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How long does hydrocodone withdrawal last?

How long does hydrocodone withdrawal last?

Thinking about quitting hydrocodone?

Developing a dependence on hydrocodone is common and even expected by doctors.  Why is cutting back so difficult? What happens when you stop taking hydrocodone?  Hydrocodone affects the central nervous system and smooth muscle tissue and can changes the way we perceive pain and might induce a change in mood.  But this action, while efficient, can also cause us to experience withdrawal symptoms when we quit or cut back.

General onset of withdrawal symptoms occurs within a few hours after hydrocodone effects wear off. But is you’re asking, “Hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms – how long?” know this: the length of time until withdrawal stops can vary from weeks to months later. More here about how long hydrocodone withdrawal lasts. And we invite your questions about hydrocodone withdrawal at the end.

How long until hydrocodone withdrawal starts?

Once you have decided to stop taking hydrocodone, withdrawal symptoms can start as early as a few hours after the effect of hydrocodone has worn off. The most common symptoms of withdrawal from hydrocodone include:

  • cold sweat and chills
  • diarrhea
  • drug craving
  • irritability
  • sleep disturbances
  • mental swings

How long do hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms last?

Hydrocodone withdrawal usually peaks around 72 hours after last dose and resolve within 7-10 days after last use. Symptoms of hydrocodone withdrawal can last anywhere between a few days to several months after you last take hydrocodone. The harsher, acute effects of withdrawal should resolve within about a week after last dose. However, people have reported insomnia, mood swings, and drug cravings long after hydrocodone detox has occurred.

Hydrocodone withdrawal timeline

As mentioned earlier, hydrocodone affects people differently. Symptoms of withdrawing from hydrocodone will change from person to person. But in general, if you taking hydrocodone for medical reasons in doses as prescribed, symptoms of withdrawal tend to be less intense than someone abusing the medication or taking higher doses than prescribed. Note also that it can take days to weeks to completely remove hydrocodone from the system. It is important to note that because hydrocodone is an opioid, withdrawal symptoms can be delayed. Therefore, it may take several weeks to months to no longer feel the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

24-72 hours hydrocodone withdrawal – General onset of symptoms can manifest shortly after the drug has worn off and linger for up to a few months after the medication is totally out of the system. It is during this time and especially during the first 72 hours that withdrawal symptoms peaks, which include: mood changes, sweats, diarrhea, extreme drowsiness, stomach pains, and abnormal skin sensations as well as possible respiratory depression.

Week 1 hydrocodone withdrawal – In the first week after stopping hydrocodone, symptoms of withdrawal tend to be the worst. Symptoms from the first onset diminish a bit and even out. However, during this phase of withdrawal symptoms can include continued irritability, waves of intense craving, depression, and exhaustion.

Week 2 hydrocodone withdrawal – After the first couple of weeks of stopping hydrocodone, protracted withdrawal symptoms may arise. Symptoms such as diarrhea, mood swing, irritation, insomnia, muscle cramps and back aches can surface during this phase of withdrawal from hydrocodone.

Weeks 3-4 hydrocodone withdrawal – During this stage of withdrawal, waves of cravings and psychological dependence are still persistent.

PAWS for hydrocodone –  Post-Acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is a set of symptoms that occur right after you stop taking hydrocodone and can last several months afterwards. Sleeping disturbance, irritability, and mood swings are typical of hydrocodone use and these symptoms can linger for weeks to months after your last dose of hydrocodone. Additionally, cravings for the drug can linger longer after you have stopped taking Hydrocodone. People suffering from hydrocodone addiction are encouraged to seek help in order to prevent relapse.

Hydrocodone withdrawal: how long?

Hydrocodone affects each person differently depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking hydrocodone. In other words, each withdrawal period is unique to the person taking hydrocodone. Additionally, various health concerns need to be taken into considration during hydrocodone detox. This is why experts always recommend medical supervision during any chemical or drug withdrawal.

How long hydrocodone withdrawal questions

Did we answer your question(s) about hydrocodone withdrawal here? If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from Hydrocodone please ask. We do our best to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

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j goode
5:23 am January 1st, 2013

i have been snorting for years lortab, norco stop one week tomorrow just taking them by mouth. less then half what i usually take. my whole left side of my brain from my eyes past my back of my ears is a constant pain and pressure is this a withdrawl? Been taking ib 800 and headache pills no relief.

9:47 am January 14th, 2013

Hello j goode. Hmmm. Headaches can be indicators of many different conditions. Not restricted to withdrawal. It’s possible that the high doses of Lortab and Norco were blocking this pain for some time. I’d suggest that you consult with your family doctor first and then seek a referral to a diagnostic service, neurologist, or pain medicine specialist, if necessary. It’s important to diagnose strong headaches because it is a sign of real body stress.

C Pain
5:59 pm January 28th, 2013

I had a Total Knee Replacement 3 1/2 months ago. I was taking 2 pills every 4 hours for about 2 1/2 months. Then I tapered down to 2 every 6 hours for a couple weeks and for the past week I have been taking 1 pill at 10am and 2 pills at 8:30pm. The pills are 7.5 hydrocodone and 235 acetaminophen. A couple weeks ago, I tried going off them cold turkey and had very annoying restless knee symptoms and was just generally very irritable. I couldn’t sleep and so I took 2 in the middle of the night and a couple hours later was able to fall to sleep. Should I just quit taking the 3 a day or should I taper down to 2 and then 1 and then zero? It seems like my knee starts getting wiggly about 10 or 11am and seems to stop acting up after I have taken 1 tablet. Thanks for your advice.

2:27 pm January 29th, 2013

Hello C Pain. Tapering is always best when trying to stop taking opioids. Ask your prescribing doctor for a schedule, or consult with a pharmacist. The daily doses are tricky – 10% a day decrease, never more than 50% at once. But over the course of 2-3 weeks, you’ll have almost no hydrocodone in your system, making the transition to cold turkey 0 hydrocodone much, much easier.

3:18 am February 15th, 2013

I have been taking hydrocone 5/500 daily for 15 months. Ranging from one to 6 pills a day. I have averaged 3 day for the last two months, then went to 2 pills a day for 3 days, so Monday took 3 pills and then had to drop to 1/2 a pill a day on Tuesday bc I am about to run out and will NOT get a refill as i am tired of living this way. So Tues/Wed/Thurs (today) have only had a 1/2 pill. Only have one pill left, so will take 1/2 pill on Friday and then a half on Saturday. On Wednesday morning, I started to have chills and tearing of the eyes, hot flashes, then cold, and my legs hurt. Started coughing a lot last night. Called in sick to work today. However, my son recently had the same flu symptoms(within the past week) so I am wondering if i am truly experience withdrawal symptoms or am sick. Given my length of time and dosage of the pill, how long can I expect my symptoms to last? Just want to see light at the end of tunnel.

11:55 am February 15th, 2013

Hello Kansas. It sounds like withdrawal to me. Most time, withdrawal is provoked when you have a dose decrease of >50%, which is the case. Withdrawal generally peaks about 3 days after your last dose but can linger for a week to 10 days after cessation. If you’re not feeling better in a few days, perhaps be sure to get a throat culture to rule out bacterial infection and/or proceed to the doctor’s office to seek diagnosis. Best of luck!

ad lynn
3:51 pm February 19th, 2013

i have been on hydrocodone for a is my 5th day without them…i have had flu-like symptoms, body aches, mood changes, most of the withdrawal symptoms…i have had severe loss of appetite..when will i get an appetite back?

