Can you overdose (OD) on Adderall?

Yes, you can overdose on Adderall if you take Adderall in large amounts. More on Adderall overdose as well as amounts of safe dosing here.

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Yes. You can overdose on Adderall, a combination brand drug made of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine.

When you OD on Adderall you can experience a heart attack, stroke, or case of sudden death. But how much Adderall does it take to overdose?  Here, we reveal how much Adderall is too much and explore what you can do to avoid an accidental Adderall overdose. We welcome your questions about Adderall and overdose at the end.

Can you overdose on Adderall?

Yes, you can overdose on Adderall. Even if you don’t take enough to OD, Adderall can be dangerous because of its cardiac effects. One special danger with Adderall is the fact that it’s often prescribed to children suffering from ADHD, and it’s easier for children to accidentally take too much Adderall than for adults.

Secondly, taking Adderall for non-medical reasons increases your risk of death and overdose, so Adderall should only be taken swallowed as a whole pill, and only in the doses recommended by your doctor. You’re much more likely to overdose when you chew, crush, snort or inject Adderall pills. Plus, Adderall addictive.  The quick delivery of dextroamphetamine and amphetamine to the brain that comes from chewing, crushing or snorting Adderall effects increase your risk of cardiovascular events.

What happens when you overdose on Adderall?

Cardiovascular problems are the biggest risk of overdosing on Adderall. Adderall overdose can cause heart attacks, stroke, or even sudden death. Furthermore, Adderall can cause heart and lung problems even at doses lower than necessary to overdose.

How many Adderall is too much?

In children, the typical dose of Adderall is only 2.5-5mg per day. Adderall should never be given in doses larger than 40/mg per day. A child can overdose more easily on Adderall than an adult because of their small body mass.

Adults may be prescribed anything from 5-60 mg of Adderall per day, depending on their situation. As little as 30mg of Adderall can be dangerous to some people, while a dose as high as 500 mg has been reported as safe in an individual who habitually abused Adderall. 70 mg of Adderall in one day is considered the maximum safe daily dose by the FDA.

The fatal amount of Adderall varies from person to person. Doses as high as 15,000 mg have been reported without killing the person who took the medication – although in most cases this would be more than enough to overdose. In general, 20-25 mg/kg of a person’s body weight is considered a fatal dose. In an adult weighing 150 lbs, the fatal dose would most likely be about 1360 mg.

Adderall overdose help

If you’ve taken a high dose of Adderall and experience adverse side effects, you should seek medical attention immediately. The prognosis will depend on a number of different factors, including your own size and body chemistry. Because the results of Adderall overdose can be so unpredictable, it’s best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

Overdose on Adderall questions

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Adderall in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Adderall, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. So I took 80 mg of the time release pills threw out the day. I didn’t take them all together I spaced them out. I weigh 190 lb and have only been on adderall for three days. I’m having slight pain in my side’s and back but my breathing don’t seem to be fast or painful. I’m kinda scared to go to sleep. I thought this was like my hydroxyzine so I took extra to help with my anxiety. I took my last one around 5 hours ago. Do you think I’m ok to go to sleep?

    1. Hey there- I saw your post and while I am sure you’re fine now, five days later, I thought I would still respond as your situation cann be scary to go through. I’m coming off a 330mg bout myself so I hope my experiences can be insightful.

      Not to adjust the story, but I’ve been an addict, still am, for 4 years taking anywhere between 60mg and peaking at 520mg per session which is weekly.. Sleepless nights become a thing but there’s defintely some tricks to landing a good night sleep when you feel like running through a wall. I always recommend a shower. separate yourself from whatever made you desire to be so productive. Fresh state of mind is key.

      After you feel relaxed, meditate and just focus on you for awhile. The key is to lay down in control of your physiological state otherwise you could pump yourself up which just increases the cardiovascular effects of the medication. I always have non habit sleep meds available because of the dosage I take but this TENDS to work even for me.

      Also, if I may, please be careful. I know that’s ironic coming from my corner but try to hold back on taking that extra pill. If you’re new to addy it’s going to be strong and you do need to adjust that doesn’t mean you cant go up eventually in dosage just be careful.

      The side pain is your body digesting the product. Flush your body out with water and eat a lot of greens. Best of luck. Please excuse any typos I’m having visual hallucinations from sleep depravity.


  2. My regular does is suppose to be 20 mg, 20 mg and a half. I have been on Adderall for almost two years. I got out of my first exam at 2:15, I took a break and ate a buritto and some of a Special K bar. But I still feel dizzy and a little shaky, and now at 4:17 I feel tired. What should I do? Did I overdose? Yes, I know it wasn’t smart, and I do not plan on doing it again EVER.

  3. being 179 what’s the amount of addarall that should be taken.

    if you take 2 30s a day not all the time but some times have chest pain what does that mean? it’s not all the time just some times. my doctor prescribed it.

  4. Hey I took 22 20mgs of it a few months ago and puked for 3 days, I weigh 100 pounds. Do you think I have anything wrong with me now from it? I get headaches all the time but I don’t know if that would be related.

    1. I accidentally took 560mgs between 10pm last night and 4 a.m. .. its 7:11a.m. ive puked several times. I cant sit or lay down because I get excruciating headache from above eye and down back of my neck it’s so painful tho. I just keep screaming. Still feel I’m about to puke…

  5. I’ve been through the hell of Adderall psychosis with a massive panic attack (I already had PTSD and Panic Disorder WITH agoraphobia). I never knew a human heart could go that fast. I struggled with it. Using techniques learned through CBT and just plain instinctive survival, I survived. It was one of the scariest days/nights+ of my life. In the end, I won many battles with the unrelenting panic attack, but ultimately I lost the war and the fear took over me. Yet, I survived.

    I’m not particularly healthy. Overweight, Out of shape, Hypertensive. Yet the alarmist and pessimistic view that you offer here is just that; Alarmist. Point being that I survived. Was it fun? No? Did I enjoy it? No. Did I die? NO. My point being that Adderall is generally a rather safe medication. Sure, I felt like I was going to die. Yet I knew from previous traumatic episodes that I probably wouldn’t. What you are doing here, with this entire diatribe, is not harm reduction. It is a very liberal and alarmist approach intended to draw people into a “worst case” scenario. Only 12 documented cases of sudden death exist with Adderall. All of them children. 5 with heart conditions, the other 7 while rigorously exerting themselves in high heat index environments.

    What you should be doing here is telling the TRUTH, and that is that people suffering from Amphetamine psychosis have a better chance of winning the Powerball everyday of their life than dying from using, or even abusing, Adderall. I’ve been to the dark side and back. I know how amphetamine overdose feels. It’s very psychological. What does not kill you makes you stronger, and I gathered strength and knowledge from my overdose. Since then my panic attacks have decreased substantially. I was in your “worst case scenario”. Yet here I am, Alive, and doing JUST fine.

    I made it through, which at one point in my own mind was certain death, no thanks to “alarmist” such as YOU. That experience has changed me for the better and taught me the value of optimism. I had a full blown, worst of my life, panic attack while overdosed and suffering amphetamine psychosis on Adderall. My heart was beating faster than I could possible count. I lost all control. Yet since then I’ve challenged my psychosis. I’ve defeated it. It’s made me so much stronger, so much more confident as a person in general; without needing a pill.

    People must remember that all you “addiction” specialists are just glorified capitalists. You’ve never been through an ounce of what I, and many others, have. You have no source or citations for your redundant pessimism and offer only despair in hopes you can find some naive soul with good insurance. That’s pathetic. If you really cared about people you’d offer positive reinforcement. Not this medically inept diatribe about “omg you’re going to die, call now!”. LOL!

  6. Hi, I took 7 Adderall xr in one day… witch was a Thursday…and now it’s Saturday and I still feel funny… will this feeling go away… can I die later!!!

  7. hey i was thinking about overdosing but not anymore i take this medds for ADHD please nevr try to kill your self it hurts just think of what your parents would do to see there child dead how would they sleep at night what would your sibilings do if you have any. think of your family and friends before you think of killing or hurting you self

  8. I am going to take all my adderall to die. I don’t to live anymore. I have no family. Everyone hates me for no reason. I help everyone and I have never hurt anyone. So enough is enough

  9. Im 15 and u took 4 30mg xr adderall about 24 hours ago for the first time i havent really had any side efdects except cotton mouth and slight dizzieness and i cant slee im 15 amd wright 125 what should i do. I also wana add in i took 2 30mg xr at 730 and 1 30 at 1030 and another one at 1

  10. I took about 1,000 mg of Adderall. snorted about half. I haven’t slept since then which would be 3 and a half days ago. I ummm idk what to do. I can’t tell my mom she’d kick my ass out. i also smoked a lot of pot when this happened. and i was drinking…. i weigh like 180lbs and im a female.. what should i do?

  11. least risk out most drugs to OD from, OD is usually Signs of taking to much and getting blue balls as more confused then usual and sort of stuck not knowing what ya wanna do, so for some people that’s actually them normally so don’t fret just eat and drink cranberry juice / orange juice to help absorb what ya can and wind down the mimd/body by watching mind numbing television or whatever you like. I’ve been on the XR & IR at about 160 MG daily script now about 12 years tolerance is dumb and I’m kinda stuck at the doc mixing there drug cocktail to see which drugs
    aide it since I can’t get it increased , I had my ups and downs it ain’t easy at times but what is, insomnia was the special add.on feature later on. but ya that’s just my opinion still never heard of anyone OD on it, sorry if that’s happened to someone or someone ya know but yup just sharing

  12. My best friend takes adderall XR on occasion for various reasons. She recently took 90mg, but over the course of several hours, rather than all at once. I think she did this because she had taken two ambiens to calm her nerves before she took them, and so, I suppose, wasn’t feeling the adderall and took more. Her pulse seems fast but within safe range, but she has a mild headache and some nausea. I hope she will be okay as the night wears on. Anyway, she realizes that she has addiction issues but the area where we live has so few resources, and she’s trying to move to a city where she can get some help for free. Do you know of any organization that offers high quality and compassionate care for free? Thanks.

  13. So I don’t have ADHD or anything I took 4 10mg and then 3 hours later another 3 so that’s 70mg In one day can am i gonna die ? I’m kinda panicking i slept for only 2 hours and the only side effect I’m having is a small headache I don’t Take Adderall a lot either I just recently stopped smoking weed so I needed a high and yea any help please

  14. So I tried adderall a year ago, I got all jittery, bruxismy, and my heart rate went up a ton, and I couldn’t sleep
    but I couldn’t focus, and I felt no happy at all
    is there something wrong with my dopamine?

