a pain killer. Will it definitely show up. I do not normally take this prescribed drug and only took one. Also how long will it be in my system for in case I have to repeat the urine test.
Thank you.

12:57 am February 13th, 2014

I took 1 Tylenol 3 with codeine pill in Sunday evening to treat a migraine. I don’t use any other prescription drugs or and kind of drugs. It was 1 pill 1 time. I gave a urine specimen on Wednesday for a pre-employment drug screening. Will I test positive? I’m really worried.

8:58 pm February 14th, 2014

I took two co codamol tablets 5 days ago and had urine test today for work will i fail this?

2:57 pm February 27th, 2014

Have over 2000mg of codeine in my system have a drug test in 2 days (urine) been off pills for a week will the codeine still be in my system.

6:55 am March 3rd, 2014

I take about two bottles of couh syrup containin codiene every two weeks, my last dose was two bottles two dats ago, how long will it be detectable in a dru test

Codiene bro
4:18 am April 7th, 2014

Will 5 ounces of codeine test positive after 4-5 hours after dose? I’m 170 weigh 5″11 hight

7:32 pm April 10th, 2014

I took 1 tylenol3 on Sunday about 3pm and took a drug test for truck driving Monday at 5:15pm, that was the first time in years that I had that will it show up and cause me to fail the drug test.

7:43 am May 19th, 2014

Do a 25 mg promethazine pill have codine in it and will it show up on a drug test

8:25 pm May 22nd, 2014

I drank a half ounce of high tech promo with codine diluted in 12 oz of sprite last night. When i woke up this morning i drank about 2 gallons of water. Will i gail a codine yest later to day around 530? Im 6’2″ and 175 lbs

Geraldine Doherty
4:04 pm June 10th, 2014

I am having to take 30mg of codeine four times per day to thicken the contents of my colostomy bag. I had my op in February. I have noticed that my hair is thinning. Is this due to me taking codeine. Once I have my reversal in July would this thinning stop?

8:10 pm June 10th, 2014

Ive only been having codeine for about a month now can i just come off them without having any problems like i said ive only had them for 1 month please reply to my message

11:35 am June 27th, 2014

I am taking tylonol and codene for an injury as pain medicine. Today I am having symptoms of the stomach flu. I took one tablet of codene and threw up within 30 seconds. Is it safe to take another one? Is it out of my system or not? Please let me know because I am in a great deal of pain.

7:57 am June 30th, 2014

Hello Alex. Perhaps your stomach is upset for some other reasons. Maybe the symptoms you are getting are, in fact, stomach flu. It is possible even if you take another pill, to throw up again. Since you are in a great deal of pain, you should consider talking to your pharmacist or a doctor.

8:21 pm July 4th, 2014

Hi, I do take co-codamol if I have a nighttime pain only as it definitely aids relaxation and therefore helps me sleep. This may happen 3 nights a week for 2 weeks (just 2 500/8 ), then I don’t take it for a month perhaps. Do I have a problem?(no day time use) There’s no doubt that if I have night time pain I see it as a positive benefit. It helps ease the pain and the anxiety about not getting enough sleep to drive to work (that’s what makes me want to check am I psychologically dependent on its calming effects at night ) hope that makes sense

9:49 am July 8th, 2014

Hi I took two cocdmol 30:500, 4hrs before I was told from my work there is a man coming today to do a drug test. He arrive and set up his test kit in the man’s bathroom. This was so horrible as there were people all in the lobby next to the loo. He said that only one red line came up and said this means a none negative. do he sent to lab now wait 3-4 days I told him about coocdmol.

Can they tell that it was the coocdmol 30/500 I took 4hr before the test? I was told it takes 3 days to find out…I take them as I am waiting to get knew knee op!!


12:54 am July 31st, 2014

Hello, I have smoked 3 cigarettes dipped in Codiene Syrup and have a urine test that will be sent to the lab on the 14th, will it be out of my system?