2:53 pm February 21st, 2013

Hi Ad Lynn. Thanks for your question. Most acute symtpoms of hydrocodone withdrawal such as changes in appetite resolve in the first week to 10 days after cessation. Often, the nausea and vomiting can precipitate this disinterest in food. But if the loss of appetite lingers much longer, I’d suggest that you check in with a physician to investigate further.

7:59 pm March 9th, 2013

Hi, I have been on Norco 10/325 for 21 years. Yeah, 21 years. It started long ago when I had a knee operation, and I Just finding doctors to refill the pills for me. Currently I was taking 4-5 pills per day. I decided last week to stop the pills because even I could see they were ruining my marriage and my life. The last pill was 4pm March 4th. Last week was a serious issue with withdrawal problems…chills , joint pain, RLS. Most of that is over, but I am now seeking Norco again. I do not want to get started on them ever again, but I am looking for help with the depression times when I grabbed a Norco to help get thru. Do you have any suggestions on how I can make it over the rough spots thru the day without starting back on the pills? I don’t want a substitute medication, I just need help for bad days, like today, when I would love to have a couple Norco. I work 6 days a week from 6am-6pm so I have to find something that will help while I am at work. Thanks, Andy

2:15 pm March 11th, 2013

Hello Andy. Right. Sounds like Norco became the go-to pick me up after some time. I’d suggest that you actually try a combination of lifestyle changes. Depression indicates a lack of energy. Regular exercise can help. As can talking with a mental health professional. The fact that you reach for a Norco when feeling down indicates a psychological factor to use. And the cravings you describe are characteristic of addiction. I’m not saying that you’re a Norco addict – just that you may be in the range of someone who can benefit from looking into the psycho-emotional elements of use. Does this ring true for you?

2:33 pm March 11th, 2013

I agree. Since the Norco no longer did anything for pain, the majority of use was to get past difficult times and stressful days. I blamed the lack of energy on the NORCO more so than depression. Since I have been off it for 162 hours I am still slow moving, but I am not sure how long it will take to get 21 years of the drug completely out of my system. I will see if I can find a local therapist who will assist me with the problems I currently face. I absolutely REFUSE to ever go back on that drug for any reason. I knew it was harmful, but the past 6 days of withdrawal were far more remindful of it’s harm. Thanks for your input!

2:20 am April 24th, 2013

I was taking hydro’s for 10 yrs..decided it was side started to hurt and i worried for my liver and kidneys.went to a hospital for 4 days for detox..which they use the methadone taper with librium for the anxiety and rls, Felt super good when i was out of hospital..for about 3 days..then all of a diareaha, and rls again..mood swings not at all, but loss of apetite. still not able to eat much..have to force trying to exercise as much as i can and keep busy to keep my mind off it…but to make matters worse..i have to live with someone who HAS to to take them…its tuff but im doing it..have tramadol if it gets too bad..pharmacist says not addictive…i hopehes right..also taking lots and lots of vitamins..praying for strength..but have it set in my mind im done with these little devils..

4:58 pm April 27th, 2013


7:58 pm April 29th, 2013

you obviously dont know…I will never go through this again!!! 10 yrs is too long. doctors for not warning you what it would be like to finally get off them…Shame on them!!

2:07 pm July 8th, 2013

got put on 7.5\500 hydros for tooth ache 3 weeks ago. I don’t like to take pills, but the pain was so bad i went ahead. ended up with dental surgery, continued with the pills. i decided two days ago my pain was manageable without the hydros so i switched to alieve. i couldn’t sleep last night. felt like i needed to crawl our of my skin! tossed and turned! today I’m feel just dry mouthed and super icky! a don’t touch me kind of way. can’t tell if i am going through a withdrawal after that short use, or if it’s something else? I’m very irritable!

11:15 am July 17th, 2013

Hello Venus. Yes, restlessness or a kind of crawling-out-of-your-skin feeling is one symptom of opioid withdrawal. Talk with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist on the phone to report the symptoms and work out a treatment strategy. OTC medications can help, exercise, etc.

Adrian Banales
2:41 pm September 3rd, 2013

I had a total knee replacement on 7/17/13 and began taking 10/325 Norco on 7/19/13. At about the 3 week mark I began to lose my appetite and was eating almost nothing at all except for some ensure drinks and an occasional soup and sandwich. I decided to stop taking the pill right around 8/26/13. I began cutting them in half until 8/29/13 where I completely stopped. Since that day I have not been able to sleep at all. I go to bed at about 10 or 11PM and don’t fall asleep until around 6AM. Last night (9/2/13) I tried going to sleep at 9:30PM and as of 7:34 this morning I have not slept at all. Can you please give me some advice as to what I should do at this point to help this major sleep problem. Thanks!

2:18 pm September 5th, 2013

Adrian, I was on Norco 10/325 for over 20 years straight. Mine started with knee pain as well. I finally got off of it in March and have not used it since. When I was going thru the first week of withdrawal, I could not sleep either. After 2 night of being wide awake, I went to the drugstore and got some Benadryl. At 10pm I took a dose of Benadryl, then I got into the shower and used the hottest water I could tolerate. I stayed under the running water for about 10 minutes to help the Benadryl flow and get my blood vessels opened up. It actually worked. I got out of the shower and went straight to bed and at least got 5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. I did this for the next 5 days, and by then the withdrawal symptoms were wearing off and I started to sleep without the Benadryl. I hope this helps. The first week is the WORST, then it gradually gets better. Hang in there! Andy

Adrian Banales
6:58 am September 16th, 2013

Thanks Andy. Its 9/15/13 at 11:47 PM. It’s been 17 days since I stopped taking Norco. I still can’t sleep. I’m taking Somnapure which is a natural sleep aid and I’m also taking two .5mg pills of Lorazepam. Even with these sleep aids , I’m still tossing and turning until about 3 AM. I wake up at about 8Am so I’m getting about 5 hours. I’m gonna try that hot shower with Benadryl tomorrow night. I can’t believe that six weeks of Norco screwed me up this bad. At least my appetite is almost back to normal. Thanks and the best wishes. Adrian

mr. cottonsurfer
4:09 am October 2nd, 2013

I has taking 5-7 tablets of hydrocodone 10 just to get out of bed. I continued to take 2-4 every few hours while I was awake. Drug withdrawl would happen during the night time and I would have to get up just to prevent it. From my experience slowly getting off hydrocodone when taking large amounts is not the best avenue. Increasing doses taken over time increases opiate receptors in the body. This is why when coming off the drug, tapering prolongs the withdrawl agony. Taking smaller amounts just tells the brain it wants more. The mind will induce it’s own pain to play tricks. Best plan of action is to come clean. Tell your doctor you would like to undergo detox under supervision. Get rid of other stashes around the house. Get support after you leave the facility.