  15. I am not prescribed any adderall and I was very foolish in taking it for recreation. I took one 50mg at around 6pm yesterday a second 50mg at 9:30 and a third 50mg at about 2:30am. This was the second time I’d ever taken adderall the first time was 90mg just the night before. I started to feel it wear off around 10 this morning but I have felt extremely nauseous and my heart continues to race. I’m afraid I might have overdosed I’m 16 and 112.6 pounds can you help me out? Also one side note is my eye began to fill with blood from the tear duct region is this related to my adderall abuse or something completely different? Please I’m hoping you can help.

  16. I take 10mg of Adderall daily. I couldn’t remember if I took my dose this morning and took another one. Will that hurt me? Now that I’m thinking about it, I think I did take it the initial time.

  17. I took 120 mg of Adderall xr in the span of 24 hours now the 60 mg a day doesn’t seem to work the next day and the next how can I make it work again in my system?

  18. I have been taking Adderall on and off for years.but I recently started again, and it’s been really different experience. I feellike I am going crazy.Like one moment I’m having suicidal thoughts and crying , the next I’m so happy and excited .What’s wrong with me

  19. My Daughter is 28 n weights about 120lbs. She takes 90 milligrams of Adderall by noon. She is also taking 5 milligrams of oxcy 5 times a day. I am worried about her. I don’t think she should be taking all these meds. She got a doctor to prescribe them by telling them a bunch of crap. Just worried.

  20. If you are 13 years old and you weigh 160 and your prescription is to take 2 37mg of adderall and u like took 7 but not all at one time like two or one at a time at least 2 hours hour between each time u are you going to be ok

  21. I am 120 pounds 16 years of age.. 5’8 I took 20mg of adderall and i don’t feel the same as I normally do.. need help

  22. Hey my name is Dominik im drug abused from years. I Did 12 adderalls on Saturday and i feel heart arythmy and lungs problem, its been two days since i Did it , and i still feel high im shaking and i need to know what to do to bring me calm.

  23. I have a question I just started trying adderrall month ago why when I take one 30 mg xr I feel good but then I take another and another and don’t feel the same

  24. I have gone through your blog, you provided lots of information and side effects of Adderall . But, one of the question arises that is …….. Can it prescribes to the children under 5 years??

  25. I am prescribed 30mg of adderal daily. Yesterday I forgot I had already taken it and had taken a second dose. I had extremely terrible side effects that nearly convinced me to go to the hospital. Overall I am feeling better today, should I take my adderal today or skip a day? Would taking it cause me to od?

  26. OK, so I was wondering, i weigh 105 pounds, and im 16, so i was wandering if i snorted 10 mg on adderall, not that i would just curious, what would happen to me??

  27. I took 100 mg of adderall in 11 hours plus some other meds…now i feel dizzy, sick to my stomach, stmach hurts bad, i feel like throwing up and i just threw up 30 min ago…what should i do

  28. Was prescribed adderall to deal with some disassociation/ brain fog issues.
    Took one 20mg pill and it made me feel terrible. It dialed my disassociation way up.
    Backache, bad spacing out, aggitation and depressed.
    Its been 48 hours and still feeling symptoms. Shouldnt this stuff be out of my system already…

  29. i am 24 and weigh about 95 lbs, my doctor prescribed me 5mg but i didn’t feel anything so took about 25 mg yesterday and hadn’t taken any more since. my stomach is hurting, i feel super hungry but then i don’t eat much and have the same pain a little while later… am i okay? i don’t want my doctor to think they can’t trust me, i just really didn’t think, it would be that big of a deal considering people take that drug recreationally. will this pass

  30. I’ve been on 30mg of adderall twice a day. I always take them at the same time. They used to work on me. I would think so clearly I felt like cleaning the house, I’d paint beautiful art, I USED to be an artist, I even felt happy. Over time, maybe about a year, it slowly stopped working. I think I’ve become tolerant to it and now I can’t think straight, I can’t sleep because my thoughts are racing, I have no motivation to clean, get out of bed, shower, I haven’t been able to paint in about a year. I’ve tried but no ideas no feelings no motivation. I’ve been on ritalin, it didn’t work, I asked my doctor if he can up my dosage of adderall but he says no but doesn’t tell me why and that there is nothing else that can help me! Please tell me, is 60mg really the highest dosage allowed? I’m sinking into a deep depression because I can’t think clearly and I have no motivation to do anything at all. I keep forgetting to put on deoderant it’s so band. I am sinking fast.

  31. I took 50 mg of adderall in a short amount of time. First 20 , didn’t really feel it and then 30mg about 2 hours later. I chewed it. After 15 minutes I was feeling my heart racing. I was panicking. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I felt like I was experiencing a heart attack as well. I’m not prescribed adderall and I’m only 23 years old. The day after I felt fine. It was 2 days later where I started experiencing chest tightness and chest pain that tends to move to my neck, back and left arm. I don’t really experience shortness of breath but I haven’t exercised because I don’t want to risk my heart rate. My heart rate also feels out of control sometimes. I went to ER and my blood pressure, chest X-ray, ekg was perfectly fine. But where are these chest pains coming from then? I’m really afraid I messed up my heart. I have been very stressed from this and another situation so idk if that’s what’s causing this chest pain. Do you think I could have overdosed ? After 30 minutes of when I took the 50 mg, I felt much better. Much more calm. If it was an overdose, would the symptoms have subsided that quickly ?

  32. I just want to say something regarding the questions/comments that I have come across on this blog. I ran across it when looking for the proper dose for adults based on weight. I got my answer but found some comments on here that concern me.
    I am a nurse and a 23 year old mom of 1 who has ADHD. I was diagnosed young and never medicated, but after i had my son I ended up going back to my doctor about symptoms I was dealing with and we made the choice to medicate. Some days are better than others, but it is truly not related to the amount of medication I take. My point being: my mental health does not improve if I attempt to kill myself with a dose of adderall strong enough to keep a dead person alive. Taking my dose AS PRESCRIBED TO ME makes me “normal” and controls my ADHD symptoms. But there are days that it doesn’t too. This doesn’t mean I load up and swallow half the bottle, it’s not going to help. Adderall for ADHD people does not make you feel euphoric or like you’re “speeding” usually. If this occurs, your dose is probably too high.
    Also, if you experience any type of chest pain, breathing problems, dizziness, severe headache, or you simply just don’t feel right (to the point that you are concerned and commenting on this blog about it), you already know you should seek help. You should let an adult know if you are a minor, or let your doctor know, or go to the ER. There may or may not be repercussions for your actions, but it’s better than suffering from a massive heart attack/stroke at a young age (or any age for that matter)! Take your health seriously guys, listen to your body. Adderall is a strong medication that speeds up your CNS and can effect your mind, your gasto system, your heart, etc., with adverse side effects that can mess up any of these systems permanently. Don’t take it without a prescription and don’t abuse your meds. It’s not worth it!!
    Also: Coming from an ADHD person on 2 20 mg tablets a day, I can tell you that I have no problems sleeping or eating related to my meds. This can be another sign your dose is too high for you.
    Sorry to preach. Have a great day ❤️ Stay well everybody.

  33. I took 180 milligrams of my friends adderall and don’t have a prescription or a tolerance. I’m 150 pounds, male and 14 years old. I took them at about 8 PM and was up the whole night sweating like crazy. The next morning around five, I got up to use the bathroom and was incredibly dizzy and miscoordinated. This might be tmi but it took very long for me to urinate. Anyways I get back in bed and back on my phone I go. At around eight I get off my phone and everything is extremely blurry and I’m very dizzy. I layed in bed for about 30 minutes and got up and was faint, dizzy, lightheaded and jittery. For the next eight hours, I couldn’t eat but more than four bites of food and had extreme amounts of energy and had to be moving something at all times. I was cleaning when I noticed my hands turning purple and they felt really cold but were sweaty. I continued cleaning and decided to take a shower where I layed down and relaxed for about 30 minutes. When I got in my bathroom I realized my face was turning purple! So I wiped and wiped and took a hot shower to try and warm it up, which worked. After I got out I decided to go to my friends house on my electric scooter. I was going about 15 mph and everything sounded so weird. I don’t know how to describe it. And everything looked like a blur. A car passed me and it was in front of me but sounded like it was coming up behind me. I thought I was going to die because my heart was going crazy and I was turning purple and had most of the signs of an overdose. But I didn’t want to go to the hospital because my mom would kill me. I was fine I slept solid the next night and feel all better.

  34. I’m doing a school project on prescription stimulants and I was wondering how many people yearly die of an overdose on unprescribed stimulants? Also, what effects do these drugs have on the brain? Thank you so much for your time!

  35. I don’t have a script or anything like that or ADHD at least that I know of. today I took a 20mg then about 2 hours later I took another one this is my first time ever taking and prolly my last. I am shaky, my heart is racing, my mouth is as dry as a desert, I am constantly losing my breath, I haven’t gotten hungry since I took them, and some anxiety but I have anxiety regularly anyways but it is a bit worse. Is this stuff normal? I am bit freaked out.

  36. They recommended me the dose 20 mg per day of Adderall 30mg medicine. Adderall should be used as prescribed and avoid overdose. Some minor side effects of this drug are: Weight loss, Mild fever, Stomach pain, Nausea, Loss of appetite, Irregular heartbeat, Headache, Vomit, Exhaustion, The dry mouth, Headache, Diarrhea, Constipation. Adderall is best medicine to improves concentration and ability to focus on their work, greater attention, and greater mental clarity, helps reduce frustration, control behavior problems.

  37. Hi I took 60mg of aderall on Saturday, w drinking coffee and cigarettes. But not prescribed then the next day Sunday I took one more in the morning, then w coffee again and then took another 3 hours later w cold brew then crushed one and swallowed it, and then later that night I took 1-2 more I don’t remember but crushed it. Now my heart hurts like crazy , I took these before a couple days before, I just use it to study and focus and be happy but not my head feels like it’s bleeding and I’m not prescribed to it.