8:57 pm August 13th, 2014

I got prescribed Tylenol with codeine and ive also been prescribed promethazine 25 milligrams. I know that mixed this makes lean which gets u high. If I take them as prescribed will the two together gwt me high?

1:49 am August 16th, 2014

I had knee surgery and was given Tylenol 3 with codeine. It has made me very sick to my stomach. Even after I stopped the medication I am still very nauseated. It has been 3 days since I stopped the medication and I’m just dealing with the pain.

8:02 am August 16th, 2014

I had eaten three doze of Tylenol together without any kind of problem 13:36
wht are the results I have to suffer

7:25 am August 20th, 2014

I’m getting a general sort of blood test in 2 days to test things like liver function etc (I’m not sure exactly what tests are being performed). I’ve also been taking codeine (300-400mg/day) for the past 3-4 weeks. I’m just wondering if that is likely to affect the results in any way. I’m not being screened for drugs, it’s just sort of an overall check I think. Thanks for any response (not expecting one as I see the last ones were over 2 years ago!).

9:30 pm August 20th, 2014

I had a work comp urine test opiates in my system should so up opiates supossedly but ran out 2 days before I took the test no opiates I can’t get pain medicine for 5 back surgery and back pain no more. was taking 2 Tylenol 4 3 times a day so how long would codeine be in my urine if I ran out 2 days before my test.Plus I took a butran patch of that day but I sweat a lot so why didn’t that show up

1:45 am August 31st, 2014

My husband gets 180 tylenol 3 a mo and is out by 2 weeks averages 9 to 10 a day I’m worried he maybe hooked on them???

11:18 am August 31st, 2014

I have been taking cough syrups, spasmo proximon(blue capsule) and nitrazepam 10 mg since last one year and I have used all of them regular 2 times a day and always overdose them. now i have stopped taking meds form last 2 days. NOW tell me that the side effects of all these medicals… And how long will it take to get out off my body.. M Fedup from this itching, continuous sweating and it also take time while peeing..

1:32 am September 1st, 2014

Hi, I have in the last few months realised my girlfriend has a codiene addiction. Everyday she uses a different chemist to buy either panadeine fort , iborprofine plus or anything else she can get her hands on. She takes a minimum of 40 tablets a day and it’s scaring the hell out of me. I’ve spoken to her about this when I realised a consistent routine when we’re near a chemist. She told me she would stop but she hasn’t. I want to know can she stop cold turkey or if she needs weening of this drug. I don’t know how to help her. I’ve given all our surrounding chemists a heads up on her addiction and some of them are willing to stop selling it to her. Will she become aggressive if she doesn’t get her daily fix. Are there things I should look out for when and if I can get her off these. Any help is much appreciated

1:49 pm September 2nd, 2014

I have been taking cough syrups, spasmo proximon(blue capsule) and nitrazepam 10 mg since last one year and I have used all of them regular 2 times a day and always overdose them. now i have stopped taking meds form last 2 days. NOW tell me that the side effects of all these medicals… And how long will it take to get out off my body.. M Fedup from this itching, continuous sweating and it also take time while peeing..

3:47 am September 10th, 2014

I have chronic pain and diagnosed w Fibermyalgia. Through my PCP I have been prescribed Hydrocodone 5/325 for a little more than a year. Now w FDA madates for triplcate forms for prescription, my PCP is swtching all his Hydrcodone patients to either Tramodol or Tylenol w Codine IV (300/60) I went over my concerns with both my PCP and my Phamacist wanting to know the ratio between the two. My dosage remains the same 1-2 tabs every 6 hours as needed. My PCP says up to 3x/day and my Pharmacist says I can go as much as 4x/day as long as they are spced out accordingly. I really need to know that if I am now taking 60 mg per dose instead of 5, will this be a staight conversion (60/5=12x as much codeine)?????? I had a really hard time coming off of Tyl w Codeine 30 yours ago after having my daughter. I didn’t even know Hydrocodone contained any type of codeine dervitives until 2004 when I broke my leg. Darvacet had worked wonders for me even better than the Hydrcodone, but now that’s been discontinued. Thank you for any help you can give!