10:14 pm November 10th, 2013

I have been in pain management 7 years for back and neck issues. I have been taking 3-4 10/325 a day. Tired of feeling tied to this script. I tapered off first 2 weeks by just taking 1 less a day. From there I took a 1\2 instead of 1 for a couple of weeks..then down to just one befor bed for a coup;e of weeks…then 1/2 before bed for a couple of weeks. I lived for that one half of a pill. It has been 4 days since ZERO. I have mild stomach crampsmost ofl the time, no energy and loose watery stool almost every time I go. I woke up the last two mornings, bad cramp in both calves. I felt sort of like I remembered my self to be before the tabs…each day seems a TINY bit better, at the gym every day still, just trying to get in a workout. But now on top of the w\d symptoms my pain is back for real. I just want to be the person I was 10 years ago..if I even remember who she was.

b curtis
8:57 pm November 13th, 2013

I am terrified of having a seizure or heart attack, but my doctor says I need to come off of lorcet plus. I have been on this rx for almost 9 years. what is the WORST that I can expect? i’m doing this cold turkey, on my own.

12:36 pm November 14th, 2013

Hello B Curtis. Why cold turkey? A slow taper minimizes risk of severe withdrawal symptoms. Check out these related articles for more:

6:22 pm December 5th, 2013

Try being on them for 6 weeks just 2 a day for an infected tooth and a surgery on the gum line……. Man Ive been off them for 10 days still have the craving for one…….this drug is terrible and I never knew how addictive they were but Im busting cold turkey on it and will beat it……….

1:21 pm December 6th, 2013

Hello John. Peace and power to you. You are not alone!

4:16 pm January 4th, 2014

i have been snorting loratabs for over 3 years now and my new years resolution was to stop. i am on day 6 and i will tell you it has not been easy, i have had panic attacks, trouble breathing, along with aches and pains of flu like symptoms. my head has suffered horrible headaches more of a migrane mixed with sinus pressure but i have made my mind up that im not gonna let this pill run my life anymore. my head still feels droggy and first few days i felt like i wanted out of my body like a paranoia yes snorting does mess with u just as bad as orally and maybe even worse. please dont let anyone tell u different i am here in the now my mind after 6 days still says u snort a tab u will be fine. not so i want a clear head and im still not there. i started snorting a half a day and before i knew it was nothing to do 5 a day. my husband takes orally and wouldnt do half of what i did because when u snort u get a rush or immidiate high and before long u will chase for that feeling again like a cocaine addiction

2:55 pm January 19th, 2014

This is day 7 for me & my legs are ache, & ive had 0 sleep……how long will these symptoms last? What to take or do for the pain im feeling????

5:28 pm January 22nd, 2014

I found this site while lying in bed wide awake all night for the 3-4 night dealing with withdrawals.. Maybe getting a couple hours sleep at the most. I started taking my wife’s oxycodone 10/325. I would take the pills every once in a while, but then started taking them every day. Like Andy did. I would take them for the stressful days and times. Then I ended up getting my own script for hydrocodone 10/500. Starting with 60 a month then 90 onto 120 a month, and would always run out before the next month. I had back pain but the crazy thing is that it seemed that my back hurts alot worse while taking these meds. I would take up to 8 every day. Then I learned that the maximum dose Tylenol that can be taken in a 24 hour period is 4000mg. Anything over can cause severe liver damage even death. So I ask for the 10-325 and the doctor cut me back to 90. Then ran out in two weeks. I have now decided that this is ridiculous to have this pill control my life. It has become a major distraction and they don’t even make me feel as good anymore. I just took them to stop the withdrawal symptoms so I can feel normal and get some sleep. I tried to taper off before but it didn’t seem to help. I am now on day 4 and have insomnia, pain in my legs and am irritable. I’m going to try the benadryl thing that Andy posted. I hope that I can kick this. I would like to be in control again. I can’t imagine having to keep this lifestyle up for much longer.

5:06 pm February 3rd, 2014

I take one a day..and that’s it. I am on 7.5 325 of Liquid Hydrocodone/APAP…I still feel the effects..and when the hydro wears off after that 6 hours, I get chills and the shakes and my teeth chatter for 10 minutes…

1:39 am February 12th, 2014

I have been taking Hydrocodone 10/325 for about a year now i ran out 2 days ago this is my second day of withdrawl i have the craps im sweating some i dont have rls its my arm drivinv me crazy i cant hardly sleep and im kinda moody i have kids and need to get better for them i dont have money to go to a Dr what can i do ar

10:11 pm March 12th, 2014

My reg doc has had me on hydros since 09. He recently sent me to a pain specialist who put needles in my spine. The PS gave a Rx of ibprofin equivalent to 4 reg ibprofin… I am in more pain now than before. Should I go back to my reg doc to be weaned off of these? I am suffering a migraine, sweats, chills, fever, sick to my stomach, among other things and it hasn’t even been 24 hrs yet. I can’t tolerate pain like most, I’m very sensitive to pain like I am having!

5:36 am March 20th, 2014

OK I’m ashamed as you’ll read later, I have been taking norco 5/325 up to 20 a day for the last 3 years. I got to day 4 and just couldn’t do it anymore. I know why did I go so far then stop! Well to be honest, I can handle the leg pain and the rest of the job I gotta do, EXCEPT the high fever over 101 degrees and no sleep for 3 nights 4 days. NONE at all, I feel i wanna crash but cant. How do I stop the fever and the no sleep because of it and the leg pain that also keeps me up. I have always have a high tolerance for pain but just can’t shake it. I am in the criminal justice field and where I live I will loose my job and never be able to serve ever again, so rehab or telling the doctor is out of the question. I have tried, IB-Profin, Tylenol, and z-quill. WHAT CAN I DO TO SHAKE THIS????? Please help.

12:21 pm March 20th, 2014

Hello Randy. Insomnia and increased temperature are two common symptoms experienced during opioid withdrawal. Muscle cramps and restlessness are also common. But other than avoiding cold turkey through a slow taper, you’d have to consult a detox clinic in order to figure out how they would treat these symptoms. The insomnia should resolve within a few days of last use, but the discomfort can remain for weeks, especially after long term use. Can you phone a local detox clinic or walk in at least for an initial consult?

4:02 pm April 12th, 2014

I have recently stopped taking hydros going into my second wk tomorrow I had a shot in my back because of a ruptured disc which causes a lot of pain in my legs I know its a lot harder to stop cold turkey which is what I did but the pain is almost unbearable I was wondering if I took maybe a half of a hydro will it throw me right back into withdrawal im just trying to find some kind of relief it’s worse when I sit down the dr says thats because of the pressure on my back I have went a wk with nothing so I was wondering if it would be a real big deal to take a little just to take the edge off please help!

8:40 pm April 19th, 2014

ive been taking hydrocodone for the last 12 years and finally decided to quit because i was misusing them. im on day 7 clean but im so tired and weak. when will this end.

12:08 am April 24th, 2014

I have been taking percocets and lortab for over 2 years now. I’m finally down to 2 7.5 lortabs daily. Today was my first day without any. I am freezing and aching so bad. When will This go away? I don’t wanna take anymore tabs but can’t stand the pain :( help advice please!!!