  38. Ok so around 10am yesterday I took 30mg adderall. (6 5mg blue ones)When I was younger I had taken 70 no problem but around 3 yesterday I just started feeling terrible, splitting headache , entire body hurts, and fever got up to 102.7 . Well I went to sleep while husband kept eye on my temperature and woke up no fever, headache,body hurts, roof of my mouth swollen , coughing up a ton of mucous,and exhausted . Am I okay? Last night I was terrified because this is so out of character and it’s been years but I messed up and took them anyway to pick me up and help me clean

  39. Hi,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DON’T RISK PLAYING AROUND WITH ADDERALL!!? My beautiful 42 yr old sister just recently OD’d & died from it. She left 4 children here without a Mother now. She seized 3 times & came to in between each seizure & apologized for “not meaning to do it.” It was too late by the time her worthless POS boyfriend decided to call 911. This is what I got to do bcuz of Adderall: I got to come home & pay for her to be cremated & now what I have of her is sitting in an urn on my mantel. She was heavy & was extremely self conscious of her weight & was taking this drug unbeknownst to her family to aid in weight loss. PLEASE!! DO NOT TAKE IT IF YOU ARE NOT UNDER THE CARE OF A DOCTOR?!!! You CAN die from it & will very easily if this drug is abused. I MISS my sister!! I MISS the life I am supposed to be having with her now!! It’s not worth dying just to lose a few pounds or to get high!!?? I LOVE YOU, CARRIE.

  40. Hi this morning i took 2 20 mgs of regular adderall around 7:00 am befor i went to school, its now 6:19pm and the affects have long worn off i havnt noticed the affects since 10:30-11:30 at most and i am wondering if its safe to drink a monster now its been close to 11 and a half hours since i have taken them

  41. My son took 2 Concerta today 18 mgs each and then 1 ADD 10 mgs at 1 pm but it wasn’t enough to get his HW done. He was very upset crying and frustrated. I asked him to lay down for awhile – take a nap. I think he was tired. When he wakes up – can he take a 10mg ADD and then another one 2-3 hours after that today? Thank you

  42. I have been under so much stress with my oldest son (21) staying with us and continuing to make big mistakes letting people use him like crazy. Anyway, today, I honestly was so wiped that I thought maybe I hadn’t taken my adderall, so I took one and THEN counted them and ugh, I accidentally took a second one. I’m just wondering. I have been taking adderall for 2 years or so now, and last month they changed me to vyvance which OMG!! that was a VERY BAD idea for my anxiety and having my son here. I was literally shaking it was so “speedy” which I do NOT like. So, I got them to put me back on the adderall and I’m HOPING that this is just getting readjusted to it and that the vyvance didn’t cause my tolerance to go up because she has no intention of raising my dose.
    Any input or prior experience and when this “omg I need to go to bed” feeling will wear off. It hit HARD after the second adderall.
    Thank you all

  43. I know I take too much Adderall 500mg a day. I’ve been taking it for so many years that it takes more Adderall to get the same effect as when I took 10mg years ago. I feel fine so I don’t know if I’m damaging myself. Help!

  44. Hi, I took a 20 mg extended release adderall at 8am CST on Thursday, sept 1.

    It’s 5pm CST on Friday, Sept 2. My heart has had some palpitations and i feel discomfort in my back ribcage. Other than that, I feel fine.

    I’m not perscribed; this is my fourth time ever taking adderal and my second time in the last three weeks.

    To be fair, I did have several cups of coffee today, and typically get palpitations from that.

  45. Hey i was just wondering today i took 3 20mg adderral and i felt my chest beating but im not sure if thats just in my head. Please let me know anything if you guys have any information.

  46. Hi, about 3 years ago I was prescribed Adderall by a doctor who was treating me for anxiety/depression and was aware of my addiction problems. He prescribed me Adderall and of course I abused it. I took 60 mg at a time once a day, about twice a week. Near the end I was snorting the adderall too. It has been 3 years since I have used Adderall and I can not feel any emotion. I feel flat, no pleasure from any stimuli. I know that Adderall is a dopamine re-uptake inhibitor. I have seen over 10 different doctors and a dozen therapists. This goes beyond just depression. It is hard to even pass each moment of the day, lacking the ability to see a goal in anything due to the inability to feel at all. I wish I knew how to fix this. Can there be a solution to this? I know it came from the adderall and I have not been the same since. I am 29, this seems permanent and will lead to a very sufferable life. please respond by email if possible.

  47. Hi. I am a 38-year-old male that weighs approximately 175 pounds. I would say, over the past month or so, I have taken Adderall a few different times(not prescribed) It is/was the 20 mg IR. About three weeks ago I suppose, I believe I took 120 mg worth of it in one day while I was drinking beer throughout the day( obviously I dodged a bullet that day ). My concern is,in the last 15 hours I took 60 mg( not taking 20 mg at a time but, taking 10mg or 5mg at a time until it was all gone ).
    I have been drinking for about the same time, I can still tell that I’m drunk but I don’t feel too drunk. What are your recommendations?
    I will say that I also have suffered from an anxiety disorder my entire life and, it’s really hard to tell if I’m just having an anxiety attack or if it’s something more serious. I do take prescription medications such as Ativan(1mg twice a day and 20 mg propranolol twice a day for my anxiety/ I have not taken the Ativan or the propranolol within the last 12 to 15 hours .)Thank you for your feedback and any help that you may have to offer.

  48. I babysit a 7 yr old who takes 15mg of adderall a day, he had told his mother that he had taken 3 because he was feeling hyper. I don’t know how he had access to this medication. I’m wondering if he will be fine. He has just been really sleepy and no energy. He weighs about 60lbs or so. Please contact me asap. Thank you

  49. Tonight I accidentally took a 2nd dose of my prescribed adderall 30mg XR. I take it every morning around 8am and did this today as usual. Tonight while making dinner I went to take a Tagamet (antacid) and was not paying attention and took a dose of adderall 30mg XR. Should I be worried about this? What can I do, I have two small children and I’m on my own.

  50. Hi,
    I am prescribed one adderall a day (I don’t remover the dosage, it’s low like 20 mg), well last night around 10:30 I took two adderall and a 6 hr energy shot, I barely ate dinner and hadn’t slep for over 24 hrs now. It has been 15 hrs since I took the adderall and energy shot and I’m still going. I feel exhausted and over energized at the same time. I feel nauseous. I’m jittery and I want to cry. To make matters worse I was also drinking Pepsi….I just want this to stop! I want to sleep! I took a klodopin and a half about 45 minutes ago and still nothing. I feel like I could run laps but I’m also so exhausted…..I feel crazy. This has never happened before but lately it has taken my normal dosage (one pill a day) hours to kick in….help please

  51. Hello im 17 and i recently and stupidly took 170mg of adderall xr im 6’0 and 173ibs i took it 12am and couldnt sleep the whole day rn im experiencing stomach pain and a bit disoriented honestly im frightned ive been drinking oj and water and resting but im not sure of the outcome when will i ever be able to sleep again and have my penis back to normal size

  52. hi, so i took a pill from adderall in the morning at 11am but i feel like i’m not really concentrating and i was wondering i could take another one or is that bad?

  53. Can I take 1 pill of Aderall a day without a doctor’s prescription without havimg any risks of OD? It’s only to get more focused on studying for the exams, so I can have better outcomes.

  54. is it safe to takefocainxr30mg with adderall 2x 30mg daily? My tolence is so high I don’t feel the affect of it working.

  55. So as I was getting ready for bed I accidentally took my pills for the next morning, instead of my trazadone to help me sleep. My morning pills are 30mg. of Adderall XR and 40mg of fluxotine.

    Should I still take my trazadone to help me sleep? Also, can I still take my adderall in the morning?

  56. a friend of mine has been taking adderall a long time. Years. Does it cause sores. She has sores on her arms. They’re really bad.

  57. I’ve taken 60 mg in a 12 hour period… I also had a five hour energy drink. How do I speed my bodies process of getting rid of it ?

  58. Hello I am a professional soccer player and I decided to take 20 mg white oddly shaped adderall pill and now I have been having rapid heart beat and sharp pains which is unusual for me because I have a very strong cardiovascular system I took it about 30 min ago

  59. I took two 15mg Adderalls orally today and I snorted one. I took the whole 45mg dosage at about 9am and it’s 12:30am and I’m still very hyper and awake, I have had several mental breakdowns today and very bad headaches. I have never taken anything like this before and I don’t think it’s going too well for my body, I have only drinken 3 bottles of water and a cup of coffee and no food at all. I just really need advice on how to come down from this. I really regret it and feel so tired.

  60. Hello.

    My name is Craig.
    I know it isn’t good for anyone … Myself included… So I am not looking for attitude from anyone lol. (About my own choices etc)… But I have a quick question for whoever it may be… So “Anyone”.

    Okay… I had a completely full bottle of 30mg Adderall “Tablets” 4 day’s ago.!! … Not XR’s … Tablets..! The prescription is 1 ..30mg adderall …twice daily. …. Etc etc… Lol. But.. I am and have never been a fan of being easy on stuff.. Haha. Especially adderall… !! So… Anyways.. I looked in the bottle to reassure myself that there were still plenty left..! But.. Noticed when i had counted, that there were already 20 of them gone!!!. So I took “”20 “”of the 30mg Adderall Tablets in less than 4 full days!. Is that unusual. … I can literally take over or around 300 to 350mg in one pop and be like ahh thats nothin!! I use it for music related stuff. I’ve been a singer / songwriter my entire life that i remember lol. Was a Child ..when i started. I can sing anything this world could ever throw my way lol. No joking! I can do amazing runs and outstanding vocal acrobatics like the best musicians out there!!. I have a fan base of over 30000 fans/followers already. .The question i have is this…. Is the reason i can take so much adderall and not be hurting or twitching etc due to the fact that im belting at the top of my lungs and burning rapid energy?? I sing for almost 12 hrs at a time… Daily!!. Not all belt stuff lol. But…. Is that a crazy amnt??? Lol. Maybe for some but not for me? Seems to be working like a magical mother fucker. Thank u!! I await a reply.