4:09 am September 10th, 2014

Today I smoked one hit of a lean blunt because my friend didn’t tell me but any way how long does it take for it to be out my system

4:13 pm September 11th, 2014

Hi I am a CoD addict I went to doc n am now takin burnorphine evday at chemist my worry is my hubby is addicted to dihydrocodiene around 35-40 30mg tablets a day he can’t stop them as he’s try’ed n he was so ill upset n in pain how can I help him!? Thanks

11:23 pm September 15th, 2014

Hi I took an ounce of syrup (promethazine w/codene) on Monday. How long would I have to wait inorder to pass a hair follicle test?

12:47 pm September 25th, 2014

I took tramadol plus codeine 3days ago will it still show up in a urine test only one pill

10:32 pm October 3rd, 2014

Hi, I am addictive to codiene phosphate and have been for 3 years now I’m 24 and a female and I take a really high dose everyday I take
About 15 to 20 tablets of plain codiene phosphate not co codomol a day each tablet is 30 mg so that a lot of mg! .. I’ve always been lucky I gess and not really done any harm to myself with taking this much bit I think I’ve developed a tolerance to it and my body can take it. My question is I’m thinking of stopping now can you please tell me how long 20 tablets of codiene phosphate 30mg would take to get out of your system you no to stop effecting me like cleared out of my kidneys out of my brain just completey out of my system how many days or hours please… It’s not for a drug test it’s just for me so I no how long that much stays in your system .. Thankyou :)

5:12 pm October 15th, 2014

I took 2 teaspoons of cough syrup with codiene in it. I am not prescribed it. I took it about10pm on night and had a urine test at 12:30 pm the next day. Should I be worried or should I be clear?

10:41 am October 19th, 2014

I took Tylenol codine a immediately threw up. Is it not in my system anymore and should I take another for my severe cramps?

2:48 pm October 21st, 2014

Hi Kaitlin. How immediatley did you throw up? You know, meds are quickley dissolved and absorbed into the bloodstream. If you are sure you threw it up then you can take another one.

5:41 pm October 21st, 2014

I took one Tylenol with codeine 300 mg and I failed a pre-employment utube test. They might just make me take it again how long does it stay on ur system for a urine test?

Michelle lieb
12:02 am November 6th, 2014

my friend goes to the pain clinic n her drug test keeps coming back positive for codeine n she doesn’t take anything with that in it?????

7:26 pm November 10th, 2014

I took tylenol on Friday…I have a urine send out on Monday will it show up

6:27 am November 13th, 2014

Does taking codeine in tablets with ibuprophen or paracetamol in it in amount of 12.5 mg or less for long periods of time to treat a long term condition cause an addiction? Can taking other painkillers such as paracetamol enforce dependence on codeine?

5:06 pm November 19th, 2014

I have been taking t3 for the last 2 mo. And I am 37 wks pregnant. It’s all prescriptions that was given but today my doc said child services could get involved. If I stop taking them now what would be the risk that would happen? Could it happen even though they’ve been prescribed?

11:25 pm November 28th, 2014

Like any opiate, if you continue taking codeine few times daily for couple of weeks, it can be detectable much longer than a day or so> As codeine breaks down into morphine, the more you take it, the longer morphine stays in the system, allowing for short acting agents like codeine, to have therapeutic effects once the body has a stable amount of morphine continously in the body.
Problems with codeine isn’t that it is a strong opiate(rather weak) The problems occur when one has taking it for a long time, allowing the morphine to build up, causing problems with the intestinal track, along with cough suppressant activities, that are suppresed while taking codeine. once you get off, they go into excitatory mode, unleashing severe diarrhea, cough, flu like symptoms one can experience when going through morphine withdrawal.

11:13 am December 3rd, 2014

Hi i am very worried because i have been taking paracetamol+codeine (500+8mg) pills for my toothache and i am breastfeeding at the same time. I only take one pill each night and have only done this twice.