10:05 pm April 27th, 2014

i have been taking hydrocodone from my friends bottle. i have been taking them sporatically. recently i have used them for a week at a time. about 7 -8 a day. i dont want to use them anymore. i am a asthmatic and when i stop taking them, i cannot stop coughing. coughing all night long. please help. when will the withdrawal stop??? thanks

5:34 pm April 28th, 2014

I am now on day 6. First 3 days were the worse. Days 4 & 5 were not so bad. But today I am feeling awful? I have no energy and aching. :( when will I be normal again?

3:08 pm April 30th, 2014

i am so sorry, Daisy. try to hang in there. you will be “normal again”. you (and i) will be so glad we did this. i still feel bad. congrats on your 6 days.

10:36 pm April 30th, 2014

On 8 years 4x a day 10/325. Cut back every week for 3 months. At the last I was at 1/4 of a tab a day…at night with a Xanax. Worst times were with diahara, and SEVERE stomach cramps that lasted for 60 days after the very last tb. I am now off 5 months! My pain in my back is less then I remembered. I train not so heavy at the gym now, and stretch alot. I am not tied to thet script anymore. HUGE HAPPY thing for me :0). You can do it…it takes time and you have to TAPER OFF. Quit when you have the pills. Just stopping is asking for trouble. I promise it will be OK.

11:41 am May 2nd, 2014

Thank you ladies :) I am now on my 10th day with NONE. I am very happy I’ve made it this far! I do have to say yesterday my 9th day was hard for some reaon. I am still not all the way back to normal. However I do not feel nearly as bad physically as the first few days. I don’t have aches or anything now. It’s just the mental part and no energy that’s still kinda hard. I will get there though! 10 days and counting :)

4:36 am May 20th, 2014

I’ve been on lortab 10 for six years and it will ruin your life,I stayed on themfor fear of withdrawal. The symptoms are so bad I stayed on them. Ihave been completely dependent on them and let them rule my life. I have been off them for three weeks. If you can get past 3 days you can do it. Neurontin will stop the restlessness and paranoia. My new doctor have me nucenta to takeinstead and I am using that to control the pain my brain is tricking me to think I’m in. I am only taking when extremely necessary so I can stop all meds. I’m going to do it you can too.

1:08 am June 1st, 2014

I’m on week 4 of recovering from an almost 2-year addiction to hydrocodones that ranged from 2-5 10/325′s per day. Honestly I’m not sure if it’s withdrawals, or depression brought on by other circumstances in my life, but I feel like crap all the time and majorly depressed. Again, I’m on about week #4 now. Wish I knew if the way I’m feeling is a longer term symptom of withdrawal of if there’s something else going on. Going to continue to push on through. I stopped by using a tapering system. Went from limiting myself to 2 pills a day to 1/4 pill per day until they were gone. This was over a month and a half period. I sincerely wish everybody fighting this fight the best of luck and all God’s blessings. This drug is truly powerful and dangerous, but it can be beaten.

3:29 am June 1st, 2014

I have been on high dose opiods 100/125 mg per day for about 23 years prescribed by pain clinc. IHAVE STOPPED TOTALLY about 6weeks ago and I can start feeling my old good lost emotions coming back. Hairs stand up on the back of my neck agsin WOW. I have spent nearly 4 months a yesr in a mental facility for severe depression over past 4 years even having electro convulsive therapy. Long term help from a great pain phyciatrist and phycologist suaid they were wrong in keeping me on opiods for so long.i seriously had little problem slowly stopping. I have always known I was not physically addicted . That helped a lot.BUT I now have the first dose of flu in 20 years and it is getting worse
SHIT HAPPENS. So much more I could add maybe later.

6:05 am June 1st, 2014

Last post 100/120 mg was endone equivalent to approx 150/170mg of morphine. I meant to say I was physically dependent on endone but not phycologically dependent. I may as well add iwas hospitalised on about 5/6 times for ketamine infusion while endone was reduced to 40/45 mg then discharged. NOT a good 20 years..I got ross river fever then had both knees and both hips replaced. I have osteoarthritis in many joints.l am now on lyrica a nerve pain suppressant I am told. To finish I nearly pushed my wife out of my life after nesrly 50 years of marriage dur to bad deptession. Thak heaven my marriage is the best it has ever been. We both forgot to ask each othet what we wanted. Cuddles in now bettet than any endone

Liz Seese
10:08 pm June 4th, 2014

I am seventy two years old and have serious spinal stenosis and bad disk, I fell seven years ago and have been in really bad pain ever since. I have been taking Loratab for the past five years starting at 5/500 and finally being at 7.5/325 two at a time four times a day when I decided just maybe the drug was causing some of my pain rather than my back. I started down and am now at 5/325 for the next few days and then I will be off but I am so tired. I am almost too tired to sleep or even rest…just having severe exhaustion. Is this from the coming down, the lack of drug or perhaps my age. I have lost 15 pounds in the last six months and had lost my appetite but started on digestion enzymes and find myself actually hungry at times now. I am taking vitamins and herbs but is there anything natural that would help sleep and the exhaustion. Many thanks for any help you can give me.

5:47 pm June 8th, 2014

For any of you struggling with serous WD from trying to stop pain meds, go online and buy some Kratom. WD will stop immediately. Don’t buy it from head shops or places telling you how “lucky” or “bomb” it is. Buy it from a reputable source. It’s a life saver…

Liz Seese
11:45 am June 13th, 2014

this blog was most informative, after so many years of trying to cover my back pain I have weaned down to 2 5/325 a day for two more days than down to one for ten days and then one/half for ten days….hopefully by going down so slow I will not have some of the horrible effects, but sleeping and exhaustion is a true problem already…but truth be told the craving for more and more drugs was the source of a great deal of my pain and as I come off my back is getting better, colon is not happy but trying to eat better. Looking back I was always nervous about this drug and my doctor would say, “Quit fretting and take your medicine”, I do not go to her any more! Thanks for your information, the devil we know is always better than the devil we don’t know.

2:03 am July 14th, 2014

What about a 93 yo woman from Plate and one sliding screw (in hip joint, to allow for hairline crack healing – nit near blood supply, thank god).

She was prescribed 1 5/325 in morn one at nite, yesterday, and one this morning, now doesn’t want or need.

Will she experience any WED symptoms – because her mood does swing from really nice to crabby – 10 times more than usual (haha).

But, seriously, is the WD taper the same for those who have been on for 3 weeks at that dosage and someone whop has had only 3 doses (and low ones, at that)?

9:43 am July 14th, 2014

Still off endone. Now few months. Wow! Seriously best I have felt in 20 years. Any questions?? I’d be happy to answer. Cheers, Wayne

2:15 am July 29th, 2014

I went to ER for back pain and was told I had pulled a muscle, and because of that, I was having muscle spasms. I was prescribed Hydrocodone 5- 325. Over the course of 4 days, I only took six tablets. While being medicated those 4 days, I experienced an increased heart rate, shallow breathing, and cold sweats. I have been off the medication for 4 days now but I’m still having spurts of these reactions. In no way do I crave this medicine and this is my first time taking this many pills (took a couple of them about a year and a half ago back when I had a tooth extracted) I said all that to ask this, will these side effects eventually go away? Am I going through withdrawals after only taking it for 4 days? Should I seek medical help asap?