  61. I took five adderalls I took one wenesday morning wenesday after noon then Thursday morning I took one then then that night I took one at12:30 am then an hour later took another’s then Friday morning I took one the Friday night I was in bed and my chest started beating really bad and hurting and it’s been hurting since then and today’s Sunday. At 12:22 what should I do because its hurting right now. And beating really fast

  62. Hello, around Thursday at 12 a.m. I snorted one 30 MG of adderall, and then at around 5 a.m. I did another. It’s Saturday morning more than 24 hours later and my heart is beating very rapidly still and hard. Yesterday I couldn’t feel my arms and my brain felt like it was boiling. It’s been so long since I’ve taken it and I don’t know what to do Co sidering my heart is still pounding and I’m very dizzy. Help

  63. Hello my husband use to use alot of herion an many other drugs he has been clean for a year and a few months he is on the methadone clinc his dose is smaller than a eye drop now he is really off of the clinic now but he has bad adhd n was using adderall to help focus on tattooing he took about 5 maybe more 20mg adderalls every few days when he could and today was terriable he was hot then cold then hot anxiety through the sky couldnt move he was freaking out in his head he said and he had vodka earlier to stop the pain off withdrawal from the adderal he said his throat was feeling bad last night and when today happend later in the afternoon he had been feeling the. Same way he said it feels like he is dying n he got weed n is sleeping now when he smoked he feels way better n im awake making sure he is breatheing he says he is fine but i just lost to many people and i dont know anything about this i dont smoke or drink please help

  64. I’m 16 and I turn 17 in July. I dropped out of high school August of last year to work and get away from a bad home life. I didn’t do well in school due to having ADHD with no medication and lack of motivation.
    It’s now February and I went back to high school with a whole new dedicated mindset to achieve a double doctorate in Physics and Psychology but still currently working full time. I’m trying to learn 5 years worth of math on my own at home while going to school and working. I have no social life nor time for anything. To help me get stuff done I started taking unprescribed Adderall (about 20 mg-30 mg) every couple to a few days whenever I felt I needed the boost. I also drink coffee sometimes while studying and a majority of the time take a quarter of xanax bar to help with the shakiness. I love how much I get done, how I feel and how much more confident I feel around people with this.
    I want to go to a doctor to get it prescribed but I’m scared he won’t give me adderall if I ask, but that’s irrelevant.
    About me: 16 years old, 100 pounds, 5’4, history of depression/minor anxiety. My dad and my grandmother also have issues of high blood pressure, but I’ve never been checked for it.
    What should I ask him for that will give me the same focused/calm feel as Adderall and Xanax? Do I go to a Pyschiatrist for that?
    Exactly how dangerous is the dose I’m taking now?

  65. I am prescribed 80mg of Adderall per day. 20 MG regular and 60MG of XR. I have been taking this level for nearly 5 years. I had a traffic accident, was blood tested and now charged with DWI. My blood-level numbers for Adderall were really high, but I truly only took what I was prescribed. How do I find out what the normal blood level should be if you were taking my prescribed dosage. Is it truly unique for each person based upon body weight and other factors or is there some rule of thumb that says if I consume the dosage I described and had a blood test that my levels would be within a certain range.

  66. I went to a rave with my friends, but I am not into hard drugs like Molly and whatnot, so I took two adderall pills. one was 20 IR and the other was XR (not sure of the dosage). I have been dealing with insomnia before I did this but it has really sky rocketed since. I’ve gotten a total of 8 hours of sleep tops in the past three days (which was how long ago I took the pills). should I be waiting this out to see if it gets better, or should I be seeking medical attention?

  67. I am taking 2 30 mg Adderall IR and they suppress my appetite to where I don’t eat until after 6 or 7pm my wife works very early she gets up at 3 or 4 am. She is very Irate and super mad at me because we stopped after going to sams to get a hamburger at whatta burger. I could not eat mine the Adderall had suppressed my appetite she is very angry do you think she has a legitimate complaint.

  68. my son is 10 he has adhd and takes 10 mg in pill form. well he spent night with my best friend and her son is on adhd he is 8 i forgot to send my sons medicine and she knew thats what he takes so she gave.him one of her sons well when i picked him up he was acting real funny no talking pale as a ghost and they said he been sleepimg all day and his head hurt bad .then she tells me the adderroll her son is on is a 10 mg capsul and that she took the capsul apart n putit in water causr my son couldnt swallow capsuls. so its been three days now and hes still sleeping all day and had very very bad consistant headaches and high fever. what is happening and what should i do.?

    1. Hi, Linda. If you don’t fell well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk. Or call 911 ASAP.

  69. I took 250 mgs in a 7-8 hour period. That was 12 hours ago. I don’t know if I’m high or dying. First time ever taking adderall.

  70. Hi, I don’t have a prescription for Adderall but on Tuesday I took a 60mg at 8am because I had a lot of tests and projects that day. I ended up going to bed around 12am. I felt jittery and awake and i couldn’t stop moving my leg when i sat down, and i was talking really quick and alot until about 3pm. When I got home at around 3:15 I wasn’t tired at all infact I was motivated enough to clean and organize my entire room and bathroom and do all my homework, and then go to night service for church.. Today (friday) I took 60mg again at 8am because of tests today. It helped me alot to stay focused and ask more questions on the subject. I did talk quickly but not as fast as when I took it my first time (tuesday)… I also didn’t fall asleep at 12 in the morning like I did on Tuesday, im going to go to bed around 10 because I’m already tired and its 8pm… But my question is would it be okay to take two 60mg (so it would 120mg) next Friday? I have tests and projects and I’m also doing stuff after school and trying to stay up till like 3am. I would take both at 8am but if I can’t take both at once what time should I take the 2nd 60mg? Or should i not even take the 2nd one? would I overdose by taking 120mg in a day? Also Im going to be drinking Friday night around 11pm.. Please tell me what I should do and answer all my questions. I am a female in 10th grade in highschool, and i weigh 125-130 pounds, and I am 15 years old. Thanks and please get back to me as soon as possible.

  71. Hi there..
    Im 19 years old and I’ve has an addiction to Adderall for about a year and a half… I know I’ve overdosed before but this time I feel so different.. My pupils are so dilated I’m honestly scared, I feel like I’m not seeing things right, and I’m exhausted but then again I’m not at the same time… I look about 69 MG yesterday and only got about 3 hours of restless sleep.. I have to work today so I stupidly took more and I honestly didn’t even keep track… They where 10 MG caps.. I’m actually pretty scared right now… Help please!

    1. Hi, Danielle. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  72. I thought going over my prescription to get school work done would be a good idea. It was stupid.
    Yesterday i took 70mg’s of Adderall, yet I felt fine.
    Today I did the same. Yet I experienced these symptoms after 11:35AM:
    Tiredness, shaky, longer breaths, a bit dehydrated, faster & stronger heart pulse, less emotion, wanted more solitude, a tiny bit dizzy, and more aware of things going on.
    I am 13 years old, I weight 158.57 Lbs. and my prescription is 40mg’s of adderall in the morning. I believe I have been diagnosed with moderately high ADHD.

  73. I took 6 adderall pills today at 11am. By 4pm i started hallucinating, shaking, and have a fast heartbeat. It is currently 1:40am therefore its been 13 hours since i took them. The hallucinations stopped, but I am still shaking now and then, and my heart rate is still fast. Given that i have lasted this long, does it mean i am safe? Bad wording, but i hope you understand..

    1. Hello, Um?.. If you still don’t fee well, I suggest you to check into the ER, or call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  74. I am 44 yrs old I weight 130.. I took my son adderell 30gm..i thought it was my pill… I didn’t see the bottle until after I took the pill I saw I took my son pill… I can’t sleep.. I took the pill at 2:24pm….i need to sleep… How can I sleep… How long is this pill going to last in my body… Please help me…

  75. I’ve been snorting a month supply of 20mg federally for years now. I snort about 10-14, 20mg instant release pills a day. My month supply lasts me about 4-7 day’s the most I don’t sleep for 3-5 days straight including nights. Not bragging I know it’s bad for me and it’s killing me. I’ve done every drug under the sun mainly stimulants like cocaine and meth. I guess since I’ve quit all those other drugs I’m just chasing the meth high I remember. I’m legally prescribed these and wanna quit but don’t wanna give up the high I get it sucks I swear this suit is amazing but it’s the devil to just like meth only difference is this is legal.

  76. So I have final exams this week and I really wanted to do good on them so I decided to be dumb and buy adderall from my friend. I took 2 10mg pills yesterday at 6:00 pm ish and then I studied. Then I took a 30mg today at 7:20 am then waited 3 hours and then I took another 10mg pill. I don’t have ADHD or anything of the sort. I just heard that you would study hard while on this stuff. I was fine until 2:00 ish and around that time I started getting sweaty, upset stomach and jittery. Should I be worried?

  77. I had an exam today for my history class and thought it would be a good idea to take 100mg instead of my daily dose of 25mg. I felt like I could take on the world the entire day, and then things got bad. my heart would beat super rapidly while I’m at rest and walking to my classes would make me feel like I just ran a marathon. I had 2 panic attacks so far today. I took the pills at 7:30am and it’s now 9:55pm and it’s slowly starting to calm down. I’m 16 years old and weigh about 160 at 6’0″. I’m extremely scared to fall asleep tonight and not even sure if I should start my regular dose back up in the morning. I have also been very aggressive and rude to others. I’m extremely scared and need help.

    1. Hello, Gunnar. Hope everything is fine now. Since you increase your dose by yourself, I’d suggest you call your doctor or pharmacist and consult them for the next dose.

  78. Hi I just started taking 30 mg of adderall and I’ve taken 2 today for my exams I am not prescribed but I still can’t concentrate on any of my study and I’m debating to take another one to see if that will help I have not felt any of the symptoms of overdose or anything wrong with my body except from pain from lifting weights earlier in the day I’m am just wondering if it would be a good idea to take another one for the night and I am also tired and very hungry but that may be because of my weight training. What should I do?

    1. Hi, Walk. If you have problems with concentration, then consult a doctor or a pharmacist. There are many plant-based medications and home remedies that may help you.

  79. I’m 6’5 and about 205 pounds. I took an adderall (54mg) to study, and was wondering if it would be okay to take another one 7 hours later. I also had a very small portion of caffeine as well. Did not experience any side effects from the first pill.

  80. My friend took 100 mg of adderall XR over a two day period and took 40 mg of it at once. He’s 21 and weighs 220 pounds. He says his hurt is bothering him a little and he feels a little weak, is this normal?

  81. Response to M (left post on November 8): If you’re reading this, please talk to an adult and/or medical professional you trust. You sound like a highly intelligent, insightful young lady. I’m not in a position to say if you’re addicted to the medications your taking, but the way you’re feeling may be side effects of the individual medications, or side effects of the combination of the medications. I do hope you’re okay. If you see this, please leave a response.

    1. Hi Marissa. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a poison expert that can asses your risk of overdose and provide guidance on what you should do next.

  82. Ok so, I took 2 200mg capsules of adderall and 2 100mg pills of Xanax. I’m prescribed for neither. Nothing happened and took them around 7 am and its going on 11 pm. My pupils we dilated but that’s it. I’m 5’0 170 lbs.