My baby is 7weeks old, is he at risk or am i paranoid???

Kind regards


2:54 am December 27th, 2014

Hi, i have severe pneumonia and bruised ribs and i have been prescribed panadeine forte for ten days, 30mg codeine, a total of 40 tablets. I took my last tablet last night and do not want anymore. I had about 4 tablets a day but was prescribed 8. My coughing has been ongoing for 6 weeks and this bruised my ribs 2 weeks ago. Do i expect withdrawals now after ten days of use. What should i expect. Im not addicted and will not get another prescription although im still in permanent pain from my ribs and now think ive pulled a stomach muscle. Whenever i cough, i feel like a balloon is popping in my stomach. Thanks for any advice.

12:26 pm December 29th, 2014

Hi Amanda. You have no reason to worry for dependence or withdrawal. But, visit the doctor again and ask for help with your pneumonia. You shouldn’t leave this condition untreated and you may need to spend some time in the hospital to fully recover.

12:46 pm December 29th, 2014

How many nanograms are in 2 tea spoons of promethazyne codeine cough syrup?

5:38 pm December 31st, 2014

Need some feedback on urine test: Last Thur took 2 (V 36 05 “Vicodin”), Fri took 4 Vicodin, Sat took 4 Vicodin and Sun took 2 Vicodin and 90ML of Promethazine VC with Codeine. Last drug consumed was Sun at 4PM. I have not drank in over a year and the last time I ‘played’ with RX’s was over a year. I just came across these, had a bad cold and helped myself. I have a urine test this coming Fri (5 full days since last use). I am healthy, eat well, etc….Will the hydrocodone and codeine be detectable? Also, are home tests (Walgreens, etc) fairly accurate? Thanks in advance for any feedback

Barbara Roberts
7:16 pm January 2nd, 2015

I was prescribed with bronchitis and, along with an antibiotic, was given cough medicine with codeine in it. It made me feel dizzy, of-balance and “drugged”. How long will this stay in my system? I took it last to sleep on Wednesday evening and have not had anymore since then., Still feeling weak, but want it out of my system.


1:30 pm January 11th, 2015

Please help, I had knee surgery about two years ago and since been trying to return to full fitness, I take between 6-12 8mg/500mg per day codeine and paracetamol. As I said I’ve taken these for 2 years and stopped on Sunday evening, I have since had a urine test for a new job on the Friday. Will this codeine/paracetamol usage show up? I’m terrified it will and I’ll not get my dream job!

10:18 pm January 12th, 2015

I took co codamol at noon it’s now 830 pm am I safe to have a couple of wines?

11:40 pm January 16th, 2015

I’ve been on suboxone for about five months I’m prescribed 16 mg daily I probably take about 12 mg a day..this morning I took my regular meds but not my subs because my mom had 300mg tylenol with 30mg codeine so I took 2 of them at about 11am then about 12pm I took 4 more, I don’t feel good at all I actually feel awful. …please someone answer me and let me know when I can take my suboxone? ???

2:13 pm January 20th, 2015

Again not an addiction question, just that the Dr prescribed paracetamol/codeine to be taken with anti-inflammatory medication. However I do not want to take the paracetamol/codeine more than 3 days as do not want to risk addiction. So how long should I leave between each 3 day course of the paracetamol/codeine tablets?

3:38 pm January 20th, 2015

Hi Mandy. You can call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 and tell the poison expert about your situation. I’m sure you’ll be able to get a valid and safe answer to your question.

12:37 am January 28th, 2015

When drinking Promethazine with codiene on a daily basis do it work effectively to fight a cold or do you get a cold at all?

4:52 pm January 30th, 2015

I went to my pain Dr today and they drug tested me to test my levels. I am prescribed 4 a day but I took 6 that day because it was a bad inflammation day. I took the drug test 12 hours later. Am I going to get in trouble for my levels? How does that work?