7:26 am July 29th, 2014

Hello April. I’d suggest it’s best you call your doctor and get an appointment. It’s not usual to have such symptoms after taking hydrocodone for that small amount and that short period in time. A doctor can examine you closely, conduct some analysis and give an accurate diagnosis.

10:36 am July 29th, 2014

Thank you Ivana for your suggestion!

11:20 pm July 29th, 2014

I’m on hydocodone for back and hip problems, I’m diabetic. I fell twice, so I took more than usual of my pain meds. When I felt a little better I told my doc I over took ‘cuz I hurt my foot and then fell off the stairs, thought I would be fine. He told me “I can’t get you pain pills ‘cuz you signed an agreement with you doc I will let her know”. I phoned her said “I can’t help you go to emergency”. This is bulls**t. I can’t go through withdrawals I’ll get really sick. I can’t even get them to give me meds to help me through withdrawal.

7:49 am August 30th, 2014


7:21 am September 2nd, 2014

Hello GA GRL. Hydrocodone affects each person differently depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking hydrocodone. Usually the withdrawal symptoms will resolve within a week after you completely stopped taking the med. I’d suggest medical supervision if the harsh effects persist for much longer.

1:52 pm September 3rd, 2014

I am on my 16th day off of norcro and soma.. I can say this has been the worst experience ever ..I was introduced to pain killers after plastic surgery and just liked them after that.. I had been taking them for over 2 years or so and I stopped cold turkey (I WAS TAKING 10/325 ABOUT 9 PER DAY AND 7 SOMAS AT NIGHT) ..I went through horrible withdrawals and anxiety WHICH TO ME ANXIETY AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION WAS THE WORST. Went to see my doctor on my 5th day of withdrawal cuz I could not handle the anxiety anymore.. She prescribed me clonezepam 0.5 mg really low dose ..and as much I didnt want to take it I did.. It made me feel great it relaxed me and stop the anxiety completely ..I took that for 4:days a whole one for two days and then a half for another two days and then stopped those completely (AND THE ANXIETY STOPPED ON ITS OWN) BUT I TAKE THE AMBIENS EVERY NIGHT TO GO TO SLEEP AND I ONLY SLEEP AT THE MOST FOR 5 HOURS!!!!!!! I TAKE ONE 6.25 e.r. ..I wanna to stop the ambiens but I am afraid. I won’t sleep at all… HELPPPPP

12:02 pm September 9th, 2014

My bf has been taking loritabs for 3 years and has quit cold turkey. He is in his second week and I dont know if I can takethe verbal abuse any longer . When does it stop?

10:59 pm September 12th, 2014

It sucks guys. I know. It really really sucks. Warm bath a glass of wine and some cough syrup will help for a few days as the worst passes. Call in sick to work and take care of you. I have 2 toddlers and became addicted after c section. It’s terrible. Feels like the flu (which they give pills for)… Good luck and remember you WILL survive. This too shall pass. Oh btw 3 mo sober! Xo

12:23 am September 15th, 2014

I also got addicted after c prescribed me 10/325 4x a day but would take sometimes 6 a day if I couldnt take the pain.took them for 7 months cause of joint problems.thought I wasn’t addicted so decided to stop.threw me for a loop when I started withdrawing, had to go to a detox center cause I didn’t know what was happening and the hospital sent me there.sometimes I can feel alright like I can make it through and some days it feels like there’s no hope.its the worst thing I have ever experienced and I gave birth to a 10 lb baby.I thought that was bad but I would do that 100x over than go through this.but every time I get a craving or feel like death I walk around the block it seems to help.but I still cant sleep very well.I just hate feeling like I cant take care of my baby cause I cant even move.cant wait for this to be over! 10 days clean still got some time but I will do this!

Jeff R.
1:52 am September 16th, 2014

Hi there,
I have been taking hydrocodone now for about 4 years, I recently got a refill on it two weeks ago and that was my max prescription….I dont get another refill till the 8th of next month and this is now day 2 of not having any, last night I couldnt sleep, im tired all the time, I get mad real easy and I just dont want to be bothered but the problem is I work every day and I have ruptured disks in my lower back so im in constent pain and I see a back specialist next month about undergoing surgery, How long can this feeling last cause once im off I dont wanna return to it cause all this would be pointless…..what are some things I can do to regain energy, sleep and help my back….I was taking about six to 7 pills daily…..

4:27 pm September 16th, 2014

Hello Jeff. The set of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms includes the flu-like symptoms that last during 1-2 weeks after you stop taking hydrocodone. But, if it’s day 2 of not taking any, the worst part is probably over. You can let your doctor know about your withdrawal, just to be safe. He can give you advise and suggest which over-the-counter medictaions can ease your symptoms.

2:24 pm September 23rd, 2014

I was in a bad car wreck and had to have surgery on my neck and arm I am taking Norco for about three years is the night sweats good for you and how long do they last it’s been about five days now

6:08 pm September 29th, 2014

I had only been taking 1 to 1 and a half 375 mg a day. For about a year. How long will withdrawals last?

johnny quitter
11:59 pm September 30th, 2014

Hav taken over 2 or 3 years daily sometimes 6 a day sometimes 20 a day, been off completely now 3 days no change sure I wanna pop a few sure I wanna jus lay in bed and be left alone but I’ve attended church, birthday partys and have even been around others who are offering me some, I still have plenty but I turn them down, I don’t really WANNA quit but I know I NEED to quit. It began with back problems and more recently 2 replacement surgeries on same shoulder, and my dr. Always made sure I had pain med, as long as he get him some of what he wants (he likes the xanax and the adipex) I decided to find a new dr. And let him stop along with me, I’m sure he isn’t aware yet but as soon as he needs a refill he will learn the fact I’m done! It really helps, my friends, to surround yourself with people who are cheerful, to watch favorite shows and movies, listen to some favorite songs and tell yourself you CAN beat this! This little yellow tablet is NOT stronger than you! Buck up thru that craving and force yourself to get up and stay occupied, that’s what I’m doing I’ve got a lot more things done without the pill than with it! So I know each persons different, but we all have willpower and lemme say don’t hang with ppl who are popping them or who wanna talk about them 24/7 do it for yourself just think within a week or 2 you can look back and have something to be proud of! We got this ! We can make it a thing in our past

10:30 pm October 2nd, 2014

i had shoulder surgery on 9-25 and was persciribed hydrocodone 7.5/325. on day 5 started having severe bowel cramping. Stopped taking the drugs at noon on 9-30. I now seem to be experiencing withdrawals. I was taking these hydrocodone 1 tablet every 4 hrs. How long will these withdrawls last? please help

1:45 am October 7th, 2014

I have been on Hydrocodone for about 7 years. I realized that it was causing problems about 3 months ago and started to cut down on the dose I was taking. Before I started to reduce the dose I was having bad headaches every day and I think my increased back pain, plus abdominal pain which stopped my ability to eat very much.
In the last six weeks I did get down to about 3mg per day then went back up to 8mg per day because I get hungry which increases my abdominal pain and so I take more hydrocodone. The information that I have read seems to indicate that when I have reduced the dose this low, I should just stop completely and except the withdrawal side effects.
Is it correct that if I stay on a low dose it never gets out of your body and you then increase the dose and then reduce it again and just keep going round in circles. Can anyone provide some basic guide/help to stop this cycle that I seem to be in.