  83. Hi…I’m pretty sure you dont need to know my life story but I suffer from ADHD,Depression, anxiety, Insomnia, and ODD.
    Allot of people think that it’s allot for a girl at 14 but I honestly think it’s normal.I’m prescribed with 40mg for my ADHD medicine I’m sorry for sounding like I don’t even know the name for my own disorder but they’ve put me on so many medications for it that I just stop trying know the name. Anyways things have been difficult for me almost all my life and now I feel scared because I am suicidal/have depression and because of this I feel like me knowing I have a stronger medicine that could kill me would make me want to abuse my medicine. In a way I have already done this by taking my medicine everyday just I feel like I’m not hungry which is un-healthy for me because I’m already under weight for my age as it is.I am 87.6 pounds and 14. I personally don’t know what to do. What really wanted to know was if the way I feel about or towards my medicine dose it make me a drug addict?
    Thank you for your time
    Sincerly M.

  84. I have been taking 60mg of adderral for three days and feel nothin . I’m 175lbs and 5’3″ I wanted to take 80 mg but am scared? Should I? I am in the beginning of training for this job and I cannot concentrate or even stay awake. I cannot wait a month to see my doc again and up the dosage.

  85. I have taken adderal for my purposes . No more than 30 mg in one day. I e never had any problems besides he normal dry mouth and back ache side affect ext. my question is, is it okay for me to take a half a 20 mg Addie ,? Would I be likely to have a sudden death or od? I’m just Curious before I do it again.. I’ve never had problems before but just confused sense a 150 pound persons limit or fatal limit would than be 1300 mg or something like that.

    1. Hi Swim. It’s not recommended unless it’s prescribed to you. Keep in mind that 70 mg of Adderall in one day is considered the maximum safe daily dose by the FDA.

  86. I weigh around 90-100 pounds and I took 60mg at 6pm last night and now the next day(today 4:35) I still have mood swings anger unexpected crying and heart race. is this normal

  87. I was prescribed 1 20mg xr a day for adhd, but I have found my body holds a high tolerance for amphetamines, so I find that it’s not enough. I have taken as many as 4 in a day, now I barely feel 2. What would you reccomend for doses.

  88. I’m 6 foot 6 and weigh 330 pounds. I took 4 20mgb adderall pills today and earlier my heart beat felt weird and I had shortness of breath. I’m afraid to go to sleep now. Will I be alright? I don’t know if it’s just me being paranoid or my body actually reacting with the drug in a bad way

  89. I took 4 20mg adderall tablets, Im 6 foot 6 and weigh 330 pounds, my heart felt like it was beating weird earlier and now I’m afraid to go to sleep. Will I be alright?

  90. Our grandson got in his mother addrell and took a thirty mg yesterday around 5 but we just found out he has been up since yesterday screaming what should we do

  91. My friend had let me have 2 old 10mg pills and I don’t think they were XR but i took them at 10pm felt fine until 4/5 am then i started getting feeling my heart race, and my feet and hands were freezing but i was sweating like crazy. I currently feel very nausious and its 7:50am right mow and I still dont feel sober. Im too scared to tell my mom and go to a doctor I weigh 105 pounds..

    1. Hi Ashley. You can call the Poison Control Center by dialing 1-800-222-1222 and speak with a poison expert that will assess your risk of overdose and advise you what you should do next.

  92. I took 4 adderalll today and I’m experiencing the signs of a overdose but I’m 13 and I can’t tell my brother because I’ll get in trouble will it naturally leave my body if I continue to throw up

    1. Hi Tori. I advise you to tell your brother and seek medical help. It’s not fun to mess around with an overdose and your safety is more important than getting into trouble.

  93. Hello,i am a prescribed Adderall user since I was 8, I am now 17 and am supposed to be taking 30mg a day, but I often forget (thanks to my adhd) so I had a lot of extra pills. well I have a history of depression, usually coming with anxiety attacks in certain situations. I have been fine lately but something came up… I had suicidal thoughts and took a handful of my Adderall. it was about 300 mg. I took them about an hour ago, and im not panicking because I realize that was a horrible decision. does anyone know if 300 mg would be enough to do serious harm, like enough to send me to the ER? because that would make my situation so much worse… do you think I could wait it out safely until the effects wear off?

  94. I’m a 20 year old female weighing between 130-135 lbs. It’s currently 7:43am, over the course of last night I took 3 & 1/2 pills, not sure of the dosage. A friend gave them to me because I was feeling weird after taking 400 milligrams of MDMA the night before. It was the largest amount of MDMA I had ever taken, I didn’t feel terrible but I just felt a little off. Probably mostly due to not being able to sleep too well since it kept me pretty awake, alert & restless. I took each Adderall pill probably 3-4 hours apart from the last. I’m not feeling bad, just can notice a few things that are “off”. I am hypoglycemic, so I get lightheaded very easily & can become very faint for a few short minutes. I was walking up stairs to enter into mine & my boyfriends room, & my eyesight went black & my head felt very light. I ended up just having to sit right in the door way because I didn’t trust myself to hold myself up with my legs. I think it may just be reacting with the left over MDMA in my system. Like I said, I don’t feel bad, & I don’t feel like anything and is going to happen. I have experience with taking several types of drugs & have learned to calm myself when feeling anxious or nervous after taking something. I plan to spend this Monday just relaxing in bed & getting vitamins & plenty of protein to boost myself back up. I have recently been experiencing some minor heart rate irregularities, not to due with an drug use really. I don’t take anything often, it’s just a social thing I do every few months. I think I’ve come to the conclude that I don’t need to take any stimulants while I’m having these heart beat issues, it seems to make it more noticeable, just hoping it doesn’t throw off my upcoming echocardiogram. Do you think that they may be possible for them to detect the use of stimulants through a heart test like that?

  95. Hello! I’m not prescribed adderall but I take it on occasion to help me get through long days of school followed by late nights due to my job and homework. So I’ve taken adderall plenty of times before and never had a problem. Today however I ended up taking 50mg from 9am and 3:30 pm. Around 4:30 or 5 (1 hour after my last dose of 10mg ir) I began to experience an irregular heart. It would race and pins and then pulse extremely slowly. My heart rate ranges from 90-60 bpm currently. I’m a cigarette smoker so I’m sure that doesn’t help. I’m also pretty anxious about my heart rate and because I’m on adderall. Also experiencing mild lightheadedness. I’m wondering if I should go visit the ER or ride this out and stay away from adderall from now on. Thanks!

  96. Hi my name is Shelby so the last 3 days I have taken about 150 mg of adderall, yesterday is when I took my prescribed dose which is 60 mg a day, and I have only been on the medication for about 2 weeks now. Last night I ended up with paramedics at my residence and taken to the hospital by ambulance. I was about to go to bed feeling fine, as I was watching tv I started to feel very restless and couldn’t sleep at all, plus I had shortness of breath and that is what was bothering me most I kept getting out of bed in panic, trying to breath normally and also pacing back and forth. I was a mess and it’s something I never expurienced before in my life. I do have history of anxiety but never had an anxiety attack. I had lots of other systems last night like difficulty speaking, dry mouth/funny taste, tingly in arms and legs, diziness, shortness of breath, my heart beat was very fast, and I couldn’t sit still, and the paramedics in the ambulance said My blood pressure was pretty high 157/107. When I got to the hospital they diagnosed me with an anxiety attack and gave me medication to calm down. They also check my heart and did an x-Ray of my heart and they said everything was fine. So I went home the same night at about 4:00 a.m. now it’s about 6:16 pm and I just had another mild episode like I did last night, and I haven’t taken any adderall today. But I’m scared for my life because when I have these episodes I feel like I’m going to die. Any advice?

  97. i’m 13 and i’m super sensitive to any kind of medicine I take a half pill of a short acting Adderall. I have ADHD and its been a year since i’ve taken this medicine. today my dad gave me the medicine. he overdosed me. he gave me a whole pill. im acting like im on crack I cleaned my room spotless and i am super manic and slightly confused and im uncontrollably cleaning things. i cant relax. i even felt the medicine kick in i felt like i was going to pass out. my legs felt heavy. i have also stopped cold turkey on my regular dose of adderall of 7 mg i shook like crazy like i was having a seizure during class and had to go home. it was terrible. i’m a super anxious person who has panic attacks often. i once had to go to a hospital because of one. should i get help? or stop taking medicine

  98. I have taken adderall in the past. Believe me when I tell you, you will know if you’ve taken to much. I took to much every time I used to do it and of course your heart rate goes up and you get jittery. One time I took too much in a short amount of time and it felt like my heart almost stopped. I had to run outside and get some air then I had a huge rush of adrenaline because I think I was literally about to die and my body was like NOPE, not today! Needless to say I don’t mess with that stuff anymore. If it’s prescribed to you take it wisely.

  99. I took five adderral becuz. I was goin thru withdrawal thought that wud help now I’m sweating heart racing an stomach hurts what shud I do? Shud i lay down will that help

  100. I was prescribed 30mg bug it doesn’t help. I lost my insurance and can’t go see him so I was wondering about how much more I can take?

  101. I turned 17 yesterday and decided to experiment with adderall. I took one pill around 7:30 and then took another maybe an hour later. It was alright at first until I realized that I couldn’t sleep. I stayed awake until about 8 am and managed to sleep for about 30 minutes. When I got up I was feeling very weird. My head was killing me and I was sweating a lot. I was really dizzy and nauseous and anytime I stud up it feels like there’s pressure in my head and a ringing in my ears. I thought about telling my mom to take me to the hospital but we’re having some money issues and I don’t want to stress her out. Not to mention I don’t want a drug charge possibly ruining my chances for college. By the middle of the day my right foot and toes were felling a little numb and moving them was a little tough. I tried to eat and drink a lot of water today hoping to hurry it out of my system. It’s now 10:30 pm and I’m hoping I’ll feel better in the morning. I really don’t want to ruin my relationship and trust with my mom not to mention my chances at college because of one stupid mistake. Please help me.

  102. Hi Im a 20 year old male weighing 130 lbs, 24h ago I ingested 60mg of adderallxr. Its 10am and I still havnt slept even after a 9h day at work, during the night I vomited, have had alot of bad headaches, have zero appetite and a shortness of breath. Also my heart rate has bounced from 95-120bmp within the last 3 hours, just now im having tightness in my chest. Should I go to the hospital or stay in bed and see how I feel then, is this abnormal? Last thing im not prescibed by a doctor. Thank you for your time anything helps

  103. It was my first time taking adderall I had a 20mg I took 3 and I weight about 175 what should I still feel dizzy

    1. Hello Ashy. That sure was a lot for a first time. If you don’t feel too good ask someone to drive you to the hospital to seek doctor’s help.

