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Smoking tramadol

Smoking tramadol

Are you thinking about smoking Tramadol?

You should know the benefits and drawbacks of smoking tramadol before you try it. Like any prescription medication, there are risks associated with taking tramadol in any other way than normally prescribed (including developing tolerance to tramadol). We’ll explore whether smoking tramadol is an effective delivery method in this article and welcome any questions about tramadol at the end.

Does smoking tramadol work or get you high?

Not really.

Tramadol is an opioid pain reliever which helps manage moderate to moderately severe pain. But while tramadol is meant to be taken orally, some people will try to get the drug into their system more quickly by crushing the pills and snorting, smoking, or injecting the powder. However, it’s difficult to get high by smoking tramadol, since this mode of administration isn’t a very effective delivery method for medicines like tramadol.

What does smoking tramadol do to you?

Smoking tramadol allows the drug to quickly enter the bloodstream through the nasal tissues. However, tramadol hydrochloride isn’t the only thing you’re inhaling when you smoke tramadol. Tramadol pills contain binders and fillers which aren’t absorbed by the body, which can cause irritation of the eyes and respiratory system. When you smoke pills with tramadol, you smoke these binders and fillers too. This is why you can get an infection or develop permanent lung problems if you smoke tramadol repeatedly over time.

Smoking tramadol side effects

There are a number of side effects of smoking tramadol. Because the medication isn’t being taken as directed, tramadol smokers may experience:

  • dizziness or weakness
  • hallucinations
  • headache
  • nausea and vomiting
  • nervousness or agitation
  • uncontrollable shaking
  • seizures

Smoking Tramadol on tin foil

Heating tramadol on foil vaporizes the active ingredient tramadol hydrochloride so that it can be inhaled, but very little of the medication ends up being released due to the high temperatures involved. So much more tramadol than normally taken will end up being released rather than inhaled. Can you overdose on tramadol?  Of course.  But if you up your dose of smoked tramadol to compensate for the lost effect, this means added exposure to the dangerous fillers and binders found in tramadol pills.

Smoking tramadol with weed or alcohol

Tramadol mixed with alcohol or taking tramadol with weed isn’t a great idea, either. Each of these drugs act to depress the central nervous system and can have an additive effect on one another. In other words, tramadol and marijuana/alcohol can heighten the effects of one another if taken at the same time, and this can be dangerous. Weed, alcohol and tramadol can cause drowsiness and a loss of coordination leading to accidents and injuries. It’s also easier to overdose on tramadol when it’s mixed with other drugs.

Is smoking tramadol bad for you?

Yes, it’s bad for you to smoke tramadol because of the inactive ingredients in the medication. The fillers and binders will damage your nose and lungs because they are impossible to absorb through the mucus membranes of the body. The smoke can also damage or irritate your eyes. Taking tramadol by smoking it opens you to a number of negative potential side effects and should be avoided.

Can you smoke tramadol?

Yes, you can smoke tramadol, but it probably won’t get you high or make the medicine work better. Plus, tramadol should only be taken as directed to avoid the risk of overdose or addiction. Smoking tramadol has its own unique risks, which are probably not worth the effects you’ll get by taking the drug this way.

Smoking Tramadol questions

Still have questions about smoking tramadol? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.

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4 Responses to “Smoking tramadol
Ryan T.
11:59 pm June 4th, 2013

i took 5 Tramadol pills and then smoked one i am very high and some parts of my body are numb. i feel like this is very addictive and i will probably do it again tomorrow. this is very hard to type this i have to go back on every word and respell it.

12:53 pm June 5th, 2013

Hi Ryan. I hope that your senses return and you start to feeling normal again. Also, I hope that you stay safe while abusing tramadol.

isaiah g
4:52 am December 18th, 2014

Y do people smoke it? Does it really do anything to u I wanna knw

10:58 am March 14th, 2015

Seizures if you smoke it are 10 times more smoking it than taking over 400mg per day. DONT DO THIS PLEASE!!!

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