9:03 pm October 9th, 2014

I was on Hydrocodone for 6 years. And last month Sept 14 2014 i decided i no longer wanted to continue to depend on this meds. Plus my Dr was arrested for prescription fraud. .kinda didnt really have a choice. No other Dr’s was taken any of my old Drs patients…But anyway i have been off the Hydrocodone for almost 30 days now. And i have done it in my own. My stomach feels like its hallow inside. But other then that. Would you say my withdraws are all done. Really didnt have any withdraws. am i clean now?? Is it normal not to have withdraws?

10:06 pm October 10th, 2014

Hi, I was on 2 pills 3X a day for about a year. My problem is that I am also bipolar. While I was taking it for pain it also smoothed my emotions out. Now that I have stopped taking it for about 3 weeks I am having terrible problems with the extreme ends of mood swings. Any alteration in the bipolar treatments brings with it additional side effects as with anything else. I am also feeling that I should get some sort of plan together to kill myself because I know I won’t last much longer and the only thing people want to hear is that you are not going to do just that. Why would I ask for help if I wasn’t serious to begin with? Well my last message is that people with a bipolar disorder should never be given hydrocodone under any circumstance.

3:57 am October 13th, 2014

I need to stop my hydros, because the Gov is really starting to make it hard to get them, I don’t want to jump through all the hoops, and also I have very low testosterone levels caused by long term hydro use, started in 2004 with 5/500 three a day after two back surgeries. I now take 7.5/325 3 times a day when working and 2.5 when not, so today I started breaking them in half for every dose, I found it easier, I took a half in the AM then another half in about 3 hrs, I usually take a whole in the morning. So at 2 pm I usually take another whole, I made it to 3 and only needed a half, then a half at night, so first day I have cut down from 3 to 2 pills. Taking halves and spreading them out lessens the ups and downs. I’m just worried about the severe withdrawals that are bound to happen. I have some tyl 3 I could take to help me sleep, In the past I have had good luck with substituting another drug to help the bad parts then get off the sub before i get to much into that. I’m thinking of asking my doc for some Lunesta, I used to take it and it helps me sleep really good. I really NEED to get off these pills.

7:44 pm October 13th, 2014

Will hydro hurt to take w libruim

7:39 am October 14th, 2014

Hello Jor. Both, hydrocodone and librium can increase sedation. They can be taken together, but only if your doctor has recommended it. You should watch for any danger signs, such as extreme dizziness and drowsiness, or trouble breathing.

5:14 am October 17th, 2014

I am in Australia therefore dosages are different. Further to my previous posts i have been successful in coming off high dosages of endone [ now 4 months] after 20 plus years. I was on equivalent of 150 Mg of morphine a day for years and years {100 Mg hydrocodone endone a day].Please please believe you can do it. My doctor from the pain clinic has even suggested i can have more hydrocodone for flare ups because he is confident i can stop if i want to. slowly does it.GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

4:13 pm October 17th, 2014

Thank you for the update, Wayne. Best of luck to you too.

5:55 am October 18th, 2014

I am thinking about going cold turkey I’m just scared cause I don’t know what to expect. June 4, 2013 I had started taking Suboxone well everything was going great on May 25 myselfand my kids were in an ATV accident my son hit the throttle causing us to hit a parked cat I was taken to a trauma center with a skull fracture, fractured clavicle, and fractured ribs during my time in the hospital they pumped me full of morphine, oxycodone, and hydrocodone after 3 months of that the doctor wouldn’t see me anymore because he didn’t except my insurance so now I hate to say it but I buy off the streets. I no longer want to live like this I can’t go into a detox center cause I have kids and my husband works we are a one income family. Both of my sister’s are bad addicts my parents can’t help cause my Dad had throat cancer had his voice box removed and my Mom was just diagnosed with lung Cancer so a 2 and 4 year old is to much for them. Can you possibly give me suggestions on things that can help me cope with the withdrawal because seriously the only way I can do this is cold turkey I am really tired of living like this.

6:40 pm October 20th, 2014

I have taken one quarter (ONE FOURTH) of one tablet of Hydrocodone Acetaminophen 5-325-TB once in AM and once at bedtime for eleven days. It did NOTHING for my pain, but made me nauseated, dizzy, exhausted, gave me very dry mouth, and diarrhea. I have doctor’s permission to just stop taking it IMMEDIATELY because the dose was so meager. When can I have SAFELY an alcoholic beverage?

2:42 pm October 21st, 2014

Hi LUAN. I found that you should be fine within 8-10 hours after you took them. But, I would wait longer just to be safe because of differences in methabolism, health state, level of hydration etc.

11:39 pm October 25th, 2014

Hello. I’m Tom. I’ve been on Vicodin for 10 years and taking like 7 a day average. Last time I took some was Thursday night and it was my last dose of them. Tired of them. It’s tough I’m so weak. I’m following the THOMAS RECIPE!!! Stay strong people because I am. GL

7:52 pm October 26th, 2014

I have taken various narcotic pills for symptoms that mimic trigeminal neuralgia for about 13 yrs with no problems. The last dose for 1 year was 10 mg methadone (due to low cost, on a budget) 2x a day. That is all I took and it seemed to work for me. However, I have decided to try to get off and then go back to the pain clinic to see what else they can do for me in a few weeks. My biggest problem is that my muscles ache and I have been off for 1 week. Do you think it will subside in this next week?

9:10 pm October 29th, 2014

ive been on hydrocodon and am doing cold turkey its been bad for thre days now , a little releaf is now accureing. i have a stressful job on my body will takeing two pills aday end up the same or do i have to work in pain forever

5:55 pm October 30th, 2014

I have been on hydrocodone for 5 to 6 years given by my VA dr.I was taken off this week said they did not want me to get hooked on it. Cold turkey and I am 67 yrs old with rheumatoid arthritis for 20 yrs. They told me just to take tylenol. I have been so sick for 2 days.

9:32 pm November 7th, 2014

I have been taking hydrocodone for the last 5 years, I have been taking one 10 at night before bed and recently up it to two 10s before bed, I don’t take them to get high I have severe back pain which they don’t help the pain anymore, So I have decided to stop taking them, What am I looking at as far as withrawls

4:55 pm November 11th, 2014

was taking 4 vicoprofen a day for 2 years stopped. having anxiety attacks. how long will this last

6:25 am November 12th, 2014

Ihave been on morphine and hydrocodone. since 1994. I never took more than Rxd in fact onr months mrds generally. made it 3 months. The laws changed in my state and noe docs won’t. prescribe anymore. my dov gave me 24 hours. notice. he wasn’t. seeing me again. I did nothing wrong . 7 days ago ran out of morphine. usig norco to wean of. some sx of withdrawalsfirst 6 days. tomorrow. i lower norco 10/325 to tid. Any advice how to make process as un miserable. as possible. have 100 tables to use to wean. a hole doc said I would have no sx and be off in 3 weeks. i think he’s wrong. never offered anything like clonodine or zoftan despite. my askind. just ignoed me and told me not to darken his doorway. again if I had any pro

6:45 am November 12th, 2014

Just thought I’d mention. chronic pain, all arthritis, crohn’s and many ohter conditions are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. I am researching if all this denial of pain management, docs causing people. to have to cold turkey and the arrest of docs that prescribe. coerrct aren’t a violation of our civil rights. there is much reading i need to do but everyone on this blog coyld read and post. it would move things along qwicker. Garfi

10:41 pm November 15th, 2014

I’ve been on Oxycodone (40 mg then down to10mg) for 5 years and switched to Hydrocodone (10mg) for a year due to chronic pancreatitis. I ended up quitting them last month and went through 9-10 days or horrible withdrawals, but after today its been 32 days since I’ve last taken anything. Now my question is, I ended up getting hurt and the ER Dr gave me 15 of the 5mg hydrocodone and I’m afraid to take them, If I do, will I go through withdrawals all over again after a month of being clean? Thanks

11:08 pm November 18th, 2014

I seem. to be through the acute phase. sx. except being very tired are all gone. I didn’t use much as it was for break through. pain. The morphine was the problem . that lasted 18 days.