  104. I stupidly OD on purpose last night (2am) i took approximately 40 30mg of adderall ir. I threw up, not sure how much time had passed from when i took pills and threw up. Wemt back to sleep, woke up, threw up sevrral times since. Heart beat was fluttering and very strong, now has settled down some. Head feels very foggy, vision okay, but hurts to look around (that also happe when have headaches), extremley shaking hands and shakimg when walk. Have not eaten anythimg, tried toast but threw it up. Trying to drink water but havent really managed to drink much. Time now is 300pm 13 hrs after. I know im lucky to be alive, but when do i know if im in the clear and how lomg untill i stop habe side effects, can somethimg bad,like heart attack or stroke, or seizure happen this lomg after od? Im 41 weigh 135-140 have been takimg adderall responsible as prescribed for about 6 yrs at 30 mg twice a day. PLEASE dont respond only saying call poison control amd gp to er. I dont want to gp to er if dont have to, afraid the will keep me for suicide even though i know it was stupid and total regret it.

  105. I took about 400mg of Adderal a bit earlier and distractedly drank a beer and I feel some bad effects, I see black spots when I get up and am suffering from depersonalization. I’m 17 and weigh 105 lbs. Should I wait this out or will something happen

    1. Hi AA. Since everyone reacts differently to mixing medications and alcohol, I’d advise you to not risk the situation and seek medical help.

  106. I have problems in school and I just bought a 500 m/g adderall to help me with studying, will anything happen to me physically?

  107. I have been taking 30mg twice a day for years. Just got my prescription refilled. Noticed the pills were different but did not think anything of it. After taking the 2nd pill. I started to read the bottle it said take once a day Come to find out the doctor wrote the prescription different without my knowledge. So now it’s 30mg once a day they are extended release. I am 60 years old weight 180. Should I be concerned about taking two instead of the one?

    1. Hi Cynthia. Call your doctor or talk to a pharmacist at your local pharmacy about what to do. If you are feeling unusual symptoms, ask someone to take you to the hospital.

  108. My daughter recently tried to overdose on her sister’s Adderall. She weighs about 100 pounds and took approximately 400 mg of extended release capsules. She suffered extreme psychosis and soaking sweat for over 2 days. This is 2 weeks later and she still has moments of questioning her vision or thinks she hears things. How long is this going to last? Is there permanent damage?

  109. I took 6 of my prescribed adderall xr pills all were 30mg pills. Ever since then I’ve been fatigued but at the same time I’ve been up all night. Stomach feels very nauseated and I’ve been sweating so much my clothes are damp. I’ve also been getting light headaches and feeling shaky and nervous. I’m a 25 year old female and weigh about 175 pounds. Was that too many pills or is my nervousness just making me feel like this?

  110. I took 50 mg of adderall at one time that were time released. Now I’m feeling really tense,tightening in my chest, dizzy, and have a loud ringing in my ears. Is this normal side effects? What should I do? Is this going to ware off soon? I took them around 11 a.m. and it is now 8 p.m.

  111. K, so i got my script refilled 4 days ago,(30mgXR). I took 1 before work, 1 after work, and 1 more that night. I had eaten a large hot dog from maverick before work, i stayed up all night then took 1 before work at 2pm, took 1 about two hours later, and took 1 at 8pm and 1 at 1230am. I didn’t sleep until 9am for about 7 hours. I ate small snacks during the day and half of a chicken fried steak and mashed potatos. Then took 1 at 8pm, 1 at 1230am, snorted half at 330am and i haven’t slept. So 285mg within 4 days ish. At 8am i took 2 5htp pills and its now 9am. I plan on starting my day now and i have a tattoo appointment at 6pm and other stuff to do today so i can’t take a nap and usually if i take one the day after staying awake all night on adderal it sort of balances my body out and makes me feel a lot better so am i good to take one in about an hour then one before i have to drive 45 minutes for my appointment?
    Ps. Ive been taking them in normal doses for 3 years slowly building up my tolerance so my tolerance is very high now.

  112. My friend L.C. is addicted to adderall. Before she got an rx for it, she would steal, trade other pills & do other things just to get adderall. She found a doctor that would give her an rx for it starting at 20mg am & 20mg pm. The dr never tested her for ADD or ADHD and she doesn’t have either one. I do have ADHD, & she has stolen from me a few times. She stole 120mg from me yesterday. Our friendship is now over. I’ve talked to her about this & she has until 5pm today to return a total of 280mg (the total amount stolen), or I will file a police report & she will be arrested and her 1 year old son will be taken away, again. She treats her family horribly, is mean, disrespectful and is constantly lying to everyone. She lives with her parents who are much older, (she is 31 & her father is 73, mother 68), they don’t know what is wrong with her or why she has changed so much in the past 6 months, (how long she’s been taking adderall & too much of it). My rx is 30mg am, 10mg noon, 15mg 3pm. She takes 120mg at a time & doesn’t sleep for days. Her parents don’t know or understand what adderall is. I care about her, her son, & family very much. The dr that’s giving her the rx needs to be reported to the DEA. What can I do to help her & her family?

  113. i took 3 adderall pills in school today and the mg was 34 or 54 I forget. I’m 15yrs old & I hysterically cried every period at school. My joints turned purple & my skin was blue as well. My lips felt numb & I was basically a zombie. when someone would say something to me, it wouldn’t register until like 10 seconds later. Am I okay??

    1. Hi Kenzie. How are you feeling now? If you are still noticing side-effects I’d advise you to tell your parents to take you to the hospital. What you describe is not normal.

  114. Im Having Side Effects But I Don’t Wanna Go To The Doctors Because I Wasnt Exactly Prescribed Them. (Im 15 And I Take Like 3 10millagrams Daily And I Feel Like Im Dying Right Now, I Dont Eat Or Sleep Anymore) And Honestly I Feel So Ashamed, I Really Don’t wanna Tell My Mom. Im Like addicted. Plz Help Idk What To Do. I Have The Side Effects. Most Of Them.

    1. Hi Annonymous. You can call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of the overdose risks. It’s a free helpline where you can talk to a poison expert and get advise on what you should do next. I hope this helps.

  115. It takes a lot to od on adderall, I get tweaked off of a 20 but I’ve seen someone eat four 30mg like candy so I think you would have to eat like 2 months worth in one sitting

  116. Hello.
    Yesterday morning, I took around 75 mg of adderall. I have had trouble breathing, hearing things that somone else can’t hear, have a temperature of 101.1 . And i have been in and out of sleep. My heart keeps beatin real fast. I don’t know what to do. The temperature keeps getting higher. I need advice asap

  117. Hello, I’m prescribed 15mg XR once daily and it seems as though I have grown a tolerance rapidly, would there be any critical worrysome side effects with taking one early in the day and a second dose about six or seven hours later

  118. Sunday I took 20mg, Monday I took another 20mg, And yesterday, (Thursday) in the morning i took 20 mg and half of another 20mg then about 3 hours later i took another 20mg and then 6/7 hours later i took another 20mg with the other half of the 20mg this morning. When i took those i felt dizzy. Im 16 & weigh about 115ish what should i do ???

  119. I take two 20mg in the morning every day. Only today I took three more around 4:00 today, I’m not showing any signs of side effects. Should I go to the E.R.

  120. Yesterday I took 60 mg of adderall with monster to get high, I weigh 110 and I’m 5’7, my heart won’t stop racing, it wasn’t racing when I took it started to about 12 hours after I took it and has been like this for 6 hours . I also can’t sleep and hungry but don’t want to eat or move

  121. My friend has ADHD and today he gave to of his pills he said they had the number “36” on them I took 2 and it was first time do I have any to worry about.. By the way this was at 2:15 today

  122. I am 15 years old I weigh 125-130 pounds. I was prescribed adderall but for personal reasons took a 5 month break and didn’t take them at all. Last night I took 220mg and then aspirin and my melatonin meds. I’m starting to get stomach pains but I think it’s from not eating barely anything in the past two days. When I stand up I see black spots and my ears get clogged. Please let me know something asap.

    1. Hello C. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of the overdose risks and danger.

  123. I took 150 mg of adderall yesterday recreationally and I’m still feeling it I don’t feel sick or anything just a little high I’m 18 years old 5’6 128Ib I’m just curious when it should wear off I take adderall for ADD 40mg each morning so I have somewhat of a tolerance

  124. Hello Kyle. Yes! Adderall withdrawal has been connected to suicidal ideation. Talk with your prescribing doctor or seek help with a psychiatrist ASAP! I wish you all the best.

  125. I have been on adderall for years and recently started a anti depressant. I’ve treid a few diffent anti deppressants, and if anything since starting them my suicaidal thoughts and tendancies have gotten worse, I actually looked this up to see if it was possable to kill myself with it. it’s 30 mg daily and im a big guy being foot 3 and 265 at the age of 16. I was wondering after reading aot of this if it’s possable the combonation of pills is cuasing my depression to worsen?

  126. Hello Jon. I’d suggest that you speak with a pharmacist for more details on typical prescription based doses as related to weight. Weight loss and loss of appetite is one expected side effect of amphetamines, but it can also be a signal of Adderall abuse. Does this help?

  127. Is there a particular scale to body weight and total dosage that a person should be taking when it comes to adderall? I’m a little concerned that a friend of mine might ask take too many of the 20mg dosage pills at once and was wondering what it takes to OD or cause permanent damage in some way as far as body weight and dosage size goes. Thanks for the help!

  128. Hi Claire. For adult patients 70 mg in one day is considered the maximum safe does, although this is generally not prescribed. But, even that is a daily dose, meaning it’s several pills taken throughout the day that make up to 70mg. You shouldn’t be taking a dose as high as that. If you are taking it for the first time even 30 mg is considered to be too much. I know you only want to take it occasionally, but please take it only in lower doses if you must.

  129. Hi, so I was given a 70 mg aderal last night just randomly and I had a swim meet this morning and I wanted to start dropping more so I took it and did amazing. I am 5’10” 142 lbs and am an all year round athlete with vball and swimmig. I have never taken aderal so I don’t have a tolerance and I only plan to take it to help me in sports so I won’t be taking it very often. I want to take a 30-40 dosage but the person who gave it to me only has 70. Today at the swim meet I was jittery and happy which I expected the only thing was for like 2 seconds I had felt a little dizzy but that isn’t unusual because I get dizzy after sprinting in the pool very often anyways. I know 70 is very high but I want to know if I am at high risk to well die..

  130. Hello Hannah. It’s a bodily reaction to something new, your organism will need a few days to adjust to the presence of the medication. However, if the symptoms persist, you should talk to your doctor and you may need dose adjustment.