Muriele thomas
3:11 pm February 3rd, 2015

Does codeine long use thin the hair

2:00 am February 7th, 2015

Good evening-
I have taken 2 fiorecet with codein earlier around noon. I’ve had a problem with pain pills and have been given suboxen to take. Is it ok to take an 8mg strip of suboxen tonight or should I wait for tomorrow. I’m already feeling some withdrawal including diarrhea. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

11:58 am February 9th, 2015

Hi Dean. Have you seen a doctor before attempting to detox? If not, I’d advise you to do so. Or at least discus it with a pharmacist, they can give you guidance and maybe some over-the-counter meds to help you deal with symptoms of withdrawal.

12:50 pm February 10th, 2015

hi myself sonu .i am using neurofine from last 5 years and now i feel like its not worth it .i want my life back i am a responsible husband ,father, son and this drug rueing my life .please help me i am very desperate.i am ready for detox step by step.thanks
yours obediently

9:00 pm March 7th, 2015

2 ounce of codeine everyday for 4 days how long will it take to get out urine….. im 5″7 135

5:32 pm March 8th, 2015

My son’s mother took a H.F. Test. She had abused alcohol throughout our son’s pregnancy. She manipulated the Hospital into NOT having his Meconium tested for Alcohol. Furthermore, has not been taking her ordered EtG tests. She was prescribed Tylenol 3 on 12-28-14′ (30 tabs), then went back for 10 more tabs on 1-1-15. She took this H.F. Test on 2-9-15. However, the cut-off is 200mg. Her level for Positive was 463. If she had stopped using this drug(s) it would have tapered down; the research I have done shows she was doing one of two things; using heroin or morphine. There is no possible way she was using any prescription drugs with opiate past 1-1-15. I have the prescriptions list. to the date of 2-9-15. How in God’s name would that level be so extremely high if she were not using morphine or heroin? There could be no other way. My son is extremely ill. She has him, is abusing drugs, and I need to get mys on out of her care. I just don’t know what to do right now & know this is impossible (463mg number w/ 200mg cut-off) for Opiates.

There is not even enough Codeine in Tylenol 3 to provide this 463mg amount in the test on 2-9 all the way back from 1-1… I am “thinking” about a medical officer review, but do not feel I need to even pay for one. I feel I have done enough research to prove heroin usage otherwise. But, do need cold hard facts!

Thank you!

1:52 am March 15th, 2015

i swallowed about 60 ml of cheratussin (has codeine in it of course) on friday. i have a drug test on wednesday. it should be out of my system by then right?

7:30 am March 17th, 2015

I was involved in a work injury had to do a urine and hair sample drug screen per company policy. Because of previous surgeries I was taking 10/325mg hydrocodone and it was in my personal medical file,so no matter What I was going to test positive. The Question is that 45 days prior to the incident I took two tylenol 3′s to hold me overnight until I got my new script so I am wondering how long does the codeine stay in my system?

11:32 pm March 20th, 2015

i took 13 tylenol 3′s with codeine, how long will it take to get out of my system

5:54 am March 22nd, 2015

I had a codral pill on friday 8 pm. Now i reslize that it got a codeine. Pill was day time one.. i will have my blood test tomorrow about drugs. Will it be still in my system. The time will be about 52 hours since i took the pill till my blood test? Thanks

Robert Love
1:07 am March 26th, 2015

Hi, I suffer from bad migraines but due to the sport I compete in I get regular drug tests done under WADA rules and regulations so there for I very rarely take anything for other than ibuprofen. But this migraine i have just had was that bad I had to take two 30/500 cocodomol tablets, how long will it take to leave my system for a urine test

11:30 am March 29th, 2015

I have been taking codeine for many years but have recently stopped now going on 5 days. Is the codeine out of my system? I have decided to use health treatments instead and would like to know whether the continued pain is due to the codeine.

Nina Jagne
12:31 pm March 30th, 2015

I have been taking codeine for 3 years for pain but now I feel I need to come off and find my real pain compared to codeine pain. I have been on 30/500 off and on but always tried to stay on lowest dose possible. I would like to know how long before the brain returns to normal after withdrawel.

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