8:17 pm November 19th, 2014

I was on some sort of painkiller for herniated discs since ~2001. They’ve fluctuated from a high of Norco 10/325′s, 10/day to 4/day. My last Rx before quitting was 6/day for the last 2 years. I’ve been off for 5 months now. I also did the taper myself, over the course of about 1-1/2 or 2 months. I used a muscle relaxant in conjunction with the taper. My symptoms were two-fold: insomnia- usually one night without sleep, one night with a few hours, etc.- this went on for a few weeks; and full-body muscle spasms that often felt like electrical currents running through my body. I can only imagine that this had something to do with my neurological system, given the years of opiate use… My primary doctor prescribed Elavil to be taken at night to help with both, but it only increased my symptoms, so I just had to deal with them/ wait them out. Five months later, I still occasionally get the “currents” feeling surging through my body at night, but only for a few minutes. It is hopefully something that will completely dissipate over time.

You have to really want to quit, and make up your mind to do so. I even kept about 10 pills for future use incase I had an episode, which I always do, of my back going out, and I was not tempted to touch them. That is how determined I was to stop. You can do it, too. Do not waste your time or money on potions, detox centers or the ER. (Some of you may need Immodium & extra Gatorade/water). Detox centers are just a scam for the weak-minded. Some doctors want you to present to the ER so that you will have a record of being a pill-seeker, and will never again be prescribed pain meds if you need them. That is BS.

7:34 pm November 21st, 2014

I am on day six after going cold turkey. I was abusing hydrocodone and oxycodone as much as I could get a hold of it since a surgery a couple years ago. I did some pretty sad things to get it. Day one and two weren’t too bad but three and four were rough. Diarrhea and muscle aches. I was having joint pain in my knee and used that as an excuse to continue using. I’d have to say that I think it was always the start of withdrawal that was causing the pain rather than an actual injury. I haven’t been bothered with pain for the last couple days and I’m hoping it goes away all together before too long. Although I am far from being in the clear, I feel happy that I have taken this step in the right direction. I still have constant thoughts throughout the day. I keep busy and exercise regularly but any other advice to keep me going would be great. Thanks

5:28 am November 27th, 2014

I been trying to quit cold turkey but l am having trouble cause I seen to can’t get rid of my grandkids and I was hopeing to do this with out pressure and away from kids, I had a injury in the job I have hurt my back, what is out there to help with the withdrawal symptoms. Please help, I can’t handle the symptoms, please help .

12:06 pm November 28th, 2014

Hello Virginia. You can speak with your doctor about treatment options during this stage of hydrocodone withdrawal. Basically, you can treat this set of hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms using over the counter flu and cold medications as well as prescription medications. Some meds include: propofol, tramadol, methadone, buprenorphine, or naloxone, clonidine or immodium, etc.

8:16 am December 9th, 2014

ive been taking 4-5 norco 10/325 for 18 days now. I’m planing tomorrow to taper down. How bad will my withdraw be? Anybody out there that could give me some advice. I’m hoping I haven’t been on them too long to really go through a bad withdraw.

9:11 pm December 10th, 2014

my 35 year old son has a opiate problem i think percoset dont know how long or how much. he has been lying to me i have been funding his street drug use i didn’t know i just thought i was helping him make ends meet. he worked 6 days a week. he has been living out of state for years. he came to my home yesterday his behavior is non functioning. he has no money no insurance. i want to help him. he seems not interested in helping himself. any advice? he said he hasn’t taken anything for 10 days.

7:29 am December 12th, 2014

Stopped taking hydrocodone after 6 years straight, I didn’t sleep for 5 days at all, until I took 150 mg valium and then slept for 9 hrs. only, and yes I mean I took 15 10mg valium. I am a freaking monster not on opoids. Psychotic, I am going back and getting more from my doctor on monday until I can afford to get on suboxone treatment. Otherwise, I will kill myself, no joke, I’ve gone through withdrawals before and they lasted several months. This time it is way more severe. I need to be stepped down real slow if I want to be able to work and take care of my kids. BTW the kill myself comment is because I have had severe major depression for years, both my parents just died, I lost my job, and withdrawal on top of this crap…. I just can’t handle it on my own. I need help from a doctor.

10:51 pm December 17th, 2014

I have been taking MS Contin 15 mg every 12 hours prescribed first by a spine & pain specialist for chronic neck & back pain for 2 years, then by an NP who had her supervising Dr. Sign the scripts for me. My NP then had to go on medical leave for several months & I have been told by her office that they will no longer prescribe this med & I shud find a “new provider”….at that point I had 2 days of medicine left. On the 3rd day I went to ER & told them what happened & they said they don’t prescribe those meds & could only prescribe 10 pills of Norco 5/325. It was prescribed to take 1 every six hours, but the ER doc told me I shud only take 1 per day & then “brace yourself for withdrawal”! I’ve managed to get by on 1 every 12 hours, but will run out soon. I’m terrified of going into withdrawal as I already take medicine for depression, plus I have a history of having a head injury about 20 years ago & am also scared I may have a seizure & no one will be home to help me (my husband works 10-12 hour days). Meanwhile, I contacted the Hospital who oversees the clinic where the NP prescribed it, they have contacted the Dr. over her & he has said he may or may not prescribe the MS Contin for me. At this point I would rather try & get off of all of this really addictive medication, what should I do? I looked into Suboxone & there are Dr.’s in my area who are specialized in prescribing it…what wud u suggest I do?

6:50 pm January 1st, 2015

I started heroin at 17 an kept using till I discovered methadone big mistake. I stayed on it for years an years it got to a point I was on 300 mgs daily. You know at first I thought it was miracle drug, because it kept me off opiates and I was able to live a productive life. Until i missed a couple day’s , and the withdrawals made heroin withdrawal look like child’s play. So I was in Vegas and finally I just broke down.I got tired of the methadone, so I called my home girl in south Dakota an the town I’m in there r know methadone clinics. My home girls had got hydrocodone, I was kind of suspicious but everywhere said even if u switch its nothing like coming off methadone. I’ve been like two months off methadone but as I was coming off methadone I’ve been taking hydro, now its been 7 days since I took hydrocodone an I feel like is it ever going to end.