  131. You are completely wrong when you say an overdose is 20-25mg/kg. Anything over 100mg to a non habitual user is extremely dangerous. If one takes adderall every day, their tolerance will build, but for the occasional recreational user, and pretty much everyone other than hardcore amphetamine junkies, your “20-25mg/kg” advice is completely wrong and misleadingly lethal.

    Don’t try that shit, I have experience. Anything more than 100mg will have most folks in a pretty scary place. I have a friend who has taken 180mg at once, but he takes two 30mg ir’s a day.

  132. I started my adderall today 30 mg. I feel dizzy, I have a headache, and I feel tiered. Am I going to be okay? i’ve been drinking water and I ate a potato.. should I be fine?

  133. I found all of this very helpful, few quick questions that would be nice to have cleared up. is the immediate release out of your system by the time it wears of? (take 3-20mg around noon, two more 20s around six p.m) Does the six hour break make that big of a difference on the IMMEDIATE RELEASE??

  134. Hello Michael. In general, the dosage of Adderall should not be more than 40 mg per day total. You can talk to your doctor about tapering your doses down to a recommended daily dose.

  135. Hello Zachary. How are you? Tell your parents about what happened and have them drive you to the ER. Please remember to always take your medications exactly as prescribed.

  136. Hi,
    I had a question about how much adderall is too much.?
    Ive been taking the medication most of my life. Started at age 14. Im 28 now.
    I started on one 30mg instant release a day. Than two. Now i take around 100mg a day.
    My doctor seems to think its normal and im okay even though i tell him about numbness from time to time in my fingers. Can you tell me if 100mg is safe per day?

    Thank you

  137. Hi Dalton. Have you talked about this with your doctor? You may need a dose adjustment or another therapy. I’d suggest making an appointment.

  138. i have been taking Adderall for years but now when i take them my hands and feet get cold is this blood pressure problems when i pick my arms above my head they feel weak also can Adderall cause panic attacks i am 22 weigh bout 160 pounds. 5’11

  139. Hey everyone!
    I just started taking Adderall yesterday and i know i took way to much because i’ve been up at night just surfing the web for answers to this medication. Im 15 years old and i took about 140 mg worth of it because i thought if i take more pills my body will get use to them quicker but that wasn’t the case, so anyone out there willing to help me?? i need sleep because im mentally exhausted and i dont even know what is real and whats not real. SO CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE IM BEGGING ANYONE!!!!!!!!!

  140. i took two 10mg of adderall at the same time this morning i can feel that the peak has worn off but my chest feels a bit tight and my heart is still beating faster than normal. its been about 8 hrs since i took the two pills. I’ve been taking them recreationally on and off if not daily for the last couple of weeks. are the symptoms I’m still feeling something i should be concerned with?

  141. Hello T. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of risks and danger.

  142. OK I’m 24 165-170 pounds I took 60mgs of adderall instant release & I’m feeling really dizzy every time I stand up so I’m just laying down & I can’t stop clenching my jaws. Am I overdosing?

  143. By the way Im an athlete, i live a healthy life style, and eat about 4 or 5 meals a day even when Im on Adderall, current weight is 180lbs. I am 18years of age i workout every day i run for 2 miles before my workout and i sweat a lot, i hit the sauna once a week as well. I want to keep taking adderall even though its not proscribed to me and I’m not really sure what I’m doing or how this can affect my me later in life. So please get back to me as soon as possible! Im on it right now.

  144. i’ve been taking adderall the past 4,5 days and I’ve been adding 20mg every day. i started of with 40mg, and today i took 100mg. Im doing it because i get a lot of homework done for school and it helps me focus on my thoughts and i get shit done in my head, like everything falls in its place, it feels good when your on it and it makes me overconfident. it also makes me supper happy and i see and realize things that are mind blowing to me. When Im on it I see the world from a different perspective and i feel “LIMITLESS” to a certain extend. My question is, what should i do keep taking it because i don’t see any side effects or stop because i might be in great danger?!

  145. Hello Krage. It’s obvious your body is forming tolerance to the medicine quite fast. In order to feel the initial effects adderall gave you in the beginning, you’d have to continue upping doses. This is not a good thing to do. You might not be feeling the effects, but adderall will still be present in your body, making changes and influencing your organs and bodily functions.

  146. So I am prescribed 10 mg of adderall twice a day everyday. This dosage was fine for about 3 days, then on the 4th it felt barely noticeable, on the 5th no feeling at all. I consulted my doctor who checked my blood pleasure and preformed a EKG. He then gave me the go ahead to try 2 pills in the morning and 2 pills in the afternoon. Now arriving at my question, this dosage worked for 2 days then again nothing, not wanting to consult my doctor once again I took a 30mg dose and then another 40mg later in the day in two parts. It is 24 hours after the last dose and I still feel the effects of adderall. At no point did I get any adverse side effects except body tingles which was normal for me to feel once and a while on it, however I am still getting them and I can clearly tell it is still having an effect on my concentration. I am starting to get worried as the longest it’s ever lasted is 8 hours but don’t know if I should go to the doctor or if I do even what to say other than body tingles rarely and concentration after 24 hours.

    FYI I did not take any today due to still feeling the effects clearly when I woke up.

  147. Hi Jake. Your organism is reacting as it did because it doesn’t feel normal or good. You might not be aware of all the damage that you may cause yourself. It’s best to put an end to those habits and move on.

  148. Last weekend I was rushed to the ER, Friday I had crushed and snorted 4 20mgpills and felt great. Saturday I had bought 12 25mg pills and would crush and snort two at a time every couple hours. on Sunday I had consumed over 200mg. I went to work Monday and collapsed on the floor unable to breathe, heart slowly beating, and lungs in severe pain. the doctor says I am lucky to be alive. I now only do 4-5 25mg pills a day and I feel fine. I haven’t slept or ate in over 7 days. should I take a break before the weekend to collect myself or keep going? would the consequences be fatal if I continued my habits or am I gaining tolerance..?

  149. I accidentally took about 90-100mg when my normal dosage is 15-30 mg/day.
    I feel really wired and my vision is blurred. My heart has calmed down, but I almost vomited a few times and I
    Feel very out of it mentally and weak physically.
    I wonder how long I will feel this way and should I try not to be very active for the day so as not to mess with my heart rate.
    Please give me any information you have. I hate feeling this way and want to be as careful as possible to handle this the right way.
    Thank you so much!

  150. I’m 29 and prescribed 30 milligram xr 1a day I drink 1-2 large cans of monster caffeine I work a lot sometimes not eating much if vary little can this be a problem??

  151. My daughter who thought shed experiment with it.. took 1 60 mg on day one got a load if energy.. day 2 took 1 during the day got nothing and so she took another. So a total of 180 mg in less than 48 hrs. She had a seizure turning blue and vomited. She probably wouldnt be here today if her father had not found her. IF YOU DO NOT NEED IT, DO NOT TOUCH IT! !!! it almost took her life at 15 yrs old. Just making one simple mistake THAT ALMOST COULD NOT BE UNDONE! I THANK GOD TODAY SHE IS WITH US EVERYDAY.

  152. Hi there! I’m thinking about speaking with my doctor about Adderall and possibly getting a prescription. Although I have never tried it before (and would never without my doctor’s approval and a prescription), I have heard from multiple people I previously took college courses with that it is extremely helpful for studies. I believe I’ve developed attention issues over the past few years, and with summer coming to a close soon and classes starting back up, I would like to give it a shot. Throughout high school I was a straight A student and never had problems when it came to listening to my instructors. I even held a part time job just fine! Now, I’m taking online classes full time and have a full time job to juggle as well. I do not have time to attend classes in person, so online classes are my only real option. The issue with that is I have such a hard time focusing and committing to my studies/assignments/homework. I was never the kind to wait until last minute to finish something, but now I find myself rushing and getting stressed to finish these the day they are due or the night prior. I suppose the question I have is whether or not I sound like a likely candidate for Adderall. Obviously I don’t expect professional medical advice on a forum, but I figured sharing my story here might help me to gauge whether or not I should bring this up during my next physical (in about 2 weeks if you could please get back to me before then)! Thank you for reading!

  153. Hello Rachelle. Yes, call 911 for an assessment or you can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone guide to what to do next.

  154. Hi, I was wondering if adderall is a safe drug to take with oxycodone? I have a good friend who takes the combo and just need to ease my concern for him. Thanks oh and btw how much if it’s safe is safe of each medication?

  155. Hi a friend of mine git stressed out one night and had an emotional breakdown and began took atleast 6 pills of 20 mg adderall whuch equals 120 mg. But he says his heart feels like its speeding up and he feels light headed and us dizzy when he walks. What do I do should I worry ir shoul I let him rest.

  156. Yesterday at around 4pm I took one 30mg of adderall and today my heart keeps speeding up randomly. I’m 17, 110 pounds. Is this normal?

  157. Well i took 3 in one day and that morning i kept getting light headed and one time i passed out like for 1/10 of a sec. and i had headaches so. I probably should keep taking 1 a day

  158. My friend keeps taking 60mg 5 times a day can he get hurt by doing this???!!?? He’s 15 but weights more then 150 pounds.

  159. I took 90mg of adderall today 7 hours ago and is witnessing serious side effects of od. I have cotton mouth i have ADHD and i use to take the adderall rx and i took 90mg today. I have numbness everywhere dry mouth just not feeling well or right. I’m about to turn 16 June 10th I’m 187 pounds

  160. thats pretty funny cause i weigh 255 pounds and can eat 160 mg adies and im completely fine just really really really……really tweeked out but then theirs my friend who took 115mg and he had a bad O-D his stupid sister decided it would be best to drive him around town and let it wear off hes alive though and he weighed about 145 maby i think maby even 160 hes like 6,2 and scrawny

  161. Hello boybot9000. Speak with your prescribing doctor about increasing doses on the weekends during study periods. S/He will have some considerations or dosing experience to guide you in your decision. And never increase Adderall doses without medical supervision!

  162. I am a full time student and I do most of my work Thursday through Sunday, so my question is can I take 60mg throughout the coarse of my busiest days? I am normally prescribed 30mg, but that wears off by mid-afternoon and I work on my studies until about midnight. I am almost 38 and my weight is 160lbs. I thank you for your time to assist.

  163. Yes, you CAN overdose on Adderall—even when it’s your prescription medicine. Happened to me several years ago when I used to daily w/out skipping a beat take @ least 3-4 times my dose which at the time was 30mg 3 times a day. Alls I used to do was ingest the pill, no crushing, snorting or anything EVER. So one day, I simply blacked out, hit the floor & had a grand Mal seizure—-luckily I was @ work, a co-worked called 911 & the EMT’s came. When I woke up, I had peed my pants, was confused & lethargic. Never, ever had history of any types of seizures. It was definitely O/D from Adderall & apparently a lucky one @ that! 🙁 Upon arriving at the E.R.–Dr’s like “You took too much of your Adderall, didn’t you?” Smart guy. So please don’t think IF you only take a lot more in pill form, that you’ll be much safer. Peace out.