1:15 am January 26th, 2015

I have been taking hydro 10/325 for 12 years. I don’t want to take them anymore. They rule my life. I’m scared and I don’t know what to do

4:38 pm January 28th, 2015

When I was 18 my back went out. Horrible. Since then my back is progressively getting worse. On top of that my left knee cap sounds like sandpaper when I bends normally. About 4 or 5 years ago I was introduced to hydrocodone. The first few times of taking them didn’t feel like they did much if anything at all. Now they help control the pain but if I don’t have one to numb the pain it’s like someone is hitting me all over with a hammer. I ran out 2 days ago and today I’ve called in sick. My stomach gurgles and aches, my body aches, headaches, trouble sleeping. I can’t hardly make it out of bed. How can I detox faster? I don’t want these little white pills to control when I’m able to do something or how I feel.

12:09 pm January 29th, 2015

Hi Justin. You are experiencing Hydrocodone withdrawal because your organism has become accustomed to the presence of the medication and now depends on it. In the text above you can read about the timeline of the withdrawal, read it so you can know what to expect. First of all, make sure you drink plenty of fluids, and electrolyte solutions (ex. Pedialyte) may help keep you hydrated. Also, regardless of your upset stomach-you must eat. Things like soup, crackers, carrot sticks, rice, bread or anything else that you will be able to tolerate. The rest of the symptoms can be treated with OTCs. Aches and pains that seem to crop up everywhere can be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or NSAIDS like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil). Also, try Ben Gay cream for aches and pains relief during the night. You can also get some other over-the-counter meds to assist your troubles sleeping. If you are not sure about something, just ask the pharmacist.

8:46 pm February 14th, 2015

My 92 year old Mother was on Norco for over a month due to broken ribs and clavicle. After going off the drug last Monday (5 days ago) she has experience, among other things, black diarrhea that just pours out of her even though she is not eating much of anything. Is this normal? The Drs we have spoken to say it is normal when withdrawing from Norco, however, I am not sure that the “black” part is normal. Any one know about this? I spoke to her Dr. yesterday and she said that my Mother doesn’t need to see her that it is just from the Norco.

10:52 am February 17th, 2015

I only take 2 10 milligram Norco a day for pain. As soon as the Norco wears off in about 6 hours I get extremely depressed almost suicidal.and have panic attacks But I’ll wait until my next dose is due when I take it I feel almost normal.How can such a low dose of this medication cause me so much depression?

2:20 pm February 18th, 2015

Hello Lynda. Yes, although unpleasant, black, tarry stools are one of the many Norco side-effects. Did the doctor prescribe anything that would help your mom’s GI tract?

3:59 am February 20th, 2015

You seem to know alot about the withdrawals. So, if I may, I tapered down from 8 10/325 norco pills a day to 1 pill a day. I admit I tapered out quickly, say 2 or so weeks. I had been on norco for about 2 years, before this I did not take large amounts. I guess I am the typical person, who starts out with what I needed, and went up because I wanted to feel better because my lower dose started not to work.
I was wondering what the main withdrawal symptoms were, how long each may last, does withdrawal effect you emotionally (suicidal, or lack of interest in life), what are the best medications to help with symptoms?
my symptoms consist of sleeplessness, irritability, lack of energy, emotional, depression, pain in legs, restlessness all over body.
Thank you. I hope to hear from you and anyone else who may be of help.

1:42 pm February 20th, 2015

Hello Cisco. You are right, that was a rather sudden taper down. But, now that it’s done, you are experiencing the typical withdrawal symptoms. You can treat the flu-like hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms using over the counter flu and cold medications. Medications like clonidine or Immodium are used treat symptoms such as high blood pressure and diarrhea. You can expect intense cravings in about 2 to 3 days after complete dose cessation. I’d suggest you consult your doctor before going further with this process, especially because doctors can prescribe meds to treat the withdrawal symptoms, give valuable suggestions about OTC’s you can use, and refer you to the next step in recovery. Withdrawal symptoms can include mood disorders and sleeping problems, and are treated using a combination of therapies. If you are having drug cravings or a hard time with your emotions, support groups located in your area and talk therapy can help your mental state. Plus, having a good support system will give you the strength to get through the process of withdrawal.

2:08 am February 22nd, 2015

I just went cold turkey from taking viccidin 7.5 es 4-5 times a day. I never abused the drug I just took the meds for the pain and problems I have with my back. What should I look for during withdrawals from this drug. I am doing this with no medical supervision?

6:14 am February 22nd, 2015

i have been off hydrocodone 5mg for 6 weeks just wihin the last 24 hours I took one 5 mg tablet I have not taken any since, will this set me back, I hope not.

5:25 am February 23rd, 2015

Thank you for your response Ivana.
At the moment, I do not have insurance, so I can not rely on speaking to a doctor. That’s one reason I ended up here.
Its been 3 1/2 days since last pill. I am going through the typical symptoms.
Do you have timeline for Restless Legs and Lack of Sleep? Not to mention my legs are always in pain. I have been taking lots of hot bath to take a break from the pain.
The diarrhea I can control with Immodium.
So if you have any suggestions on OTC’s, they would be welcomed.
You can see my first log to see what I am going through.
Is the clonidine for headaches?
I let my family know what I was going to do, so they are all aware of my symptoms. I wanted to be sure that no one was hurt by my symptoms (mood and emotional ones).
After the physical symptoms are done (again what is the typical timeline that they end?), what is next and how long will those take?
I know your answers don’t have to be spot on, there are variables. But if I had a typical guideline of what will happen, it would make me stronger mentally prepared for what is to come.

1:48 pm February 23rd, 2015

Hello again Cisco. The duration and intensity of Norco withdrawal symptoms depend on many things. Starting from how long were you taking it, how often and in what amount, your general health state, level of hydration, metabolism, etc. Aside from the variables you can read the general time-line of symptoms you can expect, in the article above. Restless legs shouldn’t last longer than a week or two. You can take Magnesium/Calcium supplements and Hylands Restful Legs to help with this symptom. Also, I know that heating pads work for many others. For the sleeping problems you can try the natural amino acid 5HTP, since the restless legs and withdrawal stress are a big contributor to having sleepless nights. Or you can try Valerian Tincture which is a herbal sleep aid. I hope this helps and that you feel much better soon, Cisco!

1:56 pm February 23rd, 2015

Hello Cec. Don’t worry, it won’t set you back. But, if you are having psychological difficulties to stay away from hydrocodone, you may ask for help form any kind of community support groups. Talk therapy is great in helping people who recently quit a substance to avoid triggers and cravings that pull them back into using again.

4:06 pm March 2nd, 2015

after I stop taking the meds I get an intensive urge to constalty strech my arms and legs. I have taken advil pm and taking hot bathes but evertime I lay down for bed this happenes. What can I do to make it stop so I can sleep.

8:37 pm March 4th, 2015

Addict in AL..
I have been reading all of your stories
Thank you all so much for sharing, I 2 am an addict for 12 years now on tabs 10 I am 46 now been to detox 4 days came home and started again, I was talking 15 2 20 a day I have been out of detox for 34 days now, I have taken 23 pills in 34 days, I’m having such a hard time, I feel like I am nothing without a pill… Any advice??
Lost in AL. Thanks for listening…

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