  164. Hi Nick. I’m sorry that we could not respond to your question earlier. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for immediate medical advice.

  165. but I have been feeling affects for about 8 hours. and just to make things clear I took all of them within 2 hours. I just want to know if out is fatal by now.

  166. I am about 130lbs and I have never taken adderall before. I consumed approxamately over 400 mgs (more than 20 20mg pills) i have felt affects but it had been

  167. Hi Jacob. Adderall is meant to be taken as prescribed. We do not advise on dosing regimens; we leave that to prescribing doctors.

  168. I’m 15 5’6, and 135 lbs. If I take 25 mg of adderall will it be too much? I’ve taken it one time before but it was 10 mg and it was only for about 5 days straight.

  169. I have been prescribed Dexedrine for hyperactivity since I was 5 and I have some CYP enzyme issue that I had to get tested for because I take 10-30 mg of the immediate release up to 5 times a day but I rarely take the full dose because it makes me lazy, quiet and tired. According to the dude that did the liver enzyme test… my max dose can be 150 mg but I guess with how my body burns through it, it is only like taking 50 mg or something to the average person. I tried everything else… the long acting ones made me not eat all day and fly into a rage when they wore off and I needed 2 doses of that a day just to cover 8 hours…. the only way I can tell this wears off is that I start talking nonstop and raiding the refrigerator. I like being able to take lower doses for certain situations that being silent in (social situations) is not appropriate. However, I can argue that even as a hyper person who was brought up in the 1980’s Ritalin Zombie child era that not being taught any skills in sense caused a dependency because without them, at age 33, I act 14… and it is embarrassing.

  170. Hello Eddy. This is a question for your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist. Have you tried asking either of these medical professionals?

  171. I have a rlly good tolerance to adderal. I don’t have adhd or anything adderal is used for. but I like to mess with them. If u take two or three 10 mg tablets together every few hrs can you still od and if so how much would it take to od if I took em in that way. im 22 and 5,6 and 130 pounds. I have been exsposed to adderalls on and off for years. how much does it take to damage organs and to od so I know. ty.

  172. Hi again. It’s my opinion that using Adderall for performance enhancement without a prescription is dancing with dependence. Physical and psychological. The mind is a tricky place. And we can rationalize many unhealthy behaviors. That you can be honest about the effect and how it works for you is refreshing. I put it to you that you can be healthy of mind and body without stimulants and that while the risks of serious adverse side effects are unpredictable, they are still present. Ultimately, you decide what you consume. Just be aware that hiding behaviors from your treatment team will not serve you in the long run.

  173. Your question about being ready to stop taking Adderall has made me think, and kind of inspired a whole new ramble/question…
    I don’t know that I’m ready to stop completely… I was only taking it regularly for about a week, and I realize I was starting to subconsciously cross some lines by abusing it for weight-loss; I cut back pretty fast after admitting that to myself.

    Usually I take it only based off of my (self-perceived) ability to function… meaning when I’m having too much trouble concentrating or getting things done, which is partly because I do believe I have a degree of attention deficit, and partly because of depression/anxiety disorders that decrease motivation. When I take Adderall my mind calms down in a way that makes me be able to focus on what I need to get done, which in effect helps me feel more capable and in control of myself. That is what I expected and is the reason I started taking it, but the rest I never knew would happen: I feel considerably less depressed, almost all of my chronic suicidal ideation disappears (or is at least deferred), and it seems to improve my interpersonal interactions by boosting my self-esteem.

    Would you say that I should stop anyway? That the costs and risks outweigh the benefits? I know it will never be prescribed to me (or at least any time soon) because of my ED, but I still feel like it’s beneficial. To be honest, I don’t know if I will stop anyway, but I’m interested to hear if/why you don’t think it’s a good idea. (Other than the illegality….I admittedly don’t care about committing victim-less crimes.) I would at the very least take what you have to say under serious consideration.

    I hope I don’t sound too self-righteous… I probably have a skewed perception of my situation and likely know a lot less about this than I’m behaving like I do. I’ve seen how outrageously deluded people can be about drugs (especially if they’re addicted and ignorant of that fact) which is why I’m asking for objective advice.

    Also, is there any way you can respond to me without posting this? I’m not worried about any of the information being too personal, but I don’t want anyone reading my arguments for taking unprescribed drugs and internalizing them. It’s up to you though if you don’t think it will negatively influence anyone. I guess it depends on the contents of your response.

  174. Thank you for your insight.
    I do have emails and phone numbers of all the healthcare professionals on my treatment team, and I do trust them fully. I just don’t want to risk dramatizing anything while they can’t see me because they might tell me to go to the ER…simply BECAUSE they can’t see me. If I weren’t out of town, I would talk with them about it without hesitation, and probably will in a few weeks when I get back.

  175. Hi Lauren. Do you have a contact number for your treatment team? I think that they symptoms require both a check-in and a diagnosis. Adderall has been associated with some (rare) cases of cardiac arrest in young people. But you’ll need some medical expertise to talk it out. Also, are you ready to stop taking Adderall???

  176. Hi. This is only kind of relevant so don’t feel obligated to respond. Also because it’s crazy.

    I have been diagnosed with an eating disorder and my symptoms have been pretty bad lately because I’m out of town and away from my treatment team. I have been eating very little and purging most of what i do eat for the last few weeks. I take 100mg of prozac daily (prescribed) and have lately also been taking 30mg of adderall xr every other day (not prescribed).

    Today while playing soccer with my brother I started feeling sharp chest pains a little to the left of my breastbone, a dull pain in my left shoulder, and constricting in my throat. Afterwards, my chest felt heavy for at least an hour. It went away but then came back for a short time later in the day. Of course, I realize these could be symptoms of a heart attack or angina.

    My question is whether this is likely to be related to my adderall use, or if it is more likely to be solely because of lack of oxygen from exercising since I’m not doing well with eating. Could that dose of adderall be that dangerous for me to take? I’m female, 20 years old, weigh 110lbs, and am 5’6”. I don’t even know that I’m in medical danger anyway, but I can’t stop wondering which is the primary cause of my symptoms.

  177. Hello Dorothy. Adderall used therapeutically CALMS people. It does sound like Adderall may be a “life enhancement” tool for your daughter. I’d suggest that you make a list of all the things that concern you and approach her in a loving way. It may be difficult for her to hear, but when you become psychologically dependent on Adderall, you are ignoring what is beneath the surface.

  178. My adult daughter takes Adderall, not sure of dose, she did not have problems as a child graduated 5th in her class of 600. She is now a single mother of 2 and a teacher. Her life is chaos to say the least. She is so unorganized always running late, getting speeding tickets and this all seems worse since being on Adderall. I am just worried that she does not really need the meds and they are making her worse. Wondering what you think? She also has this little tapping her teeth with her tongue that she has never done prior to meds.

  179. I took adderall and I’m scared i overdosed i took 20 mg (not a big deal), but it was my first time. What should i do?

  180. Hello Shannon. I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for more information.

  181. I have a friend who took, in the last 24 hours, 90 mg of adderall and 30 mg of celexa, which is three times his normal prescribed dose. He weighs roughly 140 lbs and is 18 years old. Is this combination enough to cause an overdose?

  182. Hi Betty. I would definitely recommend a phone call to the emergency room or to the poison control center…

  183. i was depressed yesterday and i took aboout 8 adderall pills and their 30 milligrams per pill…my heart is racing, i havent slept, and im jittery….should i go to the emergency room?

  184. Hello Wyatt. Call 1-800-222-1222 for the Poison Control Center and an expert opinion on what you should do. In general, acute effects of an overdose wear off in time…but you don’t want to risk cardiac problems, either.

    1. Haha never went back and looked at my post comments but yeah thanks. I’m doing great, just ended up telling my mom that I took a few because I do actually have hd/hd and ADD, so yeah the side effects sucked couldn’t eat, sleep felt dizzy all the time pupils were huge but they went down, bad headache, heartbeat was beating real fast but went down, throat swelled alittle, and had a nasty sour taste in my mouth and bad cramps but im very thankful that no thing permitly bad happened, and remeber guys/girls you should never take more than the doc says I learned that the hard way, it’s funny because I’m actually on Ritalin right now and I’ve been up All night but still made sure to take proper dose, love all you guys and stay safe.

  185. ok last night i took about 7-8 20mg, my heartrate is alittle fast and i have stomach cramps, will the side effects go away? or do i need to see a doctor?

  186. Hi Ashley. If you’re feeling jittery and nervous, these symptoms should begin to wear off after Adderall effects peak, which depends on the type of Adderall you take. While you should have nothing to worry about, you might want to call a Poison Control Center (national hotline 1-800-222-1222) to be sure. If you feel off a few hours later, maybe check with the school medical center just to get another point of view.

  187. Good morning,

    I’m experiencing unusual side-effects. I wasn’t sure if it was just nerves at first, but now I think I may have taken two of my pills this morning. I have to take a different pill one hour before eating, which I did, but I woke up off my schedule this morning at 5am instead of 6am. I don’t remember if I took my Adderall at this time or not. I definitely took it at 8am. I’m just so busy with school and getting a paper done today that I don’t remember. What should I watch for? When should I worry? What should I do? My pill is a 15 mg capsule. I weigh between 120-124 lbs. I hope you can get back to me soon. Thank you.

  188. Hello B. Hyperawareness, hypersexuality, hypervigialance, and
    psychomotor agitation are signs of an Adderall overdose. You may feel manic. If you still feel this way 24 hours later, mania may be present, and treatment for manic discorder may be required. But usually, the intoxicated feel of high doses of Adderall wear off on their own. Nonetheless, if you feel out of control, contact a detox clinic or your prescribing doctor to seek medical help.

  189. I had two exams today. I went to the exam center at 12, I had crushed 20 mg, 20mg and 5mg, and put it in water and drank that. I also had at 1 pm 5 mg and stupidly with coffee. My regular does is suppose to be 20 mg, 20 mg and a half. I have been on Adderall for almost two years.
    I got out of my first exam at 2:15, I took a break and ate a buritto and some of a Special K bar. But I still feel dizzy and a little shaky, and now at 4:17 I feel tired. What should I do? Did I overdose? Yes, I know it wasn’t smart, and I do not plan on doing it again EVER.

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